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Episode Guide

The Simpsons: Season 27 (2015)

  • Season 27 Episode 6: Friend With Benefit

    Homer sees his chance to live the good life when Lisa makes friends with a new girl at school whose father is a billionaire. With the guest voice of Kristen Bell

  • Season 27 Episode 5: Treehouse of Horror XXVI

    In the show's 26th Halloween special the villainous Sideshow Bob finally achieves his dream, Homer wakes up with amnesia, and Lisa, Bart and Milhouse gain superpowers

  • Season 27 Episode 4: Halloween of Horror

    The family is proud to be the most decorated house on the block at Halloween, but Lisa is traumatised at Krustyland Horror Night and feels she cannot handle the celebration anymore

  • Season 27 Episode 3: Puffless

    Selma and Patty agree to stop smoking when they learn their father died of lung cancer; when Selma relapses, Patty becomes angry and moves in with Homer and Marge.

  • Season 27 Episode 2: Cue Detective

    Homer becomes the king of barbecues in Springfield after buying a grill from a mysterious man at a roadside shack and ends up being challenged to a cook-off by a TV chef

  • Season 27 Episode 1: Every Man's Dream

    Homer and Marge visit a marriage counselor and decide on a trial separation, during which Homer begins dating a twentysomething pharmacist. With the guest voices of Girls cast members Lena Dunham, Adam Driver, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet and Allison Williams

    Today at 8:00pm EST - WNYW (FOX)

The Simpsons: Season 26 (2013 - 2015)

  • Season 26 Episode 22: Mathlete's Feat

    Lisa joins a mathematics team, leading to an epic battle with her Waverly Hill rivals. Animated comedy capers with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the other residents of the all-American town of Springfield

    Wednesday 2nd December 11:30pm EST - WNYW (FOX)
  • Season 26 Episode 21: Bull-E

    Marge convinces the town to pass anti-bullying legislation after Bart gets picked on at the school dance. Homer then gets arrested and sent to rehab for targeting Ned Flanders, only to subsequently leave the facility as a hero

    Tuesday 1st December 11:30pm EST - WNYW (FOX)
  • Season 26 Episode 20: Let's Go Fly a Coot

    The family hears about Grampa's time in the Air Force, and when Milhouse's Dutch cousin Annika pops by, Bart takes up smoking to impress her. Featuring the guest voice of Game of Thrones' Carice van Houten

    Today at 6:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 26 Episode 19: The Kids Are All Fight

    A trip down memory lane is on the cards when Homer finds an old film strip, leading to family flashbacks telling the story of Bart and Lisa's troublesome toddler years - and how they got into their first fight

  • Season 26 Episode 18: Peeping Mom

    Marge is convinced Bart is lying when he denies any responsibility for a bulldozer crash, so she doggedly follows her mischief-making son's every step in the hope he will eventually crumble and confess. Meanwhile, it's a case of out with the old and in with the new when Homer gives Santa's Little Helper the cold shoulder in favour of Flanders' new pooch

  • Season 26 Episode 17: Waiting for Duffman

    Duff beer's mascot Duffman injures himself after one too many pelvic thrusts, so a nationwide reality contest is launched - So You Think You Can Duff - to find his replacement. Homer wins hands down, only to learn that the main job requirement is that he has to stay sober at all times. But what at first sounds like an impossible task soon proves to be an enlightening lifestyle change as Homer realises alcohol isn't necessary to have a good time. With the guest voices of Cat Deeley, Stacy Keach and R Lee Ermey

    Today at 6:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 26 Episode 16: Sky Police

    Chief Wiggum gets his hands on a military jet pack, only to cause insurmountable damage to the local church. To make matters worse, Marge and the rest of the congregation are short of funds to repair their beloved place of worship - so they resort to gambling to raise the necessary funds

  • Season 26 Episode 15: The Princess Guide

    Homer is told to entertain a visiting Nigerian princess whose father is in town for a business meeting with Mr Burns, but when she proves uninterested in the TV, he takes her to Moe's, where she and the normally irascible barman strike a surprisingly sweet friendship. With the guest voices of Jon Lovitz and Richard Branson

  • Season 26 Episode 14: My Fare Lady

    Marge becomes fed up of ferrying her kids around free of charge, so she joins the ranks of an online taxi service. Homer, meanwhile, inadvertently causes Moe to become bankrupt, so to help his friend out he gets another job as caretaker at the power plant

  • Season 26 Episode 13: Walking Big & Tall

    The proud residents of Springfield are outraged when they learn their town anthem was stolen from a travelling musician, so Bart and Lisa volunteer to find a replacement song. Meanwhile, Homer is on a mission to find a fat people's rights group after a humiliating incident in which he gets stuck in his seat. With the guest voice of Pharrell Williams

  • Season 26 Episode 12: The Musk Who Fell to Earth

    Billionaire entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk enjoys a stay in Springfield, quickly striking up a friendship with Homer - who inspires the newcomer to dream up a new idea for the nuclear power plant. Mr Burns is keen to put the plan into action - but it would cost him a massive sum of money and plunge the town into depression

  • Season 26 Episode 11: Bart's New Friend

    Homer makes a connection with Bart after being hypnotised into thinking he is a 10-year-old boy by hypnotist Svenjamin Ghali, leading to the pair embarking on a series of mischievous adventures. Animated comedy capers with the family, in a story penned by Hollywood writer and producer Judd Apatow

  • Season 26 Episode 10: The Man Who Came to Be Dinner

    Homer and Marge take the kids to Diz-Nee Land, where they soon become exasperated by the amusement park's lengthy queues, until they discover a ride that transports them to the home planet of Kang and Kodos

  • Season 26 Episode 9: I Won't Be Home for Christmas

    Homer gets into the spirit of the season during a Christmas Eve session at Moe's, and after getting a tad too merry he is told not to come home by an angry Marge. Wandering around Springfield all on his own, the lovable oaf is left to think about his actions - but will he see the error of his ways?

  • Season 26 Episode 8: Covercraft

    Homer finds himself caught in the throes of a mid-life crisis, so he takes up bass guitar and forms a band with some of the other dads in Springfield. However, things get awkward when their singer - none other than Apu - proves so successful that he quickly outgrows the rest of the group, leading to jealousy and resentment

  • Season 26 Episode 7: Blazed and Confused

    Bart faces a tough test at school when he gets a bullying new teacher who seems to want to crush his spirit, so the spiky-haired tearaway becomes determined to fight back. Meanwhile, the family attends a hippie-style community festival. With the guest voice of Willem Dafoe

  • Season 26 Episode 6: Simpsorama

    In a crossover episode with Futurama, the Planet Express crew members travel back in time and turn up in Springfield on a mission to prevent the troublesome family from destroying the future. It's not just a question of asking nicely however - Bender has been programmed to kill Bart, Terminator-style. Can the clan foil the murderous bot?

  • Season 26 Episode 5: Opposites A-Frack

    Eco-disaster looms in Springfield when Mr Burns launches a controversial fracking operation - and while Homer is more than happy to play accomplice to his boss, an outraged Lisa calls on the services of bigshot politician Maxine Lombard (voiced by two-time Oscar winner Jane Fonda) to shut Burns down. Against the odds, however, the opponents end up falling for one another

  • Season 26 Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror XXV

    Another trio of Halloween stories. Bart unlocks a portal to hell and attends a school where bad behaviour is actively encouraged - although goody-two-shoes Lisa has a tougher time fitting in. Homer stars in his own version of A Clockwork Orange, in which he tries to give up the thug lifestyle after falling for a certain blue-haired lady, and in the final story, the family are haunted by ghosts from the past

  • Season 26 Episode 3: Super Franchise Me

    Marge starts her own sandwich shop after her snacks become a huge hit at Springfield Elementary. However, running a business proves challenging - especially when the same franchise opens another location across the street

    Friday 4th December 10:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 26 Episode 2: The Wreck of the Relationship

    Marge signs Homer and Bart up on a father-son bonding ocean voyage in a bid to heal their troubled relationship, and while the pair are away takes over Homer's fantasy football league. Animation, featuring the voice of Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation)

    Friday 4th December 10:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 26 Episode 1: Clown in the Dumps

    There's a death in Springfield, while Krusty's confidence takes a beating after he appears on a TV comedy roast with Sarah Silverman and Jeff Ross, prompting him to retire from the business. Lisa becomes worried for Homer's safety, so sets out to prevent him getting hurt

The Simpsons: Season 25 (2013 - 2014)

  • Season 25 Episode 22: The Yellow Badge of Cowardge

    Bart betrays Milhouse at Springfield Elementary's annual sports day when he seizes the opportunity to win a race rather than save his best friend from the school bullies. Is this the end of their bromance for good? Meanwhile, Homer tries to bring back the 4th of July fireworks when they are cancelled due to budget cuts. With the voices of Glenn Close and former US athlete Edwin Moses

  • Season 25 Episode 21: Pay Pal

    Homer manages to ruin any chance of building a friendship with his new neighbour, while Marge is concerned about the lack of friends Lisa has, and comes up with a plan to pay one of her classmates to pretend that they have the same interests as her daughter. However, things do not end as planned

  • Season 25 Episode 20: Brick Like Me

    The animated sitcom returns after a nine-week break - and there's a big change in Springfield when Homer wakes up one morning to find he and the world around him are made of Lego. To begin with, it seems like a pretty great existence - but Simpson Senior can't quite shake the feeling that everything is far from awesome

  • Season 25 Episode 19: What to Expect When Bart's Expecting

    Bart starts dabbling in the dark arts, only to cast a spell on his teacher that seemingly results in her getting pregnant. Word soon spreads that the mischief-maker is some kind of wizard and he becomes a saviour to childless couples in Springfield. But then he is kidnapped by Big Tony, who wants a champion racehorse to conceive

  • Season 25 Episode 18: Days of Future Future

    An episode set 30 years in the future, when divorcee Bart is locked in a custody battle with ex-wife Jenda - who has fallen for the undeniable charms of an insectoid alien - while Lisa's miserable marriage is given a new lease of life when hubby Milhouse becomes a zombie. Meanwhile, Homer keeps on dying - only to be replaced by a clone every time he pops his clogs. With the guest voice of Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation)

    Thursday 10th December 11:30pm EST - WNYW (FOX)
  • Season 25 Episode 17: Luca$

    Marge worries that Lisa has sold herself short when she starts dating a layabout whose only talent is for entering competitions - inadvertently hurting Homer's feelings in the process. Bart befriends a local criminal who goes by the name of Snake. With the guest voice of Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover)

    Wednesday 9th December 11:30pm EST - WNYW (FOX)
  • Season 25 Episode 16: You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee

    Lisa enters an essay-writing contest to sing the praises of the hero of her choice, so she chooses Homer - and when she makes an accompanying speech that grabs the attention of Brazil's football governing board, the couch potato ends up being recruited as a referee for the 2014 World Cup

    Tuesday 8th December 11:30pm EST - WNYW (FOX)
  • Season 25 Episode 15: The War of Art

    When Lisa's new guinea pig destroys a painting in the family's living room, Marge and Homer pick up a replacement at the Van Houtens' yard sale. However, when they realise their purchase could be a lost, valuable masterpiece they must decide whether to keep all of the possible windfall or share it with Milhouse and his family

    Monday 7th December 11:30pm EST - WNYW (FOX)
  • Season 25 Episode 14: The Winter of His Content

    The retirement home closes, so Grampa and a couple of his pals move in with the family. Marge is happy to make room for the old folks - until hubby Homer develops a taste for the OAP lifestyle. Meanwhile, Bart stands up to school bully Nelson, who has been caught wearing his mum's hand-me-down bloomers

    Friday 4th December 11:30pm EST - WNYW (FOX)
  • Season 25 Episode 13: The Man Who Grew Too Much

    Lisa is on a trip to a chemical engineering company when she is shocked to bump into Sideshow Bob, who has become their chief scientist - only to find she has a lot in common with Bart's number one enemy. Meanwhile, Marge becomes frustrated teaching abstinence for the church. With the guest voice of Kelsey Grammer

  • Season 25 Episode 12: Diggs

    A loner and falconry expert arrives in town and saves Bart from the school bullies, leading the two to become great friends. Before long, however, the spiky-haired tearaway realises his new pal is not so much eccentric as out-and-out disturbed. With the guest voice of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe

    Thursday 3rd December 11:30pm EST - WNYW (FOX)
  • Season 25 Episode 11: Specs and the City

    Mr Burns buys his employees hi-tech specs so he can spy on them. Homer is completely dazzled by his new eyewear - until they lead him to make an unexpected discovery about Marge. Meanwhile, Bart stages a rebellion against school bully Nelson

  • Season 25 Episode 10: Married to the Blob

    Comic Book Guy hasn't had much luck with the ladies in the past but all that changes when he takes advice from Marvel Comics head honcho Stan Lee, who gives him the courage to ask out a Japanese manga artist - and what lady wouldn't be wowed by a bouquet of flowers delivered in a Hulk hand?

  • Season 25 Episode 9: Steal This Episode

    Homer is fed up with the price of movies, so he starts illegally downloading films and opens his own cinema in the back yard. However, when Marge turns him in, he gets busted by a government anti-piracy squad, and finds himself in trouble with a host of Hollywood bigwigs, including writer and director Judd Apatow and actors Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd, Will Arnett and Channing Tatum

  • Season 25 Episode 8: White Christmas Blues

    A radiation leak at the nuclear plant causes snow to fall, just in time for Christmas - and when Springfield is inundated with festive holiday-makers, Marge sees a chance to make some extra cash by opening up the family home to boarders. Meanwhile, Lisa decides it's the thought that counts when buying this year's gifts - much to the annoyance of Bart

  • Season 25 Episode 7: Yellow Subterfuge

    Principal Skinner introduces a unique incentive to stop pupils being naughty - a ride on a submarine. It seems to do the trick, and before long Springfield Elementary's finest are competing to be the best behaved - including Bart. But has the youngster committed too many crimes against Skinner to wipe the slate clean? Meanwhile, Lisa helps Krusty with his money troubles

  • Season 25 Episode 6: The Kid Is Alright

    Lisa is upset to discover her new friend is a Republican - and as if that wasn't bad enough, she is running against her in the campaign to be class representative. With the guest voice of Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives)

    Friday 4th December 9:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 25 Episode 5: Labor Pains

    Homer helps to deliver a child in a lift, and the mother is so grateful she names her son after him, while Lisa tries to organise the Springfield Atoms cheerleaders to revolt against the team's greedy owner

  • Season 25 Episode 4: YOLO

    After watching Homer fall into a slump, Marge concocts a plan to make him feel alive again, getting in touch with his childhood pen-pal who help him live life to its fullest

  • Season 25 Episode 3: Four Regrettings and a Funeral

    The death of a popular Springfield man prompts four locals to address the biggest regrets of their lives so far. Homer still feels the sting of selling his Apple stock, wife Marge worries she may have been responsible for Bart's bad-boy instincts and newsreader Kent Brockman reveals he chickened out of a career move. And as for the fourth - it seems even Mr Burns liked someone

  • Season 25 Episode 2: Treehouse of Horror XXIV

    Another trio of Halloween stories, with an opening credits sequence by Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro, paying homage to many horror movie classics. The stories see Homer given a Dr Seuss-style makeover as the mischievous Fat in the Hat, a beheaded Bart and, in the black-and-white closer, a freak show run by Mr Burns

  • Season 25 Episode 1: Homerland

    The cartoon sitcom returns with a double bill, kicking off with this spoof of Homeland in which Homer returns from a nuclear convention a changed man. Lisa's suspicions are aroused when she realises her dad has given up pork and beer and has developed a sudden fondness for power plant schematics, so she enlists the services of an unhinged FBI agent (voiced by Kristen Wiig, Bridesmaids) to get to the bottom of his behaviour

The Simpsons: Season 24 (2012 - 2013)

  • Season 24 Episode 22: Dangers on a Train

    Marge is feeling neglected by Homer, and the timing couldn't be worse as their 10th wedding anniversary is fast approaching. Little does she know her husband is planning a grand romantic gesture inspired by a special moment from their first year of marriage. But wires get crossed when the miffed housewife stumbles upon a dodgy website for couples bored of their partners, and she ends up chatting to the too-good-to-be-true Ben (voiced by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane)

  • Season 24 Episode 21: The Saga of Carl Carlson

    Homer, Moe and Lenny go in pursuit of Carl when he skips town with $200,000 in winnings from a lottery ticket he bought with them. However, their search makes them realise how little they know about their friend and almost reaches a dead-end until Lisa points them in the direction of Iceland. Featuring music by Sigur Rós

  • Season 24 Episode 20: The Fabulous Faker Boy

    Marge encourages Bart to explore his creative side and signs him up for piano lessons, but the youngster is less than enthusiastic about the prospect until he meets his Russian teacher Zhenya. Meanwhile, Homer is distraught after losing his last two hairs and becoming completely bald. Guest starring the voices of Jane Krakowski, Bill Hader and Justin Bieber

  • Season 24 Episode 19: Whiskey Business

    Moe has a chance encounter with a couple of rich venture capitalists who invest in the barman's home-made whiskey. Grampa injures himself while babysitting Bart, but quite enjoys being looked after by his grandson, and Lisa attends a jam session at the Jazzhole - only to find none other than Bleeding Gums Murphy on the bill

    Friday 4th December 9:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 24 Episode 18: Pulpit Friction

    Homer is recruited to be a church deacon by the trendy new reverend - but when he starts to embrace the faith a little too seriously, Bart asks Flanders to help him track down their former pastor, the Rev Lovejoy. Meanwhile, the dry cleaners mistakenly swap Marge's wedding dress for one of Krusty's clown costumes. With the guest voice of Edward Norton

  • Season 24 Episode 17: What Animated Women Want

    Homer must save his marriage after a disastrous lunch date at Swankyfish, and tries to prove to Marge just how much she means to him by helping around the house. Meanwhile, Milhouse acts like a bad boy to impress Lisa. Featuring the guest voices of Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

  • Season 24 Episode 16: Dark Knight Court

    Mr Burns attempts to fulfil his lifelong ambition of becoming a superhero and take down a rogues' gallery of familiar faces, but devoted sidekick Smithers secretly intervenes after noticing his boss isn't quite up to the challenge. Lisa steps in as Bart's attorney when he is falsely accused of pulling an Easter prank

  • Season 24 Episode 15: Black-Eyed, Please

    Substitute teacher Mrs Cantwell (Tina Fey) takes an instant dislike to Lisa, and vows to give the youngster extra credit if she can figure out why. Meanwhile, Flanders is plagued with guilt after punching Homer. Featuring the guest voice of author Richard Dawkins

  • Season 24 Episode 14: Gorgeous Grampa

    The family sees a different side to Grampa when he revisits his days as Gorgeous Godfrey - the most feared and villainous TV wrestler of all time. Mr Burns reveals he was a huge fan and persuades the old man to put on his spandex suit and return to the ring for one last fight

  • Season 24 Episode 13: Hardly Kirk-ing

    Bart and Milhouse explore the perks of adulthood following a shaving experiment; Marge tries to save Maggie from the dangers of children's TV; includes a broadcast of Oscar-nominated short film 'Maggie Simpson in: The Longest Daycare.'

  • Season 24 Episode 12: Love Is a Many Splintered Thing

    Bart's dream girl Mary Spuckler comes to town, but their relationship turns sour when he fails to pay her enough attention. Meanwhile, Homer lands himself in the doghouse after upsetting Marge once too often. With the guest voices of Benedict Cumberbatch and Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 24 Episode 11: Changing of the Guardian

    A tornado hits Springfield and Marge and Homer have a brush with death that prompts them to think about who would look after their kids if the worst were to happen. But finding suitable guardians for their brood is no easy feat - until they bump into super-cool couple Mav and Portia. He's a surfer and she's an environmental lawyer - but are they just too good to be true?

  • Season 24 Episode 10: A Test Before Trying

    Springfield Elementary is threatened with closure over poor test scores, until it is revealed that one student missed the exam and could potentially save the school with an above-average mark. Unfortunately, that pupil turns out to be Bart - can he pull it out of the bag?

  • Season 24 Episode 9: Homer Goes to Prep School

    A trip to an amusement park ends in disarray, prompting Homer to question the behaviour of his fellow man - and leading to an invitation for him to join a survivalist group preparing for the end of the world. As usual, it's left to Marge to talk some sense into her hubby. Featuring the guest voice of music legend Tom Waits

  • Season 24 Episode 8: To Cur With Love

    Homer doesn't seem to care when Santa's Little Helper goes missing, puzzling the rest of his family who are all panicking about their missing pooch. So Grampa shares a story about his son, a certain childhood pet and a more youthful but no-less-bitter Mr Burns

  • Season 24 Episode 7: The Day the Earth Stood Cool

    Homer shakes off the shackles of his traditional lifestyle after hitting it off with his trendy new neighbours, who are the ultimate in cool - although Marge isn't too keen on the hipster clan, especially their parenting style. However, when Bart falls out with one of his new friends' kids, the doughnut-loving dad soon sees them for what they really are. With the guest voices of Portlandia stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, and Patton Oswalt (Young Adult)

  • Season 24 Episode 6: A Tree Grows in Springfield

    Homer is down in the dumps, until Lisa wins him a hi-tech computer tablet in the school raffle - and it soon becomes impossible for him to put it down, as every waking minute he finds himself stroking or jabbing the shiny touchscreen. However, disaster strikes when he breaks the device, sending him spiralling back down into the depths of despair. But when Ned Flanders discovers the word 'Hope' written on a tree trunk in the Simpsons' garden, Homer believes it to be a miracle and his faith in life is restored - although newsman Kent Brockman isn't quite so convinced

    Thursday 10th December 11:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 24 Episode 5: Penny-Wiseguys

    Homer is surprised to learn that his accountant neighbour Dan works for Fat Tony - and has been asked to take the Mob boss's place while he serves time on a jury. Meanwhile, Lisa decides to add insects to her diet, but is plagued by a series of nightmares. With the voice of Steve Carell

  • Season 24 Episode 4: Gone Abie Gone

    Grampa evades the security of the retirement home, and Homer and Marge set out to find him. Along the way, they discover intriguing details of his past, such as the time he worked alongside musician Marvin Hamlisch. The Oscar-winning composer guest stars as himself, in a role he recorded shortly before his death

  • Season 24 Episode 3: Adventures in Baby Getting

    Marge experiences mixed emotions when she is forced to replace the family car after an encounter with a sinkhole, while Bart becomes interested in Lisa's extracurricular activities after finding out about her covert meetings in town. With the guest voice of stock car racer Jeff Gordon

  • Season 24 Episode 2: Treehouse of Horror XXIII

    Another trilogy of spooky stories originally broadcast at Halloween. A Mayan civilisation - with some very familiar-looking members - predicts the end of the world, and a scientific experiment in Springfield ends up lumbering the town with its very own black hole - which threatens to swallow everything and everyone in sight. Finally, a spot of time travel relocates Bart to 1974 for a Back to the Future parody in which he inadvertently jeopardises his parents' relationship

  • Season 24 Episode 1: Moonshine River

    The family heads to New York after Bart hears his ex-girlfriend Mary Spuckler (Zooey Deschanel) is living there. But once he arrives, the spiky-haired youngster revisits a few more of his old flames - voiced by Anne Hathaway, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Natalie Portman and Sarah Silverman - while Lisa and Marge take in the local culture

  • Season 24 Episode 21/22: The Saga of Carl Carlson; Dangers on a Train

    When Homer, Moe, Lenny and Carl win the lottery, Carl takes off to Iceland with all the money; Marge mistakenly signs up for a website for married people looking for extramarital relationships.

The Simpsons: Season 23 (2011 - 2012)

  • Season 23 Episode 22: Lisa Goes Gaga

    Lisa despairs that she has never enjoyed the popularity Bart has, and ghost-writes positive things about herself on the school blog. But when the plan backfires, she finds herself at a new low - until none other than Lady Gaga rocks up in Springfield to show her what fame and celebrity is all about

  • Season 23 Episode 21: Ned 'n' Edna's Blend

    The townsfolk discover Ned and Edna have secretly tied the knot, so Marge throws them a reception to celebrate, and before long everyone soon realises there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Meanwhile, the bride has a plan to help stepchildren Rod and Todd fit in

  • Season 23 Episode 20: The Spy Who Learned Me

    Homer finds himself in Marge's bad books after ruining a night out, so when a head injury keeps him off work, he decides to use the time wisely and reflect on his marriage - and as luck would have it, movie star Stradivarius Cain is on hand to offer a few pearls of marital wisdom. With the guest voice of Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)

  • Season 23 Episode 19: Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again

    Bart persuades his family to go on a cruise, and for once the Simpsons enjoy their holiday - Lisa bonds with other intelligent children while Marge and Homer get some rare time alone. But when Bart embarks on an inspired yet morally dubious plan to prolong the trip indefinitely, things take a turn for the worse. With the guest voices of Steve Coogan and Treat Williams

  • Season 23 Episode 18: Beware My Cheating Bart

    School bully Jimbo orders Bart to entertain his girlfriend Shauna, so he takes her to the cinema. But before he knows it, he's fallen for the girl and chaperoning turns to canoodling. Homer needs to shift the pounds but it's a struggle for him to leave his beloved sofa - until a treadmill with a built-in TV provides all the motivation he needs

  • Season 23 Episode 17: Them, Robot

    Mr Burns gets rid of his power plant employees and replaces them all with robots - with the exception of Homer. But trouble soon brews when the mechanised workers develop rebellious tendencies. With the guest voice of Brent Spiner (best known as Star Trek: The Next Generation's android Data)

  • Season 23 Episode 16: How I Wet Your Mother

    Homer suffers a bout of incontinence and has to wear a nappy, forcing Marge to ask eccentric boffin Professor Frink to help determine the cause of his condition. With the use of a dream machine, Frink breaks into Homer's subconscious mind where a string of insecurities are exposed, including one involving his late mother

  • Season 23 Episode 15: Exit Through the Kwik-E Mart

    Bart begins tagging Springfield with unflattering references to Homer, and his work is seen by professional graffiti artists Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Kenny Scharf and Robbie Conal (playing themselves) who invite the troublemaker to showcase his work in a gallery show. Meanwhile, Apu is worried that a new health food shop will threaten the Kwik-E-Mart's future

  • Season 23 Episode 14: At Long Last Leave

    The long-running animation reaches its 500th episode. Homer and his family are forced to leave town and live as outcasts after angering the people of Springfield one too many times. Helping them adjust to their new life is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, while the cartoon's theme is given a makeover by singer Alison Krauss

  • Season 23 Episode 13: The Daughter Also Rises

    Lisa begins a whirlwind romance with her intellectual match, much to Marge's chagrin. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse take inspiration from their favourite TV show and set out to debunk Springfield Elementary's most famous legends. With the voices of Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage (hosts of Mythbusters) and Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim vs the World)

  • Season 23 Episode 12: Moe Goes From Rags to Riches

    Moe is heckled for not having any real friends - but it turns out he is attached to his beloved bar towel, which came to him after an eventful 1,000-year journey that started in the Middle Ages. Jeremy Irons provides the voice of the barman's ragged best buddy as it recounts its global adventures prior to landing in Springfield

  • Season 23 Episode 11: The D'oh-cial Network

    Lisa comes up with a Facebook-style social network that takes Springfield by storm. But when the residents' unhealthy obsession with the addictive website threatens to cause mass hysteria, she is put on trial to explain why she created it in the first place. Adding to the fun, the Winklevoss twins turn up to compete in the 2012 Olympic rowing event - competing against Marge's chain-smoking identical sisters Patty and Selma

  • Season 23 Episode 10: Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson

    An impassioned video rant by Homer becomes an internet sensation and he is given his own talk show. Before long the lovable oaf is the new voice of American politics and spokesperson for the Gravy Movement - but problems arise when he is given the task of choosing the next Republican nominee

  • Season 23 Episode 9: Holidays of Future Passed

    In an episode set 30 years in the future, Bart and Lisa now have families of their own and decide to spend Christmas with Homer and Marge. However, when they turn to their parents for advice, the pair discover they have more in common with their mother and father than they realised

  • Season 23 Episode 8: The Ten-Per-Cent Solution

    Things look bleak for Krusty the Clown when his TV show is binned and he is dropped by his talent agency. But then he is reunited with the veteran agent (Joan Rivers) who got him started in showbusiness all those years ago, and together they plan his big comeback

  • Season 23 Episode 7: The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants

    Homer is made accounts manager at the power plant after he and Marge throw a hugely successful party to promote Krusty's own brand of liquor. A veteran accountant takes him under his wing and shows him what life is like in the corner office, but it is not long before the perks of the position start to wear thin. Meanwhile, Bart develops an unlikely interest in classic novels. Guest starring John Slattery (Mad Men)

  • Season 23 Episode 6: The Book Job

    Homer creates a team, including author Neil Gaiman, to write the next hit 'tween' book; after receiving an advance copy of the work from his publisher, Homer learns there's more to the business than he imagined.

    Friday 4th December 8:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 23 Episode 5: The Food Wife

    Marge, Bart and Lisa taste success in the world of food blogging as the Three Mouthketeers. They score a reservation at Springfield's most exclusive restaurant, but a dream makes Marge reconsider inviting Homer. With the voices of chefs Anthony Bourdain (Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations) , Mario Batali (Molto Mario) and Gordon Ramsay (Hell's Kitchen)

  • Season 23 Episode 4: Replaceable You

    Homer gets a new assistant, but when she steals his job, he teams up with Ned Flanders to reveal her dark past. Meanwhile, Bart's mechanical seal outshines Lisa's model asteroid in a science fair project. With the guest voice of Jane Lynch (Glee)

  • Season 23 Episode 3: Treehouse of Horrors XXII

    Another collection of spine-tingling Halloween tales from Springfield's best-known family. Homer is paralysed by a venomous spider, Ned Flanders becomes a night-time vigilante, and Bart and Milhouse transform into one-eyed aliens

  • Season 23 Episode 2: Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts

    Bart discovers a passion for American history when Superintendent Chalmers is forced to take over his education. However, an accident during an excursion costs the troublemaker's new teacher his job, forcing the pupils of Springfield Elementary to fight for his reinstatement

  • Season 23 Episode 1: The Falcon and the D'Ohman

    Homer requires the help of his new friend, a former CIA agent, when he gets into a spot of bother with a Ukrainian terrorist. Meanwhile, Marge fantasises about being a contestant on a TV cookery contest, and the future of Ned and Mrs Krabappel's relationship is resolved. With the guest voice of Kiefer Sutherland

The Simpsons: Season 22 (2010 - 2011)

  • Season 22 Episode 22: The Ned-liest Catch

    Ned Flanders embarks on a whirlwind romance with Mrs Krabappel after he saves the schoolteacher's life when she tried to escape a detention room at Springfield Elementary. However, things start to unravel when she reveals how many men she has slept with - a list that includes Homer and Aerosmith drummer Joey Krammer

  • Season 22 Episode 21: 500 Keys

    Lisa gets her hands on a collection of keys to every door in Springfield, and soon uncovers a hidden classroom beneath the school, telling Principal Skinner about her discovery. He confiscates the key from her, but she remains determined to investigate the mysterious room

  • Season 22 Episode 20: Homer Scissorhands

    Homer discovers a talent for styling hair and opens a salon that becomes very popular, but begins to feel his gift is a curse with people's daily stories of problems and gossip. Meanwhile, Milhouse decides to live each day to the fullest and professes his love for Lisa - only to have his heart broken

  • Season 22 Episode 19: The Real Housewives of Fat Tony

    Marge and Homer are invited on a weekend away at the Jersey Shore to smooth over their differences with Fat Tony and Selma, who have married after a whirlwind romance. Bart discovers a talent for detecting the location of truffles, which Lisa jumps at the chance to nurture

  • Season 22 Episode 18: The Great Simpsina

    Lisa becomes an apprentice to famous magician the Great Raymondo, but trouble brews when she is persuaded to reveal the secret behind the her master's most famous trick. Meanwhile, Marge develops an obsession with peach-based desserts after befriending a folk singer. Guest starring Martin Landau (Ed Wood) and Jack McBrayer (30 Rock)

    Thursday 3rd December 12:36am EST - FXX
  • Season 22 Episode 17: Love Is a Many Strangled Thing

    Homer promises Marge that he will become a better parent, and decides to enrol on a fathering enrichment course. Guest starring Paul Rudd and Kareem Abdul Jabbar

    Sunday 6th December 7:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 22 Episode 16: A Midsummer's Nice Dream

    Double-act Cheech and Chong split during their Springfield reunion show, leaving Homer to step into the breach and help out one of his comedy heroes. The new line-up is so successful that Cheech decides to partner Homer full-time, leaving Chong to recruit Principal Skinner as the other half of his new act

    Friday 4th December 8:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 22 Episode 15: The Scorpion's Tale

    Lisa encounters two aggressive scorpions, and after noticing a patch of wild flowers has a calming effect on the arachnids, discovers they have a similar impact on Springfield's human population. A pharmaceutical company soon gets involved, leaving Bart to spot a potential money-making scheme

    Sunday 6th December 6:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 22 Episode 14: The Simpsons (Angry Dad: The Movie)

    Homer and Bart create a cartoon that is bought by a major animation studio and turned into a Golden Globe-nominated short. The pair are stunned when they learn they have won the award, but Bart's joy is short-lived when Homer steals all the glory. Guest starring Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand, Nick Park, JB Smoove and Halle Berry

  • Season 22 Episode 13: The Blue and the Grey

    Marge notices grey hairs creeping through her blue dye and decides to embrace the shade like other middle-aged women. Homer becomes Moe's official 'wing man' in a bid to boost his friend's ailing love life

  • Season 22 Episode 12: Homer the Father

    Homer becomes obsessed with a father-son relationship in a 1980s sitcom, using it as a source of inspiration to deal with Bart's hankering for a must-have mini-bike. However, when the youngster starts trading nuclear secrets with the Chinese government, Homer must find a new way to bring his son into line

  • Season 22 Episode 11: Flaming Moe

    Moe achieves massive success when he turns the tavern into a gay bar, but keeps his hetrosexuality a secret to remain in his new clientele's favour. However, the decision backfires when the pub's new regulars encourage him to run for office and become Springfield's first openly gay councilman. Meanwhile, Principal Skinner falls for a new music teacher. Guest starring Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids) and Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother)

  • Season 22 Episode 10: The Simpsons (Moms I'd Like to Forget)

    Tension between Springfield Elementary's fourth and fifth graders spills over during a dodgeball game, leading Bart to arrange a fight with a fellow pupil. Marge gets back in touch with three friends she fell out with years ago, but she soon realises why they went their separate ways

  • Season 22 Episode 9: Donnie Fatso

    Following an incident involving recycling responsibilities and bribery, Homer is persuaded to go undercover to win the trust of Fat Tony as part of an FBI operation to bring the mobster down. Guest starring Jon Hamm (Mad Men)

  • Season 22 Episode 8: Simpsons Christmas - The Fight Before Christmas

    Four tales celebrating the festive season. Bart hatches a plan to hold Santa Claus hostage, while in a 1940s-set story, Lisa refuses to give in to the holiday spirit until her mother returns home safe from the Battle of the Bulge. Home improvement expert Martha Stewart helps out a desperate Marge, and Katy Perry leads the family in a rendition of The 39 Days of Christmas

  • Season 22 Episode 7: How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window?

    After spending weeks nursing an injured pigeon back to health, Bart is left distraught when Santa's Little Helper eats his feathered friend. Things go from bad to worse for the mischievous greyhound when a psychiatrist recommends the family finds the dog a new home. Featuring the guest voice of Rachel Weisz

  • Season 22 Episode 6: The Fool Monty

    When Mr Burns is given just six weeks to live, the town erupts into a party mood. Shocked by their reaction, the billionaire decides to take his own life and jumps off a cliff, but when fate intervenes, the OAP is hit by a bout of amnesia

  • Season 22 Episode 5: Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life

    Lisa is dumbfounded to discover Marge was an A-grade student, and decides to investigate how her mother ended up being an ordinary Springfield housewife. Bart accidentally dethrones Nelson as the playground bully, and Maggie becomes obsessed with a collectable elf figurine

  • Season 22 Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror XXI

    Another trio of spirited Halloween tales. Board games from bygone eras wage war against Springfield, Homer and Marge spend their second honeymoon adrift in the Pacific Ocean, and a mysterious fanged student woos Lisa. Guest starring Daniel Radcliffe and Hugh Laurie

  • Season 22 Episode 3: MoneyBART

    Lisa is persuaded to work on her extra-curricular activities by her new idol, Dahlia Brinkley, Springfield Elementary's only student to make it to an Ivy League college. The A-grade student seizes the opportunity to coach Bart's little league team, but sibling rivalry soon takes hold and there is more bickering than baseball

  • Season 22 Episode 2: The Simpsons (Loan-a-Lisa)

    Each member of the family receives $50 from Grampa and, during a visit to an upmarket department store, Marge decides to buy an expensive handbag and promises Homer she will return it. When the item is successfully given back for a full refund, despite showing signs of wear and being stained, Homer is inspired to buy a number of items he cannot afford with the intention of taking them back at a later date. Meanwhile, Lisa anonymously donates her money to Nelson to support his dream of making custom bicycles, but grows concerned when he establishes a profitable business and plans to leave school

  • Season 22 Episode 1: Elementary School Musical

    Lisa attends a performing arts camp, where guitar-playing counsellors and musically inclined youngsters teach her to embrace her creative side. Meanwhile, Bart and Homer accompany Krusty the Clown to Norway, where he hopes to collect a Nobel Prize for his contributions to the comedy world. With the guest voices of Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords, and Glee stars Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Amber Riley

The Simpsons: Season 21 (2009 - 2010)

  • Season 21 Episode 23: Judge Me Tender

    When Moe discovers a hidden talent for judging contests, he is approached by a TV agent to join the American Idol judges' panel. Elsewhere, Homer drives Marge crazy when he starts hanging around the house. Featuring the guest voices of Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DioGuardi

  • Season 21 Episode 22: The Simpsons (The Bob Next Door)

    A new neighbour moves in next door to the family and proves popular with everyone, but Bart is convinced the resident is Sideshow Bob in disguise and sets out to unmask his arch nemesis. With the guest voice of Kelsey Grammer

    Tuesday 1st December 10:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 21 Episode 21: Moe Letter Blues

    Privy to the problems of married men across Springfield, Moe decides to use the inside information to his advantage. When the bachelor barman informs Homer, Apu and Rev Lovejoy he is going to leave Springfield with one of their wives, the trio are left to think about tempestuous times in their respective relationships

  • Season 21 Episode 20: To Surveil, With Love

    Homer's unattended gym bag leads to a terrorism scare, prompting people in Springfield to vote for the hiring of a British security consultant - which results in the mass-installation of surveillance cameras. But with Chief Wiggum and the other officers growing tired of watching screens, they recruit townspeople including Marge and Ned to keep watch. Civil liberties are suspended after an incident involving Homer's unattended gym bag. Guest starring the voice of Eddie Izzard as the Queen and Prince Charles

  • Season 21 Episode 19: The Squirt and the Whale

    Lisa and Bart head to the seaside in the hope of finding treasure that has washed ashore during a storm. Instead they encounter a beached whale that Lisa immediately becomes emotionally attached to, but despite her and the town's best efforts to save 'Bluella de Whale', she dies. Meanwhile, Homer receives a huge electricity bill and takes drastic action to stop it from happening again

  • Season 21 Episode 18: Chief of Hearts

    Homer is sentenced to community service following an incident involving a bank and a toffee apple. Chief Wiggum oversees his punishment and it is not long before the pair strike up an unlikely friendship, but the honeymoon period is brought to an abrupt end during a showdown with Mob boss Fat Tony

  • Season 21 Episode 17: American History X-cellent

    Mr Burns throws a party to celebrate Independence Day but uses the event to exploit his employees. Homer and his colleagues fight back and when the police arrive discover the workers playing Twister on a set of stolen masterpiece paintings. The owner of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is promptly sent to prison where he makes a friend who tries to change his cruel ways

  • Season 21 Episode 16: Greatest Story Ever D'Ohed

    Homer heads to Jerusalem with Flanders and his Bible study group, but he is abandoned when he fails to take the trip seriously. Stranded in the desert, he has a hallucination that convinces him he his God's chosen one. With the guest voice of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen

  • Season 21 Episode 15: Stealing First Base

    Bart decides to steal a kiss from his crush at school after taking advice from Grampa, but the plan backfires when she reacts in disgust. Lisa's popularity soars after she receives a bad grade, but when it turns out to be mistake and the bullying recommences, her spirits are lifted by a visit from Michelle Obama. With the guest voices of Angela Bassett and Sarah Silverman

  • Season 21 Episode 14: The Simpsons (Postcards from the Wedge)

    Mrs Krabappel writes to Bart's parents about his bad behaviour when he fails to hand in his homework. After a conference with Principal Skinner, Homer insists on punishing his son, but Marge is more sympathetic, inspiring a scheming Bart to start pitting them against each other

    Thursday 3rd December 12:06am EST - FXX
  • Season 21 Episode 13: The Color Yellow

    When Miss Hoover asks her students to research their family history, Lisa is distressed to discover that most of her forebears seem to have been crooks and deadbeats. Then she finds an old diary in the attic that was written by her ancestor, Eliza Simpson, and describes a remarkable 19th-century adventure

  • Season 21 Episode 12: The Simpsons (Boy Meets Curl)

    A romantic evening at the ice-rink leads to Homer and Marge heading for the Winter Olympics to play for a curling team, while Lisa becomes hopelessly addicted to collecting sporting memorabilia and Bart befriends Canada's equivalent of Milhouse

  • Season 21 Episode 11: Million Dollar Maybe

    Homer wins $1million on the lottery, but keeps it a secret from his family, fearing Marge's reaction if she discovers his reasons for missing their date. He and Bart set about spending the money, and buy front-row tickets to a Coldplay concert. With the guest voice of Chris Martin

  • Season 21 Episode 10: Once Upon a Time in Springfield

    Ratings for Krusty's TV show start to fall, so executives bring in co-star Princess Penelope (voiced by Anne Hathaway) to increase its appeal, and romance soon blossoms between the clown and his new sidekick. Elsewhere, Mr Burns cuts costs at the nuclear plant by taking away the staff's free doughnuts

  • Season 21 Episode 9: Thursdays With Abie

    During a trip to a water park with the family, Grampa bumps into a newspaper columnist who seemingly becomes fascinated with his life and writes a series of stories about him, but Homer becomes suspicious of the journalist's motives

  • Season 21 Episode 8: The Simpsons (Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?)

    Bart decides he wants a little brother, and unofficially adopts a youngster named Charlie from the local orphanage - much to the dismay of Lisa. With the guest voices of Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City) and American Football stars Peyton and Eli Manning

  • Season 21 Episode 7: Rednecks and Broomsticks

    After stumbling across a group of teenage Wiccans, Lisa accepts an invitation to join their coven, but before she is inducted Chief Wiggum arrives and arrests the youngsters on charges of witchcraft. Meanwhile, Homer starts to hang out with Cletus after discovering the yokel makes moonshine

    Thursday 10th December 11:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 21 Episode 6: Pranks and Greens

    Principal Skinner tells Bart that there is a former Springfield Elementary student hailed as the best prankster ever; Bart tracks down the prankster (guest voice Jonah Hill), now 19.

  • Season 21 Episode 5: The Devil Wears Nada

    Marge poses for a charity calendar and becomes Springfield's number-one sex symbol, while Carl gets a promotion at the plant, before going on a power trip and hiring Homer as his new assistant

    Tuesday 8th December 10:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 21 Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror XX

    Dracula, the Wolf Man, the Mummy and Frankenstein's monster gatecrash a Hallowe'en party at 742 Evergreen Terrace. Thanks to a fair amount of alcohol, the mythical beasts decide to kiss rather than kill the women at the party, while Bart and Lisa plot revenge on their teachers in a Hitchcock-inspired short story, but end up turning on one another

  • Season 21 Episode 3: The Great Wife Hope

    Marge goes on the offensive and plans a protest against a combat sport that has captivated Springfield's male population. When promoter Chett Englebrecht hears of her campaign, he challenges her to a fight - and agrees to shut down his entire operation if she beats him

  • Season 21 Episode 2: Bart Gets a Z

    Bart plays a prank on Mrs Krabappel, but it backfires badly and results in her being fired, leaving him feeling so guilty that he resolves to do everything he can to get her reinstated - even if it means discrediting her replacement

  • Season 21 Episode 1: Homer the Whopper

    Homer is cast in the title role of Everyman, a superhero movie penned by Comic Book Guy, but struggles with the exercise and diet regimen required to get in shape for the part. With the guest voice of Seth Rogen

The Simpsons: Season 20 (2008 - 2009)

  • Season 20 Episode 21: Coming to Homerica

    An outbreak of food poisoning at Krusty Burger is traced to barley produced in a nearby town of Norwegian immigrants. This leads to the mills in the area being shut down and Ogdenville's residents venturing to Springfield to find work, but when xenophobia spreads through the town Mayor Quimby decides to shut the borders

  • Season 20 Episode 20: The Simpsons (Four Great Women and a Manicure)

    Marge takes Lisa for her first manicure at the salon, where they debate whether a woman can be smart, beautiful and powerful all at the same time. Four tales featuring strong women from history and literature are retold with Selma appearing as Elizabeth I, Lisa as Snow White, Marge as Lady Macbeth and Maggie as Howard Roark from The Fountainhead

  • Season 20 Episode 19: Waverly Hills, 9021-D'Oh

    When Springfield Elementary is rated the worst school in the state, Marge and Homer rent an apartment in an affluent area so their children can have a good education. Bart wastes no time in establishing a bad boy persona, and increases Lisa's popularity by telling people she knows a pop star. With the voice of Ellen Page (Inception)

  • Season 20 Episode 18: Father Knows Worst

    Homer is forced to eat bland food after he burns his taste buds while trying to copy a fire-eating street performer. He becomes a regular at Springfield Elementary's canteen where he learns a new parenting technique to try out on Bart and Lisa - but its overbearing nature leads to disaster. Meanwhile, Marge enjoys a sauna she discovers in the basement

  • Season 20 Episode 17: The Good, The Sad and the Drugly

    Milhouse takes the fall for a prank he and Bart pull together; Bart falls for a volunteer (guest voice Anne Hathaway) at Grampa's nursing home; Lisa predicts Springfield's future and is depressed by what she sees.

    Sunday 6th December 6:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 20 Episode 16: Eeny Teeny Maya Moe

    Homer becomes a doting father and decides to spend quality time with his youngest daughter when he discovers Santa's Little Helper knows Maggie better than he does. Meanwhile, a lonely Moe joins an online dating agency, and gets a pleasant surprise when he meets up with an attractive woman

    Tuesday 1st December 10:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 20 Episode 15: Wedding for Disaster

    Homer proposes to Marge for the second time when he discovers their marriage licence is invalid, but the ceremony does not proceed without a hitch. With the voices of Dan Castellaneta and Julie Kavner

  • Season 20 Episode 14: In the Name of the Grandfather

    After ducking out of a bonding session with Grampa, a guilt-ridden Homer vows to make it up to his father by granting a wish of his choice. The old man decides to visit Ireland to drop in on his favourite pub from his army career. Upon arrival, the pair discover the bar is a shadow of its former self, and agree to buy the business and turn its fortunes around

  • Season 20 Episode 13: Maggie: Gone Maggie Gone

    Lisa has to go under cover as a nun and infiltrate a convent when Maggie goes missing after being left on its doorstep. Meanwhile, Marge is left temporarily blind when she stares at a total eclipse, so Homer has to sort out their rat-infested kitchen

  • Season 20 Episode 12: No Loan Again, Naturally

    Ned Flanders buys the Simpsons' home when they are unable to pay their mortgage and rents it back to them at an affordable rate, but Homer soon takes advantage of his new landlord's generosity

  • Season 20 Episode 11: How the Test was Won

    Principal Skinner takes the school's underachieving pupils on a trip to ensure they miss a standard test and unexpectedly finds himself rediscovering his enthusiasm for teaching. Paranoia stalks Homer after he forgets to pay the family's insurance bill and leaves him trying to prevent a host of imaginary catastrophes

  • Season 20 Episode 10: Take My Life, Please

    Homer is jealous when old classmate Vance Connor - who beat him in a vote for class president at high school - is inducted into the Springfield Walk of Fame. Lenny and Carl confess they fixed the result - leading the hapless father to speculate on how his life would have changed had he won the ballot

  • Season 20 Episode 9: Lisa the Drama Queen

    Lisa lets her imagination run wild when she makes a new friend and they create a magical kingdom together called Equalia, complete with characters and plotlines. But they find themselves facing a nightmare when the boundaries between reality and fantasy become blurred. With the voice of Emily Blunt

  • Season 20 Episode 8: The Burns and the Bees

    Mr Burns wins a professional basketball team in a poker game at the annual billionaire's retreat. He decides to build a state-of-the-art stadium in an attempt to lure fans, but the proposed site is on the last remaining bee colony in Springfield - prompting Lisa to lead a protest

    Tuesday 8th December 10:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 20 Episode 7: Mypods and Boomsticks

    Lisa takes a trip to the mall to buy a new gadget, while Bart manages to cause chaos. After making a hasty retreat, he befriends a boy named Bashir - but Homer begins to believe that his son's new pal is involved in a terrorist plot. Cartoon capers with the unmistakable family

  • Season 20 Episode 6: Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words

    Lisa learns she is good at crossword puzzles and enters a city-wide contest. Homer discovers he has a flair for letting loved ones down so he opens Sweet Conclusions Break-Up Service, but lands himself in trouble with his daughter when he places a bet against her in the competition

  • Season 20 Episode 5: Dangerous Curves

    Homer and Marge remember the ups and downs of their marriage through a series of flashbacks, including the time they each began flirting with guests at a glamorous party - a situation that led to a food fight and an unexpected swim in the pool

  • Season 20 Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror XIX

    Springfield is the setting for parodies of Mad Men, Michael Bay's Transformers and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown in this Halloween-themed episode. Homer's vote on election day is misread by a renegade machine, Lisa's Malibu Stacy car turns into a robot determined to start a war, and a giant pumpkin seeks revenge

  • Season 20 Episode 3: Double Double Boy in Trouble

    An irreverent take on the Prince and the Pauper. Bart enthusiastically trades lives with a wealthy lookalike after landing himself in trouble for triggering a rampage of vacuum cleaners, but finds the lavish lifestyle too much when he becomes the target of all his new friends' pranks

  • Season 20 Episode 2: Lost Verizon

    Bart finds himself in trouble when he steals a mobile phone from Denis Leary and subsequently uses it to land the actor a comical film role. The trouble-maker then leads his family to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu after Marge confiscates the device and decides to use its GPS technology to track her son

  • Season 20 Episode 1: Sex, Pies and Idiot-Scrapes

    Homer becomes a bounty hunter to earn extra money and hires an unlikely assistant in the form of Ned Flanders - who ends up pursuing him on a charge of skipping bail over a trivial offence. Meanwhile, Marge takes a job at an unusual bakery

The Simpsons: Season 19 (2007 - 2008)

  • Season 19 Episode 20: All About Lisa

    Lisa becomes Krusty's new assistant, but soon outshines him and earns her own TV show - which proves so popular that she wins a prestigious award. Meanwhile, Homer and Bart bond over their new hobby - coin collecting

  • Season 19 Episode 19: Mona Leaves-a

    After the death of his mother, Homer is racked with guilt for not accepting her apology for the way she treated him as a child. When she leaves him a challenge in her will, he accepts the task in order to make amends, but fulfilling her dying wish lands him in more trouble than he expected. With the guest voice of Glenn Close (Damages)

  • Season 19 Episode 18: Any Given Sundance

    Lisa makes a revealing documentary about life with her family for a school project. However, after it receives praise at the Sundance Film Festival, the Simpsons become national hate figures. Featuring the guest voices of film director Jim Jarmusch and John C Reilly (Chicago)

  • Season 19 Episode 17: Apocalypse Cow

    Bart joins the 4-H youth movement after spotting Martin driving a combine harvester, but is given a sickly calf to care for instead. As the pair slowy form a bond, the boy is horrified to discover his new friend is headed for slaughter, and vows to fight the decision. With the voice of Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 19 Episode 16: Papa Don't Leech

    The family takes in depressed country singer Lurleen Lumpkin, who is on the run from the Springfield authorities for not paying her taxes. Marge tries to help by tracking down the fugitive's deadbeat father, but he responds by stealing one of his daughter's songs and selling it. With the guest voices of Beverly D'Angelo and the Dixie Chicks

  • Season 19 Episode 15: Smoke on the Daughter

    Lisa takes up ballet at Marge's insistence and becomes addicted to passive smoking through constant exposure to her classmates' cigarettes. Meanwhile, Homer lets Bart in on his secret business operation - manufacturing beef jerky

    Today at 5:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 19 Episode 14: Dial N for Nerder

    When a cliff-top prank goes wrong, Bart and Lisa are convinced they have killed Martin, and become racked with guilt. Meanwhile, Marge uses an investigative television show to spy on Homer, when she suspects him of breaking his diet

  • Season 19 Episode 13: The Debarted

    A new pupil named Donny arrives at Springfield Elementary and displays a penchant for trouble. Bart joins forces with the boy to create chaos, but their partnership is shattered when he discovers his ally is really a spy for Principal Skinner. Topher Grace guest stars

  • Season 19 Episode 12: Love, Springfieldian Style

    After being stranded in a Tunnel of Love ride at a carnival, Homer, Marge and Bart pass the time by sharing some of the greatest love stories ever written. Featuring Marge and Homer portraying the infamous bank robbbers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, plus parodies of Lady and the Tramp and Sid and Nancy

  • Season 19 Episode 11: That '90s Show

    Homer reminisces about how he gave up his dreams of being a musician so that Marge could go to Springfield University. After she became attracted to one of her professors, Homer started channelling his emotions into music and formed America's first grunge band, Sadgasm

  • Season 19 Episode 10: E. Pluribus Wiggum

    Mayor Quimby brings election day forward, making Springfield's primary election the first to be held in the country. However, the candidates are so uninspiring that the voters write Ralph Wiggum on the ballot as a joke

  • Season 19 Episode 9: Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind

    Homer enlists Professor Frink's help in recovering his memory when Moe reveals he drank a shot that has erased the past 24 hours from his mind. The hapless hero fears he may have done something terrible as his family have mysteriously disappeared, and Chief Wiggum compounds his misery after informing him of a domestic disturbance at his home the previous night

  • Season 19 Episode 8: Funeral for a Fiend

    Sideshow Bob returns and makes yet another attempt to kill Bart - this time with the help of his entire family. With the guest voices of Frasier stars Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney

  • Season 19 Episode 7: Husbands and Knives

    Comic Book Guy is forced out of business by a ruthless competitor, so Marge takes over his premises and opens a women-only gym. Against all expectations, she becomes highly successful and begins neglecting the family, making Homer fear he is about to lose her. With the guest voice of Jack Black

    Tuesday 1st December 9:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 19 Episode 6: Little Orphan Millie

    Homer is desperate to redeem himself after he forgets Marge's eye colour and their wedding anniversary. Meanwhile, Milhouse usurps Bart as the cool kid at school when his parents are lost at sea

  • Season 19 Episode 5: Treehouse of Horror XVIII

    Bart and Lisa help extraterrestrials phone home - until their sinister plans are revealed. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge play the title characters when they parody the film Mr and Mrs Smith

  • Season 19 Episode 4: I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

    Marge is stalked by a disgruntled convict who escapes from prison when she takes Homer's advice not to visit him in jail - after persuading the thief to give himself up during a bank robbery. Meanwhile, Lisa receives an award for Student of the Millennium. With the voice of Steve Buscemi

    Thursday 3rd December 11:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 19 Episode 3: Midnight Towboy

    Homer becomes a tow-truck driver, but allows the power of his new role to go to his head, turning the people of Springfield against him. Marge joins a group that encourages toddlers to become more independent, but ends up feeling unwanted and useless, causing her to find another outlet for her maternal instincts

    Tuesday 8th December 9:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 19 Episode 2: Homer of Seville

    While receiving treatment for an injured back at the hospital, Homer discovers that he has a beautiful opera voice. Even though Homer must sing while lying on his back for his voice to sound operatic, Mr. Burns hires him to sing at the Springfield Opera House, where he quickly becomes a star. Through his newfound stardom, Homer develops a large throng of fans including the lovely Julia, an obsessive and dangerous stalker.

  • Season 19 Episode 1: He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs

    Lionel Richie arrives in Springfield to serenade Homer as a reward for saving Mr Burns from drowning in a water fountain. The hapless hero soon gets an appetite for luxury, and hires a life coach to help him achieve his aspirations. Before long, he experiences a terrifying job interview for a copper-tubing firm, and begins to long for his old life at the power plant

The Simpsons: Season 18 (2006 - 2007)

  • Season 18 Episode 22: You Kent Always Say What You Want

    Homer buys the millionth ice-cream cone at a local shop, and appears on a news show as part of the prize. When the clumsy dad spills coffee over Kent Brockman, the news anchor swears live on air, causing devout Christian Ned to launch a crusade to clean up Springfield's airwaves. Last in series

  • Season 18 Episode 21: 24 Minutes

    When the plans for a stink bomb fall into the wrong hands, Principal Skinner uses his Counter Truancy Unit to thwart a possible terror attack at Springfield Elementary's Annual Bake Sale. Rogue agent Bart could be the only hope of stopping the plot - until he clashes with Jack Bauer, on an important mission of his own. Guest starring 24's Kiefer Sutherland and Mary-Lynn Rajskub

  • Season 18 Episode 20: Stop or My Dog Will Shoot

    Santa's Little Helper is enrolled in the Animal Police Academy and soon graduates, but realises he is not cut out for life as a law-enforcer and rebels by biting Bart - much to the dismay of Marge, who has already bought a python to replace him

  • Season 18 Episode 19: Crook and Ladder

    Marge tries to placate Maggie with a new dummy but cannot find the right brand, so her daughter uses the dog's squeaky toy instead. A sleep-deprived Homer crashes into the fire station and decides to make amends by becoming a volunteer fire-fighter. However, his heroic image is tarnished when he is caught looting houses

  • Season 18 Episode 18: The Boys of Bummer

    Bart receives a lot of negative attention from Springfield residents when he costs the Isotots baseball team the Little League championship. Lisa tries to cheer him up by introducing him to Bill Buckner, but her plan goes awry. Meanwhile, Homer becomes a mattress salesman, but finds his new role causes issues with Marge

  • Season 18 Episode 17: Marge Gamer

    Football legend Ronaldo visits the town to give Homer some helpful advice on refereeing when the hapless buffoon becomes an official in Lisa's soccer league. Marge reacts to accusations of technophobia by purchasing a PC, and soon becomes hooked on a game involving a virtual Springfield being terrorised by Bart

  • Season 18 Episode 16: Homerazzi

    Homer becomes a member of the paparazzi, but proves so successful at snapping embarrassing photographs that his celebrity victims decide to seek revenge on him for exposing their indiscretions

  • Season 18 Episode 15: Rome-Old and Juli-Eh

    Homer accidentally declares himself bankrupt, while Bart and Lisa con a delivery man into giving them a large amount of cardboard boxes. Grampa leaves the Springfield Retirement Castle and ends up falling in love with Selma

    Thursday 10th December 1:00am EST - FXX
  • Season 18 Episode 14: Yokel Chords

    Bart is referred to a therapist who is affected so deeply by the experience that she herself is soon in need of treatment. Lisa gets a job tutoring Cletus's hillbilly children - and accidentally turns them into famous singers managed by Krusty and composer Stephen Sondheim. With the guest voices of Sondheim, Meg Ryan and Peter Bogdanovich

  • Season 18 Episode 13: Springfield Up

    When documentary film-maker Declan Desmond visits Springfield to see how the town's residents are progressing, Homer is worried he will not be seen as a success. In an attempt to convince the director of his so-called achievements, he borrows Mr Burns' summer mansion, but his cunning plan does not quite have the desired effect. Eric Idle guest stars

  • Season 18 Episode 12: Little Big Girl

    Bart finds himself tied down when he develops a serious relationship with a teenage girl in a nearby town, after he is awarded with a driving licence for saving Springfield from a fire. Meanwhile, Lisa lands herself in trouble when she lies about her Native American heritage. Guest starring Natalie Portman

  • Season 18 Episode 11: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Three Times

    Three stories of vengeance Springfield style. Homer finds himself accused of treason in post-revolutionary France, and Milhouse leads a rebellion of misfits in modern-day Springfield and a new crimefighter by the name of Red Revenge takes to the streets

  • Season 18 Episode 10: The Wife Aquatic

    The family goes away to Marge's favourite childhood holiday destination, which has unfortunately changed a bit since she was last there. Homer spurs the locals into sprucing the place up, but an exuberant firework display wrecks everything, forcing him to make amends by becoming a fisherman

    Tuesday 8th December 9:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 18 Episode 9: Kill Gil, Vol. 1 & 2

    Department store employee Gil grants Lisa's Christmas wish, but loses his job as a result. Feeling guilty, the family offer him a bed for the night - but he promptly moves in, along with all of his belongings. As the uninvited lodger becomes a pest, Marge looks for ways to get rid of him before the holiday season returns

  • Season 18 Episode 8: The Haw-Hawed Couple

    When Marge forces him to attend a birthday party, Bart becomes Nelson's best friend. He revels in the protection his new status brings, but is forbidden from seeing Milhouse - forcing the pair to meet in secret to avoid the bully's wrath. Meanwhile, Homer becomes addicted to one of Lisa's fantasy books

  • Season 18 Episode 7: Ice Cream of Margie (With the Light Blue Hair)

    After being fired from the power plant, Homer gets a job as an ice-cream man, while his wife discovers a skill as an expert sculptor using lolly sticks. However, the hapless buffoon becomes so engaged in his new career that he puts his marriage in jeopardy, crashing his van into Marge's latest exhibition

    Tuesday 1st December 9:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 18 Episode 6: Moe 'n' a Lisa

    Moe becomes a successful poet with Lisa's help, and wins the approval of a group of highbrow authors - but enjoys the limelight so much that he claims all the credit for himself, prompting her to seek revenge

  • Season 18 Episode 5: G.I. (Annoyed Grunt)

    The army comes to Springfield and Homer falls foul of an angry colonel when he mistakenly signs up for basic training. The hapless buffoon finds he is the target in a war game with the entire town as a battleground - and must rely on Marge and Lisa to save the day. With the voice of Kiefer Sutherland

  • Season 18 Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror XVII

    A further helping of ghoulish Hallowe'en-inspired tales featuring the all-American family. Springfield becomes the target of an alien invasion and Homer is transformed into a gigantic jelly-like creature - rampaging through the town and leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Featuring the guest voice of Dr Phil

  • Season 18 Episode 3: Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em

    Marge starts a carpentry business, but quickly learns she will need more than mere practical skill if her venture is to succeed. Fearing she will not be taken seriously, she appoints Homer as a figurehead - but he begins taking all the credit for her labours. Meanwhile, Bart is thrilled to discover Principal Skinner has a lethal peanut allergy

  • Season 18 Episode 2: Jazzy and the Pussycats

    Following a meeting with a child psychiatrist, Bart discovers a hidden musical talent. No sooner has he given his first public performance than he is spotted, and quickly becomes an acclaimed jazz drummer - causing Lisa to feel envious of her brother's success. With the voices of the White Stripes

  • Season 18 Episode 1: The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer

    Homer volunteers to take Fat Tony's place as the head of the local Mafia, dragging the rest of the Simpson family into Springfield's criminal underworld. With the guest voices of heavy metal band Metallica, and stars of The Sopranos Joe Pantoliano and Michael Imperioli

The Simpsons: Season 17 (2005 - 2006)

  • Season 17 Episode 22: Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play

    Homer and Marge dispense marital advice to a player on the Isotopes baseball team whose career is flagging due to his sexy wife singing at each game. The Simpsons soon find their own marriage on the rocks, and struggle to save their relationship while helping their friends. With the voice of Mandy Moore

  • Season 17 Episode 21: The Monkey Suit

    After complaints about the town's Natural History Museum display, the church appoints Rev Lovejoy as morality czar and forces the town to ban the teaching of evolution. When Lisa defies the new rule, she ends up in court, and a heated trial ensues. Melanie Griffith and Larry Hagman guest star

  • Season 17 Episode 20: Regarding Margie

    After hitting her head in a cleaning frenzy, Marge loses all memory of Homer's identity. Her husband's best efforts to remind her of their marriage fail, and she decides they should part company. Delighted by the news, Patty and Selma push their sister back into the dating world, so Homer sets out to win her heart once more

  • Season 17 Episode 19: Girls Just Want to Have Sums

    A scandal results in Principal Skinner being replaced by a woman who divides the school in half according to gender, so Lisa poses as a boy to attend maths classes. However, it is not long before she comes to the attention of Bart - who soon sees through her disguise. With the voice of Frances McDormand

    Tuesday 8th December 8:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 17 Episode 18: Wettest Stories Ever Told

    Nautical-themed episode in which the characters imagine themselves in three bizarre and chaotic tales set at sea. They become involved with the voyage of the Mayflower, mutiny on the Bounty and experience the capsizing of a cruise liner. Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner and Nancy Cartwright star

  • Season 17 Episode 17: Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore

    Homer is sent to India to train the replacement employees at Mr Burns's new power station. After exceeding all expectations, he's left in complete control of the plant, where he is seen as a god by his co-workers. Meanwhile, Selma, Patty and the kids go to a MacGyver convention. Richard Dean Anderson guests

  • Season 17 Episode 16: Million Dollar Abie

    Grampa Abe is driven to attempt suicide when he receives threatening phone calls from the NFL commissioner after foiling plans to turn Springfield into the home of a professional football franchise. As a result of his close brush with death, the pensioner adopts a new outlook on life - and decides to become a matador

  • Season 17 Episode 15: Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife

    In an episode written by Ricky Gervais, who provides the voice of a would-be ladies' man, Homer's obsession with Lenny's new plasma TV leaves him desperate to buy one of his own, so he signs up for a wife-swapping show to win the money. Unfortunately, Marge's new 'husband' soon develops a crush on her

  • Season 17 Episode 14: Bart Has Two Mummies

    Marge offers to babysit Ned Flanders' boys so he can attend a left-handers' convention. Meanwhile, Homer takes the Simpson children to an animal retirement home - where Bart has the misfortune to be kidnapped by a lonely chimpanzee

  • Season 17 Episode 13: Seemingly Never-Ending Story

    Homer gets trapped in a cave after attempting to acquire a piece of stalactite during a family walk, leaving Marge, Maggie and Bart to go in search of help. As they wait, Lisa passes the time by telling her father a long and very strange tale in which she seeks refuge at Mr Burns' mansion

  • Season 17 Episode 12: My Fair Laddy

    Groundskeeper Willie is forced to move in with the Simpsons after Bart destroys his shack during an attempt to take revenge on a gym teacher. Lisa seizes the opportunity to make the family's guest the subject of a science project in a bid to transform him into a gentleman. Meanwhile, Homer begins a campaign to save the company that makes his favourite blue trousers

  • Season 17 Episode 11: We're on the Road to D'Ohwhere

    Homer is forced to drive Bart to a discipline camp in another state, meaning he has to miss out on a trip to Las Vegas with Moe and the gang. While they are away, Marge decides to hold a yard sale - but ends up getting arrested as a suspected drug dealer

    Tuesday 1st December 8:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 17 Episode 10: Homer's Paternity Coot

    The body of a long-lost postman is found in a tree, with a mailbag containing a 40-year-old letter for Grandma Simpson. It reveals she had an affair around the time of Homer's conception, causing him to doubt whether Grampa is really his biological father. With the voices of Michael York, Joe Frazier and William H Macy

  • Season 17 Episode 9: Simpson Christmas Stories

    Three animated shorts with Homer and the family as they get up to their usual misadventures during the festive season. The Rev Lovejoy's car breaks down, meaning Homer must deliver the nativity sermon. Grampa vows to exact revenge on Santa Claus for breaking a promise in years gone by, and the Springfield residents celebrate Yuletide in their own chaotic way

  • Season 17 Episode 8: The Italian Bob

    The family embark on an eventful tour of Italy in Mr Burns' new car, which he has ill-advisedly sent them to collect. While there, they encounter Sideshow Bob, who begs them not to reveal his criminal past. Unfortunately for him, Lisa lets the cat out of the bag

  • Season 17 Episode 7: Last of the Red Hat Mamas

    Marge joins a women's group, but soon discovers her fellow members plan to steal $1million from Mr Burns. Meanwhile, Lisa decides to spend the summer in Rome and hires a tutor to teach her Italian. Unfortunately, he turns out to be Milhouse

  • Season 17 Episode 6: See Homer Run

    Lisa is so upset at Homer's failure to appreciate her lovingly crafted homemade Father's Day gift that she ends up going on an angry rampage through the local school. Meanwhile, Bart is bullied into stealing a road sign

  • Season 17 Episode 5: Marge's Son Poisoning

    Bart volunteers to go cycling with Marge on her new tandem, only to be laughed at by local bullies, who accuse him of being a mummy's boy. Meanwhile, Moe has the bright idea of entering Homer in an arm-wrestling competition

  • Season 17 Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror XVI

    In another horrific helping of grisly Hallowe'en tales, Bart becomes a cyborg and accidentally cuts Homer in half. The hapless nuclear technician also finds himself hunted in a twisted chase headed by Mr Burns, and a witch casts a spell on the residents of Springfield at a fancy dress party

  • Season 17 Episode 3: Milhouse of Sand and Fog

    When Maggie contracts chickenpox, the family hold a pox party and the celebrations lead to a reconciliation for Milhouse's parents. Bart's best friend gradually realises he's no longer getting any attention, so the boys plan to split the pair up again - inadvertently causing a rift between Homer and Marge

  • Season 17 Episode 2: The Girl Who Slept Too Little

    A construction project causes the local graveyard to be moved next to the family's home - to the dismay of Lisa, who is so concerned at the development that begins to suffer nightmares. She eventually decides the best way to conquer her fear is by facing it head-on - and spending a night at the cemetery

  • Season 17 Episode 1: Bonfire of the Manatees

    Homer finds himself in trouble with the Mob after running up a pile of gambling debts, so allows them to shoot an adult movie in his home as payment. A furious Marge storms out - and ends up falling for good-looking marine biologist Caleb Thorn. Guest starring Alec Baldwin

The Simpsons: Season 16 (2004 - 2005)

  • Season 16 Episode 21: The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star

    Bart begins attending a Catholic school and meets a hip-hop-quoting priest who encourages him to convert. When Homer attempts to return his son to the Protestant church, the lure of beer and a pancake dinner causes him to join the faith, and it is up to Reverend Lovejoy and Ned Flanders to rectify the situation. Liam Neeson guests

    Tuesday 1st December 8:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 16 Episode 20: Home Away from Homer

    Ned Flanders takes in a pair of female lodgers - who soon start broadcasting raunchy videos over the internet. Ashamed to show his face around Springfield, he decides to leave the area - but the Simpsons' new neighbour is not quite what they were hoping for. Jason Bateman guest stars

  • Season 16 Episode 19: Thank God It's Doomsday

    After watching a movie about the apocalypse, Homer is convinced the end is nigh and starts a campaign to convince the people of Springfield to join him in meeting their maker. When the appointed time comes and goes he loses credibility - but his revised calculations lead to a heavenly encounter

    Thursday 10th December 10:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 16 Episode 18: A Star Is Torn

    Lisa enters a singing competition on the Krusty the Clown Show and makes it through to the final stages, but Homer's competitive streak threatens to sabotage her performance. Guest starring American Idol 2004 winner Fantasia Barrino as Lisa's rival Clarissa Wellington

  • Season 16 Episode 17: The Heartbroke Kid

    Bart becomes addicted to junk food and eventually suffers a minor heart attack, prompting Marge and Homer to take decisive action and send him to a high-security fat camp - which they pay for by taking in German lodgers

  • Season 16 Episode 16: Don't Fear the Roofer

    Homer is committed to a mental institution by an exasperated Marge, who refuses to believe his improbable tales about befriending a mysterious roofing contractor and fears he is finally cracking up. With the guest voices of Ray Romano and Stephen Hawking

    Sunday 6th December 5:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 16 Episode 15: Future-Drama

    Another of Matt Groening's creations, Bender from Futurama, drops into Springfield, where Bart and Lisa are busy admiring Professor Frink's new invention - a computer that shows the future. Unable to resist, they take a look at what their lives will be like in eight years' time - and are surprised by what they see

  • Season 16 Episode 14: The Seven-Beer Snitch

    Marge tries to bring culture to Springfield by asking architect Frank Gehry (guest starring as himself) to construct a concert hall. However, none of the locals seem interested, so Mr Burns decides to turn the disused building into a prison - where Homer soon finds himself an inmate

    Thursday 3rd December 11:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 16 Episode 13: Mobile Homer

    Homer moves into a camper van parked in the backyard, while Marge retains sole residence of the family home, prompting Bart to take swift action in a bid to reunite them. Unfortunately, his plan entails a perilous drive along the freeway - which culminates in a disaster on board a Turkish container ship

  • Season 16 Episode 12: Goo Goo Gai Pan

    Selma realises her hopes of ever bearing a child are diminishing and flies to China to adopt a baby. Asked to fill in her husband's name on the application, she pretends to be married to Homer - but the company co-ordinator (guest star Lucy Liu) sees through the deception. Also featuring the voices of Robert Wagner and David Silverman

  • Season 16 Episode 11: On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister

    Bart drives Lisa to distraction on a school trip, tormenting her until she takes out a restraining order forbidding him to come within 20ft of her. Just to be on the safe side, she uses a pole to make sure he keeps his distance. Meanwhile, Grampa is hurt in an incident involving a garden gnome

  • Season 16 Episode 10: There's Something About Marrying

    A hillbilly's tirade about Springfield prompts Mayor Quimby to legalise gay marriage in the town. Homer sees the opportunity to cash in by getting ordained over the Internet and conducting weddings himself. However, as scores of people come out of the closet, Marge's sister Patty makes a shock announcement

  • Season 16 Episode 9: Pranksta Rap

    Bart disobeys Marge's wishes and attends a rap concert, where he ends up performing with the stars on stage. While returning home, he realises how much trouble he will be in - so he decides to fake his own kidnapping, leading to the arrest of Milhouse's dad. With the guest voice of 50 Cent

  • Season 16 Episode 8: Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass

    Homer teaches victory dance moves to famous athletes, and proves so successful that he is chosen to produce the Super Bowl half-time show. Meanwhile, Ned gets backing from Mr Burns to create his own versions of Bible stories, but they are far from popular. With the voice of figure skater Michelle Kwan

  • Season 16 Episode 7: Mommie Beerest

    A health inspector eats a pickled egg at Moe's and instantly drops dead. The authorities threaten to close the bar unless radical changes are made, prompting Homer to remortgage his house to help out his friend. However, Marge insists on becoming the new landlady - and no one is prepared for the consequences

    Tuesday 8th December 8:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 16 Episode 6: Midnight Rx

    Hard-hearted Mr Burns decides to deny his employees any further free medication, prompting Homer to whisk Grampa away on a drug-smuggling mission to Canada. Unfortunately, the duo fall foul of the authorities on their return journey

  • Season 16 Episode 5: Fat Man and Little Boy

    Bart loses his last baby tooth, and as a final gift from the tooth fairy, a donation is given to charity in his name. Depressed at getting old, he wears a T-shirt to school bearing an adult joke, and is accosted by a marketing manager wanting to commercialise the new product. Eric Idle guest stars

  • Season 16 Episode 4: She Used to Be My Girl

    Marge is left feeling jealous and dejected by an encounter with old school friend Chloe (guest star Kim Cattrall), who has found fame, fortune and success as a high-flying investigative journalist

  • Season 16 Episode 3: Sleeping With the Enemy

    Lisa is teased mercilessly by her classmates for having a weight problem, while Marge learns school bully Nelson Muntz has never had a parental role model and invites him to come and live with the family - much to Bart's dismay

  • Season 16 Episode 2: All's Fair in Oven War

    Homer develops a knack for cooking and challenges Marge to a baking contest. Determined to win at any cost, she resorts to cheating in a bid to avoid humiliation. Meanwhile, Bart holds a 'Playdude' party attended by Hollywood veteran James Caan

  • Season 16 Episode 1: Treehouse of Horror XV

    Three spooky tales from Springfield, in which Ned Flanders develops the ability to see into the future, Mr Burns' body undergoes a rigorous exploration and Lisa becomes the latest super-sleuth to hit the streets of Victorian London

  • Season 16 Episode 20/21: Home Away From Homer/The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star

    The Flanders rent their rumpus room to a pair of college-age women who use it to run a soft-core webcam; Bart, expelled from school, is sent to a parochial school where he befriends a hip priest named Father Sean (Liam Neeson).

The Simpsons: Season 15 (2003 - 2004)

  • Season 15 Episode 22: Fraudcast News

    Reports of Mr Burns' death provoke a media storm as the townsfolk reveal their true feelings about him, but it's not long before he reappears, threatening the freedom of the press in a bid to improve his image. However, Lisa's newspaper proves resistant to his plans

  • Season 15 Episode 21: Bart-Mangled Banner

    When Bart accidentally moons the American flag and Marge unintentionally says on national television that Springfield hates America, the Simpsons are sent to Alcatraz. They escape and are picked up by a boat heading to France, where they try to build a new life, but it is not long before they are trying to sneak back into the States as illegal immigrants

  • Season 15 Episode 20: The Way We Weren't

    Marge tells the children she was the first person Homer kissed at high school, but he reveals that there was someone else before her - a girl he met at summer camp. Marge is shocked by this revelation before realising she was the girl in question, and recounts the events from her own perspective

  • Season 15 Episode 19: Simple Simpson

    Homer becomes an anonymous vigilante, taking revenge on local wrongdoers by throwing pies at them. Unfortunately, it is not long before Mr Burns discovers his secret - and tries to exploit it by ordering him to target the Dalai Lama. With the voice of original Star Trek cast member Nichelle Nichols

    Tuesday 8th December 11:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 15 Episode 18: The Simpsons (Catch 'Em If You Can)

    Marge and Homer sneak away on a second honeymoon, but Bart and Lisa are determined to deny them their privacy and start following them wherever they go. Meanwhile, Grampa catches the eye of a dashing Cuban man

  • Season 15 Episode 17: My Big Fat Geek Wedding

    Principal Skinner and Edna Krabappel announce their engagement, but both get cold feet before the big occasion - and turn to unlikely relationship counsellors Homer and Marge for advice. Cartoon capers, with the guest voice of series creator Matt Groening

  • Season 15 Episode 16: Wandering Juvie

    Bart's habitual bad behaviour finally results in his being sent to a juvenile correctional facility, where he meets fellow tearaway Gina, who helps him plot his escape. With the guest voice of Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

    Thursday 3rd December 10:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 15 Episode 15: Co-Dependent's Day

    Bart and Lisa are so disappointed by the latest Cosmic Wars film that they decide to visit the creator Randall Curtis at his ranch in California. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge take a trip to the local vineyard - a jaunt that ends with a drunken Homer crashing the car. He hauls a comatose Marge into the driver's seat - where she wakes up and convinces herself she needs rehabilitation

    Today at 5:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 15 Episode 14: The Ziff Who Came to Dinner

    Homer unwittingly takes the blame for his former love rival Artie Ziff's shady financial dealings and business irregularities. Arrested and put on trial, he is shocked to find himself sentenced to 10 years in prison. With the guest voice of Jon Lovitz

  • Season 15 Episode 13: Smart and Smarter

    Simon Cowell provides the voice of the sharp-tongued administrator of a nursery for gifted children who has the job of deciding whether to accept Maggie. As the possibility of successful admission becomes more likely, Lisa feels her position as the intelligent one in the family is being threatened

  • Season 15 Episode 12: Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    Milhouse moves to Capital City with his mother, forcing Bart to look for new friends - but he finds himself bonding more strongly with Lisa. Meanwhile, Homer resorts to begging to raise money for Marge's anniversary gift

  • Season 15 Episode 11: Margical History Tour

    At the Springfield library, Marge stimulates the children's interest in history by relating three extraordinary tales, featuring the wives of Henry VIII, the Lewis and Clark expedition and the early life of Austrian composer Mozart

  • Season 15 Episode 10: Diatribe of a Mad Housewife

    Marge writes a novel and succeeds in getting it published to critical acclaim in the Springfield community. Homer is delighted - until he finds out its plot, which portrays him as an uncaring husband. With the guest voices of authors Tom Clancy and Thomas Pynchon

    Friday 4th December 11:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 15 Episode 9: I Annoyed Grunt - Bot

    Homer tries to build a robot good enough to enter the Robot Rumble TV show, but finds the task harder than expected and resorts to trickery. Meanwhile, Lisa has problems with Snowball II

  • Season 15 Episode 8: Marge v Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays

    A baby riot breaks out at a children's concert in Springfield, so the town's childless community forms an anti-youth lobby. The initiative threatens to eliminate all child-friendly aspects of the area, until Marge decides to fight back with a cunning plan of her own

  • Season 15 Episode 7: Simpsons Christmas - 'Tis the 15th Season

    When Homer spends all the family's Christmas money on himself, he is forced to spend a night on the couch and consider his actions. He resolves to turn over a new leaf and become a do-gooder. However, his kindness rivals that of Ned Flanders' and the neighbours embark on a battle for supremacy

  • Season 15 Episode 6: Today I Am a Klown

    Homer is awarded his own talk show and takes over Krusty's regular TV slot - but makes the mistake of tackling subjects suggested by Lisa. Inevitably, the ratings soon start tumbling and the spectre of cancellation looms. With the guest voices of Jackie Mason and A-Team star Mr T

  • Season 15 Episode 5: The Fat and the Furriest

    Homer is filmed fleeing from a wild bear and becomes a local laughing stock. Determined to redeem himself and salvage his reputation, he builds a special protective suit and sets about organising a rematch - to be fought on his terms

  • Season 15 Episode 4: The Regina Monologues

    Tony Blair, JK Rowling and Ian McKellen are present to witness the Simpson family's arrival on holiday in London, where Homer crashes a rented car into the Queen's horse-drawn carriage and gets locked up in the Tower

  • Season 15 Episode 3: The President Wore Pearls

    Lisa is elected student president and immediately falls foul of Principal Skinner, who fools her into taking popular classes off the curriculum. Angry at his deception, she retaliates by calling her classmates out on strike. With the guest voice of film-maker Michael Moore

  • Season 15 Episode 2: My Mother, the Carjacker

    Homer tries to help his fugitive mother Mona evade justice, but unwittingly delivers her into the hands of the police - who promptly put her on trial for sabotaging Mr Burns' germ warfare laboratory back in the 1960s. With the guest voice of Glenn Close

    Thursday 3rd December 10:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 15 Episode 1: Treehouse of Horror XIV

    Three spooky Halloween tales, in which Bart and Milhouse play tricks with a mysterious watch and Homer takes over as the Grim Reaper, only to discover Marge's name is on his list. With the voices of Alias star Jennifer Garner and boxer Oscar De La Hoya

  • Season 15 Episode 15/16: Co-Dependent's Day; Wandering Juvie

    After a bender Homer frames Marge for his DUI, and as a result Marge must check into rehab; Bart and a girl escape from juvenile detention.

The Simpsons: Season 14 (2002 - 2003)

  • Season 14 Episode 22: Moe Baby Blues

    Maggie becomes completely obsessed with unlikely babysitter Moe - much to the dismay of Marge and Homer, who think he's an unsuitable role model and respond by forbidding him to see her again

  • Season 14 Episode 21: Bart of War

    Bart gets into trouble with the police for vandalising Flanders' Beatles memorabilia, so Marge sends him on an organised activity scheme to make sure he is supervised at all times. Unfortunately, Homer is appointed team leader, and it is not long before things start to fall apart

  • Season 14 Episode 20: Brake My Wife Please

    Homer has his driving licence revoked for being a menace to other road-users, forcing Marge to take charge of the family car and run endless errands for everyone - a responsibility she soon starts to resent. Featuring the guest voices of Steve Buscemi (The Sporanos) and singer-songwriter Jackson Browne

  • Season 14 Episode 19: Old Yeller-Belly

    Santa's Little Helper is thrown out of the house for failing to save Homer from a fire - but goes on to earn a fortune as the new Duff Beer mascot, making him the subject of a bitter ownership battle

  • Season 14 Episode 18: Dude, Where's My Ranch?

    The family spends Christmas on a ranch, where Lisa falls in love with an older boy, and Homer and Bart help locals protesting against a dam built by industrious beavers. Featuring the guest voices of David Byrne, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Andy Serkis

  • Season 14 Episode 17: Three Gays of the Condo

    Homer relishes living with a gay couple and refuses to return home; Marge recruits Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Weird Al Yankovic to serenade her errant husband.

  • Season 14 Episode 16: 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky

    Lisa resolves to pursue a career in astronomy, but unfortunately her decision coincides with Chief Wiggum's hare-brained new initiative to reduce crime in Springfield - by illuminating the whole town all night. With the guest voice of Eric Idle

  • Season 14 Episode 15: CED'oh

    Homer manages to become the owner of the power plant and, in a rare display of intelligence and ingenuity, he celebrates his new-found prestige by sacking former boss Mr Burns - who does not take kindly to being ousted

  • Season 14 Episode 14: Mr Spritz Goes to Washington

    With changes afoot at Springfield's airport, Bart persuades Krusty to run for Congress so he can redirect the flight path of planes passing over the Simpson home. However, he soon falls in line with the conservatives once he is elected

  • Season 14 Episode 13: A Star Is Born : Again

    Glamorous Hollywood star Sara Sloane visits Springfield, where she becomes infatuated with Ned Flanders, who finds himself asking Homer for dating advice. Featuring the voices of Helen Fielding and Marisa Tomei

  • Season 14 Episode 12: I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can

    Homer develops a ravenous appetite for Krustyburger's new spare rib sandwich, while Lisa is offered a scholarship at the college of her choice - but only if she agrees to deliberately lose a spelling contest. With the voice of George Plimpton

  • Season 14 Episode 11: Barting Over

    Angry to learn that he was once a child celebrity but that Homer spent all the money he made, Bart separates from his parents and moves into a loft apartment, where his neighbours are punk band Blink-182 and skateboarding hero Tony Hawk

  • Season 14 Episode 10: Pray Anything

    Homer takes Ned Flanders' advice and starts praying regularly, hoping God will lend a sympathetic ear and make it possible for him to buy a better home. Marge warns his materialistic attitude may incur divine retribution, but he turns a deaf ear - until a flood of biblical proportions hits Springfield. Featuring the voice of Lisa Leslie

    Tuesday 1st December 11:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 14 Episode 9: Strong Arms of the Ma

    Marge is mugged at the supermarket and develops a fear of venturing outdoors - until she starts exercising with Homer's old weights in the basement and develops muscles guaranteed to deter any would-be assailant

  • Season 14 Episode 8: The Dad Who Knew Too Little

    Homer realises he knows very little about Lisa and tries to fill the gaps in his knowledge by hiring a dodgy private detective to spy on her - only to end up on the wrong side of the law. With the guest voice of Elliott Gould

  • Season 14 Episode 7: Special Edna (AKA Love and Marking)

    Bart takes pity on Mrs Krabappel and nominates her for the prestigious Teacher of the Year competition held in Florida, making Principal Skinner fear she will find another job if she wins. With the guest voice of Little Richard

  • Season 14 Episode 6: The Great Louse Detective

    Chief Wiggum arranges for Sideshow Bob to be released from prison and move in with the family, convinced his twisted mind ideally qualifies him to help catch a would-be killer who has made an attempt on Homer's life. With the voice of Kelsey Grammer

  • Season 14 Episode 5: Helter Shelter

    The family takes part in a new reality TV show set in the 19th century, which proves unpopular with viewers, prompting the producers to try a series of increasingly desperate and dangerous ploys in a bid to boost ratings. With the guest voice of former boxer Larry Holmes

  • Season 14 Episode 4: Large Marge

    Marge has plastic surgery in an effort to lose weight, but a mix-up results in her being given breast implants instead - much to Homer's delight. With the guest voices of Adam West and Burt Ward, stars of Sixties TV series Batman

  • Season 14 Episode 3: Bart vs Lisa vs the Third Grade

    Lisa is thrilled to learn she has been moved up a grade at school - until she discovers Bart's poor performance has caused him to be demoted to the same class. Tensions inevitably develop between the pair, but a crisis during a field trip teaches them the value of working together. With the guest voice of Tony Bennett

  • Season 14 Episode 2: The Rolling Stones: How I Spent My Strummer Vacation

    Homer is asked to help the Rolling Stones with a forthcoming benefit gig, filling his head with dreams of rock 'n' roll stardom. Unfortunately, they only want him to stand in as a part-time roadie. Featuring the voices of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty and Elvis Costello

  • Season 14 Episode 1: Treehouse of Horror XIII

    Blood-curdling tales from America's favourite family in another Hallowe'en special. The spooky stories feature an island inhabited by 'manimals', plus tales about an army of Homer clones, and zombie cowboys

  • Season 14 Episode 4/5: Large Marge/Helter Shelter

    Double bill. Marge decides to go under the knife in an effort to lose weight, only for the plastic surgeon to make a boob - or two. Later, the family take part in a new reality TV show set in the 19th century, but when it proves unpopular with viewers, the producers try a series of increasingly desperate and dangerous ploys in a bid to boost ratings

  • Season 14 Episode 5/6: Helter Skelter/The Great Louse Detective

    Double bill. The family take part in a reality TV show, but when it proves unpopular, the producers attempt a series of desperate ploys in a bid to boost ratings. Later, a murderer appears to target Homer, and Sideshow Bob is released from prison to help identify the culprit

The Simpsons: Season 13 (2001 - 2002)

  • Season 13 Episode 22: Papa's Got a Brand New Badge

    Homer forms his own security group to help quell the rising tide of crime and anarchy in Springfield. Unfortunately his actions antagonise local mobster Fat Tony, who threatens to have him killed if he does not leave town. With the guest voice of Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds)

  • Season 13 Episode 21: The Frying Game

    Homer is accused of killing a rare insect and sentenced to deliver meals to the elderly as part of a community service order - only to be suspected of murdering an old woman on his round. With the voice of Carmen Electra

    Friday 4th December 11:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 13 Episode 20: Little Girl in the Big Ten

    Lisa is made to take extra gymnastics classes with a group of college-age students. Meanwhile, Bart catches a highly contagious virus and has to live in a plastic bubble to avoid infecting anyone else. With the guest voice of poet Robert Pinsky

    Tuesday 1st December 11:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 13 Episode 19: The Sweetest Apu

    Marge and Homer hatch an elaborate plan to reunite Apu with his estranged wife Manjula, who has thrown him out of the family home for having an affair with a delivery woman at the Kwik-E-Mart

  • Season 13 Episode 18: I Am Furious Yellow

    Bart creates a comic-strip featuring an angry character based on Homer - who is initially enraged by an animated online version, but later vows to make more of an effort to control his temper in future. Featuring the voice of comic-book writer Stan Lee

    Sunday 6th December 5:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 13 Episode 17: Gump Roast

    Aliens Kodos and Kang probe Homer's memory, viewing a series of episodes from his life - all of which convince them humanity does not deserve to exist. Fortunately, Lisa talks them into exploring the innocent mind of a child instead. Featuring the guest voices of Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger, Stephen Hawking, Elton John, Ron Howard and U2

  • Season 13 Episode 16: Weekend at Burnsies

    Homer is prescribed a marijuana-based medication to help him cope with the psychological after-effects of being attacked by crows and quickly becomes the life and soul of the party wherever he goes. He's so cheerful he soon finds himself promoted for being such a good employee. Rock band Phish guest

  • Season 13 Episode 15: Blame It on Lisa

    The family visits Brazil to find a missing orphan Lisa has been sponsoring, leaving Maggie under the watchful eyes of Patty and Selma - but it is not long before Homer is kidnapped and held to ransom by bandits

  • Season 13 Episode 14: Tales from the Public Domain

    Members of the family appear as characters in a trilogy of classical stories. Bart plays Hamlet trying to avenge his father's death, Lisa pits the French against the English as Joan of Arc, and Homer acts the part of Ulysses in the Odyssey

  • Season 13 Episode 13: The Old Man and the Key

    Grampa gets his driving licence back to woo a beautiful new resident at the nursing home. Unfortunately he is not her only suitor, and she soon proves unworthy of his affection. With the guest voice of Olympia Dukakis (Mr Holland's Opus)

  • Season 13 Episode 12: Lastest Gun in the West

    Bart befriends an ageing Western movie star who is driven to take one drink too many by the prospect of appearing on Krusty's TV show. Featuring the guest voice of Dennis Weaver (Duel)

  • Season 13 Episode 11: The Bart Wants What It Wants (G is for Girlfriends)

    Bart falls in love with the daughter of film star Rainier Wolfcastle, but their romance falters and she ends up going out with Milhouse in a bid to make him jealous. With the voices of Reese Witherspoon and chef Wolfgang Puck

  • Season 13 Episode 10: Half-Decent Proposal

    When Homer's snoring becomes too much to bear, a drunken Marge makes contact with her super-rich high-school prom date Artie Ziff. He offers Homer $1million for the privilege of spending a weekend with Marge to see what his life would have been like had they stayed together. With the guest voice of Jon Lovitz

  • Season 13 Episode 9: Jaws Wired Shut

    Homer breaks his jaw in an accident and has to have it wired shut. Unable to speak, he discovers the benefits of listening - but Marge finds it hard to come to terms with his uncharacteristic silence

  • Season 13 Episode 8: Sweets and Sour Marge

    Springfield is named the world's fattest town, prompting Marge to take out a court action and have sugar declared illegal inside its boundaries. However, public demand prompts Homer to become a bootlegger, smuggling supplies over from San Glucose. With the voices of Ben Stiller and Pamela Hayden

    Tuesday 8th December 11:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 13 Episode 7: Brawl in the Family

    Homer, Marge and the kids mend their ways in a bid to convince a vigilant social worker they are normal, well-adjusted members of society - but their plans are thrown into disarray by the arrival of the showgirl Homer married bigamously in Las Vegas. Featuring the guest voice of Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle)

  • Season 13 Episode 6: She of Little Faith

    Mr Burns takes over the running of the local church and turns it into a profit-making business, prompting a disgusted Lisa to leave the congregation in protest and become a Buddhist instead. Featuring the guest voice of Richard Gere

  • Season 13 Episode 5: The Blunder Years

    Homer humiliates Marge and tries to make amends by taking her to a local nightclub, where he is regressed to his childhood by a hypnotist and recalls a traumatic event - the discovery of a corpse. Featuring the guest voice of Paul Newman

  • Season 13 Episode 4: Hunka Hunka Burns in Love

    With a little help from Homer and a fortune cookie, Mr Burns meets a woman who agrees to marry him - although her former boyfriend is unhappy about the idea. Featuring the guest voice of Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld)

  • Season 13 Episode 3: Homer the Moe

    Moe refurbishes his bar, turning it into a swanky establishment for Springfield's beautiful people. Unfortunately, he alienates all his regulars in the process - so Homer begins selling booze from his garage. With the guest voices of REM

  • Season 13 Episode 2: The Parent Rap

    Springfield's stern new stand-in judge rules that Homer is a negligent father - and punishes him by decreeing that he should be tethered to Bart until he mends his ways. Featuring the guest voice of Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle)

  • Season 13 Episode 1: Treehouse of Horror XII

    At Hallowe'en, a computer menaces the family, Lisa and Bart embark on a Harry Potter-style adventure and Homer is cursed by a gypsy. With the guest voices of Pierce Brosnan and Matthew Perry

The Simpsons: Season 12 (2000 - 2002)

  • Season 12 Episode 21: Simpsons Tall Tales

    Homer, Marge and the kids hitch a ride on a train, where they are entertained by a tramp who tells them a series of colourful yarns based on American folklore - all of which feature characters suspiciously reminiscent of Homer

    Monday 7th December 11:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 12 Episode 20: Children of a Lesser Clod

    The family try out the new classes at the local gym, only for Homer to injure his knee playing basketball, forcing him to take time off work. With free time on his hands he decides to start a daycare service for children, but leaves Bart and Lisa feeling neglected

  • Season 12 Episode 19: I'm Goin' to Praiseland

    Homer helps Ned build a Christian amusement park called Praiseland as a lasting monument to Maude Flanders. Unfortunately, it meets with an unenthusiastic response - until a seemingly genuine miracle occurs

  • Season 12 Episode 18: Trilogy of Error

    The same day is shown from three different perspectives as Bart is pursued by gangsters, Lisa makes a bid to win the school science fair with a talkative robot, and Marge accidentally slices off Homer's thumb. Featuring the guest voices of Frankie Muniz and Joe Mantegna

  • Season 12 Episode 17: Simpson Safari

    A continent cowers as Homer and the family win a once-in-a-lifetime safari trip to Africa, where they encounter tribesmen, jungle animals - and the secretive owner of a chimpanzee refuge

  • Season 12 Episode 16: Bye Bye Nerdie

    Lisa tries to make friends with a new girl at school who turns out to be a terrible bully - prompting her to look for a remedy for anti-social behaviour. Meanwhile, Homer gets into the child safety business

  • Season 12 Episode 15: Hungry Hungry Homer

    Homer uncovers a plan to move his beloved Springfield Isotopes baseball team to New Mexico, so he takes desperate measures to keep them in town and goes on hunger strike in protest. With the guest voice of Stacy Keach

  • Season 12 Episode 14: New Kids on the Blecch

    Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and Ralph are 'discovered' by record producer LT Smash and recruited as singers in a boy band, but Lisa begins to suspect the mogul's motives may not be entirely above board. Featuring the guest voices of 'N Sync

  • Season 12 Episode 13: Day of the Jackanapes

    Sideshow Bob thirsts for revenge on Krusty the Clown, vowing to kill his former employer for erasing tapes of the first 10 years of their TV show, and hypnotises Bart to do the dirty deed for him. Featuring the guest voices of Kelsey Grammer and Gary Coleman

  • Season 12 Episode 12: Tennis the Menace

    The family constructs a tennis court in the back garden and Bart becomes an expert player, much to the annoyance and jealousy of Homer. Featuring the guest voices of Venus and Serena Williams, Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras

  • Season 12 Episode 11: Worst Episode Ever

    Bart and Milhouse screen Comic Book Guy's illegal video stash while filling in at his store. Voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer. Guest voice: Tom Savini.

    Friday 4th December 7:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 12 Episode 10: Pokey Mom

    A softhearted Marge invites a recent parolee to move into the Simpson household. Voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner and Nancy Carwright. Guest voices: Michael Keaton, Robert Schimmel, Charles Napier and Bruce Vilanch.

    Thursday 3rd December 9:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 12 Episode 9: HOMR

    Homer's intellectual curiosity blossoms after doctors remove a crayon wedged in his brain. Voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer.

    Tomorrow at 11:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 12 Episode 8: Skinner's Sense of Snow

    A snowstorm leaves Bart, Lisa and their fellow students trapped inside Springfield Elementary and it is not long before the pupils are running amok. Homer and Ned Flanders are left to mount the rescue operation to save the kids - and Principal Skinner

  • Season 12 Episode 7: The Great Money Caper

    Homer and Bart perform street magic in a bid to impress passers-by and raise enough cash to pay a mechanic's bill. But they quickly cotton on to the idea that people are suckers for a sob story, and start conning the public for money. Featuring the guest voice of Edward Norton

    Thursday 3rd December 9:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 12 Episode 6: The Computer Wore Menace Shoes

    Homer starts his own web page and begins revealing the intimate secrets of everyone in Springfield - but ends up making powerful enemies who imprison him on a mysterious island. Featuring the voice of Patrick McGoohan

  • Season 12 Episode 5: Homer vs. Dignity

    As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Mr Burns hires Homer to amuse him by playing pranks on all and sundry - a situation viewed with grave disfavour by Lisa, who has all sorts of old-fashioned ideas about dignity being more important than money

  • Season 12 Episode 4: Lisa the Tree Hugger

    Lisa joins an environmental protection group and begins campaigning in a last-ditch attempt to prevent the city's oldest redwood tree being felled by a rich Texan. With the voice of Joshua Jackson

  • Season 12 Episode 3: Insane Clown Poppy

    Krusty learns he has a long-lost daughter, but ruins any chances of a happy family life by gambling away her most prized possession in a high-stakes poker game. Featuring the guest voices of Drew Barrymore, John Updike, Amy Tam and Stephen King

  • Season 12 Episode 2: A Tale of Two Springfields

    Homer stages a revolt against moves to give Springfield a new telephone dialling code, stirring up public indignation and splitting the town down the middle. Featuring the guest voices of the Who and Gary Coleman

  • Season 12 Episode 1: Treehouse of Horror XI

    Angry dolphins attack Springfield on Halloween, while Homer dies and has to perform one good deed before he can get into Heaven. Bart and Lisa meet characters from fairy tales

  • Season 12 Episode 5/6: Homer v Dignity/The Computer Wore Menace Shoes

    Double-bill. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Homer is hired by Mr Burns to be his personal jester - but Lisa tries to make him realise his dignity is more important than the extra money. He then starts his own web page and begins revealing the intimate secrets of everyone in Springfield - but ends up imprisoned on a mysterious island

  • Season 12 Episode 9/10: Homr/Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk

    Double-bill. Doctors discover Homer has had a crayon lodged in his brain since childhood and decide to remove it, instantly transforming him into a genius, but removing his ability to enjoy life. German businessmen buy the nuclear power plant from Mr Burns and make sweeping changes

The Simpsons: Season 11 (1999 - 2000)

  • Season 11 Episode 22: Behind the Laughter

    Spoof behind-the-scenes special exploring what makes the dysfunctional family's antics so popular. Featuring the guest voices of Willie Nelson, Gary Coleman and Stephen Hawking

  • Season 11 Episode 21: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge

    Otto breaks up with his new bride, so big-hearted Bart invites her to stay with the family. However, a paranoid Marge thinks the guest is trying to steal Homer away from her. Featuring the guest voice of Parker Posey

  • Season 11 Episode 20: Last Tap Dance in Springfield

    A film about a sexy tango expert inspires Lisa to take up dancing, but she discovers she is not very good at it. Bart and Milhouse skip summer camp to avoid school bully Nelson and end up hiding in the local shopping centre, making Chief Wiggum believe it is infested with huge rats

  • Season 11 Episode 19: Kill the Alligator and Run

    Homer accidentally kills a legendary alligator while on holiday in Florida, and he and the family go on the run to escape the terrible punishment they are convinced awaits them, adopting new identities and taking jobs in a cafe. Featuring the guest voice of Kid Rock

  • Season 11 Episode 18: Days of Wine and D'Oh'ses

    Barney decides to clean up his act and stop drinking - much to the dismay of Moe. The bartender fears his profits will nosedive, and recruits Homer to become Springfield's new resident alcoholic

    Today at 4:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 11 Episode 17: Bart to the Future

    Bart sees into his future with the help of a mysterious casino owner and learns he will become a struggling musician with Ralph Wiggum as a room-mate, while Lisa seems destined to hold the office of US president

  • Season 11 Episode 16: Pygmoelion

    Moe decides to change his down-at-heel image by undergoing plastic surgery - and transforms himself so radically that he ends up getting a job as an actor in a TV soap opera. Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of sneaking Homer onto the set for a guest appearance, and ends up getting fired

  • Season 11 Episode 15: Missionary - Impossible

    Homer follows the Rev Lovejoy's advice and becomes a missionary on a remote Pacific island, where he soon corrupts the innocent natives by press-ganging them into building a casino. With the guest voice of Betty White

  • Season 11 Episode 14: Alone Again, Natura-Diddily

    Maude Flanders is killed in a tragic accident at the racetrack, leaving Ned facing a lonely old age - so unlikely matchmaker Homer volunteers to help him get back on to the dating scene. With the guest voice of Shawn Colvin

  • Season 11 Episode 13: Saddlesore Galactica

    Homer and Bart transform a losing racehorse into a champion - much to the dismay of rival jockeys, who soon start threatening dire reprisals. With the voices of Randy Bachman and Fred Turner

  • Season 11 Episode 12: The Mansion Family

    Homer plays billionaire while house-sitting for Mr. Burns, who has checked into the Mayo Clinic. Voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer. Guest voice: Britney Spears.

  • Season 11 Episode 11: Faith Off

    Bart sets out to save Homer from the embarrassing effects of his latest misfortune, and does so well he becomes convinced he possesses miraculous healing powers. Featuring the guest voice of Don Cheadle (Iron Man 2)

    Thursday 10th December 10:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 11 Episode 10: Little Big Mum

    Marge breaks her leg in a skiing accident and has to convalesce in hospital - so Lisa volunteers to take over as head of the household until she's well again. Unfortunately, Bart and Homer prove so awkward and unhelpful that she's driven to desperate measures

  • Season 11 Episode 9: Grift of the Magi

    A corporation buys Springfield Elementary School so it can secretly use the pupils as guinea pigs to test a new range of toys - but Lisa is not fooled for long and sets out to stop the businessmen. With the guest voices of Tim Robbins, Joe Mantegna and Gary Coleman

  • Season 11 Episode 8: Take My Wife, Sleaze

    When Homer forms a motorcycle gang with his friends, Marge is kidnapped by a rival gang. Voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith. With guest voices of John Goodman, Henry Winkler and rock band NRBQ.

  • Season 11 Episode 7: Eight Misbehavin'

    Apu becomes the proud father of octuplets and enjoys being showered with free gifts from companies that want him to endorse their products - until a couple in nearby Shelbyville go one better by having nine children. Cartoon capers, featuring the voice of former Munsters actor Butch Patrick

  • Season 11 Episode 6: Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder

    Homer bowls a perfect 300 game and becomes a local hero, giving speeches to classes of schoolchildren and appearing on TV show Springfield Squares - but it is not long before fame goes to his head. With the voices of Penn and Teller, Ron Howard and the B52s

    Tomorrow at 11:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 11 Episode 5: E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)

    The family relocates to an abandoned farm, where Homer discovers he has a talent for growing tomatoes - which prove highly addictive and soon attract the attention of unscrupulous rival businesses. Featuring the guest voices of the B-52s

  • Season 11 Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror X

    Homer's computing error plunges Earth into chaos, Bart and Lisa save Xena the Warrior Princess from a super-villain, and Marge kills Ned Flanders - but he refuses to stay dead. With the guest voices of Lucy Lawless, Tom Arnold and Dick Clark

  • Season 11 Episode 3: Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner

    Homer becomes the Springfield Shopper's new food critic, but soon makes himself unpopular with local restaurateurs, who plot to kill him with a poisonous eclair. Featuring the guest voice of Ed Asner (Up)

  • Season 11 Episode 2: Brother's Little Helper

    Bart is placed on experimental medication in a bid to control his disruptive behaviour - but it proves to have unfortunate paranoia-inducing side-effects, which soon spiral out of control. Featuring the guest voice of baseball star Mark McGwire

    Thursday 10th December 9:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 11 Episode 1: Beyond Blunderdome

    Homer becomes a Hollywood consultant and gives Mel Gibson advice on his forthcoming movie. Voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer. Guest voices of Mel Gibson and Jack Burns.

    Monday 7th December 11:00pm EST - FXX

The Simpsons: Season 10 (1998 - 1999)

  • Season 10 Episode 23: Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo

    Homer and the family set off for a cheap break in Japan, where they get stranded and find themselves forced to take part in a shocking game show to win tickets for the flight home. Featuring the voice of Star Trek veteran George Takei

  • Season 10 Episode 22: They Saved Lisa's Brain

    Lisa joins Mensa and inspires the local intelligentsia to take over Springfield. Determined to build a better world, they decide to begin by transforming the town into a utopia - but go too far and a cause a riot. With the voice of Stephen Hawking

  • Season 10 Episode 21: Monty Can't Buy Me Love

    A dejected Mr Burns tries to improve his public image by taking part in a series of lowbrow radio talk shows and bringing the legendary Loch Ness monster to Springfield. Guest starring the voice of Michael McKean

  • Season 10 Episode 20: The Old Man and the C Student

    Lisa tries to get the Olympic Games to come to Springfield, but Bart ruins her efforts with an ill-judged stand-up routine. As punishment, he is forced to undertake community service at Grampa's retirement home, where he discovers the septuagenarians are desperate to feel young again

  • Season 10 Episode 19: Mom and Pop Art

    Homer buys a DIY barbecue kit at the home improvement store but makes a complete mess of assembling it - much to the delight of a passing art critic, who mistakes the end result for a modern sculpture. With the guest voices of Jasper Johns and Isabella Rossellini

  • Season 10 Episode 18: Simpsons Bible Stories

    Homer, Marge and the kids fall asleep during a tediously protracted sermon by the Rev Lovejoy, and enjoy a series of colourful dreams in which they appear as characters from the Old Testament

    Friday 4th December 6:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 10 Episode 17: Maximum Homerdrive

    Homer and Bart set off on an epic journey to deliver a dead lorry driver's cargo, leaving Marge and Lisa at home - where aimlessness and boredom soon prompt them to embark on an adventure of their own

  • Season 10 Episode 16: Make Room for Lisa

    Lisa has to share a room with Bart and finds it difficult to cope with the stress, so Homer comes up with a solution. Meanwhile, Marge becomes addicted to eavesdropping on other people's conversations

  • Season 10 Episode 15: Marge Simpson in 'Screaming Yellow Honkers'

    Marge begins to use Homer's new all-terrain vehicle, but proves such an aggressive driver that she has her licence taken away and finds herself forced to attend traffic school. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa are trapped by stampeding rhinos

  • Season 10 Episode 14: I'm with Cupid

    Valentine's Day-themed edition which sees Apu shower his wife with gifts, making all the other men in Springfield look bad in comparison. Featuring the guest voice of Elton John

    Monday 7th December 10:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 10 Episode 13: Homer to the Max

    Homer adopts a new identity and begins calling himself Max Power in a bid to avoid being confused with a bumbling TV cop who shares his real name. With the guest voice of Ed Begley Jr

  • Season 10 Episode 12: Sunday, Cruddy Sunday

    Homer organises a trip to the Super Bowl with a busload of friends and acquaintances - but unfortunately for all concerned, his tickets turn out to be forgeries. With the guest voices of Rupert Murdoch, Dolly Parton, John Madden and Dan Marino

    Tomorrow at 10:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 10 Episode 11: Wild Barts Can't Be Broken

    Springfield Elementary is damaged by vandals, prompting Chief Wiggum to enforce a curfew - but the kids rebel by sneaking out to see a late-night horror film. Featuring the guest voice of Cyndi Lauper

  • Season 10 Episode 10: Viva Ned Flanders

    Homer takes Ned Flanders to Las Vegas, where they go on a drunken binge at a casino and wake up with hangovers to find themselves married to sleazy, gold-digging cocktail waitresses. Featuring the guest voices of the Moody Blues

  • Season 10 Episode 9: Mayored to the Mob

    Homer accidentally saves Mayor Quimby from a rioting mob and is appointed his official bodyguard, but finds himself up against local gangster Fat Tony. Featuring the guest voice of Mark Hamill (Star Wars)

  • Season 10 Episode 8: Homer Simpson in Kidney Trouble

    Homer offers to donate a kidney to Grampa - until he realises the surgery will place his own life at risk. However, a supernatural experience prompts him to think again

  • Season 10 Episode 7: Lisa Gets an A

    Lisa tries to make amends for cheating in an exam, but the school authorities have a vested interest in high grades and turn a deaf ear to her confession that she bought the answers from Nelson. Meanwhile, Homer adopts a bizarre new pet - a lobster

  • Season 10 Episode 6: D'oh-in' in the Wind

    Homer reverts to a hippie personality while searching for the meaning of his middle initial. Voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith. Guest voices: George Carlin and Martin Mull.

  • Season 10 Episode 5: When You Dish Upon a Star

    Homer befriends a group of holidaying Hollywood stars and promises to keep their whereabouts a secret - but can't resist telling the gang at Moe's about his new celebrity friends. With the guest voices of Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin and Ron Howard

  • Season 10 Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror IX

    Homer is possessed by an evil toupee, Bart and Lisa get trapped inside an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon, and Maggie is found to be the spawn of aliens. Featuring the guest voices of talk show host Jerry Springer and Robert Englund as murderous villain Freddy Krueger

  • Season 10 Episode 3: Bart, the Mother

    Bart accidentally kills a bird with local bully Nelson's pellet gun, and vows to make amends by taking care of its eggs until they hatch. Cartoon capers, featuring the guest voice of Phil Hartman

  • Season 10 Episode 2: The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace

    Homer realises he has failed to do anything worthwhile with his life and decides to rectify matters by becoming a great inventor like Thomas Edison. Featuring the voice of William Daniels as KITT, Knight Rider's famous supercar

  • Season 10 Episode 1: Lard of the Dance

    Homer comes up with the bright idea of making money by selling used grease, and ropes Bart in to help, while Lisa tries to join a popular new classmate's social clique. Featuring the guest voice of Lisa Kudrow

  • Season 10 Episode 13/14: Homer to the Max/I'm With Cupid

    Double bill. Homer is taken aback to find he's being confused with a character on a TV cop show who shares the same name, while Apu shower his wife with gifts, making all the other men in Springfield look bad in comparison. Ed Begley Jnr and Elton John guest

  • Season 10 Episode 16/17: A Millhouse Divided/Maximum Homer Drive

    Double-bill. Milhouse's parents get a divorce, prompting Homer to take drastic action in a bid to prevent his own marriage hitting the rocks, and Bart and Homer delivers a dead trucker's cargo

  • Season 10 Episode 19/20: Hurricane Neddy/The Old Man and the C Student

    Double-bill. Ned Flanders' home is destroyed by a hurricane, and his friends and neighbours' shoddy attempts to rebuild it cause him to give up on life and suffer a nervous breakdown, and Bart does community service at Grampa's retirement home

The Simpsons: Season 9 (1997 - 1998)

  • Season 9 Episode 25: Natural Born Kissers

    Marge and Homer rediscover their romantic side as they celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary, but their adventures lead to a mishap, with very embarrassing consequences. Bart and Lisa go treasure-hunting and find an alternative ending to a classic film

  • Season 9 Episode 24: Lost Our Lisa

    Bart uses industrial adhesive to stick assorted novelty items to his face, while Lisa persuades Homer to let her visit the museum - but takes the wrong bus and becomes completely lost in an unfamiliar part of Springfield

  • Season 9 Episode 23: King of the Hill

    After months of intensive training, Homer acquires a lean physique and is spotted by two executives from a healthfood company who enlist him to climb Springfield's most treacherous mountain as a promotional stunt for their product. With the guest voice of Brendan Fraser

  • Season 9 Episode 22: Trash of the Titans

    Homer is appointed Springfield's new sanitation commissioner, but finds it so hard to keep his elaborate election promises that he is forced to spend the year's budget allocation in his first month in charge. Featuring the guest voices of U2 and Steve Martin

  • Season 9 Episode 21: Girly Edition

    Homer acquires a pet monkey to help him with his chores, while Bart begins co-hosting a children's news programme with Lisa - and decides to take a leaf out of Kent Brockman's book, cynically concentrating on human interest stories in a bid to boost his own popularity

  • Season 9 Episode 20: The Trouble with Trillions

    Homer tries to recover a trillion-dollar note from Mr. Burns after an IRS tax audit. Voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith. Guest voice: Marcia Wallace.

  • Season 9 Episode 19: Simpson Tide

    Homer gets into deep water when he joins the Naval Reserve after getting fired from the nuclear plant. Guest voices of Rod Steiger and Bob Denver. Voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith.

  • Season 9 Episode 18: This Little Wiggy

    Bart is horrified at Marge's attempts to make him befriend Ralph Wiggum - until he learns his police chief dad has a master key to every shop in Springfield

  • Season 9 Episode 17: Lisa the Simpson

    Apu has the bright idea of turning the Kwik-E-Mart into a novel money-spinning tourist attraction, while Lisa is struck by the awful thought that her genetic make-up means she will follow in her family's footsteps and end up stupid

  • Season 9 Episode 16: Dumbbell Indemnity

    Moe desperately wants to raise cash to lavish on his new girlfriend, so Homer rashly agrees to help him defraud his car insurance company - but his bumbling attempts to destroy the vehicle put him behind bars. Featuring the guest voice of Helen Hunt

  • Season 9 Episode 15: The Last Temptation of Krust

    Krusty's ancient jokes and politically incorrect impressions go down like a lead balloon at a charity comedy festival - so he decides to spice up his act by adding more alternative, adult-oriented material. Featuring the guest voice of chat show host Jay Leno, alongside comedians Steven Wright and Janeane Garofalo

  • Season 9 Episode 14: Das Bus

    Bart and Lisa go on a school trip, but Otto accidentally drives the bus off a bridge and into the water, where it washes up on a deserted island - leaving the schoolchildren to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Homer decides to set up his own internet business. With the guest voice of James Earl Jones

  • Season 9 Episode 13: The Joy of Sect

    Homer is drawn into a cult called the Movementarians and expects to be taken to another planet. Guest voice: Marcia Wallace. Voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith.

  • Season 9 Episode 12: Bart Carny

    A sleazy carnival worker and his son lose their jobs thanks to Bart, and end up moving in with the Simpsons. However, the guests proceed to take over, completely wrecking the family home. With the guest voice of Jim Varney

  • Season 9 Episode 11: All Singing, All Dancing

    Homer rents a Western for the family to watch, but is disappointed when it turns out to be a musical, so the family reminds him of musical highlights from past episodes. Featuring the guest voice of George Harrison

  • Season 9 Episode 10: Simpsons Christmas - Miracle on Evergreen Terrace

    Bart accidentally destroys the family's Christmas presents and evades blame by claiming they were stolen by a burglar, prompting the Springfield residents to open their hearts and wallets in an overwhelming show of charity towards the family. With the guest voice of American TV presenter Alex Trebek

  • Season 9 Episode 9: The Simpsons (Realty Bites)

    Marge is employed as an estate agent, but her honesty with potential buyers costs her lucrative sales and gets her into hot water with the boss, who gives her an ultimatum. The Flanders family agree to buy one of the agency's houses - unaware of the property's gruesome past

  • Season 9 Episode 8: Lisa the Skeptic

    While on an archaeological dig with school, Lisa uncovers an unusual fossil, which the townsfolk are convinced is the skeleton of an angel. Thinking he can make a profit out of the unusual find, Homer steals it and puts it in his garage, charging people to come to see it. With the guest voice of scientist Stephen Jay Gould

    Thursday 10th December 9:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 9 Episode 7: The Two Mrs Nahasapeemapetilons

    Apu tries to wriggle out of a marriage prearranged by his mother (voice of Andrea Martin) to a woman (voice of Jan Hooks) from his past. Voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith.

    Tomorrow at 10:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 9 Episode 6: Bart Star

    Ned Flanders resigns as coach of Springfield's junior football team, so Homer takes his place - and tries to make up for his own childhood shortcomings on the sports field by giving Bart the role of star quarterback. Featuring the guest voices of Joe Namath and Mike Judge

  • Season 9 Episode 5: The Cartridge Family

    Homer buys a handgun to protect his family, but begins using it to perform all kinds of household tasks - prompting Marge and the kids to leave home and move into a sleazy motel

    Monday 7th December 10:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 9 Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror VIII

    Trio of Hallowe'en-inspired short stories. Homer is left battling killer mutants in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Springfield and an accident with a matter-transportation device causes Bart to switch bodies with a housefly. Plus, an insight into what the family would be like in colonial times, where Marge is accused of witchcraft

  • Season 9 Episode 3: Lisa's Sax

    Bart angrily breaks Lisa's treasured saxophone during a petty squabble, prompting Homer and Marge to look back and recall how she acquired it in the first place. Guest starring the voice of Fyvush Finkel

  • Season 9 Episode 2: The Principal and the Pauper

    As Principal Skinner prepares to enjoy a ceremony celebrating his 20th year as head of Springfield Elementary, a stranger exposes him as a former street punk who has stolen his identity. Featuring the guest voice of Martin Sheen

  • Season 9 Episode 1: The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

    Homer takes Marge and the family to New York to retrieve his car, which Barney has borrowed and abandoned between the twin towers of the World Trade Centre

  • Season 9 Episode 10/11: Miracle on Evergreen Terrace/All Singing All Dancing

    Double bill. Bart accidentally destroys the family's Christmas presents and evades blame by claiming they were stolen by a burglar, prompting the Springfield residents to open their hearts and wallets in an overwhelming show of charity. Plus, musical highlights from past episodes in All Singing, All Dancing

  • Season 9 Episode 11/12: All Singing, All Dancing/Bart Carny

    Double bill. The family recall a selection of musical highlights from past episodes, while an opportunistic carnival worker uses his wiles to swindle Homer and take over their house, leaving them homeless

  • Season 9 Episode 12/13: Bart Carny/The Joy of Sect

    Double-bill. A carnival worker and his son move in with the Simpsons and a religious cult brainwash the family

  • Season 9 Episode 13/14: The Joy of Sect/Das Bus

    Double-bill. A religious cult brainwashes the entire family : apart from Marge who does her best to snap them out of it : and Bart and Lisa become stranded on a desert island

  • Season 9 Episode 23/24: King of the Hill/Lost Our Lisa

    Double-bill. Homer decides to improve his physique, so Bart volunteers him to climb Springfield's most treacherous mountain, and Lisa gets lost on the way to the museum

  • Season 9 Episode 24/25: Lost Our Lisa/Natural Born Kissers

    Double bill. Bart uses industrial adhesive to stick assorted novelty items to his face, while Lisa persuades Homer to let her visit the museum - but takes the wrong bus and gets lost in an unfamiliar part of Springfield. Later, Homer and Marge try to breathe new life into their relationship by making love in public places, while Bart and Lisa use Grampa's metal detector to hunt for hidden treasure

  • Season 9 Episode 3/4: Lisa's Sax/Tree House of Horror VIII

    Double-bill. Bart throws Lisa's treasured saxophone out of the window during a fight, prompting Homer and Marge to recall how she acquired it in the first place. Plus three more Hallowe'en tales

  • Season 9 Episode 7/8: The Two Mrs Nahasapeemapetilons/Lisa the Sceptic

    Double bill. Springfield supermarket manager Apu convinces his mother that Marge is his wife in order to get out of an arranged marriage, and Lisa uncovers an unusual fossil which people mistake for the skeleton of an angel

The Simpsons: Season 8 (1996 - 1997)

  • Season 8 Episode 25: The Secret War of Lisa Simpson

    Homer and Marge force Bart to enrol in an all-male military academy and Lisa unwisely follows him. Once in her own barracks she is snubbed by the other cadets - but receives unexpected help from Bart to tackle the assault course. Featuring the guest voice of Willem Dafoe

  • Season 8 Episode 24: The Simpsons' Spin-Off Showcase

    Troy McClure (voiced by Phil Hartman) hosts three spin-off programmes, transplanting characters from the show into new situations and locations, including Chief Wiggum's attempt to make his name as a private investigator, ably assisted by streetwise sidekick Principal Skinner, alias 'Skinny Boy'

  • Season 8 Episode 23: Homer's Enemy

    Mr Burns hires a hard-working, conscientious new employee, who takes an instant dislike to the slobbish Homer and sets about trying to humiliate him. Meanwhile, Bart buys an abandoned factory for a dollar at a government auction and gives Milhouse the job of nightwatchman

  • Season 8 Episode 22: In Marge We Trust

    Marge begins work as a church volunteer and restores Reverend Lovejoy's faith in his vocation, while Homer is baffled to discover his image printed on a box of Japanese washing powder

    Friday 4th December 6:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 8 Episode 21: The Old Man and the Lisa

    Lisa takes pity on a bankrupt Mr Burns and encourages him to build a recycling centre, hoping it will get him back on his feet - but makes the mistake of underestimating his ruthlessness. Featuring the guest voice of wrestler Bret Hart

  • Season 8 Episode 20: The Canine Mutiny

    Bart has the bright idea of taking out a credit card in Santa's Little Helper's name and orders a fully trained pedigree collie. Unfortunately, he has trouble keeping up the payments and soon receives a visit from bailiffs who want to repossess all his purchases

  • Season 8 Episode 19: Grade School Confidential

    Bart is shocked to discover Principal Skinner in a passionate clinch with Mrs Krabappel at Martin's birthday party and finds himself being used as a highly reluctant go-between in their illicit relationship

    Friday 11th December 6:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 8 Episode 18: Homer vs. the 18th Amendment

    Strong men are left quaking by the news that alcohol has been made illegal in Springfield. Luckily salvation is at hand in the form of prohibition-busting bootlegger Homer, who brews his own beer to meet demand. Featuring the guest voice of Joe Mantegna

  • Season 8 Episode 17: My Sister, My Sitter

    Lisa babysits the Flanders children for an evening, and her sensible attitude soon sees her in great demand among the parents of Springfield. Encouraged by their daughter's new job, Homer and Marge put her in charge of older brother Bart while they go out - much to his irritation

  • Season 8 Episode 16: Brother from Another Series

    Sideshow Bob is released from prison and goes to work for his brother Cecil on a dam-building project. Bart is highly dubious that his arch-enemy is really a reformed man, and enlists Lisa's help to expose him : but fails to anticipate the real fiend behind a plot to destroy Springfield. With the voices of Frasier stars Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce

  • Season 8 Episode 15: Homer's Phobia

    A gay antiques dealer begins to socialise with the family, delighted at their kitsch furniture and ghastly knick-knacks, but Homer's homophobia soon threatens their friendship. Featuring the guest voice of cult film-maker John Waters

  • Season 8 Episode 14: The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show

    The Itchy & Scratchy Show goes into a ratings nosedive, so the producers try to boost its appeal by adding a new canine character named Poochie. Unfortunately, they make the mistake of choosing Homer to provide his voice - a sure-fire recipe for disaster

  • Season 8 Episode 13: Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious

    Marge is diagnosed with stress, so the decision is made to hire a nanny to help her cope with the domestic demands. Successful applicant Shary Bobbins bears a striking resemblance to Mary Poppins, and soon has Bart and Lisa doing chores - but the family starts to become too dependent on her

  • Season 8 Episode 12: Mr Burns: Mountain of Madness

    Homer and his millionaire boss Mr Burns are trapped in a cabin owing to an avalanche during a survival trip with the power plant employees, and find themselves forced to work together as equals to survive - but the strain of isolation soon takes its toll

  • Season 8 Episode 11: The Twisted World of Marge Simpson

    Marge is kicked out of her ladies' investment club and responds by starting her own business selling hot pretzels - with a little help from Homer and local mob boss Fat Tony. Featuring the guest voices of Jack Lemmon and Joe Mantegna

  • Season 8 Episode 10: The Springfield Files

    Homer claims he encountered an extraterrestrial on a drunken walk home, prompting X-Files agents Mulder and Scully to investigate both him and the sighting. Featuring the guest voices of David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Leonard Nimoy

    Thursday 10th December 8:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 8 Episode 9: El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Our Homer)

    An overdose of spicy Mexican food at the local chilli festival causes Homer to experience a series of hallucinatory visions that inspire him to set out in search of his true soulmate. Featuring the guest voice of Johnny Cash as a talking coyote

  • Season 8 Episode 8: Ned: Hurricane Neddy

    Ned Flanders' home is destroyed by a hurricane, so his well-meaning friends and neighbours rally round and attempt to rebuild it. Unfortunately, their shoddy workmanship causes him to give up on life and suffer a nervous breakdown

    Sunday 6th December 4:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 8 Episode 7: Lisa's Date with Density

    Lisa develops a crush on school bully Nelson, while Homer gets hold of an automatic dialling device used by telemarketing companies - and uses it to bombard the people of Springfield with calls asking for money

  • Season 8 Episode 6: A Milhouse Divided

    Milhouse's parents get divorced, filling Homer with misgivings about the state of his own marriage. Determined not to drift apart from Marge, he begins making elaborate efforts to be considerate - but his efforts only make matters worse

    Monday 7th December 9:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 8 Episode 5: Bart After Dark

    Bart goes to work as the resident stand-up comedian in a local burlesque theatre and proves a big hit with its clientele - until Marge turns up with an angry mob in tow and urges them to demolish the place

  • Season 8 Episode 4: Burns, Baby Burns

    Mr Burns' long-lost son reappears - and promptly tries to trick his dastardly dad into admitting he loves him by pretending to be kidnapped by the Simpsons. Featuring the guest voice of Rodney Dangerfield

  • Season 8 Episode 3: The Homer They Fall

    Moe is elated to discover Homer was born with a unique genetic condition that protects his brain from injury, and decides to cash in by training him to be a boxer. Featuring the guest voice of Paul Winfield

  • Season 8 Episode 2: You Only Move Twice

    Homer gets a new job at a better nuclear power plant, forcing the family to move to an apparently idyllic community - but his company boss turns out to be a megalomaniac super-villain with dreams of world domination. Featuring the guest voice of Albert Brooks

    Tomorrow at 9:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 8 Episode 1: Treehouse of Horror VII

    Bart and his family enter the twilight zone in three more cartoon tales of horror, including the discovery of Bart's demented twin in the attic and Lisa being the god to an alternative human species cultured in a margarine tub. Plus, Homer tries to expose two fraudulent presidential candidates

  • Season 8 Episode 10/11: The Springfield Files/Monty Can't Buy Me Love

    Double-bill. Homer encounters an alleged extraterrestrial, prompting X Files agents Mulder and Scully to investigate, and Mr Burns tries to improve his public image by taking part in radio talk shows and bringing the legendary Loch Ness Monster to Springfield

  • Season 8 Episode 15/16: Homer's Phobia/Brother from Another Series

    Double-bill. Homer is aghast to realise a friend is gay, while Sideshow Bob gets out of prison and goes to work for his brother Cecil on a dam-building project : where his claims to be a reformed character are soon proved false. With the voices of Frasier stars Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce

  • Season 8 Episode 18/19: Homer v the 18th Amendment/Grade School Confidential

    Double bill. Strong men are left quaking by the news that alcohol has been made illegal in Springfield, but luckily salvation is at hand in the form of prohibition-busting bootlegger, Homer and Bart is shocked to discover Principal Skinner in a passionate clinch with Mrs Krabappel

  • Season 8 Episode 2/3: You Only Move Twice/The Homer They Fall

    Double bill. Homer gets a new job, forces the family to move house, finds out he has a rare genetic condition and discovers his company boss is a megalomaniac super-villain

  • Season 8 Episode 24/25: The Simpsons' Spin-Off Showcase/The Secret War of Lisa Simpson

    Double-bill. Troy McClure hosts three spin-off programmes, transplanting characters from the show into new situations and locations, and Lisa and Bart enrol at a military school : where Lisa soon finds herself victimised by the other cadets

  • Season 8 Episode 4/5: Burns, Baby Burns/Bart After Dark

    Double bill. Mr Burns' long-lost son tries to trick his dastardly dad into admitting he loves him by pretending to have been kidnapped. With Marge and Lisa away from home, Bart goes to work at a bawdy house

  • Season 8 Episode 5/6: Bart After Dark/Maximum Homer Drive

    Double-bill. Lisa helps to clean up an oil spill, Bart goes to work at a bawdy house, Homer delivers a dead trucker's cargo and Marge has an adventure of her own

  • Season 8 Episode 6/7: A Milhouse Divided/Lisa's Date with Density

    Double bill. Milhouse's parents get a divorce, prompting Homer to take drastic action in a bid to prevent his own marriage hitting the rocks, and Lisa develops a crush on school bully Nelson Muntz - much to Bart's horror

The Simpsons: Season 7 (1995 - 1996)

The Simpsons: Season 6 (1994 - 1995)

  • Season 6 Episode 25: Who Shot Mr Burns? - Part One

    Part one of two. Mr Burns angers the residents of Springfield with a plot to block out the sun's light, which would force the town to use the electricity generated by his power plant. The townsfolk plan to fight back, but one mysterious person goes too far and shoots the greedy entrepreneur. Featuring the guest voice of salsa musician Tito Puente

  • Season 6 Episode 24: Lemon of Troy

    Springfield's historic lemon tree is stolen by a group of children from rival town Shelbyville, prompting an outraged Bart to gather a posse and set out to retrieve it

  • Season 6 Episode 23: The Springfield Connection

    Marge captures a fleeing con artist and suddenly becomes so enthusiastic about law enforcement that she decides to join the Springfield Police Academy - but Homer has reservations about his wife being a cop

  • Season 6 Episode 22: Round Springfield

    When Bart accidentally swallows a free gift while eating his breakfast cereal he is rushed to hospital. While there, Lisa bumps into jazz legend Bleeding Gums Murphy, who tells her how he got his break in showbusiness. Featuring the guest voices of Steve Allen and Ron Taylor

  • Season 6 Episode 21: The PTA Disbands

    Bart gleefully exploits a teachers' dispute, hoping to get the school closed down permanently, but soon regrets his efforts. To make matters worse, Ned Flanders is hired as the new principal - and the lack of educational structure starts to take its toll on Lisa's sanity

    Tomorrow at 8:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 6 Episode 20: Two Dozen and One Greyhounds

    Evil Mr Burns plumbs new depths with a plan to make a greyhound-fur tuxedo out of Santa's Little Helper's huge litter of puppies. Understandably shocked, Bart and Lisa attempt to rescue their faithful friend's offspring

  • Season 6 Episode 19: Lisa's Wedding

    A fortune-teller gives Lisa an unwelcome glimpse of the future, revealing the highs and lows of her romance with a dashing upper-class suitor. Featuring the guest voice of Mandy Patinkin as Lisa's future fiance

  • Season 6 Episode 18: A Star Is Burns

    In an attempt to boost Springfield's image, the townsfolk hold a film festival and a respected critic is invited to attend. However, Mr Burns bribes the jury, which includes Homer, to support his self-congratulatory biopic. Featuring the guest voice of Jon Lovitz

  • Season 6 Episode 17: Homer vs. Patty and Selma

    Homer's investment in the pumpkin business goes horribly wrong, leaving him flat broke, and forcing him to go cap in hand to Marge's embittered sisters Patty and Selma for help. Featuring the guest voices of Mel Brooks and Susan Sarandon

  • Season 6 Episode 16: Bart vs. Australia

    Bart is summoned to Australia to make amends for tricking an impressionable youngster into accepting an expensive reverse-charge phone call. Unfortunately, he learns the authorities are not prepared to accept a simple apology and want to exact an altogether harsher punishment

  • Season 6 Episode 15: Homie the Clown

    Homer enrols in Krusty's clown college and begins impersonating the TV funnyman, but trouble looms on the horizon as the showbiz prankster's underworld creditors come looking for the money he owes them. Featuring the guest voices of Joe Mantegna, Dick Cavett and Johnny Unitas

  • Season 6 Episode 14: Bart's Comet

    Bart discovers a previously unknown comet while carrying out a punishment for Principal Skinner. Unfortunately, to the horror of all concerned, the flaming ball of rock is on a direct collision course with Springfield - and Flanders owns the only bomb shelter in town

  • Season 6 Episode 13: And Maggie Makes Three

    Homer browses through the family photo album and recalls how Maggie's birth changed the course of his life, along with why he had to give up his dream job at the bowling alley

    Monday 7th December 8:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 6 Episode 12: Homer the Great

    Homer joins the Stonecutters - a secret society responsible for just about everything that goes wrong in the world - and is hailed as their leader thanks to an ancient prophecy and a unequally shaped birthmark. Featuring the guest voice of Patrick Stewart

  • Season 6 Episode 11: Fear of Flying

    Homer is given free plane tickets to buy his silence over an embarrassing faux pas at the airport. Unknown to the family, Marge has a fear of flying and she must attend therapy sessions to get over her phobia. Featuring the guest voices of Anne Bancroft and the cast of Cheers

  • Season 6 Episode 10: Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy

    Homer stops showing Marge affection, causing her to fear their marriage is in big trouble - but Grampa has the answer to their predicament in the form of a home-made virility tonic. Animation, featuring the voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner and Nancy Cartwright

    Thursday 10th December 8:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 6 Episode 9: Homer Badman

    Homer and Marge attend a confectionery convention, where they plan to make off with lots of free sweets. Unfortunately, Homer's love of candy results in him being wrongly accused of sexual harassment by the family's babysitter and smeared by the media. Featuring the guest voice of Dennis Franz (NYPD Blue)

  • Season 6 Episode 8: Lisa on Ice

    Lisa takes up ice hockey and proves so good at the game that she completely transforms her ailing team's fortunes. Dismayed at being outshone by a girl, Bart tries to compensate by becoming a teacher's pet - only to be beaten up by bullies

  • Season 6 Episode 7: Bart's Girlfriend

    Bart falls in love with the Reverend Lovejoy's daughter Jessica, but she spoils his dreams of romance by stealing the church collection plate and standing by as he takes the blame. Featuring the guest voice of Meryl Streep

  • Season 6 Episode 6: Treehouse of Horror V

    Another spooky collection of Hallowe'en tales. The family are employed as caretakers of a hotel in their version of horror film The Shining, Homer manages to destroy the universe, and Bart and Lisa make the shocking discovery their teachers are getting fat by eating students. Featuring the guest voice of James Earl Jones

  • Season 6 Episode 5: Sideshow Bob Roberts

    Psychopath Sideshow Bob is pardoned for his misdemeanours and decides to run for political office - but still displays a few distinctly criminal tendencies. Featuring the voices of Kelsey Grammer, Larry King and Dr Demento

  • Season 6 Episode 4: Itchy and Scratchy Land

    The family visits a scary theme park based on Bart's favourite TV cartoon, The Itchy and Scratchy Show, but Homer is arrested and the mechanised attractions go berserk. Animated comedy, with the voices of Dan Castellaneta and Julie Kavner

  • Season 6 Episode 3: Another Simpsons Clip Show

    In an episode made up of memorable moments from the show, Marge pines for a little romance to spice up her life, so the family reminisces about encounters of the heart in days gone by. With the guest voices of Michelle Pfeiffer and Kelsey Grammer

  • Season 6 Episode 2: Lisa's Rival

    Lisa applies for a prestigious position in the school band, but loses out to new classmate Allison - who starts outstripping her in the popularity stakes. Upset at being relegated to second place, she resorts to sabotage in a bid to beat her rival. With the guest voice of Winona Ryder

  • Season 6 Episode 1: Bart of Darkness

    Bart begins spying on the neighbours through Lisa's telescope while recovering from an injury, and is alarmed to see something that convinces him Ned Flanders has murdered his wife

  • Season 6 Episode 4/5: Itchy and Scratchy Land/Sideshow Bob Roberts

    Double bill. The family visit a scary theme park based on The Itchy and Scratchy Show, where the mechanised attractions go berserk. Sideshow Bob is pardoned for his misdemeanours and runs for mayor. Featuring the voices of Kelsey Grammer, Larry King and Dr Demento

The Simpsons: Season 5 (1993 - 1994)

  • Season 5 Episode 22: Secrets of a Successful Marriage

    Homer teaches an adult education course on the secrets of marital bliss. However, Marge spoils it by kicking him out of the house for revealing intimate domestic details to his students

  • Season 5 Episode 21: Lady Bouvier's Lover

    The family celebrates Maggie's birthday. Bart steals Homer's wallet to pay for an Itchy and Scratchy souvenir, and Grandma Bouvier is swept off her feet by Grampa - but Mr Burns provides romantic competition, convinced she is the woman for him

  • Season 5 Episode 20: The Boy Who Knew Too Much

    Mayor Quimby's nephew is wrongly accused of assault, presenting Bart with a dilemma - if he volunteers the information that would clear the lad's name, he risks being expelled from school for playing truant

    Tomorrow at 8:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 5 Episode 19: Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song

    Bart's antics with family dog Santa's Little Helper cause untold mayhem, which ultimately results in Principal Skinner getting the sack and eternal do-gooder Ned Flanders being appointed in his place

  • Season 5 Episode 18: Burns' Heir

    Mr Burns realises he has no heir and decides to hold auditions, intending to choose one from the children of Springfield. Unfortunately, only Bart comes close to fitting the bill

  • Season 5 Episode 17: Bart Gets an Elephant

    Bart chooses a full-grown elephant as his prize when he wins a radio contest. Voices by Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith.

  • Season 5 Episode 16: Homer Loves Flanders

    Homer starts to believe that Ned Flanders may not be so bad after all, and begins hanging around with him constantly - but unfortunately, his friendliness and good cheer are not reciprocated for long

  • Season 5 Episode 15: Deep Space Homer

    Nasa decides to send an average American into space as a publicity stunt - but the chances of success are jeopardised when Homer is selected for the for the honour. Featuring the guest voices of Buzz Aldrin and James Taylor

  • Season 5 Episode 14: Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy

    Lisa takes offence at a new doll that supposedly demeans women, and persuades its inventor to design a more up-to-date version, hoping to provide young girls with a positive role model. Featuring the guest voice of Kathleen Turner

  • Season 5 Episode 13: Homer and Apu

    Homer and Apu travel to the Himalayas to find Kwik-E-Mart headquarters and get Apu's job back. Guest voice: James Woods. Voices by Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith.

  • Season 5 Episode 12: Bart Gets Famous

    Bart lands a job as assistant to his idol Krusty the Clown and even gets to say his own catchphrase in front of the cameras, winning instant celebrity status. Featuring the guest voice of TV host Conan O'Brien

  • Season 5 Episode 11: Homer the Vigilante

    A mysterious cat burglar ransacks the Simpson household, making off with Lisa's saxophone. Homer becomes the leader of a neighbourhood watch scheme to find the miscreant - but soon lets the power go to his head. Featuring the guest voice of Sam Neill

  • Season 5 Episode 10: $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)

    Mr Burns decides to open a casino in Springfield, and it is not before long Marge is bitten by the gambling bug - much to the dismay of her family. Animated comedy, with the guest voices of Gerry Cooney and Robert Goulet

    Today at 4:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 5 Episode 9: The Last Temptation of Homer

    Homer falls for a sexy colleague and tries to avoid her, fearing he may be unable to resist temptation. However, Mr Burns sends the two of them on a business trip together and the enforced intimacy puts an intolerable strain on his willpower. Featuring the guest voice of Michelle Pfeiffer

  • Season 5 Episode 8: Boy Scoutz 'n the Hood

    Bart joins an organisation called the Junior Campers and asks Homer to come on a father-son rafting expedition. Unfortunately, the pair soon find themselves adrift on the open sea - with only Ned Flanders and his children for company. With the voice of Ernest Borgnine

  • Season 5 Episode 7: Bart's Inner Child

    Homer and Marge buy a self-help video to improve their lives - but make the mistake of enlisting Bart and Lisa's assistance. Featuring the voices of James Brown and Albert Brooks

  • Season 5 Episode 6: Marge on the Lam

    Marge and her new neighbor have a girls' night out and end up on the wrong side of the law. Voices by Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith and Pamela Reed.

  • Season 5 Episode 5: Treehouse of Horror IV

    Homer sells his soul to the Devil in return for a doughnut, a gremlin attacks Otto's bus while Bart is on his way to school, and the family sets out to end a vampiric Mr Burns' reign of terror

  • Season 5 Episode 4: Rosebud

    Mr Burns sets out to be reunited with his beloved teddy bear, which he lost as a child. Unfortunately, it is now owned by Maggie, presenting Homer with an unenviable dilemma. Featuring the voices of the Ramones

    Monday 7th December 8:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 5 Episode 3: Homer Goes to College

    A routine check reveals Homer is not qualified to work as a safety inspector at the power plant, so he goes back to college to study for a degree - but spends all his time playing pranks and ends up failing his exams

  • Season 5 Episode 2: Cape Feare

    Psychotic Sideshow Bob is released from Springfield Penitentiary thirsting for revenge - prompting Bart and the rest of the family to join the witness protection programme. Featuring the guest voice of Kelsey Grammer

  • Season 5 Episode 1: Homer's Barbershop Quartet

    Homer recalls his musical heyday as a member of the Be Sharps barbershop quartet, when he performed for President Reagan along with Principal Skinner, Barney and Apu. Featuring the voices of David Crosby and George Harrison

  • Season 5 Episode 15/16: Deep Space Homer/Homer Loves Flanders

    Double bill. Nasa decides to send an average American into space as a publicity stunt. Homer becomes Ned Flanders' best friend and starts to hang around with him constantly

The Simpsons: Season 4 (1992 - 1993)

  • Season 4 Episode 22: Krusty Gets Kancelled

    Long-standing TV personality Krusty the Clown reaches the end of the road, his days of entertaining kids quashed by an alternative show - prompting his famous friends to come to the rescue. Animation, with the voices of Elizabeth Taylor, Hugh Hefner, Bette Midler and the Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Season 4 Episode 21: Marge in Chains

    Stressed-out and overworked, Marge is arrested for shoplifting and sentenced to 30 days in jail - and with Springfield's leading moral crusader behind bars, the community soon descends into chaos. Featuring the voices of David Crosby and Phil Hartman

  • Season 4 Episode 20: Whacking Day

    Lisa tries to persuade her family not to take part in the town's annual snake-clubbing ritual, but her words fall on deaf ears as Homer anticipates the event with glee. With the guest voice of Barry White

  • Season 4 Episode 19: The Front

    Grampa, posing as a front man for Lisa and Bart, is hired as a writer for 'Itchy & Scratchy.' Guest voice: Brooke Shields. Voices by Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith.

  • Season 4 Episode 18: So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show

    Bart's latest prank - involving a beer can - lands Homer in hospital, where he and the family reminisce about all the other injuries and mishaps he has suffered in his eventful and disaster-filled life

  • Season 4 Episode 17: Last Exit to Springfield

    Homer becomes a union representative at the power plant and immediately uses his new-found authority to save the company's free dental plan and avoid having to pay for Lisa's new braces. Featuring the voice of Dr Joyce Brothers

  • Season 4 Episode 16: Duffless

    Lisa schemes to get her own back on Bart for destroying the prize tomato she grew for a science project. Meanwhile, Homer is arrested for drink-driving and finds himself having to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Animation, with the voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner and Nancy Cartwright

    Today at 3:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 4 Episode 15: I Love Lisa

    Lisa tires of being followed everywhere by a lovestruck Ralph and hurts his feelings by blurting out in public that she cannot stand him - prompting disgruntled local lawman Chief Wiggum to harass Homer in retaliation

  • Season 4 Episode 14: Brother from the Same Planet

    Bart grows frustrated by Homer's lack of interest in him and sets out to search for a new father figure. Lisa tries to break her addiction to an expensive teenage chat-line, but finds it harder than expected

  • Season 4 Episode 13: Selma's Choice

    Selma decides to take her Aunt Gladys's advice and start a family - but a day in charge of Bart and Lisa at a beer-themed amusement park soon changes her mind

  • Season 4 Episode 12: Marge vs. the Monorail

    Marge sets out to halt the plans of an unscrupulous businessman intending to defraud Springfield's residents by supplying them with a defective monorail system. Featuring the guest voice of Leonard Nimoy

  • Season 4 Episode 11: Homer's Triple Bypass

    Homer has a heart attack but cannot afford proper medical care, so dodgy doctor Nick Riviera offers to perform a cut-price triple-bypass operation. Cartoon capers, with the voices of Dan Castellaneta and Hank Azaria

  • Season 4 Episode 10: Lisa's First Word

    Bart remembers Lisa's early days and how much he resented the attention lavished on her by Homer and Marge - until a single word changed his outlook. Featuring the guest voice of Elizabeth Taylor

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Mr Plow

    Homer becomes a neighborhood hero when he buys a snowplow and clears his neighbors' driveways. Guest voices: Adam West, Linda Ronstadt. Voices by Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith.

  • Season 4 Episode 8: New Kid on the Block

    Bart develops a crush on babysitter Laura Powers and plots to break up her relationship with bullying boyfriend Jimbo Jones - but things do not turn out as planned. Featuring the voice of Sara Gilbert (Roseanne, The Big Bang Theory)

    Tomorrow at 7:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 4 Episode 7: Marge Gets a Job

    Marge finds herself fighting off Mr. Burns' advances when she gets a job at the power plant. Guest voice: Tom Jones. Voices by Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith.

  • Season 4 Episode 6: Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie

    Bart misbehaves once too often, prompting Homer and Marge to impose a terrible punishment - banning him from ever going to see the new feature-length Itchy and Scratchy film, and standing firm despite his constant pleas

    Monday 7th December 7:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 4 Episode 5: Treehouse of Horror III

    Trilogy of spooky stories. A murderous Krusty doll terrorises Homer, Mr Burns travels to a remote island to capture a giant ape and Bart's attempt to resurrect Snowball, the family's dead cat, goes disastrously wrong

  • Season 4 Episode 4: Lisa the Beauty Queen

    Homer enters Lisa in a beauty pageant to boost her self-esteem, and has the satisfaction of seeing her crowned runner-up - but she finds her principles heavily compromised as a result. Featuring the voice of Bob Hope

  • Season 4 Episode 3: Homer the Heretic

    Homer decides to skip church so he can enjoy himself watching TV, making waffles and dancing semi-naked in the guise of Tom Cruise. When he subsequently experiences a vision from God, the lazy father is inspired to start his own religion. Animated comedy, with the voice of Dan Castellaneta

  • Season 4 Episode 2: A Streetcar Named Marge

    Marge astonishes Homer and the kids by landing the role of Blanche DuBois in an amateur production of A Streetcar Named Desire - and her performance is boosted by her frustration with Homer. With the guest voice of Jon Lovitz

  • Season 4 Episode 1: Kamp Krusty

    Bart and Lisa are thrilled when their parents send them to Kamp Krusty for the summer - but when they arrive, they discover that having fun will not be high on the agenda. Animated antics, with the voices of Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith

  • Season 4 Episode 17/18: Last Exit to Springfield/So It's Come to This - A Simpsons Clip Show

    Double-bill. Homer becomes a union representative at the power plant and immediately uses his new-found authority to save the company's free dental plan so he won't have to pay for new braces on Lisa's teeth. Bart's latest prank lands his father in hospital, where he and the family reminisce about all the other injuries and mishaps he's suffered in a long, eventful and disaster-filled life. Featuring the voice of Dr Joyce Brothers

The Simpsons: Season 3 (1991 - 1992)

  • Season 3 Episode 24: Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?

    Homer's destitute half-brother Herb turns up on the doorstep, just as Homer earns $2,000 as compensation for an injury at work. The impoverished sibling convinces him to invest in his latest invention and sure-fire moneyspinner - a baby translator. Featuring the guest voice of Danny DeVito

  • Season 3 Episode 23: Bart's Friend Falls in Love

    Milhouse falls in love with a new girl at school and begins to spend all his time with her, so, in a bid to get his friend back, Bart decides to tell her strict Catholic father about the relationship

  • Season 3 Episode 22: The Otto Show

    Bart attends a rock concert with Milhouse, so Marge and Homer buy him a guitar to encourage his musical interests - but it is Otto who ends up calling the tune. Featuring Spinal Tap members Michael McKean and Christopher Guest alongside Simpsons regular Harry Shearer

  • Season 3 Episode 21: Black Widower

    Selma tells the family she is getting engaged to her prison pen-pal - none other than Sideshow Bob, who still harbours a grudge against Bart for landing him behind bars in the first place. However, the ex-convict is determined to prove he is a changed man. Featuring the voice of Kelsey Grammer

  • Season 3 Episode 20: Colonel Homer

    Homer goes to a Country and Western bar after a row with Marge, and vows to make the venue's singing waitress a star. As he throws himself into the role of manager, he realises he has to choose between his new career and his loyalty to his family. Featuring the voice of Beverly D'Angelo

  • Season 3 Episode 19: Dog of Death

    Convinced the family no longer loves him, a dejected Santa's Little Helper decides to run away from home, and has the misfortune to be adopted by Mr Burns - who brainwashes him into becoming a vicious attack dog

  • Season 3 Episode 18: Separate Vocations

    Aptitude tests reveal Lisa should be a homemaker and Bart should be a police officer. Guest voice: Steve Allen. Voices by Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith.

  • Season 3 Episode 17: Homer at the Bat

    Homer joins the power plant's softball team, confident his home-made bat will lead them to victory. However, Mr Burns upsets his dreams of glory by hiring Major League Baseball players instead

  • Season 3 Episode 16: Bart the Lover

    Mrs Krabappel tires of her lonely life and searches for love in the personal ads, unaware that Bart is knows of her plight and sees it as the perfect opportunity to make mischief. Meanwhile, Homer promises to stop swearing if Ned Flanders shaves off his moustache

    Thursday 10th December 12:30am EST - FXX
  • Season 3 Episode 15: Homer Alone

    Marge suffers a nervous breakdown and has to be packed off for a well-earned rest, leaving Lisa and Bart with Patty and Selma, and Homer alone with Maggie

  • Season 3 Episode 14: Lisa the Greek

    Lisa begins to feel increasingly neglected by Homer and tries to worm her way into his affections by feigning an interest in American football. Amazingly, she soon shows an aptitude for predicting the outcome of games - an ability that sets him off on an amazing but ill-fated run of betting success

    Today at 3:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 3 Episode 13: Radio Bart

    Bart uses a radio transmitter to trick the townsfolk of Springfield into thinking a child has fallen down a disused well. As events get out of hand, he is forced to own up and face the music - but has difficulty making amends. Featuring the guest voice of Sting

    Monday 7th December 7:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 3 Episode 12: I Married Marge

    Marge visits the doctor, convinced she is pregnant again, leaving Homer behind to reminisce about the ups and downs of their life together since their marriage at Shotgun Pete's all-night wedding chapel

  • Season 3 Episode 11: Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk

    German businessmen buy the nuclear power plant from Mr Burns and make sweeping changes - starting by sacking Homer, whose laziness and ineptitude are at odds with their reputation for Teutonic efficiency. Featuring the voice of Phil Hartman

  • Season 3 Episode 10: Moe: Flaming Moe's

    Moe steals Homer's idea for a new cocktail and uses it to revive his tavern's flagging fortunes - a move that does not go down too well in the Simpson household. Featuring the voices of rock band Aerosmith, who make Moe's their official nightly hang-out

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Saturdays of Thunder

    Shamed by his abject failure to score on a test from the National Fatherhood Institute, Homer resolves to become a model parent by helping Bart build a go-kart capable of winning a local race

    Tomorrow at 7:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 3 Episode 8: Lisa's Pony

    Homer buys Lisa a pony in a bid to prove his love for her, but it's a gift the family cannot really afford. To make ends meet and pay for the animal's upkeep, he is forced to take on a second job at the Kwik-E-Mart

  • Season 3 Episode 7: Treehouse of Horror II

    Bart, Homer and Lisa eat too many sweets and suffer from nightmares on that most spooky night of the year - Hallowe'en. Anarchic animation, with the voices of guest star James Earl Jones and regulars Dan Castellaneta and Julie Kavner

  • Season 3 Episode 6: Like Father, Like Clown

    Krusty's father disowns him for becoming a comedian - much to the dismay of Lisa and Bart, who promptly try to bring about a reconciliation between the two stubborn men. With the guest voice of Jackie Mason

  • Season 3 Episode 5: Homer Defined

    Homer inadvertently saves Springfield from the consequences of a nuclear meltdown and becomes a local hero, but soon starts to feel like a fraud and gets tired of everyone congratulating him. Featuring the voices of guest stars Magic Johnson and Jon Lovitz

  • Season 3 Episode 4: Bart the Murderer

    Bart becomes Fat Tony's personal errand boy, and revels in the dubious prestige conferred by his new-found underworld connections - until he suddenly finds himself standing trial on a charge of having murdered Principal Skinner

    Thursday 3rd December 8:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 3 Episode 3: When Flanders Failed

    Marge enrols Bart in karate classes in a bid to reduce his weight. Ned Flanders opens a shop catering exclusively for left-handed customers - but Homer jinxes him by wishing for the venture to fail

  • Season 3 Episode 2: Mr Lisa Goes to Washington

    Lisa comes first in a writing competition and wins an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington - where her faith in the democratic process is shattered by the unseemly spectacle of a congressman accepting a bribe

  • Season 3 Episode 1: Stark Raving Dad

    Mr Burns evaluates Homer on the basis of a written sanity test filled in by Bart, and promptly has him committed to a mental home - where he befriends a man who thinks he is Michael Jackson. Animated comedy, featuring the voice of the late singer himself

    Sunday 6th December 4:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 3 Episode 12/13: I Married Marge/Radio Bart

    Double bill. While Marge visits the doctor, convinced she is pregnant again, Homer reminisces about the ups and downs of their life together. A birthday present gives Bart an idea for a practical joke and soon the entire neighbourhood is tricked into thinking a child has fallen down a disused well. Featuring the voice of Sting

  • Season 3 Episode 14/15: Lisa the Greek/Homer Alone

    Double-bill. Lisa feels neglected by Homer and tries to worm her way into his affections by feigning an interest in football. Plus, Marge flips her lid at being treated as little more than a slave

  • Season 3 Episode 16/17: Bart the Lover/Homer at the Bat

    Double-bill. Mrs Krabappel tires of her lonely life and searches for love in the personal ads, while Homer joins the power plant's softball team - but Mr Burns upsets his dreams of glory

  • Season 3 Episode 18/19: Separate Vocations/Dog of Death

    Double-bill. Bart finds a new respect for law and order, while Lisa moves over to the wrong side of the tracks. Plus, Santa's Little Helper falls ill and vet's bills put a strain on the household budget

The Simpsons: Season 2 (1990 - 1991)

  • Season 2 Episode 22: Blood Feud

    Mr Burns receives a life-saving blood transfusion from Bart and responds with a brief thank-you note - much to the disgust of Homer, who feels the family haven't been adequately rewarded for their noble gesture. With the voice of Dan Castellaneta

  • Season 2 Episode 21: Three Men and a Comic Book

    Bart becomes convinced Milhouse and Martin are trying to steal a valuable comic-book they all clubbed together to buy. As his paranoia escalates, the three enter into a dangerous confrontation that threatens to end their friendship. With the guest voice of Daniel Stern

  • Season 2 Episode 20: The War of the Simpsons

    Homer gets drunk at a party and leers at Maude Flanders, upsetting Marge. Peeved at his behaviour, she insists he joins her at a retreat for married couples, but he becomes distracted by the opportunity to catch the legendary fish that inhabits a nearby lake

  • Season 2 Episode 19: Lisa's Substitute

    Lisa develops a crush on a new supply teacher at her school and develops an even greater enthusiasm for learning, while Bart runs against Martin for the position of class president - but makes the mistake of not voting in the election. Featuring the guest voice of Dustin Hoffman

  • Season 2 Episode 18: Brush with Greatness

    Marge paints for the first time since a teacher discarded her Ringo Starr portraits. Guest voice: Ringo Starr. Voices by Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith.

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Old Money

    Grampa Simpson falls in love with a woman at the rest home who later dies unexpectedly and leaves him $100,000. Understandably taken aback, he does not know what to do with his new-found wealth - but resolves not to share it with Homer

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Bart's Dog Gets an F

    Bart tries to train Santa's Little Helper, whose destructive behaviour is rapidly driving Homer to the end of his tether. With the guest voice of Tracey Ullman, whose own TV programme originally showcased the animated family

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

    Homer learns he has a long-lost half-brother and tracks him down to Detroit, where he is presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make something of himself. Featuring the guest voice of Danny DeVito

  • Season 2 Episode 14: Principal Charming

    Homer makes an attempt to give Cupid a helping hand by arranging a date between Principal Skinner and Marge's man-hungry sister Selma. Animated comedy, with the voices of Dan Castellaneta and Harry Shearer

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment

    Lisa is shocked by Homer's ploy to get illegal cable TV, fearing he is destined to go to hell for breaking one of the Ten Commandments - thou shalt not steal. Animated antics, with the voices of Yeardley Smith and Dan Castellaneta

  • Season 2 Episode 12: The Way We Was

    The TV breaks down, leaving everyone at a loose end - so Marge decides to fill the time by telling Bart and Lisa how she met and fell in love with Homer. With the guest voice of Jon Lovitz

  • Season 2 Episode 11: One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish

    Homer eats a poisonous fish and fears he has only 24 hours to live. As the minutes tick by, he embarks on a frantic race to put his affairs in order and accomplish everything he ever wanted to do but never did. With the guest voices of Larry King and George Takei

    Monday 7th December 6:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 2 Episode 10: Bart Gets Hit By a Car

    Skateboarding fanatic Bart is involved in a minor road accident, and persuaded to take the case to court by Homer and ambulance-chasing lawyer Lionel Hutz, who sees a chance to make a lucrative compensation claim

  • Season 2 Episode 9: Itchy and Scratchy and Marge

    Marge begins a crusade to clean up TV, convinced The Itchy & Scratchy Show is turning baby Maggie into a thug. The show's creators agree to make it less violent in future, but the move has a disastrous effect on its ratings

    Tomorrow at 6:30pm EST - FXX
  • Season 2 Episode 8: Bart the Daredevil

    An evening's car-crushing entertainment brings out the daredevil in Bart - who decides to try some death-defying stunts of his own, culminating in a skateboard jump over a gorge. Luckily, Homer is on hand to bring his son down to earth

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Bart vs. Thanksgiving

    Bart runs away from home at Thanksgiving and ends up in a shelter for down-and-outs, where he is interviewed by a TV news crew - much to the horror of Homer and Marge

  • Season 2 Episode 6: Dead Putting Society

    Parental rivalry between the Simpsons and long-suffering neighbours the Flanders family adds spice to a junior golf tournament as Bart and Todd go head to head. The two boys decide to throw the match by agreeing on a tie, but it is their fathers who pay the price

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Dancin' Homer

    Homer becomes his local baseball team's mascot and does so well that a Major League side recruits him to help revive its flagging fortunes. Unfortunately, it is not long before he is fired. With the guest voice of Tony Bennett

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish

    Mr Burns campaigns to become state governor in a desperate attempt to avoid the attentions of the nuclear energy watchdog, but does not count on Homer's dubious assistance

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Treehouse of Horror I

    Bart and Lisa frighten their family with blood-curdling tales of terror, including a spine-tingling version of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. With the guest voice of James Earl Jones

  • Season 2 Episode 2: Simpson and Delilah

    Super-slob Homer is transformed into a virile high-flyer at work - all thanks to a powerful hair-restorative and the services of a mysterious personal assistant. Featuring the guest voice of actor and playwright Harvey Fierstein

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Bart Gets an F

    Bart pulls out all the stops to pass a school exam, determined to avoid the humiliating prospect of being held back a year - but finds he is not cut out for a life of constant study

The Simpsons: Season 1 (1989 - 1990)

  • Season 1 Episode 13: Some Enchanted Evening

    Homer is aghast to overhear Marge threatening to leave him and makes a big effort to turn over a new leaf, starting by taking her out for the night - leaving their kids in the care of the babysitter from hell

    Thursday 3rd December 8:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 1 Episode 12: Krusty Gets Busted

    Homer informs on Krusty the Clown for apparently committing an armed robbery at the Kwik-E-Mart, but Bart is convinced of his hero's innocence and attempts to clear his name. With the voice of Kelsey Grammer

  • Season 1 Episode 11: The Crepes of Wrath

    Bart is sent to France on a student exchange, where he is used for slave labour by corrupt wine-makers. Back in Springfield, his Albanian replacement takes an unhealthy interest in the nuclear power plant

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Homer's Night Out

    Homer is photographed in a compromising situation with an exotic dancer during a workmate's stag party, and finds to his dismay Marge is in no mood to forgive and forget. With the voice of Sam McMurray

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Life on the Fast Lane

    Homer takes Marge for granted once too often, driving her into the arms of a smooth-talking Lothario, who charms her at the local bowling alley. Animated comedy, with the guest voice of Albert Brooks

  • Season 1 Episode 8: The Telltale Head

    Bart tries to impress his tough new friends by decapitating a statue of the town's founder Jebediah Springfield, but his act of vandalism only succeeds in turning everybody against him

  • Season 1 Episode 7: The Call of the Simpsons

    Homer's attempt to keep up with the Joneses leads him to buy a dilapidated camper van in which he, Marge and the kids take a trip into the middle of nowhere, inadvertently setting off rumours that Bigfoot is roaming the area

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Moaning Lisa

    Jazz performer Bleeding Gums Murphy teaches Lisa how to express her gloomy moods through music, and inspires her to write a blues tune for him - which proves unexpectedly popular

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Bart the General

    Bart is singled out for punishment by Nelson Muntz when he inadvertently bloodies the school bully's nose while standing up for Lisa. Fearing for his safety, he seeks advice from Grandpa, who joins forces with the owner of the local war memorabilia store to plot the downfall of his grandson's tormentor

  • Season 1 Episode 4: There's No Disgrace Like Home

    Homer discovers families can get along when the Simpsons attend the company picnic. Voices by Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith.

    Monday 7th December 6:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 1 Episode 3: Homer's Odyssey

    Homer is fired from the power plant and becomes so dejected that he contemplates suicide - until a near-tragic road accident makes him realise his purpose in life is to make Springfield safer

    Tomorrow at 6:00pm EST - FXX
  • Season 1 Episode 2: Bart the Genius

    Bart cheats during an exam and finds himself hailed as a child genius, but soon discovers he is not really cut out for the academic life - especially as it means being sent away to a special school

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

    Homer's hopes for a merry Christmas are dashed by Mr Burns' refusal to pay a holiday bonus, so he decides to earn extra cash by becoming a department store Santa Claus

The Simpsons: Special (2004)

  • The Simpsons' Christmas Message

    As the Queen speaks to the nation over on BBC One and ITV1, Channel 4 invites cartoon family the Simpsons to reflect on the year gone by, giving Lisa the opportunity to make a protest on behalf of Cornish liberation

The Simpsons: Other Episodes

  • Four Regrettings and a Funeral

    Um funeral em Springfield faz com que Marge, Kent Brockman, Homer e Sr. Burns repensem uma decisão importante em suas vidas, uma que lhes trouxe mais arrependimento.

  • Kamp Krusty

    Bart e Lisa passam seis semanas no Acampamento Krusty. No entanto, eles descobrem rapidamente que o acampamento não é o que parece.

  • Homer Goes to Prep School

    Homero se une a un grupo de supervivencia cuyo líder ha puesto en marcha un retiro para prepararse para el fin del mundo, pese al escepticismo de Marge sobre los negocios ilícitos del grupo.

  • A Casa da Árvore dos Horrores 24

    É Halloween, e Homer provoca o caos em Springfield; quando Bart é decapitado, seu corpo acaba sendo preso à cabeça de Lisa, provocando sérios problemas; as coisas ficam totalmente fora de controle na caravana do circo do sr. Burns.

  • Homerland

    Depois de participar de uma convenção de energia nuclear, Homer se torna, repentinamente, um homem educado. Lisa acha que algo ruim aconteceu a ele e pede ajuda a agente do FBI.

  • Changing of the Guardian

    El tornado inspira a Homero y Marge a buscar tutores para los niños en caso de que algo malo suceda; Marge cuestiona los motivos de los tutores potenciales.

  • The Lastest Gun in the West

    Bart e Lisa tentam ajudar um velho ator de faroeste a recuperar sua fama perdida, levando-o ao programa de Krusty.

  • Ned'n Edna's Blend Agenda

    Quando Marge descobre que Ned e Edna casaram-se, ela se oferece para fazer a recepção; Edna muda algumas regras para ajudar as crianças de Ned a tornarem-se mais sociáveis.

  • A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again

    Bart consegue realizar seu desejo de tirar férias com a família e quer que estas férias durem para sempre.

  • Beware My Cheating Bart

    Bart tem problemas com bullies na escola, quando a namorada de Jimbo se interessa por ele. Homer compra uma esteira equipada com uma TV.

  • Them, Robot

    Quando Mr. Burn substitui a maioria dos funcionários da fábrica por robôs que acabam se virando contra a comunidade, as pessoas que foram demitidas voltam para ajudar.

  • How I Wet Your Mother

    Homer continua a molhar a cama e sua família tenta se infiltrar em seus sonhos para descobrir a fonte do problema.

  • Exit Through the Kwik-E Mart

    Quando Bart decide dar o troco a Homer ao se tornar um grafiteiro, artistas de rua experientes oferecem a ele uma exibição em uma galeria. Um novo mercado de comida saudável ameaça fechar as portas do Apu.

  • At Long Last Leave

    Quando os Simpsons são expulsos de Springfield, eles se associam a uma comunidade próxima; os antigos amigos de Homer e Marge, não gostam quando eles tentam entrar de volta na cidade.

  • Lisa the Simpson

    Lisa teme ter uma predisposição genética para perder sua inteligência. Apu encontra um Jasper congelado.

  • The Cartridge Family

    Depois de testemunhar um tumulto, Homer decide comprar uma arma, mas faz uma demonstração de como usá-la de uma forma irresponsável.

  • The Daughter Also Rises

    Os planos de Marge e Lisa vão por água abaixo quando a filha se apaixona por um garoto intelectual e romântico.

  • Simpson Tide

    Homer é demitido por tentar aumentar o tamanho de um doughnut no reator nuclear da usina e alista-se na Marinha.

  • The Trouble With Trillions

    Homer aceita ajuda do Imposto de Rendas para recuperar milhões de dólares do Sr. Burns. Vozes de Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright e Yeardley Smith.

  • Das Bus

    As crianças de Springfield ficam presas em uma ilha em uma paródia do filme 'O Senhor das Moscas'. Voz do convidado James Earl Jones.

  • Bart Star

    Homer treina uma equipe de futebol americano e Bart se esforça para ter um bom desempenho; o time recebe ajuda de Joe Namath.

  • This Little Wiggy

    Bart faz amizade com Ralph Wiggum e sai em uma aventura pela cidade com a chave mestra de Wiggum .Vozes convidadas de Phil Hartman e Marcia Wallace.

  • Lisa the Skeptic

    Lisa realiza uma pesquisa arqueológica na tentativa de suspender a construção de um novo shopping. Voz convidada de Stephen Jay Gould. Vozes de Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright e Yeardley Smith.

  • A Test Before Trying

    El destino de la Escuela Primaria de Springfield se basa en la calificación de Bart en una prueba estandarizada. Homero encuentra un medidor de estacionamiento en el basurero y empieza a usarlo para engañar a conductores.

  • Lisa's Sax

    A família se lembra de quando o avô não babava, de quando Homer gostava dos Bee Gees e o dia em que o saxofone de Lisa foi atropelado.

  • Lo que quieren las mujeres animadas

    Homero trata de arreglar las cosas cuando Marge se cansa de su comportamiento; Millhouse inspirado en la película ' Un Tranvía llamado Deseo', trata de atraer a Lisa con la imagen de chico malo.

  • A Tree Grows in Springfield

    Para animar a Homero, Lisa trata de ganar un myPad para él; Ned encuentra un árbol en el patio trasero de los Simpson con la palabra 'esperanza' deletreado en la corteza.

  • Bart Sells His Soul

    Incomodado com uma advertência que o Reverendo Lovejoy lhe deu após fazer uma travessura na igreja, Bart vende sua alma por cinco dólares.

  • O Pai, o Filho e o Religioso

    Quando Bart é injustamente expulso da escola, ele é enviado para uma escola católica onde faz amizade com Padre Sean.

  • O Pastor

    Homer tenta aproveitar para ganhar dinheiro com a nova lei de Springfield que permite matrimônios entre pessoas do mesmo sexo.

  • Um Lar Longe de Homer

    Os Flanders alugam um quarto de hóspedes para um par de mulheres na idade universitária, que o utilizam para uma camera de cenas picantes na internet, tornando Ned tão envergonhado que ele muda com sua família para Humble, Pennsylvania.

  • El Ojo Negro

    Los padres de Flander prefieren la compañía de Homero a la de él, poniéndolo celoso; la nueva maestra sustituta de Lisa la intimida.

  • El Bello Abuelo

    Cuando la vida anterior del abuelo como un pro-luchador sale a la luz, el Sr. Burns lo convence de volver a los escenarios; Bart comienza a adoptar algunos de los malos hábitos del carácter de abuelo.

  • A Casa da Árvore dos Horrores XIII

    Homer clona um inseto e um homem louco transforma a população de Springfield em criaturas animalescas.

  • O Garoto do Coração Partido

    Quando Bart põe em perigo a sua saúde por comer compulsivamente as comidas de máquinas, os Simpsons transformam sua casa em uma pousada, a fim de permitir o envio dele para uma instalação de fome forçada.

  • Drama do Futuro

    O professor Frink usa uma máquina de astrologia para acabar com as brigas de Bart e Lisa, demonstrando como seriam seus últimos dias no colégio.

  • Igualito a Papá

    Bart y Milhouse exploran los privilegios de ser adultos tras un experimento en afeitado; Marge intenta salvar a Maggie de los peligros de la televisión para niños.

  • El amor es un asunto peliagudo

    Mary Spuckler regresa a Springfield y toca el corazón de Bart otra vez; Homero termina en la casa del perro.

  • Juízo Final

    Homer começa a estudar sobre o juízo final e acredita saber quando o mundo acabará. Ele começa a alertar outros na tentativa de garantir um lugar no paraíso.

  • O Telhado

    Quando um vazamento no telhado faz Homer começar a beber, ele vai para o bar e faz amizade com um carpinteiro que adora cerveja (Ray Romano), e ele promete ajudar Homer com os reparos.

  • Operação Canadá

    Homer, Avô, Apu e Flanders viajam para o Canadá só para comprar remédios, com falsos cartões canadenses de seguro de saúde.

  • O Dia da Co-Dependência

    Depois de um acidente de carro, Homer culpa Marge por ele dirigir bêbado, e ela decide entrar em reabilitação.

  • Artie Ziff Veio Para o Jantar

    O ex-namorado de Marge, Artie Ziff (Jon Lovitz) se muda depois de perder sua empresa.

  • Ela Já Foi Minha Garota

    Marge encontra uma ex-amiga (Kim Cattrall) de colégio que hoje em dia é uma famosa repórter, então ela se pergunta se tomou o rumo certo em sua vida.

  • Homer, Robô

    Homer constrói um disfarce de robô e luta em uma competição para robôs.

  • Guerra é Guerra

    Bart encontra as revistas Playdude de Homer e decide adotar um estilo de vida mais parecido com o dos anos setenta.

  • A Casa da Árvore dos Horrores XV

    Ned ganha o poder de prever a morte das pessoas; Maggie encolhe e é engolida por Sr. Burns; na Londres da época vitoriana, a Detetive Eliza Simpson and sua companheira, perseguem o assassino Muttonchop.

  • Minha Mãe Furta Carro

    Depois de passar anos escondida, Mona, a mãe de Homer volta para Springfield e acaba sendo pega pela polícia.

  • O Gordo e o Garotinho

    Quando Bart escreve slogans em camisetas, ele chama a atenção de Goose Gladwell, um empresário, e logo se torna um magnata da camiseta. Homer sente que não tem mais um lugar na família quando Bart torna-se o ganha-pão.

  • Os Simpsons

    Maggie começa a desmantelar as coisas dentro de casa, depois que Marge tira a chupeta dela. Homer torna-se um bombeiro voluntário.

  • Mantenha Distância

    Cansada das torturas intermináveis de Bart, Lisa pede na justiça, uma ordem de restrição contra seu irmão, o qual é forçado a ir viver no quintal dos fundos.

  • O Menino Que Sabia Demais

    Bart enfrenta uma decisão difícil quando ele se torna a única testemunha um crime, enquanto perdia aula.

  • Bart Ganha um Elefante

    Quando Bart ganha um concurso na rádio, ele pode escolher entre um prêmio grande em dinheiro ou um elefante. Ele prefere o animal.

  • Ned 'n' Edna's Blend

    Cuando Marge descubre que Ned y Edna se casaron, ella ofrece dar una recepción; Edna cambia algunas reglas para que los hijos de Ned sean socialmente más aceptados.

  • Beware My Cheating Bart

    Bart termina en problemas cuando la novia de Jimbo, el intimidador de la escuela, se enamora de Bart; Homero compra una trotadora con televisión.

  • Bart Fica Famoso

    Bart fica famoso quando recebe um papel no Show do Palhaço Krusty. Voz especial convidada: Conan O'Brien.Vozes de Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright y Yeardley Smith.

  • Os Escoteiros da Vizinhança

    Bart e Homer saem numa viagem de jangada, mas perdem o controle e acabam à deriva no mar. Vozes de Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright e Yeardley Smith.

  • A Criança Enrustida de Bart

    Homer e Marge levam Bart a um seminário de autoajuda para melhorar seu comportamento rebelde. Vozes de Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright e Yeardley Smith.

  • O Ursinho

    O Sr. Burns está com saudade do seu brinquedo de infância favorito.

  • Homer vai ao Colégio

    Homer tem que voltar para a Universidade depois que ele é reprovado em um teste de competência da usina elétrica onde trabalha. Vozes de Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright e Yeardley Smith.

  • O Recruta

    Homer é vítima dos recrutadores do exército e faz o treinamento básico. Depois de irritar um coronel, Homer se torna líder nos jogos de guerra.

  • A Ameaça

    'Sideshow Bob' retorna a Springfield para vingar-se de Bart por ter revelado seu plano de assassinar Selma, a irmã de Marge.

  • A Carpinteira

    Marge descobre seu novo talento por carpintaria e abre seu próprio negócio usando Homer como gerente.

  • Bart, o Músico

    O talento de Bart supera o de Lisa. Ela decide deixar a música e começa a resgatar animais, até que um deles ataca Bart.

  • O Insignificante, o Cozinheiro, a Esposa e Homer

    Os Simpsons entram para o submundo criminoso de Springfield quando Homer se transforma no chefe de uma família mafiosa local.

  • The Spy Who Learned Me

    Marge y Homero tienen una cita, pero Marge se avergüenza cuando Homero habla durante una película; cuando Homero se lastima y no puede trabajar seis semanas, él intenta ser un mejor marido con la ayuda de un hombre.

  • A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again

    Cuando Bart cumple su sueño de unas vacaciones familiares, él decide hacerlas durar para siempre.

  • Lisa Goes Gaga

    Lisa intenta volverse más popular escribiendo cosas buenas acerca de ella misma en el blog escolar, pero su plan resulta contraproducente; Lisa ayuda a Lady Gaga y descubre la importancia de ser uno mismo.

  • Brother's Little Helper

    Bart muestra un comportamiento preocupante cuando el toma una droga experimental para niños hiperactivos.

  • Donnie Balasco

    Homer acaba na penitenciária de Springfield depois de ser pego subornando um funcionário público. Um investigador do FBI oferece à Homer uma maneira de reduzir seu tempo de prisão.

  • The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

    A família visita a cidade de Nova York para recuperar seu carro desaparecido.

  • Girlie Edition

    Lisa se torna a âncora de um programa infantil de notícias e fica irritada quando Bart é feito co-âncora. Vozes de Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright e Yeardley Smith.

  • Ice Cream of Margie (With the Light Blue Hair)

    Homer perde seu emprego na usina e começa um negócio como vendedor de sorvete; Marge luta contra sua depressão fazendo esculturas de picolé.

  • The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons

    Marge e as crianças fingem ser a família de Apu para acalmar sua mãe (voz da convidada Andrea Martin).

  • A Star Is Torn

    Lisa concorda em participar na competição musical Li'l Starmaker e entra em pânico quando outra competidora à supera.

  • Don't Fear the Roofer

    Quando um vazamento no telhado faz Homer começar a beber, ele vai para o bar e faz amizade com um carpinteiro que adora cerveja (Ray Romano), e ele promete ajudar Homer com os reparos.

  • Future-Drama

    O professor Frink usa uma máquina de astrologia para acabar com as brigas de Bart e Lisa, demonstrando como seriam seus últimos dias no colégio.

  • The Seven-Beer Snitch

    Na tentativa de provar a Shelbyville que Springfield não é uma cidade caipira, Marge convence a prefeitura a bancar uma nova sala de concertos.

  • Mobile Homer

    Homer compra um trailer depois que seus amigos o convencem que Marge está tentando fazer todas as decisões financeiras, e Marge furiosa, faz ele viver nele.

  • Goo Goo Gai Pan

    Selma quer adotar um bebê de um orfanato, mas precisa do nome de um pai no formulário. Será que Homer vai fazer pra ela?

  • On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister

    Cansada das torturas intermináveis de Bart, Lisa pede na justiça, uma ordem de restrição contra seu irmão, o qual é forçado a ir viver no quintal dos fundos.

  • There's Something About Marrying

    Homer tenta aproveitar para ganhar dinheiro com a nova lei de Springfield que permite matrimônios entre pessoas do mesmo sexo.

  • O Rap de Bart

    Depois que Bart é capturado tentando escapulir para ir a um concerto de rap, ele finge seu próprio sequestro, escondendo-se no apartamento de solteiro de Kirk Van Houten.

  • Como Aprendi a Gostar do Jogo Springfield

    Marge vai se divertir jogando nas maquinas do casino que o Sr. Burns abriu em Springfield, e acaba se transformando numa jogadora inveterada.

  • The Monkey Suit

    Flanders pressiona o prefeito Quimby para nomear o Reverendo Lovejoy para ser o czar em comando de espalhar a teoria da evolucão; Lisa é presa.

  • Million Dollar Abie

    Depois que Homer faz planos de tornar Springfield na casa do futebol profissional, o avô que pensava em cometer suicídio, para contrastar com o filho, acaba se transformando num matador, na arena de touros da cidade.

  • The Boys of Bummer

    Bart lidera sua equipe de pequena liga de Baseball para o jogo do campeonato; o dono de uma loja de departamentos contrata Homer como vendedor.

  • The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star

    Quando Bart é injustamente expulso da escola, ele é enviado para uma escola católica onde faz amizade com Padre Sean.

  • Home Away From Homer

    Os Flanders alugam um quarto de hóspedes para um par de mulheres na idade universitária, que o utilizam para uma camera de cenas picantes na internet, tornando Ned tão envergonhado que ele muda com sua família para Humble, Pennsylvania.

  • The Seemingly Never-Ending Story

    Enquanto explora a área com sua família, Homer provoca um desmoronamento em uma caverna e fica preso de cabeça para baixo no teto.

  • My Fair Laddy

    Quando Bart acidentalmente destrói o barraca de Willie com uma bola de gelo, Marge ajuda o zelador desamparado.

  • We're on the Road to D'Ohwhere

    Depois que Bart se mete numa encrenca por roubar as chaves do escritório do diretor Skinner, os pais dele o mandam para um acampamento de modificação de comportamento.

  • The Italian Bob

    Homer leva toda a família quando é mandado para a Itália para pegar o carro esporte novo do sr. Burns.

  • Thank God It's Doomsday

    Homer começa a estudar sobre o juízo final e acredita saber quando o mundo acabará. Ele começa a alertar outros na tentativa de garantir um lugar no paraíso.

  • The Wettest Stories Ever Told

    Quando os planos dos Simpsons de sair em família viram num desastre, eles tentam salvar a noite, contando três estórias diferentes sobre desastres no mar.

  • Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife

    A obsessão de Homer pela TV de plasma nova de Lenny faz Marge entrar a família em um sorteio para ganhar uma viagem para o Estúdio da Fox.

  • Bart-Mangled Banner

    Os Simpsons são jogados na prisão por alta traição após Bart acidentalmente desrespeitar a bandeira americana. Sua única esperança é um homem velho com um plano de fuga.

  • The Girl Who Slept Too Little

    Um cemitério é transferido para o lado da casa dos Simpsons e Lisa tem pesadelos que não a deixam dormir. Inconformada, ela resolve enfrentar seus medos e passar uma noite entre os túmulos.

  • Bonfire of the Manatees

    Quando Homer permite que Fat Tony grave um filme pornográfico na casa dos Simpsons, a indignada Marge o abandona e foge com um biólogo marinho para ajudá-lo no projeto de preservação dos peixes-boi.

  • Jogo Sujo

    Sr. Burns compra todos os meios de comunicação em Springfield com a intenção de melhorar sua imagem pública, então Lisa começa o seu próprio jornal.

  • Simple Simpson

    Homer enfrenta malfeitores de Springfield, sob a forma do seu ego lutador contra o crime, o Homem Torta. Voz da convidada Nichelle Nichols.

  • E. Pluribus Wiggum

    Homer destrói um bairro de restaurantes fast food; o prefeito Quimby decide antecipar o dia das eleições.

  • Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    Milhouse se muda, deixando Bart para que ele encontre em Lisa uma nova melhor amiga. As visitas de Bart reinventam Milhouse na Capital do País.

  • My Big Fat Geek Wedding

    Quando a noiva do diretor Skinner cancela o casamento, ele pede a ajuda de Homer para reconquistá-la. Edna foge com outro homem para uma convenção de revista em quadrinhos.

  • Wandering Juvie

    A juíza Harm envia Bart para um centro de detenção juvenil onde ele conhece uma garota que o ajudar a traçar um plano de fuga.

  • Co-Dependent's Day

    Depois de um acidente de carro, Homer culpa Marge por ele dirigir bêbado, e decide entrar em reabilitação.

  • Smart and Smarter

    O entrevistador (Simon Cowell) em uma pré-escolar para talentos insulta Maggie, então a ciumenta Lisa a leva para o mau caminho depois que ela foi aceita na ecola.

  • Margical History Tour

    Quando a biblioteca sofre a falta de livros, Marge presenteia as crianças com narrações de algumas figuras históricas.

  • Diatribe of a Mad Housewife

    Marge escreve um livro, The Harpooned Heart, usando Homer e Ned como inspiração para seus personagens. Homer recebe em audio, a versão do livro lida por Mary Kate e Ashley Olsen.

  • You Kent Always Say What You Want

    Ned propõe uma campanha anti-indecência contra Kent Brockman.

  • Stop or My Dog Will Shoot

    O cachorro de estimação dos Simpsons resgata Homer de um labirinto de um milharal e entra para a academia de polícia.

  • Crook and Ladder

    Maggie começa a desmantelar as coisas dentro de casa, depois que Marge tira a chupeta dela. Homer torna-se um bombeiro voluntário.

  • Homerazzi

    A vela do bolo de aniversário de Homer pega fogo; Homer se une ao paparazzi depois de acidentalmente tirar uma foto escandalosa de uma celebridade.

  • Springfield Up

    Um cineasta excêntrico (Eric Idle) de documentários narra o crescimento e desenvolvimento de Springfield; Homer tenta triunfar realizando trabalhos muito raros.

  • The Haw-Hawked Couple

    Marge obriga Bart a ir para a festa de aniversário de Nelson e depois que ele convence seus amigos a não irem, tornam-se melhores amigos.

  • The Wife Aquatic

    Homer e os meninos levam a deprimida Marge em uma viagem surpresa para a Bahia Barnacle e encontram uma grande bagunça.

  • Yokel Chords

    O diretor Skinner oferece Lisa a chance de ensinar as crianças de Cletus; Bart tenta assustar seus amigos da lanchonete dizendo que o lugar está assombrado.

  • The Homer They Fall

    Homer se torna um boxeador profissional quando descobre que tem uma condição genética que proteje seu cérebro de machucados.

  • Catch 'Em if You Can

    Quando Homer e Marge são pegos tendo um encontro romântico em Miami, Bart, Lisa e Vovô Simpson decolam em uma viagem através do país para frustarem a sua escapadela romântica.

  • The Way We Weren't

    Homer e Marge descobrem que foram feitos um para o outro quando Homer conta a história de seu primeiro beijo.

  • Regarding Margie

    Marge sofre de amnésia, mas pouco a pouco vai conseguindo lembrar das coisas, exceto de Homer, que terá que reconquistá-la, para não perder ela de vez.

  • Old Yeller Belly

    O ajudante de Papai Noel torna-se o novo mascote da cerveja Duff depois que é banido da casa dos Simpson por não salvar Homer. Mais tarde, o original dono do ajudante de Papai Noel quer o seu cachorro de volta porque agora ele é famoso.

  • C.E. D'OH

    Homer e Lisa planejam a tomada de uma planta de energia nuclear com Homer sendo o novo presidente.

  • Barting Over

    Uma juíza (Jane Kaczmarek) emancipa Bart ao descobrir que Homer desperdiçou o dinheiro que o filho ganhou fazendo shows.

  • Paths of Glory

    Lisa tries to restore the reputation of Springfield's first female inventor; Bart tells a lie that causes Homer and Marge to believe he is a sociopath.

    Sunday 6th December 8:00pm EST - WNYW (FOX)
  • Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington

    Os Simpsons ficam de saco cheio com os padrões dos novos vôos no aeroporto de Springfield. Eles exigem ação de seu representante no Congresso. Quando o político lidando com a proposta morre, a família ajudar Krusty ganhar sua cadeira na Câmara.

  • Lisa With an 'S'

    When Homer loses $5,000 to Broadway legend Laney Fontaine in a poker game, he settles the debt by loaning out Lisa for a month; Laney transforms Lisa into a show-biz kid.

  • Homer Astronauta

    Barney e Homer competem para se tornar o primeiro cidadão comum americano no espaço. Vozes convidadas de Buzz Aldrin e James Taylor.

  • El Diabólico Bart

    La nueva alberca de los Simpsons vuelve popular a Lisa; Bart piensa haber visto a un asesino.

  • O Mágico de Springfield

    Na tentativa de superar sua crise de meia-idade, Homer se inspira em Thomas Edison e começa a inventar uma coisa atrás da outra.

  • The Greatest Story Ever D'Ohed

    Flanders convida a família dos Simpsons para um retiro religioso em Jerusalém, na esperança que Homer se redima.

  • A Casa da Árvore dos Horrores 3

    Homer compra uma boneca possuída pelo mau; o vovô conta uma estória sobre primatas; Bart faz um livro de relatórios sobre zumbis.

  • A Casa da Árvore dos Horrores 2

    Bart, Lisa e Homer comem um monte de doces da festa do Dia das Bruxas, e acabam tendo pesadelos assustadores.

  • Especial del Día de Brujas XVII

    Homero se transforma en una burbuja después de comer vegetales; Bart trae a la vida al Golem, una criatura del folclore judío; una transmisión de radio falsa convence a los residentes de Springfield de que hay una invasión de extraterrestres.

  • Treehouse of Horror XIII

    Homer clona um inseto e um homem louco transforma a população de Springfield em criaturas animalescas.

  • A Casa da Árvore dos Horrores 12

    Marge encomenda uma casa futurista; cigana joga uma praga no Homer; Bart e Lisa vão para uma escola de magia.

  • A Casa da Árvore dos Horrores 8

    Homer luta contra mutantes; Bart se transforma em um inseto; Marge se torna atraente; a história do Dia das Bruxas.

  • $pringfield (Próspero o el Problema del Juego)

    Springfield legaliza el juego; Burns abre un casino; Marge se vuelve una adicta al juego.

  • A Casa da Árvore dos Horrores 6

    O episódio faz paródias de filmes de terror dos anos cinquenta. Enquanto estátuas de publicidade atacam Springfield, o zelador da escola aterroriza as crianças durante o sono e Homer cria um buraco negro.

  • As Escapadas de Marge

    Homer vende sua alma por um doughnut. Bart vê um espírito do mal. O Drácula de Bart Simpson. Vozes de Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith.

  • Treehouse of Horror XVIII

    Homer leva uma vida dupla como agente secreto e precisa matar Kent Brockman; Bart e Lisa ajudam Kodos a se reconectar a seu planeta de origem; Flanders decide assustar as crianças de Springfield.

  • Trash of the Titans

    Homer compete pelo posto de comissário de saneamento quando seu lixo deixa de ser removido. Vozes de Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright e Yeardley Smith.

  • That '90s Show

    Quando Bart e Lisa descobrem um diploma de Marge da Universidade de Springfield, Marge recorda seus dias universitários, quando ela saiu com um professor pretensioso e Homer era uma estrela musical.

  • Realty Bites

    Marge começa a trabalhar como corretora de imóveis, e questiona sua ética quando vende propriedades caras para amigos com poucos recursos financeiros. Apesar disso, ela consegue convencer os Flandres a comprarem uma casa, onde ocorreu um assassinato,

  • Espírito de Natal

    Quando os presentes de Natal dos Simpsons são roubados, os moradores de Springfield se juntam para ajudar Homer e sua família.

  • Marge Gamer

    Quando Marge começa a usar a internet, ela participa de um jogo famoso de fantasia; Homer ajuda como árbitro no jogo de futebol de Lisa.

  • Little Big Girl

    Lisa é escolhida para representar a escola na Prefeitura depois de sentir-se orgulhosa por sua herança étnica de índia americana em um projeto escolar; Bart consegue sua carteira de motorista.

  • Kill Gil, Vol. 1 & 2

    Homer se envolve em uma briga no show de patinação no gelo; Gill acidentalmente dá um presente que era para ser da filha do chefe.

  • Miedo a volar

    Marge visita a un psiquiatra para enterarse la causa de su aerofobia después de humiliar a su familia en un aeroplano.

  • In the Name of the Grandfather

    A família leva o Avó para a Irlanda para que tome sua última bebida em seu bar favorito. Homer e Vovô decidem comprar o negócio e contratar Moe como gerente.

  • Lisa the Drama Queen

    Lisa fica amiga de uma menina muito criativa, com uma imaginação extremamente fértil, que ajuda Lisa a criar um mundo de fantasia.

  • 30 Minutos Sobre Tóquio

    Presos em Tóquio, sem passagens de avião para voltar, os Simpsons decidem participar de um show de jogos de resistência japonês.

  • No Loan Again, Naturally

    Quando o pagamento da hipoteca da casa de Homer e Marge fica maior do que o que eles podem pagar, eles decidem colocar a casa à venda.

  • Mypods and Broomsticks

    Homer acha que o novo amigo de Bart está organizando um plano terrorista e tenta advertir os moradores de Springfield sobre o desastre iminente.

  • Treehouse of Horror XIX

    Homer mata celebridades para suas semelhanças possam ser exploradas gratuitamente; Lisa e Milhouse vão para uma plantação de abóboras e esperam o aparecimento da Abóbora Gigante.

  • Especial del Día de Brujas XVI

    I.B. Inteligencia Bartificial; Supervivencia del Más Gordo; la Serie Mundial del Cazador de Hombres con el anfitrión Terry Bradshaw.

  • Girls Just Want to Have Sums

    Quando o novo diretor da escola separa os meninos das meninas, Lisa resolve se disfarçar de menino, e Bart acaba descobrindo, que seu melhor amigo Jake, é na verdade sua irmã.

  • Mamãe e a Arte de Papai

    A raiva de Homer faz com que ele produza uma escultura sensacional, despertando o interesse de um negociante de artes que lhe dá um prêmio.

  • Histórias Bíblicas dos Simpsons

    Na manhã do domingo de Páscoa, enquanto o reverendo Lovejoy está pregando o sermão, os Simpsons pegam no sono e começam a sonhar que são os personagens da Bíblia.

  • Lost Verizon

    Bart pega um trabalho country club, juntando bolas de golfe, para poder comprar um telefone celular; enquanto ele está vendo as celebridades jogarem, ele encontra o celular de Denis Leary e resolve usa-lo para passar trotes.

  • Marge: O Terror das Ruas

    Marge desenvolve um problema de agressividade no trânsito quando está dirigindo o seu automóvel.

  • Um Domingo Terrível

    Quando Homer compra bilhetes falsificados para uma excursão de fâns que vão assistir o Super Bowl, ele tem que encontrar uma forma de colocar os torcedores irados dentro do estádio, para que eles possam assistir ao jogo de futebol.

  • Um Bom Bart Não Deixa se Dobrar

    O chefe Wiggum ordena que as pessoas suspeitas de promoverem vandalismo fiquem em casa após um determinado horário.

  • Viva Ned Flanders

    Ned Flanders, que está passando por uma crise de meia-idade, acaba aceitando o conselho de Homer e vai visitar Las Vegas.

  • Homer: O Guarda-Costa

    Como guarda-costas do prefeito, Homer fica na mira do mafioso Fat Tony após salvar as vidas de Quimby e do ator Mark Hamill.

  • Homer Simpson com Problema de Rim

    Durante uma viagem, Homer se recusa a parar na área de repouso e o vovô acaba tendo um problema irreparável com um de seus rins.

  • Lisa Tira um 'A'

    A escola recebe grande reconhecimento devido ao resultado do exame de Lisa, que trapaceou para conseguir uma boa nota.

  • Jogado ao Vento

    Homer começa a agir como um hippie ao procurar informações sobre o passado de sua mãe.

  • Four Great Women and a Manicure

    Os membros femininos da família Simpson fazer uma viagem para um salão de beleza e discutem se uma mulher pode ser bem sucedida sem um homem ao seu lado.

  • A Casa Da Árvore Dos Horrores 9

    Homer é controlado pelo cabelo de um criminoso que foi sentenciado à morte; Marge e Homer vão ao show de'Jerry Springer'; as crianças encontram Comichão e Coçadinha.

  • The Good, the Sad and the Drugly

    Milhouse leva a culpa por uma travessura que ele e Bart fizeram juntos. Bart se apaixona por uma voluntária (Anne Hathaway) que trabalha no asilo onde o Vovô mora. Lisa prevê o futuro de Springfield é fica deprimida com o que vê.

  • Estou com o Cupido

    Apu cria um problema para os maridos das mulheres que moram em Springfield, quando ele dá um presente sensacional para sua esposa, no dia de São Valentino.

  • Homer Caminhoneiro

    Em um concurso de quem come mais carne, Homer humilha um caminhoneiro, mas acaba tendo que atravessar o país dirigindo o caminhão, a fim de entregar o carregamento dele em tempo.

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore

    Homer descobre que a planta de energia nuclear será fechada e transferida para a Índia; Selma e Patty sequestram MacGyver.

  • Homer and Marge Turn a Couple Play

    O jogador de baseball Buck Mitchel está com dificuldades no seu casamento e pede conselhos matrimoniais para Marge e Homer. Tudo parece ir bem entre o casal, até que Homer é pego massageando o pescoço de Fiona.

  • Rednecks and Broomsticks

    Lisa aceita um convite para participar de um clã de bruxas e logo se vê a principal testemunha em seus julgamentos por bruxaria. Enquanto isso, Homer começa a sair com seu novo amigo Cletus, o caipira do queixo caído.

  • Homer é o Máximo

    Homer troca de nome quando descobre que um personagem desengonçado da televisão tem o mesmo nome que ele.

  • The Devil Wears Nada

    Marge y las 'Philanthro-Chicks' deciden posar para un calendario y reunir dinero para una obra de caridad; Marge se emborracha con vino y sus fotografías se comentan en la ciudad.

  • Treehouse of Horror XXIV

    É Halloween, e Homer provoca o caos em Springfield; quando Bart é decapitado, seu corpo acaba sendo preso à cabeça de Lisa, provocando sérios problemas; as coisas ficam totalmente fora de controle na caravana do circo do sr. Burns.

  • Homer, O Herege

    Homer cria sua própria religião para escapar de ir à missa aos domingos.

  • Me dá um dinheiro aí

    Herb Powell pede a Homer dois mil dólares emprestados para que ele desenvolva sua nova invenção: um tradutor para a linguagem dos bebês.

  • Sky Police

    O chefe de polícia Wiggum recebe, por engano, um propulsor a jato militar, que ele felizmente aceita e usa para combater o crime.

  • Treehouse of Horror X

    Homero provoca una catástrofe en una planta nuclear; Bart y Lisa revisan con rayos x los dulces de Halloween; la familia asesina a Ned Flanders.

  • Especial de Noche de Brujas de los Simpson XI

    Homero se debe ganar un sitio en Heaven; delfines se apoderan de Springfield; los cuentos de hadas se vuelven macabros.

  • Opposites A-Frack

    Lisa traz a deputada Maxine Lombard para pôr fim a uma operação do Mr. Burns, mas é surpreendida quando os dois adversários políticos encontram-se atraídos um pelo outro.

  • Homenaje a Homero

    Amigos, familiares y enemigos ocasionales se reúnen para hablar de Homero, y recuerdan las aventiras de muchos años.

  • G.I. d'oh

    Homero es víctima de los reclutadores del ejército en entrenamiento básico; después de que hace enojar a un coronel, Homero es puesto a cargo de unos juegos de guerra.

  • Bart Vende Sua Alma

    Incomodado com uma advertência que o Reverendo Lovejoy lhe deu após fazer uma travessura na igreja, Bart vende sua alma por cinco dólares.

  • Labor Pains

    Homer fica preso em um elevador com uma mulher grávida e ajuda no parto do bebê. Lisa ajuda animadoras de torcida, que trabalham quase de graça, a exigir um pagamento melhor do dono do time.

  • Mamá Espiona

    Marge sigue a Bart a todos sitios para hacerle confesar su implicación en un accidente con una excavadora; cuando Flanders trae un nuevo perro al hogar de los Simpson, Homero comienza a ignorar a Pequeño Ayudante de Santa Claus.

  • Four Regrettings and a Funeral

    Um funeral em Springfield faz com que Marge, Kent Brockman, Homer e Sr. Burns repensem uma decisão importante em suas vidas, uma que lhes trouxe mais arrependimento.

  • Monty,o Tolo

    O Sr. Burns está triste com a reação apática de todos quando descobrem que ele tem apenas algumas semanas de vida. Secretamente, Bart o leva para a casa de sua família.

  • Aonde Chegamos: Mais um Show de Imagens dos Simpsons

    Homer vai parar no hospital depois de um acidente causado por uma brincadeira de 'Primeiro de Abril'. A família e os amigos recordam os fatos mais marcantes de sua vida.

  • Especial de Noche de Brujas III

    Cuentos de Halloween: Homero compra una muñeca poseída; Grandpa cuenta historia de monos; Bart hace reporte sobre zombies.

  • Tomy y Daly: La Película

    Después de una conferencia de padres desastrosa, Homero decide ser más estricto y cuando Bart hace algo malo, Homero lo castiga no dejándolo ver la película de 'Itchy & Scratchy'.

  • Especial do Dia das Bruxas VI

    O episódio faz paródias de filmes de terror dos anos cinquenta. Enquanto estátuas de publicidade atacam Springfield, o zelador da escola aterroriza as crianças durante o sono e Homer cria um buraco negro.

  • Lisa's First Word

    Enquanto tenta ensinar Maggie a falar, Homer recorda-se da primeira palavra de Lisa.

  • Homer escavadeira, um homem da neve

    Depois de destruir os dois carros da família, Homer decide comprar um carro novo, mas acaba se encantando por uma escavadeira de neve. Sem dinheiro para pagar, ele decide limpar as entradas das casas de sua cidade.

  • El Naufragio de la Relación

    Marge apunta a Homero y a Bart a un programa de resolución de conflictos que se desarrolla en un buque, ya que Homero está enfadado con Bart porque éste no respeta su autoridad. En el barco, todos detestan a Homero y adoran a Bart.

  • Um Novo Vizinho

    Bart apaixona-se pela vizinha, mas descobre que ela prefere ficar com o valentão da escola.

  • Payaso a la Basura

    Ofenden a Kristy en un programa y éste busca el consejo de su padre para saber si sigue siendo divertido, pero su padre muere repentinamente y Krusty decide retirarse; Lisa se preocupa por la seguridad de Homero y lo envuelve en plástico de burbujas.

  • Marge arranja um emprego

    Os Simpsons precisam de dinheiro para consertar a fundação da casa - uma obra bastante cara. Sem saída, Marge arruma um emprego na Usina onde Homer trabalha.

  • Comichão e Coçadinha, o Filme

    Como castigo por mal comportamento, Homer proíbe o filho de assistir a um novo filme sobre seus heróis favoritos.

  • Yo Amo a Lisa

    Los Simpson alquilan una casa en la playa para disfrutar de sus primeras vacaciones; Lisa crea nueva imagen para sí misma.

  • Lisa a Rainha da Beleza

    Homer inscreve Lisa em um concurso de beleza quando sua auto-estima chega no fundo do poço.

  • Homer o Herege

    Homer cria sua própria religião para escapar de ir à missa aos domingos.

  • Vai uma Loura Geladinha

    Quando Homer é parado no trânsito pela polícia e falha no teste do bafômetro, ele recebe uma ordem de ficar sem beber por 30 dias.

  • Yellow Subterfuge

    El Principal Skinner da a los estudiantes una oportunidad y dice que el que mejor se porte puede montar en un submarino; Lisa trata de ayudar a Krusty con sus problemas financieros.

  • Pay Pal

    Marge renuncia a hacer amigos después de que Homero ofende a sus nuevos vecinos, pero reconsidera cuando Lisa decide que no necesita amigos tampoco.

  • Days of Future Future

    En el futuro, un nuevo clon de Homero es creado cada vez que muere; el esposo de Lisa es una versión zombi de Milhouse y Bart tiene problemas de custodia con su ex-esposa.

  • Steal This Episode

    Cuando Bart le enseña a Homero a bajar películas piratas, se emociona hasta que lo atrapan.

  • Married to the Blob

    Cuando Comic Book Guy se reúne con una mujer que escribe una manga autobiográfica, él busca un consejo con Homero sobre las citas.

  • What to Expect When Bart's Expecting

    Cuando el hechizo de Bart accidentalmente deja a su maestra embarazada, él se convierte en el salvador de una pareja que espera concebir.

  • The Man Who Grew Too Much

    Durante un viaje de investigación, Lisa descubre que Sideshow Bob es el científico en jefe de una gran compañía de ingeniería química; Marge intenta enseñar a un grupo de adolescentes de una iglesia sobre las practicas sexuales saludables.

  • Treehouse of Horror XXIII

    Em tempos antigos, Homer e Marge observam os maias prevendo que 2012 será o fim do mundo; Marge enfrenta as consequências de um pacto profano que fez; Bart viaja de volta no tempo para comprar uma revista em quadrinhos.

  • Specs and the City

    Cuando Marge se prueba los lentes de alta tecnología de Homero, él descubre que ella está viendo a un consejero matrimonial; Bart rechaza comprarle a Nelson una tarjeta de Día de San Valentín.

  • Yellow Badge of Cowardge

    Em uma viagem para a 'Dizzneeland', os Simpsons entram no brinquedo errado e são transportados pela galáxia até o planeta de Kang e Kodos.

  • Pay Pal

    Marge jura não fazer mais amizade com casal algum depois de Homer ofender seus charmosos novos vizinhos ingleses. Mas quando Lisa declara que ela também não precisa de mais amigos, Marge reconsidera.

  • Brick Like Me

    Depois de Homer ficar mais próximo de Lisa, a imaginação dele cria um mundo em que tudo é feito de brinquedos Lego.

  • What to Expect When Bart's Expecting

    Bart faz vodu na tentativa de se livrar de uma professora de artes, mas quando a professora fica grávida, surge o boato de que Bart pode ajudar os casais a engravidar.

  • Days of Future Future

    No futuro, Homer terá um novo clone para cada vez em que ele morrer. Lisa se casa com uma versão zumbi de Milhouse, enquanto Bart lida com questões de custódia com sua ex-mulher, Jenda. Cada um define o que o amor significa para eles.

  • Yellow Badge of Cowardge

    Bart se siente culpable cuando Nelson le ayuda a ganar una carrera, superando a Milhouse; cuando los fuegos artificiales del 4 de Julio se cancelan debido a restricciones presupuestarias, Homero intenta ayudar.

  • Lucas

    Marge fica preocupada que Lisa esteja namorando alguém que não seja bom o suficiente para ela. Enquanto isso, Bart está animado em receber presentes de Snake Jailbird depois de ajudar o presidiário em fuga a escapar do trânsito.

  • The War of Art

    Marge gosta de um quadro no bazar dos Van Houten, que Homer compra por US$ 20. Mas Lisa revela que aquele é um quadro que pode valer US$ 100 mil. Marge e Homer enfrentam um dilema: dividir o dinheiro com os Van Houtens ou manter o valor para si.

  • The Winter of His Content

    Marge convida o Vovô e outros dois octogenários para morar na casa dos Simpsons depois do Castelo da Aposentadoria ser fechado por infrações sanitárias, mas ela logo fica frustrada com Homer que começa a abraçar o estilo de vida dos idosos.

  • Diggs

    Bart é resgatado de um confronto com os valentões da escola por Diggs, um aluno recém-transferido e aspirante a campeão no esporte de nicho da falcoaria. Mas Bart logo descobre que Diggs quer mais do apenas disputar com falcões.

  • The Man Who Grew Too Much

    Em uma viagem de pesquisa, Lisa fica chocada ao descobrir que Sideshow Bob é agora o cientista chefe em uma grande empresa de engenharia química, mas seus medos são amenizados quando ela passa a gostar do jeito dele apreciar a cultura.

  • Specs and the City

    O Sr. Burns dá óculos de alta tecnologia para todos os seus funcionários, a fim de espioná-los. Homer ama a realidade aumentada em seu novo aparelho, até Marge experimentar os óculos e ele descobrir que ela está frequentando um terapeuta de casais.

  • Married to the Blob

    Cara dos Quadrinhos quer compartilhar seus quadrinhos com outras pessoas. Ao conhecer Kumiko, uma mulher japonesa que está escrevendo um mangá autobiográfico, ele pede conselhos a Homer sobre como ter um encontro com ela.

  • Steal This Episode

    Homer fica irritado com os cinemas, então Bart o ensina a baixar filmes ilegalmente. Homer fica encantando com a descoberta dos filmes gratuitos, até que é preso por pirataria.

  • White Christmas Blues

    Springfield está repleta de turistas na época das festas de final de ano depois de uma usina nuclear sofrer um vazamento de radiação, que fez com que caísse neve por toda a cidade. Marge abre a casa dos Simpsons para hóspedes.

  • Yellow Subterfuge

    O diretor Skinner promete aos alunos que aqueles que se comportarem melhor podem fazer um passeio de submarino. Quando Skinner dá início às atividades, Bart acredita que suas indiscrições do passado serão esquecidas; Lisa tenta ajudar Krusty.

  • You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee

    Homer é recrutado para ser um juiz da Copa do Mundo após Lisa elogiar sua integridade no campo em uma competição de discursos da escola.

  • To Cur With Love

    Cuando el abuelo es forzado a regresar a casa de los Simpson, Homero se lastima la espalda y mientras se recupera se convierte en adicto a un juego.

  • The Kid Is Alright

    Finalmente, Lisa faz uma nova melhor amiga, Isabel Gutierrez, até descobrir que ela é uma republicana, além de ser sua oponente na concorrência para representante de classe.

  • YOLO

    Marge encoraja Homer a abraçar o espírito 'Só Se Vive Uma Vez' ao convidar um antigo amigo a ficar em sua casa e ao riscar itens de sua lista de afazeres de quando ele tinha 10 anos de idade.

  • The Girl Who Knew Too Little

    Animated comedy capers with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the other residents of the all-American town of Springfield

  • Generic D'Ohnut

    Cartoon capers with the unmistakable all-American family, shown as part of Sky's Golden D'Ohnut Awards to celebrate 300 episodes of the long-running series

  • Grift of the Magi/Homer's Barbershop Quartet

    Double-bill. A corporation buys Springfield Elementary School so it can secretly use the pupils as guinea pigs to test a new range of toys, and Homer recalls his musical heyday as a member of the Be Sharps barbershop quartet. With the voices of Tim Robbins, Joe Mantegna and Gary Coleman

  • In Marge We Trust/Homer's Enemy

    Double-bill. Marge begins work as a church volunteer and restores the Reverend Lovejoy's faith in his vocation, and a hard-working but resentful employee at the power plant develops a bitter hatred toward Homer

  • Treehouse of Horror III/Simpsons' Halloween Special III

    The spooky stories of a murderous Krusty doll terrorising Homer, a giant ape on the rampage and Bart's attempts at resurrecting the dead

  • El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)/The Old Man and the C Student

    Double-bill. An overdose of spicy Mexican food makes Homer experience a series of hallucinatory visions that inspire him to set out in search of his true soul mate in life, while Bart does community service at Grampa's retirement home

  • El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)/Monty Can't Buy Me Love

    Double bill. Homer has hallucinations that inspire him to search for his soul mate, and Mr Burns tries to improve his popularity by bringing the legendary Loch Ness monster to Springfield

  • Lisa the Sceptic/Realty Bites

    Double bill. Lisa uncovers an unusual fossil and rumours are soon running rife around the town that it is the skeleton of an angel, and Homer buys a convertible hot-rod as Marge embarks on a career in Lionel Hutz's real estate firm

  • Lisa the Simpson/Radioactive Man

    Double bill. Lisa is unable to figure out a simple brain teaser and fears she is losing her intelligence, while Springfield is chosen as the location for Rainier Wolfcastle's big-screen adaptation of the Radioactive Man comic series

  • Reality Bites/Miracle on Evergreen Terrace

    Double-Bill. Homer buys a Sixties convertible hot-rod at a police auction, Marge begins a new career as an estate agent and Bart accidentally destroys the family's Christmas presents but claims they were stolen

  • Reality Bites/All Singing All Dancing

    Double-bill. The family recall musical highlights from the series, while Homer buys a Sixties convertible hot-rod at a police auction - but his purchase only lead to trouble

  • In Marge We Trust/Marge Be Not Proud

    Double-bill. Bart is caught shoplifting, and Marge takes a responsible role as Springfield's 'Listen Lady' : dispensing advice to troubled parishioners. Featuring the voices of Julie Kavner and Nancy Cartwright

  • Lisa the Simpson/This Little Wiggy

    Double-bill. Lisa worries she is destined to follow in the family tradition and turn out stupid, while Bart reluctantly spends time with Ralph Wiggum : but soon finds a way to exploit his new friend

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