Nikita Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Nikita: Season 4 (2013)

  • Season 4 Episode 6: Canceled

    Seething that MDK is still operational despite her best efforts, Nikita sacrifices a clean record and holds nothing back to end the war with Amanda for good. Upon realising what she's up to, Michael goes after his beau to save her from herself - and the military implementing orders to take her down. Last-ever episode of the espionage action series, starring Maggie Q

  • Season 4 Episode 5: Bubble

    Now a national hero, the future looks bright for Nikita in the penultimate episode of the drama, but Ryan soon reveals a secret that threatens to reignite the war with The Shop. Will the spy agree to one last mission? Meanwhile, Alex scuppers Sam's plan to steal her diamonds by providing him with fake gems to deliver to a contact in France

  • Season 4 Episode 4: Pay-Off

    The spy receives a tempting offer that could give her a fresh start, but before she can act on it, her crew is ambushed and threatened by a drug lord in Pakistan. Nikita and Michael also cross paths with Ramon, a terrorist who felt the full force of Percy's reign of terror at Division. These days he's in league with The Shop, but can he be persuaded to swap sides?

  • Season 4 Episode 3: Set-Up

    NSA official Ronald Peller gets under Birkhoff's skin while the computer genius is trying to prove that Amanda planted evidence incriminating Nikita in President Spencer's murder. Michael tries to keep Nikita off the government's radar and the CIA closes in on Alex in Mumbai. Drama, guest starring Judd Nelson

  • Season 4 Episode 2: Dead or Alive

    Teaming up with ex-Division agents, Nikita investigates whether The Shop's cloning technology was used in the plot to frame her for the president's assassination. Meanwhile, Alex wants to know why Sam tried to steal a scanner from her, but before she can get an answer, the pair find themselves ambushed

  • Season 4 Episode 1: Wanted

    The fourth and final series of the spy drama begins as Nikita returns to the US to prove she didn't assassinate the president. For the past three months she has been following every possible lead to find out why the premier shot herself, and now Nikita is offered a lifeline by a reporter in Manhattan who has also been questioning what really happened in the White House on that fateful night. Maggie Q stars

Nikita: Season 3 (2012 - 2013)

  • Season 3 Episode 22: Til Death Do Us Part

    The spy doesn't know which way to turn when Amanda presents her with an impossible choice - assassinate the president or fiance Michael will die - and with her instructions being relayed through a chip implanted in her skin, she is unable to tell another soul. However, her shifty behaviour eventually raises alarm bells at Division and sets her colleagues on a race to stop the mission

  • Season 3 Episode 21: Invisible Hand

    Amanda's bloody plan continues as she joins forces with a secret organisation conducting experiments on human subjects. It's also crunch time for Michael and Nikita as he asks her to break loose from Division and put their happiness first, but as she's hardly housewife material, it could prove to be a sticking point in their engagement. Alex considers throwing in the towel when a Nobel Prize winner she's protecting makes her an attractive job offer

  • Season 3 Episode 20: High-Value Target

    Controversy rocks Division when Amanda leaks top-secret government information obtained from Percy's last black box. With the president and other powerful world figures catching on, Nikita and Michael are forced to turn to arms dealer Cyrus to help recover the device, but their only opportunity to do so is at a heavily guarded G20 summit. Drama, starring Maggie Q and Shane West

  • Season 3 Episode 19: Self-Destruct

    The assassin pursues Alex after she flees Division in the aftermath of the massacre and turns to drugs, but it becomes clear the young spy does not want to be saved. Ryan and Michael try to restore some semblance of normality at headquarters before the president realises the full extent of the destruction, and the team must decide whether to abandon ship or go down in flames with the organisation for which they have sacrificed so much. Drama, starring Maggie Q

  • Season 3 Episode 18: Broken Home

    Amanda tortures Nikita, but the assassin learns about her enemy's deepest secret, and Michael plots a risky escape plan to rescue the woman he loves. While her minions are seeing through the lockdown at Division, Alex sees the error of her ways - but is it too late to avert disaster? Drama, starring Maggie Q and Shane West

  • Season 3 Episode 17: Masks

    Division falls into disarray following the shock shooting, but things go from bad to worse when Amanda uses mind-altering methods to turn Owen back into his former persona Sam - a deadly soldier - and manages to turn him against the team. Drama, starring Maggie Q and Shane West

  • Season 3 Episode 16: Tipping Point

    Michael is offered a state-of-the-art prosthetic hand that would help restore him to his former self, but the item falls into a vigilante's possession. Meanwhile, Alex and Sean try to discover who is responsible for the growing rebellion within Division. Drama, starring Maggie Q and Shane West

  • Season 3 Episode 15: Inevitability

    Division becomes split when Nikita agrees to assassinate a CIA-installed foreign president, while Alex, worried the agency is slipping back into its old ways, joins forces with Birkhoff to dig up dirt on the White House advisor who ordered the mission. Maggie Q, Lyndsy Fonseca and Aaron Stanford star

  • Season 3 Episode 14: The Life We've Chosen

    Amanda kidnaps Alex and proposes a trade - her captive in exchange for her treacherous ex Ari, but the Division spy has other ideas. Unaware that Nikita and Michael are negotiating her safe return, Alex befriends a fellow prisoner and vows to break them both out

  • Season 3 Episode 13: Reunion

    Amanda plots to kidnap her ex-boyfriend's son, so Nikita and Alex race to Switzerland in an attempt to get to him first - but finding the would-be hostage is more difficult than expected. Back at headquarters, Owen questions Ari about the life he had before his memory was erased

  • Season 3 Episode 12: With Fire

    The assassin moves a step closer to Amanda by capturing her boyfriend and partner in crime Ari, but it turns out he has deliberately played into her hands for a chance to negotiate with Division. Meanwhile, Sean is concerned when Alex grows closer to Owen

  • Season 3 Episode 11: Black Badge

    Amanda returns on a mission to expose Division, and Nikita and her colleagues come under investigation when the organisation is implicated in the death of the CIA director. The spy connects the dots back to Amanda, but encounters problems when a case of mistaken identity puts Sean in the frame

  • Season 3 Episode 10: Brave New World

    Birkhoff locates a prosthetics doctor in Kosovo who could potentially equip Michael with a life-like hand. However, knowing Ryan would never authorise the move, Nikita flies out to meet the man, who is treating unhinged deputy prime minister Costa - and lands herself in custody under suspicion of espionage. Maggie Q, Aaron Stanford and Shane West star

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Survival Instincts

    Owen has to learn fast when he replaces Michael in the field to help Nikita pursue a disgraced agent holding his ex-wife hostage. With Division at risk of closure if the police find the pair first, the stakes couldn't be higher. Meanwhile, Sean's strained relationship with Alex comes to a head

  • Season 3 Episode 8: Aftermath

    The spy takes on a mission closer to home following the accident that resulted in Michael's amputation. A state-of-the-art prosthetic hand gives him a new lease of life, but when he lets a rogue agent slip away, he's forced to take a backseat at Division as Owen steps in

  • Season 3 Episode 7: Intersection

    Birkhoff finds out his girlfriend Sonya is the Division mole and a trap reveals there is a second double agent at large. Michael wants to help Alex beat her drug addiction without Nikita getting wind of the problem, but she receives incriminating photos taken by a rogue agent known as the Watchman

  • Season 3 Episode 6: Sideswipe

    The spy intercepts an arms dealer, using him as bait to lure her principal enemy Amanda out of hiding when she goes shopping for a missile deflector with her boyfriend Ari. Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Berkhoff inches closer to exposing the identity of Amanda's mole, and Michael reaches out to an increasingly tetchy Alex. Drama, starring Maggie Q and Melinda Clarke

  • Season 3 Episode 5: The Sword's Edge

    Division is at risk of being shut down during a critical operation to capture one of the 'Dirty Thirty' who has found his way into power in Uzbekistan. Meanwhile, Alex suspects Owen is accessing classified information to fill in the gaps in his memory

  • Season 3 Episode 4: Consequences

    The spy learns her old friend Owen has been rescued from a Russian prison by a rogue Division agent so that Amanda can gain information about a cryptograph. News of the escape overshadows Nikita and Michael's engagement party, but the bride-to-be is keen to track Owen down and add him to her team

  • Season 3 Episode 3: True Believer

    Ryan orders Nikita to rescue an undercover agent who has been jailed by the FBI as a terror suspect. Forced to postpone her showdown with the new boss of Division, the spy uncovers a plot to attack a ceremony for returning troops and suspects her covert colleague may have been turned

  • Season 3 Episode 2: Innocence

    The spy is duped by an innocent-looking girl who has been trained to kill by a rogue Division agent, and the youngster wreaks havoc when her disgraced mentor, Wade, steals a prototype bomb with a lifespan of 48 hours. With time running out and a high-profile official in danger, Nikita races to find a way to stop the brainwashed recruit without having to kill her

  • Season 3 Episode 1: 3.0

    Return of the spy drama starring Maggie Q. As CIA analyst Ryan takes charge of Division with Nikita by his side, their first mission under the new regime is to bring in the 30 rogue agents still at large. Meanwhile, Birkhoff's growing attraction to Sonya makes it difficult for them to maintain a working relationship. Noah Bean, Aaron Stanford and Lyndie Greenwood co-star

Nikita: Season 2 (2011 - 2012)

  • Season 2 Episode 23: Homecoming

    Michael and Nikita infiltrate Division in a bid to capture Percy, and the odds seem in the duo's favour when they corner him in his office. Meanwhile, Alex and Sean find themselves in a deadly gun battle with the US Marines, as Ryan tries to persuade the President to call off the assault. Drama, starring Maggie Q and Shane West

  • Season 2 Episode 22: Crossbow

    Percy contacts the president and threatens to trigger a devastating nuclear explosion unless his demands are met. The team forms a plan to find two scientists who could stop Percy's ruthless plan, but when disaster is narrowly averted, Nikita realises it is up to her to stop their adversary. Drama, starring Maggie Q and Xander Berkeley

  • Season 2 Episode 21: Dead Drop

    As Percy's nuclear weapons plan spirals out of control, Ryan suggests they ask CIA director Morgan Kendrick for help - and although Michael is all for it, Nikita is against the idea. Will she be proven right? Spy thriller, starring Maggie Q and Shane West

  • Season 2 Episode 20: Shadow Walker

    The assassin persuades a reluctant Birkhoff to part with his life savings for an elaborate plan to catch out Percy once and for all. But when it backfires, their target ends up $28million better off, which sends Birkhoff on a desperate mission to recoup the money

  • Season 2 Episode 19: Wrath

    Percy springs a prisoner named Nicholas Brandt, who immediately goes on a revenge mission to capture Nikita - the person who was responsible for him being in jail . Percy continues to play mind games with Michael, Alex and Sean, pushing one of them to the brink of death

  • Season 2 Episode 18: Power

    Amanda and Ari attend a board meeting with Zetrov and prepare to assume control of the company, but a surprise appearance from Alex and another uninvited person changes the agenda. After a heated confrontation with Amanda, Nikita reflects on the redhead's first days with the division. Starring Melinda Clarke

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Arising

    Michael is furious to discover that Cassandra kept a huge secret from him, so he and Nikita fly out to Moscow to confront her. Emotions run high when Alex makes a last-ditch attempt to find her mother by sending out a coded message during a TV interview. Guest starring Sarah Clarke (24's Nina Meyers)

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Doublecross

    Chaos ensues when Division's agents are assassinated one by one. Amanda learns who is behind the hits and, to regain control, approaches Nikita with a tempting offer - if she stops the culprit, she will give up Ryan

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Origins

    Michael and Nikita try to jog Carla's memory, which could be the key to destroying Division, but the spy is stunned by what she learns. Elsewhere, Alex causes a stir at a press conference where Semak is speaking

  • Season 2 Episode 14: Rogue

    The assassin faces a race against time to save former mentor Carla when Percy threatens to kill her, and calls in a favour from a returning Madeline to thwart his plan. Meanwhile, Amanda urges Alex to take back Zetrov and announce to the world that Alexandra Udinov is alive

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Clean Sweep

    Percy threatens to release a deadly gas inside Division unless Amanda agrees to his demands, leaving Nikita to decide whether to let the enemy fall or save innocent lives

  • Season 2 Episode 12: Sanctuary

    Sean tracks down Nikita at the safe house, where she is staying with Alex, Birkhoff and Michael, and tries to kill her in an attempt to protect his mother. Meanwhile, Percy gains the upper hand on Amanda and threatens to take down Division unless she releases him

  • Season 2 Episode 11: Pale Fire

    Alex's mission to take down Gogol comes to a head when she infiltrates her childhood home, and Nikita ends up at the same mansion - there to steal Semak's black box. The two spies decide to join forces, but they soon run into problems. Elsewhere, Michael and Owen try to find out what Percy is planning with the Guardians

  • Season 2 Episode 10: Guardians

    With Michael away, the spy turns to Owen to help her steal another black box from a Guardian, a move she reconsiders when she discovers he is working for someone who could jeopardise the operation. Amanda learns that Alex's intelligence on Semak came from Percy and strips him of his amenities

  • Season 2 Episode 9: Fair Trade

    The spy steal funds from Oversight, forcing it to hold an emergency meeting and creating an ideal opportunity to carry out surveillance and identify members of the organisation. The plan is jeopardised when Birkoff is captured by Sean and subjected to torture by Amanda. Alex tries to reclaim her father's empire, but discovers the easiest way to enter Russia undetected is through the illegal sex ring

  • Season 2 Episode 8: London Calling

    Deep-cover agent Cassandra returns after being accused of stealing $2million by General Tupelov, and while Michael rushes to the aid of his former lover, Nikita is suspicious and believes she cannot be trusted. Meanwhile, Alex receives a tempting offer from Percy that could help her take out Sergei Semak. Action thriller, starring Maggie Q and Shane West, with guest star Helena Mattsson

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Clawback

    Using his time in prison wisely, Ryan discovers patterns that reveal how Oversight receives its funding, and arranges a meeting with Nikita to update her - unaware that Amanda has cracked their coded messages and given the organisation the heads-up. Meanwhile, Alex comes face-to-face with someone from her past

  • Season 2 Episode 6: 343 Walnut Lane

    The assassin enlists Michael's help to track down her father, while Percy plays mind games with Alex, claiming that the black box in Nikita's possession contains clues that could help her avenge her dad's death. Drama, starring Maggie Q, Shane West, Xander Berkeley and Lyndsy Fonseca

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Looking Glass

    Michael is rattled when he discovers a woman he has history with is in danger. Under orders, he began a relationship with Cassandra, but things ended badly and now he wants to come to her rescue to make amends. Meanwhile, Amanda manipulates Alex into helping her on a mission, but inadvertently involves Sean, who starts to have doubts about Division's true motives

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Partners

    The assassin discovers her old Division partner Kelly is alive, which comes as a shock as she thought she had been responsible for the woman's death years before and has been living with the guilt ever since. With Michael in tow, she flies off to Turkey to find her fellow spy - but Alex and Roan are close behind, eager to prevent the reunion. Maggie Q stars in the action thriller

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Knightfall

    The assassin is upset when Birkhoff tell her that a black box file has revealed that an international terrorist who she captured is now working for Division. Meanwhile, Amanda persuades Alex to kill Anton Kochenko

  • Season 2 Episode 2: Falling Ash

    While investigating P9, Nikita and Michael run into former black box guardian Owen, who tells them he is searching for Joseph Mars, who is not only the mastermind behind the corrupt division programme, but also the inventor of the dangerous drug he is addicted to. Nikita suggests the three of them join forces, but Michael is hesitant to trust his former colleague

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Game Change

    A woman recruited as a troubled teenager to a secret US agency and trained as a spy and assassin seeks revenge against her employers when her fiance is murdered. Drama, starring Maggie Q and Shane West

Nikita: Season 1 (2010 - 2011)

  • Season 1 Episode 22: Pandora

    Nikita faces a race against time to expose her old boss and stop an ally from releasing a deadly nerve toxin inside CIA HQ. Meanwhile after turning against Nikita, Alex faces questioning from psychologist Amanda, who has control of the 'kill chip' Percy has implanted in her brain

  • Season 1 Episode 21: Betrayals

    Michael and Nikita finally get their hands on one of the black boxes, but they fail to open it. With Division boss Percy systematically killing everyone who can crack the code, time is running out for the pair. Drama starring Maggie Q

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Glass Houses

    Michael and Nikita move into a neighbourhood in Pennsylvania to investigate a woman who has put her status as an agent on the back burner, but all does not go to plan. Meanwhile, Alex is desperate to leave Division and has a shocking revelation for boyfriend Nathan

  • Season 1 Episode 19: Girl's Best Friend

    Alex faces a dilemma when Jaden is captured during an overseas mission, and Nikita decides it is time for a member of her division to leave

  • Season 1 Episode 18: Into the Dark

    A woman recruited as a troubled teenager to a secret US agency and trained as a spy and assassin seeks revenge against her employers when her fiance is murdered. Drama, starring Maggie Q and Shane West

  • Season 1 Episode 17: Covenant

    A woman recruited as a troubled teenager to a secret US agency and trained as a spy and assassin seeks revenge against her employers when her fiance is murdered. Drama, starring Maggie Q and Shane West

  • Season 1 Episode 16: Echoes

    Alex finds herself back at Division after her ordeal at the hands of Vlad, but Amanda begins feeding her drugs that cause multi-layered visions of her past and future

  • Season 1 Episode 15: Alexandra

    Alex is forced to confront disturbing memories when she is reunited with Irina on an assignment. Guest starring Ksenia Solo (Black Swan)

  • Season 1 Episode 14: The Next Seduction

    A woman recruited as a troubled teenager to a secret US agency and trained as a spy and assassin seeks revenge against her employers when her fiance is murdered. Drama, starring Maggie Q and Shane West

  • Season 1 Episode 13: Coup de Grace

    A woman recruited as a troubled teenager to a secret US agency and trained as a spy and assassin seeks revenge against her employers when her fiance is murdered. Drama, starring Maggie Q and Shane West

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Free

    Alex has become a fully-fledged agent and is given an apartment and cover job, but struggles to balance her duties with living a normal life when she is invited to a party by her new neighbour. Nikita realises that Division has planted a chip in Alex's head and sets out to gain control of it, and Ryan is stunned when the assassin reveals a secret as she interrogates Birkhoff. Drama, starring Lyndsy Fonseca and Maggie Q

  • Season 1 Episode 11: All the Way

    A woman recruited as a troubled teenager to a secret US agency and trained as a spy and assassin seeks revenge against her employers when her fiance is murdered. Drama, Starring Maggie Q and Shane West

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Dark Matter

    A woman recruited as a troubled teenager to a secret US agency and trained as a spy and assassin seeks revenge against her employers when her fiance is murdered. Drama, starring Maggie Q and Shane West

  • Season 1 Episode 9: One Way

    Michael and Nikita team up to kill a terrorist who murdered his family, but Percy discovers their plans and sends Division agents to kill them. Alex is caught looking through medical files and concocts a lie involving Jaden that almost blows her cover

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Phoenix

    Division agrees to send Thom to assassinate the mistress of a US senator in exchange for continued funding for the agency, while Nikita tries to reach out to the woman's parents

  • Season 1 Episode 7: The Recruit

    The assassin discovers a recruit has been ordered to carry out a suicide mission and tries to stop him before the bomb is detonated, while back at Division another man causes chaos

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Resistance

    Terrorists attack a bus full of Division recruits and kidnap Alex and Thom; after Nikita earns his trust, Owen reveals devastating news about her fiance.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Guardian

    With Michael away, the spy turns to Owen to help her steal another black box from a Guardian, a move she reconsiders when she discovers he is working for someone who could jeopardise the operation. Amanda learns that Alex's intelligence on Semak came from Percy. Devon Sawa guest stars

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Rough Trade

    The assassin revisits the family of the first man she killed as an agent, and Alex suffers a panic attack during basic training

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Kill Jill

    Nikita rescues a journalist trying to expose a conspiracy; Michael and Percy suspect Birkhoff is Nikita's inside mole; Jaden, Alex and Thom help Michael find his latest target.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: 2.0

    Nikita tries to thwart Percy and Michael's plan; Alex is activated early for a special assignment; a pivotal moment in Nikita's life is revealed.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

    An assassin sets out for revenge against the secret government agency that betrayed her. Nikita begins her efforts to bring down the Division, and tries to help Alex, a new recruit, escape. Drama, starring Maggie Q

Nikita: Other Episodes

  • Canceled

    Una frustrada Nikita deja a Michael y al equipo atrás para finalizar al MDK a su manera; una decisión impactante es tomada.

  • Bubble

    Ryan revela un secreto que podría desviar los planes de Nikita de quedar libre de The Shop; Michael contempla el futuro; un prestamista va tras de Sam.

  • Pay-Off

    Amanda es enviada a la banca mientras Jones recupera el control de la operación; A Nikita y al equipo les es ofrecida su libertad si abandonan su misión.

  • Set-Up

    Amanda da evidencia de que las tensiones entre Pakistán y Estados Unidos aumentan; Ryan sospecha de Birkhoff; Alex es capturado por la CIA.

  • Dead or Alive

    Michael quiere que Nikita se quede con el grupo y deje que ellos le ayuden a limpiar su nombre; Alex exige a Sam que devuelva lo que robó.

  • Wanted

    Acusada de asesinar al presidente, Nikita está sola y se da a la fuga; Alex investiga una red de tráfico humano.

  • Invisible Hand

    Michael cuestiona la promesa de Nikita para una vida normal; el equipo se siente amenazado por Amanda y sus nuevos socios misteriosos; Alex recibe una oferta interesante.

  • High-Value Target

    Un agente amotinado guiado por Amanda roba la caja negra de los restos de la División; un comerciante de armas ayuda a Nikita, Alex y Michael a preparar una operación audaz con la esperanza de recuperar el control de la caja.

  • Self-Destruct

    Destrozada por los acontecimientos recientes y la programación de Amanda, Alex vuelve a su antigua forma y estalla con una venganza; Michael y Nikita ordenan a través de las cenizas de la División; Birkhoff lucha con una pérdida personal.

  • Broken Home

    Nikita es atada, drogada y sometido a proceso de condicionamiento mental de Amanda; Alex trata de salvar a todo el mundo cuando la violencia aumenta; los recuerdos de Owen le llevan a acciones perturbadoras.

  • Masks

    Alex dice a Birkhoff sobre su deseo de dejar la División; Amanda provee a Owen detalles sobre su pasado.

  • Tipping Point

    Una nueva mano protésica podría traer a Michael de vuelta, pero a un costo elevado; un motín al interior de la División lleva a derramamiento de sangre.

  • Til Death Do Us Part

    El plan final de Amanda pone a Nikita en una situación peligrosa donde debe escoger entre salvar a Michael o ella misma.

  • Inevitability

    Nikita quiere eliminar el Presidente de Chad mientras él está en París; molestos con Nikita por mantener secretos, Alex pide a Birkhoff desenterrar información sobre Danforth.

  • The Life We've Chosen

    Amanda ofrece liberar a Alex a cambio de Ari; Alex se hace amiga de otra prisionera y promete ayudarla a escapar.

  • Reunion

    Para recuperar la caja negra, Amanda planea secuestrar al hijo de Ari, Stefan; Michael toma una decisión que deja a Owen furioso.

  • With Fire

    Nikita y Owen tratan de atrapar a Ari antes que el FBI lo haga; Ari revela que Amanda está trabajando con un terrorista; Ryan considera pagar a Ari un soborno.

  • Black Badge

    Nikita crea un plan para ayudar a Sean cuando Amanda lo inculpa por el asesinato del director de la CIA.

  • Brave New World

    Michael abandona su cargo como agente de campo y vuelve a ejecutar las operaciones dentro de la División; una misión secreta lleva a Nikita en un territorio peligroso.

  • Survival Instincts

    Un agente solitario secuestra a su novia; Michael envía a Owen al campo con Nikita; Sean toma una decisión.

  • Aftermath

    Owen y Nikita tratan con un solitario limpiador llamado Liam; Michael comienza una nueva posición en la división; la relación de Nikita y Michael es tensa.

  • Intersection

    Nikita descubre que Sonya es espía de Amanda y hay un segundo espía en la División; Michael confronta a Alex sobre su consumo de drogas.

  • Sideswipe

    Cuando Michael y Nikita capturan a un traficante de armas, deciden usarlo como cebo para atrapar a Amanda; Birkhoff es atraido por Amanda; Alex comienza a desenmascararse.

  • The Sword's Edge

    Cuando un ex agente de la división secreta es elegido presidente de Uzbekistán, Nikita y el equipo intentarán capturarlo mientras se encuentra de visita a los Estados Unidos.

  • Consequences

    Amanda envía a Anne un agente truhán de la División para liberar a Owen de una prisión rusa; cuando Owen se escapa de Anne, trata de ponerse en contacto con Nikita.

  • True Believer

    Nikita pregunta por qué Division continua llevando a cabo la vieja misión de Percy; Alex recibe un balazo cuando Sean y Nikita trataban de parar un ataque terrorista; Sonia y Birkhoff mantienen la disputa.

  • Innocence

    Michael, Nikita y el equipo tiene que rescatar a una joven llamada Lisa, a quién le fue lavado el cerebro y mantenida cautiva por un agente deshonesto de la División; Alex revive recuerdos dolorosos.

  • 3.0

    Ryan y Nikita se hacen cargo de la División, y se embarcan en una misión para capturar a agentes deshonestos; Birkhoff lucha por mantener las cosas de manera profesional con Sonya.

  • Crossbow

    Percy amenaza con desencadenar una explosión a menos que sus demandas sean cumplidas; Nikita decide que la mejor forma de detener a Percy es ir a la División.

  • Dead Drop

    Ryan quiere ir con el director de la CIA por ayuda cuando el plan del arma nuclear de Percy parece haberse salido de control; Alex se agita por el disparo.

  • Shadow Walker

    Nikita habla con Birkhoff para usar $20 millones de su propio dinero para engañar a Percy a una trampa.; Birkhoff es arrestado.

  • Wrath

    Cuando un hombre al que alguna vez detuvo Nikita es liberado, él busca venganza; Percy juega con Sean, Alex y Michael.

  • Power

    Amanda y Ari organizan una reunión de consejo con Zetrov y se preparan para la toma de posesión; Nikita recuerda como solía ser Amanda; Alex sorprende a Ari con un viejo amigo.

  • Homecoming

    Michael y Nikita se infiltran en la División para capturar a Percy; Sean y Alex están atrapados en un tiroteo; Birkhoff busca ayuda de Sonya.

  • Arising

    Cuando Michael descubre que Cassandra le ha estado guardando un secreto, él y Nikita van a Moscú a confrontarla; Alex manda un mensaje codificado, con la esperanza de encontrar a su madre.

  • Doublecross

    Después de que varios agentes de la División son asesinados, Amanda descubre que Percy está detrás de los asesinatos; Nikita recibe una tentadora oferta.

  • Origins

    Michael y Nikita intentan ayudar a Carla (Erica Gimpel) a recordar su pasado con la esperanza de recuperar información que pueda afectar a la División; Alex hace un anuncio en la conferencia de prensa de Zetrov.

  • Rogue

    Decidido a recuperar la División, Percy amenaza con matar a Carla (Erica Gimpel), la mentora de Nikita; Amanda quiere que Alex recupere a Zetrov.

  • Clean Sweep

    Cuando Percy secuestra a los miembros de Oversight hasta que Amanda cede a sus demandas, Nikita debe decidir si ella quiere ayuda; Sean frenéticamente intenta salvar a su madre.

  • Sanctuary

    Sean intenta proteger a su madre en contra de Nikita y Michael; Percy amenaza a Amanda.

  • Pale Fire

    Durante su búsqueda de Gogol, Alex regresa a la casa de su infancia y se enfrenta a los fantasmas de su pasado; Nikita se cruza en el camino de Alex mientras está en una misión; Owen y Shane intentan determinar el plan secreto de Percy.

  • Guardians

    Nikita pide a Owen que le ayude a robar otra caja negra; Amanda está furiosa cuando se da cuenta de Alex recibió información de Percy; Alex se muda al Semak.

  • Fair Trade

    Un plan para identificar a los miembros de Oversight falla cuando Sean captura a Birkoff; Alex intenta regresar a Rusia.

  • London Calling

    Michael intenta ayudar a Cassandra cuando ella es acusada de robar $2 millones de dólares; Alex recibe una oferta de Percy que podría ayudarla a eliminar a Semak.

  • Clawback

    Mientras esta en prisión, Ryan hace un descubrimiento y trata de alertar a Nikita; Alex se encuentra con alguien de su pasado.

  • 343 Walnut Lane

    Mientras busca información en la caja negra, Birkoff encuentra el acta de nacimiento de Nikita; Michael ayuda a Nikita a detener a su padre (David Keith).

  • Looking Glass

    Cuando Michael descubre que una mujer a la que alguna vez sedujo como parte de una misión está en peligro, él quiere ayudarla; Amanda recibe ayuda de Alex en su misión; Sean empieza a dudar de los motivos de División.

  • Partners

    Nikita se sorprende al descubrir que su ex compañera de División, Kelly (Katheryn Winnick), sigue viva y escapó de una prisión turca; Amanda intenta evitar que Kelly y Nikita se reúnan.

  • Knightfall

    Birkoff le dice a Nikita y Michael que un ex-terrorista internacional ahora trabaja para División; Alex acepta intentar matar a un hombre que solía trabajar con su padre.

  • Falling Ash

    Nikita y Michael se encuentran con Owen mientras investigan un viejo programa de División.

  • Game Change

    Michael y Nikita están listos para usar el contenido de una caja negra para acabar con Division y Oversight; Amanda le pide ayuda a Alex con una misión.

  • Pandora

    Percy intenta apoderarse de la CIA y Alex se aprovecha; Michael no es capaz de ayudar a Nikita cuando él queda atrapado en la División.

  • Betrayals

    Michael descubre un plan de Percy para matar a cualquiera que pueda descifrar las cajas negras y manda a Nikita a salvar a uno de sus objetivos.

  • Glass Houses

    Percy le pide a Michael que vea una de las cajas negras y a su guardián; Nathan está en medio de una discusión entre Jaden y Alex.

  • Girl's Best Friend

    Nikita teme que la División sea muy peligrosa para Alex; Jaden y Alex asignados a una misión en el extranjero.

  • Into the Dark

    Nikita va a Londres con Owen, quien tiene información acerca de una de las cajas negras de Percy; Percy le ordena a Michael matar a Nikita; Amanda hace que Alex se someta al detector de mentiras.

  • Covenant

    Michael confronta a Nikita y amenaza con revelar un secreto si ella no encuentra a la persona que mató a su familia.

  • Echoes

    Amanda seda a Alex y la interroga; Nikita intenta ayudar a Alex pero es traicionada; Michael le pide a Birkhoff investigar a Alex.

  • Alexandra

    Alex se encuentra con una persona de su pasado mientras se encuentra en una misión; Nikita intenta ayudar a Alex cuando ella se mete en problemas.

  • The Next Seduction

    Nikita asume de mala gana un alter-ego del pasado para evitar que un arma peligrosa llegue a los Estados Unidos; la nueva vida de Alex tiene una interferencia.

  • Coup de Grace

    Alex y Nikita planean hacer fracasar la primera misión de Alex, el asesinato del Príncipe de Georgia; Nikita confía en la persona incorrecta provocando que la División esté alerta de su ubicación.

  • Free

    Alex, ahora un agente, se muda a un departamento y realiza un trabajo encubierto; Ryan se sorprende cuando Nikita revela un secreto.

  • All the Way

    Alex está inquieta cuando le piden asesinar al líder de un sindicato criminal; Birkhoff descubre el programa que la División ha estado usando para conectarse con Nikita.

  • Dark Matter

    Owen y Nikita intentan ayudar a un agente de la CIA después de que él es engaño por un asesinato en Chile; Alex ve un lado nuevo de Percy.

  • One Way

    Michael y Nikita trabajan juntos para matar a un terrorista que mató a la familia de Michael; Alex intenta cubrir cuando ella es atrapada con unos archivos médicos.

  • Phoenix

    Thom debe eliminar a Anna, una mujer que tiene un romance con un senador estadounidense; Alex ayuda a Nikita a encontrar a los padres de Anna.

  • The Recruit

    Alex le informa a Nikita que uno de los recluta es asignado a tomar una misión suicida.

  • Resistance

    Terroristas atacan un autobús lleno de reclutas de la División y secuestran a Alex y Thom; Owen revela noticias alarmantes.

  • The Guardian

    Un operario se va a la fuga y los secretos de la División están por descubrirse.

  • Rough Trade

    Michael ayuda a Nikita durante una misión; Alex tiene un ataque de pánico durante un entrenamiento.

  • Kill Jill

    Nikita rescata a un periodista que intenta exponer una conspiración; Michael sospecha de Birkhoff; Jaden, Alex y Thom ayudan a Michael a encontrar a su más reciente objetivo.

  • 2.0

    Alex es movilizado para una misión especial; Nikita trata de frustrar los planes de Percy y Michael; Alex es movilizado.

  • Pilot

    Después de años de estar escondida, una ex espía y asesina intenta vengarse de la agencia secreta estadounidense conocida como División.

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