Episode Guide

  • Billie Piper, Jerome Flood II, Flobots perform.

    Actress Billie Piper; drummer Jerome Flood II; Flobots perform.

  • Jaime King, Tom Freund and Ben Harper perform.

    Actress Jaime King; Tom Freund performs with Ben Harper.

  • Jerry Rice, Anthony Green performs.

    Former professional football player Jerry Rice; Anthony Green performs.

  • Angela Kinsey, Asher Roth Performs.

    Actress Angela Kinsey; Asher Roth performs.

  • Jamal Woolard, Katy Perry Performs.

    Actor Jamal Woolard; Katy Perry performs.

  • Quincy Jones, Little Joy Performs.

    Musician Quincy Jones; Little Joy performs.

  • Donald Faison, The Ting Tings Perform.

    Actor Donald Faison; the Ting Tings perform.

  • Will.i.am, the Cure performs.

    Musician will.i.am; the Cure performs.

  • Aisha Tyler, Danny Boyle, Panic at the Disco Performs.

    Actress Aisha Tyler; director Danny Boyle; Panic at the Disco performs.

  • Bam Margera, the Dan Band.

    Actor Bam Margera; the Dan Band.

  • Rumer Willis, Saving Abel Performs.

    Actress Rumer Willis; Saving Abel performs.

  • Rob Corddry, Butch Bradley, Gym Class Heroes perform.

    Actor Rob Corddry; comic Butch Bradley; Gym Class Heroes perform.

  • Taylor Swift, Anthony Green Performs.

    Singer Taylor Swift; Anthony Green performs.

  • Eddie Steeples, Joshua Radin Performs.

    Actor Eddie Steeples; Joshua Radin performs.

  • Bijou Phillips, Gavin DeGraw Performs.

    Actress Bijou Phillips; Gavin DeGraw performs.

  • Kathy Griffin, Gideon Yago, 3OH!3 Performs.

    Comic Kathy Griffin; TV show host Gideon Yago; 3OH!3 performs.

  • Kevin Nealon, Yelle Performs.

    Actor Kevin Nealon; Yelle performs.

  • Brett Whitcomb, Chris Thrash, Panic at the Disco performs.

    Filmmakers Brett Whitcomb and Chris Thrash; Panic at the Disco performs.

  • Jay Mohr, The Sounds Perform.

    Actor Jay Mohr; the Sounds perform.

  • T.I. Performs.

    T.I. performs.

  • Dana Gould, Tony Rock.

    Comic Dana Gould; actor Tony Rock.

  • Adam Carolla, Young Jeezy and Nas perform.

    Comic Adam Carolla; Young Jeezy and Nas perform.

  • Kevin Smith, Harmon Leon, Apocalyptica performs.

    Director Kevin Smith; author Harmon Leon; Apocalyptica performs.

  • Drew Pinsky, Gavin DeGraw performs.

    TV show host Drew Pinsky; Gavin DeGraw performs.

  • Rich Eisen, Bobb'e J. Thompson, the Knux performs.

    Journalist Rich Eisen; actor Bobb'e J. Thompson; the Knux performs.

  • David Alan Grier, Saving Abel performs.

    Actor David Alan Grier; Saving Abel performs.

  • Kat Von D, Jim Norton, Young Jeezy performs.

    Tatoo artist Kat Von D; comic Jim Norton; Young Jeezy performs.

  • Jamie Kennedy, Panic at the Disco performs.

    Actor Jamie Kennedy; Panic at the Disco performs.

  • Mark Sawyer, Unwritten Law performs.

    Professor Mark Sawyer; Unwritten Law performs.

  • Matt Iseman, Elon Gold.

    Comic Matt Iseman; actor Elon Gold.

  • Jeff Ross, Shirley Manson, Cut Copy performs.

    Comic Jeff Ross; actress Shirley Manson; Cut Copy performs.

  • Wayne Brady, P.O.D. performs.

    Comedian Wayne Brady; P.O.D. performs.

  • Bill Tancer, Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip Performs.

    Author Bill Tancer; Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip performs.

  • Kat Dennings, The Airbourne Toxic Event performs.

    Actress Kat Dennings; The Airbourne Toxic Event performs.

  • Seth MacFarlane, Unwritten Law.

    Writer and actor Seth MacFarlane; Unwritten Law.

  • Lester Holt, Moby Performs.

    Journalist Lester Holt; Moby performs.

  • David Nadelberg, Bo Burnham.

    Author David Nadelberg; comic Bo Burnham.

  • Actress Madeline Zima, Hot Chip performs.

    Actress Madeline Zima; Hot Chip performs.

  • Meghan McCain, Aushua Performs.

    Author Meghan McCain; Aushua performs.

  • Thom Beers, Serj Tankian performs.

    TV producer Thom Beers; Serj Tankian performs.

  • Eddie Izzard, Cat Power Performs.

    Comic Eddie Izzard; Cat Power performs.

  • Christian Lander, Iliza Shlesinger.

    Blogger Christian Lander; comic Iliza Shlesinger.

  • Adam Carolla, Gary Cannon, Cloud Cult Perform.

    Actor Adam Carolla; comic Gary Cannon; Cloud Cult performs.

  • Aviva Yael, The Game Perform.

    Author Aviva Yael; The Game performs.

  • Kathy Griffin, Gavin DeGraw performs.

    Comic Kathy Griffin; Gavin DeGraw performs.

  • Penn and Teller, Katy Perry Performs.

    Illusionists Penn and Teller; Katy Perry performs.

  • Verne Troyer, Chris Osgood, Nicklas Lidstrom, P.O.D Perform.

    Actor Verne Troyer; professional ice hockey players Chris Osgood and Nicklas Lidstrom; P.O.D performs.

  • Emmanuelle Chriqui, Tristan Prettyman performs.

    Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui; Tristan Prettyman performs.

  • Maria Menounos, Benjamin Nugent, Local H Performs.

    Actress Maria Menounos; author Benjamin Nugent; Local H performs.

  • Kate Flannery, Moby Performs.

    Actress Kate Flannery; Moby performs.

  • Olivia Wilde, Grizzly Bear Performs.

    Actress Olivia Wilde; Grizzly Bear performs.

  • Marissa Miller, Jasper Redd, Ben Harper Performs.

    Model Marissa Miller; comic Jasper Redd; Ben Harper performs.

  • Bill Bellamy, Brett Dennen performs.

    Actor Bill Bellamy; Brett Dennen performs.

  • Lonny Ross, Flobots perform.

    Actor Lonny Ross; Flobots perform.

  • Josh Gomez, Sheryl Crow performs.

    Actor Josh Gomez; Sheryl Crow performs.

  • Christina Ricci, Steve Byrne, Boris Yeltsin performs.

    Actress Christina Ricci; comic Steve Byrne; Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin performs.

  • Kaley Cuoco, Gavin Degraw performs.

    Actress Kaley Cuoco; Gavin Degraw performs.

  • Rob Corddry, Steve Hely, Vali Chandrasekaran.

    Actor Rob Corddry; authors Steve Hely and Vali Chandrasekaran.

  • Rachael Harris, James Denton, the Heavy performs.

    Actress Rachael Harris; actor James Denton; the Heavy performs.

  • Miranda Kerr, Rachael Harris, Seether performs.

    Model Miranda Kerr; actress Rachael Harris; Seether performs.

  • John Cho, Dean Edwards, Your Vegas performs.

    Actor John Cho; actor Dean Edwards; Your Vegas performs.

  • Bear Grylls.

    TV personality Bear Grylls.

  • Maronzio Vance, Jenny McCarthy, Does It Offend You, Yeah? performs.

    Comic Maronzio Vance; actress Jenny McCarthy; Does It Offend You, Yeah? performs.

  • Romany Malco, Sheryl Crow performs.

    Actor Romany Malco; Sheryl Crow performs.

  • Chelsea Handler, Serj Tankian performs.

    Comic Chelsea Handler; Serj Tankian performs.

  • Lake Bell, Chuck Prophet.

    Actress Lake Bell; musician Chuck Prophet.

  • Dov Davidoff, Dylan Ratigan, The Airborne Toxic Event performs.

    Comic Dov Davidoff; journalist Dylan Ratigan; the Airborne Toxic Event performs.

  • Jose Canseco, Lupe Fiasco performs.

    Former professional ballplayer Jose Canseco; Lupe Fiasco performs.

  • Dov Davidoff, Jack McBrayer, George Stanford performs.

    Actor Dov Davidoff; actor Jack McBrayer; George Stanford performs.

  • Daryl Hannah, Josh Kelley performs.

    Actress Daryl Hannah; Josh Kelley performs.

  • Perez Hilton, TV Personalities Sig and Edgar Hansen

    Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton; TV personalities Sig and Edgar Hansen; Katy Perry performs.

  • Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore, Sheryl Crow performs.

    Actors Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore; Sheryl Crow performs.

  • Freddy Lockhart, Chad Johnson, Tristan Prettyman performs.

    Comic Freddy Lockhart; football player Chad Johnson; Tristan Prettyman performs.

  • Gary Cannon, Kenny Hotz, Spencer Rice, Fat Joe performs.

    Comic Gary Cannon; comedy/reality show stars Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice; Fat Joe performs.

  • Harland Williams, Sheryl Crow performs.

    Actor Harland Williams; Sheryl Crow performs.

  • Wayne Brady, Brett Dennen performs.

    Television host Wayne Brady; Brett Dennen performs.

  • Kerri Kenney, Hellogoodbye performs.

    Actress Kerri Kenney-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver; Hellogoodbye performs.

  • Andrew Dice Clay, Shooter Jennings performs.

    Comic Andrew Dice Clay; Shooter Jennings performs.

  • Brooke Burns, Shiny Toy Guns performs.

    Actress Brooke Burns; Shiny Toy Guns performs.

  • Melora Hardin, Lupe Fiasco performs.

    Actress Melora Hardin; Lupe Fiasco performs.

  • Summer Glau, Sean Kingston performs.

    Actress Summer Glau; Sean Kingston performs.

  • Zachary Levi

    Actor Zachary Levi; Hellogoodbye performs.

  • Dan Gilroy, Broods, Grant Cotter

    Director Dan Gilroy; Broods performs; comic Grant Cotter.

  • Tone Bell, Coves, The Overnighters

    Comic Tone Bell; Coves perform; 'The Overnighters.'

  • Jason Schwartzman ' Alex Ross Perry, Rey Pila, Leo Flowers

    Actor Jason Schwartzman and director Alex Ross Perry; Rey Pila performs; comic Leo Flowers.

  • Wyatt Cenac, Porter Robinson, Margaret Brown

    Actor Wyatt Cenac; Porter Robinson performs; director Margaret Brown.

  • Michelle Monaghan, You Me at Six, 'Dear White People'

    Actress Michelle Monaghan; You Me at Six perform; 'Dear White People.'

  • Franz Ferdinand, Ted Melfi

    Franz Ferdinand performs; filmmaker Ted Melfi.

  • William H. Macy, Lemaitre, Tearist

    Actor William H. Macy; Lemaitre perform; music duo Tearist.

  • Ken Marino, Interpol, Jake Paltrow

    Actor Ken Marino; Interpol performs; director Jake Paltrow.

  • Lauren Cohan, Dum Dum Girls, Meatbodies

    Actress Lauren Cohan; Dum Dum Girls perform; musical group Meatbodies.

  • Cristin Milioti, Bleached, Tommy Wirkola

    Actor Cristin Milioti; Bleached performs; director Tommy Wirkola.

  • Conor McGregor, Shannon and the Clams, Fahim Anwar

    Mixed martial artist Conor McGregor; Shannon and the Clams perform; comic Fahim Anwar.

    Saturday 8th November 1:37am EST - WRC (NBC)
  • J.K. Simmons, Best Coast, Willis Earl Beal

    Actor J.K. Simmons; Best Coast performs; actor Willis Earl Beal.

    Tomorrow at 1:37am EDT - WRC (NBC)
  • Melissa Fumero, The Front Bottoms

    Actress Melissa Fumero; The Front Bottoms perform; 'Last Hijack.'

  • Jerrod Carmichael, The So So Glos, Direct Hit

    Actor Jerrod Carmichael; The So So Glos perform; band Direct Hit!

  • Dennis Lehane, Cerebral Ballzy, Annie Lederman

    Author Dennis Lehane; Cerebral Ballzy performs; comic Annie Lederman.

  • Sara Schaefer, Hellogoodbye, Neil Harbisson

    Comic Sara Schaefer; Hellogoodbye performs; artist Neil Harbisson.

  • Corey Stoll, The Birds of Satan, Shane Dawson and Anna Martemucci

    Actor Corey Stoll; rock group The Birds of Satan; directors Shane Dawson and Anna Martemucci.

  • Megan Boone, Self, Who Charted

    Actress Megan Boone; alternative band Self; podcast Who Charted.

  • Antoine Fuqua, Say Anything, Jason Mantzoukas

    Director Antoine Fuqua; rock band Say Anything; actor Jason Mantzoukas.

  • Jim Jefferies, Porter Robinson, Ned Benson

    Comic Jim Jefferies; electronic artist Porter Robinson; director Ned Benson.

  • 06/05/14

    Actor Lee Pace; Liquor Store performs; author John Green.

  • 06/04/14

    Comics Randy and Jason Sklar; Off! performs; musical group Buffalo Killers.

  • 06/03/14

    Actress Aisha Tyler; Deap Vally performs; musical group Tokyo Police Club.

  • 06/02/14

    Actor Wil Wheaton; The Birds of Satan perform; producer Courtney Kemp Agboh.

  • 05/22/14

    Actor Giovanni Ribisi; Tinariwen performs; director Gillian Robespierre.

  • 05/21/14

    Chef Roy Choi; The Growlers perform; musical group Sylvan Esso.

  • 05/20/14

    Actor J.B. Smoove; Warm Soda performs; actor Andrew Santino.

  • 05/19/14

    Band of Skulls perform; musical group The Burning of Rome.

  • 05/15/14

    Director Gareth Edwards; together PANGEA performs; comic Jimmy Ouyang.

  • 05/14/14

    Actress Allison Tolman; The Preatures perform; musical group I Am the Avalanche.

  • 05/13/14

    Actor John Slattery; Night Terrors of 1927 perform; comic Cristela Alonzo.

  • 05/12/14

    Comic Richard Ayoade; Franz Ferdinand performs; musical group Royal Canoe.

  • 05/08/14

    Director Jose Antonio Vargas; Kodaline performs; comic Cameron Esposito.

  • 05/07/14

    Comic Marc Maron; Kaiser Chiefs perform; singer-songwriter Chuck E. Weiss.

  • 05/06/14

    Writer Nicholas Stoller; Cerebral Ballzy performs; comic Theo Von.

  • 05/05/14

    Nasty Gal CEO Sophia Amoruso; L.P. performs; musical group Ume.

  • 05/01/14

    Actor John Turturro; OFF! performs; comic Katie Crown; musical group Midlake.

  • 04/30/14

    Director Marc Webb; The Colourist performs.

  • 04/29/14

    Actresses Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair; Washed Out performs; musical group Semi Precious Weapons.

  • 04/28/14

    Actresses Lennon Parham & Jessica St. Clair; You Won't performs.

  • 04/24/14

    Journalist Matt Taibbi; Tinariwen performs; writer Steven Knight.

  • 04/23/14

    Actor Brett Gelman; Sir Sly performs; musical group Skaters.

  • 04/22/14

    Actor Jared Harris; The Growlers perform; composer Andrew Schultz.

  • 04/21/14

    Writer Nick Frost; Lucius performs; musical group White Sea.

  • 04/10/14

    TV hosts Brian Unger and Zane Lamprey; The Crystal Method performs; musical group Milagres.

  • 04/09/14

    Cinematographer Wally Pfister; Jake Bugg performs.

  • 04/08/14

    Actress Judy Greer; Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion perform.

  • 04/07/14

    Actor Rhys Darby; Band of Skulls performs.

  • 04/03/14

    Actor Diego Luna; Deap Vally performs.

  • 04/02/14

    News correspondent Tamron Hall; Warm Soda performs; music group Birth of Joy.

  • 04/01/14

    Actor Timothy Simons; Cosmonauts performs; music group The Shanghai Restoration Project.

  • 03/31/14

    Actor Christopher Meloni; Liquor Store performs.

  • 03/27/14

    Composer Bear McCreary; together PANGEA performs; band Air Review.

  • 03/26/14

    Director Gareth Evans; Arthur Beatrice performs; 'Finding Vivian Maier.'

  • 03/25/14

    Author Veronica Roth; The Preatures perform; band MisterWives.

  • 03/24/14

    Former professional basketball player Jay Williams; Syd Arthur performs; 'Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton.'

  • 03/20/14

    Oscar nominee Freida Mock; Sirah performs; 'Bad Words.'

  • 03/19/14

    Actor Bret McKenzie; Jenny O performs; author Michael Malice.

  • 03/18/14

    Actress Emily Mortimer; K. Flay performs; 'Maidentrip.'

  • 03/17/14

    Actress Rachael Taylor; Robbie Fulks performs; comic Taylor Williamson.

  • 03/13/14

    'Chicagoland'; Night Terrors of 1927 performs; comic James Adomian.

  • 03/12/14

    Actress Carrie Brownstein; The Colourist performs; band Casket Girls.

  • 03/11/14

    Screenwriter Ronald D. Moore; Vanish Valley performs; actor Hasan Minhaj.

  • 03/10/14

    Writer Rob Thomas; Albert Hammond Jr. performs; band Hell or Highwater.

  • 03/06/14

    Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson; L.P. performs; photographer Chris Burkard.

  • 03/05/14

    Icona Pop performs; 'The Missing Picture.'

  • 03/04/14

    Actor Tony Revolori; Kodaline performs; comic Ron Josol.

  • 03/03/14

    Kaiser Chiefs perform; musician Noah Gundersen.

  • 02/28/14

    Actor Ben Schwartz; Soko performs; artist Jacob Escobedo.

  • 02/27/14

    Comic Tim Heidecker and composer Davin Wood; Washed Out performs.

  • 02/26/14

    Actress Andi Osho; Lucius performs; musical group La Luz.

  • 02/25/14

    Sir Sly performs; comic Matt Fulchiron.

  • 02/24/14

    Actor David Walton; You Won't performs; actress Jade Catta-Preta.

  • 02/05/14

    Writer Beau Willimon; Jake Bugg performs; writer Andres du Bouchet.

  • 02/04/14

    Filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller; The Crystal Method performs; 'Cutie and the Boxer.'

  • 02/03/14

    Writer Terence Winter; Albert Hammond Jr. performs; comic Brody Stevens.

  • 01/30/14

    Writer Elizabeth Meriwether; K. Flay performs; 'Friday Night Tykes.'

  • 01/29/14

    Actor David Koechner; Chvrches perform; Welcome to Night Vale.

  • 01/28/14

    TV host Joel Lambert; The Blank Tapes perform; Twelve O'Clock Boys.

  • 01/27/14

    'We Cause Scenes'; Capital Cities perform; musical group Kan Wakan.

  • 01/23/14

    Web series 'Hudson Valley Ballers'; director Steph Green; Sirah performs.

  • 01/22/14

    Filmmaker Jehane Noujaim; band Into It. Over It.; Two Door Cinema Club performs.

  • 01/21/14

    'Broad City'; TV personality Jason Silva; Jonathan Wilson performs.

  • 01/20/14

    Actor Jon Daly; actress Zoe Bell; The Flaming Lips perform.

  • 01/16/14

    Comic Patton Oswalt; Icona Pop performs; actor Dominic Cooper.

  • 01/15/14

    Tame Impala performs; actress Lily Kershaw.

  • 01/14/14

    Actor Kellan Lutz; STR performs; musical group Run River North.

  • 01/13/14

    Athletes Nick Cunningham and Dallas Robinson; St. Lucia performs with Madi Diaz.

  • 01/09/14

    Comic Doug Benson; NO performs; actress Justine Marino.

  • 01/08/14

    Vanish Valley performs; actor Brody Stevens.

  • 01/07/14

    Writer Matt Piedmont; White Denim performs; comic Matthew Broussard.

  • 01/06/14

    Actress Chelsea Peretti; Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion perform; writer Julius Sharpe.

  • 13/12/13

    Writer Scott Aukerman; Robbie Fulks performs.

  • 12/11/13

    Director Steve McQueen; Jenny O performs.

  • 12/10/13

    Director Scott Cooper; Chvrches performs; comic Esther Povitsky.

  • 12/09/13

    Soko performs; artist Rebecca Sugar.

  • 11/21/13

    Director Francis Lawrence; The Blank Tapes perform; post-hardcore band Letlive.

  • 11/20/13

    Screenwriter Mark Protosevich; journalist David Finkel; Jonathan Wilson performs.

  • 11/19/13

    Capital Cities perform; musical group Nightmare and the Cat.

  • 11/18/13

    Actor Adam Richmond; St. Lucia performs.

  • 11/14/13

    Actress Erin Foley; 'Dear Mr. Watterson'; Two Door Cinema Club performs.

  • 11/13/13

    Filmmakers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman; Tame Impala performs.

  • 11/12/13

    Screenwriter Jonás Cuarón; musicians Wayne Coyne and Kevin Parker; The Flaming Lips perform.

  • 11/11/13

    Chef Ilan Hall; author Davy Rothbart; White Denim performs.

  • 11/07/13

    Actress Michelle Trachtenberg; actor Matt Knudsen; No performs.

  • 11/06/13

    Comic Eric André; Chrome Sparks perform.

  • 11/05/13

    Comic Kira Soltanovich; The Naked and Famous perform.

  • 11/04/13

    Strfkr performs; singer Caitlin Crosby.

  • 10/31/13

    Playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa; Pierce the Veil performs.

  • 10/30/13

    Cartoonist Marlo Meekins; Purity Ring performs; Powerplant Choppers.

  • 10/29/13

    The Neighbourhood performs; Ian Edwards.

  • 10/28/13

    Singer Tony Lucca; Blue Hawaii performs; Alexa Meade.

  • 10/24/13

    Comic Pete Holmes; Foals perform.

  • 10/23/13

    Behind the Mask; Kitten performs; Duologue.

  • 10/22/13

    Techno DJ Flula Borg; METZ perfoms.

  • 10/21/13

    Humor Abuse; Tomahawk performs; The Pack A.D.

  • 06/06/13

    Producer Matthew Weiner; writer Katie Dippold; Foals perform.

  • 06/05/13

    Comic Deon Cole; 'Dirty Wars'; Kimbra performs.

  • 06/04/13

    Director Zack Snyder; 'The Way, Way Back'; Grimes performs.

  • 06/03/13

    Actress Brit Marling; producer David Goyer; Maximum Hedrum performs.

  • 05/23/13

    Actress Michelle Rodriguez; singer Hanni El Khatib; The Men perform.

  • 05/22/13

    Journalist Tom Brokaw; photographer Kevin Russ; The Coup performs.

  • 05/21/13

    Actor Adam DeVine; artist James Gulliver Hancock; Milo Greene performs.

  • 05/20/13

    Filmmaker Matthew Cooke; photographer Johnny Tergo; Grape St. performs.

  • 05/17/13

    Astronaut Buzz Aldrin; Big Black Delta performs.

  • 05/16/13

    Actress Greta Gerwig; artist Molly Crabapple; Pierce the Veil performs.

  • 05/15/13

    Musician Michael Fitzpatrick; actress Sarah Polley; A Silent Film performs.

  • 05/14/13

    Singer Davey Havok; Kitten performs.

  • 05/13/13

    Chef Curtis Stone; White Lung performs.

  • 05/09/13

    California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom; artist Phil Hansen; Purity Ring performs.

  • 05/08/13

    Actor Zach Braff; author Neil Gaiman; METZ performs.

  • 05/07/13

    Actor Kal Penn; director Shane Carruth; The Neighbourhood performs.

  • 05/06/13

    Comic Amy Schumer; David Peterson; Gold Fields perform.

  • 05/02/13

    Actor Michael Shannon; journalist Josh Rushing; Foals perform.

  • 05/01/13

    Actor Guillermo Díaz; Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes; The Stepkids perform.

  • 04/30/13

    Writer Bryan Fuller; 'The Iceman'; Blue Hawaii performs.

  • 04/29/13

    Mixed martial artist Georges St. Pierre; 'The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl'; Glossary performs.

  • 04/26/13

    Actress Tracy Spiridakos; author Neil Shubin; ZZ Ward performs.

  • 04/25/13

    Actor Kevin Bacon; designer Ron Finley; Superhumanoids perform.

  • 04/11/13

    Author Sebastian Junger; Monster Mike Schultz; Joshua James performs.

  • 04/10/13

    Actress Natalie Zea; director Brandon Cronenberg; Niki & The Dove perform.

  • 04/09/13

    Media personality Regis Philbin; filmmaker Sean Dunne; Curtis Peoples performs.

  • 04/08/13

    Actress Hannah Simone; comic Kurt Braunohler; Local Natives perform.

  • 04/04/13

    Comics Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer; River Monsters; Damien Jurado performs.

  • 04/03/13

    Author Lawrence Wright; Room 237; Delta Rae performs.

  • 04/02/13

    Singer Pete Wentz; No Place on Earth; Tift Merritt performs.

  • 04/01/13

    Actor Justin Bartha; Lunarcy; Vacationer performs.

  • 03/28/13

    Actor David Duchovny; director Derek Cianfrance; Gold Fields perform.

  • 03/27/13

    Comic Andy Dick; Faye; The Men perform.

  • 03/26/13

    Actress Kate Mara; TV host Ben Hoffman; A Silent Film performs.

  • 03/25/13

    Comic Anthony Jeselnik; Royal Teeth perform.

  • 03/22/13

    Rapper Joey Bada$$; acoustic duo Wild Child; Maximum Hedrum and Coup perform.

  • 03/21/13

    Rapper Angel Haze; rapper Sirah; Big Black Delta and Grape St. perform.

  • 03/20/13

    Musician Chloe Chaidez; Coup and Glossary perform.

  • 03/19/13

    Singer-songwriter Jake Bugg; musical group The Trouble With Templeton; Angel Haze and Maximum Hedrum perform.

  • 03/01/13

    Chef Tom Colicchio; The Dinner Party Download; Walk the Moon performs.

  • 02/28/13

    Producer Mark Burnett; Ceremony performs.

  • 02/27/13

    Actor Jim Jefferies; comic Nathan Fielder; Tomahawk performs.

  • 02/26/13

    Filmmaker Eli Roth; musician Alexander Spit; Family of the Year performs.

  • 02/25/13

    Filmmaker Andrew Jenks; blacksmith Tony Swatton; Titus Andronicus performs.

  • 02/21/13

    Actor Mark Webber; ASAD and White Arrows perform.

  • 02/20/13

    Actor Joel McHale; restaurateur Eddie Huang; ZZ Ward performs.

  • 02/19/13

    Actor Jai Courtney; filmaker Brett Novak and skateboarder Kilian Martin; Delta Rae performs.

  • 02/18/13

    TV host Lisa Ling; author Sam Sheridan; Blitzen Trapper performs.

  • 02/14/13

    Actor Anthony Anderson; animator Travis Knight; Local Natives perform.

  • 02/13/13

    Reality-TV star Todd Ray; Kamikaze Kitchen; Niki & The Dove perform.

  • 02/12/13

    Actor Nick Kroll; Twitter co-founder Biz Stone; Vacationer performs.

  • 02/11/13

    Chef Ludo Lefebvre; photographer Ian Ruhter; Superhumanoids perform.

  • 02/07/13

    Actor Adrian Grenier; Joshua James performs.

  • 02/06/13

    Filmmaker Benh Zeitlin; director Roman Coppola; Damien Jurado performs.

  • 02/05/13

    Director David O. Russell; musical group Twenty One Pilots; Tift Merritt performs.

  • 02/04/13

    Actor Nicholas Hoult; Curtis Peoples performs.

  • 01/31/13

    Actor Dominic Monaghan; Regina Spektor performs.

  • 01/30/13

    Director Guillermo del Toro; Shiny Toy Guns perform.

  • 01/29/13

    Director Kevin Smith; Metric performs.

  • 01/28/13

    Journalist Rich Eisen; Divine Fits perform.

  • 12/20/12

    Actor Edward Burns; 'The Impossible'; The Features perform.

  • 12/19/12

    Film critic Elvis Mitchell; visual effects artist Joe Letteri; Wolfgang performs.

  • 12/18/12

    Comics Randy and Jason Sklar; photographer Zak Waters; Brandi Carlile performs.

  • 12/17/12

    Actor Common; author Dallas Clayton; Desaparecidos perform.

  • 12/13/12

    Sports journalist Dave Zirin; entrepreneur Bre Pettis; The Jezabels perform.

  • 12/12//12

    Rapper Guilty Simpson; journalist Sacha Gervasi; The Heavy performs.

  • 12/11/12

    TV personality Steven Rinella; 'The Central Park Five'; Fidlar performs.

  • 12/10/12

    'The Voice' finalists Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope, Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David; The Hives perform.

  • 12/06/12

    Director Oliver Stone; author Timothy Ferriss; Walk the Moon performs.

  • 12/05/12

    Professional skateboarder Danny Way; Sekretagent Productions co-founder Corey May; Blitzen Trapper performs.

  • 12/04/12

    Author Meghan McCain; 'Next Stop for Charlie'; Family of the Year performs.

  • 12/03/12

    Actress Danai Gurira; environmentalist Philippe Cousteau Jr.; Titus Andronicus performs.

  • 11/15/12

    Actress Naomie Harris; writer Dino Stamatopoulos; Brandi Carlile performs.

  • 11/14/12

    Author Robert Greene; Divine Fits perform.

  • 11/13/12

    Actors Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele; Ceremony performs.

  • 11/12/12

    Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer; artist Lauren Greenfield; The Walkmen perform.

  • 11/09/12

    Actor T.J. Miller; photographer Michael Muller; White Arrows perform.

  • 11/08/12

    Producer RZA; Grimes perform.

  • 11/07/12

    Actress Eliza Coupe; Shiny Toy Guns perform.

  • 11/05/12

    Actress Katey Sagal; The Stepkids perform.

  • 11/01/12

    Actress Melissa Benoist; musician Selah Sue; Metric performs.

  • 10/31/12

    Statistician Nate Silver; mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey; The Features perform.

  • 10/30/12

    Songwriter Citizen Cope; rock band Atlas Genius; Wolfgang performs.

  • 10/29/12

    Actor Chris Elliott; 'The Goon'; The Jezabels perform.

  • 10/11/12

    Actor Sam Rockwell; writer Jordan Roberts; Kimbra performs.

  • 10/10/12

    Actress Sarah Wayne Callies; journalist Joshuah Bearman; Fidlar performs.

  • 10/09/12

    Authors Deepak and Gotham Chopra; comic Tig Notaro; Milo Green performs.

  • 10/08/12

    Comic W. Kamau Bell; singer Lianne La Havas; The Hives perform.

  • 10/04/12

    Singer Wyclef Jean; filmmaker Eugene Jarecki; The Walkmen perform.

  • 10/03/12

    Comic Adam Carolla; rapper Murs; Fun performs.

  • 10/01/12

    Actor Nat Faxon; music group Karmin; The Heavy performs.

  • 10/02/12

    Hip hop artist Brother Ali; 'The Iran Job'; Desaparecidos perform.

  • 09/28/12

    Actor Chuck Zito; Estelle performs; director Rian Johnson.

  • 09/27/12

    Author Diana Nyad; Chairlift performs; 'Samsara.'

  • 09/26/12

    Musician Billy Corgan; Andrew Bird performs; director Giles Walker.

  • 09/25/12

    TV host Chris Hayes; comic Rob Delaney; Regina Spektor performs.

  • 05/24/12

    Film producer Harvey Weinstein; director Timur Bekmambetov; Kasabian performs.

  • 05/23/12

    Comic Matt Walsh; music producer Flying Lotus; Band of Skulls performs.

  • 05/22/12

    Singer Juliet Simms; director Benh Zeitlin; The Naked and Famous perform.

  • 05/21/12

    Journalist Geoff Boucher; singer Neon Hitch; the Melvins perform.

  • 05/17/12

    Filmmaker Peter Berg; 'Ballplayer: Pelotero'; Young the Giant performs.

  • 05/16/12

    Actor Judah Friedlander; 'The Imposter'; Dr. Dog performs.

  • 05/15/12

    Actor Jake Johnson; music group The Glitch Mob; The Ting Tings perform.

  • 05/14/12

    Actor Artie Lange; singer Chely Wright; We Are Augustines perform.

  • 05/10/12

    Actress Katharine McPhee; Wallpaper performs.

  • 05/09/12

    Actress Chloë Moretz; singer YuNa; Tennis performs.

  • 05/08/12

    Journalist Erin Burnett; musical group The White Buffalo; speakers perform.

  • 05/07/12

    Actress Jenny McCarthy; Jessie Baylin performs.

  • 05/03/12

    Actor Michael Ian Black; musician Father John Misty; Rachel Yamagata performs.

  • 05/02/12

    Drew Pinsky; author Jonah Lehrer; Bombay Bicycle Club performs.

  • 05/01/12

    Comic Jim Gaffigan; singer L.P.; Ed Sheeran performs.

  • 04/30/12

    Actor David Giuntoli; singer Meg Myers; Bomba Estéreo performs.

  • 04/26/12

    Actress Megan Hilty; activist Deborah Bassett; We Are Augustines perform.

  • 04/25/12

    Diver Paul de Gelder; actress Brit Marling; Melvins perform.

  • 04/24/12

    Actor James Van Der Beek; musician Mike D; Kasabian performs.

  • 04/23/12

    Talk-show host Tavis Smiley; musician Allen Stone; Band of Skulls perform.

  • 04/12/12

    Actor Guy Pearce; 'Beware of Mr. Baker'; Lee Fields and the Expressions perform.

  • 04/11/12

    Actresses Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham; Foster the People performs.

  • 04/10/12

    Actor Seann William Scott; 'No Room for Rockstars'; Dr. Dog performs.

  • 04/09/12

    Singer Adam Levine; musician ZZ Ward; Jessie Baylin performs.

  • 04/05/12

    TV host Piers Morgan; Thee Oh Sees perform.

  • 04/04/12

    Singer Dev; White Denim performs.

  • 04/03/12

    Producer Thom Beers; photographer Joel Sartore; Jay Rock performs.

  • 04/02/12

    Singer Angie Johnson; comic Moshe Kasher; Bombay Bicycle Club performs.

  • 03/29/12

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta; musician Josh Baze; The Naked and Famous perform.

  • 03/28/12

    Actor Jason Isaacs; musician Sydney Wayser; Rachel Yamagata performs.

  • 03/27/12

    Actress Whitney Cummings; The Ting Tings perform.

  • 03/26/12

    Rapper Kendrick Lamar; musician Ducky; Wallpaper performs.

  • 03/22/12

    Musician Ed Sheeran; musical groups Cults and Wheeler Brothers; hip-hop artist Schoolboy Q.

  • 03/21/12

    Director Amir Bar-Lev; musical group Lee Fields and the Expressions; chef Paul Qui; musical group Roll The Tanks.

  • 03/20/12

    Singer Kimbra; musical group Tennis; musician Gary Clark Jr.; rapper Kendrick Lamar.

  • 03/19/12

    Rapper B.o.B.; singer Lex Land; musical groups Bomba Estéreo and Thee Oh Sees.

  • 03/01/12

    Comic Gavin McInnes; slackliner Mike Payton; The Kills perform.

  • 02/29/12

    Actress Regina King; 'We Are Legion'; Portugal. The Man performs.

  • 02/28/12

    Director Werner Herzog; musical group The Two; Fun performs.

  • 02/27/12

    Actress Malin Akerman; artist Wayne White; Trentemoller performs.

  • 02/23/12

    Political analyst Jamal Simmons; film editors Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter; Young the Giant performs.

  • 02/22/12

    Actors J.B. Smoove and Annie Mumolo; Bombay Bicycle Club performs.

  • 02/21/12

    Filmmakers Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin; director Lucy Walker; Fool's Gold performs.

  • 02/20/12

    Producer Howard Gordon; director Michel Hazanavicius; Mastodon performs.

  • 02/16/12

    Author Jodi Kantor; director Oren Peli; Dr. Dog performs.

  • 02/15/12

    DJ Deadmau5; musical group Jamestown Revival; Walk the Moon performs.

  • 02/14/12

    Writer Michael Hastings; writer Leslye Headland; Bear Hands perform.

  • 02/13/12

    Singer Christina Milian; rapper K. Flay; The Speakers perform.

  • 02/10/12

    Actor Max Greenfield; Laura Marling performs.

  • 02/09/12

    Actress Gina Carano; director Dee Rees; Milow performs.

  • 02/08/12

    Boxing trainer Freddie Roach; rapper Danny Brown; Ed Sheeran performs.

  • 02/07/12

    Singer Blake Shelton; ICEF Rugby Director Stuart Krohn; Jessie Baylin performs.

  • 02/03/12

    Actor Keegan-Michael Key; actor Jordan Peele; actress Carrie Preston; actress Kellie Overbey; actress Anne Heche; M83 performs.

  • 02/02/12

    Chef Mario Batali, actress Ry Russo-Young; White Denim perform.

  • 02/01/12

    Actor Glenn Howerton, director Michael Olmos, director Youssef Delara; We Were Promised Jetpacks perform.

  • 01/31/12

    Journalist Rich Eisen; director Alison Klayman; The Horrors perform.

  • 12/23/11

    Photographer Seth Olenick; Foster the People perform.

  • 12/22/11

    Musician Gavin Rossdale; director Lloyd Kaufman; Laura Marling performs.

  • 12/21/11

    Chef Josef Centeno; rapper Dumbfoundead; Kylesa performs.

  • 12/20/11

    Writer David Wain; actor Billy Eichner; The Joy Formidable performs.

  • 12/09/11

    Director Michael Moore; musician Nick Waterhouse; M83 performs.

  • 12/08/11

    Musician Ziggy Marley; special makeup effects artist Greg Nicotero; Fun performs.

  • 12/07/11

    Director Nelson George; musician Tom Morello; Bear Hands perform.

  • 12/06/11

    Rapper Wale; set decorator Ellen Brill; Portugal. The Man performs.

  • 11/18/11

    Writer Sean Durkin; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club performs.

  • 11/17/11

    Director James Bobin; writer Evan Wright; We Were Promised Jetpacks perform.

  • 11/16/11

    Former Army Ranger Wil Willis; photographers Eriberto and Estevan Oriol; Trentemøller performs.

  • 11/15/11

    Director McG; author Brian Greene; Mastodon perform.

  • 11/11/11

    Writer Diablo Cody; director Danfung Dennis; Thievery Corporation performs.

  • 11/10/11

    Rapper Lupe Fiasco; director Alma Har'el; Atmosphere performs.

  • 11/09/11

    Musician Tim Armstrong; musical group Girl in a Coma; Death Cab for Cutie performs.

  • 11/08/11

    Comic Dave Attell; 'Resurrect Dead'; The Decemberists perform.

  • 11/04/11

    Professional baseball player Matt Kemp; Weezer performs; Cold War Kids perform.

  • 11/03/11

    Chef Paul Patranella and mechanic Bill Allen; musical act Radical Face; Jane's Addiction performs.

  • 11/02/11

    Rapper Wiz Khalifa; surfer Izzy Paskowitz; Manchester Orchestra performs.

  • 11/01/11

    Author Michael Calce; 'Knuckle'; Cold War Kids perform.

  • 10/28/11

    Journalist Lisa Ling; band Anamanaguchi; Goldheart Assembly performs.

  • 10/27/11

    Singer Cee Lo Green; comic Reggie Watts; Delta Spirit performs.

  • 10/26/11

    Actress Amber Heard; chef Jacques Gauthier; Mona performs.

  • 10/25/11

    Filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky; rapper Action Bronson; The Airborne Toxic Event performs.

  • 10/14/11

    Newark Mayor Cory A. Booker; heavyweight boxers Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko; Foster the People performs.

  • 10/13/11

    Author Michael Calce; musician Justin Townes Earl; The Kills perform.

  • 10/12/11

    Musician Butch Vig; heavyweight boxers Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko; Portugal. The Man performs.

  • 10/11/11

    Chef Roy Choi; director Tiffany Schlain; The Joy Formidable performs.

  • 10/07/11

    Writer Mike White; Seven Grand Whiskey Society; Biffy Clyro performs.

  • 10/06/11

    Actress Michelle Monaghan; musician J. Cole; Frightened Rabbit performs.

  • 10/05/11

    Writer Paul Haggis; musical group Roll The Tanks; Fool's Gold performs.

  • 10/04/11

    Actress Kaitlin Olson; writer Megan Amram; Lykke Li and MNDR perform.

  • 09/30/11

    Actress Miranda July; stuntman Jeff Jensen; The Horrors perform.

  • 09/29/11

    Producer Kurt Sutter; Laura Marling performs.

  • 09/28/11

    Radio personality Matt 'Money' Smith; composer Cliff Martinez; Kylesa performs.

  • 09/27/11

    Musician Butch Walker; writer Steve Mazan; Wye Oak performs.

  • 09/23/11

    Actor Game; actress Melanie Pullen; Thievery Corporation performs.

  • 09/22/11

    TV producer Doug Ellin; Kreayshawn and Atmosphere perform.

  • 09/21/11

    Journalist Richard Engel; TV-show host Chris Hardwick; Death Cab for Cutie performs.

  • 09/20/11

    Music producer David Guetta; The Decemberists perform.

  • 05/23/11

    Radio host Adam Carolla; movie trailer producer Mark Woollen; The Airborne Toxic Event performs.

  • 05/25/11

    Filmmaker Todd Phillips; documentary 'Buck'; Fitz & the Tantrums perform.

  • 05/24/11

    Musician Mike Mills; band Foster the People; MNDR performs.

  • 05/20/11

    Filmmaker Bill Carter; T-shirt brand 4th and Forever; Frank Turner performs.

  • 05/19/11

    Journalist Brian Williams; culinary competition Cochon 555; Nicole Atkins and the Black Sea perform.

  • 05/18/11

    Chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo; music producer Adam Blackstone; The Kills perform.

  • 05/17/11

    Actor Adam Pally; documentary 'Make Believe'; The Black Angels perform.

  • 05/13/11

    Actors Anders Holm and Adam DeVine; writer Sam Hain; Raphael Saadiq performs.

  • 05/12/11

    Actor Rob Riggle; musician Hugo; The Greenhornes perform.

  • 05/11/11

    Musician Charles Bradley; director Spencer Susser; Grouplove performs.

  • 05/10/11

    Singer Frenchie Davis; musical group Lost in the Trees; The Knux performs.

  • 05/09/11

    Singer Frenchie Davis; artist Dave MacDowell; The Soundtrack of Our Lives performs.

  • 05/06/11

    Actress Kat Dennings; documentarian Eliot Rausch; Charles Bradley performs.

  • 05/05/11

    Sports writer Dave Zirin; writer Dan Harmon; Mini Mansions perform.

  • 05/04/11

    Charity founder Anthony Ameen; author Sarah Vowell; Goldheart Assembly performs.

  • 05/03/11

    Writer Jason Eisener; Vice magazine co-founder Shane Smith; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club performs.

  • 04/29/11

    Political strategist David Sirota; The Dodos perform.

  • 04/28/11

    Producer Mark Burnett; musician Craig Wedren; Screaming Females perform.

  • 04/27/11

    Actor John Lehr; musical group The Hours; Lykke Li performs.

  • 04/26/11

    Filmmaker Sean Casey; mash-up musician Girl Talk; Interpol performs.

  • 04/08/11

    Director Evan Glodell; musical group Black Milk; The Black Angels, Nicole Atkins and The Black Sea perform.

  • 04/07/11

    Director Joe Wright; Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion perform.

  • 04/06/11

    Blogger Kelly Oxford; photographer Timothy Allen; Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion perform.

  • 04/05/11

    Director Jason Winer; musical group Oh Land; The Soundtrack of Our Lives perform.

  • 04/01/11

    Musician Ted Leo; musical group Walk the Moon; Charles Bradley, Menahan Street Band and the Greenhornes perform.

  • 03/31/11

    Director Jonas Åkerlund; spoken-word artist George Watsky; Grouplove performs.

  • 03/30/11

    Actress Liana Liberato; director Alex Prager; Goldheart Assembly performs.

  • 03/29/11

    Writer Neil Strauss; musical group Death; Freddie Gibbs performs.

  • 03/25/11

    Actor LL Cool J and DJ Z-Trip; writer David Fricke and music-festival programmer Stacey Wilhelm; Mona and The Knux performs.

  • 03/24/11

    Actor Zack Snyder; actors Nick Frost and Simon Pegg; Ra Ra Riot performs.

  • 03/23/11

    Actor Ben Schwartz; director Duncan Jones; Biffy Clyro performs.

  • 03/22/11

    Actor Bill Hader; director Stuart Gordon; The Morning Benders perform.

  • 03/18/11

    Singer Florence Welch; Florence and the Machine perform.

  • 03/17/11

    Producer Gale Anne Hurd; DJ Mia Moretti and violinist Caitlin Moe; Lissie and Clare Burson perform.

  • 03/16/11

    Musician Amanda Palmer; actress Kat Corbett; Matt & Kim and Screaming Females perform.

  • 03/15/11

    Musician Grace Potter; Lykke Li and School of Seven Bells perform.

  • 03/04/11

    Actor Josh Radnor; directors The Brothers Strause; Cee Lo Green performs.

  • 03/03/11

    Actress Emmy Rossum; filmmaker Jeff Tremaine; Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion perform.

  • 03/02/11

    Director Tom Shadyac; The Voice Project charity; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club performs.

  • 03/01/11

    Actor Jason Sudeikis; filmmaker Elgin James; Freddie Gibbs performs.

  • 02/25/11

    Journalist Robert K. Elder; chef Ludo Lefebvre; Janelle Monáe performs.

  • 02/24/11

    Actor Fred Armisen; writer David Seidler; Broken Bells perform.

  • 02/23/11

    Actress Judy Greer; storyboard artist J. Todd Anderson; Lucero performs.

  • 02/22/11

    Producer RedOne; sound editor Richard King; Menomena performs.

  • 02/18/11

    Actor Patton Oswalt; professional skier Simon Dumont; Fitz & the Tantrums perform.

  • 02/14/11

    Director David O. Russell; professional skier Simon Dumont; Two Door Cinema Club performs.

  • 02/16/11

    Actor Michael Rapaport; YelaWolf performs.

  • 02/15/11

    Director Kevin Smith; artist Alex Pardee; A Perfect Circle performs.

  • 02/11/11

    Model Brooklyn Decker; musician Chuck Brown; Clare Burson performs.

  • 02/10/11

    DJ Diplo; actress Laurie Ann Gibson; Alberta Cross performs.

  • 02/09/11

    Actor Jon Foster; music producer Adam Anders; Mini Mansions perform.

  • 02/08/11

    Actor Thomas Lennon; songwriter Makeba Riddick; Jimmy Eat World performs.

  • 02/03/11

    Actor Nate Corddry; arcrobatic group Troupe Vertigo; Off! performs.

  • 02/01/11

    Journalist Rich Eisen; Screaming Females perform.

  • 02/01/11

    Actor Holt McCallany; rapper Plan B; Interpol performs.

  • 01/31/11

    Musician Lemmy Kilmister; actor Ryan Case; Delta Spirit performs.

  • 12/17/10

    Actress Lena Dunham; hip-hop producer Boi-1da; Fitz & the Tantrums perform.

  • 12/16/10

    Comic Adam Carolla; actor Casey Pieretti; School of Seven Bells perform.

  • 12/15/10

    Actor Mike Vogel; actor Casey Pieretti; Interpol performs.

  • 12/14/10

    Actor T.J. Miller; hip-hop producer Boi-1da; A Perfect Circle performs.

  • 12/10/10

    Actor Paul Bettany; pro-wrestler Mick Foley; Delta Spirit performs.

  • 12/09/10

    Comic Henry Rollins; photographer Andrew Zuckerman; Two Door Cinema Club performs.

  • 12/08/10

    Filmmaker Andrew Jarecki; comic Donald Glover; Florence and the Machine performs.

  • 12/07/10

    Chef Bobby Flay; Matt & Kim perform.

  • 12/06/10

    Musician Mark Ronson; musician Josh Fox; Fanfarlo performs.

  • 11/19/10

    Musician Mark Hoppus; Fitz & the Tantrums perform.

  • 11/18/10

    Actor Michael Ian Black; Menomena performs.

  • 11/17/10

    Actor Jason Ritter; rapper k-os; Broken Bells perform.

  • 11/16/10

    Entrepreneur Mark Cuban; director John Cameron Mitchell; Japandroids performs.

  • 11/12/10

    Musician Maynard Keenan; director John Cameron Mitchell; A Perfect Circle performs.

  • 11/11/10

    DJ Z-Trip; filmmaker Justin Taylan; Jimmy Eat World performs.

  • 11/10/10

    Actor Donal Logue; director Edgar Wright; Alberta Cross performs.

  • 11/09/10

    Actor Mike Birbiglia; musician Steve Jones; The Walkmen perform.

  • 11/05/10

    Director Danny Boyle; actor Rob Zabrecky; Two Door Cinema Club performs.

  • 11/04/10

    Musician Mark Ronson; filmmaker Josh Fox; Fanfarlo performs.

  • 11/03/10

    Actor Craig Robinson; Built to Spill performs.

  • 11/01/10

    Actor Judah Friedlander; designer Harald Belker; School of Seven Bells performs.

  • 10/29/10

    Writer Frank Darabont; musical group Black Dub; Villagers perform.

  • 10/28/10

    Producers Duncan Penn and Ben Nemtin; director Seth Gordon; Ra Ra Riot performs.

  • 10/27/10

    Rapper David Banner; professional triathlete Jenna Shoemaker; Interpol performs.

  • 10/26/10

    Comic Jim Breuer; musical group Black Dub; She & Him perform.

  • 10/15/10

    TV personality Johnny Knoxville; composer Nathan Barr; OFF! performs.

  • 10/14/10

    Filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev; professional kayaker Brad Ludden; City and Colour performs.

  • 10/13/10

    Comic Zane Lamprey; Lissie performs.

  • 10/12/10

    Singer Serj Tankian; singer Ben Weasel; Broken Bells perform.

  • 10/08/10

    Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock; Buff Monster; Kate Nash performs.

  • 10/07/10

    Actor David Cross; singer Tift Merritt; Matt & Kim perform.

  • 10/06/10

    Actress Katie Aselton; writer James Ellroy; Weezer performs.

  • 10/05/10

    Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt; 'Metalocalypse'; Jimmy Eat World performs.

  • 10/01/10

    Actress Chloë Moretz; Los Campesinos! perform.

  • 09/30/10

    Actor Adrian Grenier; filmmaker Kevin Smith; singer Tift Merritt; Japandroids perform.

  • 09/29/10

    'Catfish' filmmakers; rapper Big Freedia; The Morning Benders perform.

  • 09/28/10

    Actress Elisabeth Moss; actress Kim-Maree Penn; Menomena performs.

  • 09/23/10

    Actor Ron Perlman; special effects artist Robert Hall; Janelle Monáe performs.

  • 09/22/10

    Actor Rob Corddry; rapper Jay Electronica; Alberta Cross performs.

  • 09/21/10

    TV personality Steve-O; 'Guitar Hero 2' winner Freddie Wong; Nas and Damian Marley perform.

  • 09/20/10

    Author Kristen Schaal; chef Wolvesmouth; The Walkmen perform.

  • 05/25/10

    Actor Andy Garcia; cliff diver Orlando Duque; OK Go performs.

  • 05/19/10

    Writer Chuck Palahniuk; Never Shout Never performs.

  • 28/05/10

    Actress Lisa Kudrow; producer Brett Morgen; Janelle Monáe performs.

  • 05/27/10

    Actor Bryan Cranston; actor Joey Lawrence; Nas and Damian Marley perform.

  • 05/26/10

    Director Nicholas Stoller; Kidz in the Hall; City and Colour performs.

  • 05/21/10

    Actor Jesse Eisenberg; 'Puppet Up!'; The Morning Benders perform.

  • 05/20/10

    Actress Maria Menounos; singer V.V. Brown; She & Him performs.

  • 05/18/10

    B.o.B. performs; astronaut Mike Massimino.

  • 05/14/10

    Actress Ellie Kemper; photographer Jimmy Chin; Kate Nash performs.

  • 05/13/10

    Screenwriter Diablo Cody; 'Best Worst Movie'; Surfer Blood performs.

  • 05/12/10

    Actress Aubrey Plaza; Phoenix performs.

  • 05/11/10

    Actor Jared Harris; MMA fighter BJ Penn; Los Campesinos! perform.

  • 05/06/10

    Actress Erika Christensen; chess boxing; The Raveonettes perform.

  • 05/07/10

    Actress Mira Sorvino; Snoop Dogg performs.

  • 05/05/10

    Illusionists Penn & Teller; writer Gustavo Arellano; Fanfarlo performs.

  • 05/04/10

    Writer Justin Halpern; comedic duo Rhett & Link; David Gray performs.

  • 04/30/10

    Actor Nick Offerman; musical group Chiddy Bang; Daniel Merriweather performs.

  • 04/29/10

    Journalist Gavin McInnes; musician Sia; Holly Golightly performs.

  • 04/28/10

    Singer David Guetta; musical group The Hit Machine; RJD2 performs.

  • 04/27/10

    Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan; music video director Wayne Isham; Citizen Cope performs.

  • 04/16/10

    Director Matthew Vaughn; author Seth Grahame-Smith; The Xx performs.

  • 04/15/10

    Actor Jon Seda; professional golfer Anna Rawson; She & Him performs.

  • 04/14/10

    Drew Pinsky; Gossip performs.

  • 04/13/10

    Actress Olivia Munn; La Roux performs.

  • 04/09/10

    Actress Gillian Jacobs; comic Dan Mintz; Never Shout Never performs.

  • 04/08/10

    Actor Nick Kroll; actress Chelsea Peretti; Circa Survive performs.

  • 04/07/10

    Musicians Tom DeLonge and David Kennedy; actor Matt Walsh; Angels & Airwaves perform.

  • 04/06/10

    Rapper Ludacris; comic Anthony Jeselnik; The Living Sisters perform.

  • 04/02/10

    Actress Greta Gerwig; NFL player Lance Briggs; Surfer Blood performs.

  • 04/01/10

    Actor Victor Rasuk; snowboarder Amy Purdy; Mishka performs.

  • 03/31/10

    TV host Jesse Ventura; illustrator Matthew Inman; Doves perform.

  • 03/30/10

    Rapper Snoop Dogg; TV personality Josh Harris; Keane performs.

  • 03/26/10

    Sports analyst Kenny Smith; filmmaker David Lynch; Black Lips perform.

  • 03/25/10

    Musicians Mike Shinoda and Lupe Fiasco; motocross racer Ronnie Faisst; The Airborne Toxic Event performs.

  • 03/24/10

    Author Paul Rieckhoff; musical group Bad Religion; The Raveonettes perform.

  • 03/23/10

    Actress Lizzy Caplan; singer Ryan Bingham; Ladyhawke performs.

  • 03/19/10

    Actor Aaron Paul; musician Shooter Jennings; 311 performs.

  • 03/18/10

    Actor Mark Duplass; actress Marina Orlova; Wild Light performs.

  • 03/17/10

    TV personalities Kat Von D and Dan Smith; comedy-folk duo Garfunkel and Oates; Metric performs.

  • 03/16/10

    Director Antoine Fuqua; Paolo Nutini performs.

  • 03/12/10

    Actor Ben McKenzie; the Adam Carolla Podcast team; Lily Allen performs.

  • 03/11/10

    Actress Lake Bell; reality TV personality Jennie Ketcham; David Gray performs.

  • 03/10/10

    Actor David Arquette; Lisa Hannigan performs.

  • 03/09/10

    Rapper T-Pain; base jumper Miles Daisher; Weezer performs.

  • 03/05/10

    Actor Joel David Moore; stunt woman Luci Romberg; Arctic Monkeys perform.

  • 03/04/10

    Director Lee Daniels; director Roger Ross Williams; Fanfarlo performs.

  • 03/03/10

    Actor Jeremy Renner; filmmaker Tomm Moore; Grizzly Bear performs.

  • 03/02/10

    Actor Giovanni Ribisi; figure skater Evan Lysacek; Phoenix performs.

  • 03/01/10

    Director Eli Roth; Daniel Merriweather performs.

  • 12/18/09

    Rapper Snoop Dogg.

  • 12/17/09

    Director Jason Reitman; rapper Kenna; Franz Ferdinand performs.

  • 12/16/09

    Actor Joel David Moore; disc jockey David Guetta; Gossip performs.

  • 12/15/09

    Actress Dita von Teese; ice dancers Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto; comic Ben Gleib.

  • 12/11/09

    Actor David Duchovny; boxer Tor Hamer; Anya Marina performs.

  • 12/10/09

    Actor Adam Scott; skater Leticia Bufoni; XX performs.

  • 12/09/09

    Actress Olivia Munn; professional surfer Jordy Smith; Paolo Nutini performs.

  • 12/08/09

    Actor Donald Glover; professional snowboarder Ellery Hollingsworth; Pete Yorn performs.

  • 11/20/09

    Actress Morena Baccarin; Lisa Hannigan performs.

  • 11/17/09

    Journalist Chuck Klosterman; race driver Rhys Millen; comic Drennon Davis.

  • 11/26/09

    Weezer performs.

  • 11/25/09

    David Gray performs.

  • 11/24/09

    OK Go performs.

  • 11/23/09

    Musician Brett Dennen.

  • 11/19/09

    Author Bill Simmons; boxer Dmitry Salita; Raveonettes perform.

  • 11/18/09

    Author David Plouffe; skier Jeret Peterson; Metric performs.

  • 11/13/09

    Actress Emmy Rossum; photographer Zach Hyman; Crocodiles perform.

  • 11/12/09

    Actor Danny Glover; surfer Rob Machado; Lissy Trullie performs.

  • 11/11/09

    Actor Jared Leto; curler Debbie McCormick; comic Quinn Dahle.

  • 11/10/09

    Actor Paul Scheer; race-car driver Joey Logano; Grizzly Bear performs.

  • 11/06/09

    Author Neil Strauss; mixed martial arts fighter Brett Rogers; Peaches perform.

  • 11/05/09

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich; motocross racer Ashley Fiolek; Matisyahu performs.

  • 11/04/09

    Actress Julie Benz; skier Ted Ligety; comic Aron Kader.

  • 11/29/09

    Actor Derek Luke; surfer Anastasia Ashley; Black Lips perform.

  • 11/03/09

    Musician Alice Cooper; La Roux performs.

  • 10/30/09

    Actor Masi Oka; artist Danny Setiawan; The Doves perform.

  • 10/28/09

    Actress Kate Flannery; figure skater Johnny Weir; comic Kevin Christy.

  • 10/27/09

    Actress Yvonne Strahovski; director Kris Belman; Mike Posner performs.

  • 10/16/09

    Basketball player Ron Artest; actress Eva Amurri; comedian Natasha Leggero.

  • 10/15/09

    TV personality Mike Rowe; race car driver Alissa Geving; Keane performs.

  • 10/14/09

    Actor Charlie Hunnam; luger Erin Hamlin; Phoenix performs.

  • 10/13/09

    Actor Chris Kattan; Nuttin But Stringz; Lily Allen performs.

  • Actor Glenn Howerton.

    Actor Glenn Howerton; speed skater Chad Hedrick; Cold War Kids perform.

  • Singer Joss Stone.

    Singer Joss Stone; professional bull rider Ryan Dirteater; Bat for Lashes perform.

  • Juliette Lewis.

    Actress Juliette Lewis; actress Rachel Piplica; Joe Firstman performs.

  • 10/06/09

    Actor Thomas Jane; Anya Marina performs.

  • Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui.

    Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui; Yo La Tengo performs.

  • Actress Jennifer Morrison, writer Zane Lamprey, Arctic Monkeys performs.

    Actress Jennifer Morrison; writer Zane Lamprey; Arctic Monkeys perform.

  • Actor Chris Pratt, The Like performs.

    Actor Chris Pratt; burlesque show Naked Girls Reading; The Like performs.

  • Writer Tucker Max, Wild Light performs.

    Writer Tucker Max; gymnast Emily Cook; Wild Light performs.

  • Mekhi Phifer, Ladyhawke performs.

    Actor Mekhi Phifer; Ladyhawke performs.

  • Actor Mike Henry, Paolo Nutini performs.

    Actor Mike Henry; sneaker customizer Chris Hui; Paolo Nutini performs.

  • Actor Ryan Friedlinghaus, Amazing Baby performs.

    Actor Ryan Friedlinghaus; skeleton racer Katie Uhlaender; Amazing Baby performs.

  • Writer Stan Lee, Mat Kearney performs.

    Writer Stan Lee; radio personality Alex Alvarez; Mat Kearney performs.

  • Comic Frank Caliendo.

    Comic Frank Caliendo; race car driver Casey Currie; Emily Wells performs.

  • Actor Seth Green, Pete Yorn performs.

    Actor Seth Green; Warped tour founder Kevin Lyman; Pete Yorn performs.

  • Actor Jesse Metcalfe, Metric performs.

    Actor Jesse Metcalfe; artist Caleb Aero; Metric performs.

  • Actress Alison Brie, motocross rider Brian Deegan, Franz Ferdinand performs.

    Actress Alison Brie; motocross rider Brian Deegan; Franz Ferdinand performs.

  • 07/26/09

    Actor Tom Green; musician Pete Wentz; Lex Land performs.

  • 06/26/2009

    Actor Zachary Levi; actor Joel David Moore; rally car driver Ken Block; Bat for Lashes performs.

  • Director Nick Jasenovec, Ida Maria performs.

    Director Nick Jasenovec; Ida Maria performs.

  • John Scurti, Peaches performs.

    Actor John Scurti; Peaches performs.

  • Eddie Griffin, Jesse Martin, Glenn Lewis.

    Eddie Griffin; Jesse Martin; Glenn Lewis.

  • Jeremy Renner, Brandon Jennings, Zee Avi performs.

    Actor Jeremy Renner; basketball player Brandon Jennings; The Ting Tings performs.

  • Chris Rock, Anthony Hopkins, musical group Big Tymers.

    Chris Rock; Anthony Hopkins; musical group Big Tymers.

  • Kathy Griffin, The Ting Tings perform.

    Comic Kathy Griffin; The Ting Tings perform.

  • Chris Kattan, Remy Zero.

    Chris Kattan; Remy Zero.

  • Sig Hansen, Derek Dunfee, Diane Birch performs.

    TV personality Sig Hansen; surfer Derek Dunfee; Diane Birch performs.

  • Adam Goldberg, Craig David.

    Adam Goldberg; Craig David.

  • Ed Helms, Tarah Paige, Foxboro Hot Tubs performs.

    Actor Ed Helms; actress Tarah Paige; Foxboro Hot Tubs performs.

  • Bridget Moynahan; musical guest Pete Yorn.

    Bridget Moynahan; musical guest Pete Yorn.

  • Jay Mohr, Sig Hansen, Green Day performs.

    Actor Jay Mohr; TV personality Sig Hansen; Green Day performs.

  • Bob Costas.

    Bob Costas.

  • Rob Huebel, Captain Paul Watson, Green Day performs.

    Actor Rob Huebel; captain Paul Watson; Green Day performs.

  • Marc Anthony.

    Marc Anthony.

  • Green Day performs.

    Green Day performs.

  • Jesse James, comic Dwayne Perkins.

    TV personality Jesse James; comic Dwayne Perkins; The Cure performs.

  • Jo Koy, Lissy Trullie Performs.

    Comic Jo Koy; musician Mike Shinoda; Lissy Trullie performs.

  • Harland Williams, Diane Birch Performs.

    Actor Harland Williams; athlete Aaron Fotheringham; Ben Harper and Relentless7 perform.

  • Troops at Fort Irwin.

    Troops at Fort Irwin.

  • Jon Favreau, Ben Harper Performs.

    Jon Favreau; musical guest Ben Harper.

  • Andy Richter, Wale Performs.

    Actor Andy Richter; Wale performs.

  • Michael Rapaport, Alien Ant Farm Perform.

    Michael Rapaport; musical group Alien Ant Farm.

  • Nick DeAvila, Method Man and Redman perform.

    Racer Nick DeAvila; Method Man and Redman perform.

  • Ed McMahon, 311 Perform.

    Ed McMahon; musical group 311.

  • Bill Bellamy, Resi Stiegler, Doves Perform.

    Actor Bill Bellamy; skier Resi Stiegler; The Virgins perform.

  • Matthew Lillard, Papa Roach Perform.

    Matthew Lillard; musical group Papa Roach.

  • The Virgins Perform.

    Common; The Virgins perform.

  • The Wayans Brothers, Forrest Griffin, Glasvegas Performs.

    The Wayans Brothers; UFC fighter Forrest Griffin; Glasvegas performs.

  • Sasha Grey, Ryan Hunter-Reay, The Kills Perform.

    Actress Sasha Grey; race car driver Ryan Hunter-Reay; The Kills perform.

  • The Airborne Toxic Event Performs.

    The Airborne Toxic Event performs.

  • Matthew McConaughey, Kaley Cuoco, Ida Maria performs.

    Actor Matthew McConaughey; actress Kaley Cuoco; Ida Maria performs.

  • Jimmy Fallon, Mistress Mary, Bobby Ray performs.

    TV personality Jimmy Fallon; dominatrix Mistress Mary; Bobby Ray performs.

  • Lily Allen performs.

    Lily Allen performs.

  • Benji and Joel Madden, Joshua Gomez, White Lies Perform.

    Musicians Benji and Joel Madden; actor Joshua Gomez; White Lies perform.

  • Eliza Dushku, Joe Talamo, Brett Dennen Performs.

    Actress Eliza Dushku; jockey Joe Talamo; Brett Dennen performs.

  • Idris Elba, The Ting Tings perform.

    Actor Idris Elba; the Ting Tings perform.

  • Musician Robin Thicke.

    Musician Robin Thicke.

  • Hip-hop group N.A.S.A.

    Hip-hop group N.A.S.A.

  • Musician Robert Francis.

    Musician Robert Francis.

  • Singer Little Boots.

    Singer Little Boots.

  • Musician Charles Hamilton.

    Musician Charles Hamilton.

  • Melanie Fiona performs.

    Melanie Fiona performs.

  • Jamie Kennedy, Cut Copy performs.

    Actor Jamie Kennedy; Cut Copy performs.

  • Lykke Li performs.

    Lykke Li performs.

  • Stacy Peralta.

    Director Stacy Peralta.

  • Jai Al-Attas, Tom Moon, the Sounds perform.

    Entrepreneur Jai Al-Attas; writer Tom Moon; the Sounds perform.

  • Kevin Connolly, Krysten Ritter, Blind Pilot performs.

    Actor Kevin Connolly; actress Krysten Ritter; Blind Pilot performs.

  • Adele Performs.

    Adele performs.

  • Danny Boyle; The Cure

    Director Danny Boyle; the Cure performs.

  • Sean Combs, Faith Evans.

    Sean Combs; Faith Evans.

  • Daniel Suarez, Jeff Dunham, Razorlight performs.

    Author Daniel Suarez; ventriloquist Jeff Dunham; Razorlight performs.

  • Jewel.


  • Kevin Hart, Yelle performs.

    Actor Kevin Hart; Yelle performs.

  • Jimmy Kimmel.

    Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Danny Boyle.

    Director Danny Boyle.

  • Jon Stewart, Puddle of Mud

    Jon Stewart; Puddle of Mudd.

  • Steve Knopper, Company of Thieves Performs.

    Author Steve Knopper; Company of Thieves performs.

  • Suge Knight

    Suge Knight.

  • Matt Ryan, Ida Maria performs.

    Football player Matt Ryan; Ida Maria performs.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • Kat Von D, Ben Kronberg, LMFAO performs.

    Tattoo artist Kat Von D; comic Ben Kronberg; LMFAO performs.

  • Unwritten Law performs.

    Unwritten Law performs.

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