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  • USS Samuel B. Roberts

    The first USS Samuel B. Roberts fought doggedly against a superior Japanese fleet until being sunk during World War II; the name Samuel B. Roberts has appeared two more times, including a ship launched in 1984 that participated in Desert Storm.

  • USS Yorktown

    Ships named USS Yorktown include an aircraft carrier that fought in the Coral Sea and Midway battles and its successor, which helped spearhead the assault against Japanese-held island fortresses during World War II.

  • USS Constitution

    The USS Constitution serves as a training facility for the Navy's CPO.

  • USS Texas

    The USS Texas is the last battleship afloat that was involved in WWI and WWII.

  • USS New York

    Reinforced with steel from the World Trade Center, the USS New York is one of the most technologically advanced vessels.

  • USS New Jersey

    The USS New Jersey, one of the most notable battleships, assisted in both WWII and the Korean War.

  • LST-325
  • LST 325

    Landing ship tanks weren't thought of as warships but were the first to touch the beaches from North Africa, to Sicily, to Normandy.

  • USS Enterprise

    Eight U.S. Navy ships have held the name Enterprise, but none as significant as the last two.

  • USS Arizona

    A national cemetery with 900 crew members entombed within; a symbol that epitomizes American naval sacrifice and courage.

  • USS Hornet

    The USS Hornet sets various wartime records during World War II.

  • USS Nautilus

    From 1951 through 1979, the USS Nautilus completed numerous successful voyages.

  • USS Jeremiah O'Brien

    Liberty ships like the USS Jeremiah O'Brien kept supplies flowing to the troops during World War II; USS Jeremiah O'Brien is berthed in San Francisco and cruises around the world.

  • USS Laffey

    The USS Laffey was actually two World War II ships with the same name: DD-459, which fought to the death at Guadalcanal in 1942; and DD-724, which earned the nickname 'The Ship That Would Not Die' during a Japanese kamikaze attack.

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