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Thursday, July 31 2014
  • Time Show
    • 19 mins ago

      A ruthless slave trader is shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island and forced to learn how to live off the fruit of the land while waiting for help to arrive. Adventure, starring Aidan Quinn, Elvis Payne and Richard D Sharp

    • 6:50am
      The Miracle

      Beverly D'Angelo stars as a glamorous American who arrives in a small Irish seaside town and has a dramatic effect on an impressionable teenage boy, firing him with sexual obsession. Romantic comedy, also starring Niall Byrne and Lorraine Pilkington

    • 8:25am
      The Care Bears Movie

      Animated fantasy following the adventures of two youngsters who team up with the cuddlesome creatures to thwart an evil spirit. With the voices of Mickey Rooney, Harry Dean Stanton and Georgia Engel. Songs by Carole King and John Sebastian

    • 9:35am
      Good Boy!

      A youngster is shocked when he discovers his faithful pooch is actually an agent from outer space, sent from the Dog Star Sirius to find out whether dogs have fulfilled their destiny by taking over the world. If not, dogs will be expelled from the planet - so dog helps boy in a race against time to bring the rag-tag neighbourhood mutts up to scratch before his alien leader, The Greater Dane, lands on Earth to assess the situation. Comedy, with Molly Shannon, Liam Aiken and Kevin Nealon

    • 11:05am
      Walk Like a Man

      Baby Bobo gets lost in the wilderness and is raised by wild dogs. Years later, a scientist finds the adult Bobo and reunites him with his family. As he struggles to adjust to living like a human, Bobo's life is threatened by his jealous brother, who is prepared to kill to protect his inheritance. Comedy, starring Howie Mandel and Christopher Lloyd

    • 12:35pm

      Comedy, starring Martin Short as an obnoxious 10-year-old who leaves a trail of chaos in his wake wherever he goes and enjoys turning his uncle's life into a waking nightmare. With Charles Grodin, Mary Steenburgen and Dabney Coleman

    • 2:20pm
      Playing Mona Lisa

      A down-on-her-luck woman thinks things can't get any worse after her boyfriend dumps her, she fails in a competition and loses her home - but she reckons without the timely intervention of her parents. Matthew Huffman's attempt at screwball comedy sadly falls flat despite the best efforts of the cast, which includes Alicia Witt, Elliott Gould, Marlo Thomas and Harvey Fierstein

    • 4:00pm
      Mac and Me

      A small alien becomes stranded on Earth. As he tries to avoid the authorities, he befriends a wheelchair-bound boy and survives on a diet of junk food. Comedy, starring Christine Ebersole, Jonathan Ward and Jade Calegory

    • 5:35pm
      Wired to Kill

      In the future, a deadly virus has wiped out most of the population of America, with the survivors living in terror of savage mutants. An inventor puts his skills to work getting revenge on the marauders who kidnapped his girlfriend, creating a range of deadly devices to wipe them out. Sci-fi thriller, starring Emily Longstreth and Devin Hoelscher

    • 7:10pm
      Secret Screams

      A woman tormented by ghosts seeks the aid of a paranormal researcher in uncovering the cause. They soon find an evil force is returning from beyond the grave to seek vengeance. Horror, starring Paul Le Mat, Renée Soutendijk and David Warner

    • 8:45pm
      The Dogs of War

      The leader of a group of mercenaries takes his trigger-happy troop on their most hazardous mission yet - to overthrow a brutal African dictator. Misfiring action adventure that's all bluff and bluster, starring Christopher Walken, Tom Berenger and Colin Blakely

    • 10:25pm
      Dark Tower

      A security expert is sent to a skyscraper in Barcelona to investigate after a window cleaner plummets to his death. As further unexplained fatalities occur, he begins to realise the building is haunted by an angry spirit that is seeking revenge for his own murder. Horror, starring Michael Moriarty and Jenny Agutter

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