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Episode Guide

  • Recipe for Success
  • From the Heart
  • Destination: China
  • Minnesota Heritage
  • Behind Closed Doors
  • Incredible Collections

    Coca Cola Museum in southern Minnesota.

  • Worth a Visit

    Civil War Museum, an art gallery that you see from your car.

  • Making it in Minnesota

    Just to prove you don't have to work for someone else to make a living we visit creative entrepreneurs around the region who are making it themselves.

  • Door Country

    Door County, Wisconsin has been called Minnesota's summer playground for its unique scenery and unusual restaurants.

  • Let's Take a Trip

    Some great destinations that are less than a days drive from the twin cities.

  • The Tall Ships

    Sailing from Michigan to the north shore of Wisconsin where we spend time with the crew members and join the crowds along the dock.

  • Journey to Alaska

    A whirlwind tour of Alaska

  • Destination Thunder Bay
  • Happy 100th Split Rock

    100th birthday for Split Rock Lighthouse

  • On the Road to Branson

    Join Jason Davis as he explores Branson, Missouri.

  • Minnesota Road Trip

    A road trip to see some great sights andfreat places to eat

  • Salute to Veterans

    Minnesotans who've found unique ways to honor the men and women who've fought for our county

  • Minnesota WInter!

    Minnesotans enjoying the winter with a barbeque on ice, ice drilling competitions, and meet the guys who cook entire meals on the engine of their car!

  • Into the Wilderness

    Dare to venture into the wilderness to meet the last homesteader in Alaska, who's a native Minnesotan.

  • Destination Cancun

    Join Jason Davis as he shows you the Mexican winter getaway as you've never seen it before

  • Handmade in Minnesota

    Locally made products. Includes wool sweaters, locally brewed beer, and art.

  • Pumpkin Grower

    Some of the world's biggest pumpkins

  • Miracles from Minnesota

    Jason Davis goes on an amazing mountain adventure to see how Minnesotans are making miracles happen for others.

  • That's Amazing!

    See how volunteers are saving historic sunken shipwrecks along the North Shore of Lake Superior; Watch TV talk show host Regis Philbin challenge an 85-year-old Minnesota champion to a table tennis match; an 80-year-old great-grandmother goes skydiving.

  • Colorful Cafes

    A burger joint that has over 40 kinds of toppings to choose from; A visist to the only restaurant in Minnesota that gives you a taste of New Orleans, plus we'll step back in time at the Doo Wop, when rock n' roll was king!

  • How Sweet It Is!

    The state's favorite candy bar to the best ice cream in America, Minnesotans who love to make these scrumptious, delicious treats! Plus, a visit the pie capital of Minnesota, where they eat the flaky pastry...a lot!

  • Young at Heart

    An 80-year-old races his motorcycles at speeds over 100 miles an hour, trying to break his own record; 83-year-old twin sisters who serve up food and drink every night; Find out how a 91-year-old grandma caught a fish most anglers dream about.

  • The Great Port of Duluth

    Find out what life is like in this busy harbor when Jason Davis climbs aboard tug boats and sea-going freighters. Minnesota's own surfers brave Lake Superior's most dramatic waves!

  • Young at 80

    Meet some of the state's oldest residents who are living life to the fullest, from downhill skiing and piloting ultalights to bartending and broadcasting.

  • Iceland

    Visit on of the most exclusive spas in the world and see the spectacular scenery of Iceland.

  • Unusual Pets II

    See how the most pampered pooch in the state lives in the lap of luxury; Watch one of the smartest dogs in the metro in action; See what life was like for what is thought to be the oldest living cat in the world!

  • Camp Ripley

    A tour of Minnesota's premier military facility.

  • Alaska

    Join Jason Davis on a whirlwind tour of Alaska, a Minnesota vacation favorite. You'll see rare views of magnificent Mount McKinley, travel on a riverboat and even pan for gold!

  • Where It All Began!

    Jason Davis celebrates 40 years in broadcasting by traveling to Australia to revisit the roots of his career. Find out what stories Jason will always remember about ordinary Minnesotans doing extraordinary things.

  • Unusual Houses IV

    Always on the hunt for the most unusual houses around, Jason Davis finds a house that cats go wild for! See how a Twin Cities makes their home out of a big ol' barn...and see the island get-away created for a couple on Lake Superior!

  • Halloween II

    Jason Davis goes along with a team of ghost hunters attempting to communicate with spooks in a haunted Twin cities theatre. A Minnesota author reveals her horrifying experiences in her 'house of spirits and whispers.'

  • The Gardeners

    We honor the memory of the CEO of Bachman's, after Todd Bachman's tragic death during the Summer Olympics, as we take you behind-the-scenes at this Minnesota company; Meet the hard-working owners of a small vegetable farm who are helping us 'eat local'.

  • Keeping History Alive

    In honor of the state's 150th Birthday, Jason goes 'On the Road' to meet Minnesotans keeping our history alive!

  • Homegrown Entertainment

    Join Jason as he examines the broadway-style backyard productions created by a little boy with stars in his eyes; Meet the Twin Cities kid who grew up to become the clown he'd always dreamed of, and see how homegrown music entertains visitors in Duluth.

  • Great Fall Destinations

    Climb aboard a Mississippi paddleboat to see southern Minnesota's stunning fall colors. Meet the couples whose multi-million dollar collection of famous original paintings are featured in one of Minnesota's newest art museums.

  • The Unconventional Convention

    Meet Minnesotans who make the Republican National Convention unconventional and memorable.

  • Lonely Jobs

    Jason Davis shows you how Minnesotans deal with some of the loneliest jobs in the state.

  • Renaissance Festival

    A behind-the-scenes to see how Minnesotans put together one of the state's best-loved fall festivals.

  • Lake of the Woods

    Join Jason Davis as he meets the residents of this unique part of Minnesota, and fishes in the spectacular Lake of the Woods.

  • One Day in August

    Stories and reflection from survivors, bystanders and journalist on the I-35W Bridge collapse.

  • Unusual Places to Stay

    Jason shows you some of the most unusual places to stay in the region.

  • Unusual Destinations

    Jason explores some of the most intriguing destinations that are just one tank of gas away.

  • Destination Leech Lake

    Explores the northwoods Minnesota vacation destination.

  • Festivals of the Famous
  • Magnificent Gardens III

    An exclusive look at Minnesota's 'secret garden.' Bees pollinate Minnesota's most picturesque apple orchard.

  • About Boats

    Boat restoration; Marine museum that features nothing but boats.

  • Destination Duluth Harbor

    Jason Davis climbs aboard tug boats and sea-going freighters to find out what life is like in this busy harbor.

  • Minnesotans Against Hunger

    Jason Davis goes to Haiti to see the end results of the annual 'Kids Against Hunger' fundraiser.

  • Gatekeepers of the Gunflint Trail

    See the challenges and dangers that residents face on a daily basis in the wilderness.

  • Wacky Artists

    See how one artist entertains audiences with 'stick bombs' that destruct and inanimate objects that spring to life. You'll see one man's 'beer can' airplanes and the sculptor who makes household objects larger than life.

  • Amazing Entrepreneurs
  • Minnesota's Entrepreneurs
  • Destination Lake Mille Lacs

    This winter Jason Davis heads to popular Lake Mille Lacs. Meet a group of best friends who drive hundreds of miles just to meet & fish here and the couple who supples the city of fishhouses, to the daring family of four who races motorcycles on the lake.

  • Minnesotans at Sea

    Jason Davis climbs aboard one of the largest warships in the world to meet Minnesotans serving their country at sea.

  • Minnesotans at Disney World

    Jason Davis travels to the happiest place on earth to meet Minnesotans who are part of the magic of Disney World.

  • North Shore II

    Jason Davis explores what's new at one of Minnesota's most popular winter getaway spots.

  • Minnesotans in Space

    Join Jason Davis at NASA in Houston to meet Minnesotans working in space.

  • Amazing People

    Ordinary Minnesotans who do extraordinary things.

  • Dogs and Cats

    Minnesota's most unusual pets. See how the most pampered pooch in the state lives in the lap of luxury, watch one of the smartest dogs in the metro in action, and see what life is like for what is thought to be the oldest living cat in the world.

  • Gunflint Train

    Come along as Jason Davis explores the legendary Gunflint Trail -- a premier Minnesota winter destination.

  • Unusual Houses

    Jason Davis ventures to find some of the most unusual houses around. Get an exclusive tour of the Mary Tyler Moore house. See one man's house full of dreams, from the Twilight Zone room and Bourbon Street courtyard.

  • One Child At a Time

    Minnesotans are saving needy children around the world, one child at a time. Join Jason Davis as he follows these generous donors on an unforgettable journey to meet their 'adopted' sons and daughters.

  • Minnesota Entrepreneurs

    From selling trendy handbags to personalized bobbleheads, people around the upper Midwest are creating imaginative businesses from scratch. Come along on a buying trip to the Big Apple with two innovative sisters.

  • It's a Small World

    From astonishingly precise mini paper airplanes and a working miniature farm to the tiniest post office in the state, Minnesotans are BIG on little things.

  • Toys

    Meet the Minnesotans who've created their own toys from wooden toy boats for your bathtub, amazing life-like dolls, and a house full of Teddy Bears.

  • Wacky Collectors

    Think it'd be crazy to collect hundreds of ordinary household items like laundry soap & toasters? Join Jason Davis on his hunt for some of the wackiest collectors in Minnesota.

  • Destination Northwest Wisconsin

    Come along with Jason Davis as he explores one of the Twin Cities most popular vacation destinations. See the historic lodge and restaurant tourists can only reach by boat; watch state workers stock area lakes with thousands of fresh fish; Wedding Train

  • Jason goes home to England

    Join Jason Davis as he travels to England to visit his hometown and the shipyards where he worked. Plus, see what it took for one Minnesotan to face of the greatest challenges on earth - to swim the English Channel to France and back again.

  • The Imitators

    See how one man and his wife pay tribute to Elvis Presley at a popular Minnesota resort. Plus, see how two friends keep alive the memories of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin all across the Minnesota region.

  • Pursuit of Excellence

    Some Minnesotans strive for perfection and succeed. See how one small town is bringing to life it's amazing Italian-style church and get a front-row seat as the country's finest fireworks technicians strut their stuff.

  • Destination North Dakota

    Get a taste of the west just a tank of gas away in North Dakota. Join Jason Davis as he explores the Enchanted Highway, experiences life on the range, and attends the wildly popular pitchfork steak fondue.

  • Daring Minnesotans

    Meet some of our most daring Minnesotans

  • Destination Rainy Lake

    The unspoiled wilderness and 1,600 islands of Rainy Lake.

  • In Search of Bears

    Minnesotans who like encounters of the bear kind search for black bears and grizzlies.

  • Festivals of the Famous

    Festivals honoring our region's most famous sons and daughters from John Wayne and Judy Garland to Bob Dylan.

  • Minnesota Artists

    Duluth artist handing down his artistic skills to the next generation; Minnesota's biggest outdoor art gallery.

  • Minnesotans in Armenia

    One Minnesotan aims to help the struggling Eurasian country of Armenia.

  • Handmade in Minnesota

    Hand-made treasures by Minnesotans.

  • Superior Journey

    Experience the ups and downs with Twin Cities software developer who risks his life to travel almost 500 miles along the ice-covered shoreline of Lake Superior.

  • High on Minnesota

    Get a whole new perspective on Minnesota from the air.

  • Amazing Machines

    Eccentric Minnesotans and their amazing machines

  • Devoted to Dogs

    Pet experts solve some wacky doggy habits; Minnesota's biggest dog-show.

  • Unusual Pets

    Penguins, zebras, bears, and a lady who lives with some creatures of the night. Jason Davis finds Minnesotans with unusual pets.

  • Fall Colors

    A secret back road with spectacular fall scenery and a look at how honeycrisp apples are grown.

  • Destination Bayfield

    Jason explores the northern Wisconsin community of Bayfield; plus what it is like to be a lighthouse keeper or sail to the Apostles.

  • To the Limit

    From snowmobiles on water to downhill kite skiing; Jason Davis meets with Minnesotans who love to push the limit.

  • Wine, Beer and Spirits

    A tour of the Alexis Bailley vineyard, the oldest winery in Minnesota and Jake Leinenkugal of the famous Wisconsin beer.

  • Underwater

    Jason Davis explores one man's obsession to recover a sunken ship in Lake Superior off the north shore.

  • Lanesboro

    Jason Davis explores the southern town of Lanesboro, Minnesota.

  • Destination Bayfield

    Jason explores the Apostle Islands and the tourist town of Bayfield, Wisconsin.

  • Destination Baraboo

    Jason explores family fun and adventure in southwestern Wisconsin.

  • Record Breakers

    Jason Davis finds amazing record breakers from gigantic balls of tape to a collection of caps.

  • Crazy for Scrapbooking

    From retreats to a hot new sorority, Jason Davis talks to Minnesotans who are crazy about scrapbooking.

  • Fishing

    Meet Minnesotans who are crazy about one of the states most popular pastimes.

  • Gardens

    Go inside some of Minnesota's most unusual private gardens.

  • Unusual Homes II

    The unusual houses of some Minnesotans.

  • Destination South Dakota

    Get a taste of the wild west as Jason Davis explores South Dakota.

  • Amazing Kids

    Minnesota's most amazing kids.

  • Surviving Winter

    How to survive winters worst catastrophes; from falling through the ice to a crash landing in the woods.

  • North Shore Summer

    Jason finds summer fun along the North Shore, from a secret waterfall to a resort made of box cars.

  • North Shore Winter

    Jason Davis has winter fun along the North Shore, from ice-climbing and river-skiing to gondola rides.

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