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Sunday, March 29 2015
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    • 32 mins ago
      Wonders of LifeSeason 1 Episode 4: Size Matters

      Professor Brian Cox travels around Australia to explore how the size of a creature is connected to the forces acting on its environment. From the safety of a steel cage, he faces a great white shark and explains how the streamlined contours of this massive predator have been shaped by the physics of water. In Queensland's rainforests, he explains how insects and other smaller creatures can appear to defy gravity, using electrostatic force to scale vertical windows

    • in 28 mins
      Wonders of LifeSeason 1 Episode 5: Home

      Professor Brian Cox considers what it is about the Earth that makes it a home for life and asks what ingredients were necessary to transform this once barren planet into the world as it is today. He reveals that it was a rare chain of events combined with the power of life itself that have made it unique in the cosmos

    • 10:00am
      How Big Is The Universe?

      Cosmologists discuss their project to create a map of everything in existence, and reveal why their research has created an unfamiliar and unexpected picture of the universe

    • 11:00am
      AfricaSeason 1 Episode 4: Cape

      David Attenborough describes some of the wildlife spectacles of southern Africa, starting out in a little-explored rainforest discovered less than a decade ago by scientists who spotted it on satellite maps. There, thousands of butterflies dance for the right to mate, while on a tiny island off Mozambique, green turtles emerge from eggs and begin a hazardous journey to the water - with pied crows and hungry crabs eager to get them. Cameras also capture one of the largest gatherings of great white sharks on the planet as 30 of the predators circle around a dead whale

    • 12:00pm
      AfricaSeason 1 Episode 5: Sahara

      David Attenborough explores the wildlife ekeing out an existence in and around the scorching wilderness of the Sahara Desert, where only the toughest survive. It's a constant battle against dehydration, as zebras battle over dwindling rivers, camels search for water and tiny barn swallows navigate thousands of square miles of barren sand to find a life-saving oasis. The naked mole rat avoids the heat by living a subterranean existence, while by contrast the silver ant is able to take on the midday sun - but needs a 'spacesuit' to do it

    • 1:00pm
      Wild ArabiaSeason 1 Episode 1: Sand, Wind and Stars

      Documentary revealing the connections between the wildlife, landscape and people of the Arabian peninsula. The first edition features animals including oryxes, jerboas, horned vipers and scorpions, and a journey with the Bedouin - camel-riding nomads who are the only humans to have mastered the art of survival in the desert. Narrated by Alexander Siddig

    • 2:00pm
      Last of the Summer WineSeason 20 Episode 10: Ironing Day

      Smiler goes on the run when he has a tipple too much of Auntie's home-made wine, leaving Compo, Truly and Barry to track him down. Long-running comedy set in Yorkshire, from the pen of Roy Clarke. Peter Sallis stars

    • 2:40pm
      Last of the Summer WineSeason 20 Episode 1: The Pony Set

      Compo, Clegg and Truly dispense advice to a hen-pecked husband on the run from his overbearing wife, while Auntie Wainwright causes a stir with her new equestrian venture. Starring Bill Owen, Peter Sallis and Frank Thornton

    • 4:00pm
      Great British Railway JourneysSeason 2 Episode 6: Ledbury to Shrewsbury

      Michael Portillo sets out to follow the route of the historic Irish mail service from Ledbury in Herefordshire to Holyhead on Anglesey. He begins by tasting the Victorian drink perry, meeting a pedigree Hereford bull and visiting the world's first iron-framed building in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

    • 4:30pm
      Great British Railway JourneysSeason 2 Episode 7: Telford to Wrexham

      Michael Portillo continues his quest to determine how much Britain has changed since George Bradshaw wrote his 19th-century guide to the nation's railways. On this leg, he heads along the route of the historic Irish mail service from Ledbury to Holyhead, stopping off in Shropshire to visit the world's first iron bridge. He also explores Wrexham's Chirk Castle, and tries his hand at making traditional Cheshire cheese

    • 5:00pm
      The Golden Age of Steam RailwaysSeason 1 Episode 2: Branching Out

      Part two of two. The story of the visionaries who rescued some of the standard gauge railways that once served Britain's key industries, including its mines, quarries, factories and docks. Home movies reveal how volunteers set to work to bring the lines and steam engines back to life after they disappeared in the years following the Second World War. Narrated by Jenny Agutter

    • 8:00pm
      CrusadesSeason 1 Episode 3: Victory and Defeat

      Dr Thomas Asbridge explores how the military confrontation between Christians and Muslims concluded in the 13th century, and visits France to find out more about Crusade leader King Louis IX, who saw his hopes of achieving victory ebb away on the shores of the River Nile in Egypt. The programme also examines the crucial role played in the final outcome by a blue-eyed Muslim warrior called Baybars

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