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Gunsmoke: Season 20 (1974 - 1975)

Gunsmoke: Season 19 (1973 - 1974)

Gunsmoke: Season 18 (1972 - 1973)

  • Season 18 Episode 24: This Golden Land

    The surviving son (Richard Dreyfuss) of a Russian emigrant seeks vengeance for the hazing death of his brother; guest Victor French.

  • Season 18 Episode 23: Talbot

    An outlaw (Anthony Zerbe) falls in love with the widow (Salome Jens) of a man he killed in self-defense.

  • Season 18 Episode 22: Jesse

    Festus encounters an old friend (Brock Peters), now a fugitive from the law; guests Don Stroud, Jim Davis, Robert Pine.

  • Season 18 Episode 21: Kimbrough

    Matt hopes to rehabilitate his former mentor (John Anderson), now an itinerant drunk who sweeps out stables for whiskey money.

  • Season 18 Episode 20: Whelan's Men

    A vengeful gunman and his band of outlaws terrorize Dodge City during Matt's absence; guests Harrison Ford, Gerald McRaney.

  • Season 18 Episode 19: Quiet Day in Dodge

    Exhausted Matt returns with a prisoner, only to find chaos and confusion in Dodge City; guests Margaret Hamilton, Willie Aames.

  • Season 18 Episode 18: Patricia

    Newly gets married while helping survivors of a tornado, but Doc discovers his wife is seriously ill and may not live much longer

  • Season 18 Episode 17: Shadler

    Newly and a convict disguised as a priest unite to protect a small town from outlaws; guests Earl Holliman, Denver Pyle, Diana Hyland.

  • Season 18 Episode 16: Homecoming

    Two outlaws return to visit their dying mother, then take Doc and Kitty hostage to ensure their safe escape.

  • Season 18 Episode 15: Arizona Midnight

    A little cowboy riding a giant horse rides into Dodge claiming that the horse turns into an elephant when the moon is full.

  • Season 18 Episode 14: Jubilee

    A farmer fallen on hard times hopes to secure a bright future by entering a horse race. Tom Skerritt guest stars

  • Season 18 Episode 13: Hostage

    A gang of murderers called the Dog Soldiers swears vengeance against Matt for killing one of their members; guest Geoffrey Lewis.

  • Season 18 Episode 12: The Brothers

    After being duped into helping to shoot and kill an outlaw, Kitty is pursued by the man's brother; guest Steve Forrest.

  • Season 18 Episode 11: The Sodbusters

    A group of cattlemen are at odds with a farmer over water rights, and the conflict soon escalates to violence. Guest starring Harrison Ford

  • Season 18 Episode 10: Tatum

    Matt promises a dying gunslinger that he will bury him in Dodge's cemetery, but finds the locals do not approve of him being laid to rest in their town

  • Season 18 Episode 9: Milligan

    A farmer is blamed for a shootout between a posse and a band of outlaws in which one of the criminals is shot in the back. Guest starring Harry Morgan (MASH)

  • Season 18 Episode 8: Eleven Dollars

    Festus is attacked on his way to deliver money to a young woman who has been suddenly cut free from the confines of her sheltered life by the death of her father.

  • Season 18 Episode 7: The Fugitives

    An outlaw takes Doc Adams and Festus hostage so they can care for his injured brother.

  • Season 18 Episode 6: Sarah

    An old flame of Matt's living with a band of outlaws realises they plan to kill him, so convinces them that the lawman is her husband

  • Season 18 Episode 5: The Drummer

    A military veteran meets a Native American boy who was seriously injured in a cavalry attack he was involved in, and tries to make amends. Fionnula Flanagan guest stars

  • Season 18 Episode 4: Judgement

    An ex-convict comes to Dodge City seeking revenge on the man who turned him in. Guest starring Melissa Gilbert (Little House on the Prairie)

  • Season 18 Episode 3: Bohannan

    Doc is convinced a faith healer is a fraud, and tries to prove it by examining some of the patients he has supposedly cured

  • Season 18 Episode 2: The River - Part Two

    Part two of two. Matt is reunited with a man whose life he once saved, only to find he is sending secret messages to a band of outlaws. Guest starring Slim Pickens (Dr Strangelove)

  • Season 18 Episode 1: The River - Part One

    Part one of two. Matt gets swept down river on a raft after a shootout with bandits, but a group of runaway children come to his aid. Guest starring Slim Pickens (Dr Strangelove)

Gunsmoke: Season 17 (1963 - 1972)

Gunsmoke: Season 16 (1970 - 1971)

Gunsmoke: Season 15 (1969 - 1970)

  • Season 15 Episode 26: Hackett

    Will Hackett, a former convict who served 10 years for a foiled train robbery, visits the farm of Quentin Sargent, a ex-partner that ran out on him during the heist

  • Season 15 Episode 25: The Thieves

    Sam takes a special interest in Eric Tabray, who is running around in a gang committing crimes in Dodge. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 15 Episode 24: Morgan

    Matt is away, and Morgan sees his chance to take over. He breaks into the Long Branch, and Kitty is forced to take action. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 15 Episode 23: Celia

    Newly's best friend becomes the victim of a con game perpetrated by a pretty young woman and her partner. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 15 Episode 22: Kiowa

    Ed Vail gathers his sons and sets out to rescue his daughter, who has been kidnapped by Indians, but his volatile state of mind threatens the mission

  • Season 15 Episode 21: Albert

    A bank teller steals $5,000 from his place of work, and blames the theft on a notorious gang, but his plan backfires when his wife is kidnapped by the villains he defamed

  • Season 15 Episode 20: The Badge

    After seeing Matt wounded again, Kitty closes the Long Branch and leaves to form a partnership with a friend; guest Beverly Garland.

  • Season 15 Episode 19: Doctor Herman Schultz, M.D.

    Doc Adams's old friend Dr Herman Schultz arrives in Dodge City, intent on testing the medical applications of hypnotism. However, his motives seem to be less noble

  • Season 15 Episode 18: The Judas Gun

    A small-scale family feud escalates dramatically when one of the parties involved hires a gunslinger to press home their argument

  • Season 15 Episode 17: The Pack Rat

    A small orphan first steals from Matt, then sets out to help him in an ambush; guest Loretta Swit.

  • Season 15 Episode 16: The War Priest

    An Apache prisoner escapes custody, with Kitty as a hostage, and Sergeant Holly is forced to go rogue in an effort to bring them back

  • Season 15 Episode 15: The Cage

    A bandit unexpectedly finds himself on the right side of the law when he teams up with Matt to bring the rest of his former gang to justice

  • Season 15 Episode 14: The Sisters

    Western drama about a marshal charged with keeping the peace in the lawless town of Dodge City. Starring James Arness

  • Season 15 Episode 13: Roots of Fear

    Three desperate farmers are forced to commit a robbery. Guest starring a young Jodie Foster in the first of three roles she played on the show

  • Season 15 Episode 12: Jake MacGraw

    People are suspicious when a former gunfighter takes a job as piano player in the Long Branch saloon; guest J.D. Cannon.

  • Season 15 Episode 11: Ring of Darkness

    Farmer Ben Hurley steals horses for an outlaw gang in a bid to help his blind daughter. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 15 Episode 10: The Innocent

    A family of thieves takes Festus and a woman schoolteacher hostage in Cimarron territory; guest Eileen Heckart.

  • Season 15 Episode 9: The Still

    Festus once again gets mixed up with Merry Florene and her hillbilly clan. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 15 Episode 8: A Matter of Honor

    Dodge City's resident drunk Louie Pheeters is found at the scene of a murder. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 15 Episode 7: Charlie Noon

    The Comanches track Matt, his hardened prisoner Charlie Noon, an Indian woman and her white stepson. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 15 Episode 6: A Man Called Smith

    Dodge welcomes the return of Abelia, the young widow who once saved Festus's life. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 15 Episode 5: Hawk

    A mixed-race Apache Indian reservation policeman tracks a band of renegades to Dodge City. While in the area, he visits his mother, who refuses to acknowledge him due to his race.

  • Season 15 Episode 4: Danny

    One of Kitty's old friends comes to Dodge to 'go out with a bang' after learning that he is dying. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 15 Episode 3: Coreyville

    Matt helps a teenage girl defend her brother, who is being railroaded on a murder charge; guests Ruth Roman, John Shuck.

  • Season 15 Episode 2: Stryker

    Matt's predecessor is released from prison, and comes seeking revenge against the current marshal; guests Andy Devine, Joan Van Ark.

  • Season 15 Episode 1: The Devil's Outpost

    Matt is pursued by the older brother of a stagecoach robber he arrested; guests Robert Lansing, Ken Swofford.

Gunsmoke: Season 14 (1968 - 1969)

  • Season 14 Episode 26: Exodus 21:22

    Frank Reardon, a former lawman and friend of Matt's, tries to track down the men who murdered his pregant wife - and exact his own form of punishment on them. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 14 Episode 25: The Prisoner

    Kitty refuses to turn over to an out-of-town sheriff a man she believes innocent of murder; guest Jon Voight.

  • Season 14 Episode 24: The Good Samaritans

    A group of former slaves on their way to Oregon are temporarily halted to repair a broken wheel. They find Matt on the prairie, wounded by two outlaws trying to prevent him reaching Dodge City, and hide him until he can recover. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 14 Episode 23: The Intruder

    When Festus escorts wounded prisoner Riley Sharp to Dodge, they are forced to stop at a farmhouse. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 14 Episode 22: Night Riders

    Vengeful Missouri nightriders enter Dodge City and challenge the authority of deputy Festus; guest Robert Pine.

  • Season 14 Episode 21: The Long Night

    Three bounty hunters take hostages in the saloon and offer to exchange them for a jailed prisoner; guests Bruce Dern, Lou Antonio.

  • Season 14 Episode 20: The Reprisal

    Doc is forced to treat a wounded murderer, which causes him to neglect his other duties with tragic consequences

  • Season 14 Episode 19: The Mark of Cain

    The citizens of Dodge City try to take the law into their own hands when it is revealed that a local man is a former commandant of a Civil War prison camp

  • Season 14 Episode 18: Goldtown

    Two hillbillies attempt to swindle the citizens of Dodge City by selling worthless mining claims; guest Lou Antonio.

  • Season 14 Episode 17: Mannon

    Ruthless gunman Mannon (Steve Forrest) shoots Festus, steals his mule and terrorizes the citizens of Dodge City.

  • Season 14 Episode 16: Time of the Jackals

    Kitty's jealousy of an escaped murderer's girlfriend complicates Matt's efforts to recapture the man; guest Leslie Nielsen.

  • Season 14 Episode 15: The Twisted Heritage

    Kitty saves the life of a fellow stagecoach traveler and becomes deeply involved in his personal life.

  • Season 14 Episode 14: The Money Store

    When Ray Jarvis is refused a loan by the bank, his children find a way to steal the money. Starring James Arness

  • Season 14 Episode 13: Johnny Cross

    In Matt's absence, deputy Newly tracks down a wanted man, saves him from bounty hunters and does his best to prove the man's innocence.

  • Season 14 Episode 12: Lobo

    Mountain man Luke Brazo joins marshal Matt Dillon in the hunt for a vicious wolf terrorising the area. Starring James Arness

  • Season 14 Episode 11: Waco

    Matt rides back to Dodge City with a prisoner, pursued all the way by the man's gang; guests Louise Latham, Victor French.

  • Season 14 Episode 10: The Miracle Man

    A farm widow rescues a slick-talking salesman beset by three dissatisfied customers; guest Sandra Smith.

  • Season 14 Episode 9: The Railroad

    Western drama about a marshal charged with keeping the peace in the lawless town of Dodge City. Starring James Arness

  • Season 14 Episode 8: Abelia

    Western drama about a marshal charged with keeping the peace in the lawless town of Dodge City. Starring James Arness

  • Season 14 Episode 7: 9:12 to Dodge

    Matt escorts a wounded man to Dodge to stand trial for murder - and then gets word that the man's gang is planning to storm the train on which they are travelling. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 14 Episode 6: O'Quillian

    Leary O'Quillan kills a fraud in self defence and is pursued to Dodge by the man's brother. Western drama, starring James Arness

  • Season 14 Episode 5: Slocum

    The vengeful father of a crooked gambler killed by Matt sets out to murder the marshal; guests Will Geer, James Wainwright.

  • Season 14 Episode 4: Uncle Finney

    Festus must thwart a bizarre robbery being committed by a pair of bumbling brothers; guests Victor French, Lane Bradbury.

  • Season 14 Episode 3: Zavala

    Matt befriends a 13-year-old Mexican boy who believes the marshal can rid his village of a group of bandits; guest Jim Davis.

  • Season 14 Episode 2: The Hide Cutters

    Matt joins a trail drive to prevent conflict between the drivers and some hide-cutters; guest Joseph Campanella.

  • Season 14 Episode 1: Lyle's Kid

    Western drama about a marshal charged with keeping the peace in the lawless town of Dodge City. Starring James Arness

Gunsmoke: Season 13 (1967 - 1968)

Gunsmoke: Season 12 (1966 - 1967)

Gunsmoke: Season 11 (1965 - 1966)

Gunsmoke: Season 10 (1964 - 1965)

  • Season 10 Episode 36: The New Society

    Matt is asked to reopen a 12-year-old murder case when the man convicted of the crime confesses on his death bed that he was innocent

  • Season 10 Episode 35: Two Tall Men

    Doc is attacked and left for dead by two men. When Festus' arrests the culprits, the townsfolk begin forming a lynch mob

  • Season 10 Episode 34: He Who Steals

    A criminal is exonerated over a charge of theft and murder, but later has his horse stolen

  • Season 10 Episode 33: Honey Pot

    Matt is visited by an old friend, but ends up having to arrest him after he tries to steal another man's girlfriend. Rory Calhoun guest stars

  • Season 10 Episode 32: The Lady

    A wealthy woman promises to take her niece to San Francisco, but is forced to break her word when she falls on hard times. Guest starring Katharine Ross

  • Season 10 Episode 31: Gilt Guilt

    Doc tries to help a poor woman and her son suffering from scurvy.

  • Season 10 Episode 30: The Pariah

    A rancher realises his house-guest is a dangerous outlaw and shoots him in self-defence. However, his act of vigilante violence has serious consequences. Lee Van Cleef guest stars

  • Season 10 Episode 29: Dry Road to Nowhere

    A preacher who advocates temperance protests against Kitty's saloon, but secretly has problems of his own to deal with

  • Season 10 Episode 28: Bad Lady From Brookline

    A woman comes to town with her son, looking for her husband - but discovers he has been killed in a gunfight. Betty Hutton guest stars

  • Season 10 Episode 27: Twenty Miles From Dodge

    A stagecoach Kitty is travelling on is attacked by bandits and all the passengers are kidnapped. Matt takes responsibility for delivering the ransom

  • Season 10 Episode 26: Breckinridge

    A lawyer arrives in town and calls Matt's peacekeeping methods into question

  • Season 10 Episode 25: Circus Trick

    A circus comes to town, but Matt suspects the performers may be behind bank robberies in every town they have visited

  • Season 10 Episode 24: Thursday's Child

    Kitty is reunited with an old friend who takes a liking to Doc - but then suddenly vanishes without trace. Jean Arthur guest stars

  • Season 10 Episode 23: Eliab's Aim

    Festus' nephew arrives in Dodge to even an old score on behalf of his father.

  • Season 10 Episode 22: Winner Take All

    The feud between two brothers causes mayhem in town, and Matt steps in to resolve the conflict once and for all

  • Season 10 Episode 21: Song for Dying

    A musician comes to town, followed by a family who want to kill him. Matt tries to protect the performer and find out why he is marked for death

  • Season 10 Episode 20: Chief Joseph

    A party of Native Americans bring their sickly chief to town for medical attention, and Matt must protect him from a man out for revenge for his brother's death

  • Season 10 Episode 19: One Killer on Ice

    A man needs Matt's help apprehending a killer, but when the criminal is found dead, the lawman realises secrets are being kept from him. Dennis Hopper guest stars

  • Season 10 Episode 18: Deputy Festus

    Festus is left in charge of the jail, and lets three prisoners go on the condition they leave town. When they later kill a man, he realises it is his duty to recapture them

  • Season 10 Episode 17: Run, Sheep, Run

    A couple find their plans to make a fresh start in California are threatened when a man who owes them money is unable to pay. When he is later murdered, they seem likely suspects

  • Season 10 Episode 16: Double Entry

    An old friend of Matt's arrives in town hoping to start his own business, but secretly his real intention is to rob a gold mine

  • Season 10 Episode 15: Hammerhead

    Two horse traders fighting over a customer agree to settle the conflict with a race between their animals - but both sides are soon resorting to dirty tricks

  • Season 10 Episode 14: Bank Baby

    A conman discovers a party of pilgrims have camped just outside the city, and hatches a plan to fleece them

  • Season 10 Episode 13: Aunt Thede

    Festus' aunt goes looking for a husband, while a woman sees the chance to stop her overbearing father interfering in her own hopes for marriage. Dyan Cannon guest stars

  • Season 10 Episode 12: Innocence

    A man is killed at his own wedding, and two men who both desired the bride leave town. Matt sets off to hunt them down and determine which of them is the murderer

  • Season 10 Episode 11: Chicken

    A man wrongly believed to have killed four outlaws gets to like being famous so lets the deception stand. However, his reputation puts his life in danger

  • Season 10 Episode 10: Big Man, Big Target

    A wanted criminal falls in love with a married woman and comes up with a plan to get rid of her husband - but he soon has cause to regret his infatuation

  • Season 10 Episode 9: Hung High

    The man who killed one of Matt's friends is murdered in turn. An army sergeant with a grudge against the lawman accuses him of the crime. Edward Asner and Robert Culp guest star

  • Season 10 Episode 8: Help Me Kitty

    An old friend of Kitty's is pregnant, but has been abandoned by her fiance. The saloon owner plans to take her home to her mother, but their stagecoach is hijacked

  • Season 10 Episode 7: Jonah Hutchison

    A released convict does not approve of his son's handling of the family's affairs, but his attempts to change things lead him back into trouble with the law

  • Season 10 Episode 6: Take Her, She's Cheap

    A man offers Matt his daughter, leading to a criminal with a grudge against the lawman kidnapping her

  • Season 10 Episode 5: Doctor's Wife

    A new doctor arrives in town, but his wife's misguided scheme for attracting patients goes disastrously wrong

  • Season 10 Episode 4: The Violators

    A murder victim is found scalped, and Matt suspects the killers are trying to make everyone think it was the work of Indians

  • Season 10 Episode 3: Old Man

    An old man is accused of murder and sentenced to be hanged. However, the victim had many enemies and the condemned man's guilt is uncertain

  • Season 10 Episode 2: Crooked Mile

    Quint falls for a woman whose father does not approve of him, and who plots to have him killed when he will not be dissuaded. George Kennedy and Katharine Ross guest star

  • Season 10 Episode 1: Blue Heaven

    A runaway rides into town looking for his mother, while the fugitive he travelled with discovers bounty hunters have tracked him down. Guest starring Kurt Russell and Diane Ladd

Gunsmoke: Season 9 (1963 - 1964)

Gunsmoke: Season 8 (1962 - 1972)

Gunsmoke: Season 7 (1961 - 1962)

Gunsmoke: Season 6 (1960 - 1961)

Gunsmoke: Season 5 (1959 - 1960)

Gunsmoke: Season 4 (1958 - 1960)

Gunsmoke: Season 3 (1957 - 1968)

Gunsmoke: Season 2 (1956 - 1957)

Gunsmoke: Season 1 (1955 - 1956)

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