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Friday, July 31 2015
  • Time Show
    • 6:00am
      Dream MachinesSeason 1 Episode 3: Attack of the Pink and Green Machines

      Marc and Shanon Parker create a motorised, adult-size version of a three-wheel pedal go-kart they played with as children. But when a charity comes calling for a contribution, they decide to build another one in a different colour, making the challenge doubly difficult overnight

    • 8:00am
      HavenSeason 4 Episode 7: Lay Me Down

      Nathan and Lexie hunt a Trouble that is attacking people in their nightmares, while Duke must deal with Wade as his brother exploits the family curse for his own ends

    • 9:00am
      Path of Destruction

      A scientific experiment backfires when a swarm of tiny machines are swept into the atmosphere, creating unpredictable and disastrous weather patterns. Only journalist Danica McKellar holds the evidence to find the culprits and stop the destruction before it's too late. Stephen Furst directs and co-stars in this laughable thriller, alongside David Keith and Chris Pratt

    • 11:00am
      Warehouse 13Season 4 Episode 9: The Ones You Love

      Artie and Leena stay in the Warehouse to find Brother Adrian, while Pete, Myka and Claudia try to save their loved ones from the cleric's artefacts. Mrs Frederic and Jinks visit Rome, attempting to speak with another representative of the Black Diamond Brotherhood

    • 12:00pm
      Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 3 Episode 20: The Prom

      The students of Sunnydale High look forward to their senior prom, unaware someone is plotting to ruin their big night by unleashing a pack of ferocious hellhounds. Angel comes to realise that Buffy will have a better future without him and decides to leave town. Xander finds himself with an unlikely prom date, as well as learning that Cordelia has fallen on hard times

    • 4:00pm
      The Librarian: Quest for the Spear

      A meek academic thinks he has found his niche when he lands a job at a library. However, he is stunned to discover he will be responsible for a host of priceless artefacts stored in secret archives - and events take an explosive turn when mercenaries set their sights on the treasures. Action-packed fantasy, starring Noah Wyle, Kyle MacLachlan and Kelly Hu

    • 6:00pm

      The story of the infamous Hungarian countess, who rises to power at the turn of the 17th century after the death in battle of her husband. Rumours of mass murder and vampirism turn the people against her, and a jealous and covetous nobleman schemes to exploit these dark tales to destroy her. Period drama, starring Anna Friel, Karel Roden and Vincent Regan

    • 8:50pm
      Dark Relic

      A knight returns from the Crusades bearing a holy artefact, which seems to bring him and his travelling companions bad fortune. They do not realise it contains the bound spirit of a powerful demon, and when the monster escapes, they need the help of some unlikely allies to destroy it. Fantasy adventure, starring James Frain, Clemency Burton-Hill and Samuel West

    • 11:10pm
      Dragon Dynasty

      Marco Polo begins the journey home from his expedition to China. But the emperor's advisor is determined to stop him returning to Europe, and dispatches two dragons to ensure he doesn't leave the country alive. Fantasy adventure, starring Federico Castelluccio and James Hong

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