Will & Grace Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Will & Grace: Season 8 (2005 - 2006)

  • Season 8 Episode 24: The Finale - Part Two

    The four friends all reach a crossroads in their lives. Karen finds an unlikely partner, Jack continues looking for someone to love, and Will and Grace decide whether to raise a child together. Last-ever episode of the American comedy, guest starring Kevin Bacon (Tremors) and Harry Connick Jr (PS I Love You), with Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 8 Episode 23: The Finale - Part One

    As the American sitcom draws to a close, there is more drama yet to come in the first episode of a two-part finale. Will and Grace decide whether to stay together, while Karen and Jack reach their own crossroads. Starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 8 Episode 22: Whatever Happened to Baby Gin

    Vince's plans to move in with Will do not include Grace, who prepares to tell Leo she is pregnant with his baby. Meanwhile, Jack's new show makes its debut. Guest starring Josh Lucas, with Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 8 Episode 21: Partners 'n' Crime

    Karen regrets that her marriage is failing and looks for a shoulder to cry on, but Jack seems more interested in his new TV show than offering her solace. Meanwhile, Grace begins to doubt that Will is prepared to raise a child with her. Megan Mullally stars

  • Season 8 Episode 20: The Mourning Son

    Will tries to come to terms with the untimely death of his father, and Grace begins to doubt her potential to be a good mother. Comedy, starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 8 Episode 19: Blanket Apology

    Karen encourages Jack to keep an eye out for another job, while Grace has dinner with Will at his parents' home, and receives a surprise gift from his father for her unborn child - a cherished baby blanket that is practically a family heirloom. American sitcom, starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 8 Episode 18: Buy Buy Baby

    Karen sees how happy Grace is being pregnant, and offers a stranger money to be a surrogate mother for her. Meanwhile, Jack finds himself working with a conservative co-host when his show is revamped by the network. Guest starring Britney Spears and George Takei

  • Season 8 Episode 17: Cowboys and Iranians

    Jack convinces Will to go to a cowboy-themed gay bar with him to meet his new boyfriend, but an argument ensues. Meanwhile, Grace experiences 'liberal guilt' when she hires a new assistant, but soon ends up regretting it. Starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 8 Episode 16: Grace Expectations - Part Two

    Part two of two. Grace finally decides to let Leo know she is pregnant with his child, but she receives some unexpected news before she has the chance to tell him. Meanwhile, Will settles in with James, and Jack tries to document every moment in Grace's pregnancy. Starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 8 Episode 15: The Definition of Marriage - Part One

    Part one of two. Karen takes over the plans for Grace's green-card wedding to James, but the bride worries the event is becoming too lavish - especially once she learns singers Hall and Oates will be performing at the ceremony. American sitcom, guest starring Taye Diggs, Daryl Hall and John Oates

  • Season 8 Episode 14: I Love L Gay

    The friends head to Los Angeles, where Jack's talk show is nominated for an award. While there, Will bumps into his Canadian friend James and learns he is in danger of being deported, so Grace comes up with an idea to keep him in the country. American sitcom, guest starring Taye Diggs

  • Season 8 Episode 13: Cop to It

    Will runs into an ex-boyfriend while having dinner with friends. Jack decides his talk show needs spicing up and decides to take inspiration from Oprah by helping the 'underprivileged' - but it doesn't quite go to plan. Guest starring Bobby Cannavalle

  • Season 8 Episode 12: Forbidden Fruit

    Will's former boss Margot offers Grace an interior design job, but she faces a dilemma when she realises it clashes with her plans to redecorate a nursing home, so she turns to her friend for advice. Meanwhile, Jack uncovers the truth behind Karen's secret room. Lily Tomlin guest stars

  • Season 8 Episode 11: Bathroom Humor

    In an episode that was originally broadcast live, Karen has a lavish birthday party with some of New York's most prestigious figures, but spends most of the celebration stuck in the bathroom with Grace, Will and Jack. American comedy, guest starring Matt Lauer

  • Season 8 Episode 10: Von Trapped

    The Sound of Music Sing-Along comes to town and Grace insists she and Will dress up in character costumes for the occasion. However, he arrives at the wrong venue, and Karen finds herself in trouble with the theatre's manager - forcing her and Jack to plan their escape. Taye Diggs guest stars

  • Season 8 Episode 9: A Little Christmas Queer

    The friends visit Will's mum for Christmas, and spend most of their time debating whether her 10-year-old grandson is gay while Jack helps him organise a festive show. Grace has an encounter with old flame Sam as she tries to comfort him over his recent divorce

  • Season 8 Episode 8: Swish out of Water

    Following another visit from her overpowering mother, Grace asks Jack for advice on how to cope with her. Meanwhile, Will begins his new job and is given the task of chasing an unscrupulous landlord - Karen. American sitcom, starring Debra Messing and Eric McCormack

  • Season 8 Episode 7: Birds of a Feather Boa

    Will is overjoyed at Jack's decision to look for a new apartment - until he joins a campaign at the zoo to prevent two gay penguins being separated. Meanwhile, Grace and Karen have an unfortunate incident at the memorial 'celebration' for Beverley's wife when they get caught up in one of the deceased's dresses. Guest starring Traci Lords

  • Season 8 Episode 6: Love is in the Airplane

    During a flight to London a surprised Grace spots her ex-husband Leo on the plane. Karen acquires a new maid - a strict British matron called Leni - who instantly takes a dislike to Jack. American sitcom, guest starring Harry Connick Jnr and Millicent Martin

  • Season 8 Episode 5: The Hole Truth

    Jack meets new love interest Glenn - who was famous as a youngster for falling down a hole, and insists he should be involved in Will's charity carnival. Meanwhile, Grace reluctantly agrees to be Malcolm's date. Guest starring Jason Biggs

  • Season 8 Episode 4: Steams Like Old Times

    Will befriends an elderly man - much to Grace's dismay - and invites him to the 10th anniversary of their Games Night Spectacular. Meanwhile, despite Jack's best efforts, Karen remains in a quandary over Stan's past behaviour - until Malcolm confronts him in a steam room. Guest starring Richard Chamberlain (The Thorn Birds)

  • Season 8 Episode 3: The Old Man and the Sea

    Jack decides to teach Will how to swim after discovering he never learned the skill as a child. Karen arranges a blind date for Grace with one of Malcolm's friends, but his penchant for bad poetry threatens to ruin the evening. American sitcom, guest starring Andy Richter and Alec Baldwin

  • Season 8 Episode 2: I Second That Emotion

    Karen is disturbed to discover husband Stan is still alive and turns to Will for a shoulder to cry on. Grace appears on Jack's talk show, but is labelled homophobic when her comments are affected by sloppy editing - so she pressures the host to let her appear a second time to clear her name. Postponed from June 13

  • Season 8 Episode 1: Alive and Schticking

    Special episode, recorded live. Grace considers starting an affair with a married man when her feelings for Tom escalate, and Will struggles to hide Stan's secret from Karen. Meanwhile, Jack begins his new career as a talk-show host. Guest starring Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)

Will & Grace: Season 7 (2004 - 2005)

  • Season 7 Episode 24: Kiss and Tell

    Part two of two. Will has doubts about his new job when he finds himself in an empty office. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen are given the chance to present a gay talk show. Guest starring Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) and Eric Stoltz (Caprica)

  • Season 7 Episode 23: Friends with Benefits

    Part one of two. Having quit his job as a lawyer, Will tries his hand at writing and catches the eye of someone claiming to have high-profile connections. Grace runs into an old flame who wants her to design the interior of a hotel he and his wife have just bought. Guest starring Alec Baldwin, Eric Stoltz and Seth Green

  • Season 7 Episode 22: From Queer to Eternity

    A brush with death prompts Grace to write her will. Determined to do things properly, she enlists Will's legal expertise to make sure she is fair when bequeathing her money. Meanwhile, Jack is forced to reassess his teaching methods. Eric McCormack and Debra Messing star

  • Season 7 Episode 21: It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World

    Jack arranges a date on behalf of Will, while Grace attends her father Martin's birthday party and convinces Karen to come along. Unfortunately, no one else turns up, and the event proves to be a wash-out. Alan Arkin, Lee Majors and Debbie Reynolds guest

  • Season 7 Episode 20: The Blonde Leading the Blind

    Will goads Grace into seeing his therapist, but is stricken with pangs of jealousy when he learns the two women have formed a close friendship. Meanwhile, Karen acquires a pair of glasses and begins to see everything more clearly - including Jack's many flaws. Sharon Stone guest stars

  • Season 7 Episode 19: Sour Balls

    Jack and Will decide to buy a holiday home together in a new up-and-coming district, but discover the area is not as amenable to the gay community as they had imagined. American comedy, starring Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes

  • Season 7 Episode 18: The Fabulous Baker Boy

    Will agrees to fire Karen's pastry chef - until he bakes a delicious love triangle for the three of them. Grace asks Jack to help launch Nick's scriptwriting career. American comedy, guest starring Edward Burns, with Eric McCormack and Megan Mullally

  • Season 7 Episode 17: The Birds and the Bees

    Will accompanies Grace on her first date with Nick so that he can keep her in check. Meanwhile, Karen hatches an outrageous scheme to set Jack up with the neighbourhood bird enthusiast, but things don't go quite as planned. Guest starring Luke Perry

  • Season 7 Episode 16: Dance Cards and Greeting Cards

    Karen is showered with gifts by her old sparring partner Scott, but her mind is elsewhere. Meanwhile, Grace tries to ignore the passing of another uneventful Valentine's Day, but ends up falling for a greetings-card writer. American comedy, guest starring Jeff Goldblum and Edward Burns with Debra Messing and Megan Mullally

  • Season 7 Episode 15: Bully Woolley

    A client asks Grace to design his restaurant, but with one condition - she must first fire Karen. Jack takes Will out to dinner, and promises not to get distracted by the other diners - which becomes difficult when a famous actress enters. With guest stars Jeff Goldblum and Patti LuPone

  • Season 7 Episode 14: Partners

    Will's boss invites him to dinner so she can decide whether he deserves to be made a partner in the firm, but he is reluctant to bring Vince as his date. Karen refuses to believe Rosario when she claims to be feeling ill. Lily Tomlin guest stars, with Eric McCormack and Megan Mullally

  • Season 7 Episode 13: Board Games

    One of Karen's embittered former classmates tries to take over Walker Inc to get her back for ruining his final year in high school. Meanwhile, Grace and Will take the day off and jump to conclusions when they spot Vince with a colleague. Jeff Goldblum guest stars

  • Season 7 Episode 12: Christmas Break

    Karen offends her stepdaughter, Olivia, during a shared Christmas break. Meanwhile, Grace attends a seasonal party at Will's mother's house, but accidentally breaks a treasured figurine and tries to blame another guest. Starring Debra Messing

  • Season 7 Episode 11: Queens for a Day - Part Two

    Part two of two. The Thanksgiving celebrations continue, but head chef Will is feeling unappreciated, and attempts to persuade Jack to prevent Ro revealing her sexual orientation at the dinner table. Meanwhile, Grace and Karen both take a shine to Vince's much younger brother. American sitcom, starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 7 Episode 10: Queens for a Day - Part One

    Part one of two. Will offers to cook Thanksgiving dinner when his boyfriend's mother injures her leg, but soon realises it is more trouble than it is worth. Meanwhile, Jack gives advice to Vince's sister Ro, who feels unable to tell her family and fiance she is gay. American sitcom, guest starring Jamie-Lynn DiScala

  • Season 7 Episode 9: Saving Grace, Again - Part Two

    Part two of two. The group embarks on a road trip in an attempt to help Grace forget about Leo, but Jack and Karen soon get bored with the car journey. Jack spots a man whose face he remembers from an old TV advert, and makes him a tempting offer

  • Season 7 Episode 8: Saving Grace, Again - Part One

    Part one of two. Grace goes on an enjoyable date, but returns to find a message on the answering machine from Leo, so Will decides they should go on a road trip to take her mind off her cheating ex. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen try to arrange dates for each other. American sitcom, starring Debra Messing

  • Season 7 Episode 7: Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine

    Karen decides to leave the interior design firm, and accepts an offer to become Jack's assistant at Out TV, while Will and Grace invite Vince and Nadine over to dinner. Guest starring Sex and the City star Kristin Davis

  • Season 7 Episode 6: The Newlydreads

    Karen and Grace are given the job of decorating the home of a newlywed couple, but become increasingly bitter as the job revives painful memories of their own divorces. Meanwhile, Will and Jack try to save a bookshop from closure

    Saturday 4th April 8:30pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 7 Episode 5: Key Party

    Vince decides to give Will a symbolic birthday present to celebrate their relationship - but Grace tries to talk him out of it, knowing how her friend is likely to react. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen set out to acquire an unusual gift, which doesn't get quite the reaction they hoped. Eric McCormack and Debra Messing star

    Saturday 4th April 8:00pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 7 Episode 4: Company

    Grace meets a new neighbour in the lift and invites him to a dinner party, but soon discovers he is not the ideal guest. Meanwhile, Jack falls out with his workmates, angry with them for teasing him about owning a Cher doll. Stephen Tobolowsky (Glee) guest stars

    Saturday 4th April 7:30pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 7 Episode 3: One Gay at a Time

    Will visits a gay TV station to give suggestions on policy, unaware Jack has just joined the company as an executive. Meanwhile, Grace is lured to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting by the promise of free food - and bumps into Val. Guest starring Molly Shannon, with Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

    Saturday 4th April 7:00pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 7 Episode 2: Back Up Dancer

    Jack auditions to be a dancer for guest star Janet Jackson, but Karen has other ideas. Meanwhile, a broken-hearted Grace causes friction between Will and Vince

  • Season 7 Episode 1: Will & Grace (FYI - I Hurt, Too)

    Karen uses Jack's connections with guest star Jennifer Lopez to promote her newly penned song FYI - I Hurt, Too. Meanwhile, Grace is frustrated by Leo's infidelity, but Will receives the brunt of her anger. Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes star

Will & Grace: Season 6 (2003 - 2004)

  • Season 6 Episode 24: Will & Grace (Oh, No, You Di'in't)

    Part two of two. Rosario causes a stir on the dance floor, while Will tries to persuade Leo to tell Grace the truth. Lyle's eloquent speech at the reception does not receive the response he anticipated from Karen, and Jack is stunned by an offer from Jennifer Lopez. Guest starring John Cleese, Harry Connick Jr and Tim Curry

  • Season 6 Episode 23: Will & Grace (I Do)

    Lyle convinces Karen to marry him in Las Vegas, where she bumps into Jennifer Lopez - and persuades her to sing at their wedding. She also meets her fiance's strangely affectionate brother, while Leo arrives from Cambodia, bringing bad news about Grace. First in a two-part series finale, also guest starring John Cleese, Tim Curry and Harry Connick Jnr

  • Season 6 Episode 22: Will & Grace (Speechless)

    Will takes on the task of helping Jack with his graduation speech for nursing school. Unfortunately, he gets completely carried away in his attempts to write something creative and insightful. American sitcom, starring Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes

  • Season 6 Episode 21: Will & Grace (I Never Cheered for My Father)

    Will learns his parents are back together and has to explain the situation to a distraught Tina. Meanwhile, Elliot announces he wants to be a cheerleader - and proud father Jack resolves to help him achieve his dream

  • Season 6 Episode 20: Will & Grace (Fred Astaire and Ginger Chicken)

    Will introduces his new boyfriend to Grace, and Jack starts looking for a replacement for Karen after she tells him their friendship has to change. Comedy, with Eric McCormack and Debra Messing, and guest starring Bobby Cannavale and Amy Farrington

  • Season 6 Episode 19: Will & Grace (No Sex 'n' the City)

    Will takes Grace's advice and plays hard to get with his new boyfriend, but soon finds that this doesn't seem to be helping matters. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen are distraught to learn their favourite TV show is being axed. Bebe Neuwirth and Sharon Osbourne guest stars

  • Season 6 Episode 18: Will & Grace (Courting Disaster)

    Karen reveals she cannot drive, and persuades a reluctant Will to give her a lesson, but a police officer pulls them over for speeding. Meanwhile, Jack invites Grace to the cinema - only to see Stuart with another man. Eric McCormack and Megan Mullally star

  • Season 6 Episode 17: Will & Grace (East Side Story)

    Part two of two. Karen seeks spiritual guidance in a bid to allay her guilt over her recent engagement. Will and Grace expand their venture into property development, but clash with a ruthless couple known as the Real Estate Champions. Chloƫ Sevigny, Edie Falco and John Edward guest star

  • Season 6 Episode 16: Will & Grace (Flip-Flop - Part Two)

    Part two of two. The duo try to split up Jack and Stuart when they receive a higher offer on the apartment. Karen's budding relationship with Lyle is almost ruined after she tells him to discipline his unruly daughter Lorraine. John Cleese and Minnie Driver guest star

  • Season 6 Episode 15: Flip-Flop - Part One

    Part one of two. Karen renews her romance with Lyle Finster, but their budding relationship is jeopardised by the arrival of his unruly daughter Lorraine. Meanwhile, Will and Grace embark on a new business venture. Guest starring John Cleese and Minnie Driver, with Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 6 Episode 14: Will & Grace (Looking for Mr Good Enough)

    Karen's mother arrives in town and calls on Grace's design talents to help decorate her apartment. Will asks Jack to join him at a cookery lesson, but regrets it when he finds himself the only unattached man in a room full of couples. Tracey Ullman and Suzanne Pleshette guest star

  • Season 6 Episode 13: Will & Grace (Ice-Cream Balls)

    Will tries to take advantage of his eccentric new client's infatuation with a reluctant Jack, while Grace and Karen find a stash of money in Leo's cabin

  • Season 6 Episode 12: Will & Grace (A Gay/December Romance)

    Will meets a wealthy plastic surgeon at a social event and soon starts dating him. Meanwhile, Grace begins to boycott a local restaurant. Brandon Routh guest stars

  • Season 6 Episode 11: Will & Grace (The Accidental Tsuris)

    Grace's freeloading sister (Geena Davis) comes to town to launch her latest business enterprise; Karen spurns Lyle (John Cleese), then changes her mind after Lorraine (Minnie Driver) expresses her disapproval.

  • Season 6 Episode 10: Fanilow

    Will forgoes Grace's annual Christmas party to spend the night camping out for concert tickets - but his weak bladder forces him to ask his snubbed friend to hold his place. Festive episode of the comedy, guest starring singer Barry Manilow, with Eric McCormack

  • Season 6 Episode 9: Strangers with Candice

    Karen takes Jack out to celebrate his success at nursing school, only to bump into her arch-enemy. Grace is reunited with an old flame, and Will is stood up on a dinner date. Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown) guest stars

  • Season 6 Episode 8: Swimming from Cambodia

    Will urges Grace to stay in New York so they can spend some time together; Karen strong-arms Jack's nursing teacher into letting him skip class but still make the grade.

  • Season 6 Episode 7: Nice in White Satin

    Will takes Karen to see one of the best doctors in the city after she misses her check-up, while Jack flirts with a male nurse - and the idea of becoming one himself. Guest starring Jack Black

  • Season 6 Episode 6: Heart Like a Wheelchair

    Will meets an attractive bachelor when he takes his wheelchair-bound mother out for the day, but struggles to pluck up the courage to ask the stranger out on a date. Karen tracks Lorraine down to the Peninsula hotel - but is shocked to learn who is sharing her room. John Cleese guest stars

  • Season 6 Episode 5: A-Story, Bee-Story

    Will's attempt to help Leo enjoy the finer points of New York has unexpected consequences, while Jack takes part in a spelling contest with help from his coach Karen. Guest starring Harry Connick Jnr

  • Season 6 Episode 4: Me and Mr Jones

    Jack lands a small part in a Broadway play and makes such a good impression he steals the limelight from the star - legendary actor James Earl Jones, who ends up seeking extra acting tuition from the man himself. Meanwhile, Will and his mother struggle with their living arrangements

  • Season 6 Episode 3: Home Court Disadvantage

    Karen demonstrates her fearsome ball skills at her exclusive tennis club when Grace invites Leo to join the game, having failed to ask her friend's permission first. Will ropes Jack into accompanying him on a visit to his depressed mother. Megan Mullally and Harry Connick Jnr star

  • Season 6 Episode 2: Last Ex to Brooklyn

    Leo invites his trendy ex-girlfriend to a dinner party. Grace asks Will, Jack and Karen to come along and keep the night running smoothly, but the guest of honour turns out to be the only girl Will ever slept with. Meanwhile, Lorraine's dog is discovered hiding in Stan's closet. Guest starring Mira Sorvino

  • Season 6 Episode 1: Dames at Sea

    Leo's fidelity is called into question when Grace finds a love letter in his bag, while Jack and Will wake up sharing a bed, but cannot remember the night before. Harry Connick Jr guest stars

Will & Grace: Season 5 (2002 - 2003)

  • Season 5 Episode 24: 24

    The foursome goes on a yachting trip to the Caribbean to scatter Stan's ashes, while Leo flies to Guatemala with an attractive female colleague. Guest starring Minnie Driver, Harry Connick Jr, Deborah Harry and Nicollette Sheridan

  • Season 5 Episode 23: 23

    Karen's husband Stan dies in the middle of their divorce proceedings, leaving her to contend with the problem of his will, which is complicated by the appearance of his mistress Lorraine. Guest starring Minnie Driver and Harry Connick Jnr

  • Season 5 Episode 22: May Divorce Be with You

    Karen is shocked to discover that Will is Stan's lawyer when her divorce proceedings get under way, while Grace's most important client has a fling with Jack. Guest starring Macaulay Culkin

  • Season 5 Episode 21: Dolls and Dolls

    Karen's search for a roommate leads to a high-maintenance individual (Madonna) who shares many of her eccentricities; Grace and Jack intervene when Will uses painkillers as a crutch.

  • Season 5 Episode 20: Leo Unwrapped

    Will tries to sneak Leo back from Africa as a birthday surprise for Grace, but the plan soon goes awry. Guest starring Harry Connick Jnr

  • Season 5 Episode 19: Sex, Losers and Videotape

    Will and his boss Mr Stein join forces with Karen to form an anti-romance club, while Grace decides to make a sexy video for Leo. American sitcom, starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing, with a guest appearance by Gene Wilder

  • Season 5 Episode 18: Fagmalion: Part Four - The Guy Who Loved Me

    Part four of four. A jealous Will spots Barry on a date with Jack and struggles to keep his feelings in check. Meanwhile, Karen pretends she is Rosario's maid to woo a good-looking maintenance worker. American comedy series, starring Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Dan Futterman

  • Season 5 Episode 17: Fagmalion: Part Three - Bye, Bye, Beardy

    Part three of four. Will and Jack put the finishing touches to Barry's makeover before launching his new-look self at a charity event, and Karen meets an old rival

  • Season 5 Episode 16: Women and Children First

    Will is far from impressed when Jack's childhood babysitter moves in with them, while Grace suffers an identity crisis. Starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing, with guest stars Demi Moore and Rosanna Arquette

  • Season 5 Episode 15: Homojo

    Karen fumes when Jack is befriended by her rival Lorraine, while Will and Grace try to repair their flagging friendship by taking part in a competitive night of board games with friends. Guest starring Minnie Driver, with Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 5 Episode 14: Fagmalion: Part Two - Attack of the Clones

    Part two of four. Will recalls his own clumsy experience of coming out as he and Jack continue to turn Barry into the perfect gay man. Meanwhile, Grace feels abandoned when Leo offers his much-needed services as a medic in Africa. Dan Futterman guest stars

  • Season 5 Episode 13: Fagmalion: Part One - Gay It Forward

    Part one of four. Karen plays Cupid for Will, who soon finds his 'hot and handsome' date is a self-conscious misfit. Meanwhile, Grace worries her extrovert masseuse Julie may have more than a passing interest in her. American sitcom, guest starring Rosanna Arquette and Dan Futterman

  • Season 5 Episode 12: Field of Queens

    Karen falls in love with a restaurant owner, but he fails to call her after their date. Will and Jack join a gay football team. American comedy, guest starring Andy Garcia (Ocean's Eleven), with Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally

  • Season 5 Episode 11: All About Christmas Eve

    Grace wrestles with a newly wed dilemma - she only has two tickets for The Nutcracker on Christmas Eve, and cannot decide whether to take Will or Leo. Eric McCormack and Debra Messing star

  • Season 5 Episode 10: The Honeymoon's Over

    Will decides to let Karen move in - a decision he soon comes to regret when her extravagant lifestyle turns his apartment into a disaster zone. Elton John guest stars alongside Eric McCormack and Megan Mullally

  • Season 5 Episode 9: Marry Me a Little More

    Part two of two. When Grace realises she really does love Leo, she takes her vows again in a full traditional ceremony, but Will feels he is losing his best friend. Comedy, starring Eric McCormack, Debra Messing and Harry Connick Jnr

  • Season 5 Episode 8: Marry Me a Little

    Part one of two. Leo and Grace impetuously get married in Central Park at a wedding that turns out to be part of a ratings stunt for a TV show, and Will is hurt when he does not receive an invitation. Guest starring Harry Connick Jr and Debbie Reynolds, with Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 5 Episode 7: The Needle and Omelette's Done

    An embarrassing situation arises when Leo omits to tell Grace she is having brunch with his parents, denying her the time to make a good impression. Jack is confronted by his acting tutor Zandra, and Will joins Karen for a Botox session. Guest starring Harry Connick Jnr and Tom Skerritt

  • Season 5 Episode 6: Boardroom and a Parked Place

    Will has cause to rue the day his firm's long-absent senior partner returns. Meanwhile, Karen ends up living in her limo after becoming estranged from Stan. Guest starring Gene Wilder

  • Season 5 Episode 5: It's the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    Will is reluctantly dragged along with Grace and her new beau Leo for a rustic cycle ride in search of Hallowe'en pumpkins. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen attend a therapy session designed to 'cure' gay men and women. Eric McCormack, Debra Messing and Harry Connick Jnr star

  • Season 5 Episode 4: Humongous Growth

    Karen and Jack conspire to sort out Will and Grace's differences over parenting by getting them to attend the birthday party Joe and Larry are throwing for their daughter. Eric McCormack and Debra Messing star

  • Season 5 Episode 3: The Kid Stays Out of the Picture

    Will has to wait another month for an answer to the insemination issue while Grace focuses on her relationship with Leo, leading to a big argument

  • Season 5 Episode 2: Bacon and Eggs

    After stalking actor Kevin Bacon, Jack lands his dream job when the unsuspecting celebrity hires him as his personal assistant, and Dr Leo Markus makes Grace a tempting offer. With Harry Connick Jnr and Rip Torn

  • Season 5 Episode 1: And the Horse He Rode in On

    A handsome Jewish doctor makes Grace's day when he saves her - on horseback - from being late for her insemination. Meanwhile, Karen is tempted to cheat on her jailbird husband. Guest starring Harry Connick Jr

Will & Grace: Season 4 (2001 - 2002)

  • Season 4 Episode 27: AI: Artificial Insemination - Part Two

    Part two of two. Will and Grace begin to wonder whether the traditional method of conceiving a child might have the edge over artificial insemination. Jack gives up his dreams of showbiz stardom after being promoted at Barney's - but then receives a spot of advice from an unexpected quarter. Cher and Rip Torn (The Larry Sanders Show) guest star

  • Season 4 Episode 26: AI: Artificial Insemination - Part One

    First in a two-part series finale. The duo decide to have a baby together, but find the process of artificial insemination is not as easy as they had hoped. Jack considers turning his back on showbusiness, until inspiration strikes in the form of his biggest idol. With guest star Cher

  • Season 4 Episode 25: A Buncha White Chicks Sittin' Around Talkin'

    The friends decide it's time to do the one thing they have each put off. Will asks Grace to become the mother of his child and Jack auditions for a Broadway production. Meanwhile Karen pays her incarcerated husband a dreaded conjugal visit - but faces disappointment. Comedy, starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 4 Episode 24: Hocus Focus

    Jack asks Karen to assist him with his new magic act, but sacks her for being funnier than him. Will and Grace have their pictures taken by an eccentric photographer, but are forced to return when they cannot agree on the finished product. Guest starring Glenn Close, with Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 4 Episode 23: Fagel Attraction

    The theft of Will's laptop proves problematic when the policeman assigned to the case demonstrates more than just a professional interest. Michael Douglas guest stars, with Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 4 Episode 22: Wedding Balls

    Karen and Will are delighted to discover they share the same taste in books, but Jack is less impressed and starts feeling left out. Meanwhile, the sight of a wedding dress makes Grace fear she will never find and marry the man of her dreams

    Friday 3rd April 5:30pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 4 Episode 21: He Shoots, They Snore

    Will accompanies Elliot to a basketball tournament after Jack drops out at the last minute, while Grace has a hard time teaching a design class to students with attention deficit disorder. Eric McCormack and Debra Messing star

    Friday 3rd April 5:00pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 4 Episode 20: Went to a Garden Potty

    Will brings home the last remaining memento of his parents' marriage - an ugly garden gnome that he and his brothers bought them for their anniversary. Meanwhile, Jack worries about being typecast in heterosexual roles. Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes star

    Tomorrow at 5:30pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 4 Episode 19: Cheatin' Trouble Blues

    Will is so glad to hear his parents have settled their differences that he treats them to a cruise for their forthcoming anniversary, but is shocked to discover the pair have secrets to hide. Blythe Danner and Sydney Pollack guest star

    Tomorrow at 5:00pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 4 Episode 18: Something Borrowed, Someone's Due

    Part two of two. The duo struggle to adjust to life in their new apartment and resort to devious means to get their old home back - but everything is put on hold when Ellen goes into labour. Guest starring Suzanne Pleshette, with Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

    Tomorrow at 4:30pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 4 Episode 17: Someone Old, Someplace New

    Part one of two. Will and Grace look for a larger apartment but the only one they like is priced above their budget, and Jack makes a video about Karen's life for her birthday. Comedy, guest starring Sandra Bernhard and Suzanne Pleshette. Concludes tomorrow

    Tomorrow at 4:00pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 4 Episode 16: A Chorus Lie

    Jack uses Grace as bait for a straight man competing with him for a place in the Manhattan Gay Men's Chorus - but his plans backfire. Will accompanies Karen to a fancy dinner, where she tells friends he is her gigolo. Guest starring Matt Damon (The Bourne Identity)

  • Season 4 Episode 15: Dyeing Is Easy, Comedy Is Hard

    A careless speech brings a wedding to an abrupt halt, leaving Grace feeling guilty - and worried about the state of her romantic life. Jack is forbidden to see Elliot after a hairdressing disaster, and Bonnie finally admits she is gay. Comedy, guest starring Rosie O'Donnell

  • Season 4 Episode 14: Grace in the Hole

    Will faces a tough case when Grace begs him to represent her latest boyfriend - a convicted criminal in the same cell block as Stan. Meanwhile, Rosario comes up with a cunning plot to force Karen to visit her imprisoned husband

    Wednesday 1st April 4:30pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 4 Episode 13: Whoa, Nelly

    Karen and Jack acquire a horse for breeding, but are perturbed when it shows more interest in stallions than mares. Meanwhile, Grace schemes to get Will's father away from his mistress by setting her up with another man. Megan Mullally and Debra Messing star

  • Season 4 Episode 12: Jingle Balls

    Jack rashly ignores Grace's decorating advice and ends up having problems with a window display. Meanwhile, Will dates a ballet dancer - but doesn't let his friends meet him. Starring Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes

  • Season 4 Episode 11: Stakin' Care of Business

    Will runs into an old boyfriend at the gym, and Grace asks Karen for a loan to expand her business into the office next door. Meanwhile, Jack tries to popularise his new catchphrase by incessantly repeating it. Eric McCormack and Debra Messing star

    Wednesday 1st April 4:00pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 4 Episode 10: Moveable Feast - Part Two

    Part two of two. After trying to ditch his mother, Will is disturbed when she chooses to spend time with his brother rather than him. Rosario is left in charge of basting the turkey, but ends up eating part of it while the gang is out. American sitcom, starring Eric McCormack

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Moveable Feast: Part One

    Part one of two. The pair's plans for a family-free Thanksgiving dinner are cut short when Grace's mother decides she needs her daughter's company and Jack announces his stepdad wants to meet Elliot. Comedy, guest starring Beau Bridges, Blythe Danner and Debbie Reynolds

  • Season 4 Episode 8: Star-Spangled Banter

    When a gay man and a Jewish woman stand as candidates for the city council, Will and Grace decide to hold separate fundraising events. Jack forces Karen and Elliot to spend time together, and they reach a new understanding. Starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

    Today at 12:30pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 4 Episode 7: Bed, Bath and Beyond

    Part one of two. Will, Karen and Jack unite in an effort to pull Grace out of her depression, but end up feeling down themselves when their heartbroken friend inadvertently points out a few home truths. American sitcom, starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

    Today at 12:00pm EDT - LOGO
  • Season 4 Episode 6: Rules of Engagement

    Nathan asks Grace to marry him, but she declines the proposal because he falls short of her childhood fantasy of the ideal husband. A chat with Will changes her mind - but by then it is too late. Guest starring former Cheers actor Woody Harrelson, with Debra Messing and Eric McCormack

    Today at 11:30am EDT - LOGO
  • Season 4 Episode 5: Loose Lips Sink Relationships

    A troubled Grace goes to Karen for advice about her relationship, concerned about the number of Nathan's past lovers. Jack takes advantage of his female supervisor's attraction to Will. Parker Posey guest stars

    Today at 11:00am EDT - LOGO
  • Season 4 Episode 4: Prison Blues

    Will proves to be a talented actor when Jack takes him along to his class, and Grace outstays her welcome following an invitation to move into Karen's penthouse. American sitcom, starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 4 Episode 3: Crouching Father, Hidden Husband

    Will tires of Karen's constant false alarms and vows to ignore her. Unfortunately, the moment he turns his back, the FBI turns up asking awkward questions about her husband. Meanwhile, Jack persuades Grace to accompany Elliot to a high-school dance. Comedy, starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

    Saturday 4th April 4:30pm EDT - WE tv
  • Season 4 Episode 2: Past and Presents

    Will's old adversary is hired to work at the law firm, filling him with the dread of renewed hostilities. Grace searches for the perfect gift for Nathan's birthday but is outdone by Karen, leading to a game of one-upmanship destined to end in tears. Comedy, guest starring Woody Harrelson and Adam Goldberg

    Saturday 4th April 4:00pm EDT - WE tv
  • Season 4 Episode 1: The Third Wheel Gets the Grace

    Will and Grace (Eric McCormack, Debra Messing) resume their chummy relationship, leaving Nathan (guest star Woody Harrelson) feeling left out in the cold; Jack (Sean Hayes) and his son go school shopping.

    Saturday 4th April 3:30pm EDT - WE tv

Will & Grace: Season 3 (2000 - 2001)

Will & Grace: Season 2 (1999 - 2000)

  • Season 2 Episode 24: Ben? Her? - Part Two

    Part two of two. Karen's maid Rosario continues her quest to end her sham marriage, and Jack finally has to admit defeat. Grace drops a bombshell about her love-life and it all proves too much for Will, prompting him to flee from his problems and begin a new life on a Caribbean island

    Today at 3:00am EDT - LOGO
  • Season 2 Episode 23: Ben? Her? - Part One

    Part one of two. Rosario files for divorce from Jack so she will be free to marry Karen's gardener. Will tries to make peace between Grace and his boss Ben - but does such a good job that they end up in bed together. Gregory Hines guest stars, with Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, Sean Hayes and Shelley Morrison. Concludes tomorrow

    Today at 2:30am EDT - LOGO
  • Season 2 Episode 22: My Best Friend's Tush

    Jack and Will launch a business venture, but their potential investors are only interested in one half of the team, while Grace makes the mistake of seeking emotional support from Karen. Comedy, starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

  • Season 2 Episode 21: There, But for the Grace of Grace

    Jack gives Karen a crash-course in the culinary arts. Will and Grace visit their former college professor, only to discover he is now a bitter, disillusioned old man

    Today at 2:00am EDT - LOGO
  • Season 2 Episode 20: Girls, Interrupted

    Jack poses as a heterosexual as part of a bizarre scheme to woo a handsome man, while Grace's new-found friendship with a neighbour leads to bitter recriminations. American sitcom, starring Eric McCormack, Debra Messing and Sean Hayes

  • Season 2 Episode 19: An Affair to Forget

    Ellen and Rob announce they are getting married, forcing Grace to confess that she once slept with the groom-to-be. Unfortunately, Ellen finds out and takes her revenge by attempting to seduce Will. American comedy, starring Eric McCormack

    Today at 1:30am EDT - LOGO
  • Season 2 Episode 18: Sweet and Sour Charity

    Jack mistakenly donates a pair of Karen's favourite shoes to a good cause. Meanwhile, Grace volunteers to help direct an amateur play with Will - a task she pursues with zeal until her social life begins to suffer. American sitcom, starring Eric McCormack

  • Season 2 Episode 17: The Hospital Show

    Stan suffers a heart attack, so Will rushes to visit him at the hospital, where he and the rest of the gang take bets on who Karen will turn to in her hour of need - little realising she knows about their wager. Comedy, starring Eric McCormack and Megan Mullally

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Hey La, Hey La, My Ex-Boyfriend's Back

    Will's ex-boyfriend Michael returns, giving the impression that he wants to pick up where they left off. Karen takes stock of her position at Grace Adler Designs and decides she needs more responsibility

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Advise and Resent

    Jack advises Will on ways of making a good impression on a blind date, and Karen tells Grace how to deal with her ineffectual boyfriend Josh

  • Season 2 Episode 14: Acting Out

    Jack and Will visit a TV station to complain about the censoring of a tender scene between two gay men in one of its sitcoms. American comedy, starring Eric McCormack

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Oh Dad, Poor Dad, He's Kept Me in the Closet and I'm So Sad

    Will's father tries to dissuade him from attending a company banquet - and it turns out he has been keeping his son's sexuality a secret from his colleagues. Meanwhile, Karen believes she has tracked down Jack's real dad. Sydney Pollack guest stars

  • Season 2 Episode 12: He's Come Undone

    Erotic dreams about Grace send Will to a therapist, who seems more interested in dating the interior designer than offering any professional advice. Jack talks to Karen about the way she has been treating Rosario. Comedy, guest starring Markus Flanagan

  • Season 2 Episode 11: Seeds of Discontent

    Alarm bells ring for Grace when an old friend from Will's high school pays a visit and asks him to donate his sperm so she can have a baby. Megyn Price guest stars

  • Season 2 Episode 10: Tea and a Total Lack of Sympathy

    Ben tells Will his job is on the line unless he secures a major client by the end of the week, while Jack and Grace try to get on their favourite TV show. American comedy, starring Eric McCormack, Debra Messing and Gregory Hines

  • Season 2 Episode 9: I Never Promised You an Olive Garden

    Jack and Karen help each other through a parent-teacher conference, while Will and Grace start socialising with a couple they met at a Chinese restaurant, leaving old friends Rob and Ellen feeling jealous and neglected

  • Season 2 Episode 8: Terms of Employment

    Will receives an unexpected job offer from a lawyer who refused to pay Grace for her interior design services. Jack teams up with Karen to makes a sexual harassment video. Comedy, guest starring Gregory Hines

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Homo for the Holidays

    The duo arrange a 'coming out' party for Jack, hoping it will give him the opportunity he needs to tell his mother he's gay - but she surprises them by revealing a secret of her own

  • Season 2 Episode 6: To Serve and Disinfect

    Jack challenges Will to join his staff as a waiter, but the lawyer tries to back out when he has to serve a few old faces. Grace is amazed to discover Karen once appeared in an adult film and sets out to retrieve all 50 copies distributed across Manhattan to put her friend's mind at rest

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Polk Defeats Truman

    Will makes a poor business decision and ditches many of his loyal clients after realising wealthy businessman Harlin Polk provides 90 per cent of his custom. Meanwhile, Grace helps shopaholic Karen stick to a budget imposed by her husband

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Whose Mom Is It Anyway?

    Jack and Rosario try to convince an immigration official they are happily married, and Grace's mother turns up in the company of a new man, who turns out to be the perfect date - for Will. Debbie Reynolds guest stars

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Das Boob

    A flattering but deceptive photo of Grace is published in the newspaper, gaining her attention from an unexpected quarter. Meanwhile, Jack makes a devastating discovery about Will

    Friday 3rd April 3:30pm EDT - WE tv
  • Season 2 Episode 2: Election

    Will faces stiff opposition when Grace enters the race for presidency of the residents' association after finding out about the perks of the job. Jack has Karen in the palm of his hand after she accidentally loses his pet parrot - and will do anything to make amends

    Friday 3rd April 3:00pm EDT - WE tv
  • Season 2 Episode 1: Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner

    Having left Will's apartment, Grace begins her new life by throwing a party and not inviting him. Jack has to move in with Rosario, in order to convince the authorities their marriage is genuine - but does not appreciate living in the maid's quarters. Starring Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

    Friday 3rd April 2:30pm EDT - WE tv
  • Season 2 Episode 23/24: Ben? Her?

    Feature-length episode. Rosario files for divorce from Jack so she will be free to marry Karen's gardener. Will tries to make peace between Grace and his boss Ben - but does such a good job that they end up in bed together. Gregory Hines guest stars, with Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, Sean Hayes and Shelley Morrison

Will & Grace: Season 1 (1998 - 1999)

Will & Grace: Special

  • Say Goodnight Gracie

    Series retrospective celebrating the show's eight-year run, featuring interviews from cast and crew members and the many guest stars that have flitted through the hectic lives of the titular urban duo

Will & Grace: Other Episodes

  • I Do. Oh, No, You Di-in't

    Karen moves her wedding to Las Vegas, where Jennifer Lopez agrees to sing at the ceremony.

  • Cheaters

    Will thinks his dad is in town to visit him, but Grace spots him on the arm of a beautiful woman and seeks Karen's advice on the matter, unwittingly convincing her that Stan is seeing someone else. American sitcom, guest starring Sydney Pollack, with Eric McCormack and Debra Messing

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