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Episode Guide

New Tricks: Season 12 (2015)

  • Season 12 Episode 10: The Crazy Gang

    The team investigates the murder of a political activist 15 years earlier but, just as it is getting somewhere, Ted orders the investigation to be halted and Ucos is threatened with closure following its perceived mishandling of the Hanway case. However, the team refuses to give up, and finds evidence of a cover-up involving top officials and a multi-national drugs company. Guest starring Meera Syal and Lorraine Ashbourne

  • Season 12 Episode 9: Life Expectancy

    The penultimate episode sees the retired detectives investigating possibly their most difficult cold case yet. A blood-stained bust is uncovered during construction work in a cemetery and the evidence points to the murder of an alternative-medicine practitioner seven years earlier. Further clues lead to the controversial world of cryopreservation - the practice of keeping clinically dead patients frozen to extend their life cycle. Sasha is determined they don't put a foot wrong - but with the sobering possibility that two perpetrators are still at large, the detectives are forced to go out on a limb

  • Season 12 Episode 8: Lottery Curse

    A skeleton uncovered in the foundations of a swimming pool is identified as a young lottery winner named Cheryl, who was reported missing 17 years ago. The prime suspects are her fellow quiz team-mates, who won their lucky windfall as part of a syndicate, and while some have put their money to good use, the victim's boyfriend has fallen on hard times and the media remain convinced he is the prime suspect in her murder. As allegations of affairs, fights and betrayal begin to surface, the team is left to ponder whether money really is the root of all evil

  • Season 12 Episode 7: The Russian Cousin

    UCOS investigates the murder of a private investigator, who is stabbed through the heart in a suspected robbery gone wrong. The answers may lie with the victim's last three cases, but it'll take the whole team's expertise to crack the codes within his mysterious notebook. The movements of a rare collectable stamp 'Russian Cousin' could hold the key to the investigation - if only UCOS could track it down. Steve rents out his flat to a pair of demanding Italians while Ted is determined to avoid a trip to the doctor for fear of coming face to face with his own mortality

  • Season 12 Episode 6: The Fame Game

    While Sasha is occupied with a training course, the boys' investigations take them to a lookalike agency, where their top two acts were found dead in an apparent double suicide 13 years ago. In an industry reliant on the art of the illusion and their suspects intent on giving them the run around, Ted, Steve and Danny are convinced there's more to this case than first meets the eye. Steve is thrilled when their enquiries take them to the door of one of his football heroes, but his glee is short-lived. Detective drama, starring Denis Lawson

  • Season 12 Episode 5: Prodigal Sons

    With Sasha back on fighting form, UCOS investigate the death of a talented cricket prodigy, a star of the pitch and apple of his father's eye, yet loathed by his fellow team mates. The death was recorded as misadventure but with new evidence pointing to infighting, over-zealous autograph hunters and extra marital affairs, UCOS are soon bowled over by the list of potential murder suspects. Meanwhile, wise to Steve's monetary problems, Danny appoints himself as his personal financial adviser. Detective drama, starring Larry Lamb

  • Season 12 Episode 4: The Wolf of Wallbrook

    Ted leads an investigation into the apparent suicide of a city trader who was embroiled in the cut-throat world of London's financial district in the 1980s. As the team delve deeper into the macho fraternity of 'The Wolfpack', they find a darker side to the debauchery, secret hand signals and all-nighters that bonded the traders together - including a strict hierarchy that might be worth killing for. Meanwhile, Steve tries to learn some tricks of the trade, amid his own financial crisis. Detective drama, starring Larry Lamb

  • Season 12 Episode 3: The Curate's Egg

    Danny and Steve 'welcome' new boss Ted Case into the UCOS office in Sasha's absence, but for all his experience, keen eye for detail and a killer instinct for detecting liars, they aren't as sold on his superstitious quirks. While trying to work one another out, the team treads carefully in the case of a murdered vicar who received racist hate mail in the lead up to his death. With emotions running high, it's up to Ted to pull together his new unit and keep the peace in one of UCOS's most sensitive cases. Starring Larry Lamb, Denis Lawson and Nicholas Lyndhurst

  • Season 12 Episode 2: Last Man Standing - Part Two

    Part two of two. Danny takes Gerry on the run as they search for the proof they need to prove his innocence - despite Gerry remaining tight-lipped about his involvement with dodgy dealings in his old unit. The stakes are high as the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad goes after one of the biggest crime families in London, and it's those closest to Gerry who are dangerously put in the firing line. Starring Dennis Waterman, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Tamzin Outhwaite and Denis Lawson

New Tricks: Season 11 (2014)

  • Season 11 Episode 10: The Queen's Speech

    It's the final case for the UCOS team for a while, and it's one that leaves them scratching their heads in despair. In 1983, 16-year-old Amy Taskerland was murdered on the night of the school disco. More than 30 years later, Miller and co delve back into the case, and start by interviewing Amy's best friend Harriet and her former teacher Mr Hines. But it's a tape made by the victim which features a strange mix of music and poetry, including words from a speech written in secret for the Queen for broadcast in the event of a nuclear war. But how did Amy get a copy of it, and was its secret nature the reason she was killed? But it's not all work and no play - Miller enjoys her first romance since her divorce, while Gerry goes on his future son-in-law's stag night. Amy Nuttall (Emmerdale, Downton Abbey) and Jack Shepherd (Wycliffe) guest star

  • Season 11 Episode 9: Breadcrumbs

    An elderly amateur sleuth who was a friend of Danny's is murdered, and he ends up embroiled in the case when his photo is found at the scene. However, the cold case copper becomes convinced that the secret to uncovering her real killer lies within the last case she was working on. Picking up where she left off, he travels to the village of Minchampton, where a woman was said to have been murdered by a local lad 25 years previously. Meanwhile, Sasha is left to cope with the investigating officer on the modern-day Miss Marple's murder - an overbearing contemporary from her Hendon training, by the name of DCI Grace Mackie - and Steve lets Gerry stay with him when he is evicted, but soon comes to regret the act of kindness

  • Season 11 Episode 8: English Defence

    Steve McAndrew brings his dying father to London so he can spend his final days in a nearby hospice, but how much time he can spend with his parent is anyone's guess - the Ucos team is hard at work investigating the cold case murder of 55-year-old interpreter Agnes Bradley. A DNA sample provides a link to a rebellious teenager, and the team wonders if the killer could be related to him. But a whole new can of worms is opened when investigators discover the lad's mother was raped - could the same person have killed Agnes? Gerry and Steve hope that interviewing her friends from a local chess club may shed new light on the matter, but it's a possible professional issue that could hold the key to unlocking the mystery. Denis Lawson and Dennis Waterman star

  • Season 11 Episode 7: In Vino Veritas

    The arrest of a Turkish girl who has been working illegally leads Ucos to reopen the case of Richard Gibson, a pub landlord who died in a fire in 2009. The original investigation concluded Gibson's death was probably suicide due to his dire financial situation, but the detectives have some questions about the pub's live-in barmaid, who disappeared on the night of the blaze. Could widowed landlady Joanne, pub regular Jason, or the dead man's best friend David, who happens to have a sideline in passing off his British-produced sparkling wine as French champagne, supply them with any answers? While the case tests the team's brain power, Sasha is also keen to raise their fitness levels as she signs them up for a five-a-side football competition. Phil Davis, Niamh Cusack and Tom Georgeson guest star

  • Season 11 Episode 6: Romans Ruined

    The discovery of a Roman sword with traces of blood on it is linked to an unidentified, headless corpse found near Heathrow in March 2008. It leads the team members to a lock-up belonging to a bodybuilder called Mark Rix, who died of a suspected heart attack the same year, so they start looking for connections between the original murder and Rix's death. They are helped in their investigation by anthropologist Fiona Kennedy, for whom Dan begins to develop feelings - just as he is told his wife might be discharged from the secure hospital where she has spent the past several years. Tracy-Ann Obermann and Liz White guest star

  • Season 11 Episode 5: London Underground

    Sasha is forced to work with her ex-husband Ned Hancock when their teams investigate the death of film critic Oliver Houghton, whose body was discovered floating in the Thames. UCOS delves into the victim's past and explores his link to the murder of a conceptual artist 20 years previously, while Hancock's knowledge of London's hidden past proves invaluable when a piece of occult footage from the 1970s plunges the investigators into the macabre world of human sacrifice. Tamzin Outhwaite and Denis Lawson star, with a guest appearance by Barnaby Kay

  • Season 11 Episode 4: Ghosts

    A 79-year-old woman with dementia runs away from her care home and turns up at a south London police station to report a murder - sparking a reinvestigation into the mysterious disappearance of her police officer husband in 1956. The official report says that he fell into the river after one too many beers - but what secrets was this seemingly straight-as-a die old-fashioned bobby keeping? Meanwhile, Steve's son is arrested for buying weed, bringing the retired cop face to face with his ex-wife - a woman he hasn't seen in 10 years. Tamzin Outhwaite and Denis Lawson star, with a guest appearance from Julie Graham

    Sunday 21st February 11:17pm EST - WFPT (PBS)
  • Season 11 Episode 3: Deep Swimming

    The team looks into the death of a terrorist 30 years previously after his daughter receives an anonymous note claiming he was murdered - an investigation that takes them right back to the Greenham Common anti-nuclear protests. Meanwhile, Sasha agrees to go for dinner with her ex-husband Ned, which he is hoping will lead to a reconciliation. Tamzin Outhwaite and Dennis Waterman star, with guest appearances from Barnaby Kay, Charlotte Cornwell and Patricia Potter

  • Season 11 Episode 2: Tender Loving Care

    Depressed at the thought of his daughter Holly leaving home for university, Danny Griffin finds himself being cheered up by his colleagues as they hire a pedibus for a ride through central London. The team also investigate the murder of a junior doctor, Lydia Syson, who was strangled to death back in 2010. Interviewing her family who are all doctors, staff at the hospital where she worked and a surgeon who had been the young woman's tutor, they hope to find a lead that was missed during the original inquest

  • Season 11 Episode 1: Bermondsey Boy

    The return of the drama following the work of veteran detectives tackling unsolved cases. Back home in Bermondsey for his youngest daughter's wedding, Gerry is visited by Ralph Paxton, an old friend recently released from prison who wants him investigate the murder of his grandson. Meanwhile, a newly divorced Sasha is forced to work with ex-husband Ned Hancock, Danny puts the body language skills he has acquired on an FBI course to the test, and Gerry's daughter Caitlin gets upset when her father interrogates her fiance about his credentials. Starring Dennis Waterman, Tamzin Outhwaite and Nicholas Lyndhurst, with a guest appearance by David Hayman (Trial & Retribution)

New Tricks: Season 10 (2013)

  • Season 10 Episode 10: Wild Justice

    The detectives are asked to carry out a preliminary investigation into a corrupt senior officer who may have suppressed evidence when a notorious crime boss was put away for murdering a prominent doctor. However, Sasha feels torn because she is almost certain that eight years earlier the convict in question also killed her CID partner. Meanwhile, Steve gets a shock when his estranged son turns up at work to see him. Tamzin Outhwaite and Denis Lawson star

  • Season 10 Episode 9: Roots

    After Sandra's departure, the detectives are anxious to meet their new boss, and DCI Sasha Miller wastes no time getting cracking with her first Ucos case, the murder of an Italian immigrant on a west London allotment 25 years earlier. The ritualistic style of the killing puts one of the other gardeners in the frame when it's revealed he is a practising druid. However, as the investigation continues, Gerry becomes suspicious of Sasha - why is she kissing a senior officer? Tamzin Outhwaite joins the cast as DCI Miller, with Dennis Waterman, Denis Lawson and Nicholas Lyndhurst

  • Season 10 Episode 8: The One That Got Away

    A photo featuring a missing 19-year-old music student turns up in a charity shop donation bag on the anniversary of her disappearance 17 years earlier, prompting Sandra to suspect the work of a serial killer. However, as the team gets to work identifying and tracking down the other people in the picture, increasing pressure to hand over the investigation forces Sandra to consider her future, and she turns to a familiar face to help her make her decision. Amanda Redman stars, with Denis Lawson, Dennis Waterman and Nicholas Lyndhurst

  • Season 10 Episode 7: Things Can Only Get Better

    Amanda Redman and her seasoned colleagues reopen the case of a political aide's murder when a dormant offshore bank account containing £40,000 is discovered in his name. Ben Ransley was killed in 1997 on the evening of Labour's landslide victory and in his wallet was a photo of a beautiful blonde. But neither his mother nor his best friend was able to identify the mystery woman. Is she the key to the crime? Crime drama, with former Brookside star John McArdle (Billy Corkhill), Jason Durr of Heartbeat fame and one-time Bad Girls actress Kika Mirylees joining Denis Lawson, Dennis Waterman and Nicholas Lyndhurst

  • Season 10 Episode 6: Into the Woods

    Sandra and the team investigate why five years earlier a man seemingly vanished during his morning run and has not been seen since. The alarm was raised when he never made it to work at the construction company belonging to his father-in-law, who has a history of violence, and the detectives' suspicions grow when they realise how much the missing man's wife is scared of her dad. Could he have had something to do with his son-in-law's disappearance? Amanda Redman, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Denis Lawson and Dennis Waterman star

  • Season 10 Episode 5: Cry Me a River

    The unsolved murder of pornographer Jim Hockney is reopened when his daughter Sara provides DNA proof he wasn't her father. The team tries to track down jazz singer Angela Gold, who was the victim's girlfriend at the time and disappeared from the music scene after being acquitted of the crime, and it's Brian's replacement Danny Griffin (Nicholas Lyndhurst) who manages to find her. However, with Angela professing her innocence and Sara's mother Jane also arousing suspicion, it becomes a struggle to determine who is telling the truth. With a guest appearance by Brian Capron

  • Season 10 Episode 4: The Little Brother

    While Brian spends time at home making peace with himself over his dismissal, he agrees to help Esther's friend Margaret find her missing brother Peter, in the interest of keeping his mind active. Peter was the accountant of a man who has gone to prison for the murder of his wife, so Brian visits the convict hoping he will be able to assist. However, his investigation begins to encroach on the Ucos team's efforts to track down a conman who may be connected to several outstanding cases. With Rosalind Ayres and Art Malik

  • Season 10 Episode 3: The Sins of the Father

    The team reopens the 16-year-old case of an infamous getaway driver convicted of murdering his wife when new evidence suggests it could have been a miscarriage of justice. But Gerry, who was on the original investigation, refuses to believe the prisoner is anything but guilty. Meanwhile, Brian is in a reflective mood, convinced his days at Ucos are numbered after his actions against former police commander Embleton. Alun Armstrong, Dennis Waterman and Denis Lawson star as the veteran coppers, with Amanda Redman as their boss

  • Season 10 Episode 2: The Rock - Part Two

    As the Gibraltar locals reel from the murder of shipping agent Gordon Fletcher, Brian and Gerry - last seen being carried off in a shipping container - find themselves stranded on the side of a Spanish mountain, and now face the problem of how to get back to the rest of the team. As Sandra attempts to unravel secrets stretching back over three decades and link what has now become three murders, she still has doubts about the innocence of charming entrepreneur Harry Truman - but that doesn't stop her joining him for lunch on his luxury yacht. Conclusion of the two-part series opener, with regulars Amanda Redman, Alun Armstrong, Dennis Waterman and Denis Lawson joined by Vincent Regan and George Irving

  • Season 10 Episode 1: The Rock - Part One

    The crime drama returns with a two-part story in which Brian is suspended after assaulting the Met's highest-ranking officer, suspecting him of covering up a death in custody years before. Meanwhile, an Argentinian pistol recovered from the Thames is linked to two unsolved murders which took place 16 years apart - and with one of them having occurred on the Rock of Gibraltar, Sandra takes the team - minus Brian - on a Mediterranean adventure to uncover the truth. Alun Armstrong, Amanda Redman, Dennis Waterman and Denis Lawson star, with a guest appearance from Vincent Regan

New Tricks: Season 9 (2012)

  • Season 9 Episode 10: Part of a Whole

    Strickland's Whitehall pal Stephen Fisher is targeted by an assassin, so the UCOS boss enlists the team to find whoever was responsible. He reveals that 30 years earlier, he and Fisher were involved in a covert MI5 operation to break into the house of a journalist believed to have information on an IRA arms deals. But with several of the original agents having died in suspicious circumstances, he believes someone is out to kill them all - and when a connection is made between a gangster and MI5, it seems the threat may be coming from within the security service itself. Tim McInnerny (Blackadder) and Kerry Fox (Shallow Grave) guest star

  • Season 9 Episode 9: Glasgow UCOS

    In a special edition of the detective drama that features only two members of the team, Gerry Standing and Steve McAndrew travel to Glasgow where a new UCOS section is being set up. While there, they agree to assist the investigation into the 1983 unsolved murder of James Soutar, the wealthy owner of a string of betting shops. Cathy Sinclair, one of the beneficiaries of the bookie's will at his death, had a care-home upbringing in common with Soutar, but she claims to have no idea who he was or why she was left £15,000. McAndrew has a personal stake in the case - the original investigating officer was corrupt cop Frank McNair, who had an affair with his wife, and their paths soon cross. The London-based officers' questions soon begin to unsettle someone and a campaign of victimisation against them begins, but it's a revelation from McAndrew's girlfriend Charley that reawakens a long-dormant scandal and clears the path to a solution. Dennis Waterman and Denis Lawson star

  • Season 9 Episode 8: Blue Flower

    The detectives investigate the murder of an East German immigrant, but all they have to go on are his mysterious final words, which translate as 'blue flower'. As they piece together his remarkable story, Sandra tries to gain the trust of his estranged daughter. Crime drama, starring Amanda Redman

  • Season 9 Episode 7: Dead Poets

    Sandra and the team unearth the 10-year-old case of a poet from Belfast whose burnt body was found in the scrapyard of a known gangster. Gerry becomes convinced the victim's links with the criminal fraternity led to his demise, but Brian has a different theory - perhaps the secret of his murder lies in his verse? James Murray (Primeval), Tanya Franks (EastEnders' Rainie) and Bronagh Gallagher (The Commitments) guest star, with Amanda Redman, Dennis Waterman and Alun Armstrong

  • Season 9 Episode 6: Love Means Nothing in Tennis

    The death of a teenage tennis star occupies the team when it is suggested her suicide jump two years earlier was anything but. They soon find several people with motives for her murder, including her coach Nick and agent Anthony, but it seems the one with the most to benefit from the girl's demise was her great rival Fawn Brammall - a shy and subdued player who proves difficult to question. Meanwhile, Gerry wonders if he did enough to encourage his own daughter's sporting ambitions and Brian hatches a plan to turn his dog into a movie star. Detective drama, guest starring Tamzin Outhwaite and Alexei Sayle

  • Season 9 Episode 5: Body of Evidence

    The body of a missing computer expert turns up in a hospital morgue under a false name, so the team reopens the investigation into his disappearance. The dead man worked for the Metropolitan Police, giving him access to a great deal of sensitive information - added to which, he was in contact with a group of online hackers. But he died of natural causes - so why was his body hidden, and by who? As the seasoned detectives unravel the mystery, Brian struggles to accept Steve as the new Ucos member, forcing Esther to intervene. Guest starring Sarah Smart (Wallander) and Alex Jennings (Silk), with Alun Armstrong and Denis Lawson

  • Season 9 Episode 4: The Girl Who Lived

    Retired detective Steve McAndrew arrives from Glasgow to help reinvestigate one of his original cases when a missing girl's DNA is found at the scene of a petrol station robbery in Clapham, south London. It's clear that the inquiry is a very personal one for McAndrew, and although his personality rubs the team up the wrong way, his methods soon pay dividends. Denis Lawson stars

  • Season 9 Episode 3: Queen and Country

    Sandra reopens inquiries into the suspected suicide of a Foreign Office diplomat, whose body was found in a frozen London lake after she had suffered the personal tragedy of a miscarriage and the professional embarrassment of having a government laptop stolen from her home. The woman's fiance and twin sister both believe her death is connected to sensitive information held on the missing computer and blame her boss for her downfall - and when Sandra clashes with the man himself, it only makes her more determined to pursue the conspiracy theory, despite Strickland's advice to tread carefully. Simon Day (The Fast Show) and Sharon Small (Mistresses) guest star

  • Season 9 Episode 2: Old School Ties

    In their first case without trusty colleague Jack, the team reinvestigates the disappearance of PE teacher Jason Bowe when the remains of a body are discovered near the elite public boarding school where he taught. Unfortunately, their snooping could not have come at a worse time for the staff, who are preparing to welcome a local MP to open their new computer centre - but what they do glean tells them the dead man seemed very much a loner. However, it soon turns out he got on much better with his students, forming close and inappropriate relationships with several. But could his behaviour have rattled someone enough to kill him? Susannah Harker (House of Cards) and Nicola Walker (Spooks) guest star

  • Season 9 Episode 1: A Death in the Family

    Jack announces he is quitting the team, but before Sandra, Brian and Gerry can question his reasons, shadowy Whitehall figure Stephen Fisher arrives with one of his secret cases - the unsolved murder of a woman dating back more than 160 years. But with just 24 hours to solve it, will the sleuths find time to get to the bottom of Jack's shock decision and persuade him to stick around?

New Tricks: Season 8 (2011)

  • Season 8 Episode 10: Tiger Tiger

    The team investigates the killing of a zookeeper, thought to have been mauled to death by a tiger in 2006, when blood found in the victim's lodgings suggests he was murdered before his body was placed in the big-cat enclosure. However, not all the team members are happy about the new case as Brian's animal rights tendencies come to the fore, bringing him into conflict with the zoo's PR. Alun Armstrong and Amanda Redman star

  • Season 8 Episode 9: Half Life

    The team reinvestigates the murder of a man found in an alleyway seven years previously when he is identified on a website covering unexplained disappearances. The victim is named by a woman whose husband hired him six months before his death, but neither of them had thought anything of it when their employee went missing - and seem to know little about him. Meanwhile, Brian and Gerry are distracted by looming job cuts and fear that Ucos could be downsized. With Robert Daws and Claudie Blakley

  • Season 8 Episode 8: Only the Brave

    The team reinvestigates the killing of notorious biker-gang leader Eddie Chapman when his son's girlfriend brings them new information about his death. She reveals her partner must avenge his father's murder as part of a final initiation into the gang, but believes the wrong man is being targeted. Meanwhile, Pullman is forced to reassess her position at Ucos when a former colleague suggests she is wasting her career. Starring Amanda Redman, with her real-life daughter Emily Glenister in a supporting role

  • Season 8 Episode 7: The Gentleman Vanishes

    The team probes the mystery of a missing scientist, after the man's wife receives a series of e-mails from someone claiming to know what happened to him. The physics professor was last seen on a train to Paris for a conference in 2004, and when he disappeared, he was working on a potentially lucrative cold fusion project, which had attracted attention from many large organisations. However, as the detectives dig deeper, a shadowy Whitehall figure warns Sandra's boss Strickland that they should drop the case

  • Season 8 Episode 6: Objects of Desire

    Sandra is reunited with an old flame when DCI Larson of the Met's arts and antiques squad asks her to look into the murder of an antiques dealer, who was not quite as legitimate as everyone thought. Brian is puzzled by Esther's odd behaviour and her new-found interest in the internet, leading him to think the unthinkable - his wife must be having an affair. Paul McGann (Withnail & I) and Jesse Birdsall (Bugs) guest star, with Amanda Redman and Alun Armstrong

  • Season 8 Episode 5: Moving Target

    The ex-coppers find themselves under the microscope when a psychologist arrives to conduct a study into older men in the workplace - but she soon reveals a more personal reason for her visit. It turns out that five years ago her brother, a cycle courier, was the victim of a hit-and-run that left him unable to remember anything prior to the accident. Now he says he was targeted for the parcel he was carrying, which was stolen at the scene - or so he believes. Sally Phillips (Smack the Pony) guest stars

  • Season 8 Episode 4: Setting Out Your Stall

    New information links the unexplained death of a market trader to a series of drug rapes in east London - but with that case still ongoing, Ucos officers are unable to question the chief suspect, so they have to look into their victim's past in their search for clues. Gerry soon finds a likely culprit in the shape of the market inspector who clamped his car, while Sandra has problems of a more personal nature when her hated mother arrives for a visit. Sheila Hancock guest stars

  • Season 8 Episode 3: Lost in Translation

    Fresh DNA tests on an unidentified body found in 1996 reveal a family link to a Home Office fingerprint analyst, who has not seen her brother since she was seven, when he brought her over to the UK from their home country of Albania. The victim had been working as a police interpreter - and the motive seems clear when it turns out his last assignment was translating for a witness in a murder trial against a notorious Albanian criminal. Meanwhile, Gerry embarks on a French cookery course, but the language barrier results in a rather surprising date. Amanda Redman and Dennis Waterman star

  • Season 8 Episode 2: End of the Line

    DNA tests on a suspected robber prove his innocence but also reveal his father was an unnamed vagrant strangled on a tube train 15 years ago. The team reopens the case, going in pursuit of the victim's other family members - including the man they believe to be his brother - while Brian questions the homeless community, only to fall foul of a gang of robbers. Peter Davison (At Home with the Braithwaites) and Keith Allen (Robin Hood) guest star in the crime drama

  • Season 8 Episode 1: Old Fossils

    The OAP detectives return to investigate a fresh batch of unsolved crimes, beginning with the murder of a palaeontologist at the Natural History Museum. After a bit of digging, the team discover the victim was a respected but outspoken scientist with a knack for rubbing people up the wrong way - and when they discover he was strongly opposed to the museum's sponsorship deal with a large fuel company, the old dogs soon have plenty of suspects. Amanda Redman stars, with guest appearances from the late Trevor Bannister (Are You Being Served?), Lucy Brown (Primeval) and Natasha Little (Spooks)

New Tricks: Season 7 (2010)

  • Season 7 Episode 10: The Fourth Man

    Retired DI Frank Patterson presents the team with information regarding the getaway car used in a 30-year-old safety deposit box robbery. They discover the former detective not only wants to convict the suspected thief of the heist and murder of his three colleagues, but also prove that a high-ranking officer was involved in the plot - jeopardising the future of Sandra's Ucos unit. Guest starring Phil Daniels (EastEnders), with Amanda Redman

  • Season 7 Episode 9: Gloves Off

    The gun used to kill a boxer is discovered at the scene of an armed robbery 15 years later, prompting the team to reinvestigate the case. Twenty-one-year-old Eddie Mayfair was shot dead a week after winning an important bout, which left his opponent seriously injured and unable to carry on his career. The detectives initially suspect revenge as a motive, but the case is complicated when they uncover the rivalries and money-making aspects of the sport. Guest starring Maggie O'Neill (EastEnders) and Chloe Howman (Holby Blue)

  • Season 7 Episode 8: Coming Out Ball

    The former leader of an Irish Republican group comes forward with information regarding the abduction and subsequent disappearance of an 18-year-old woman in 1983, prompting the team to reopen the case. The reformed dissident claims the rebels used the kidnapping to raise their profile, but his subsequent reinvention as a politician and man of peace leaves Sandra and her colleagues suspicious of his motives. They also investigate whether the arms-manufacturing activities of the victim's father could have made her a target. Crime drama, guest starring Siân Phillips and Annette Crosbie, with Amanda Redman and James Bolam

  • Season 7 Episode 7: Where There's Smoke

    The team reopens the case of criminal Mark Johnson, who was killed in a fire at London's Union club in 1996. The original investigation was hampered by silence among witnesses and associates, but with new information suggesting the blaze was a targeted arson attack, the detectives hope they will have more success. Drama, guest starring Roy Marsden (the PD James mysteries), Martin Marquez (Hotel Babylon) and Tom Watt (EastEnders' Lofty)

  • Season 7 Episode 6: Fashion Victim

    When a retrospective exhibition of murdered fashion designer Ritchie Levene's work opens, the team is prompted to re-examine the three-year-old crime. The detectives learn about his tempestuous relationships with his new spouse, personal assistant and ex-wife Sarah, who believes his brother Adrian is the killer because he had the most to gain from his death. Meanwhile, Gerry enlists Emily to help update his image, although not everyone is impressed with the results. Crime drama, guest starring Rupert Graves and Hannah Waterman

  • Season 7 Episode 5: Good Morning Lemmings

    An unknown tagger begins to paint graffiti around London, and claims to have been responsible for killing a celebrated street artist four years previously. Originally part of a gang, the victim went solo when he received support from a wealthy art patron, and when the detectives re-open the case, they become suspicious of his resentful former crew members. Meanwhile, Brian signs up to a social networking site as TopCop999 to chart the gritty life of a lawman, much to his colleagues' displeasure. Crime drama, guest starring Simon MacCorkindale in the final role before his death, with Alun Armstrong

  • Season 7 Episode 4: Dark Chocolate

    A recent rape is linked to two similar attacks at a chocolate factory 10 years previously, leaving the team with no choice but to reopen all three cases. The detectives uncover news not only of an unhappy workforce, but also of an alleged suicide, and their investigation becomes even more complicated when they discover a severed finger was found in one of the company's snacks. After a visit to the doctor, Gerry decides to quit smoking, and instead of resorting to nicotine patches or gum, he enlists Sandra to help him quit

  • Season 7 Episode 3: Left Field

    After being released from jail, notorious paedophile John Davies admits to the abduction and murder of a child 25 years previously. Suspicious of his motives, the detectives reopen the unsolved case in an unusual attempt to prove his innocence, reinvestigating the boy's disappearance while on a demonstration with his left-wing activist parents. Crime drama, guest starring Adrian Schiller (Being Human) and Samantha Bond (Outnumbered), with Amanda Redman and James Bolam

  • Season 7 Episode 2: It Smells of Books

    Brian finds the library card of cold case victim Dr Richard Symes, leading the team to reinvestigate the death of the professor, who perished after falling from the roof of his college three years' previously. Sandra and Gerry interview Symes' widow, who believes principal Jeremy Ventham drove her husband to suicide following a conflict over teaching methods. Crime drama, starring Alun Armstrong and Amanda Redman

  • Season 7 Episode 1: Dead Man Talking

    The team reinvestigates the death of wealthy financier Douglas Anderson when psychic Sebastian Carter informs the deceased's daughter that she needs to resolve her father's unfinished business. The retired officers set out to prove the clairvoyant is a fraud after growing suspicious of his 'gift', but Pullman struggles to dismiss the supposed conman when a conflict involving her own late father emerges. Detective drama, guest starring David Bradley (the Harry Potter films)

New Tricks: Season 6 (2009)

  • Season 6 Episode 8: Meat Is Murder

    Gerry is forced to confront his past when the team reinvestigates the 33-year-old murder of a doctor whose body was found hanging from a meat hook on a butcher's stall at Smithfield Market. The butcher had gone missing on the same day, and since then the community has rallied to help his widow keep the business afloat. However, his recently discovered remains reveal a match to an unidentified person and lead to a shocking revelation for Sandra. Guest starring Ken Farrington, David Calder and Diana Quick, with Amanda Redman and Alun Armstrong

  • Season 6 Episode 7: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

    Jack intervenes in a dispute aboard a luxury yacht, where a wealthy property developer is confronted by a woman who believes he is to blame for a boating collision in which one his business rivals was killed. Her father, whose tug was involved in the incident, was implicated in a civil action brought by the dead man's widow and, claiming there is a new witness, she tries to enlist the team's help to clear her father's name. Guest starring Barbara Flynn and James Weber Brown

  • Season 6 Episode 6: The Last Laugh

    Gerry celebrates his birthday at a comedy club, where a controversial act comes under fire from a group of hecklers. Sandra discovers the most vocal member of the gang is the niece of a political activist who went missing 25 years previously after waging a campaign against the comedian. Agreeing to reinvestigate the disappearance, the squad discovers that the activist and her boyfriend had infiltrated an extreme right-wing group with links to the dangerous criminal who murdered Jack's wife. Guest starring Phil Daniels, Joe Absolom and John Henshaw

  • Season 6 Episode 5: Death of a Timeshare Salesman

    The squad reinvestigates the death of a timeshare magnate, previously thought to have committed suicide, when a reformed call girl claims she was with him the night he died and saw someone force their way into his house as she left. It then emerges the deceased's widow has since fallen on hard times after being swindled by her late husband's business partner - who is connected to a notorious criminal. Guest starring Shane Richie (EastEnders), Naomi Bentley (Primeval) and Claire Rushbrook (Collision)

  • Season 6 Episode 4: Shadow Show

    When clips of an actress being assaulted in a 1990 movie are posted on the internet, the squad reopens the investigation into her disappearance and the murder of the film's producer. Director Don Maddox features in the footage, but when questioned, he appears to have problems distinguishing fact from fiction. A potential witness is then found dead, and Brian and Jack are seconded to the unit handling the case, only to find Emily Driscoll (Dennis Waterman's daughter Hannah) is heading the operation. Imogen Stubbs and Sandra Dickinson also guest star

  • Season 6 Episode 3: Fresh Starts

    Gerry and the team agree to help a man who believes his wife is still alive, even though she supposedly died 18 months earlier in a car accident. They decide the best way to convince him is to have her exhumed - only to be faced with more questions than answers when it turns out the husband was right and the body is not hers after all. Meanwhile, Brian needs to find a handyman when Esther bans him from his latest DIY project. Hugh Dennis and Samuel West guest star, with Amanda Redman

  • Season 6 Episode 2: The Truth Is Out There

    Jack examines a case previously undertaken by a deceased colleague, who was convinced that the alleged suicide of a journalist was a cover-up by the American government. Enlisting the help of a UFO-spotter, the team discovers the reporter witnessed a mysterious air crash near a US Air Force base, and the retired officers try to track down the original personnel to get some answers. Guest starring Mark Williams, Glynis Barber, Michael Brandon and Raquel Cassidy, with Amanda Redman

  • Season 6 Episode 1: The War Against Drugs

    A reluctant Brian enters an addiction centre run by monks to treat his alcoholism, but soon becomes bored and looks for a distraction. He finds one when a chance remark reopens an investigation into the death of a heroin user nine years previously. Sandra and the rest of the team soon join Brian and it is not long before Gerry decides to go undercover as a sex addict to help reveal the truth. Richard Wilson and Fay Ripley guest star

New Tricks: Season 5 (2008)

  • Season 5 Episode 8: Mad Dogs

    Jack and Strickland form an unlikely alliance that sees them break the rules to find out why a British soldier died while taking part in a Ministry of Defence medical trial. With three of the man's colleagues now suffering from psychological, drink or memory problems, the team consider whether he died as a result of the experiment, or if he was a victim of an Army cover-up. Last in series

  • Season 5 Episode 7: Communal Living

    The unexplained death of a university student who disappeared before his body was found is reinvestigated when the deceased's mother discovers her son had secretly spent time at a commune. While Sandra becomes suspicious of the community's way of life, Brian embraces its sense of freedom - but even he has to concede life there isn't what it seems when the body of a pimp is uncovered. Sylvia Syms guest stars

  • Season 5 Episode 6: EPISODE: 6

    The team investigates the death of a man originally thought to have been killed by his hypnotised wife. Brian confronts the magician named in a tip-off and becomes embroiled in a battle of wits, while Gerry, sceptical of the phenomenon, agrees to be put under the spell of an expert at the Magic Circle - with disturbing results. Sam Kelly ('Allo! 'Allo!) guest stars

  • Season 5 Episode 5: Couldn't Organise One

    The team reopens a case originally worked on by a corrupt colleague of Sandra's father, leading the detective to seek the truth about her family's shady past in a decision that puts pressure on the relationship with her mother. Brian investigates a suspicious death at a brewery, while Gerry and Jack take the time to enjoy its fruits

  • Season 5 Episode 4: Loyalties and Royalties

    The team investigates the apparent suicide of a Seventies guitarist following the deathbed confession of a witness. Strickland, a fan of the rock star's band, reveals himself to be a keen musician, while Brian tracks down Jack and persuades the veteran detective to rejoin UCOS. Roger Lloyd Pack and George Costigan guest star

  • Season 5 Episode 3: Face for Radio

    The team investigate an arson attack on an Eighties music station which resulted in the death of a controversial DJ, and also look into the suicide of the station's owner shortly afterwards. Strickland seeks a permanent replacement for the absent Halford, but Pullman and Standing call his bluff

  • Season 5 Episode 2: Final Curtain

    The inclusion of a letter in a late actor's biography reopens an old case for the team - but reliving the past threatens to be too much for the widow who was accidentally responsible for his death. DAC Strickland's cocky nephew lends his assistance, but his affections for Pullman bring out the worst in Standing and Lane. Dexter Fletcher and Claire Bloom guest star

  • Season 5 Episode 1: Spare Parts

    New series of the detective drama, starring Amanda Redman, James Bolam, Alun Armstrong and Dennis Waterman. Jack's mind is not on the job as Ricky Hanson faces trial for attempting to murder him and threatens to discredit the squad. However, when an old friend asks him to reinvestigate the murder of a wealthy businessman, he, Brian and Gerry spring into action. David Troughton guest stars

New Tricks: Season 4 (2007)

  • Season 4 Episode 8: Big Topped

    Sandra loses her trust in the team when she discovers they have withheld information concerning her father from her. The revelation that he committed suicide while under investigation for corruption causes the detective to doubt all she took for granted, but she tries to set her feelings aside when she is asked to look into the death of a circus ringmaster. Ian McNeice and Sheila Hancock guest. Last in series

  • Season 4 Episode 7: Father's Pride

    The team reopen a 20-year-old case when a camera and film belonging to a photographic lab assistant murdered in 1987 are found in a Soho pub toilet. New evidence leads the detectives into the dark underside of the modelling world and to the door of a professional footballer. Meanwhile, Brian's erratic behaviour takes an alarming turn and Gerry is less than happy when his daughter Emily (played by Dennis Waterman's real-life daughter Hannah) joins the team and looks to Sandra as a role model

  • Season 4 Episode 6: Buried Treasure

    A body is found, prompting two people to confess to murder. When tests show the corpse is more than 600 years old, the team must discover why the pair took responsibility for a crime they could not possibly have committed and if they are in fact the perpetrators of other killings. Alun Armstrong and James Bolam star

  • Season 4 Episode 5: Powerhouse

    Standing and the team re-investigate the 50-year-old murder of Frederick Tully, a wages clerk at Battersea Power Station. Discovering new evidence that leads them to doubt the man executed for the crime was guilty, they question the validity of the original case against him. Drama, guest starring George Cole, Roy Hudd and Jan Francis

  • Season 4 Episode 4: Nine Lives

    The team reopens the investigation into the undetermined death of an elderly woman, whose decision to leave her estate to her cats sparked a family feud. When the deceased's pets die, her money and property reverts to the relatives, leaving the detectives with no choice but to get to the bottom of her mysterious demise. Drama, guest starring comedian Eric Sykes, former EastEnders star Lindsey Coulson and Goodnight Sweetheart's Victor McGuire

  • Season 4 Episode 3: Ducking and Diving

    An armoured security van is discovered at the bottom of a lake, and the team makes a link to a disappearance 17 years previously and an unsolved killing, prompting the team to reopen the case. Sandra feels she is making progress after finding the murder weapon, but suffers a setback when a key witness is killed. Detective drama, starring Amanda Redman

  • Season 4 Episode 2: God's Waiting Room

    Sandra's private and professional worlds become intertwined when her mother has a fall that means she needs to go into a care home and her first choice is revealed to be the scene of a suspicious death a year earlier. Jack, Gerry and Brian decide to go undercover at the home. Drama, guest starring June Whitfield, Sheila Hancock and Gwyneth Strong

  • Season 4 Episode 1: Casualty

    Sandra takes drastic measures to prevent Jack exacting revenge on the hit-and-run driver who killed his wife. With the team's future under threat, she tries desperately to keep the truth about the incident from shady new recruit DS Karen Hardwick, while working on a 10-year-old murder case to restore the squad's reputation. Amanda Redman and Lynda Bellingham star

New Tricks: Season 3 (2006 - 2007)

  • Season 3 Episode 8: Congratulations

    A young man wrongly convicted of burning down his school is released, and seeks Halford's help in tracking down the real culprit. Standing meets a woman who claims to be his daughter (played by Dennis Waterman's real-life daughter Hannah) but Lane is not convinced she's telling the truth. Pullman is offered a promotion to become head of the Murder Squad. Kevin Whately guest stars

  • Season 3 Episode 7: Ice-Cream Wars

    The squad investigates a long-running feud between two family ice-cream businesses, which resulted in a shooting and several armed raids 10 years ago. Standing enlists the aid of his daughter in cracking the case, and she discovers evidence of drug dealing - but Pullman does not approve of her involvement. With Dennis Waterman and Amanda Redman, alongside guest star Jodie Kelly

  • Season 3 Episode 6: Bank Robbery

    A police informant resurfaces after 17 years on the run, and claims to have information implicating a former crook-turned-celebrity (guest star Steven Berkoff) in an unsolved armed robbery. Pullman accompanies Strickland to the Hero of the Year Awards, where the recipient of the title is an old rival of Standing's - who is brought in to work on the case

  • Season 3 Episode 5: Wicca Work

    The team reopen the 10-year-old murder of a librarian who also belonged to a witches' coven, and attempt to track down the other members of the group. Halford has visions of his dead wife, and becomes convinced he has been cursed, while Lane starts to suspect the killing may have been part of a human sacrifice. With guest star Stephanie Beacham

  • Season 3 Episode 4: Communal Living

    A notorious criminal suspected of murdering a police informant returns to the country, prompting Pullman to reopen the case. While Halford feels responsible for not preventing the victim's death at the time, Standing finds his past indiscretions coming back to haunt him. However, evidence emerges that the crook's henchman may be concealing dark secrets from his boss. Patrick Malahide and Christopher Fairbank guest

  • Season 3 Episode 3: Old Dogs

    A dog is found killed in a manner that matches a series of animal slayings from 30 years earlier. The team reopens the case, but the cruelty of the crimes affects Brian's judgement - especially when his own pet dies. Jack's deteriorating health causes concern for his colleagues and a visit to a museum leads to an alarming discovery. Richard Briers guest stars

  • Season 3 Episode 2: Dockers

    The team is asked to reinvestigate the 1975 death of a union leader, whose body was found in the Thames. As the detectives delve deeper into the case, a financial scandal involving misappropriated funds is uncovered and a Labour peer points the finger of suspicion at the victim's deputy, but Brian's increasingly erratic behaviour threatens to hamper the inquiry. Frances Barber, Kenneth Cranham and Dave Hill guest star

  • Season 3 Episode 1: Lady's Pleasure

    A car in which a teacher was murdered five years earlier is returned to its owner - the victim's husband. Pullman reopens the unsolved case, hoping to track down the dead woman's secret lover, who is known to have had a small tattoo - a clue that eventually leads to a male prostitute. Detective drama, starring Amanda Redman, James Bolam, Dennis Waterman and Alun Armstrong

New Tricks: Season 2 (2005)

  • Season 2 Episode 8: 17 Years of Nothing

    A Home Office pathologist joins the team to help discover the identity of a dead girl found in woodland in 1987. The detectives trace her origins back to the Highlands of Scotland, uncovering evidence of syphilis and a possible connection with local aristocrat Lady Deeley. Meanwhile, Lane confronts his fears by revisiting the crime scene. Detective drama, guest starring Timothy West and Jane Asher

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Fluke of Luck

    The team investigates the kidnapping of two boys in 1979, which it believes could be linked to a recent spate of disappearances. The youngsters involved in the earlier case escaped - though their abductor was never found. Fearing they may be on the trail of a serial killer, the detectives also uncover a link with another unsolved case - the assault on a champion fisherman

  • Season 2 Episode 6: Eyes Down for a Full House

    Standing loses £10,000 in a high-stakes poker game - but his opponent, a bookmaker, agrees to write off the debt if the detective can bring his father's killer to justice. Lane helps him uncover a connection with the case of a champion greyhound abducted in the 1980s, and a map comes to light that appears to lead to the missing dog's grave. Meanwhile, a dead man's widow mounts a protest outside the station

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Creative Problem Solving

    Halford is approached by an old friend who has discovered a diamond worth millions in the flat of a man who died more than 20 years ago. It transpires that the precious stone was stolen in a safety deposit box heist, but the dead man's passport shows he was out of the country when the crime was committed. Delving deeper into his past, the team discover some well-concealed secrets - including a daughter who's still unaware of her true parentage - and track down the prime suspect in the original jewel theft

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Old and Cold

    A tabloid editor approaches the detectives, claiming to have evidence implicating world-famous celebrity chef Kitty Campbell in the murder of her husband Bertie during the 1960s. A former assistant of the culinary couple claims Bertie was gay, and that she killed him for fear of a scandal wrecking her career. Halford is convinced they are being taken for a ride, but Lane's wife spots a vital clue in one of Kitty's old cookery shows. Honor Blackman and Stephen Tompkinson guest star

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Trust Me

    The team reopen a 1992 abduction case when the woman who disappeared turns up alive and well, claiming she was never kidnapped in the first place. Halford suspects the apparent victim's mother of faking the incident to get her ex-husband to pay the ransom. However, the case is complicated further when she threatens to sue the police. Drama, starring Amanda Redman, James Bolam and Dennis Waterman

  • Season 2 Episode 2: Family Business

    The unsolved-crime squad reopens the case of an Asian woman who was attacked eight years ago, and has been in a coma ever since. After enlisting the aid of a community liaison officer, it becomes apparent there is conflict in the victim's family, as well as a possible connection with the disappearance of a private detective. Nina Wadia, Keith Allen and Navin Chowdhry guest star

  • Season 2 Episode 1: A Delicate Touch

    The squad have a new boss, who orders them to look into the unsolved murder of a barrister found bound and gagged in his car 25 years ago. The case was a rare failure for a former chief inspector, although his notes point to a very clear suspect. As they uncover the late advocate's unusual hobbies, they gradually learn exactly what happened. Anita Dobson, Jenny Agutter and Keith Barron guest star

New Tricks: Season 1 (2003 - 2004)

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Talking to the Dead

    Halford visits a clairvoyant in the hope of making contact with his dead wife, but instead receives a message from a teenage girl who was abducted and left to die in a transport container in 1982. Despite the unconventional nature of the new evidence, Pullman agrees to reopen the investigation. The ageing detectives become convinced it will be their final case when they are ordered to report for physical and psychological evaluation. James Bolam, Amanda Redman and Robert Bathurst star

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Home Truths

    The discovery of a blood-stained pair of hot pants results in the team being asked to reinvestigate the 1971 disappearance of a mother and her six-month-old son. Lane, who worked on the original case, quickly identifies the victim's husband as the chief suspect, but when Halford and Standing learn that two other women went missing in the area on the same day, they begin to wonder if they are really looking for a serial killer. Alun Armstrong and Dennis Waterman star

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Good Work Rewarded

    A dying man asks the team to clear the name of his son, a talented junior golfer who committed suicide after being implicated in the murder of a 10-year-old boy. The team are aided in their investigation by a former chief superintendent who admits she always had doubts about the teenager's guilt, but the committee members of the exclusive golf club where the victim's body was discovered prove reluctant to help the officers with their inquiries. Isla Blair and Cheri Lunghi guest star

  • Season 1 Episode 3: 1984

    The team are given the task of re-examining the unsolved case of peace protester Josh Livesey, found dead near a Nato base in 1984, when one of his former friends is locked up in Broadmoor for murder. Other campaigners claimed innocence at the time, but refused to co-operate with police, blaming the death on Secret Service skulduggery. A recovered film shows that a section of the wire fence at the camp was replaced the night Livesey died, and a Special Branch officer admits his people moved the victim's body, though he insists there was no conspiracy. Detective drama, starring Alun Armstrong, James Bolam, Amanda Redman and Dennis Waterman

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Painting On Loan

    The team have to draw on all their powers of detection and discretion when a painting in the Queen's private collection is found to be a fake - and all the clues lead to an art forger and political activist who seemingly committed suicide after a fire destroyed his studio. Meanwhile, prospective grandfather Standing feels his age when he has to sell his beloved Triumph Stag to buy his pregnant daughter a pushchair, though an encounter with an attractive widow puts the spring back in his step. Anthony Head guest stars alongside Dennis Waterman and Amanda Redman

  • Season 1 Episode 1: ID Parade

    The team are asked to reinvestigate the murder of a policewoman some 17 years previously - a case which proves to be uncomfortably close to home for Pullman. Amanda Redman, Dennis Waterman, James Bolam and Alun Armstrong star

New Tricks: Other Episodes

  • Last Man Standing: Part 1

    Gerry is spooked by the discovery of UCOS' latest victim: A cop, whose body has lain untouched under a basement for 30 years; as accusations of police corruption begin to surface, Gerry has to face up to some skeletons in his own closet.

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