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Episode Guide

Gangland: Season 7 (2010)

Gangland: Season 6 (2009 - 2010)

Gangland: Season 5 (2009)

Gangland: Season 4 (2009)

  • Season 4 Episode 12: Biker Wars 2

    Two outlaw motorcycle gangs, the Mongols and Hells Angels, are entrenched in a brutal turf war over California.

  • Season 4 Episode 11: Dead Man Inc.

    The prison gang Dead Man Incorporated has become the biggest threat in the Maryland penal system, grown to 14,000 members within a decade and spread across the country.

  • Season 4 Episode 10: Everybody Killers

    The Hoover Criminals, whose members call themselves 'Everybody Killers,' become a nightmare for Portland, Ore., after moving there from Los Angeles during the 1980s to capitalize on the drug trade.

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Killing Snitches

    Authorities form a task force in 2003 to take down the Hidden Valley Kings, a gang controlling the drug trade in Charlotte, N.C.

  • Season 4 Episode 8: Silent Slaughter

    The Sons of Silence, Colorado's largest motorcycle gang, has spread to 36 chapters throughout the world since its inception in the 1960s; undercover agents infiltrate the gang.

  • Season 4 Episode 7: Aryan Terror

    The crimes of The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, the largest prison gang in the state, revealing how the FBI is trying to stop its drug dealing, gun running and acts of violence

  • Season 4 Episode 6: Boys of Destruction

    St. Louis is home to an estimated 10,000 gang members, including the notorious Boys of Destruction gang.

  • Season 4 Episode 5: Kill or Be Killed

    The Love Murdering Gangsters (LMG) formed by drug dealers and killers in Memphis, Tenn., is regarded as the most notorious gang in the Mississippi Delta.

  • Season 4 Episode 4: Kill Em' All

    The Best Friends, a gang of ruthless contract killers, have stalked the east side of Detroit since 1985 and have been linked to more than 80 murders, according to federal officials.

  • Season 4 Episode 3: Divide and Conquer

    The Latin Kings, regarded as the largest and most brutal Latino gang in the United States, traces its roots to 1940s Chicago.

  • Season 4 Episode 2: Pagans

    The Pagans gang, which originated in Maryland during the 1950s and has grown to 44 chapters with more than 900 members spread along the East Coast, is considered a major dealer in the methamphetamine trade.

  • Season 4 Episode 1: Highway To Hell

    Exploring one of the most powerful Hispanic gangs in the US known as the Avenues. Based in Los Angeles, it is closely connected to the Mexican Mafia prison group

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Gangland: Season 3 (2008)

Gangland: Season 2 (2008)

Gangland: Season 1 (2007 - 2008)

Gangland: Pilot

  • Aryan Brotherhood

    The Aryan brotherhood whose murder of black people, homosexuals and Jews goes relatively unnoticed because they operate in American prisons

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