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Episode Guide

  • Frankendino

    Skrap messes up another plan of Skor's by replacing Chow's brain with a piece of broccoli.

  • Gator Grudge

    Alligators attack Kane while the gang is at the Zoo and Skor ties to take advantage of this.

  • The Mayor of Skoropolis

    The Mayor of Megalopolis takes ill and Skor becomes Vice-Mayor giving him control of the city.

  • Breaking Up is Hard to Do.

    Skor kicks Skrap to the curb when he messes up another evil plan.

  • Jet Lays an Egg

    The gang learns to Skor is stealing technology to create super-mutants hatched from giant eggs.

  • A Very Dino Wedding

    Polly's grandfather falls in love with Skarp in disguise in attempt to take over the museum.

  • Won't Get Skooled Again

    Skor kidnaps the principal and takes her place in order to turn the students into Links.

  • Team Gnarly

    Skor creates a fake company that makes Jet train a skateboarding team of Links.

  • Evil Lair of the Month

    Skrap gets put in charge of building Skor a new evil lair in the forest.

  • Megaloporock

    The gang tries luring Kane back to the good side to stop Skor from doing further damage.

  • A Pain in the Neck

    Skor creates a machine that will allow him to combine himself and Skrap.

  • Dino of the Year

    Skor tricks the gang into thinking they are nominated for Dino of the Year and blasts them into space.

  • Silent but Dino

    Skor convinces Chow to partake in Skor's wonder diet, which consists of high-octane vegetables.

  • Skored Straight

    Skor and Skrap sneak into the museum with the plasma canon; Edgar;s blaster turns Skor friendly.

  • Dinos on Ice

    Skor befriends the mayor and uses the cities water supply to try and start another ice age.

  • Mindless Fun

    Skor releases mind control worms that attach to the gang's skulls.

  • Dino Get Away

    The gang must decide if they want to save Skor who is sucked up by a mosquito on a camping trip.

  • Attack of the Were-Dino

    Polly becomes a Were-Dino and begins trashing Megalopolis and the gang tries to find the antidote.

  • Kung Fu Cloned Clowns Rule!

    Skor creates clown clones of the gang to display in the town circus to make them look like fools.

  • Bowling for Dinos

    The gang appears on a show centered around bowling to raise money for their museum.

  • Dinos in the Desert

    The gang tries to find a crystal in the desert before Skor does; the gang pretends to be part of a ghost town.

  • Dimplecorn

    Skrap poses as a grandson to an older lady who they equip with lethal accessories.

  • Dino Cruise

    The gang wins a cruise trip and find that Skrap is disguised as the cruise director.

  • Loose Links

    Edgar hires Skor's army of Links; Skor creates a mutant.

  • Dinos in Space

    The gang tries to stop Skrap from luring Bailey's Comet to Megalopolis.

  • Dino Demotion

    Skor hires an actor to be president, who demotes the gang from dinosaur status.

  • Swimming Lessons

    Skor activates a crystal that absorbs the city's plumbing; the gang tries to teach Kane to swim.

  • To Skor, With Lava

    Skrap discovers a crystal while pretending to dig a swimming pool for the school.

  • Best Dino Friends Forever

    A new female dinosaur named Lola is discovered and strange things begin happening to the Posse.

  • Wing Nuts

    Jet goes to see a wing Dr. to fix his wing odor problem; Skor steals Jet's wings.

  • Polly, I Shrunk the Dinos

    Skor shrinks Skrap while trying to get the crystals back from KFDP; Chow accidentally eats Skrap.

  • Straight Outta Megaopolis

    The gang tracks down a crystal in the dental grill of a famous rapper and try recover it without him noticing.

  • Extreme Edgar

    Skor discovers a crystal hidden in a fighting competition for humans; Skor tricks Edgar into becoming his apprentice.

  • Digging For Dinos

    An 8-year old boy finds a gem, making him an overnight sensation, but the posse must secure the gem before a mutant escapes from within.

  • All the Queen's Dinos

    When the queen comes to visit, Skor and his gang attack her motorcade; the posse tries to hatch a plan to stop Skor.

  • Dinos on a Plane

    The Posse battles over a crystal with Skor near an airport and it is accidentally loaded into a passengers suitcase.

  • Miss Congenialosaur

    The gang heads to a beauty pageant to retrieve a gem in the winners crown, Chow and Skrap enter the contest.

  • Flower Power

    The gang stops off at a flower shop while hunting for the gem; shop owner, Pernilla, has a crush on Edgar.

  • Jurassic Roadshow

    The Dino Posse's high-tech gem finder breaks just as it located a powerful new gem and the gang must find it before Skor.

  • Meet the Posse

    Edgar helps the dinos modernize their headquarters and hooks them up with some cool new Skor-fighting gadgets.

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