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Saturday, July 4 2015
  • Time Show
    • 3:00am
      Star Trek: EnterpriseSeason 1 Episode 7: The Andorian Incident

      T'Pol joins the crew on a visit to an ancient Vulcan monastery, despite objecting that her human shipmate's presence could be a disruptive one. On landing, they are shocked to discover the spiritual sanctuary has been taken over by the Andorians, a paranoid race of aliens with a long history of conflict with the Vulcan people. Sci-fi adventure, starring Scott Bakula and Jolene Blalock

    • 4:00am
      Star Trek: EnterpriseSeason 1 Episode 8: Breaking the Ice

      Trip learns that T'Pol has been transmitting secret messages to a nearby Vulcan ship, and Archer goes to the aid of two crewmen trapped in a disintegrating comet. Final spin-off of the Star Trek saga, starring Scott Bakula and Jolene Blalock

    • 5:00am
      Star Trek: EnterpriseSeason 1 Episode 9: Civilization

      The team members discover an inhabited Earth-like planet named Akaali and disguise themselves to look like its citizens in order to undertake an exploratory expedition. The crew learns the inhabitants are suffering from mysterious plague-like lesions and tries to help them find the cause. Scott Bakula and Jolene Blalock star

    • 6:00am
      Blue BloodsSeason 3 Episode 16: Quid Pro Quo

      Danny investigates the case of a woman who was attacked by her rich and powerful boyfriend. Meanwhile, a friend of Jamie's files a lawsuit against one of Danny's buddies after sustaining an injury during an informal basketball game. Donnie Wahlberg and Will Estes star

    • 7:00am
      Blue BloodsSeason 3 Episode 17: Protest Too Much

      Danny must track down Bonnie and Clyde-style thieves who wounded a bystander during a bank robbery that was witnessed by an off-duty police officer. Elsewhere, Frank considers the possibility of a relationship with a friend of Erin's. Starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg

    • 8:00am
      Blue BloodsSeason 3 Episode 18: No Regrets

      Tragedy strikes across New York City when seemingly unconnected people are affected by the same recurring incident. It is up to Danny to discover what the victims have in common and who is responsible. Meanwhile, Frank helps an old friend come to terms with his alcoholism. Starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg

    • 9:00am
      Blue BloodsSeason 3 Episode 19: Loss of Faith

      The body of a devoutly religious woman is found in a cemetery and Danny's investigation reveals that she was murdered. The victim's family are shocked to learn that she was conducting a relationship with a person from a different faith, but could they be more involved than first appears? Donnie Wahlberg stars

    • 10:00am
      Blue BloodsSeason 3 Episode 20: Ends & Means

      Two Wall Street brokers are killed in drug deals, and Danny tries to question a wounded suspect at the hospital. The detective is stopped by Linda, who won't let her husband see the injured man until after he's had surgery. Crime drama, starring Donnie Wahlberg and Amy Carlson

    • 11:00am
      Without a TraceSeason 3 Episode 18: Transitions

      Jack and the team look into the disappearance of an emotionally unstable choir singer who wanted to perform a hymn at the Sunday service but failed to turn up. A character profile seems to reveal a typical churchgoer, but the agents extract information from her boyfriend that indicate their assumptions maybe wide of the mark

    • 12:00pm
      Without a TraceSeason 3 Episode 19: Second Sight

      The team is called to investigate the disappearance of a psychic, and learns she had been troubled by an angry man. Further and their inquiries lead them to believe she knew her abductor, Samantha is unnerved by a clairvoyant's ability to sense her relationship problems. Meanwhile, Vivian awaits a heart operation

    • 1:00pm
      Without a TraceSeason 3 Episode 20: The Bogie Man

      The team investigates the disappearance of a teenager, and discovers she had become obsessed with obtaining justice for the unsolved killing of a girl who went missing seven years previously. Jack and Samantha re-examine the initial case to identify any possible links and pull in the sheriff's leading suspect for questioning - the murder victim's ex-boyfriend

    • 2:00pm
      Without a TraceSeason 3 Episode 21: Off the Tracks

      Jack and the team deal with the disappearance of Danny's brother, who has a history of drug abuse. His pregnant girlfriend assures the team he has cleaned up his act, but the investigation exposes evidence that he has been seen with a convicted car thief and may have become involved in illegal activities

    • 3:00pm
      Without a TraceSeason 3 Episode 22: John Michaels

      The team launches an inquiry into the disappearance of a 71-year-old man who was last seen getting into a car with two unknown men, and learns he had been trying to make amends with his ex-wife and help his daughter sort her life out - but the case throws up a few unusual twists. Martin Landau guest stars

    • 4:00pm
      EntourageSeason 1 Episode 1: Entourage

      Up-and-coming actor Vincent Chase prepares to attend the opening of his latest film Head On, and has lunch with three friends to discuss a forthcoming school reunion - but later learns to his dismay that Colin Farrell has beaten him to a plum role. Drama, starring Adrian Grenier

    • 4:35pm
      EntourageSeason 1 Episode 2: The Review

      Vince fumes over the news that Colin Farrell has beaten him to a role in Matterhorn, and nervously waits to see whether the critics will love or hate him in Head On. Adrian Grenier stars

    • 5:10pm
      EntourageSeason 1 Episode 3: Talk Show

      Vince appears on a TV talk show despite Drama's revelations about the host - and meets a face from his past. Meanwhile, the gang try to acquire a free home-entertainment system, and Eric deals with a visit by an old flame. Adrian Grenier and Kevin Dillon star

    • 5:45pm
      EntourageSeason 1 Episode 4: Date Night

      Vince's film is released and faces stiff competition in the ratings from an animation featuring talking squirrels. Eric arranges a date with Emily, but soon finds the evening hijacked. The boys appear on a popular radio show, leading Kristen to make a confession

    • 6:15pm
      Last Week Tonight with John OliverSeason 2 Episode 19: EPISODE: 19

      American talk show in which British comedian, actor and writer John Oliver presents a satirical look at the biggest news stories, political developments and pop culture events of the previous seven days. The topical series sees the former Daily Show reporter offer his distinct take on a variety of social, political and existential issues facing society

    • 6:50pm
      True BloodSeason 7 Episode 4: Death Is Not the End

      Sookie enlists a band of vampires and humans to track down the H-Vamps. Pam recalls the events that led her and Eric to Shreveport and Fangtasia, while Bill and Jessica receive nourishment from an unexpected source. Supernatural drama, starring Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

    • 7:55pm
      True BloodSeason 7 Episode 5: Lost Cause

      Sookie finds herself the hostess of a festive party for mainstreaming vampires, but recent travails have taken their toll on her willingness to get involved. Meanwhile, Eric and Pam pursue an elusive adversary to a gala fundraiser in Dallas, and while Jessica and James reach a crossroads, Andy makes a life-changing decision. Supernatural drama, starring Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård

    • 9:05pm
      True BloodSeason 7 Episode 6: Karma

      Sookie makes a shocking discovery that forces her to reconsider her involvement with Bill. Eric and Pam forge an unlikely alliance in their hunt for a shared enemy, while Andy argues with Holly. Supernatural drama, starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård

    • 10:10pm
      True BloodSeason 7 Episode 7: May Be the Last Time

      Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus close in on Sarah in Dallas; Adilyn and Wade find a temporary refuge; Sookie searches for a miracle; Bill remembers his past marriage; a familiar face resurfaces in Bon Temps; Sam faces a dilemma.

    • 11:15pm
      The PitchSeason 1 Episode 2: Waste Management: SK/G & The AD Store

      Las Vegas advertising agency SK+G compete against New York-based firm The Ad Store for a contract with Waste Management, a company that wants to raise public awareness of its work as an energy provider. The clients also make it clear they want to put their message across in a modern, edgy way, and ask the two bidders to come up with campaigns that could spread across the internet

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