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Monday, April 21 2014
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    • 48 mins ago
      Undercover BossSeason 4 Episode 8: Moe's Southwest Grill

      President of Moe's Southwest Grill, Paul Damico, goes undercover to check the standards he values are still being met. The company is one of the world's fastest growing restaurant chains with 10,000 employees and Paul wants to look for opportunities to assist his staff in a similar way to how his family were helped by his father's bosses during his childhood

    • in 12 mins
      Come Dine with MeWarrington - Geoff

      Water-feature builder Geoff Carter holds the first dinner party of the week in Warrington, Cheshire, and opts for an Asian-themed menu. His guests are science teacher Emma Hoyle, call centre manager Stephen Robinson, beef farmer Alison Davies and Greek teacher Linda Weaver - who upstages the host by trying to fool the other diners

    • 6:30am
      Come Dine with MeWarrington - Stephen

      Call centre manager Stephen Robinson hosts the second night in Warrington, Cheshire, as guests are asked to dress appropriately for his pink and black theme. After a mishap with the main course, Stephen hopes his camp choral entertainment and raspberry bakewell slice will be able to rescue the evening and put him in the running for the £1,000 prize

    • 7:00am
      Come Dine with MeWarrington - Alison

      Beef farmer Alison Davies serves her guests Dyffd, one of her own Hereford cows, as part of her menu for the third dinner party in Warrington, Cheshire. She shows her fellow competitors round her property, but Linda Weaver has an accident in the duck pond

    • 7:35am
      Come Dine with MeWarrington - Emma

      Science teacher Emma Hoyle hosts the fourth dinner party in Warrington. Both the pilli pilli prawn starter and the chicken main course prove a success with the other contestants, and a soak in Emma's hot tub at the end of the meal seems to round off the evening perfectly

    • 8:05am
      Come Dine with MeWarrington - Linda

      Linda Weaver hosts the final night of the culinary competition in Warrington, Cheshire, inviting her fellow diners to a fancy-dress party with a multicultural theme. In a bid to win the £1,000 prize, she also tries to impress her guests with her bagpipe-playing skills, before the winner is announced

    • 8:40am
      A Place in the Sun: Home or AwayKent v Les Gets, France

      Triathletes Ron and Mel plan to sell their family home and buy two new properties with the proceeds. The pair look for a small house in the area of Kent where they already live and a ski chalet in the Les Gets area of France, where they want to enjoy winter and summer sports with friends and family

    • 9:40am

      Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley present the words-and-numbers game, with guest Louise Minchin in Dictionary Corner

    • 10:30am
      Deal or No DealDeal or No Deal

      Contestants try to beat the banker and guess the contents of mystery boxes to win a big-money prize. In a game-changing twist, players could now win up to £500,000 by doubling their winnings with box 23 - if they are brave enough to buy it with what they have already won. Presented by Noel Edmonds

    • 11:30am
      Fifteen to OneSeason 1 Episode 12: EPISODE: 12

      Sandi Toksvig hosts the general knowledge quiz, in which 15 contestants are pitted against one another in the hope of securing a place in the end-of-series final when a £40,000 jackpot will be up for grabs

    • 12:30pm
      Come Dine with MeDumfries and Galloway - Charlene

      Dairy farmer's wife and Disney enthusiast Charlene Fry-Henderson hosts the first dinner party in Dumfries and Galloway, where she hopes that her locally reared meat, home cooking, and entertainment involving a plastic cow will secure her the £1,000 prize. Her guests are local radio presenter Tommy Jardine, banker Olive Melville, prison custody officer Tammy Rice and trainee teacher Josh Jones

    • 1:00pm
      The SimpsonsSeason 7 Episode 23: Much Apu About Nothing

      Marge and Homer back a proposal to deport all illegal immigrants from Springfield - until they discover Apu may have to leave the country because his visa is invalid. Concerned at his plight, they help him prepare for a citizenship test so that he can stay

    • 1:30pm
      HollyoaksSeason 1 Episode 3846: 21/04/2014

      Cindy agrees to move into the boat to apologise for betraying Dirk, but a change of address becomes the least of Holly's worries when she discovers a body floating in the river. Meanwhile, Sandy races to catch up with Fraser before he gets to Tegan, and Trevor tries to convince a vengeful Grace to do the right thing

    • 2:30pm
      Shop Secrets: Tricks of the TradeSeason 1 Episode 6: EPISODE: 6

      Harry Wallop reveals the murky history of supermarket buy-one-get-one-free offers, and staff at a fashion boutique show how easy it is to pass off jumpers containing a small amount of cashmere as the 100 per cent real deal. Out on the streets at London's Portobello Market, super-seller Jazzy Jim tries to offload economy jam and marmalade at more than seven times the price by sneakily repackaging them as top-quality home-made spreads

    • 3:00pm
      Food UnwrappedFood Unwrapped Easter Special

      The team uncovers industry secrets about the nation's favourite springtime produce. Kate Quilton visits a cocoa farm in Ghana to explore the possible health benefits of dark chocolate, while Jimmy Doherty heads to a rabbit farm in Spain to investigate why the animal's meat is stocked in supermarkets across Europe, but not generally in the UK. Matt Tebbutt goes on an egg hunt to find out more about rare double yolks. Plus, why the tender spring lamb served at Easter may be older than people think, and how daffodils could help treat Alzheimer's disease

    • 4:00pm
      One Born Every MinuteSeason 5 Episode 9: EPISODE: 9

      Stephanie, 21, was told she might never have children, so she was shocked when what she thought was a stomach bug turned out to be the early stages of pregnancy. She and her partner Tyrone, 22, are joined by her mother for the birth, who has come prepared with advice for the new parents. When Jo turned 30 she decided to donate her eggs to other women who were longing for children, but went on to have fertility problems herself. Now 39, she and Mark, who is 37, have had their first child and are back at Southmead for baby number two, but as the labour progresses, the child's heart rate begins to drop and Jo is rushed into theatre. Plus, 24-year-old Chantelle and Steve, 41, while away the hours waiting for their bundle of joy

    • 5:00pm
      Lee Mack Live

      The Bafta award-winning comedian Lee Mack's live show, performed at London's Bloomsbury Theatre. The comic touches on a variety of bizarre subjects, from the marketing of pasties to his vision of grandmothers snorting Angel Delight

    • 6:05pm
      GoggleboxSeason 3 Episode 7: EPISODE: 7

      Posh tipplers Steph and Dom, hairdressers Christopher and Stephen and other favourites share their opinions on what they have been watching during the week. The programme captures their instant reactions and lively - sometimes emotional - discussions from the comfort of their own sofas. Narrated by Caroline Aherne

    • 7:10pm
      FargoSeason 1 Episode 1: The Crocodile's Dilemma

      Adaptation of the Coen brothers' Oscar-winning 1996 film, starring Martin Freeman as small-town Minnesota insurance salesman Lester Nygaard, who is set on a path of destruction after an encounter with manipulative drifter Lorne Malvo. Colin Hanks plays single father Gus Grimly, who must choose between his own safety and his duty as a police officer when he comes face to face with a killer. Comedy drama, also starring Bob Odenkirk, Allison Tolman and Oliver Platt

    • 8:30pm
      New WorldsSeason 1 Episode 3: EPISODE: 3

      Beth's journey to begin a new life ends abruptly when her ship is wrecked on the shores of Massachusetts. Discovered by Masca, leader of the Native American Wawanaki tribe, she is taken in and slowly recovers. When Ned returns to Boston, he is dismayed to find Hope stuck in a loveless marriage to Henry Cresswell, who is on a ruthless mission to build a new settlement on the tribe's land. Back in England, Abe Goffe's fight for justice takes a new turn when he encounters maidservant Agnes, who provokes him to search out Colonel Algernon Sidney, one of his father's old republican comrades. With him he plots to assassinate the king, but will they succeed?

    • 9:40pm
      HostagesSeason 1 Episode 15: Endgame

      Thriller, starring Toni Collette as a leading surgeon in Washington, DC, who is called upon to operate on the US president. However, her calm demeanour is rocked to the core when the night before the procedure, masked men invade her home, take her husband and children hostage and threaten to harm them unless she does as they ask. But can she bring herself to kill the commander-in-chief while he is under the knife? Dylan McDermott co-stars

    • 10:25pm
      ScandalSeason 2 Episode 2: The Other Woman

      The wife of a famous pastor asks Olivia to find her missing husband, but he is discovered in a compromising situation, leaving the staff of Pope & Associates to resolve it quickly. However, the case becomes more complex when the pastor's secret family is discovered. Meanwhile, at the White House, Cyrus and Fitz deal with a foreign policy emergency that isn't as straightforward as it seems, Quinn has a disappointing meeting with her father and David is forced to take a leave of absence

    • 11:10pm
      SuperScrimpers' ChallengeSeason 1 Episode 9: EPISODE: 9

      Three overspending friends attempt to make themselves new outfits and buy accessories for £30, and a mother who is inept in the kitchen is given £10 to cook her family's favourite takeaway. Plus, another mum who recently spent £800 on fancy-dress outfits for her two sons is challenged to create two costumes for a tenner

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