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Episode Guide

  • African Adventure

    Guest host Tom Beckstrand travels to South Africa to hunt lesser kudu, wildebeest, bushbuck, and warthog.

  • Getting Started in IDPA

    Experienced competitors guide viewers through the equipment and techniques involved in this popular defensive handgun sport, and Ruger's Matt Willson demonstrates with co-host Scott Rupp what you should-and shouldn't-do at a match.

  • Single-Action Revolvers

    For well over a century, the single-action revolver has served soldiers, cowboys, hunters and countless recreational shooters.

  • Ruger Precision Rifle

    Ruger has designed a whole new platform for rifle shooters who are looking for the ultimate in accuracy and long-range capability: the Precision; lead Ruger engineers and management provide an in-depth look at this innovative new model.

  • The Rimfire Challenge

    NSSF Rimfire Challenge is a sport tailor-made for beginners, families and expert shooters alike. Learn the tips and tactics that are key to having a good time, and get a first-hand view of what novice and veteran shooters think about this game.

  • Fast Action Hunting

    The excitement of hunting whitetailed deer when the rut is on.

  • Choosing A Pistol

    Ruger's semiauto pistol expert dispenses advice on how to select the right pistol for your needs.

  • Ruger's Piston System

    Ruger's rifle expert explains the advantages of an AR-15 piston design over a traditional gas system.

  • Wind-Reading Lessons

    The RIO crew travels to Texas for an eye-opening education on how wind affects a bullet's flight.

  • The Red Label

    Ruger's famous over under shotgun is back. Find out why it's better than ever.

  • Action Rimfire

    Jorgensen and Rupp demonstrate techniques and gear for a family-friendly.22 game.

  • Large-Frame Handguns

    Check out the latest, greatest big wheelguns, including the return of the heavy-hitting.480 Ruger.

  • Self-Defense Handguns

    Expert advice on how to choose a self-defense handgun for your significant other.

  • The American Rifle

    An examination of the innovative and affordable Ruger American Rifle lineup.

  • The Mighty .308

    Behind the scenes look at a wide array of offerings for the.308 Winchester.

  • Shooting Moving Targets

    Rupp gets schooled on moving targets and faces down a charging buffalo.

  • Small-Frame Revolvers

    A look behind the scenes at the new small-frame revolver Ruger is producing; LCR/LCRx comparison.

  • Handgun Laser

    Top self-defense experts show the effectiveness of laser sighting devices for pistols and revolvers.

  • 10/22 50th Anniversary

    Ruger celebrates the 50th anniversary of the world's most popular rimfire, the 10/22, with a special rifle.

  • SR762

    We take you behind the scenes to look at the Ruger SR762 in .308.

  • Red Label Shotguns

    We take the Ruger Red Label shotgun after turkey, pheasant and clay targets.

  • Ruger's New .45 Pistols

    This episode centers on the .45 ACP cartridge and 4.25-inch SR1911CMD model.

  • Ruger Guide Gun

    Ruger's new Guide Gun is a dangerous game rifle.

  • Ruger's DA Revolvers

    We look at Ruger's different DA formats and unique designs.

  • Ruger's Rimfires

    We explore the wonderful world of Ruger Rimfires.

  • Ruger's Single-Actions

    Bill Ruger restored the single-action revolver to it's rightful place.

  • Stainless Gunsite Scout Rifle

    Ruger introduces a stainless .308 scout rifle.

  • Redhawks & Super Redhawks

    Ruger's new SR556 Varmint/Target version; considering the right 'optics package' for long-range shooting; discussing thecorrect employment of back-up iron sights.

  • The Versatile SR556

    We look at rugers new SR556.

  • Ruger's Pocket Size Pistols

    Rugers small pistols are a mainstay of the concealed carry market.

  • Remembering J. Guthrie

    We pay tribute to our late co-host with an episode from season 1.

  • P-Series Pistols

    We look at the evolution of Rugers P-series line at their facility in Prescott, Arizona.

  • Model 77 Hawkeye

    We look at the history and evolution of the Ruger 77.

  • 10/22 Take Down

    Ruger's 10/22 .22 LR Semiauto rimfire rifle.

  • SR9 and SR40 Pistols

    We focus on personal defense and look at rugers SR9 and SR40 semi auto pistols.

  • SR22 Pistol

    We tell you everything you need to know about rugers new SR22 semiauto .22 LR pistol.

  • Mini 14

    We look at todays re-engineered version of Rugers Mini-14 semiauto centerfire carbine.

  • Gunsite Scout Rifle

    We will find out why Rugers gunsite scout rifle became an instant best seller.

  • LCR Revolver

    We see how Rugers polymer frame LCR revolver is designed and made with president Mike Fifer.

  • Mark III .22LR Pistols

    We look at the design and manufacture of the newest Mark III model.

  • Ruger Compact Magnums

    Steve Hornady discuss the .300 and .338 ruger compact magnum cartridges.

  • Blackhawks And Super Blackhawks

    This week we'll look at Rugers single action Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk revolver.

  • Ruger American Rifle

    We get a behind the scenes look on how the new Ruger American Rifle was designed.

  • Ruger SR22

    We go over everything you would like to know concerning Rugers new SR22 semiauto.

  • Ruger 375

    This week we show you the .375 Ruger, one of the mainstays for the big game hunter.

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