Heartbeat Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Heartbeat: Season 18 (2009 - 2010)

  • Season 18 Episode 24: Sweet Sorrow

    The arrival of a traumatised and wounded stranger in Aidensfield coincides with the discovery of a woman's body on the moors, and sets off a treacherous chain of events that leaves one long-time resident's life hanging in the balance. Nicholas Farrell (Bouquet of Barbed Wire) and Clare Holman (Lewis/Inspector Morse) guest star in the last-ever episode of the long-running police drama

  • Season 18 Episode 23: Pass the Parcel

    Mason thwarts a gang of safe-robbers and finds a bag of explosives in their abandoned van - but when the haul ends up in the wrong hands, it could spell disaster for Dawn's birthday party. Meanwhile, there are embarrassing consequences for Oscar when he investigates Wetherby's mysterious lunchtime disappearances. Guest starring James Gaddas (Bad Girls), with Joe McFadden, Derek Fowlds and Rupert Ward-Lewis

  • Season 18 Episode 22: The Open Door

    Man-eating Sgt Nokes arrives to take charge when a lorry driver is savagely beaten and his consignment of condemned meat is stolen on the way to the incinerator, causing a health alert in Aidensfield. Peggy gets involved when she is asked to house-sit Mrs Grant's mansion and takes advantage of the opportunity to run a makshift B&B while the owner is away, only to find herself under arrest for handling stolen goods

  • Season 18 Episode 21: My One and Only

    A disgruntled client falls under suspicion when an insurance salesman is found murdered, but the victim's complicated private life gives Mason a lot to think about before the case is solved. Alf Ventress makes himself at home in the Aidensfield Arms while his house undergoes repairs, and soon overstays his welcome, while a drunk locked up in the cells for a night turns out to be a war hero friend of Sgt Miller fallen on hard times. Susan Jameson (New Tricks) guest stars

  • Season 18 Episode 20: Jobs for the Boys

    Oscar's golfing pal asks him to investigate the disappearance of his son, who left home after a blazing row with his overbearing father and has been spotted frequenting a club in Whitby. Meanwhile, the Aidensfield police officers are baffled by the activities of a modern-day Robin Hood, who has committed a string of burglaries and given away his ill-gotten gains to the elderly residents of a new block of flats. Drama, starring Derek Fowlds

  • Season 18 Episode 19: Deadlier than the Male

    Eileen Needham sues for divorce after a domestic dispute gets out of hand, and her hard-nosed solicitor Sylvia Swinton (played by Outnumbered actress Samantha Bond) does little to calm the situation, so Joe steps in to play the peacemaker. Stan Bickle arrives in Aidensfield, bringing his daughter Josie, whose flirtatious ways steal David's heart and bring out the worst in Peggy

  • Season 18 Episode 18: Ties That Bind

    Armed robbers target post offices around Aidensfield and Mason finds himself working with old flame Rachel Dawson, whose career is under threat following an affair with a senior colleague. Carol is not impressed when Rachel is spotted in a clinch with Joe, but he claims it was in the line of duty and completely innocent. Peggy offers to clean for Edward Walton (played by former The Likely Lads actor Rodney Bewes), raising Oscar's suspicion she is after his money, but it is Edward's wife, now in a nursing home, who turns out to have a shady past

  • Season 18 Episode 17: War of the Roses

    Joe and George call a meeting of local farmers to bring to an end their harassment of a neighbour whose unacceptable farming practices have made him deeply unpopular. Dawn falls for good-looking newcomer Billy Garrett, but discovers his charming manner conceals a tortured past that produces sudden angry outbursts. David is hired to help Peggy compile an inventory of house contents of a recently deceased woman, but fears his companion's dodgy dealings have upset the restless spirit of the former resident. Guest starring Phyllis Logan and Tim Brooke-Taylor

  • Season 18 Episode 16: A Whiter Shade of Pale

    The police drama continues after a year-long break. Village newcomer Vivienne Mackay is found battered to death in her own kitchen after announcing her intention to marry businessman Dominic Bellingham - who has not yet separated from his current wife. PC Mason is reminded of his own mother's death, and personal feelings threaten to cloud his professional judgement. Dawn seizes an opportunity to make a fast buck using Vince's hot dog van on the day of a big football match but finds herself in cut-throat competition with Peggy and her baked potato operation. Nikki Sanderson and Gwen Taylor star

  • Season 18 Episode 15: Cashing In

    A flood of forged banknotes leads the police to believe a fugitive gangster has arrived in Aidensfield, but their efforts to flush him out put Dawson in peril. Meanwhile, Miller tries to remain professional while dealing with his relationship problems and Bernie thinks his favourite celebrity has moved in down the road. Gemma Craven guest stars, with Clare Wille, John Duttine, Peter Benson and Joe McFadden

  • Season 18 Episode 14: The Runaways

    An accountant and his family crash into a tractor after being chased down a country lane by another car. Mason is suspicious of them and investigates the incident, discovering they are on the run from a gangster who has arrived in Aidensfield determined to retrieve a set of incriminating documents at any cost. Meanwhile, David buys an old Jeep with a surprising military history. Starring Joe McFadden

  • Season 18 Episode 13: School of Hard Knocks

    No-nonsense teacher Jim Osgood uses his experience of the Territorial Army to impose strict discipline at Ashfordly School, but he goes too far with schoolboy trouble-maker Gary Bell and puts him in hospital. Determined to get revenge, the youngster breaks into Osgood's office and steals his gun, leaving Mason with little time to avert a tragedy. Joe McFadden and Lisa Kay star

  • Season 18 Episode 12: The Middle of Somewhere

    Mason and Dawson continue their search for Rosie in Australia, and after ruling out Mick as a suspect, turn their attention to a local roadhouse near to where a missing woman's car was found abandoned. The search is on for the bar owner's son when the police discover he has a criminal record. Meanwhile, Carol delivers Nev's sister's baby and is later overjoyed when her long-lost brother Danny arrives in town. Starring Joe McFadden and Clare Wille

  • Season 18 Episode 11: Thursday's Children

    Mason and Dawson try to trace Rosie's whereabouts in Australia, and Mick becomes a suspect when they uncover evidence of domestic violence in his relationship with her. Meanwhile in Brisbane, Carol visits a monastery to find out more about her long-lost brother, but her search leads to a trap when she receives a call from someone claiming to have information. Starring Joe McFadden, Clare Wille and Lisa Kay

  • Season 18 Episode 10: Ups and Downs

    Carol is smitten with handsome visitor Major Giles MacLean, but Dawson, Wetherby and Mason suspect he could be involved in a spate of burglaries targeting the wealthiest homes in the district. Meanwhile, Peggy sets David up with an old friend of hers, a former circus performer, and Bernie worries when Rosie fails to return from Australia. Lisa Kay, Clare Wille, Rupert Ward-Lewis and Joe McFadden star

  • Season 18 Episode 9: The Hospital Job

    Dawson helps the officers investigate antiques dealer Mr Brigstocke, who is accused of selling stolen goods. Mason and Wetherby stake out the shop to catch him red-handed, but the situation becomes life-threatening when Brigstocke sets fire to it. Meanwhile, prejudices are stirred by the arrival of some Taoist monks and tragedy strikes local troublemakers Julie and Eddie Tinniswood. With Clare Wille and Joe McFadden

  • Season 18 Episode 8: Looking for Isabella

    The villagers fear for a boy's life when he disappears while exploring the gardens of a derelict house with his brother and sister. Wetherby learns he has fallen down an old well and a media circus descends on the scene as firemen begin their rescue attempt. However, panic ensues when shots are fired from the house. Meanwhile, a troublesome celebrity journalist goes in search of local gossip

  • Season 18 Episode 7: Return Crossing

    Pc Joe Mason is called to help Evelyn, a widow who is receiving death threats from a corrupt associate of her late husband. Her son-in-law is reluctant to sever his ties with the crook, knowing he provides vital revenue - which forces her into silence. But the police urge Evelyn to co-operate after her car is run off the road and her grandson goes missing. Meanwhile, a Polish visitor arrives in the village in search of a long-lost love

  • Season 18 Episode 6: Strike Up the Band

    Rivalry between two brass bands gets out of hand when a musician dies of suspected poisoning. Dawn is swept off her feet by a handsome stranger and leaves Gina less than happy when she announces she's moving to Paris with the man. Joe and Rachel succumb to their attraction but when Carol catches them kissing she hides her inner upset and tries to remain professional. Rural drama, guest starring Keith Barron and Peter Wight

  • Season 18 Episode 5: Guilty Secrets

    Joe risks his career to help Dawson when she is accused of theft following a raid on local crook Frank Batley's home and £400 goes missing. DS Siddons seems determined to pin the crime on one of the officers until investigations reveal the truth. Bernie faces a tough decision when he learns he has a daughter he never knew existed. Starring Joe McFadden and Peter Benson with guest star Gary Kane

  • Season 18 Episode 4: Living Off the Land

    Mason visits a travellers' camp to investigate attacks on two hippies, and learns one of them had recently clashed with a local gamekeeper - who is later found murdered. Meanwhile, David suspects his taxi has been sabotaged, and Wetherby begins following his wife - only to discover she is being unfaithful to him. Joe McFadden and David Lonsdale star

  • Season 18 Episode 3: Mother of Invention

    Carol tries to help struggling single mum Barbara while dealing with the shock that a woman claiming to be her own mother has arrived in Aidensfield. The nurse is then taken aback when Janet has the idea of reuniting them. Meanwhile, Mason's fears for Barbara are proved right after a shocking turn of events, and Wetherby and Younger enlist Peggy to search for the chief constable's missing dog

  • Season 18 Episode 2: England Expects

    A notorious burglar escapes from prison and returns to Aidensfield to pursue a vendetta against Ashfordly police. Roping in two local boys, the villain dupes them into helping him carry out his plan while PC Mason desperately tries to find him before he strikes again. Dawn sets Joyce up on a date with PC Younger - but is oblivious to the fact that the young copper actually has feelings for her. George Cole guest stars, with Joe McFadden and John Duttine

  • Season 18 Episode 1: Family Matters

    An encounter with a gang of armed men presents Miller with a difficult dilemma, which puts his professional and personal future in jeopardy. Mason and Wetherby struggle to deal with student protesters who are furious at the presence of a suspected Nazi collaborator in the town, and the situation escalates further when an attempt is made on the man's life. John Duttine and Joe McFadden star

Heartbeat: Season 17 (2007 - 2009)

  • Season 17 Episode 24: Oscar's Birthday

    Two new residents put PC Mason in an awkward position both professionally and personally and, while the village rally round to celebrate Blaketon's birthday, he gets more than he expected when Gina goes into labour. David decides to learn to play the piano. Last in the current series of the rural police drama set in the rustic backwater of Aidensfield, Yorkshire. Starring Joe McFadden, Tricia Penrose and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 17 Episode 23: Mixed Messages

    Carol asks Joe for assistance when suspicions mount against her following the death of a pensioner who she frequently visited. Peggy is annoyed to find a pile of rubbish has been dumped in her backyard and Gina shares her concerns with Carol as she approaches the end of her pregnancy

  • Season 17 Episode 22: You Never Can Tell

    Oscar suspects fishy goings-on after veteran music manager Stan Sparrow chooses to hold his wedding reception at the Aidensfield Arms. When Stan is found dead the next day, investigations reveal his demise may not have been through natural causes. Meanwhile, Geoff is baffled by a boy reporting a crime that has yet to happen, and Peggy's conscience starts to trouble her when she hears the lad has gone missing. Guest starring Sue Jenkins

  • Season 17 Episode 21: It Came from Outer Space

    An explosion in the woods is linked to the activities of a villain working out of a local quarry. Rachel suspects the owner of supplying dynamite to armed robbery gangs, so Joe goes undercover to infiltrate the workforce - but ends up in mortal danger when his cover is blown. Meanwhile, Peggy sees an opportunity to make money when rumours abound that a meteorite caused the blast. Guest starring Bill Ward and Graeme Garden

  • Season 17 Episode 20: Bully Boys

    Geoff fails to gain control of a violent outbreak at the bookmakers, and is in awe of Joe as he takes command of the situation. Debt collector Mick Revill (guest star Martin Kemp) suggests a way to toughen him up, but elsewhere Revill is accused by a local businessman of being involved in some dubious deals. Meanwhile, Peggy can't understand David's reluctance to attend a centenary party at the school

  • Season 17 Episode 19: Big Chill

    Rachel's informant leads police to a drugs shipment at a deserted cove. The perpetrator's girlfriend, having struck up a friendship with Gina at antenatal classes, agrees to use her to help him escape - but a hostage situation ensues leaving the barmaid in great danger. Peggy comes up with alternative transport when Bernie worries his hearse won't be ready for a funeral. Tim Brooke-Taylor makes a guest appearance

  • Season 17 Episode 18: Taking Stock

    Investigations into the identity of the victim of a car crash uncovers connections to violent criminals, and leads to worries about his intended business in Aidensfield. Not realising their true value, Peggy tries to offload some goats when she finds them too difficult to milk. Oscar takes on the surveillance of a woman whose husband suspects she is having an affair, leaving Dawn and Bernie in charge of the bar. Mark Moraghan and Adam Christopher guest star

  • Season 17 Episode 17: Missing Persons

    The plight of two young girls is brought to the attention of Carol, who discovers them home alone. Joe confronts their parents who are out drinking, but finds stepfather Brian unremorseful and reluctant to leave the pub. Gina is distracted from her worries about her unborn baby by preparations for the imminent arrival of Phil's niece Dawn, but when David goes to meet the girl from the station she is nowhere to be seen. Nikki Sanderson joins the cast

  • Season 17 Episode 16: Danse Macabre

    Joe and Carol join forces to unravel the mystery of Natalie, a girl resident at Throckton Grange, when she collapses with exhaustion and expresses a fear of being taken away. Meanwhile, Geoff suffers from embarrassing bouts of sneezing when he tries to speak to Lucy who is temporarily working at the village shop, and David is surprised to be offered an unusual post at the local newspaper. Simon Shepherd and Victor McGuire guest star. Continuing the series from June

  • Season 17 Episode 15: Hey Hey LBJ

    When teenager Vivienne Middleton is reported missing Joe suspects her disappearance has something to do with her American boyfriend Bobby, and sets out to locate him. Meanwhile, David and Peggy's latest exploit, to use Greengrass's old metal detector to find artefacts about the village, puts them under suspicion when priceless bronze statues are stolen from local estates. Guest starring Adrian Lukis and Tessa Peake-Jones

  • Season 17 Episode 14: Take Three Girls

    Anti-fur protester Sue Padgett finds herself in deep trouble when her boyfriend and fellow crusader Nick Payton sets a fire at a haulier's depot. Elsewhere, Carol and Chris fall out when they offer opposing advice to a pregnant teenager, while Peggy enthusiastically prepares David for at date with a farmer's ample daughter Tina Bestiwick. David Roper and Amie Titterton guest star

  • Season 17 Episode 13: Out of the Long Dark Night

    Carol calls the police when she discovers Eva and James Knight's cottage has been vandalised, but the couple are reluctant to involve the law as Eva believes they are being targeted because she is Jewish. Meanwhile, an ancient traction steam engine called Goliath causes chaos in Aidensfield when it breaks down, and further mayhem arises when David takes it for a test run. Deborah Findlay and Tim Woodward guest

  • Season 17 Episode 12: The Heart of a Man

    When cash is stolen from the house of blind man John Harper, suspicion falls on unpopular local businessman Albert Ross, known to be in financial difficulties. An accident on Ross's farm leaves one of his workers in hospital, leading Joe to uncover another incident of injury, and Carol to discover bruises on the arms of the farm owner's daughter Juliet. Elsewhere, David witnesses an unusual sight in the woods. Last in series

  • Season 17 Episode 11: A Brush with the Law

    When the hunting den belonging to master of the hounds Gordon Radford is vandalised there is no shortage of suspects. Lord Ashfordly is seen publicly arguing with Radford, his kennelman Alec Pickering is threatened with dismissal, and farmer Richard Smith promises repercussions for the damage caused to his land. Ray Ashcroft guest stars

  • Season 17 Episode 10: Changing Roles

    After Joe's uniform goes missing and the police station broken in to, Geoff admits his panda car had been stolen the day before. George suspects Derek Gorman, an old adversary who has vowed vengeance upon him, of deliberately stirring up trouble. Elsewhere, Rachel reassures Alec Fletcher, a witness in a high profile case, that he is safe under her care, but a neighbour becomes suspicious of her frequent visits and blows her cover. Meanwhile, Joe finds solace with an old flame. Continuing the series from January

  • Season 17 Episode 9: The Devil Rides Out

    Satanic symbols painted on the church door convince the Reverend John Peggotty there is an evil presence in the churchyard, but George is convinced it is the work of hooligans. However, an attack on Lord Ashfordly's godson Chas uncovers information that suggests a more personal motive, leading the investigation into the world of drugs and rock music. Elsewhere, Gina is fretting over some personal news. Guest starring Jeff Rawle, Adam Croasdell and Adam Kotz

  • Season 17 Episode 8: Only Make Believe

    When Lesley Ashton (former Emmerdale actress Emma Atkins) arrives in Aidensfield looking for Don, it's quickly clear that he is less than happy to see her, but despite his cool welcome she seems determined to make a new life for herself in the village. Elsewhere, Gina is pleased to be offered accommodation at the pub, Bernie receives a surprising offer from the recently widowed Iris Grocott and Ralph Spurling seeks Oscar's services as a private investigator after his house is broken into. Dominic Jephcott and Ann Mitchell guest star

  • Season 17 Episode 7: Burying the Past

    Gina is struggling to cope with Phil's death so Carol offers to prescribe her some sleeping pills, but the young widow refuses, determined to deal with things on her own. However, with the funeral scheduled for the next day, an emotional service that sees the whole of Aidensfield turning out to say their farewells to the much-loved bobby, it seems the grieving landlady is expecting too much of herself. Over at the station, Don is racked with guilt over the shooting of his colleague, convinced he should have taken the bullet. Despite George's reassurances, the bobby believes the villagers will blame him for the death of a close friend and decides to pack his bags - until the sergeant makes him a proposition. Meanwhile, the officers investigate the suspected suicide of a local teacher and Carol fails to report an elderly motorist involved in a hit-and-run with a cyclist, which proves particularly embarrassing when the cyclist turns out to be none other than the hospital's new doctor. Leon Ockenden joins the cast

  • Season 17 Episode 6: Touch and Go

    Joe prepares to take up his new post in London, but is secretly regretting the decision the leave the Yorkshire Moors. However, with the arrival of his replacement PC Wetherby, it seems it's too late for him to change his mind. Over at the school, Nurse Carol is administering vaccinations when she notices extensive bruising on a boy's body and suspects he is being abused. The youngster, Jimmy, lives with his mother and stepfather, but just recently his biological father has been back in touch, attempting to see the boy - something the courts won't allow. However, tragedy strikes when conflict grows between the angry father and stepfather - with one of the Aidensfield bobbies caught in the crossfire. Rupert Ward-Lewis joins the cast

  • Season 17 Episode 5: Another Sleepy, Dusty, Delta Day

    When a man dies falling from a bridge, Joe discovers the dead man and his girlfriend were implicated in a baby's disappearance three years previously. Foul play is suspected when the man's post-mortem reveals injuries consistent with a recent fight, and deeper delving suggests someone still believes the couple were responsible for the missing child. Elsewhere, Peggy's new look and odd behaviour causes a stir

  • Season 17 Episode 4: Love Story

    A trio of Australian sheep-shearers arrive in Aidensfield to help out at Grimedale Farm, but a missing watch puts one of them behind bars. Rosie is surprised by a face from the past and has to choose between two tempting offers for the future. Elsewhere, Peggy plans to start a laundry business, but leaves David doing all the work, and Phil and Gina make a life-changing decision. Former Neighbours actors Blair McDonough and Martin Crewes guest star

  • Season 17 Episode 3: Night Mail

    When armed robbers hold up the night mail train, Joe is forced to work with an old adversary DI Ludlow (David Calder) to catch the perpetrators. However, Ludlow's unwillingness to include the local police in the investigation leads Joe to believe he may be hiding something. Elsewhere, Peggy is excited to learn she has been left a legacy by a relation of her late husband. Eric Sykes makes a guest appearance

  • Season 17 Episode 2: Heirs Apparent

    A teenager arrives in the village asking for directions to Ashfordly Hall - and claims to be looking for her father. David decides to make a will, but becomes paranoid that one of the beneficiaries is hoping to secure their inheritance sooner than he anticipated when a series of accidents befall him. Elsewhere, a new arrival at the Fossett farm is named after Joe. Guest starring Ophelia Lovibond

  • Season 17 Episode 1: Stop Gap

    A gang of bikers wreaks havoc in Aidensfield, prompting the locals to demand a new bobby. When young recruit PC Joe Mason (Joe McFadden) arrives he is not quite what they expected, with his tactics for crime fighting making his reception a mixed one between both residents and fellow police officers

Heartbeat: Season 16 (2007 - 2008)

  • Season 16 Episode 24: Laying the Ghost

    Intrigue spreads among the residents of Aidensfield as Frances Elliot causes havoc with her car. An outraged Peggy decides to investigate the rumours about the newcomer and discovers she appears to be hiding something. Rob receives some good news in the post but is later forced into making a life-changing decision. Kerrie Taylor guests in the last episode of the series

  • Season 16 Episode 23: Where There's Smoke

    Phil and Geoff keep watch on the illegal gambling club owned by Kenny Dekin (guest Ron Donachie), in the hope of finding evidence to close the establishment. Rob is concerned about his future with Carol as he anxiously awaits the results of his sergeant exams, while David is pleased with the outcome when he strikes out on his own

  • Season 16 Episode 22: Troubled Waters

    Peggy hatches a plan to save Bernie when he becomes the target of a predatory widow (guest star Mel Martin). Carol struggles to control her feelings of guilt when a newborn baby dies in her care, and grows more distressed when Rob arrests the bereaved father after a violent altercation at the Aidensfield Arms. Thomas Craig also guests

  • Season 16 Episode 21: One Small Step

    Geoff and Phil bring two suspicious men into the station when they see them exchanging a large amount of money for a rucksack, but two others escape from the scene and the officers soon find themselves in danger and under seige. At the Aidensfield Arms the residents gather to watch the moon landing, but one guest gives Gina cause for concern when she appears upset and agitated and unimpressed by the historic event. Guest starring Jonny Phillips, Stephen Noonan and Heather Bleasdale

  • Season 16 Episode 20: The Medium is the Message

    Reverend Jacob Thwaite returns home to find his wife has been murdered, but while Rachel is suspicious of his alibi it's a psychic convention in the town that seems to hold the key to the case. Meanwhile, Peggy devises a plan to sell trout to a hotel in Scarborough that lands her and David in trouble with the authorities. Trudie Goodwin guests

  • Season 16 Episode 19: Mind Games

    Rosie is viciously attacked while attending a broken-down vehicle stranded on the moors. When the body of the driver is discovered nearby, Rob and Rachel are determined to solve the mystery. Their investigation leads to a chilling discovery linking the case to a religious cult near Aidensfield

  • Season 16 Episode 18: The Dreams That You Dream

    Gina and Phil make the final preparations for their big day, but the groom's uneventful stag night stirs up some pre-wedding nerves. Rob and Peggy prepare a surprise for the soon-to-be-wed couple, and the village grows concerned when an elderly resident mysteriously disappears. Tricia Penrose, Mark Jordon, Jonathan Kerrigan and Gwen Taylor star

  • Season 16 Episode 17: Out of Africa

    Lord Ashfordly's tenants are angered when his new estate manager Jimbo Brady employs the hard-line methods learned in South Africa and raises their rents. Brian Rogers faces eviction, but suspicion is more widespread when Jimbo's vehicle is sabotaged. Meanwhile, Peggy believes she has found the explanation for David's recent behaviour

  • Season 16 Episode 16: No Laughing Matter

    Suspicion falls on Gina's new cellar man Len Carter when a valuable pendant is stolen from Emily Forster, a guest at the Aidensfield Arms. A search into the barman's past reveals a history of crime, but Emily appears more disturbed by the presence of pub comedian Tommy Tanner. Meanwhile, Peggy secures a good deal on a new vehicle and Geoff's need for speed gets the better of him

  • Season 16 Episode 15: Seeds of Destruction

    Harold Beecham angrily accuses his neighbour Roger Parslow when his dog dies from poisoning, and his refusal to co-operate with the police lands him in prison, where a tragedy occurs that puts PC Younger's career on the line. Meanwhile, Carol confronts a herbalist who was treating Harold, and the people of Aidensfield are intent on impressing a visiting radio journalist. Richard Todd and Ralf Little guest

  • Season 16 Episode 14: Another Little Piece of My Heart

    Rosie is shocked when farmer Simon Langley-Smythe shoots her aunt's dog Snowy while out on a walk, and PC Younger fails to chase down children who have released livestock from the fields. Meanwhile, Carol is concerned when she sees Julie Langley-Smythe nursing a black eye

  • Season 16 Episode 13: Sleeping Dogs

    A face from the dead returns as Bernie prepares to receive his inherited fortune. Meanwhile, a young girl brings shame on her father when she unexpectedly gives birth, and the residents of Aidensfield anxiously wait for news on Phil Bellamy. Continuing the series from earlier in the year

  • Season 16 Episode 12: Vendetta

    When a guest at the Aidensfield Arms explains she's searching for her missing son, Blaketon offers to help out - but as his hunt progresses, it becomes clear somebody is trying to do him harm. Peggy turns down David's offer of dinner on her birthday in favour of a date with an old flame, and Bellamy finally opens up about his troubles under pressure from Walker. Sixties drama, with Derek Fowlds. The series will continue later in the year

  • Season 16 Episode 11: Dead Men Do Tell Tales

    Second of two episodes tonight. Paul Nicholas guest stars as a Swedish sailor who waits for his ship home in Bernie's funeral parlour - but may not be telling the truth about the contents of the coffin he's escorting. A trio of young joyriders steal Carol's car while she is attending to a patient and decide to experiment with the drugs they find in her medical bag as well as selling them on to interested parties. Rosie and Fergus struggle to get their fledgling relationship off the ground as a series of interruptions plague their dates, while Bellamy starts to wonder whether trying again with Gina is really such a good idea. With Lisa Kay, Vanessa Hehir, Mark Jordon and Tricia Penrose

  • Season 16 Episode 10: Give Peace a Chance

    The Aidensfield policemen are called to subdue anti-war protestors at a disused airfield, but the event has serious repercussions for Walker after he accidentally hits one of the mob with his truncheon. Younger is gutted to discover Rosie has feelings for new vet Fergus, who is the indirect cause of chaos when a cobra escapes from his car at the garage. Irritated that nobody's taking her snake-catching suggestions seriously, Peggy refuses to help with the hunt and drives off with David - straight into the arms of danger. With Jonathan Kerrigan, Gwen Taylor, Vanessa Hehir and Andrew Langtree

  • Season 16 Episode 9: Hearts and Flowers

    Chaos reigns after an unknown sniper shoots a woman as she leaves a meeting of the flower show committee. DS Rachel Dawson's enquiries reveal the gunman may have missed his intended target - and when Blaketon spots an article in the local paper, he realises the bullet might have been aimed at him. Meanwhile, Peggy buys an ice-cream van to take advantage of the hot weather, but makes the mistake of leaving David in charge of the project. Lindsey Coulson guests alongside Derek Fowlds and Clare Wille

  • Season 16 Episode 8: Little White Lies

    The police search for a boy who went missing after discovering his mother was having an affair. Younger strikes up an unlikely friendship as he fills in for the local lollipop lady, while Walker finds he isn't over Helen during a date with one of Gina's friends, and Carol's fiance Frank gets time off from the Navy to visit her. Sixties-set drama, with Jonathan Kerrigan and Lisa Kay

  • Season 16 Episode 7: Stumped

    Walker manages to arrest one member of a robber gang when a sting operation goes wrong - but ends up being taken hostage by the man's brother. The PC's disappearance is bad news for Blaketon, who's frantic to pull together a winning side for the annual cricket match against rivals Scarsdale. Cricketers Martin Bicknell, Ray Illingworth and Brian Close guest star, alongside Dickie Bird as the umpire

  • Season 16 Episode 6: Pretty Woman

    A beauty queen is targeted by mysterious attackers ahead of the Miss Yorkshire contest, which attracts more than the usual share of attention when busloads of female protesters turn up to picket the event. Ordered to boost his arrest record, Younger finds a novel way of raising the village's crime rate, while Phil spies an opportunity to get closer to Gina. Steven Blakeley and Mark Jordon star

  • Season 16 Episode 5: Memoirs of a Fighting Man

    Walker and Miller struggle to decide whether an ex-Army major is guilty of murder after shooting a youth who broke into his home, while Carol tries to get through to a pregnant teenager. Rosie learns the garage is in financial trouble - unaware Peggy and a salesman with big ideas (impressionist Jon Culshaw) have already dreamed up a plan that could save it. Jonathan Kerrigan and Gwen Taylor star

  • Season 16 Episode 4: Please, Please Me

    Peggy begins a frantic search for David's dog Deefer after a pair of youths steal her car from outside the Aidensfield Arms with the hound in the boot. Carol and Rob have cause for concern as Rosie is troubled by the attentions of an admirer who simply will not take no for an answer - and also has a history of violence against a former girlfriend. Jonathan Kerrigan, Gwen Taylor and Vanessa Hehir star

  • Season 16 Episode 3: Intelligence Matters

    A Russian trawlerman found hiding in a local woman's shed is accused of being a spy by a Home Office official (The Office star Patrick Baladi) - but Walker and Carol discover the government worker has secrets of his own to hide. Peggy turns detective after an old note found among a dead friend's belongings raises questions about her husband's disappearance. With Jonathan Kerrigan and Lisa Kay

  • Season 16 Episode 2: Old Scores

    A recently released ex-convict who served time for the rape of a local girl becomes the target of a hate campaign - prompting Rob to point the finger of suspicion at the victim's family. The bobby is shocked when old acquaintance DS Rachel Dawson arrives in Aidensfield on the trail of an escaped prisoner, while Peggy accidentally knocks down an old friend with her car. Jonathan Kerrigan stars

  • Season 16 Episode 1: C'est La Vie

    New series of the drama. A Frenchwoman arrives to help with preparations for Aidensfield's twinning with her home town, but things go wrong when she is left to the tender mercies of Peggy. Rob marks his return to the village by saving a con-man after his car crashes into the river, while district nurse Carol Cassidy struggles to treat a woman with an over-protective husband. Jonathan Kerrigan and Lisa Kay star

Heartbeat: Season 15 (2006 - 2007)

  • Season 15 Episode 26: Accidents Happen

    A prisoner is broken out of Ashfordly prison to pilot a helicopter on a secret mission, and Debbie begins acting strangely when a familiar face returns to the village. Meanwhile, Rob is left distraught when a boy takes revenge for the death of his dog. Last in series

  • Season 15 Episode 25: Bad Company

    When a woman is involved in a hit-and-run following a local dance, Miller finds himself racing to discover the identity of the culprit. Meanwhile, David decides he has had enough of Peggy's miserly ways and walks out on the taxi service

  • Season 15 Episode 24: The Dying of the Light

    Aidensfield's policemen struggle to deduce who could be behind a spate of sheep rustling, while Peggy is intrigued by an eco-warrior couple's slurry-fuelled generator. Helen is called in after the body of an elderly woman is found in the river, while the dead woman's son finds it difficult to deal with the consequences of his mother's demise. Drama, starring Jonathan Kerrigan and Sophie Ward

  • Season 15 Episode 23: Keeping Secrets

    Despite Rob's efforts to keep his wedding secret, his sisters enlist the help of the community to organise a surprise reception as the policeman prepares to marry Helen. A man's complaint about noisy neighbours turns sour when his mentally ill wife takes matters into her own hands, and Gina learns Jack's nude painting of her is to go on public display. Drama, with Jonathan Kerrigan and Sophie Ward

  • Season 15 Episode 22: This Happy Breed

    Miller's old Army captain shows up to make him a business proposition, which he turns down without regret. However, when Walker and Bellamy are called to investigate a vehicle theft, it becomes clear the sergeant's old friend has other matters to take care of in Aidensfield. Meanwhile, Gina is reluctant to let Jack paint her in the nude. Rural Sixties drama, with John Duttine and Jonathan Kerrigan

  • Season 15 Episode 21: Wine and Roses

    Debbie Bellamy goes on a late-night drinking spree by the river, but her actions get her into trouble when evidence ties her to the spot where a body is fished out of the water. Rob and Helen try to patch up their relationship, while Peggy and David are appalled to find a hippie encampment in the back yard - until they realise there's money to be made. Rural drama, with Josefina Gabrielle

  • Season 15 Episode 20: Kith and Kin

    Bernie becomes the target of a series of mysterious and violent attacks, while Peggy is forced to intervene after David finds he can't match the other contestants in an angling competition. Helen is horrified by the arrival of her estranged father in Aidensfield - but he has a bombshell to drop that causes her to rethink their relationship. Rural drama, starring Peter Benson and Sophie Ward

  • Season 15 Episode 19: Great Expectations

    Local farmer Colin Judd is devastated when he is forced to place his property in the hands of an auctioneer following the death of his father - but is even more shocked to see his estranged brother at the sale. Debbie Bellamy finds herself in trouble for drink-driving, and David has difficulty with a stubborn pony meant to be pulling a trap full of tourists. Rural drama, with David Lonsdale

  • Season 15 Episode 18: Runners and Riders

    Lord Ashfordly's niece comes to stay in Aidensfield following the breakdown of her marriage, but immediately suffers another blow when her prize racehorse is kidnapped and held to ransom. Romance is in the air for Rosie as a biker gang turns up in town, and a seedy photographer promises to make a star of Phil Bellamy's stepdaughter Jane. Rural drama, starring Vanessa Hehir and Lauren Drummond

  • Season 15 Episode 17: Get Back

    The rural drama returns after a winter break. A woman receives a shock when a man claiming to be her dead husband surfaces in the village and attempts to pick up the threads of his former life - though the locals aren't convinced of his identity. Lord Ashfordly's behaviour takes a strange turn after he eats some of Peggy's peculiar batch of mushrooms. Gwen Taylor and Rupert Vansittart star

  • Season 15 Episode 16: Judgement Day

    The police are called in to investigate when a local judge is the target of a series of mysterious attacks, but the case takes a sinister turn when the prime suspect is found dead on his own doorstep. Peggy is delighted when David's new radio starts picking up police broadcasts, but a news reporter doesn't share her enthusiasm. Rural drama, with Gwen Taylor and David Lonsdale. Last in series

  • Season 15 Episode 15: Hostage to Fortune

    A runaway heiress accompanies her crooked boyfriend on a series of armed robberies. But when the Sixties version of Bonnie and Clyde get into trouble they kidnap Helen, who attempts to persuade the teenager to ditch her partner in crime. Meanwhile, Peggy suggests David should take over the funeral parlour while Bernie is away. Rural drama with Sophie Ward, David Stockwell and Gwen Taylor

  • Season 15 Episode 14: Risky Business

    Local boy Barry Dyson is accused of a series of arson attacks - and his clandestine relationship with a former employer's daughter complicates his plea of innocence. Peggy's latest money-making scheme with old friend Denzil creates an eyesore, forcing Jack to use his artistic flair to rectify matters, before he and Blaketon resort to more drastic - and illegal - measures. Rural drama, starring Gwen Taylor and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 15 Episode 13: Living with the Past

    Convicted murderer Henry Stoddard's release from prison coincides with a spate of vandalism, and locals presume he is responsible for the petty crime. But when the former jailbird insists he did not kill PC Machin all those years ago, Walker reopens the case and races to stop Machin's son exacting revenge. Meanwhile, Peggy sees the chance to make some money when her birth certificate suggests she is related to Lord Ashfordly

  • Season 15 Episode 12: Auld Acquaintance

    Former EastEnder and The Bill bad cop Todd Carty guest stars in this festive special of the rural drama. He plays an old army pal of Lord Ashfordly who moves into the hall while the peer is sunning himself in Bermuda, claiming he's there to keep an eye on the place after rumours of a planned break-in. However, he arouses the police's suspicions when he becomes involved with a teenage tearaway who seems to think Christmas isn't so much about giving and receiving as taking without the owner's permission. Elsewhere in the village, Blaketon and Peggy go into competition with rival Santa's grottos, and Ventress has his nose put out of joint when his friends draw straws to see who'll invite him to Christmas dinner while his wife's in hospital

  • Season 15 Episode 11: O Guilty Man!

    Rob lands himself in trouble when he spends the night with Helen, getting Geoff to cover his shift - and matters grow complicated after it's revealed that the doctor's estranged husband made the complaint. When a truck careers into a couple's back garden following a routine MOT test Bernie struggles to remember if he changed the bald tyres, and a snooping journalist soon forces the muddled mechanic to flee

  • Season 15 Episode 10: Burden of Proof

    Blaketon spots local coal merchant Arthur Bolton sharing a kiss with another woman and quickly gives the man's wife the bad news. However, the cheat is found murdered the next day and the former policeman becomes the prime suspect, leaving PC Walker to lead an investigation to clear his name. Peggy fails to back a winner when she buys a greyhound that refuses to run, and Bellamy's love life gets a much-needed boost

  • Season 15 Episode 9: Blood Brothers

    David helps his friend run away from home, but the handyman inadvertently leaves the young boy with a complete stranger. The Aidensfield Arms offers paintings as well as pints during an art exhibition, and Jack and Bernie take advantage of the artistic atmosphere in an ill-advised attempt to encourage Gina's creative ambitions. Elsewhere, Peggy has a go at dog training. Drama, starring David Lonsdale and Tricia Penrose

  • Season 15 Episode 8: The Good Samaritan

    Walker investigates when sibling rivalry and greed result in a fatal car crash. A devout couple are faced with money problems when their baby is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. Meanwhile, Peggy is up to her usual tricks as she frightens some holiday-makers, and Jack and Gina get a scare of their own during a walk on the moors. Rural drama, starring Gwen Taylor, Murray Head and Tricia Penrose

  • Season 15 Episode 7: Picture This

    A priceless Manet painting is stolen from a retired German art dealer's home, leaving Miller to suspect Lord Ashfordly's involvement. Peggy tries to convince a pair of visiting bird-watchers that Aidensfield's wildlife includes a rare bird of prey, and David tries to wing it as an ornithological expert. Rural drama, starring Rupert Vansittart, John Duttine, Gwen Taylor and David Lonsdale

  • Season 15 Episode 6: The End of the Road

    The folk of Aidensfield panic when rumours of an escaped killer are confirmed. Rob attempts to track down the fugitive, but his investigations are complicated when Helen gets caught up in the case. David is left reeling when Greengrass's lurcher Alfred becomes seriously ill, and Peggy speaks to bereavement expert Bernie in the hope that he can lend support to the devastated handyman. Rural drama with David Stockwell

  • Season 15 Episode 5: Family Ties

    When one of Helen's patients suddenly dies, she becomes involved in a suspected case of euthanasia, and the doctor's problems are compounded as she struggles to keep her relationship with Rob hidden. Peggy and David start a strawberry scam - but Geoff Younger is confident of catching the culprits red-handed. Rural drama, with Sophie Ward, Jonathan Kerrigan, Gwen Taylor, David Lonsdale and Steven Blakeley

  • Season 15 Episode 4: Mastermind

    A gang of elderly villains spot a chance for one last, glorious crime spree when the villagers leave Aidensfield en masse to support Rob in a charity football match. Peg finally gives David a bit of support when it turns out his jury duty is more trouble than he imagined. Rural police drama, starring Sophie Ward, Jonathan Kerrigan, Gwen Taylor and David Lonsdale

  • Season 15 Episode 3: Miller's Tale

    A gang of youths push Peggy down a hole while she's poaching. Lord Ashfordly alerts Miller, who gives chase - but lands himself in trouble when he knocks down an elderly pedestrian. However, the incident gives Peggy a new money-making idea - she'll sue for the 'injury' she sustained in the fall. Meanwhile, Gina is attracted to her handsome college tutor. Tim Brooke-Taylor and Murray Head guest star

  • Season 15 Episode 2: The Devil You Know

    Alf poses as a criminal as part of an undercover operation, but his covert actions only reveal startling information about Miller's ethical beliefs. David eyes up Peggy's room when she applies to be Lord Ashfordly's housekeeper - but both are left disappointed when the interview is a complete failure. Rural drama, starring William Simons, John Duttine, David Stockwell and Gwen Taylor

  • Season 15 Episode 1: A Fresh Start

    Sgt Miller gives a frosty reception to a former London gangster intent on starting a new life after a stint in prison, and Peg's chicken-feed racket backfires causing an outbreak of salmonella. Rural drama, starring John Duttine and Gwen Taylor

  • Season 15 Episode 25/26: Bad Company / Accidents Happen

    Double bill. When a woman is involved in a hit-and-run following a local dance, Miller finds himself racing to discover the identity of the culprit. A prisoner is broken out of Ashfordly prison to pilot a helicopter on a secret mission and Debbie begins acting strangely when a familiar face returns to the village. Last in series

Heartbeat: Season 14 (2004 - 2006)

  • Season 14 Episode 26: Bin Man

    Gina is shocked to discover a severed hand in a dustbin and the subsequent police investigation unearths evidence which suggests someone on Lord Ashfordly's estate may be responsible. Meanwhile, Peggy invests in a freezer for her latest business venture, but soon finds her new purchase at the centre of the murder case. Last in series of the rural drama starring Tricia Penrose, Rupert Vansittart, Gwen Taylor and Jonathan Kerrigan

  • Season 14 Episode 25: Services Rendered

    The police investigate a hit-and-run incident in Ashfordly and discover evidence suggesting it may have been an act of revenge - with the victim's own mother-in-law one of the possible suspects. Meanwhile, Peggy finds herself in trouble again when her latest batch of illegal cigarettes turn out to contain an unexpected ingredient. Rural drama, starring Gwen Taylor, Jonathan Kerrigan and Mark Jordon

  • Season 14 Episode 24: Every Dog His Day

    A group of young offenders come to stay at Ashfordly Hall, but soon find themselves under suspicion after a spate of disturbances in the village. Meanwhile, Blaketon and Ventress go on the hunt for a spinster's missing dog, and a £50 reward gives Peggy an idea. Rural drama, starring Rupert Vansittart, William Simons, Derek Fowlds and Gwen Taylor

  • Season 14 Episode 23: Shadows from the Past

    A local man confesses to a girl's murder of 11 years previously, prompting Sgt Miller to reopen the case. A search fails to uncover the victim's body, but the investigation takes an intriguing twist when PC Younger unearths a male skeleton instead. Meanwhile, Peggy sets her sights on a wealthy widower. Rural drama, guest starring Graham Turner and Geoffrey Hutchings, with John Duttine, Steven Blakeley and Gwen Taylor

  • Season 14 Episode 22: Duty of Care

    An accidental shooting at Ashfordly Hall prompts Bellamy to investigate reports accusing acting estate manager Richard Bentham of exploiting youngsters for child labour, but his enquiries reveal a far more complicated situation. Peggy discovers a promising new source of revenue when she realises there is a market for guided tours of the area, but her excitement is cut short by a terrifying encounter. Rural drama, guest starring former Emmerdale actor Peter Amory, with Mark Jordon, Rupert Vansittart and Gwen Taylor

  • Season 14 Episode 21: Rustlers and Hustlers

    A girl is injured in a horse riding accident, leading the police to stumble upon a sinister series of animal thefts. Helen tries to tell Rob she doesn't want a relationship with him, but worries about hurting his feelings. Meanwhile, Oscar catches Peggy and David hosting a poker tournament in the Aidensfield Arms and bars them from the pub. Rural drama starring Sophie Ward, Derek Fowlds, Gwen Taylor and David Lonsdale

  • Season 14 Episode 20: Off the Rails

    A crime wave hits Ashfordly train station as a number of freight wagons mysteriously vanish, giving the police a tricky case to crack, but a sandwich could provide a vital clue. Peggy has plans to make some fast money when she decides to play dirty in the local bowls tournament, while a night out in Whitby proves eventful for Walker and Helen. Rural drama, starring Gwen Taylor, Jonathan Kerrigan and Sophie Ward

  • Season 14 Episode 19: Friends and Relations

    Clare finds herself under suspicion when a wild party ends in tragedy with a drugs-related death, and David is put in a tricky situation when his Aunty Peggy arrives in Aidensfield and sets up an illegal vodka still

  • Season 14 Episode 18: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

    Bellamy tries to impress Miller by going it alone, while the arrival of tax inspector Derek Ford gets the residents of Aidensfield panicked. Vernon bears the brunt of Ford's wrath when his dodgy dealings and poor record-keeping are exposed, convincing the wheeler dealer the only way to avoid trouble is to fake his own suicide. Rural drama, guest starring James Weaver, with Mark Jordon, Geoffrey Hughes and John Duttine

  • Season 14 Episode 17: The Long View

    PC Walker receives a tempting offer from an old friend, but as the proposition involves a spot of rule-bending on his part, the decision to go through with it could land him in serious trouble, especially as Sergeant Miller already seems less than impressed by the policeman's rebellious nature. Rural drama starring, Jonathan Kerrigan, John Duttine and Mark Jordon

  • Season 14 Episode 16: Golf Papa One Zero

    New broom Sgt Miller (John Duttine) introduces a rapid response car but his big city ideas receive a cool reception from the Aidensfield watch. Walker is beaten up by hoodlums but falls for nurse Clare Owen during his stay in hospital

  • Season 14 Episode 15: Icon

    Bellamy and Walker hunt for a batch of stolen Russian icons, and suspect the victim of an assault at the Aidensfield Arms might be involved when they discover his criminal connections. Vernon embarks on another hare-brained scheme when he meets an Italian truffle salesman, while Helen is puzzled by a youngster's baffling medical history. Guest starring David Dickinson as antiques dealer Crispin Jones, with Mark Jordon, Jonathan Kerrigan and Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 14 Episode 14: Blast From the Past

    The rural drama returns after a three-month break. Walker is forced to confront his past when he undertakes his own unofficial investigation into a series of violent robberies around Aidensfield. Helen has to come to terms with the fact that her marriage is probably over when Matthew's mistress appears in the village, and David finds himself involved in some shady behaviour. Jonathan Kerrigan, Sophie Ward, Oliver Montgomery and David Lonsdale star

  • Season 14 Episode 13: In the Bleak Midwinter

    Veteran singer and keyboard player Alan Price guest stars in this festive episode of the rural drama, as the leader of a jazz band. Travelling to Aidensfield, where they've been booked by Vernon to play at the villagers' Christmas concert, the Rio Trio offer a lift to a girl, unaware she is a single mum taking her baby home to see her parents for the holiday. However, the first the band know about the infant is when the girl disappears, leaving them to look after it. Meanwhile, as the concert gets into full swing, local barmaid Gina takes centre stage, hoping to impress all and sundry with her rendition of Winter Wonderland. Tricia Penrose, Derek Fowlds, Geoffrey Hughes, William Simons and Mark Jordon star

  • Season 14 Episode 12: In Sickness and In Health

    Conclusion of a two-part storyline. A kidnap case leaves Vernon's plans for Liz and Ben's wedding in chaos, while Helen's dreams of a fresh start for her and Matt look set to be shattered. Jenny is relieved when she finally gets a medical diagnosis explaining her recent symptoms, but the news brings a difficult decision for husband Dennis, who has to choose between his wife and his police career. Starring newcomer Sophie Ward, Oliver Montgomery, Duncan Bell and Sarah Tansey

  • Season 14 Episode 11: Who's Sorry Now?

    First of a two-part storyline. Jenny's life starts to spiral out of control and begins to affect her work, leaving Dennis and Liz facing difficult decisions. New doctor Helen Trent arrives in Aidensfield with her wealthy husband Matt, hoping to make a fresh start, but finds it hard to adjust to the slow pace of life in the country. Sophie Ward joins the regular cast, including Sarah Tansey, Duncan Bell and Aislín McGuckin

  • Season 14 Episode 10: Stormy Weather

    Merton investigates the murder of a retired policeman who was about to flee the village for Spain and, after visiting the victim's widow, discovers the man kept more than a few secrets from his wife. Vernon decides to arrange a poker night in the hope it will make him easy money, but doesn't count on playing against a hustler. Rural drama starring Duncan Bell, Geoffrey Hughes and Mark Jordon

  • Season 14 Episode 9: Buried Secrets

    The police investigate the murder of an ex-army recluse and archaeological enthusiast and suspect a building dispute could provide a motive, while Dennis asks Liz for advice when he begins to notice a change in Jenny's behaviour. Vernon decides to play Cupid on behalf of his relative Gareth and sets him up on a blind date with Rosie, but does not count on the mechanic having another admirer. Rural drama starring Duncan Bell, Aislín McGuckin and Vanessa Hehir

  • Season 14 Episode 8: Precious Stones

    Colonel and Joan Maltravers host a dinner party to celebrate their son's return from Kenya but the meal is disrupted by an armed robbery. David gives chase to the thief and becomes a local hero - much to the exasperation of Bernie. Liz has a difficult decision to make after receiving an exciting offer from Ben. Guest starring Simon Williams, his wife Lucy Fleming and their son Tam Williams

  • Season 14 Episode 7: Say It With Flowers

    Merton and Walker investigate a security van raid in Ashfordly and are convinced there is a link to a recent robbery at a local airfield, but a senior officer visiting from Middlesbrough dismisses their claims. Vernon takes a sudden interest in the flower show when he discovers David might be the owner of a rare, potentially prize-winning fuchsia and turns to Blaketon and Ventress for help when the plant suddenly disappears

  • Season 14 Episode 6: Wrecked

    Bellamy is forced to confront painful memories when he is subjected to a series of attacks and Walker begins to suspect a recently released prisoner may be involved. Lord Ashfordly's visiting relatives receive a cool reception and Bernie is shocked to find Rosie working at the garage, but is impressed when he discovers her lucrative new venture. Starring Mark Jordon, Jonathan Kerrigan and Vanessa Hehir

  • Season 14 Episode 5: Hunter's Moon

    Merton investigates a suspicious death with the help of CID, and Walker begins to suspect a poacher may be involved. Vernon tempts fate by employing a new mechanic for the garage without asking Bernie, and attempts to recreate a traditional dance at the town fete. Guest starring Hannah Gordon with new regular Vanessa Hehir

  • Season 14 Episode 4: The Happiest Day

    Oscar finds himself in an awkward position when the police investigate a warehouse robbery and a lost property clear-out at the police station gives David a new hobby, but he soon manages to cause trouble. Starring Derek Fowlds and David Lonsdale

  • Season 14 Episode 3: Fakers and Frauds

    The finger of suspicion points firmly at the police when evidence from a spate of burglaries appears to suggest the culprit was someone within the force. Vernon persuades Lord Ashfordly to host an exclusive painting weekend and offers his expertise to the amateur artists, but when his life model fails to turn up, he looks to his friends for help

  • Season 14 Episode 2: Secrets and Lies

    The residents of Aidensfield are terrorised by a blackmailer and Sergeant Merton is less than impressed by the investigative methods of the handsome newcomer PC Rob Walker. Meanwhile, Vernon embarks on a venture in the prestigious world of publishing, with the help of David and Bernie. Jonathan Kerrigan stars

  • Season 14 Episode 1: Money, Money, Money

    A new recruit reports for his first day of work at the police station, but given his family's history in Aidensfield, not all of the villagers are pleased to see him. Meanwhile, Ben and Liz's fund-raising efforts appear to have rubbed off on Vernon, who begins to show his charitable side. Ex-Merseybeat and Casualty star Jonathan Kerrigan joins the regular cast for the 14th series of the rural drama

Heartbeat: Season 13 (2003 - 2004)

  • Season 13 Episode 25: Little Angel

    A little girl disappears, prompting the police to begin a desperate search, convinced her errant father has snatched her. Blaketon decides to lend his expertise to the case - only to end up fighting for his life. Meanwhile, Crane and Bellamy's dedication to duty sees them placing their lives on the line to rescue the youngster - but tragedy strikes. James Carlton, Mark Jordon and Derek Fowlds star. Last in series

  • Season 13 Episode 24: Double Trouble

    A seemingly straightforward burglary investigation takes an unexpected turn when the victim is found to be leading a double life and suspicions are raised that the break-in could have been part of an insurance fraud. Elsewhere, Blaketon falls for the charms of a lady solicitor and teams up with Ventress to help her track down the beneficiaries of an unusual bequest. Rural police drama, starring Derek Fowlds

  • Season 13 Episode 23: Muck and Brass

    Merton faces a race against time to stop a saboteur when Aidensfield hosts a prestigious car hill-climb. Meanwhile, Bernie finds an old car in a cowshed and decides to renovate it, giving Vernon his chance to scoop the winnings in the event. Rural police drama, starring Duncan Bell, Peter Benson and Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 13 Episode 22: A Call to Arms

    The Aidensfield police are puzzled when it seems a face from the past has become the unlikely victim of vandalism, and suspicions are soon aroused over the reasons for his sudden return to the village. Meanwhile, Vernon encounters dangerous wildlife as he stashes his capital in Ashfordly woods, but decides to turn the incident into another money-making scheme. Geoffrey Hughes stars

  • Season 13 Episode 21: Strangers on a Train

    A serious assault leads the police to foil an attempt to steal antiques from Ashfordly Hall, and Vernon goes all-out to persuade a wealthy woman to make a charitable contribution toward his donkey sanctuary - but the discovery that there is already one in the area forces him to change his plans. Meanwhile, Merton devises a solution to Ventress's retirement worries. Rosemary Leach guest stars

  • Season 13 Episode 20: Swansong

    Alf Ventress mounts a large-scale surveillance operation in an effort to track down the wool thief responsible for de-fleecing sheep in Aidensfield. Bernie finds himself in hot water when an estranged son arrives to bury his father - who is already six feet under. Drama, starring James Carlton and Peter Benson

  • Season 13 Episode 19: Nowhere Man

    Steve comes to the aid of an amnesiac struggling to piece together his identity, Jenny tells Dennis she is tired of playing second fiddle to his career, and Bernie and David step in when it appears Vernon's money-making schemes are getting the better of him. Rural drama, starring James Carlton, Ian East, Peter Benson, David Lonsdale and Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 13 Episode 18: Difficult Times

    Dr Liz Merrick is mortified when one of her patients dies of an insulin overdose, but even more so when Sgt Merton is forced to investigate her responsibility. Meanwhile, Vernon Scripps embarks on a mission to make Aidensfield sparkle with his own brand of cleaning products. Drama, starring Aislín McGuckin and Duncan Bell

  • Season 13 Episode 17: No Hard Feelings

    Crane and Merton have their hands full when a sniper strikes during a clay-pigeon shoot, and Bellamy's fiery temper only serves to make matters worse. Elsewhere, Vernon decides to venture into the bed-and-breakfast market - but his cooking skills leave a lot to be desired. Rural drama, starring James Carlton, Duncan Bell, Mark Jordon and Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 13 Episode 16: One Thing Leads to Another

    Jenny falls victim to con-men who have devised an elaborate loan and savings racket to fleece unwitting villagers. Meanwhile, Vernon, Bernie and David put their artistic prowess to the test by entering a poetry competition run by the Ashfordly Gazette. Rural drama, starring Sarah Tansey and Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 13 Episode 15: Daniel

    Steve is forced to cover for Phil when the father-to-be discovers Gina has gone into labour two months early and rushes to the hospital to help with the nerve-racking delivery Meanwhile, Merton is excited when it appears an LSD dealer could soon be brought to justice. Long-running rural drama, starring Mark Jordon, Tricia Penrose and Duncan Bell

  • Season 13 Episode 14: Scent of a Kill

    Dr Merrick faces a testing time when a terrified hospital patient claims her husband is trying to kill her, but Merton seems reluctant to get involved, while Vernon picks up a bargain all-purpose pest-control solution, enlisting David's help in his eradication mission. Gina's cousin Diane arrives to help her and Phil with the wedding preparations - much to the delight of PC Crane, who is instantly smitten. Rural drama, starring Aislín McGuckin, Tricia Penrose and Mark Jordon

  • Season 13 Episode 13: Dangerous Whispers

    Gina Ward makes a surprise return to Aidensfield and Bellamy encounters a key informant who might come in useful - but finds himself in trouble when the man disappears before he can offer a tip-off about an imminent armed robbery. Meanwhile, Vernon acquires a bargain miniature railway which he hopes will impress the new estate manager, and it emerges Dr Liz Merrick may have feelings for Lord Ashfordly's recently appointed land agent. Tricia Penrose, Mark Jordon and Geoffrey Hughes star

  • Season 13 Episode 12: The Dear Departed

    A recently widowed woman arrives in Aidensfield wanting to bury her late husband in the family grave, but the dead man's brother refuses to co-operate because of an old feud. Vernon and David get involved and find themselves held at gunpoint as a shocking case of fraud is uncovered. Meanwhile, Oscar is among the locals under suspicion when a hardened criminal returns to the village - and soon ends up murdered. Rural drama, starring Geoffrey Hughes and David Lonsdale

  • Season 13 Episode 11: Mountains and Molehills

    Bellamy gives chase when joyriders tear through Aidensfield - but is horrified to accidentally run down Don Dibley's son during the pursuit. Thankfully the boy makes an impressive recovery at the hospital, but his father is furious at the situation and demands the family receive compensation. Don soon realises his problems have just begun as his daughter reveals she's pregnant and, when her boyfriend balks at the thought of parenthood, she promptly accuses Steve Crane of being the father - will the amiable PC be able to clear his name? Rural drama, starring Mark Jordon, James Carlton and Ted Robbins

  • Season 13 Episode 10: Down to Earth

    Vernon buys a batch of topsoil for his new compost-producing business, little suspecting it is from a contaminated landfill site. The shady dealer who sold him the soil winds up dead - as do a number of local cows - and Vernon is soon fighting for his life. Elsewhere, seductive sergeant Nokes sets her sights on Steve Crane, and Bellamy wonders whether Gina will return to Aidensfield and marry him. Geoffrey Hughes, James Carlton and Mark Jordon star

  • Season 13 Episode 9: State of Mind

    An elderly man reports an unusual break-in, during which the uninvited visitor left a mysterious statue on the kitchen table. It soon emerges that it is just the first in a series of unexplained events, as a police phone box arrives and then disappears from his garden, cement is delivered to his house for no apparent reason and a fire is started in his garage. Noakes advises Steve to keep well away as it is not technically a police matter, but the officer decides to investigate further. Rural drama, starring Trevor Ray, Georgie Glen and James Carlton

  • Season 13 Episode 8: Brought to Book

    Steve does his bit for the community by taking a group of delinquents on an outdoor adventure course on the moors, but one of the lads falls and breaks his ankle, while another is wanted for stealing from a shop. Elsewhere, Vernon sees pound signs before his eyes when a religious sect arrive in Aidensfield looking for somewhere to hold their meditation convention : and tries to persuade Lord Ashfordly to let them use his hall

  • Season 13 Episode 7: Waifs and Strays

    Dr Merrick is called out to a remote farmhouse, where she discovers three children have been left orphaned by the death of their father. Adamant that the family should stay together, Steve helps the eldest fight a custody battle, but a series of obstacles stands in their way. Meanwhile, Vernon opens a caravan park, but it is David who ends up having to entertain the not-so-happy campers

  • Season 13 Episode 6: The Honeymoon Is Over

    Jenny and Dennis are forced to cut short their honeymoon in Spain, and Gina grows increasingly unhappy at the thought of having to give up her job as pub licensee to marry a policeman. Ventress creates a bad impression at the station, and a crooked travel agent finds a way of cashing in on local holiday-makers' absence, while Vernon organises a Bentley owners' rally at the hall : but allows the prestige of the event to go to his head and makes a disastrous investment

  • Season 13 Episode 5: A Family Affair

    Ventress goes in search of a bogus water board official who has been robbing the elderly, but ends up investigating a suspicious death linked to one of the burglaries. Meanwhile, Blaketon seeks to rectify a miscarriage of justice by restaging a pre-war darts tournament between the Aidensfield Arms and the White Lion, and Gina begins to get cold feet about her impending marriage to Phil. Rural drama, starring Derek Fowlds and William Simons

  • Season 13 Episode 4: Fool for Love

    An old friend of Merton is sent from CID to help track down a bank robber on the loose in the area, and he agrees to be best man at the wedding, while Jenny's disgraced brother Steve tries to patch things up with his sister before she ties the knot. However, in true dramatic fashion, events conspire to jeopardise the special day and stop the happy couple making it to the church on time. Meanwhile, Bellamy confides in Blaketon, asking him how to convince Gina that he really wants to marry her and isn't just doing it for the baby's sake. Duncan Bell, Sarah Tansey, Mark Jordon and Tricia Penrose star

  • Season 13 Episode 3: Mother's Little Helpers

    Liz Merrick faces a trying time when one of her patients misses an appointment to discuss medication, and subsequently ends up charged with drink-driving, while Vernon discovers money can't buy him happiness as he gets lonely in his new home : little suspecting excitement is just around the corner when his pal David is kidnapped and held for ransom. Elsewhere, Merton is delighted that Jenny has agreed to marry him and Bellamy is shocked to find out Gina is carrying his baby. Rural drama, starring Aislín McGuckin, Geoffrey Hughes and Duncan Bell

  • Season 13 Episode 2: Dog Days

    PC Steve Crane takes an urgent phone call, and is shocked to discover Peter Pyke's warehouse has gone up in smoke. It soon emerges that the owner's wife had spent time behind bars for fraud, and her husband isn't too forthcoming when questioned : leading Merton to suspect the blaze wasn't accidental. Meanwhile, Vernon moves into his new mansion, but has trouble keeping up with his well-to-do neighbours. Rural drama, starring James Carlton, Duncan Bell and Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 13 Episode 1: Speed

    Sgt Merton finds himself under pressure when a group of youths commit a number of serious offences in the area : and are suspected of drug-dealing when Liz Merrick hands in amphetamines found stashed in a local boy's bedroom. She refuses to reveal who passed on the drugs to her due to patient confidentiality rules, but Merton heads for the surgery regardless, pretending to see Jenny, who promptly calls off the wedding when she discovers her fiance used the visit to sneak a look at the patient list. Starring Duncan Bell, Sarah Tansey and Aislín McGuckin

Heartbeat: Season 12 (2002 - 2004)

  • Season 12 Episode 25: Music of the Spheres

    Lord Ashfordly's sister arrives in Aidensfield with a renowned Polish musician and his daughter, intending to stage a concert at the village hall. But disaster strikes when one of the violinist's expensive instruments is stolen : and romance blossoms for Steve as he steps in to investigate the theft. Meanwhile, a shady father-and-son duo arrive and set their scheming sights on Vernon, leaving Gina the daunting task of persuading her friend that the pair are out to fleece him. Last in the ever-popular rural drama series, starring James Carlton, Mark Jordon, Geoffrey Hughes and Chris Darwin

  • Season 12 Episode 24: Absent Friends

    Merton organises a search of the moors after a farming couple are reported missing, leaving Jenny and Liz to look after their bemused children. Meanwhile, a reluctant Bernie is taken on a mini break to a country hotel by Vernon - but he grows increasingly dismayed over the plans for a new garage. Rural drama, starring Geoffrey Hughes, Duncan Bell and Sarah Tansey

  • Season 12 Episode 23: Mackerel Sky

    Taxi driver David finds himself forced off the road by a speeding sports car, which passenger Renishaw is shocked to recognise as his own, and it soon emerges that more valuable vehicles have gone missing : will the police bring the culprit to justice? Meanwhile, a dangerous ex-con returns to Aidensfield hoping to take revenge on Merton, the officer who apprehended him. After kidnapping his devoted girlfriend Jenny, the villain makes plans to meet his nemesis in the woods, where he intends to trade his captive for information : little suspecting the deal won't go according to plan. Sixties-set drama, starring Duncan Bell, Sarah Tansey and Paul Brennan

  • Season 12 Episode 22: House Rules

    Steve Crane's wayward mother Babs arrives in Aidensfield, having fallen out with her screenwriter boyfriend and grown tired of the London arts scene, and soon causes all manner of chaos when a spate of burglaries provides her with the ideal opportunity to put her self-defence skills into practice. Meanwhile, Vernon Scripps has an amazing change in fortune. Rural drama, starring James Carlton

  • Season 12 Episode 21: Lily of the Valley

    The Aidensfield residents are up in arms due to the high number of noisy lorries rumbling through the village on their way to Jim Pinder's quarry, and David joins Jenny in protest : only to end up spending a night in the cells. The police investigate when sheep are stolen from Lily Barton's land, and her neighbour promptly becomes the prime suspect : only for her farm to be set alight. Did the culprit have more on his mind than sheep rustling? Meanwhile, Bellamy strives to fan the flames of passion with Gina, but she's less than keen. Rural drama, starring Aislín McGuckin, Peter Ivatts and Jessica Turner, with a guest appearance by Jean Alexander

  • Season 12 Episode 20: Moving Target

    A mysterious marksman sharpens up his sniper skills on a flock of unsuspecting sheep, before heading for Aidensfield and murdering Liz's ex-boyfriend, a newly arrived doctor she dumped after he refused to tell his wife about their affair. While she attempts to comfort the victim's bereaved spouse, who is shocked by the devastating news, Bellamy is shot in the arm and sets out in pursuit of the rifle-toting villain : only to discover the assailant is using an Army-issue weapon. Drama, starring Aislín McGuckin, Pete Ivatts and Malcolm Stoddard, with Jason Durr making his final appearance as Mike Bradley

  • Season 12 Episode 19: Caped Crusaders

    Liz's sleep is disturbed by late-night nuisance calls : and events take a sinister turn with the discovery of a dead bird hanging in the surgery. Back at the police station, Merton has two unlikely recruits in the shape of Batman and Robin, who have spotted criminal activity on a derelict farm, and there's a surprise in store for Vernon and David

  • Season 12 Episode 18: Missing in Action

    In celebration of her forthcoming wedding, bride-to-be Lesley embarks on her hen night at Whitby Funfair, where a clairvoyant soon gives her cold feet about the imminent nuptials, prompting her to call off the ceremony and disappear : only to be found injured on the moors by her anxious friends. Elsewhere, Bellamy is persuaded to cover at the pub, and is almost caught serving drinks after hours, while a new policeman in the village is suspected of being an imposter. Rural drama, starring Ruth Platt, Robert Hands, Mark Jordan and Craig Heaney

  • Season 12 Episode 17: The Third Man

    An informer tells the police that local hoodlums Vic Hawking and Len Dowd are planning to raid a shipment of gold bullion from Haworth Point : prompting Shiner to set up an ambush to catch the would-be thieves. Gina receives a visit from her niece, who has fallen in with a bad crowd back in Manchester and whose boyfriend is in a young offenders' institution. But trouble quickly follows when he escapes and comes in search of his teenage love. Meanwhile, Liz enlists David to paint the surgery and sitting room : but is less than pleased with the results. Drama, starring Simon Molloy and Tricia Penrose

  • Season 12 Episode 16: Hung for a Sheep

    Ventress thinks Mike's replacement PC Steve Crane is a little too anxious to prove his worth as he investigates a spate of farm break-ins on the moors, and Vernon attempts to impress new arrival Dr Liz Merrick with his community spirit. Elsewhere, Mike grows disillusioned with CID work and Vernon offers to distribute information leaflets to local patients : with chaotic consequences. Rural drama, starring James Carlton : who played Emmerdale's Jason Kirk : and Aislín McGuckin as the newcomers

  • Season 12 Episode 15: The High Life

    New series of the ever-popular rural police drama set in the rustic backwater of Aidensfield. Jenny is surprised and delighted when her younger brother Steve pays a visit, but her excitement soon turns to despair when she notices what Harold is growing in his greenhouse. Although she keeps quiet, her troublesome sibling seeks to exploit the situation for his own gain : threatening his put-upon sister's relationship with Merton in the process. Meanwhile, David sets his sights on joining the Mods. Starring Sarah Tansey, Thom Fell, Maureen O'Brien and Robert East

  • Season 12 Episode 14: Out of the Blue

    A serious road accident causes chaos for the residents of Aidensfield when a tanker containing a mysterious substance is breached, leaving a reservoir polluted and Ashfordly police tearing their hair out as they try to track down the culprit. Luckily, the staff of nearby St Aidan's Royal Free hospital are on hand to offer some much-needed assistance : although Vernon's amnesia seems to linger for an improbably long time

  • Season 12 Episode 13: For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Tension mounts as explosives go missing from Lord Ashfordly's quarry just before the Defence Minister is due to arrive on an official visit to Flylingdales Warning Station, prompting Blaketon to embark on an off-the-record investigation : but he soon realises he's bitten off more than he can chew. Meanwhile, Dr Alway makes the mistake of enlisting Vernon and David when the church falls short of bell-ringers : will the duo drop a clanger?

  • Season 12 Episode 12: Bread and Circuses

    Bellamy falls in love with the victim of a handbag snatch, and the unlikely pair become the talk of the village as they go out on a series of dates. Merton attempts to track down porcelain figures stolen during a crime spree in nearby Whitby - and is given a new lead when a similar theft occurs at Mr Osbourne's house

  • Season 12 Episode 11: The Sins of the Fathers

    Under increasing strain from the grief of Trisha's death, Mike loses his temper with an underage drinker and the clash ends in violence : and leads to the uncovering of a blackmail plot when the youth walks free from all charges thanks to his secret relationship with a local magistrate. Elsewhere, Vernon is stunned and delighted by the arrival of an old flame, but his joy is short lived when her menacing husband turns out to be hot on her heels, bringing chaos in his wake

  • Season 12 Episode 10: Horses for Courses

    Mike joins forces with Scotland Yard when a gang of thieves turns up in Aidensfield, apparently plotting to steal a valuable horse from local trainer Kieron Doyle. The heroic copper doggedly pursues his quarry to the detriment of his relationship with Tricia : but tragedy strikes, leaving him heartbroken. Vernon runs into trouble of his own when his long-lost sister arrives, professing to be a wealthy divorcee : so why do all her cheques bounce?

  • Season 12 Episode 9: Many Splendoured Thing

    There's much excitement in Aidensfield as Lord Ashfordly returns home with his new wife in tow, and the villagers are pleasantly surprised when they discover how glamorous and charming she is. However, all is not well for the newlyweds as a series of violent hijackings leaves them shaken and in need of protection from Mike : but the intrepid officer's suspicions are soon aroused by the blushing bride's decidedly odd behaviour. Meanwhile, Vernon's Christmas tree delivery service suffers a crushing blow when David crashes the van, forcing him to borrow Bernie's hearse to fulfil his orders

  • Season 12 Episode 8: Growing Apart

    A spate of tractor thefts has the Aidensfield constabulary running round in circles, but as Merton comes to suspect it's all an elaborate insurance fraud, matters take a turn for the worse. The robbers target Steve Calthrop's farm, and the loss of such a valuable piece of equipment proves to be the straw that breaks the camel's back, prompting a volatile domestic dispute and putting Tricia in mortal danger. Meanwhile, Vernon decides it's time to relieve a few more people of their hard-earned cash, and sets himself up as a horticultural expert and garden designer : but makes the mistake of enlisting David's help

  • Season 12 Episode 7: Dirty Len

    The police leap into action when a labourer at the Kirkbys' farm dies of strychnine poisoning, believing a killer be on the loose. As the finger of suspicion moves from one villager to another, the scene is set for tragedy. Meanwhile, the Ashfordly Rotary Club pensioners head for the seaside town of Whitby - but David's mangy mutt Alfred proves to be something of a liability

  • Season 12 Episode 6: No Man's Land

    Local landowner Les Parnaby loses patience with ramblers wandering across his land and resolves to take matters into his own hands - regardless of the cost. Meanwhile, Ventress's car accident has a strange effect on Vernon Scripps, much to the delight of his many creditors. Rural police drama, starring Lloyd McGuire, Geoffrey Hughes and Tricia Penrose

  • Season 12 Episode 5: Harmony

    Bellamy thinks he's pulled off quite a coup when he spies a dangerous armed robber - but the villain makes his escape and embarks on a desperate hunt for a fast car to steal. Meanwhile, Merton's singer-songwriter cousin arrives, looking for the peace and quiet she needs to work, but her pregnant daughter soon puts paid to that idea. Lulu guest stars

  • Season 12 Episode 4: Where There's Muck

    Abandoned by his wife and faced with financial ruin, local farmer Richard Harvey finally reaches the end of his tether, and heads into Aidensfield to air his grievances in a particularly memorable way. Meanwhile, the arrival of a handsome stranger sets Gina's heart racing : but could he be a dangerous criminal? Vernon and David branch out into a new line of business, and soon manage to pep up a few palates with Aunt Beth's tangy horseradish sauce

  • Season 12 Episode 3: A Dog's Life

    The County Sheepdog Trials take place at Ashfordly Hall, and it soon becomes clear that such a prestigious event can do nothing but bring the worst out in some people. Local favourite Tommy Rawson is one of the first to suffer : thanks to the intervention of influential rival George Harding. Meanwhile, Vernon thinks he's onto a good thing when he organises the toilet facilities for the event, but will his money-making dreams go down the pan?

  • Season 12 Episode 2: A Girl's Best Friend

    The village is plagued by a spate of burglaries, and the finger of suspicion points to a most unlikely perpetrator, revealing a heartbreaking tale of domestic abuse and family tragedy. Elsewhere, Vernon resolves to dig out his books on hypnotism and put an end to Gina's arachnophobia : but his early experiments on David leave his patient feeling rather peculiar : while Dennis and Jenny discover a mutual love of jazz

  • Season 12 Episode 1: Skeletons and Cupboards

    New series of the perennially popular police drama. As Tricia returns to work after her heart attack, her nerves are stretched to breaking point by Mike's constant fretting : will he realise she needs to regain her independence? Meanwhile, the discovery of a man's body in a local quarry throws up a whole host of awkward questions : especially when the prime suspect in his murder turns out to have been dead for 15 years. Could Ventress have unwittingly played a part in some villainy? Jason Durr, Clare Calbraith, Derek Fowlds and William Simons star

Heartbeat: Season 11 (2001 - 2003)

  • Season 11 Episode 24: Love's Sweet Dream

    Tricia is over the moon as she and Mike finally declare their love for one another - but gets drawn into a case of domestic violence before she has chance to celebrate, and ends up fighting for her life. Starring Clare Calbraith and Jason Durr

  • Season 11 Episode 23: Caught in the Headlights

    Oscar Blaketon suspects foul play when, after a night out with property developer Alex Robinson at Ashfordly Hall, Gina wakes up in her car to find she has been involved in a hit-and-run accident. The team must decide if she's guilty of drink-driving - or whether there's a more sinister explanation. Tricia Penrose and Derek Fowlds star

  • Season 11 Episode 22: Class Act

    A father is aghast to read tales of wild romance in his teenage daughter's diary, failing to realise they are all fictitious. David inherits a ventriloquist's dummy complete with a schedule of bookings, and decides the show must go on. Meanwhile, Gina finds herself attracted to a charismatic guest. Nostalgic drama, starring David Lonsdale and Tricia Penrose

  • Season 11 Episode 21: The Shoot

    Paying guests the Langleys arrive for a shooting party at Ashfordly Hall, but their grandiose ideas soon upset the locals and it's not long before a sinister plot is revealed. Vernon's latest money-making scheme seems destined to end in disaster as David takes the wheel of an old army vehicle : but his off-road tours are not for the faint-hearted. Nostalgic rural drama, guest starring Robert Glenister and Celia Imrie

  • Season 11 Episode 20: Windows of Opportunity

    The bobbies of Aidensfield try to get to the bottom of a series of burglaries in which the culprit only steals certain valuable objects, including Tricia's postcard collection. Meanwhile, Blaketon attempts to raise support for his local election campaign - with surprising results. Rural police drama, starring Jason Durr, Clare Calbraith and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 11 Episode 19: Love Hurts

    Sergeant Merton is suspended following allegations of theft made by a woman he was dating, but Mike believes he is innocent and sets about clearing his name. Meanwhile, Vernon becomes concerned about Bernie's strange behaviour. Rural police drama, starring Duncan Bell, Jason Durr, Jan Francis and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 11 Episode 18: Coming of Age

    Nicholson delays his 21st-birthday celebrations to join Bellamy in pursuit of two armed and dangerous criminals, but takes one risk too many. Meanwhile, Vernon finds himself blowing his own trumpet after hiring out a brass band to Lord Ashfordly. Rural police drama, starring Ryan Early and Mark Jordon

  • Season 11 Episode 17: Sympathy for the Devil

    Mike gets involved in the troubles of a newcomer and her unruly daughter, only to learn that her dark past is about to catch up with her in the form of a ruthless reporter. Meanwhile, Bernie reaches the end of his tether when Vernon decides there's money to be made from goat's milk. Jason Durr stars

  • Season 11 Episode 16: Second Chances

    A man who has not been heard of in 20 years and was presumed dead suddenly makes an appearance in Aidensfield - and seems not to have aged a day - prompting Merton to cross swords with an old adversary. Meanwhile, Vernon's attempts to bring a taste of France to North Yorkshire are swiftly ruined as a wine connoisseur dishes the dirt on Scripps' vineyards

  • Season 11 Episode 15: The Great Ming Mystery

    A mysterious visitor is suspected of involvement in the theft of a priceless Ming vase. Mike tries to discover the reason for Merton's visit to headquarters, and Gina starts acting like Aidensfield's answer to Mata Hari. Nostalgic drama, guest-starring Leslie Grantham

  • Season 11 Episode 14: From Ancient Grudge

    Ventress has his work cut out as a series of crimes linked to an old farming feud turns deadly. But when the evidence fails to add up it is up to the bobbies to prove who is responsible before someone gets killed. Meanwhile, Vernon is inspired to screen films in the village hall. Rural police drama, starring Geoffrey Hughes, William Simons, Tricia Penrose and Jason Durr

  • Season 11 Episode 13: The Leopard's Spots

    New sergeant Dennis Merton arrives at Ashfordly police station and soon finds himself embroiled in a CID stakeout - but Ventress's shady past threatens the entire operation. Meanwhile, all efforts to pummel David into the peak of physical fitness look set to come to nothing, until a chance encounter knocks Vernon for six. Nostalgic drama, starring William Simons and Duncan Bell

  • Season 11 Episode 12: Closing the Book

    An elderly patient's sudden death prompts a series of revelations about his decidedly shady past - and the raid he was planning on Ashfordly Bank. Meanwhile, Craddock is offered the chance of promotion, and Vernon embarks on yet another venture - Scripps' Roaming Holidays. Nostalgic drama, starring Philip Franks, Jason Durr and the late Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 11 Episode 11: A Gentleman's Sport

    Blaketon is uncharacteristically bowled over when he discovers a cricketing legend has checked into the pub - but looks set to have his illusions shattered. Meanwhile, David inadvertently prompts a petrol crisis. Nostalgic drama, starring Derek Fowlds, David Lonsdale and Clive Mantle

  • Season 11 Episode 10: No Hiding Place

    As Christmas arrives in sleepy Aidensfield, Mike and Tricia try to reunite a blind woman with her stolen guide dog - and in time-honoured fashion, they share a drunken kiss under the mistletoe to boot. Elsewhere, the local menfolk have their heads turned by the arrival of a stunning beauty trying to evade the paparazzi

  • Season 11 Episode 9: Uninvited Guests

    Christmas is just around the corner, but the last thing Aidensfield's residents feel like doing is over-indulging as a salmonella epidemic grips the village and Dr Summerbee struggles to maintain her goodwill. Meanwhile, Vernon decides the time is right to expand Bernie's funeral empire. Nostalgic drama, with Clare Calbraith and Geoffrey Hughes, and introducing Sarah Tansey as the doctor's assistant

  • Season 11 Episode 8: Home to Roost

    The village is divided as hippies colonise Lawson's holiday cottages and, while the landlord tries to take the law into his own hands, an undercover journalist spies her chance to hit the headlines. Undeterred by the drama, Vernon spots a money-making opportunity of his own in the form of a potter's wheel. Starring Geoffrey Hughes and Malcolm Tierney

  • Season 11 Episode 7: The Rivals

    A prodigal son returns to claim his inheritance, setting off alarm bells for Ventress, whose instinct is soon confirmed as a series of accidents at the carpet factory signal a scant regard for life and limb : but is it negligence or sabotage? Meanwhile, Vernon Scripps spies an opportunity to make merry as well as money by organising a beauty pageant : but reckons without the determined opposition of disapproving Joyce Jowett, who will stop at nothing to halt the event

  • Season 11 Episode 6: Old Masters

    Ashfordly Hall throws open its doors to the public, but all hell breaks loose when a collection of valuable Constable sketches is stolen. Mike and Tom are sent to question the chief suspect, an 80-year-old art thief, only to find him mugged and bound to a chair - with none of the paintings anywhere in sight. Nostalgic drama, starring Jason Durr and Ryan Early

  • Season 11 Episode 5: Home Sweet Home

    A spate of petty thefts is traced to a local nursing home, but Blaketon's investigations uncover something far more sinister. Meanwhile, David's first day in his new job goes spectacularly wrong, but Bernie is not surprised. Rural drama, starring Jason Durr and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 11 Episode 4: Legacies

    Lord Ashfordly's staff come under suspicion when some African carvings are stolen from the hall - but then an African chieftain arrives claiming the very same pieces belong to his tribe. Vernon sees a business opportunity that needs the royal stamp of approval and probationary PC Tom Nicholson turns up at the station. Nostalgic drama, starring Jason Durr, Rupert Vansittart and Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 11 Episode 3: Russian Roulette

    Aidensfield residents are shocked when an MI5 agent turns up in the village showing more than just a passing interest in the activities of Vernon Scripps and his mysterious associate, a man who disembarked from a Russian trawler docked in Whitby harbour. It seems there is an even darker side to the roguish wheeler-dealer than they suspected

  • Season 11 Episode 2: She's Leaving Home

    Part two of two. Carl Lomax's case comes to court, and a local reporter soon rakes up the dirt over Tricia's controversial decision to supply his girlfriend with birth-control drugs. Before long, he escapes from custody and goes on the run with Deborah. Meanwhile, Vernon invests in a new money-making scheme

  • Season 11 Episode 1: Sweet Sixteen

    Part one of two. Mike faces a stressful time as he struggles to cope with his wife's departure, and Tricia offers him a shoulder to cry on, but is beset by problems of her own after prescribing birth control to a 16-year-old. Meanwhile, Sergeant Craddock finds his efforts to prepare for an important visit hampered by a series of attacks on the station, and Vernon makes a startling discovery in his bathtub. Jason Durr and Clare Calbraith star

Heartbeat: Season 10 (2001 - 2002)

  • Season 10 Episode 24: Still Water

    An investigation into a cattle auctioneer puts Mike's career in danger when he finds himself under suspicion of taking bribes. The case also puts his relationship with his wife in jeopardy, culminating in a final, shocking revelation from Jackie. Meanwhile, Vernon attempts to bottle the secret of eternal youth

  • Season 10 Episode 23: The Buxton Defence

    A Russian chess champion arrives to compete in an exhibition match, causing a crisis for the constabulary, who also find themselves on the trail of an exceptionally devious burglar. Meanwhile, David and Vernon face problems a little closer to home. Rural police drama, starring David Lonsdale and Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 10 Episode 22: Consequences

    The constabulary are on guard as the village is plagued by a series of mysterious explosions, while a redundant church provides Vernon and David with their next fortune-hunting endeavour. Nostalgic drama, starring Geoffrey Hughes and David Lonsdale

  • Season 10 Episode 21: Truth Games

    Jackie is assigned to act for a businessman accused of raping a fellow hotel guest during a conference, but she is not sure whether to believe he is innocent or not. Meanwhile, Vernon and David are dismayed to find their finances have hit rock-bottom and find themselves forced to seek employment to pay their electricity bill. Rural drama, starring Fiona Dolman, David Lonsdale and Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 10 Episode 20: Unchained Melody

    The constabulary receives help from the Met to target a local drug trafficker, believed to be the boyfriend of Lord Ashfordly's sister Patricia. Meanwhile, a domestic drama involving Jackie's friend and her baby leaves Mike torn between the loyalties of work and home, and Vernon plans to take advantage of a postal strike. Rural police drama, starring Fiona Dolman and Jason Durr

  • Season 10 Episode 19: Killing Me Softly

    An investigation into the appearance of forged bank notes in Aidensfield leads to the discovery of a major crime operation, and Blaketon is persuaded to try a new image by Vernon - with unfortunate repercussions. Meanwhile, Mike's suggestion that he and Jackie start a family is not met with the expected response. Rural police drama, starring Geoffrey Hughes and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 10 Episode 18: Gin a Body, Meet a Body

    Bellamy finds himself in over his head when he allows personal feelings to cloud his judgement in the case of a robbery suspect. Meanwhile, Vernon hopes great things will come of his newly installed party phone line. Rural drama, starring Mark Jordon and Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 10 Episode 17: Who's Who?

    Sergeant Craddock investigates a suspicious road accident, and has to suffer the embarrassment of interrogating the High Sheriff about his involvement in the incident. Meanwhile, Vernon opens a marriage bureau, which proves to have unforeseen consequences - for David at least - and Gina has shattering news for Phil Bellamy. Rural drama, guest starring Angela Douglas (Carry On Cowboy)

  • Season 10 Episode 16: The Long Weekend

    Vernon suffers delusions of grandeur while playing bodyguard to a Russian prince staying at Ashfordly Hall, leaving David to help Bellamy with preparations for a special VIP evening of his own. Elsewhere in Aidensfield, Mike's niece pays a visit, and proves to be a typical teenager by getting up to all sorts of mischief. Rural drama, starring Mark Jordon and Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 10 Episode 15: Not So Special

    An elderly farmer's widow seems to be the victim of a hate campaign, and the police race to uncover the culprit as events take a more serious turn. Vernon Scripps burns rubber to win a bet, enlisting Bernie's help in creating a hot-rod to rival the competition, and Ventress wonders if he should inform Bellamy after seeing Gina leaving the maternity ward. Drama, starring Jean Alexander and Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 10 Episode 14: Home Truths

    Jackie prosecutes her mother's friend for negligence in the workplace, and Blaketon expresses his disapproval of Bellamy's relationship with Gina in no uncertain terms. Vernon and David turn their talents to the celebrity catering industry - with spectacular results. Rural drama, starring Fiona Dolman, Michelle Holmes and Susan Jameson

  • Season 10 Episode 13: Blind Justice

    Sergeant Craddock is smitten by the charms of newcomer Susan Finlay, only to face a quandary when her son is charged with dangerous driving. Elsewhere, PC Bellamy rashly turns to the casino table and Vernon inadvertently causes chaos on a bride's big day. Starring Philip Franks, Mark Jordon and Geoffrey Hughes

  • Season 10 Episode 12: Safe House

    Lives are put on the line as Mike and Jackie receive orders to provide a refuge for a dangerous police informant, and David is left in charge of Greengrass's house while the old rogue is living it up in the Caribbean - but does not count on an unexpected visitor making himself at home. Drama, starring Fiona Dolman, Jason Durr and Geoffrey Hughes as the new face in town

  • Season 10 Episode 11: Sylvia's Mother

    Maggie's suspicions are aroused by the death of a close friend's mother, so she goes straight to the police to report her fears, leading to a cruel dilemma. The district nurse's emotional day comes to an end when she announces her decision to leave Aidensfield, prompting the locals to throw a farewell party. Meanwhile, jealousy rears its ugly head when one of Blaketon's old flames comes back on the scene and starts taking an interest in Lord Ashfordly. Rural drama, starring Kazia Pelka, Derek Fowlds and Janie Dee

  • Season 10 Episode 10: Cold Turkey

    As Christmas comes to Aidensfield, the locals have their very own Scrooge to contend with in the shape of mean-spirited bank manager Gordon Stringer. With farmer Jack Dugdale at his mercy and Greengrass on the prowl for money he is owed, his son Noel becomes fed up of taking the flak for his father's unpopularity and runs away. Drama, starring Jason Durr, Bill Maynard, Mark Jordon and Tricia Penrose

  • Season 10 Episode 9: Fallen Heroes

    A suitcase inexplicably disappears from the wreck of a crashed car - and it is not long before parcels of cash start being delivered to the residents of Aidensfield. As the mystery unravels the police investigations lead to Bernie, who may hold the key to identifying the village's very own Robin Hood. Jason Durr stars

  • Season 10 Episode 8: Child's Play

    A number of strange events take place at an empty house, giving Mike the idea that a runaway boy is hiding out in Aidensfield, and a chance meeting in the pub steers Bernie in the unlikely direction of the entertainment industry

  • Season 10 Episode 7: The Traveller

    A party of travellers cause ill-feeling as they pass through the village and the already tense atmosphere becomes even more volatile when a bank robber goes on the run. Meanwhile, Greengrass is more concerned with making a killing on a pony and trap race - but he may not be able to outwit the Aidensfield police this time. David Essex guest stars, alongside Jason Durr and Bill Maynard

  • Season 10 Episode 6: The Fool on the Hill

    Craddock's mother fancies herself as a bit of a Miss Marple figure following a mysterious murder in the village, but her well-meaning interference drives everyone mad. Elsewhere, Greengrass has a stroke of luck on the horses, and David gets more than he bargained for at the vet's. Rural drama, with Philip Franks and Bill Maynard

  • Season 10 Episode 5: War Stories

    PC Ventress's old commando unit turns up - but the veterans have an old score to settle and a reporter causes emotions to boil over. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 10 Episode 4: Gabriel's Last Stand

    A former MP's lascivious past catches up with him just as he is planning a comfortable retirement, and Greengrass makes his presence felt at the village bonfire party as only he knows how. Rural drama, starring Bill Maynard, William Russell and Joanna David

  • Season 10 Episode 3: Dog Collar

    A local church suffers a series of thefts and the finger of suspicion seems to point to the vicarage, of all places. Meanwhile, Greengrass's hopes of winning a dog show take a knock when his pedigree contestant goes missing. Rural drama, starring Jason Durr and Bill Maynard

  • Season 10 Episode 2: Smile for the Camera

    Mike and Jackie suffer a terrifying ordeal at the hands of a stalker out for revenge, and David holds the fort while Greengrass and Bernie help to arrange a funeral with a difference. Rural drama, starring Jason Durr, Fiona Dolman and Bill Maynard

  • Season 10 Episode 1: Chalk and Cheese

    A dispute between a retired teacher and a surly farmer gets out of hand, romance is in the air as PC Bellamy escorts Gina to a club opening night, and Greengrass gets a bombshell - literally. Guest starring Angela Thorne and Duncan Preston

Heartbeat: Season 9 (2000 - 2001)

  • Season 9 Episode 24: The Son-in-Law

    Greengrass befriends a travelling musician (guest star Gary Barlow) who spreads a little disharmony in Aidensfield, while Jackie's parents drop in unexpectedly, casting a shadow over her relationship with Mike : and all at once domestic bliss becomes a thing of the past in the Bradley household. With Bill Maynard, Jason Durr and Fiona Dolman

  • Season 9 Episode 23: Wise Guys

    Ventress's determination to protect a widow's home from a gang of louts becomes an all-consuming obsession, while Greengrass gets his fingers burnt attempting to break into the fish and chip industry, little realising what a competitive business it is. Rural drama, starring William Simons and Bill Maynard

  • Season 9 Episode 22: With This Ring

    A criminal's wife commits suicide, making Mike wish he had not been quite so forceful in extracting a confession. Meanwhile, Blaketon has the misfortune of getting mixed up in Greengrass's latest scheme to make a few bob. Rural drama, with Bill Maynard, Derek Fowlds and Michael Angelis

  • Season 9 Episode 21: Desperate Measures

    Bernie reveals a hidden talent and Maggie struggles to cope with a family in crisis. Rural police drama set in the rustic backwater of Aidensfield, Yorkshire, starring Kazia Pelka and Peter Benson

  • Season 9 Episode 20: Against the Odds

    Greengrass embarks on yet another new career, this time trying to earn a crust as a racehorse trainer after a suspicious death at a local stables leaves a window of opportunity. Meanwhile, former copper Blaketon's well-honed instincts alert him to council corruption. Nostalgic rural drama, starring Bill Maynard, Derek Fowlds and Jason Durr

  • Season 9 Episode 19: The Good Doctor

    A handsome new locum wins Maggie's heart but soon falls out of favour with the locals when a misdiagnosis results in tragedy. A display of courage by Andy reconciles him with Gina, and Greengrass's bike hire business turns out to be seriously flawed : much to Ventress's discomfort. Rural drama, starring Kazia Pelka and Bill Maynard

  • Season 9 Episode 18: A Shot in the Dark

    Jackie fights for justice on behalf of a trespasser shot on Lord Ashfordly's land, and Greengrass uses his new job as a newspaper columnist to criticise assorted pillars of society. Rural drama, starring Bill Maynard, Fiona Dolman and Rupert Vansittart.

  • Season 9 Episode 17: For Art's Sake

    A fire at the home of a talented artist leads to suspicions of an arson attack, and the resultant police investigation exposes the man's patron as a likely suspect. Greengrass has limited success running a B&B, and Andy tells landlady Gina he's got to make a business trip to Scotland, filling Blaketon with misgivings. Rural drama, with guest star Joe McGann, and Jason Durr, Bill Maynard and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 9 Episode 16: Weight of Evidence

    Sian Horrocks is assaulted on her way home from work and tells Mike it was a local man who did the deed - but Jackie suspects there's more behind the case than meets the eye. Elsewhere, Greengrass dreams up a scheme to fleece punters with a new investment. Nostalgic drama, starring Jason Durr, Fiona Dolman and Samia Ghadie

  • Season 9 Episode 15: The Seven Year Itch

    Blaketon is disturbed to learn an ex-convict he helped put behind bars has rented a room in the pub, and Bellamy is not amused by Sergeant Jennifer Nokes' romantic overtures. Meanwhile, Greengrass offers his services as pawnbroker to a pampered youth, only to land himself in trouble with the law for his pains. Rural drama, starring Derek Fowlds and Bill Maynard

  • Season 9 Episode 14: Full Circle

    Mike does his good deed for the year by reuniting an estranged family while investigating a puzzling spate of burglaries, and Ventress thinks he knows exactly how to stop Greengrass in his tracks - by arresting his faithful dog Alfred. Rural drama, starring Jason Durr, Bill Maynard, William Simons and Trevor Peacock

  • Season 9 Episode 13: Stag at Bay

    Charlotte Church guest stars as a girl who strikes up an unlikely friendship with David while struggling to cope with the effects of her parents' messy divorce. As snow falls on a festive Aidensfield, Blaketon becomes party to Craddock's surprising secret, and a poacher trespassing on Lord Ashfordly's estate disrupts the seasonal celebrations. Rural drama, with David Lonsdale, Derek Fowlds and Philip Franks

  • Season 9 Episode 12: No Surrender

    A feuding farmer's wartime past has explosive consequences, while Greengrass, always eager to make a quick profit, tries to cash in on a prediction for the future of his sidekick David. Rural drama, starring Jason Durr and Bill Maynard

  • Season 9 Episode 11: Flesh and Blood

    PC Bellamy's childhood sweetheart returns to Aidensfield for her mother's funeral and uncovers a dark family secret in the attic, leading to a traumatic encounter with her unbalanced sister. Meanwhile, Greengrass's attempts to make a packet by selling wild rabbits as pets fail dismally. Mark Jordon and Bill Maynard star

  • Season 9 Episode 10: Hollywood or Bust

    A film crew descends on Aidensfield, filling the vain villagers' heads with thoughts of stardom. Greengrass, however, is noty lured by the prospect of a cameo role as he is too preoccupied with getting his own back on a disreputable farmer. Rural drama, starring Bill Maynard, Jason Durr and Gareth Thomas

  • Season 9 Episode 9: Kindness of Strangers

    Greengrass attempts to organise Aidensfield's car rally - an event guaranteed not to pass without incident. Amid all the preparations, an elderly man is attacked, while Gina finds true love at last. Rural drama, starring Tricia Penrose and Bill Maynard

  • Season 9 Episode 8: Negative Vibes

    Mike makes a shocking discovery about Jackie, forcing him to re-evaluate his marriage almost before it has begun, while unlikely undertaker Greengrass applies his ingenuity to the task of arranging a funeral with a difference. Rural drama, starring Jason Durr, Fiona Dolman and Bill Maynard

  • Season 9 Episode 7: Always a Copper

    Blaketon's attempts to crack down on crime meet with a violent response and Gina's interest is aroused by a mysterious visitor. Greengrass has his eye on the main chance as usual - he reckons there is big money to be made by attracting tourists to Aidensfield and decides to rewrite local history to make the village more interesting. Derek Fowlds, Tricia Penrose and Bill Maynard star

  • Season 9 Episode 6: Shotgun Wedding

    Mike plans to marry Jackie in secret, but the search for an armed train robber threatens to keep him from getting to the church on time. Meanwhile, Greengrass faces another kind of crisis : his charismatic sister Isabelle turns up in Aidensfield, and proves to be more than a match for him. Judy Cornwell guest stars

  • Season 9 Episode 5: Honour Among Thieves

    Mike attracts the unwanted attentions of a famous romantic novelist who has moved to the area in search of literary inspiration, while a party of borstal boys on a work placement cause mayhem in the village. Greengrass helps a would-be councillor's election campaign - and has no qualms about playing dirty to foil rival candidate Blaketon's bid for office. Starring Jason Durr and Bill Maynard

  • Season 9 Episode 4: Puppet on a String

    Ventress tries to discover why an old foe has returned to Aidensfield, and Greengrass makes a touching promise to a dying friend - but has a fight on his hands keeping it. Meanwhile, Maggie is concerned about a girl who wants an abortion. Rural drama, starring Jason Durr, Kazia Pelka and Bill Maynard

  • Season 9 Episode 3: Intuition

    Greengrass meets his match in a gang of loutish Liverpudlians, and the Aidensfield bobbies investigate a case worthy of Agatha Christie, involving an old woman found dead in a mysterious house. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Craddock makes a shock announcement to Ventress. Bill Maynard, William Simons and Philip Franks star

  • Season 9 Episode 2: Tricks of the Trade

    The residents of Aidensfield find themselves in the grip of a flu epidemic, putting baby Sam at risk. Meanwhile, Greengrass grudgingly finds himself helping the police retrieve an old friend's stolen property, and Blaketon's interference in the running of the pub drives Gina up the wall. Rural drama, starring Fiona Dolman and Bill Maynard

  • Season 9 Episode 1: Manoeuvres in the Dark

    Gina helps an old flame who goes AWOL from the Army and David ends up with more than egg on his face when Greengrass arranges a gourmet dinner at the pub. Nostalgic drama, starring Tricia Penrose and Bill Maynard

Heartbeat: Season 8 (1998 - 1999)

  • Season 8 Episode 24: Testament

    Jackie refuses to believe her uncle could be responsible for a hit-and-run incident, despite the weight of evidence against him - a situation which puts her relationship with Mike to the test. Elsewhere, life in Aidensfield carries on much as normal, as Greengrass's greed causes a funeral to be a total wash-out. Rural drama, with Jason Durr and Bill Maynard

  • Season 8 Episode 23: David Stockwell's Ghost

    A couple who have recently returned to Aidensfield from Africa accuse their housekeeper of stealing, but Blaketon is more concerned about protecting their son from bullies. Meanwhile, Greengrass has a porker of a problem on his hands thanks to David, who accidentally buys some pigs at an auction on his behalf. Rural drama, with Bill Maynard and Jason Durr

  • Season 8 Episode 22: Brothers and Sisters

    Having dabbled in just about everything else under the sun, Greengrass develops a sudden interest in archaeology, convinced Aidensfield is full of buried treasures just waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately for him, the first items unearthed prove to be human remains, leading to fears that there is a murderer at large. Rural drama, starring Bill Maynard and Jason Durr

  • Season 8 Episode 21: Friends Like You

    Gina tries to kick-start her singing career by performing at a local nightclub, only to find herself accused of possessing drugs - which she suspects were planted in her handbag. Elsewhere, David responds to an unexpected windfall by making a very bad investment. Rural drama, starring Tricia Penrose and David Lonsdale

  • Season 8 Episode 20: All in the Mind

    An eccentric elderly lady reports an abduction, presenting the Aidensfield coppers with a fresh mystery to solve, while Greengrass has dealings with an old crony who wants him to enter a champion ferret in a race. Rural drama, starring Bill Maynard, Derek Fowlds and Margery Mason

  • Season 8 Episode 19: Fire and Ashes

    The Aidensfield bobbies investigate a series of arson attacks, but have trouble finding the evidence to convict their chief suspects : until a further blaze claims a victim. Elsewhere, Maggie receives shocking news, and Greengrass fancies himself as the village's answer to Billy Butlin, opening a disused railway carriage as a holiday home. Guest starring Ralf Little and Coronation Street's Alan Halsall (Tyrone Dobbs)

  • Season 8 Episode 18: The Angry Brigade

    Lord Ashfordly antagonises local ramblers by closing off a public footpath across his land, while Greengrass appoints himself Aidensfield's new chimney-sweep : but displays his usual reluctance to actually do any work, convinced he can make far more money by conning soon-to-be-married couples into hiring him as a 'lucky' wedding guest. Rural drama, starring Bill Maynard and Rupert Vansittart

  • Season 8 Episode 17: Twists of Fate

    A mystery visitor surprises Greengrass with the unusual and rather handy talent of dreaming the names of winning horses, while Maggie's ethics are called into question when she turns out to be the main beneficiary in a recently deceased patient's will

  • Season 8 Episode 16: Echoes of the Past

    A pregnant woman fears for the safety of her unborn child when a series of ghostly events convinces her the house is haunted. The Craddocks and Boltons fight it out in the Christmas charity dance. Drama, starring Jason Durr, Mark Jordon and Philip Franks

  • Season 8 Episode 15: Taking Sides

    Maggie is left questioning her marriage to Neil when he is accused of indecent conduct, while he is furious she could ever think he would do something like that. Elsewhere, Greengrass comes a cropper after organising a Civil War re-enactment, prompting unlikely hero Alf to step into the breach

  • Season 8 Episode 14: Where There's a Will

    Mike clashes with no-nonsense new solicitor Jackie Lambert over a contested will, while Greengrass becomes a landlord : whose first client turns out to be Bellamy. Rural drama, starring Jason Durr and Bill Maynard

  • Season 8 Episode 13: Forbidden Fruit

    Mike gets embroiled in a romantic liaison with a bereaved local, which does not go down too well with Craddock, who sends him on leave. The villagers club together to lay on a French-themed party for Gina's birthday, but the bonhomie is sadly lacking. Rural drama, starring Derek Fowlds, Jason Durr and Tricia Penrose

  • Season 8 Episode 12: Shadows and Substances

    Blaketon is appointed to the post of nuclear warning officer, sending Greengrass on a mission to save the village should the unthinkable happen. The safety of Aidensfield is also threatened elsewhere : as a consequence of a secret factory operation. Rural drama, starring Bill Maynard, Derek Fowlds and Jason Durr

  • Season 8 Episode 11: Hot Rocks

    Lord Ashfordly's sister returns home with her new fiance in tow, but their arrival coincides with a series of jewel thefts in the village. Greengrass makes a splash in the decorating business, while Mike and Bellamy throw a lively party. Bill Maynard and Jason Durr star

  • Season 8 Episode 10: Easy Rider

    Greengrass suddenly develops an allegiance to communism to rid himself of an unwanted delivery, while a cyclist dies in mysterious circumstances on the moors - and the incident coincides with a slew of bizarre UFO sightings. Rural drama, starring Bill Maynard and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 8 Episode 9: Pat-a-Cake

    The kidnapping of a girl leads the police to uncover a secret obsession, while Greengrass takes on more than he can handle in the form of a furry house guest. Rural police drama, starring Jason Durr, Derek Fowlds and Bill Maynard

  • Season 8 Episode 8: Hello, Goodbye

    Mike uncovers a case of blackmail involving a newcomer to Aidensfield and Greengrass does a roaring trade in tinned meat until his customers discover what is in it. Rural drama, starring Jason Durr

  • Season 8 Episode 7: Give a Dog a Bad Name

    Craddock wins few friends in the local farming community while trying to implement the newly introduced breathalyser, and Blaketon investigates an outbreak of fleas in the village. Elsewhere, a new addition to the station leaves Bellamy feeling like a lovesick puppy. Rural drama, starring Derek Fowlds, Philip Franks and Bill Maynard

  • Season 8 Episode 6: Baby Love

    A baby is kidnapped from outside the post office, causing emotions to run high in Aidensfield, while Greengrass agrees to concrete a drive to make a bob or two, but makes the mistake of hiring a helper who proves less than adept. Rural drama, starring Bill Maynard, Derek Fowlds, Jason Durr and Kazia Pelka

  • Season 8 Episode 5: Spellbound

    A witchcraft scare sweeps through Aidensfield, but Greengrass, who clearly subscribes to the old adage that where there's muck there's money, is too preoccupied with a new get-rich-quick scheme to care - he is convinced the hidden properties of local mud are about to make him a fortune. Bill Maynard stars as the rascally rustic

  • Season 8 Episode 4: Past Crimes

    A respectable bank manager is haunted by the past and Greengrass fixes a golf tournament, much to the annoyance of Oscar Blaketon. Rural police drama, with Bill Maynard and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 8 Episode 3: For Better or Worse

    Neil and Maggie make a commitment, and a seemingly straightforward road accident soon leads to complications for the bobbies of Aidensfield. Meanwhile, Greengrass inherits an unusual legacy - a pair of racing pigeons. Rural drama, starring Bill Maynard and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 8 Episode 2: Fall Out

    Two joyriders steal a car from outside the pub, unaware there is a radioactive isotope hidden in the boot - and it is up to Mike to avert a potential catastrophe. Meanwhile, Greengrass gets a surprise visit from his brother, who begs him to look after a champion greyhound. Rural drama, starring Bill Maynard and Jason Durr

  • Season 8 Episode 1: Snake in the Grass

    Resident rogue Greengrass comes off worst in a car deal and responds by seizing goods from the local likely lad who took advantage of him - including a live python. Elsewhere, Mike investigates a case of food poisoning - and it seem a feud may be the cause of the trouble. Bill Maynard and Jason Durr star

Heartbeat: Season 7 (1997 - 2003)

  • Season 7 Episode 24: Love Me Do

    The new sergeant's arrival could mean radical changes for Greengrass, and everyone is under suspicion when a girl reports a stalker in the village

  • Season 7 Episode 23: Heroes and Villains

    Ventress investigates missing golf balls, and some lads break into a local war hero's home. Rural police drama, starring Derek Fowlds and William Simons

  • Season 7 Episode 22: Unconsidered Trifles

    A girl takes an overdose and Sgt Blaketon's mysterious private life comes to light when his car goes missing and is involved in an accident. Rural police drama, starring Derek Fowlds

  • Season 7 Episode 21: The Enemy Within

    Blaketon is abducted by an old Army friend and former Japanese PoW camp inmate, whose wife's death has left him mentally unbalanced, while Greengrass is well and truly fleeced by father-and-son con-men. Bill Maynard, Derek Fowlds and John Alderton star

  • Season 7 Episode 20: Local Knowledge

    Nick, Jo and Katie prepare to leave Aidensfield, while miscellaneous bumps in the night make Greengrass wonder if his house is haunted. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry

  • Season 7 Episode 19: Appearances

    A woman is admitted to hospital after a series of burglaries, and Nick and Jo start planning their life together. Greengrass and Bernie try their hand at modern art. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 7 Episode 18: Bad Penny

    Eternal bachelor Greengrass falls in love with an aristocratic lady poacher, and an old flame of Mike's turns up out of the blue to complicate his life. Rural capers, starring Nick Berry, Natasha Dahlberg and Frances de la Tour

  • Season 7 Episode 17: Brainstorm

    Mike has problems when a man held in custody drops dead. Bernie and Greengrass establish a taxi firm and look for ways to make a profit. Rural drama, starring Jason Durr, Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 7 Episode 16: The Queen's Message

    Greengrass starts a devious plot involving the postal service, much to Blaketon's annoyance, and several people are suspected of attacking the TV repair man. Rural drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 7 Episode 15: In on the Act

    Nick moves up a rank to Sergeant and Blaketon becomes the new postmaster, while Greengrass threatens revenge on the miscreant responsible for dosing his beloved dog Alfred with rat poison. Rural drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 7 Episode 14: Substitute

    The Deighton family, a band of crooked travelling tinkers responsible for beating up a policeman, pitch camp in Aidensfield, and it is not long before they are up to their old tricks again, plotting to steal Greengrass's new horse, sending a troop of Girl Guides on a dangerous wild goose chase and even kidnapping Ventress. With Nick still away on honeymoon, it is up to PCs Bellamy and Bradley to bring the rogues to justice - preferably without giving poor Blaketon another heart attack. Bill Maynard and Derek Fowlds star

  • Season 7 Episode 13: Peace and Quiet

    Nick is busy honeymooning with Jo and in his absence Aidensfield is transformed from a sleepy rural retreat into a scene of mayhem and violence. A pair of armed robbers disguised as hippies take Greengrass hostage during a payroll heist and shoot his beloved dog. Despite the best efforts of new constable Mike Bradley, the villains make their getaway - and Blaketon's heroic intervention causes him to collapse with a heart attack

  • Season 7 Episode 12: Affairs of the Heart

    As the day of his wedding finally arrives, Nick decides to avoid the hurly-burly of the police house by taking a soothing drive in the country - where he promptly gets involved in a domestic dispute and ends up stranded on the Moors miles from anywhere

  • Season 7 Episode 11: What the Butler Saw

    A local gamekeeper is injured in a shooting incident on the moors and suspicion falls on his disgruntled predecessor, whose 11-year-old daughter provides damaging testimony. Elsewhere, Maggie discovers her ex-husband has started work at the hospital and Greengrass schemes away as usual, risking Gina's displeasure by persuading Steve to install a pool table at the pub. Starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 7 Episode 10: Playing with Trains

    Nick investigates the link between trespassers on the local railway line and thefts from a fur factory, culminating in a dramatic chase on board a moving train. Meanwhile, Greengrass acquires a metal detector and thinks he has struck gold, but sadly someone else gets to it first. Starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 7 Episode 9: Sons and Lovers

    Nick is pestered by the sister of Aidensfield's landed gentry, while Greengrass has his sights set in the same direction - poaching on the lord's land

  • Season 7 Episode 8: Friendly Fire

    Nick is alerted when a lay preacher is wounded in a shooting accident. Meanwhile, Greengrass unearths the prized recipe for the famous Aidensfield buns

  • Season 7 Episode 7: Family Way

    Jo is concerned that her father is not managing without his wife and emotions boil over after a car accident. Meanwhile, Greengrass's brother arrives in the village

  • Season 7 Episode 6: Fool for Love

    Nick helps a woman claiming she is being harassed by a mysterious stalker, and discovers the culprit is closer to home than anticipated. Greengrass gets up to his old tricks again - this time trying to persuade a group of wealthy Australians he is a long-lost relative. Drama, starring Nick Berry, Bill Maynard and Juliette Gruber

  • Season 7 Episode 5: Leaving Home

    An ex-soldier visits Aidensfield on holiday and his daughter strikes up a relationship with a local farm hand. Greengrass finds himself the owner of stolen cigarettes and Jo receives tragic news. Rural drama, with Bill Maynard and Nick Berry

  • Season 7 Episode 4: Closing Ranks

    Greengrass embarks on his most bizarre exploit yet - robbing a grave in Aidensfield churchyard to retrieve a stuffed sheep that has mistakenly been buried instead of its former owner. It sounds like something out of a macabre black comedy, but as usual there's a method in his madness - and a quick profit uppermost in his mind. Nick Berry and Bill Maynard star

  • Season 7 Episode 3: Small Beer

    An Aidensfield housewife is found dead and suspicion falls on her son, who promptly makes matters worse for himself by doing a disappearing act instead of staying to face the music. Nick investigates and uncovers a typical rural tale of confused parentage and family scandal - which he's able to resolve with a little help from Greengrass, of all people. Nick Berry stars as the country copper

  • Season 7 Episode 2: Pig in The Middle

    A special constable mysteriously disappears after a row with pig farmer Betty Sutch. His uniform is discovered in the pig sty and macabre rumours begin to circulate the village that implicate his wife. Meanwhile, Greengrass benefits from a cleaner house when he puts up an old friend. Nick Berry and Bill Maynard star

  • Season 7 Episode 1: Bad Apple

    Nick and Jo buy an engagement ring, but receive a hostile response to their news from her mother. Greengrass angers Blaketon by standing bail for a burglar. Rural drama, starring Nick Berry, Juliette Gruber and Bill Maynard

Heartbeat: Season 6 (1996)

  • Season 6 Episode 17: Charity Begins at Home

    A white Christmas plunges Aidensfield into chaos, with Nick stranded in Jo's cottage by heavy snow, Ventress caught in an awkward situation while wearing full Santa Claus gear and the police station invaded by Greengrass' geese. To top it all, a plane carrying a fugitive criminal and his pregnant wife crashes on the moors, leading to a desperate manhunt. Needless to say, there are happy endings all round - including a long-awaited proposal from Nick to his sweetheart Jo. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry, Juliette Gruber, William Simons and Bill Maynard

  • Season 6 Episode 16: Old Friends

    Nick goes undercover to track down an escaped prisoner, Greengrass discovers a couple of naturists, and Auntie Eileen has a decision to make when she meets a face from her past. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry, Bill Maynard and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 6 Episode 15: Bygones Be Bygones

    Maggie, George and Ventress all become victims of poison pen letters, but when Nick investigates, it appears not everyone is admitting to receiving them. Police drama, starring Nick Berry

  • Season 6 Episode 14: The Best Laid Plans

    A woman released from prison finds herself in danger from her former cellmate, who Nick believes may also have a connection with a post-office robbery. Jenny Agutter and Clare Higgins guest star, with Nick Berry and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 6 Episode 13: Obsessions

    Nick discovers an act of courage can have sinister consequences after he rescues a woman from a house fire. Meanwhile, Claude sets himself up as a birdwatcher's retreat : but will his 'guests' appreciate his sense of decorum? Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry, Bill Maynard and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 6 Episode 12: Thanks to Alfred

    A man admits to killing his wife after her body is found by the roadside, but Nick uncovers inconsistencies in the story. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry, Derek Fowlds and Bill Maynard

  • Season 6 Episode 11: Who Needs Enemies

    Blaketon is threatened with demotion and ponders a seemingly perfect job with a security firm, but Nick is suspicious of the lucrative offer. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry, Derek Fowlds and Bill Maynard

  • Season 6 Episode 10: The Championship

    After a quoits match with Aidensfield, the visiting team set off home - but disaster strikes when their coach veers off the road. Meanwhile, Nick gets a cold reception when he meets Jo's parents. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry, Derek Fowlds, Kazia Pelka and Bill Maynard

  • Season 6 Episode 9: Giving the Game Away

    A former acquaintance of Nick's arrives from London and raises suspicions about a string of violent robberies. Meanwhile, Nick's mum takes a room at the Aidensfield Arms and begins helping out behind the bar. Drama, starring Nick Berry and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 6 Episode 8: Catch Us if You Can

    An old pal of Greengrass's turns up with a money-making scheme, but the pair are soon out of their depth and Nick is forced to go undercover to sort it out. Meanwhile, Ventress tries to organise a marquee for his daughter's wedding - with disappointing results. Police drama, starring Nick Berry

  • Season 6 Episode 7: Snapped

    A flamboyant photographer and his models descend on the village, while Nick is called on to sort out a dispute at a hotel - and finds himself looking down the barrel of a gun. Drama, starring Nick Berry and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 6 Episode 6: Frail Mortality

    Susan is injured in a hit and run accident, Greengrass tries his hand at taxidermy, and Nick decides to study for his sergeant's exams. Rural police drama set in the rustic backwater of Aidensfield, starring Nick Berry

  • Season 6 Episode 5: Something of Value

    Nick investigates the theft of thousands of pounds' worth of wine from a warehouse. Meanwhile, trustworthy Greengrass becomes a gamekeeper and the truth behind Alf's strange behaviour is revealed. Rural police drama set in the rustic backwater of Aidensfield, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 6 Episode 4: A Long Shot

    Jo makes the rash assumption that a man has taken violent steps to deal with his truanting son, and Greengrass sets up an illegal stud with a horse-training pal. Meanwhile, PC Ventress starts behaving oddly. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 6 Episode 3: Forget Me Not

    A man begins receiving nuisance calls after a mysterious stranger moves into the village. Meanwhile, Gina's love life hots up in the kitchen - with serious repercussions. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 6 Episode 2: Old Colonials

    Jo gets involved in a row with the estate manager when she accidentally leads a group of schoolchildren across Lord Ashfordly's land, disrupting the local hunt. Meanwhile, Greengrass's nephew turns up with a new business partner, raising suspicions about a recent break-in. Rural drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 6 Episode 1: Kids

    PC Rowan begins to take part in village life again with the help of Auntie Eileen, a man assaults two policemen and escapes on his way to prison and Greengrass takes a job as a lollipop man. Drama, starring Nick Berry

Heartbeat: Season 5 (1995 - 1996)

  • Season 5 Episode 15: Blood Sports

    A kidnapping case takes an unexpected turn, placing the entire village in danger. Meanwhile, Nick meets new schoolteacher Jo, and Blaketon enjoys his status as president of the local rugby club - until Greengrass takes an interest

  • Season 5 Episode 14: Sitting Off the Dock of the Bay

    Nick goes undercover as a DJ to track down drugs smugglers. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 5 Episode 13: Saint Colomba's Treasure

    Nick investigates a spate of sinister burglaries, while Greengrass and Blaketon become trapped underground while searching for buried treasure. Nick Berry stars

  • Season 5 Episode 12: Unfinished Business

    When Greengrass finds an unexploded bomb the Army is called in to deal with it, but one woman refuses to leave her home. Police drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 5 Episode 11: Vigilante

    Arthur Wakefield has a heart attack while fighting with an intruder. Meanwhile, Special Constable Cowley is assigned to help Nick on his patch, but Nick isn't pleased with the idea.

  • Season 5 Episode 10: It's All in the Game

    While celebrating Katie's christening, Nick receives a visit from an old girlfriend of his to inform him that they will be investigate the criminal activities of the owner of a well known gambling club.

  • Season 5 Episode 9: Toss Up

    The town of Aidensfield falls victim to a spate of burglaries - which all seem to be aimed at Maggie

  • Season 5 Episode 8: Gone Tomorrow

    Nick tries to keep the peace during a feud between neighbours, and Greengrass thinks his luck has changed for the better when he wins first prize in a raffle

  • Season 5 Episode 7: Sophie's Choice

    A woman with Alzheimer's disease inadvertently commits a series of crimes, while Gina becomes suspicious of two customers staying at the pub

  • Season 5 Episode 6: We're All Allies Really

    Nick can't understand people's attitude towards him, and Gina agrees. An old man who has been coming to Aidensfield with his wife on holiday for years suddenly goes missing with Claude.

  • Season 5 Episode 5: Vacant Possession

    Newcomers to Aidensfield are treated with hostility by local residents, and the police investigate the case of a peeping Tom

  • Season 5 Episode 4: Domestic

    Nick struggles with parental responsibility alone, while coming to terms with Kate's death and juggling his police duties

  • Season 5 Episode 3: Thief in the Night

    Tragedy strikes at the heart of Aidensfield, as Kate's debilitating illness ends her life, forcing Nick into a traumatising future

  • Season 5 Episode 2: Expectations

    Kate goes into labour and gives birth to a beautiful baby girl - but there's heartbreak for Nick when he learns of his wife's condition

  • Season 5 Episode 1: Wishing Well

    Mayhem and disorder erupts in the village when stolen loot from a robbery resurfaces

Heartbeat: Season 4 (1994 - 1996)

  • Season 4 Episode 16: A Winter's Tale

    Kate meets a couple trying to raise the money to send their eight-year-old son to a Swiss sanatorium to cure his TB, Greengrass is persuaded to play Santa, and a spate of Christmas tree thefts hits Aidensfield. Sixties police drama, starring Nick Berry and Niamh Cusack

  • Season 4 Episode 15: A Bird in the Hand

    Nick vows to resolve a dispute between neighbouring farms, while Kate tries to track down the source of a rare disease. Gina helps Greengrass locate the missing twin of an Australian - with a hefty reward as their motivation

  • Season 4 Episode 14: Lost and Found

    A seemingly open-and-shut inquiry prompted by a lost suitcase reveals a long-running family feud. Meanwhile, Nick gets involved with a security alert at the village fete. Nostalgic drama, starring Nick Berry and Niamh Cusack

  • Season 4 Episode 13: Assault and Battery

    Nick investigates graffiti at a battery egg farm, and discovers there is more to the case than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Greengrass attracts suspicion by selling free-range eggs. Police drama, starring Nick Berry and Niamh Cusack

  • Season 4 Episode 12: Bad Blood

    Emily finds out she is pregnant, but the joy is tempered by ill-feeling from the Jacobs family over the death of their father, who was run over by a tractor. Meanwhile, Kate enjoys peculiar cravings. Sixties-based drama, starring Nick Berry

  • Season 4 Episode 11: Treading Carefully

    Nick and Kate receive plenty of advice from the locals when their marriage runs into trouble and Greengrass becomes the main suspect for lead theft

  • Season 4 Episode 10: Arms and the Man

    There is trouble in the village when local children get their hands on some wartime ammunition, while Greengrass locks horns with Lord Ashfordly's new gamekeeper and Kate realises she is pregnant

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Red Herring

    When a Russian ship docks in Whitby, Nick is confronted by a sailor demanding political asylum and claiming he had to fight for his life to get into Britain. Meanwhile, Greengrass teams up with an unusual partner in crime.

  • Season 4 Episode 8: Fair Game

    A woman's attempt to cool her husband's ardour has unexpected and tragic consequences, while Greengrass takes up an illegal new hobby - cockfighting. Comedy, starring Bill Maynard

  • Season 4 Episode 7: Trouble in Mind

    Nick investigates the sudden reappearance of a local man last seen seven years previously, who turns up out of the blue and claims to be suffering from amnesia. Meanwhile, Greengrass receives a strange proposal from a man who seems to have taken the plot of Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train a bit too seriously

  • Season 4 Episode 6: Nice Girls Don't

    Gina is assaulted, and is shocked by the reaction of the Aidensfield residents when suspicion falls on a local policeman - until the attacker strikes again. Nick Berry stars

  • Season 4 Episode 5: Love Child

    An adoption file goes missing after a break-in at the council offices and a toddler is abducted shortly afterwards

  • Season 4 Episode 3: Midday Sun

    A new family cause panic in Aidensfield when their rabid dog goes missing, and Nick suspects Greengrass of poaching

  • Season 4 Episode 2: Witch Hunt

    Nick finds himself drawn into a family feud after three children claim to have witnessed a supposed witch vandalising a funeral urn

  • Season 4 Episode 1: Wild Thing

    When mauled sheep carcasses are found, Nick and Kate suspect there may be a beast on the moors. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry and Niamh Cusack

  • Season 4 Episode 4: Turn of the Tide

    Nick takes an undercover fishing holiday in Whitby to investigate a case of smuggling, and Ventress proves to have some useful leads. Kate has to break some difficult news to a patient.

Heartbeat: Season 3 (1994 - 1996)

  • Season 3 Episode 10: Bringing It All Back Home

    Things may be about to change for Nick when a new inspector arrives and Kate receives a job offer. Elsewhere, Greengrass struggles with his finances. Rural drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 3 Episode 9: An American in Aidensfield

    Tongues start wagging when a stranger from America goes into business with Greengrass, and Kate has her work cut out looking after a flu-stricken Nick. Rural drama, starring Bill Maynard and Nick Berry

  • Season 3 Episode 8: Endangered Species

    A hit-and-run incident alerts Nick to the presence of badger-baiters in the village, but the outsiders from Middlesbrough will stop at nothing in pursuit of their 'sport'. Meanwhile, Claude Greengrass finds a way of making racehorse ownership pay

  • Season 3 Episode 7: Father's Day

    Nick is left with a sore head following an incident in a graveyard, and Blaketon experiences trouble at home. Rural drama, starring Nick Berry and Derek Fowlds

  • Season 3 Episode 6: The Frighteners

    Greengrass is left angered after being shot at by local landowner Raymond Walker. Meanwhile, Kate worries about a widow who is being harassed, and Alf finds a kitten and takes it to the station as Mrs Ventress doesn't like cats.

  • Season 3 Episode 5: A Chilly Reception

    A relative brings important news, and Nick is puzzled when Kate seems less than pleased to see her. Meanwhile, a wedding is thrown into confusion by a family death. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry and Niamh Cusack

  • Season 3 Episode 4: Going Home

    An attempted murder leads Nick to uncover a local landowner's shady past, while reports of illegal boxing bouts keep his fellow coppers on their toes. Meanwhile, Kate discusses the reason for Alex Ferrenby's increasingly erratic behaviour

  • Season 3 Episode 3: Dead Ringer

    Nick faces a dilemma after one of his colleagues is suspected of robbery and Greengrass develops a keen interest in a villager's greyhound. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 3 Episode 2: Riders of the Storm

    Nick awaits the arrival in Aidensfield of a violent criminal recently released from prison, and Kate finds herself cut off by snow when she tries to help a heavily pregnant patient get to hospital. Meanwhile, Greengrass braves the harsh weather himself when his faithful canine companion Alfred goes missing. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry and Niamh Cusack

  • Season 3 Episode 1: Speed Kills

    Nick investigates a break-in at the surgery, while Kate discovers the cause of a patient's miscarriages and Greengrass claims his car has been stolen. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry

Heartbeat: Season 2 (1993 - 1994)

  • Season 2 Episode 10: Missing

    Workers at a visiting funfair get their hands on a stolen painting and sell it to Greengrass. In characteristic fashion he sets out to make a quick return on his investment and wastes no time in trying to offload it on Dr Ferrenby - who realises its value and informs Nick. Rural drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 2 Episode 9: Wall of Silence

    Blaketon is eager to halt a crimewave before the Assistant Chief Constable arrives for a shoot on Lord Ashfordly's estate, while Kate is faced with a medical and moral dilemma. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry

  • Season 2 Episode 8: Baby Blues

    A grandmother is suspected of snatching a baby from outside a shop following a family quarrel, but Kate believes one of her patients may be responsible. Meanwhile, Greengrass buys a racehorse and begins to train it on the streets of Aidensfield - much to the dismay of Sergeant Blaketon. Rural drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 2 Episode 7: A Talent for Deception

    Kate's ex-boyfriend turns up in Aidensfield and finds himself under suspicion for a hit-and-run accident. Meanwhile, Bellamy finds himself in charge of organising a local talent contest. Rural police drama, starring Niamh Cusack and Mark Jordon

  • Season 2 Episode 6: Bang to Rights

    Nick and Kate must act quickly when a woman takes an overdose, in the belief that her husband has been falsely imprisoned. Meanwhile, Phil learns Jennifer is pregnant and agrees to marry her - but may not survive his stag night at the pub. Rural drama, starring Nick Berry, Niamh Cusack and Mark Jordan

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Over the Hill

    An Army deserter arrives in the village following a bust-up with his sadistic sergeant and causes problems for the Rowans when he starts stealing food to survive. The fugitive is only discovered when Nick investigates a series of break-ins around the village. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry and Niamh Cusack

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Bitter Harvest

    The slaughtermen arrive at an Aidensfield farm where a suspected case of foot-and-mouth disease has been reported, but receive a hostile reception. Nick is enlisted to help restore the peace - and gets drawn into a tragedy. Rural drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Manhunt

    Nick interrupts an armed robbery at the Aidensfield Arms and ends up being held hostage in the cellar with Greengrass. Meanwhile, the local newsagent is found to be selling Swedish pornography. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 2 Episode 2: End of the Line

    Greengrass attempts to turn events to his advantage when a remote farm is raided, and a visitor from London evokes bad memories. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Secrets

    Nick hears of a flasher on the moors, and Kate is confronted by a pregnant village girl. Nick Berry stars

Heartbeat: Season 1 (1992)

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Keep on Running

    Nick's relationship with Kate suffers when he goes for a job interview in London, and Greengrass is convicted for sheep rustling, although holes in the evidence are discovered. Meanwhile, Alan Maskell leaves the area while on bail for and unbeknown to him, his wife suffers a miscarriage at the same time. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Primal Instinct

    Nick is seconded to a Scotland Yard team who have arrived in Aidensfield to investigate the fatal shooting of former policeman Andrew Gerard, and risks his career to ensure justice is done. Meanwhile, local man Alan Maskell is duped into helping a couple of crooks respray stolen cars. Nick Berry stars

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Outsiders

    Village life is disrupted by a circus family who are accused of corrupting the vicar's daughter, wrecking the shop and breaking into the church. Meanwhile, Nick and Kate are attacked for resisting local bigots. Eleanor Bron guest stars, with Nick Berry and Niamh Cusack

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Face Value

    A CND rally at the Early Warning Installation creates chaos in Aidensfield, causing Nick to fall out with Kate and an MP to be blackmailed. Rural police drama, starring Nick Berry

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

    Nick tackles a tidy burglar who insists on clearing up the houses he robs, and investigates a suspicious church organist. Starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Nowt But a Prank

    A feud between warring neighbours turns into a siege when Nick is held at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Kate puts her own life at risk to save a dying man. Rural drama, starring Nick Berry and Niamh Cusack

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Playing with Fire

    Nick and Kate investigate possible arson attacks on barns in the area, while a wandering horse and a stray salmon add to the problems in Aidensfield. Rural drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Rumours

    Tragedy casts a dark shadow over the idyllic landscape of Aidensfield when Nick receives an anonymous tip-off about a local shopkeeper's unsavoury antics. Meanwhile, Greengrass finds himself in trouble courtesy of the village gossip-mongers. Sixties-based rural drama, starring Nick Berry and Bill Maynard

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Fruits of the Earth

    Nick pursues a moorland flasher and drunken hikers, while Kate suffers abuse at the hands of a bullying husband. Rural drama, starring Nick Berry

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Changing Places

    A London policeman and his doctor wife encounter hostility and suspicion when they move to a close-knit Yorkshire community, but feuding mods and rockers, a mysterious prowler and a budgie-killer mean the couple soon find themselves in the thick of village life. First-ever episode of the popular Sixties-set drama, starring Nick Berry, Niamh Cusack, Derek Fowlds and Bill Maynard

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