Selling New York Episode Guide

Episode Guide

  • The City Never Sleeps

    A unique one-bedroom apartment needs a quick sell; selling three units in a no frills condo.

  • Strategic Marketing

    A realtor needs to come up with a fresh marketing idea; new agents work on their first sales in the financial district.

  • Deal or No Deal

    Convincing a client to spend money on staging; bringing legitimate buyers to St. Barth's.

  • Creative Tactics

    Marketing a small, overcrowded apartment; selling a waterfront apartment without an open house.

  • Moving On

    Using children and candy to sell a luxury townhouse; nostalgia hinders the sale of a childhood apartment.

  • High Expectations

    Mixing friends and business; repeating a fast sale.

  • NYC Newbies

    A client worries about buying too early; a baseball team manager and his wife need a home.

  • The Best Laid Plans

    Richard Steinberg hires his daughter-in-law as his assistant; a plan backfires.

  • Old Listings Get Some New Life

    Convincing eclectic homeowners to drastically drop their price; breathing new life into a stale listing.

  • Press Worthy Properties

    Marketing a unique listing; finding the annual 'Bachelor Pad of the Year.'

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Convincing a buyer to purchase the property next door; an expensive listing.

  • A Family Affair

    Selling a downtown apartment with a covered view; a big family learns they must spend money to make money.

  • Big Decisions and Fast Deadlines

    Finding the perfect price point; holding a successful launch party.

  • New Beginnings, New Homes

    A publisher wants to find a home of her own; a divorcee needs an appropriate rental.

  • Lucky Dogs and New York Newbies

    Finding a dog-friendly apartment; a San Francisco couple is unfamiliar with New York real estate.

  • Center Stage

    A developing townhouse becomes a completed listing; staging a Harlem apartment.

  • Youth Movement

    Devising a new buyer strategy; coming up with a competitive price for a fixer-upper.

  • The Big Stage

    Regis Philbin learns about being a top broker in New York City; restaging and selling a Gramercy Park Hotel space.

  • Trophy Property

    The most expensive penthouse apartment in Brooklyn; testing a residence before a buy.

  • The Right Moves

    A Canadian couple wants to buy and flip a New York apartment.

  • Making It Personal

    Using a building's amenities to sell a gorgeous apartment; the perfect method to sell an apartment in the agent's own building.

  • Moving Deadlines

    An entrepreneur searches for a second home; the team must meet a tough deadline.

  • Seeing is Believing

    An inexperienced client's offer is outbid; scouting apartments for clients in Los Angeles.

  • Sales Partners

    Selling luxury oceanfront apartments in Boca Raton; open house for a Brooklyn apartment.

  • Growing Pains

    A couple have conflicting preferences; families search for more space in the city.

  • Finders Keepers

    Deborah finds a home for the 'Design Star' contestants; a transition from Bermuda to Manhattan.

  • Hard Sell

    Convincing clients of influence and creativity; persuading a seller to list a unique townhouse.

  • All Eyes On It

    A big score draws attention; marketing a two bedroom with a huge price tag.

  • Above and Beyond

    Finding a Fifth Avenue property that will accommodate a tortoise; indecisive clients need reassurance.

  • Property Virgin

    Leslie's indecisive client just happens to be her daughter's boyfriend.

  • Property Values

    A couple attempts to negotiate the right asking price; helping a family friend.

  • Teaming With Sales

    A broker calls on a colleague for help in unfamiliar territory; selling two units.

  • Market the Place

    Marketing a Park Avenue apartment for a nostalgic seller; an agent tries to sell a Manhattan lifestyle in Brooklyn.

  • Deal or No Deal

    Newlyweds must decide between renting and buying; a celebrity client waffles.

  • Demanding Attention

    A one-of-a-kind listing; a client's dreams of downsizing hinder her ability to commit.

  • Starter Homes

    Upgrading an apartment on a limited budget; a bid fails.

  • Home Improvements

    A large investment for renovations in order to make a quick sale; a young agent must get creative.

  • Positive Change

    Managing opposing visions; a mother and daughter disagree about the need for a doorman.

  • Hot Property

    Looking for a new agent; last-minute rental deal in the Hamptons.

  • Big City Dreams

    Two artist take on the Big Apple real estate.

  • Launch Pad

    A client wants to spend more time in Manhattan; helping a friend find a place in Los Angeles.

  • Dream Homes

    Brokers have a difficult time meeting the demands of a wealthy bachelor; a divorcee waffles on the offer of a lifetime.

  • Real Estate, Friends & Neighbors

    A broker's friend is torn between the city and the suburbs; moving into a newly purchased apartment.

  • The Price Is Right

    A couple leaves the sale of its townhouse to an agent so they can relocate to California.

  • Getting the Buy In

    Finding a buyer for a private island home; Park Avenue apartment with unseen potential.

  • Smells Like a Deal

    Thinking outside the box to sell two luxury apartments near a sanitation facility; a soap star's Tribeca listing.

  • Developing a Deal

    Michele must sell a $9-million penthouse; model suite's transformation.

  • Glamour and High Business

    A broker lands a Manhattan landmark and hosts a cocktail party; a new agent asks a seasoned pro for help.

  • Eye of the Beholder

    Shaun Osher puts his company's reputation at risk by promising a turnaround in sales.

  • The Push
  • Property Hunters

    An agent hunts for a Brooklyn Brownstone; a woman tries to convince a friend to stop renting.

  • Managing Expectations

    A seller's emotional tie to her property stands in the way; a broker must teach her client about compromise.

  • Location, Location, Location

    A couple hopes to sell quickly and search for a larger home in the same area.

  • Extra Special Spaces

    Previewing a townhouse for a Hollywood client; charity event in a Soho loft.

  • All in the Family

    A soap star considers renting versus selling; New York vs. Conn.

  • Educated Decisions

    Agents search for a luxury rental unit with no budget cap; buying vs. building.

  • Cooking Up a Real Estate Deal

    A broker and her daughter search for the perfect multi-million dollar retreat in Conn.; educating a stubborn client.

  • Setting the Stage

    A fashion designer seeks a new space; Sabrina tries to persuade a lawyer to buy; Kirk calls in a high-end designer.

  • Time is Money

    An agent tries to convince her client that their loft is overpriced and needs to drop the price; a client is leaving the country in two days and wants to find the perfect apartment before leaving.

  • The Big Event

    Two NYC real estate agencies plan big events to sell their multi-million dollar properties, one event pays off right away.

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