Yes Dear Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Yes Dear: Season 6 (2005 - 2006)

Yes Dear: Season 5 (2005)

  • Season 5 Episode 11: Broken by the Mold

    Greg lost his job at the movie studio and is depressed. Meanwhile Kim finds a damaged wall in the house which reveals water damage and mold. The Warners have to stay with the Hughes while the house is being repaired.

  • Season 5 Episode 10: A Little Breathing Room

    Even though Jimmy and Christine have their own home, it seems they are over at the Warners' place just as often. Kim complains and Christine overhears it. Both couples try to find new friends, but they encounter problems in their search.

  • Season 5 Episode 9: Senior Olympics

    Jimmy's dad, Big Jimmy (Jerry Van Dyke), enters a Senior Olympic fencing tournament with Greg's father, Tom (Tim Conway).

  • Season 5 Episode 8: Tree Hugger

    Jimmy decides to cut down a lemon tree in his backyard, but Greg wishes he would leave it there, and the two wind up in a childish feud.

  • Season 5 Episode 7: New Neighbors

    When the house next to the Warners' goes on the market, Jimmy and Christine want to buy it, so they try to discourage other potential buyers.

  • Season 5 Episode 6: Won't Ask, Won't Tell

    Christine is fed up with being ignored by Jimmy, so she and Kim try to teach him a lesson by sending him on a wild goose chase.

  • Season 5 Episode 5: Greg's New Assistant

    When Christine is hired as Greg's assistant at the office, she learns the reason all his previous assistants quit.

  • Season 5 Episode 4: High School Reunion

    Greg is mistaken for a cool member of the class when he attends Kim, Jimmy and Christine's high-school reunion, so he plays along.

  • Season 5 Episode 3: Headshot

    Jimmy, Christine and Greg panic when Kim suspects that Sammy may have problems learning to read, each fearing he or she might bear some responsibility.

  • Season 5 Episode 2: Jimmy Has Changed

    When Jimmy exhibits symptoms of andropause, he is prescribed a testosterone medication that causes him to become more sensitive and emotional.

  • Season 5 Episode 1: I Wish That I Had Sammy's Girl

    Logan unintentionally steals Sammy's girlfriend, sparking a competition between the boys' parents to prove whose child is more desirable.

Yes Dear: Season 4 (2003 - 2004)

Yes Dear: Season 3 (2002 - 2003)

Yes Dear: Season 2 (2001 - 2002)

Yes Dear: Season 1 (2000 - 2001)

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