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Wednesday, November 26 2014
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    • 3 mins ago

      Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley present the words-and-numbers game, with Michael Whitehall presiding in Dictionary Corner

    • 2:10am
      3rd Rock from the SunSeason 4 Episode 2: Power Mad Dick

      Mary is promoted to dean, leading Dick to believe her authority also applies to him and that he can dismiss Lucy from the cafeteria. Meanwhile, Sally is excited at the prospect of losing her virginity to Don. Comedy, starring John Lithgow

    • 4:00am
      FrasierSeason 4 Episode 13: Four for the Seesaw

      A spontaneous gesture lands the Crane brothers a double date with two beautiful women, and Frasier tries to help Niles overcome the feeling that he is betraying Maris when they all take a trip to a cabin in the country. Comedy, guest starring Megan Mullally (Will & Grace) and Lisa Darr (Ellen), with Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce

    • 4:30am
      FrasierSeason 4 Episode 14: To Kill a Talking Bird

      Niles throws a house-warming party - but his new pet cockatoo threatens to spoil the festivities by clinging firmly to the top of his head and refusing to be dislodged. Comedy, guest starring Patricia Wettig (Brothers & Sisters), with David Hyde Pierce and Kelsey Grammer

    • 5:00am
      Daily BrunchSeason 1 Episode 33: EPISODE: 33

      Adam Henson joins Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer to chat about the release of new DVD Countryfile - A Celebration of the Seasons, and Tina Hobley discusses her role in the stage tour of Peter James' Dead Simple. Author and mathematician Alex Bellos drops by to talk numbers and pianist James Rhodes explains how to encourage more young people to pick up an instrument

    • 6:00am
      Jamie's Comfort FoodSeason 1 Episode 5: EPISODE: 5

      Jamie Oliver prepares a hearty fish pie, helped by his son Buddy, with a fish curry using coconut milk and spinach for the sauce. He also makes gnudi - like gnocchi, but lighter - served with a butter and sage sauce, and hummingbird cake, an American sponge with pineapple, banana and cinnamon among its ingredients

    • 6:30am
      Come Dine with MeSeason 11 Episode 1: Brighton - Pasha

      Visual artist Pasha du Valentine hosts the first party in Brighton. She intends to seduce her diners with beautifully presented top-notch food, and has high hopes for her 'Lover's Pudding'. Her guests are a sweetshop owner, a dinner club host, a DJ and a transvestite

    • 7:05am
      Come Dine with MeSeason 11 Episode 2: Brighton - John

      Sweetshop owner John O'Sullivan throws the second party in Brighton, planning a three-course menu of retro favourites including tinned peaches and chicken Kiev. While DJ Melody and Pasha du Valentine pick up where they left off the previous night, the other guests are distracted by their host's toilet-roll serviettes and unusual party tricks

    • 7:35am
      Come Dine with MeSeason 11 Episode 3: Brighton - Melody

      The dinner party challenge continues from Brighton, where DJ Melody serves a West Indian-inspired menu, and tries to maximise her chances by getting her guests as drunk as possible, but one of them takes the conversation in a macabre direction

    • 8:40am
      Come Dine with MeSeason 11 Episode 5: Brighton - Ana

      At the final dinner party of the week in Brighton, host Ana Jalais hopes to impress with a seafood starter and beef main course. Her guests are shocked when they discover pictures of her as a young man, and the evening takes a nasty turn when she is forced to kick John out of the house

    • 9:10am

      Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley present the words-and-numbers game, with Len Goodman presiding in Dictionary Corner

    • 10:00am
      Fifteen to OneSeason 2 Episode 33: EPISODE: 33

      Sandi Toksvig hosts the general knowledge quiz, in which 15 contestants are pitted against one another in the hope of securing a place in the end-of-series final when a £40,000 jackpot will be up for grabs

    • 11:00am
      Deal or No DealSeason 10 Episode 85: EPISODE: 85

      Contestants try to beat the banker and guess the contents of mystery boxes to win a big-money prize. In a game-changing twist, players could now win up to £500,000 by doubling their winnings with box 23 - if they are brave enough to buy it with what they have already won. Presented by Noel Edmonds

    • 12:00pm
      Come Dine with MeSeason 27 Episode 53: Darlington - Yvonne

      Upmarket farmer Yvonne hosts the third dinner party in Darlington, Co Durham, hoping to impress with a menu using ingredients grown on her farm. However, she has some shocking surprises in store for her guests, including some unexpected surprises from her past - earning disapproval from Audra but delighting the male contestants

    • 12:30pm
      Coach TripSeason 10 Episode 23: EPISODE: 23

      The tourists arrive in Rapla, Estonia, where one of the group proves to be a formidable opponent for the country's Olympic wrestling team, and another's desire to share his knowledge has mixed results at a blacksmith's workshop. Plus, a close vote causes tension

    • 1:00pm
      The SimpsonsSeason 22 Episode 7: How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window?

      After spending weeks nursing an injured pigeon back to health, Bart is left distraught when Santa's Little Helper eats his feathered friend. Things go from bad to worse for the mischievous greyhound when a psychiatrist recommends the family finds the dog a new home. Featuring the guest voice of Rachel Weisz

    • 1:30pm
      HollyoaksSeason 1 Episode 4003: EPISODE: 4003

      The big day has finally arrived for Diane and Tony - will it go ahead as planned or is the bride-to-be about to get the shock of her life? As news gets around about the accident at the Loft, Lindsey wonders who she can trust, and while Leela and Tegan start to build bridges, Jason goes to great lengths to avoid the wedding

    • 2:55pm
      Turner Prize at 30Season 1 Episode 3: EPISODE: 3

      Marking the 30th anniversary of the prestigious art award, this series of short films showcases five different years in its history, featuring interviews with influential artists and a look at the impact of the Turner Prize on those who have won it, from Grayson Perry to Damien Hirst

    • 3:00pm
      Posh PawnSeason 3 Episode 3: EPISODE: 3

      Managing director James heads to Lanzarote to tackle his biggest deal yet - the sale of a £1.5million yellow submarine. A jeweller to the stars wants to pawn her collection to expand her business, while Lawrence appraises a guitar with links to punk band the Sex Pistols owned by a former millionaire who's now living in a bedsit. A doting father-to-be decides to get rid of his pride-and-joy black Ferrari to buy a family home

    • 4:00pm
      Liberty of LondonSeason 2 Episode 3: EPISODE: 3

      This edition meets some of the eccentric sellers at Liberty. Self-proclaimed 'shopkeeper' Bruce Lepere, who works in the carpet emporium, heads to Morocco to buy supplies, but managing director Ed Burstell is concerned Bruce's sales have fallen and sends in new head of visual merchandising Liz Silvester to help turn things around. Meanwhile, Maggie Lim has been hired as a consultant to bring in weekly tour groups of rich Chinese businessmen, hoping they will spread the word about Liberty back home

    • 5:00pm
      Confessions OfSeason 1 Episode 2: Confessions of a Doctor

      Whether they were controlling women's access to contraception or making life-or-death decisions, attitudes toward doctors in the past were that they always knew best. But with the landmark Shipman case and the end of out-of-hours care, the public's view of GPs shifted dramatically. In the second of three programmes, eight GPs lift the lid on their working lives in the consulting room and explore how much has changed over the past 50 years

    • 6:05pm
      It Was Alright in the 1970sSeason 1 Episode 2: EPISODE: 2

      With attitudes to feminism, foreigners and family values being somewhat different 40 years ago, the second of two programmes narrated by Matt Lucas focuses on 'good old-fashioned Britishness' on TV in the 1970s. From blacking-up in popular pre-watershed programmes, through to homophobia and xenophobia, the decade seems to have had a different set of manners and morals, and took a casual approach to sexism and racism. Looking back on a selection of surprising clips are the people who made the shows, those who watched them at the time, and younger viewers providing a fresh perspective

    • 7:00pm
      Music NationSeason 2 Episode 3: British Asian Rave

      The series profiling the 'glory days' of the UK's best underground music scenes over the past 25 years continues with a look at British Asian rave, the anthem for many second-generation South Asians during the 1990s as they negotiated their Britishness

    • 7:35pm
      24 Hours in A&ESeason 7 Episode 4: EPISODE: 4

      Former boxer Paul, 22, has been stabbed in the face and arm with a broken bottle outside a nightclub in Kingston. As the team works to stop the bleeding and treat the patient's wounds, his girlfriend Naveena reflects on his sensitive side. Angela, 93, is brought to A&E by her daughter Elizabeth after suffering from blood loss and disorientation at her care home, while 70-year-old John arrives with his wife Francesca after falling while out running and dislocating his shoulder. To get John's pain under control quickly the medics give him ketamine, and the hallucinogenic side effects keep everyone entertained

    • 8:30pm

      A small-town waitress is determined to leave her controlling husband for good, so she enters a national pie-baking contest, confident the prize money will be more than enough to set herself up on her own. However, her well-laid plans are complicated by an unexpected pregnancy and an affair with a handsome but married doctor. Romantic drama, starring Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion and Cheryl Hines

    • 10:15pm
      The Desert Rats

      A Scottish army officer is placed in command of a unit of Australian troops given the task of defending Tobruk against overwhelming German forces, lead by the renowned general Rommel. Second World War adventure, starring Richard Burton, Robert Newton and James Mason, reprising his role as Rommel from The Desert Fox

    • 11:45pm
      Location, Location, LocationSeason 13 Episode 6: Windsor and Sheffield Revisits

      Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer revisit past house-hunters, beginning with globe-trotting Matt Rushworth, who was looking forward to settling down near his family in Windsor, Berkshire. They then catch up with Sheffield couple Justin and Deborah, who were seeking a bigger home, but had very different opinions on how to tackle the property to make room for their sports gear

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