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Thursday, January 29 2015
  • Time Show
    • 28 mins ago
      The Odessa File

      The detailed diaries of a former inmate of a concentration camp fall into the hands of an investigative journalist. Incensed by what he reads, he embarks on a crusade to discover the prison commandant's new identity and expose his crimes to the world. In the process, the trail leads him to a secret organisation that helped Nazi SS officers escape justice. Thriller, based on Frederick Forsyth's novel, starring Jon Voight, Derek Jacobi and siblings Maria and Maximilian Schell

    • 1:40pm
      Jakob the Liar

      A Jewish prisoner in a wartime Polish ghetto during the Second World War decides to cheer up his fellow inmates by claiming to have access to a hidden radio, passing on fake news of Allied victories. However, his morale-bossting efforts risk drawing attention to himself and the concentration camp escapee he is concealing. Comedy drama, starring Robin Williams, Alan Arkin and Bob Balaban

    • 4:00pm

      Thought-provoking comedy drama, starring Dustin Hoffman as a down-at-heel petty crook who single-handedly rescues the survivors of a plane crash and then disappears, leaving an aimless drifter to accept the credit and become a media darling in the process. It goes without saying that Hoffman's performance is a joy, while excellent support comes from Geena Davis, Andy Garcia and Joan Cusack. Just a shame the mood is broken by the clumsy ending.

    • 6:25pm

      Psychiatrist George Clooney arrives on a space station to investigate the death of its commanding officer but subsequently starts to experience frightening visions of his late wife which seem all too real - and force him to question his sanity. This sci-fi drama is Steven Soderbergh's eerie reimagining of Stanislaw Lem's original story, with Clooney on fine form as a man gradually unravelling. Co-starring Natascha McElhone, Viola Davis, Jeremy Davies and Ulrich Tukur

    • 8:30pm

      Former special forces agent Dean Cage (Wesley Snipes) finds himself beset by all manner of bizarre hallucinations when a case of mistaken identity leaves him at the mercy of crooks who give him a dose of an experimental mind-control drug. A race against time ensues as Dean tries to prove his true identity and find an antidote before he dies. Thriller, starring Mark Sheppard, Jacqueline Obradors and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

    • 10:30pm
      I Dreamed of Africa

      An Italian socialite rethinks her life in the aftermath of a car crash, hastily accepting a marriage proposal and joining her new husband in running a farm in Africa. The project is beset by problems, as she must contend with not only dangerous wildlife but also her husband's reckless thrill-seeking. Drama, starring Kim Basinger, Vincent Pérez, Eva Marie Saint and Daniel Craig

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