New Girl Episode Guide

Episode Guide

New Girl: Season 4 (2014 - 2015)

  • Season 4 Episode 22: Clean Break

    With Coach preparing to move out, Schmidt decides to go through his own stuff as well; Jess and Nick contemplate their feelings for each other.

  • Season 4 Episode 22: Clean Break

    Jess and Nick argue over a mug from their relationship, while Coach debates with his friends what he should take to New York

  • Season 4 Episode 21: Panty Gate

    Schmidt takes the fall to help Fawn out of an embarrassing political scandal. Meanwhile, Jess declares herself to be a 'love doctor', and Coach faces a life-changing decision about his future with girlfriend May Meaghan Rath and Zoe Lister Jones guest star

  • Season 4 Episode 20: Par 5

    Jess attends a charity golf tournament with local politician Fawn, only to end up in the sand trap in her attempts to make a good impression. Winston meets a beautiful woman but has to lie about being a cop. US comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel and Lamorne Morris

  • Season 4 Episode 19: The Right Thing

    Jess crashes a funeral in the hope of deleting a sex text she recently sent to the deceased. Schmidt's mother Louise arrives in town for a visit and Winston is desperate to get to know his police partner Aly on a more personal level

  • Season 4 Episode 18: Walk of Shame

    Jess and Cece are on their way home from an all-night party and feeling the worse for wear when they run into a familiar face. Coach worries about allowing Nick and Winston to meet his sophisticated new girlfriend

  • Season 4 Episode 17: Spiderhunt

    Schmidt is freaked out by a spider while getting ready for a date, so the gang help him hunt it down. Cece tries to keep a secret from Jess, and Nick plays chef for the evening

  • Season 4 Episode 16: Oregon

    Jess takes a trip down memory lane when she and the gang travel to her childhood home in Portland, Oregon, for her father's wedding. Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner guest star

  • Season 4 Episode 15: The Crawl

    A new bar opens, providing the final piece of the puzzle for Nick's Valentine's Day pub crawl; Jess and Ryan consider their future; Coach meets a new woman; Schmidt tries to find a place in the world of politics.

  • Season 4 Episode 14: Swuit

    Jess helps Schmidt and Nick pitch their new business venture to a famous entrepreneur who stars on a Dragons' Den-style TV show, while Winston and Coach decide whether to invest in Cece's future

  • Season 4 Episode 13: Coming Out

    The rest of the teachers are upset when Jess reveals her relationship with Ryan and she struggles not to show him any favouritism. But her actions lead to disaster on a field trip

  • Season 4 Episode 12: Shark

    After Winston graduates from Police Academy, Nick and Coach worry about his safety, especially when they meet his petite training officer. Jess uses Schmidt to influence a local councilwoman to stop building work taking place outside the loft apartment at night. Nasim Pedrad and Zoe Lister Jones guest star

  • Season 4 Episode 11: LAXmas

    The gang prepares to leave Los Angeles for the Christmas holidays, but is trapped at the airport when flights are delayed by a storm. Julian Morris guest stars

  • Season 4 Episode 10: Girl Fight

    Schmidt regrets trying to understand the way women work after Jesse and Cece have a fight. Nick goes out on a date with Tran's granddaughter, who Winston believes has a secret

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Thanksgiving IV

    With everyone still single, Schmidt organises a special Thanksgiving dinner - the idea being that everyone must bring a guest who is compatible with one of their friends

  • Season 4 Episode 8: Teachers

    The teachers attend a conference led by education guru Brenda Brown (guest star Lisa Bonet) - and with Jess out town, Nick, Schmidt and Winston decide to have a wild weekend

  • Season 4 Episode 7: Goldmine

    Nick pretends to be gay so Jess's new boyfriend will feel less threatened, while Schmidt cannot get his head round the news that Cece is considering having her breasts reduced

    Friday 19th February 3:30pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 4 Episode 6: Background Check

    When the roommates learn the loft must pass a home visit and background check as part of Winston's police academy training, Jess reveals she may be hiding illegal substances in her closet.

    Friday 19th February 3:00pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 4 Episode 5: Landline

    When Coach's relationship with the school nurse gets messy, Jess must enforce a new 'no fraternization' policy among the staff; Nick enjoys his new role as Schmidt and Winston's secretary.

    Thursday 18th February 3:30pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 4 Episode 4: Micro

    Jess goes out with a less-than-impressive guy to prove that girls aren't shallow; Winston and Cece convince Schmidt and Coach they could be male models and pit them against each other.

    Thursday 18th February 3:00pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 4 Episode 3: Julie Berkman's Older Sister

    Jess' dad visits with his new girlfriend (Kaitlin Olson), who turns out to be Jess and Cece's high school rival; Schmidt gets the guys to help him at work by participating in a focus group.

    Wednesday 17th February 3:30pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 4 Episode 2: Dice

    Schmidt uses an app to give Jess a few lessons in the art of dating. Winston is desperate to make a good impression on his fellow cadets, but Nick, Coach and Cece ruin his plans

    Wednesday 17th February 3:00pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 4 Episode 1: The Last Wedding

    The gang attends a wedding, where they make a bet to see which one of them will have pulled by the end of the night. Jess quickly sets her sights on the best man, while Schmidt and Nick get an indecent proposal, and Coach realises he has hooked up with several women at the party before. Jessica Biel guest stars

    Tuesday 16th February 3:30pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System

New Girl: Season 3 (2013 - 2014)

  • Season 3 Episode 23: Cruise

    Jess and Nick convince the others to come along on a cruise they booked when they were still an item. However, the trip is far from the relaxing break they intended - as Coach struggles to deal with his fear of boats, Schmidt tries to win Cece back, and Winston tries to get Jess and Nick back together. Sitcom, starring Zooey Deschanel

    Tuesday 16th February 3:00pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 3 Episode 22: Dance

    Jess fears someone is trying to sabotage her first middle-school dance, so she enlists the gang to help her chaperone on the big night. Sitcom, starring Zooey Deschanel

    Friday 12th February 3:30pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 3 Episode 21: Big News

    Jess and Nick try to keep their break-up a secret, and Winston wants to celebrate after being accepted into the LAPD. Meanwhile, Schmidt helps Cece with her GED training. Sitcom, starring Zooey Deschanel

    Friday 12th February 3:00pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 3 Episode 20: Mars Landing

    Jess and Nick face some truths about their relationship. Schmidt, Winston and Coach scramble to make a better second impression on their attractive new neighbours, and Cece sends a drunken text. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

    Thursday 11th February 3:00pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 3 Episode 19: Fired Up

    Jess hires Coach as her school's new volleyball instructor, but then immediately has to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Schmidt finds himself being sued, and Cece catches the eye of a much younger man. Sitcom, starring Zooey Deschanel

    Thursday 11th February 3:30pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 3 Episode 18: Sister III

    Jess re-evaluates her and Nick's need for space and independence. Meanwhile, Cece worries that Abby is taking advantage of Schmidt's generosity when the pair's relationship pushes forward at an unusually fast speed. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

    Wednesday 10th February 3:30pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 3 Episode 17: Sister II

    Jess takes matters into her own hands when her sister Abby announces that she has decided to stay in Los Angeles on a permanent basis. Meanwhile, Winston tries to keep his nerves under control when he goes to collect his LAPD entrance exam results. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

    Wednesday 10th February 3:00pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 3 Episode 16: Sister

    Jess is reluctant to introduce her sister, Abby, to her friends, and Schmidt asks Nick to attend a Bar Mitzvah with him. Meanwhile, Winston and Bertie go for dinner with Coach and Cece. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

    Tomorrow at 3:30pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 3 Episode 15: Exes

    When Nick has an awkward run-in with ex-girlfriend Caroline, Jess tries to convince him he can still be friends with her - and demonstrates her point by introducing him to one of her old flames. Meanwhile, Coach sneakily uses Schmidt's loft to impress a date, but disaster strikes when his friend arrives home with a girl. Guest starring Adam Brody

    Tomorrow at 3:00pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 3 Episode 14: Prince

    A chance encounter leads to Jess and Cece being invited to a mansion party thrown by none other than music legend Prince, who guest stars as himself. Upon hearing the news, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Coach become determined to gate-crash the festivities. Comedy, with Zooey Deschanel

    Today at 3:30pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 3 Episode 13: Birthday

    Nick tries to plan the perfect birthday party for Jess; Schmidt helps Cece at her new bartending job; Winston and Coach compete in a bake-off.

    Today at 3:00pm EST - Turner Broadcasting System
  • Season 3 Episode 12: Basketsball

    Jess pretends to support a basketball team as a way of befriending Coach - upsetting Nick, who follows a rival club. Meanwhile, Schmidt is assigned to mentor a Ed, a colleague at work and Winston seeks a new career path. Comedy, with Zooey Deschanel and guest starring Bob Gunton

  • Season 3 Episode 11: Clavado En Un Bar

    Jess is given cause to question whether teaching is the right career for her when she is offered a well-paid job working as a fundraiser for a children's museum. With the pressures of her current role mounting, and with less than an hour to decide whether to take the new position, she seeks advice from her friends, and the guys take the opportunity to reminisce about some of their experiences in the workplace. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 3 Episode 10: Thanksgiving III

    Nick and Jess decide to take the gang camping to celebrate Thanksgiving, but find their survival skills are tested when Coach and Schmidt compete to prove who is the best woodsman. Meanwhile, CeCe and Winston realise they share a mutual dislike of the outdoors. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Longest Night Ever

    Schmidt becomes jealous when Coach and CeCe go on a date, and Jess is left with the job of calming his fears. Nick accidentally loses Furguson - but the cat is later found by Bertie, a woman who becomes instantly attractive to Winston

  • Season 3 Episode 8: Menus

    An excess of Chinese takeout menus at the loft's front door leads Jess and the guys on a series of adventure

  • Season 3 Episode 7: Coach

    Former roommate Coach returns, wanting to pick up where he left off; Jess and Cece meet a handsome stranger during their girls' night out.

  • Season 3 Episode 6: Keaton

    Jess decides to throw a Halloween party in a bid to reconnect with Cece, and decides to adopt the identity of Michael Keaton when she realises Schmidt feels he has a connection to the actor. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel, Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone

  • Season 3 Episode 5: The Box

    Nick inherits money from his late father, but Jess decides he should put it to good use, rather than go on a spending spree. Meanwhile, Schmidt worries about being a good person. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson

  • Season 3 Episode 4: The Captain

    A jealous Schmidt tries to break apart Jess and Nick's happy relationship, and Winston learns that Furguson the cat must be neutered so decides to give him one last wild night. Comedy, starring Max Greenfield and Lamorne Morris

  • Season 3 Episode 3: Double Date

    Jess and Nick invite Schmidt and Cece on a double date thinking that he has chosen CeCe over Elizabeth. Winston promises the diners a table at an exclusive restaurant. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 3 Episode 2: Nerd

    Jess searches for a way to fit in with a group of unfriendly teachers at her new schooll, and turns to Nick for advice on how to deal with them. Meanwhile, Winston plots revenge on Daisy, and Schmidt does not enjoy his office party. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson

  • Season 3 Episode 1: All In

    Return of the comedy series starring Zooey Deschanel. Nick gets into trouble when he goes to Mexico with Jess. Meanwhile, Schmidt struggles to choose between Cece and Elizabeth, and Winston becomes obsessed with a puzzle

New Girl: Season 2 (2012 - 2013)

  • Season 2 Episode 25: Elaine's Big Day

    Part two of two. As Cece's wedding day arrives, Schmidt and Winston come up with a plan to sabotage it. Meanwhile, Jess and Nick become concerned about their very different personalities now they are in a relationship. Guest starring Taylor Swift

  • Season 2 Episode 24: Winston's Birthday

    Part one of two. Jess's dad pays a surprise visit for Cece's wedding, forcing his daughter to try to hide her relationship with Nick. Meanwhile, Schmidt wonders where his romance with Elizabeth will lead as he admits his true feelings for her, and Winston worries that his friends have forgotten his birthday. Comedy, guest starring Rob Reiner and Merritt Wever

  • Season 2 Episode 23: Virgins

    The friends confess to one another how they lost their virginity, and realise their early experiences have continued to influence their love lives as they have grown older. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield

  • Season 2 Episode 22: Bachelorette Party

    Jess decides to throw Cece a surprise bachelorette party, while Nick and Winston decide to spend some time with groom-to-be Shivrang. Schmidt becomes annoyed when he discovers he has not been given a 'plus one' invitation to the wedding, and decides to prove he is perfectly capable of securing a date in time for the big day. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 2 Episode 21: First Date

    Nick takes Jess out for dinner, but the duo have different opinions over whether their outing constitutes a date. Meanwhile, Schmidt and Winston share their concerns about how the dynamic of the group might change if their two flatmates become an item. Comedy, guest starring Dermot Mulroney

  • Season 2 Episode 20: Chicago

    Jess, Schmidt and Winston go to Chicago with Nick to help him deal with a death in his family.

  • Season 2 Episode 19: Quick Hardening Caulk

    Winston takes a heartbroken Schmidt to an aquarium in a bid to take his mind off Cece's recent engagement. Elsewhere, Jess struggles to tell Nick that she has feelings for him, until her tongue is loosened by a powerful course of painkillers she is given after a minor accident. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson

  • Season 2 Episode 18: TinFinity

    Nick and Schmidt argue over celebrating their 10th anniversary as room-mates. Meanwhile, Jess and Winston compete for a football star's affections. Comedy, guest starring Steve Howey (Shameless), with Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Parking Spot

    Jess flirts with Nick to try to win the fight between the room-mates and secure the use of their newly discovered and highly covetable parking spot. Meanwhile, Winston runs into trouble as he tries to make the most of his time with Daisy. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Table 34

    Jess and Nick try to avoid each other after their kiss, but the plan fails when they both end up at the same Indian marriage convention, where Cece hopes to find a prospective husband

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Cooler

    Nick and Jess share an uncomfortable encounter during a party game after her nervy reaction to some strange noises brings a premature end to her flatmates' night out. Meanwhile, Winston hits it off with a woman he meets at a bar. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson

  • Season 2 Episode 14: Pepperwood

    Winston tries to clear the air with Schmidt after an awkward encounter with Cece in the kitchen, while Nick decides to do some research on one of Jess's pupils after one of his assignments makes for some disturbing reading. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 2 Episode 13: A Father's Love

    Jess tries to repair Nick's relationship with his father when the conman shows up out of the blue, while Schmidt spies on Cece during a date, before joining forces with Robby to brainstorm ways to impress the model. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 2 Episode 12: Cabin

    Jess organises a couples' weekend and invites Nick and Angie to join her and Sam at a cabin for a few days, but soon regrets her decision. Meanwhile, Winston and Schmidt discuss race relations. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 2 Episode 11: Santa

    The gang tries to attend three Christmas parties in a single night. Jess does her best to avoid Sam, Nick struggles to keep up with a sexually adventurous Angie, and Winston panics when he gets a cranberry stuck in his ear. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson

  • Season 2 Episode 10: Bathtub

    Jess is desperate to have a bathtub installed in the apartment, so Winston helps her get one. Schmidt is torn between trying to win back Cece and attempting to impress his attractive boss Emma, while Nick meets a woman at the bar who is having relationship problems. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 2 Episode 9: Eggs

    Jess and Cece panic about their biological clocks when gay couple Melissa and Sadie announce they are going to have a baby. Nick visits the zoo seeking inspiration for his zombie-themed novel, and Schmidt asks for advice on how to keep his relationship with Emma exciting. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 2 Episode 8: Parents

    Jess's divorced parents show up at the same time for Thanksgiving dinner, so she takes the opportunity to trick them into a reconciliation. Meanwhile, Schmidt and his ex-marine cousin engage in a manliness competition. Guest starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Menzies

    The boys instruct Jess to get a job so she can pay her share of the rent and utility costs, but a personal situation leaves her feeling emotionally delicate. Meanwhile, Nick meets a silent person who teaches him how to be peaceful and Cece yearns to rekindle her romance with Schmidt. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson

  • Season 2 Episode 6: Halloween

    Nick prepares for a visit from Amelia, a girl he had a crush on at college. Jess acquires a job at a haunted house for Halloween, and decides to invite Sam along to tell him she would like them to be more than friends. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Models

    Cece is unable to fulfil a modelling assignment at a car show after spending a wild night with her friends, so Jess has to stand in for her. Meanwhile, the boys question what defines male friendship after Schmidt buys Nick a cookie but he fails to show any appreciation. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Neighbors

    Fashionable twentysomethings move into the flat opposite the group, and Schmidt is determined to befriend them. While he and Jess set about getting to know the newcomers, Nick plays an inordinate amount of pranks on Schmidt to make him feel old. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Fluffer

    Nick realises Jess has been treating him like a boyfriend without getting anything in return, so decides to address the nature of their relationship. Meanwhile, Winston has a lot on his mind when his romance with Shelby begins to fade away and Schmidt pretends to be one of politician Mitt Romney's sons

  • Season 2 Episode 2: Katie

    Jess encounters a handsome stranger who is waiting to meet a woman he befriended on the internet, so she decides to pretend to be his date. Nick becomes convinced that an old man at the bar is a version of himself who has travelled back in time, while Schmidt tries to woo Winston's sister. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Re-Launch

    Jess is lacking direction after being fired from her teaching job and agrees to act as a 'shot girl' at a party thrown by Schmidt. Winston shows a new side to his personality after enjoying some of Nick's elaborate cocktails and Cece introduces the gang to her new boyfriend. Comedy, with Zooey Deschanel

New Girl: Season 1 (2011 - 2012)

  • Season 1 Episode 24: See Ya

    Nick packs up his possessions in preparation for moving in with Caroline. However, he has a panic attack while taking the removal van to his new flat and carries on driving until he reaches the desert, forcing Jess and Cece to come to the rescue. Winston joins them on the trip, and faces his fear of the dark

  • Season 1 Episode 23: Backslide

    Jess drowns her sorrows after splitting up with Russell, and finds herself spending the night with ex-boyfriend Paul (guest star Justin Long). Nick is also in danger of falling back into a relationship with old flame Caroline, who is unpopular with the gang, while Cece takes Schmidt to visit her grandmother (Madhur Jaffrey) in a nursing home

  • Season 1 Episode 22: Tomatoes

    Jess worries that she and Russell don't share the same passion as he did with his ex-wife; Cece, unwilling to admit her feelings, encourages Schmidt to go out with her roommate; Nick works on a vegetable garden.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: Kids

    Jess agrees to look after Russell's daughter while he is out of town, and does her best to demonstrate good mothering skills. However, his ex-wife Ouli (guest star Jeanne Tripplehorn) is unhappy with the arrangement. Winston's boss torments him on the way to an important talk-show appearance, Cece is terrified that she might be pregnant, and Nick has to defend his new relationship

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Normal

    Jess returns to the flat after spending an idyllic week with Russell (guest star Dermot Mulroney) at his house. However, her happiness with the new relationship is short-lived when Cece points out that she is doing everything on her boyfriend's terms. Meanwhile, Winston starts working at a sports radio station, but quickly discovers that his new boss is bad-tempered and demanding

  • Season 1 Episode 19: Secrets

    Jess realises Cece has been keeping a secret from her, putting their friendship in jeopardy. A nervous Winston, uncomfortable at being the only person who knows about Schmidt and Cece's relationship, finally cracks and shares the information, while Nick is dating several women, but realises he needs Schmidt's help to hone his womanising skills

  • Season 1 Episode 18: Fancyman (Part 2)

    Part two of two. Part two of two. Jess worries her sophisticated first date with Russell ended badly, and Nick's laddish side comes out when his old college friend Dirk comes to stay. Schmidt and Cece fail to keep their relationship a secret, while Winston badly misjudges a situation with Shelby. Comedy, guest starring Dermot Mulroney (The Grey)

  • Season 1 Episode 17: Fancyman (Part 1)

    Part one of two. Jess starts dating the charming father of one of her students, and Nick tries to buy a new mobile phone, while Schmidt and Winston begin a competitive game of bar trivia. Guest starring Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend's Wedding)

  • Season 1 Episode 16: Control

    Jess realises that Schmidt is responsible for an unfair amount of housework in the apartment, and decides to help him shoulder the burden. When her actions prove unsuccessful, she sets out to cure him of his control issues - only to push him to the other extreme

  • Season 1 Episode 15: Injured

    Nick injures his back during a game of touch football, so Jess takes him to see a doctor. However, an initial scan reveals a potentially serious problem, forcing him to take stock of his life. His friends, meanwhile, are unsure what they can do to help

  • Season 1 Episode 14: Bully

    Jess tries to stop one of her pupils picking on a classmate - only to become the new target of the bully's wrath. Schmidt is desperate to brag about his Valentine's Day exploits, but finds his partner is far less keen, while Nick is plunged into despair by a gift from Julia

  • Season 1 Episode 13: Valentine's Day

    Jess decides to mark her first Valentine's Day as a single woman by going on a meaningless date with a stranger, and asks Schmidt to help her find a suitable candidate. Nick's romantic plans are ruined when Julia is overwhelmed with work, while Winston gets a second chance to impress Shelby. Guest starring Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) and Clark Duke (Hot Tub Time Machine)

  • Season 1 Episode 12: The Landlord

    Jess is determined to befriend her landlord Remy, but her quest leaves the flatmates worried he might notice they have broken a few of the tenancy rules. Meanwhile, Schmidt becomes convinced his boss is trying to send him a message and asks Cece for advice. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Jess and Julia

    Julia tells Nick she does not want to put a label on their relationship, leaving him anxious and disappointed, and she also annoys Jess by refusing to help her get out of paying for a parking ticket. Winston tries to impress a former date, while Schmidt is determined to find out why his towel is always damp. Comedy, starring Lizzy Caplan, Jake Johnson and Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Story of the 50

    Schmidt's plans for his 29th birthday party are ruined when he loses the reservation for a party bus, so Jess organises a last-minute bash with her socially awkward vice principal Tanya - and acquires the use of a yellow school bus. Nick's new girlfriend is determined to come along and meet his friends, unless he can stop her. Comedy, starring Max Greenfield and Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 1 Episode 9: The 23rd

    Jess worries about whether to buy Paul a more expensive Christmas present after he surprises her with a lavish gift. The flatmates attend Schmidt's work party and, as the only male in the office, he has been forced to dress up as a sexy Santa yet again. Nick is determined not to miss his flight home for the holidays for the fifth year in a row - but a crisis among his friends places his plans in jeopardy. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Bad in Bed

    Jess is convinced her ex-boyfriend left her because she was sexually unadventurous, forcing her to ask her flatmates for advice. Schmidt uses his charm to land an invite to his boss's baby shower so he can compete for a promotion with his office rival, while Nick is desperate for a haircut - but wants to avoid human contact and small talk. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel, Justin Long and Max Greenfield

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Bells

    Jess is desperate to find space where her hand-bell quartet can practise, so she brings the members to the flat - where things take an unexpected turn when Winston reveals his hidden musical talents. Meanwhile, Nick and Schmidt become embroiled in an increasingly heated argument over DIY. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel, Lamorne Morris and Jake Johnson

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Thanksgiving

    Jess invites Paul, a fellow teacher she has a crush on, to the gang's Thanksgiving dinner party, but the proceedings do not go according to plan. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel, with Justin Long (He's Just Not That into You)

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Cece Crashes

    While staying the night, Cece convinces Jess that Nick likes her as more than just a flatmate, and deals with amorous advances from Schmidt. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel, Hannah Simone, Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Naked

    Jess accidentally walks in on a naked Nick while he is preparing for a date and dents his self-confidence with a nervous giggle. Elsewhere, Winston becomes obsessed with learning pop-culture references. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris, with Lake Bell (How to Make It in America)

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Wedding

    The men are invited to the wedding of a mutual friend, leaving Nick worried he might encounter his ex-girlfriend at the event, so he invites Jess along as his date. At the reception, Schmidt is on the hunt for single women, only to meet the overly aggressive Gretchen, with whom he has a complicated relationship, while Winston takes his role as usher seriously and becomes competitive on the dance floor with a guest. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Kryptonite

    Jess's housemates refuse to lend her any more of their possessions, so she is forced to visit the flat of ex-boyfriend Spencer to retrieve her belongings. She later finds herself giving him and his new girlfriend - the woman he was seeing behind her back - a lift to the airport. Meanwhile, Coach moves out and is replaced by former resident Winston. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel and Lamorne Morris

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

    A young woman moves into an apartment with three single men following a traumatic break-up with her long-term boyfriend. However, her peculiar personality quirks and unorthodox approach to romance soon cause friction with her new flatmates - though they come to realise they need one another more than they initially anticipated. In the first episode, Jess's new friends help her get back into the dating game. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson

New Girl: Other Episodes

  • Corte Limpio

    Con Coach preparándose para mudarse, Schmidt decide organizar sus pertenencias también; Jess y Nick reflexionan acerca de lo que sienten el uno por el otro.

  • Lo correcto

    Jess asiste a un funeral con la esperanza de eliminar una sexta que envió a los difuntos; la mamá de Schmidt de visita y exige que escriba notas de agradecimiento para los regalos de su bar mitzvah; Winston quiere ser amigo de su compañero.

  • La caminata de la vergüenza

    Después de salir de fiesta en Bearclaw's, Jess y Cece vuelven a ver una cara conocida en el apartamento; Coach se preocupa por dejar a Nick y Winston cerca de su nueva novia.

  • La caza de la araña

    El miedo de Schmidt de arañas obliga a cerrar el apartamento en busca del culpable; Winston accidentalmente hace a Jess pensar que Cece tiene sentimientos por Nick.

  • Recorrida de Bares

    Abre un nuevo bar, la última pieza para la ronda de bares perfecta que Nick planea el día de San Valentín; Jess y Ryan se plantean su futuro; una nueva mujer en la vida del Entrenador; Schmidt quiere entrar en el mundo de la política.

  • Salir del Clóset

    Un viaje de clase se vuelve desastroso cuando Jess intenta evitar mostrar favoritismo con Ryan; Schmidt desarrolla una úlcera; Winston se obsesiona con el uso de un cristal.

  • Tiburón

    Nick y Coach se preocupan después de conocer a la nueva oficial de entrenamientos policiales de Winston; Jess usa a Schmidt con la esperanza de que convenza a una concejal para que cesen las obras nocturnas que se están haciendo junto a su casa.

  • ¿Vacaciones?

    Debido a una tormenta, todos quedan atrapados en el aeropuerto cuando se dirigían hacia sus casas para celebrar la Navidad, y temen que tendrán que pasar la festividad solos.

  • Pelea de Chicas

    Cuando Jess y Cece tienen un desacuerdo, Schmidt lamenta intentar entender la política de peleas entre niñas; Nick va a una cita con la nieta de Tran.

  • Día de Acción de Gracias IV

    Schmidt tiene un plan para Acción de Gracias, ya que todos están solteros, cada uno debe traer a un invitado que sea compatible con otro miembro de la casa.

  • Docentes

    Jess, Coach y Ryan asisten a una conferencia de profesores; Nick, Schimdt y Winston planean un fin de semana salvaje mientras Jess está lejos.

  • Mina de Oro

    Nick finge ser gay alrededor del nuevo galán de Jess; Winston aplica su 'juego largo' a sus nuevos vecinos; Cece considera una reducción de senos.

  • Verificación de Antecedentes

    El proceso de preparación para que Winston se haga policía requiere que miembros de la academia de policía inspeccionen el estudio donde viven los chicos. El problema es que Jess admite que oculta sustancias ilegales en su armario.

  • Teléfono Fijo

    Cuando la relación del entrenador con la enfermera de la escuela se pone complicada, Jess debe poner en vigor una nueva política de 'no confraternización ' entre el personal; Nick disfruta de su nuevo papel como secretario de Schmidt y Winston.

  • Dados

    Schmidt enseña a Jess sobre las citas móviles; Coach, Cece y Nick llegan a una fiesta organizada por los compañeros cadetes de policía de Winston, impactando su habilidad para dar una buena impresión.

  • La Última Boda

    Los amigos hacen el pacto de que todos tendrán suerte encontrando pareja durante una boda a la que asisten; Winston se recupera de su entrenamiento en la academia de policía; el Entrenador nota que ya se acostó con todas las chicas de la fiesta.

  • Cumpleaños

    Nick intenta planear la fiesta de cumpleaños perfecta para Jess; Schmidt ayuda a Cece en su nuevo trabajo como cantinera; Winston y Coach compiten.

  • La Hermana Mayor de Julie Berkman

    Llega el padre de Jess de visita, y con él viene su nueva novia, Cece, una antigua compañera y rival de escuela secundaria de Jess; Schmidt lleva a los chicos a que le ayuden a trabajar participando en un grupo focal.

  • Panty Gate

    Schmidt se sacrifica a sí mismo para ayudar a Fawn a salir airoso de un escándalo; Jess se apoda a sí mismo 'el doctor amor'; Coach debe tomar una decisión que resultará trascendental para el devenir de su vida.

  • Par 5

    Fawn lleva a Jess a un torneo de golf de caridad; Winston miente sobre ser policía cuando se encuentra con una mujer hermosa.

  • The Right Thing

    Jess asiste a un funeral con la esperanza de eliminar una sexta que envió a los difuntos; la mamá de Schmidt de visita y exige que escriba notas de agradecimiento para los regalos de su bar mitzvah; Winston quiere ser amigo de su compañero.

  • Clean Break

    Con Coach preparándose para mudarse, Schmidt decide organizar sus pertenencias también; Jess y Nick reflexionan acerca de lo que sienten el uno por el otro.

  • Oregon

    Jess y la pandilla viajan a Portland Oregón, el pueblo de su infancia, para la boda de su padre.

  • Swuit

    Jess ayuda a Schmidt y Nick dar su idea para un traje hecho de material de sudadera a la empresaria Lori Greiner; Winston y Coach deciden invertir en el futuro de Cece.

  • Micro

    Jess sale con un chico un tanto especial sólo para demostrarle a Nick que las chicas no son tan superficiales como los chicos; Winston y Cece hacen creer a Schimdt y al Entrenador que podrían ser modelos masculinos.

  • Baile

    Jess se preocupa porque alguien está tratando de sabotear su primer baile en la escuela secundaria y le pide al grupo que la acompañen.

  • Menus

    Un excesivo número de menús de comida china en la puerta del loft lleva a Jess y los chicos en una serie de aventuras.

  • Noticias Importantes

    Nick y Jess intentan mantener en secreto su rompimiento; Winston pasa el examen para entrar a la academia de policía y demanda una celebración.

  • Crucero

    Nick y Jess le piden al grupo que los acompañen a un crucero que reservaron cuando salían juntos; Schmidt intenta recuperar a Cece; Winston se esfuerza por arreglar la relación de Jess y Nick.

  • Aterrizaje

    Nick y Jess confrontan algunas verdades acerca de su relación; Winston, Schmidt y Coach intentan lograr una mejor segunda impresión en algunos vecinos atractivos.

  • Despedido

    Jess contrata a Coach, después tiene que despedirlo inmediatamente; Schmidt les pide a Nick y Winston que lo representen en una declaración cuando él es demandado; un hombre más joven se enamora de Cece.

  • Hermana III

    Nick y Jess deben adaptarse a la falta de espacio personal cuando Jess se muda a su cuarto; Cece piensa que Abby está tomando ventaja de Schmidt; Winston lucha por ponerse en condición.

  • Wig

    Schmidt and Cece take action when Nick's attraction to Reagan impacts their relationship; Winston teaches Reagan about breakups.

    Tuesday 16th February 8:00pm EST - WTTG (FOX)
  • Hermana II

    Abby decide quedarse en Los Ángeles y diseña para uno de sus compañeros; Winston evita revisar los resultados de su examen para ingresar al Departamento de Policía de Los Ángeles.

  • Reagan

    A beautiful pharmaceutical rep (Megan Fox) agrees to sublet Jess' room while she remains on a sequestered jury.

    Tomorrow at 8:00pm EST - WTTG (FOX)
  • Hermana

    La hermana de Jess está de visita y provoca un gran caos en el departamento; Schmidt y Nick llegan a un bar mitzvah; Winston y Bertie organizan una fiesta.

  • Bob & Carol & Nick & Schmidt

    Nick's cousin (Bill Burr) and his wife (Lennon Parham) come to Nick with a shocking request; Winston helps Cece look for a wedding dress.

  • Ex Novios

    Jess intenta convencer a Nick que es posible ser amigo de un ex presentándole a Berkley, su ex-novio; Coach lleva a una chica al departamento de Schmidt con la esperanza de impresionarla.

  • No Girl

    While Jess is sequestered at jury duty, Nick tries to earn money to help pay for Schmidt's bachelor party; Winston thinks K.C. is cheating on him and turns to Cece for help.

  • Birthday

    Nick intenta planear la fiesta de cumpleaños perfecta para Jess; Schmidt ayuda a Cece en su nuevo trabajo como cantinera; Winston y Coach compiten.

  • Jury Duty

    A possible work promotion interferes with Jess' excitement for jury duty; Cece's messiness pushes Nick over the edge.

  • Basquetbol

    Jess hace un esfuerzo por cimentar su amistad con Coach; Schmidt debe instruir a un empleado mayor de edad; Winston descubre un nuevo camino en su carrera.

  • What About Fred?

    Jess starts seeing a new guy who she isn't crazy about but has great parents; Nick and Schmidt butt heads over how to run the bar.

  • Clavado En Un Bar

    Cuando Jess tiene que tomar una rápida decisión acerca de su carrera, todos sus amigos le recuerdan cómo terminaron en sus trabajos.

  • Big Mama P

    Jess plans an engagement party for Schmidt and Cece, not realizing Cece's mom isn't aware her daughter is getting married.

  • Prince

    Un encuentro casual provoca que Jess y Cece sean invitados a una fiesta en la mansión de Prince; Nick, Schmidt, Winston y Coach deciden llegar a la fiesta.

  • Día de Acción de Gracias III

    Nick y Jess llevan al grupo a acampar en el Día de Acción de Gracias; Coach y Schmidt compiten para demostrar quién es el mejor campista; Cece y Winston forman comparten una aversión común por estar al aire libre.

  • La Noche Más Larga

    Nick trata de ayudar a Winston a volver a ir a citas; Jess debe distraer a Schmidt mientras Cece va a una cita con Coach.

  • Menús

    Un excesivo número de menús de comida china en la puerta del loft lleva a Jess y los chicos en una serie de aventuras.

  • El Entrenador

    El ex compañero de cuarto, Coach, regresa con ganas de continuar donde lo había dejado; Jess y Cece conocen a un apuesto extraño durante una noche de chicas.

  • Keaton

    Jess hace una fiesta de Halloween en un esfuerzo por reconectarse con Cece; los chicos pretenden ser Michael Keaton para animar a Schmidt; Schmidt toma una gran decisión.

  • La Caja

    Jess planea utilizar la herencia de Nick para pagar sus facturas; Schmidt consulta a un rabino en un esfuerzo por encontrar un sentido a la vida.

  • El Capitán

    Schmidt se propone arruinar la relación de Nick y Jess; Winston decide dar a su gato una noche salvaje antes de que él sea castrado.

  • Salida en Parejas

    Jess y Nick invitan a Schmidt a una doble cita; Nick descubre un sorprendente secreto; Winston intenta conseguir a sus amigos una mesa en un restaurante exclusivo.

  • Nerd

    Jess le pide a Nick consejos sobre cómo adaptarse a los profesores antipáticos en su nueva escuela; Winston planea venganza contra Daisy por su presunto engaño.

  • La Fiesta de Cumpleaños de Winston

    Cuando el padre de Jess llega sin avisar, Nick tiene que pasar algún tiempo a solas con él; Jess tiene una oportunidad de empleo que interfiera con la boda de Cece; Winston se prepara mentalmente para su cumpleaños.

  • Vírgenes

    Las historias de cómo Jess, Cece y los chicos perdieron la virginidad, y los efectos de esas experiencias en sus relaciones actuales.

  • Despedida de Soltera

    Jess le celebra a Cece una fiesta de despedida de soltera, mientras Nick y Winston llevan a su prometido fuera; Schmidt busca a una ex novia en un esfuerzo por encontrar una cita para la boda de Cece.

  • El Todo por el Todo

    Cuando Nick y Jess van a un pueblo playero de México, Nick se mete en problemas con las autoridades; Schmidt tiene que elegir entre Elizabeth y Cece; Winston se obsesiona con terminar un rompecabezas.

  • Chicago

    Jess, Schmidt y Winston van a Chicago con Nick para ayudarlo a lidiar con una muerte en su familia.

  • Cruise

    Jess e Nick tentam convencer os outros a embarcarem em um cruzeiro, comprado quando eles ainda namoravam. Agora o pacote romântico será utilizado pelos recentes ex-namorados, além de Schmidt, Winston, Cece e Coach, que tentam retomar a amizade.

  • Dance

    Jess teme que alguém esteja tentando sabotar o primeiro baile de sua escola. Quando os outros professores abandonam o comitê da festa, ela precisa recorrer a Nick, Schimdt e Winston para que nada aconteça de errado durante a grande noite.

  • Eggs

    Cuando Jess se entera de que una amiga está embarazada, Cece y Jess se preocupan de que el tiempo se les acaba para tener hijos; Schmidt pide consejo sobre cómo complacer a Emma.

  • Big News

    Na manhã após seu término, Jess e Nick lutam para manter isso em segredo. Enquanto isso, Winston é aprovado na prova da academia de polícia e faz com que a turma organize uma festa em comemoração.

  • El Gran Día de Elaine

    Jess y Nick toman una decisión sobre su relación; Schmidt y Winston planean arruinar la boda de Cece.

  • Mars Landing

    Jess e Nick encaram algumas verdades sobre seu relacionamento, enquanto Schmidt, Winston e Coach tentam causar uma segunda impressão melhor do que a primeira em suas novas vizinhas.

  • Masilla de Endurecido Rápido

    Mientras se encuentra bajo la influencia de medicamentos para el dolor, Jess confiesa sus sentimientos a Nick; Schmidt se obsesiona con la compra de un pez; Nick trata de impresionar a la dueña del bar.

  • Fired Up

    Jess contrata Coach como o novo treinador de vôlei em sua escola, mas imediatamente o demite. Enquanto isso, Schmidt é processado e chama Nick e Winston, um amante de programas policiais na televisão, para representá-lo em seu depoimento.

  • La Primera Cita

    Estancados entre una amistad y algo más, Nick y Jess deciden salir en una cita; Winston y Schmidt tratan de sabotear el romance de Nick y Jess.

  • Sister

    A irmã de Jess, Abby, faz uma visita e imediatamente deixa o loft na maior desordem. Enquanto isso, Schmidt pede a Nick para ser seu parceiro de paqueras em um bar mitzvah e Winston organiza uma festa junto com Bertie.

  • Sister II

    Jess entra em pânico quando sua irmã, Abby, decide ficar em Los Angeles e fica de olho em um de seus colegas de apartamento. Enquanto isso, Winston enrola para ver o resultado de seu teste para poder entrar na polícia.

  • Sister III

    A irmã de Jess, Abby, faz uma visita e imediatamente deixa o loft na maior desordem. Enquanto isso, Schmidt pede a Nick para ser seu parceiro de paqueras em um Bar Mitzvah.

  • Exes

    Quando Nick tem um estranho encontro inesperado com sua ex, Jess tenta convencê-lo de que ele ainda pode ser amigo dela ao apresentá-lo para um ex-namorado seu, o Berkley; Coach usa o loft de Schmidt para impressionar uma garota.

  • Prince

    Um encontro inesperado faz com que Jess e Cece sejam convidadas para uma festa, oferecida pela lenda musical Prince. Sem querer perder a diversão, Nick, Schmidt, Winston e Coach estão determinados a entrar na festa, criando um inesquecível momento.

  • Thanksgiving III

    As habilidades de sobrevivência da turma são colocadas à prova quando Nick e Jess levam todos para acampar no Dia de Ação de Graças; Coach e Schmidt brigam sobre quem é o melhor lenhador.

  • Birthday

    É o aniversário de Jess, e Nick planejou algo especial. Como uma pessoa que sempre dá presentes incríveis, Jess, consistentemente, eleva os padrões de presentes para seus amigos e sempre fica desapontada quando recebe os seus.

  • Menzies

    Mientras Jess busca trabajo, los chicos temen que los problemas de mujeres estén afectando su bienestar; Schmidt empieza una relación con su jefe, Nick descubre la sabiduría en un lugar extraño.

  • Basketsball

    Jess se esforça para solidificar sua amizade com Coach, mas Nick fica na defensiva quando a amizade dos dois se baseia em torcer pelo seu time rival; Schmidt deve servir de mentor para um novo contratado do trabalho que é bem mais velho do que ele.

  • Clavado En Un Bar

    Jess percebe estar em uma encruzilhada quando recebe uma proposta de trabalho de museu infantil. Ela normalmente não consideraria deixar de ser professora, mas os problemas na escola afetaram seu espírito.

  • TinFinity

    Un jugador profesional de fútbol se interesa por Jess; Nick y Schmidt discuten sobre el partido que están lanzando para celebrar los 10 años de vivir juntos; Cece recibe una oferta.

  • Longest Night Ever

    Jess recebe a tarefa de manter Schmidt, que está frenético, ocupado dentro do loft enquanto Coach e Cece têm seu primeiro encontro. Enquanto isso, Nick e Winston encontram um motorista de ônibus brincalhão enquanto procuram Ferguson.

  • Estacionamiento

    Una batalla estalla después de que Schmidt encuentra un lugar de estacionamiento nuevo y muy codiciado; Winston tiene un tiempo difícil para encontrar un condón cuando llega una invitación improvisada de Daisy.

  • Menus

    Coach se oferece para ajudar Nick a mudar sua vida com dieta e exercícios; Jess tenta organizar um passeio da escola para os alunos conhecerem o oceano, mas o diretor é contra; cardápios de um restaurante chinês se acumulam na porta do loft.

  • La Mesa 34

    La pandilla acompaña a Cece a una convención de citas; Winston consigue su mojo de nuevo; Nick y Jess terminan en una situación comprometedora frente a Sam.

  • Coach

    O ex-colega de quarto Coach, recém-solteiro, volta ao apartamento e quer retomar tudo de onde parou quando se mudou de lá; Jess e Cece saem para uma noitada só de mulheres e conhecem um rapaz charmoso.

  • The Box

    Jess usa em segredo a herança de Nick para pagar as contas dele; Nick insiste em gastar sua herança com coisas inúteis; desejando encontrar uma razão para viver, Schmidt decide consultar um rabino.

  • Amores

    La noche de Nick y Schmidt noche se vuelve amarga cuando empiezan a competir por una mujer; Winston se enamora de una chica que no comparte sus sentimientos; la noche de Jess por sí sola no salen según lo planeado.

  • El Encuentro

    Nick cree que uno de los estudiantes de Jess esconde un secreto muy malo y decide ir a clase encubierto para investigar; Winston tiene un encuentro incómodo con Cece.

  • Keaton

    Jess dá uma festa de Dia das Bruxas na esperança de reatar suas relações com a amiga Cece; os companheiros de quarto fingem ser Michael Keaton para animar Schmidt; Schmidt toma uma decisão importante.

  • The Captain

    Schmidt tenta arruinar o relacionamento de Nick com Jess como forma de se vingar de Nick por ele tê-lo denunciado; Winston resolve dar a seu gato uma última noite memorável antes de levá-lo para ser castrado.

  • Double Date

    Jess e Nick convidam Schmidt e Cece para uma saída a quatro e ele precisa se posicionar; Nick fica sabendo de um segredo estarrecedor; Winston tenta conseguir uma mesa para os seus amigos num restaurante badalado.

  • Nerd

    Jess percebe que as professoras da nova escola onde trabalha formam um grupo fechado, e pede conselhos a Nick para se enturmar; Winston desconfia que esteja sendo traído por Daisy e planeja uma vingança.

  • All In

    Nick e Jess viajam para uma cidade litorânea no México, mas Nick se mete em problemas com as autoridades; Schmidt precisa escolher entre Elizabeth e Cece; Winston fica obcecado em terminar um quebra-cabeça.

  • Bachelorette Party

    Jess organiza uma festa de despedida de solteira para Cece, enquanto Nick e Winston saem com o noivo dela; Schmidt procura uma ex-namorada para tentar ir acompanhado ao casamento de Cece.

  • Amor Paterno

    Cuando el padre de Nick aparece, Nick se preocupa que este siendo utilizado en uno de sus esquemas de apuestas, pero Jess tiene la intención de arreglar la relación entre ellos; Schmidt recibe ayuda de Robby mientras trata de ganar a Cece de regreso.

  • First Date

    Presos entre a amizade e algo mais, Nick e Jess decidem sair juntos como seu primeiro encontro oficial; Winston e Schmidt ficam sozinhos e descobrem que Nick é quem os mantém unidos; Schmidt e Winston tentam sabotar o romance de Nick e Jess.

  • La Cabaña

    Jess invita a Nick y Angie para que se unan a ella y Sam en un fin de semana de parejas; Winston enseña a Schmidt acerca de la relaciones raciales.

  • Winston's Birthday

    Quando o pai de Jess faz uma visita sem avisar, Nick tem que passar um tempo a sós com ele; Jess recebe uma oferta de emprego que interfere com o casamento de Cece; Schmidt se esforça para assumir seu relacionamento.

  • Virgins

    Em uma série de lembranças da adolescência, Jess, Nick, Schimdt, Winston e Cece contam como perderam a virgindade. Quando eles percebem que estas histórias afetam suas vidas ainda hoje, um relacionamento vai mudar para sempre.

  • La Bañera

    Jess y Winston tienen un plan para conseguir una bañera en el desván; Nick conoce a una chica bonita con problemas en su relación; Schmidt no puede decidir si desea continuar con su jefe o Cece.

  • Elaine's Big Day

    No episódio final desta temporada, Jess e Nick chegam a uma decisão sobre seu relacionamento; Schmidt e Winston criam um plano para arruinar o casamento de Cece com Shivrang.

  • Huevos

    Cuando Jess se entera de que una amiga está embarazada, Cece y Jess se preocupan de que el tiempo se les acaba para tener hijos; Schmidt pide consejo sobre cómo complacer a Emma.

  • Chicago

    Quando há um falecimento na família de Nick, Jess, Schmidt e Winston viajam com ele até Chicago para ajudar com os preparativos do funeral.

  • Santa

    A medida que el grupo trata de asistir a varias fiestas en una noche, Jess espera evitar al apesumbrado de Sam; Nick se esfuerza por mantenerse al día con su amante aventurera; Wilson entra en pánico cuando un arándano se queda atascado en su oído.

  • Quick Hardening Caulk

    Jess chega a uma conclusão sobre seus sentimentos por Nick, e se esforça para dizer a ele - até tomar medicamentos para a dor. Mas, depois de admitir seus sentimentos, ela descobre que ele pode ter escondido algo dela.

  • TinFinity

    Jess ganha a atenção de um jogador profissional de futebol, com quem Winston fez uma entrevista exclusiva em sua estação de rádio.

  • Parking Spot

    Quando Schmidt descobre uma vaga de estacionamento altamente cobiçada, Jess e os amigos iniciam uma batalha para ver quem poderá usá-la.

  • Padres

    Jess invita a sus padres divorciados a la cena de Acción de Gracias y planea para que vuelvan a estar juntos; Schmidt y su primo que lo visita compiten para demostrar su hombría.

  • Table 34

    A turma vai a uma convenção sobre namoro, onde Cece espera encontrar um marido - mesmo enquanto Schmidt tenta reconquistá-la. Enquanto isso, o mojo de Winston está de volta, e Jess e Nick ficam em uma posição comprometedora com Dr. Sam.

  • La Regla

    Mientras Jess busca trabajo, los chicos temen que los problemas de mujeres estén afectando su bienestar; Schmidt empieza una relación con su jefe, Nick descubre la sabiduría en un lugar extraño.

  • Cooler
  • Modelos

    Después de una noche salvaje con Cece y sus amigas, Jess debe reemplazar a Cece en una exhibición de autos; Schmidt le compra a Nick una galleta, lo que lleva a los chicos a cuestionar lo que define la amistad masculina.

  • Pepperwood

    Quando Nick fica convencido de que um dos alunos de Jess tem um segredo perverso, ele disfarça-se para entrar na escola. Enquanto isso, Winston tem um encontro vergonhoso com Cece, que provoca uma análise de todas as peculiaridades da turma.

  • Noche de Brujas

    Jess es contratada para ser una zombi en una casa encantada; Cece y Schmidt accidentalmente usan trajes que combinan perfectamente; Nick es visitado por una ex enamorada de la universidad, quien expresa su afecto de una manera alarmante.

  • A Father's Love

    Quando o pai vigarista de Nick reaparece, Jess faz o melhor que pode para consertar o relacionamento dos dois, apesar do medo de Nick de estar sendo usado em mais um dos jogos de seu pai; Schmidt une-se a Robby para tentar reconquistar Cece.

  • Pilot

    Una mujer soltera se muda con tres hombres solteros quienes deciden ayudarla después que ella rompe con su novio.

  • Cabin

    Jess convida Nick e Angie para passar um final de semana de casais com ela e Sam - mas ela logo descobre que isso não vai dar certo. Enquanto isso, Winston tenta ensinar Schmidt sobre relacionamentos inter-raciais.

  • Pagafantas

    Jess y Nick discuten sobre su relación; Schmidt pretende ser uno de los hijos de Mitt Rommey con la esperanza de aterrizar en una cita con una bella chica republicana.

  • Santa

    A turma faz planos de comparecer a várias festas de Natal na mesma noite; Sam tenta reconquistar Jess; Nick se sente intimidado pelas investidas sexuais de Angie em público; Schmidt rejeita Cece; Winston fica com uma amora presa no ouvido.

  • Vecinos

    Jess y Schmidt están decididos a entablar amistad con sus nuevos, jóvenes vecinos; Nick le hace una serie de bromas a Schmidt.

  • Katie

    Jess conoce a un apuesto extraño que piensa que ella es su cita a ciegas; un cliente habitual en el bar de Nick dice que es Nick desde el futuro; la madre de Winston lo visita.

  • Bathtub

    Cansados do chuveiro, Jess e Winston colocam uma banheira no apartamento. No bar, Nick conhece uma cliente com problemas com seu namorado. Enquanto isso, Schmidt está dividido entre seu chefe e tentar reconquistar Cece.

  • Eggs

    Jess recebe a notícia de que uma amiga está grávida, e ela e Cece ficam preocupadas porque o seu relógio biológico também já começou a apitar; Schmidt quer garantir a satisfação de Emma na cama; Nick enfim decide começar a escrever seu romance.

  • Kids

    Jess cuida a la hija de Russell y conoce a su ex-esposa (Jeanne Tripplehorn); Schmidt y CeCe tienen una preocupación por el embarazo; la novia de Nick podría ser muy joven para él.

  • Secrets

    Cuando Jess descubre que Cece a estado guardando un secreto, su amistad es puesta aprueba.

  • Parents

    Jess convida os pais separados para um jantar de Ação de Graças com planos de tentar fazer os dois se reconciliarem; um primo de Schmidt chega para uma visita, e os dois entram numa disputa de masculinidade.

  • Menzies

    Jess não consegue um emprego e põe a culpa na TPM; Winston acha que está sofrendo do mesmo problema que ela, mesmo sendo homem; Nick tem um encontro com um sujeito estranho e decide mudar de atitude; Schmidt começa um relacionamento com a sua chefe.

  • Halloween

    Jess consegue um emprego de zumbi numa casa assombrada; Cece e Schmidt escolhem por acaso fantasias que combinam perfeitamente entre si; uma ex-paquera do tempo de faculdade faz uma visita a Nick e arruma um jeito estranho de demonstrar o seu afeto.

  • Fancyman (Pt. 2)

    La cita de Jess con Russell (Dermot Mulroney ) no resulta como estaba planeada; amigo universitario de Nick intenta ayudarlo con Julia; la relación de Schmidt y Cece es descubierta.

  • Models

    Depois de uma noitada com as amigas de Cece, Jess é convencida a tentar viver um dia como modelo numa exposição de automóveis; Nick fica incomodado quando Schmidt compra um biscoito para ele, e os dois discutem sobre os limites da amizade masculina.

  • Fancyman, Pt. 1

    Jess sale a regaña dientes con el padre adinerado de un estudiante.

  • Neighbors

    O apartamento em frente ao de Jess e dos rapazes é ocupado por vizinhos novos; Schmidt tenta se enturmar com a galera, que está na casa dos 20 anos, mas eles só têm olhos para Jess; Nick prega peças em Schmidt querendo fazê-lo se sentir um velho.

  • Injured

    Jess ayuda cuando se entera que Nick no tiene seguro médico, ella lo lleva a su ginecólogo.

  • Fluffer

    Nick e Jess resolvem seu relacionamento; Schmidt finge ser um dos filhos de Mitt Romney na esperança de sair com uma linda republicana; Winston tem muito para pensar além de Shelby.

  • Relanzamiento

    Schmidt da una fiesta de 'relanzamiento'; Jess es despedida de su trabajo de maestra; un nuevo lado de Winston es revelado después de que él bebe de uno de los cocteles de fruta de NIck.

  • Katie

    Confusões surgem quando Jess consegue a atenção de um entregador de cerveja e finge ser outra pessoa. Em seguida, um cliente regular do bar de Nick alega ser o Nick do futuro, e a mãe de Winston faz uma visita.

  • Re-Launch

    Schmidt faz uma festa para comemorar sua nova imagem, e Jess, recém demitida de seu emprego como professora, se oferece para ser garçonete.

  • Wedding

    Nick se preocupa de encontrar a su ex novia en una boda, invita a Jess para que lo acompañe.

  • Reincidencia

    El grupo se preocupa porque Jess y Nick puedan dar un paso atrás cuando se encuentran con sus ex parejas, Paul (Justin Long) y Caroline (Mary Elizabeth Ellis); Schmidt enfrenta un delicado tema médico.

  • See Ya

    Nick não sabe lidar com a pressão de ter ido morar com Caroline, e faz com que todos fiquem presos no deserto. Cece provoca ciúme em Schmidt quando eles falam sobre os homens de seu trabalho. Jess e Nick têm uma aventura com um coiote.

  • Tomates

    Jess se preocupa porque ella y Russell no comparten la misma pasión como él lo hizo con su ex-esposa; Cece, no quiere admitir sus sentimientos, y alienta a Schmidt a salir con su compañera de cuarto; Nick trabaja en un jardín de vegetales.

  • Backslide

    O grupo fica preocupado se Jess e Nick não vão voltar atrás quando reencontrarem seus ex-namorados, Paul (Justin Long) e Caroline (Mary Elizabeth Ellis). Schmidt passa por um delicado problema de saúde.

  • Tomatoes

    Jess teme que ela e Russell não compartilham da mesma paixão que ele teve com sua ex-mulher; Cece não quer admitir seus sentimentos e incentiva Schmidt a sair com sua amiga, Nick faz uma horta.

  • Normalidad

    Jess invita a Russell al departamento por un fin de semana; Winston obtiene un empleo en una estación de radio deportiva.

  • Kids

    Jess cuida da filha de Russell no final de semana e conhece sua ex-mulher; Schmidt e Cece entram em pânico quando acham que ela está grávida; A nova namorada de Nick é muito jovem.

  • Secretos

    Cuando Jess descubre que Cece a estado guardando un secreto, su amistad es puesta aprueba.

  • Normal
  • Nos Vemos

    Uno de los compañeros decide mudarse; Winston enfrenta su temor a la oscuridad; la relación de Cece y Schmidt llega a una encrucijada; Jess y Nick se enfrentan a un coyote.

  • Secrets

    Quando Jess descobre que Cece guarda um segredo, a amizade delas é posta à prova; Winston não suporta ser o único que sabe do segredo; Nick pede a Schmidt conselhos para um encontro.

  • Un Hombre Sofisticado (Pt. 2)

    La cita de Jess con Russell (Dermot Mulroney ) no resulta como estaba planeada; amigo universitario de Nick intenta ayudarlo con Julia; la relación de Schmidt y Cece es descubierta.

  • Niños

    Jess cuida a la hija de Russell y conoce a su ex-esposa (Jeanne Tripplehorn); Schmidt y CeCe tienen una preocupación por el embarazo; la novia de Nick podría ser muy joven para él.

  • Fancyman (Pt. 2)

    O encontro de Jess com Russell (Dermot Mulroney) não sai como planejado; o colega de faculdade de Nick tenta ajudá-lo a esquecer Julia; o relacionamento de Schmidt e Cece é descoberto.

  • Fancyman, Pt. 1

    Jess relutantemente aceita um encontro com o pai rico de um aluno (Dermot Mulroney); Nick quer comprar um celular novo; Winston e Schmidt viram um jogo de trivia em uma competição.

  • Un Hombre Sofisticado, Pt. 1

    Jess sale a regaña dientes con el padre adinerado de un estudiante.

  • Control

    Cuando Jess cae en cuenta que Schmidt hace todo el trabajo de la casa, ella le dice que él debe hacer huelga; Nick busca los fondos para pagarle a Wiston sus ganancias en el póquer.

  • Control

    Quando Jess descobre que Schmidt faz todo o trabalho doméstico, ela o encoraja a entrar em greve; Nick quer fundos para pagar Winston seus ganhos de poker.

  • Lesionado

    Jess ayuda cuando se entera que Nick no tiene seguro médico, ella lo lleva a su ginecólogo.

  • Injured

    Jess descobre que Nick está machucado e não tem seguro e ela o leva para o seu amigo que é ginecologista.

  • Bully

    Jess tenta impedir um valentão na escola e acaba como seu novo alvo; a mulher que Schmidt tem visto quer manter seu relacionamento em segredo.

  • Intimidación

    Los esfuerzos de Jess por detener un intimidador fallan y ella termina siendo su nuevo blanco; la mujer con la cual Schmidt esta saliendo quiere mantener la relación en secreto.

  • Valentine's Day

    Jess pede Schmidt para ajudá-la a conquistar um lindo estranho (Ryan Kwanten). Nick passa mais tempo com a assistente de Julia. Shelby convida Winston para ir até a sua casa.

  • Día de San Valentín

    Jess convence a Schmidt que sea su 'wingman' cuando ella intenta tener un romance casual con un extraño guapo.

  • El Propietario

    Jess jura hacer amistad con el casero gruñón, pero su esfuerzo revela los cambios que han hecho los chicos en el apartamento.

  • The Landlord

    Jess decide se tornar amiga do proprietário do imóvel (Jeff Kober), mas seus esforços acabam revelando as mudanças que os rapazes fizeram no apartamento.

  • Jess and Julia

    Nick fica ansioso quando Julia (Lizzy Caplan) decide não rotular a relação dos dois. Jess pede para Julia ajudá-la a se livrar de uma multa de trânsito.

  • Jess and Julia

    Jess le pide a Julia ayuda para salir de una multa de tránsito; Nick se pone ansioso cuando Julia no desea definir su relación.

  • La Historia del Billete de 50

    Cuando los planes de Schmidt para su cumpleaños fallan, Jess toma el mando; Nick trae una cita a la fiesta de cumpleaños de Schmidt.

  • Story of the 50

    Quando os planos de aniversário de Schmidt não dão certo, Jess decide organizar uma festa. Nick leva a namorada para a festa de Schmidt.

  • Consejos de Cama

    Jess trata de pasar su relación con Paul a otro nivel, poniéndole más emociones; Schmidt asiste al 'baby shower' de su jefe.

  • The 23rd

    A turma participa da festa de Natal do escritório de Schmidt; Jess se incomoda com um presente caro de Paul (Justin Long).

  • Bad in Bed

    Jess tenta melhorar e esquentar o seu relacionamento com Paul; Schmidt participa do chá de bebê de sua chefe.

  • Campanas

    Winston se une al cuarteto de campanilla de Jess; Nick y Schmidt no comparten la misma idea sobre como reparar el inodoro.

  • Bells

    Jess fica com ciúmes quando Winston une-se ao quarteto de Jess; Nick e Schmidt tem idéias diferentes para consertar o vaso sanitário.

  • El 23

    La pandilla va a la fiesta Navideña de la oficina de Schmidt; Jess se inquieta por un regalo caro para Paul.

  • Thanksgiving

    Jess convida o amigo pelo qual ela está interessada(Justin Long) para o jantar de Ação de Graças, mas as coisas não saem bem de acordo com seus planos.

  • Día de Acción de Gracias

    Jess invita a un profesor de música de la escuela de la que siempre estuvo enamorada, para la Cena de Acción de Gracias.

  • Cece Crashes

    Cece convence Jess que Nick pode estar considerando-a mais que uma amiga, enquanto Schmidt tenta se aproximar de Cece.

  • Entra Cece

    Cece le dice a Jess que Nick puede ser que este enamorado de ella. Nick intenta una conexión con Cece.

  • Naked

    Nick perde sua auto-confiança antes de um grande encontro, depois que Jess o vê nu; Winston faz uma pesquisa na Internet.

  • La Boda

    Nick se preocupa de encontrar a su ex novia en una boda, invita a Jess para que lo acompañe.

  • Desnudo

    Nick pierde su confianza antes de una cita cuando Jess love desnudo.

  • Wedding

    Nick convida Jess para um casamento, mas se preocupa com a possibilidade de se encontrar com sua ex-namorada.

  • Kriptonita

    Nick y Schmidt convencen a Jess para que saque sus cosas del apartamento de su ex novio; Jess conoce a Winston, su compañero de cuarto, un jugador de baloncesto que acaba de regresar de Letonia.

  • Kryptonite

    Nick e Schmidt convencem Jess a retirar todos os seus pertences do apartamento de seu ex namorado; Jess conhece seu companheiro de quarto Winston, um jogador de basquete.

  • Pilot

    Logo após o término de um longo relacionamento, Jess se muda com três amigos solteiros; os amigos de Jess tentam ajudá-la a encontrar um novo namorado.

  • Piloto

    Una mujer soltera se muda con tres hombres solteros quienes deciden ayudarla después que ella rompe con su novio.

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