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Thursday, October 2 2014
  • Time Show
    • 6:45am
      The Happy Ending

      Bittersweet drama, starring Jean Simmons as a middle-aged woman who walks out on her family after 16 years of marital strife and sets off in pursuit of happiness and fulfilment. With John Forsythe, Lloyd Bridges and Shirley Jones

    • in 2 mins

      Epic and none-too-subtle historical drama, telling the tale of a 19th-century missionary and his wife who attempt to bring Christianity to the natives of the Hawaiian islands, little realising that their incursion will forever change the attitude of the indigenous population. It's not long before the couple's differing viewpoints drive a wedge between them - leading to betrayal. Bold and brash, it's based on the novel by James A Michener, and stars Max von Sydow, Julie Andrews and Richard Harris. Include five news update at 2.55pm

    • 11:15am
      The Pit and the Pendulum

      Legend of the horror genre Vincent Price plays a 16th-century nobleman who falls foul of his adulterous wife and her lover, who are attempting to drive him mad. Genuinely creepy Edgar Allan Poe-inspired chiller, with Barbara Steele and John Kerr. Directed by Roger Corman

    • 12:35pm
      Master of the World

      Offbeat children's fantasy based on a novel by Jules Verne, starring Vincent Price as an eccentric and flamboyant 19th-century inventor who builds a flying machine and embarks on a mission to bring about global peace : by threatening the world's nations with destruction. Charles Bronson, Henry Hull and Mary Webster also star

    • 2:15pm
      The Terminator

      James Cameron's violent, ground-breaking sci-fi action thriller. In the future machines rule and only a small band of humans are left to fight for mankind's survival, a group lead by John Connor. Back in 1980s Los Angeles, Connor's mother Sarah is unaware of what's to come, until a cyborg from the future arrives with only one mission: kill Sarah and therefore the course of history by eliminating John before he is even born. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the ruthless robot, alongside Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn

    • 4:00pm
      The Dark Half

      A highbrow author's literary alter ego, which he reserves for a series of lowbrow novels published pseudonymously, takes on a life of its own and embarks on a campaign of violence. Stephen King horror, starring Timothy Hutton, Amy Madigan and Michael Rooker. Directed by George A Romero, the man most famous for zombie classic Night of the Living Dead.

    • 6:00pm

      A computer expert is drawn into another world by an evil sorcerer, who has taken his girlfriend captive. The wizard wants to prove that magic is superior to technology, and challenges the programmer to survive through seven challenges where he must face a series of bizarre monsters. Fantasy adventure, starring Jeffrey Byron and Richard Moll

    • 7:20pm
      The Moderns

      Offbeat drama set in Twenties Paris. Keith Carradine plays a struggling painter whose life is changed by the arrival of an old flame, now married to an American businessman. Determined to win her back, he reluctantly agrees to forge a number of modern masterpieces to raise money. Linda Fiorentino and Geraldine Chaplin also star

    • 9:25pm
      Crimes of Passion

      A jaded fashion designer attempts to spice up her staid life by moonlighting as a prostitute, but her exciting after-hours activities soon threaten to spiral out of control, as a bored man falls obsessively in love with her - and a psychotic priest embarks on a quest to save her soul. Offbeat, raunchy satirical drama boasting some ridiculously over-the-top performances, starring Kathleen Turner, Anthony Perkins, John Laughlin and Annie Potts. Directed by Ken Russell

    • 11:10pm
      Dangerous Love

      Women who were clients of a video dating agency are being killed and the murders taped. The police investigation leads to a computer hacker, so he sets out to prove his innocence by tracking down the real culprit. Thriller, starring Elliott Gould and Lawrence Monoson

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