Ghostly Encounters Episode Guide

Episode Guide

  • Play With the Occult Pay the Price

    Sharon and Greg unleash ghostly forces while experimenting with the paranormal.

    Sunday 8th February 10:30pm EST - Destination America
  • Kids Who See Ghosts

    Children see and play with ghosts.

    Sunday 8th February 10:00pm EST - Destination America
  • Phantoms Between Friends

    Three friends experience the supernatural in different ways.

  • Til Death Do Us Part ... Or Not

    Two people carry on ghostly relationships with their dead spouses.

  • Remember Me

    When a man moves down the street from where his father is buried, his dad reaches out; a woman's dead grandfather comes back to make sure she doesn't forget him.

  • Soldier Ghosts

    The ghosts of fallen soldiers return.

  • Stay at Home Ghosts

    A woman finds her grandfather's ghost is attached to his home; a woman learns she's sharing her room with the old man that died there.

  • Caretaker Ghosts

    A man encounters the ghost of his home's former architect; a man runs into a ghost who will not leave the grounds of the local park.

  • Comfort From Beyond the Grave

    A woman's grief over the death of a close friend is alleviated by an unexpected visitor; a family cottage becomes the setting for a life-changing event.

  • Religious Ghosts

    A religious figure guides a woman through troubled times; a girls Jewish family moves into a home already inhabited by a ghost with religious differences.

  • Ghostly Possession

    A man decides to leave his house after his girlfriend becomes possessed there; a woman flees her home and marriage after an evil presence possesses her husband.

  • Tempting Ghosts

    When a group of teenagers visits the legendary Texas Road they instigate a series of terrifying events that makes them regret taunting the paranormal.

  • Closing the Door to the Beyond

    When a woman takes up tarot it spawns activity that scares the people around her; two neighbors share the ghost of an exasperating child.

  • Buried Secrets

    The secret past of a man's childhood home torments him for years before he discovers its source.

  • Ghostly Guidance Counselors

    A guide for a ghost tour is surprised to learn there is more truth to the stories he tells than he originally believed; a man turns a childhood tormented by ghosts into an interesting career.

  • The Condemned Judge

    A couple speculate about the intimidating black-robed judge that haunted their first home.

  • Good Samaritan Ghosts

    A woman meets an unusual man in a diner; a trucker helps a mysterious colleague out of a storm, receiving a comforting message in return.

  • Light on the Past

    A house's long and storied past comes to light when a family starts to renovate it.

  • Hounded to Hell

    A man is driven from his home and onto the road in a yearlong battle with a spirit that pushes him to the edge of sanity.

  • Dead on the Job

    A woman sees the ghost of a vaudeville performer in a Trenton theater; a man comes face to face with the spirit of a young man who died in a tragic accident.

  • One Foot in the Spirit World

    The relationships two people have with death make them susceptible to ghostly activity.

  • Forever My Daughter

    A woman buries her mother's ring on her grave, only to have it turn up hours later; a woman is surprised by a message from her dead father.

  • Ghosts and Legends

    Two friends witness a legendary spirit called Soucouyant in Dominica; after poking fun at the legend of greybeard in Newfoundland, a woman sees something that changes her tune.

  • Passive and Aggressive

    A cynic sees a ghost in the old house he recently purchased; a woman is forced to leave her home when she is surrounded by ghostly shadows.

  • Ghosts of the Aged

    A woman who was unkind in life is even more terrifying when she possesses her daughter from beyond the veil; a woman sees the face of a gnarled old lady on her boyfriend.

  • A House Divided

    A girl grows up in a home haunted by the pleasant ghost of the home's builder and a frightening basement-dwelling spirit.

  • Ghostly Muses

    After an experience with a ghost, a man gains courage and becomes a better dancer; a man learns to live with a ghost who inspires him to write song lyrics.

  • Haunted Hospitals

    A woman sees the ghost of a young boy watching over her newborn; A Boston school that was formerly an infirmary is haunted by ghostly men.

  • Buildings With History

    A man experiences a ghost at a London theater before a scream alerts hundreds of people to its presence; ghosts of people who died in a hotel fire.

  • Connection to the Land

    A man recognizes a ghost in green rubber boots at a Muskoka lodge as his great uncle; a man notices the ghost of a native man watching from the bushes as he excavates a prehistoric Huron Village site.

  • Ghosts as Protectors

    Chelsea is harassed by the ghost of a hanging man before another ghost comes to her rescue; Sabrina is protected from an evil spirit by her aunt's ghost.

  • The Ghosts of Trauma

    Dawn opens the door to a ghost from a famous disaster; Leonard is affected when faced with spirits of children.

  • Danger Detectors From the Great Beyond

    When spirits warn two individuals of imminent danger, one takes heed while the other suffers the horrific consequences of not acting.

  • Refuge in Ritual

    Susan and Alex turn to religious rituals to chase off the evil spirits.

  • When Kids See Ghosts

    A girl's father doesn't believe she can see ghosts; a boy's family is accepting of his ability to see spirits.

  • The Ghostly Catalyst

    A helpful ghost and a malicious spirit.

  • Ghosts in the Blood

    Deborah and Jay come from families with a history of being able to see spirits.

  • Angels on the Highway

    A couple encounters angelic beings on an open highway.

  • Growing Up Ghostly

    Women who had supernatural experiences as children.

  • Ghostly Warfare

    A couple fights back against the spirits in their home.

  • Angels and Demons

    A couple encounters spiritual beings.

  • Horror in the Basement

    A family is haunted by a ghost for 30 years.

  • The Believer and the Doubter

    A woman keeps seeing ghosts but refuses to believe in them; a woman is happy to embrace the supernatural.

  • A Mother's Undying Love

    A man feels the presence of his dead mother; a woman is surprised by her deceased mother.

  • Father Knows Best

    A man experiences the spirit of his dead father.

  • Living in a Haunted House

    Brothers suspect they live in a haunted house.

  • Someone to Watch Over Me

    Pauline and Stacey are comforted by deceased family members.

  • Uninvited Housemates

    Geri is terrified to discover a ghost lives with her.

  • Generational Spirits

    The ghosts of parents, grandparents, and other ancestors.

  • Ghosts That Banish Nightmares

    Carolyn suffered nightmares of rape and abduction.

  • The Ghost That Hates Women

    A hooded, noose-carrying wraith threatens the lives of Sherri and her sisters.

  • Condemned Judge

    In his life, he was convinced he was bound for Hell, and in death his presence stalked his old home.

  • Tombs and Temples of the Dead

    Lana encounters a murderous spectre when she rents a cabin near a Thai temple of the dead.

  • Scared to Go Home

    When toys take on a life on their own, Alix wants nothing more to do with his haunted apartment.

  • Ghosts That Save Lives

    Honey's son's life is saved by a ghost.

  • Paranormal Pathways

    Ghostly goings-on occur when the living venture onto pathways frequented by the deceased.

  • The House that Tweedie Built and Never Left

    Tweedie built a farmhouse 100 years ago, and still walks its halls.

  • Tasheen Moses and Christine Robb

    A much-loved Mom warns of imminent danger.

  • When Folk Tales Come True: Ravi Ladwa & Georgia Triantafillou

    Ravi's ghost encounters are related to South Asian folk tales; as a young girl, Georgia sees a spectre out of Greek folk tradition.

  • The Price of Disbelief

    As children no one believed Aaron and Kendra Lee had supernatural experiences, which have haunted them their entire lives.

  • A Family Torn Apart By A Haunted House

    A family endures a year of terror in which their son was possessed by a violent entity.

  • Undying Love

    Ron's mother comes back from the grave to take up her place in his home; Pam's mother surprises her grieving daughter.

  • Ghosts in the Workplace

    Rose goes to work and finds herself in a disturbing environment; Barbara discovers the supernatural secrets of an old theater.

  • Graves Undug and Graves Disturbed

    A new neighborhood is plagued by poltergeists after an Indian burial ground is disturbed.

  • Phantoms of the Philippines

    A woman's son is carried off by a ghost in the Phillipines.

  • Refuge in Rosaries

    Alex turns to Catholic icons for safety; Doris goes to unusual lengths to keep her protective rosary close.

  • Ghosts of the Murdered

    Anthony and Heather are disturbed by the macabre ghosts of murder victims.

  • My Dad's Ghost Saved My Mom's Life

    Barbara and Elsie both get ghostly messages from their long dead fathers.

  • Living in a Haunted House

    Experiences of living in a haunted house.

  • People Who See Ghosts of Trauma

    Dawn opens the door to a ghost from a famous disaster; Leonard is affected when faced with spirits of children.

  • Anorexia and the Haunting Hag

    Not all hauntings are scary when the ghosts are loved ones.

  • The Journey Back From Death

    A neighborhood is plagued with ghostly sightings and strange sounds.

  • Watery Awakenings

    Ever since Karyn and Douglas drowned and were revived as children, they have been able to see and talk to ghosts.

  • 'Til Death Do Us Part

    Talking with Erin Gibb and her sister about ghostly experiences as a child in an old house that was once a wayside inn.

  • Paul and Diana

    Encounters with angelic beings that change people's lives.

  • Jackie and Geri

    The different responses people have when they discover their home is haunted.

  • Lesley and Lance

    A look at how family can influence a child's response to seeing ghosts.

  • The Goffs and Chris Simons

    Ghosts, good or bad, can cause people to make major upheavals in their lives.

  • Steven and Carolyn
  • Victor and Katrina

    Confronting Malignant ghosts and demons; fighting back when threatened by supernatural creatures.

  • Charlotte and Tamara

    Children that have supernatural experiences.

  • Deborah and Jay

    How a family openness to the supernatural makes people open to seeing ghosts themselves.

  • The Carmichaels

    A family deals with thirty years of frightening encounters with the same ghosts.

  • Carolyn and Eric

    Carolyn and Eric.

  • Lisa Raine, Tina Dell and Louise Abbott

    How friends influence each other's openness to seeing ghosts.

  • Anita and Suzanne

    Anita and Suzanne.

  • Mitch and Salwa

    How people change their behaviour and do the right thing.

  • Pauline and Stacey

    Pauline and Stacey.

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