Rated A for Awesome Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Rated A for Awesome: Season 1

  • Extreme Teaching/Lester's Song Of Doom

    When Les and team awesomise the school's boring teacher, they unwittingly unleash the jealousy of the school's coolest teacher. Lars is kicked out of the glee club because his singing is too awesome, so the team swaps his voice for that of tone deaf Les to brighten up the usually boring Spring Concert

  • Thera's Brother The Car/Et Phone Noam

    Les ends up in a body cast which the team awesomises into a racing car. Noam's awesomised guitar attracts alien beings, who invite him to join their galaxy tour

Rated A for Awesome: Other Episodes

  • Dental Denial; The Voice of Lars

    Thera is terrified of going to the dentist. Can the team help, or will they make things worse? The team awesome-izes Lars' voice, making it so smooth and seductive that no-one can resist him

  • Too Many Monkeys; Noam No More

    Twitchy is scared of getting kicked off the team so he becomes super-brainy, super-obnoxious Count Twitchy Von Awesome and creates a team bent on awesomizing the human race... When Noam forgets Thera's brithday he tries to awesomise his memory, but ends up wiping it instead!

  • Bend It Like Burt; Lazy Monkey Mornings

    Double bill. Soccer-challenged Lars becomes captain of the Norg team, so his friends become Norgish to help. Then, Les decides to teleport to school - until the problems start

  • Go Away Day; Scary Go Round

    Double bill. The team works out how to slow down time so the summer days will last longer, and Thera and Chet swap personalities

  • Against All Awesome; Planet of the Gills

    The town's 200th birthday party turns into a disaster when Les learns a hard lesson about flattery - and the team's newest member quickly becomes their worst enemy. When the team awesomises Noam's new pet fish, he discovers having a piscine companion is much cooler than he thought - especially when Glickersville's hit by a full-on finned revolution, thanks to Lars' inexhaustible appetite

  • Thera's Awesome Date With Destiny; Erik the Biking

    Noam invents a high-tech crystal ball. Thera discovers Chet will be her prom date unless she can undo the goofy chain of events that lead to her date fate. After Les's new bike gets trashed by Chet, the team rebuilds it, complete with the soul of an ancient Viking warrior. Soon Les is conquering his way into big Viking trouble

  • Little Shopping of Horrors; Cue Applause

    Thera converts Les to her love of shopping, and Lars can't get an audience for his one-man show, so he builds an army of robot fans who are programmed to never stop loving his act

  • Me Ugh, You Awesome; Dancing More or Les

    A fish-rainbow-music explosion throws Les back to the Stone Age - where he meets his ancestors, is almost eaten by a prehistoric chicken, and learns that cave folk had it tough. Awesome dancer Thera saves Les from looking stupid at the school dance by using remote controls to make him dance. he ends up on a national TV dance contest!

  • Used Tissue of Doom; When Mascots Attack

    Thera is hoping to win a gold medal for speed skating. Her dream is threatened when Noam's super-cure for the cold creates mutant flying tissues which try to give her the virus. After Lars's lame Growly the Gopher mascot becomes cool, the cheerleading Trishas help the opposing team to create a mega mascot to do battle with Growly

  • Yearbooked; Sell Out Show

    Double bill. The kids turn the yearbook into a virtual reality experience, but accidentally upset the feelings of the computer. Then, Les takes over Noam's musical career

  • When Twitch Met Tonga; Silent Night, Awesome Night

    The guys set up a 24 hour pet awesomeiser and start with Princess Tonga the cat. Lars's family visits for Glindermaus and he plans a hugely elaborate Christmas, then realises being with his family is the most important thing

  • When Hall Freezes Over; Lost in Character

    When the team awesomises the dreary weather by creating an indoor snow day at school, Lars is terrified that the legendary Yetis of Norg will show up to settle a generations-old score. Desperate to show her family she's a great party planner, Thera has the team transmogrified into superheroes for her little cousin's birthday. But when she pushes Les too deep into character, he might never come back

  • Lawn Rangers; Sleep Smart

    Les has been avoiding his gardening chores for so long that the lawn has become a jungle. Noam invents a sleepwalking robot bed

  • King of the Links; Leader of the Pack

    Double bill. Les is terrible at sport, except mini-golf. When the school tournament goes wrong, he must choose between the cup and saving the life of his toughest rival

  • Club Detention; Awesomely Different Drum Major

    When everyone except her gets a detention for an awesomisation that goes wrong, Thera is upset - especially when the team turns detention into an ultra cool club.Noam is an awesome drum major, the only one capable of making the school's awful marching band cool. He hates being in the limelight, so the team disguises him - in a giant two-man bandleader costume

  • Clothes Picker-Upper of Doom; The Nightmare on Glickerstreet

    Double bill. Noam invents a clothes picker-upper for Lazy Les, and a freak storm brings the clothes to life. Lars has a phobia of zombie clowns and Noam makes an imagination sucker-outer - but it goes wrong and Glickersville is terrorised.

  • Best Frenemies Forever; Garbage In, Garbage Out

    After embarrassing Chet in front of the entire town, the team is forced to restore his credibility or live with him for ever. When Max Awesome brings home a VIP from the center of the Earth, Les sees an opportunity to get rid of the mountains of trash he was supposed to take out... by serving it to the visiting Moleman dignitary

  • Bad News Noam; You've Got Blackmail

    Noam fights against negativity, with limited success. The Trishas catch Les sleeping on the job and blackmail him into being their servant - almost splitting up the team and turning all of Glickersville into a shopaholic's dream

  • Don't Judge a Mutant By Its Slobber; Armed and Dangerous

    The band learns sometimes people aren't as bad as they look when they turn a video game into reality. Les gets the gang to awesomise him so he can have more fun at Dad's take-your kids-to work day

  • Just Add Water; Melting the Ice

    The kids turn their back yard into an awesome water park, but Les freaks out when Lars turns up in his tiny Scandinavian swimming trunks

  • Go Fish; Brat Busters

    The team tries to improve the taste of Lars' favourite Norgish treats, but makes them worse. Les runs a cool babysitting service, but bully Burt provides a tough challenge

  • Always Be Awesome; Go for the Gust-o

    Noam borrows some awesomeness from Max and Angelina to boost his own and impress his science hero, then finds he needs every bit!

  • Awesome Ride/Incredi-Posse

    Double bill. Thera is a certainty to win the skateboarding competition until she gets a crush on superstar skate boy Ned Falcon. Then, Les leads his team of awesomisers against a rival group

  • The Truth About Twitchy/Mall of the Living Doll

    Twitchy gets a mysterious monkey S.O.S. and adds extra awesomeisation to the school bus makeover. An awesomized make-over machine leads to an infestation of Glambies - brainless, superficial followers of the latest trends

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