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Saturday, August 2 2014
  • Time Show
    • in 24 mins
      The Devil's Dinner PartySeason 1 Episode 16: EPISODE: 16

      Psychological game show in which six strangers attend a dinner party hosted by a mysterious figure known only as the Broker. As the night progresses, they have to reveal secrets about themselves and make snap judgements of each other to remain at the table - with the last person left winning a cash prize

    • 2:00am
      The Guest WingSeason 1 Episode 3: EPISODE: 3

      Everyday life at Northumberland's Chillingham Castle, where the members of staff try to tactfully deal with the whims of their employer, baronet Humphry Wakefield, as the estate prepares to welcome a band of ghost-hunting tourists. Meanwhile, Carlton Towers in East Yorkshire hosts an annual dog show for Afghan hounds

    • 3:00am
      SeinfeldSeason 5 Episode 4: The Sniffing Accountant

      Jerry worries his accountant's constant sniffing may be a symptom of a drug habit and calls on Kramer to help in a stake-out. Meanwhile, George enters the world of bra-selling - but soon lands in trouble with the boss's daughter. Comedy, with Jerry Seinfeld

    • 3:30am
      SeinfeldSeason 5 Episode 5: The Bris

      Jerry and Elaine are asked to become godparents to their friends' child, and Kramer is distressed over his sighting of a genetically engineered pig-man. Jerry Seinfield and Julia Louis-Dreyfus star

    • 4:00am
      Urban SecretsSeason 1 Episode 3: EPISODE: 3

      Alan Cumming explores the history of Bristol, beginning by learning a grisly secret at the docks before meeting Mercury Prize-winning musician Roni Size to discuss life in the St Pauls and Stokes Croft areas of the city. He also explores the district of Clifton and visits a speakeasy-style bar

    • 5:00am
      Fish TownSeason 1 Episode 3: EPISODE: 3

      Documentary following life in the Devon town of Brixham, which was originally famed for its thriving fishing trade, but has recently become popular with tourists

    • 6:00am
      Fish TownSeason 1 Episode 4: EPISODE: 4

      Fish merchant Robert and his wife Kelly decide to open a seafood restaurant in Brixham - but their determinedly contemporary approach to cuisine leaves some locals unimpressed. The programme also follows the journey of a turbot over 36 hours, as it is caught and auctioned off before being served in an exclusive London restaurant

    • 9:00am
      The PitchSeason 1 Episode 4: Popchips: Conversation & Boone Oakley

      Conversation, a growing agency from New York, competes against established North Carolina firm BooneOakley to win a contract with a crisp company seeking a campaign to emphasise how widely available their product has become. However, one team faces a major setback when a senior member of staff is hospitalised

    • 10:00am
      Blue BloodsSeason 2 Episode 18: No Questions Asked

      A gun is brought into the station as part of the NYPD's firearms amnesty, and Danny is convinced the man who handed it in is linked to a robbery. However, arresting him could undermine public faith in the programme, which is run on a 'no questions asked' basis - and the detective discovers the situation is not as clear-cut as he had thought

    • 11:00am
      Blue BloodsSeason 2 Episode 19: Some Kind of Hero

      Jamie risks ruining his undercover work when he is hailed as a hero by the media for saving a baby from a burning building. Meanwhile, a dead firefighter's son prompts Danny to re-open a closed case - a decision that infuriates his fellow detectives

    • 12:00pm
      Blue BloodsSeason 2 Episode 20: Working Girls

      Danny and Jackie are assigned to protect a witness in a major trial involving the Russian Mob. However, their presence does nothing to deter a would-be assassin from making an attempt on her life - and the detectives discover a leak from their department could undermine the entire operation. Meanwhile, Erin is offered an opportunity that could lead to her working even more closely with Frank

    • 1:00pm
      Without a TraceSeason 1 Episode 19: Victory for Humanity

      The team searches for a missing schoolteacher and uncovers contradictory information about his background - including evidence that he might have been supplementing his income by selling drugs, despite being wealthy to begin with. Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty) guest stars

    • 2:00pm
      Without a TraceSeason 1 Episode 20: No Mas

      Jack and the team search for a boxer who vanished just before a much-anticipated fight, and soon begin to suspect his disappearance is a publicity stunt - until his crooked younger brother also goes missing. Detective drama, starring Anthony LaPaglia, Poppy Montgomery and Marianne Jean-Baptiste

    • 3:00pm
      VegasSeason 1 Episode 16: Little Fish

      Sheriff Lamb tries to deal with a man pimping out underage girls, but to get anywhere he needs a 17-year-old prostitute to open up to him. Mia attempts to find a way to ensure Frank doesn't drop her in it with the FBI, while Dixon comes up with a plan to wrestle film star Violet away from her movie producer boyfriend

    • 4:00pm
      True DetectiveSeason 1 Episode 3: The Locked Room

      The detectives locate the revival ministry they believe Dora Lange attended and after questioning the church's volunteers they learn she was once seen leaving with a tall man whose face was scarred. Cohle scours previous homicides that could be linked to the case and gets another lead that takes them on a state-wide trail, questioning everyone from fishermen to school janitors. Meanwhile, Hart's jealousy gets the better of him when he spots Lisa on a date with another man. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson star

    • 5:15pm
      Silicon ValleySeason 1 Episode 3: Articles of Incorporation

      Richard encounters yet another glitch when Jared discovers the name Pied Piper is already registered to an irrigation company and he is forced into a negotiation process. Erlich is convinced a new name is needed for the business and embarks on a drug-fuelled quest in the hope of unearthing it. Comedy, starring Thomas Middleditch

    • 5:50pm
      VeepSeason 3 Episode 3: Alicia

      Selina prepares to reveal she will be running for president, but on the day of her official announcement she is faced with a series of challenges. A Saturday Night Live sketch mocking her privileged upbringing has gone viral, Dan is struggling to finish the speech and her daughter Catherine has turned up wearing the same dress. To top it all, Senator Doyle advises Selina to pull the plug on supporting universal childcare, so a reluctant Mike is forced to tell a campaigner she must leave the event and ends up insulting her in the ensuing argument. Comedy, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus

    • 6:25pm
      Game of ThronesSeason 1 Episode 5: The Wolf and the Lion

      Ned tries to stop the king from entering the tournament after a suspicious death that threatens to overshadow the event - but the competition is plunged into chaos when one of the favourites suffers a surprise defeat. Catelyn takes the captive Tyrion east in search of refuge at Lysa's fortress, only to discover the death of Jon Arryn has left her sister in disarray. Fantasy drama, starring Sean Bean and Mark Addy

    • 7:40pm
      Funny or Die PresentsSeason 1 Episode 12: EPISODE: 12

      The hostage situation at the bank reaches a grisly conclusion, Playground Politics analyses the conflict in the Middle East, and surreal comedy duo Tim and Eric present their take on morning prayer. Guest starring Weird Al Yankovic, Tom Arnold, Ed Helms, Malin Akerman, Creed Bratton, Kate Walsh and Rich Fulcher

    • 8:15pm
      The WireSeason 5 Episode 3: Not for Attribution

      Marlo offers a reward for information leading him to Omar, and Cheese gives him the whereabouts of his adviser Butchie. Bunk enlists Freamon's help to talk McNulty out of his scheme, Carcetti deliberately leaks his plans for the police department to the press and staff at The Baltimore Sun face major budget cuts from the newspaper's owners

    • 9:30pm
      The SopranosSeason 3 Episode 8: He is Risen

      Tony's generosity in giving up his time with Dr Melfi pays off - but his feud with Ralph reaches breaking point. Meanwhile, Meadow and Jackie Jnr find they have more in common than they thought. Crime drama, starring James Gandolfini

    • 11:00pm
      Fish TownSeason 1 Episode 3: EPISODE: 3

      Documentary following life in the Devon town of Brixham, which was originally famed for its thriving fishing trade, but has recently become popular with tourists

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