Hardcore Pawn Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Hardcore Pawn: Season 8 (2013 - 2014)

Hardcore Pawn: Season 7 (2013)

  • Season 7 Episode 26: Seth's Secret

    Seth is angered when Les dismisses the consultant's suggestions about improving business practices. Seth disappears, and his manager fears he may be on the verge of quitting

  • Season 7 Episode 25: The Outsider

    Seth brings in a consultant to increase their retail business; the Golds check out Star Trek memorabilia that is out of this world; one hot mama throws a tantrum when Ashley refuses to pawn her busted car seat.

  • Season 7 Episode 24: Harold's Gamble

    Les falls in love with a luxury watch and asks Harold for his opinion on its legitimacy; a heated argument erupts between Ashley and a costumer demanding her stolen property back.

  • Season 7 Episode 23: Gold Crash

    The price of gold begins to fall, and the staff worry that they could end up losing money. Les, Seth and Ashley become more conscious of what items they buy

  • Season 7 Episode 22: Breakdown at Tiffany's

    A man brings in a 160-year old Tiffany watch, which has no identifying markings other than the name on its face. The pressing question is how the company verify that it is genuine

  • Season 7 Episode 21: All-American Jewellery and Loan

    Seth gets his hands on a baseball allegedly signed by Babe Ruth; Ashley squares off with woman convinced she's got a copy of the US Constitution; Les has his sights set on a sweet custom Harley Davidson motorcycle.

  • Season 7 Episode 20: Computer Crash

    Seth chooses to stay at home and calm down after his altercation with Ashley. However the computer system goes down, so he has no choice but to come in and repair the system

  • Season 7 Episode 19: Seth Snaps

    Ashley buys a 1950s Eljer toilet for $10, leading to Seth to purchase it for double the price in order that he can destroy it with a sledgehammer and storm out of the store

  • Season 7 Episode 18: Back to the Hustle

    Ashley questions whether the pawn store has a thief in its midst when two teens come in with news of a scam

  • Season 7 Episode 17: Back in Action

    Les's return proves a shock for Seth and Ashley, who have let profits drop in his absence. Back in charge, the manager cuts a deal that could increase profits

  • Season 7 Episode 16: Seth in Charge

    Seth hatches a plan to get more customers through the pawn shop doors. His new idea backfires, and Les is forced to reconsider his choice of manager

  • Season 7 Episode 15: The Return of the King

    Seth ignores Ashley's wish to ban a troublesome customer - but his decision threatens to put the shop at risk. Meanwhile, Les commissions a striking masterpiece

  • Season 7 Episode 14: Les' Way or the Highway

    With Les out of commission, Seth and Ashley run the shop as co-managers.

  • Season 7 Episode 13: Les Goes Down

    Les's anger over Seth and Ashley's sibling rivalry boils over to the point that he gives them an ultimatum to calm down or be sacked - but they carry on bickering

  • Season 7 Episode 12: Strike Out

    Ashley continues to low-ball and mistreat customers to Seth's detriment, and gets involved in an argument in front of a customer over a signed 1970 Detroit Tigers baseball

  • Season 7 Episode 11: Homefront Heat

    Seth notices that Ashley is behaving strangely - either low-balling on, or rejecting outright, various items that she would otherwise give higher deals on

  • Season 7 Episode 10: You Bet Your Butt

    Seth and Ashley start the day with a wager that leaves one of them dressed to the nines; a vintage motor city relic makes its way through the doors; an unruly customer gets kicked out by Byron.

  • Season 7 Episode 9: Les Sells Out

    With over 40,000 wristbands to sell, stored in 126 boxes, Les decides to sell them one by one, starting at $2 apiece. Seth and Ashley remain sceptical of the idea

  • Season 7 Episode 8: American Jewelry & Zoo

    Seth and Ashley get on les' case to curb his crazy buys; a set of creepy Christmas dolls creates a showdown between the Golds; Ashley shows some heart by helping out a needy customer.

  • Season 7 Episode 7: Watch Your Back

    Les sells a valuable Breitling watch for $42,000 to a trusted watch collector. His customer does not have the funds, so he gives him the merchandise in exchange for an IOU

  • Season 7 Episode 6: Busted

    Jeff calls in sick, leading to Seth to order everyone to stay away from his desk in any circumstances. He then finds Bobby J in the banned area, polishing a ring for a customer

  • Season 7 Episode 5: Redeeming Troubles

    Seth swaps the workstations for two members of his team. However, Les becomes angered at the situation, feeling that the arrangement was good enough in the first place

  • Season 7 Episode 4: Tipped Off

    The staff receive complaints from customers that a staff member has been letting customers cut in line in exchange for a tip. They later find out that Anton, who works the pawn desk, is responsible

  • Season 7 Episode 3: Monster Deals

    After Seth rescinds his invasive search policies for his employees, the ladies return to work. The leader soon wrestles with a new problem - profits are down, so he looks at creative ways to get new customers into the store

  • Season 7 Episode 2: Short Staffed

    The ladies working the redeem windows all take sick leave, leading Les and Ashley to believe that Seth's new policy is causing widespread discontent

  • Season 7 Episode 1: Frisky Business

    Following Joe's arrest, the employees express their displeasure when new security measures are implemented to make sure that no one steals anything

Hardcore Pawn: Season 6 (2012 - 2013)

Hardcore Pawn: Season 5 (2011 - 2012)

Hardcore Pawn: Season 4 (2011)

  • Season 4 Episode 13: End of Days

    A sloppy mistake puts the Golds' business in jeopardy, and a dispute on the shop floor gets out of hand

  • Season 4 Episode 12: Drop the Bomb

    American Jewelry celebrates its 30th anniversary, and Les wants to put on a big celebration He assigns Seth and Ashley five days to plan it, but they clash over their ideas

  • Season 4 Episode 11: Seth Vs. Rich

    Les orders Seth and Rich to clean up the warehouse to make room for new merchandise. When nothing is done, the owner has doubts that his children are cut out for business

  • Season 4 Episode 10: New Hire. Now Fire!

    Ashley hires a woman to work at the jewellery counter, without consulting with Seth or Les. Questions about Ashley's skills are raised after suspicious transactions

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Ashley v Rich

    Matters come to a head when Rich invades Ashley's territory in the jewellery and loan department

  • Season 4 Episode 8: All in the Family

    Ashley and Seth continue continue their tense stand-off, but a demanding customer forces them to band together. A signed and authenticated Elvis record stimulates interest, but Les and Rich are wary of paying too much for it

  • Season 4 Episode 7: Turf Wars

    The store is divided as Ashley and Seth lay claim to their own individual turfs, while a fake ID puts Les in an awkward situation. Documentary series following the daily running of a pawn shop

  • Season 4 Episode 6: Blood Lines

    Ashley's negotiating skills causes a feud with Seth; Les is threatened with a trip to the hospital; Les is forced to make a decision that will change the business forever.

  • Season 4 Episode 5: Les Loses Out

    Seth negotiates like a tiger; a customer's jewelry has been pierced through the most intimate body part; a drunk customer gets belligerent.

  • Season 4 Episode 4: Les Walks Out

    Les attends a business meeting, and as soon as he has gone Ashley tries to undermine Ashley. A vicious standoff results after the vendors fail to agree a price of some jewellery. Documentary series following the daily running of a pawn shop

  • Season 4 Episode 3: Fire Bomb

    A customer quickly learns why you never mess with Les; the Golds have the chance to buy a genuine Olympic torch; a car burns in the parking lot.

  • Season 4 Episode 2: Return of the Queen?

    The retailers scrutinise a signature apparently made by deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, and Les loses his cool with a customer over a broken necklace. Documentary series following the daily running of a pawn shop

  • Season 4 Episode 1: Life After Death

    Les misses Ashley's presence in the shop, while a man employs menacing tactics to persuade the dealers to buy a couple of outdated computer monitors

Hardcore Pawn: Season 3 (2011)

  • Season 3 Episode 13: I Quit

    Les and Seth face down Ashley in a final power struggle that could change the face of American Jewelry and Loan forever.

  • Season 3 Episode 12: Melted Gold

    Seth steps in when a customer and an employee square off in the parking lot.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: Sucker Punch

    A couple try to exchange a pair of earrings for a promise ring, but Les declares the stones - purchased for $1000 - as fake

  • Season 3 Episode 10: Les's Way or the Highway

    Les fights Seth over a business decision; a mad scientist claims his machine cures diseases; Seth undermines Les in front of the staff.

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Sibling War

    Seth and Ashley compete to sell the most goods, with the loser having to pay a forfeit. A musician with limited funds seeks a new bass to replace the one he has broken

  • Season 3 Episode 8: Gold Rush

    Seth and Les question Ashley's skills of diplomacy after observing her interact with several customers

  • Season 3 Episode 7: Les's Revenge

    A man sells Seth some Detroit Red Wings memorabilia, but Les feels that the money offered was too much and some of the items he purchased are just for him and not for resale

  • Season 3 Episode 6: Bad Blood

    One of the employees breaks a flat screen TV; Ashley criticizes Seth in front of the staff.

  • Season 3 Episode 5: Family Feud

    Difference of opinion explodes into a feud between Les and Seth; a customer brings a secret government spy camera.

  • Season 3 Episode 4: Gold War

    A granny threatens Seth with a shotgun; Les negotiates over a vintage gumball machine.

  • Season 3 Episode 3: Acid Test

    Seth wants to purchase an expensive piece of equipment that he says can save the store thousands. Only problem is that the device flies in the face of Les's old school ways.

  • Season 3 Episode 2: Hot Rods, Raging Tempers

    Les is tempted by a vintage hot rod; a customer is surprised when the Gold's turn his wife's ring into a pendant; Les and Ashley have a family brawl.

  • Season 3 Episode 1: Whack Job

    A customer tests the staff's patience with worthless items; a woman brings in what she says is a rare music box; Ashley and Seth band together against an unruly customer.

Hardcore Pawn: Season 2 (2010 - 2011)

  • Season 2 Episode 8: Cash Kings

    Les has an impulse purchase that turns the store into an arcade; Ashley is threatened by a customer; Les gives a big loan to a customer.

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Fool's Gold

    An employee is asked to test out a tanning bed; a customer is told her gold bracelet is fake; Seth has to determine if a watch is priceless or worthless.

  • Season 2 Episode 6: The Gambler

    Les has to call security when an argument over a missing item turns violent, a high-stakes gambler visits the shop for funds and a customer tries to sell a gynaecologist's table

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Skulls & Scoundrels

    The Golds' reputation is at stake when a customer claims he was sold a fake watch, and Ashley makes a large offer for some gemstones

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Desperate Pawn

    Seth struggles with a negotiation on an exceptionally busy day, and Ashley tries to find a customer's missing guitar

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Storm's A Brewin'

    Tempers flare as hordes of angry customers face hour-long queues, Les tries to work out whether a dealer is selling stolen goods, and a feud erupts between Seth and Andy

  • Season 2 Episode 2: The Big Bet

    Les challenges Seth to a high-stakes sales competition, but later faces the most dangerous customer he has ever encountered

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Crazy Cash

    Les is presented with an item that's alleged to communicate with aliens; Seth squares off with an angry customer.

Hardcore Pawn: Season 1 (2009 - 2010)

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