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The Ultimate Fighter: Season 22 (2015)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 21 (2015)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 20 (2014)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 19 (2014)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 18 (2013)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 17 (2013)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 16 (2012)

  • Season 16 Episode 16: Finale Prelims

    Nick Catone vs. TJ Waldburger; Rustam Khabilov vs. Vinc Pichel; Marcos Vinicius vs. Johnny Bedford; James Head vs. Mike Pyle. From Las Vegas. (Bouts subject to change)

  • Season 16 Episode 15: Finale: Post Fight Show

    Jay Glazer and analysts recapping the battle between Team Carwin and Team Nelson sharing interviews and highlights.

  • Season 16 Episode 14: Finale

    Jonathan Brookins vs. Dustin Poirier; Jamie Varner vs. Melvin Guillard; Shane Del Rosario vs. Pat Barry; Mike Ricci vs. Colton Smith; Matt Mitrione vs. Roy Nelson. From Las Vegas. (Card subject to change)

  • Season 16 Episode 13: Finale Weigh-in

    Mixed martial artists from Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson and more weigh in ahead of the finale.

  • Season 16 Episode 12: Semifinal Showdown

    Two semifinal fights determine which two men will move on to fight in the finale for a UFC contract.

  • Season 16 Episode 11: Fight the Perfect Fight

    Joey Rivera and Jon Manley face-off to stay in the competition; the tension builds between Michal Hill and Mike Ricci before they enter the octagon; the last two match-ups before the finale are revealed.

  • Season 16 Episode 10: Coming for You

    The rift grows between Michael Hill and Mike Ricci; the quarterfinals kick off as Bristol Marunde faces Neil Magny; Colton Smith takes on Igor Araujo with a spot in the semifinals on the line.

  • Season 16 Episode 9: Betrayal

    James Chaney owns up to his unsportsmanlike conduct; one fighter turns against his friend; Mike Ricci takes on Dom Waters in the final preliminary fight; Dana White announces the quarterfinal match-ups.

  • Season 16 Episode 8: Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em

    Trash talk causes a scuffle; Dana visits the house to give the fighters an eye-opening lecture; two more welterweights face off in the 7th preliminary fight.

  • Season 16 Episode 7: Summer Camp

    Coach Roy once again has a fighter choose his own opponent; Forrest Griffin drops in for training; the feud between Hill and Secor reaches its boiling point; Dana White expresses his outrage after the 6th preliminary fight.

  • Season 16 Episode 6: One Mission

    Team Nelson has doubts about Roy's leadership, Carwin puts his squad through an unusual training session; a prank at the house ignites heated smack talk between fighters; two more welterweights face off in the fifth preliminary fight.

  • Season 16 Episode 5: Unleash the Beast

    Julian Lane lashes out after being disrespected by another fighter; Team Nelson wants more coaching from Roy; Mike Ricci once again finds himself at odds with Nic Herron-Webb; Coach Carwin chooses two welterweights to fight.

  • Season 16 Episode 4: Can't Fix Stupid

    Dana treats the fighters to a special outing away from the house; Roy uses a bizarre method to pick the next matchup; one fighter's weight problem puts his future in jeopardy; two more welterweights face off.

  • Season 16 Episode 3: We Have Control

    One fighter engages in noisy late night activities, creating enemies on both teams; Coach Carwin announces his first match-up.

  • Season 16 Episode 2: What We Do

    Sixteen victorious welterweights move into the house; Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin pick their squads; the first two welterweights face off.

  • Season 16 Episode 1: Bring It!

    Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson coach opposing teams of fighters competing for a six-figure UFC contract.

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 15 (2012)

  • Season 15 Episode 13: The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale

    Welterweight Title Eliminator: Martin Kampmann vs. Jake Ellenberger; Ultimate Fighter Finale: Al Iaquinta vs. Mike Chiesa.

  • Season 15 Episode 12: EPISODE: 12

    Tickle and Cruickshank get violent in the house; Dana makes a surprise announcement; Vick takes on Chiesa; Pichel faces Laquinta.

  • Season 15 Episode 11: Like a Spartan

    Chris Saunders battles through emotional issues as he prepares to face Vinc Pichel; Faber teammates square off when Andy Ogle takes on Al Iaquinta.

  • Season 15 Episode 10: So Real It's Unreal

    Dana makes a surprise visit to the gym for a shocking announcement; James Vick vs. Joe Proctor; Justin Lawrence vs. Michael Chiesa.

  • Season 15 Episode 9: Become That Hero

    Both teams head to a desert shooting range for an explosive coaches challenge; Andy Ogle takes on Mike Rio in the last preliminary fight; Dana announces the first two quarterfinal match-ups.

  • Season 15 Episode 8: The Lion's Den

    Ronda Rousey trains in the gym, then visits the TUF house; Cruz gets a surprise from Faber and his coaches; Chris Saunders faces Sam Sicilia.

  • Season 15 Episode 7: Weather the Storm

    Cruz gives Chris Tickle an earful following his loss; the coaches get into a heated exchange; Andy Ogle has an emotional breakdown during practice; Vinc Pichel and John Cofer face off in the sixth preliminary fight.

  • Season 15 Episode 6: Dog With no Bark

    Tempers flare between Mike Rio and Justin Lawrence during sparring; the teams enjoy a relaxing Easter Sunday; Chris Tickle faces tough guy Joe Proctor in the fifth preliminary fight.

  • Season 15 Episode 5: That Miserable Feeling

    Sam Sicilia must decide whether to share information with his team about best friend, Mike Chiesa; after Andy Ogle struggles in practice, Urijah Faber sits him down for a heart to heart; Dominick gets fed up with Chris Tickle's complaining.

  • Season 15 Episode 4: All the Pressure

    An injury in practice puts one fighter's future in doubt; Faber brings in a life coach to help the fighters be more positive; Al Iaquinta takes on Myles Fury Jury of Team Cruz in the third preliminary fight.

  • Season 15 Episode 3: Old School vs. New School

    Teams react after Cruz picks two top fighters to face off early; Cruz trains number one pick Justin Lawrence as Faber prepares Brazilian jiu-jitsu veteran Cristiano Marcello for their clash.

  • Season 15 Episode 2: Embrace the War

    Sixteen promising mixed martial artists move into The Ultimate Fighter house and join teams; one fighter receives bad news from home; two warriors face off.

  • Season 15 Episode 1: EPISODE: 1

    Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber coach opposing teams of contestants competing for coveted UFC contracts, and the title of The Ultimate Fighter.

  • Season 15 Episode Preview: Preview

    One of the longest-running reality series in television history, The Ultimate Fighter brings together promising MMA prospects from across the world who must live together in a house and battle each other for a coveted UFC contract.

  • Season 15 Special: Finale - Prelims

    Aspiring UFC fighters will duke it out, and warm it up for the finale.

  • Season 15 Special: Finale - Post Fight Show

    Highlights and insider's analysis of all the action.

  • 15 Special: Finale Weigh-in

    The weigh-in for The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale.

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 14 (2011)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13 (2011)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 12 (2010)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 11 (2010)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 10 (2009 - 2010)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 9 (2009)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 8 (2008)

  • Season 8 Episode 13: The Ultimate Finale

    Featuring the last battles of the lightweight and light heavyweight contenders from Team Noguiera and Team Mir. Also: Kevin Burns vs. Anthony Johnson, Jason MacDonald vs. Wilson Gouveia and Junie Browning vs. Dave Kaplan.

  • Season 8 Episode 12: Three Strikes

    Vinny and Krzysztof fight in the last semifinal light heavyweight fight; Junie's fight against Efrain is in jeopardy.

  • Season 8 Episode 11: Make Him Pay

    Ryan Bader battles Eliot Marshall in the first semifinal light heavyweight match; the teams clash after a lightweight fight.

  • Season 8 Episode 10: Fire the Cannons

    Habitual hugger John Polakowski turns mean after Team Mir messes with his cereal; George Roop struggles with an injury before battling it out with John in the last of the preliminary fights; Dana and the coaches set the semifinal matchups.

  • Season 8 Episode 9: Hurts Like Hell

    Somebody gets knocked out of the house; light heavyweight Kyle Kingsbury prepares to face Team Mir's number one pick, Krzysztof Soszynski.

  • Season 8 Episode 8: Splushi

    The pranks at the house reach a new low; a fighter turns on his own teammate, offering up secret advice before a highly-anticipated lightweight bout.

  • Season 8 Episode 7: Body Bag

    Mir punishes his team with a grueling workout regimen; Nogueira has a blowout with a fighter who's been talking smack; two light heavyweights face off in the Octagon.

  • Season 8 Episode 6: Fight, Fight, Kill, Kill

    The other fighters question Rolando's black belt; a problem at the fight announcement brings on more hatred between the teams; an intense lightweight showdown.

  • Season 8 Episode 5: From Chill To Kill

    A coach steps in as the pranks go too far. Team Nogueira trains with UFC World Champion Anderson Silva before two more light heavyweights face off in the Octagon.

  • Season 8 Episode 4: Punk

    Drunken debauchery puts the future of two lightweights into question; after a grueling preliminary battle, a fighter's rage causes chaos in the Octagon.

  • Season 8 Episode 3: Demons
  • Season 8 Episode 2: Down To Business

    Fighters square off in the last of the tournament fights. Some of the fighters may be too injured to continue.

  • Season 8 Episode 1: Ready To Fight

    UFC heavyweight champion Antonio Nogueira and opposing coach Frank Mir greet the 32 fighters, each of whom must prove themselves in tournament bouts before they can compete for two UFC contracts.

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 7 (2008)

  • Season 7 Episode 13: The Ultimate Finale

    The remaining two fighters battle for the six-figure UFC contract. From The Pearl at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

  • Season 7 Episode 12: First Time Ever

    CB Dollaway battles Amir Sadollah; Dana is forced to make a tough decision.

  • Season 7 Episode 11: Coco Is King

    Forrest and Rampage go head to head; Tim Credeur intervenes to save his pal; two friends must face off.

  • Season 7 Episode 10: EPISODE: 10

    Jeremy May tries to sabotage one fighter's dream; Tim Credeur fights Dan Cramer; Cale Yarbrough takes on CB Dollaway.

  • Season 7 Episode 9: Throwin' Bombs

    Jesse's uncontrollable appetite could be his undoing; the guys prepare for a brutal showing between Matt Brown and Amir.

  • Season 7 Episode 8: Mean and Nasty

    Rampage's trash talking sets Forrest off; after the final preliminary fight pitting Nick Klein against CB Dollaway, Dana and the coaches are faced with the challenge of deciding the quarterfinal matchups.

  • Season 7 Episode 7: Under the Radar

    The final three preliminary fights are decided; an inexperienced combatant faces an intimidating foe; a battle between two heavy-hitters causes friction.

  • Season 7 Episode 6: Piece of Meat

    Both teams are rooting for Matt Brown to beat down Jeremy May; everyone is shocked when two nice guys transform into savages in the octagon.

  • Season 7 Episode 5: Chewbacle

    Jeremy May's behavior rubs his fellow fighters the wrong way, putting him in the cross hairs as a potential opponent for Team Forrest; a controversial result causes one coach to unleash his fury.

  • Season 7 Episode 4: Everything to Lose

    Matthew Riddle is ready to fight; the second preliminary bout turns into a battle royale.

  • Season 7 Episode 3: The Heebie-Jeebies

    Rampage and Forest select their teams; a fighter has a contagious skin disease; first preliminary match of the season.

  • Season 7 Episode 2: No Losers Here

    The final 8 elimination fights take place to see who will make it into the house. A brutal knockout silences the gym and, in the end, 16 fighters are left standing to compete for the UFC contract.

  • Season 7 Episode 1: No Poseurs

    UFC president Dana White shocks 32 middleweight fighters when he announces that this season they have to fight their way on to the show. New coaches Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin evaluate the first half of the elimination fights.

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 6 (2007)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 5 (2007)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 4 (2006)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 3 (2006)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 2 (2005)

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 1 (2005)

The Ultimate Fighter: Other Episodes

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