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Wednesday, October 1 2014
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    • 58 mins ago
      Homes Under the HammerSeason 18 Episode 41: EPISODE: 41

      Developers Lucy Alexander and Martin Roberts explore properties being sold at auction in Brampton in Cumbria, Swanscombe in Kent and Newcastle, which are all in need of modernisation. The presenters ask the new owners about their renovation plans after the sales, and check on their progress a few months later

    • 2:45am
      Break-in Britain - The CrackdownSeason 1 Episode 2: Barbara

      Dan Donnelly helps a grandmother who was the victim of a burglary in Leeds, when two people posed as water board workmen and stole money and jewellery from her home. Elsewhere, Jacqui Hames finds out how technology is helping to identify distraction tactics and a gets some tips on protecting mobile homes from break-ins

    • 3:15am
      The Housing EnforcersSeason 1 Episode 3: EPISODE: 3

      Matt Allwright meets a woman who has been given an anti-social behaviour order for feeding rats, and a man who has been given a warning for providing food to mice. Plus, a group of young men who live in a house which is considered a potential death trap

    • 4:00am
      Operation Stonehenge: What Lies BeneathSeason 1 Episode 1: EPISODE: 1

      Stonehenge is one of the most enigmatic and fascinating historical sites that this country has to offer, and that's largely for one reason - try as they might, historians have next to no idea what the huge stone monoliths were for, or how they got there. There's no end of theories, of course, but none of them so far have been conclusive. That may all be about to change, however. Recent revolutionary research has just been undertaken which, over the course of just a few years, has yielded some fascinating insights into the site. Drawing on this new data, archaeologists might finally be able to put to bed some of its mysteries, as this two-part programme reveals the five-year project's findings

    • 5:00am
      Penguins on a Plane: Great Animal MovesSeason 1 Episode 1: EPISODE: 1

      Despite the ratings-grabbing title, this two-parter isn't quite the action thriller it sounds. Rather, it's an insightful documentary revealing how thousands of exotic animals are moved around the world every day, and how they cope with being transported. First up, a flock of gentoo penguins get a luxury £40,000 container for their trip from New Zealand to Birmingham, while staff at the West Midlands Safari Park prepare to bid farewell to Pinky the two-ton hippo, who puts her trip to the south of France in danger by testing a reinforced crate to its limits. Plus, a beekeeper awaits a precious cargo of some eight million bees, which he hopes will help British fruit farmers

    • 8:30am
      Celebrity MasterchefSeason 6 Episode 28: EPISODE: 28

      Finalists Nick Pickard, Kirsty Wark and Phil Vickery travel to Ireland, where they each cook lunch using potatoes as a main ingredient for workers on Patrick Howard's Farm. Having devised their own menus, the finalists are then challenged to prepare dinner for five of the country's most popular writers at Farmleigh in Dublin

    • 9:15am
      Ready, Steady, CookSeason 21 Episode 11: Ready Steady Cook

      Former England cricketer Mike Gatting faces Charlotte Edwards, the current captain of the women's international side, with both contestants providing the show's resident chefs with a selection of ingredients with which to create a 20 minute meal. Ainsley Harriott presents

    • 10:00am
      The Life of MammalsSeason 1 Episode 6: Opportunists

      David Attenborough explores the world of omnivores, nature's generalists, revealing their myriad talents in the wild and how some species have adapted to man's encroachment into their habitats by making their homes in cities and towns

    • 11:00am
      Great British Railway JourneysSeason 3 Episode 2: Darsham to Felixstowe

      Michael Portillo continues his journey along the Great Eastern Line, which ventures from the edge of England to the heart of London. In this leg, he examines the Victorians' fascination with the Suffolk village of Dunwich, Britain's answer to Atlantis, and discovers how nearby Felixstowe became home to the UK's biggest container port

    • 11:30am
      Pressure PadPressure Pad

      General knowledge quiz, hosted by John Barrowman, in which two teams of five players are pitted against each other inside an illuminated arena, known as the Pressure Pad. The team with the most players remaining for the final round will put itself in the strongest position to win the rolling jackpot on offer

    • 12:15pm
      Flog It!Cheshire 37

      Paul Martín is joined by antiques experts Mark Stacey, Anita Manning and David Fletcher from the historic Tatton Park, Cheshire, before taking their picks to auction in Liverpool. An art deco cocktail shaker gets the attention of Mark and a Japanese brooch is valued. Plus, the presenter takes time out to explore the 50 acres of landscaped gardens, including the glasshouse designed by Joseph Paxton and the grand plan for the whole estate proposed by Humphry Repton

    • 1:00pm
      EggheadsSeason 15 Episode 51: EPISODE: 51

      Jeremy Vine hosts the quiz in which the winners of famous game shows work as a team to tackle a new set of challengers hoping to win a cash prize, with the Eggheads welcoming a new face to their number in the form of Lisa Thiel

    • 2:00pm
      Celebrity Antiques Road TripSeason 4 Episode 16: Gloria Hunniford and Angela Rippon

      Veteran TV presenters Gloria Hunniford and Angela Rippon embark on an antiques hunt around Kent and Susse, with help from Paul Laidlaw and David Harper. Along the way they stage a rescue mission to help the stranded experts, while Gloria hears the story behind a local landmark and Angela steps into the world of Virginia Woolf

    • 3:00pm
      Long ShadowSeason 1 Episode 2: Ballots and Bullets

      David Reynolds looks at how the First World War gave birth to an age of turbulent mass democracy in its immediate aftermath. The historian examines how monarchies were toppled and revolutions fermented, while leaders emerged with competing visions of people power that polarised much of continental Europe between right and left in the 1920s and 1930s. He also explores why Britain's experience was very different, with the socialist Labour Party absorbed into the political mainstream and the monarchy repackaged as a symbol of the nation

    • 4:00pm
      This WorldRwanda's Untold Story

      Twenty years on from the Rwandan genocide, Jane Corbin examines evidence that challenges the accepted story of one of the most horrifying events of the late 20th century. The country's president Paul Kagame has long been portrayed as the man who brought an end to the killing and rescued his country from oblivion, but there are increasing questions about the role of his Rwandan Patriotic Front forces in the dark days of 1994 and in the years since. The film investigates the shooting down of the presidential plane that sparked the killings in 1994, questions Kagame's claims to have ended the genocide and examines allegations of war crimes committed by his forces and their allies in the wars in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Part of the This World strand

    • 5:00pm
      The Great British Bake Off: An Extra SliceSeason 5 Episode 9: EPISODE: 9

      Jo Brand is joined by a trio of celebrity fans to discuss how the competitors fared in the semi-final's patisserie challenges, and chats to the contestant who was eliminated earlier tonight. There's also unseen footage from the main programme, viewers' photos of their creations and members of the audience bring in their own home-baked treats

    • 6:20pm
      Today at ConferenceToday at Conference

      Andrew Neil presents a review of events from the fourth and final day of the Conservative Party's annual gathering, held at the ICC in Birmingham

    • 6:50pm
      The Motorway: Life in the Fast LaneSeason 1 Episode 4: No Such Thing As an Accident

      Catthorpe is a major interchange linking the M1 and A14 to the start of the M6, but now it's about to be redesigned at a cost of more than £190million to make it safer and less congested. Overseeing the work is construction manager Mark Sutton, who has to ensure the local residents are happy, as well as relocating a protected colony of great crested newts. Elsewhere, the Highways Agency and maintenance teams cope with the aftermath of an overturned lorry that spilt a cargo of milk on to the carriageway

    • 7:50pm
      Who Do You Think You Are? (UK)Season 11 Episode 7: Martin Shaw

      Inspector George Gently and The Professionals star Martin Shaw is the latest celebrity to go in search of his roots, and he's particularly interested in finding out more about his paternal grandfather Edwin, who was rarely spoken about by his family. The actor has only one photo of his ancestor, which shows him aged roughly 17 and wearing a military uniform. By zooming in on the picture, Martin's brother was able to identify their grandfather's badge, which suggests he was in the Royal Marines. Now, by meeting with a military historian, Martin tries to fill in the rest of the story, and in the process learns more about Edwin's role in defending Birmingham against German air assaults during the Second World War

    • 8:50pm
      Doctor WhoSeason 8 Episode 6: The Caretaker

      The Time Lord's companions have always lived double lives - one involving their friends and family, usually on Earth, with the other focusing on travelling through time and space saving the universe with their alien best buddy. Clara thinks this arrangement suits her just fine - after all, what could be better than gallivanting with the Gallifreyan one minute, and then settling down to watch telly with her new boyfriend the next? But when terrifying events threaten Coal Hill, the last thing she needs is for the school to welcome a relief caretaker with a Scottish accent - especially as it means he may finally come face to face with Danny. Sci-fi drama, starring Peter Capaldi, Jenna-Louise Coleman and Samuel Anderson

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