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General Hospital: Season 1 (2012 - 2014)

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  • 02/23/10

    Johnny stands up to Jason; Diane has an intriguing proposition for Alexis; Tracy cautions Lulu about getting involved with Dante.

  • 02/09/10

    Jason tells Sonny that Dante could destroy him; Ronnie thinks Olivia chose Sonny over Dante; Lucky gains new insight.

  • 01/26/12

    Jason embraces Sam; Anthony sets some terms; Edward and Luke share a moment.

  • 01/25/12

    Johnny and Anthony fight; Alexis upsets Sam; Michael confronts Dante and Delores.

  • 01/24/12

    Olivia interrogates Lulu; Sonny is shocked by Kate's travel plans; Luke surprises a couple with breakfast.

  • 01/23/12

    Sonny has important news; Michael opens up to Sam; Patrick talks to Robin.

  • 01/20/12

    Olivia and Kate open up to each other; Jax gets advice from Michael; Sonny visits Johnny.

  • 01/19/12

    Dante and Lulu find happiness; Johnny makes a discovery; Tracy finds herself trapped.

  • 01/18/12

    Spinelli hears about a mysterious fire; Maxie and Liz fight; Steve and Olivia spend time together.

  • 01/17/12

    Recent events have Tracy upset; Matt is unhappy with Ewen's interest in Liz; Johnny and Carly plan for the future.

  • 01/16/12

    Shawn finds Sonny; Patrick phones Robin; Ethan and Lulu have a confrontation.

  • 01/13/12

    Sam hopes for a miracle; Elizabeth and Patrick have an intimate talk; Michael's similarity to his father grows.

  • 01/12/12

    Steve and Maggie talk about the past; Sonny and Johnny have a confrontation; Alexis and Molly call Sam.

  • 01/11/12

    Carly wants a bargaining chip from Luke; Helena waits at Wyndemere; Johnny makes a request of Dr. Webber.

  • 01/10/12

    Anthony makes preparations; Patrick hears Jason and Robin talking; Sam is lonely.

  • 01/09/12

    Patrick calls Sam about Jason; Elizabeth makes a promise to Robin; Sonny gets information on Jax.

  • 01/06/12

    Liz and Monica catch a peek at Ewen; Robin goes to Liz for help; news of a wedding hits the paper.

  • 01/05/12

    Jason prepares Spinelli for a task; Alexis calls Sonny out; Michael asks Johnny for help.

  • 01/04/12

    Patrick catches Robin; Jason is taken by a memory; Sonny and Kate plan a romantic date.

  • 01/03/12

    Jason receives news of Michael; Alexis is mad at Carly; Ewen piques Liz's interest.

  • 01/27/10

    Jason investigates Dominic; Dominic can't picture a future with Lulu; Johnny discovers what Olivia has done.

  • 02/12/10

    Sonny wants to take the fall for Michael; Jax sees Carly in Sonny's arms.

  • 01/29/10

    A confrontation ends in tragedy; Lucky wonders if he can be a good father to Jake; Robin tells Nikolas to stay away from Elizabeth.

  • 02/22/10

    Jason warns Sonny that Dante is a danger to them; Lucky tells Maxie how he feels about Elizabeth; Luke becomes concerned about Ethan.

  • 02/08/10

    Dante doesn't want anything to do with Sonny; Lucky's downward spiral continues; Olivia and Johnny have a confrontation.

  • 01/25/10

    Michael reveals the truth about Dominic to Sonny; Carly encourages Jason to reclaim what's his; Lucky has it out with Elizabeth and Nikolas.

  • 07/17/96

    Lucky is angry to discover that the stranger who saved Lulu is his brother, Nikolas.

  • 02/11/10

    Sonny tries to explain himself; Michael confesses to Mac; Johnny is determined to get revenge.

  • 01/28/10

    Sonny and Jason decide to get rid of Dominic; Johnny decides to walk out on Olivia; Elizabeth has a meltdown.

  • 10/10/11

    Jason and Sam enjoy their honeymoon; Steve and Olivia get hurt; Lucky gets a surprise.

  • 10/07/11

    Things are amiss in Hawaii; Carly gets Josslyn a present; Michael hears Carly and Shawn talking.

  • 10/06/11

    Maxie honors B.J.'s birthday; Michael insists on moving forward; Lucky reads Siobhan's letter.

  • 10/05/11

    Sonny reaches a conclusion; Lulu is overwrought; Johnny reminds Anthony of his position.

  • 10/04/11

    Dante gets a visit from Lulu; Michael makes an important revelation to Sonny; Tracy gets three visitors.

  • 10/03/11

    Shawn will not tell Carly about his past; Jason and Sam take their honeymoon; Kate is there for Sonny.

  • 09/30/11

    Carly and Shawn work together; Lucky finds something from Siobhan; Michael is distressed.

  • 09/29/11

    Shawn conceals a secret; Lucky confides in Elizabeth; Ethan confronts evil.

  • 09/28/11

    Johnny and Anthony fight; Carly lies again; Kate and Alexis talk.

  • 09/27/11

    Olivia receives bad news; Ethan finds Lucky in a bad state; Sonny and Alexis talk about Kristina.

  • 09/26/11

    Dante tries to answer a call from Lulu; someone follows Jason and Sam; Kate and Sonny talk about the past.

  • 09/23/11

    Jason and Sam share something with their loved ones; Anthony makes a decision; Lucky can't shake his addiction.

  • 09/22/11

    Maxie stresses about the wedding; Dante and Lucky talk about the future; a strange incident occurs at Wyndemere.

  • 09/21/11

    Maxie deals with wedding problems; Dante's mother gives him advice; Spinelli wants to come clean.

  • 09/20/11

    Franco decides to return to town; Sam observes Jason; Johnny cleans up after his father.

  • 09/19/11

    Tracy is oblivious to Luke's spying; Liz and Maxie are each in danger; Kate encourages Sonny.

  • 09/16/11

    Sam's wedding dress comes in; Sonny and Kate face each other; Lulu and Ethan talk about their father.

  • 09/15/11

    Kristina angers Sonny by sending his father away; Jason makes a decision about the wedding; Patrick and Anthony have a tense conversation.

  • 09/14/11

    Dante asks Anthony and Johnny about Luzetta's; Shawn soothes Molly; Jason makes a decision.

  • 09/13/11

    Olivia yells at Sonny; Maxie finds herself in danger; Patrick and Robin have a good time.

  • 09/12/11

    Sonny attacks Johnny; Spinelli has a moment; Kate arrives in town.

  • 09/09/11

    Patrick and Matt butt heads; Sonny and Carly face off; Kristina has an important moment.

  • 09/08/11

    Matt and Elizabeth go on a picnic; Carly runs into Shawn; Michael and Abby get intimate.

  • 09/07/11

    Maxie brings more bad news; Patrick has important medical information; Michael must make an important decision.

  • 09/06/11

    Jason and Sam reach a pivotal moment; Lucky experiences emotional issues; Michael faces Anthony.

  • 09/02/11

    Jason experiences a significant moment; Ethan is asked to find information about Skye; two important medical issues arise.

  • 09/01/11

    Robin and Patrick have a fight; Shawn becomes closer with Carly.

  • 08/31/11

    Lulu and Lucky argue; Alexis and Carly talk about Sonny and Jax; Patrick's ego becomes a problem.

  • 08/30/11

    Sam says a prayer; Sonny upsets Kristina; Dante and Lucky's conversation is overheard.

  • 08/29/11

    Skye receives an unexpected visitor; Matt assists Liz with a tough situation.

  • 08/26/11

    Michael sides with Sonny; Patrick and Matt argue; Sam makes a decision.

  • 08/25/11

    Matt makes an important find; Max tries to put Alexis at ease; a relationship ends.

  • 08/24/11

    Johnny hears Anthony and Skye talking; Dante finds Sonny and Carly arguing; Sonny and Abby don't like each other.

  • 08/23/11

    Lucky looks for a message; Sonny sits at the hospital chapel; Maxie and Jackal, P.I., go to Georgie's grave.

  • 08/22/11

    Anthony assaults a patient; Skye protects someone; Carly and Sonny battle.

  • 08/19/11

    Siobhan and Liz talk about their relationship; Skye finds an unconscious person; Lulu and Dante get intimate.

  • 08/18/11

    Liz wants Matt to test a prescription bottle; Carly vows Sonny is out of her life; Siobhan wants to see Liz.

  • 08/17/11

    Lulu worries about her brother; Carly goes to see a friend; Tracy and Skye battle.

  • 08/16/11

    Lucky and Siobhan hold hands; Dante treats Sonny like a criminal; Abby overhears two women talking about her.

  • 08/15/11

    Carly asks about Josslyn; Sonny argues with Jax; Maxie is jealous of the attention Lulu is getting.

  • 08/12/11

    Sonny goes to the Drake home in a rage; Anthony orders someone killed; Johnny receives a present.

  • 08/11/11

    Dante tries to avert an incident between Sonny and Jax; Robin works at being both Patrick's wife and boss; Mac finds people playing games at Jake's.

  • 08/10/11

    Sonny aims a gun at a man; Lucky has flashbacks; Alexis and Diane find themselves trapped at Jake's.

  • 08/09/11

    Patricks gets a poor prognosis; Carly intends to get her daughter; Sonny and Michael show their similarities.

  • 08/08/11

    Monica calls Sam; Jax and Shawn battle; Lulu piques the Jackal P.I.'s interest.

  • 08/05/11

    There is a huge accident; Skye tells Carly that Jax is in town; Olivia and Sonny talk.

  • 08/04/11

    Lucky goes to the church where he married Liz; Liz and Siobhan get close to fighting; Matt and Maxie talk.

  • 08/03/11

    Jax has a picture of Josslyn; Matt begs Patrick to be firm with Robin; Abby wants to go home to work.

  • 08/02/11

    Lulu and Dante arrive in town; Anthony invites Skye to Port Charles; Michael and Abby share a romantic day.

  • 08/01/11

    Lucky hallucinates; Carly surprises Jason and Sam; a presence follows Carly.

  • 07/29/11

    Carly is shocked about Sam and Jason; Anthony makes drugs available to Lucky; Robin sees Patrick with Carly.

  • 07/28/11

    Lulu decides to return home; Jason and Sam share romance; Anthony visits Tracy Quartermaine.

  • 07/27/11

    Helena encourages Nik; Steve and Olivia get intimate; Liz and Monica talk about Jake.

  • 07/26/11

    Lucky faces temptation; Helena threatens Lulu; Jason and Sam talk about their engagement.

  • 07/25/11

    Liz tries to help Lucky; Patrick tries to distract Robin; Helena tries to seduce Dante.

  • 07/22/11

    Mac assigns Lucky a new case; Siobhan considers refiling her lawsuit; Robin makes Patrick, Matt and Steve's lives difficult.

  • 07/21/11

    Jason considers proposing; Jax says his goodbyes; Sonny is heartbroken.

  • 07/20/11

    Jax plans to leave town; Jason chooses a ring for Sam; Siobhan confronts Liz.

  • 07/19/11

    Lucky and Liz celebrate Aiden's birthday; the judge comes to a decision; Sonny fights for Brenda.

  • 07/18/11

    Carly, Kristina and Ethan look for Morgan, Molly and Josslyn; Lulu fights Javier; Kristina plans to go to Las Vegas.

  • 07/15/11

    Lulu gets herself in a dangerous situation; Kristina decides to join Ethan in Las Vegas; Sonny's actions upset Brenda.

  • 07/14/11

    The court comes close to deciding who will get custody of Josslyn; Sonny sets a trap; someone dies.

  • 07/13/11

    Anthony finds Spinelli's behavior shocking; Kristina does not believe Ethan is interested in Abby; Javier hears Lulu and Dante planning.

  • 07/12/11

    Maxie messes with Jason and Sam's feelings about marriage; Michael gives Edward advice; Javier shows interest in Lulu.

  • 07/11/11

    Sonny blackmails the court-appointed mediator; Brenda talks about a recent attack at the custody hearing; Robin and Patrick adjust to the new chief of staff.

  • 07/08/11

    Brenda testifies about mob violence; Siobhan serves Liz with a lawsuit; Steve resigns.

  • 07/07/11

    Sonny makes a threat; someone shoots at Brenda and Alec; Sam and Jason consider marriage.

  • 07/06/11

    Carly gets angry in front of the mediator; Patrick, Robin, Matt and Steve get ready to be questioned; Ethan tells Johnny to keep his father from Kristina.

  • 07/05/11

    Sonny and Brenda fight about Jax; Jackal hits on Maxie; Anthony makes a threat.

  • 07/01/11

    Dante finds Lulu; Jason discusses his future with Sam; Spinelli tries to shoot Sonny.

  • 06/30/11

    A visitor surprises Lucky; Carly and Jax's custody battle affects Sonny and Brenda; Robin and Patrick get closer to finding the person who almost killed Siobhan.

  • 06/29/11

    Steve charges Robin and Patrick with looking into Siobhan's mistake; Sonny learns that Brenda must testify against him; Michael and Abby start working at ELQ.

  • 06/28/11

    Lulu gets hired at a brothel; Jason opens up to Sam; Lucky talks to Nik about Aiden.

  • 06/27/11

    Sonny tells Dante about Luke's past; Kristina boldly pursues Ethan; Brenda and Sonny share some romance.

  • 06/24/11

    A bordello owner confronts Lulu; Kristina wants to kiss Ethan; Jax asks for Brenda's help.

  • 06/23/11

    Michael gets several job offers; Alexis and Sonny disagree about disciplining Kristina; Spinelli cannot gain access to mob funds.

  • 06/22/11

    Dante comforts Lulu; Sonny and Dante talk about Alec; Lucky and Liz approach Nik.

  • 06/21/11

    Lucky and Liz talk about the truth; Robin brings Sam his test results; Spinelli wakes up from surgery.

  • 06/20/11

    Lucky, Jason, Dante and Mac try to lit the lock down; Elizabeth has an accident; Lucky loses control.

  • 06/17/11

    Liz makes a mistake during an operation; Robin and Sam talk about a possible pregnancy.

  • 06/16/11

    Siobhan and Maxie talk about Aiden; Lucky sets Spencer's home on fire.

  • 06/15/11

    Brenda fights with Diane about Alec; Sonny talks to Mayor Floyd; Carly defends Michael.

  • 06/14/11

    Carly and Jax come together for Michael's celebration; Max and Milo bully Ethan; Kristina confesses to submitting an application to PCU for Michael.

  • 06/13/11

    Ethan insists on seeing Kristina; Anthony menaces Brenda.

  • 06/10/11

    Dante wonders if Jason is a good example for Michael; Maxie wants to help Lulu; Alexis and Sonny try to stop Ethan and Kristina's wedding.

  • 06/09/11

    Michael learns he got accepted to PCU; Liz seems to be going crazy; Sam and Jason talk about the mob.

  • 06/08/11

    Johnny helps a friend; Matt lends a hand at Crimson; Spinelli fantasizes about being a detective.

  • 06/07/11

    Jason and Sam talk about the mob; Dante and Lulu become intimate; Jason must investigate a shipment.

  • 06/06/11

    Ethan finds Maya with another man; Shawn reveals a secret to Carly; Lucky looks for Luke.

  • 06/03/11

    Lulu persuades Nik to make an investment; Jax is slugged; Sonny makes a promise.

  • 06/02/11

    Sonny and Brenda find a dead body; Robin and Patrick learn of Lisa's escape; Maxie shares her concerns with Matt.

  • 06/01/11

    Kristina asks Dante for a favor; Anthony puts his plan into action; Jason makes a confession.

  • 05/31/11

    Michael receives a job offer; Lisa curses Patrick; Brenda and Sonny get into an argument.

  • 05/27/11

    Anthony wants Abby to work for him; Liz talks to a woman whose son was injured; Liz has another vision.

  • 05/26/11

    Lulu decides to run the Haunted Star; Lulu fears Luke will be different; Sam gets information on her pregnancy.

  • 05/25/11

    Siobhan and Maxie talk about Aiden's paternity; Sonny is angry about Kristina's crush; Maxie takes Matt out.

  • 05/24/11

    Luke fears he is like his father; Ethan supports Kristina; Liz makes a dangerous mistake.

  • 05/23/11

    Anthony plans to undermine Sonny; Robin and Patrick have a secret strategy; Anthony pulls a gun on Michael.

  • 05/20/11

    Lisa traps Robin in the basement; Sonny talks with Brenda; Brenda thanks Carly.

  • 05/19/11

    Robin investigates a noise in the basement; Jax and Carly fight about Josslyn; Alexis does not want Sam and Jason to have a baby.

  • 05/18/11

    Ethan learns Kristina takes drugs; Lucky struggles with his addiction; Jason tells Michael not to look for the hit woman.

  • 05/17/11

    Lisa prepares for her next assault on Patrick and Robin; Brenda talks to Suzanne; Carly makes threats.

  • 05/16/11

    Sonny and Dante try to get Brenda's son back; Jason promises to never give up another child; Sam opens up to Alexis.

  • 05/13/11

    Elizabeth and Jason share a moment; Dante puts Sonny in harm's way; Jason wants to keep Jax from taking Josslyn.

  • 05/12/11

    Sonny and Dante locate Suzanne; Brenda is angry about her son's rescue; the hospital releases Sam.

  • 05/11/11

    Maxie finds a ring in Matt's pocket; Michael is concerned about Kristina; Siobhan considers telling Lucky about Aiden.

  • 05/10/11

    Lucky makes a request of Luke; Lisa gets a deadly idea; Michael is drawn into Anthony's web.

  • 05/09/11

    Siobhan learns the identity of Aiden's father; Abby looks for the hit woman; Anthony talks about his legacy.

  • 05/06/2011

    Luke talks to Ethan about his father; Jason and Liz offer each other support; Liz brings proof of Aiden's paternity to the justice of the peace.

  • 05/05/2011

    Luke asks Ethan out for a drink; Liz talks to Lucky about Aiden; Sam goes to the hospital for the procedure.

  • 05/04/2011

    Luke asks Alexis to represent him; Siobhan takes Lucky away; Liz goes back to work.

  • 05/03/2011

    Jax confronts Carly about Josslyn; Jason and Abby talk about Michael; Lucian's identity comes to light.

  • 05/02/2011

    Jason finds a strange woman in Johnny's penthouse; Jason talks to Sam about the fertility treatment; Brenda confronts Sonny about Lucian.

  • 04/29/11

    Sonny wants Michael to leave Abby alone; Lucian goes missing; Maxie wonders about Jason and Sam's decision.

  • 04/28/11

    The Spencers stage an intervention for Luke.

  • 04/27/11

    Robin suggests Brenda get a DNA test; Robin and Patrick plan a date; Ethan deals with his father's addiction.

  • 04/26/11

    Sonny tries to help Luke; Ronnie has Michael's confession; Maxie wants Liz to open up about Aiden.

  • 04/25/11

    Abby is taken into custody; Maxie wants to set Liz up; Luke complains to Sam about Jason.

  • 04/22/2011

    Sonny faces off with Anthony; Ronnie goes to Abby's place with an arrest warrant; Johnny claims to see Michael as a kindred spirit.

  • 04/21/2011

    Dante learns there is evidence implicating Michael in a murder; Carly and Brenda argue; Carly discovers Sam crying.

  • 04/20/2011

    Sonny receives a surprise; Jax tries to pay Shawn to leave town; Carly and Sonny work to keep Michael from joining the mob.

  • 04/19/2011

    Jason and Sam decide to have a baby; Lisa slips Kristina narcotics; Kristina invites Ethan to prom.

  • 04/18/2011

    Brenda insists that Sonny love Lucian; Matt pushes Maxie to keep Aiden's paternity secret; Siobhan helps Lucky.

  • 04/15/2011

    Sonny worries about Brenda's relationship with Lucian; Jason sees his reasons for not wanting a child are groundless; Brenda talks to Michael about Sonny's world.

  • 04/14/2011

    Maxie takes the test results from Liz's house; Dante, Sonny and Jason worry Johnny is recruiting Michael for the mob; Steve pushes Luke to take action.

  • 04/13/2011

    Nik finds Liz with the test results; Diane wonders what part Sonny wants in Lucian's life; Maxie learns the truth.

  • 04/12/2011

    Dante finds an odd link between Johnny Zacchara and Brandon; Abby wants Michael to take a break; Johnny offers support to Michael.

  • 04/11/2011

    Lucky wants Lulu's help; Sam rethinks getting pregnant; Lucky talks with Jason about Jake.

  • 04/08/2011

    Lucky wants to marry Siobhan at once; Brenda butts head with Carly; Carly tries to convince Sam to give Jason a child.

  • 04/07/2011

    Nik bids Brook Lynn farewell; Sam offers Jason guidance; Luke is out of control.

  • 04/06/2011

    Lisa uses Kristina to get to Patrick and Robin; Patrick talks to Johnny; Jason and Michael look out for each other.

  • 04/05/2011

    Suzanne has a surprise; Spinelli agrees to attend a book signing; the search for Brandon's murderer.

  • 04/04/2011

    Robin want to get marriage counseling; Johnny and Lisa get intimate; Jason prevents Michael from making a mistake.

  • 04/01/11

    Lucky opens up to Maxie; Brandon attacks Abby; Brenda confesses to wanting a child.

  • 03/31/11

    Lulu is concerned about the effects of Jake's death; Michael wants to guard Abby; Theo nears his grandson.

  • 03/30/11

    Sonny and Luke have a difficult talk; Dante and Lulu decide to uphold the law; Patrick flirts with Robin.

  • 03/29/11

    Michael and Abby continue their relationship; Jax is unhappy about Shawn's actions; Brenda tries to visit Carly and Josslyn.

  • 03/28/11

    Jason is mad about the week's events; Michael and Abby get physical; Sam takes Josslyn into her confidence.

  • 03/25/11

    Franco leaves Carly a message threatening Franco; Jason and Liz share a moment; Sonny and Brenda hurry home.

  • 03/24/11

    Carly tells Jason who she thinks hit Jake; Michael vows to protect his mother; Patrick intimidates Johnny.

  • 03/23/11

    The Spencers support each other; Suzanne tells Theo where to find Brenda's child; Johnny and Lisa get intimate.

  • 03/22/11

    Sam thinks she or Carly may have hit Jake; Robin asks Patrick to come home; Sonny continues to track Theo while on his honeymoon.

  • 03/21/11

    Jake fights for his life; Dante and Sam team up to find out who was behind the hit-and-run; Jax hopes to find an organ donor for Josslyn.

  • 03/18/11

    Theo and Suzanne look for their grandchild; Brenda imagines the child she never had; Josslyn receives a diagnosis.

  • 03/17/11

    Sam discovers the location of a Balkan flunky; Liz receives valuable information; Dante and Jason are at odds about Michael.

  • 03/16/11

    Sonny vows to get even; Liz finds out Lucky intends to wed Siobhan; Dante and Ronnie interrupt mob business.

  • 03/15/11

    Liz catches Nik and Brook Lynn getting intimate; Liz finds out Aiden's paternity results will soon be available; Johnny starts a scheme.

  • 03/14/11

    Sonny and Brenda's family joins them at the hospital; Dante is cautioned against working with the mob; Cara asks Luke and Ethan for help

  • 03/11/11

    Jason and Dante go after Theo; Kristina works to prevent Michael from dating Abby; Luke tells Carly he will help blackmail Jax.

  • 03/10/11

    Theo poisons Brenda; Patrick and Robin work to defeat Lisa; Kristina's feelings for Ethan grow.

  • 03/09/11

    Spinelli reveals information about Brenda; Maxie plans to nail Lisa; Jason discovers he is represented in Spinelli's novel.

  • 03/08/11

    Jason spends time with Sam in her hospital bed; Nik and Brook Lynn get intimate; Liz enters a paternity test for Aiden.

  • 03/07/11

    Donny and Dante join forces to get intelligence from the Balkan assassin; Jason cautions Michael about mob life; Luke and Lucky talk about the dangers of a green card marriage.

  • 03/04/11

    Liz wonders about the identity of Aiden's father; Dante and Jason caution Michael against a life of crime; Brenda runs to the woods.

  • 03/03/11

    Molly recognizes the Balkan attacker; Michael talks to Abby about his struggle; Dante advises Sonny against using mob methods.

  • 03/02/11

    Shawn narrowly escapes a Balkan assassin; Kristina sees Sam get worse; Nik admits his feelings for Brook Lynn.

  • 03/01/11

    Sonny prepares to torture Shawn if needed; Kristina confesses her feelings for Ethan; Patrick and Robin's relationship grows.

  • 02/28/11

    Sonny wants answers from Shawn; Jason realizes something is off with Sam; the Balkan gets Brenda in his grasp.

  • 02/25/11

    Jason thinks the Balkans goals don't make sense; Franco calls Jason; Sonny finds out the body is not who they expected.

  • 02/24/11

    Bullets fly at Jason; Dante owns up to all the secrets and lies; Patrick expresses his feelings to Robin.

  • 02/23/11

    Jax understands he has lost Carly; Dante visits Lulu; Maxie asks Matt to help her prove what Johnny is up to.

  • 02/22/11

    Brenda and Dante talk about their past; Sonny and Brenda's nuptials draw closer; Shawn considers joining Jason and Sam.

  • 02/21/11

    Carly threatens Brenda; Sam becomes a hostage; Lisa and Johnny have a conversation that brings them closer.

  • 02/18/11

    Sonny and Brenda's special day arrives, bringing with it the threat that Carly will interfere; Molly uncovers the Balkan's identity.

  • 02/17/11

    Sonny, Dante and Michael share a moment; Spinelli races against the clock to identify the Balkan; Spinelli fantasizes about being a gumshoe.

  • 02/16/11

    Lucky's life is at risk; Jason and Sam tell Dante what they think of Theo; Lulu pitches in at Kelly's diner.

  • 02/15/11

    Sonny figures out who sabotaged the wedding; Luck and Siobhan find a lead; Lulu lets Dante past her defenses.

  • 02/14/11

    Sonny's wedding band is unaccounted for; Dante and Lulu spend time together; Sam and Jason find out if they're pregnant.

  • 02/10/11

    The Balkan outsmarts Lucky; Lulu surprises Dante; Sam waits for her test results.

  • 02/09/11

    Sonny advises Carly to keep away; Dante tries to stop Michael from paying Franco back; Luke warns Lulu to be careful with Dante.

  • 02/08/11

    Sonny wants to elope; Michael asks Dante not to quit the force; Jason and Sam talk about the future.

  • 02/07/11

    Brenda blames Carly for her ruined wedding dress; Maxie encourages Lulu and Dante to reunite; Sonny affirms his love to Michael.

  • 02/04/11

    Carly informs Sonny about Michael; Brenda finds her wedding dress has been destroyed; Luke finds Tracy being arrested.

  • 02/03/11

    Dante thinks about stepping down; Sonny comforts Brenda; Lucky's plan goes wrong.

  • 02/02/11

    Carly threatens Dante with a gun; Nik is jealous of Brook Lynn; Brenda fights with Carly.

  • 02/01/11

    Brenda tells Dante the truth; Lulu finds Brenda and Dante in an embrace; Lucky devises a plan to outwit the Balkan.

  • 01/31/11

    Michael confesses to Jason about his time in prison; Carly tells Jax she wants a divorce; Lucky tricks Siobhan.

  • 01/28/11

    Carly reunites with Jax; the Balkan threatens Lulu; Michael is forced to think about Carter.

  • 01/27/11

    Sam denies wanting to be a mother; Brook Lyn tricks Liz; Dante argues with Theo.

  • 01/26/11

    The mercenary attacks Johnny; Ethan confronts Maya about Edward; Tracy encourages Brook Lynn to keep believing in Nik.

  • 01/25/11

    A mercenary arrives in town; Lulu grieves over her relationship; Spinelli asks Carly to keep things concealed.

  • 01/24/11

    Lulu is unable to forgive Dante; Brandon is hostile towards Abby; Michael and Kristina talk about the crash.

  • 05/27/96

    Sonny plans to leave Lily; Jason gets romantic with Robin, but later sleeps with Carly; Luke talks to Justus about his suspicions.

  • 01/21/11

    Sonny and Molly talk about metal health; Brenda surprises Lulu; Lucky and Siobhan face relationship issues.

  • 01/20/11

    Dante tries to prove his love to Lulu; the Balkan plans to kidnap Brenda; Nik and Brook Lynn kiss.

  • 01/18/11

    Lulu considers breaking up with Dante; Michael verbally attacks Carly; Molly shocks Kristina with her unusual behavior.

  • 01/17/11

    Jason wants to call off the wedding; Carly talks to Sam about Michael and Abby; Johnny alerts Lisa about Patrick.

  • 01/14/11

    Dante agrees to be Sonny's best man; Carly threatens to tell Sonny the truth; Spinelli tells Jason about his writing project.

  • 01/13/11

    The Balkan contacts the traitor; Carly asks Diane for help; Abby is arrested.

  • 01/12/11

    Jason suspects someone of betrayal; Patrick sees Lisa and Johnny together and senses something is not right; Liz will not accept Steve's assistance.

  • 01/11/11

    Lulu insists Dante stop guarding Brenda; Sonny has a frightening premonition; Michael kisses Abby.

  • 01/10/11

    The Balkan plans his revenge; Michael and Sonny discuss Abby; Lisa turns Patrick against Terrell.

  • 01/07/11

    Molly behaves strangely; Spinelli and Suzanne refuse to support Brenda's marriage to Sonny; Terrell beguiles Robin.

  • 01/06/11

    Sonny reassures Kristina; Steve offers Terrell a job; Kristina and Michael have an epiphany.

  • 01/05/11

    Someone collapses; Maxie will not let Lisa aid Matt; Patrick performs emergency surgery.

  • 01/04/11

    A patient is brought to the hospital by helicopter; Brenda asks Molly and Christina to be bridesmaids; Patrick and Robin come together over news of the crash.

  • 01/03/11

    Carly and Jason try to get to the site of the accident; the survivors search for Morgan; Luke thinks about using his honeymoon to execute a robbery.

  • 10/08/10

    Carly runs into Brenda; Robin tells Sony to follow his heart.

  • 10/07/10

    Brenda and Jax reunite; Robin has a conversation with Brenda; Lucky receives a surprise visit.

  • 10/06/10

    Suzanne and Diane clash; Maxie wants to put Brenda on the cover of Crimson; Robin receives relationship advice.

  • 10/05/10

    Suzanne arrives in Port Charles; Sam offers to help Michael find a prostitute; Sonny makes a decision.

  • 10/04/10

    Robin tells Patrick they are through; Sam considers Jason's offer; Sonny and Brenda get close.

  • 10/01/10

    Lisa becomes undone; Maxie finds Spinelli infatuated with Brenda.

  • 09/30/10

    Brenda arrives in Port Charles; Dante questions Lulu's motives for having an adventure.

  • 09/29/10

    Dante and Lulu get lost in the Irish countryside; Mac arrests Patrick for Robin's disappearance; Carly refocuses her efforts for revenge.

  • 09/28/10

    Robin sees visions of an old love; Patrick tries to work Lisa for clues; Siobhan overhear's Lucky's true identity.

  • 09/27/10

    Jason tries to convince Brenda to return to Port Charles; Robin falls down a well; Carly pushes Sonny to admit he is using Claire.

  • 09/24/10

    Balkan's thugs interrogate Brenda; Patrick realizes Emma and Robin are missing; Steve discovers a dead body.

  • 09/23/10

    Brenda makes an admission to Jason; Robin gets into an accident; Lucky's cover is blown; Sam helps Michael.

  • 09/22/10

    Spinelli tries to keep Carly and Sam from seeing a photograph of Brenda kissing Jason; Matt lets Patrick have it; Johnny and Olivia give their relationship another chance.

  • 09/21/10

    Lisa mixes Robin's medicine with tranquilizers; Lulu is determined to help Lucky; Michael walks in on Jax and Carly.

  • 09/20/10

    Sonny focuses on Clair in hopes of keeping his mind off Brenda; Jason's patience is tested; Dante tells Lulu the truth; Spinelli becomes suspicious.

  • 07/22/10

    Jason makes a discovery about Michael; Franco sends a message to the hospital.

  • 07/15/10

    Spinelli has a talk with Maxie; Franco visits Lulu; Liz goes into labor.

  • 07/14/10

    Sam pulls a gun on Franco; Sonny kisses Claire; Maya opens up about her past.

  • 07/13/10

    Jason finds clues; Franco surprises Sam; Kristina loses it.

  • 07/16/10

    Jason's plan is derailed; Claire has a suggestion for Sonny; Franco's intentions are revealed.

  • 07/19/10

    Dante asks Claire for help; Liz's newborn's ID bracelet has some unlucky numbers; Spinelli shares his feelings with Sam.

  • 07/20/10

    Carly's anger is fueled by Lulu; Michael gets in a fight during his first day of community service.

  • 07/21/10

    The hospital goes into lockdown; Helena is confronted by Nik, Liz and Lucky; Warren lashes out.

  • 08/23/10

    Sonny claims he was defending himself when he shot Johnny; Brenda won't be the face of Franco's masterpiece; Jax warns Clair about Sonny.

  • 08/26/10

    Lisa makes a horrifying discovery; Patrick begs Robin for another chance.

  • 08/27/10

    Dante tells Sonny that he believes him; Brenda considers Murphy's proposal.

  • 08/30/10

    Sonny considers leaving the country; Brook Lynn comes clean with Lulu; Carly is confronted.

  • 08/25/10

    Maxie gives Robin advice; Sam and Jason encounter gunfire.

  • 08/24/10

    Michael defends his father; Patrick makes a confession to Robin; Lucky looks for Johnny's gun.

  • 08/19/10

    Michael and Jason are brought in for questioning; Sam tries to exonerate Jason; Sonny and Brenda try to reconnect.

  • 08/20/10

    Shots are fired during a showdown between Johnny and Sonny; Brenda is asked to be the face of Franco's next masterpiece.

  • 08/31/10

    Brenda receives a warning; Dante testifies at Sonny's arraignment; Carly's confession shocks Lulu; Lisa is confronted.

  • 09/01/10

    Jason comes to a realization; Lulu thinks Brook Lynn is out of her and Dante's life; Michael shares a secret with Jax.

  • 09/09/10

    Tracy tells Lucky that she misses Luke; Nik asks Alexis to help school Brook Lynn in proper British etiquette.

  • 09/10/10

    Suzanne worries for Brenda's safety; Jason and Dante try to prove Sonny's innocence.

  • 09/17/10

    Brenda invites Jason to a gala; Lisa overhears Patrick's admission to Maxie; Dante and Sonny bond; Jax and Carly reconcile.

  • 09/08/10

    Carly tries to seduce Jax; Sonny tells Brenda he is on the run; Dante and Lulu make love.

  • 09/07/10

    Robin finds Emma's favorite toy boiling in a beaker; Matt expresses his desire to have a relationship with Maxie.

  • 09/02/10

    Sonny goes to Rome to see Brenda; Olivia begs Johnny for the truth; Nikolas has an offer for Brook Lynn.

  • 09/03/10

    Dante pressures Spinelli and Jason; Lucky receives a job offer from Johnny; Jason reassures Sam; Blair flirts with Michael.

  • 08/18/10

    Jason asks Michael to avoid the mob wars; Lulu attacks Brook; Johnny plans Sonny's demise.

  • 08/17/10

    Dante and Brook are caught in a compromising position; Robin can't find her medication; Sam and Jason are reunited.

  • 07/30/10

    Dante makes a decision about Jason; Nik and Liz receive devastating news; Johnny claims he has evidence against Sonny.

  • 08/02/10

    Brenda inspires Franco; Sonny receives an offer from Claire; Robin makes a discovery.

  • 08/03/10

    Sam wants one last night with Jason; Carly and Sonny fight about Johnny.

  • 07/29/10

    Lucky makes a grisly discovery; Patrick thinks Lisa is delusional; Jason and Sam sleep together.

  • 07/28/10

    Spinelli presents Sam and Jason with a unique opportunity; Skye and Jax grow close; Brook kisses Johnny.

  • 07/26/10

    Jason pulls a gun; Franco's art exhibit may be full of surprises; Maxie has a warning for Robin.

  • 07/27/10

    Liz breaks down; Claire propositions Sonny.

  • 08/04/10

    Spinelli makes a development; Lulu vows to be a better sister.

  • 08/05/10

    Dante helps Jason; Johnny is arrested; Brook can't measure up to Carly.

  • 08/13/10

    Brenda is haunted by thoughts of her past; Claire tries to get Jason released; Johnny, Dante and Ethan try to protect Michael.

  • 08/16/10

    Spinelli and Carly come up with a plan; Dante is drugged; Lisa is confronted.

  • 08/12/10

    Brenda receives threats from the Russian mob; Johnny shares his plans with Ethan; Sam has a solution for Jason.

  • 08/11/10

    Brenda returns; Maxie and Lucky kiss; Carly warns Lulu that Dante is untrustworthy.

  • 08/06/10

    Lucky tries to gain access to Aiden; Johnny and Jason talk about the developing mob war; Sonny remembers Brenda.

  • 08/09/10

    Sonny tells Claire about his history with Brenda; Brook shows up at Dante's door.

  • 07/23/10

    Franco has a message for Jason; Warren's rampage at the hospital causes injuries; Alcazar's fortune is stolen.

  • 04/23/10

    Dante might reveal the truth; Sonny hopes he has gotten through to Dante; Skye asks Luke for help.

  • 03/16/10

    Dante sees a different side of Sonny; Helena sets a new scheme into motion; Lucky is forced to arrest Ethan.

  • 03/15/10

    Kristina makes an accusation against Ethan; Lucky tells Elizabeth that they are over for good; Maxie faces a health crisis.

  • 03/17/10

    Jason has questions for Kristina; Jax and Carly remain at odds; Maxie and Spinelli end up in a better place.

  • 03/18/10

    Kristina begs Sonny not to go after Ethan; Michael is tempted to reveal himself to Dante; Sam and Jason disagree about Kristina.

  • 03/19/10

    Jason shares his doubts about Kristina; Sonny's murder trial gets underway; Maxie promises Spinelli she will fight for her life.

  • 03/18/10

    Kristina begs Sonny not to go after Ethan; Michael is tempted to reveal himself to Dante; Sam and Jason disagree about Kristina.

  • 03/12/10

    Sonny's judgement is questioned; Kiefer gets violent with Kristina; Maxie faces health issues.

  • 03/11/10

    Michael tries to get away; Sonny wants to share the truth with Dante; Spinelli blames himself.

  • 03/04/10

    Carly makes a discovery; Claire cautions Jason; Nikolas still has hope for a future with Elizabeth.

  • 03/03/10

    Ethan and Johnny plan a dicey move; Robin's support encourages Sonny; Dante and Olivia continue to quarrel.

  • 03/05/10

    Sonny finds Dante and Michael together; Jason thinks Franco is still taunting him; Alexis ponders her decision.

  • 03/08/10

    Sam and Jason devise a plan to protect Michael; Carly and Sonny disagree; Lucky hopes he is not the father of Elizabeth's baby.

  • 03/10/10

    Michael proves to be a handful for Sam and Jason; Ethan hopes he is letting Kristina down gently; Diane and Alexis clash with Claire.

  • 03/09/10

    Jax tries to help Carly see the light; Spinelli's plan backfires; Lulu and Dante want some time alone.

  • 03/22/10

    Ethan asks Kristina for the truth; Lucky tries to make a clean break with Elizabeth; Jason tells Kristina and Carly about his concerns.

  • 03/23/10

    Dante takes the stand; Carly thinks Kristina could be lying; Luke supports Ethan.

  • 04/05/10

    Sonny orders Jason to kill Ethan; Maxie holds her own with Claire; Alexis sets in motion a series of events.

  • 04/02/10

    Michael desperately wants to return home; Kiefer lashes out at Kristina; Claire gets closer to learning the truth.

  • 04/06/10

    Alexis sees the consequences of her actions; Lucky questions Ethan's innocence; Dante and Olivia lay into Sonny.

  • 04/07/10

    Lucky arrests Ethan; Johnny makes a surprising suggestion; Dante hits a nerve with Lulu.

  • 04/09/10

    Alexis confesses to Sam; Dante rescues Morgan; Lulu clashes with Luke.

  • 04/08/10

    Olivia takes the stand at Sonny's trial; Jason and Spinelli uncover the truth.

  • 04/01/10

    Robin tries to get answers from Jason; Dante and Lucky get suspicious.

  • 03/31/10

    Olivia comes to Sonny's defense; Dante has a bad feeling about Kiefer; Skye returns.

  • 03/25/10

    Michael is sure that Kiefer attacked Kristina; Sonny decides to let Ethan live- for now; Lucky tries to give Ethan some insight.

  • 03/24/10

    Luke makes an appeal on Ethan's behalf; Jax stops Claire from discovering Michael's location; Dante and Lulu's romance stays strong.

  • 03/26/10

    Claire overhears Sonny's tirade; Johnny and Dante clash; Luke asks Kristina to tell the truth.

  • 03/29/10

    Sonny loses control; Alexis tells Luke to stay away from Kristina; Maxie fights for her life.

  • 07/12/10

    Dante, Jason and Spinelli discover Franco's mansion; Claire makes a threat.

  • 03/02/10

    Jason confronts Ethan and Johnny; Jax is faced with a tough choice; Elizabeth makes a decision.

  • 03/01/10

    Sonny's fate is revealed; Jax gives Sonny a warning; Elizabeth tells Nikolas that they cannot be together.

  • 01/18/10

    Dominic is convinced that Sonny killed Claudia; Spinelli makes a discovery; Lucky doesn't tell Elizabeth and Nikolas that he is on to them.

  • 01/15/10

    Jason is opposed to Sonny's plan; Lucky finds Elizabeth and Nikolas together.

  • 01/19/10

    Jason and Sonny have a disagreement; Lucky is out for revenge; Dominic pushes Lulu away.

  • 01/20/10

    Dominic struggles with guilt; Lulu makes an admission to Maxie; Patrick is reminded of his younger days.

  • 01/22/10

    Michael learns Dominic's secret; Maxie lies to protect Michael; Luke worries Lucky is turning out like him.

  • 01/21/10

    Jason learns what Maxie saw on the night of Claudia's murder; Lucky admits to falling off the wagon; Michael wants to destroy Dominic.

  • 01/13/10

    Thoughts of Franco leave Jason feeling unsettled; Johnny wants Sonny to pay for Claudia's death; Lucky struggles with his feelings towards Nikolas.

  • 01/12/10

    Jason can't stop thinking about Franco; Sonny tells Carly and Jason that they need to stick together to protect Michael; Lucky confronts Nikolas.

  • 01/05/10

    Dominic wants to know what Ronnie's connection to Franco is; Jason and Lucky decide to work together; Franco gets a hold of Lulu.

  • 01/04/10

    Franco sets his sights on Carly and Sam; Jason comes up with a new plan; Sonny persuades Michael to stick to the plan.

  • 01/06/10

    Franco taunts Sonny with information about Michael; Lulu is in danger; Elizabeth worries that Lucky knows the truth.

  • 01/07/10

    Sonny realizes Franco has power over him; Carly has a breakthrough with Michael.

  • 01/11/10

    Jason realizes that Franco played him; Dominic rescues Lulu; Elizabeth begs Nikolas to stay in town.

  • 01/08/10

    Jason tries to rescue Sam; Dominic and Lucky search for Lulu; Michael wrestles with his feelings.

  • 01/26/10

    Sonny doesn't believe Michael; Lulu lets Nikolas and Elizabeth have it; Dominic shares his feelings with Lulu.

  • 02/01/10

    Sonny's actions horrify him; Jason gets a final message from Franco; Lucky struggles to cope following his breakup with Elizabeth.

  • 02/18/10

    Elizabeth is pushed over the edge; Carly tries to take care of things herself; Jason thinks Sonny is making a big mistake.

  • 02/17/10

    Lucky wants to be there for Elizabeth; Sonny's legal troubles worsen; Luke worries that history is repeating.

  • 02/19/10

    Sonny confronts Olivia; Nikolas shares his feelings; Johnny is determined to get revenge.

  • 02/24/10

    Sonny prepares for his day in court; Jax pulls strings to make sure Sonny is convicted; Johnny refuses to back down.

  • 02/26/10

    Dante takes the stand at Sonny's arraignment; Ethan cannot resist the lure of living dangerously; Patrick and Robin clash over Sonny.

  • 02/25/10

    Johnny has an offer for Ethan; Robin makes an emotional appeal to Dante; Alexis realizes what Jax is up to.

  • 02/16/10

    Elizabeth reaches her limit; Lulu won't help Sonny connect with Dante; Jax wants to beat Carly at her own game.

  • 02/15/10

    Elizabeth receives unexpected news; Jax has a talk with Carly; Sonny tries to set the record straight with Olivia.

  • 02/03/10

    Sam takes action to help Sonny; Luke fears that there could be trouble ahead for Lulu; Michael tells Kristina that he killed Claudia.

  • 02/02/10

    Jason urges Sonny to flee the country; Johnny stands by Olivia in her time of need; Dante's life is on the line.

  • 02/04/10

    Dante takes his anger out on Olivia; Jax comes clean with Carly; Alexis unwittingly adds to Michael's dilemma.

  • 02/05/10

    Olivia and Dante lie to protect Sonny; Carly walks out on Jax; Lucky turns his back on Elizabeth.

  • 02/10/10

    Johnny makes a daring move; Elizabeth breaks down; Helena visits Nikolas.

  • 04/12/10

    Dante supports Morgan; Alexis might reveal everything to Mac; Claire looks for Sonny.

  • 03/30/10

    Kristina lashes out; Sam and Jason have a disagreement; Luke give Ethan advice.

  • 06/09/10

    Dante receives a visit from a scantily clad Brook; Sonny is confronted; Helena won't accept help.

  • 06/08/10

    Jason reveals his plan to Sam; Lulu feels troubled; Carly wants Sonny arrested.

  • 06/07/10

    Jason is attacked; Michael confesses; Carly gets an apartment.

  • 06/10/10

    Maxie observes Peter's jealousy; Michael must defend himself against Carter; Lulu makes an accusation.

  • 06/11/10

    Carter's message shocks Jason; Kristina seeks revenge.

  • 06/15/10

    Jason makes a plea; Skye wants to uncover her ex-husband's treasure.

  • 06/14/10

    Kristina asks for help with her plan against Sonny; Nik is locked in Helena's dungeon.

  • 06/04/10

    Jason has an ultimatum for Dante; Michael receives a visit.

  • 06/03/10

    Brook considers an offer to live at the Quartermaines; Kristina discovers similarities between Kiefer and her father.

  • 05/26/10

    Olivia becomes suspicious of Carly and Brook; Sonny and Claire make a deal.

  • 05/25/10

    Michael tells Jason about being in jail; Lulu shares her secret; Helena's evil plan is revealed.

  • 05/27/10

    Jason tries to find out who hurt Michael; Brook tries to gain Dante's trust and appreciation; Claire concocts a plan.

  • 04/13/10

    Jason is willing to sacrifice himself for Sonny; Carly is fearful.

  • 06/02/10

    Kristina has a dream about Kiefer; Luke continues to worry about Tracy; Claire tries to make a deal with Johnny.

  • 06/01/10

    Lulu and Dante get intimate; Carly gives Sonny advice.

  • 06/16/10

    Dante tries to get Michael out of jail; Claire vows to take Franco down; Ethan makes an agreement.

  • 06/17/10

    Judge Carroll comes to a decision; Claire goes to see Jason; Sonny sees Kristina and Johnny together.

  • 07/02/10

    Spinelli finds Franco's mother; Maxie receives flowers; Sonny tries to save Kristina.

  • 07/01/10

    Dante becomes suspicious; Sonny reviews the plans for the car bomb; Lisa and Patrick perform surgery.

  • 07/06/10

    Franco reveals himself to Maxie; Kristina is caught in the blast; guilt consumes Patrick.

  • 07/07/10

    Jason, Dante and Spinelli try to learn the significance of the 66 roses; Franco confides in his mother; Sonny lies to Alexis.

  • 07/09/10

    Alexis warns Sonny to use birth control; Robin makes a move on Patrick; Spinelli comes to a decision.

  • 07/08/10

    Olivia has a tryst with Johnny; Sonny lays down the law to Kristina; Maxie kisses Lucky.

  • 06/30/10

    Luke tries to protect his son; Patrick's suspension is lifted.

  • 06/29/10

    Epiphany and Steve have bad news for Liz; Luke wants Ethan to stay away from Johnny.

  • 06/21/10

    Sam pretends to be someone else; Steve is punched.

  • 06/18/10

    Sonny has to stay away from Michael; Johnny and Olivia's relationship is on the line.

  • 06/22/10

    Michael talks to Dante about Sonny; Luke is tossed overboard; Carly's plan remains in action.

  • 06/23/10

    Dante and Claire consider making a deal to catch Franco; Luke moves into Lucky's place.

  • 06/28/10

    Jason makes a demand; Luke has advice for Sonny; Lisa and Patrick spend time together.

  • 06/24/10

    Alexis and Sonny form a team; Luke is arrested; Sonny forges ahead with his plan.

  • 05/24/10

    Carly offers to pay Brooke to sleep with Dante; Liz acts recklessly.

  • 05/28/10

    Carly wants Lulu and Dante to pay; Sonny shares a plan with Olivia.

  • 05/03/10

    Carly thinks Lulu betrayed her; Olivia worries about Dante.

  • 04/30/10

    Claire's fury is unleashed; Carly makes an accusation; Lucky and Jason face-off.

  • 04/29/10

    Sonny tries to stay positive; Dante makes a surprising decision; Lisa supports Sonny.

  • 05/04/10

    Carly's fury is unleashed; Michael's future is uncertain; Johnny wants justice.

  • 05/05/10

    Michael must remain strong for Sonny; Lulu and Dante make time for romance.

  • 05/10/10

    Jason looks for help; Johnny is pleased by the turns of events; Lulu makes an appeal to Sonny.

  • 05/21/10

    Sonny tries to work his charms on Olivia; Michael faces a tough road; Carly digs into Dante's past.

  • 05/06/10

    Sonny and Dante square-off; Helena poisons Nikolas' mind; Elizabeth struggles with her feelings.

  • 04/28/10

    Carly asks Olivia for help; Dante's future looks bleak.

  • 04/27/10

    Jason wants answers from Lulu; Kristina faces difficult truths; Maya might turn Michael in.

  • 04/16/10

    Carly controls Sonny's fate; Dante struggles with his conscience; Michael might be able to come out of hiding.

  • 04/15/10

    Sonny wants to take his chances in court; Lisa proves to be a thorn in Robin's side.

  • 04/14/10

    Carly objects to Jason's plan; Nikolas tries to get through to Kristina; Elizabeth sees Lucky with Maxie.

  • 04/19/10

    Carly tries to keep her cool; Jax stops Ronnie from getting to Michael; Warren makes a public accusation.

  • 04/20/10

    Dante is faced with a moral dilemma; Warren's fury leaves Alexis shaken.

  • 04/26/10

    Dante feels conflicted; Maxie might spill the beans; Tracy's jealousy intensifies.

  • 04/22/10

    Things don't look good for Sonny; Dante finds evidence of Michael's guilt; Luke thinks Helena has an evil plan in the works.

  • 04/21/10

    Dante is in a no-win situation; Maxie decides to open up to Jason; Claire and Jax struggle with their conscience.

  • 05/11/10

    Carly plots revenge; a new journey begins for Michael; things don't go the way Elizabeth hoped.

  • 05/07/10

    Michael's fate is determined; Elizabeth wants a future with Lucky; Nikolas' anger is fueled.

  • 05/20/10

    Michael is in danger; Ethan and Johnny join forces; Carly seeks revenge.

  • 05/14/10

    Sonny faces off with Jax; Michael could be in trouble; Jason's decision stuns Carly.

  • 05/19/10

    Jason and Sam realize their time is running out; Nikolas reveals his true nature; Tracy is at Helena's mercy.

  • 05/18/10

    Dante loses his temper with Michael; Nikolas goes to bat for Alexis; Lisa plays on Patrick's jealousy.

  • 05/12/10

    Carly wants revenge; Jason is pushed to the limit; Dante and Jax want to help Michael.

  • 05/13/10

    Jason tries to help Michael; Carly makes a move.

  • 05/17/10

    Lulu voices her faith in Dante; Sonny puts Morgan's needs above his own.

  • 10/06/09

    Claudia will not abandon her baby plans; Olivia plans to take action against Claudia; Dominic faces a tough dilemma.

  • 10/07/09

    Jason, Sam and Spinelli work together to get the goods on Claudia; Michael cannot control his rage; Nikolas rescues Luke, Ethan and Lulu.

  • 09/17/09

    Jax is confronted by Michael; Olivia tells Johnny not to trust Dominic; Elizabeth can't stop thinking about Nikolas.

  • 10/08/09

    Claudia sets out to seduce Dominic; Sonny questions Olivia's reason for breaking up with Johnny; Carly and Alexis clash over Michael.

  • 09/21/09

    Sonny's motives are questioned; Olivia tries to cut ties with Johnny.

  • 10/09/09

    Dominic is determined to bust Sonny at all costs; Robin's plan to spice up her marriage ends in disaster; Lucky catches Sam where she should not be.

  • 09/23/09

    Maxie is desperate to call off the wedding; Olivia's anger is unleashed; Michael doubts his memories.

  • 09/18/09

    Dominic's loyalty is tested; Elizabeth's jealousy flares; Johnny pushes Claudia away.

  • 09/22/09

    Claudia tells Sonny about her desire for a baby; Lucky wants to make a deal with Johnny; Elizabeth is tortured by her feelings.

  • 09/24/09

    Jax wants to help take Sonny down; Johnny won't give up on Olivia; Michael recovers more memories about Claudia.

  • 09/15/09

    Sonny and Claudia come to an agreement; Elizabeth and Nikolas act on their feelings; Dominic's cover is almost blown.

  • 09/14/09

    Claudia vows to seek revenge; Olivia's secret is safe for now; Michael asks Sam for help.

  • 09/30/09

    Sonny sees how troubled Kristina is; Ethan and Lulu set off to find Luke; Helena tries to contact Nikolas.

  • 09/28/09

    Maxie's wedding takes an unexpected turn; Robin and Patrick play matchmaker; Johnny and Olivia declare their love for each other.

  • 09/25/09

    Spinelli and Maxie's wedding takes a surprising turn; Dominic tries to get closer to Lulu; Sam questions Kristina's relationship with Kiefer.

  • 10/01/09

    Sonny wants answers from Johnny; Michael confronts Claudia; Olivia fears Claudia knows her secret.

  • 10/02/09

    Claudia confronts Olivia with the truth about Dominic; Kristina turns to Sam for help; Sonny has a mission for Dominic.

  • 09/16/09

    Sam and Jason are in for a surprise; Nikolas bitterly congratulates Elizabeth; Maxie and Spinelli get cold feet.

  • 09/29/09

    Claudia discovers Olivia's secret; Jason surprises Sam on her stakeout; Lulu and Ethan get mysterious messages.

  • 09/24/97

    After being left at the altar, Brenda reminisces about the key moments of her relationship with Sonny.

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