The Finder Episode Guide

Episode Guide

The Finder: Season 1 (2012)

  • Season 1 Episode 13: The Boy With the Bucket

    A painting the Finder acquired for a museum turns out to be a fake, and he faces losing his home if he cannot find the real thing. However, his task is complicated by his dying father, who asks him to locate Walter's mother - but she is in a witness protection programme. Elsewhere, Willa is being pushed into marrying Timo by their Uncle Shadrack. Starring Geoff Stults

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Voodoo Undo

    A notorious Miami Mob boss asks Walter to find a voodoo doll he believes is to blame for a series of accidents that have befallen him. With Willa's help, he tracks down alleged witches who would be able to create the item, but when his own life is threatened, he faces a race to find whoever commissioned its creation. Crime drama, starring Geoff Stults and Maddie Hasson

  • Season 1 Episode 11: The Inheritance

    Isabel asks Walter to help locate the murderer of her friend's father after the police rule his death as suicide. Initially, he refuses, stating he does not search for killers, but when he learns the victim's daughter was due to receive an inheritance, he aims to discover what happened to the money. The Finder discovers the man bet his life savings in the days before his death, and unearths a horse-doping scandal - he just has to figure out what links the two incidents. Crime drama, starring Geoff Stults

  • Season 1 Episode 10: The Conversation

    A woman enlists Walter's help to find her missing husband, whom she last heard from three days previously when he left a voicemail message instructing her to find a safe place to hide with their daughter. However, the man's connections to a gang complicate the case, along with the arrival of an FBI agent assigned to investigate his alleged criminal behaviour. Drama, starring Geoff Stults

  • Season 1 Episode 9: The Last Meal

    A man desperate to save his crumbling marriage asks Walter to get his hands on the Cuban delicacy 'ropa veija', the meal over which he and his wife first fell in love. However, the finder discovers the restaurant that served the food was run by a Mob boss, and the former workers are either missing or in witness protection - so he begins a difficult journey to locate the chef. Meanwhile, Willa lands herself in prison. Crime drama, starring Geoff Stults, Maddie Hasson and Michael Clarke Duncan

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Life After Death

    A music mogul and his lawyer ask Walter to find the source of material by the late rapper J-Stryke, which has been released illegally online. Willa uses her hacking expertise to locate the culprit, but the case becomes complicated once the team begins to piece together the details of the artist's death. Crime drama, starring Geoff Stults

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Eye of the Storm

    A girl disappears from her school during a hurricane, but Walter - along with Leo and Willa - is stranded in a bar that is doubling as a community shelter. Unable to leave because of the storm, he re-creates the crime scene inside, while Isabel investigates the school. Starring, Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Little Green Men

    A scientist and conspiracy theorist, who believes two astronauts saw an alien spaceship during a shuttle flight, asks Walter to find the extraterrestrial vessel and expose an alleged cover-up - but the case takes a dangerous turn. Meanwhile, Timo and Willa struggle to accept their arranged marriage. Starring Geoff Stults

  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Great Escape

    An amateur magician seeks Walter's help after his female assistant vanishes during a dangerous trick - and the investigation leads him to a hoard of counterfeit money. When the Secret Service gets involved, he works with them to uncover the truth behind the woman's disappearance. Elsewhere, Leo seeks Isabel's advice on how to deal with Willa. Crime drama, starring Geoff Stults

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Swing and a Miss

    Isabel's date with a professional baseball player is ruined when they walk in on a robbery at his home. The thief manages to escape with some of the sportsman's valuable memorabilia, so he enlists Walter's help to find the missing items. To earn Willa's trust, Leo takes her along on the investigation. Crime drama, starring Mercedes Masöhn

  • Season 1 Episode 3: A Cinderella Story

    A Nasa scientist enlists Walter's help in locating a woman he met briefly in a bar, but believes he made a deep connection with. The finder believes she may have been in trouble, and uses a stiletto she lost outside the building to unearth her shocking secret. Meanwhile, Willa exposes Leo's tragic past. Crime drama, starring Geoff Stults and Maddie Hasson

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Bullets

    A prison warden enlists Walter's help to find a bullet that could prove the innocence of a death-row inmate, who is due to be executed in a few days. FBI psychologist Lance Sweets evaluates the finder's competency to consult on federal cases. Drama, starring Geoff Stults

  • Season 1 Episode 1: An Orphan Walks Into a Bar

    A soldier renowned for his tracking abilities suffers brain damage from a bomb blast while serving in Iraq, but when he recovers, discovers he has gained rare skills that enable him to find people or objects the authorities cannot. However, the incident has left him with eccentricities that make him difficult to work with, so he relies on support from his legal advisor and friend Leo Knox while working on cases. Crime drama, starring Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan

The Finder: Other Episodes

  • The Boy With the Bucket

    El padre moribundo de Walter le pide encontrar a su primer amor, la madre de Walter; el tío Shadrack continúa obligando al matrimonio de Timo y Willa.

  • El Muñeco Vudú

    Un jefe de la mafia de Miami quien piensa que una muñeca vudú está siendo usada en su contra le pide ayuda a Walter; el detective Curtis Gillespie (Chris Tardio) e Isabel corren peligro mientras investigan una pelea de pandillas en un funeral.

  • La Herencia

    Walter busca a los hombres que asesinaron al padre de una de las amigas de Isabel; Willa decide estudiar en la universidad.

  • The Boy With the Bucket

    O pai de Walter que está para morrer lhe pede para encontrar o seu primeiro amor, a mãe de Walter; o Tio Shadrack continua a forçar o casamento de Timo e Willa.

  • The Inheritance

    Walter está procurando pelos homens que assassinaram o pai de um dos amigos de Isabel; Willa decide ir para a faculdade.

  • La Conversación

    Cuando un padre desaparece, su familia busca la ayuda de Walter.

  • La Última Cena

    Walter busca un chef que es perseguido por la mafias; Willa es arrestada después de pelear con un imitador.

  • Voodoo Undo

    Um chefe da máfia de Miami pensa que um boneco de vodu está sendo usado contra ele e pede ajuda para Walter; O detective Curtis Gillespie (Chris Tardio) e Isabel estão em perigo quando começam a investigar uma briga de gangues em um funeral.

  • El Niño del Balde

    El padre moribundo de Walter le pide encontrar a su primer amor, la madre de Walter; el tío Shadrack continúa obligando al matrimonio de Timo y Willa.

  • The Last Meal

    Walter procura por um chef que também está sendo monitorado pela mafia; Willa é preso depois de lutar com um impostor.

  • El Ojo de la Tormenta

    Walter ayuda a Isabel a encontrar una adolescente desaparecida.

  • The Conversation

    Quando um pai e marido desaparece, sua família procura ajuda de Walter; um agente do FBI atraente buscando o mesmo homem tenta obter informações de Walter.

  • Life After Death

    Quando as canções de um falecido rapper vazam ilegalmente, o magnata do mundo da música Big Glade (50 Cent) e sua advogada (Salli Richardson), ex-namorada de Leo, pede a Walter para encontrar os responsáveis.

  • Los Hombrecitos Verdes

    Dr. Jack Hodgins le pide ayuda a Walter para encontrar evidencia de alienígenas.

  • Eye of the Storm

    Um furacão atinge o Sul da Flórida e Walter ajuda Isabel a encontrar uma estudante que está desaparecida.

  • La Vida Después de la Muerte

    Las canciones de un rapero muerto se filtran ilegalmente y el magnate Big Glade (50 Cent) y su abogada (Salli Richardson), ex interés amoroso de Leo, le piden a Walter investigar la fuente.

  • Little Green Men

    Dr. Jack Hodgins pede a Walter para ajudá-lo a encontrar provas de atividade extraterrestre. Timo e Willa tentam se adaptar ao seu relacionamento.

  • El Gran Escape

    Asistente de un mago desaparece durante una presentación ambiciosa; Leo pide ayuda a Isabel para encontrar a Willa.

  • The Great Escape

    Uma assistente de um mágico amador (Jonathan Slavin) desaparece durante uma apresentação ambiciosa. Leo pede ajuda a Isabel para encontrar Willa.

  • Un Golpe y un Yerro

    Walter intenta ayudar cuando le roban al nuevo novio de Isabel.

  • Swing and a Miss

    Walter tenta ajudar quando o novo namorado de Isabel, uma estrela do beisebol, é assaltado; Leo e Walter trazem Willa para o caso na esperança de ganhar a confiança dela.

  • Una Historia Como la de Cenicienta

    Un científico de la NASA pide ayuda a Walter para encontrar a una mujer que conoció en una bar y que dejo como única pista un tacón aguja color rojo de su zapato; Willa cuenta secreto de la familia de Leo.

  • A Cinderella Story

    Um cientista pede ajuda a Walter para encontrar uma mulher que conheceu num bar, e que esqueceu seu sapato alto.

  • Balas

    Walter en la búsqueda de una bala perdida que podría probar la inocencia de un condenado a muerte a solicitud de un ex director de la prisión.

  • Bullets

    Um ex-oficial encarregado de tomar conta da prisão, pede para Walter encontrar a bala que poderia exonerar a morte de um prisioneiro que está condenado a morte.

  • Un Huérfano Entra en un Bar

    Walter Sherman ayuda a un adolescente a ubicar a su padre desaparecido, un piloto militar perdido en acción.

  • An Orphan Walks Into a Bar

    O veterano da guerra do Iraque, Walter Sherman, ajuda um adolescente a encontrar seu pai, um piloto militar, que sumiu quando participava de uma missão.

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