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Episode Guide

Elmo's World: Season 4

  • Season 4 Episode 1: Drums

    The monster learns about different types of drums, including the bongos. Mr Noodle teaches Dorothy how to play the Conga

Elmo's World: Double Episode (2001 - 2002)

Elmo's World: Other Episodes

  • Butterfinger; Hats

    Bert and Ernie chase down the clumsy Butterfinger before he breaks everything he touches; different kinds of hats.

  • Magicians; Balls

    Magicians Ernesto and Bertini's rabbit steals their magic wand and disappears; different kinds of balls for different kinds of games.

  • Noses; Making Scarecrow

    All about people's noses; Grover visits a farm in Poland and learns how to make scarecrows.

  • Cliptecs; Mouths

    Bert and Ernie go on a trek to the ruins of Quacku Pichu; a tribe of people who love paperclips.

  • Helping; Iceland Puffin

    Helping other people feel better or achieve their goals; Grover learns how a girl and her family in Iceland help baby puffins find their way back to the sea.

  • Rodeo; Beaches

    Bert and Ernie are rodeo clowns at a Western State Fair; Ernie stands-in for a missing bull rider; all about beaches.

  • Penguins; Bangladesh Art Class

    The 17 different types of penguins; Grover learns how to use fruits; using vegetables and flowers to make paintings in a Bangladesh art class.

  • Friends

    A group of Elmo's friends, including Big Bird, pay him a visit

  • Fast and Slow

    Mr Noodles demonstrates a fast dance

  • Doctors

    Mr Noodle and Dorothy learn about doctors, while Big Bird goes to the 'ducktor'

  • Raiders of the Lost Duckies; Firefighters

    Bert and Ernie go in search of the duck cave where the wise old duck resides.

  • Car Mechanics; Getting Dressed

    Bert and Ernie are mechanics who need to fix a customer's car, but can't figure out the problem.

  • Invent the Wheel; Teeth

    Bert and Ernie build a pet dinosaur.

  • Maltese Ducky; Hands

    Bert and Ernie's detective agency is visited by Veronica Lambshanks,whose duck friend talks, but never quacks.

  • Hair; Different Ways

    Styles of hair; types of transportation.

  • Bakers; Flowers Plants Trees

    Bert and Ernie open a bakery; plants without leaves.

  • Farms; Egyptian Picnic

    Food from farms; Grover learns about vegetables.

  • Secret Agents; Excercise

    Bert and Ernie save people from fake noses; different exercises.

  • Drawings; Tie Dyeing Jamaica

    Different ways to draw; Grover tie-dyes shirts.

  • Piano Moves; Dogs

    Bert and Ernie move a piano; dogs with jobs.

  • Bananas; Malaysian Kite Making

    Discover bananas; Grover makes a kite.

  • Penguin; Baby

    Bert and Ernie are in Antarctica; learn about babies.

  • Shoes; Chinese Acrobats

    The many uses of shoes; Grover learns to become an acrobat.

  • Mountain Climbers; Transportation

    Bert and Ernie climb the Alps; different types of transportation.

  • Music; Lenny's Dugout Australia

    Musical instruments and their unique sounds; Grover learns about underground houses.

  • Heroes; Jackets

    Porridge is stolen from Super Pigeon and Rubber Ducky Man; Elmo learns about jackets.

  • Hats; Bangladesh Toy Making

    Discover new hats; Grover makes fun objects out of coconut leaves.

  • Planet Bert; Dancing

    Bert and Ernie travel to space; learn about different types of dances.

  • Balls; Banana Leaves

    Elmo plays different games; Grover makes baskets from banana leaves.

  • Deep Sea; Food

    Ernie tries to find the Eight-Legged-Wonder; Elmo tries food from different countries.

  • Penguin Sleep

    Bert & Ernie in Antarctica.

  • Building Things

    Elmo and friends find out how to build when Mc Noodle attempts to construct a tower out of blocks

  • Skin

    Elmo finds out what skin looks like through a magnifying glass

  • School

    The furry monster finds out about types of school, and Mr Noodle tries to ask questions by raising his eyebrows

  • Jumping

    Mr Noodle tries to work out how to jump over a hurdle

  • Cameras

    Elmo learns about cameras and how to take a picture, while Mr Noodle tries to photograph a talking cheese

  • Cats

    Mr Noodle pretends to be a cat - and ends up getting chased by Barkley

  • Up and Down

    Elmo learns about things that go up and down

  • Feet

    Mr Noodle has trouble hopping, and Elmo learns about feet

  • Dinosaurs

    Elmo and friends learn about dinosaurs

  • Bells

    Learning about different types of bells and what they are used for

  • Bath Time

    Elmo tries to count the bubbles in his bathtub

  • Water

    Elmo learns about the uses of water and takes swimming lessons

  • Balls

    Elmo learns about the balls used in a variety of games

  • Dancing

    Elmo learns about types of dance around the world

  • Open and Close

    The furry monster learns about opening and closing, including how tulips react to sunlight

  • Firefighters

    Elmo learns about firefighters, including what they wear to stay safe

  • Ears

    The furry monster learns how deaf people communicate

  • Wild Animals

    Elmo learns about the eating habits of koalas and the difference between wild and tame animals

  • Mail

    Elmo learns how letters and parcels are delivered, and Mr Noodle tries to post an envelope into a basketball hoop

  • Wild, Wild West

    The furry monster learns about life in the Wild West and how dogs were used to herd cows

  • Computers

    Elmo learns about computers, but Mr Noodle has trouble getting to grips with the mouse

  • Birds

    Elmo learns all about birds

  • Families

    The furry monster from Sesame Street learns the importance of families

  • Teeth

    The furry little monster learns the importance of taking care of teeth

  • Hands

    Elmo discovers the amazing things hands can do

  • Pets

    Elmo learns about pets and Mr Noodle plays a game with a goldfish

  • Fishes

    Elmo visits an aquarium and learns about types of fish

  • Weather

    The little monster learns about weather and how it affects the things people do

  • Sleep

    The Muppet learns about sleeping and how animals rest

  • Sky

    Elmo learns about things to see in the sky, including how groups of stars can seem to form pictures

  • Getting Dressed

    Elmo learns about getting dressed and types of clothing through the ages

  • Birthdays

    Elmo learns about how people celebrate birthdays in different cultures

  • Games

    The Noodle brothers play with a skipping rope and Elmo finds out about all sorts of games

  • Bugs

    The youngster gets a lesson about the different types of insects

  • Bicycles

    The furry monster from Sesame Street has fun learning about bicycles

  • Hair

    Mr Noodle has a go at brushing his hair

  • Telephones

    The furry monster from Sesame Street learns all about telephones

  • Farms

    Elmo learns about farms and the animals that live on them

  • Drawing

    The Sesame Street pals learn about drawing, and discover the many different ways people can sketch

  • Transportation

    Mr Noodle tries a novel approach to canoeing, and Elmo finds out about types of transport

  • Music

    Elmo finds out about the sounds made by different musical instruments and Mr Noodle tries to play a drum

  • Food

    Elmo learns about foods from around the world

  • Jackets

    Elmo counts the different types of jacket in a parade

  • Dance


  • Hats

    The little monster learns about types of hat, and demonstrates how to make one

  • Shoes

    Elmo learns the right way to put on shoes, and finds out what life was like before they were invented

  • Babies

    Elmo learns about babies, growth and the creation of new life

  • Flowers, Plants and Trees

    Elmo learns about flowers, plants and trees

  • Dogs

    The furry monster learns all about dogs and discovers some breeds are given jobs

  • Mouths

    Elmo uses his mouth to talk to Mr Noodle on the phone

  • Violins

    Mr Noodle shows Dorothy how to hold a violin, and Elmo has a chat with the instrument before exploring various musical genres

  • Beaches

    The gang visits the beach, where Elmo has trouble with a seagull, Dorothy learns how to spread out her towel and Oscar and Slimy send an e-mail

  • Telephone
  • Noses

    Hoping to learn about how things smell, Elmo thinks about his nose, before trying to balance a ball on it

  • Helping

    Super Grover offers to help Elmo with a task, while Dorothy meets people who assist others at work

  • Singing

    Mr Noodle has fun pretending he is an opera singer

  • Eyes

    Dorothy wants to understand why she blinks, and Elizabeth visits the optician for new glasses

  • Exercise

    Elmo investigates the ways in which people and animals exercise

  • Frogs

    Mr Noodle tries to leap like a frog, while Elmo wonders where the amphibians live and learns about camouflage. Fun for youngsters, with the furry monster from Sesame Street

  • Bananas

    The furry monster learns where bananas come from

  • Cosa

    Fun and learning for youngsters, with the furry monster from Sesame Street

  • Cowboys

    Fun and learning for youngsters, with the furry monster from Sesame Street

  • Penguins

    Dorothy and Mr Noodle meet a group of friendly penguins

  • Bath

    Fun and learning for youngsters, with the furry monster from Sesame Street

  • Horses

    The furry monster learns about horses

  • Firemen

    Fun and learning for youngsters, with the furry monster from Sesame Street

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