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Episode Guide

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Miracle Girl

    A cutting-edge treatment cures a girl of leukemia.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Les Miz Premiere

    Les Miserables.

  • Courtroom Confrontation

    An angry confrontation in court between the judge and a child-killer.

  • Hobbit Premiere

    The premiere of 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.'

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Kennedy Center Honors

    Kennedy Center Honors: Buddy Guy, Dustin Hoffman, David Letterman, Natalia Makarova, Led Zeppelin.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Cheerleader Shaves Head

    An Indianapolis Colts cheerleader shaves her head for cancer research.

  • Best Thanksgiving Ever

    How to make Thanksgiving Day memorable.

  • Jerry Lawler

    Professional wrestler Jerry 'The King' Lawler discusses his recent heart attack.

  • Too Sexy Cheerleading Uniforms?

    The NBA's sexiest cheerleading uniforms.

  • Family Plastic Surgery

    A woman and her daughter undergo breast-augmentation surgery together.

  • House of Gunk

    Tap-water safety.

  • Electric Facials

    Reality TV star Kyle Richards provides a look at a new beauty trend.

  • Mitt's Secret Sister

    An exclusive interview with Mitt Romney's sister.

  • Stutterer to Rapper

    A teen with a stutter finds rapping to be a cure.

  • Post-Election

    Election night 2012.

  • Election Day

    The 2012 presidential campaigns.

  • Storm of the Century?

    Devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

  • International Blind Date

    A website allows attractive women to travel with total strangers, free of charge.

  • Beauty Queen Mauled by Dog

    Miss Kentucky Teen USA undergoes plastic surgery after a dog disfigures her face.

  • Halloween TV

    TV personalities' Halloween costumes.

  • Flip This House Investigation

    The star of real-estate show 'Flip This House.'

  • Transgender Dating

    Transgender teens find love.

  • Beverly Hillbillies

    Honey Boo Boo and her mother.

  • Sexy Costumes

    The year's sexiest Halloween trends.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Rower Rape

    A woman rowing for cancer is assaulted.

  • Timberlake Wedding

    Justin Timberlake weds Jessica Biel.

  • Grab the Gown

    Brides clamor for discount designer wedding dresses.

  • Dwayne Wade's Ex

    The ex-wife of Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade.

  • Debate: Round Two

    The second presidential debate.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Bengals' Ex

    A cheating cheerleader's ex-husband expresses his fury.

  • He Is a She

    A married man's routine medical tests reveal a surprise.

  • Pop Star's Papa

    Lady Gaga's father discusses her weight gain.

  • Boob Sign

    A woman affords breast implants by panhandling for donations.

  • Bully Plastic Surgery

    A schoolgirl gets cosmetic surgery in order to end bullying.

  • Squatters

    A couple returns home and finds squatters living in their house.

  • Levi Johnston's Baby

    Levi Johnston's new baby girl.

  • Emmys

    The Primetime Emmy Awards.

  • Hollywood Pedophiles

    Child predators pose as talent representatives.

  • Fitness Investigation

    The legitimacy of personal trainers.

  • Sextuplets

    Sextuplets start kindergarten.

  • Prankster Hubby

    A husband's prank on his wife goes viral.

  • Supergirl Rescues Dad

    A daughter lifts a car to rescue her trapped father.

  • Fake Wedding Dresses

    Websites advertise cheap, designer wedding gowns.

  • Boob Mom

    A mother has undergone 12 breast-enlargement surgeries.

  • Kidney Divorce

    A divorcee donates a kidney to her former mother-in-law.

  • Mobile Dentists

    Dentists perform unauthorized procedures on schoolchildren.

  • Secret Service Girlfriend

    An interview with women involved with a government agent.

  • Jet Ski Death

    A teen girl's accidental death.

  • Michelle Obama, Continued

    An interview with first lady Michelle Obama.

  • Michelle Obama

    An interview with first lady Michelle Obama.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Prince's Pool

    The Las Vegas pool in which Prince Harry partied.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Donna D'Errico's Ark

    Actress Donna D'Errico.

  • Randy Travis' Comeback

    Singer Randy Travis.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Stallone's Heartache

    Sylvester Stallone discusses his son's death.

  • Pattinson out of Hiding

    Actor Robert Pattinson.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Honey Boo Boo

    The reality series 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.'

  • Cougar Mom

    A self-proclaimed 'cougar mom' speaks.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Life Before Fame

    Stars' lives before they were famous.

  • Prankster Revenge

    A woman plays a prank on her prankster husband.

  • Kristen's Cover-Up

    Kristen Stewart hides an affair from Robert Pattinson.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Cake Boss

    Baker Buddy Valastro.

  • Colorado Gunman

    A gunman opens fire at a Colorado movie theater.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Lonely Guy

    Complete strangers support a lonely man.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Perfect Mug Shot

    A woman pulls off a perfect mug shot.

  • Political Animals

    Sigourney Weaver's new show.

  • The Espys

    Athletes are celebrated for excellence.

  • Baseball's Big Night

    Major League Baseball All-Star Game 2012.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Ex-Scientologists

    People who say they are no longer Scientologists discuss Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

  • Casey Anthony's Lawyer

    Attorney Jose Baez discusses the Casey Anthony case.

  • Naughty Restaurants

    Risque-styled restaurants do big business.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Tom Cruise's Big Birthday

    Actor Tom Cruise turns 50.

  • Alec Baldwin Weds

    Actor Alec Baldwin marries yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Rat Island

    A man buys a private island.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Snooki/JWoww

    Snooki and JWoww discuss their new reality show.

  • Bristol Debuts

    Bristol Palin's reality show.

  • Mammoth Bones

    An Iowa farmer discovers mammoth bones.

  • Breakfast at Tiffany's

    Miss USA's obsession with Audrey Hepburn.

  • Obama Fundraiser

    Actress Sarah Jessica Parker holds a fundraising event for President Barack Obama at her home.

  • Michelle Obama

    First lady Michelle Obama appears on 'Restaurant: Impossible.'

  • Stroke Woman

    Video of a woman having a medical emergency saves her life.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Amanda Bynes

    Actress Amanda Bynes.

  • Personal Shopper Scandal

    A fancy department store sues a personal shopper.

  • Kid Confronts Killer

    A brave 9-year-old confronts his sister's killer in court.

  • Granny Gun 911

    An intruder encounters a gun-toting grandmother.

  • Burned by Husband

    A woman survives her husband's attempt to burn her alive.

  • AC Huffing

    People inhale chlorofluorocarbons from air-conditioning units in order to get high.

  • Coughing Attack

    Fellow airline-passengers attack a coughing traveler.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Catcalling

    Men shout lewd comments at women on the street.

  • Gregg Allman

    Musician Gregg Allman.

  • Co-Sleeping Parents

    Parents lose two babies to co-sleeping.

  • Latest-Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Porn Couple

    An unemployed couple turn to Internet porn to make ends meet.

  • Jon Gosselin

    Reality star Jon Gosselin.

  • Levi Johnston

    Author Levi Johnston's fiancee's mother speaks out.

  • Tonya Harding

    Figure skater Tonya Harding.

  • Ghost Town

    A booming place turns into a ghost town.

  • Strongest Women

    Some of the strongest women in the world.

  • 95 Y/O Dancer

    A 95-year-old ballroom dancer still tears up the dance floor.

  • Baby Mama

    The mother of Dr. Conrad Murray's son.

  • Manson's Son

    Convicted killer Charles Manson.

  • Butt Girl

    A woman has had many cosmetic procedures.

  • Hearing Implant Girl

    A young woman can hear for the first time.

  • Oprah's Cars

    Audience members who received free cars from Oprah Winfrey tell what happened to them.

  • Kiss Camera

    Kiss-camera secrets.

  • Cheerleader's Husband

    A former professional cheerleader's husband breaks his silence about sex-abuse charges against her.

  • Trampoline Parks

    The dangers of trampoline parks.

  • Spiderwoman

    A survivor tells of being bitten by one of the deadliest spiders in America.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Secret Service Scandal

    The U.S. Secret Service.

  • Donald Trump's Ex-Girlfriend Exclusive

    An interview with Rowanne Brewer, former girlfriend of Donald Trump.

    Today at 1:30pm EST - WNYW (FOX)
  • Paula Jones Exclusive

    An interview with Paula Jones, who sued President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment.

  • Dad Took My iPhone

    A man is arrested for confiscating his 12-year-old daughter's smart phone.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Super Bowl Media Day

    Special correspondent Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach covers Super Bowl 50 media day.

  • Mama's Boys

    A new reality series features grown men who live with their mothers.

  • Halle Berry's Ex Exclusive

    David Justice, ex-husband of actress Halle Berry, discusses their relationship.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Three Stooges

    Bobby and Peter Farrelly direct the new film 'The Three Stooges.'

  • New O.J. Simpson Book

    A new book about O.J. Simpson proclaims his innocence.

  • Manson's Lost Girls

    The cast of 'Manson's Lost Girls.'

  • Boating Tragedy

    A fishing trip turns deadly.

  • 10 Languages

    A Manhattan teen speaks 10 languages.

  • Grease: Live

    The 'Grease: Live' red carpet.

  • Dolly Parton

    Singer Dolly Parton.

  • Julie Harper: Jailhouse Interview

    A woman convicted of killing her high-school teacher husband gives a jailhouse interview.

  • Mega Millions

    The Mega Millions lottery jackpot mystery.

  • Kids' Choice Awards

    The 25th Annual Kids' Choice Awards.

  • Latest Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • 2016 Golden Globes

    Behind the scenes at the Golden Globes.

  • Billionairess's Butler

    A former butler of a famous philanthropist stands trial for home invasion.

  • How Low Can They Go?

    The plunging neckline.

  • Mad Men Premiere

    The season premiere of 'Mad Men.'

  • New Year's Eve Road Rage Shooting

    A Texas college student is shot dead in a road rage incident.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Donald Trump vs. Bill Clinton

    The war of words between presidential hopeful Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton.

  • Hunger Games Premiere

    The Hunger Games.

  • Bobbi Kristina

    Oprah Winfrey interviews Bobbi Kristina Brown.

  • Gospel Singer

    A YouTube performer meets his Grammy-nominated inspiration.

  • Latest Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Mom Gives Cancer

    A baby fights for life after being born with cancer.

  • Nicollette Sheridan

    Actress Nicollette Sheridan goes to court.

  • Latest Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Falling TVs

    Televisions endanger children.

  • Dr. Life

    A doctor claims to have discovered the fountain of youth.

  • Oscar Gowns for Less

    Academy Awards fashions for less money.

  • Inside the Oscars

    Behind the scenes of the Academy Awards.

  • Dwarf Twins

    Twins making medical history.

  • Secret Life of Dogs

    Hidden cameras reveal what pets do when they are left alone.

  • Race to Save a Boy Trapped in a Tree

    A 6-year-old gets stuck 50 feet up in a tree.

  • Library Crimes

    Crimes at public libraries.

  • Mom Forgives Friend for Running Over Baby

    A woman accidentally runs over her best friend's baby.

  • Paralyzed Bride

    A bride-to-be becomes paralyzed.

  • Supermarket Secrets

    What goes on behind the scenes at a supermarket.

  • Big Ears

    A bullying victim gets ear-pinning surgery.

  • Boy Pageant

    Beauty pageants for little boys.

  • Dwarf Twins

    Twins making medical history.

  • Grammys

    Music's biggest night.

  • Stolen Bikes

    Bicycle theft.

  • Bogus Beggars

    Panhandlers fake injuries for donations.

  • Teen Exorcists

    Teens perform exorcisms.

  • Picasso Painting

    A painting bought for $15 may be a Picasso.

  • Butt Injections

    Unsafe backroom injections.

  • Groom Saves Guest

    The groom saves a choking wedding-guest.

  • Super Bowl

    Behind the scenes at the Super Bowl.

  • Black Friday Secrets

    How to navigate the busiest shopping day of the year and save money.

  • Miracle Foods

    Foods that take a very long time to spoil.

  • Can You Take a Joke?

    Some famous comics no longer perform on college campuses because they are afraid of offending someone.

  • Freeze-Drying Pets

    Using freeze-dry technology to preserve the bodies of deceased pets.

  • Drone Tips

    How to safely operate a drone.

  • David Letterman

    Talk-show host David Letterman.

  • My Brother's Face

    Organ recipients sit down with their donor's family.

  • Three Beauty Queens

    Miss USA winners intercede to help a beauty queen.

  • Joran van der Sloot

    A doctor defends her support of convicted killer Joran van der Sloot.

  • Locksmith Investigation

    An entire house is rigged with hidden cameras to find out what home repairmen do when they think no one is watching.

  • Aging Bodysuit

    A body suit simulates old age for its wearer.

  • How Safe Is Your Sushi?

    Sushi switcheroos.

  • Fat Chef

    Overweight chefs confront food issues.

  • Janice Dickinson's Fiance Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery

    Janice Dickinson's fiance goes under the knife to look his best for the wedding.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Oscar Nominations

    The 2012 Academy Award nominations.

  • Brave Little Girl Saves Family After Car Crash

    A 5-year-old climbs, barefoot, up a 40-foot cliff to find help for her family after a freak car crash.

  • Save My Wife

    A man saves his wife, who was trapped in a frozen canyon.

  • Inside Edition's House of Shame

    The I-Squad rigs an entire house with hidden cameras and one-way mirrors to see what home repairmen do when they think no one is watching.

  • Pregnancy Project

    A teen fakes a pregnancy for a school project.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Single Mom Job Interview

    A woman is arrested for leaving her children in a mall's food court while giving a last-minute job interview.

  • Michelle Obama's 48th

    First lady Michelle Obama's birthday.

  • Locked in Your Own Car

    A man dies after his car loses power and does not allow him to open the windows and doors.

  • Golden Globes

    Behind the scenes at the Golden Globe Awards.

  • Proposal Planner

    Hiring someone to plan a marriage proposal.

  • Car Karaoke

    Dangers of singing karaoke in one's car.

  • People's Choice Awards

    The 2012 People's Choice Awards.

  • Rosie O'Donnell's Texts

    Angry texts Rosie O'Donnell sent to daughter Chelsea and the girl's biological mother.

  • Grandma 911

    A woman delivers her own grandchild.

  • Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter

    Rosie O'Donnell's daughter Chelsea breaks her silence.

  • Ring Dog

    A dog swallows a wedding ring.

  • Halloween TV

    Television personalities celebrate Halloween.

  • Kate Middleton

    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

  • House of Shame

    Investigating home service providers.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    A top-rated news magazine.

  • Latest Breaking News

    America's nationally syndicated news magazine.

  • Catching Gators

    Men who catch gators with their bare hands.

  • New Beyoncé Book

    New Beyoncé biography.

  • Famous Comedian

    A famous comedian who lives in a shed.

  • Dangerous Halloween Costumes

    Dangerous Halloween costumes.

  • Iowa Caucuses

    The Republican Iowa caucuses.

  • Ron Paul

    People who knew presidential candidate Ron Paul talk about his days as a doctor.

  • Benghazi Movie

    Possible effects of Michael Bay's upcoming movie '13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi' on Hillary Clinton's campaign.

  • Caught on Tape

    Moments keeping viewers riveted in 2011.

  • 2011 Scandals

    The most infamous scandals of the year.

  • Appalachia Mystery

    A man who hid out on the Appalachian Trail for six years is being investigated in the death of his first wife.

  • Train-Hopping

    A college student's prank goes horribly wrong.

  • Drone Monk

    A drone catches a monk on top of a wind turbine.

  • Poisoned Boss

    Eye drops poison a restaurant manager.

  • Terror in the Sky

    Mid-air drama.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Democratic Debate

    Behind the scenes at the CNN Democratic debate.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • M.I. Premiere

    Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol.

  • Miss USA

    2010 Miss USA Rima Fakih.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Police investigate at Paula Abdul's home; a woman close to a suspect in Natalee Holloway's disappearance; holiday shopping safety; the 'Barefoot Bandit,' Colton Harris-Moore, awaits sentencing for his crimes; Britney Spears gets engaged.

  • Golden Globes

    The Golden Globe nominations.

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible

    Deborah Norville co-authors 'Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible.'

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Entertainment and human-interest news.

  • $140k a Year Dog

    The estate battle over late 'The Simpsons' co-creator Sam Simon's dog.

  • Sandusky Hearing

    Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky.

  • Danica Patrick

    Auto-racing star Danica Patrick.

  • Hidden Treasures: We Find, You Keep

    The show helps viewers find money and valuables they don't know are owed to them.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Entertainment news and human interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Entertainment news and human interest stories.

  • New Year's Eve Premiere

    Holiday movie 'New Year's Eve.'

  • First-Grader Bullied Because of Ears

    Bullied because of the size of his ears, a first-grader gets surgery that will change his life.

  • The Body

    Model Karlie Kloss.

  • Surgery Face Fire

    A patient's face catches fire during surgery.

  • Hidden Treasures: We Find, You Keep

    The show travels the country to help viewers find money and other valuables they don't know is owed to them.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Student housing goes up in flames.

  • Shelter Dogs

    A dangerous dog gets adopted out of a city shelter.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    A judge sentences a husband convicted of rape.

  • My Brother's Face

    A man who received a face transplant meets his donor's family.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    A lottery-winner mystery.

  • 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

    Behind the scenes at the Emmy Awards.

  • Casey Anthony Book

    The death of little Caylee Anthony.

  • Mud Run Dangers?

    Possible hidden dangers in a popular way for people to exercise.

  • Tiger Cubs

    It is easy to buy a tiger for a pet, despite the dangers.

  • Hidden Treasures: We Find, You Keep

    The show travels the country to help viewers find money and other valuables they are unaware are owed to them.

  • Holiday Weight Gain

    How to lose five pounds fast.

  • Thanksgiving Leftovers

    When good food goes bad.

  • Homeless Pianist Performs at NFL Game

    The viral homeless piano prodigy plays the national anthem at the San Francisco 49ers game.

  • People Behaving Badly

    A TV reporter catches other people doing stupid things.

  • Kanye West's Mom's Cosmetic Surgeon

    The doctor blamed for the death of Kanye West's mother gives his side of the story.

  • Conjoined Twins

    Surgery separates conjoined twins.

  • Natalie Wood

    Re-examining the death of actress Natalie Wood.

  • Hidden Treasures: We Find, You Keep

    The show travels the country to give away hidden treasures.

  • Regis Philbin's Last Day

    Talk-show host Regis Philbin.

  • Jim Moret Gets His Voice Back

    Jim Moret talks about being silent for a month.

  • Disneyland After Dark

    Behind the scenes at California's Disneyland.

  • School Bus Dangers

    Hidden dangers of school-bus doors.

  • Mom Arrested for Sick Day

    A mother is arrested because her child took too many sick days from school.

  • Bus Accidents

    One of the worst bus accidents in history.

  • Ab Etching

    Getting six-pack abs with surgery.

  • Blizzard Babies

    A baby boom sweeps Buffalo, N.Y., nine months after a blizzard.

  • Secrets of Victoria's Secret

    Behind the scenes of the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

  • MTV Video Music Awards

    Behind the scenes at the VMAs.

  • Deadly Lightbulbs?

    Light bulbs that contain a dangerous substance.

  • Miracle Foot Baths?

    Detoxifying foot baths.

  • The Honey Trap

    A woman hires a beauty to set her husband up in an ugly divorce.

  • Creepy Peepers

    A hidden camera investigation exposes 'peepers' who target young women in New York's Union Square.

  • Tiger's Mistress Gets Married

    A dangerous way some college students pay for school.

  • Desk Exercise

    A full-body workout that can be done at a desk.

  • Teenager's Breast Implants

    Teens get breast implants to stop teasing.

  • AC Huffing

    Teens huff chemicals from air-conditioning units in order to get high.

  • Clothes Bin Donations

    An investigation into what happens to clothing after it is donated.

  • Runaway Mom Update

    An Ohio woman fakes her own abduction.

  • Sugar Daddies

    A dangerous way some college students pay for school.

  • Donald Trump in Iowa

    Presidential hopefuls at the Iowa State Fair.

  • Sexy Halloween

    Halloween costumes.

  • Porn Couples

    Couples turn to online sex to pay the bills.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    A pencil impales a child's eye socket.

  • Bob Barker

    Game show host Bob Barker denounces the slaughter of exotic animals.

  • Halloween Candy

    Candy soaked in alcohol.

  • Cheerleader Weight Loss

    A former cheerleader loses 145 pounds to fit back into a uniform.

  • GOP Debate Recap

    The first Republican campaign debate.

  • Can't Stop Sneezing

    A girl is unable to stop sneezing.

  • Richest Panhandler

    A panhandler is revealed to be a legendary comic.

  • Home Jobs

    Ten years locked in an attic.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Breaking news.

  • Bobbi Kristina Funeral

    Bobbi Kristina Brown's 'sweet 16' themed funeral.

  • Class Sneezer

    A student sneezes uncontrollably.

  • Cop Wife

    A wife is accused of gunning down her husband.

  • First Lady to Break Record

    First lady Michelle Obama wants to break a world record.

  • MJ Tribute Concert

    Some of the biggest acts in music perform in honor of Michael Jackson.

  • Town Unites

    An entire community lip synchs to the same song.

  • Shania Twain's Stalker

    The man accused of stalking singer Shania Twain goes berserk in court.

  • Rin Tin Tin

    Canine actor Rin Tin Tin.

  • Rent Scam

    A man is accused of being a 'professional renter.'

  • Girl Fight

    An interview with a star of the upcoming movie 'Girl Fight.'

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Breaking news stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Breaking news stories.

  • Taylor Armstrong

    The business dealings of reality star Taylor Armstrong.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Breaking entertainment news.

  • Miss USA Pageant

    Behind the scenes at the '2015 Miss USA Pageant.'

  • Road Shows

    Road-show collectibles.

  • Levi Johnston

    The father of politician Sarah Palin's grandchild writes a tell-all book about the family.

  • Sarah Palin

    A biographer talks about politician Sarah Palin.

  • Inside the Emmys

    Behind the scenes of the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards.

  • Rat Patrol

    Rat infestations in public parks.

  • Homeless Piano Man

    A musically talented homeless man gets a makeover.

  • The Morning Zoo

    Host Deborah Norville trains to be a radio producer at 'Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.'

  • Grilling Safety

    Keeping holiday cookouts safe and delicious.

  • Subway Sinatra

    A construction-site singer performs at a legendary venue.

  • Snakes in a Box

    Venomous snakes in urban areas.

  • Creepy Peepers; Movie Legend's Will

    A hidden camera investigation exposes 'peepers' who target young women in New York's Union Square; a daughter of actor Tony Curtis finds herself cut out of his will.

  • September 11

    The 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

  • Olivia Newton-John Mystery

    Ten years on, a private investigator continues to search for Olivia Newton-John's missing boyfriend.

  • Mom School Makeover

    Mothers get makeovers to celebrate their children's return to school.

  • Car Seat Murder

    A woman goes on trial for failing to buckle her child into a car seat.

  • Charleston Shooter

    The life of Charleston mass shooter Dylann Roof.

  • Casey Anthony Update

    The probation of Casey Anthony.

  • Race of NAACP Leader Under Question

    An NAACP leader tells everyone she is black, but her parents reveal that she was born white.

  • Inside eBay

    How to make money on online auction website eBay.

  • CMT Music Awards

    Behind the scenes of the 2015 CMT Music Awards.

  • Making More Money

    Five smart moves to increase one's income.

  • Superfoods

    Seven foods fight disease.

  • Coupon Lady

    Saving lots of money every week.

  • Taylor Swift Fan Weight Loss

    A fan says Taylor Swift's music helped him to lose a quarter ton of weight.

  • Latest Breaking News

    Breaking news.

  • Latest Breaking News

    Breaking news.

  • Flash Mobs

    Flash mobs and violence.

  • Comedian Tracy Morgan

    Comic Tracy Morgan gives his first TV interview since his car accident.

  • 57 Surgeries

    After a dog attack, a girl undergoes 57 surgeries.

  • The Help

    Movie 'The Help.'

  • Millionaire Girl

    A teen girl earns $100 million.

  • Octomom

    The mother of octuplets teaches them to swim.

  • Cliff Tragedy

    Posing for a family photo on a scenic cliff ends in tragedy.

  • Millionaire Girl

    A teen sells her company for $100 million.

  • Obama Turns 50

    President Obama celebrates his 50th birthday.

  • Excessive Sweating

    Eliminating excessive sweating.

  • Latest Breaking News

    Breaking news.

  • See Through Wedding Dresses

    Sheer wedding gowns.

  • Diet Secrets

    Summer diets.

  • Letterman Lost Video

    A long-lost video of David Letterman from his early years on television.

  • Shark Whisperer

    A woman feeds a white shark; a man who swam in frigid waters after surviving a plane crash; Rosie O'Donnell discusses her upcoming talk show; the 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' premiere; actress Nicollette Sheridan's new role.

  • Kitchen Hacks

    Storing food to keep it fresh longer.

  • Lone Sailor

    A single woman sails around the world alone for years.

  • McDonald's Fight

    A customer is attacked at McDonald's; laptop thefts; a photo that allegedly shows Michael Douglas smoking a cigarette; a photo of Amy Winehouse's bodyguards posing with a box; John Ramsey gets married again; a mother faces time.for jaywalking.

  • Fake Kidnapping Turned Fatal

    A man who planned to pretend to kidnap a teen and then rescue her to look like a hero accidentally kills her.

  • Swine Flu Kid

    A 7-year-old boy survives swine flu; potential health consequences of wearing jeans; Kelly Osborne discusses her final call with friend Amy Winehouse; Jesse James and his fiancee call off their engagement; an accident leaves a bride paralyzed.

  • Little Hercules

    Former child bodybuilder 'Little Hercules' makes a career change.

  • Casket Fall

    Singer Amy Winehouse's final days; the brother of a teen who allegedly bludgeoned their parents to death; the 911 call Maria Shriver made after her son had an accident; bulldogs trying to cope with the heat; a casket falls during a funeral.

  • Addicted to Being Twins

    Identical twin adults dress alike and sleep in twin beds in the same room.

  • Latest Breaking News

    Breaking news.

  • Natalee Holloway 10 Years Later

    Ten years after the disappearance of his daughter, Natalee Holloway's father returns to Aruba to follow up on new leads.

  • Scientology

    Book 'Inside Scientology.'

  • Melissa Rivers

    Melissa Rivers remembers her mother, comic Joan Rivers.

  • Hawaii Vacation Dangers

    Tourists injured in Hawaii.

  • Is Your Dog a Wimp?

    Testing whether pet dogs would protect their families from home invaders.

  • Casey Anthony

    Casey Anthony is a free woman.

  • Laurence Fishburne's Mom

    The latest on actor Laurence Fishburne's mother.

  • Casey Anthony

    Casey Anthony is released from jail.

  • King of Revenge Porn

    A man steals thousands of people's private photos and posts them online for the world to see.

  • Carmageddon

    One of the worst traffic jams in history.

  • Pam Smart

    Behind bars with teacher Pamela Smart, who seduced her young student, who killed her husband to win her affection.

  • Emmy Nominations

    The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards nominations.

  • Prom Dress Ripoffs

    Some bargain prom dresses sold online are cheap fakes.

  • America's Got Talent

    The newest contestants on 'America's Got Talent.'

  • Birthmark Model

    A high-fashion model has an extreme birthmark.

  • Dog Poisoned

    Rat poison kills a dog.

  • Black and White Twins

    A woman gives birth to twins of different races.

  • Royals

    Prince William and Kate visit the U.S.

  • Sammy Davis Jr.'s Secret Son?

    A man who believes entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. was his biological father learns his DNA test results.

  • Jaycee Dugard

    Kidnapping victim Jaycee Dugard breaks her silence.

  • On Board the Lolita Express

    An air hostess reveals what it was like to work aboard the private jet of Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire convicted of a sex crime.

  • Kevin James

    The premiere of the movie 'Zookeeper.'

  • No Nose Baby

    The parents of a baby born without a nose.

  • Nancy Reagan

    Former first lady Nancy Reagan observes her 90th birthday.

  • Bruce Jenner's Prom Date

    An interview with Bruce Jenner's prom date.

  • Baby vs. Scorpion

    A scorpion stings a baby.

  • Holiday

    Cookout dangers.

  • Doctor Feud

    A cardiologist is accused of plotting to burn down his competitor's office and trying to kill him.

  • Airport Attire

    Inappropriate clothing worn on airplanes.

  • Jurors

    Serving as a juror in a high-profile trial.

  • Pharmacy Wed

    A wedding video of murder suspect David Laffer.

  • Bulger Lottery

    Fugitive Whitey Bulger wins the Massachusetts lottery.

  • Inside Edition

    The latest breaking news.

  • MTV Movie Awards

    Behind the scenes at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.

  • Great Vitamin Scam

    Investors accuse a man of conning them out of $51 million.

  • Miss USA Moves In

    The new Miss USA moves into Trump Towers.

  • Bad Teacher Premiere

    'Bad Teacher' stars Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.

  • Psychic Hoax

    A self-professed 'psychic' provides police with a tip about dismembered bodies, leading to chaos.

  • Foreign Accent

    A woman acquires an accent after dental surgery.

  • Hotel Arson at Holiday Inn

    Police suspect a fire chief of starting a blaze that killed 10 people.

  • Coffee Pants

    Caffeinated pants claim to promote weight loss.

  • Spider-Man Opens

    'Spider-Man' opens on Broadway.

  • Caylee's Dad

    Caylee Anthony's father is revealed; the ex of actor Nicolas Cage says she isn't allowed to see her son in the hospital.

  • Downfall of a Pitcher

    The Casey Anthony trial; controversy surrounding comic Tracy Morgan's stand-up routine; Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign; the wife of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.); Kate Middleton's fashion; Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's relationship.

  • Kids' Choice Awards

    Behind the scenes at the 2015 'Kids' Choice Awards.'

  • Five Fired Waitresses

    Fired waitresses sue.

  • Meredith's Last Day

    Journalist Meredith Vieira's final episode of the 'Today' show.

  • Miss USA

    An exclusive photo shoot with Miss USA.

  • MTV Movie Awards

    Highlights of the MTV Movie Awards.

  • Cheap Prom Dresses

    Affordable prom dresses.

  • Civil Forfeiture

    People say police officers stole their money, legally.

  • Jaycee's Kidnappers

    The sentencing of Jaycee Dugard's kidnappers.

  • Drew Peterson

    The Drew Peterson case goes to trial.

  • Shannon Miller

    Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller.

  • Perfect Hamburger

    Chef Michael Salmon.

  • Gold Investigation

    Investigation of gold companies.

  • Sex Offender Neighbor

    Neighbors are outraged because the government is paying for a sex offender to move next door to them.

  • Cold Case Solved

    Police solve a decades-old murder when the killers break their pact.

  • Oprah's Last Show

    The guests on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' finale.

  • Phony Navy SEALs

    A man pretends to be a Navy SEAL.

  • Arnold's Love Child Scandal

    The Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal.

  • Engagement Chicken

    A chicken recipe said to make men propose.

  • Soldier Surprises Family

    A soldier returns from Afghanistan to surprise his children.

  • Celebrities' Secret Twins

    Celebrities' twins are revealed.

  • Cannes Film Festival

    Reports from the Cannes Film Festival.

  • Makeup Mistakes

    Cosmetic faux pas that can make one look older.

  • 911 Prankster

    A prankster makes hundreds of 911 calls.

  • Born in the Wild

    Women who gave birth in the woods.

  • Steven Seagal

    Ashton Kutcher replaces Charlie Sheen; a woman injects her daughter with Botox; Steven Seagal.

  • Nicole Murphy

    Nicole Murphy ('Hollywood Exes').

  • Botox Baby

    A woman injects her 8-year-old with neurotoxin to keep her looking young.

  • Gotti Movie

    A movie about mob boss John Gotti.

  • Miss Maine Gives Up Crown

    A Miss USA contestant gives up her chance at the crown to attend her sister's wedding.

  • Deborah Norville 20th Anniversary

    The show celebrates anchor Deborah Norville's 20th anniversary.

  • Honey Boo Boo Music Video

    Behind the scenes at Honey Boo Boo's first music video.

  • Cheerleader Reunion

    The original Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders reunite after two decades.

  • The Oscars 2015

    Behind the scenes at the Academy Awards.

  • Princess Boy

    A woman supports her son's wanting to be a 'princess.'

  • Bin Laden Mansion

    A tour of Osama Bin Laden's family's abandoned mansion in Florida.

  • Hotel Prostitution Investigation

    The I-Squad investigates whether employees of a major hotel chain hook up guests with call girls.

  • Sextuplets' Mom

    A mother of sextuplets divorces her husband.

  • Royal Honeymoon

    Prince William and his bride's honeymoon location.

  • Animal Hoarder Investigation

    Extreme animal hoarders; a woman authorities say hoarded nearly 100 cats.

  • Royal Wedding Day

    The royal wedding in London.

  • Charles Manson's Bride-to-Be

    Charles Manson's 27-year-old fiancee talks about wedding plans.

  • Royal Wedding Eve

    Last-minute royal wedding preparations.

  • Furries

    Fans dress up in animal costumes.

  • Pal of Princess-to-Be

    A rowing chum of royal bride Kate Middleton.

  • Breaking Code

    Codes on stores' price tags.

  • Kate's Childhood Home

    The childhood home of royal bride Kate Middleton.

  • Breaking Code

    Making life easier by choosing the correct lane, line or parking spot.

  • James Hewitt World Exclusive

    James Hewitt, former boyfriend of Princess Diana.

  • Amber Frey, 10 Years Later

    Amber Frey discusses the impact the Scott Peterson trial has had on her life.

  • Newborn Portraits

    Photographers take portraits of infants while they are still in the hospital.

  • 57th Grammy Awards

    Behind the scenes at the Grammys.

  • Maury Povich

    Talk-show host Maury Povich appears in Tyler Perry's film 'Madea's Big Happy Family.'

  • Farrah Fawcett's Condo

    A tour of late actress Farrah Fawcett's condominium.

  • Tasered Pittsburgh Fan

    A baseball fan speaks about police using a stun gun on him at a game.

  • America's First Transgender Reporter

    Reporter Zoey Tur returns to the air in a helicopter for the first time since her gender transformation.

  • Paralyzed Bride

    A paralyzed bride-to-be prepares for her wedding march.

  • Meet Zoey Tur

    The helicopter pilot who covered the O.J. Simpson Bronco chase and the Reginald Denny beating goes through gender reassignment surgery.

  • Dodger Game

    Baseball stadium security.

  • Super Bowl XLIX

    Behind the scenes at the Super Bowl with correspondent Shawn Johnson.

  • Courteney Cox

    Actress Courteney Cox.

  • Hiccup

    A jailhouse interview with 'hiccup girl' Jennifer Mee, charged with murder.

  • Super Bowl Hotel Investigation

    The show investigates hotels that have raised their rates for the Super Bowl.

  • Springer

    Talk-show host Jerry Springer.

  • Fugitive Mom

    Author Marie S. Walsh ('A Tale of Two Lives').

  • Super Bowl Media Day

    Olympian Shawn Johnson at Super Bowl Media Day.

  • Facematch

    People choose mates who look like themselves.

  • SAG Awards

    Behind the scenes at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

  • Teacher Accused

    Accusations against a teacher.

  • Swine Flu

    Swine influenza.

  • Caroline Kennedy Speaks

    Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, daughter of President Kennedy, speaks out.

  • Kate Gosselin

    Reality-show star Kate Gosselin returns to TV.

  • Dog Whisperer

    A dog whisperer's pack of unleashed German shepherd dogs follows him wherever he goes.

  • Charlie Sheen's Wife

    Charlie Sheen's wife.

  • Fire Protection

    Singer Chris Brown's appearance on 'Dancing With the Stars'; a killer whale makes a controversial return to SeaWorld; singer Britney Spears' latest appearance.

  • Oscar Nominations

    Academy Award nominees.

  • Philadelphia Rat Patrol

    Lea Michele's recovery; Donald Trump's birth certificate; Chris Brown's appearance on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

  • Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin discusses PETA criticism of a photo of her son and their dog.

  • Philadelphia's Hottest Bachelors

    Elizabeth Taylor's marriage to a U.S. senator; rescuing abused and neglected animals in Philadelphia; hot bachelors from Philadelphia.

  • 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards

    The Golden Globes.

  • Eagles Cheerleaders

    Elizabeth Taylor's final days; cheerleaders for the Philadelphia Eagles football team.

  • Golden Globes Preview

    Behind the scenes of the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards.

  • Man Who Punched Snooki

    The former teacher who punched reality star Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi enlists in the Army.

  • Costco Bride

    A bride dressed by a warehouse store.

  • 400 Lb. Marathoner

    A sumo wrestler tries to set a world record as the heaviest person to finish a marathon.

  • Costco Bride

    A bride dressed by a warehouse store.

  • Miracle Bride

    A once-paraplegic bride-to-be learns to walk down the aisle.

  • Investigations 2014

    The show's investigations in 2014.

  • Ballerina Killed by Drunk Driver

    Drunken driving claims the life of a dancer.

  • The Bachelor's Ex-Girlfriend

    A former girlfriend of Brad Womack ('The Bachelor').

  • Prince Harry Paternity Claims

    Headlines question Britain's Prince Harry's paternity.

  • Secrets of TV's The Bachelor

    The Bachelor.

  • Dragged Off a Plane

    A woman who was carried off a plane and jailed for three days speaks out.

  • Diana's Wedding Dress

    The wedding dress worn by Diana, Princess of Wales.

  • Bullied Kid


  • Chimp Attack

    A chimpanzee attacks a woman.

  • Pets in Bed

    Dangers of allowing pets to sleep in one's bed.

  • Girl-on-Girl Fighting

    Fighting among girls.

  • Psychic Detective Investigation

    Psychic detectives.

  • Oscars Knock-Offs

    Academy Awards fashion knockoffs.

  • Academy Awards

    The 83rd Academy Awards.

  • Oscar Preview

    A preview of the 83rd Academy Awards presentation.

  • Cosby Scandal Latest

    The latest on the Bill Cosby scandal.

  • Kelsey Grammer's Wedding

    Actor Kelsey Grammer weds.

  • Military Dog

    A bomb-sniffing dog survives its soldier handler in Afghanistan.

  • Drive-Thru Bars

    Drive-through establishments serve alcohol.

  • Spring Lingerie

    Lingerie fashions.

  • Jersey Shore's J-Woww

    Reality TV star Jenni 'JWoww' Farley.

  • Royals Coming to America

    Prince William and his wife visit New York City.

  • Hollywood Bombshells

    The return of the Hollywood bombshell.

  • Real Life Super Heroes


  • Sports Illustrated

    The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

  • Grammy Awards

    The 53rd Grammy Awards.

  • Grammy Awards

    A preview of the 53rd Grammy Awards show.

  • Bob Hope

    A woman and her pet pig get kicked off a plane; Sasha and Malia Obama; the St. Louis Rams; Ray Rice's wife; the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailer; Nicki Minaj; air travel; remembering comic Bob Hope; video of a marriage proposal.

  • Dog Food Diet

    A man says he eats nothing but dog food.

  • Stolen Laptops

    The safety of laptops in public places.

  • Best Thanksgiving Ever

    Ferguson riots; officer Darren Wilson; José Canseco; Bette Midler and Ariana Grande; Angelina Jolie; debt collectors; a father and daughter inspire people; an old man works out.

  • Super Bowl XLV

    Inside the 2011 Super Bowl.

  • Black Friday Secrets

    Ferguson, Mo.; rape at colleges; Bill Cosby; Black Friday; Bette Midler and Ariana Grande; a cute dog video.

  • Pro Football Scandal

    A masseuse tells all about a football scandal.

  • Customer Service Investigation

    American Music Awards; Bill Cosby; foul-mouthed children; a pathetic Christmas tree; customers wait on hold for three hours or more for customer service; narcolepsy; grumpy cat; the catch seen round the world.

  • Sextuplets' Parents Split

    'Raising Sextuplets' parents Bryan and Jenny Masche.

  • Kelly LeBrock

    Bill Cosby; a gym teacher faces charges; shoveling snow safely; Miss Golden Globes; country music stars come out; a singer's microphone dies; a woman with Alzheimer's disease; a dog chases a burglar.

  • Kelsey Grammer's Ex

    A former wife of actor Kelsey Grammer.

  • One-Armed Weightlifter

    Bill Cosby; Florida State University shooting; remembering director Mike Nichols; rock 'n' roll memorabilia; breast reduction; video of a skateboard hitting a reporter in the head.

  • Charlie Sheen Back at Work

    Actor Charlie Sheen.

  • Rock Memorabilia Investigation

    Bill Cosby; a basketball team snowed in; Chris Hemsworth; Kim Kardashian; online dating assault; 'drunk' woman; a woman who is proof anything is possible; video of a dolphin.

  • Concern Over Charlie Sheen's Health

    Actor Charlie Sheen.

  • Secret Life of Dogs

    Bill Cosby; freezing weather; Charles Manson; a rocket scientist's shirt; home invasion; what dogs do when their owners are not at home; a strange interview; video of a serious sleepyhead.

  • Dallas' Hottest Bachelors

    Professional athletes and others compete for the title of 'hottest bachelor.'

  • Secret Life of Toddlers

    Bill Cosby; Solange Knowles; a fight over football; a stolen house; what toddlers do while they are supposed to be sleeping; Johnny Depp; a child's race car.

  • Kennedy Movies

    Rare Kennedy home movies have been released for the 50th anniversary of JFK's inauguration.

  • Beasts in the City

    Bill Cosby; a fake drunk; a masked bank-robber; Richard Simmons; Dr. Phil and Mama June; a young man's death; a family who have been quarantined for months; Elisabeth Hasselbeck; a father's notes to his daughter.

  • Kelsey Grammer Divorce

    Actors Kelsey and Camille Grammer go to court.

  • Napkin Notes

    Richard Simmons; Bono's plane emergency; a beggar in a luxury car; a mall shooting; Kim Kardashian; Jennifer Lawrence; food trucks; secret fast-food meals; a businessman tests a product in an unusual way.

  • Oscar Nominees

    Academy Award nominations are announced.

  • Secret Menus

    Kim Kardashian; a rock thrown from an overpass; window washers left dangling 500 feet up; wild beasts in cities; a lost wedding ring is found; Wayne Brady; Jesus; a Boston bombing survivor; Turks attack U.S. servicemen; a score that never was.

  • Becoming Chaz Bono

    A film about singer Cher's daughter becoming a man.

  • One Punch Kill

    A student takes the life of a classmate; Nicki Minaj; a doctor is cured of Ebola; a baby elephant fends off lions; a singing veteran; Jennifer Lawrence; Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen; a basketball player's comeback; 'caddy girls'; a good neighbor.

  • Beagle Driving

    A dog drives a car.

  • Don't Go in the Attic

    A Utah kidnapping attempt; a cheerleader falls; Nicki Minaj; accusations against a NASCAR driver; Macaulay Culkin; a freak accident on an aircraft; fear of attics; Victoria's Secret Fashion Show; a mascot steals the show.

  • American Idol

    The return of 'American Idol.'

  • Hyperbaric Chambers

    An arrest in the McStay family killings; Jerry Seinfeld; Brooke Shields; the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden; a hit and run; hyperbaric chambers; ex-military pinups; a little girl captures America's heart; video of a dog playing with a baby.

  • Bush's Favorite Restaurant

    Former President George W. Bush's favorite restaurant in Dallas.

  • Exasperated Boy

    Abducted nurse; nurse who recovered from Ebola; cheerleader charged with having sex with a minor; Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden; man eaten by a snake; pit bull attacks a TV star's daughter; fear of basements; exasperated boy; sea lion.

  • JFK Inauguration

    The 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's inauguration.

  • Hogzilla?

    Owners across the country say their miniature pigs have turned into monster-sized pets.

  • Golden Globes

    The 68th annual Golden Globe Awards.

  • Golden Globes Preview

    A preview of the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

  • Sherri Shepherd's Ex

    Chris Rock; fistfights at NASCAR races; Nik Wallenda; a basketball player with brain cancer; Sherri Shepherd's ex-husband; a Halloween horror cruise; Renée Zellweger's ex; a couple marries on a plane.

  • American Idol Premiere

    'American Idol' season 10 premieres.

  • Baywatch to Ice Cream Truck Driver

    A spaceship crash; a child refuses to use foul language; Nicole Eggert ('Baywatch'); morning TV's Halloween shows; a woman admits to killing her child; a transgender couple; Beyoncé's father's paternity test for a little girl; a Halloween costume.

  • Geezer Bandit

    The case of the 'geezer bandit.'

  • School Board Meeting

    A school's first school board meeting since a gunman opened fire.

  • Portal to Hell?

    Catcalls; Beyoncé; Ebola nurse; Paul Rudd; rocket blast; sexy Halloween outfits; fans help a broke inventor; Bruce Jenner; video of a boat spinning out of control.

  • The Gazer

    Some say a man heals people with just his gaze.

  • Sexy Halloween Costumes

    Ebola nurses; Christian Bale ('Exodus: Gods and Kings'); Honey Boo Boo; a viral video star; a candidate's fiancee's past; a scary drainage pipe; 'Dancing With the Stars'; a high-tech dog.

  • Ebola in New York City

    A nurse quarantined despite testing negative for Ebola; a man disappears during a big football game; tacky Halloween costumes; a tribute to beloved comic Robin Williams; a book about JFK Jr.; avoiding flu; a star goes incognito; an elephant stampede.

  • Spousal Rape?

    A husband is tried for rape.

  • Chimney Death

    A doctor dies trying to sneak into an ex-boyfriend's home through the chimney.

  • Squeaky Fromme

    Would-be assassin 'Squeaky' Fromme on parole.

  • Lady Gaga

    A new book about singer Lady Gaga.

  • The New Blind Side

    The new 'Blind Side.'

  • Sexy Super Hero Harassment?

    Ebola; NASCAR racer Tony Stewart; actor Stephen Collins; a smoke-bomb attack; a dentist's Yelp review; actress Penélope Cruz; a member of Hollywood royalty is possibly down-and-out; Comic-Con; NSA leaker Edward Snowden; video of a splash landing.

  • Craigslist Murder Case

    A murderer finds his victim through online classified advertising.

  • Christmas Holiday Diet Plan

    Dieting during the holidays.

  • New Royal Family Book

    A new book about Prince William and his fiancee, Kate Middleton.

  • L.A. Serial Killer?

    A serial killer.

  • Teacher-Student Sex Epidemic?

    Ebola; a hot-air balloon crash; a poisoned drink; Nicole Eggert ('Baywatch'); Katy Perry; Ben Affleck; teachers accused of sex crimes; a man tries to cross the Atlantic in a big bubble; a happy mom; a delusional teen.

  • Little Fockers Premiere

    The film 'Little Fockers.'

  • SAG Award Nominations

    Screen Actors Guild Award nominations.

  • Golden Globe Nominations

    The Golden Globe Awards nominations.

  • Brazilian Blowouts

    Hairstylists and their clients wear gas masks.

  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

    Former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

  • George Clooney's Wedding

    The White House intruder; George Clooney's nuptials; 'Duck Dynasty'; a coach body-slams a man running onto the field; a missing real-estate agent; 'Saturday Night Live'; video of a dog escaping through a window.

  • Dick Cavett

    Talk-show host Oprah's revealing interview; the recent death of Elizabeth Edwards; the latest controversy involving Sarah Palin; a grisly killing rocks a small town; actor Wesley Snipes.

  • Beverly Hills Murder Mystery

    The murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen.

  • Sexy Retirement Village

    Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev; White House security; one of the sexiest retirement villages in the country.

  • Outlet Store Investigation

    The quality of merchandise sold at outlet stores.

  • Houston's Hottest Bachelors

    A high-speed police chase injures a dog; a hurricane strikes as bachelorettes throw a party; a missing college student; Adrian Peterson's mother; Joan Rivers' doctor; the nanny from hell; an emergency landing; hot Houston bachelors; a fish whisperer.

  • Life Hacks

    Pamela Anderson; simple advice to make life easier.

  • Dallas' Hottest Bachelors

    Rihanna; Joan Rivers audio hoax; families of children named Isis; a woman sends a naked selfie to her father; Miss America; dogs die at a kennel; Dallas' hottest bachelors; 'Dancing With the Stars'; video of something that is not a stunt.

  • Too Hot for Jail

    A woman says she was fired because she was too attractive to work as a jail guard.

  • Major Deegan Pilot

    A pilot landed on an expressway; Danielle Watts ('Django Unchained'); 'The View'; Miss America; disciplining children; a waitress wins the lottery; Kent State sweatshirt; video of a child who sees that her father has shaved his beard.

  • Homeless to Harvard

    A woman rises from homelessness to Harvard University.

  • Crazy Cat

    Rihanna; a gun range instructor's family forgives the child who accidentally shot him; the Palin family; a child meets President Obama; the Miss America pageant; Robert Downey Jr.; George Clooney; a raccoon attack; fat shamers; George Zimmerman.

  • Teen TV Stars Head to College

    Young performers start college.

  • Tiger's Ex-Mistresses Get Plastic Surgery

    Tiger Woods' former mistresses.

  • Dr. Phil McGraw

    Ray Rice's wife; a neighbor secretly films a violent couple; Dr. Phil's advice for Melissa Rivers; a woman survives a week in a ravine; Seth Meyers; cat calls; a man faces an active volcano; Taylor Swift and Katy Perry; a dog gets a spa treatment.

  • Cheap Thanksgiving Eats

    A low-cost Thanksgiving feast.

  • Joan Rivers' Funeral

    NFL star Ray Rice; Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, expects a second baby; a traffic ticket saves a man's life; Joan Rivers' funeral; a foul ball; a handsome ex-con; Heidi Klum's home; video of hundreds of fish going berserk.

  • Mold Investigation

    Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding; Bristol Palin advances to the 'Dancing With the Stars' finale; actress Eva Longoria's divorce; home repairs.

  • NFL Football Wives

    Prince William's engagement to Kate Middleton; an interview with Oksana Grigorieva; Bristol Palin's latest performance; Tina Fey and censorship; Rosie O'Donnell's biopsy; Cher and Chaz on the red carpet; the president's book; medal of honor.

  • Heidi's Hideaway

    Model Heidi Klum's California home; a police officer goes on trial for killing an elk.

  • Beauty Queen Dads

    Oprah's emotional interview with Whoopi Goldberg; resentment over airport security measures; the latest on Jessica Simpson's engagement; President Bill Clinton's cameo in 'Teh Hangover' sequel; fathers prepare their daughters for beauty pageants.

  • Family Shootout

    A police officer and a killer catch a family in the crossfire.

  • Debt Scammer Investigation

    Telephone scams.

  • Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

    People who rarely become ill.

  • Horse Slaughter

    A descendant of legendary thoroughbred Secretariat may have been saved from the butcher's blade.

  • Expired Products at Your Gas Mart?

    Expired products.

  • 66th Primetime Emmy Awards

    Behind the scenes at the Emmys.

  • 2014 VMAs

    Behind the scenes at the MTV Video Music Awards; full-figured women showing off in bikinis.

  • Serial Killer Home

    A family learns that their home used to belong to a serial killer.

  • Sports Star Evicted

    A landlord says a sports superstar trashed his home after being evicted.

  • Election Day 2010

    Coverage of the midterm elections.

  • Face Makeover

    An accident destroys a young woman's face.

  • Half Man

    An amputee is an athlete and motivational speaker.

  • Murder in Bali

    An American teen and her boyfriend, charged with killing her mother while vacationing in Indonesia, may face death by firing squad.

  • Heidi Montag's Mom

    The mother of reality TV star Heidi Montag speaks out.

  • Dancing With the Stars

    Behind the scenes at 'Dancing With the Stars.'

  • Katy Perry's Wedding

    Singer Katy Perry.

  • New Secret Service Book

    Shipwrecked; a shooting trial; Ohio State Marching Band leader; remembering Michael Johns; Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg; student loans; Ronald Kessler's book 'The First Family Detail'; Kim Kardashian; a dog plays the piano.

  • Lindsay Lohan Back in Court

    Actress Lindsay Lohan returns to court.

  • Thorn Causes Hand Amputation

    A fall from a bicycle leads to a deadly disease, causing a firefighter to lose his hand; Hulk Hogan's ex-wife and her former boyfriend.

  • Katy Perry's Wedding

    Singer Katy Perry's wedding.

  • Courteney Cox Divorce

    Whether actress Courteney Cox may file for divorce.

  • Hero Cop

    A police officer brings a little boy found unconscious in a pool back to life; the golden sisters comment on 'Fifty Shades of Grey.'

  • Cheeseburger Fight

    Men brawl over a cheeseburger in a fast-food restaurant.

  • Grand Ole Opry

    The reopening of the Grand Ole Opry.

  • Dancing With the Stars

    Behind the scenes at 'Dancing With the Stars.'

  • Sex Offender Hospital

    A hospital provides quality health-care for sex offenders.

  • Ladies of The Talk

    Deborah Norville meets with women of the CBS series 'The Talk.'

  • Rolling Coal

    A disturbing new prank; Prince George look-alikes.

  • Missing Utah Mom

    An update on a missing Utah woman.

  • Obama Town Hall

    President Obama's town hall meeting for a younger audience.

  • ESPY Awards

    A passenger jet may have been shot out of the sky; a bank robbery and kidnapping; Erin Andrews; children and hot cars; Tracy Morgan; criminals scam grandparents; a father's surprise; a reporter swallows a fly.

  • Clinton Musical

    A new musical is based on the lives of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

  • Super Bowl Baby Boom

    A baby boom occurred in New Orleans after the Saints won the Super Bowl.

  • Tallest Man's Smile Makeover

    The tallest man in the world gets a smile makeover.

  • Hotel Puffery?

    Some hotels may fudge their advertisements and websites to make themselves look better.

  • IE's Undercover Dog Reporter

    The undercover dog searches for bed bugs at popular retail stores.

  • To Catch a Bicycle Thief

    A thief steals a locked bicycle from the street.

  • Murder Over Shrubbery

    A man kills his neighbor in a dispute about shrubbery.

  • Lynette Squeaky Fromme

    Former Manson Family member Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme.

  • Nanny Who Won't Leave

    A family fights to get their fired live-in nanny to leave their home.

  • Framed

    A mother is falsely accused of child porn.

  • Ex-Child Star Down on His Luck

    A lion attacks its trainer; a bride is accused of faking a fatal disease; a Miss Universe contestant suspects sabotage.

  • Party Cove Dangers

    The dangers of Party Cove at Lake of the Ozarks.

  • Hawaii 5-0 Mystery

    The whereabouts of original 'Hawaii 5-0' star Jack Lord.

  • Secrets of Scents

    The latest on Tracy Morgan; Sandra Bullock's home invasion; Miss USA Nia Sanchez; stores using smells to help sales.

  • Housing Discrimination?

    A black family may have been refused to buy a house.

  • Soccer Mom Burglary?

    Dr. Laura Schlessinger ends her show; the family of a man killed by a drunken driver; actress Sandra Bullock; the death of plastic surgeon Frank Ryan.

  • Bras for the Summer

    Summer bras.

  • Child Run Over on Beach

    Actor Mel Gibson in a car crash; spectators are killed at a racing event; President Obama and his daughter go for a swim; Tyra Banks apologizes for an ad; Tila Tequila says a crowd attacked her.

  • No Pilot Terror

    Dr. Laura Schlessinger; the fed-up flight attendant; singer Fantasia; Lindsay Lohan's mother; 'American Idol'; Bill O'Reilly and Jennifer Aniston; Hilary Swank.

  • Mom Breaks Back Saving Son

    Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl; V. Stiviano; Lauren Scruggs; a teen leads a high-speed chase; remembering Ann B. Davis ('The Brady Bunch'); Jeopardy Julia; a transgender child; a woman breaks her back saving her little boy; a meteorologist gets hiccups.

  • Stuffed Animals Protect Girl

    A girl calls 911 during a home invasion and uses her stuffed animals as protection.

  • Cyanide Doctor

    A flight attendant has a meltdown; ways to quit a job; a missing child; actress Julia Roberts.

  • Teacher Stalked

    A man stalks a young teacher for years, then kills her.

  • Susan Powell's Disappearance

    The shootings of students in Isla Vista, Calif.; Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding; Seth Rogen; Emma Watson; a father-daughter beach.

  • Brothers Forever

    Two best friends, a Marine and a Navy SEAL, who are now buried side by side in Arlington National Cemetery; a dramatic 911 call; a bride who forgot her wedding; service dogs.

  • Limo Dangers

    Dangerous limousines on the road; kidnap victim Michelle Knight; Kim Kardashian's bachelorette party; grilling safety.

  • Paralyzed Bride

    A bride is paralyzed during a freak swimming-pool accident at her bachelorette party; a baby born with her heart outside her body.

  • Sochi Dogs

    V. Stiviano; patients call a surgeon a butcher and a drug addict; a billionaire NBA team owner's daughter; a golf pro calls off his wedding; Kim Kardashian and Kanye West; Maksim Chmerkovskiy; handshake dangers; politician accused of stalking.

  • Granny Slap

    A woman slaps her foul-mouthed granddaughter.

  • Runaway Mom

    A mom who ran off with her boyfriend.

  • A Dog Sent Me to Prison

    A dad caught kicking a boy off a skateboard ramp; Johnny Weir; Michael Jackson; 'Saturday Night Live'; a politician accused of stalking; Brad Pitt; a dog's testimony in a murder trial; commencement speeches; a dad's catch.

  • Bank Robber Mask

    A suspected bank robber wears a mask that makes him look like a completely different man.

  • Speeding Judges

    Barbara Walters; a bear in the house; Idaho politicians; Solange Knowles; a mother is accused of killing her children; remembering Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; traffic-court judges caught speeding; Kim Kardashian and Kanye West; viral-video cat.

  • Hero Pizza Guy

    A pizza deliveryman saves a customer's life.

  • Is That Ruby Real?

    What to know before buying a ruby; a murderer is released from prison.

  • Tiny Prophet

    Beyoncé; Magic Johnson; an 8-year-old helps to deliver a baby; bounce-house dangers; a cat saves a child being attacked by a dog; a fight between two billionaires; a boy predicts when a paralyzed man will walk; a 9/11 museum; a wedding dance.

  • Married Storm Chasers

    Storm chasers Roger and Caryn Hill.

  • Psychic Kid

    Alec Baldwin; Beyoncé and Jay Z; Donald Sterling; Hillary Clinton; Casey Kasem; a 4-year-old boy may have psychic abilities; a Clippers fan; a TV anchor's meltdown.

  • Polygamy Town

    A glimpse into a polygamist community.

  • Lindsay Lohan Surrender

    Actress Lindsay Lohan must surrender and begin her jail sentence.

  • Models Without Makeup

    Donald Sterling; a horrific mansion fire; NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel; a model with vitiligo; 'Duck Dynasty'; Hugh Jackman; Mickey Rooney; a woman is clinically dead for nearly half an hour; celebrities without makeup; a proposal.

  • Model With Psoriasis

    Fashion model CariDee English reveals her struggle with psoriasis.

  • Bathroom Dangers

    Keeping safe in the bathroom.

  • Model Mauled

    A dog mauls a teen model.

  • Phantom Keys

    Two abducted Cleveland women are honored; Monica Lewinsky; NBA star Kevin Durant; conjoined twins; a woman in a visor; a circus accident; key cards; a sister act; video of a dog stealing treats.

  • Married Storm Chasers

    A couple chases tornadoes, hail and lightning.

  • Restroom Spies

    Monica Lewinsky; animal cruelty; the Met gala; a Clippers fan; 'Saturday Night Live'; Prince William; hidden cameras in restrooms; Michelle Knight; a walrus.

  • Lady Gaga Impersonator

    A young woman lives every day as if she were singer Lady Gaga.

  • Peeping Tom Cop?

    V. Stiviano; Joan Rivers vs. Michelle Knight; a circus accident; TV's 'Bad Teachers'; 'I Wanna Marry Harry'; Donald Sterling; a peeping-Tom police officer; the White House Correspondents Dinner; a man dances for 100 days.

  • Crystal Renn Controversy

    Plus-size model Crystal Renn faces criticism for slimming down.

  • Three Generations in Bikinis

    Donald Sterling; sinkholes; Matthew Hicks ('I Wanna Marry Harry'); a man turns himself into a human chair; kidnapping survivor Michelle Knight; a lottery winner; movies' hidden message; family members pose in bikinis; children in a salsa contest.

  • New Face

    A woman who was shot as a teen gets a new face.

  • Save Money on Dry Cleaning

    Saving hundreds of dollars on dry-cleaning bills.

  • Kate Gosselin

    Reality TV star Kate Gosselin ('Kate Plus 8').

  • Pothead Princess Exclusive

    Donald Sterling's ex-mistress; a family's dog is stolen; George Clooney; 'I Wanna Marry Harry'; Cameron Diaz; a teen brags of being drunk, drives the wrong way and kills her two best friends; children react to mom's news; a graduate's backflip.

  • Dog-Shooting Cops

    Donald Sterling; Oprah Winfrey; parents caught on tape behaving badly; George Clooney; Donald Sterling's mistress; cops shooting dogs; baby monitors; friendly baby seals.

  • Burn Lady?

    A woman accused of lighting her boyfriend on fire.

  • Johnny Weir's Estranged Husband Speaks Out

    Donald Sterling; George Clooney; wedding crashers; a teen stabbed to death; Johnny Weir; thigh-gap surgery; cute videos of animals.

  • Little Woman Bodybuilder

    Prince George's photo is altered; a child gives Michelle Obama her father's resume; the 'Burger King baby' finds her mother; Amy Robach's chemotherapy; Jimmy Fallon; a cop kills a groom; a mugging causes a brain rewiring; a little bodybuilder.

  • The Sleep Whisperer

    Joan Rivers; a homeless man is not who he seems; baseball controversy; Beyoncé; George Clooney; Tori Spelling; sleep whisperers; a professor recovers from a brutal beating; a close encounter with a moose.

  • Spiritual Medium James Van Praagh

    Psychic medium James Van Praagh communicates with Sept. 11 victims.

  • Olympic Star Misty May-Treanor

    Professional volleyball player Misty May-Treanor discusses growing up with alcoholic parents.

  • Elizabeth Edwards Speaks Out

    Elizabeth Edwards, estranged wife of former Sen. John Edwards.

  • Parental Kidnapping Police Chase

    A teen may have stowed away on a jet; a woman fights with police over her young daughter; a burning car in a lion safari; a teen asks Miss America to the prom; Lindsay Lohan; Oscar Pistorius; child stars; a 'Real Housewives' brawl; Boston marathon.

  • Broke Housewives of NJ

    The financial woes of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey.'

  • Sleep Eating

    People who eat while they are asleep.

  • Jeremiah Denton Memorial Service

    The death of WWE star the Ultimate Warrior; stripper in a nursing home; Prince George; Oscar Pistorius trial; remembering Mickey Rooney; remembering Jeremiah Denton; Samantha Harris; child may have polio; Julia Louis-Dreyfus; Ferris wheel; dog show.

  • ACM Awards

    A family has to be rescued at sea; Miranda Lambert; Prince George; remembering Mickey Rooney; Neil Patrick Harris; a husband is accused of hiring a hit man; Boston Marathon wedding; a surprise family reunion.

  • Sex Offender Island

    McNeil Island off the coast of Washington houses sex offenders after they have served prison time.

  • Kids' Choice Awards

    Behind the scenes at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

  • Millionaire for a Second

    A casino denies a woman $42 million due to a slot-machine malfunction.

  • Facebook Break-In

    Police think Facebook may have helped burglars carry out a crime.

  • Stolen Valor

    People who falsely claim to be war heroes.

  • Bikini Ready

    Getting in shape for swimsuit season.

  • Criminal Profiling

    Criminal profiler Pat Brown.

  • Noah Film

    The new movie 'Noah.'

  • Boy in Burning Car

    A 4-year-old boy is trapped in a burning car.

  • Newlywed Murder

    A man is charged with murder after his young bride is found dead.

  • Honest Taxi Drivers

    Losing items on public transportation.

  • Sex Addict

    A sex addict discusses his behavior.

  • The Salahis

    White House party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi.

  • Hoarder Evicted

    Los Angeles earthquake; cop eats the evidence; pilot of the missing plane; Amanda Seyfried; Manhattan hoarder is evicted; Diana Nyad; person of interest in D.C. murders; remembering David Brenner; death of Mick Jagger's girlfriend; dog video.

  • Car Repair Investigation

    Investigating a car repair chain that is accused of taking advantage of its customers.

  • Times Square Bomb

    The attempted bombing in Times Square.

  • Pet Embalming

    People have their pets embalmed.

  • Realtor Hanky Panky

    A family fears its crazy cat; the pilot of the missing jet; Justin Bieber; a hockey player collapses on live TV; Zach Galifianakis interviews the president; real-estate agents have an affair in a client's house; Kristen Bell; a cute video of a child.

  • Hollywood and Scientology

    Hollywood and the Church of Scientology.

  • Aspen Socialite Murder Trial

    Justin Bieber; stolen passports; a hoarder in a ritzy neighborhood; a young man may be Michael Jackson's son; a spelling bee; Stacy Keibler weds; a socialite on trial; a former Miss America contestant says she is gay; video of two children.

  • Conjoined Twins

    Three-year-old conjoined twins share one heart and fight for their lives.

  • Stolen Homes

    A couple say that someone purchased their home without their knowledge.

  • Real Life Animal House?

    The latest on Lawrence Taylor's arrest; Dr. Phil's new look; neighbors say fraternity houses are out of control.

  • Starving Artists

    Oscar news follow-up; John Travolta name screw-up; snow plow apology; Rob Ford and Jimmy Kimmel; how to shoot a selfie; a 'Housewife' pleads guilty; a police beating video; Oscar knockoffs; a dog makes an ice cream cone disappear.

  • Deborah Norville: Flight Attendant

    Former professional football player Lawrence Taylor's recent arrest; Deborah Norville finds out what it is like to train as a flight attendant in a post-9/11 world.

  • 2014 Oscars

    The Academy Awards; Ellen DeGeneres orders pizza for the stars; the descendants of the man whose story was told in '12 Years a Slave'; George Lopez; Oscar fashions; Oscar parties; wild weather.

  • Most Wanted Teen in America

    The real-life 'Catch Me if You Can.'

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Last-minute preparations for the Oscars; 'Son of God'; Kerry Kennedy's not guilty verdict; singer Robin Thicke's marital issues.

  • A Sneeze Can Cause a Stroke


  • Latest, Breaking News

    An update on the baby born on a New York street; a boy dies after contracting a disease from a pet rat; actor Seth Rogen's congressional testimony; rainy weather on the West Coast.

  • Sex Offender Among Us
  • Latest, Breaking News

    A woman gives birth while trying to hail a cab; the lawsuit against Lisa Kudrow; skiers and snowboarders smoking marijuana; a video of Justin Bieber taking a sobriety test; drought in California.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    A woman shoots at intruders in her home; the deck a family is standing on collapses as they pose for a picture; the end of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's marriage; the end of Mr. Moviefone.

  • Beyonce's Brother

    The young brother that Beyonce has never met.

  • Ghost House

    A night at the house called 'a portal to Hell'; a 62-year-old lingerie model.

  • Julia Roberts' Half-Sister Exclusive

    A teen says she is a serial killer; Olympian Bode Miller; Jimmy Fallon; Simon Cowell; Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt; Julia Roberts' relationship with her half-sister; the 'loud music trial'; an autistic boy gets a gift; video of a magpie.

  • Pot-Smoking Skiers

    Rosie O'Donnell; the Philadelphia pileup; winter weather and the economy; Julia Roberts; Sports Illustrated; people who ski after legally smoking marijuana; Oscar nominees; a child receives a special gift.

  • Flower Test

    Julia Roberts' half-sister; Bob Costas; a reporter mistakes Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne; the trial of a man accused of fatally shooting a teen; remembering Shirley Temple; Sarah Palin; Muhammad Ali Jr.; a dog show; a homemade luge track.

  • Disability Investigation

    An Olympic bobsledder breaks his door; a college basketball player shoves a fan; Jay Leno; the death of a giraffe; Julia Roberts' half-sister; government employees' questionable injuries; Dina Lohan; a proposal; Shia LaBeouf; Muhammad Ali's son.

  • How to Save Money on Everything

    Jay Leno's last 'Tonight Show'; the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman; a cold murder case may be solved; life in the Olympic village; Rachel Frederickson ('The Biggest Loser'); bargain hunting; the bubonic plague; a wedding-dance showstopper.

  • Re-Wedding

    The winter Olympics; the Philip Seymour Hoffman case results in arrests; Rachel Frederickson ('The Biggest Loser'); beautiful ice and snow; Justin Bieber; a bride who lost her memory gets a second wedding; Woody Allen; adorable video of a child.

  • The Masters

    Tiger Woods returns to golf at the Masters Tournament.

  • Obama's Brother

    Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman; the Super Bowl breaks a record; Woody Allen; Vanity Fair magazine; heroin; President Obama's brother; the puppy from a Super Bowl commercial; a photogenic donkey.

  • Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee

    Tattoo model Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee speaks out about her alleged affair with TV personality Jesse James.

  • Super Bowl LXVIII

    Gabby Douglas behind the scenes at the Super Bowl; video of a man surprising his mother with Super Bowl tickets; the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman; Woody Allen; a woman quits her job in a commercial; Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley; Bruno Mars.

  • Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee

    Tattoo model Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee speaks out about her alleged affair with TV personality Jesse James.

  • Tiger Practice

    Golfer Tiger Woods prepares for his return in the Masters Tournament.

  • Surgical Fire

    A woman sues a doctor after getting burned during surgery.

  • Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day

    Alec Baldwin; a singer walks out on the Grammy Awards ceremony; the Super Bowl; Gabby Douglas; Heidi Klum; Russell Wilson; Pink; a singer whose song has been nominated for an Oscar; a touching video.

  • Hockey Reunion

    Hockey reunion.

  • 56th Annual Grammy Awards

    Beyoncé; Pink; Madonna; Justin Bieber; a windy place; a parasailing accident; a stockbroker who murdered his wife; Oprah Winfrey; Kate Upton.

  • Balcony Death

    Balcony death.

  • Face of Jesus?

    The Real Face of Jesus?

  • Half Man

    A man with half a body.

  • Danica Patrick Super Bowl Commercial

    Olympic security; Richard Sherman; Bradley Cooper; Katy Perry; a police officer and a child; Michelle Obama; Danica Patrick; breakdancing teacher; dolphins surfing with humans.

  • First Lady Birthday Party

    Julia Roberts; Kate Gosselin and her twins; an NFL player rants on live television; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie; Michelle Obama; Arnold Schwarzenegger; a foolish trend; April Woodard and Russell Wilson; a little girl with a big voice.

  • 2014 Golden Globes

    The Golden Globe Awards; fashion hits and misses; a figure skater falls; '16 and Pregnant'; an Air Force colonel fallen on hard times.

  • Golden Globes Preview

    Anne Hathaway; Justin Bieber; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie; Sarah Palin; a speed-eater; 'American Idol'; video of a crashing plane; a dating profile; a new face on daytime TV; love in the air in an unlikely place.

  • Surgery Dog

    A child's service dog, who detects if she will have a life-threatening reaction, is allowed in the operating room for the first time; how to live a longer life.

  • Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya Harding: 20 Years Later

    A mother jumps on rowdy college students at the Sugar Bowl; Robin Roberts; a high-rise fire; dangerous weather; a missing man; Mitt Romney; Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding; a lost engagement ring; a raging bull.

  • Miracle Dog at Rose Parade

    Nigella Lawson; Aaron Rodgers; a viral photo of a shark; Kaley Cuoco; the moments that ushered in the new year; blizzardlike conditions; weight loss; a physician goes missing; a dog who survived the gas chamber; talking eggs.

  • Driveway Carjacking

    A man is carjacked in his own driveway; Jeff Bezos; President Obama's high-school prom date; surgery for a facial deformity; a man lives like a hobbit; armored cars; a lounge chair in an unusual place; a strange diet; selling a house; a creature.

  • Bible Movies 2014

    Robin Roberts; Beyoncé; Britney Spears; 'Duck Dynasty'; a couple lost in the wilderness; Paris Jackson; the year's wacky moments caught on tape; Bible stories on the big screen; video of a puppy playing in the snow.

  • Caught on Tape

    A breach of airport security; late Christmas packages; a bighearted football player; Selena Gomez; police throw a pregnant woman to the ground; a teen wins a singing competition; 2013 hall of shame; a former polygamist; video of a puppy.

  • Blizzard Baby

    A blizzard-trapped woman ready to give birth; getting free upgraded accommodations; ugly Christmas sweaters; a man becomes a skilled pianist after a head injury.

  • Flight Germs

    Keeping healthy during the holidays; a woman gets a daily fright at work; elk encounter; Ohio State Marching Band; a man who received a face transplant and a burn victim find love.

  • Christmas Adoption Miracle

    This year's must-have Christmas gift; reality-TV star Phil Robertson; a homeless man gets a break; Mariah Carey's Christmas outfit; two sisters' wish comes true; a look back at 2013.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    'Duck Dynasty'; Nigella Lawson; Mariah Carey; a painting of Farrah Fawcett; a gospel singer's fashion choices; an abandoned dog; Katie Couric; a good cause; video of a soldier's emotional homecoming.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    'Duck Dynasty'; a freak accident on a dream trip; a crazy coach rant; SeaWorld; an unwanted hug; Kristen Johnston; parental responsibility for a child's actions; rent-to-wear; video of a dog who loves water bottles.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    A blind man falls onto subway tracks; teens trash a mansion; 'Duck Dynasty'; Christmastime at the White House; cell-phone crashing; Prince Harry; Christmas music; a girl gets a brand-new face; video of duck hunters' big surprise.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Ashley and Wynonna Judd; the 'affluenza' family; Beyoncé; 'I Love Lucy'; Justin Timberlake; Jaclyn Smith; a Christmas-greeting video; Steve Jobs; a woman wears a corset; video of a mischievous cat climbing a Christmas tree.

  • Santa Con

    An attack in a shopping mall; SantaCon; the 'affluenza' teen's home; Michael Jackson's children; a Santa Claus controversy; the bride who plead guilty to pushing her husband off a cliff; remembering Peter O'Toole; 'Family Guy'; a cat video.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    A teen kills four and gets no jail time because of the 'affluenza' defense; chef Nigella Lawson; singer Beyoncé; 'Saturday Night Live'; actress Julia Roberts; overweight, bulimic woman; Gov. Chris Christie (N.J.); disabled chef; sports stars.

  • Golden Globe Nominations

    A 16-year-old drunk driver; Golden Globe nominations; TV-show host Oprah Winfrey on why she didn't have children; a teen who sings Elvis Presley songs.

  • Chef Loses Weight

    A sign language interpreter accused of being a fraud; a family trapped in sub-zero temperatures; a district attorney accused of drunken driving; Oprah Winfrey's Screen Actor's Guild nomination; chef Graham Elliot's weight loss.

  • Doctor Love Triangle?

    Winter weather; Susan Boyle's Asperger's diagnosis; singer Carrie Underwood; turmoil in the Ukraine; doctor love triangle; Paul Walker tributes; 'American Hustle'; financial problems of reality-TV stars Heidi and Spencer Pratt.

  • Nigella Lawson

    Nigella Lawson; the Sandy Hook 911 tapes; Paul Walker's autopsy results; Martin Bashir; Ron Burgundy; Keri Russell; the woman known as the 'half-ton killer'; 'The Sound of Music Live!'; spying on lions.

  • Paul Walker Latest

    The Paul Walker death investigation; Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal; an image on a piece of steel from Ground Zero; quarterback Tom Brady; the New York train crash; Jim Moret's son's battle with a rare disease; video of how not to tow a car.

  • Black Friday: Shopping Safety Tips

    Safe holiday shopping; 'dead man's curve'; a woman has never had a meal she did not like; a paralyzed bride walks down the aisle; Mindy McCready's son; a man buys his wife 55,000 dresses; a surgeon marries a patient; a man with rhythm; dizzy video.

  • Holiday Leftovers

    Stars of a viral video; when leftovers go bad; an alligator eats a camera; a bear takes a walk down Main Street; a young man thanks his mother; preparing turkey; a woman's weight loss; a boy's deodorant invention; a blade runner; Thanksgiving video.

  • Cooking With Rocco DiSpirito

    Black Friday dangers; Alec Baldwin; Taylor Swift; a mother courts controversy; e-cigarette dangers; Kanye West; the death of a 19-year-old; a pregnant kickboxer; cutting calories on Thanksgiving; video of a child crashing into a tree.

  • Five Things You Do Wrong

    Miranda Lambert; controversial video; Alec Baldwin; 'Family Guy'; parkour; Christmas at the White House; right way to do everyday activities; baseball wife who broke into her estranged husband's home; the Romney family; racehorse on a treadmill.

  • Bad Movies ... Great Reviews?

    Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe; the American Music Awards; chef Giada De Laurentiis; a hoax; movie reviews; Olivia Newton-John's daughter; children get a surprise.

  • Inside Madoff's Apartment

    Remembering John F. Kennedy; tornadoes; teens who bullied a classmate who later took her own life; a college professor accused of murder; seniors' weightlifting event.

  • Preacher on Trial

    A preacher is convicted of murdering his wife.

  • Termite Test

    A stupid activity can leave innocent victims dead; Sarah Palin and Martin Bashir; Jennifer Lawrence; lost JFK tapes; Hugh Jackman; Lee Harvey Oswald; termite removal; a soldier comes home; a snake on a windshield.

  • Exploding Glass

    George Zimmerman; President George W. Bush; Adam Levine; Oprah Winfrey; remembering John F. Kennedy; Kelly Clarkson; Susan Boyle; exploding glass; a cheerleader; video of a ram screaming.

  • Mug Shot Websites

    George Zimmerman; the death of Brittany Murphy; a 'Saturday Night Live' actor; a boy and his puppy; Jennifer Lawrence; Whoopi Goldberg; websites posting mug shots; Larry King; video of a dog.

  • FOP Disease

    Alec Baldwin; Oprah Winfrey; Toronto Mayor Rob Ford; Jackie Kennedy's pink suit; a family who vanished; Miley Cyrus; people with a mysterious disorder; an eatery dubbed the worst restaurant ever; video of a man who taught his pet monkey a trick.

  • Best Day of the Week

    Alec Baldwin; the girl on the ObamaCare website; the first dog to climb the world's tallest mountain; Mark Wahlberg; an NBA player; children's dentistry; saving money; the JFK assassination; band camp.

  • Expiration Dates for Your Everyday Items

    Alec Baldwin; Jennifer Lawrence; found money; the 'face-lift murder trial'; a slam-dunk disaster; expiration dates; Hooters; remembering Jackie Kennedy.

  • Full House Star to Go-Go Dancer

    Miley Cyrus; Amy Robach; a makeover for a homeless war veteran; George Clooney; Miss Universe; the 'face-lift murder trial'; a child star becomes a go-go dancer; a viral video star; a Veterans Day surprise.

  • Lingerie Football Controversy

    Tom Cruise; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie; the 'facelift murder trial'; a multimillion-dollar Las Vegas winner; Victoria's Secret's annual runway show; Bill O'Reilly; lingerie football; a Justin Bieber look-alike; a special makeover.

  • The Man With Breast Implants

    Justin Bieber; a woman dances her way to the surgery table; the 'face-lift murder trial'; the CMA Awards; Corey Feldman's mother; Miss Universe; drama in a courtroom; a man gets breast implants; the video pick of the day.

  • Online Deal Website Investigation

    Tom Cruise; Brad Paisley; Anonymous; the 'face-lift murder trial'; dogs and elevators; Will Smith; online deals to 'luxury resorts'; a Halloween costume receiving criticism; a child plays with a tiger.

  • Lottery Winners Ripped Off

    Justin Bieber; the LAX shooting; a book about the most recent presidential campaign; the Ohio State marching band; Pamela Anderson; lottery clerks; pregnant women on TV; video of a major 'oops' moment.

  • First Hooters Girl

    The shooting at Los Angeles International Airport; a cross-country drive at record speed; Heidi Klum; Kanye West and Kim Kardashian; 'Saturday Night Live'; Marina Oswald; an 83-year-old jewelry thief; the first 'Hooters girl'; baby beluga whale.

  • Television Celebrates Halloween

    Halloween; the Boston Red Sox win the World Series; a teacher loses her job over Playboy photos; a George Zimmerman juror and her family; Kim Kardashian; the 'face-lift murder trial'; Doris Day; the Clipper squad; Deborah Norville.

  • NBA Cheerleaders' Halloween Costumes

    A woman is kidnapped and taken on a wild ride; the 'face-lift murder trial'; the health-care program; Kanyé West; a child walks up to the pope; the 'lullaby mom'; Corey Feldman; cheerleaders dress for Halloween; the show's 25th anniversary.

  • Piano Man

    Conrad Murray; government's health-care website; Julianne Hough; face-lift murder trial; Melissa Joan Hart; Chris Brown; cancer scare for a TV doctor; head injury turns a man into a musical genius; lounge chair 350 feet above the ground; sea lion.

  • Johnny Carson Biography

    A woman dangles from a drawbridge; skateboarders; 'Fifty Shades of Grey'; the Washington Redskins; Tom Hanks; Johnny Carson; Arsenio Hall; a transgender supermodel; a pizza delivery.

  • High School Rape

    Johnny Carson; Tom Hanks; a teacher posed for Playboy; Miley Cyrus; a couple lost in the wilderness; Valerie Harper; a former high-school cheerleader says her classmates raped her at a party; 'Carrie'; video of a dog riding in a car.

  • Judge Performs Wedding for Killer

    Miley Cyrus; 'Gravity'; a judge performs a marriage service for a convicted killer; a confrontation between a biker gang and an SUV driver; a possible terrorist; Charlize Theron; remembering Matthew Shepard; Angelina Jolie; a lucky shot.

  • Charles Manson's Grandson

    Highway confrontation; 'Breaking Bad' finale; zip-line wedding; Capt. Richard Phillips, MV Maersk Alabama; ad campaign for a lingerie company that targets full-figured women; armored cars.

  • D.C.'s Hottest Bachelors

    A search for the hottest bachelor in Washington, D.C.

  • First U.S. Face Transplant Patient Marries

    A confrontation over a missing child; George Zimmerman's wife; cosmetic surgery to look like Lindsay Lohan; the politician and the stripper; Jon Hamm; swatting; Star Jones; burn survivors wed; 'mer-people'; a boss gets a surprise.

  • The 65th Emmy Awards

    The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards: the after-parties, the fashions, the best and worst dressed; the terror attack in Kenya; a motorist has a heart attack; the reverend vs. the photographer.

  • Sex for Rent

    An investigation into sex-for-rent ads.

  • Daisy Dukes Dad

    A photographer on a bicycle crashes into Nicole Kidman; a mother's death; Lindsay Lohan's mother; a bride accused of murder; Linda Ronstadt; a father wears minishorts; disasters; a joke gone wrong; an inspirational story; a human cannonball.

  • A Day Apart

    Ariel Winter's mother; an obituary for a mother of eight; David Petraeus; Miss America pageant; Dr. Phil; a hermit accused of robbery; a bride's promise; Ariana Grande; a cat meets its match.

  • Transgender Couple

    A riot at the University of Delaware; Diana Nyad; Gwyneth Paltrow; a bear goes to town; remembering 9/11; viral video stars; undergoing a transition procedure; a zeppelin airship; Michael Bublé; a great-grandmother catches a foul ball.

  • Donor Dad Richard Hatch

    Diana Nyad; Dr. Mehmet Oz; a young man confesses to killing a man while driving drunk; George Zimmerman; Jenny McCarthy; mystery men showing up on TV; Richard Hatch; a mother's surprise; women catch catfish with their bare hands; a praying mantis.

  • Swingers

    A toy helicopter kills a teen; George Zimmerman's wife; heroes save a woman being kidnapped; Simon Cowell; golfer Patrick Reed; movie 'Diana'; twerking; Mel Gibson; swingers; a dog hates taking a bath.

  • Peter Braunstein

    Peter Braunstein, a man convicted of drugging and sexually abusing a woman, speaks out from behind bars.

  • Hot Farmers

    The death of Ariel Castro; Clint Eastwood; 'Dancing With the Stars'; George Zimmerman; Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom; Suri Cruise; Alec and Hilaria Baldwin; a DNA test for a former member of Congress; farmers' calendar; an amusing video.

  • Secret Life of Babies

    A camera catches cops throwing a pregnant driver to the ground for using a cell phone; a friendly camel; the secret lives of babies; carrots; a cruise-ship passenger falls overboard; a home-products seller; a wedding is taken by storm.

  • Gun School

    'Big Brother'; Beyoncé; divine intervention; Robin Thicke; Lamar Odom; Michael Douglas; Dave Chappelle; school shootings; a 105-year-old driver; a woodchuck eats ice cream.

  • Car Graveyard

    George Zimmerman and his wife; Valerie Harper; a road rage incident; a race car driver's crash; jerseys with prescription-drug names on them; 'Lee Daniels' The Butler'; an alligator eats a camera; dead man's curve; a one-legged dancer; a cat video.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Thousands of dollars float out of the sky; George Zimmerman; the mayor of San Diego; Ben Affleck; North West; remembering the March on Washington; police officers carrying cameras; video of a goat.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Hannah Anderson; a gunman in a Georgia school; Ashton Kutcher; Tina Fey; remembering Lisa Robin Kelly; a Georgia Tech student; a deadly love triangle; models; a little girl makes a friend at the zoo.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    The shooting of a jogger; a crash severs a woman's foot; Simon Cowell; Steve Wozniak; a shark-attack survivor weds; a frightening hoax; remembering Gia Allemand; Caroline Kennedy; a funny video.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Dr. Mehmet Oz helps pedestrians who were hit by a taxicab; Dick Van Dyke's car bursts into flames; the Obamas' new dog; LeBron James; a family builds a doomsday castle; Prince George; Jodi Arias; highly paid models; video of a major 'oops' moment.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    A bear mauls a girl; Alex Rodriguez; Prince William; Lindsay Lohan; Jessica Simpson's daughter; Jodi Arias; a baseball fan falls to his death; the cast of 'Roseanne'; a video of a child who wants a toy in a vending machine.

  • Dog Lawsuit

    A woman whose car was stolen with her baby inside; reality-TV star Gia Allemand's death; Oprah Winfrey gives a car away during an interview; '50s pinup, Hilda.

  • New Jersey Housewife Court

    A teen tells of being kidnapped; Angus T. Jones; Katy Perry; Kate Gosselin and her eight children; Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry; President Obama; remembering Gia Allemand; a dog hit by a car; over-the-top teen party; lions; babies dancing.

  • Homeless to Fabulous

    Oprah Winfrey; Usher's son; a fan dies at a baseball game; a man disappears after witnessing a car accident; co-workers win the lottery; a co-founder of Apple sells out too early; daredevils walk a tightrope; a young beauty queen; catching a seagull.

  • Lea Michele Teen Choice

    Lea Michele and the cast of 'Glee' appear at the Teen Choice Awards; Kris Jenner; Simon Cowell; a teen held captive in Idaho; Oprah Winfrey; the grave of Nick Beef; flyboarding; a confused grandmother at a wedding.

  • Manson Book

    The death of a computer hacker; a building demolition gone wrong; Simon Cowell; Oprah Winfrey; Lea Michele; a tragedy in Venice; never-before-seen photos of young Charles Manson; a very sick boy; a strong man is unable to open a bottle of water.

  • Oldest McDonald's Worker

    Prince George; Anthony Weiner; Amanda Bynes; Selena Gomez; a case similar to the Trayvon Martin shooting; the 'Beyoncé bride'; a man sticks his head in a crocodile's mouth.

  • Orson Welles

    The royal baby; a plane's landing gear collapses; Amanda Bynes; Kate Middleton's childhood home; Dwyane Wade's divorce; the world's oldest McDonald's worker; entertaining a dolphin.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    President Obama talks about the Trayvon Martin case; the Boston bomber; a child and a dog trapped in a hot car; the death of Cory Monteith; former Gov. Eliot Spitzer; Sofía Vergara; social media and crime; SeaWorld; an elderly dog; a scary guy.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Trayvon Martin's parents; Emmy Award nominees; remembering Cory Monteith; Paris Jackson; the heat wave; Leah Remini; scaring away home invaders; the cover of Rolling Stone; launching a marriage.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    The George Zimmerman trial; the cover of Rolling Stone; Emma Roberts; a 5-year-old calls 911; Stacy Keibler; a yard-sale shock; the 'trash the dress' trend; remembering Cory Monteith; a homecoming.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    The George Zimmerman trial; Jenny McCarthy; a dog on death row; 'Glee'; a little boy learns that his father is returning from Afghanistan.

  • July Sales

    The George Zimmerman trial; a parking-lot accident; 'Sharknado'; Lady Gaga; the running of the bulls; a former employer says a 'Biggest Loser' contestant is not keeping the weight off; a big tip; foxes on a trampoline.

  • Baby Alissa

    The George Zimmerman trial; the Asiana Airlines crash; a mudslide sweeps up cars; Suri Cruise; Leah Remini; Justin Bieber; cops search women in bikinis; 'Grown Ups 2'; a former Miss USA; a woman washing her hair in space.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    The George Zimmerman trial; the Cleveland hostages; Elisabeth Hasselbeck; Sarah Palin; Donald Trump vs. Miss Pennsylvania; juice cleansing; a cheetah chases a herd of impalas.

  • Juice Cleansing

    The three Cleveland captives; a wife hires a hit man; the George Zimmerman trial; cosmetic surgery results; Mariah Carey; the death of a toddler and the brief sentence of her killer; a prank; coffee cup on an SUV's back bumper.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    The George Zimmerman trial; a tragedy in Los Angeles; Paula Deen; a plus-sized woman in a bikini is asked to leave a water park; a model helps police; a dog eats pennies; surgery for babies with deformed feet; a violin played on Titanic; stunt video.

  • He's My Dad!

    A hot-air balloon wedding comes crashing down; fear of a labradoodle causes chaos; vacationing in North Korea; a young woman gets surgery to end bullying; a dance behind bars; singer Helen Reddy; cashing in on pet videos; a mermaid; the best burgers.

  • Boudoir Photos

    A woman whose child was held at knifepoint; injured parasailers; the George Zimmerman trial; the deaths of 19 firefighters; Alec Baldwin; a super treadmill; a doctor who says he saw heaven; a pet deer; a gym teacher.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Police shoot a dog; Hugh Jackman; Rep. Gabby Giffords; Pierce Brosnan; the George Zimmerman trial; Michelle Obama; remembering James Gandolfini; the sister of a man who killed himself and his two young children; celebrating friendship; a spider.

  • Paula Deen

    Paula Deen; a child is held hostage in a store; 19 firefighters lose their lives; Anna Nicole Smith's family; Jessica Simpson; Mariah Carey; the George Zimmerman trial; a trip down memory lane; an elderly bodybuilder; tourists vs. elephant.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Paula Deen; the death of James Gandolfini; Amanda Knox; Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby; Instagram; a TV movie about Anna Nicole Smith; Mike Rowe; Taylor Swift fans; Ashton Kutcher; a monkey bites a police officer.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    The death of James Gandolfini; Paula Deen; Stephen Colbert; smoking alcohol; getting a superhero body; a flower girl steals the show at a wedding.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Paris Jackson; Miami Heat fans; Serena Williams; Kim Kardashian and Kanye West; an abusive ex-husband gets a teacher fired; Cher; Miss USA; the crash of TWA Flight 800; a hero model.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Road rage caught on tape; Miss Utah; domestic violence; President Obama's daughters; Justin Bieber; Kim Kardashian; Lil' Wayne; zombies; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie; a flip-flop entrepreneur; a girl gets a souvenir baseball.

  • 90210 Chippendales

    A teen says airport security insulted her; NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden; chef Nigella Lawson; Miss Utah; a ride on a whale shark; Sarah Palin; Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby; Ian Ziering joins the Chippendales; singing couple; monkey.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    A hundred-million-dollar presidential trip; dog whisperer Cesar Millan; Joan Rivers; a husband's mistake; the national anthem child; pool dangers; Morton Downey Jr.; health myths; a Father's Day video.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Baby Alissa

    A town demands justice for the death of a toddler.

  • Cell Phone Cancer

    Cell phones and breast cancer.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Paris Jackson; Navy SEAL Chris Beck; an inspirational graduation in Detroit; Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann; President Obama; fans shame an umpire; Dunkin' Donuts; a Broadway musical about Motown; a delayed flight.

  • CMT Awards

    Paris Jackson; Dr. Conrad Murray; a stabbing on the 'Today' show; an 84-year-old lottery winner; Bobbi Kristina Brown; the CMT Awards; remembering Esther Williams.

  • Bling Ring

    Paris Jackson; Michelle Obama; Michael Douglas; Lindsey Vonn; 'The Bling Ring'; Anna Nicole Smith; fear of bridges; a politician's wife is fed up with women hitting on her husband; a man texts while sitting on the hood of a moving car.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Actor Michael Douglas; a woman gives birth at the side of the road; singer Miguel; actress Angelina Jolie; sexual assaults in the military; Paris Jackson; Prince William and Duchess Kate; comic Andy Kaufman; 'Push Girls'; a 4-year-old dancer.

  • Angelina's First Appearance

    Michael Douglas; Angelina Jolie; 'After Earth'; storm chasers killed in Oklahoma; a dog's loyalty; Madonna; a murder trial; a cereal commercial stirs up controversy; a junior-high school musician.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    An exercise instructor accused of running a brothel; the brothers accused of the Boston Marathon bombing; a woman jailed in Mexico returns home; the Rev. Billy Graham and his son; standout commencement speeches; remembering Anna Nicole Smith; twins.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • 24 Sets of Twins

    President Obama; Adam Levine; Justin Bieber; life on Mars; a kiss cam; the fatkini; Angelina Jolie's family; a couple going through major life changes; a howling dog.

  • Dog's Daughter

    Kansas tornadoes; the new head of the Rutgers University athletic program; a J.C. Penney tea pot; actress Barbara Eden; a wedding mishap; actor Jaden Smith; the death of Angelina Jolie's aunt; hazing deaths; actress Amanda Bynes; a cute child video.

  • Student Sleuth

    A student catches a thief red-handed; a YouTube craze; a veteran's home is trashed; parasailing; a moment caught on tape; living in a house of hair; a daughter's wedding; canine soldiers; the 'pinup girl.'

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Amanda Bynes; President Obama's prom night; the Jodi Arias trial jury; Mariah Carey; Jerry Lewis; a teen takes a supermodel to the prom; makeup; the National Geographic Bee winner; a muddy free-fall.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Terrorists butcher a British soldier in London; the Oklahoma tornado; a man bites a dog to save his wife; actress Jennifer Aniston; President Obama's prom night; a teen takes model Nina Agdal to the prom; the disappearance of Susan Powell; mug shots.

  • BBQ Dangers

    The Oklahoma City tornado; Jodi Arias; hot-dog danger; the new queen of the ballroom; stars in bikinis; crime-scene cleanup companies; a former anchorman; Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.

  • Model Prom Date

    The Oklahoma City tornado; Jodi Arias; O.J. Simpson's ex-girlfriend Christie Prody; a happy reunion; images of hope.

  • 50 Shades of Grey Babies

    Tornadoes; Justin Bieber and the Billboard Music Awards; O.J. Simpson; a botched 'Star-Spangled Banner'; Ben Affleck; Powerball drawing; U.S. representatives' sky-high rents; a baby boom follows the release of a racy book; Christie Brinkley; lab.

  • Lion Meat

    Jodi Arias' jail cell; Michael Jackson's possessions; 'umbrella-gate'; Mariah Carey; a couple think they found the recipe for Coca-Cola at a yard sale; Beyoncé; exotic-animal meat; an adventurer predicts his own death; a child mayor; a surprise.

  • Bright Red Girl

    Michael Jackson; late-night comics target government corruption; Zoe Saldana; Bea Arthur; Angelina Jolie; a drifter may have murdered a lawyer; a skin condition leaves a girl bright red; ducklings.

  • Too Hot for High School

    Angelina Jolie; O.J. Simpson; Michael Jackson's children; Robin Williams; Judge Judy Sheindlin; racy photographs get a teacher fired; a persistent pet.

  • Mobama Arms

    Angelina Jolie; preventive mastectomy; Prince Harry; 'The Tonight Show'; Beyoncé; a bear in a pool; cosmetic surgery to make one's arms resemble first lady Michelle Obama's; cat vs. dog intelligence.

  • Jason Collins' Ex

    O.J. Simpson; Barbara Walters; 'Saturday Night Live'; 'Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story'; Selena Gomez; the power of Mother Nature; Jason Collins' ex-fiancee; senior pictures; 'Space Oddity.'

  • SNL Ticket Scammers

    Cleveland kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro; Prince Harry; 'American Idol'; David Letterman; the world's tiniest pregnant woman; 'Saturday Night Live' ticket scammers; an anesthetized dog.

  • Humans or Animals?

    The Cleveland kidnappings; the Jodi Arias trial; 'American Idol'; a 'kiss cam' shot; animals acting like humans; a child sings the national anthem.

  • The Last Drop

    The Jodi Arias verdict; abducted women; Deborah Norville interviews a former girlfriend of late Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev; 'Splash'; an old gymnast.

  • Doggie Death Traps

    Three women held captive in Cleveland; others who have survived long-term captivity; the Costume Institute Gala; pets fall victim to ill-placed traps; Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.); something one should not try at the gym.

  • Cruise Ship Overboard

    The driver of a limousine that caught fire; Dr. Mehmet Oz; the Jodi Arias trial; a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings; a wedding video; a woman falls overboard from a cruise ship; Jennifer Lopez; a water-skiing infant.

  • Secret Lives of Babies

    Reese Witherspoon; a dangerous portion of highway; a reporter's gaffe; 'The Great Gatsby'; remembering George Jones; Amanda Bynes; the secret life of babies; a controversial advertisement; Janice Dickinson; a baby wants his bottle.

  • Pet Cash

    Jason Collins; Sofía Vergara; Catherine Zeta-Jones; Amanda Knox; Martha Stewart; scandal at 'Sesame Street'; making money from a pet's antics; the secrets to great-looking hair; a hungry, sleepy child.

  • Ken Doll Revisited

    Matt Lauer; the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner; a chunky cheerleader; a camel; the Michael Jackson concert court case; a gay NBA star; a woman adopted as an infant finds her birth mother; cosmetic to look like a doll; surprise at sea.

  • Outside Heart Baby

    The Boston bombing suspect; Matt Lauer; Omarosa; Jessica Alba; a baby born with her heart outside her body; Michael Jackson lawsuit and home; a woman tries to become a mermaid; baboons.

  • Liberace's Vault

    The Boston Marathon bombing; Gwyneth Paltrow; the cursing anchorman; the meeting of five presidents; Madonna's brother; pianist Liberace's home; ricin-laced letters; Justin Bieber; a panda.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    The Boston Marathon bomber manhunt; security cameras; a couple wed at the marathon.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Boston Marathon bombings; ricin-laced letters; fertilizer-plant explosion; South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford; Robin Roberts; the mother of children killed in a crash; restaurant shoe-shiners; an orangutan.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    The Boston Marathon bombings; Jennifer Aniston; deadly letters; a 97-year-old woman falls from a window.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • MTV Movie Awards

    The Boston Marathon explosions; behind the scenes at the MTV Movie Awards presentation.

  • Scary Movie 5 Premiere

    The stars of the 'Scary Movie' franchise.

  • Oblivion Premiere

    Movie 'Oblivion' stars Tom Cruise.

  • Jackie Robinson

    Ballplayer Jackie Robinson's family.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Academy of Country Music Awards

    Behind the scenes at the music awards ceremony.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Barbara Walters Shocker

    Journalist Barbara Walters.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Charitable Spring Break

    Students spend their vacation rebuilding storm ravaged homes.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • NFL Sandwich

    An NFL rookie works at a sandwich shop.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Red Carpet for Kids

    Child parties resembling movie premieres.

  • Oscar Dresses for Less

    Looking like a star without breaking the bank.

  • Oscar Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes at the Academy Awards.

  • Oscars Preview

    A countdown to the Academy Awards.

  • Toddlewood

    Children look like Academy Award nominees.

  • Million-Dollar Shacks

    Dilapidated houses selling for big bucks.

  • Brett Butler

    Comic Brett Butler.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

    Sports Illustrated reveals the new swimsuit cover girl.

  • Grammys

    Behind the scenes at the Grammy Awards.

  • Death of a Giant

    A young woman's rare disease caused her uncontrollable growth and her death.

  • Identical Friends

    Best friends look exactly alike.

  • Scientology Princess

    The niece of a Scientology leader tells of her escape from the religion.

  • Superbowl Aftermath

    Behind the scenes at the Super Bowl.

  • Super Bowl Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes at the Super Bowl, including the half-time show.

  • Miss Alabama

    Model Katherine Webb takes the field for Super Bowl coverage.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Inaugural Ball

    Inside President Obama's inaugural ball.

  • Inauguration

    At President Obama's inauguration.

  • Scientology Investigation

    A new investigation into the religion of Scientology.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Dance Couple

    Viral photos of a couple at their middle-school dance, then wedding.

  • Golden Globes

    This year's Golden Globe Awards ceremony.

  • Stiletto Workout

    A women's gym teaches clients to walk confidently in high heels.

  • People's Choice Awards

    Behind the scenes at the People's Choice Awards.

  • Princess Kate's Birthday

    Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge, celebrates her birthday.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Fat Valet

    A valet ticket mocks a woman's weight.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Latest, Breaking News

    Celebrity news and human-interest stories.

  • Casino Heist

    A heist caught on tape.

  • Shocking 2012

    The year's top shocking stories.

  • News 2012

    The year's biggest news story.

  • Celebrities 2012

    The most newsworthy stars of the year.

  • Hazmat House

    Homeowners unknowingly purchase a former meth lab.

  • Boy Beauty Pageants

    Male participants in pageants.

  • Avalanche Safety

    Staying safe during a holiday ski trip.

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