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  • Creative Differences

    After getting a job in Wilmington, N.C., a nurse looks for a historic, downtown cottage with character to spare.

  • Close to the Coast

    A couple wants to find a property in Wilmington, N.C., that supports the carefree, coastal lifestyle it loves.

    Wednesday 9th September 11:30am EDT - Home & Garden Television
  • Budget Skirmish

    Having moved 10 times in nine years, a couple wants to find a family-friendly home in Charlotte, N.C.

  • Who Let the Dogs Out

    A firefighter and a police officer with a brood of animal rescues want to find a rural oasis where the pets can roam free.

  • F.R.O.G. Hunting

    New Yorkers who ended up in Wilmington, N.C., want to find a dream home near the beach with a very precise wish list.

    Wednesday 9th September 11:00am EDT - Home & Garden Television
  • Anything But Ordinary

    A woman and her street performer boyfriend look for an historic starter home in Wilmington, N.C., with a lot of character and storage.

  • Wingmom

    A bachelor searches for a home in the Charlotte area of North Carolina, where he and his dog can put down roots.

  • Southern Charm

    Ready for a change of pace, former southerners search for a home in Wilmington, N.C., with lots of space and character to spare.

  • Overcoming Obstacles

    While planning a wedding, a couple also wants to find a home that can suit special needs and a service dog.

  • Commitmentphobia

    A picky woman is hesitant to commit to a home, but is searching for a maintenance-free place with amenities.

    Wednesday 9th September 10:00am EDT - Home & Garden Television
  • Ophidophobia!

    A man hunts for a sprawling bachelor pad that he can share with his brother, but high prices direct his search toward the suburbs.

  • Man Cave Melodrama

    A couple wants to find a fully loaded home in Charlotte, N.C., she has a long wishlist, while he only wants a mancave for himself.

  • Head vs. Heart

    A couple wants to find a sprawling home north of Charlotte, N.C., where they can put down roots and start a family.

  • Reality Check

    A family with a modest budget is desperate to find the Florida home of their dreams, but they must first embrace flexibility.

    Wednesday 9th September 9:00am EDT - Home & Garden Television
  • Homecoming

    A single mother with an exhaustive checklist wants to find a home in Tampa, Fla., where she and her son can put down roots.

  • Third Round Knock Out

    A feisty couple hunts for a spacious home, but are prepared to battle over a man-cave versus a home office.

  • An Unusual Drama

    First-time homebuyers look for a sprawling dream home in the Charlotte area, but too many options make the search difficult.

  • Girl Power

    A woman wants to find her dream home in Tampa, Fla., but is not exactly sure what she is looking for.

  • Snap Decision?

    A couple who met on a party bus wants to buy their first home before they marry, but they are working on a massive to-do list.

  • Game, Set, Match

    A man wants to live in the Florida suburbs, while his wife would like to live in downtown Tampa, Fla.

  • Tall Order

    With an ample budget, a couple searches for a family-sized home in a popular Tampa, Fla., neighborhood.

  • Room With a View

    Busy professionals want to find a family-friendly home in St. Petersberg, Fla., and Egypt must have a discussion about compromise.

  • For the Birds

    Newlywed zookeepers need to find a budget-friendly home in Tampa, Fla., that will house their menagerie of exotic birds.

  • Christina & Bradley

    A couple wants to find a home in Charlotte, N.C., only days before their wedding.

    Wednesday 9th September 10:30am EDT - Home & Garden Television
  • Horsing Around

    A woman wants to find a home in which she feels safe.

  • Positive Energy

    Opposites want to find a home that can dovetail both of their wish lists.

  • A Home With History

    Finding a historic property in Savannah.

  • Beach Community Bargain Hunter

    A bargain hunter wants to find a starter home in a beach community.

  • Never Too Old

    At 73-years-old, a woman is finally ready to buy a two-unit property for herself and her daughter.

  • Just the Beginning

    A couple wants to find a home in a swanky neighborhood on a limited budget.

  • This Little Piggy Went to Market

    A couple wants to find a home with a backyard for their pet pig.

  • Pregnant Pause

    Opposites want to find a family-friendly home in Atlanta.

  • Property Proposal

    A couple learns that their limited budget would better serve their needs outside their search area.

  • Sibling Rivalry

    A man searches for a bachelor pad in Atlanta.

  • Ask, Believe and Receive

    A woman believes that finding the right house will help her find the right man.

  • Bells and Whistles

    Tashieka has high expectations for her first house hunt.

  • Win, Win

    Newlyweds Chelsea and Daniel have to decide between a better location or a smaller house.

  • Emma & Claire
  • Avi & Jessica

    A couple has only one chance the get the home of their dreams.

  • Dyllan & Chabe

    A couple with conflicting wishes searches for a home in Atlanta.

  • Lindsey & Derrick
  • RJ & Marissa
  • Jamie & Derek

    Jamie, recently divorced, is looking for a bachelor pad in Atlanta.

  • Jessica & Tina

    A couple who has visited more than 80 houses needs to compromise on their wish list.

  • Ryan & Rachael

    A couple searches for a forever home where they can raise a family.

  • Jonathan & Derrick

    Jonathan wants a cool bachelor pad.

  • Walt & Emily

    A couple has already been out-bid on two homes.

  • CJ & Maggie

    CJ and Maggie want to buy a home before they get married.

  • Anisha

    Anisha must find a home before her lease expires.

  • Lindsay & Faye

    Lindsay searches for a stylish, dog-friendly home in Atlanta.

  • Zachary & Ashley

    A couple searches for a wheelchair-accessible home.

  • Melissa & Kevin

    Newlyweds with twins look for a home in Atlanta.

  • Daniel & Laura
  • T Minus 45 Days and Counting

    A couple wants to be able to move into a new home before a new baby arrives.

  • On Her Own

    A woman must plan a wedding and search for a house while her husband is stationed away.

  • A Slam Dunk?

    A competitive couple searches for a dog-friendly suburban home.

  • A Fresh Start

    A recently-divorced man wants to find a bachelor pad in which to reclaim his independence.

  • For Keeps

    Newlyweds are eager to find their forever home outside of Atlanta.

  • Jenni & Mike
  • Bob & Bree
  • Caroline & Patrick

    Newlyweds disagree on how much to spend on a home in Atlanta.

  • Meg & Josh

    A couple searches for a home in Atlanta.

  • Split Decision

    A couple wants to find every item on a wish list.

    Wednesday 9th September 9:30am EDT - Home & Garden Television
  • Farnaz & Neema
  • Cromwell & Merrill
  • Nomikos & Sunday
  • Ab & Irene
  • Tania
  • Jessica
  • Leonitia & James
  • Player Property

    Searching for a condo in the Atlanta area with attitude and amenities.

  • Altered Expectations

    A couple wants to find an older, move-in ready home in an upscale central Atlanta neighborhood.

  • All or Nothing

    A couple wants to find a home before their big wedding.

  • Parental Guidance

    With the help of her parents, a woman is ready to find a picture-perfect home of her own.

  • Positive Thinking

    Searching for a home that can accommodate a wheelchair.

  • Double Trouble

    A couple cannot decide on a location for the family.

  • Learning Curve

    A couple wants to put down roots and start a family in the Atlanta suburbs.

  • The Heart of It All

    A couple wants to find a downtown condo in Atlanta.

  • Kitchen Conundrum

    A part-time cake maker wants to find a starter home in Atlanta.

  • Creative Differences

    Newlyweds want to find a dream home that is big enough for a growing family.

  • Happy Wife, Happy Life

    Newlyweds want to find a spacious home in Atlanta.

  • What Mama Wants, Mama Gets

    Newlyweds search for a starter home in Atlanta.

  • Second Thoughts

    Finding a large house in a good community.

  • Independence Day

    A college graduate wants to find a condo in Atlanta.

  • Happy Wife, Happy Life

    High school sweethearts want to buy a house and start a family as quickly as possible.

  • Mission Impossible

    After six years, a couple wants to find the perfect home in Atlanta.

  • My Big Fat Greek House

    A nomadic bachelor wants to find a home in Atlanta that is near his family.

  • Out'a Space

    A couple has outgrown their one-bedroom apartment, and would like to find a three-bedroom home.

  • Room to Grow

    A teacher and her son are ready to trade-in their one-bedroom apartment for a spacious Atlanta home.

  • In the Dog House

    A couple and their dogs want to find their own home in Atlanta.

  • Home Base

    A couple wants to find a dog-friendly home in Atlanta.

    Wednesday 9th September 8:30am EDT - Home & Garden Television
  • Bargain, Basement

    A couple wants to find a move-in ready home near downtown Atlanta.

  • Property Picky

    A couple searches for a home in Atlanta where they can put down roots.

  • The Young and Unrealistic

    A couple wants to find a suburban dream home before their wedding.

  • Home Is Where the Heart Is

    A woman wants to find a move-in ready home in Atlanta on a budget.

  • Location Location Location

    A couple wants to trade in their apartment for a house in an upscale neighborhood.

  • With This House, I Thee Wed

    A couple is determined to buy a house before their wedding.

  • Great Expectations

    A single mother searches for a colorful home in Atlanta.

  • Mama Knows Best

    A young teacher wants to find a huge Atlanta home of his own.

    Wednesday 9th September 7:30am EDT - Home & Garden Television
  • Jersey Girl in Georgia

    A woman from New Jersey searches for a home to put down roots in Atlanta.

  • Mitch

    Mitch lives with his parents and is ready to venture out on his own.

  • Steve & Melissa

    Steve and Melissa are looking for a spacious home in Queens, New York.

  • Jose & Prisca

    Jose and Prisca are ready to live the American dream and buy their first home.

  • Ariana

    Ariana wants a two bedroom home she can make her own.

  • Adrienne & Kobir

    Adrienne and Kobir are ready to move out of their parents apartment and buy a house for their growing family.

  • Best Of: Home Offices

    People search for houses that can accommodate home offices.

  • Best Of: Pets

    People take pets into consideration while house hunting.

  • Best Of: Investment Properties

    People plan to make money on investment properties.

  • Best Of: Baby on the Way

    Expecting couples search for first homes.

  • James & Monica

    James and Monica are ready to take their relationship to the next level by buying a two-family home.

  • Brian & Danielle

    Brian and Danielle are looking for a suburban New Jersey home to start a family in.

  • Jasmine & Jose

    Jasmine and Jose want to find a multi-unit home.

  • Karen

    Karen has lived with her parents since her divorce six years ago and now she is ready to find a home for her and her eleven-year-old daughter.

  • Mary & Efi

    Mary and Efi are looking for a starter home that will bring happiness and good fortune.

  • Dave & Andrea

    Dave and Andrea are looking for their first home in Manhattan.

  • Greg & Erin

    Greg and Erin are looking for a family-friendly community to buy their first home.

  • Antonio & Ileana

    Antonio and Ileana want a puppy-friendly home with plenty of privacy and space.

  • Best Of: Commuters

    People are ready to give up long commutes; a three-hour drive; a veterinarian wants to stay out of her car; a Boston commuter.

  • Best Of: Fresh Start

    Couples look to relocate; a military family moves from Japan; globetrotting couple; long distance couple.

  • Best Of: Roommates

    Roommates search for homes; a trio in Philadelphia; traditional newlyweds; a mother's approval.

  • Leaving the Nest

    A man searches for a property on Long Island with the help of his parents.

  • Diamond in the Rough

    A couple wants to forego a wedding and buy a two family home in New Jersey.

  • Bachelor Pad

    A high school teacher must be flexible to make the most of her budget.

  • Home Sweet Home

    A couple searches for a spacious home in Queens, New York.

  • Love at First Site

    Newlyweds want to find a picture-perfect, move-in-ready property in record time.

  • Character Building

    A single mother wants to find a home with her daughter.

  • Beauty in the Bronx

    A couple searches for a family-friendly property in the Bronx.

  • A Home of Their Own

    A family wants to put down roots in a family-friendly community.

  • A Family Affair

    A family is ready to move into its dream home.

  • American Dream

    A couple wants to find a multi-unit home they can share with their parents.

  • Needle in a Haystack

    Manhattan residents want to find a private, puppy-friendly home in the suburbs.

  • As Luck Would Have It

    A couple wants to find a starter home that fits their feng shui requirements.

  • Move Over Manhattan

    New Yorkers give up dreams of Manhattan to find the perfect place in Brooklyn.

  • Best Of: Short Sales

    Short sales; limited budget; new parents search for a family home; tough requirements; moving out of parents' shed.

  • Kathy & Adam
  • Best Of: Fresh Start

    People must purchase property to relocate.

  • Best Of: Newlyweds

    Newlyweds purchase their first homes.

  • Best Of: Moving Out

    People are eager to move out of their parents' homes.

  • Neil
  • Amanda & Vishnu

    With only 60 days to vacate their cramped basement rental, Amanda and Vishnu are searching for the perfect Toronto property. And in record time, are hoping to find a move-in ready two-bedroom home in a pedestrian-friendly inner-city neighborhood.

  • Rachel & Todd

    Having moved over 20 times in the past ten years, humanitarian workers and world travelers Rachel and Todd are finally ready to put down roots in Toronto.

  • Sherri

    After ten years of traveling the world as a humanitarian nurse, Sherri is ready for her next mission. She's hoping to invest her sizeable nest egg in a two-bedroom Toronto oasis where she can unpack her gear for good.

  • Alex & Aimee

    Trading in the exotic lifestyle they enjoyed in Malaysia, married marshal artists Aimee and Alex are now ready to buy a Toronto-area family home where they can put down roots.

  • Mike & Linda
  • Stephanie & Ed

    Stephanie and Ed have just returned from living in Geneva, and are now ready to put down roots in Toronto.

  • John & Vicky
  • Robin & Curtis
  • Noel
  • Rachel & Todd
  • Rebecca

    Rebecca dreams of a quiet yet transit-friendly area.

  • Location Fixation

    A couple sets their sights on a trendy Toronto neighborhood.

  • House Jitters

    A woman wants to leave her parents' basement and find a home of her own.

  • Amy and Dave

    Amy and Dave fell in love at university, and after years of saving and hard work, they're ready to buy their first home.

  • Making Plans

    A couple wants to settle in to a suburban dream home before they marry.

  • Layout Holdout

    A couple is ready to pool resources to buy a Toronto home to share.

  • Sibling Realty

    A bar manager wants to find a condo close to work.

  • Tara
  • Maurie & Matthew

    A couple hopes to leave their apartment for an upscale move-in-ready home in Toronto.

  • Chad & Jeff

    A search for a swank Toronto condo.

  • Dream Investment

    Tired of living on the road, a man wants to settle in a suburban home.

  • Doors to Happiness

    A couple must find a move-in-ready two-bedroom home.

  • A Perfect Fit

    World travelers are ready to put down roots in Toronto.

  • Homeward Mission

    A well-traveled nurse wants to settle in Toronto.

  • Kathleen

    Kathleen looks for a swank Toronto condo.

  • Melanie

    Melanie finds her first home.

  • Susan & Jason

    Susan and Jason look for a Toronto area home.

  • Erin

    Tracy and Paul look to return to their rural roots.

  • Vera & Milton

    A couple tries to find property they both agree on in Toronto.

  • Claudia & Raphael

    A couple wants to move into their very own Toronto dream house.

  • Feels Like Home

    Martial artists cannot agree on priorities for their property wish list.

  • Melanie, Phil and Diane
  • Tracy & Paul

    A couple tries to find a dream home outside Toronto.

  • Billy and Yenna

    Billy and Yenna hope to buy a spacious, feng shui-friendly suburban home.

  • Holly and Dan

    Holly and Dan look for their very own Toronto dream home.

  • A Shiny Future

    A limited budget and a massive wish list may hinder a couple's dreams of a home.

  • Homeward Bound

    A young doctor looks for a move-in-ready home of his own.

  • Second Chances

    A woman who works in the city dreams of living in a quiet neighborhood.

  • Rodney & Brenda

    A couple searches for a three bedroom home in San Diego that they can afford.

  • Barbara & Erik

    Barbara and Erik hope to buy a dream home in an ocean side neighborhood.

  • Ashli & Pete

    Newlyweds Ashli and Pete search for their first home in southern Florida.

  • Sean

    Tired of paying rent, an adventure seeker is ready to invest in his first home.

  • Laura & Justin

    Laura and Justin are tired of paying rent and want to find a property with character.

  • Lindsay & Ian

    Lindsay and Ian want a Florida home, but they have a long list of expectations.

  • Frances & William

    New parents Frances and William want to be the first in their family to own a home.

  • Crystal

    After saving, Crystal is ready to buy a spectacular southern Florida home.

  • Robin & Joe

    A couple needs a home in San Diego after living in Japan for three years.

  • Erika & Rodrigo

    A couple are ready to buy their dream home in southern Florida.

  • Kenny & Angela

    A couple is ready to settle down in their own home after being in property limbo.

  • Amy & Jason

    Amy & Jason.

  • Gabe

    Gabe looks for his first home in south Florida that's filled with the latest technological gadgets.

  • Tom and Christina
  • Danielle
  • Maggie


  • Mark


  • Christina & Clarence
  • Ginger & Scott
  • Ashley and Brad
  • Addam & Yimara
  • Kelly

    Kelly is looking for a Philadelphia starter home for herself and her two friends.

  • Chris and Daniella

    Daniella is ready to settle down in Toronto with husband Chris.

  • Karen and Cliff

    Karen and Cliff are ready to invest in their first home.

  • Robin & Jim

    Fitness entrepreneur Jim doesn't mind spending top dollar on a home but Robyn does.

  • Heather and Kristian

    Heather and Kristian want a home in an upscale Toronto neighborhood.

  • Mary

    Content with living with her parents, Mary looks for a downtown property to rent out.

  • Runi and Thomas

    Runi and Thomas are looking to find a spacious home in Austin, Texas.

  • Peggy and Kevin

    Kevin and Peggy are moving back to Toronto.

  • Britney and Guthrie

    A couple hopes to buy a home in Austin, Texas.

  • Alison & Jeff

    Alison and Jeff are sick of paying rent and are ready to invest in their first condo.

  • Justin & Kar

    Before their wedding, Justin and Karina try to find a dream home in suburban Toronto.

  • Courtney and Ed

    Newlyweds Courtney and Ed want to buy a home where they can start a family.

  • Heather and Steve

    A couple looks for a detached suburban home where they can start a family.

  • Amy and Shelly

    Best friends Amy and Shelley are making the leap from housemates to homeowners.

  • Jason

    Jason wants to move out of his parents home and into a condo in the big-city of Toronto.

  • Julie and Phil
  • Natalie and Kareem

    Property virgins Natalie and Kareem, are ready to buy their first home for their future family.

  • Crystal and JP

    Crystal and JP want to move out of JP's parents house.

  • Lindsay, Jason and Wes

    A family has outgrown their one bedroom rental, but they can't afford a home on their own.

  • Andy and Jannette

    A self-proclaimed computer geek looks for his first home in Richmond, Virginia.

  • Brenda

    At fifty, Brenda is finally ready to buy her first home after dreaming of it for years.

  • Robert and Dawn

    Robert and Dawn can't agree on the location of their first home.

  • Dan and Leigh

    Dan and Leigh want to trade their city apartment for their own country home.

  • Nicole

    Nicole is ready to buy her first home after getting a promotion and moving back to Richmond.

  • Ryan and Eve

    Ryan and Eve are expecting their first child and are quickly outgrowing their condo.

  • Kathy and Ryan

    With a toddler and five children, Kathy and Ryan are ready to move out of her parent's basement.

  • Lindsay and David

    Newlyweds want to buy their first home to start a family.

  • Josh

    Josh wants to buy his first property, but is cautious about spending his inheritance.

  • Nav & Kush

    Erin and Jeff are looking for a home of their own but need to shrink their dreams to fit their budget.

  • Leaving the Nest

    A young professional is tired of his daily commute and wants to move out of his parent's home.

  • Close to Home

    A strong and independent woman with a big budget wants to move out of her family's home.

  • Amy and Dave

    Amy and Dave are ready to buy their first home.

  • Janice and Keefe

    Janice and Keefe are hoping to move out of their parents' homes and into a place of their own.

  • Big Wedding, Bigger House

    A couple want to buy their first home in time for the honeymoon.

  • Lucky Strike

    Since being struck by lightning, Jen has a new lease on life and is ready to settle down.

  • Emily and Chris

    Emily and Chris are getting married in two weeks and are hoping to buy their first home before then.

  • Finicky Fiances

    Kristen and Michael have outgrown their apartment and want to find a house before they get married.

  • Rick and Patricia

    High-school sweethearts are ready for the perfect home in the perfect location.

  • Erin & Jeff

    A couple looks for a home of their own but need to compromise to fit their budget.

  • Jen & Jason

    A couple moves to Toronto and seeks help from Sandra to navigate the city's aggressive market.

  • Marcie and Frankie

    Marcie and Frankie want to buy their Miami dream home.

  • Stan and Merrily

    Forty-something's Stan and Merrily are finally ready to become home owners.

  • Cara and Alvaro

    Cara and Alvaro want the perfect house at the perfect price, but can't seem to agree on anything else.

  • Tears for Fears

    A couple makes an offer on an executive townhouse.

  • Basement Blues

    Newlyweds Jeff and Michelle are ready to move out of her parents' basement.

  • Arrested Development

    A 32-year-old cellar dweller is ready to step into the light.

  • Womb Mates

    Twin brothers can't agree on what they are looking for when it comes to a home.

  • Legal-Ease

    Allison and Ken have $800,000 to spend on their first home.

  • Nouveaux Beginnings

    Dominique and Jeremy are new to Canada and are ready to move out of their rental apartment and into a home of their own.

  • To Buy, Or Not to Buy

    A Cincinnati stand-up comic who is still living with his parents is ready to get a place of his own.

  • Cold Feet

    Renters Eric and Huyen are ready for the real estate market, or so they say.

  • What a Woman Wants

    Sandra shows Lynne how she can afford her dream home and live comfortably.

  • Seeing is Believing

    Rebecca and Derek need to move out of their cramped space.

  • Dream On

    A big city dreamer living in the middle of nowhere needs to relocate to grow her business.

  • First Time for Everything

    A young couple is planning on walking down the aisle shortly and would like to start their new life in a home of their own.

  • No Small Miracle

    A sports writer is still living at home with her parents and she feels it's time to move out.

  • Property Princess

    Actress Karen is ready to become a homeowner.

  • Location, Location

    A 24-year-old Texas gal plans to fly the coop.

  • Needle in a Haystack
  • Eagle Has Landed

    Cheyne needs a place that's close to work but has lots of room for his cats, dogs, birds and a falcon.

  • Domestic Diva

    A real estate guru helps a young diva fulfill her wish of being the first member of her family to own a home.

  • Rob and Marsha

    Finding a spacious condo within a budget and a tight time frame.

  • Steve and Sonja

    Steve and Sonja want a house with a big kitchen, a garage and two bathrooms.

  • Lynette and Rob

    Sandra helps Lynette and Rob narrow down their property search.

  • Scott & Lauren

    Scott and Lauren are looking to move out of the condo owned by her parents.

  • Jacquie & Blair

    A couple about to get married is looking for a house together at the same time.

  • Ryan & Katie

    An active couple with a tight budget need help searching for a home.

  • Andre & Kerry

    Kerry and Andre still live with their parents and they're sick of it.

  • Cheryl Lou-Hing

    Cheryl Lou-Hing is ready to buy her first home, but runs into a few problems.

  • Damion & Irene

    An apartment dwelling couple is ready to move on to a house.

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