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Episode Guide

  • Butterfly, Mountain, Violin

    An apartment designed around a violin; a home with a butterfly roof; a modern home in Portugal; a disappearing dwelling.

  • Gold, Turtle, Palace

    A house like a turtle; an underground home in France; a German house by the Berlin Wall; a palatial residence; inside-out home; a house strikes gold; a jewel-box apartment; an old Italian home; a house with a bridge; narrow views.

  • Insect, Mountain, Binoculars

    A New York residence looks like a ranch; a French home shelters under a mountain of limestone; an Australian house resembles a giant insect; a Russian apartment.

  • Chocolate, Fiberglass, Crystal

    A glass pavillion; a house resembles an ice crystal; a house gives new life to an old railroad; a French house looks like chocolate, but is made of concrete; a remote ranch house in Idaho; a home slides apart; tent-like house made of fiberglass.

  • Wine, Snow, Sunshine

    A mansion off the coast of Rhode Island; ancient wine cellar; futuristic seaside house; French apartment with towering views; snow deck; manipulating the sunshine; a home underground; a home can take on any weather.

  • Canyon, Sculpture, Bridge

    Converted synagogue in Miami; a residence mimics a canyon; an inhabitable sculpture; a Spanish home on stilts; a modern house grafted onto the ruins of an old farmhouse; minimalist South Korean home; Australian beach house; home built like a bridge.

  • Giant, Plastic, Surprise

    A Virginian space house; a townhouse on the edge of a steep hill; a plastic home in Ireland; a Mexican resident that looks like it has bent walls; a home that looks like a slice of pie; vertical garden; an Australian home floats in the treetops.

  • Boulder, Treetop, Spaceship

    A Mexican factory becomes a luxury home; a tree house in Australia with no walls; a home in Ireland is hidden behind a metal screen; a flat in Moscow; a boulder in a California living room; a windowless home in Japan; a space ship-inspired house.

  • Magical, Puzzle, Palace
  • Abstract, Flying, Waterfall

    A house dangles off a cliff; an old home is turned into an abstract work of art; a California party pad; a Japanese home is made from a box and a ball; a zigzag house; a rustic tool shed; a Canadian home embraces a waterfall.

  • Storybook; Eyebrow; Boxes

    A Mexican house lights up; a fairy-tale cottage in Canada; a home shaped like a pile of boxes; a modern designer graces a French chateau; eleven stacked cubes; a house inspired by barnacles; space station home.

  • Stone, Stilts, Fortress

    A clapboard cottage in New York; a Danish apartment block; a luxury holiday home in Spain; an Italian house is built around old olive trees.

  • Jigsaw, Bubble, Spires

    A California home is modeled on a spy plane; an origami-style residence in Northern Ireland; a glass house with no internal walls; medieval-inspired new build; colored bubble homes; wooden lodge like a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Egg Shaped; Laser; Jungle

    A South African house with an all-seeing eye; egg-shaped floating home; colorful New York residence; seven-level playground; cave-dwelling in Italy; laser-cut tradition; Australian townhouse hides in the jungle; smart salvage.

  • Cartoon, Chateau, Bottles

    A rotating home faces the sun; a home made from bottles; a home on the slide; view of giraffes; cartoon caricature; fairytale; tribute to Roman engineering.

  • Space Age, Caves, Rubber Roof

    A colorful house in Woodstock; hidden home; a mother's dream home; a Spanish rubber roof; a cliff-side home in Scotland; a greenhouse cave dwelling; portable house.

  • Alien, Egg, Tattoo

    Woodland cottage with an invisibility cloak; egg-themed home in Indonesia; tiny California house; bamboo house; wavy roof; beach-front bunker; primitive sea-creature; floating putting green.

  • Fish Bowl, Beehive, Piano

    A Las Vegas residence is inspired by the European Renaissance; a Japanese house wrapped in glass; giant beehive shapes; a tiny New York apartment; a house designed around a piano; hovering home; bachelor treehouse.

  • Greenhouse, Nest, Secret Agent

    A home restored with a cotton swab; a home helps its owners communicate; a French residence built with banana containers; a home covered in synthetic turf; hideaway; a 75-foot cantilever; fallen down ruins; English mansion.

  • Bridge, Wedge, Cloud

    A home is like discovering a lost civilization; staircase-shaped house in Japan; a camouflaged home in South Africa; living on Cloud Nine; six-story wedge; seaside home made out of a bridge; glass walls; self-styled temple.

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