The Steve Wilkos Show Episode Guide

Episode Guide

  • Your Story Keeps Changing: Are You Lying?

    After his girlfriend lost her baby, Fred began to question if she was ever really pregnant; Arielle says she was terrified when she woke in the middle of the night to find her aunt's boyfriend in her bed.

    Today at 3:00pm EST - WPIX (CW)
  • One of You Bruised This 8-Month-Old Baby

    Mattie says she woke up and found her baby boy covered in bruises, and she believes her ex and his girlfriend had something to do with it.

  • Registered Sex Offender Clears His Name?

    Mark insists he was wrongly accused and convicted of attempting to rape a teenager.

  • Blindsided by Results

    Chris fears that his girlfriend is still sleeping with her abusive ex; Quay thinks constant arguments over cheating caused her to miscarry her twins; Raena says her man accuses her of cheating with every man she happens to be around.

  • I'm in Love With My Dad

    Gary is determined to prove that there is nothing inappropriate going on between him and his long-lost 18-year-old daughter.

  • DNA: Intense Reactions

    Dardanian says his girlfriend's daughter looks nothing like him, and his girlfriend refused to give him a DNA test; Tony thinks former prostitute Stacy is a cheater, and he doubts the paternity of their son.

  • Am I in Love With a Molester?

    Andrew denies sexually molesting his girlfriend's daughter; Riasha's 3-year-old daughter told her that her father touched her inappropriately.

  • I Need to Tell Him I Cheated 71 Times

    Sex addict Princess wants to confess to her fiance about her secret double life.

  • Arrested for Selling Your 3-Day-Old Baby

    Rose found two large burns on her baby after he returned from a visit with his father; Heidi wants to prove that she did not try to sell her newborn for $500 at a fast-food restaurant five years ago.

  • Hidden Camera: How Does He Really Treat You?

    Victoria says Dewayne harasses her, calls her horrible names and is physically abusive toward her; wedding plans are on hold until Trenell can pass a lie detector test.

  • Could a Mother Murder Her Own Child?

    Questions loom about Monique's involvement in the death of her 2-year-old daughter.

  • Stories of Molestation Explode

    Steve revisits unfathomable stories involving molestation.

  • I'm 85 Percent Sure I'll Pass

    Sheimicka has seen all kinds of signs that her boyfriend is cheating; paranoid Jonathan has put tracking devices on his wife's phone and has caused her to lose her job.

  • When I Pass This Test Can I Sit on Your Stage?

    Teshon has admitted to molesting his ex's daughters; Sherri accuses her daughters' boyfriends of molesting her granddaughter.

  • Controlling and Abusive Boyfriends

    Courtney has to prove to her abusive boyfriend, who has put her in the hospital, that she has not cheated on him; Lamoin, who follows his girlfriend's every move, thinks she has slept with one of his family members.

  • I Saw Him Molest My Sister: Did Mom Know?

    Sonia says her granddaughter revealed that a man molested her while she and her mother stayed at his home; Chelsea caught her stepfather molesting her little sister and called the police.

  • I've Been Spying on You: I Know You'll Fail

    Jake denies cheating on his wife and says someone hacked into his phone; Jenna believes her fiance has been living a double life.

  • Steve Has a Laugh

    Steve recalls stories that evoked laughter.

  • I'm Pregnant: Did He Have Sex With My Mom?

    Brian confesses to his girlfriend that her mother made sexual advances toward him and sent him naked photos; Pierre says he witnessed his girlfriend engaging in a sexual act with her own mother.

  • My 4-Year-Old Said You Molested Her

    After spending two years in jail, Sly says he was wrongly accused of child molestation and has come to prove his innocence; Samantha fears that her child's father molested the child.

  • Steve, I Need to Know if She's a Prostitute

    Bryona says she has left her life of prostitution behind her, but her boyfriend thinks she is still a liar and a cheater; Mo was shocked to learn that his wife is a stripper, and he fears she may be prostituting herself as well.

  • Explosive Backstage Drama

    Steve recaps some of the show's most jaw-dropping stories and incredible reactions to the truth.

  • Steve Puts Relationships to the Test

    Odis says his wife has been exchanging text messages and nude pictures with other men; Jamail thinks his children's mother sneaks men into the house while he is at work; after learning she has an STD, Brittney accuses her partner of infidelity.

  • Steve's Craziest Moments

    Steve takes a trip down memory lane to revisit extraordinarily outrageous and jaw-dropping moments from the show.

  • Update: You Got Good Results, Why Are You Back?

    Mack leaves his wife because of one text message; Terrence and Janisha return to the show because he thinks she is having an affair.

  • I Know He's Cheating But He Destroyed the Evidence

    Before Tonesha marries Theotis, she wants to know if he has cheated on her; Danielle suspects her partner, Shaun, is cheating and lying about being at work; less than a day after their wedding, Shante discovered that David sent naked photos to women.

  • Online Picture Leads to Murder?

    Megan and Tyler say their drug-dealing father groomed them to be addicts at a young age; Amber's husband, Tony, was fatally shot in front of her, and his sisters think she could be involved in the murder.

  • I Need to Know if He Slept With My Sister

    Staci caught her partner, Justin, in a hotel room with her sister, but he insists he didn't cheat; before getting married, Delores wants to know if fiance Rudy cheated when she was pregnant with their daughter.

  • Mom, I Was Raped for 4 Years Where Were You?

    Ashley suspects her sister and her boyfriend of sexually abusing her 3-year-old niece; Zenovia's relationship with her mother, who didn't believe her claims of being raped, is strained.

  • Teen Couple Gets a Reality Check

    Shanerial found photos of half-naked women on her boyfriend's phone; the young couple is given an infant simulator, and cameras follow them day and night to see if they are ready to be parents.

  • I'll Prove It's Your Child Once and for All

    Adrian thinks Shantay has been lying throughout their relationship; Uniqua and her husband fear that he is not the father of her child; Chris' girlfriend wants him to know that one of their five children is not his.

  • Did My Cousin Leave Me to Die That Night?

    Chantay vanished from a night club and was later found in the hospital, beaten nearly to death, and the family wants answers from her cousin, who accompanied her to the club; Sherrie's boyfriend ran over her with a truck.

  • Are You Having Sex With Your Niece?

    Tanya suspects Spanjer is cheating on her with various women, including his niece; Amanda says her fiance put cameras in their house and hid in the back seat of their car in attempts to catch her cheating.

  • He Beats Me ... He Loves Me

    Quantea became abusive after he learned that his sometime girlfriend slept with one of his family members.

  • DNA Drama!

    Nick says there are seven or eight other men who also could be the father of Mary's daughter, and he and his mom think Mary is a liar and manipulating them.

  • I Saw the Picture: You Molested That Girl

    Breon receives mysterious messages that her boyfriend molested a child; Wilbert's daughter accuses him of molesting her, but he says her mother is making it up to get custody of the girl.

  • Did She Watch Our Daughter Get Raped?

    Kalif was shocked by what he heard when he bugged his wife's phone; Wesley's sister-in-law accuses him of raping her.

  • Did My Boyfriend's Wife Try to Poison Me?

    Adonis lives a double life with two women in the same home; teenage nanny Cassarah quickly moved in with her potential employer and they fell in love.

  • Steve, I'm Back: I Need Your Help Even More

    Kaya's 19-month-old daughter was beaten nearly to death, and she is now blind and paralyzed; past guest Justin is accused of molesting another child.

  • I Won't Kiss Her on the Lips: She's a Cheater

    Delaney says she works two jobs to support herself and her boyfriend, who complains that she does not come home when she should and that their sex life has languished; Kwame denies being the father of his girlfriend's young son.

  • You Called the Show: We Will Find Out the Truth

    Monique believes that her ex molested their daughter; he says she is coaching the child to say untrue things.

  • We Didn't Drug Our 7-Month-Old Son

    Taken from his parents, a 7-month-old boy is found to have eight different types of narcotics in his system.

  • DNA: Young Mothers Need Results

    By process of elimination, Bryanna concludes that her ex-boyfriend is her baby's father, but he and his family feel otherwise.

  • Steve, Help Me Get Justice

    Ramon's ex-girlfriend's daughter accuses him of hitting and sexually abusing her, and he takes a lie-detector test in a bid to clear his name.

  • You're One Shady Character

    Keke knows her boyfriend cheated, and she is curious to find out what else he is not telling her; Breanne thinks her boyfriend has active profiles on dating sites and a photo of himself on a local sex site.

  • Did My Boyfriend Rape My Mom?

    Tracy says she was raped by her daughter's boyfriend at a party, while he insists the sex was consensual; Maurice confesses to his girlfriend that he has been accused of raping multiple women, but says the accusations are completely false.

  • Social Media Ignites Rage

    Tyler thinks his girlfriend Erin is leading a double life; Brenda calls off her wedding to Dylon because she claims to have proof he cheated.

  • She Said Daddy, You Raped Me

    Zafir confronts his actions to determine whether he did molest his daughter.

  • Mother Burns 2 Month Old With a Cigarette?

    Kayla faces a lengthy prison term after being accused of burning her baby boy with a cigarette; Courtney wants to know whether her best friend was the cause of her son's bruises years ago.

  • Young Couples Shocked by Results

    Frederick questions Rosa's fidelity and Rose insists she has been faithful; Kyle and Hallie put their marriage plans on hold when both tested positive for an STD.

  • My Life Was Destroyed That Day

    Dierre recounts being charged with aggravated assault for what she says was an accident; Susan's daughters wonder if their mother was involved in their sister's disappearance.

  • Why Do You Let Daddy Hit You?

    Zach punches, chokes and spits on his partner; Cornella says her boyfriend has choked her and beat her up, and her brother begs her to leave him.

  • I Don't Want to Believe He Molested Our Child

    Anita says her son described acts of abuse after visiting his father's house; Noel's family members do not believe that her father molested her, and they call her a habitual liar.

  • Who Strangled My 3-Year-Old Son?

    Jeff is accused of strangling his own 3-year-old, and the child's mother and grandmother are accused of covering up the abuse.

  • Crazy Relationships Put to the Test

    Taya thinks that if she passes a lie-detector test, her ex-boyfriend will fall in love with her again and take her back; Deshawn and Keyonna accuse each other of cheating; Laphonso suspects that his wife and his brother had sex.

  • I Was 10 When Your Dad Raped Me

    Latanya wants to know whether her cousin's accusations of rape by her father are true; Elaine's son says her close friend touched him inappropriately.

  • These Accusations Are Torturing Me

    Tameeka denies cheating on her husband and says his suspicions are getting dangerous; Gloria intends to prove her fidelity with a lie-detector test; Kai says her miscarriages were caused by the stress of having a cheating partner.

  • Updates: Was It Really a Happy Ending?

    Steve tells what happened to two families after they appeared on his show.

  • Did My Mother Arrange My Father's Murder?

    Say-junn says he has heard from the paternal side of his family that his mother was responsible for his father's murder; an update on a woman who believed that her 48-year-old boyfriend was sleeping with her teen daughter.

  • She Beats and Bites You: Why Do You Stay?

    Luis has recorded phone conversations and made his wife quit jobs because he is convinced that she is sneaking men into their home to have sex with them; Diamond admits to abusing and biting her new boyfriend because she thinks he is cheating.

  • You're Caught, Now Deny It to Her Face

    Sade thinks her boyfriend took their son with him when he visited another woman; Eric says he only pretended to cheat in order to teach his girlfriend a lesson, but it backfired on him; Doshan is convinced that his wife has been unfaithful.

  • Is He My Father and Did He Try to Sell Me for Drugs?

    Laura wants to know if Robert is her biological father, but her mother fears what will happen if she finds out the truth; Bryante thinks Maura is trying to pin a second child on him.

  • Steve, I'll Prove I'm Not Gay

    Jamia thinks her baby's father is gay; Arnecia says her boyfriend lied to her about where he worked and where he lived, and now she believes he is lying about being gay.

  • My Brother Is Not a Molester

    Paul's girlfriend's daughter says he molested her; Tiffany's son accuses his father of sexual abuse.

  • Encore: Did You Violate Our Trust ... and Our Children?

    Dameion takes a lie-detector test because his cousin's children accuse him of molesting them.

  • Did You Post Online that You Had Sex With My Brother?

    Elisia says someone hacked her Facebook account and posted a message saying she cheated on her boyfriend; a newly engaged couple accuse each other of cheating.

  • DNA: I Saw Her With Another Man

    Chris says he caught his girlfriend cheating when she was seven months pregnant; Dana's fiance is so controlling that he does not allow her to leave the house, have a cell phone or take a shower without his permission.

  • Did You Allow Men to Molest Your Daughter for Drug Money?

    Kesha's children now live with her best friend, who says she has heard rumors that Kesha allowed men to molest her young daughter for money.

  • I Don't Think She's Pregnant, I Think She's a Prostitute

    CeCe's baby daddy says everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie, and he believes she is not even pregnant; Stacey says her husband is controlling and obsesses over her every move, and even what she wears.

  • Accident at 115 MPH: Who Was Driving?

    Father and daughter accuse each other of driving the vehicle that was involved in a near-fatal accident.

  • DNA: It's Not My Baby, So I Cheated

    Tracey wants to prove that she is not a cheater and that her boyfriend is her daughter's father; Justin says his girlfriend told him he is not the father of her baby.

  • They Took My Kids but I Never Abused Them

    Melissa and Hannah, whose mother lost custody of them more than 20 years ago, want to know if she abused them; Jacklynn wants to prove that it was her boyfriend, not her, who caused serious injury to her 2-year-old daughter.

  • I Don't Need the Test: I'll Tell the Truth

    Steven wants to know if his girlfriend is cheating on him again; Danny explains why he came home with scratches on his back and a condom in his car; Walter left his girlfriend because he saw her talking to another man.

  • Jail Was Hell and I Was Innocent

    Ronald denies molesting his girlfriend's daughter; Joseph was charged with aggravated child molestation because his stepdaughter's two young children said he inappropriately touched them.

  • You're on My Show Again ... That Can't Be Good

    Alishia, who recently reconnected with her long-lost mother, returns to the show; Omar's lie-detector test came back inconclusive, so he returns for another.

  • I Was Too Drunk to Consent: Who's the Father?

    Jenneka says she remembers very little of what took place during a three-day party, but she soon discovered that she was pregnant; Ashley confessed to her husband that he may not be their boy's father.

  • I Think I Saw Him Molest Our Daughter

    Felicia says she woke up and found her boyfriend in a compromising position next to their sleeping daughter; 16-year-old Amber tells of rushing her son to the hospital after learning that his grandfather molested him.

  • Are You Sure You Want All of the Results?

    Jerrell's new girlfriend cheats on him and used to trade sex for money; Destiny fears that her baby's daddy has been unfaithful again.

  • I Didn't Beat My 6-Week-Old Baby

    Jasmine insists she did not cause her 6-week-old son to suffer a fractured skull, seven broken ribs and bruises covering his body; Tiffany says her 'sugar daddy' went into a jealous rage and tried to suffocate her 2-year-old son.

  • Betrayed by My Lifelong Friend?

    Derrick fears that Sherronda is cheating with his lifelong best friend; 18-year-olds accuse each other of infidelity.

  • I Gave My Husband a Hall Pass, but He Got Her Pregnant

    Preshas and Clarence accuse each other of infidelity; Michael got another woman pregnant while Krystle was in jail, and now he thinks Krystle is cheating out of revenge.

  • My Baby Was Beaten to Death

    Celita's child's grandmother and aunt believe she was complicit with the toddler's killer and demand that she take a lie-detector test.

  • 5 Years of Abuse: Is He the Father?

    Tyjuan says he feels justified in beating up his girlfriend because he thinks she is cheating, and he doubts the paternity of their five children; Natasha fears that her rapist, not her husband, may be her baby girl's father.

  • Pregnant by a Molester?

    Andrea says she caught her boyfriend sexually molesting her daughter, but he says she is just paranoid; Nathaniel says his wife's family has been trying to sabotage their relationship by accusing him of beating and molesting her children.

  • 20 Days Old: Beaten by Mom or Dad?

    Mark was charged with child endangerment after his newborn son suffered brain damage and other injuries, but he says the infant's mother is the abuser.

  • Crazy Allegations, Shocking Results

    A suspicious voice mail leads William to think his girlfriend is drugging him and sneaking men into the house; Lacara recants her confession of cheating on her boyfriend.

  • How Could You Beat Your Wife Like That?

    Whitney's partner has hit and choked her, leading to her being hospitalized; Rudy and his wife had to move out of state to get away from his mistress.

  • You Raped Me on My 18th Birthday!

    Lasalle wants a former friend to own up to raping her 11 years ago; he says he was not even present when the incident took place.

  • 4-Year-Old Almost Dies in a Fire ... Is He My Son?

    Kevin says that if his ex's son turns out to be his, he wants permanent custody, because the preschooler was at home unattended when a house-fire broke out; Greg and Te'annah accuse each other of cheating.

  • Does My Boyfriend Have a Gay Secret?

    Based on text messages she found on his phone, Nesi thinks her longtime boyfriend is having a sexual relationship with another man; Karissa thinks her husband's boyfriend caused their baby's death.

  • Abuse, Prostitution, DNA ... and a Retest

    Loretta says her boyfriend punched her and pulled her hair while she was pregnant; he accuses her of cheating and being a prostitute.

  • She Lives With a Molester and I Raise Her Kids

    James, 68, is raising his grandchildren because his daughter continues to live with her boyfriend, who has been accused of molesting her son.

  • Emotional Women Explode

    Kathern wants to know the truth about her husband and another woman; Justine thinks her baby-daddy has been having sex with his best friend.

  • Our Mom Is a Monster

    Alisha and Ariel have questions about why they were removed from their mother's custody when they were children.

  • Did You Trust Him Around Your Kids Too Soon?

    Syteria's 4-year-old says her mother's boyfriend molested her; Christie learned that her children's father may have been the one who molested them after getting another man put behind bars for the crime.

  • The Most Toxic Relationships Ever

    Alex doubts he is the father to his girlfriend's 1-year-old daughter; when Kenchada learned that her man cheated on her, she started a two-year revenge spree to make him feel her pain.

  • Baby Suffered Horrific Burns: Is Mom Guilty?

    Erin believes that her nephew's mother deliberately caused third-degree burns covering his head, face, hands and feet.

  • 4 Suspects, 2 Charges, Who Will Fail?

    A mom and three other people want tests to prove they did not physically or sexually abuse her little boy.

  • She Gave Birth 5 Days Ago: Am I the Father?

    Now that her baby has been born, Sabrionna returns to the show to have her husband take a paternity test; Angel returns to find out whether her husband or her ex-lover is her baby's father.

  • Good Father or Molester?

    Divorced parents accuse each other of molesting their children; Carla's 3-year-old son says his father touches him inappropriately.

  • My Daughter Is a Worthless Mother

    Edward says he will do anything to protect his grandchildren from his daughter's abuse and neglect; Rose accuses her ex's new wife of burning her 6-year-old.

  • You Didn't Raise Me, but Are You a Molester?

    Tracy denies molesting her granddaughter; Tabitha, 17, recently learned that her father molested her when she was 3.

  • Consensual Sex or Rape?

    A man had sex with Stephanie after she blacked out from drinking; Jenna's fiance has a rape charge on his criminal record.

  • Steve Doesn't Spin the Truth

    Melvin's fiancee wants him to take a paternity test for his ex-girlfriend's child in order to put an end to the saga.

  • Is My First Love the Father?

    Parents recently learned that their 3-year-old daughter may have been molested; Mathew fears that his girlfriend has been cheating on him with various people, and he denies their new baby.

  • The Horrific Truth Unleashes Fury

    Angel was told that her father was not in her life because he molested her when she was only 6 weeks old; he and his current wife are on a mission to prove his innocence.

  • A Family Divided Gets Results

    Janisha is fed up with her husband's family denying her children and trying to destroy her marriage.

  • Did My Girlfriend Fake Her Pregnancy?

    Nicole told her boyfriend she was pregnant, but she was unable to show him any proof, and now says she miscarried; Derrick's fiancee accuses him of cheating.

  • I Trusted My Boyfriend: Is He a Molester?

    Angela's daughter accuses her fiance of molesting her; Darcel wants to know whether her ex-boyfriend molested her child while he was baby-sitting.

  • 5-Week-Old Dies ... Was Mom Neglectful?

    After Lecia lied to police about her infant's death, people began to suspect she was the culprit; Darien thinks his child's mother is covering for an abuser.

  • DNA: Surprise Results

    Seventeen-year-old Gaylon's mother says that if the DNA test proves he is not the father of his girlfriend's baby, he needs to move on with his life.

  • 3 Suspects Tested ... Who Beat This Baby?

    Jessica, her boyfriend and her grandmother are each suspected of causing her young child's life-threatening injuries.

  • I Know He's a Child Predator

    Parents, Danielle and Eric, accuse Danielle's mother's boyfriend of molesting their 3-year-old daughter.

  • Deadly Accusations

    Shakitta thinks her stepfather set up her father to be murdered; Stacy says her daughter's boyfriend has been abusing her 4-year-old grandson.

  • Did My Son Rape My Wife?

    Ashley says her 20-year-old stepson took advantage of her; Cornelius thinks his wife is sleeping with her own son.

  • This Happened on Your Watch!

    Tracy wants to know if her children's father has molested them; Tiesha still loves the boyfriend who has been accused of molesting her daughter.

  • I Have a Confession: I Was Never Pregnant

    Shane says he installed a GPS tracker on his partner's phone to see if she is cheating on him; Maurice's wife brings him to the show in order to confess a secret she has been hiding from him.

  • This Child Was Living in Hell

    Eric says his daughter was abused and neglected while living with her mother, and the child has tested positive for meth.

  • I'm Pregnant: Is He Cheating?

    Sabrionna and Jerald have each found evidence that the other is cheating; pregnant Andrea says she found another woman's purse in her man's car.

  • My Dad Gave Me Drugs and We Had Sex

    Shania says that when she was a teen staying at her father's home, he would give her drugs and take advantage of her; Melissa fears that her mother is using illegal drugs while baby-sitting her 2-year-old daughter.

  • Tell Me What You Did to My Baby

    When Tiesha picked up her 3-year-old from a relative's house, the child was bruised and bleeding; a 6-week-old baby gets two black eyes while in the care of her father.

  • DNA: Date Rape or Did She Cheat?

    Brittany says she woke up in the hospital and found out she was a victim of date rape, but her boyfriend says any sex that took place was consensual; Tarrance says Stekeeshia got pregnant intentionally and is trying to trap him into a relationship.

  • Justice Will Be Served Today

    Elaina and her husband say her sister's fiance raped their little girl while he was a guest in their home.

  • You're Not a Sex Addict: You're a Con Man

    Romeo tells his wife that he is addicted to sex and has been living a secret life as a porn star; Roberta thinks her boyfriend cheated with her best friend and demands to know the truth.

  • My Granddaughter Says You Molested Her

    Larre's ex-girlfriend accuses him of sexually abusing her 3-year-old daughter; Miriam wants to know if her husband molested her daughter or if her mother coached the girl into making the accusation.

  • I Will Prove I Didn't Cheat: Will You?

    James disrespects his girlfriend by flirting with other women and watching porn, but denies cheating on her; Maribel is tired of her partner's constant accusations of infidelity.

  • Will These Results Really Change Anything?

    Victoria says her partner told her explicit details about his sexual encounters with two women, but he denies it; Corey says his wife flirts with other men in front of him; Misti's fiance admits to cheating with five women and got a teen pregnant.

  • We Had a Threesome: Is He the Father?

    Joe denies the infant daughter of the woman with whom he and his partner had a threesome; Megan became pregnant with twins while she was cheating on her partner; Jeannie says her baby's father denies the child because he does not want responsibility.

  • Steve Helped Me Leave Him

    Steve helps several guests find the courage to leave their abusive relationships in search of better lives.

  • Results Ruin Relationships?

    Dwight thinks the men his fiancee calls her cousins are actually her lovers; Sara wants to know if her boyfriend has been cheating with his teen neighbor; Deborah has installed a tape recorder in the bedroom to catch her boyfriend cheating.

  • DNA: You're Breaking My Heart

    Lakeem caught his girlfriend in a lie about their son; Amber and her fiance want to prove that her ex is her baby's father.

  • I Didn't Cheat, She's a Lesbian

    Newlywed Katisha fears that her husband is unfaithful; Cameron found flirty messages between Raquel and other men; pregnant Kristyn received a video of her baby's father in bed with another woman.

  • Are My Daughter and Boyfriend Having Sex?

    Natasha is sick and tired of being accused of having sex with her mother's man, whom she used to date; Ozella thinks her live-in boyfriend has been molesting her 13-year-old.

  • Encore: I've Been Shot, Beaten and Brokenhearted

    Steve provides an update on the travails of a woman who has been verbally and physically abused, cheated upon and shot.

  • I'm Not a Molester, She's a Liar

    Jessica says her son told her that his father molested him; a woman says her female cousin's boyfriend is gay and molested her twin boys.

  • Did You Violently Shake Your 6-Day-Old Daughter?

    Three years ago, Stephanie confessed to severely abusing her newborn and was charged with felony child abuse, then changed her story.

  • I Know That's Not My Brother's Baby

    Past guest Miracle accuses a woman of pinning a baby on her brother in order to go after his money; Ashley fears that her husband is not her child's father.

  • Why Are You Two Together?

    Rashell waited until her boyfriend was asleep, then looked through his phone for evidence of cheating; Devin thinks his partner is cheating on him in revenge for his own infidelity.

  • When He Gets Mad He Beats Me

    Jennifer says her partner became jealous and abusive after she called out another man's name during sex; Eric says Attelia disappeared for months before telling him she was pregnant, so he does not believe he is the father.

  • Women Falsely Accused?

    Oksana's boyfriend says a neighbor told him he slept with Oksana; Cary, who married his girlfriend within a month of meeting her, fears that she is unfaithful.

  • DNA: Teen Moms

    Joseph's girlfriend disappeared for more than a year and returned with a baby; Stephen refuses to accept any responsibility for his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend's infant.

  • Steve's Favorite Funny Guests

    Steve highlights a bevy of the season's funniest guests.

  • Did You Rob Your Own Mother?

    Ladonna accuses her daughter and her mysterious new boyfriend of burglarizing her home; Jasmine's family says she is a prostitute who has left her toddler unattended in a hotel room while meeting with clients.

  • Baby, I Would Never Cheat on You ...

    Maurice says his lie-detector test will prove to his college sweetheart that her love has changed him for the better; Michael suspects that his girlfriend has been having sex with their roommate.

  • Who's the Father: My Fiance or His Best Friend?

    Before Rashetta gets married, she wants to know if her fiance is her child's dad; Melissa fears that she could lose her boyfriend if he turns out not to be her baby's father.

  • Did You Run Away With Our Kids to Cheat?

    Frank's girlfriend and children vanished for seven months with no explanation; Ronald denies being gay, but Kathi says constant rumors and gay porn on his computer point to only one thing; Brian's girlfriend disappears for days at a time.

  • Encore: If You Didn't Shake Your Son, Why Did You Confess?

    Jessica, who at first confessed to shaking her infant son, causing significant brain injuries, then changed her story, returns to the show saying his injuries were somehow caused by a sippy cup.

  • He Failed One Test: Will He Fail Steve's?

    Kimberly says she kicked her husband out of the house because countless women were texting his phone, and the fight over cheating has started to become physical abuse; Tiffany wants to know whether her fiance sleeps with men and women for money.

  • I Lied: I'm Still Pregnant

    Maryan's unborn baby's father is enraged because she is planning to marry someone else; Jennifer's boyfriend has suddenly started denying their 4-year-old daughter.

  • Teen Parents Need Results

    Brandy hopes that Josh is not her baby's father, saying their relationship was just a fling; young parents Taylor and Brent accuse each other of cheating.

  • He Preyed on My Sister, but Did He Molest Their Daughter?

    Francisco says his wife's sister is making up accusations of child molestation against him in order to break up his marriage; Becky accuses her granddaughter's father of molesting the girl.

  • Best of Season 7

    Highlights from the show in which the former US Marine offers advice to guests with personal and family problems

  • I'm 18: If I Get Pregnant, He'll Love Me

    Sirena concocts a plan to get and keep the love of her life; Buzi accuses his girlfriend of having sex with his teenage son; Danielle's fiance says he will make their marriage official only if she can prove that she has been faithful.

  • He's Taken 3 DNA Tests: Will You Believe the Results?

    Avanti says a blood transfusion at birth altered her child's DNA; a man who moved in with his girlfriend the day after they met wonders if he is the father of their two children.

  • Is My Girlfriend Secretly Making Porn?

    Rupert thinks his girlfriend lied about cheating, pregnancy and abortion; Jason suspects that his children's mother made pornography in their home.

  • Did You and Your Friends Drug and Rape Me?

    Adam and Jason deny drugging and raping Adam's girlfriend; Curtis denies burglarizing his sister's home.

  • These Accusations Are Criminal

    Gina stayed by her boyfriend's side after he was accused of molesting her 4-year-old daughter, but she wonders if she made the right choice; Camille suspects her husband of sexually abusing their young children.

  • Did My Boyfriend Download Child Porn?

    Damien claims that a virus put child pornography on his computer; an exciting update on a story from last season.

  • Ultimate Family Betrayals

    Quisha heard a rumor that her boyfriend and her foster mother were involved in a sexual relationship; a high-school girl has sex with her friend's father.

  • Molested and Abandoned by Dad?

    Tammy says her then-boyfriend's daughter told her that he had sexually abused her; since then she believes that he did not cooperate with authorities and fled the state to avoid an investigation.

  • Is She Lying to Break Us Up?

    Apollonia says her children's father is still trying to have sex with her, but he says she is just trying to sabotage his marriage; after his wife admitted to cheating on him, Nicholas planted a recording device in their home to catch her in the act.

  • I Did Not Murder My 4-Month-Old Son

    Tasha and her boyfriend want to clear her name once and for all after charges that she intentionally smothered her infant were dropped.

  • I Want Our 3-Way Relationship Back

    Each woman who was in a three-way relationship with Relando wants to prove he is the father of her children; returning guest Donald wants to know if Aisia is prostituting for money.

  • Tempers Explode After Results

    A 2-year-old accuses her grandmother's husband of molesting her.

  • I'm Scared She Might Kill My Son

    Cruz accuses his girlfriend of abusing their toddler and says he has seen choke marks on the boy's neck.

  • You Abandoned Your Baby on a Bus

    Danielle confronts the birth mother she was told tried to sell her for drug money when she was 4 months old; Muriel says her ex is coaching their son to tell authorities she molested him.

  • My Teen Prostitutes for Heroin

    Teen drug addict and prostitute Morgan's mother and grandfather intervene and try to get her the help she needs.

  • Did My Sister Let Her Daughter Get Molested?

    Parents point the finger at each other for their 2-year-old's signs of being sexually molested; Brenda says she came home to find her daughter's father and uncle fist-fighting, and when she asked the reason, the answer changed her life forever.

  • Worst Confession of All Time

    Ronda, her husband and his son give differing reasons for their marital breakup; after getting back together with his baby's mother, Joseph learned she was telling people that he raped her and that another man was the baby's father.

  • He Abused Me: Is He Abusing Our Daughter?

    Jasmine says her toddler has had a blackened eye, bruises, scratches and other marks after returning from her father's house.

  • I'll Prove I Didn't Molest My Daughter

    Danielle says her daughter came home with a severe infection after staying with the child's father; Kelly says her 3-year-old told her that she was molested.

  • I Sent Him Naked Pictures and He Blackmailed Me

    Sarah says she sent a nude photo of herself to a random stranger, and he is now blackmailing her and ruining her relationship with her fiance; John postponed his wedding because he suspects that his fiancee is cheating with her female roommate.

  • I Stalk You Because It's Your Baby

    Jakari claims he heard that his new girlfriend got pregnant in order to trap him in a relationship and the child may not be his; Dennis' family members try to convince him he is not Tydreaka's children's dad; Kevin says his ex-girlfriend stalks him.

  • After All This, You Still Choose Him?

    Johnny resents his girlfriend's distrust of him just because he had sex with their neighbor and got another woman pregnant; Dayshene thinks her boyfriend has been sleeping with her friend; Chelsey found other women's things in her fiance's bed.

  • Outrageous Suspicions

    Steve looks back on stories involving irrational, overly paranoid guests.

  • Child Abuse: Who Will Fail?

    After a breakup, both parents notice bruises all over their 7-month-old son's face and point the finger at each other; Nicole says doctors told her that her 6-week-old daughter had been shaken, causing a broken arm and bleeding in the brain.

  • I Didn't Cheat: She Raped Me

    Devastated that her boyfriend cheated on her months ago, Keita fears that he is still being unfaithful; Porshe's musician boyfriend says all of the calls and texts he gets from other women are work-related.

  • Encore: Molestation Accusations Cause Chaos

    Renika, who earlier accused her daughter's father of molestation, returns to the show to accuse her boyfriend of molesting the girl.

  • You Brought Your Mistress to the Delivery Room?

    Jasmine fears that her husband is being unfaithful again; newlywed Lisa thinks her husband is cheating as payback for her affair with a member of his family; Frank thinks his wife sneaks people into their home to have sex.

  • Mother Molesters?

    Raheem says his baby came to his home with a black eye and a bite mark on his arm; Muriel says her ex has been coaching their son to say she touches him inappropriately.

  • If You Fail, I'll Explode

    Allan says he came home from work to find his girlfriend and their friend acting peculiarly, so he believes they are cheating.

  • Why Would You Say It Was His Son?

    After the funeral of a young man killed in a car crash, his girlfriend's cousin claims to be pregnant with his child, then changes her story; Antonio accuses his girlfriend of cheating and denies being the father of her second baby.

  • He Beats You, but You'll Leave if He's Cheating?

    Amirah is six months pregnant with her abusive boyfriend's child; Francisco has nailed his girlfriend's windows shut and searches for men hiding in her cabinets and closets.

  • I Married a Sex Offender: Did He Molest My Kids?

    Evelyn tells of marrying a parolee she knew was convicted of sexually abusing a child and leaving him home alone with her children for long periods of time.

  • I Like You, You Better Pass

    Satta says her husband gave her an STD while she was pregnant with their child; a couple try to salvage their family after she admits to cheating on him.

  • 7 Days Old and Severely Abused

    Josh confesses to violently shaking his girlfriend's newborn son, giving him life-threatening brain injuries.

  • He Tortured Me Until I Confessed

    Courtney wants to get back together with the man who constantly accused her of infidelity; Bria thinks her husband has been cheating on her with other women, including prostitutes.

  • If I Fail, I'm the Devil

    Grant learns that his 2-year-old daughter's mother accuses a man of molesting the child.

  • I'm Innocent, but He Still Abuses Me

    Ontario abuses his girlfriend because he thinks she slept with one of his friends; Charles says his suspicions that his wife was cheating were confirmed when he found another man's underwear in their bedroom.

  • Most Shocking Results

    Steve recaps the shocking endings to stories filled with infidelity, paternity drama and scandalous acts.

  • DNA: You Didn't Know You Were 7 Months Pregnant?

    Gerry denies cheating on his girlfriend and fathering another woman's child; Jeremiah doubts that his girlfriend's children are his; Willie wants to know if he is the father of his ex's baby.

  • I Found 100 Emails to Other Women

    William wants to take a lie-detector test to prove to Ashlee that he never had sex with any of the women he solicited online; Dominique's husband has been receiving suspicious text messages from other women, but he says he is being set up.

  • If You're Not Happy, Why Do You Stay?

    James and Myoshie suspect each other of infidelity; Anthony's girlfriend accuses him of cheating with his own family members.

  • You Preyed on My Daughter

    Aly was only 17 when she began dating 31-year-old John, and her mother continues to disapprove of their relationship; 22-year-old Bria thinks her 55-year-old boyfriend is cheating on her.

  • Did You Intentionally Burn Your Niece With a Cigarette?

    Parents confront the man their 4-year-old daughter says shoved her face in a pillow and burned her with a cigarette until she passed out; Joseph wants to know if his ex has been drugging their 3-year-old so she can go party.

  • Brothers Stand Accused of Molestation

    T is accused of molesting his nephew and another child; Renee wants to know who molested her 4-year-old and caused her to lose custody of her children.

  • I Check My Man, I Know He's Cheating

    Bria says she received a text from a mysterious woman claiming to be pregnant by Bria's boyfriend; Chris says his girlfriend lies about talking with strange men on the phone, and she says she has to strip-search Chris to look for signs of having sex.

  • Molestation: He Said He Could Beat Your Test

    Neka says her 4-year-old son told her that his stepfather molested him.

  • Is the Pot Making You Paranoid?

    Russell thinks the mother of his six children has been drugging him so she can cheat; Joel says he has been receiving voicemail sounding like his girlfriend is having sex with another man.

  • Your Family Is Lying to Break Us Up

    Sal's girlfriend and uncle deny having sex while he was away on vacation; Shannon says her boyfriend's brother has been telling lies about her because he wants her out of the picture.

  • Rape: Guilty or Innocent

    In a recap of previous episodes dealing with rape, the stakes are high and reactions are volatile when guests find themselves accused.

  • I Can't Stay if You Fail

    David's wife accuses him of cheating with both women and men; Dawn's boyfriend goes through her phone to check messages and calls she receives; a couple accuse each other of infidelity.

  • My Sister Needs to Know the Truth

    Jasmine suspects that her brother has been prostituting in her home; Ashley wants to prove that her stepfather is a child molester.

  • You Say She's Stalking You, But Did You Have Sex?

    Denise tells her ex's new girlfriend that she is still sleeping with him; Jacqueline wants to take a lie-detector test to prove that she has been faithful to her husband.

  • You Don't Have the Right to Check Me

    Roderick thinks his girlfriend has been sneaking men into their home to have sex with them, and he is concerned about the paternity of their 3-month-old son; Jason thinks his girlfriend has been drugging him so she can sleep with other men.

  • Is My Best Friend My Son's Father?

    Josh admits that he may be the daddy of his newlywed friend's baby; 21-year-old Benny may be a father of five.

  • You Abused Your Son: Now He's Afraid of You

    James says his ex-wife burned their baby and sexually molested all three of their boys; returning guest Evie, who said her mother was fabricating allegations of child abuse against her, now says she wants to open up and tell the truth.

  • My Baby's Father Raped Me

    Troy says his ex is trying to ruin his life by falsely accusing him of rape; divorced parents accuse each other of child abuse.

  • You Were Pregnant, He Abused You ... Does He Deserve the DNA Results?

    Alex, who cheated with about 20 women and abused his pregnant girlfriend, wants to know if he is the child's father; Kevin says the woman with whom he cheated is now stalking him and his family.

  • Am I Pregnant by a Molester?

    A child says her mother's new boyfriend molested her; sisters say a mysterious man molested them when they stayed overnight at their father's home.

  • Steve, She's Stalking Me!

    Trena wants her ex to help take care of their daughter, but he says she is stalking him and his new girlfriend; Talia believes her husband's friend is a peeping Tom.

  • Molestation Accusations Cause Chaos

    Reneka accuses Daryl of molesting their daughter; he says she is coaching the child to say he did it; the pair take lie-detector tests.

  • Why Did You Reveal My Secret Gay Lifestyle?

    A relative told Mariah that her boyfriend is bisexual and cheating on her with men; Ashley says her husband's behavior has completely changed and she fears he is having an affair; a woman sent incriminating text messages to Terrence's wife.

  • My Son Said You Beat Him

    A boy's father fears that his stepfather has been abusing him; a woman and her mother feud over child-abuse allegations.

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