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Episode Guide

  • ATV and UTV vs Inline Skating

    Pro inliners hit the ramps and bowls for some big tricks.

  • Surfing vs. Free Running

    In the self proclaimed Surf City California, pro surfers are riding the Pacific swell, while beach volleyball compete on the sand.

  • Skateboarding and Kiteboarding vs. Sportbike Freestyle

    In the USA, freestyle riders are doing nose wheelies at 60mph while back in the UK landboarders are harnessing the wind for 30-ft high jumps.

  • Ice Climbing vs. Sandrails

    The World cup in Saas Fee, Switzerland for the climbers; souped-up buggies in Southern California.

  • Snowboarding vs. BMX Vert and Street

    At a camp in California some of the worlds best BMX are trying some big tricks; snowboarders are taking advantage of the Swiss Alps sunshine.

  • Rock Climbing vs. Free Skiing

    At more than 11,000 feet high in the Swiss Alps, some of Europe's best free skiers gather for a big day.

  • The Megaramp vs. White Water

    Bob Burnquist has pushed skating to new levels with his 8-story Megaramp, throwing him further faster and higher than ever. American River kayakers and rafters launch into the raging white water.

  • Wakeboard vs. BMX Dirt Bikes

    Out on the placid Lake McClure, CA, the wakeboarders are throwing some huge jumps behind big boats. In sleepy Corona, CA, the local BMX crew have built a monster set of kickers for flips.

  • Downhill Longboarding vs FMX

    Longboarders of Santa Monica, Calif. surf the pavement; monster tricks with Mike Metzger.

  • Mountain Bikes vs Jet Skis

    Race personal water crafts, do barrel rolls, meet freeride mountain bikers who pull backflips over huge dirt jumps.

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