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Thursday, April 24 2014
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    • 10 mins ago
      Come Dine with MeSwansea - Keith

      Rugby player Keith Larrard hosts as the competition in Swansea reaches the midway point. He hopes to impress his guests with a Jackson 5 theme and a naked butler, but they fear he will be too clumsy and laid-back to succeed and are confused by a cryptic menu with dishes including Shoulder Sheep Sh'Moan

    • in 20 mins
      Come Dine with MeSwansea - Karen Wood

      Karen Wood hosts the fourth dinner party challenge in Swansea and hopes to impress not only with her buffet-style menu, but also by providing a hot tub. However, the diners' mixed expectations about her cooking skills, together with a series of mishaps during the day, mean the outcome is far from certain

    • 8:05am
      Come Dine with MeSwansea - Katherine

      Solicitor Katherine Waldemar Brown hosts the final night of the competition in Swansea, and asks her guests to adhere to a tarts-and-vicars dress code. She hopes her sophisticated menu will impress her fellow diners, but the evening is threatened by their unruly behaviour. Finally, the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

    • 8:40am
      A Place in the Sun: Home or AwayChelmsford v Mallorca, Spain

      A pair of renovators cannot decide between starting a new project in the Chelmsford area where they currently live, or building a snorkelling business in Mallorca, Spain. Sara Damergi and Jasmine Harman try to help them make a decision as they view properties in both regions

    • 9:40am

      Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley present the words-and-numbers game, with Dictionary Corner guest Arlene Phillips

    • 10:30am
      Deal or No DealDeal or No Deal

      Contestants try to beat the banker and guess the contents of mystery boxes to win a big-money prize. In a game-changing twist, players could now win up to £500,000 by doubling their winnings with box 23 - if they are brave enough to buy it with what they have already won. Presented by Noel Edmonds

    • 11:30am
      Fifteen to OneSeason 1 Episode 15: EPISODE: 15

      Sandi Toksvig hosts the general knowledge quiz, in which 15 contestants are pitted against one another in the hope of securing a place in the end-of-series final when a £40,000 jackpot will be up for grabs

    • 12:30pm
      Come Dine with MeDumfries and Galloway - Josh

      Trainee teacher and DJ Josh Jones hosts the fourth night in Dumfries and Galloway, and hopes he can broaden his fellow contestants' palates with his menu of Indian food. He plans lamb pasanda and tandoori monkfish, but Tammy Rice finds something in her glass that wasn't on the menu. However, he hopes his disco entertainment might impress the guests enough to bag him the £1,000 prize

    • 1:00pm
      The SimpsonsSeason 8 Episode 2: You Only Move Twice

      Homer gets a new job at a better nuclear power plant, forcing the family to move to an apparently idyllic community - but his company boss turns out to be a megalomaniac super-villain with dreams of world domination. Featuring the guest voice of Albert Brooks

    • 1:30pm
      HollyoaksSeason 1 Episode 3849: 24/04/2014

      At the Roscoes', Lindsey and Sandy demand answers but are not sure they will like what they hear, and Ste tries to protect himself and his family. Meanwhile, Holly turns to crime to fund her plan, and it is up to Jason to come to her rescue

    • 3:00pm
      Posh PawnSeason 1 Episode 2: EPISODE: 2

      Prestige Pawnbrokers boss James Constantinou has his work cut out sealing a deal with a pushy young entrepreneur who wants to borrow £100,000 against his Lamborghini, while there's a shock in store for film director Ken Russell's ex-wife Hetty when she brings in a collection of family photographs. A married couple become emotional as they look to pawn a large painting, a mum-of-three parts with her mother's diamond ring to support her kids, and long-term client Tauren risks losing his prized set of designer watches by falling behind on his loan repayments

    • 4:00pm
      Kevin's Supersized Salvage

      Kevin McCloud challenges three designers to turn a plane into hundreds of new products in a giant upcycling experiment. Their task is to find a new use for every single piece of the Airbus A320, leaving only an empty hangar behind them. By fashioning office pods, desk lamps, rickshaws, rocking chairs, luggage, storage and even jewellery from the aircraft, they aim to show how creativity is a solution to Britain's waste crisis. But it's not just the scale of the challenge that makes it tough - to master it, the participants also need the entrepreneurial skills and sales patter to sell their sometimes outlandish creations

    • 5:30pm
      Inside Rolls-Royce

      A behind-the-scenes look at the exclusive and luxurious world of the renowned British car brand, following workers at the manufacturer's Goodwood factory as they build their most expensive bespoke car to date, the Celestial Phantom, which comes complete with diamond-studded interior. The programme reveals the craftsmanship that goes into making and selling vehicles with a huge price tag and the lengths to which the team will go in the pursuit of perfection

    • 6:35pm
      Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the ClinicSeason 4 Episode 2: EPISODE: 2

      The medical team takes more viewers' appointments live over the internet from Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital and at the mobile clinic, which Pixie McKenna accompanies to Manchester. Plus, Dawn Harper has her mind and body put to the test by Christian Jessen in an experiment to demonstrate the effects of alcohol

    • 7:30pm
      Random ActsRandom Acts

      The short-form arts strands presents a puppet show set to a poem by Pablo Neruda

    • 7:35pm
      One Born Every MinuteSeason 5 Episode 9: EPISODE: 9

      Stephanie, 21, was told she might never have children, so she was shocked when what she thought was a stomach bug turned out to be the early stages of pregnancy. She and her partner Tyrone, 22, are joined by her mother for the birth, who has come prepared with advice for the new parents. When Jo turned 30 she decided to donate her eggs to other women who were longing for children, but went on to have fertility problems herself. Now 39, she and Mark, who is 37, have had their first child and are back at Southmead for baby number two, but as the labour progresses, the child's heart rate begins to drop and Jo is rushed into theatre. Plus, 24-year-old Chantelle and Steve, 41, while away the hours waiting for their bundle of joy

    • 8:30pm
      Food UnwrappedFood Unwrapped Easter Special

      The team uncovers industry secrets about the nation's favourite springtime produce. Kate Quilton visits a cocoa farm in Ghana to explore the possible health benefits of dark chocolate, while Jimmy Doherty heads to a rabbit farm in Spain to investigate why the animal's meat is stocked in supermarkets across Europe, but not generally in the UK. Matt Tebbutt goes on an egg hunt to find out more about rare double yolks. Plus, why the tender spring lamb served at Easter may be older than people think, and how daffodils could help treat Alzheimer's disease

    • 9:25pm
      Dead Famous DNASeason 1 Episode 3: EPISODE: 3

      Veterinary scientist Mark Evans sets out on a ground-breaking quest to track down the last remains of some of history's most important and infamous figures, including Marilyn Monroe, Napoleon and Charles Darwin, in an attempt to find out what their biology can add to their biographies. Delving into the shady world of human body parts, he attempts to obtain samples so he can extract DNA and analyse the genome - the genetic blueprint of life - and hopefully shed new light on some of the mysteries surrounding these high-profile individuals

    • 10:20pm
      Unreported WorldDancing in the Danger Zone

      Reporter Evan Williams travels to Baghdad to meet the extraordinary young dancers and musicians at Iraq's only music and ballet school, who are battling to keep their art alive against the rising tide of sectarian violence in the capital. Star student Leezan Salam and her friend, pianist Mohammed Ramsey, are both on the brink of a momentous decision - what to do with their lives after graduation

    • 11:45pm
      River Cottage BitesRiver Cottage Bites

      Head gardener Mark Diacono provides a step-by-step guide to planning a vegetable patch, and shows how people can save money by growing their own produce

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