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Episode Guide

  • Hippo

    Monkey and the children make their bodies look big and take big heavy Hippo steps.

  • Squirrel

    Monkey is hungry but can't find anything to eat, until a nut falls from above followed by another and another.

  • Bull

    Bull teaches Monkey to point horns, stomp feet and run fast.

  • Giraffe

    Monkey wants to see the beautiful view so he climbs to the tops of the trees and meets Giraffe.

  • Flamingo

    Monkey walks on stilts.

  • Turtle

    Monkey and the children pretend to be turtles.

  • Horse

    Monkey tries to make a hay tower.

  • Kangaroo

    Monkey hides his treasure in kangaroo's pouch.

  • Dogs With Jobs

    Monkey and the children learn to walk, sniff, bark and wag their tails like a dog.

  • Cat

    Monkey tries to keep his balance and walk on the edge of a stack of hay.

  • Elephant

    Monkey and Elephant have fun, swaying their trunks, stomping around and making elephant calls.

  • Owl

    Owl teaches the children to move their heads, open eyes wide, hoot and fly.

  • Rabbit

    Monkey follows the rabbit's actions as he twitches, chomps and dances about.

  • Camel

    Monkey learns how to walk and get up and down with Camel humps.

  • Duck

    Monkey's twig boat drifted away in to the lake and his friend Duck brought it back to shore.

  • Seal

    Monkey attempts to juggle four snow balls.

  • Dog
  • Crab

    Monkey and Crab have fun, learning how to use their pincers and run side to side like Crab does.

  • Polar Bear

    With Polar bear as his guide, monkey learns to stand on his hind feet and swing his arms.

  • Snake

    Snake teaches Monkey how to coil up, stick his tongue out and slither around.

  • Rooster

    Rooster teaches Monkey to flap his wings and bop his head.

  • Lion

    Lion teaches Monkey to shake his mane and roar just like him.

  • Frog

    Monkey needs a friend to help him with his leap frogging and Frog wants to help.

  • Penguin

    Monkey flaps his wings, walks and dances just like penguins.

  • Gorilla

    Monkey needs Gorilla to help him move a heavy branch.

  • Peacock

    Monkey is very proud of his tail and the things he can do with it, until he sees Peacock's tail.

  • Ostrich

    Ostrich shows Monkey how to move their long necks, move their beaks and shake their tail feathers.

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