Eye on the Bay Episode Guide

Episode Guide

  • Day Trip: Lodi

    Brian Hackney and Thuy Vu highlight what may seem to be a surprising pick for a day trip.

  • Extreme Competitions
  • Bay Area Architecture

    The most beautiful homes and buildings around the bay.

  • Unique Sports

    Bay Area derby girls in action; 220 pound robots in combat; a new twist on dodgeball.

  • Dining on the Farm
  • Lost Bay Area 3

    Brian Hackney uncovers modern day discoveries along the old Pony Express route.

  • Alaska Part Two

    Brian continues a memorable visit to southeastern Alaska.

  • Alaska Part One

    Brian embarks on an adventure in search of bears.

  • North Tahoe Escapes

    Liam Mayclem ventures to Northstar.

  • Town Names

    How Bay area towns came to be named.

  • Friday Flea Market

    Liam Mayclem hosts the weekly show where people from the Bay area bring items to show for sale.

  • Street Food

    Liam Mayclem explores the Bay area's best street food vendors.

  • Underwater Airplane

    Brian and Bay Area inventor Graham Hawkes take a dive in the two-man plane.

  • Dogs

    Look at how dogs are helping diabetics lead normal lives; research on cancer-sniffing canines; party for pooches; Bay area's 5-star hotel for dogs.

  • Friday Flea Market

    Brian Hackney hosts the weekly variety show where people from all over the Bay area bring items into the show for sale.

  • Flavors: Italy, Chile, New Orleans

    Liam Mayclem samples the foods and culture of Italy, Chile and New Orleans with top chefs.

  • Flavors: Filippino and Peruvian
  • Disney 2009

    Liam Mayclem takes a behind-the-scenes tour of Disneyland and highlights the new attractions, along with a look at the park before the gates open.

  • Sunset Magazine

    Features and tips for home furnishing, ways to save water and money in the bathroom and how to get free plants.

  • Happy Birthday Bay Area: Volume 2

    Brian Hackney celebrates milestone birthdays for people and businesses in the Bay area.

  • Viewers' Choice: Cheap Eats Volume 3

    Liam Mayclem visits some bargain eateries suggested by Eye on the Bay Viewers.

  • Plane Crashes
  • Holiday Show 2008

    Liam Mayclem celebrates the holiday season with gift ideas and customs from around the Bay Area.

  • Point A to B: Greenbrae to Port Costa

    Brian Hackney hits the road uncovering old homes on stilts, couples smooching at Inspiration Point and a small town with a bizarre collection.

  • Sunset Magazine

    Features stories from the pages of Sunset Magazine; includes vintage home remodeling and growing lettuces.

  • Harvey Milk

    An inside look at the new film 'Milk' and a retrospective of the assassinations, including accounts and memories of the tragic day.

  • Ride Alongs

    Hop in the passenger seat of some fascinating jobs; including an Air Force tanker and the last remaining milkman.

  • Hackney's Exotic Vacation

    Brian films his personal vacation to Bali and lets viewers in on his adventures.

  • Tiny Towns QRST

    Brian continues his alphabetical celebration of tiny towns.

  • Clear Lake

    Liam takes a road trip into the deep North Bay and discovers a scenic retreat in the Clear Lake region.

  • Food for Bay Area Families

    Brain Hackney and Liam Mayclem host this live broadcast seeking community participation in CBS 5's annual food drive.

  • Hackney's Bay Area Scavenger Hunt

    Brian finds a motorcycle side car waiting to take him on day two of his unexpected journey.

  • Hackney's Bay Are Scavenger Hunt

    Brian is blindfolded, left in the middle of a Bay Area field and must follow a series of clues and perform a series of tasks.

  • Kids, Food and Fashion

    Visit a toddler cafe, find out which Bay Area restaurants are 'kid friendly' and visit Mani Nanny.

  • Green Festival

    Local stories and helpful tips for practicing 'green living.'

  • Big and Small

    Brian Hackney uncovers the largest and smallest people, places and things in the Bay Area.

  • Deals, Dough and Freebies

    Liam Mayclem scours the Bay Area for places to find deals and free items; also included are ways to earn extra money, taste-testing food and using ebay.

  • Sports Eats

    Liam Mayclem dines with sports stars including, Jeremy Roenick and Scott Dixon, to find out their favorite Bay Area eateries.

  • Sutro Baths

    Brian Hackney takes a tour of the rocky ruins and tells never before heard tales of San Francisco's famed Sutro Baths.

  • Made in the Bay Area: Automotive

    Brian Hackney test drives the world's fastest electric sports car, tour inside the Chevron refinery and Folsom Prison.

  • Baycations

    Take a mini- vacation without leaving the Bay area; experience wildlife at an African Safari and a murder mystery dinner theater.

  • Sports Eats
  • Tiny Towns Q-T
  • Made in the Bay: Automotive
  • Clear Lake

    Liam takes a roadtrip into the deep North Bay and discovers a scenic retreat in the Clear Lake region. Features a cozy bed and breakfast where guests sleep on train cabooses.

  • Factories, Volume 4

    Brian uncovers how famous Bay Area products are produced. Includes Del Monte's fruit cocktail, Kelly Moore paints, and Red Vine Twists.

  • Public Transit Daytrips

    Brian hits the rails and the bus lines to uncover little-known daytrips without driving. Tips on transit routes great for dining, sightseeing, and shopping.

  • Flavors: Italy, Africa, and Vietnam

    Liam celebrates local restaurants and chefs that feature cuisines from around the world.

  • Fried Foods

    Liam scours the Bay Area to sample an array of deep-fried treats. Features chicken and waffles in Oakland, deep-fried Snickers in Walnut Creek, and corn dogs in San Mateo.

  • Up the Napa River

    Brian journeys up the Napa River and discovers a waterway few Bay Area residents have ever seen. Tours Mare Island, waterfront homes, and downtown Napas riverfront.

  • Diablo Magazine Best of the Bay

    Diablos Magazine's annual Best of the East Bay issue is highlighted. Features everything from drive-thrus to museums, book stores, burgers and beer.

  • Happy Birthday Hayward Fault

    Brian highlights the 140th anniversary of the great Hayward Fault Earthquake of 1848 by traveling the fault and uncovering who lives and works on it.

  • Face Behind the Names

    Features famed Bay Area people behind big-named companies. Includes Chuck Williams of Williams-Sonoma and acclaimed tattooist and designer Ed Hardy. Also features renowned restauranteur Pat Kuleto.

  • Oakland Zoo

    Liam spends the night with the animals at the popular East Bay Zoo.

  • Bread

    From the birth of sourdough in the Bay Area to modern day artisan breads, Liam celebrates local dough.

  • Pop Quiz 3

    Brian plays stump the Bay Area with a slew of interesting pieces of local trivia.

  • Farms and Ranches

    Liam explores the Bay Area countryside with visits to a variety of mom and pop farms and ranches.

  • RV Road Trip Part Four

    Liam and Brian spend the final day of their trip riding the rapids of the American River.

  • RV Road Trip Part Three

    Liam and Brian's road trip through the Gold Country continues with a tour of an old mine that has a lot of gold still hiding behind the walls.

  • RV Road Trip

    Brian Hackney and Liam Mayclem pack their bags for a reality-style, week long road trip through the Sierra's and Gold Country.

  • Flavors: Chocolate

    Liam Mayclem meets up with on of the Bay Area's premier chocolate makers.

  • Sunset Magazine

    Inside the breathtakingly remodeled 'Academy of Sciences.' Plus, great tips on food, gardening and decorating.

  • Pizza Cookoff

    Brian Hackney and Liam Mayclem go to battle as they compete for the title of top pizza maker, hosted by Guy Fieri.

  • San Jose Hispanic Heritage

    Brian Hackney celebrates the history, food and culture of the San Jose Hispanic community.

  • The Fog

    Brian Hackney explores fog science, history and quirky stories of the famed white landmark.

  • Bay Area Festivals

    From crawdads to corn, to tomatoes and accordians, Liam Mayclem heads to Bay area towns that love celebrating by hosting unique festivals.

  • Portland Part Two

    Brian Hackney meets up with expatriates who have packed up and headed north.

  • Portland Part One

    Brian Hackney heads north to the other city by the bay and uncovers a memorable weekend getaway.

  • Liam's Famous Friends

    Liam Mayclem catches up with some of his household-name celebs who come from all walks of life. (Margaret Cho, Willie Brown and Mario Lopez)

  • Redwood City

    Liam Mayclem explores the Peninsula's second largest city and discovers a downtown that's making great strides towards modernization.

  • Bargain Hunting: Home

    A tour of local discount businesses that can save you money when remodeling or furnishing your home.

  • Tiny Towns LMNOP

    Explore small coastal towns like Moss Beach and New Almaden with host Brian Hackney.

  • Festival of Sail

    Brian Hackney looks at the nautical celebration in San Francisco.

  • Bay Area Music

    Liam Mayclem explores some of the Bay Area's great music venues and looks at the history of music in the Bay Area.

  • Happy Birthday Bay Area

    Brian Hackney celebrates the people and places throughout the Bay Area celebrating milestones this year.

  • Flavors of Greece and the Caribbean

    Liam Mayclem explores the Bay Area's Greek and Caribbean restaurants and recipes.

  • Barbeque

    Liam Mayclem visits a variety of barbeque hotspots around the Bay Area.

  • San Diego 2

    Liam Mayclem heads to San Diego as part of a nearby getaway.

  • Bay Area Pop Quiz 1

    A San Jose park's relationship to two political assassinations is one of many questions to test your knowledge.

  • Home Improvement Volume 4

    Brian Hackney highlights home furnishing companies specializing in home makeovers.

  • Sex and the City
  • Black and White Ball
  • Joe Sears and Jaston Williams

    Joe Sears and Jaston Williams of 'Tuna Does Vegas' and filmmaker Karina Eperlein with film juror Anthony Schmiesing.

  • Dr. Nancy Sniderman and Alretha Thomas

    Dr. Nancy Sniderman and author Alretha Thomas are guests.

  • Viewer Cheap Eats 5

    Liam Mayclem samples viewer's favorite restaurant bargains from the Bay area.

  • Point A to B H2O

    Brian Hackney discovers unique places to visit along the waterway.

  • Kids 2

    Fun activities for parents and kids, including a stroller gym and Wee Scotty, are highlighted.

  • Tiny Towns L-P

    Brian Hackney hosts this look at small coastal towns like Moss Beach and New Almaden, the oldest mining town in California.

  • TV Chefs

    Liam Mayclem hangs out with some of television's top chefs including Anthony Bourdain.

  • Things To Do Before You Die

    Bay Area activities and goodwill gestures everyone should try.

  • Pop Quiz, Volume 2

    Trivia guru Brian Hackney offers several Bay Area trivia tidbits.

  • San Diego

    Liam Mayclem explores famous movie locations and uncovers a rip-roaring wave pool.

  • Bay Area Plane Crashes

    Touching stories from twenty-one little-known plane accidents.

  • Islands 2
  • Islands, 1
  • The Fillmore

    Fillmore music history and great shopping are highlighted as Liam shows fascinating sides of one of San Francisco's most famed neighborhoods.

  • Viewer Cheap Eats Volume 6

    Viewers offer Liam Mayclem tips on bargain dining spots around the Bay Area.

  • Point A to B Coastal

    Brian Hackney puts a viewer in his passenger seat and journeys on a random trip between two towns picked out of a hat.

  • Cinco de Mayo

    Liam Mayclem celebrates Cinco de Mayo with a Bay Area taco tour, plus an authentic East Bay dining hotspot.

  • Sunset Magazine

    The pages of Sunset Magazine come to life with a trip to Tiburon and a makeover of items purchased from Craigslist.

  • Unusual Jobs of the Bay Area

    Brian Hackney meets residents with jobs such as goose chaser, a man who rids the bay of mosquitoes and a lunar real estate agent.

  • Spring and Summer Trends

    Hot tips and trends on seasonal fashions, gardens and produce are suggested and Colin Cowie, the party planner to the stars, offers tips for summer festivities.

  • Tiny Towns H-K

    Small Bay Area towns beginning with the letters H through K are featured.

  • Healthy Lifestyles

    Tips on how to rid your home of unhealthy foods and toxins, a South Bay company that will drive their mobile gym to your doorstep.


    A rare behind the scenes look at what it takes to operate this massive operation.

  • British Columbia

    Liam Mayclem travels to Vancouver, B.C., to uncover why it is such an exciting destination for Bay Area travelers.

  • Point A to B No. 4

    Brian Hackney is joined by Liam Mayclem on another at random journey that takes them from the Silicon Valley to the coast.

  • Sunset February

    Brian Hackney embarks on a daytrip to the top of Mt. Diablo. Also, simple kitchen meals and small space interior decorating.

  • Eclipse Live

    Brian Hackney and Liam Mayclem host a live broadcast on a lunar eclipse taking place this evening.

  • Spirits

    Bay Area cocktail hour; lessons in cooking with spirits; a visit to an annual Sake party.

  • Chinatown

    Liam Mayclem explores San Francisco's Chinatown and cooks with TV chef Martin Yan.

  • Yosemite Winter

    Look at search and rescue operations; snow removal; overnight stay in a mountaintop gift shop.

  • Unique Restaurants

    A look at some of the Bay Area's one-of-a-kind eateries.

  • Inside COSTCO

    A rare, behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to operate the massive shopping operation that is COSTCO.

  • Raising Charlie Brown

    The never-before-told story about how the peanuts character Charlie Brown came to life in the Bay Area.

  • On the Waterfront

    Brian Hackney discovers hidden and fascinating never-before-seen sites along the San Francisco waterfront.

  • Making Homes Healthy

    Tips on ridding homes of unhealthy foods and toxins. Also, a South Bay company who'll drive their mobile gym to your doorstep.

  • Vancouver

    Liam Mayclem hops a plane to Vancouver to find out why it's become such an exciting destination for Bay Area travelers.

  • Six Degrees Of Love

    The amazing story of six couples who met and married in San Francisco following World War II.

  • Pubs of the Bay Area

    A look at the variety of Bay Area Pubs from the smallest to the oldest, including those from around the world, even places where you can spend the night.

  • Outsource Your Life

    The latest trends in personal assistants who perform everyday tasks for everyday people. Also chores are outsourced to an assistant in India.

  • TV Chefs

    Liam Mayclem is joined by renowned TV Chefs Anthony Bourdain and Guy Fieri for some fun in the kitchen. Plus meet the newly crowned 'Iron Chef'.

  • Flavors of the Bay: Italian and Vietnamese

    Liam Mayclem uncovers some noteworthy Bay Area Italian and Vietnamese restaurants along with some great recipes.

  • The Presidio

    Brian Hackney explores San Francisco's famed former Army base and uncovers a side few know, including a visit with the last remaining General and a Presidio Salvage Collector.

  • Up Above

    A rare and fascinating tour of two of the Bay Area's tallest structures, the Transamerica Pyramid and Sutro Tower.

  • Teeny Tiny Towns

    Brian Hackney searches for more small Bay Area towns that begin with the letters D through G, including a South Bay mountain town and an East Bay enclave.

  • San Carlos

    Liam Mayclem explores the quaint main street of San Carlos, located half way between San Francisco and San Jose.

  • The Perfect Night Out

    Brian and Liam share how they would spend the perfect night on the town; also featured is in-door skydiving in the East Bay.

  • Kooza

    Liam Mayclem goes on location in San Jose for a special close-up look at Cirque du Soleil's latest extravaganza.

  • Television City
  • Offbeat LA
  • Sweet Endings

    Sweet tooths unite! Get a sugar-filled tour of some of the Bay Area's most delectable desserts.

  • Market Street

    Liam Mayclem spends a day traveling one of the Bay Area's most notable and historic streets.

  • Downtowns

    Liam Mayclem pays a visit to the charming downtowns of Los Gatos and San Anselmo.

  • Dogs

    Swanky San Francisco dog hotel, doggie fashion show, ask the vet.

  • Flavors: Indian and Japanese

    Explores the cultural cuisines of Japan and India here in the Bay Area.

  • Point A to B, Vol 3

    Brian Hackney and Liam Mayclem journey between two Bay Area towns picked at random from a bucket.

  • Point A to B, Vol 2

    Brian Hackney and Liam Mayclem journey between two Bay Area towns, picked at random from a bucket.

  • Earthwise

    Making the Environment Everyone's Business. A look at some Bay Area companies.

  • Holiday Happenings

    Liam touts some of the events and shopping opportunities of the holiday season.

  • Country Western

    Liam Mayclem uncovers the country western scene in the Bay area, including South Bay nightclubs, Livermore's Rodeo Queen and a rodeo involving goats.

  • Diablo: Food Issue

    Liam Mayclem is joined by Food Editor Kate Jessup on a tour of the top dining spots in DIABLO Magazine's Annual Food Issue.

  • Up All Night

    Liam Mayclem roves San Jose after midnight, with stops at the HP Pavilion, Santa Clara University, and the San Jose Mercury News.

  • Flavors: French/Southern

    Liam Mayclem samples French cuisine with world renowned chef, Jacque Pepin, and explores southern 'soul food' with celebrity chef B. Smith.

  • Liam's Disney Adventure

    Liam Mayclem travels to the Magic Kingdom and it's latest Disneyland attractions.

  • Fantasy Backyards

    Brian Hackney visits two amazing backyard, fantasy towns, one by a millionaire, and the other by a man who wanted to recreate Hollywood backlots.

  • Mountains of the Bay Area
  • Food for Bay Area Families

    Ways to help Bay Area residents in need this season including a farm to food pantry program that has elevated the quality of food distribution in San Francisco.

  • Bay Area In-Flight

    Brian Hackney and Liam Mayclem take to the skies to explore everything related to the Bay Area's airspace.

  • Discover Reno

    Liam Mayclem tries out the life of a high roller in Reno.

  • Unusual Parties

    Shopping parties inside the home; a look at tailgate and at-home cooking parties.

  • Body World's

    Brian Hackney explores the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose.

  • Liam's Walk-On Role

    Liam Mayclem lands a bit part on 'The Young and the Restless.'

  • Eclectic Los Angeles

    Liam Mayclem looks at a side of Los Angeles that's perfect for a memorable getaway.

  • Home Improvement Makeovers

    Brian Hackney looks at some Bay Area that specialize in home furnishing makeovers.

  • Going Green

    Looks at transforming ordinary homes into green homes of the future.

  • California Delta

    Brian Hackney looks at how massive tankers navigate the narrow waterways of the Sacramento Delta.

  • California Delta

    Brian Hackney explores the small town culture and unique environment of the Sacramento Delta.

  • Bargain Hunting, Volume 10

    Uncovers the latest Bay Area bargain shopping locations.

  • Half Moon Bay

    Brian Hackney travels to the coastal hamlet and uncovers a newly-built Western town.

  • Family Businesses

    Looks at some family-run Bay Area businesses including a small bakery.

  • Point A to B

    Brian Hackney picks two towns' names out of a hat and then travels from one to the other.

  • Beer

    Liam Mayclem takes a look at some of the beers that are brewed in the Bay Area.

  • Flavors

    Liam Mayclem cooks with Iron Chef Morimoto and explores San Jose's Japantown.

  • Extraordinary People

    Liam Mayclem introduces some ordinary Bay Area people who do extraordinary deeds, including supermom Elsie Lucero.

  • Historical Landmarks

    Brian Hackney explores some of the Bay Area's historic landmarks.

  • Santana Row

    Liam Mayclem explores some of the fine dining spots found at San Jose's Santana Row.

  • Fall Trends

    Liam Mayclem takes a look at the season's fashion, gardening and home decor trends.

  • SUNSET Magazine

    A tour of Mill Valley; great seafood haunts; a fancy art that's cheap and easy.

  • Quick Fix Meals

    Cat Cora and Curtis Stone look at how to prepare meals in minutes.

  • The Sunset District

    Brian Hackney looks at one of San Francisco's oldest and most fascinating neighborhoods.

  • Napa Valley Castle

    Liam Mayclem visits the ultimate Napa Valley winery, that just happens to be inside a 121,000 square foot, 107 room castle, complete with a dungeon.

  • Camping Out

    Brian Hackney discovers how easy it is to camp out in the Bay Area, including beach, luxury and family camping spots.

  • Oldest Bay Area Businesses

    A salute to dozens of Bay Area businesses around for more than a decade, including a gopher trap maker in Los Gatos and an Oakland Italian deli.

  • Modern Home Appliances

    A look at dozens of modern and futuristic products, including a high-tech talking stove and a hand operated washing machine. Plus, one couple's amazing modern home renovation.

  • At The Movies

    Brian Hackney looks at the rebirth of drive-in theaters in the South and East Bay.

  • Meat Lovers Paradise

    Liam Mayclem visits one of the world's top rib-fests in Sparks, Nevada.

  • Up the Petaluma River

    Brian Hackney travels by boat up the entire Petaluma River.

  • Best of the East Bay

    Looks at Diablo Magazine's picks for the Best of the East Bay.

  • Home Improvement - Salvage Style

    A home about to be demolished proves to be a treasure chest for a group of salvagers.

  • Santa Cruz

    Liam Mayclem explores dining and lodging sites in Santa Cruz.

  • Summer Trends

    Liam Mayclem looks at the latest trends in makeup, jewelry and sunglasses.

  • Bikers

    Dana King explores the thrills and adventures of motorcycle riding in the Bay Area.

  • Local Companies

    Looks at several successful Bay Area businesses, including Netflix, Wonder Ice Cream, Maximum Mama and Scharffen Berger.

  • Oakland Zoo Special

    Liam Mayclem explores the exhibits at the Oakland Zoo as well as what it takes to be a zookeeper for a day.

  • DHL All-Star FanFest Special

    FunFest, the largest baseball event in the world; activities; themed attractions.

  • Rich and Famous

    Inside the lavish homes of popular Bay Area sports and entertainment celebrities.

  • Music

    A summer guide to fun and free music entertainment around the Bay Area.

  • Fashion Designers

    Perfectly fitted fashions; a San Francisco man who brings his sewing machine to the streets to help those in need.

  • Imports

    Brian Hackney looks at what comes in and out of Bay Area ports.

  • East Bay Night Life

    Liam Mayclem explores some night spots including country line dancing and magic dinner theater.

  • Meals Under $10

    Don Bleu samples some bay Area meals for less than ten dollars.

  • Women & Wine

    The wine diva shares practical tips; women winemakers compete for the gold.

  • Bay Area Underground

    Brian Hackney explores jobs and things to do below the surface of the Bay Area.

  • Kids

    From baby disco and movie theaters to children's etiquette classes, Liam Mayclem explores things parents can do with children.

  • Hamburgers, Hot Dogs & Fries

    Liam Mayclem scouts the Bay Area for the best burgers, hot dogs and french fries.

  • Factories, Volume 3

    Brian Hackney uncovers how things are made in the Bay Area, from Wonder Bread to ice cream sandwiches.

  • East Bay Games

    Liam Mayclem tours some of the East Bay's top gaming locations to play billiards, bocce ball and fencing.

  • Livermore Wine Country

    Liam Mayclem explores the Bay Area's picturesque and less-heralded wine region.

  • California Mission Roadtrip 2

    Brian Hackney concludes his tour of eight Northern California missions.

  • California Mission Roadtrip

    Brian Hackney proceeds from one to another of eight Northern California missions.

  • Classic Foods

    Liam Mayclem travels the Bay Area to uncover local favorite foods that have been around for generations.

  • The Other Bridges

    Brian Hackney tells tales of more than twenty less-than-famous Bay Area bridges.

  • Las Vegas WYNN

    Takes a look behind the scenes of the world's only five star casino resort.

  • Las Vegas Fantasy

    Liam Mayclem explores the best of Las Vegas.

  • The Castro

    Liam Mayclem, Fernando and Greg explore one of San Francisco's oldest neighborhoods.

  • Highway 17

    Brian Hackney explores the history, people and places along the famed South Bay highway.

  • Chefs 2

    A former White House chef; celebrity chef Tori Ritchie.

  • Viewer's Choice Cheap Eats

    Liam Mayclem dines inexpensively at viewers' favorite restaurants.

  • Ultimate Fight

    Behind the scenes of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

  • Zagat

    Liam Mayclem visits Bay Area restaurants featured in the 2007 Zagat Survey.

  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

    Liam Mayclem meets dolphins and elephants in a behind the scenes look at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    Brian Hackney uncovers Bay Area activities by air, rail and land.

  • Viewer Cheap Eats

    Liam Mayclem turns the tables and travels to local 'cheap eats' destinations submitted by EYE ON THE BAY viewers.

  • Santa Barbara Film Tour

    Liam Mayclem visits the home of comic John Cleese and embarks on the 'Sideways' wine tour.

  • Santa Barbara Getaway

    Liam Mayclem travels to Santa Barbara and offers great tips for a not-so-far-away roadtrip.

  • Silver Spoon Bay Area

    Brian Hackney uncovers how the wealthy live in the Bay Area.

  • Mom Inventors

    Brian Hackney meets Bay Area 'inventor moms.'

  • Ethnic Neighborhoods

    Traditional and culturally rich Bay Area neighborhoods.

  • The Mission

    Brian Hackney spends a day on the streets of San Francisco's Mission District.

  • El Camino Real

    Explores the history and many things to do along the longest road in the Bay Area.

  • Chefs

    Liam Mayclem visits three unique types of chefs.

  • Famous Roadside Landmarks

    Brian Hackney explores statues, signs and buildings around the Bay Area.

  • Imports of the Bay Area

    Brian Hackney visits one of the Port of Oakland's cranes to see how cargo gets loaded and unloaded.

  • In the Kitchen

    Liam Mayclem visits the Bay Area's Iron Chef competition.

  • Bargain Hunting, Vol. 9

    Jeanette Pavini discovers more great Bay Area bargains.

  • Park City

    Liam Mayclem looks at the world class ski resorts, dining and shopping of the winter wonderland of Park City, Utah.

  • LPGA

    Introduces the best LPGA golfers from the Bay Area; golf tips from Dana Dormann.

  • Mendocino

    Liam Mayclem explores the seaside village of Mendocino.

  • The Holiday Show

    The seasons must-have gifts including hi-tech gadgets and hip holiday presents for any budget.

  • Bargain Hunting, Vol. 8

    Jeanette Pavini finds more great deals around the Bay.

  • Gardens

    Classic Bay Area gardens; top nursery picks; a North Bay produce garden worth millions.

  • SUNSET Magazine - November

    Brian Hackney previews the November issue of SUNSET Magazine.

  • Eyes

    Having healthy eyes.

  • Half Moon Bay

    Where to eat, play and stay in Half Moon Bay, 'the pumpkin capital of the world.'

  • Mendocino, Part 2

    Liam Mayclem concludes his visit to Mendocino.

  • Tiny Towns

    Some of the smallest towns in the Bay Area.

  • Entertaining for a Crowd

    Tips and techniques for saving money and time throwing the perfect party for friends and family.

  • Russian River

    A one of a kind trip including great dining and fun activities.

  • Big Sur

    Activities and accomodations on the California coast.

  • Chocolate
  • Surviving the Big One
  • Yosemite

    One of the world's most beautiful national parks.

  • Factories: Suspenders, Coffee and Pastries

    Brian Hackney looks at some of the many things created in the bay area.

  • North Beach

    Liam Mayclem explores the city's oldest Italian neighborhood.

  • Bargain Hunting

    Finding the best deals in the bay area.

  • Cheap Eats

    Where to find great, inexpensive meals around the bay area.

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