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EastEnders: Season 1

  • Season 1 Episode 5154: EPISODE: 5154

    The highs and lows of life with the residents of Albert Square, Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 5153: EPISODE: 5153

    The highs and lows of life with the residents of Albert Square, Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 5152: EPISODE: 5152

    Emotions run high as Ian demands answers from his mother - and with Kathy back in Albert Square, it seems only a matter of time before the other residents learn of her return. Jay's birthday celebrations are brought to an abrupt halt by a disappointing phone call, and Ben and Paul reach a new understanding - only for the latter to become confused again when he spots Ben with Abi

  • Season 1 Episode 5151: EPISODE: 5151

    Ian and Kathy reel from seeing each other, only for the reunion to take a sudden dramatic turn - how will Ian cope with the truth his mum is actually alive? As the truth about Jason and Babe surfaces, an upset Elaine comes to blows with her love rival - and when Jason arrives to collect his things, Linda gives him a piece or two of her mind. Shabnam tells Kush she is worried for Jade and wants to take care of her instead of the Carters, but despite her insisting it has nothing to do with their loss, he refuses to accept the idea

  • Season 1 Episode 5150: EPISODE: 5150

    Jane is puzzled when Ian is nowhere to be found - but after seeing his letter, she begins to panic and rushes to Sharon with the news he is planning to end it all. Can they find him before it is too late? After Mick and Linda's discovery about Jason, they insist on him leaving, although he clearly has something else in mind. Kush realises he needs to talk to Shabnam, while Pam and Les give Claudette the cold shoulder - and she in turn riles Vincent by suggesting that Ronnie is not welcome at Jay's birthday drinks party

  • Season 1 Episode 5149: EPISODE: 5149

    Elaine's new man Jason makes himself at home at the Vic, although Linda asks him to leave, puzzling Mick, who cannot understand why she has not taken a shine to him. Shabnam heads back to the shop but finds it hard working alongside the pregnant Stacey - until the pair of them have a heart-to-heart about everything that has happened. Ian and Bobby return to Albert Square but their happy reunion doesn't go to plan when the youngster overhears a journalist talking to Jane about Max - and when she tries to explain her actions to the youngster, he has some harsh words for his stepmother. Jay and Ben grow suspicious when Phil is nowhere to be found

  • Season 1 Episode 5148: EPISODE: 5148

    Carol finally decides to move away with Robbie, and as the family throws a farewell dinner, she reminisces about her time in the Square. But she has a couple of surprises up her sleeve. Lauren is frustrated when Abi questions her about her relationship with Peter and gives her a plane ticket back to New Zealand. With her family in pieces, what should she do? Sharon confronts Phil about his recent behaviour - but just when it seems they are getting their marriage back on track, the arrival of a visitor makes her realise he has lied yet again. Nancy agrees to see the doctor about her seizures

  • Season 1 Episode 5147: EPISODE: 5147

    As the fallout from the events at court continues, Carol admits to Sonia she is fed up of her daily routine - although she does eventually realise she has a way out, if she is willing to take it. However, they are interrupted by Lauren, who needs help persuading Abi to move out of the Mitchells'. Meanwhile, Mick tells Linda about Lee's depression, only for his son to overhear the conversation and insist that everything is fine. Can his mum get him to open up about his feelings?

  • Season 1 Episode 5146: EPISODE: 5146

    The residents are shocked by the drama that has just unfolded in court, and as tensions run high, the consequences of Max's action run far and wide, while Stacey confronts Jane about what she claimed in court. Meanwhile, Linda tells Mick she feels fine and just wants to get back to work, although he realises she will eventually have to know about Lee, and Nancy tells Tamwar she had a seizure while on holiday. Carol struggles to hold it together, so Robbie and Sonia try to speak to her

  • Season 1 Episode 5145: EPISODE: 5145

    Judgement day arrives for Max, and while those who know the truth are desperate to do whatever they can to free him, the accused makes a rash decision that could affect everything. It's Phil's anniversary and he is desperate to get his marriage back on track, so he asks Jane to speak to Sharon, while a year after Linda's attack, Mick cannot bear to see Dean getting on with his life as normal. Carol declines Robbie's offer to move to Milton Keynes, although Sonia has some encouraging words for her brother

  • Season 1 Episode 5144: EPISODE: 5144

    Jane's shocking revelation leaves everyone reeling and her friends struggle to come to terms with the bombshell. But will the jury believe her? Vincent assures Ronnie her little problem has been dealt with, while Robbie comes clean to Sonia about his troubles, revealing that Nita has left him and he has no money. However, mum Carol is less than sympathetic when she hears about the mess he has got himself into

  • Season 1 Episode 5143: EPISODE: 5143

    Jane composes herself as she prepares to give her witness statement at the trial, although Masood is shocked when he discovers she intends to help Max - and when Lauren also realises what she has planned, she races to court to stop her. Sonia tries to get to the bottom of brother Robbie's sudden reappearance, and is none too happy to find him taking money from her purse, while Ronnie is startled by the reappearance of a face she thought she had seen the last of, so she turns to Vincent for help. What do they have planned?

  • Season 1 Episode 5142: EPISODE: 5142

    As the questioning continues at the trial, Phil grows frustrated as Ben takes the stand, and Max makes it clear he doesn't want Abi's name brought into it any more. Back in the Square, Marsden warns Sharon and Phil she knows they are hiding something, while Jane continues to plot with Marcus. Vincent is unimpressed when Ronnie gives him the cold shoulder for seemingly no reason and Carol is stunned when she arrives home to find a familiar face waiting for her

  • Season 1 Episode 5141: EPISODE: 5141

    Charlie and Roxy pack their bags, ready to leave for a new life away from Walford with Matthew - but word of their departure soon spreads. Abi is persuaded by Lauren to go to court in support of their dad, but soon wishes she hadn't when her name is brought into the questioning once again. Claudette spots a call from Ronnie to Vincent's phone and decides to take decisive action

  • Season 1 Episode 5140: EPISODE: 5140

    Roxy agrees to Charlie's suggestion that they should go away together - only to be left stunned when he reveals he wants to take Matthew as well. Abi is reeling after her appearance in court, leaving Lauren wondering which side she should take, and Kathy gets a shock when a familiar face turns up unexpectedly at her hotel. Dot realises Cora has gone missing again, so she enlists Fat Boy to help track her down, and Max supports Lee as he visits the doctor

  • Season 1 Episode 5139: EPISODE: 5139

    Lauren insists to Abi that Max did not kill Lucy and pleads with her to tell the truth in court - then reminds Jane that if her dad is found guilty, she will not stay quiet about what she knows. Back at court, Cora and then Abi give their evidence - but what will they say? Roxy is left stunned when Charlie reveals what has happened with Ronnie, and he makes her a surprising offer, while Whitney tells Mick about Lee's difficulties

  • Season 1 Episode 5138: EPISODE: 5138

    With Max's trial just a few hours away, Lauren is torn when Jane insists she has fixed it for her dad to be found innocent and pleads with her to keep their dark secret. Abi begins to crumble at the thought of taking the stand and Cora ends up drinking in the Vic when she should be at court. Meanwhile, Sharon makes a drastic decision after learning further truths about Kathy, and Charlie is desperate to fix things with Ronnie - until he spots her with Vincent and the penny slowly drops

  • Season 1 Episode 5137: EPISODE: 5137

    With Kathy hiding out at the Arches, Phil does his best to keep his family away, but it doesn't take long for Sharon to realise something is wrong and she heads off to the garage. Jane ignores her friend's warning and talks to Marcus, who comes up with a plan to ensure Max doesn't go down for Lucy's murder. However, just when Jane thinks everything is going to be fine, an old face turns up claiming to know who killed Lucy. Charlie is stunned when Ronnie tells him their marriage is over

  • Season 1 Episode 5136: EPISODE: 5136

    Phil receives a text asking him to meet Kathy at the park but he is caught off-guard when he is confronted by Gavin, who comes clean about what happened after the incident at St Pancras. He soon receives another message from his ex-wife, so he and Ronnie set out to find her - but with Gavin following them, will they get there in time? Meanwhile, Jane makes a risky move and Ronnie reaches a decision about her marriage to Charlie

  • Season 1 Episode 5135: EPISODE: 5135

    Having put two and two together, Phil refuses to let Jane speak to the police - and tells her he knows what happened to Lucy. When Charlie arrives home with flowers, Ronnie makes an effort to put her husband first - despite him not being the only man in her life - while Vincent receives a warning from mum Claudette to be careful. Linda is unimpressed with her surprise, and during a heart-to-heart with Nancy she finally opens up about her attack

  • Season 1 Episode 5134: EPISODE: 5134

    Sharon worries when Jane tells her that Ian and Bobby are nowhere to be found - and she is planning to speak to Marcus. To make matters worse, Phil overhears part of their conversation, but becomes frustrated when both women refuse to give him the full story. Ronnie and Charlie continue to drift apart when he insists he is too busy with work, while Kim and Vincent bicker over the family photo shoot. Whitney encourages Lee to tell his parents what has happened, Mick plans a surprise for Linda, and Dot tries to help Cora

  • Season 1 Episode 5133: EPISODE: 5133

    Dot returns to the Square but cannot be doing with everyone fussing over her, so she slips away to have a little time to herself - just as her probation officer is due to visit. Jane tells Ian she cannot stand by and watch an innocent man be sent to prison and suggests they should call Marcus, and despite his initial reluctance, a chat with an old friend causes him to have second thoughts over his decisions about Bobby. Vincent steps in when Ronnie and Dean come to blows, while Lee tells Whitney he has been asked to testify in the murder trial

  • Season 1 Episode 5132: EPISODE: 5132

    Shirley angrily confronts Aunt Babe about the past and decides to take matters into her own hands, and later she helps Tina and Mick to give Stan a proper send off. A supportive Whitney goes with Lee to his meeting with his commanding officer, but things begin to go downhill when they bump into his old boss Harry

  • Season 1 Episode 5131: EPISODE: 5131

    Tina, Mick and Shirley arrive in Ramsgate, but Aunt Babe is nowhere to be found so they force their way into her caravan and begin to search for Stan's ashes. Carmel and Masood work with each other to help bring Kush and Shabnam back together, Sgt Major Wallace suggests Lee should see a counsellor, while Vincent tells Denise a truth about his own childhood after the pair argue

  • Season 1 Episode 5130: EPISODE: 5130

    Tina and Mick decide to scatter Stan's ashes, but they make a shocking discovery when Shirley tries to take the urn off them and have to turn to her for help. Shabnam tells Kush she is moving back to Pakistan after their baby's funeral, Masood and Carmel have a huge argument and Whitney is forced to come clean after Lee confronts her about her odd behaviour

  • Season 1 Episode 5129: EPISODE: 5129

    Kush struggles to come to terms with the death of his baby, but after some supportive words from Masood, he returns to the delivery suite where Shabnam gives birth to their son. Carmel opens up to Nancy and Tamwar about her guilt for staying at home and eventually decides to go to the hospital to be with her son

  • Season 1 Episode 5128: EPISODE: 5128

    Having waited all night for the baby's usual movements, Masood is concerned and thinks they should go to the hospital, but Shabnam knows her child usually gives her a kick around her mid-morning tea break and insists on waiting. A hungover Martin tells Stacey he is going to be there for her, but she is unconvinced and gives him an ultimatum, while Tamwar and Nancy open up about their past relationships

  • Season 1 Episode 5127: EPISODE: 5127

    Things worsen for Carmel and Masood when Kush finds them in bed together and the men end up coming to blows, while Martin returns home to talk to Stacey, but is too drunk to carry on a conversation. Tina tries to get Mick and Shirley back together, and Lee worries about his relationship with Whitney when he realises she lied to him about her plans

  • Season 1 Episode 5126: EPISODE: 5126

    Mick has a surprise in store for Kush's stag night, but it doesn't go down very well, while Shabnam's Aunt Fatima is less than impressed by Denise and Carmel's behaviour. Stacey is left rattled after a conversation with Sonia about Martin, and Whitney receives a worrying letter

  • Season 1 Episode 5125: EPISODE: 5125

    Phil is having a bad time of it as the tension remains high between him and Sharon, but his day gets even worse when Ronnie arrives and drops a bombshell that leaves him stunned. Sonia gives Martin a reality check when she suggests if he has any doubts about his relationship he should leave Stacey, while Shabnam is left to entertain Carmel and grows increasingly irritated as she takes over preparations for the wedding

  • Season 1 Episode 5124: EPISODE: 5124

    The highs and lows of life with the residents of Albert Square, Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 5123: EPISODE: 5123

    The highs and lows of life with the residents of Albert Square, Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 5122: EPISODE: 5122

    The highs and lows of life with the residents of Albert Square, Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 5121: EPISODE: 5121

    The highs and lows of life with the residents of Albert Square, Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 5120: EPISODE: 5120

    As Jane's world threatens to fall apart, she finally realises what she needs to do to keep her family together. But as she puts her plan into action, how will Ian react when he learns what she is doing? Meanwhile, Carol is weighed down by recent events, Roxy reels from her discovery and Les remains angry at Paul, so the latter calls his grandmother and makes a desperate plea for her to return home

  • Season 1 Episode 5119: EPISODE: 5119

    Ronnie confronts her sister over her lies about Dean, forcing Roxy to come clean and admit she is still seeing him. After a huge argument, Ronnie agrees to mind her own business - but it's clear she has no intention of doing so when she invites the new couple round for dinner. The Beales find themselves at war with one another after yet further evidence is brought to light in the murder case, while Carol makes a shocking realisation. Over at the undertaker's, a guilty Paul does his best to look after Les

  • Season 1 Episode 5118: EPISODE: 5118

    A shocking truth disrupts Ian's attempts to return his family back to normal, so he and Cindy get their heads together to come up with another plan. Buster gives Vincent a friendly warning about getting too close to the Mitchells, so he wonders who has been spreading rumours about his kiss with Ronnie - and she, in turn, soon realises someone must have been in the house. Roxy, however, continues to lie through her teeth that things are over between her and Dean. A dishevelled Les struggles to cope without Pam and when a guilty Paul pays a visit, grandson and grandad open up about their feelings

  • Season 1 Episode 5117: EPISODE: 5117

    Jane is panicking after seeing Carol talking to the police and heads over the speak to her, despite Ian's pleas to carry on as normal. Left alone to look after Bobby, Cindy's world begins to spiral and she ends up engaged in a bitter fight with her adoptive brother - one that threatens to expose the family secret. Meanwhile, news comes through that Cora has been spotted at a local homeless shelter, although when her relatives go to pick her up, they don't get the reaction they were expecting

  • Season 1 Episode 5116: EPISODE: 5116

    Vincent is on a mission to get his life back on track and tells Ronnie he wants Kim, while also doing his best to win over Denise and Patrick - and when Claudette worries that there are too many inquisitive people living under one roof, her son agrees to ask the Carter family to leave. After a run-in with Phil, Carol asks him for Ritchie's help but has no luck, so Sharon suggests they see her solicitor Margaret - although Jane feels uncomfortable when she gets dragged into the meeting. Shabnam agrees to move in with Carmel

  • Season 1 Episode 5115: EPISODE: 5115

    A determined Vincent sets out to win Kim back, but after Denise sends him away, he takes matters into his own hands, asking his wife if they can take Pearl to the bonny baby competition. Roxy and Dean ignore Ronnie's warning and fall back into bed together - but the latter gets more than he bargained for when he is forced to hide in the wardrobe. Carol's world continues to fall apart as she struggles to pay Max's legal fees, and becomes paranoid at people's comments. Shabnam grows tired of Carmel's interference with the wedding - and as if that weren't bad enough, Kush reveals he wants them to live with her once the baby arrives

  • Season 1 Episode 5114: EPISODE: 5114

    Libby's party comes to an abrupt end when a battered Vincent returns home, refusing to admit what has happened to him. It doesn't take Claudette long to realise who attacked her son, while Denise and Patrick encourage Kim to leave Vincent, worried he will only bring her trouble. An angry Dean confronts Roxy about not showing up to the party, but she quickly changes his mood - although Ronnie soon has something to say after spotting them together. Meanwhile, Donna notices Pam's odd behaviour and tells her to stop being such a pushover

  • Season 1 Episode 5113: EPISODE: 5113

    Denise plans a birthday party for Libby, but her hopes of making everything perfect for her daughter quickly disintegrate when she has a massive argument with Claudette. Meanwhile, the guest of honour takes a mysterious phone call from her sister Chelsea. Jane visits Carol to find out what she knows about the night Lucy died, and Pam insists that Paul doesn't have to worry about anything - but does she believe her own words? Tensions are high over at the Albert as Vincent warns Phil that Sharon has to start pulling her weight

  • Season 1 Episode 5112: EPISODE: 5112

    Pam reels from Paul's bombshell at the party, but will she believe her grandson? Family ties continue to loosen following the arrest in the Lucy Beale murder case, with one household slowly crumbling, while another struggles to stay united. And as further truths come to light, a resident's world spirals out of control when their own loved ones turn against them

  • Season 1 Episode 5111: EPISODE: 5111

    The Cokers' party gets to a bad start when Paul tells Les that Claudette has to stay away, so the undertaker reluctantly takes his grandson's advice and asks her not to come. But whether she takes any notice is a different matter altogether. Meanwhile, as one family is torn apart, another struggles to rebuild their relationship. When one resident is accused of the unthinkable they quickly come to blows with someone else - but will their loved ones support them?

  • Season 1 Episode 5110: EPISODE: 5110

    It's a shocking day for the locals when a resident is charged with the murder of Lucy Beale. As friends and family come to terms with the news, one person resorts to drastic measures for the sake of their family, while two others make plans to leave Walford. Claudette confronts Paul over his accusations and warns him to back off, but sticking to his guns he tells her he doesn't want to see his grandma Pam get hurt, and suggests that Claudette doesn't see her any more. Meanwhile, Stacey receives an unexpected phone call

  • Season 1 Episode 5109: EPISODE: 5109

    Paul receives exciting news, although his day soon takes a turn for the worse when he is confronted by Vincent over his accusation about Les and Claudette - forcing him to do some speedy backtracking. However, when Vincent delivers some cakes to Pam, he realises there may be some truth in it after all. Meanwhile, families struggle to remain united as the police investigation into Lucy's murder continues, ramping up the tension and causing accusations to fly

  • Season 1 Episode 5108: EPISODE: 5108

    Things reach breaking point when accusations are thrown left, right and centre in Albert Square, forcing certain locals to question whether it is time to move on from Walford. The tension remains between the Mitchells, Beales and Brannings - who will come out on top? Meanwhile, Pam feels guilty for involving herself in Paul's business, so Les tries to talk to him - unaware his grandson is about to reveal a family secret to Vincent

  • Season 1 Episode 5107: EPISODE: 5107

    Further new evidence comes to light in the police investigation, and tension soon grows between the Mitchells, Beales and Brannings, who end up coming to blows. Eventually, Max is forced to swallow his pride, while Mick questions Ian - and as the day unfolds, many residents are questioning their loyalties

  • Season 1 Episode 5106: EPISODE: 5106

    The fallout from the arrest continues to ripple through the Square, with one local beginning to have doubts about their own account of the night Lucy was killed - forcing them to make a shocking decision. Meanwhile, two residents are prompted to make a go of it

  • Season 1 Episode 5105: EPISODE: 5105

    Five months after the Beales found out the truth about daughter Lucy's killing, then immediately decided to cover it up for the sake of young son Bobby and stepmum Jane, an arrest has been made - sending shockwaves through the Square. As the residents struggle to understand what they are hearing, further evidence comes to light, threatening to tear families apart

  • Season 1 Episode 5104: EPISODE: 5104

    When Ian discovered that Bobby killed Lucy, he and Jane agreed that it was better for their family if the case remained officially unsolved. However, it seems the police have different ideas as they prepare to arrest a suspect. Is the truth finally going to emerge, or is an innocent person about to be wrongly accused of murder?

  • Season 1 Episode 5103: EPISODE: 5103

    As the residents of Albert Square wake up to the news that there is a new suspect in Lucy's murder case, Sharon encourages a frightened Ian to find out what is really going on. Max and Carol decide to take Jim's motorbike for a final spin, Ben struggles to keep his mind on his work, and Pam has a plan to get Paul interested in the family business. Meanwhile, Kush works out Stacey's secret

  • Season 1 Episode 5102: EPISODE: 5102

    Ian breaks down while telling Jane that Cindy is missing, and his nightmare continues when a journalist approaches him with some shocking news. Elsewhere, Lee reassures Mick and Linda that everything is okay following his scuffle with Nancy, but his act does not fool Whitney, while Stacey and Martin discuss their future

  • Season 1 Episode 5101: EPISODE: 5101

    Cindy feels betrayed when Ian reveals Carol is being paid to look after her, and seeks comfort in the Albert, where she catches the eye of a couple of a strangers. Over at the Vic, Mick is too preoccupied to listen to Lee's problems, but when Nancy tries to push the issue, her brother's temper gets the better of him. Meanwhile, Shabnam encourages Stacey to be honest with Martin

  • Season 1 Episode 5100: EPISODE: 5100

    Nancy tries to get to the bottom of Lee's problems, and is pleased when her brother agrees to see the doctor - although he insists she keep the appointment a secret from their parents. An emotional Kim runs over one of Les' wreaths, so Vincent tries to make amends by inviting the Cokers to a Hubbard family meal. How will Paul feel about making small talk over the dinner table with his grandfather and Claudette?

  • Season 1 Episode 5099: EPISODE: 5099

    Martin is keen to talk to Stacey about what happened at the wedding, but she would rather focus on making sure Lily has the perfect dress for her dance recital. Nancy grows more concerned about Lee after it turns out he has been missing work, Jane invites a reluctant Cindy over for dinner, and Denise is unimpressed when Kim offers her a job - as Pearl's nanny

  • Season 1 Episode 5098: EPISODE: 5098

    It is the day of Jean's wedding, but Stacey seems more interested in searching the bride's house for the lock that will fit her mysterious key. Is she finally about to discover the truth? Carol calls a meeting to discuss the impact of local redevelopment work, but when Ian makes the debate personal, she ends up dropping a bombshell of her own concerning Cindy

  • Season 1 Episode 5097: EPISODE: 5097

    Stacey is shocked to learn Jean is planning to marry Ollie tomorrow, and asks if she has been taking her medication. However, it is her mum's turn to be worried when she spots the key around Stacey's neck. Tamwar invites Nancy to stay with him for a while to escape the stress at the Vic, but Lee has an unexpectedly extreme reaction to the news, and Carol tries to help Max get his life back on track

  • Season 1 Episode 5096: EPISODE: 5096

    Tamwar goes in search of Nancy, intending to have a heart to heart about his feelings - but instead he finds her unconscious on the floor of the Vic. Sonia is hurt that Carol confided in Shirley rather than her, while her mum is increasingly worried about Max, and Martin's dinner with Stacey turns out to be more awkward than romantic

  • Season 1 Episode 5095: EPISODE: 5095

    Carol feels under pressure as the gossip spreads about her and Buster, only to receive support from a most unexpected source. Shirley tries to play happy families when a Child Services officer arrives to discuss Jade, and Nancy suffers a seizure while babysitting Ollie. Meanwhile, Stacey does her best to seem pleased when Martin surprises her with a romantic meal

  • Season 1 Episode 5094: EPISODE: 5094

    Carol is sick of Sonia fussing over her following her appointment with the surgeon, and decides to have a bit of fun with Buster instead - but will she still be enjoying herself when Shirley finds a bra stuffed down the back of the sofa? Shabnam agrees to go to the police about the attack, Kush invites Stacey to meet him in the park, and Martin finds out where he stands

  • Season 1 Episode 5093: EPISODE: 5093

    Shabnam is furious when Masood goes against her wishes and reports the attack to the police - but is that the only thing troubling her? Stacey tries to forget Kush by getting passionate with Martin, and Buster promises Shirley that he will find a way to make Jade a part of their lives. Patrick receives some advice from an old friend, Carol is in search of a distraction, and the sparks continue to fly between Roxy and Dean

  • Season 1 Episode 5092: EPISODE: 5092

    Dean nervously prepares to meet his daughter for the first time and an injured Shabnam collapses while seeking help at the community centre. Kush tries to hide his guilt when Nancy apologises about refusing to believe his claim that there is nothing going on between him and Stacey, while Vincent tries to explain where his stash of cash came from - and why he is hiding it

  • Season 1 Episode 5091: EPISODE: 5091

    Shabnam is horrified to find the community centre has been trashed by three girls, but regrets confronting them about it when she becomes their latest victim. Nancy questions Kush and Stacey about their relationship, but will she believe them when they claim there is nothing between them? Patrick confronts Vincent about a mysterious stash of cash, and Dean decides he wants to meet Jade

  • Season 1 Episode 5090: EPISODE: 5090

    Kush reluctantly celebrates his 30th birthday with his friends - and the evening ends with him in a very embarrassing situation. Following a row with Martin, Stacey finds Kush chained to some railings, and it soon becomes clear that there is still chemistry between them. Shirley and Buster arrange a meeting with Jade's foster father, and Jane tries to persuade Cindy to visit the Beale family

  • Season 1 Episode 5089: EPISODE: 5089

    It's Father's Day in Albert Square, which is the perfect time for Dean to get the results of a DNA test that prove he is Jade's dad. He realises she should stay with her new family, but Shirley does not agree and is determined to gain custody of her granddaughter. As Kush tries to bring Shabnam and Masood back together, Jane begs Carol to let Cindy stay with the Butcher clan, while Martin and Stacey agree to take their relationship slowly

  • Season 1 Episode 5088: EPISODE: 5088

    Buster tries to talk to Shirley about Dean's outburst, while Sonia is concerned by Liam's odd behaviour, despite Carol insisting there is nothing wrong with the teen. Kush struggles with Ramadan, Masood tries to build bridges, and Stacey opens up to Martin about her past - but will she regret being so honest when he then gets flirty with her?

  • Season 1 Episode 5087: EPISODE: 5087

    It is an emotional night for Shirley, as Buster takes surprising action and Dean tells her a few home truths about her parenting skills. However, it is a heart to heart with Denise that finally helps Shirley reach a decision, and she reassures Dean she will stand by him - but does that mean she will also go with him to speak to his daughter's foster parents?

  • Season 1 Episode 5086: EPISODE: 5086

    While Dean makes plans to visit his daughter's foster family, Shabnam tries to find out how he discovered the truth - and informs Masood he is no longer welcome at her wedding. Ronnie's plans for a romantic evening with Charlie look set to be dashed when she gets a call asking her to collect a drunken Roxy, and Shirley thinks Buster and Carol are getting a bit too friendly at Sharon's singles bingo night

  • Season 1 Episode 5085: EPISODE: 5085

    Even on the day of his engagement party, Kush is struggling to resist Stacey, while Shabnam is busy arguing with Carmel about the decorations. However, the bash really gets out of hand when a gatecrasher turns up to confront the bride-to-be. An emotional Ronnie belatedly prepares to celebrate her wedding night, Whitney hatches a plan to cheer Carol up, and Kim worries she is out of her depth at the Albert

  • Season 1 Episode 5084: EPISODE: 5084

    Shirley tells Buster that she has their granddaughter's address, but will she follow his advice and keep the news from Dean? Sonia realises Stacey has her eye on someone, and encourages her friend to be honest about her feelings, while Whitney wants the Butcher household to rally round Carol - if they can stop bickering amongst themselves for long enough to have a family meeting

  • Season 1 Episode 5083: EPISODE: 5083

    Masood goes in search of his granddaughter and, despite Jane's attempts to talk him out of it, he takes a photo of a little girl he spots at her address. What is he planning to do with this new information? Stacey and Kush grow closer as she helps him learn his dance routine for the engagement party, Carol receives a letter from the hospital, and Roxy's plan to give Ronnie and Charlie some space suffers a setback

  • Season 1 Episode 5082: EPISODE: 5082

    Ronnie comes up with a plan to find out what is going on between Roxy and Charlie, but can they convince her that their affair really is over? Kush has second thoughts about getting married when Shabnam and Carmel cannot even agree on an engagement party, and Masood is too preoccupied by his granddaughter to help with the wedding planning. Meanwhile, Phil tries to get Lola's job back, and Sharon and Kim open their rival bars

  • Season 1 Episode 5081: EPISODE: 5081

    Charlie tells Ronnie he plans to attend Nick's funeral alone, but she secretly heads to the crematorium anyway, only to find that Roxy is already there. Meanwhile, Dot is forced to say goodbye to her son from her prison cell. Kim and Sharon hold a cocktail competition to decide the future of the Albert, Dean fires Lola, and Masood is stunned to learn that Shabnam lied to Dean about their daughter being dead

  • Season 1 Episode 5080: EPISODE: 5080

    Jane and Ian are reeling from Cindy's ultimatum, but will they get over their shock in time to stop her from doing something drastic? Les tells Claudette it is over between them, but she warns him it is not that simple, while Paul has to a heart-to-heart with Pam. Ben tries to gloat about his night of passion with Abi, but his boasts are not fooling Jay, who gives him a warning

  • Season 1 Episode 5079: EPISODE: 5079

    During an emotional meeting with the social worker, Cindy admits she wants to be as far away from Beth as possible - and then presents Ian and Jane with an ultimatum. Paul plans a surprise birthday party for Pam, but his grandmother cannot help picking up on the tension between him and Les, and Lola feels awkward when Abi asks her for advice on seducing Ben

  • Season 1 Episode 5078: EPISODE: 5078

    Sharon struggles to come to terms with meeting her biological father for the first time, but Phil and Ronnie are more worried about her plan for getting the Albert back from Vincent. Jane tells Ian that Cindy no longer wants them to adopt Beth, Abi is increasingly suspicious of Ben's behaviour, and Les realises his grandson Paul knows something is going on between him and Claudette

  • Season 1 Episode 5077: EPISODE: 5077

    Sharon is furious to learn that Phil forged her signature on the contract handing the Albert over to Vincent, but her husband has another shock in store for her. Pam and Les are delighted when their grandson Paul arrives in Walford - and they are not the only ones impressed by the newcomer - while Carol encourages Cindy to make a decision about Beth, and Ben is frustrated by Abi's controlling behaviour

  • Season 1 Episode 5076: EPISODE: 5076

    Ronnie returns home from the hospital to some awkward questions from Charlie, while Phil wants to know what they are going to do about Vincent, who is demanding money in return for his silence over Carl. Shabnam is giving her dad the cold shoulder, but Kush inspires Masood to take action to reunite his family, and Sharon worries she is about to lose her license following a very ill-timed row with Liam and Roxy

  • Season 1 Episode 5075: EPISODE: 5075

    Vincent tries to reassure Kim that he does not have feelings for Ronnie, but it seems his wife is not willing to take his word for it as she seeks a second opinion. Meanwhile, Roxy storms out of the hospital following a row with her sister, leaving Ronnie wondering what she will do next. Shabnam is initially relieved when Masood tells her he has had second thoughts about contacting his granddaughter, but should she be more worried about his attempts to bond with Carmel?

  • Season 1 Episode 5074: EPISODE: 5074

    Vincent is stunned when the police question him about the disappearance of the drug dealer, and asks Donna to provide him with an alibi - and when she refuses, he turns to Kim instead. Shabnam prepares a meal for Kush's mum Carmel (played by Bonnie Langford), but Masood is much more interested in making contact with his grandchild. Ronnie is jealous of Roxy's relationship with Charlie and Matthew, and Liam is sick of Carol interfering in his life

  • Season 1 Episode 5073: EPISODE: 5073

    Shabnam and Kush have some happy news to share, but Masood does not feel like celebrating as he pressures his daughter to come clean about the baby, leading to a painful exchange of home truths. However, it is Fatima who once again drops the biggest bombshell. Kim gets into an explosive row with Donna after seeing her with Vincent, but is she angry enough to report her husband to the police? Meanwhile, Stacey has a proposition for Martin

  • Season 1 Episode 5072: EPISODE: 5072

    Kat and Alfie prepare to say an emotional goodbye to Walford, but when Sister Judith arrives on the Square, will the couple be forced to rethink their plans? Shabnam's secret is well and truly out when Shirley confronts her in front of her family, and Dean makes an announcement of his own as he insists his child is still alive - and he is going to prove it

  • Season 1 Episode 5071: EPISODE: 5071

    Kush returns to a frosty reception from Shabnam, but at least Stacey is more friendly as she shares a tipsy kiss with him - and lets him in on her friend's big secret. Buster attempts to build bridges with Mick, but is soon distracted by Dean's news, and following some advice from Pam, Kat decides to spring a surprise on Alfie. Meanwhile, Cindy opens up to Liam about her doubts concerning the adoption

  • Season 1 Episode 5070: EPISODE: 5070

    Dean confronts Shabnam about her puzzling remarks, forcing her to admit she did have his baby - but she then lies that the child died due to complications. Kat worries that Alfie's plans for their new life are bound to fall through, Phil panics when he finds Vincent drinking with Charlie, and Cindy wonders whether the adoption will really change anything if she is still under the same roof as Beth

  • Season 1 Episode 5069: EPISODE: 5069

    As the news from Dot's trial spreads around Walford, the Carters are more interested in finally discovering who fathered Linda's baby. Meanwhile, Shabnam is stunned to learn that Fatima knows about her abandoned child - and it seems she is still in shock when she later lets something slip in front of Dean. Ronnie turns to Phil after receiving a sinister phone call from Vincent, but her cousin may be out of his depth

  • Season 1 Episode 5068: EPISODE: 5068

    It is the final day of Dot's trial, and the tension is too much for Charlie and Fat Boy, who come to blows while waiting for the verdict. Mick reassures Linda that he does not need a DNA test to prove he is the baby's father, but will he still feel the same way after Dean turns up at the hospital? Shabnam wonders if she was too quick to give up on Kush, just as matchmaker Fatima announces she has found her a man

  • Season 1 Episode 5067: EPISODE: 5067

    Dot is upset by Charlie's evidence in court, feeling like Nick is the one on trial - but when she takes to the witness box herself, the prosecution are quick to use her own words against her. Mick reassures Lee that the new arrival is definitely his, but Dean has other ideas as he tells Shirley that he is the father. Meanwhile, Stacey is furious when her ex gives her a bad reference

  • Season 1 Episode 5066: EPISODE: 5066

    Linda goes into labour following her fall, and with Mick temporarily missing, Kat and Sonia do their best to support her as she is rushed to hospital. However, when the midwife struggles to find the baby's heartbeat, it looks like there may not be much they can do. Oblivious to his fiancee's plight, Mick comes to blows with Buster, and Ronnie calls on Phil for help after realising Vincent does not know quite as much as he thinks he does

  • Season 1 Episode 5065: EPISODE: 5065

    After Mick makes another failed attempt to get Shirley to choose between her sons, Linda tells him he needs to move on from what happened, causing him to storm out of the Vic. The pregnant landlady tries to follow him, but in her haste she falls down the stairs. Over at the hospital, Ronnie is increasingly unnerved by Vincent, but it is going to be a lot harder to get rid of him after he makes a shocking revelation

  • Season 1 Episode 5064: EPISODE: 5064

    The Brannings head to court for Dot's trial, and things get off to a bad start as DI Keeble and a reluctant Stacey give evidence. Bex is disappointed to hear her mum and dad won't be getting back together, so she takes matters into her own hands, while Shirley gives Mick one last chance to let her back into his life. Vincent pays another visit to Ronnie in hospital, and as the attraction between the pair continues to grow, she is forced to remind him she is a married woman

  • Season 1 Episode 5063: EPISODE: 5063

    Alfie is nervous about breaking the news to Kat, so he takes her for a special treat at an expensive restaurant while plucking up the courage. Sonia tells Martin their night together was a drunken mistake and pleads with him not to mention it to anyone. However, when the social worker visits Ian and Jane regarding Beth's adoption, an unfortunate turn of events ends in the cat being let out of the bag. Mick tells Shirley he wants to buy her out of the Vic, Kim and Vincent make a decision about their relationship, and Lady Luck shines on one Walford couple, changing their lives for ever

  • Season 1 Episode 5062: EPISODE: 5062

    Kim fears the worst when she is confronted by Vincent, forcing her to come clean about what she saw, while Mick is unhappy about accepting Babe's money for Shirley's share of the pub - but luckily Lee and Whitney come to his rescue. Sonia invites Martin to her birthday party to please daughter Bex, only to regret it when he causes a drunken scene. However, things take an unexpected turn later. Phil refuses to help Ronnie, so she asks Vincent, who is also unwilling - until she resorts to blackmail - and Alfie is alarmed to open a letter containing bad news for Kat

  • Season 1 Episode 5061: EPISODE: 5061

    Ronnie's heart races after a heated visit from Vincent, while Dot's court case takes a turn for the worse when the dealer who sold her the drugs crawls out of the woodwork to testify against her. Aunt Babe continue to manipulate the Carters and offers to buy Shirley's share of the Vic, and although Shirley flatly refuses, Babe proves very persuasive. The Fox sisters face a difficult day when the bailiffs arrive to warn them to pay their bills, although Kim soon has more to worry about when Kat reveals Vincent is looking for her. Martin reaches a decision after another row with Sonia

  • Season 1 Episode 5060: EPISODE: 5060

    Having reached the end of her tether, Kat pays a visit to the convent where she gave birth to Zoe all those years ago, and takes a trip down memory lane with one of the nuns (played by guest star June Whitfield). But will facing the past help her to move on? Back on the Square, Stacey gets in touch with someone she hasn't seen for quite a while and learns a surprising truth

  • Season 1 Episode 5059: EPISODE: 5059

    After another evening of drunken antics, Kat phones in sick for work and she and Alfie go for a picnic in the park, where they finally open up about their feelings - and with her statement against Harry playing on her mind, Kat finally decides it's time to face her past. While the Mitchells celebrate their good fortune, Sharon remains unimpressed with Phil and threatens to walk out on him if he doesn't clean up his act. Max is put out after hearing Phil has bought Abi a new car, while a hung-over Stacey tells Martin there's no chance of romance between them, much to his disappointment. Lee worries how the discovery of Stan's nest egg could affect his family

  • Season 1 Episode 5058: EPISODE: 5058

    A humiliated Max is left with no choice but to give in to Phil's demands and sign on the dotted line, and while Carol has little sympathy for her brother, he does end up sharing his troubles with a drunken Kat. Meanwhile, Alfie believes he is the man to manage Beales and pleads with Ian to give him a chance, Stacey and Martin get thrown together, Buster is on the warpath after the incident at the salon and Whitney and Lee find cash hidden in Stan's old armchair

  • Season 1 Episode 5057: EPISODE: 5057

    Max's dodgy dealings catch up with him when Karin arrives in the Square, panicking that the police are on to the stolen cars, so he enlists Charlie, Ben and Jay to get rid of the evidence. Phil resorts to underhand tactics to get his lawyer Ritchie back on side, and Aunt Babe arranges lunch for Shirley and Mick in the hope of bringing the feuding relatives back together - although it soon turns out the conniving woman has something else in mind. Stacey has a tough day - first she receives a letter asking her to testify in Dot's trial, then finds herself unemployed when Dean returns to the salon - and Kim's return is ruined when she finds her home over-run with Carters

  • Season 1 Episode 5056: EPISODE: 5056

    Tina gives Shirley a few home truths, causing her sister to open up about the daily torment she faces having to choose between two sons. Sylvie is still reeling from Babe's revelation about Stan and threatens to call the police about an incident in the past - but her sister makes it clear she is not one to be messed with. Denise receives a letter about unpaid bills but decides not to tell Kim, who is trying hard to get on with things, and has told her all about her involvement with Vincent - who unknown to them, is watching their house at that moment

  • Season 1 Episode 5055: EPISODE: 5055

    The Brannings are stunned by an unexpected arrival at Jim's funeral, especially when she takes the stand to give an emotional tribute. Ronnie receives a couple of visits - one from Roxy, guilty over Charlie, and another from Vincent, the mysterious character played by Richard Blackwood last seen during the live week. Back on the Square, Mick is unhappy about Dean being at Stan's wake, and Carol encourages Max to ask Phil for help with his business problems. Cora decides to leave Walford - but has a parting shot for Babe, while Kim makes a tearful confession to Denise

  • Season 1 Episode 5054: EPISODE: 5054

    Linda asks Shirley and Buster to leave so she can be alone with Dean, and demands he admits what he did to her - will she finally get the confession she wants? The Carters say their farewells to Stan, with Tina making a moving speech about her dad, although Billy worries he might have taken on too much overseeing two funerals on the same day when things get off to a bad start. At the hospital, Ronnie asks Roxy to attend Jim's service in support of Dot

  • Season 1 Episode 5053: EPISODE: 5053

    It's a sad week in Albert Square as the locals prepare to say their final goodbyes to Stan and Jim. However, the chances of the Carters' funeral going off without a hitch seem remote when Shirley delivers some unwelcome news to Linda - Dean is being released today and will be at his grandad's service. Things are equally fraught over at the Brannings', where Carol is struggling to write Jim's eulogy, only to argue with Max when he shows no interest in the funeral. Meanwhile, Cora is angry with being shunned by both families and ends up visiting Dot in prison

  • Season 1 Episode 5052: EPISODE: 5052

    Linda grows tired of the family feud and invites Buster and a reluctant Shirley over for a meal - but just as the mood begins to improve, they find themselves back to square one with the arrival of more bad news. Dot receives two prison visits - Charlie, who opens up about his feelings, and Max and Carol, who are shocked to learn their stepmum won't be attending Jim's funeral. Phil questions Jay's loyalty when Max questions him about Karin

  • Season 1 Episode 5051: EPISODE: 5051

    Tamwar confronts Aleks over his discovery, but it doesn't end well for the assistant market manager when he gets the sack. A grieving Carol is left to sort through Jim's belongings alone when Max refuses, and it soon becomes clear she is struggling to cope, while Phil warns Jay not to tell Max what he has found out about his business. Will he stick by his family or his boss? Shabnam disagrees with Kush over their future, prompting her to make a shocking decision

  • Season 1 Episode 5050: EPISODE: 5050

    Things are looking up for the Mitchells with the news that Ronnie is awake and starting to talk, so Roxy tells Charlie he needs to forget what happened between them. There's just one problem - it seems someone else might already know. Mick is annoyed when Shirley and Buster try to muscle in on Stan's funeral arrangements, while Max offers to pay for Jim's send-off - unaware his current business success isn't quite as above board as he would like to believe. Tamwar makes a shocking discovery about Aleks, while Masood continues his mission to find his son a wife - not knowing he is besotted with Nancy

  • Season 1 Episode 5049: EPISODE: 5049

    The Carters are rocked by Stan's death, but rather than bringing the family together, it threatens to tear them apart - especially when Shirley and Buster visit Dean in prison to break the news. Also grieving are the Brannings, although Carol and Sonia clash when the latter reveals that Martin has lost the house. Roxy's day goes from bad to worse when Marta arrives at Ineta's birthday party - followed by an unexpected confession from Charlie. Masood asks Aunt Fatima to help Tamwar with his love life, but Shabnam believes she has got the wrong end of the stick

  • Season 1 Episode 5048: EPISODE: 5048

    It's a dark day in Walford as Stan's health deteriorates rapidly and the Brannings struggle to process the news about Jim. At the hospice, the Carters try to put their differences to one side, with Shirley and Mick finally coming clean about their feelings and admitting they miss each other. Back in the Square, Carol is angry with Max for putting his business before their dead father, while Sonia visits prison to break the news to Dot. Buster tries to worm his way into the Carters by befriending Lee and Nancy

  • Season 1 Episode 5047: EPISODE: 5047

    The Carters gather at the hospice for Stan and Cora's impromptu wedding, although Mick isn't too impressed when Shirley arrives with Buster. As the groom says an emotional farewell to his ex-wife Sylvie, Babe takes great joy in sharing a big secret with his new wife-to-be. Back on the Square, Carol receives the sad news from the nursing home that Jim has died - and with Sonia upset about her grandad, she has little time to process Martin's confession about losing the house. A social worker visits Kat and Alfie to assess whether they are capable parents, and a mystery blonde - who looks a lot like Denise Van Outen - arrives on the Square in search of Phil

  • Season 1 Episode 5046: EPISODE: 5046

    Buster comes to blows with Mick following the previous day's events, although it doesn't take him long to realise Shirley may have been responsible for the wrongdoing, and he threatens to leave the Square without her. The Carters do their best to help make Stan's final days as comfortable as possible, although he is preoccupied with planning his wedding to Cora and suggests they tie the knot tomorrow. He also insists on the family rift being healed - can Mick bring himself to bury the hatchet with Shirley? Jay is forced to choose sides when the war between Max and Phil intensifies, while Kat is finally discharged from hospital

  • Season 1 Episode 5045: EPISODE: 5045

    Buster's return to Walford leaves the Carters in shock, although any hopes of a happy reunion are thwarted when Mick is reminded of all the lies and deceit within his family. Shirley is tempted by her ex's promise of a new life in the sun - but as Stan's condition continues to deteriorate, and having received advice from an unexpected source, she is given cause to rethink her plans. Meanwhile, a distraught Alfie and Stacey stay by Kat's bedside, desperate for her to pull through

  • Season 1 Episode 5044: EPISODE: 5044

    Alfie grows suspicious when Kat leaves the kids with him, sensing something isn't quite right with his estranged wife - and racing to the flat he finds that in her misery, she has resorted to desperate measures. Can he save the love of his life? It's Good Friday in Walford, the day Lucy was killed, although Ian and Jane's efforts to remember her are thwarted when an angry Cindy accuses them of using Beth to replace their dead daughter. Meanwhile, a stressed Nancy finally opens up to Shirley about what happened in the barrel store on the night of the wedding

  • Season 1 Episode 5043: EPISODE: 5043

    Kat tries to move on with her life by throwing a family dinner, but when things don't go to plan, it falls to Alfie to save the day. As Stan's condition deteriorates, the Carters pay him a visit and break the news that he won't be returning home - causing tension between Nancy and Shirley when he asks to see Dean. The Mitchells worry that Phil may have done something he will regret when he returns without Ben, and Cindy confides in Liam over her fall-out with Ian and Jane

  • Season 1 Episode 5042: EPISODE: 5042

    As Phil continues with his plan to get the Arches back, Max gain the upper hand when he lets slip that Ben was responsible for losing the business in the first place, leaving his rival reeling. The Carters pull together for Stan, but Shirley grows concerned when he takes a turn for the worse and is rushed back to hospital. The Beales fail to agree over Beth's future, forcing an upset Cindy to give Ian and Jane an ultimatum, and Kat continues down the path of self-destruction. Can Stacey talk some sense into her?

  • Season 1 Episode 5041: EPISODE: 5041

    Phil has returned to Albert Square, and is determined to get his family back on track and recover the Arches from Max - but his biggest challenge proves to be furious wife Sharon, who demands to know where he has been all this time. A reluctant Mick lets Stan return to the Vic following his hospital stay - only for Cora to invite herself to move in too. Mo persuades Alfie to take some of Harry's money, making Kat suspicious of his sudden generosity, while Ian and Jane have a proposal for Cindy

  • Season 1 Episode 5040: EPISODE: 5040

    Tensions run high in the Mitchell household as Sharon ponders recent events in the search for her father, and with Phil still absent, she ends up arguing with young trouble-maker Denny. The flustered mum seeks solace at Ian's, where the two of them continue their conversation from the previous day, although things get a little heated when Jane mentions Denny's problems at school. Meanwhile, Alfie and Donna come to Martin's rescue in his hour of need

  • Season 1 Episode 5039: EPISODE: 5039

    A guilty Cindy returns to the Square in a panic, leaving Jane to help sort out the mess she has got herself into - and advice from Shabnam prompts the teenage mum into making a decision that leaves her family in shock. Ian and Sharon visit Dot in prison, and on their return the two old friends reminisce - causing Sharon to make a startling discovery. Roxy gets to the bottom of Ineta's bruises and takes matters into her own hands, and Alfie grows suspicious of Martin after overhearing him on the phone

  • Season 1 Episode 5038: EPISODE: 5038

    Cindy can see that Jane has bonded with Beth during their time away and begins to question her role as a mother. Liam encourages her to take more responsibility for her own daughter - but when she tries, her actions cause Ian and Jane to hit the roof. Sharon continues the search for her biological father with a visit to the solicitor, who provides interesting information about Den. Could he have been her real dad after all? Alfie swallows his pride so he can support his family, accepting a job cleaning the market, and Roxy is puzzled when Ineta refuses to go to school

  • Season 1 Episode 5037: EPISODE: 5037

    After Martin's outburst in the Vic he heads over to the Beales, launching into a bitter rant that leaves Rebecca in little doubt as to what her mother has been up to. But when Ian and Jane return home early from honeymoon, it turns out Martin has been keeping his own secret. Shabnam begs Kush to commit to their relationship, but he tells her he isn't ready to remarry yet, and Donna is put out by her foster mother's unexpected arrival, especially when she and Pam start to fuss over her love life

  • Season 1 Episode 5036: EPISODE: 5036

    Pam organises a party in the Vic for Donna's birthday, and although things get off to a great start, it all goes downhill when an angry and drunken Martin flirts with the guest of honour as a bet. Sonia confronts him about his behaviour, but soon regrets it when he makes a revelation. A chat with Tamwar gives Shabnam the confidence to face Kush - although she is shocked by what he tells her - while Cindy invites Liam to come round, so he arrives with alcohol for her and Rebecca

  • Season 1 Episode 5035: EPISODE: 5035

    A lonely Stan is feeling frustrated at being stuck with his hospital room-mate Cyril (played by former Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs) but soon perks up when Tina arrives with an apology for what she said. He is even happier with the arrival of Cora - but Aunt Babe is less than pleased to see her, and the pair end up coming to blows. Martin confides in Carol about his problems with Rebecca, while Sonia and Tina finally admit their feelings for each other, although they decide to keep any relationship a secret for now

  • Season 1 Episode 5034: EPISODE: 5034

    The Carters are frustrated by Stan's behaviour as he lies in hospital - and when he demands to go into a care home, Tina becomes desperate to find the money he lent to Dean so they can give it back to him. Martin is struggling to deal with trouble-making daughter Rebecca alone and when she gets sent home from school he finally gives in and asks Sonia for help. Shabnam is upset after spotting Kush buying flowers for a mystery person, while Fat Boy and Donna continue to bond when he offers to drive her to a hospital appointment

  • Season 1 Episode 5033: EPISODE: 5033

    Stan collapses and loses the feeling in his legs, but after falling out with the family, he refuses to let any of them travel in the ambulance with him. Martin tells Sonia he has been asked by Ian to look after Cindy and that Rebecca is coming to stay too - then drops the bombshell that their daughter doesn't want to see her. Masood warns Kush to keep his distance from his heartbroken daughter, then tells Shabnam of his plans to buy the Argee Bhajee. All he needs to do now is raise the money

  • Season 1 Episode 5030: EPISODE: 5030

    Kat's relatives are concerned by her sudden decision to accept Harry's inheritance money, so Stacey confronts her to make sure she is doing the right thing. Billy's request for a pay rise doesn't get quite the response he was hoping for, although he soon realises there could be more to Les's refusal when he comes across a few suspicious invoices. Sonia grows concerned about Carol when she begins to have trouble controlling her anger, Shabnam tells Kush she is ready for her family to know about their relationship, and Tamwar seeks advice on wooing Nancy

  • Season 1 Episode 5029: EPISODE: 5029

    With Shabnam still insisting on hiding their relationship, Kush suggests a romantic meal away from the Square - but their plan is thwarted when they bump into Martin, who drags them back to the Vic. They manage to eventually find a few moments alone, but they're being watched by Stacey. Will she keep their secret? They're not the only ones meeting up, as a lonely Carol and Billy also spend the evening together. They insist it'll be a night as friends only - but as the drink flows, things take an interesting turn. Meanwhile, further bad news prompts Kat to do a U-turn about Harry's money

  • Season 1 Episode 5028: EPISODE: 5028

    A hungover Kat panics when she receives a call from social services about an impending visit, and it's not long before she hears a knock at the door. The events of the previous night play on Linda's mind and she thinks it's time she and Mick got back to normal. Kim decides to tell Patrick the truth about Vincent, while Roxy and Charlie are forced to talk about what happened. Shirley offers Stacey her job back at Blades

  • Season 1 Episode 5027: EPISODE: 5027

    Keen to continue their night, a drunken Kim and Kat use Denise's spare keys to sneak into the Vic and steal wine. Linda soon catches them and demands they pay, so Kim heads off to get some money. She then receives a text from Vincent and spots a car with its headlights on, causing her to flee. What is she so afraid of? Back at the pub, a fight ensues when Linda questions Kat's skills as a mother and starts to call social services. The pair are interrupted by a terrified Kim, who runs in, followed by Shirley. With the door bolted, Kim is left to explain all about the baby's father. Meanwhile, Whitney is heartbroken when Lee reveals he's going back to the Army

  • Season 1 Episode 5026: EPISODE: 5026

    It's the day of Linda's ultrasound scan, and while Elaine is ecstatic to see the baby, it's clear to her that her daughter is struggling. Later on, as the expectant mum opens up, she breaks down and reveals her fears. The pressure continues to grow for Kat when she learns Tommy is sick and has to collect him from nursery. Dot refuses to accept Sharon's help during a prison visit and asks her to stay away in future

  • Season 1 Episode 5025: EPISODE: 5025

    The party at the Vic comes to an abrupt halt when the police deliver worrying news about Dean. Shirley refuses to believe what they are saying, while Nancy realises Linda has lied to her. Sharon offers Shirley some advice, telling her she needs to fight for both of her sons, and Denise grows worried when an exhausted Kim refuses to let anyone help her with the baby

  • Season 1 Episode 5024: EPISODE: 5024

    Sharon is welcomed into her mum's house, where she meets her half-brother, although things prove awkward when it becomes clear he doesn't recognise her - leaving Linda to cover for her friend. As the women return to the Square, Sharon decides to take charge of her problems, while over at the Vic, Linda has something important to tell Mick and Nancy - can she bring her family back together? Kim tells Denise the truth about the baby's father

  • Season 1 Episode 5023: EPISODE: 5023

    On the advice of Carol, Sharon decides to visit her cancer-stricken birth mother - a woman she hasn't seen in 25 years - so she can say goodbye before it's too late, and asks Linda to accompany her. Meanwhile, Mick enlists Elaine and the kids' help in planning a surprise for his wife - only for Nancy to ruin things with her continued speculation about her dad and Dean. Kim continues her vigil over the baby, and begins to question whether it might be a punishment from God

  • Season 1 Episode 5022: EPISODE: 5022

    Nancy is worried and frustrated when Mick remains tight-lipped about what happened with Dean, despite pressing him to reveal the truth about what happened - and when Linda complains about her daughter's behaviour, she comes clean about her fears. Could Mick really have done something so stupid? Roxy and Carol's hopes are dashed when they receive news that Dot has already been to the magistrates' court and refused bail

  • Season 1 Episode 5021: EPISODE: 5021

    After last week's shocking revelations, it seems the residents of Albert Square will never be the same again - and the drama looks set to continue when DI Keeble returns, making the locals wonder what on earth is going on now. Nick's body is taken away, and with Dot still in prison, Charlie and Carol head to the police station to give their statements. Shirley is back working at the Vic, which puts Nancy on edge, so she confronts her father for the truth about Dean. Denise visits Kim in hospital - despite her sister's insistence that she stays away - and finds the baby in an incubator

  • Season 1 Episode 5020: EPISODE: 5020

    Back in February 2010, the cast of EastEnders celebrated their 25th anniversary with a live episode in which Archie Mitchell's killer was revealed. Now, five years to the day, they're doing the same thing to celebrate their 30th anniversary - and this time, it's Lucy's killer - although he or she was revealed yesterday on the actual anniversary day. Now, with the truth about Lucy's murder out, certain residents are left to face the truth about her killing. But many other secrets have been revealed across the Square. Will things ever be the same in Walford?

  • Season 1 Episode 5019: EPISODE: 5019

    Hetti Bywater returns in this flashback episode going back to Good Friday 2014, the night Lucy was killed, revealing exactly how she met her fateful end - and why. It traces Lucy's last steps to fill in the blanks and answer the questions that have been haunting the residents since last year - ensuring every moment is explained, while also featuring other stories that took place at the time. With Jamie Lomas (Jake) and Tanya Franks (Rainie)

  • Season 1 Episode 5016: EPISODE: 5016

    Ian and Jane prepare to tie the knot - but the groom wonders why Phil needs to speak to him so urgently, while the bride's joy at the arrival of Tanya and Christian proves short-lived when she finds Lauren's message about Lucy, throwing her into turmoil. Dot heads to the hospital, where she asks her family for forgiveness - then makes a shocking confession about Nick. Mick and Linda seem to be back on track - until Dean unexpectedly return to the Square - and Alfie is frustrated with Kat's drunken behaviour

  • Season 1 Episode 5015: EPISODE: 5015

    The start of a special week of episodes to mark the soap's 30th anniversary on Thursday. Peggy Mitchell is back and she is a woman on a mission. Max goes searching for Lauren, afraid she might do something stupid, but she is determined that the truth about Lucy's murder should come out. As the final wedding preparations take place, Ian feels guilty - how can he be so happy after losing his daughter? Roxy and Charlie face the moment they have been dreading when the doctors turn off Ronnie's ventilator

  • Season 1 Episode 5014: EPISODE: 5014

    Dot does her best to talk to Nick about his problems, but is stunned when her no-good son reveals his true colours. Lauren finds herself in a compromising situation - will she admit the truth about Lucy? Stan pleads with a reluctant Mick to make amends with Shirley, and the celebrations are in full swing over at the Beales', although the mood takes a turn for the worse with the arrival of a couple of uninvited guests

  • Season 1 Episode 5013: EPISODE: 5013

    Lauren lets slip to Stacey that she knows what happened to Lucy, so her friend urges her to go to the police, but instead she makes one last attempt to break into Emma's phone - only to receive an unexpected visitor. Kat is left fuming by a charitable act from Alfie, so Stacey tells her it's about time she made her mind up one way or another about her husband - forgive him or divorce him. Dot remains conflicted about whether to help Nick, while plans for the Beales' pre-wedding dinner fall apart, with Jane storming out after a disaster in the kitchen, and Ian trying to smooth things over between Peter and Max - only to get an icy reception from the latter. Can the stressed-out groom pull things together?

  • Season 1 Episode 5012: EPISODE: 5012

    Max is suspicious of Lauren's behaviour and asks Stacey to talk to her - but the concerned dad grows even more worried after hearing that his daughter almost fainted. Dot is put in an impossible position when Nick pushes her into buying him drugs, although Fat Boy soon works out what she is up to, while Roxy is distressed after bad news from the doctor - and in her anger she blames Charlie for Ronnie's condition. Ian feels ashamed after his drunken antics and decides to throw a pre-wedding party in a bid to restore the Beales' good name, and Alfie invites Kat to lunch, hoping he can help solve her money troubles

  • Season 1 Episode 5011: EPISODE: 5011

    Lauren is desperate to find out more after her chilling discovery, so she tries to guess the passcode to access Emma's phone. Phil's bail hearing arrives - only for him to go missing upon release - and Roxy gets a glimmer of hope at the hospital when Ronnie's pulse rate increases. Alfie can't believe his ears when Ian announces he isn't having a stag do, so with Jane's blessing he arranges a party that night in the Vic. But it doesn't go down too well with the guest of honour. Dot is shocked to find Nick under the influence of drugs - and even more horrified when he asks her to help him get more

  • Season 1 Episode 5010: EPISODE: 5010

    The Carters grow increasingly worried when a furious Mick goes missing - having taken Dean with him. Will he harm his brother for what he did to Linda? Stan continues to beg Tina to help him die, forcing her to reach a decision. Stacey encourages Shabnam to give in to her feelings for Kush, while Masood gets an idea when he notices the family's old restaurant is up for lease. Lauren finds a piece of paper from Emma's case files - the content of which shocks her to the core

  • Season 1 Episode 5009: EPISODE: 5009

    Dean is struggling to keep his business afloat and finds comfort with Denise, who has quit her cleaning job at the Vic. As Stan's condition deteriorates, the Carters argue about the old man's request to help him on his way. However, Mick and Linda soon have more to worry about when the police inform them it could be weeks until Dean is charged - so the landlord decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, the athletes and fun-runners gather in the Square for the half-marathon. Can Kush beat Shabnam, or will Masood surprise them all?

  • Season 1 Episode 5008: EPISODE: 5008

    Dean's world crumbles as rumours that he's a rapist begin to spread. With business at the salon suffering, he launches a promotion - only for his staff to start walking out. Masood apologises to Shabnam for his behaviour over her inheritance, although she has more to worry about now that she has revealed her big secret to Stacey. With the half-marathon just around the corner, Lauren doubts Peter's athletic prowess, but gets more than she bargained for when he decides to prove his fitness to her. Tina starts asking Sonia questions about painkillers, and Jane is upset to hear her mother won't be attending the wedding, so isn't thinking clearly when she goes shopping for a bridal dress - and leaves the shop with one that doesn't exactly flatter her

  • Season 1 Episode 5007: EPISODE: 5007

    The Carters become the subject of gossip following the latest developments at the Vic, and it isn't long before the locals are taking sides. Stacey persuades Shabnam to reveal the full story of her revelation - and she is totally floored when her friend tells her everything

  • Season 1 Episode 5006: EPISODE: 5006

    The Carters worry that justice won't be served, so to take their minds off things they host a karaoke night - only for a defiant Dean to turn up at the pub with Shirley, Denise and Patrick. Shabnam realises she needs all the friends she can get and offers an olive branch to Stacey, and as the two put their differences to one side, Shabnam reveals a secret that has been haunting her for years. Sharon feels the full force of Phil's anger

  • Season 1 Episode 5005: EPISODE: 5005

    Max prepares for the funeral, only to receive a visit from the police telling him that Emma's family don't want him there. Lauren and Abi are worried about their dad, so they ask Carol to talk to him - but it seems there's nothing any of them can do to stop him pushing the self-destruct button. Ian gets Jane out of the way while he works on his big surprise for the wedding, although more than a few eyebrows are raised when the secret is accidentally revealed, and Shabnam regrets yesterday's actions with Kush when she is left feeling betrayed by a friend

  • Season 1 Episode 5004: EPISODE: 5004

    Shabnam's hopes of a promotion don't quite go as she expected, and she ends up falling out with her friends and family - and when Kush confronts her over her behaviour, he gets a lot more than he expected. Linda and Mick are relieved when Stacey gives her statement to the police, while Sharon is determined to clear up the mess Ben has got himself into, although the discovery of a letter leaves her feeling unsettled and she shares her problems with Jane. However, Jane has her own concerns, believing her wishes for a low-key wedding will be forgotten once Ian and Alfie get their heads together

  • Season 1 Episode 5003: EPISODE: 5003

    The commotion continues for the Carters, as Nancy warns Dean to keep away from the Vic, while Stan tells Shirley to fix everything - prompting her to tell Mick the real reason she pretended to be his sister. As dark secrets spill out, it looks as though the family will be torn even further apart - so it may not be the best time for Stan to drop yet another bombshell

  • Season 1 Episode 5002: EPISODE: 5002

    Linda and Mick arrive home to find the family has organised a farewell party for Sylvie before she is taken into care, but the usual bickering leads to tension and Nancy snaps, demanding to know the truth about what's going on between her parents. Stan apologises to Cora about the dance, but doesn't get the response he was expecting, and when he finds himself alone with Sylvie, the pair reminisce - giving him an idea. Sharon updates Billy on the case, telling him they need to sell Phil's car to raise some money. Over at the Arches, however, she gets a shock to find Max standing in the doorway as if he owned the place

  • Season 1 Episode 5001: EPISODE: 5001

    Mick takes a nervous Linda to the police to report Dean's attack, and promises to wait for her while she makes a video statement. But can she find the strength to relive the experience one more time? Back in the Square, Shirley asks her son to tell her exactly what happened that night - and although angry at first, Dean finally gives her his version of events

  • Season 1 Episode 5000: EPISODE: 5000

    Linda is determined that the family should celebrate Mick's birthday before she goes to the police to report Dean, but Nancy and Lee are frustrated with their parents' silence and storm out. To make matters worse, Shirley arrives with a present and ignores Linda's pleas to leave, telling her she doesn't believe the rape accusation. Sharon is desperate to get an innocent Phil out of prison, only to realise that she can't tell the truth for the sake of Ronnie's baby, who would grow up without knowing his father. Shabnam goes training and bumps into Kush - so she pretends to be out of breath to make him believe he has the race in the bag

  • Season 1 Episode 4999: EPISODE: 4999

    It's ladies' night at the Vic, and Shirley's decision to invite Dean to move in leads to an argument between her and Nancy, who is furious she is carrying on as if nothing has happened. Sonia is fed up of all the talk of happy marriages, and as she and Tina comfort each other over their mutual problems, it's clear there is still something between them. As the drink flows, more secrets are spilled - not least the fact that Denise slept with Fat Boy - while Shabnam finally lets her hair down with Kush, vowing to take Masood's place in the half-marathon and run rings around him

  • Season 1 Episode 4998: EPISODE: 4998

    The Carter women decide Sylvie should be sent to live in a care home, to the disappointment of Stan, so Shirley asks Dean to come and help cheer his grandad up. But when Nancy and Lee return, they are unimpressed to see him there, prompting a surprise announcement from Shirley. Shabnam makes a point of declining Stacey's invitation to the Vic's ladies' night when Kush says he might be going, while Masood fakes an injury in a feeble attempt to get out of the upcoming half-marathon

  • Season 1 Episode 4997: EPISODE: 4997

    Charlie is horrified by Yvonne's revelations, unaware she has not told him the full story, although Nick is more forthcoming about his ex's role in the situation. Who will Charlie believe? However, he soon has more to worry about when Aleks comes to him in a panic - Ineta has disappeared and taken the baby with her. Stan tells Dean he doesn't believe Linda's story and asks him to stay, Ben confides in Jay, only to misread his friendliness, and Shabnam seems overprotective of her handbag. What could she be hiding?

  • Season 1 Episode 4996: EPISODE: 4996

    As Roxy and Charlie keep a vigil at Ronnie's hospital bedside, Dot reminds her grandson he also now has a child to spend time with, while back home Yvonne looks on guiltily as Nick drops constant reminders of Phil's part in the tragedy. Ben realises Max has tricked him, so he heads over to the car lot to release his anger. Tina takes Sylvie to the community centre, only for her mum to go missing, while Shirley decides to hold a ladies' night in the Vic to bring in some much-needed business. Shabnam gives a loan to Stacey, who repays the favour by taking the buttoned-up shopworker out for the evening

  • Season 1 Episode 4995: EPISODE: 4995

    Stacey gets a surprise when she finds Kat in a compromising situation and tries to get to the bottom of what's been going on with her cousin. But she doesn't just have her own family to worry about as a desperate Lauren also asks for her help in speaking to Max, and although reluctant, she eventually heads over to the Brannings' to confront him about his suspicious behaviour

  • Season 1 Episode 4994: EPISODE: 4994

    Stacey is curious when she notices the tension between Mo and Kat, but she is frustrated that neither of them will explain why they have fallen out. Kat soon has more to worry about, however, when she invites Alfie to the Vic for a drink and tells him she needs to talk - giving him a glimmer of hope that she wants them to get back together. Across the Square, Lauren grows increasingly suspicious of Max's behaviour, but her attempts to confide in Abi get her nowhere, so she shares her concerns with Stacey - could her father really be involved in her best friend's murder?

  • Season 1 Episode 4993: EPISODE: 4993

    Donna finds out that Kat can't afford the next rent payment, so she visits Alfie with a plan, and before long he arrives with a box full of men's clothing for his wife to sell. Will she accept his help? Whatever she decides, her day takes another unexpected turn when she arrives home later to shocking news from Mo. Ben and Sharon find themselves at loggerheads

  • Season 1 Episode 4992: EPISODE: 4992

    The police arrive at Dot's house in search of Nick. Have they finally caught up with him or will his family cover for him once again? Pam comes up with a plan to bring Kat and Donna closer together, so the two of them try to pull the wool over her eyes by pretending to be best of friends. Ben finds himself on the receiving end of someone's outburst

  • Season 1 Episode 4991: EPISODE: 4991

    With just six weeks to go until a week of special episodes during which Lucy's killer will finally be unveiled, things are hotting up in the investigation - although Carol gets a shock when she finds Max tearing up vital evidence. In the market, Donna doesn't show up for work, so Stacey and Kat set up an extra stall on her pitch - but they don't bank on their fellow trader's surprise announcement when she does eventually turn up

  • Season 1 Episode 4990: EPISODE: 4990

    As the dust settles on another series of eventful New Year's Day celebrations, some of the neighbours are in contemplative mood, while for the rest, life will never be quite the same again. Will the next 12 months be any more kind to the long-suffering people of Walford?

  • Season 1 Episode 4987: EPISODE: 4987

    Ronnie puts her plan into action, and there's a familiar face back in Albert Square as Kim Fox returns. Denise's sister is shocked at how much everything has changed - although it soon turns out she is hiding a secret or two of her own. Emma continues to grow suspicious of her friends and neighbours

  • Season 1 Episode 4986: EPISODE: 4986

    The Carters are still reeling from the events that ruined their Christmas Day. With the secrets now out in the open, can the family ever hope to be the same again? Ronnie has a day of revelations - first Shirley lets her in on a little secret, and then she realises that Dot and Charlie have been manipulated, so she sets out to avenge them. Nancy is offended when Dexter makes light of her family problems, leaving their relationship in doubt

  • Season 1 Episode 4985: EPISODE: 4985

    The fallout continues for the Carters as more lies are exposed - will the family ever be able to recover from the devastation? Ronnie and Charlie hand over the ferry tickets and cash to Nick and he says goodbye to his family. As Charlie gets ready to drive him away, Dot is heartbroken that her son is leaving yet again - perhaps forgetting that this is the man who didn't let even a little thing like death deter him from returning to his old ma in the end

  • Season 1 Episode 4982: EPISODE: 4982

    Christmas Eve dawns and as Lee and Nancy reel from the latest family revelation, Linda states that Dean isn't welcome for Christmas dinner, while Stacey warns him to keep away from her and Lily. Angry at his treatment, he confronts Linda with a blackmail threat - but will she back down? Romance is in the air at the Beales' as Jane and Ian wake up in bed together, and although she is keen to keep their rekindled romance just between them, he makes the mistake of telling Alfie, and the gossip spreads like wildfire. After all their rehearsing, the singers of the Walford Community Choir proudly take their position in the Square for their carol concert, although Ian is annoyed when a certain audience member tries to put him off

  • Season 1 Episode 4981: EPISODE: 4981

    Stacey urges Linda to tell Mick the truth about her ordeal, but the landlady is worried how it will affect their relationship, while Dean can't understand why he has been dumped - although he soon puts two and two together and storms over to the Vic. Fat Boy challenges Kush to kiss Shabnam before the end of the day - and when the cheeky market-trader learns she won't let Tamwar and Masood have a Christmas tree, he makes it his mission to change her mind about embracing the festive spirit. But will he end up embracing her as well? Lauren is shocked by what she sees when Emma shows her the video footage, Nick and Yvonne plead with Dot not to tell Charlie about finding them together, and Jane is confused after her smooch with Ian

  • Season 1 Episode 4980: EPISODE: 4980

    Stacey is puzzled by Linda's behaviour around Dean and continues to push her for information about him, only to be told nothing is wrong. But when Mick unexpectedly announces Linda's pregnancy to a packed Vic, and then the two women have a heart-to-heart, Stacey becomes more convinced than ever she has hit upon something. Lauren gives Emma the envelope pushed through her door, in which she finds a USB stick containing a video from the night Lucy was murdered. Has she found the killer? Jane is left to run the cafe alone when Ian fails to turn up - although her feelings of frustration soon change - and Dot returns home, shocked to find Yvonne and Nick rekindling their romance

  • Season 1 Episode 4979: EPISODE: 4979

    Emma talks to Lauren about what has come to light on Lucy's social media account, and before long the finger of suspicion is pointing at Whitney. But Lee is convinced Lauren has something to hide, and later someone posts an envelope to Emma through the Brannings' front door. Meanwhile, Linda is afraid for Stacey's safety and rushes over to see her, but is unable to tell the truth

  • Season 1 Episode 4978: EPISODE: 4978

    Kat and Alfie go to see about getting a council house, but their optimism turns to gloom when they are told the only available properties are more than 200 miles away in Hull, leaving them with a big decision to make. As the Carters dress up for the Santa's grotto at the Vic, Stan is upset to realise this will be his last Christmas and sets out to make amends with Cora. Pam locks herself away after discovering her son won't be coming home for Christmas, so Les and Billy come up with a plan to put a smile back on her face

  • Season 1 Episode 4977: EPISODE: 4977

    The Moons' pleas to the landlord prove fruitless and he tells them to be out of the flat by lunchtime - and when Kat refuses to leave, the police are called in. Can Stacey make her cousin see sense? Nick and Yvonne continue to bond - just as Ian, Charlie and Ronnie meet to discuss how to get the trouble-maker out of Walford - and Stacey and Dean make their relationship more official. DI Keeble tells Emma there was suspicious activity on Lucy's social media accounts after her death, and tasks her with tracking down the laptop from which the comments were made

  • Season 1 Episode 4976: EPISODE: 4976

    Phil is shocked to discover Nick is still alive and it takes all of Ronnie's powers of persuasion to stop her cousin from hurting him. She insists that Nick is locked in his bedroom every evening from now on, while trying to borrow some money to help him move on from Walford - but he isn't too keen on being banged up, and tries to get Yvonne to help him. The Moons' boiler breaks down and Kat is horrified to discover another of Alfie's grand plans has failed spectacularly. Abi receives the result of her theory test, and Emma bumps into DI Keeble, who offers her career a lifeline - but at what cost?

  • Season 1 Episode 4975: EPISODE: 4975

    It's a day of revelations for the Albert Square residents, as Ian is stunned after learning a massive secret and rushes to make amends with Peter - will the Beales be reunited in time for Christmas? Meanwhile, Shirley and Mick are left speechless courtesy of Aunt Babe - and they find themselves face to face with a woman they haven't seen in years. Aleks is still upset about losing Roxy and begs Charlie to help him see her

  • Season 1 Episode 4974: EPISODE: 4974

    Tina is at her lowest ebb after Tosh's attack and refuses to return her messages, and when her remorseful girlfriend turns up at the Vic, Shirley leaves her in no doubt she is not welcome. But then Tina asks to speak to her alone - is she going to forgive her yet again? Linda insists on attending her abortion alone but still seems unsure about going, while Ian is shocked when Jane tells him Peter was on cocaine last night, but it's still not enough to make him speak to his son. Nick is getting frustrated with being stuck inside and heads out, despite Yvonne's warnings - and sure enough, it isn't long before an Albert Square regular claps eyes on Dot's supposedly dead son

  • Season 1 Episode 4973: EPISODE: 4973

    The Carters aren't happy when Tina announces that she and Tosh are moving away, so Aunt Babe comes up with a crafty plan to deal with the couple's relationship. Peter's 21st birthday arrives, but Ian is still struggling to come to terms with what his son did and refuses to go to an impromptu party organised by his friends at the Albert. However, the guest of honour finds it hard to celebrate without his sister, and slips back to Masood's where he takes a line of cocaine. Over at the Vic, Mick tries to make Linda change her mind about the abortion

  • Season 1 Episode 4972: EPISODE: 4972

    Tension grows between Martin and Sonia following her admission to hospital, although when she returns home the couple finally get a chance to talk about how they feel. It seems like they are getting somewhere - until Sonia asks one key question. Linda seems to be having a bad day, taking out her anger on everything and everyone she comes across - and finally stuns Mick with a shock confession, and Tosh is fed up of Tina constantly lying to her, so she decides the only way for them to carry on is to move away together. Things are still strained among the Beales, so Jane tries to build bridges between Ian and Peter, while life is looking up for the Slaters after Kat's dad Charlie sends some money for them to join him in Lanzarote at Christmas

  • Season 1 Episode 4971: EPISODE: 4971

    Sonia is clearly unwell as she busies herself with the Fat Blasters Christmas party, hoping that Martin will accept her invitation to come along. She is brought back down to earth when Pam asks her about the charity money, but manages to cover herself. However, the guilt eventually becomes too much and she makes a sudden announcement - which takes an unexpected turn. Jane desperately tries to keep the Beale family together, and despite Charlie's warnings, Aleks's worlds collide when Roxy and Marta come face to face

  • Season 1 Episode 4970: EPISODE: 4970

    Affairs of the heart concern the Branning family as Max has a chat with Lauren about Peter's proposal, and then Emma lets slip that Abi and Ben are dating, prompting Max to storm over to the Mitchells', where Phil comes to his son's defence. Cindy and her friends enjoy a funny video that Lola took on Fat Boy's mobile - but when Lee realises it was filmed on the night Lucy died, he suddenly notices something that could add yet another twist to the investigation. Sonia confides in Tina about where she has been, bringing the friends closer than ever before

  • Season 1 Episode 4969: EPISODE: 4969

    Peter arrives home from New Zealand with something important on his mind. Making his way over to Max's, he shocks the car dealer by asking for Lauren's hand in marriage. Jane tries to persuade Ian to forget what they found on Lucy's phone, while Sonia is back from her course looking pale and ill, and although she tries to blame it on a hangover, she is soon forced to admit the real reason. Marta confronts Aleks about Roxy, but worse is to come when the secret husband and wife are spotted together

  • Season 1 Episode 4968: EPISODE: 4968

    Ian is convinced Lucy hated him, so Jane tries to prove him wrong by reading out some of his daughter's text messages - only to stumble across one that leaves them both in shock. Having spend the weekend with his wife, Aleks agrees to take Roxy out to make up for his absence - but when he buys her a new dress for the occasion, things get a little bit complicated. Denise takes the day off work to look after Patrick, just as a couple of company inspectors turn up at the Minute Mart to go through the books and do a stock-take

  • Season 1 Episode 4967: EPISODE: 4967

    Ian's shock at Denise's discovery of Lucy's belongings turns to anger when she tells him why the police haven't yet been called, and as he ponders the situation, Ben arrives demanding to speak to his brother alone. Will he confess to his actions on the night of the murder? Abi comes looking for Ben at the Albert, only to find Lola working there, giving the young women a chance to clear the air

  • Season 1 Episode 4966: EPISODE: 4966

    Denise is horrified after digging up Lucy's purse and phone at the allotment - but she's not the only one as Jay realises what she has found and immediately goes to tell Ben, while Denise seeks advice from Masood. Should she tell Ian the truth? Unaware of the unfolding drama, Ian is arguing with Jane over whether Bobby should move back to Albert Square, with her claiming he can no longer be trusted after sleeping with a prostitute. But just as it seems they are making headway, they receive an unexpected visit

  • Season 1 Episode 4965: EPISODE: 4965

    Bobby's disappearance leaves Ian and Jane frantic with worry, although DI Keeble assures them that they are doing everything they can to find him. Things look up, however, when Carol turns up with some hopeful information - a video message Bobby sent to Tiffany. Patrick is distraught to discover the council are taking away his allotment, so Denise promises to look into it and pays the site a visit - only to make a shocking discovery. Sonia prepares to go away with work, but is very secretive about the details, while Ben is put on the spot when Sharon asks him to help Johnny at the Albert

  • Season 1 Episode 4964: EPISODE: 4964

    The pressure of looking after Patrick is taking its toll on Denise, and Shabnam realises just how much when she notices some wine has gone missing from the Minute Mart. Cindy breaks down in front of Liam, telling him how much she misses school and admitting her fears that she is not a good mum to Beth. But just as the teenagers are getting close, a panicked Jane rushes in with worrying news about Bobby. Dean is left reeling when Shirley confides in him, while Ben and Ian bond as they have a heart to heart over Lucy's death. Masood boasts about his fitness to Kush, but soon regrets it when he finds himself signed up for a half-marathon

  • Season 1 Episode 4963: EPISODE: 4963

    It seems a week never goes by without the Carters being involved in some high drama, and sure enough, here they are again, facing another big revelation that promises to send shockwaves through the entire family. As if that weren't enough for Mick to contend with, the confused landlord remains puzzled by his wife Linda's behaviour, still unaware of the ordeal she has been through at the hands of the man he calls his nephew, and begins to push her for answers

  • Season 1 Episode 4962: EPISODE: 4962

    Having spent the night in a B&B, Mick and Dean return to the caravan park with a plan. Determined for their trip not to have been a waste of time, they attach the locked caravan to the back of Mick's car and drive it to Walford - only to get the shock of their lives when they open the door outside the Queen Vic. Linda is horrified when her husband confronts her over her recent behaviour, and Johnny is bemused when Ben says he and Abi are in a relationship - just 24 hours after he was trying to kiss him. Tina contacts Stan's consultant, but doesn't get the answers she was expecting

  • Season 1 Episode 4961: EPISODE: 4961

    Mick is surprised to learn that Aunt Babe apparently knows where Shirley is, so he and Dean set off for the caravan park where she's thought to be staying to bring her back to Walford. Lee's birthday party continues at the Albert, although there isn't much celebrating after the news about Stan's illness - and Cora is particularly unhappy that he never told her about it. Ben takes drastic action to prove he isn't gay and ends up coming to blows with birthday boy Lee, with everyone shocked at how aggressive the latter has become

  • Season 1 Episode 4960: EPISODE: 4960

    The Carters are making preparations for Lee's birthday when Aunt Babe stuns the family into silence by revealing Stan has terminal cancer. The old man tells them to carry on as normal, but it proves easier said than done, although Mick and Tina agree they need Shirley back more than ever. Across the Square, Stacey finds herself warming to life at Dean's and is surprised to feel jealous when he flirts with a customer

  • Season 1 Episode 4959: EPISODE: 4959

    After the Moons spend the night on Dean's floor, the pressure is on for Alfie to find a new home. Kat goes back to work, while it soon becomes clear Stacey still has a problem with Alfie. In the Vic, Sonia announces how much money the calendars have raised - only to break down in the toilets, worried that Martin no longer loves her. Linda offers her a shoulder to cry on, but when Sonia leaves, she tears up the charity cheque and makes a phone call. Aunt Babe follows Stan, determined to find out what he's up to, and Emma isn't happy when she learns of the outcome of her job, leading to an argument with Max

  • Season 1 Episode 4958: EPISODE: 4958

    Mick almost catches Linda looking at a pregnancy website - after which she calls the clinic for advice about terminations - making it more difficult when her husband agrees for them to babysit Kat and Alfie's twins later that day. Kat herself is still nervous about going out, but eventually plucks up the courage to join Stacey for a drink at the Albert - only to get a shock when she returns home. Fat Boy shares his worries about Dot with Carol and asks her to see what she can find out - and it isn't long before she discovers that Nick is back. Pam worries Billy will go to the police with her dark secret, while Aunt Babe is suspicious when Stan lies and tells her he's spending the day with Cora - what is he up to?

  • Season 1 Episode 4957: EPISODE: 4957

    Pam is struggling to make it through the day, worried that Emma will discover her secret - and things only get worse when Max turns up demanding an explanation for Les's behaviour last week. Tensions are also high at the Carters' as Mick tells Linda he has changed his mind and wants another baby, but is disappointed when she doesn't agree. He is surprised, however, when he receives support from an unexpected source. Fat Boy worries when Dot is nowhere to be found and confronts Charlie over her whereabouts, and Sonia takes delivery of the charity calendars, but isn't too impressed with her own photo

  • Season 1 Episode 4956: EPISODE: 4956

    It's the day of the calendar photoshoot, and Albert Square is buzzing as the residents get their kits off for charity. However, Linda is horrified to find out that Mick has signed them up as Mr and Mrs December, so after apologising, he agrees to do it alone - but it's obvious he's not comfortable. Meanwhile, Pam is distracted by something, although when a drunken Les later loses control in the pub, he risks giving away a secret his wife is keeping. Tosh is convinced her estranged parents won't accept Tina's dinner invitation, so it proves a pleasant surprise when at least her mother arrives

  • Season 1 Episode 4955: EPISODE: 4955

    As the Carters make preparations for their firework party, Mick continues to push his idea that Linda must be pregnant, and when she realises he isn't going to let it drop, she buys a test from the chemist. The thought of being a dad again puts Mick on such a high he volunteers himself and Linda to pose for the nude charity calendar. Emma is pleased when she and Max decide to make another go of things and he asks to meet her mum and dad, while Tina invites Tosh's estranged parents for lunch the next day. Will she live to regret it?

  • Season 1 Episode 4954: EPISODE: 4954

    Mick is out of his mind with worry over Linda's increasingly erratic behaviour and when he suggests booking a doctor's appointment, she becomes scared, and convinces him everything is fine. But it soon becomes clear that's not the case when a dinner is planned but she can't bear the thought of sitting down at the table where she was attacked. Dot is forced to make a heartbreaking decision, Emma is shocked to discover the real reason Lauren is being followed and Aunt Babe gives Tina an idea for dealing with Tosh. Sonia is surprised how many people are willing to get involved with the naked charity calendar

  • Season 1 Episode 4953: EPISODE: 4953

    Dot can barely believe her eyes as she is greeted by Nick, the son who eight months earlier she believed was lying in a coffin in this very same house. Although she is beyond happy to seem him, she is angry at his deceit, and immediately demands an explanation. Abi and Lauren come to blows when home truths are exposed, and Lauren, scared she is still being followed by Lucy's killer, asks Emma for help - but can the detective be trusted to uncover the truth?

  • Season 1 Episode 4953: EPISODE: 4953

    Omnibus. Dot can barely believe her eyes as she is greeted by Nick, the son who eight months earlier she believed was lying in a coffin in this very same house. Although she is beyond happy to seem him, she is angry at his deceit, and immediately demands an explanation. Abi and Lauren come to blows when home truths are exposed, and Lauren, scared she is still being followed by Lucy's killer, asks Emma for help - but can the detective be trusted to uncover the truth?

  • Season 1 Episode 4952: EPISODE: 4952

    As Halloween arrives in Albert Square, the locals gather in the Vic to celebrate Ronnie and Charlie's engagement party - and in line with the scary theme, Phil is actually nice for once as he and Charlie make amends. The groom-to-be soon has something to worry about, however, when Dot disappears from the party, believing she has seen a ghost. Will he tell his grandmother the truth? Lauren is still being followed, and plucks up the courage to chase the person taking such an interest in her, while Ben makes it clear to Johnny where he stands

  • Season 1 Episode 4951: EPISODE: 4951

    Charlie receives a visit from his mum Yvonne, just as he and Ronnie are organising the engagement party - only for the reunion to be interrupted by Dot, who has found a butt from Nick's favourite brand of cigarette in her bin. Kush announces his idea for the charity calendar, but upsets Carol when he reveals that everyone in the pictures should be naked, while Stacey finds Tina trying to cover a black eye with make-up and tells her she can't let Tosh treat her like that any more. Johnny is getting mixed messages from Ben, and as Peter prepares to leave for New Zealand, Lauren is shaken after noticing the same car following her once more

  • Season 1 Episode 4950: EPISODE: 4950

    Charlie panics after he and Ronnie find Nick in the kitchen, and try to distract Dot so she doesn't bump into her 'dead' son. It isn't long before the reason for his return becomes clear when the Walford villain gives his son and his new fiancee an ultimatum. Carol is appalled to discover Sonia emotionally blackmailed Rebecca, but her attempt to rearrange the audition leads to an argument with her daughter. Tosh takes her disappointment at not being pregnant out on Tina - and things soon turn nasty between the pair - while Ben's attempt to defuse the tension between him and the Carters makes Johnny wonder if he fancies him

  • Season 1 Episode 4949: EPISODE: 4949

    Ronnie and Charlie share the news of their engagement with their families, starting with the Mitchells - and while Roxy's response seems lacklustre, Phil doesn't hide his ill-temper and he and Charlie come to blows. Unknown to all of them, however, Nick Cotton is back in Albert Square - and he is keeping a close eye on his family. Stacey wakes up in Dean's bed and makes a swift exit, telling him last night was a mistake. Lola is worried that Ben will try to take Lexi away from her, while Sonia is upset at the thought of losing both Rebecca and Martin, only for Kush to cheer her up

  • Season 1 Episode 4948: EPISODE: 4948

    Stacey gets closer to Dean, blissfully unaware of the kind of man she is getting mixed up with, while after a few weeks in hospital, Kat finally arrives back home - but where exactly is home now? Tamwar's party moves from the Vic to the family home, where Masood cooks up one of his famous curries, and new market trader Kush flirts with Shabnam - but doesn't have much luck. Sonia discovers the music academy Rebecca wants to audition for is actually a boarding school 140 miles away in Cardiff - and worries how she would be able to afford such a thing

  • Season 1 Episode 4947: EPISODE: 4947

    The Masoods gather to celebrate Tamwar's birthday, but Shabnam is unhappy to discover her father has planned a party at the Vic, worried what the people at the mosque will say if they find out. However, she is the one with the surprise in store when she gives her brother his present. Kat has an unexpected proposition for Alfie as she prepares to leave hospital, while Rebecca puts Charlie in an awkward position when she reveals a secret she doesn't want Sonia to know, so he tries to make the girl see sense

  • Season 1 Episode 4946: EPISODE: 4946

    Charlie and Ronnie reveal some home truths to each other, but can their relationship take the strain? Mick invites Dean and Stacey round for drinks, leaving Linda feeling uncomfortable - especially when she is made to sit next to her attacker, who is clearly deluded. As if that weren't bad enough, Stacey puts Mick on the spot with an awkward question. Alfie finally hears back from the insurance company

  • Season 1 Episode 4945: EPISODE: 4945

    Phil returns from hospital, horrified to discover that Ronnie is dating a policeman. She tries to talk him round, but he asks her a simple question - what would Charlie think if he knew his girlfriend was a killer? Linda is forced to put on a brave face yet again when Mick arranges for Stacey to do her hair, although as the women get chatting, the distressed landlady finds a kindred spirit. Alfie assures Kat he has found them somewhere to live as she prepares to leave hospital - but she is more concerned with the way she looks - the Masoods make plans for Tamwar's birthday and there's a new face on the market, a cheeky stallholder whose behaviour immediately annoys Shabnam

  • Season 1 Episode 4944: EPISODE: 4944

    Linda finds herself growing further away from Mick as she struggles to cope with recent events, while Lauren still suspects she is being followed and in a panic runs to find Peter. Ronnie makes her way over to Dot's to apologise to Charlie for Roxy's text message - will he let bygones be bygones?

  • Season 1 Episode 4943: EPISODE: 4943

    After receiving a phone call from Mick, Linda's mother Elaine arrives at the Vic to help her daughter. She doesn't mess around, telling her to get dressed and get down to the bar, and as she does so it's clear the traumatised landlady wants desperately to confide in her mum - but it proves more difficult than she would have expected. Eventually, Linda brightens up - only for things to take a dramatic turn for the worse, leaving the entire family horrified. Meanwhile, Roxy has a confession for Ronnie - she sent Charlie a text from her sister's phone

  • Season 1 Episode 4942: EPISODE: 4942

    As Nancy holds her musical bingo night at the Vic, the Carters become increasingly worried about Linda's behaviour, prompting Mick to call the only person he thinks can help. Roxy and Aleks return after their break and are so keen not to be apart that she asks him to move in with her - but when he comes face to face with his past, he begins to play a dangerous game. Alfie is confident of receiving money from the insurance company, although Stacey is not convinced, Emma has shocking news for Max, and Lauren and Peter notice someone taking photos of them in the Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4941: EPISODE: 4941

    It's Nancy's 21st and Linda is desperately trying to hold everything together as she organises a small family gathering. However, things soon threaten to get out of hand when the birthday girl invites all her friends as well, leaving her fragile mum struggling to cope. Peter is horrified when he discovers where Ian was the night Lucy died, while Emma has a bad day when the truth comes out about her and Max. Charlie helps Ronnie clear things out to make room for the baby and it's clear there's something between them

  • Season 1 Episode 4940: EPISODE: 4940

    Nancy tries to cheer up Linda, whose withdrawn behaviour is worrying her family. Will an afternoon slobbing out in front of the telly with her daughter bring her out of her shell? Max's bed-hopping antics come back to haunt him when he visits Ian to apologise for sleeping with Lucy, and then Emma, afraid of losing her job, tells her lover she can't see him any more - at least not until the murder case has been resolved. Lauren and Peter have a big announcement for their families. Charlie accompanies Ronnie to her scan, where they receive important news about the baby, and Dean invites Stacey for a drink

  • Season 1 Episode 4939: EPISODE: 4939

    Linda goes looking for a shoulder to cry on and ends up with Sharon, but she finds it harder to tell the truth than she ever imagined. Mick is worried to hear that his partner has disappeared, while Dean makes up a story to cover his tracks - but risks tripping himself up when he gives conflicting details to Mick and Nancy. The Carters are relieved when Linda eventually returns - although her ordeal continues when she faces a terrifying warning from her attacker

  • Season 1 Episode 4938: EPISODE: 4938

    Linda feels all alone as she faces the trauma of Dean attacking her the night before, and unable to tell her family the truth, she pretends to be hung-over. However, when he arrives for dinner, her reaction makes it clear that something far more serious is wrong. Ronnie and Charlie continue to argue, until she suffers severe stomach pains, causing them to take stock of their situation. Nancy plans a bingo event for the Vic and decides Tamwar could be the perfect co-host - but will he agree?

  • Season 1 Episode 4937: EPISODE: 4937

    The shooting has left the residents of Albert Square in shock - especially those closest to the victim and the one who pulled the trigger. With Dean particularly upset, Mick sends his nephew - or rather, the man he still believes is his nephew - over to the Vic, so Linda can try to calm him down. It proves a struggle at first, but once the landlady shows her maternal side, he starts to open up about his feelings. However, his bitterness soon resurfaces, and the slightly menacing flirting he has subjected Linda to over the past few weeks escalates into something much more devastating. Meanwhile, Tina is forced to face facts about her relationship with Tosh

  • Season 1 Episode 4936: EPISODE: 4936

    As the dust settles on the shooting and one resident is left fighting to stay alive, the families of both the victim and the culprit are devastated by the far-reaching consequences of the incident. Meanwhile, Lauren catches up with Peter at the station just as he is about to leave Walford for ever - will a confession of love be enough to convince him to stay with her? Back in the Square, Emma arrives to see Max, who has his hands full dealing with Abi's problems - but the detective soon puts a smile on the car dealer's face

  • Season 1 Episode 4935: EPISODE: 4935

    Tensions run high as Shirley, Phil and Sharon face off, and when someone gets hold of the gun that the latter has been hoarding all this time, it isn't long before a shot rings out across the Square - leaving one resident fighting for their life. A drunken Abi is devastated when Jay ends their relationship so he can remain in Walford, but she is convinced he is staying behind for Lola and snaps. Whitney tries to get Lauren to open up about her feelings for Peter - unaware he is packing his bags to leave for the other side of the world

  • Season 1 Episode 4934: EPISODE: 4934

    After the dramatic events at the register office, everyone gathers at the Vic, where Phil is not the only one to give a speech - leading to devastating revelations. Tina is shocked by Tosh's confession - and even more surprised when her girlfriend accuses her of not loving her, while Whitney witnesses Dean's anger first-hand, and doesn't like what she sees. Charlie and Ronnie argue over her pregnancy, so Dot forces them to sit down and talk properly, and Aleks bundles Roxy and Amy into a cab for the airport - just as two visitors arrive to see him

  • Season 1 Episode 4933: EPISODE: 4933

    It's time for another Walford couple to tie the knot, but it isn't looking good as Phil finds himself at the register office with only his wedding guests for company. Someone does eventually turn up, but it's Shirley, who delivers a few home truths, just as Sharon is being forced to face facts back at the Vic. Roxy boycotts the wedding to give Ronnie a good talking to, after learning she is pregnant with Charlie's baby - and in turn, Abi worries when Aunt Sal mistakes Lola for Jay's girlfriend, and Tina tells Dean how she hopes to marry Tosh - leading to a confession

  • Season 1 Episode 4932: EPISODE: 4932

    Dean panics when Sharon has a bridezilla moment over her wedding hairstyle and admits she doesn't like it. Ben reveals he has changed his mind about Phil's wife-to-be but it seems the rest of the family don't share the same opinion as a cynical Aunt Sal arrives to make her thoughts well and truly known - before Ronnie and Shirley give Phil a final ultimatum. Elsewhere, Roxy gets a surprise visitor and some unexpected news

  • Season 1 Episode 4931: EPISODE: 4931

    After talking to Aunt Babe, Shirley realises her plans with Phil could be ruined if she does not change her attitude toward Ben, while Roxy makes Sharon see that if her hostility continues she will lose Phil to Ben for good. When Linda advises her to give the teen a chance she decides to start over and officially welcomes him into the family - leaving Shirley seething as the happy scene plays out in the Vic. Denny helps his mum pack her overnight bag, unaware it is not make-up that he has put in her luggage

  • Season 1 Episode 4930: EPISODE: 4930

    Ben's reappearance on the Square leaves Phil feeling uneasy as he tries to reconnect with his son, only for the teen to declare he came back as he believes his father is marrying the wrong woman. Shirley is in for a shock when the father and son arrive at the Vic for the stag night - but how will Sharon react to the idea of a killer staying under the same roof as Denny? Meanwhile, after a heart-to-heart with Shirley, a rather intoxicated Dean has a surprising proposal to put to Tosh

  • Season 1 Episode 4929: EPISODE: 4929

    Phil's stag do looks to be a night of surprises as both Jay and Shirley have plans for the groom. Before putting on a night of free drinks and food at the Vic in his honour, Shirley drops by Phil's house for a pre-stag warm-up but is forced to make a speedy exit when Jay turns up ready to take the stag to meet a special guest. Roxy and Charlie find themselves getting better acquainted as he helps her finish off Sharon's wedding favours, only for Roxy to discover she has been snubbed as the bride-to-be selects Linda as her matron of honour. Lauren is delighted to be invited to the wedding as Dean's plus one, while Abi worries about Jay's real feelings regarding their impending relocation

  • Season 1 Episode 4928: EPISODE: 4928

    Phil is disappointed when he doesn't receive an invitation to Jay's leaving dinner at Max's, so he decides to gatecrash the party anyway - but soon regrets it when his embittered former employee drops a bombshell. Nancy worries that she has offended Tamwar, while Masood is surprised when he discovers the truth behind Shabnam's lie

  • Season 1 Episode 4927: EPISODE: 4927

    As the residents come to terms with the impact of recent events, it is clear the fire has completely devastated the Slater house - and it becomes apparent that Mo's hairspray caused the explosion. Phil is shaken when he walks in on Jay packing up his things, and as he later confides in Shirley, he tells her he wants them to be together. But they don't realise someone is watching. Shabnam lies to Denise about having a dentist appointment so she can attend a pharmacy interview, while Tina receives devastating news

  • Season 1 Episode 4926: EPISODE: 4926

    Fire engulfs the Moons' home, and when Alfie realises the house isn't empty he puts his life on the line to save Kat - despite Roxy's attempts to stop him. Things are awkward at the Vic, where Phil is quizzing Linda about Sharon's whereabouts, while Mick catches up with the runaway bride-to-be and gives her a few encouraging words - but will it be enough to make her want to get married? A suspicious Nancy questions Lauren's behaviour after noticing the tension between her and Peter, although her concern soon turns to Tamwar when she sees his reaction to the fire

  • Season 1 Episode 4925: EPISODE: 4925

    Mo's get-rich-quick scheme proves to be anything but when the family struggles to sell her dodgy hairspray, so Alfie decides on a desperate course of action - to start a fire and claim on the insurance. With everyone out of the way, he gets ready to light it - only for Mick to arrive at the crucial moment. Linda frantically organises a hen party for Sharon, who is overwhelmed about the wedding - and when a surprise guest turns up, the bride-to-be's reaction puzzles her friend. Albert Square's younger generation escape the drunken women in the Vic by throwing a smaller party at Max's, where it soon becomes clear there's no love lost between Lauren and Nancy, while Carol is finding life hard without Bianca and her grandkids

  • Season 1 Episode 4924: EPISODE: 4924

    Cash-strapped Alfie struggles to keep it together, and things only get worse when Aleks confronts Kat about working on the market while also receiving maternity benefit. The former landlord's pride takes another knock when his friends offer to help out - so he finds himself with no choice but to reconsider his radical solution. Tensions run high as Bianca, Terry and the kids prepare to leave - however, at the last minute, it turns out one of them doesn't actually want to go. Linda rejects Sharon's apology, while Nancy refuses to believe nothing is going on between her mum and Dean - will she reveal all?

  • Season 1 Episode 4923: EPISODE: 4923

    As a hung-over Sharon remains oblivious to Phil's feelings of unease toward her, he upsets Shirley by blanking her in the Square. What is he up to? Mick quizzes Linda over her argument with Sharon, and is concerned about Nancy's coy behaviour - unaware both of them are hiding the same secret. Tina organises a family party to celebrate Stan's birthday, and uses the opportunity to make an announcement

  • Season 1 Episode 4922: EPISODE: 4922

    Phil seeks answers after seeing Sharon and Marcus together, but when his anger gets the better of him, Shirley has to persuade him to calm down before taking any further action. Linda and Sharon enjoy a girlie drinking session, although tensions are fraught when they talk about each other's personal problems - and Nancy is stunned to make a discovery about her mother. Kat is furious with Alfie when he comes clean about the true extent of their money troubles, so he promises to be honest from now on, while Stan challenges Babe about her suspicious behaviour

  • Season 1 Episode 4921: EPISODE: 4921

    Phil receives shocking information making him realise things aren't as they should be, leaving Sharon wondering whether she should change her plans - but she may be too late. Mick is relieved when Linda returns, although she shows more interest in helping Sharon choose a wedding dress than in him, so Stan urges his son to fight for his partner. When Terry and Bianca reveal they are moving away, Alfie ends up revealing the extent of his financial problems, so Terry tries to help his friend. Whitney also tells Lee she is leaving Walford, but when the couple misinterpret the situation, they somehow end up dumping each other, and Lauren isn't happy about Stacey working at the car lot and wastes no time letting Max know how she feels

  • Season 1 Episode 4920: EPISODE: 4920

    Alfie continues his attempts to raise money for his family, putting Kat's mind at ease by telling her he has taken out a bank loan. He eventually thinks he has found the answer - but how desperate is he? Jay is annoyed with Phil when he fails to come up with a reference for him in time for his move to Bolton - and when he hears the police have visited Ian with a new lead, the young mechanic becomes desperate to leave as soon as possible. Charlie receives the result of his DNA test

  • Season 1 Episode 4919: EPISODE: 4919

    Carol feels apprehensive about her final appointment, and while the hospital reverend provides little comfort, the surprise appearance of her daughters does go some way to relaxing her. She's not the only one at the hospital, as Charlie takes his DNA test - although the last thing he needs is to bump into Dot - while back in the Square, Terry has a few home truths for Bianca, forcing her to decide where her priorities lie. Alfie comes clean to Kat about their money problems, so she suggests going back to work on the market, while Stacey goes job-hunting, and thinks she is in luck after impressing Dean with a great trial at the salon

  • Season 1 Episode 4918: EPISODE: 4918

    Whitney seeks comfort after her argument with Stacey, only to find Lee and Bianca oblivious to her distress. However, Stacey feels guilty and offers her an olive branch, assuring her she will always be a part of Lily's life. Kat and Alfie finally come up with a pair of names for the twins - and the thought of going to the register office prompts Alfie to get down on bended knee. Bianca challenges Terry about his plans to move away, but he's preoccupied with TJ. Can she change his mind? Charlie offers to do anything to earn Carol's trust, but he isn't prepared for her suggestion

  • Season 1 Episode 4917: EPISODE: 4917

    Stacey returns home, having won her appeal, although she doesn't stay long when Lily's nervous reaction causes her to run off. Kat eventually persuades her to come back, while Whitney consoles her niece - but things soon take a turn for the worse. Terry tries to persuade an anxious TJ to visit Cindy and the baby, but he says there is little point if they are moving away - news that leaves Bianca in pieces when she overhears. Carol admits to Dot she hasn't gone for her final appointment because she's scared of the outcome - and when Charlie sees his grandmother is upset he assumes Carol has revealed his big secret

  • Season 1 Episode 4916: EPISODE: 4916

    Linda confides in Sharon as her frustration over the situation with Ian boils over, while Mick seeks advice from Shirley and Stan before trying to apologise but it seems the damage is done. Denise is appalled to discover Patrick's house has been broken into, while Cora tries to get Rainie to see the consequences of her actions and makes her promise to stay and get clean. Dean takes Lola on permanently at Blades but her happiness doesn't last long when Peter tells her he's breaking up with her, before the market trader heads off to tell Lauren he has ended the relationship

  • Season 1 Episode 4915: EPISODE: 4915

    Cindy returns to the Square to find a very stressed Ian and tells him she's come back to Walford as Gina is putting arrangements in place to have her baby adopted once it's born. Too distracted to notice she is having contractions, Ian suddenly realises the teenager is going into labour. Linda tells Mick to speak to Nancy and sort out their problems - his daughter admits her disappointment at the way he spoke to Rainie and lied to her - but is everything resolved? Linda's reaction tells him otherwise

  • Season 1 Episode 4914: EPISODE: 4914

    Denise struggles to find her feet as she starts caring for Patrick and worries about a visit from a social worker when she accidentally cuts him while giving him a shave. Things aren't looking promising for Ian and Peter when the police inform them they haven't found the person they believe to be responsible for Lucy's murder. Cora finally decides the time is right to apologise to Patrick, but Denise isn't so impressed by her alcoholic peace-offering, nor is she likely to be happy if Rainie gets her way. The troublemaker starts threatening the Carters - this time for money to keep quiet about Mick - despite the landlord reminding her it didn't actually happen, but the fallout has already begun as an angry Linda reveals all to Nancy. Peter and Lauren get close, and Tosh confides in Tina about her worries of being a good mother

  • Season 1 Episode 4913: EPISODE: 4913

    Omnibus. Mick asks Lee, Whitney and Johnny to skip their plans to go to Notting Hill Carnival and instead recreate the street festival in the Vic in an attempt to make things right with Linda, but the landlady is unimpressed despite their efforts. Patrick returns from hospital in a low mood so Ian suggests to Diane that they invite some of his friends over. Later Alfie, Peter and Fat Boy continue the homecoming celebrations at the pub, the warm welcome does the trick but Cora is still avoiding her old companion - a merry Ian also receives an ultimatum from Mick, who tells him he has to put his own family first. Meanwhile, Tosh and Tina struggle to see eye-to-eye with their baby plans, Bianca is not best pleased when Terry gives Donna a hand, and when Sharon catches Phil with Rainie he is forced to tell her about Ian, and takes her to Cora to sort out

  • Season 1 Episode 4912: EPISODE: 4912

    A panic-stricken Yvonne insists that she and Charlie run away to Ireland before Nick gets to them, and when Charlie receives a message from his father her decision is made. Charlie is forced to tell an already devastated Dot more lies in order to protect her when he goes to say goodbye, with Yvonne telling her that he has been transferred to Ireland with immediate effect. Denise's unease about putting Patrick in care leads a guilty Ian to tell the former B&B owner he can live with them. But has Ian made things right between him and Denise? Lee is concerned about his future with Whitney when she is late for a date, while Peter and Lauren struggle to be honest with each other when they have a shift at Beales together. Dean decides to give Lola a chance when he sees how much it means to Lauren

  • Season 1 Episode 4911: EPISODE: 4911

    Emma heads out to arrest Charlie for impersonating a police officer but is everything as it seems? Yvonne begins to worry that Charlie is getting too close to Dot and he promises to stop seeing her when she makes it clear that Nick could end up coming back into their lives. Ian organises some appointments to view care homes for Patrick but Denise still feels uncomfortable about the situation, although a chat with Shabnam reassures her. Whitney throws caution to the wind despite her concerns about Lee, while a seemingly romantic gesture by Peter isn't quite what Lola perceives it to be when Lauren and Dean head out for a lunch date, and things end disastrously when the hairdresser turns down Lola's offer to work at Blades

  • Season 1 Episode 4910: EPISODE: 4910

    Max is feeling guilty about his behaviour toward Abi and Dot and decides to apologise. He heads round to Dot's but leaves when he realises that Charlie is already there, helping her organise the church jumble sale. Later when Max and Charlie find themselves alone, the Branning patriarch confronts Nick's son and makes it clear he is unhappy with how he has pushed his way into the family, but Charlie makes it clear he's not going to be threatened. Ian's plans for Patrick have driven Denise away yet again. Masood provides Denise with the support she wants, but after visiting Patrick she realises there is no way she would be able to care for him alone, and insists that if he must go in a home it has to be one of the very best. Lola has problems of her own as Peter continues to rebuff her and an argument with Jay leaves her feeling more alone, while Whitney is struggling to face up to her fears as things progress with Lee, despite Bianca's blessing

  • Season 1 Episode 4909: EPISODE: 4909

    Ian is concerned by the good progress Patrick is making and decides to accompany Denise on a visit to the hospital. After she speaks to a doctor and finds out that he'll be able to come home, the restaurateur comes up with a plan to keep Patrick away from the Square - quickly convincing Kim and Anthony that he would be better off in a nursing home. Jay makes Abi a promise, but their plans look unlikely after Max puts his foot down at a celebration meal for his daughter, spoiling not only the family dinner but also Dot's idea to invite Charlie. After a word of advice from Carol, Whitney decides to change her mind about how things are progressing with Lee. Sharing her thoughts with her friend, Lauren then admits that she spent the night with Dean - but is the hairdresser being completely honest with her about his feelings - not forgetting Linda?

  • Season 1 Episode 4908: EPISODE: 4908

    Abi gets her exam results and tells Jay she has got the grades she needs to go to university in Liverpool. Despite his obvious sadness, he organises a party to celebrate - but it isn't just the thought of his girlfriend moving away that's troubling him. Emma tells Ian how the press conference has reignited public interest in the case, while Phil sets out to locate Rainie, determined to put a lid on the blackmail problem once and for all. Linda is on edge, so the last thing she needs is a bunch of roses from Dean and a confrontation with Cora

  • Season 1 Episode 4907: EPISODE: 4907

    The residents are intrigued when the televised appeal opens up a new line of inquiry into the murder, although Linda's decision to broadcast the press conference in the pub doesn't please all of the locals. Ian confesses all about Rainie's blackmail to Phil, who agrees to take matters into his own hands - and Sharon is so touched by his kindness that she questions whether she should go ahead with her con. A drunken Dean finally finds himself alone with Linda - how will she respond to his advances?

  • Season 1 Episode 4906: EPISODE: 4906

    Ian feels as if he has the weight of the world on his shoulders as he prepares for the appeal about Lucy's murder, and although his friends and family turn out in support, it proves hard-going for the grieving dad. Phil realises all is not as it seems, prompting him to demand the truth, while Lauren's show of sympathy toward Peter only gets her short shrift from Lola. As Cora considers phoning Rainie, Stan puts on his detective hat and comes close to discovering the truth about her relationship with Mick's accuser

  • Season 1 Episode 4905: EPISODE: 4905

    Linda is upset after Cora's outburst, although Mick encourages her to keep her head held high - but when her confidence takes another knock, Dean takes advantage by whisking his aunt off to the Salon to comfort her. Johnny, Nancy and Lee's plans for revenge end in a dust-up, while Cora argues with Lauren, forcing her to reveal the identity of the prostitute found with Mick. Ian is shaken to the core by an unexpected ultimatum, and Alife worries that Kat is taking on too much, having only just given birth to the twins, so he tries to relieve her burden by visiting Stacey. Can he persuade her to appeal?

  • Season 1 Episode 4904: EPISODE: 4904

    Visiting time is up for Stacey, just as Alfie arrives at the hospital, nervous at the thought of the twins' impending arrival. Cora is distracted after an uneasy reunion with a face from the past, and after seeing Mick playing happy families in the Vic, she launches into a rant in front of a packed pub - announcing his arrest to the locals. Dean takes advantage of Linda's upset by trying to comfort her, while Lauren attempts to catch Dean's eye. Peter and Denise think Ian is worried about the forthcoming TV appeal - unaware he is more concerned about the ongoing events with Rainie

  • Season 1 Episode 4901: EPISODE: 4901

    Kat and Alfie are suspicious of Jean's reasons for being back in Walford - although her true intentions become clear on a visit to Stacey in prison - and as the day of the swimming gala arrives, a nervous Mick is determined not to let his family down as he attempts to complete a length of the pool. The pressure of being blackmailed is taking its toll on Ian, who gathers what cash he can and meets Rainie in a desperate bid to pay her off once and for all - but his plan goes horribly wrong when a familiar face turns up. Cora is excited when Stan plans a belated birthday treat for her, until she realises she won't have him all to herself

  • Season 1 Episode 4900: EPISODE: 4900

    The police tell Ian the investigation has stalled and ask him to front a TV appeal, and although he isn't sure it's the right thing to do, he reluctantly agrees. The Moons' day starts off with a shock when they think Kat is going into labour, and while they're at the hospital, Aleks gives away Alfie's market pitch - but the couple's surprises don't end there. The residents turn out to pay their respects at Dot's ceremony to mark the centenary of the First World War, and with Lee in his full army regalia, Whitney can't hide how proud she is of her man and finally plucks up the courage to tell Bianca she is seeing him

  • Season 1 Episode 4899: EPISODE: 4899

    Dean is furious when the stash goes missing - and even angrier when he realises who has taken it. Aunt Babe assures him she will deal with it, and tells Shirley she has an announcement to make to the family over dinner. Is Mick finally going to discover the truth about his parentage or will Babe keep mum? Meanwhile, Carol recovers from her operation, and Lee comes up with a novel way to impress Whitney and help Liam at the same time

  • Season 1 Episode 4898: EPISODE: 4898

    Carol feels as if she has the weight of the world on her shoulders as she heads to hospital for her operation, and seeks solace in the chapel as she contemplates how her life is going to change. Shirley suspects Dean and Aunt Babe are up to no good, so she searches the salon and discovers their stash. She confronts them with the discovery - but it's only when Dean has gone that Babe reminds her niece that she knows her big secret, so she'd do well to keep out of her business

  • Season 1 Episode 4897: EPISODE: 4897

    The Carters question Tina about her supplier, with Mick suspecting it's someone close to home - and sure enough, when Aunt Babe arrives, she realises the family are on to her. Dean is tasked with getting rid of the evidence, but can he be trusted? Carol braces herself about her looming operation, but with the police still breathing down the family's necks about the hash brownie incident, she seeks advice from Charlie, only to make a surprising discovery. Lee comes up with a plan to romance Whitney, while Dot starts planning the ceremony for the First World War centenary

  • Season 1 Episode 4896: EPISODE: 4896

    Sharon is distraught after what she overheard and asks Linda to help plan her getaway. But can she really bring herself to leave the Square? Bianca is reeling following the cannabis-cake incident, worried she could face losing her kids now that social services are involved, while Tina worries what will happen if anyone realises her involvement. Ian continues to discourage Denise from visiting Patrick in an attempt to prevent her from discovering his secret, while Cora avoids going to the hospital as it brings back bad memories

  • Season 1 Episode 4895: EPISODE: 4895

    Linda tries to persuade Sharon to get rid of the gun, prompting her friend to open up and admit she is scared of being attacked again. She does eventually pluck up the courage to venture outside - leading to a shocking discovery. Aunt Babe arrives at the cafe with her latest delivery for Tina - cannabis-laced brownies - shortly followed by Liam, who is there to pick up some buns for Tiffany's school disco - and sure enough, the inevitable mix-up occurs. Ian remains on edge about Patrick, as Masood offers his support and visits him in hospital

  • Season 1 Episode 4894: EPISODE: 4894

    Denise is devastated about Patrick's stroke, and when it becomes apparent he cannot speak, Ian tries to hide his relief that his sordid secret is safe for now. Linda invites Sharon along to Sonia's diet class, but when she doesn't show she pays her friend a visit - and makes an alarming discovery. Lee finally persuades Whitney to let him take her out on a date, only to be left downhearted when she changes her mind

  • Season 1 Episode 4893: EPISODE: 4893

    Patrick is on the warpath following his discovery and issues Ian with an ultimatum - either tell Denise the truth or he will. But his growing frustration with the situation doesn't do any good for his shaky health. Sharon is reluctant to heed Phil's advice and take her anxiety tablets, given her history of pill addiction, while the Butchers rally round Carol after she receives a date for her operation. Lee tries to woo Whitney once again, and Aunt Babe has something ominous to say to Tosh, who remains blissfully unaware of the way Tina is raising money for their fertility plans

  • Season 1 Episode 4892: EPISODE: 4892

    Denise is keen to put a hold on the wedding planning, so Ian asks Patrick to talk her round. However, he may regret helping when Rainie turns up in the Square and fills him in on exactly what she was up to with Ian on the night Lucy was killed. Sharon is still deeply traumatised after her attack and lashes out at Dennis, forcing Phil to take desperate measures. Jay confronts Max after finding him getting cosy with Emma, while Tina and Tosh are delighted when Jake returns to the flat having been released on bail

  • Season 1 Episode 4891: EPISODE: 4891

    Ian is angry when the police update him on the latest developments in the murder investigation, especially when they reveal that Jake is to be released, while Lee discovers Tina has been selling more than bacon rolls and mugs of tea in the cafe. Jay accompanies Abi on a university open day, only for them to end up arguing - and when he later goes round to apologise, the young mechanic is shocked to see Max getting up to no good with policewoman Emma

  • Season 1 Episode 4890: EPISODE: 4890

    Linda overcomes her reservations and finally agrees to model for Dean's salon photoshoot, alongside Whitney and Lauren. However, although he makes her look stunning, the landlady is left feeling uncomfortable when her nephew gets a little over-familiar. He may think it's OK to place his hand on his auntie's bum - but she most definitely does not. Meanwhile, Lola finds herself in an impossible situation, torn between the men in her life, and Emma has an unexpected announcement for Max

  • Season 1 Episode 4889: EPISODE: 4889

    The Carters are worried about Lee changing his statement, concerned it may implicate him in Lucy's murder. It seems he is coming round to their way of thinking - until another incident makes him more determined than ever to go to the police. Pam makes an alarming discovery, Dean asks Linda to model for his photoshoot at the salon and Lauren reluctantly agrees to meet up with Max, who is keen to make amends

  • Season 1 Episode 4888: EPISODE: 4888

    Mick and Linda worry when Lee is nowhere to be found following last night's revelation, although he finally turns up and reveals what he knows about the night Lucy was murdered. Lauren visits Max at the car lot in the hope of building some bridges, unaware he is inside with Emma - will she catch the policewoman taking down her dad's particulars? Things look up for Billy when Les gives him a job at the undertaker's, while Tina and Tosh go to see Jake in prison and are shocked by what they find

  • Season 1 Episode 4887: EPISODE: 4887

    Linda's admission that she wants another baby leads to tension between her and Mick, and as the pair of them talk after hours in the Vic, they mention a huge family secret. But unknown to them, someone is listening. Meanwhile, there are more revelations upstairs, as a drunken Lee mumbles about having done something stupid connected with Lucy Beale. A drunk and emotional Shirley turns to Patrick for advice on her relationship with Dean - and when he tells her to reach out to him again, she gives her son one last chance. How will he react?

  • Season 1 Episode 4886: EPISODE: 4886

    The Carters finally get to meet Johnny's new boyfriend Gianluca as the family gathers for Linda's birthday party, and although the guest of honour feels awkward, she tries her best to be happy for her son. Dean criticises Shirley's attempts to be a responsible mother, and Billy vows to pay back everything when Tina discovers he has been stealing electricity - but Tosh isn't quite so understanding. Patrick puts on a brave face as he struggles to cope with what's been happening, and at the end of the night, Linda has an unexpected announcement for Mick

  • Season 1 Episode 4885: EPISODE: 4885

    It's a day of surprises at the Vic as Mick's birthday present for Linda finally arrives in the shape of eldest son Lee from Afghanistan - with Nancy given the task of keeping her mum distracted - and Shirley also puts in an appearance, with a child in tow. Lola is shocked to realise the extent of Billy's financial difficulties when their power goes off, and he is forced to admit he has been stealing electricity from Aleks, while Patrick gives Ian just the push he needs to show Denise exactly what she means to him

  • Season 1 Episode 4884: EPISODE: 4884

    Carol visits Dot for advice on whether she should go ahead with Tina's not-entirely-legal plan, but her mother-in-law gets confused and thinks she is referring to the operation. Things get even more complicated when the women at Sonia's diet class insist on talking about Carol's cancer - prompting her to make a momentous decision. Roxy also comes to a drastic conclusion about her future, while Nikki is keen to tell the kids her good news - until Terry admits that recent events have given him a change of heart

  • Season 1 Episode 4883: EPISODE: 4883

    Bianca receives another visit from the bailiff, causing tension in the household and prompting Carol to resort to desperate measures. Sonia is also keen to help her family by starting up a diet class for the local women, while Bianca turns to Terry for support in her hour of need. Meanwhile, unlucky-in-love Roxy is reeling from her discovery about Aleks and sets out to get her revenge, inviting him over for a meal he won't forget in a hurry

  • Season 1 Episode 4882: EPISODE: 4882

    It's Linda's birthday so the Carters need to get her out of the way while they prepare her surprise dinner party. Dean offers to treat her to a day of pampering at his salon - but does he have an ulterior motive? Carol finds out about Bianca's money worries, so she gets her job back at the cafe, where Tina offers her a risky way of making a quick buck. Alfie realises that Roxy needs to know the truth about Aleks - but he doesn't want to be the one to tell her - and Donna takes a liking to Terry, only to be disappointed when she sees him with Nikki

  • Season 1 Episode 4881: EPISODE: 4881

    Alfie gets lumbered with a load of ice-cream, although he is soon shifting it to his customers - only for Aleks to fine him for trading without the proper licence. Heading to the market manager's office, he again comes close to uncovering his secret and sets out to discover what he's hiding. Carol visits hospital to discuss her mastectomy, although Bianca is shocked by the decision she makes about her treatment. Tina is on her best behaviour ahead of her performance review with Ian, but it doesn't go the way she's hoped, and Johnny's mobile keeps buzzing with messages from a keen new love interest. Dean couldn't care less that Shirley has gone missing, while Nikki returns to Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 4880: EPISODE: 4880

    Linda worries when Johnny doesn't return home, so Stan takes his daughter-in-law on a trip down memory lane to make her see how her behaviour is driving a wedge between her and her son. Back in Walford, Mick escapes the family dramas and heads back to the swimming pool, where an unlikely Good Samaritan finally helps him face the water, while Phil is shocked when he awakes to find an intruder in his bedroom. Tosh and Tina head to a Gay Pride celebration, although the latter's choice of costume annoys her girlfriend

  • Season 1 Episode 4879: EPISODE: 4879

    The Carters gather to support Dean at the grand opening of his salon, although Shirley is only looking after number one when she uses the opportunity to solve her cash-flow problem. Johnny is furious with his mother when she visits his university lecturer in the desperate hope of getting his exam results changed, while Alfie finds himself in trouble with Aleks, and then stumbles across something the market manager would rather he kept quiet. Mick tries swimming yet again, only for his fears to get the better of him, and Tina is in the doghouse with Tosh once more

  • Season 1 Episode 4876: EPISODE: 4876

    Phil's mind is on Sharon, who is still in hospital after her attack, so the last thing he needs is Shirley trying to speak to him after her confession - but when she does finally find him at home, all she asks is that he be honest with her as well. Dean seems to be bonding with his family as the Carters help him move into his new salon - unaware he has different plans for the business. A few kind words from Lola prompt Ian to whisk Denise off to a wedding fair in Kent - only for car trouble to ruin his moment of spontaneity

  • Season 1 Episode 4875: EPISODE: 4875

    A conscience-stricken Johnny's intention to own up to hiding from Sharon's attackers is thwarted by Linda, who's keen to avoid a backlash against the Carters. However, his private humiliation becomes public when Linda admits to The Albert's customers that he failed to intervene when he had the opportunity to do so. With Phil keen to vent his frustrations, it falls to Ian, of all people, to provide the necessary consolation. Peter is left confused when Les insists he hasn't yet been paid for Lucy's funeral, especially when his father had confirmed that he emptied the cafe's till for that purpose. Denise offers to babysit Lexi and is delighted when a superficially disinterested Ian quickly bonds with her

  • Season 1 Episode 4874: EPISODE: 4874

    Nancy and Mick respond to a panic-stricken Johnny's phone call and turn up at The Albert, shortly before an ambulance arrives to take Sharon to hospital. Phil finally persuades Shirley to admit what happened with Mick years ago, but he barely has time to take in this news before he learns about the attack. The police take a statement from Johnny and gradually uncover the truth about his part in the incident. Elsewhere, Ian is unnerved when he receives a surprise visitor at the restaurant

  • Season 1 Episode 4873: EPISODE: 4873

    Phil and Sharon clash over the booking of door staff for an event at The Albert but, after this far-from-promising beginning, the night is a success, with Johnny's ingenuity resulting in a packed bar - and his in-house promotion. Things quickly sour though when two men break into the premises during the closing-up period and attack Sharon, with Johnny too scared to come to her aid. Elsewhere, a stubborn Phil refuses to leave The Vic when Shirley won't open up and confess what's bothering her, Masood steps into the breach when pressure threatens to overwhelm Ian, Charlie and Dot bond over dinner, and Roxy upsets Aleks when they go out for a romantic meal

  • Season 1 Episode 4872: EPISODE: 4872

    Roxy is puzzled by what she saw between Aleks and Ronnie last night, so she questions her sister - but when that does no good, she goes snooping around her boyfriend's bedroom in search of answers. Having finally got a new lead, Peter and Lauren continue their investigation into Lucy's death, only to find themselves in a risky situation. Denise returns home from holiday, only to find Ian no better than when she left, Phil starts making business decisions behind Sharon's back and Shirley doubts Tina's loyalty to Tosh

  • Season 1 Episode 4871: EPISODE: 4871

    Ian and Peter put on a brave face for Jake's plea hearing, while Max and Abi receive a visit from the police, who have more information and are looking to clarify their statement. A broody Tina and Tosh babysit for Amy so that Aleks and Roxy can enjoy another night out, but it soon becomes clear the women have different attitudes toward parenting. Over at the Albert, Sharon is impressed with Johnny's business ideas, while Phil decides it's time he took less of a background role and became more involved in the bar

  • Season 1 Episode 4870: EPISODE: 4870

    The Brannings are shocked by Max's revelation, and while Lauren threatens to go to the police, Abi is more supportive, asking her dad if there's anything else he needs to come clean about. Sonia heads to Beale's for her anniversary meal with Martin, but her night doesn't go to plan when he fails to show and she is left facing an awkward encounter in the restaurant with Tina and Tosh, while Sharon decides a home-cooked meal will help make amends with Phil - only to be interrupted by work problems yet again. An evening out for Aleks and Roxy proves embarrassing when it becomes obvious she has bought some of Bianca's dodgy fake tan, and Lauren receives a call giving her some clues about Lucy

  • Season 1 Episode 4869: EPISODE: 4869

    Cora warns Peter that searching for Lucy's mystery cab driver is too dangerous, so Lauren ends up going off alone - and when her friend is unable to get hold of her, he reluctantly turns to Max for help. Sonia is put in an awkward position when Tosh reveals she knows what the nurse has been up to with her girlfriend Tina, while Sharon's preoccupation with the bar is causing tension to mount between her and Phil. Aleks buys Roxy a fancy necklace to apologise for not taking their relationship seriously, while on the market he proves he's capable of bending a few rules by allowing Bianca to sell dodgy fake tan - for a cut of the profits

  • Season 1 Episode 4868: EPISODE: 4868

    Peter continues his investigation into his sister's murder, persuading a reluctant Lauren to visit Jake in prison and searching for the unlicensed cab driver whose taxi Lucy got into on the night she was killed - only to find himself in a dangerous situation. As the Carters prepare to unveil their new sign for the Vic, Tina comes up with a cunning plan to make amends with Tosh. Sonia is downhearted after a disciplinary hearing for falling asleep at work, and in a heart-to-heart with Bianca she admits her feelings for Tina - unaware someone else is listening

  • Season 1 Episode 4867: EPISODE: 4867

    Peter quizzes Phil about his behaviour toward Ian, and when it comes out that Phil believes Jake is innocent, he decides to turn detective and carry out his own investigation. Tosh is furious with Tina for ruining her evening, and things are made worse by the manipulative Dean, who continues to meddle in their relationship. Bianca persuades a reluctant Alfie to give her the number of his contact so that she can strike the money-making deal on her own, while a desperate Billy resorts to extreme measures

  • Season 1 Episode 4866: EPISODE: 4866

    Life is tough for the new flatmates when Dean and Tosh clash over Aleks's house rules, although Tina has more important things to worry about with the need to impress at her girlfriend's works party. Johnny takes her shopping to find something to wear - only for her to end up making a fool of herself before she even gets to the ball. Sharon tries to get Ian to open up, but Phil destroys the moment by wading in with his own accusations, Bianca is tempted by a dodgy money-making deal set up by Alfie, and Billy makes an impulsive decision

  • Season 1 Episode 4865: EPISODE: 4865

    As the Butcher household tries to get back to normal, Bianca worries about the financial impact of recent events. Sharon tries to persuade Jake to plead guilty at his hearing next week, hoping it will help Ian overcome his torment. However, when Phil insists on coming along, things get complicated. Aleks tells Tina and Tosh they will have to make up the rent he is losing from Jake's room being empty, so a panicked Tina persuades her nephew Dean to move in

  • Season 1 Episode 4864: EPISODE: 4864

    Pity the poor Butcher-Jackson-Wicks family - it seems they never have much in the way of luck. From Bianca's countless failed relationships and Liam falling in with the wrong crowd to Carol's on-off relationship with David and her more recent battle with cancer - they're the ones who never seem to get a break. And so it is again tonight, when - following the dramatic events of the wedding day - they struggle to come to terms with the hand fate has dealt them

  • Season 1 Episode 4863: EPISODE: 4863

    Sharon is worried about Ian after seeing him picking up a prescription from the pharmacy, and her concern turns to panic when she later spies an empty pill packet through his window. Fearing the worst, she rushes home to get Phil - will they be in time to save her grieving friend? Mick is unhappy when Shirley reveals where she got the money from for the Vic, while Stan and Dean go looking at a potential venue for the new salon before announcing their business plans to the rest of the family

  • Season 1 Episode 4862: 27/05/2014

    Chaos descends on the Butcher household as Carol and David's wedding day arrives. However, Bianca is still unsure of her dad's feeling toward her mum, and when the groom appears to do a vanishing act, it seems her worst fears have been realised. Stan returns from his court appearance with a tempting offer for Dean - money to set up his own business in the Square - while Mick and Shirley have a heart to heart about recent revelations. Lola is furious with Billy after discovering he has been stealing stock from the fish and chip shop, and Sharon tries to talk to Ian

  • Season 1 Episode 4861: 26/05/2014

    David surprises Carol with tickets for a dream honeymoon, but Bianca is not convinced he is being sincere and confronts him with Liam's suspicions about Nikki. There's also a lack of trust over at the Vic, where Dean's cousins are unsure about his doting grandson act, leading Nancy to quiz him about his motives. However, it seems he's not the only member of the household with something to hide. Tamwar ponders over the abusive card he found at the funeral and is shocked when he realises he recognises the handwriting, while Ian takes the first step in moving on from Lucy's death

  • Season 1 Episode 4860: 22/05/2014

    Phil finds Shirley hungover outside the Arches and takes her back to his house, where Sharon is unimpressed that he's yet again helping his ex-lover. While the two women spit insults at each other, he tracks down Dean to see if he can persuade him to forgive his mother. David organises a surprise 'hen party afternoon' for Carol and the rest of the girls in the hope of building bridges, although Liam is still not convinced his grandad's relationship with Nikki is platonic - especially when the teenager intercepts a phone call from the airline worker. Libby tries to persuade Denise to go to Spain with her

  • Season 1 Episode 4859: EPISODE: 4859

    It's the day of Lucy's funeral and the locals rally round to support the Beales in their hour of need. Ian is delighted when Bobby and Cindy arrive, even if he does disapprove of the latter's choice of outfit, but when he asks Max to read the eulogy, he remains unaware just how close his daughter was to the used-car salesman. However, when Phil becomes privy to some shocking information, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Over at the Vic the Carters are getting things ready for the wake, and thoughts of family prompt Dean to give Shirley another chance - but their reunion proves short-lived thanks to Stan's meddling

  • Season 1 Episode 4858: 20/05/2014

    The highs and lows of life with the residents of Albert Square, Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 4857: 19/05/2014

    Things get too much for Ian while making the final preparations for the funeral and he flees Walford, searching for Jane at Christian's flat in Birmingham. On his return to Albert Square, the grieving father unwittingly puts Max in an awkward position when he turns to him for comfort. Mick is desperate to put things right between Shirley and Dean, and is surprised when Stan offers to help. However, the landlord soon has other things to worry about after a comment from Tina sets him thinking about his childhood again, while Linda is surprised to discover what Johnny has been getting up to online. Carol is unsure whether she should have a hen party during a time of mourning in the Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4856: 16/05/2014

    The locals rally round for the reopening of the restaurant, giving Ian something to focus on, but during the preparations the police inform Peter that Lucy's body has been released by the coroner. To avoid any more setbacks, he decides to wait until after the opening before he tells his dad - only for Ian to overhear him talking to Denise about it. Shirley hits rock bottom, turning to the bottle and setting off on a drunken mission to retrieve some of her kids' keepsakes from the Butchers'

  • Season 1 Episode 4855: 15/05/2014

    Shirley's happiness at a reunion proves short-lived when the Carters' visitor bad mouths her in front of the entire pub, so Mick steps in to defend his sister - although his actions shock the family. Lola is tired of being ignored by Peter and turns to friends Abi and Jay and a bottle of schnapps for comfort, but Phil isn't too impressed. Peter doesn't get the reaction he was hoping for when he tries to console Ian

  • Season 1 Episode 4854: 13/05/2014

    News of the arrest sends shockwaves through Albert Square, and as Lauren struggles to come to terms with her actions, she looks once more to Peter, who in turn is pushing Lola further away. Phil visits Ian in an effort to help him get his life back on track, but he underestimates the man's grief and ends up making a big decision himself. David sends Bianca back to the shop to buy Carol the expensive dress she wanted, only to have his bubble burst by Liam, who confronts him about what he saw him up to with Nikki. A heated argument between Stan and Shirley is interrupted by a family emergency - and the day takes an even more unexpected turn with the arrival of a surprise visitor

  • Season 1 Episode 4853: 12/05/2014

    The Walford Gazette publishes Lola's scathing interview about Lucy, causing ripples around the Square and forcing her to defend her actions when her loyalty is brought into question. Dot is reeling after making a discovery about Charlie, so she sets out on a search for answers - and ends up receiving a visit from another member of the Cotton family (a woman who will be familiar to fans of Father Ted). David is caught out after he finds himself in a compromising situation with Nikki, while Cora and Stan's friendship continues to blossom when she pays him a visit to thank him for his loan - much to the annoyance of Mick and Linda

  • Season 1 Episode 4852: 09/05/2014

    Fat Boy is jealous of Dot's growing relationship with Charlie, so Mick advises him to get to know his landlady's grandson better - although he is left more upset than ever when Dot reveals her plans to leave the Square. Nikki bids goodbye to her family and heads back to work, only to be left devastated when her bosses ground her. Seeking a shoulder to cry on, she finds it in the shape of David - but they are being watched. Peter fails to appreciate the dinner Lola has made for him, so she takes surprising action

  • Season 1 Episode 4851: 08/05/2014

    Peter urges Lauren to stop looking into Lucy's mystery e-mailer, insisting it will interfere with the official police investigation. However, there's a shock in store when she comes face to face with the man behind the message. Carol's wig gives her a new-found confidence, although David isn't too happy with her appearance and makes his doubts rather obvious. Tosh regrets letting Tina move in when she is reminded of her girlfriend's messy nature, Alfie has a business proposition for Peter, and Dot is taken aback when Charlie suggests it's time she moved on. Pam worries the funeral home isn't doing any business, so Les hatches a money-making plan

  • Season 1 Episode 4850: 06/05/2014

    Lauren finds an e-mail from a client who wanted to see Lucy on the day she was killed and wonders if her friend kept the appointment. It looks like important evidence but the police don't agree, so she decides to take matters into her own hands and arranges a meeting. David picks Carol up from the hospital, although she quickly grows tired of his mollycoddling and begins making plans for the future, Shirley and Tosh are at loggerheads over who Tina will celebrate her birthday with, and Dexter takes a chance with Nancy - but her reaction isn't the one he expected. Dot catches Cora with her fingers in the till and Peter tries to get his market stall back

  • Season 1 Episode 4849: 05/05/2014

    David investigates a break-in at the car lot only to find the CCTV footage has been deleted - although when Liam helps him recover the back-ups, he isn't prepared for what they show. Carol's collapse convinces Bianca and Sonia to put their argument behind them as they await news of their mother's condition, while Cora goes to extreme lengths to keep a roof over her head. Lauren is annoyed that the neighbours seem to have already forgotten Lucy and is tempted by the thought of a drink - until a few wise words from Abi persuade her to be more positive - Tosh and Shirley compete for Tina's affection and Nancy feels she is being taken advantage of by her family

  • Season 1 Episode 4848: 02/05/2014

    Ian searches frantically through Lucy's possessions for clues to his daughter's secret lover, unaware that David thinks he already knows the answer, and is putting pressure on Max to confess. His business partner remains adamant, however, that he had nothing to do with the young woman. Bianca and Sonia put their bickering aside when Whitney expresses her concern about Carol, who has shaved off all her hair, although the sisters' truce doesn't last long. Jake offers to teach Tina to cook so she can get back into Tosh's good books and Alfie is dejected about the stall now he's running it on his own

  • Season 1 Episode 4847: 01/05/2014

    Ian is horrified when the police tell him Lucy was murdered and it's highly likely she knew the killer - and what's more, they believe she was having an affair, and her secret lover might be the culprit. As if that weren't bad enough, the information has leaked, meaning the local gossips are having a field day, although Peter and Lauren are simply shocked at the thought that they didn't really know Lucy at all. Sonia misses an appointment with the gene doctor, and when Bianca gives her a grilling, her flustered sister blurts out the truth about her friendship with Tina, while Patrick is fed up with Cora treating his home like a hotel and issues her with an ultimatum

  • Season 1 Episode 4846: 29/04/2014

    Denise packs a suitcase and tells Patrick she is planning to leave and join Libby in Oxford. Will he try to talk her out of it? Bianca is angry with Sonia after discovering she still hasn't told Martin about her gene test results, so her sister goes looking for a more sympathetic shoulder to cry on, and Whitney and Lauren log on to Lucy's social networking page to delete the hurtful messages about their dead friend

  • Season 1 Episode 4845: 28/04/2014

    Peter is devastated by nasty comments about Lucy on her social networking site, so Lola tries to lift his spirits by getting the gang together to remember his sister - only for the idea to backfire on her. It's judgement day for Kat as she nervously attends her perjury hearing, knowing she could go to prison, and as Bianca awaits her friend's sentence, she yet again comes to blows with Donna on the market. Mick worries about the way people perceive the Carter family after certain comments about Lee's involvement with Lucy, so Linda comes up with an idea, and Sonia is excited about a date night with Martin - only to be left disappointed again

  • Season 1 Episode 4844: 25/04/2014

    Sharon feels guilty about not being there for Ian and insists she and Phil go pay their condolences, but she is unprepared for the state she finds her old friend in. The grieving father realises he made a mistake with Cindy - does he have time to put things right? As the police continue their questioning, a nervous Max eavesdrops on their conversation with Lauren, while Nancy is taken aback by what Lee tells them. Peter finds Lauren more supportive than girlfriend Lola, Masood has something to tell Jane, and Alfie hands out black armbands to the market traders as a mark of respect - but not everyone is willing to show their support

  • Season 1 Episode 4843: 24/04/2014

    The Beales are still numb with grief, and while Dot attempts to console the family, it all proves too much for Peter, whose only comfort is a visit from Lauren. To add to their woes, the police arrive to search Lucy's room for evidence - but when they conduct interviews, Ian is furious with Cindy's lack of respect for her dead sister and he makes a drastic decision. At the same time, Denise is left feeling guilty after finding out why her fiance kept things from her

  • Season 1 Episode 4842: 22/04/2014

    Ian struggles to digest what the police have told him and insists on being taken to see Lucy's body - and as if that weren't enough for the grieving father to cope with, he then faces the task of sharing the news with the rest of his family. Unaware of the tragedy unfolding across the Square, the Carters spring into action when Lady Di goes into labour. However, when it looks like one of the little pups might not make it, an unlikely local steps in to help

  • Season 1 Episode 4841: 21/04/2014

    Ian is desperate to make amends with Peter for his comments, so Jane persuades him to arrange a family get-together at the restaurant - oblivious to what has happened to Lucy. The police eventually do come calling though, and Ian hears the words no parent ever wants to be told. Meanwhile, Bianca encourages Whitney to be more confident and stand up to Lee - although the stall-holder fails to follow her own advice when Terry's ex Nikki arrives in the Vic - and Aunt Babe has a warning for Stan after learning of his arrest

  • Season 1 Episode 4840: 18/04/2014

    Ian is worried when he realises Lucy didn't come home last night, only to later find her and Lee, who have spent the night together at the restaurant. During a heart-to-heart with his daughter, he insists she is the child he is most proud of - but when they discover Peter has overheard, it sets in motion a chain of events that leads to a tragic outcome. Meanwhile, Whitney is heartbroken after Lauren fills her in on recent events and Denise can't hide her true feelings any longer and comes to a big decision

  • Season 1 Episode 4839: 17/04/2014

    Lucy continues to get what she wants, stealing Lee's attention away from Whitney - only for her insecurities to surface when the two of them are alone. Meanwhile, Cindy is jealous when she hears Ian boasting about his businesswoman daughter and decides it's high time he knew the truth about her. Over at the Vic, Mick comes up with a cunning plan to make Stan do more around the house - with a little help from local undertaker Les Coker - while Nancy organises a pool competition

  • Season 1 Episode 4838: 15/04/2014

    Lauren and Lucy hold an open day for their new property business which proves to be a great success, and buoyed by her achievement, the latter finally comes to a decision about her love life - but has she made the right one? The Carters discover Stan was telling the truth about Lady Di, and Mick's guilt is compounded when he receives a phone call to say his dad is in trouble with the police. Ronnie has a surprise for Roxy over dinner, and a mysterious e-mail gives Max something to worry about

  • Season 1 Episode 4837: 14/04/2014

    British soaps have always been a hotbed of love, passion and death - quite often all at the same time - and this week is no different for the people of Walford, as hidden feelings finally come to the fore. By Friday, life for one Albert Square family will never be the same again. Tensions continue to rise at the Vic, with Mick convinced Stan is trying to get between him and the children - and a misunderstanding over a dog and a set of bedsheets angers the old man. Ian, a man not exactly known for his diplomacy, manages to upset his entire family, especially fiancee Denise. Will their relationship survive this latest blunder? The traders are ready for battle after hearing the fate of the market is to be announced in a council meeting that evening, and Ronnie tries to make amends with Roxy and Aleks by inviting them over for dinner

  • Season 1 Episode 4836: 11/04/2014

    Jay panics as Lola lies unconscious, while the accident brings terrible memories flooding back for Ronnie and leaves her traumatised - prompting her to open up to Charlie. Mick pushes Lee to tell him the truth and is overcome with emotion when his son cracks and finally gives him the answers he has been looking for, and Tina and Sonia open up about their lives as they bond over a few drinks in the Vic

  • Season 1 Episode 4835: 10/04/2014

    A romantic double date ends in disaster when Peter and Jay end up arguing over Lola - but as she flees, she runs straight into the face of danger. Carol receives good news from the doctor, although she still can't help feeling guilty, and Roxy turns the tables on Ronnie by setting her up with Charlie - unaware her sister is still pulling the strings. Mick is suspicious of Lee's behaviour, prompting his son to confess why he cannot return to the Army - but is he telling the truth?

  • Season 1 Episode 4834: 08/04/2014

    It's a difficult day for Bianca, Sonia and their family as the sisters head off to get their test results - although upon their return, Terry is left speechless by his girlfriend's decision. Nancy and Mick are convinced Lee is hiding something and try to get some answers from Stan, while Lee himself has his spirits lifted when he bumps into Lucy, and wastes little time making her his first Walford conquest. Max is overjoyed by a surprise visitor, and as the Brannings plan a family night together, Jay is annoyed that Abi has cancelled their date

  • Season 1 Episode 4833: 07/04/2014

    Bianca is struggling to concentrate as she awaits the results of her gene test, so Terry helps out by taking care of the kids - and the amount of effort he puts in impresses David, who is forced to finally accept him. The Carters are delighted to have Lee home, although Mick still wants to know why his son didn't return straight away. Is he hiding something? Ronnie arranges a date between Roxy and Aleks, but worries she may be losing control of her sister, while Ian remains unsupportive of Lucy's business venture, despite her and Lauren landing their first contract. Jay is unhappy when Abi receives an offer to attend university miles away in Liverpool, so she makes a suggestion to suit both of them

  • Season 1 Episode 4832: 04/04/2014

    Linda feels threatened by the opening of Sharon's bar and takes her frustration out on Johnny, who gets his own back by telling her and the rest of the family not to attend. However, the Carters soon have much more to worry about than their inter-pub rivalry. Lauren is shocked to discover Max is going for his gene test today and Lucy has good news about the girls' business, while Whitney tries to mend her friendship with Johnny. Bianca causes a drunken scene at the bar but as an understanding Terry discovers, there's more to her behaviour than meets the eye

  • Season 1 Episode 4831: 03/04/2014

    Mick finds Stan's flat in a mess but what he believes to be an intruder turns out to be Shirley, who plans on staying there while ever her dad is at the Vic. The party girls head home, and after the devastating events of the evening, it's clear Lucy would rather be elsewhere. Masood plays along with Jane, even though he knows she is just using him, leaving Shabnam disappointed that her plan has failed. Jake puts all his efforts into a special meal for two, much to the interest of Aleks, and Johnny realises he cannot hide from Sharon and Phil for ever - will they forgive and forget?

  • Season 1 Episode 4830: 01/04/2014

    Tina's decision to bring her dad home to the Vic upsets the family but she sticks to her guns, even after a few home truths from Stan himself. Despite Shirley's objections, Mick agrees to let him stay - although he soon regrets his kindness. Denise is annoyed that things aren't going her way at the dinner with Ian, Jane and Masood, and soon suspects Shabnam of sabotage. The birthday party revellers sneak into Sharon's bar, where Lauren still suspects Lucy of being up to no good, and Carol is so angry with David she refuses to spend the evening with him, preferring to visit Max ahead of his genetic test tomorrow

  • Season 1 Episode 4829: 31/03/2014

    Mick's family quiz him about his attack and while he manages to convince them it was just kids, he still wants answers himself and goes to visit his dad Stan in hospital. Denise isn't sure whether she can trust Ian and Jane, so to put her mind at rest she arranges a family dinner, with help from Shabnam - unaware the latter is plotting against her. Lauren's suspicions about Lucy and Jake get the better of her when she is found searching through her friend's phone, while Linda's plan to make Johnny a mole begins to take shape, only for him to have second thoughts when he bonds with Sharon

  • Season 1 Episode 4828: 28/03/2014

    Mick receives a phone call about Stan's welfare, so he goes to visit his father - but the scene that greets him is more than a little mysterious. Jane is frustrated that the men of Walford constantly misinterpret her friendship for something more, forcing her to make a decision, while the Carters are surprised when Linda lets Sharon use the Vic to interview staff for her new bar. Lucy and Lauren discover that starting their own business may not be as straightforward as they hoped, especially when they have to rely on other people, and Roxy is disappointed that Ronnie hasn't arranged anything special for her birthday

  • Season 1 Episode 4827: 27/03/2014 (2)

    After the events at the wake, Dot is more resolute than ever in her wish to see Nick and she demands that Charlie take her to the crematorium to view her son's body. Peter persuades Lucy to go into business with Lauren, and Mick encourages Johnny to reconcile with his mum, Linda. Sharon unveils the name of the bar to Phil - and then questions him about what he was up to with Shirley at the wake - while Cora ends up with nowhere to stay after pushing Patrick too far

  • Season 1 Episode 4826: 27/03/2014 (1)

    It's the day of the funeral, and despite the deceased being quite possibly the least popular man to have ever lived in Albert Square, a few residents make the effort for Dot's sake - and while they pay their respects at the service, where things threaten to go pear-shaped when Ian loses his speech, they waste no time saying exactly what they thought of Nick Cotton in the Vic afterwards. Meanwhile, Billy tries to convince Lucy he would be good for her business and Johnny is furious with Linda when she mistakes his friendliness with a customer for flirting

  • Season 1 Episode 4825: 25/03/2014

    Nick's coffin is brought home, but Dot is upset when she discovers the lid has been screwed shut, meaning she can't look upon her son one last time - and when she demands for it to be opened, Charlie and funeral director Les Coker seem suspiciously reluctant. Shabnam tells Jane she doesn't want her around, forcing her to go searching for a new place to stay - so when Masood finds his ex, he hopes a kiss will make her realise she is more than welcome. But does she still feel the same?

  • Season 1 Episode 4824: 24/03/2014

    The trial is over and the repercussions of the verdict are being felt all around Albert Square. It's the week of Nick's funeral and Charlie tries to console his grandmother by inviting the vicar over - but the clergyman's nephew turns up instead. As Dot reminisces, her emotions get the better of her and she has one last request - she wants her son's body to be brought back home. The Masoods try to cheer up Tamwar, who is down in the dumps, although Jane's presence soon makes Shabnam unhappy too

  • Season 1 Episode 4823: 20/03/2014

    Judgment day arrives in Michael's murder trial. Carol wants nothing more than justice for her niece Alice, Kat is desperate to help Stacey return home and Janine hopes she will finally be free. But each possible outcome will have far-reaching consequences - what will the verdict be? Back in the Square, a nervous Alfie knows what he must do to rid himself of this problem of his own making - but whether he can go through with it is a different matter altogether

  • Season 1 Episode 4822: 18/03/2014

    The day arrives for Kat to take the stand, and as she makes her way to the court, Stacey rushes to stop her - but in doing so, encounters possibly the last person she wanted to see. Alfie is forced to face up to his actions with the arrival of someone from Australia, who issues him with an ultimatum. Can he talk his way out of this one? Dot is upset when the residents show little interest in the funeral, Shabnam tries to encourage Masood to start dating again and Lucy is keen to launch her own property business, but needs financial help from Ian

  • Season 1 Episode 4821: 17/03/2014

    Kat's guilt is tearing her up as she agonises over giving false evidence at the trial, and while Alfie presses her not to do it, Mo thinks she should put family first. Max sneaks off to see Stacey, who asks if he can get her cousin to change her mind - and before long old feelings between the pair are rekindled. Peter is less than enthusiastic about Lola's new business venture, so it's left to Jay to offer her the encouragement she needs, and Ronnie and Phil visit hospital to see Carl's brother Adam, who has been badly beaten

  • Season 1 Episode 4820: 14/03/2014

    Carol's suspicions are aroused when Mo lets slip that Kat's actions may involve Stacey - and she soon realises others have not been completely honest with her. Meanwhile, Kat is shocked by the ease with which Max can lie to his family - but she knows that she herself is in way too deep. Jane feels threatened when she comes face to face with an intruder at the restaurant, and Patrick persuades Fat Boy to invite Dot's grandson round again

  • Season 1 Episode 4819: 13/03/2014

    Carol's spirits are lifted when David gives her an engagement ring, although her mood quickly changes after another run-in with Kat - and things threaten to go even further downhill as David prepares to take the stand at Alice's trial. Dot is unsure about grandson Charlie but Fat Boy persuades her to give him a chance, a plan that soon backfires, while Sonia and Bianca get a stark reminder of what could lie ahead when they accompany their mother to her chemotherapy session. Kat panics when she discovers Stacey has disappeared, while Ian and Jane reach a new understanding after he criticises her plans for the restaurant

  • Season 1 Episode 4818: 11/03/2014

    Ian and Sharon offer their condolences to Dot over her bereavement and are puzzled by her strange behaviour. But when they leave her alone with her grief, she is left reeling by the arrival of another visitor - none other than grandson Charlie. Ian comes to a decision about Cindy's baby - one that surprises everyone, although he is the one in for a shock when Jane makes a proposal about the restaurant. Carol finds out about Kat's new statement and gives her an angry warning

  • Season 1 Episode 4817: 10/03/2014

    Just when Roxy thought things couldn't get any worse, her past comes back to haunt her, while David quizzes Kat about her new statement after learning she has come forward as a witness - and as she grows increasingly anxious about her day in court, Alfie tries to cheer her up by unveiling his new business venture. Will they get rich flipping burgers? Dot is upset to discover Ronnie has bought the gym and changed its name without consulting her, although this is the least of her worries when she gets a visit from the police. Jane returns and gives Ian advice on dealing with Cindy's pregnancy - although it remains to be seen whether he will offer Terry an olive branch - and Bianca and Sonia are left exhausted by their gene test

  • Season 1 Episode 4816: 07/03/2014

    Following Ronnie's confession, Roxy considers what to do next, while Sharon is left shocked by a conversation with Shirley. Elsewhere, with Carol's life-changing news still sinking in, Bianca is forced to be the voice of reason when Terry's behaviour threatens to ruin a relationship

  • Season 1 Episode 4815: 06/03/2014

    An almighty row ensues at the Butchers' after Ian accuses Liam of getting Cindy pregnant, but when the truth is revealed, Terry is left reeling. With tempers rising, Carol finds she can't avoid her own problems any longer and takes the moment to tell Bianca and Sonia her news. Meanwhile, with the police outside, a trapped Ronnie makes a confession to Roxy

  • Season 1 Episode 4814: 04/03/2014

    Phil expresses his doubt over Ronnie's transformation and catches her red-handed as she hunts for the incriminating evidence, while Sharon's threat toward her backfires. Will she go to the police? Meanwhile, Carol and David prepare to break the news to the family, and Ian jumps to conclusions when he discovers Liam and Cindy have been at the house together

  • Season 1 Episode 4813: 03/03/2014

    Roxy unexpectedly arrives back from Ibiza with worrying news about Ronnie, and when her sister also returns to Walford, everyone is shocked when she appears so composed. Announcing she has bought the gym, it's clear her intention is to stay, but Sharon is less than pleased. Meanwhile, the atmosphere is fraught between Kat and Alfie on his 50th birthday, Carol receives her latest test results and Cindy calls Ian's bluff when he threatens to send her away

  • Season 1 Episode 4812: 28/02/2014

    With Cindy facing a medical emergency, Liam needs help - and fast. Luckily for him, Tina comes to the rescue, and when Sonia learns the girl is pregnant, she is quick to offer her support. At the hospital, the two women soon forge an unlikely friendship - but what will happen to Cindy? Alfie and Kat are fearful when they think their secret is out, stretching their relationship to the limits - and leaving Kat with only one option. Patrick and Cora's friendship deepens when they come to a mutually beneficial agreement

  • Season 1 Episode 4811: 27/02/2014

    Alfie and Luke begin to bond as they wait for Kat and Stacey to return home, but as time passes Alfie gets increasingly anxious and makes a phone call - during which he gives away a little more information than he intended. Shirley decides to stick her nose into Tina's love life, storming down to the fire station for a showdown with her sister's firefighter girlfriend Tosh. Cindy shows her rebellious side after finding herself in trouble with Ian for bunking off school - but she soon goes too far

  • Season 1 Episode 4810: 25/02/2014

    Alfie tries to convince Kat she is doing the wrong thing as she and Stacey prepare to make a deal with the devil. Shirley gets her hopes up when Tina invites a special guest for dinner, thinking she is finally going to be reunited with her son, and Masood is angry when Carol asks Tamwar to write Alice a letter. Denise worries about Patrick being lonely on his own, although Ian isn't impressed when she suggests he should move in with them

  • Season 1 Episode 4809: 24/02/2014

    Kat takes matters into her own hands to help Stacey stay in Walford, despite her cousin's reservations about the plan. However, Stacey then puts herself at great risk when she is forced to venture outside into the Square - will her cover be blown? Patrick considers the future of the B&B after he and Denise receive surprising news from Kim, Peter asks his dad to give Billy a job, and Tina realises the importance of having loved ones close by, while Carol has her second chemotherapy appointment

  • Season 1 Episode 4806: 18/02/2014

    Kat is shocked by an unexpected visitor berating her for what she has done - although she is not the only resident of the Square surprised by the new arrival. Jane notices Ian is placing a lot of pressure on Bobby, leading to an argument between the former couple that is only made worse when Jane discovers the real reason her ex-husband invited her to stay. Linda feels inspired to help the market traders in their fight against the council and rallies the troops for a demonstration, while Masood realises Shabnam hasn't got over the separation

  • Season 1 Episode 4805: 17/02/2014

    Kat tries a different approach in her efforts to speak to Stacey, while Alfie grows increasingly suspicious of his partner's secretive behaviour. Jane returns for another visit and soon picks up on the tension between Ian and Denise, forcing the latter to confess her sins to her fiance's ex, and Aunt Babe holds the fort while the Carters go out, although Linda is devastated to learn some bad news about her beloved dog Lady Di. The stallholders plan to gatecrash a secret council meeting - much to the horror of Aleks - and Masood doesn't respond too well when Shabnam suggests he needs to smarten himself up

  • Season 1 Episode 4804: 14/02/2014

    Kat is determined to go through with her plan but soon finds herself in an awkward predicament, while back at home Alfie is suspicious of her secret conversations with Max. Denise is rattled when Ian finally confronts her about what she has been up to, Danny spoils Lucy on Valentine's Day - unaware she has revenge on her mind - and an anonymous card at the Masoods' angers Shabnam. An unwell Carol wants to visit Alice, and is delighted when Tamwar offers to help

  • Season 1 Episode 4803: 13/02/2014

    Kat continues her quest to find Stacey, coming face to face with a young man (guest star Matt Willis) who might just know where her cousin is. Meanwhile, Billy learns Alfie's secret and warns him to come clean to his wife, and Lucy learns a few home truths about Danny. Denise confesses her indiscretion with Fat Boy to Patrick, unaware Shabnam has overheard, and the local traders discuss their plan of action regarding the possible market closure - but Ian, who was supposed to be chairing the meeting, fails to show up

  • Season 1 Episode 4802: 11/02/2014

    Kat is still in turmoil about what she believes she saw, so talks to someone she thinks will understand - but things get a little awkward when Alfie is late for their hospital appointment. Tamwar confides in Shabnam about the future of the market, so she swallows her pride and accepts a job at the Minute Mart. The news that Janine is selling off her share of the restaurant worries Ian, who is desperate to protect his empire, while Billy is devastated that he, Lucy and Danny are now unemployed. However, his Butcher's Joints colleagues have a plan up their sleeve - and it doesn't involve him. Johnny is shocked to find out the identity of his online date

  • Season 1 Episode 4801: 10/02/2014

    Kat cannot shake the belief that she just saw Stacey, and persuades Alfie to cut short their reunion to go searching for her cousin. Lucy discovers Danny has been embezzling money from the Butcher's Joints accounts and Denise is uncomfortable when Ian offers Fat Boy a job at the restaurant. Nancy and Whitney sign Johnny up for an online dating website - but it seems he's not the only one looking for love when Tamwar discovers Shabnam has been speaking to a mystery man

  • Season 1 Episode 4800: 07/02/2014

    Carol worries about her first chemotherapy appointment but insists on going alone, while Kat is buzzing with excitement about Alfie's return and heads off to meet him at a hotel - only to be left shell-shocked by an unexpected encounter along the way. Shabnam tries to help Masood get his life back on track, although when Tamwar sees him heading to the Vic it seems their father isn't so interested in helping himself, and he issues him with an ultimatum

  • Season 1 Episode 4799: 06/02/2014

    Bianca is less than happy when Terry, feeling guilty after his treatment of Nikki, lets her stay for dinner before she leaves for Acapulco - and his ex soon shows her true colours when she offers David a proposition that would change his world. Will he accept? A drunken Masood turns up at Carol's, upset to discover she has cancer and angry she didn't think he could look after her, while Linda is excited at the thought of Johnny and Whitney getting together - horrifying her son when he realises his mum has not come to terms with his sexuality

  • Season 1 Episode 4798: 04/02/2014

    Terry is angry with Nikki when she keeps Rosie off school to spend the day with her daughter - but that's just the start of her trouble-making as she sets her sights on one of Walford's attached men. Carol is upset that the grandchildren know about her illness and attends another hospital appointment alone, although she is grateful when an unexpected visitor turns up to support her. Tamwar goes to see Aleks about the stolen money - although the issue of whether he still has a job pales into insignificance when Fat Boy delivers a few home truths - and Johnny finally gives in to Linda's pestering and invites Whitney over for dinner

  • Season 1 Episode 4797: 03/02/2014

    A drunken Masood is mugged and ends up being looked after by Tamwar - but when Aleks arrives to reveal the news about the market office burglary, things soon spiral out of control. Shirley is saddened to hear about Carol's illness, having suffered a cancer scare herself in the past, leading her to make an important phone call. Dexter tries his luck with Nancy, Terry sticks up for Bianca when Nikki oversteps the mark, and Linda is buoyed when she hears about Johnny and Whitney's apparent pregnancy scare

  • Season 1 Episode 4796: 31/01/2014

    As Carol is telling her daughters about another hospital appointment, David finds himself the focus of someone else's attentions. But is Nikki really his type? The Carters are thrown when another member of the family, Aunt Babe, turns up out of the blue, with a spot of advice for Shirley, who has been deeply affected after visiting her father. Tamwar is happy when Masood agrees to take on the market sweeper's job - only for his dad to later make a fool of himself when he sees Carol and David together in the Vic

  • Season 1 Episode 4795: 30/01/2014

    Poppy is annoyed when Fat Boy tells her it's not her place to meddle in Nick and Dot's relationship - but when she later sees him talking to Denise, he is forced to make a confession. Can the young couple survive this latest setback? Mick finds himself torn between his wife and sister once again, and all attempts to talk Shirley round prove hopeless, while Nancy is forced to admit her failure to help family pooch Lady Di keep her honour. Masood cuts his hand and Carol insists on cleaning it, but he mistakes her concern for affection

  • Season 1 Episode 4794: 28/01/2014

    Mick and his sisters return from their successful meeting with Stan a little worse for wear - but with the trauma of facing up to her father playing on her mind, Shirley gives her family an unexpected ultimatum. David is determined that Carol should take it easy and forms a plan to make sure she does just that, but she is angry with him for interfering, and a betrayal upsets Tamwar, although he doesn't know the full truth. Poppy is concerned when Nick rings to speak to Dot, so she tries to find out more about her landlady's errant son, and Linda takes bizarre steps to ensure her dog cannot get pregnant

  • Season 1 Episode 4793: 27/01/2014

    Shirley reluctantly joins Mick and Tina on a visit to their father in the hope he will give them the money they need to keep the Vic afloat - but at the last minute she decides she can't go through with it. Back at the pub, Linda isn't convinced her father-in-law is the answer to the family's financial worries, so Johnny comes up with a possible solution. But how will she feel about breeding her much-loved pooch? Carol decides she is going to tell dad Jim about her cancer, but Max pleads with her not to. Veteran actor Timothy West joins the cast

  • Season 1 Episode 4792: 24/01/2014

    Linda is put out by Sharon's boasts about her new wine bar and is determined to fix the problems with the Vic, so she suggests Mick asks his father for a loan - but he refuses due to a long-standing feud between his dad and Shirley. However, as the Carters set out to tackle the damp themselves, their day only goes from bad to worse. Carol receives her latest test results, Bianca worries that Nikki has her sights set on Terry, and Kat inadvertently gets Tamwar into bother with the new market inspector

  • Season 1 Episode 4791: 23/01/2014

    A drunken Jake speeds off in his car with Lauren beside him, and as the pair bicker he loses control, careering into a baby buggy being pushed by Kat. Is this a case of history repeating itself? Nancy suspects Mick is up to something when she catches him being over-friendly with Wayne, and warns her parents they will never be able to split them up. However, Linda is a determined woman, as her daughter soon finds out. Shirley has plans to make lots of pies - until Jonny warns her that Kat's meat could actually be dog meat

  • Season 1 Episode 4790: 21/01/2014

    The fallout of the affair continues, with far wider consequences than Lauren could ever have imagined. Despite her attempts to carry on as normal, it soon becomes clear other people won't let her forget quite so quickly - and when she visits Jake, she finds he has hit the bottle again. Wayne is making a good job of decorating the Vic, much to the disappointment of the Carters, who hoped he would slip up - so Linda thinks of another way to get rid of him. Tensions are running high between Max and David at the car lot, Bianca worries that Carol is working too hard, and Kat asks Shirley to sell the meat for a cut of the profits

  • Season 1 Episode 4789: 20/01/2014

    Max is convinced the pregnancy test belongs to Lauren, so he storms over to Jake's house, with Carol and his daughter in hot pursuit. The Carters are annoyed when they discover daughter Nancy is still seeing wayward boyfriend Wayne, and Linda is even more angry when Mick suggests they ask him to redecorate the Vic - until she realises her husband has a cunning plan. Kat is taken aback when she receives a delivery of meat to sell from Alfie - but with no idea what she's doing, she needs a butcher - or failing that a Spraggan - to help chop it up. However, when Terry's good deed makes him late for dinner, it puts him in the bad books with Bianca

  • Season 1 Episode 4788: 17/01/2014

    Sadie and Bella return home unexpectedly while Jake and Lauren are in bed - leading to an almighty panic for the lovebirds. Linda is upset with Sharon over her plans to open a bar in the Square, although the Carters' anger is soon directed toward Phil instead when it turns out he sold the Vic without disclosing a huge damp problem. Masood tries to win Kat's sympathy in the hope of getting his money back, but she has more pressing matters on her mind as Alfie says goodbye for a month in Australia. Carol's discovery leads her to jump to various different conclusions, and Max is unhappy with David's changes at the car lot

  • Season 1 Episode 4787: 16/01/2014

    Kat is angry when she finds out Alfie's money-making plans could take him away from the Square - or rather, halfway round the world, to work with his brother Spencer in Australia - but she softens when she realises he can't afford a plane ticket. He is determined, however, and organises a poker night, which Masood agrees to hold at his house. But things get tense when the rebellious host raises the stakes. Linda plans a girls' night in the Vic to lift Sharon's spirits, but she's the one who ends up getting emotional, while Denise feels awkward around Cora, who knows what she's been up to, and a drunken Bianca reveals a secret to the entire Square. Max visits Carol to show his support, although she is more interested in an unexpected discovery she has just made in her home

  • Season 1 Episode 4786: 15/01/2014

    Sonia is intrigued by Carol's reason for turning up on her doorstep and eventually her mother tells her about the breast cancer - but claims she is coping with the news. Before long, Bianca arrives and their mother finally breaks down. But offered the chance to stay with Sonia for a while or go back to Walford, what will she do? Back in the Square, David makes Max an offer for the car lot, while Phil realises he has to prove his commitment to Sharon. Masood struggles to come to terms with his break-up with Carol, as Shabnam's behaviour continues to anger him

  • Season 1 Episode 4785: 14/01/2014

    It's the day of Masood's mother's memorial, so he and Shabnam call a truce on their disagreement over Carol. But the opinionated daughter is not happy to discover her father has invited his partner to the ceremony, and when Carol finds out about this latest outburst, she decides not to go, breaks it off with Masood and then goes missing. Sharon confronts Phil about the phone, only to realise she will never be able to trust him, while Alfie becomes more desperate as his new business plan doesn't seem to be working out - until someone takes pity on him and buys his entire stock

  • Season 1 Episode 4784: 13/01/2014

    Bianca is furious with her parents, leading to a family row - and things only get worse when David tricks Carol into going to the hospital to get her test results. However, she is not prepared for the shock that lies in store. Masood has arrived back from Pakistan but he is not alone, having brought back a surprise for Tamwar - his sister Shabnam, who soon makes it clear she doesn't approve of her father's girlfriend. Sharon realises she and Phil have to be honest with each other if their relationship is to work this time around - so when she finds Carl's blood-covered mobile in his cupboard, how will he explain himself? Shirley offers cash-strapped Alfie some work - but it's not strictly above board

  • Season 1 Episode 4783: 10/01/2014

    Denise is consumed with guilt after the events of the party, although it seems Ian has other things on his mind. Whitney comforts Johnny following his argument with Linda, but she realises something isn't right when he tries to kiss her, and once he admits he is gay and confesses all his troubles, she gives him some advice - but will he take it? A drunken Max makes Lauren uncomfortable by grilling Jake and Sadie about their marriage, and AJ prepares to leave for his new job in Birmingham, but Tamwar reveals his mother has died, leading to an argument with Masood when his brother refuses to fly to India for the funeral

  • Season 1 Episode 4782: 09/01/2014

    The engagement party in the Vic proves an eventful affair. Ian manages to upset Denise by suggesting her sexy new dress is too revealing, and a Page 3 picture from Linda's past resurfaces, giving Dexter and his pals something to smile about, angering Johnny and leading to a bust-up between Poppy and Fat Boy - who ends up in the arms of another woman. As Max wants nothing more to do with her, Kirsty makes plans to leave Walford - so Shirley gives her a spot of advice on getting revenge before she leaves. Lauren lies about where she spent last night to her dad, and Bianca goes round to Terry's to apologise for her behaviour yesterday evening, only to find he is not alone

  • Season 1 Episode 4781: 08/01/2014

    Kirsty is playing happy families after spending the night with Max, although it's clear he is unsure about their reconciliation, while Lauren is angry about the situation and pours out her woes to Jake. Denise shows off her engagement ring and plans a party to celebrate - but is the future Mrs Beale really as content as she is making out? Tina persuades Johnny to accompany her and Shirley to a gay club, although Linda has other ideas, and Carol convinces Bianca to give Terry another chance, so she accepts an invitation to dinner at his flat

  • Season 1 Episode 4780: 07/01/2014

    Ian is making plans for the restaurant, but with his mind full of regret about his past decisions, it seems it's up to Peter and Lucy to bring their father out of another depression. Meanwhile, Denise is drowning her sorrows in the bar at the B&B - and when Nancy's boyfriend Wayne turns up looking for a room, the pair of them end up drunkenly flirting. Is that as far as she is prepared to go? Kirsty tries to persuade Max they should tear up the divorce papers and try again, but he is adamant it's not going to happen - until he finds out that Tanya has another man - and AJ is offered a job in Birmingham, although he doesn't want to leave Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 4779: 06/01/2014

    Linda struggles to hide her feelings after learning the truth about Johnny's sexuality, causing further upset within the Carter family, while Wayne sneaks in to see Nancy, with the news that he's moving into the B&B to be close by. Lola and Peter decide to find their own place, so Billy offers a compromise - sparking an argument with an angry Phil. Kirsty is stunned to find Carl has disappeared and Terry is living in his old flat - then Max makes her day even worse - while Ian's new plans for the restaurant cause Peter and Lucy to worry about his sudden change in attitude

  • Season 1 Episode 4778: 03/01/2014

    Lucy and Peter worry when Ian goes missing, but they track him down at the allotments, and although he tells them he just wanted some time to think, Peter isn't convinced and makes a mysterious phone call for help. Kat anxiously waits to hear some important news, while Nancy's revelation continues to cause shockwaves among the Carters

  • Season 1 Episode 4777: 02/01/2014

    Nancy is happy to have seen Wayne the previous evening, raising Mick and Linda's suspicions about her sudden mood change - although that's all forgotten when a misunderstanding over a customer sparks a family argument. It's Alfie's first day as a market trader, but Kat is shocked to discover he is selling identical stock to her and Bianca - and her surprise turns to anger when she realises his prices are lower. Phil sees Peter and Lola together, and reminds Ian he should be keeping the two of them apart

  • Season 1 Episode 4774: 31/12/2013

    Ronnie is struggling with her emotions on the anniversary of James's death, so Carl picks the worst day possible to cross her by planning to take Roxy to Paris, instead of the sisters' planned trip to Ibiza - leading to a tense confrontation that doesn't end well. The locals gather at the Vic to bring in the new year, where Mick lets Shirley in on the secret of the mysterious wedding invitation, while Dexter and Fat Boy worry that sparks will fly if on-off teenage lovers Peter and Lola are together in the same room

  • Season 1 Episode 4773: 30/12/2013

    Ronnie worries about Roxy when she catches her sneaking in after another night with Carl - especially when she finds drugs in her bag. Billy struggles to cope on his own at Butcher's Joints, although he soon regrets giving Lucy her job back, while Peter tells Dexter that Cindy stole Phil's money, forcing a terrified Ian to return the cash. Mick bonds with the men of Walford, although it's clear he's hiding something when he doesn't tell anyone about an invitation he's received, and Linda is surprised when Shirley sticks up for her. Will the pair finally bury the hatchet?

  • Season 1 Episode 4772: 27/12/2013

    Linda is livid when she discovers Mick has let his sisters Shirley and Tina move into the Vic, but he eventually persuades her to let them stay, delighted to have reunited his family. The Carters have a lot of catching up to do, but they also need to get the pub ready for opening time - which is easier said than done when they discover Kat and Alfie have sold off almost all of the stock. Meanwhile, Sharon bonds with Linda over their mutual dislike of Shirley, and Peter finds the money Cindy stole on their camping trip and realises it could help the situation between Ian and Phil - but his dad warns him to keep quiet

  • Season 1 Episode 4771: 26/12/2013

    Alfie hopes recent events mean the sale of the Vic has fallen through but his dreams are dashed when Phil tells him he has to be out by midday. However, when new landlord Mick and his family take over, Phil is in for a surprise - much to the amusement of Shirley. Lauren is heartbroken when Max finds her and Jake together and warns them to keep away from each other, while Joey gets bad news from the prison. Terry tries to make amends with Bianca, but she is having none of it, and Ian admits he doesn't like Peter seeing Lola and asks his son to end the relationship

  • Season 1 Episode 4768: 24/12/2013

    A defiant David resists Janine's plea to drop his blackmail plan, prompting her to take an extreme course of action, and Joey is optimistic as Alice's hearing arrives. The consultant expresses concern over Carol's hospital tests, leaving her convinced that she has cancer, while Bianca is furious when Nikki gatecrashes a family outing to Santa's grotto. The punters are out in force as Alfie and Kat bid an emotional farewell to the Queen Vic, Jake and Lauren meet outside the pub - unaware they have been spotted - and Abi and Poppy find Dot cowering in her home. Meanwhile, Lola and Peter consider telling their families about their relationship at the big Christmas Day dinner

  • Season 1 Episode 4767: 23/12/2013

    David reassures Janine that he won't tell anyone her secret, so she visits Phil to finalise the deal to buy the Vic - only to be informed he has received a better offer. Peter and Lola plot to bring their families together on Christmas Day - much to the horror of Ian and Phil - while the Butcher-Spraggan household is thrown into chaos with the arrival of Nikki. Carol receives an oncology appointment for Christmas Eve, prompting Morgan to confess to David that he thinks there's something wrong with his grandma, and Patrick lets Denise know he thinks Ian is going to propose to her. Alfie throws himself into flat-hunting, although Kat is the one who finds a new home for the Moons

  • Season 1 Episode 4766: 20/12/2013

    David's plot to get the truth from Janine takes an unexpected turn when he persuades her to visit Pat's grave, only for him to be the one who breaks down. Shirley heads off to see a ghost of Christmas past, while the reality of losing the Vic hits Alfie hard, but Kat is on top of the world, telling him this is their chance to make a fresh start. The local pensioners head to the community centre for Dot's OAP Christmas party - only to see no sign of the organiser, who is still hiding at home, traumatised by the recent burglary. Lola and Peter continue to meet in secret, but are caught out when Billy finds them in a state of undress in the back room of the launderette

  • Season 1 Episode 4765: 19/12/2013

    The news from the doctor sends Carol into a frenzy of festive preparation as she vows to make the most of Christmas, although there's an awkward moment when Masood asks how her mother died and she has to tell him it was from cancer, bringing her own worries back into sharp focus. David turns up at Janine's with a Christmas tree, determined to wheedle his way back into her life, and as they reminisce about old times things seem to be going well - until he pushes his luck by asking about Michael. Shirley is less than impressed when Tina plans a surprise trip to their brother's pub, and although he isn't there, Shirley locks horns with an old adversary - her sister-in-law Linda. Lola fears Peter doesn't want to be with her any more, while Alfie and Kat decide to make the most of what little time they have left in charge of the Vic

  • Season 1 Episode 4764: 17/12/2013

    Carol spends the afternoon with David, and despite telling him they will only ever be friends, she gets increasingly tipsy - and with her doctor's appointment in the back of her mind, she suggests they get a hotel room. Tina has an idea to make her Christmas a little more family orientated, but Shirley is having none of it, while Dexter tries to make amends with everyone he has upset over the past few weeks, only to discover the person he owes most is Ava, who's given up a new job to be there for him. Dot is left shaken by the burglary - and worries how she can pay back the money

  • Season 1 Episode 4763: 16/12/2013

    Bianca tries to work out what's wrong with Carol but she doesn't let on about her discovery and puts off going to see the doctor - until grandson Morgan makes her see what's really important in life. David intervenes when Joey attacks Janine over Michael's murder - and ends up wondering if his stepsister is as innocent as she is making out. Cora pulls Dexter up on his self-destructive behaviour and in the ensuing argument he is finally told his father's whereabouts. Should he track him down? Alfie appeals to Janine over her plans for the Vic, Lauren is put on the spot when Sadie and Jake ask her to babysit and Dot falls victim to a terrible crime

  • Season 1 Episode 4762: 13/12/2013

    Carol has a stressful day when she is forced to cover for sickness in the cafe and is unable to accompany Joey to the prison - and things are made even worse when David's promise of dinner fails to materialise. However, all this time she is carrying an even greater burden - one that she is hiding from even those closest to her. Phil gets a call from a potential buyer for the Queen Vic, leading to a day of speculation as other locals make a bid to become the next landlord or landlady. Dexter feels guilty for blurting out Jay's secret to Abi, but he only makes things worse by letting slip that Lola also knew about their friend's kiss

  • Season 1 Episode 4761: 12/12/2013

    Ronnie is suspicious of where Roxy spent the night, so Tina covers for her - but when she ends up getting drunk yet again, her protective sister decides the time has come to take matters into her own hands. Kat visits Alice and soon senses something isn't right about the details of Michael's murder - but is it enough to convince her of Alice's innocence? Terry's wife Nikki turns up again, dropping the hint to Bianca that this is more than just a flying visit, and Cindy tries to impress Terry Jr by telling him she has slept with loads of people - and when Ian overhears it leads to an angry confrontation with Liam. As the pressure gets to Dexter, he clashes with Phil, who sacks him on the spot - and in his frustration he betrays Jay's confidence

  • Season 1 Episode 4760: 10/12/2013

    Roxy receives her annulment papers but delays signing them, telling Alfie she is ashamed to admit what happened between them. She then proceeds to get drunk again and her attentions turn to another man, despite being warned off by Phil and Ronnie. Ava is offered a job away from Walford - with Sam gone and her relationship with Dexter in tatters, should she take it? Terry Jr feels uneasy when Cindy fills him in on some of the more colourful aspects of the Butchers' history, prompting him to make a phone call that could ruin his happy new family. Jake tries to end his relationship with Lauren once more, but it becomes clear she is excited by the risk of it all

  • Season 1 Episode 4759: 09/12/2013

    Alfie panics after his window-smashing stunt and tells Kat they have to pack their bags immediately, but she refuses to leave and tells him she will speak to Phil. However, it soon becomes clear he isn't willing to forgive or forget and is planning to hit the landlord where it really hurts. Sadie throws a dinner party for a few of the locals, although it proves awkward for Jake when Max takes Lauren. Joey plays a devious game with Janine and has to face the consequences after being found out, while Cora is concerned about Dexter when he stays out all night

  • Season 1 Episode 4758: 05/12/2013

    Albert Square wakes up to find For Sale boards outside the Vic, and when it becomes clear Phil wasn't just threatening, Alfie visits him in an attempt to convince him to change his mind. But the price for reconsidering proves too much - although Roxy tells her cousin he'll regret selling and gives him food for thought. Joey lies to a distraught Alice about her prospects at the trial, only for Carol to blurt out the truth. Lauren is left confused when Jake tells her to keep away from him once more

  • Season 1 Episode 4757: 03/12/2013

    Alfie enjoys decorating the Vic, determined to make this the best Christmas ever with Kat and Tommy. But Ronnie is worried about Roxy and when she asks Phil to help, they come up with a revenge on Mr Moon that spoils his festive plans. Bianca is still having difficulty trusting Terry, so he tries to convince her she is the only one for him, while David is disappointed when Carol spends the night at Masood's. Jake and Lauren arrange to meet at his flat - only to be interrupted when Sadie unexpectedly returns - and Billy, stunned to find out about Janine and Joey, advises his boss to keep away from her new love interest

  • Season 1 Episode 4754: 29/11/2013

    Ava is devastated after finding out Sam's real reason for coming to Walford, although he asks her to keep the truth from Dexter, especially on his birthday of all days. So she puts him on the spot with an ultimatum that could result in him leaving for ever - which way will he turn? Phil is pushed to breaking point by Tina's behaviour, so he throws her out - and when Shirley explains that the Carter sisters stick together, he tells her to pack her bags as well. Janine worries there might be something going on between Joey and Lauren after seeing them together, and Lola is jealous when Peter compliments another girl, so she hatches a plan to make him notice her

  • Season 1 Episode 4753: 28/11/2013

    It's the morning after Roxy and Alfie's big day, but the dust doesn't have much chance to settle as a massive argument breaks out between the involved parties, causing havoc in Albert Square. Ava is busy preparing Dexter's birthday celebrations, and feels left out when Sam takes his son to the pool hall. But that's nothing compared to her reaction when she discovers the shocking truth about her partner - who begins to panic after realising his secret is out

  • Season 1 Episode 4752: 26/11/2013

    The guests have gathered at the church and Roxy is excited at the thought of becoming Mrs Alfie Moon. In soapland, however, such happy events very rarely go as planned - will the bride and groom still be speaking at the end of the day?

  • Season 1 Episode 4751: 25/11/2013

    It's the day of Alfie and Roxy's wedding, and while the bride is brimming with excitement, the groom's doubts are growing, especially after his kiss with ex-wife Kat. It doesn't help when Ronnie collars her future brother-in-law and asks him straight out not to marry her sister, convinced he should be with someone else. However, when Kat arrives to see him, he insists last night was a mistake. But is he sure of that himself? Meanwhile, Bianca is angry when she finds out that Terry still spends Christmas with his ex-wife and their children

  • Season 1 Episode 4750: 22/11/2013

    The morning of the stag and hen parties dawns, and Ronnie's doubts about the wedding are confirmed when she sees the closeness between Kat and Alfie. As the festivities get under way, it doesn't take long for her to voice her feelings, leading to a massive argument with Roxy. Over at the Vic, Alfie is struggling to get in the mood for Ian's party games and as talk turns to ex-girlfriends, he finds himself thinking about Kat - and before he knows it, he has gone outside to clear his head and ends up at a certain someone's front door, where he makes a shocking confession that could change their lives for ever. Meanwhile, Bianca persuades David to take Terry to the stag do so they can get to know each other better, and a drunken Kirsty turns up at the pub, desperate to speak to Max

  • Season 1 Episode 4749: 21/11/2013

    Lauren is excited about her big date, despite her dad's fears that she may drink - but things don't go the way she had hoped when Jake tells her it's over. The big question is, why? Joey orchestrates a meeting with Janine and hints at a repeat performance of last night, an offer she struggles to decline as she is still vulnerable. Carl has some information for Max that could put an end to his and Kirsty's relationship

  • Season 1 Episode 4748: 19/11/2013

    It's the day of Michael's funeral, causing Janine to feel nervous, which isn't helped when an angry Joey tries to get her to admit that Alice is not guilty of murder. Despite her tough facade, it's clear she's vulnerable - is there any way he can break her down? Meanwhile, with Roxy busy planning her wedding next week, Alfie is in need of a shoulder to cry on, so he and Kat lean on each other as they struggle to get through the day. Lauren is feeling happier than she has done in a long time after spending time with Jake, Ian can't believe what he's hearing when Carl tells him his debt has been settled, and Shirley starts looking for work, only for her troublesome sister Tina to turn up - and it looks like she's here to stay

  • Season 1 Episode 4747: 18/11/2013

    Phil reluctantly leaves Carl alive after he reveals Shirley's whereabouts - and when it turns out she is living with her estranged sister but has run out of cash, he tries to convince her to come back to Walford. Denise is sympathetic as Ian hides away at home, but when Carol tells her the truth about the trial, she cannot believe he has lied to her - is this the end of their relationship? The stress of recent events takes its toll on Lauren, who finds comfort in the arms of Jake, only to embarrass herself with a confession. Masood gleefully tells David that now Max is returning to the car lot, there will be no job for him and therefore no reason for him to stay in Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 4746: 14/11/2013

    Max and Phil put their plan into action to get revenge on Carl for all the things he has done to them - but just at the crucial moment, he comes out with a shocking confession. Back in the Square, Max is desperate to be accepted back into his family after everything he has done to distance himself from them, and Kirsty worries about being homeless - will her husband want anything to do with her in light of all that has happened? David tries to impress Carol by admitting his part in securing her brother's freedom, hoping to drive a wedge between her and Masood, while Sam panics when Ava suggests a family holiday and Kat encourages Alfie with his plans for the funeral

  • Season 1 Episode 4745: 12/11/2013

    As the day of Max's trial arrives, Lauren falls out with Abi as she searches the house desperate to find evidence to exonerate their dad. However, Carl knows the only thing that will put his enemy away is Ian's false witness statement, so he pays an early morning visit to the nervous Mr Beale to ensure he is sticking to his story - while David once more tries to persuade him he is making a big mistake. But as the trial begins, events develop in a way no one could have predicted. Meanwhile, Janine is told Michael's body can be released for burial, and hands over responsibility for the funeral to Alfie, while Sam begins to feel trapped by his domestic situation - is history about to repeat itself?

  • Season 1 Episode 4744: 11/11/2013

    David is convinced Ian is lying about Max's arrest and urges him to tell the truth - but when his half-brother keeps quiet, he takes it as a sign of guilt and tries to scare Carl off. Carol is fed up with the commotion caused by having Terry and his children in the house - but it still comes as a surprise when a concerned Masood asks her to move in with him, and she doesn't know whether to accept. A desperate Kirsty steals the money she needs to pay the loan sharks - unaware she's being watched

  • Season 1 Episode 4743: 08/11/2013

    With Max's trial looming, the prospect of lying in court is proving too much for Ian - although the thought of what Carl would do to him if he didn't give evidence is even more scary. Peter wants him to go to the police, but his dad insists on making one final plea to the local thug. Can he talk him round? Kirsty's money worries reach a head when her loan shark demands payment by the next day or he'll seize her possessions, and when her attempts to make some quick cash fail, she resorts to extreme measures. As the Butcher and Spraggan children declare war on one other, David sets out to make sure Terry is good enough for Bianca, while stress takes its toll on Lauren, and she is tempted to reach for the bottle

  • Season 1 Episode 4742: 07/11/2013

    Bianca is upset when Carol doesn't exactly welcome her new boyfriend Terry with open arms, and the family gets another surprise when they realise the newcomer has extra baggage in the form of his kids, Rosie and Terry Jr - and what's more, the plan is for them all to move in. Meanwhile, Bianca questions David's motives for returning, forcing her to make a tough decision. Lauren secretly visits Max in prison but is devastated when he doesn't deliver the positive news she wants to hear, and as the locals gather for the fireworks display, Alfie arranges a special little surprise for Tommy and Kat - and for just a few moments they are reunited as a family

  • Season 1 Episode 4741: 05/11/2013

    Masood pays an early morning visit to the Butchers', where the sight of David and Carol in their nightwear leaves him feeling increasingly threatened, despite his girlfriend's reassurances that their relationship is purely platonic. However, the family soon has more to think about when Bianca returns home - with a new man in tow. Alfie is having trouble sleeping, but appears to resent Roxy for her concern, and the couple even bicker over the fireworks party they've now decided to cancel out of respect for the deceased. However, when Kat sees how badly the couple are getting on, she takes it upon herself to offer her ex-husband some much-needed relationship advice

  • Season 1 Episode 4740: 04/11/2013

    As the fallout from the killing continues, the police interview the two survivors, while Joey arrives back in the Square after a night on the tiles to see numerous messages on his phone and a heavy police presence outside the house where the murder took place. But when Carol explains what has happened he can hardly believe what he's hearing. He's not the only one shocked by the murder, as various locals gather outside and offer comfort to each other as the body is removed from the scene of the crime

  • Season 1 Episode 4739: 01/11/2013

    Michael finally seizes the moment he has been waiting for all this time as he and Janine have their final showdown - however, in a cruel twist of fate, Alice finds herself caught in the middle of the warring couple. As the rest of the locals celebrate Halloween in the Square, a murder takes place - and for the survivors, things will never be the same again

  • Season 1 Episode 4738: 31/10/2013

    Halloween night arrives, and with it Michael's plan to do away with Janine. It's not his first attempt, but this time he has the help of Alice, seemingly prepared to do anything he asks of her. However, after receiving a call from the distressed nanny, he heads over to his estranged wife's house - and is shocked by what he finds. Lola is looking forward to spending some time with Peter when he and Lucy throw a scary-movie party. However, first they have to get rid of Cindy, who is threatening to ruin the evening. Danny frets over the money that has been stolen from his locker

  • Season 1 Episode 4737: 29/10/2013

    Michael arrives at Janine's for her birthday dinner, armed with the pills, and despite a few last-minute doubts the sight of Scarlett reminds him why he is there. It's clear the pair are still suspicious of each other - and as she leaves the room, he has the perfect opportunity to execute his murderous plan. Can he go through with it? Over at the Vic, Alfie realises Roxy is caught up in the middle of him and Ronnie, so he invites the latter over in an attempt to clear the air. David bribes his grandchildren to go out while he cooks a romantic meal for Carol - but things don't quite turn out as he planned - and as the football team prepare for their match, Billy plots to get his own back on Danny

  • Season 1 Episode 4736: 28/10/2013

    Michael is on edge over Alice's disappearance, a situation made worse when Joey confronts him demanding to know his sister's whereabouts. However, news of Janine's birthday gives him an idea how he can carry out his evil plan. Alfie and Roxy return from their break, having agreed to stay away from the people putting a strain on their relationship. But will they be able to keep their word? Whitney fears she has blown her chances of getting her job back after telling the police exactly what she thinks of Sharon and Dennis, while Billy is back to match fitness - so isn't too happy when Danny puts him on the bench

  • Season 1 Episode 4735: 25/10/2013

    Michael puts the final touches to his carefully laid plan, instructing Alice to slipping some pills into Janine's drink - then framing the gullible nanny for his wife's murder by placing her passport, plane ticket and the pill receipt in her bag. But then Alice makes a shocking realisation. Can she go through with it? Kirsty comes under attack from Cora, who accuses her of stealing some of the car-lot takings - and she is astonished when Max's daughters take her side against their grandmother - while Whitney shocks Carol by admitting she was wrong about David, claiming he deserves another chance

  • Season 1 Episode 4734: 24/10/2013

    Michael continues his plan to bring Janine down, and although Alice is initially shocked by the scheme, it doesn't take long for him to wrap her round his little finger yet again. Peter insists that Ian should go to the police and withdraw his witness statement, but has a change of heart when his father begins to break down. Lauren is forced to go into business with David, who brags to Whitney about the way he has provided for the family in Carol's absence - but he soon has the smug grin wiped off his face when a familiar figure returns

  • Season 1 Episode 4733: 22/10/2013

    Ian feels dejected when the children refuse to help him prepare Scarlett's for Walford's 'best family restaurant' competition, and his day goes from bad to worse when he receives his court summons. But the pressure really begins as the guests arrive - including a couple of gatecrashers. Whitney is suspended following Dennis's accusations, so David tries to reason with Sharon - but just when it seems like he is getting somewhere, the situation erupts again. Alice panics that her cover will be blown when Michael's latest anti-Janine scheme doesn't go to plan, while Lauren offers to help Joey at the car lot

  • Season 1 Episode 4732: 21/10/2013

    Whitney is please to be given extra responsibilities at work, but when she gets on the wrong side of Dennis the menace, the little terror sets out to ruin her. Alice spots an opportunity to get back into Janine's good books, while David sets out to annoy Ian by allowing Tiffany and Bobby to meet up after school. Sam and Dexter are being driven mad by Ava's overprotective nature, so they escape to the allotments to spend some time together, and Danny worries that Lucy might tell Janine about his squatting

  • Season 1 Episode 4731: 18/10/2013

    Alice hatches a cunning plan to demonstrate where her loyalties lie, while Danny behaves suspiciously at Butcher's Joints, so Lucy decides to follow him. Fat Boy calls in Kat to help out at the Vic when the locals start complaining about the beer, and it quickly becomes clear at a community meeting that Kim isn't taking her duty seriously

  • Season 1 Episode 4730: 17/10/2013

    Carl puts pressure on Ronnie to accept a business proposal as she faces up to life without Jack. Michael is thrilled his manipulation of Alice seems to be working, while things get off to a rocky start for Whitney on her first day as a teaching assistant. Kat shows Fat Boy how to raise extra funds for the pub and Cora is annoyed that she has to be civil to Sam to appease Dexter

  • Season 1 Episode 4729: 15/10/2013

    Jack buys Ronnie an engagement ring, but a reminder of the life they could have shared together forces them to question their relationship. Cindy offers Patrick half of the winnings if he agrees to fix the Miss Teen Vic competition in her favour, Alice grovels to Janine in an attempt to get her job back, and David riles Ian as he plays on his insecurities of the past

  • Season 1 Episode 4728: 14/10/2013

    Jack throws a flat-warming party to lift Ronnie's spirits and insists on inviting all the family, but tensions rise when Phil shows up. Michael is furious when Alice inadvertently spoils his plan to ruin Janine, while Carol decides to go with Masood to visit Syed, knowing she can't trust herself to be around David. Sam blames himself as Dexter lies in a medically induced coma, and Fat Boy organises a Miss Teen Vic competition

  • Season 1 Episode 4727: 11/10/2013

    Michael is stunned when Janine slaps him with an injunction warning him to keep away from Scarlett, and as he plots against his ex, even Alice worries he is going too far. Can he get her back on his side? After all Dexter's doubts, he finally undergoes the transplant operation to save his father's life, with Ava and his friends waiting anxiously to hear that everything is fine. Ian is shocked to see David back in Walford, but manages to stay strong and warns him to steer clear of his family, while Whitney discovers whether she has got the teaching assistant job

  • Season 1 Episode 4726: 10/10/2013

    With Sam's condition having deteriorated, the doctors have brought the transplant operation forward - but as the consultant runs through the details of the procedure, Dexter has another crisis of confidence and admits to his parents that he can't go through with it. Janine is left terrified when her bickering with Michael turns violent, Danny and Lucy discover they will now be in competition with each other at work, and Lauren tells Joey he was wrong about her and Peter - but refuses to tell him who she is dating

  • Season 1 Episode 4725: 08/10/2013

    Janine takes Scarlett into work, but is so stressed and exhausted she takes the afternoon off - only to play straight into Michael's hands as she is overcome with tiredness, putting their daughter's safety at risk. Ronnie heads to the Vic, where she and Jack discover that Alfie, Roxy and Amy have gone - and left Fat Boy in charge. Guilt starts eating away at Dexter for having doubts about the operation, especially when he sees Sam carrying heavy crates outside the Vic - but when his dad collapses, it seems he might be needed sooner than expected. David offers to take Carol out on what would have been Billie's birthday

  • Season 1 Episode 4724: 07/10/2013

    Alfie is angry about Roxy's betrayal, but when Michael winds him up he completely snaps and storms out of the Vic to confront Ronnie, demanding to know how often the sisters have seen each other behind his back. The reality of the transplant operation hits home for Dexter when he discovers the procedure has been scheduled in three weeks, and David turns up at Janine's house saying he wants to meet Scarlett, but the real reason for his visit soon becomes clear when the penniless charmer plies his stepsister with drink and begins talking about the importance of family

  • Season 1 Episode 4723: 04/10/2013

    A guilty Roxy continues to play with fire when she keeps seeing her sister behind Alfie's back - but their luck may be running out when Michael spots Ronnie sneaking out of the Vic. David's presence at the Butchers' is still causing arguments, so he sets out to prove himself to Carol by looking for work in the Square. Joey follows Lauren after Abi tells him she has a new man, while Ronnie is surprised when Jack has a life-changing proposition for her

  • Season 1 Episode 4722: 03/10/2013

    It's Carol's birthday and she is touched when David remembers as he gives her a single flower - and he soon turns on the Wicks charm, making it clear he wants more from her than a roof over his head. But seeing the closeness between her and Masood, he schemes to get one over on his love rival by suggesting he should throw her a party, knowing full well she doesn't like a fuss. Phil gives Jay an ultimatum about where his loyalties lie, and Lauren has a spring in her step as she secretly arranges to meet Jake - but her behaviour only makes Abi worry her sister is back on the booze. Dexter and Ava continue to bicker over his plans to donate a kidney to his dad, while Dennis picks on his friends at the community centre - although Sharon still refuses to believe her little angel would do such a thing

  • Season 1 Episode 4721: 01/10/2013

    David hauls himself out of bed to announce he is leaving to stay with friends - and when Carol agrees, he is disappointed by her reaction. To make matters worse, he becomes even more unwelcome when Liam and Whitney learn about his feud with Ian from years ago. Has he burned his bridges in Walford? Fat Boy is thrilled when Poppy reveals she has a surprise for him that will shift their relationship up a gear, although his mood soon changes when he finds out her plans, and the bad feeling between Dot and Sharon continues when they hold their jumble sale

  • Season 1 Episode 4720: 30/09/2013

    Carol agrees David can stay while he recovers from his beating and she reassures Masood that once her ex is better he will leave - but when the two men are left alone, it soon becomes clear that David has different intentions. Tamwar is over the moon after spending the night with Alice, although she is concerned that they have no sexual connection, and Dot's friends worry she is running herself into the ground with her church fundraising. AJ is left in charge of Kamil - only to lose the toddler somewhere in the busy Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4719: 27/09/2013

    Carol is stunned by the unexpected appearance of David, who tells her he was just passing and wants to give Bianca something, although when he notices her cosy, candlelit evening with Masood, he begins to probe their relationship and reveals parts of the past she would rather forget. Things soon hot up, however, when the doorbell rings again. It seems David isn't on his own - but who is this loose woman he has in tow, and why are they bickering over a case full of money?

  • Season 1 Episode 4718: 26/09/2013

    Masood arrives at the Butchers' for a romantic night in with Carol, who confirms they have the house to themselves, although they soon have to stop flirting when the kids arrive home early from the cinema. Just when it seems things are settling down again, an unexpected visitor turns up on the doorstep - none other than Carol's ex, David Wicks. Elsewhere, Tamwar and Alice are also getting reacquainted, although he feels awkward when she gets a little too intimate for his liking, and Dot sees young Dennis's devilish side while babysitting for Sharon

  • Season 1 Episode 4717: 24/09/2013

    Having discovered he is an eligible kidney donor for his father, Dexter wants to do the right thing, but that proves easier said than done when his friends and family all give him conflicting advice. Michael continues to interfere in Alice's personal life by deleting a text message from Tamwar, Dot is struggling with her fundraising duties for the church and Carol is at the end of her tether juggling the demands of the Butcher household in Bianca's absence

  • Season 1 Episode 4716: 23/09/2013

    Ava worries about Sam's health and waits to hear if she is a suitable donor - but when Dexter confesses he has also been tested, she is desperate to talk him out of it - should he prove a match. A guilty Roxy continues to see Ronnie behind Alfie's back, although as it becomes increasingly difficult to sneak around she is left wondering how she can solve the problem. Kirsty is desperate for money, so Carl makes her an offer she surely can't refuse, Michael ruins Tamwar's attempt to make it up with Alice, and Lauren takes on a cleaning job at the Vic - is it such a good idea to be surrounded by so much booze?

  • Season 1 Episode 4715: 20/09/2013

    Billy and Ronnie worry that Carl is attempting to take over the Mitchell empire, but as Phil wallows in hospital, it seems he won't be fit enough to defend his family any time soon. So he is shocked when none other than Peggy (Barbara Windsor) appears to give him a bit of motherly advice and a few much-needed home truths. Lauren's friendship with Jake steps up a gear when she turns to him for support, while Dexter has an idea to help his dad - but he has to keep it a secret from Ava, knowing she wouldn't approve. Viewers will want to stick around until the end of the credits for an extra scene

  • Season 1 Episode 4714: 19/09/2013

    The tense atmosphere at Ava's causes Dexter to believe his parents are about to split up - but when his father collapses, he realises the situation is much worse than he first thought. Carl persuades Kirsty to meet him and although she initially has a good time, she is unimpressed when she sees him threatening Ronnie. Roxy sneaks out to see her sister, Lauren bumps into Jake, who has something to tell her, and Kat teases Tamwar when he arrives at the Vic for a date with Alice

  • Season 1 Episode 4713: 17/09/2013

    Kat realises she is standing in the way of Jean's happiness and decides to put things right before it's too late. Roxy receives disappointing news, but as she turns to Alfie for support, he is too preoccupied with helping his ex-wife on her lonely hearts mission. Kirsty is shocked when Abi and Lauren threaten to throw her out, so she lets them in on a few home truths, while Carl muscles in on Ronnie at the club, offering to sell her protection. Ava waits for Sam in the Vic, but when he doesn't show she assumes he has run off again

  • Season 1 Episode 4712: 16/09/2013

    Jean is down in the dumps after losing Ollie, until he reappears - only to tell her he is leaving for Brighton. She has one last chance of happiness by going with him - but can she bring herself to leave Kat? Ronnie panics when the childminder calls to say Lexi is unwell, leaving her to look after the youngster alone - but Lola is more scared when she discovers who is babysitting her daughter. Lauren and Abi's relationship reaches breaking point when they disagree over what to do about Max, and Lucy is keen to prove herself to Janine, so she is given the job of telling the locals their rents have increased

  • Season 1 Episode 4711: 13/09/2013

    Billy is disappointed to hear Phil has asked Ronnie to look after his businesses while he recovers - but she wastes no time showing she has what it takes by confronting Carl over using the Arches for his dodgy car business. However, Jack has mixed feelings after realising his ex-wife won't be leaving after all, while Alfie is furious when she arrives at the Vic to check the pub's finances. Jean is surprised to find Shirley's favourite sunglasses, convinced she won't have flown abroad without them - but if she hasn't gone yet, where could she be? To add to her troubles, Jean also receives conflicting advice on her relationship with Ollie, while Abi is determined to clear Max's name, only for Lauren to drop a bombshell

  • Season 1 Episode 4710: 12/09/2013

    Ian discovers that Shirley knows his secret and tells Carl, who promises to sort her out. But how far will he go to keep her quiet? Ronnie decides there's nothing left for her in Walford, until a visit to Phil gives her the encouragement she needs, while Kirsty gets a shock when she goes to see Max in prison. Lucy and Peter are intrigued to see Cindy laden down with several shopping bags, wanting to know how she is paying for everything

  • Season 1 Episode 4708: 11/09/2013

    Roxy is torn between wanting to see Ronnie and loyalty to Alfie, while her sister has a heart-to-heart with Dot, who persuades her to make amends before it's too late. But she reckons without Michael, who is quick to inform his cousin that the Mitchell siblings are finally planning their long-awaited reunion. Shirley says her final goodbyes, only for Lola to accuse her of running away from her problems. Ian unsettles Denise when he asks her to move in with him, Jack and Joey pull together to help Max's relatives, who are falling behind with their bills, and Jay worries what Phil will do when he finds out he and Dexter are doing jobs on the side for Carl

  • Season 1 Episode 4707: 10/09/2013

    Ronnie cannot believe what she is hearing when she finds out what Roxy has been getting up to while she has been in prison, and quickly realises they will not be moving away to Ibiza like her sister had promised. A furious Kirsty confronts Ian over his witness statement, but when he stands his ground and claims harassment, Jack begins to lose faith in Max, thinking he could be guilty after all. Shirley confesses her crime to Phil while he sleeps, Lauren is disappointed when Jake fails to appear at the counselling session and Carl offers Dexter a bit of work fixing up cars. He could use the money, though it's not strictly legal

  • Season 1 Episode 4706: 09/09/2013

    As the day of Ronnie's release arrives, Alfie voices his concerns to Kat, but is surprised that she appears unfazed. However, when Roxy reveals she wants her sister to come back and live in the Square, the usually happy-go-lucky landlord explodes in a fit of rage. Over at the prison, Ronnie finally gets a taste of freedom after more than two years - but will anyone be there to meet her? Meanwhile, a guilty Ian confesses to Denise that he is the police witness - but fails to tell her he is lying for Carl - and Shirley decides to pursue her dream of running a bar in Greece, although Jean is in for a shock when her friend explains the real reason she has to leave Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 4705: 06/09/2013

    News of an arrest reverberates around the Square, and things look bad when it turns out a key witness has come forward - someone who claims they saw Carl's brakes being tampered with. Roxy finally tells Alfie about Ronnie's release, and his shock is compounded when he learns she doesn't even know about their relationship. Shirley takes advantage of Phil's absence to break into his house and take what she sees as rightfully hers - only to panic when someone else comes in - and Bianca says goodbye to the kids and Kat as she leaves Walford for her fashion course

  • Season 1 Episode 4704: 05/09/2013

    As a critically injured Phil fights for his life, the paramedics call an air ambulance to rush him to hospital, while a seriously injured Carl tells the police his brakes gave way. Back in the Square, news of the crash is soon the talk of the neighbourhood, with Max delighted at the thought of Carl's suffering and Ian keen to know how serious his injuries are, clearly hoping he is now off the hook. Jay begs Lola not to tell Abi what she overheard, Sharon accuses Ava of being a bad teacher, and Kat confronts Ollie over his treatment of Jean. Carol urges Bianca to follow her dreams and go on another fashion course

  • Season 1 Episode 4703: 03/09/2013

    Phil pushes Carl for details of their agreement but his new business partner insists he will have to be patient, while both Jay and Max warn him about getting involved with Kirsty's ex - and it seems they are right to be concerned when Carl proves to be a reckless driver. The Brannings gather to celebrate Jack's birthday, but the guest of honour doesn't arrive, anxious about Ronnie's release and the bad memories it has stirred. Michael's nose is put out of joint when Danny lands a lucrative deal at the gym, so he does his best to gain the upper hand, and Lola overhears Jay on the phone to Kitty

  • Season 1 Episode 4702: 02/09/2013

    Carl steps up his campaign to get Kirsty back by sending her flowers - and to add insult to injury, he spends the rest of the day trying to get one over on Max, who is already seething about the bouquet. Carl also makes a business offer to Phil, who is in need of some quick cash after losing £10,000 and contending with Shirley's blackmail demands. Lauren is pleased to see Jake again at counselling, but he is less than happy with her behaviour during the session, while Kat visits the Vic to speak to Roxy about Ronnie, and Bianca begins to think life has passed her by

  • Season 1 Episode 4701: 30/08/2013

    The campers continue to investigate Phil's missing £10,000 and eventually come to an agreement about who stole it, but will they be able to pull off Abi's risky plan to retrieve the money? Meanwhile, Jean breaks up with Ollie, believing he's better off without her, and Tara makes a poor excuse for why she is leaving for Scotland, which upsets Billy

  • Season 1 Episode 4700: 29/08/2013

    The friends turn against one another following the caravan burglary, but Jay and Abi have their own problems, and as their arguments continue, he makes a drunken mistake. Meanwhile, Peter finally reveals his secret to a shocked Lola. Back in Walford, Jean works up the courage to tell Ollie the truth and Kim tries to warn Billy about Tara's intentions

  • Season 1 Episode 4699: 27/08/2013

    At the camping site, Jay persuades Abi to take a pregnancy test, while Dexter sells Phil's car and goes for a drink with the buyer's daughter, but later returns to the caravan to find it has been burgled - and the money is missing. Back on the Square, a revelation from Jean leaves Roxy devastated, and Billy's date with Tara seems to be going well, until Kim casts doubt on her motives

  • Season 1 Episode 4698: 26/08/2013

    The camping trip gets off to a shaky start when the gang discovers Cindy has been hiding in the boot for the entire journey, and then Abi drops a bombshell on Jay. Back in Walford, Alfie puts pressure on Jean to tell Ollie about her bipolar disorder, and Billy feels lucky when he wins a bet on the horses and lands himself a date with an attractive woman - but does she have an ulterior motive?

  • Season 1 Episode 4697: 23/08/2013

    Needing to raise money quickly to keep Shirley happy, Phil puts pressure on Max to sell more cars and arranges a dodgy deal over the phone. But will he be able to meet his ex's demands? Meanwhile, Dexter is forced to work, meaning he will have to give up his place on the camping trip, and Lauren is desperate to find a way to help Abi achieve her dreams

  • Season 1 Episode 4696: 21/08/2013

    Shirley finds out Phil has been paying her rent. She suspects he has been doing so out of guilt over Heather's death, and tells him it will take more than money for her to keep quiet about the incident. Meanwhile, Cindy Junior tries to persuade Ian to let her stay in the Beale household, Lauren discovers what has been bothering Abi, and a revelation from Fat Boy pleases Poppy

  • Season 1 Episode 4695: 20/08/2013

    Ian pulls out all the stops to impress Denise and save their relationship, and Peter is pleased the couple seem to be working things out, but his mood quickly changes when an unwanted face from his past turns up in Walford. Meanwhile, Bianca and Kat make a bet as to who can get the most attractive man to go out with them, and Carl provokes Max, causing the pair to come to blows

  • Season 1 Episode 4694: 19/08/2013

    Denise becomes increasingly frustrated by Ian's attempts to gain more help for Sadie's salon opening, and as the pressure mounts, she decides enough is enough and ends their relationship. Michael is furious to learn Jack has sold his share of the gym and tries his best to manipulate the situation, Bianca persuades Kat to go on a double date and Poppy grows suspicious of Fat Boy's behaviour

  • Season 1 Episode 4693: 16/08/2013

    Carl is furious after being searched by the police and confronts Max, who denies any involvement. However, when Carl gets hold of his rival's mobile, he soon discovers the truth. Lauren confides in Joey and Whitney about almost falling off the wagon the previous night, but doesn't get the sympathetic reaction she expected. Fat Boy discovers that Tamwar likes Alice, so he, Poppy and Dot arrange a surprise romantic dinner for their friends, while Kat and Bianca go to the singles night in a bid to cheer themselves up

  • Season 1 Episode 4692: 15/08/2013

    Carl's brother Adam turns up in the Square, and when he attacks Kirsty, Max vows revenge on him and his brother. However, realising that there's strength in numbers, he teams up with Phil, and together they confront Carl about his drug dealing at R&R - and give him an ultimatum. Lauren nervously attends her first counselling session, and finds support from a good-looking guy she meets in the waiting room, while Alice helps Tamwar get his own back on Kat and Bianca for their toilet prank. Michael faces a few home truths and Abi receives her exam results

  • Season 1 Episode 4691: 13/08/2013

    Lauren feels agitated with nothing to do all day, and the thought of going out with Lucy and Whitney worries her, knowing she'll be considered the boring one not drinking. However, a revelation soon pushes her to breaking point. Joey realises someone is dealing drugs in R&R so decides to investigate, only to find himself out of his depth. Max tells Carl that he and Kirsty are back together, leaving the local thug struggling to hide his feelings, while Danny informs Janine he has a plan to make Michael's life very difficult. Tamwar continues to be the laughing stock of the market-stall holders, and Ian offers to cater for Sadie's salon launch party - unaware she isn't the slightest bit interested in his business

  • Season 1 Episode 4690: 12/08/2013

    Lauren decides to throw a surprise party for Dot, in honour of Jim's 80th birthday, only to become paranoid as the guests dodge the alcohol in her presence, while Carol, Max and Jack are made to feel guilty when Dot confronts them about never visiting their father. Bianca is horrified when Kat signs them both up for a singles night at R&R, Whitney starts work back at the community centre, where she has her hands full with Dennis, and Roxy receives a phone call, but is forced to end it quickly when Jack arrives. Janine smugly tells Michael that she and Danny are an item - is everything as it seems?

  • Season 1 Episode 4689: 09/08/2013

    Michael and Janine realise they both have to make more of an effort after Scarlett has a minor accident, so they spend the evening together as a family. Will it bring the pair closer romantically? Lauren realises she has a long road to recovery ahead, prompting her to turn to an unlikely ally. Ian worries that Lucy may have told Janine about his accounting discrepancy, but his ambitious daughter refuses to say either way, and Ava is jealous when Sadie flirts with Sam while offering him some building work at the salon

  • Season 1 Episode 4688: 08/08/2013

    Lauren's return has shaken the Brannings, who all believe it is far too early for her to be back in Walford and try to keep her in the house. But she is adamant she just wants to get her life back in order and heads out to see Lucy, Whitney and Joey - only to realise it's a lot more difficult than she thought it would be. Kirsty is heartbroken to realise she is no longer Max's top priority, new salon owner Sadie risks alienating the local women by flirting with the men as she drums up business, and Lucy discovers that Ian has been cooking the restaurant books - will she tell Janine? Kat receives a letter informing her that Ronnie is due out of prison, but can't bring herself to tell Alfie in case it ruins his happiness with Roxy

  • Season 1 Episode 4687: 06/08/2013

    Max's hopes of getting his marriage back on track seem dead in the water when Carl leads him to believe he slept with Kirsty the previous night - and even when the truth comes out, she is angry that he didn't trust her. But just as it seems the old spark might be back, an unexpected visitor interrupts proceedings. Michael plots to tarnish Danny's reputation in the hope of getting him out of Janine's life for good, while Billy is annoyed to find he has been effectively demoted at Butcher's Joints and ends up in a power struggle with Lucy. Tyler tells Whitney he is leaving Walford in the hope she will try to stop him, and Poppy practises the latest beauty treatments to impress new salon boss Sadie - causing great embarrassment for Fat Boy when she uses him as her guinea pig

  • Season 1 Episode 4686: 05/08/2013

    Max is back in Walford and is immediately forced to consider his future with Kirsty when she gives him an ultimatum. However, Carl is determined to win her back for himself, and quickly forms a plan. Poppy sees a group of workmen at the salon, only to discover one of them isn't quite what he seems, while Alfie needs to find Kat so he can tell her the wedding date before it is made public. Michael is furious when he finds his baby in Danny's arms, prompting him to ask ex-cop Jack to do a few background checks, and Whitney and Tyler decide to stay friends, only for him to change his mind - for the worst

  • Season 1 Episode 4685: 02/08/2013

    Whitney's problems have reached a head, so she packs her bag and walks out, but not before one last argument with Bianca, who pleads with her adopted daughter not to let a dead man come between them. Leaving, she sets out in search of a bed for the night and soon finds herself in a risky situation when she is propositioned by a complete stranger - but luckily, Kat has been following, and before long it is down to her to convince the confused young woman to return home

  • Season 1 Episode 4684: 01/08/2013

    Whitney admits she still wants to be with Tyler, so Bianca advises her to fight for him - although he and Joey are the ones who end up coming to blows. The locals gather for Roxy and Alfie's engagement party, where Kat's attempts to hide her upset end in her flirting outrageously with Carl and making a drunken scene. Jean is worried as she hasn't heard from Ollie after their night together, and Lucy is disappointed when her first day in her new job doesn't turn out exactly as she was expecting - but surely ranting at the boss is a guaranteed way of getting herself fired?

  • Season 1 Episode 4683: 30/07/2013

    Whitney is relieved that Bianca and Carol have agreed to help keep her actions a secret from Tyler - but when he turns up to apologise for his careless worlds, can she deal with the guilt? Ian is over the moon when Lucy asks to meet him, convinced they will now be able to get their relationship back on track - but his joy turns to shock when she drops a bombshell. Growing tensions between Kat and Bianca cause the friends to make a rash decision about the market stall, and Jean agrees to a second date with Ollie, but worries what will happen if he finds out about her bipolar disorder

  • Season 1 Episode 4682: 29/07/2013

    Whitney desperately struggles to keep up the pretence of being fine in the wake of Tony's death, and finds work helps her get through it. However, Tyler's reluctance to discuss it ends in another argument and leads her to a course of action she might just regret. Kat puts on a brave face when Alfie and Roxy announce they are throwing an engagement party, Ian is amused to see Lucy helping Peter out in the chip shop, and Michael vies with Danny for the chance to spend the evening with Janine - but he feels uncomfortable when his rival flirts with him. Fat Boy neglects Poppy when he cancels their night in to hang out with Tamwar, while Masood returns to Albert Square with young son Kamil. Can the postman and Carol pick up where they left off?

  • Season 1 Episode 4681: 26/07/2013

    Whitney decides to confront her demons by visiting the prison to see her former abuser Tony. What will Bianca do when she finds out? Sharon allows Dennis a bit of freedom, only to regret it when her precious son gets his hands on a catapult, and Kirsty grows jealous of Carl's flirting with Kat - despite claiming she has no interest in him. Poppy and Lola receive word that Tanya has sold the salon and are desperate to know the identity of their new boss, while Janine plots against Ian after he makes a fool of her in the restaurant

  • Season 1 Episode 4680: 25/07/2013

    Whitney is shocked when an eccentric-looking stranger hands her a letter from someone in her past - a man she hoped she had seen the last of. Carol and Denise try to persuade Ian not to shop Bianca to the police, but just when it seems matters have been settled, Tiffany and Bobby's childhood romance threatens to ruin things. Tamwar is annoyed with AJ for spending his rent money at the bookie's, Poppy is less than impressed when she sees Kim flirting with Fat Boy, and Cora voices her disapproval as Sam prepares to move into Ava's flat

  • Season 1 Episode 4679: 23/07/2013

    Having discovered Jean's part in vandalising the restaurant, a furious Ian pushes her for answers about why she did it and who else was involved. Will she keep Bianca, whose probation is almost over, out of the picture? Alfie announces he and Roxy are engaged - just as Kat walks into the pub - and Kirsty accompanies Carl on a visit to his mother in the care home, determined to tell her they are no longer together. Dot fights Abi's corner when it turns out Cora has stolen from her granddaughter's purse, while Sam and Ava consider living together

  • Season 1 Episode 4678: 22/07/2013

    Ian is pushed to breaking point when Lucy leaves him to run all the businesses on his own - and another run-in with Carl makes things even worse. Jean's guilt plays on her mind, threatening to ruin her date, but after an awkward start things seem to go well - until Ollie mentions what he does for a living. Things remain awkward between Kat and Alfie over his engagement to Roxy, an unexpected saviour comes to Shirley's aid when it turns out she has had her benefits stopped, and Carl and Kirsty reminisce. Janine is troubled when Michael continues to be over-friendly - but as usual, she has a trick or two up her sleeve

  • Season 1 Episode 4677: 19/07/2013

    Michael is shocked to discover Janine has organised a lavish celebration for Scarlett's birthday, complete with a pony, caterers and waiters - but he still manages to manipulate her emotions with a well-chosen gift. Ian takes inspiration from his business partner and throws Bobby a surprise party for his birthday, hoping it will help mend his relationship with Lucy, while there's a third kids' bash when Lola brings Lexi's party forward - but the turnout is disappointing. Elsewhere, Roxy is eager to shout the news of her engagement from the rooftops - but Alfie needs to tell Kat first

  • Season 1 Episode 4676: 18/07/2013

    Alfie asks Kat if she has received her divorce papers, prompting her to tell him she still wants them to be a family - but is the feeling mutual? Ian has lost all sympathy after his latest business stunt, but when Denise learns the true extent of his problem, she fights his corner - first with Carl, who refuses to back down, and then by asking an unlikely source for help. Abi and Jack come up with a plan to help Max, who is close to breaking point, Janine is suspicious when Michael suggests just the three of them celebrate Scarlett's birthday, and Sharon and Shirley find it impossible to live together under the same roof

  • Season 1 Episode 4675: 16/07/2013

    The guilt weighs heavily on Ian's shoulders as Lucy helps him prepare for the restaurant reopening, knowing how badly he has conned her. But as he throws himself into the running of Scarlett's, Peter worries that his father is becoming unwell again. Roxy is put in a great mood after secretly reading a letter addressed to Alfie - but is puzzled later when it becomes clear he wants to keep the news to himself. The speed-dating night is a hit-and-miss event for the regulars seeking romance, with Jean receiving a surprise suitor, Kirsty doing her best to tempt Max back into her life, and Carl trying his luck with Kat, while Shirley simply gets drunk, leaving Bianca worried that she will give something away about the break-in

  • Season 1 Episode 4674: 15/07/2013

    Carl puts the screws even tighter on Ian, so Lucy suggests he should sell the restaurant so he can pay off his blackmailer and get Janine out of his life too. However, he comes up with a different plan - and this one is straight out of the bad guys' textbook. Jean returns to her allotment, but her peace and quiet is disturbed once more by annoying fellow gardener Ollie, while Kirsty begs Abi to persuade Max to speak to her and Cora pushes Patrick to break up with Betty, but he is unable to hurt his lady friend's feelings. Dot is upset when her fundraising efforts end up making a loss, so Alfie and Roxy offer to hold a speed-dating event at the Vic

  • Season 1 Episode 4673: 12/07/2013

    Lucy and Denise worry about Ian following his 'accident', but Peter figures out Carl had something to do with it and tries to persuade his dad to go to the police. Bianca is out of her mind with worry when Liam does a runner before the court hearing, only for help to come from an unlikely source. Joey is unhappy about Michael moving back in, although he soon realises if he forces him to leave, he's in danger of losing Alice too. Abi and Kim play matchmaker for Cora and Patrick, while Sam finally finishes the car, making Dexter wonder if he will now leave town

  • Season 1 Episode 4672: 11/07/2013

    Ian is intrigued to discover that Kirsty and Carl used to be a couple and uses the information to turn the tables on his blackmailer - but has he bitten off more than he can chew? Bianca worries about Liam having to give evidence in court tomorrow - and to top it all, Tiffany isn't eating but will only confide in Carol. Michael sets out to get back in Janine's good books, only for his plans to be scuppered when a face from the past reappears, and Jean's attempt to take some quiet time alone backfires

  • Season 1 Episode 4671: 09/07/2013

    Ava tries to talk Dexter round but he is adamant - either Sam goes or he does - leaving his mother with a virtually impossible decision. Can his friends persuade him to give his mother a little happiness for once? Kat is angry with Bianca for getting Jean involved in vandalising the restaurant, while Liam returns home for the trial of his knife attacker. Sharon is also back in the Square, clean of the pills and looking for somewhere to stay, and Patrick invites Cora round for a little dance practice, but she ends up feeling like a gooseberry when it turns out Betty is already there

  • Season 1 Episode 4670: 08/07/2013

    Dexter is reeling after finding his mum and Sam together, and refuses to accept Ava's argument that her ex makes her happy again - so he gives her an ultimatum. As investigations get under way into the restaurant break-in, Ian covers his own back by telling Carl that the police's involvement had nothing to do with him, while Bianca begins to panic when Whitney is questioned. Kirsty tries to get Max to speak to her again - but when he does, it's not what she was hoping for - and Michael persuades Alice to ask for her job back

  • Season 1 Episode 4669: 05/07/2013

    Ian arrives at work to find the restaurant trashed and assumes Carl was behind it, while Bianca and Shirley search desperately for Jean, worried she might give the game away. Ava feels guilty when she is forced to lie to Dexter about her whereabouts the night before, and Cora is annoyed that she still hasn't told her son the truth - so she gives her an ultimatum. Kat advises Michael to get on Janine's good side if he wants to see Scarlett, so he takes her advice and runs with it, hitting on a new plan to get back at his estranged wife

  • Season 1 Episode 4668: 04/07/2013

    Ian proves his people skills leave a lot to be desired when he throws some nasty insults at Jean, prompting her colleagues to walk out en masse. However, when the highly strung cook realises she has left her bag at the restaurant, Shirley comes up with a not-entirely-legal plan to recover it - and without a second thought Bianca is involved too, forgetting she could get slung back into prison if caught breaking and entering. Meanwhile, Michael is delighted when he thinks Janine has returned to the Square, Ava tells Sam they can't be together, and Max refuses to talk to Kirsty, despite clearly still having feelings for her

  • Season 1 Episode 4667: 02/07/2013

    Billy reveals Janine's whereabouts to a suspicious Michael, who is convinced his estranged wife cannot be trusted and refuses to see her - until Alice urges him to go after Scarlett. However, his suspicions are confirmed when she gleefully announces she is moving abroad with his daughter. Can he convince her to stay? Jean continues to worry that Ian is trying to seduce her, making her even more clumsy in the kitchen - and causing great amusement for Shirley when her friend confides in her. Ava is shocked to discover Cora knows about her and Sam, while Kirsty struggles to overcome her dented reputation as a smug Carl asks her out for dinner

  • Season 1 Episode 4666: 01/07/2013

    Tanya's departure with Lauren and Oscar has left Max in a sorry state, prompting a furious Abi to tell him to stop feeling sorry for himself - so he tells his daughter about Kirsty's pregnancy lie. However, when he goes to collect his things, his distraught wife begs him not to leave. Will he give her another chance? Joey is angry with Lucy for lying to Lauren, so she tries to comfort him - but risks taking things a little too far - while Cora discovers a closely guarded secret. Jean is fed up with Ian bossing her around at the restaurant while also working at the Vic - but her attempts to resign are constantly thwarted

  • Season 1 Episode 4665: 28/06/2013

    Revelations rock the Brannings as Max finally discovers the extent of Kirsty's lies, telling her it's the end of the line for them and ignoring her pleading as he walks out. At that moment, there's only one person he wants to be with, so he calls on Tanya to pour out his woes, hoping she will take him back. However, he has interrupted her packing and when she confesses she is planning to leave, convinced it is the best thing for Lauren and Abi, will he stand in her way or let her go?

  • Season 1 Episode 4664: 27/06/2013

    Max and Tanya are determined to keep Lauren safe from harm as she returns from hospital. However, it only takes the sight of Joey to send her rushing out of the house looking for her ex - and when she can't find him, she storms into the Vic demanding a drink. Her parents eventually arrive and take her home, but when it becomes clear their arguing is only making things worse, Tanya makes a life-changing decision. Meanwhile, Kirsty is on edge when she thinks Carl has rumbled her fake pregnancy plan - but she soon has a whole lot more to worry about

  • Season 1 Episode 4663: 25/06/2013

    Max and Tanya wait at the hospital with Lauren, but the diagnosis isn't good - her liver is extremely damaged, and any further alcohol could kill her. To make matters worse, the doctor also explains that her drinking problem is being exacerbated by the arguments between the warring parents. Back in the Square, family and friends wait for news of Lauren, with Abi desperately worried, and Joey asking Lucy why she lied about his cousin's whereabouts - leading to a fight with Peter as he defends his sister. Meanwhile, Kirsty struggles to support Max in his hour of need, knowing he is with Tanya - but she has also has other things on her mind, including revealing to Kat that she finally thinks she has fallen pregnant

  • Season 1 Episode 4662: 24/06/2013

    It's Abi's birthday and Tanya is determined to give her a good time, but joy turns to worry when she and Max realise Lauren hasn't been home - and their fears deepen with the discovery that their eldest daughter had been drinking the night before and disappeared in a taxi with an unknown man. Carl continues to manipulate every situation he finds himself in to get more details about the people of Walford, and his presence is making Kirsty anxious - especially as she struggles to get pregnant

  • Season 1 Episode 4661: 21/06/2013

    Tanya and Max put their trust in Peter when he invites Lauren out for the evening and the pair stick to cranberry juice as they simply enjoy each other's company. However, it seems Lucy has other ideas as she sets out to get back at her former friend. Bianca and Kat question Kirsty about Carl, and she admits he is bad news - as Ian discovers when Walford's latest arrival turns up at the restaurant for a chat about Derek's missing money. Alfie is furious that Michael has told Tommy he is the boy's real father and tearfully does his best to explain the situation to the youngster, while things are going well for Sam and Ava as he sneaks her into the B&B - but how would Dexter feel if he found out about his parents' shenanigans?

  • Season 1 Episode 4660: 20/06/2013

    Bianca lets a total stranger into the house, believing him to be the plumber she called to fix a blocked sink - and when the truth emerges it turns out he is actually Carl White, Derek's old mate and the man she rang on Monday. But what is he doing in Walford? Tanya hopes that putting Lauren back in touch with Peter will help her daughter to sort herself out, while Michael excitedly heads to the hospital to find Scarlett - but when she is nowhere to be seen, his way of coping surprises Kat. Sam tells Ava he no longer plans to leave after their night together

  • Season 1 Episode 4659: 18/06/2013

    Max tries to help Lauren, only for his efforts to backfire, and Dexter is overjoyed at the thought of Sam leaving as soon as his car is fixed, although Ava confides in Tanya that she will be sorry to see the back of her ex. Kat enlists a reluctant Alfie to get through to Michael, and his words inadvertently give his cousin a clue as to where he might find Janine, while Abi is none too impressed when Dot lumbers her with a young French curate spending time in London

  • Season 1 Episode 4658: 17/03/2013

    As Lauren wakes up at Max's with yet another hangover, Kirsty finally gets through to her husband about his daughter's alcoholism. Bianca hands Carol the letter given to her by Peter Beale, giving them hope they might be able to find David Wicks. However, when they ask Ian why he had the document in the first place, he is forced to show them Derek's box - prompting Bianca to make a phone call she may live to regret. Ava is secretly hurt when Sam tells her he will be leaving Walford soon

  • Season 1 Episode 4657: 14/03/2013

    Lauren pushes Tanya and the family to breaking point as her drinking problem spirals out of control, while Peter decides to do the right thing as he hands the letter Lucy found back to Bianca. Alice reveals to Kat that she spent the night with Michael, and Phil arrives at R&R to find the club in a state and knows Sharon is to blame

  • Season 1 Episode 4656: 13/06/2013

    Lauren begins to show signs of withdrawal and puts herself in danger in a desperate attempt to get hold of more alcohol, while Alice is smitten following her night with Michael, but it's clear he doesn't feel the same way. Elsewhere, Lucy looks through Ian's paperwork to get to the bottom of his finances and finds Derek's box with a letter inside from David to Carol

  • Season 1 Episode 4655: 11/06/2013

    Michael enlists Alice's help to investigate Janine's whereabouts, giving her an opportunity to get closer to him. Ian offers Peter a job at Scarlett's, leaving Lucy jealous, while Bianca is stunned when Carol reveals she received a letter from David some time ago. Elsewhere, Tanya puts Abi in charge of Lauren temporarily, but will she regret it?

  • Season 1 Episode 4654: 10/06/2013

    Peter is confused about why Lucy is running the cafe, and Ian is forced to tell him what has happened while he has been away. Tanya decides Lauren is not responding to the soft approach and takes drastic action to combat her daughter's drinking problem, while Michael enters Janine's house as he tries frantically to discover her and Scarlett's whereabouts

  • Season 1 Episode 4653: 07/06/2013

    It's the grand opening of the restaurant but things don't exactly run smoothly, with Lucy deciding to investigate after receiving a letter from the bank telling her the account is overdrawn, waitress Lauren getting drunk and spilling drinks over a guest, and the arrival of a familiar face who Masood thought he had seen the back of. But while Ian tries to impress his well-heeled customers, co-owner Janine proves she is the one in charge by springing a couple of surprises - one on her business partner and the other on her estranged husband

  • Season 1 Episode 4652: 06/06/2013

    Ava finds out Jay has sold the car to Sam and confronts her ex, who says he just wanted to do the right thing by his son and pleads with her not to tell Dexter. Lucy asks Ian how he is managing to pay for the fancy linen at the restaurant, so he is forced to come clean about finding Derek's cash box - although he neglects to mention he has been helping himself to her money too. Alice's continuing guilt causes her to steal once more - but this time she is caught red-handed - while Kim worries that the B&B has been brought into disrepute

  • Season 1 Episode 4651: 04/06/2013

    Dot is horrified to discover Bobby's pet snake is loose in her house, especially with the vicar due to visit, so she is forced to relocate the meeting to the B&B. However, a surprise phone call and an unexpected visitor bring matters to a swift close. Jay manages to sell the car but is forced to keep the buyer a secret from Dexter, while Masood is puzzled when Carol starts acting strangely around him - but is AJ really the best person to confide in? Michael uses Alice's latest information to plot against Janine

  • Season 1 Episode 4650: 03/06/2013

    Ian is under pressure to finish the restaurant before the local press arrives to report on the grand opening, only to upset Denise by announcing he only intends to invite business professionals and none of the neighbours. Alice becomes more anxious than ever when Janine almost catches her taking Scarlett to see Michael, so she resorts to stealing from the market again. Lauren tries to apologise for her actions, Ava tells Sam the other night was a mistake and Bobby buys a slippery new pet - only for Poppy to let it free in Dot's home

  • Season 1 Episode 4649: 31/05/2013

    Max tells Tanya he is pleased they are working together to do what's best for the children - unaware she is hiding her worries about Lauren. But at that moment, neither of them realises their drunken daughter has just punched Lucy and the police are arresting her for assault. Alice feels guilty about taking Scarlett to see Michael behind Janine's back, prompting her to act out of character. Sharon and Shirley bond over a drink and the mutual experience of being Phil Mitchell's ex, and Cora offers to help Ava get rid of Sam

  • Season 1 Episode 4648: 30/05/2013

    Cora asks Lauren about the missing money, and although she denies any knowledge she does confess to stealing the cash to Abi, who agrees to help. However, just when things start looking up, Lucy pokes her nose in - leading to an angry confrontation between the former friends. Shirley tells Phil that Sharon still has feelings for him, so he invites her over for dinner, Lola is overjoyed to have Lexi back - but terrified of losing her again - and Kirsty is under even more pressure when Max surprises her with a present for the baby's nursery

  • Season 1 Episode 4647: 29/05/2013

    As the pressure mounts on Kirsty she tells Max they don't need to go for their scan - but he insists he wants to see their baby. Desperate for her lie not to be revealed, she finds another way out. Will he finally guess the truth? Dot discovers Lauren spent the money she gave her on alcohol, so Tanya insists she works in the launderette to pay it back. The Hartmans are furious when they realise Sam is still in town, so Ava takes matters into her own hands, and Kim is keen to reinvent herself, getting rid of everything that represents the old her in the hope of attracting a new man

  • Season 1 Episode 4646: 27/05/2013

    Tanya sets out to help Lauren beat the booze, asking both Kirsty and Denise to refuse to sell her any more alcohol. But it soon becomes clear that if Lauren wants a drink, she will get it from somewhere. Max is excited at the thought of finding out his baby's sex at the next scan tomorrow, Alice finds it hard to say no when Janine asks her to work overtime and Sharon is angry with Shirley when she criticises Phil in front of Dennis. The residents gather for Kim's birthday party, which is doubling up as her and Ray's leaving do, where a certain gift makes her think twice about her plans

  • Season 1 Episode 4645: 24/05/2013

    Kirsty is shaken by the messages from her brother Adam, so Max tries ringing him to warn him off. But when the calls go ignored, he and Jack come up with a plan to get him out of the picture - a plan that involves paying the man a little visit. Ray is enjoying being spoilt at the B&B by Kim but also has to care for his daughter Sasha, leaving him facing a tough decision. Jack is concerned when Dennis tells him Phil has thrown him and Sharon out, while Tanya is devastated to discover the extent of Lauren's lies

  • Season 1 Episode 4644: 23/05/2013

    The day of Lexi's final hearing arrives, and things look bad from the start when Phil announces Sharon won't be there - but doesn't reveal why. However, there are more dramatic twists and turns even before the family enters court. Will Lola ever get her daughter back? Kirsty worries for her safety when her no-good brother Adam calls to say her ex-boyfriend Carl is being released from prison. Bianca realises Carol has really fallen for Masood as she spends all day preparing for a big date, Jack helps Tanya give Lauren a pep talk about her drinking problem, and Alice continues to go behind Janine's back

  • Season 1 Episode 4643: 21/05/2013

    Phil is horrified after finding Sharon unconscious, while Lexi sits idly by playing with her bottle of pills - and when he finally wakes his girlfriend up, the truth about her painkiller addiction comes out. Has she gone too far this time? Ava and Billy's date gets off to a good start but things soon turn sour when talk turns to Dexter's father, and Jack feels there's nothing left for him in Walford. Joey finds Lauren drunk in the Vic, but soon regrets his offer to take her for a walk when she misreads the signs

  • Season 1 Episode 4642: 20/05/2013

    Sharon discovers Jack is back in Walford and tries to smooth things over between them, but Phil isn't too happy when he finds out she went to see her ex. Alice is put in a tricky situation when Michael asks her to go behind Janine's back and bring Scarlett round to see him, while Sam rejects Ava's request to leave Walford and determines to stay until he has made amends with Dexter. Plus Lauren is upset when her friends give her the cold shoulder, so she arranges a night out with Abi - only to get blind drunk instead

  • Season 1 Episode 4641: 17/05/2013

    Dexter is convinced Ava would be much better off with her old flame rather than Billy and arranges for the two to meet up for a drink - but how would he feel if he knew Sam was actually his father? Ian runs out of cash to complete the building work on the restaurant, and in his desperation uses a blank cheque Lucy gave him for the cafe suppliers. Alice starts her new job, but things don't get off to a great start as she is easily intimidated by Janine. However, she soon realises there is much she can teach her new boss about looking after Scarlett

  • Season 1 Episode 4640: 16/05/2013

    Ava is stunned to see Dexter's father, Sam, on her doorstep, but his explanation for walking out 20 years previously proves too little too late for his ex as two decades of pent-up anger and resentment finally come flooding out. Sharon's dinner party is not going the way she intended, thanks to the arrival of Trish. However, just when the hostess is turning the social worker's unexpected visit to her advantage, Shirley flounces in, determined to upset the apple cart. Ian is revelling in his job as food judge while a flustered Jean rustles up a meal to prove she is good enough to work in his restaurant kitchen, while things prove awkward between Carol and Masood during their evening alone

  • Season 1 Episode 4639: 14/05/2013

    Sharon throws a family dinner party which Lola uses as an excuse to snoop around, hoping to find the evidence she needs to prove the hostess's addiction - but things get a little awkward when she is found rooting through her handbag. An unexpected caller turns Ava's world upside down and Kirsty becomes further entangled in her own web of lies when Max asks her about her 12-week baby scan. Bianca and AJ plot to give Carol and Masood some time alone, while Jean is thrilled to be offered a job cooking in Ian's restaurant - until she realises he expects her to undertake a culinary test

  • Season 1 Episode 4638: 13/05/2013

    Michael is unhappy when Janine hires an expensive nanny to look after Scarlett, so Alice hatches a risky plan to get rid of the woman in a desperate bid to please her former boss. Lola remains unsettled as the date of Lexi's custody hearing draws near, worried that Sharon's addiction could ruin everything, while Max grows suspicious when Kirsty receives numerous phone calls that she refuses to answer. Ian is back to his old self, splashing his ill-gotten cash and bossing his workmen about, and Patrick becomes suspicious of Kim's activities at the B&B when he sees several people going into the same room in one day

  • Season 1 Episode 4637: 10/05/2013

    Ian is excited about his new restaurant, until he hits a cashflow problem and realises there is still so much building work to be done. Can he dig his way out of trouble? Roxy apologises to Kat for doubting her motives on the night of the attempted robbery, and asks her to keep it a secret from Alfie - but a comment from Janine gives Kat food for thought. Michael takes out his bad mood on Alice - although for once she isn't prepared to take it, while Jay is annoyed when Phil gives Dexter the go-ahead to earn a little extra by conning customers at the Arches

  • Season 1 Episode 4636: 09/05/2013

    Roxy's nerves get the better of her when a robber corners her upstairs in the Vic and tells her to open the safe - but just when it seems he is going to make off with the pub's takings, help arrives from an unexpected source. Parenthood is not proving to be the walk in the park that Janine expected, so she is relieved when Michael offers to lend a hand - but will they ever work things out between them? Whitney gathers her friends in the pub to celebrate Lauren's new job, but the night does not go as planned when Lucy flirts with Joey - prompting the guest of honour to take revenge

  • Season 1 Episode 4635: 07/05/2013

    Roxy refuses Kat's help during a busy evening at the Vic, but when Josef, one of Ian's contractors, tries to rob the till, Alfie's ex steps in to sort the problem anyway, leading to another bust-up between the rivals - one that Roxy may regret when the thieving builder returns. Ian and Lucy get a lot of local interest when they interview for waitresses, Kirsty finds herself in an awkward situation when Dot asks her about the sex of her unborn baby, and Janine hatches another plan against Michael, offering for him to come and see Scarlett knowing full well he is in a business meeting

  • Season 1 Episode 4634: 06/05/2013

    Michael is feeling much more positive about Scarlett as he gets the house ready for his daughter's visit - only for Janine to let him down. Roxy is pleased when the doctor says she is in good shape to start trying for a baby, but her joy is short-lived when Alfie insists they should keep it to themselves for now, while Lola discovers the date for Lexi's final hearing has been set. Dexter tries to build bridges between Ava and Cora, and as Ian takes charge of the building work at the Emporium, Lucy continues to voice her disapproval, so Denise attempts to talk her round

  • Season 1 Episode 4633: 03/05/2013

    Lola is shocked by the sight of the unconscious Sharon and is relieved when she finally comes round. Having discovered her friend's pill-popping secret, the teen mum insists on calling Phil - only to be told that if she does, she risks Lexi going back into care. Janine's gloating pushes Michael to breaking point, so Kat and Alice promise to help him get Scarlett back, while Ian announces his new restaurant plans, angering Lucy who is furious he has gone behind her back. Kat and Bianca resort to blackmail in a bid to get one over on Lister

  • Season 1 Episode 4632: 02/05/2013

    It's Billy's birthday but only Lola has remembered - and his attempts to arrange a celebratory drink in the Vic fall flat when everyone turns out to be busy. Michael's friends worry as he throws himself into work, clearly compensating for no longer having Scarlett in his life, and Sharon and Phil decide to go public with their relationship - but behind the smiles, are they happy? Poppy sets herself a mission to find Tamwar a new girlfriend, while Bianca and Kat try to sweet-talk Lister into giving them their stall back - only to make the situation even worse

  • Season 1 Episode 4631: 30/04/2013

    Michael sees no hope of winning custody of Scarlett, so he decides to leave the country with his daughter - but is caught in the act by Alice when she arrives to find him frantically packing. Can she persuade him to stay? Tanya confronts Sharon over her missing painkillers, Kat and Bianca hatch a mischievous plan to get back at market boss Lister when he criticises the state of their stall - and makes unnecessary remarks about Bianca's parenting skills into the bargain - while Masood tries to find the courage to ask Carol out on a date

  • Season 1 Episode 4630: 29/04/2013

    Sharon panics when she runs out of painkillers, so she visits Tanya in the hope of getting her hands on more - but her friend is already suspicious that half of her pills have gone missing. Michael plays dirty as he and Janine prepare to meet and discuss custody of Scarlett - only for his plan to backfire. Elsewhere, Lauren remains unaware of her drunken actions the day before, so is puzzled when Joey ignores her in the street - but that's nothing compared with the heart-breaking announcement he makes when she confronts him - while Bianca puts on a front that she's fine with Liam moving away

  • Season 1 Episode 4629: 26/04/2013

    Liam is forced to face his worst nightmare - but will he make the right decision? Michael sets about proving Janine isn't a good mother, gleefully telling her she can join him and Scarlett at toddler group - and not wanting to let him win, she is forced to hide her irritation at the display of fun and happiness that greets her. Kirsty is furious with Max and packs him a bag - which he happily takes before walking out, hoping she will follow him. Abi arranges a surprise gathering in the Vic to celebrate the end of Jay's community service, where Lucy plots to drive a wedge between Lauren and Joey

  • Season 1 Episode 4628: 25/04/2013

    Bianca does her best to reassure Liam everything will soon get back to normal, although a brick hurled through the Butchers' window does nothing to ease the teenager's sense of panic. Even so, he stays home alone, determined to show his family he can cope. But when the phone rings repeatedly, he is soon at his wits' end. Michael comes up with a devious plan to prevent Janine getting her hands on Scarlett, and Kirsty is suspicious of Max's behaviour, so she decides to follow him

  • Season 1 Episode 4627: 23/04/2013

    Liam is terrified to discover Tiffany has been approached by one of the gang members outside the school gates, forcing him to come clean to Bianca about the threats he has been receiving. Sharon isn't happy when Janine starts interfering in the running of the club, although she has more to worry about later after a proposition from Phil. Michael's meeting with the solicitor doesn't go to plan when he is told Janine has a good case. To fight her in the courts he'll need money - something he sorely lacks. Carol continues to give Masood the cold shoulder, while Ian tells Jean about his restaurant plans, swearing her to secrecy so Lucy doesn't find out

  • Season 1 Episode 4626: 22/04/2013

    Janine tries to restart her life and business back in Walford, but it proves easier said than done with people throwing her apparent kindness back in her face. Max finally comes to terms with Kirsty's news, prompting her to make a surprising announcement to all and sundry in the Vic. However, Kat is surprised her friend hasn't told her husband the truth about the pregnancy. Liam is terrified when he continues to receive threatening text messages from the gang, but finds himself unable to tell Bianca, while Lucy is smug that Lauren has clearly forgotten about Joey running the marathon. Is this the beginning of the end for the kissing cousins?

  • Season 1 Episode 4625: 19/04/2013

    Michael is shocked to see Janine standing in front of him, but before he can stop her she barges past him and into the lounge, where she engages in a bitter war of words with Kat. However, it soon becomes clear she has more on her mind than petty arguments. Tanya puts Max on the spot, asking him straight out why he didn't tell her about Kirsty's pregnancy - but will his confession bring them closer or push them further apart? Kat tries to help a friend in need, only to end up being burdened with a secret she knows will cause more trouble

  • Season 1 Episode 4624: 18/04/2013

    Michael is surprised to discover Jack has gone away and needs more help from Alice, unaware she has developed romantic feelings for him - so it comes as a shock when she makes a pass at him. However, that is the least of his worries when the doorbell rings and he finds a face from the past on the doorstep. Tanya tries to get Max to admit the truth about the pregnancy - but while they are playing games, Kirsty is making plans to have an abortion. Sharon is tempted after coming across a packet of painkillers, while Lucy refuses to remortgage the flat for Ian's new business - will he allow that to stop him?

  • Season 1 Episode 4623: 16/04/2013

    Jack calls to see Dennis only for Sharon to send him packing, telling him he has given up the right to care about the boy. But not long after, the youngster runs away - will Jack agree to help search for him? Lauren struggles with the weight of knowing another Branning secret, so pleads with Max to tell Tanya about Kirsty's pregnancy, and Ian excitedly makes plans for a new venture - only for Lucy to bring him back down to earth. Shirley gets fired from McKlunky's, so Denise offers her a few hours' work at the Minute Mart - a decision she regrets almost immediately

  • Season 1 Episode 4622: 15/04/2013

    Sharon's friends visit Phil to find out where she is, and although he tells them she has gone away, a spot of detective work by Kim brings them back to his place - forcing her to come out of hiding. Bianca is furious when she finds out Carol hasn't been entirely honest about her relationship with probation officer Steve, while Lola is ecstatic when Phil tells her she can look after Lexi overnight, only to worry he will go back on his word. Max tries to apologise to Kirsty but she tells him she won't be bullied into getting rid of her baby, and Joey is hurt when Lauren takes little notice of his plans to run the marathon for a heart disease charity

  • Season 1 Episode 4621: 12/04/2013

    The guests are encouraged to eat, drink and be merry at the wedding reception, so Lauren takes advantage of the champagne on offer - and the more drunk she gets, the more Kirsty worries the teenager might let slip about her pregnancy to Tanya. However, it's an announcement from Max that tears her world apart. Alfie is furious to discover both Kat and Roxy have been keeping a secret from him, while Phil receives an unexpected late-night visitor

  • Season 1 Episode 4620: 11/04/2013

    As the wedding day dawns, the not-so-happy couple are worried about their guilty secrets. Sharon pays an early-morning visit to Phil, warning him that if he does anything to ruin her big day she will never forgive him, while Jack panics that the truth about his phone calls from Ronnie will come out. Meanwhile, Jean is less than happy when fellow caterer Ian only gives her menial tasks to perform, and Bianca is still furious with Carol about her latest romance and insists she end the relationship now

  • Season 1 Episode 4619: 09/04/2013

    Jack's stag do does not go as planned when he finds himself locked in the office with Phil - who already has one up on his enemy after his visit to Sharon earlier in the evening. However, as the pair bicker, Jack's phone rings - and when Phil finds out the identity of the caller, in a flash he now knows Jack's weak spot. Meanwhile, the atmosphere is tense between Sharon and Tanya after the former's confession, Kirsty pushes Max to reveal how he feels about her being pregnant, and Bianca is shocked to find her mother in a romantic clinch with probation officer Steve

  • Season 1 Episode 4618: 08/04/2013

    It's the day of the pre-wedding parties but Jack's mind is clearly on Ronnie and he is not in the mood for a raucous stag do - despite Joey and Dexter's best attempts to get him into the spirit. Sharon is spending her last night of freedom with Tanya and a bottle of wine - until a load more girls turn up to help her celebrate. However, that's nothing compared to the surprise she gets when Phil arrives. Carol pretends to be poorly so she can have a cosy night in with her mystery man - but Bianca is puzzled when she sees her probation officer going to her house

  • Season 1 Episode 4617: 05/04/2013

    Liam struggles to adjust as he returns home from hospital, leaving Bianca panicking when she finds him missing from his room. Kirsty is outstaying her welcome at the B&B and announces she will soon have a place of her own - but when she realises Ava is looking at the same flat, she puts pressure on Max to move as quickly as possible to secure the property for them. Jack ignores a persistent phone-caller and throws himself into arranging the wedding - only to make a hasty decision that leaves him and Sharon in an awkward position

  • Season 1 Episode 4616: 04/04/2013

    Dot is clearly feeling the pressure as the day of her court hearing arrives, and despite Fat Boy and Poppy's attempts to lift her spirits, she is resigned to losing her home. Adamant she doesn't want anyone else to know about her dire situation, she heads off to face the music alone. Roxy is surprised to receive a phone call from Ronnie telling her she will be released soon, so she immediately goes to see Jack - only to find him about to burn an unopened letter. Knowing who it is from, Roxy tries her best to convince him to read it, even if it means reopening old wounds - but will he?

  • Season 1 Episode 4615: 02/04/2013

    With Lexi having fallen ill, Phil and Billy bicker about the best way to look after the baby. Lola somehow manages to remain calm and collected as she sees to her daughter and phones the NHS hotline - and before long, the family members find themselves at the hospital for the start of a long wait by the child's bedside. Ava and Dexter move into the B&B, where Kirsty's presence strains the atmosphere, Bianca is devastated when Liam tells her he has arranged to live with Ricky, and Ian and Fat Boy upset Dot by trying to persuade her to take her story to the papers

  • Season 1 Episode 4614: 01/04/2013

    As Liam recovers in hospital, DS Bain arrives to tell him that Chris has been arrested in relation with the stabbing and the other gang members have been brought in for questioning. Bianca tries to reassure her son everything will be fine now - but he isn't convinced. Social worker Trish tells Phil the local authority think Lola is almost ready to take Lexi back. However, while he hides his disappointment, the family faces a terrifying emergency when the toddler suddenly falls ill. Homeless Ava and Dexter clash when she suggests they make a fresh start away from Walford, while Fat Boy is unable to keep Dot's secret any longer and talks to the Rev Stevens

  • Season 1 Episode 4613: 29/03/2013

    Liam is bailed after police questioning, but Bianca's relief is short-lived when he rushes off to find Kane in the hope of sorting things out. What the teenager doesn't realise is that the gang are out for revenge - and Liam is first in their sights. To make matters worse, Ava and Dexter also find themselves targeted by the delinquents, who aren't happy about being reported to the police. Back in Albert Square, the mood is a little less dramatic as Ian and Jean compete for the chance to bake Sharon's wedding cake - although Ian, in typical style, can't resist playing dirty

  • Season 1 Episode 4612: 28/03/2013

    Ava and Dexter catch up with Liam, finding him bloodied and battered after a fight with one of the gang members. But as Bianca makes her way to the estate to pick him up, he escapes yet again, prompting the desperate mother to make a life-changing decision. Carol tells Masood that Liam was involved in Tamwar's mugging, while Sharon is torn when Ian and Jean both offer to make her wedding cake. Poppy is still upset about the suitcases - until an unexpected visitor gives her something to smile about

  • Season 1 Episode 4611: 26/03/2013

    Bianca goes to the police about Liam, but when it becomes clear she will have to tell them more than she is willing to, she leaves and heads back to the estate, where Ava reluctantly helps in her search. But as they go knocking on doors, the gang are challenging Liam to prove himself a worthy member - and as if smashing a car windscreen wasn't bad enough, the second test sees him forced to commit a crime on his very own doorstep. Poppy returns the suitcases she bought at auction to their original owner, only for her good deed to backfire, while Sharon tries to call a truce with Tanya

  • Season 1 Episode 4610: 25/03/2013

    Bianca searches the estate for Liam, handing out flyers in a desperate attempt to track down her wayward son - but as he gets more deeply involved with the gang, his worried mum is left with only one option. Abi is concerned about Jay's state of mind one year on from Heather's death, so she asks Phil to talk to him. Poppy accompanies Alfie to an auction in the hope of raising cash for a deposit on a home, while Jean orders too much flour for the Vic - so Shirley comes to the rescue by baking cakes to sell

  • Season 1 Episode 4609: 22/03/2013

    Tanya wakes up the morning after her date with Phil - hungover and undressed. But before she gets a chance to ask him what they got up to, Abi calls her downstairs. How can she get rid of him without her family finding out? Unfortunately, her problems don't end there as she now knows a secret about Sharon that would jeopardise her engagement to Jack. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Bianca is at her wits' end as she continues her battles with Liam, Billy tries to make an impression on Ava, and Dot discovers a break-in at the launderette

  • Season 1 Episode 4608: 21/03/2013

    As Liam remains locked in his bedroom, Bianca seeks advice from Ava, who reveals how she handled Dexter when he was in a gang, while Whitney speaks to the teen alone, convinced she can get through to him. But will she do more harm than good? Sharon quizzes Tanya about her hot date with Phil, who arranges a second dinner that night - although Max isn't too impressed when he finds out. Phil and Lola take Lexi to visit her father Ben in prison, while Shirley is downbeat as everyone has forgotten the anniversary of Heather's death

  • Season 1 Episode 4607: 19/03/2013

    Phil lends a hand when Tanya locks herself out of the house - and when she later winds Max up by telling him she is seeing someone, he comes to the rescue a second time by asking her round for dinner. Although she accepts the date, she's soon worried about what she's let herself in for. Bianca tries her best to get through to Liam, but in the heat of the moment she lashes out at her wayward son. Alfie is annoyed when Kat asks him for child support, while Ian has a meeting with a financial adviser in the hope of opening a new restaurant

  • Season 1 Episode 4606: 18/03/2013

    Liam returns but Bianca still worries he will go off with the gang again, so Ray stands guard over him - and when the teenager's new friends come calling, his worried family takes desperate measures to stop him joining them. Kat is furious when she finds out Alfie has gone behind her back and arranged a meeting with a solicitor to get a contact order for Tommy, while Tanya bonds with a man to whom she wouldn't usually give the time of day. Ian has big plans for the future, and Sharon makes a major announcement

  • Season 1 Episode 4605: 14/03/2013

    Bianca confronts Liam about his involvement with the gang that attacked Tamwar, but despite his reassurances, her instincts tell her otherwise - and her worst fears are confirmed when she discovers the teenagers are from a nearby estate where a shooting took place recently. Max flies off the handle after finding out about Abi and Jay sleeping together - but after the young mechanic stands his ground, another conflict arises as Max grows jealous of the growing closeness between Jack, Tanya and his kids. Alfie invites Kat to the Vic - but she is upset to discover the reason for his invitation - while the karaoke night looks like being a disaster when no one wants to sing

  • Season 1 Episode 4604: 13/03/2013

    Bianca frets about what's she's found in Liam's room but refuses to believe he was involved in Tamwar's mugging. However, things only get worse when the police arrive to ask where he was at the time of the assault. Abi sneaks home in the middle of the night, only to find Tanya has been waiting up for her - leading to a furious row when her mum discovers what she's been up to. Kim finds a belt belonging to Denise's mystery lover and sets out to find out who it is, while Tamwar goes back to work - complete with stab-proof vest - and it soon becomes clear the attack has affected him

  • Season 1 Episode 4603: 12/03/2013

    Bianca is proud of Liam when she receives a letter from school praising his behaviour - only to make a shocking discovery in his room that brings her whole world crashing down. Tamwar gets a lot of attention from well-wishers as he recovers at home, but is puzzled when he receives a bouquet that turns out to be for Masood. Ian and Denise's relationship steps up a gear when he bares his soul to her, while Abi lies to Tanya so she can spend the evening alone with Jay

  • Season 1 Episode 4602: 11/03/2013

    Kat tells Alfie she wants them to keep their divorce as amicable as possible for Tommy's sake, and would prefer to do it without legal help. But after another run-in with Roxy, she wastes no time trying to get a solicitor. Kirsty tells Max they are going to have to make some sacrifices so they can afford a place of their own - but her quickfire way of raising money annoys her husband. Tamwar is forced to toughen up or risk losing his job, while Ian and Denise plan a dinner date - but as usual, things don't quite go their way

  • Season 1 Episode 4601: 08/03/2013

    Kim panics when she realises her sister didn't come home, but with Denise eager that no one should find out about her and Ian, will she admit the truth when she eventually does turn up? Jack tells Sharon he won't let her make him look like a fool any longer, Dot learns the council has started court proceedings, meaning she may lose her house, and Carol is concerned about Alice after Michael makes a surprising discovery behind her sofa

  • Season 1 Episode 4600: 07/03/2013

    The search for Lola takes Phil and Sharon to the house where her friend Alexa is staying, but the teenage mum remains one step ahead of them. As Phil opens up about his feelings, the pair are surprised by how close they have become. Back in Albert Square, Cora insists on staying at Dot's house so she can catch the thief and clear her name, while Denise and Ian prepare to spend the night together - but not in the way they might have expected

  • Season 1 Episode 4599: 06/03/2013

    Lola makes off with Lexi, desperately trying to put as much distance between her and Phil as she can, but with no money for a taxi or tube fare, it proves easier said than done. Jack is furious when Sharon leaves him to help Phil and Billy search for the young mum, having promised it will be just the two of them from now on. Dot confronts Cora about the missing food, while Ian finally plucks up the courage to ask Denise out on a date - but it doesn't quite go to plan

  • Season 1 Episode 4598: 05/03/2013

    The judge rules that Lexi will continue living with Phil, who ignores his furious family and friends as he leaves the court. Back home, Billy tries to talk his cousin round, only for Phil to admit he has no intention of ever letting Lola have her daughter back. What they don't know is that the teenage mum is listening in the hallway - and resigned to her fate, she makes a drastic decision. Jack is fed up of there being three people in his relationship and gives Sharon an ultimatum, while Patrick realises Ian likes Denise and encourages him to ask her out. Dot is puzzled that things are going missing from her house. Who is the thief?

  • Season 1 Episode 4597: 04/03/2013

    Lexi's hearing arrives and while Lola is struggling to deal with the pressure, Billy and social worker Trish are worried the young mum will lose her temper in court. But just when it seems as if things are going her way, Phil's plotting puts a spanner in the works. Tanya persuades Jack his relationship is worth fighting for, so he sets off to sort things out with Sharon, Michael comes up with an unusual way of paying Alice, and Patrick is mortified when he sees the cut on Denise's face

  • Season 1 Episode 4596: 01/03/2013

    Jack hears a voice message from Sharon's solicitor asking her to bring her passport to a meeting that evening so they can complete the R&R partnership agreement. Will he hide the document and sabotage the deal? Meanwhile, Masood feels there's nothing keeping him in Walford and starts packing, and Denise looks forward to Ian's birthday drinks in the Vic, but has to leave early to take care of Patrick

  • Season 1 Episode 4595: 28/02/2013

    At the hospital, Phil informs the doctor he's ready to make his statement to the police, while Jack awaits his fate back on the Square. Patrick is angry and upset when Denise arranges a carer to look after him, and Ayesha suggests she and Masood move away together after failing to make peace with Tamwar. Dot gets herself into trouble at the Housing Benefit Office

  • Season 1 Episode 4594: 26/02/2013

    Jack flees the scene and hurries home to pack a bag as Phil lies unconscious in the pit, but with Dexter heading back to the Arches to finish a job and Sharon keen to discuss her contract, will either of them find Phil before it's too late? Meanwhile, Kirsty tries to organise the birthday party in Derek's memory and Michael comes clean with Alice about the fake banknote

  • Season 1 Episode 4593: 25/02/2013

    Furious about a potential deal between Phil and Sharon, Jack heads to the Arches and punches him, leaving the Square's hardman lying unconscious in the pit. Michael pays Alice's babysitting fee with the counterfeit money, inadvertently getting her into trouble at the Minute Mart when she tries to give Denise a fake note. Kirsty suggests the Brannings throw a birthday party in the Vic in memory of Derek, and Ayesha asks Masood to go on a date with her

  • Season 1 Episode 4592: 22/02/2013

    Masood is stunned by Ayesha's return, although it doesn't take him long to work out why she is back, prompting AJ, who knows her intentions, to drag Tamwar out of the house. And things get a little more than awkward when Carol turns up for her cookery lesson. The atmosphere in the Brannings' is equally strained as Max tries his best to justify himself to Tanya - but will she understand? Roxy is hurt when she thinks Alfie is considering calling Kat following their latest argument

  • Season 1 Episode 4591: 21/02/2013

    Kat wakes up and immediately regrets the night before, and after some soul-searching realises it's time for her to take control of her life. But with the permanent reminder of Alfie and Roxy playing happy families, it proves easier said than done. Kirsty is keen to help Max build bridges with his daughters and is pleased when she seems to be making progress, but the smooth running of their reunion is interrupted by the return of Tanya. A similar scenario plays out at Masood's house as he prepares for Carol to come round for dinner, only to hear a knock at the door - from one of the last people he expected to see back in Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 4590: 19/02/2013

    Although Kat is still devastated by Alfie's announcement, she does her best to get on with things - but a run-in with Roxy proves too much for her to handle and the women finally come to blows. Lola is frustrated that Phil is continuing to make it difficult for her to see Lexi, however when she loses her temper and starts kicking down his door, she doesn't realise she is playing straight into his hands. Carol is struggling to get Liam to do his homework and receives help from Masood, and when he asks her to go for a drink to discuss private tutoring for her grandson, she wonders if she has just been asked out on a date

  • Season 1 Episode 4589: 18/02/2013

    Alfie asks Kat if they can meet later to talk, convincing Bianca he is still in love with his wife and wants to give their marriage another go - but as Kat soon finds out, her friend's belief couldn't be further from the truth. Lola is annoyed to discover Phil has been back a few days without telling her - and when she asks to see Lexi he bluntly informs her she will have to wait until he has had a meeting with the social worker, who subsequently says something he'd rather not hear. Whitney starts her job at the community centre, only to make the mistake of moaning about new boss Ava to Dexter, Lauren bonds with stepmum Kirsty over a bottle of wine, and Patrick tells Denise he is moving to Scotland

  • Season 1 Episode 4588: 15/02/2013

    Alfie picks Kat up from the police station and heads back for the Square, where he tells Roxy he has been out walking - but she refuses to believe him and wonders what he has been up to with his estranged wife. Bianca receives yet another call to say Liam isn't at school and ends up having an awkward meeting with his teacher. Sharon plans a romantic surprise for Jack, only to take up another offer when he fails to come home on time. Michael reacts oddly when Alice makes him a meal, and Dot urges Patrick to speak to Kim and Denise about taking care of him

  • Season 1 Episode 4587: 14/02/2013

    Bianca lays down the law with Liam, telling him he isn't allowed to leave the house outside school hours until he stops playing truant - but her anger turns to panic when she receives a phone call warning her the dresses she is selling are stolen. If the police catch up with her, she could find herself back in prison. Sharon throws a Valentine's Day party at R&R, where Jack works behind the bar so he can spend the night with his fiancee, Max causes a stir by arriving with Kirsty, and Roxy is jealous of the looks shared by Alfie and Kat. Over at the Branning house, Abi tells Jay she wants to take their relationship to the next level by sleeping together

  • Season 1 Episode 4586: 12/02/2013

    Bianca is upset with Liam over his truancy and grateful when Ray offers to speak to him man to man, and things start to go better when she gets hold of some cheap stock from an old friend. But her happiness is short-lived thanks to a phone call from the school - Liam hasn't turned up again. Sharon warns Joey to raise his game when he seems to be spending more time flirting than working, while a fed up Patrick tries to prove there is life in the old dog yet, only to come down to earth with a bump

  • Season 1 Episode 4585: 11/02/2013

    Bianca is feeling stressed as she struggles to juggle her family's needs, her first day on the market with Kat and a visit from her probation officer. Masood encourages Tamwar to follow his dream of university, but when he dismisses the idea as too expensive, his father suggests he raise the money by applying for the assistant market inspector's job. Roxy is far from impressed when Kirsty waltzes into the Vic expecting to be given her job back, while Lola is anxious to make a bit more money at the salon but feels a failure when a simple hair-dye procedure goes wrong

  • Season 1 Episode 4584: 08/02/2013

    Recent events have left Zainab a broken woman - but she still refuses to accept that she and Masood are over, clinging on to the hope they can still have a good life together. However, the unhappy postman doesn't agree and desperately tries to make her realise how he feels. The engagement party is in full swing at the Vic, although Whitney is disheartened that Bianca and Carol haven't shown up, and as Tamwar worries about his parents, Lucy blurts out her health fears

  • Season 1 Episode 4583: 07/02/2013

    Zainab and Masood tidy up while talking through their problems, but they run much deeper than they thought, and as they move from room to room, they soon realise they have unwittingly divided their belongings in two. Is the inevitable staring them in the face? Fat Boy does his best to reassure Tamwar about his parents' failing relationship, while Tyler and Whitney are determined to celebrate their engagement - with or without Bianca's approval

  • Season 1 Episode 4582: 05/02/2013

    A furious Masood storms over to the Vic with AJ, where they discuss the postman's marital problems, while Zainab is left at home, where she is alarmed when Ayesha finally plucks up the courage to tell her a few home truths - before confessing her own feelings for him. Max tries to explain himself to Abi and Lauren, who are not interested in listening to their father's excuses and shun him. Denise agrees to accompany Lucy when she visits the doctor, while Bianca is disappointed by Whitney's news and does her best to change her mind - but will she get through to her?

  • Season 1 Episode 4581: 04/02/2013

    Masood feels guilty that he didn't show up for the meeting with the imam and tries to make amends with Zainab by finally building her water feature. But when a grand switch-on in front of the neighbours doesn't quite go to plan, the couple argue and he says things he has been bottling up for weeks. Abi discovers Max is staying at the B&B, but when she goes to visit him, she doesn't bank on seeing him sharing his bed with his estranged wife. Joey worries Michael is taking advantage of Alice as his new babysitter, Lucy is concerned after finding a lump on her breast and Whitney is annoyed with Tyler for telling Alfie about their engagement. Will she be able to stop the news from spreading?

  • Season 1 Episode 4580: 01/02/2013

    Max is feeling angry and in desperate need of answers, so in the heat of the moment he storms off to find Kirsty. It doesn't take long to catch up with his wife, who is staying at the home of her ex-boyfriend's brother, but he is puzzled by her behaviour - until he notices a bruise on her face. Masood is struggling to cope with Zainab's demands, Tyler makes his feelings for Whitney clear, and Ian asks Denise to dinner. Is romance on the cards for the friends?

  • Season 1 Episode 4579: 31/01/2013

    Masood tells AJ how Ayesha has fallen for him, so his brother insists she must just be playing him for a fool. But when the postman calls his house guest's bluff, he gets much more than he bargained for. Alfie has a surprise for Roxy - he is swapping her name for Kat's on the licensee plaque above the door of the Vic, although Jean worries he is moving too fast. Kat and Bianca face a battle when Ian and the rest of the Bridge Street traders object to their market stall, and Max receives Kirsty's wedding ring in the post

  • Season 1 Episode 4578: 29/01/2013

    Max despairs as Tanya refuses to answer her phone, but with Cora baying for his blood, Sharon unwilling to help and Dot having enough on her plate, he realises this is one problem he will have to sort out himself. Masood encourages Ayesha to follow her dreams of university, only for Zainab to tell her she mustn't pass up the opportunity of getting married. Tyler and Whitney talk about getting a place of their own, while the penniless Bianca and Kat decide to set up a market stall. But where can they find the cash to get them started?

  • Season 1 Episode 4577: 28/01/2013

    Max is determined to move back in with Tanya as soon as possible, so he persuades her to speak to him - but Cora is furious to hear he is trying to worm his way back into her daughter's life. Sharon worries she has been neglecting Dennis when she notices his drawings don't include her, Lola says a tearful goodbye to Lexi as Phil takes her on holiday - and the teen mum is determined this is the last time she will let him push her around - while Denise and Zainab wait to hear who has got the regional manager's job

  • Season 1 Episode 4576: 25/01/2013

    Lauren's attempts to help a friend backfire, prompting her to call her mum for assistance - and Tanya has a novel way of dealing with the problem. Lola storms around to Phil's place to let him know she is not going to stand by and let him have his own way any longer, while Sharon and Bianca fall out after their sons are involved in a playground fight. Ava tells Dexter not to get too comfortable in Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 4575: 24/01/2013

    Dot is furious with Cora over her betrayal and wastes no time in making her views known - but with her debts mounting, will she be able to find a way out of her financial mess? Lola is shocked when Phil announces he is taking Lexi away for two weeks to meet Peggy, so the young mum is determined to fight him all the way. Ian becomes involved in the fall-out between the Fox sisters, telling Kim a few home truths about Ray, and Zainab gleefully announces she has an interview for the regional manager's job at the Minute Mart - but her happiness doesn't last long when she hears Denise has one too

  • Season 1 Episode 4574: 22/01/2013

    Max has finally got everything he wanted and can settle down with his family - but when Tanya continues to ask questions about Kirsty, things get awkward. Will they ever be able to salvage their relationship?

  • Season 1 Episode 4573: 21/01/2013

    Tanya is fed up of having Kirsty living so close to her family, so she goes round to the B&B and confronts her once and for all, furiously throwing out her clothes and asking why Max has a key. But when her rival confesses about kissing Max on the day of Derek's funeral, Tanya snaps and shoves the divorce paper in her hands. Will she finally agree to sign? Dot is shocked to learn she may be taken to court because Cora never paid the rent while living in her house

  • Season 1 Episode 4572: 18/01/2013

    Tanya takes Max's mobile from his jacket pocket and immediately wishes she hadn't after seeing his recent calls. Lola spends more time with Dexter - only for Phil to warn her away from the newcomer, while Dot begins to wonder whether coming back was such a good idea, especially after receiving a visit from the council. Roxy is upset when Alfie accidentally calls out Kat's name when he hurts his finger - but can he persuade her she is the only woman for him?

  • Season 1 Episode 4571: 17/01/2013

    Cora tries to get back into Dot's good books, but her attempts to transform herself into the perfect lodger fall short. However, her landlady has more important things to worry about as she sets out on a one-woman mission to save those around her, beginning with granddaughter Lauren, who receives a lecture about sinning - just after sneaking Joey out of the back door. Max is evasive with Tanya about a call on his mobile, Lola takes a liking to Dexter, but he is shocked to discover she has a baby, while Masood tries to make Ayesha forget about him and focus on her fiance Rashid's imminent visit

  • Season 1 Episode 4570: 15/01/2013

    Dot is determined to bring the Brannings back together, so she arranges a reunion dinner. But she is surprised to discover Jack's fiancee is Sharon - and appalled when she realises Lauren's mystery man from last night is Joey. However, nothing can prepare her for the bombshell that follows shortly after. Kim is still hopelessly in love with Ray, so he tries to let her down gently, while Zainab and Denise share their relationship experience with Ayesha - only to give her conflicting advice

  • Season 1 Episode 4569: 14/01/2013

    Kat and Bianca get stuck into their cleaning rota at the Vic, but things prove awkward with Roxy barking out orders - and all hell breaks loose when Kat finds Amy with one of Tommy's favourite toys. Masood tries to shield Zainab from the truth about Ayesha's crush, telling his fiery wife that her niece has fallen for Ray, while Dexter impresses Phil with his skills as a mechanic. Lauren is horrified to find a letter asking why Tanya didn't attend her last hospital appointment, and ends up hitting the bottle again - but even worse, when she and Joey get together later, they are unaware Dot has returned home

  • Season 1 Episode 4568: 10/01/2013

    Zainab finds a love letter that Ayesha has written, and is shocked by its obscene content, which shows a whole new side to her supposedly shy house guest. However, there is no mention of the girl's intended - so who could she have written it for? Max and Tanya blame Abi for yesterday's trouble - but their mild-mannered daughter refuses to take it lying down. Denise decides the time has come to make up with Kim, although it seems her sister does not feel the same way, while Shirley starts work at McKlunky's - with Liam as her trainer

  • Season 1 Episode 4567: 09/01/2013

    Max arranges a dinner for him and the family to talk through their problems, only for things to turn violent when Abi arrives with her new friend Dexter, closely followed by the jealous Jay. As Max and Joey pull the boys apart, Tanya tries to hold things together - but then gets a shock when Ava knocks at the door. Kat doesn't turn up for her shift at the Vic, convinced Roxy is trying to shove her nose in it by making her the pub's cleaning lady, so Alfie tries to make her see sense, while Ian gives Denise some much-needed support - and ends up offering her his spare room. Phil wants to speak to Michael - although his plan does not involve laundering dodgy bank notes

  • Season 1 Episode 4566: 08/01/2013

    The fallout from Christmas has led to tension in the Branning house, with Tanya wanting answers and decisions from Max. Jack tells Sharon he is throwing a party that night to announce their engagement, so she tries to find Phil to tell him the news before it becomes public knowledge. Michael makes Phil a business proposition after discovering a stash of Derek's dodgy money at the gym, Denise offers sister Kim an olive branch - but all she gets in return is a bucket of water on the head - and Roxy suggests giving Kat a job at the Vic

  • Season 1 Episode 4565: 07/01/2013

    Joey prepares to appear in court to take the rap for Lauren's drink-driving crash, but even before he gets there he faces questions from Alice about what really happened the night their father died. Jay is jealous when a new boy in the Square catches Abi's attention - but it seems the newcomer knows more about the Brannings than he is letting on. Denise and Ray make a pact never to tell Kim about their drunken kiss, only for Ray to get confused and blurt it out anyway, while Kat and Bianca compete for the same job - cleaning the toilets at the R&R. Ayesha is struggling in the kitchen, so Masood comes to the rescue, and offers her a little marital advice too

  • Season 1 Episode 4564: 04/01/2013 (2)

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4563: 04/01/2013 (1)

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4562: 03/01/2013

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4559: 31/12/2012

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4557: EPISODE: 4557

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4556: 26/12/2012

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4553: 24/12/2012

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4552: 21/12/2012

    The shock of finding out the identity of Kat's lover brings Alfie's world crashing down around him, and as the truth dramatically unfolds, his heart is slowly ripped apart with each lie she has told and each step of her betrayal. Across the Square, a drunken Lauren tells Max the truth about the crash - and how Tanya has been covering it up - resulting in a bitter argument between the bride and groom

  • Season 1 Episode 4551: 20/12/2012

    Alfie continues to follow Kat despite being worried about what he might see, and his concerns prove well-founded when she disappears into a door down George Street. But that's nothing compared to the revelation that awaits when he follows her to the bedsit, for as he confronts his wife and pieces together her web of lies and deceit, the secret of her lover's identity is finally revealed

  • Season 1 Episode 4550: 18/12/2012

    After last night's shocking discovery, a heartbroken Alfie packs an overnight bag and tells his wife he is going to Portsmouth to buy some cheap booze off the ferry - and when her mouse-like husband is away, Kat will play, as she dresses to the nines and goes off to meet a certain someone. Max wonders if he should be honest with Tanya, while Derek gives the bride-to-be an ultimatum. The Brannings' stag and hen parties go off with a bang - but when Lauren approaches Joey, she is devastated by what he tells her

  • Season 1 Episode 4549: 17/12/2012

    Kat assumes Alfie's behaviour is down to the anniversary of Nana Moon's death, unaware he is plagued by thoughts of her infidelity. However, in an attempt to push his doubts aside he pulls out all the stops to turn the Square into a festive extravaganza. Derek becomes the fall guy for Max as he helps his brother protect his secret, Bianca takes out her financial frustrations on Lola, and Zainab is shocked by the arrival of an unexpected guest

  • Season 1 Episode 4548: 14/12/2012

    Sharon is angry with Jack for revealing her addiction, while Derek takes it upon himself to assume the best man duties again - something that doesn't go down too well with Tanya. Alfie is puzzled when Kat goes Christmas shopping without her purse, adding yet more fuel to his fire - and despite Michael's advice to stop torturing himself, the Vic landlord knows something is not right with his wife. Abi tries to heal the rift between Cora and her mum - but just as her grandmother begins to open up to her, she is shocked by the arrival of a familiar face

  • Season 1 Episode 4547: 13/12/2012

    Derek revels in knowing about Sharon's addiction and wastes no time telling Phil - just as they are preparing for their appearance in court to get Lexi back with the family. Can he let her take the stand knowing she has a pill problem? Lauren accompanies Tanya to hospital for her scan, Bianca's dedication to her job is tested when old enemy Mr Lister comes in for a haircut, and Derek tells Max they need to get more cash together for their mysterious 'friends'. Alfie badgers Michael in his quest to uncover the truth about Kat's affair

  • Season 1 Episode 4546: 11/12/2012

    Alfie's big night arrives as he prepares to switch on Walford's Christmas lights, but all he can think about is the possibility that Kat is still seeing her lover. With his paranoia growing, he turns to Michael for advice, but is shocked by what he hears. An anxious Sharon struggles with her demons the day before Lexi's court hearing, going back to the pills to calm her nerves, while Derek tries to manipulate Tanya to get what he wants, knowing she needs to keep in his good books for Lauren's sake. Denise tries out a new gimmick as she and Ian continue their battle to win the most festive customers

  • Season 1 Episode 4545: 10/12/2012

    Alfie's discovery of the engagement ring sends his suspicions into overdrive and he begins questioning everything Kat is doing, worried her affair may not be over after all. Lola is angry that Phil is making decisions about Lexi without consulting her, so she refuses to attend a foster meeting he has arranged, while Lauren is given renewed hope about Joey after an unexpected admission from Lucy. Cash-strapped Bianca tries to get Liam and Morgan to dress up and go carol singing, Ian teases Denise about the size of her fruit and veg, and Cora is struggling to hold things together in the launderette

  • Season 1 Episode 4544: 07/12/2012

    Alfie is confused when he finds the remainder of the pawn slip for Kat's mother's engagement ring, and his doubts only grow when he overhears his wife on the phone telling someone she loves and misses them. Sharon confronts Shirley for taking her hatred of Phil out on Lola, while Lucy invites Joey back to her house where things soon get heated - until he tells her he has met someone else

  • Season 1 Episode 4543: 06/12/2012

    Phil is panicked by Shirley's threats and given further food for thought by Jack, who suggests social services will discover his deceit eventually - so when a foster worker arranges a visit that afternoon, he makes a surprise announcement. Alfie grows suspicious when he realises Kat has been lying to him again, Denise tries to get business booming in the Minute Mart and Cora applies for Dot's old job at the launderette

  • Season 1 Episode 4542: 04/12/2012

    Shirley is furious about Ben's sentence and is determined to make Phil pay - and when she discovers what he is doing to help Lola, she confronts Sharon with a few home truths. But the real surprise is left for Shirley when she learns the identity of Lexi's father. Abi finds out about Ava and encourages grandmother Cora to pay her a visit, Lauren continues to lose herself in drink and Bianca is frustrated that Lola is getting more tips than she is at the salon

  • Season 1 Episode 4541: 03/12/2012

    Ben and Jay have their day in court and after their sentences are handed down the Mitchells arrive back in the Square, where a surprise visitor awaits. Shirley's back - and she isn't happy. Alfie returns from Germany, but his good mood is dampened when Jean jokes about Kat receiving a call from her lover. Bianca heads to the salon to continue her trial, only to discover Lola is doing the same, while Patrick makes Cora think about the importance of family

  • Season 1 Episode 4540: 30/11/2012

    As Alfie prepares for his trip to Germany, Kat worries she will not be able to resist her lover's charms in her husband's absence - especially when she finds another gift in her bedroom. Lauren discovers Tanya knows where Joey is staying and goes to see him - only to learn this is not the only secret her mother has been keeping from her. Bianca is upset that her children see Carol as their mum now, while Abi worries that with Jay's hearing approaching she may lose him, and decides to show her boyfriend just how much she loves him

  • Season 1 Episode 4539: 29/11/2012

    Kat faces an awkward moment when Alfie opens a note from her lover, but she manages to talk herself out of the sticky situation, and calls her admirer to insist she is no longer interested. Will he get the message? Lauren thinks Joey is angry with her so she tells Tanya she wants to reveal the truth about the crash - but her mum warns her that her actions could have devastating consequences - and Bianca starts her trial at the salon, only to face the client from hell

  • Season 1 Episode 4538: 27/11/2012

    Bianca is back in Albert Square with mum Carol and the children, but her attempts to get her life back on track and find a job prove harder than she imagined. Tanya learns the truth about Lauren and Joey's plans to run away, so she tells Derek his son should leave Walford - only to receive an ultimatum in return. Kat grows more anxious after receiving an expensive gift from her mystery admirer, although Alfie is so preoccupied with his Christmas plans he fails to notice

  • Season 1 Episode 4537: 26/11/2012

    Joey manages to free himself from the car while Lauren remains unconscious in the wreckage - and his fear turns to panic as flames appear from beneath the bonnet. Derek is first on the scene but may be too late as the car is seconds from exploding. Tanya's attempt to patch things up with her mother prompts Cora to lash out, and when she has finished with her daughter she goes on to berate Patrick for giving away her secret

  • Season 1 Episode 4536: 23/11/2012

    Having been confronted with the past, Cora staggers home, leaving Tanya to awkwardly tell Ava what little she knows. But eventually, their mother plucks up the courage to explain her actions - can her long-lost daughter forgive her? After his altercation with Derek, Joey insists his dad is dangerous and needs locking up, and tries to persuade his sister to get out. However, when he and Lauren discover Derek knows their secret, the young lovers decide on a desperate course of action

  • Season 1 Episode 4535: 22/11/2012

    Ava calls on Cora to return the purse Tanya accidentally left behind yesterday - but it is only when she introduces herself that her mother realises the true identity of the kind woman in front of her. Derek and Joey argue about Alice and come to blows during the launch of Ray's youth boxing scheme, so Lauren kisses her cousin better - unaware they are being watched. Fat Boy offers to pose as Poppy's high-flying boyfriend to impress her more successful younger sister Tansy

  • Season 1 Episode 4534: 20/11/2012

    Patrick tries to talk Tanya out of meeting her sister, but when his arguments prove futile, he agrees to accompany her to the school where Ava works. However, when Tanya finally comes face to face with her long-lost relative, she panics and finds she cannot reveal the truth about her visit. Lauren and Joey struggle to deal with their emotions after giving in to their feelings, leading to heartache when she tells him to get out of Walford. Fat Boy learns that Poppy's sister is coming to visit, but he is intrigued by her less-than-enthusiastic reaction to the news

  • Season 1 Episode 4533: 19/11/2012

    Tanya is determined to learn more about her older sister after discovering she is still alive, and spends the night on the internet searching for information. She later tells Patrick she has tracked down an Ava Hartman and made an appointment to see her - but will mum Cora appreciate her meddling? Lauren and Joey find it hard to ignore their sexual chemistry, Derek bribes Max to throw his son out and the assault charges against Lola are dropped - a situation that Phil turns to his advantage

  • Season 1 Episode 4532: 15/11/2012

    With Syed and Christian adamant their marriage is over, Lucy and Zainab plot to make them talk by locking them in the restaurant to thrash out their differences. Will it be enough to get them back together, or will Christian still board the plane to America? Billy tries to make peace with Alexa and asks her to drop the case against Lola, who worries he may only have succeeded in making things worse, while Tanya delves into the root of her mother's problems - and is stunned by what she discovers

  • Season 1 Episode 4531: 13/11/2012

    Patrick tries his best to get Cora to open up after her revelation about her eldest daughter, but she has no intention of telling him anything else - and plying her with alcohol only adds to her problems. After their chat in the pub, Max takes Derek to pay a surprise visit to the love of his life Jackie, but the woman standing before him is a long way from the beauty he remembers from all those years ago. Syed is optimistic he can finally get his marriage back on track - until he discovers Christian is planning to leave the country

  • Season 1 Episode 4530: 12/11/2012

    Cora's behaviour worries her family and friends, and while Tanya's attempts to bring her mother round only end in an argument, Patrick has more success - but he is not prepared for the confession she makes. As Syed and his family say an emotional farewell to Yasmin, a heart-broken Christian begs Amira not to take the youngster away. The Branning brothers enjoy a night out, only for tensions to rise when talk turns to their love lives - just as Tanya, Sharon and Kat are having a similar conversation in R&R

  • Season 1 Episode 4529: 09/11/2012

    Kat pulls out all the stops during a romantic evening with Alfie, only to be shocked by an unexpected gift on her return home - it seems her lover is determined to win her back. Christian and Syed have a heart-to-heart over dinner, but can the latter finally bring himself to tell his husband that he loves him? Roxy turns to Michael for a spot of company, and he makes her an offer she cannot refuse

  • Season 1 Episode 4528: 08/11/2012

    Zainab resolves to change her ways to win back her family's trust, but it's clear she's struggling not to speak up when Syed tells his parents that Amira wants custody of Yasmin. With nobody willing to help, he is left to make the decision alone. Phil and Sharon reassure Lola that the social services meeting went well, but as the young mother and potential foster mum begin to bond, Billy feels left out. Kat is left in turmoil after receiving another text from her lover, and Kim tries desperately to keep up appearances at the B&B as an environmental health inspector comes knocking - just as an uninvited guest has been found in the kitchen

  • Season 1 Episode 4527: 06/11/2012

    Lola and Billy wait anxiously to hear if Sharon and Phil have been able to convince social services to allow them to foster Lexi - but things get tricky when the interview turns to Ben's manslaughter charge. Syed's life with Christian is further threatened when a face from the past arrives at his door bringing devastating news, while a broken cooker and fridge are the least of Kim's problems when Ian spots her suspicious behaviour

  • Season 1 Episode 4526: 05/11/2012

    Masood frets about the mortgage payments after AJ spent the money on a motorbike, so he logs on to a gambling website. However, he realises cash is the least of his problems when a familiar face returns to Walford. Phil presents Sharon with an engagement ring to make their fake relationship appear as authentic as possible - but Jack isn't too happy to see another man slip a band on her finger - while Syed struggles to convince Christian they are meant to be together

  • Season 1 Episode 4525: 02/11/2012

    Syed goes against Christian's wishes and reports the attack to the police, only for Danny to retaliate by pressing charges of GBH. The shady businessman offers to drop the case, however - if Syed pays back all the money he owes him. Jack confronts Sharon about helping Phil, certain her ex has only asked for a hand to get close to her again, while Lauren feels uneasy around Joey after trying to kiss him and struggles to deal with her feelings. Carol tries to build bridges between her brothers, but it isn't proving easy

  • Season 1 Episode 4524: 01/11/2012

    Lola begs Sharon to reconsider putting her name on the residency application but she refuses, leaving the young mum devastated as her hopes for Lexi's return evaporate. Will anyone step up to help? Syed implores Christian to report the attack to the police, but his husband is adamant he just wants to forget the whole thing. Lauren has one too many drinks at R&R, leading an overprotective Joey to walk her home - where she misreads the signals

  • Season 1 Episode 4523: 30/10/2012

    Christian takes matters into his own hands when Danny arrives back on the Square - only to discover a shocking secret that rocks him to the core. Lola summons up the courage to confront Phil about Lexi's residence order - but can she deal with the truth? As the locals gather for a Halloween party at the Vic, Fat Boy puts his heart on the line with Denise, suggesting they go public as an item, while Lauren panics when Joey tells her he is taking her advice and breaking up with Lucy

  • Season 1 Episode 4522: 29/10/2012

    Carol returns home to find Derek has been up to his old tricks, so she insists all the dodgy gear has to go - but after one ear-bashing too many from his angry sister, he decides not to give her the letter from David Wicks. Sharon is furious to discover Phil has put her name on the residence order, while Lauren discovers Whitney and Lucy aren't speaking to her for setting Joey free from the handcuffs. But in doing so, she has realised there was a spark between them. Can she keep her distance? Syed is troubled by texts from Danny, telling him he can't ignore him for ever

  • Season 1 Episode 4521: 26/10/2012

    Phil tries to enlist Ian to support the family in the residency case, but his fragile state causes concern, while Sharon is given pause for thought when she receives an unexpected message. Lauren, Whitney and Lucy are unimpressed by Joey's carefree attitude to the opposite sex, so they come up with a plan to make him pay. A hungover Cora lies to Tanya about the ruined bridesmaid dresses, and Derek is curious to find a letter for Carol in the post

  • Season 1 Episode 4520: 25/10/2012

    Sharon refuses to lie to social services for Phil, and Lola is upset when he doesn't attend Lexi's visit later that day, casting doubts over whether he will be able to get residency of the baby. However, when he learns that Ben's murder charge has been reduced to manslaughter, he comes up with another idea. Lucy confronts Joey about his past girlfriends, while Lauren tries to persuade Whitney to come clean about her kiss with the young Lothario. Cora hears from Rainie - but it's not the news she was hoping for

  • Season 1 Episode 4519: 23/10/2012

    Phil's solicitor suggests he would fare much better in the residency case if he were in a stable relationship - and when Sharon helps get him out of a sticky situation with the police, he realises the right person is on his doorstep. A preoccupied Masood forgets about Tamwar's birthday, Lauren is exasperated by Joey's cocky attitude about his infidelity and Cora is determined to find Rainie, so she can be a bridesmaid at Tanya's wedding

  • Season 1 Episode 4518: 22/10/2012

    The Masoods adjust to life without Zainab, and even AJ pitches in by trying to get a job at the Arches - but Phil is doubtful of his talents as a mechanic. Lola is excitedly talking about the prospect of Lexi coming home, not really understanding what the family's temporary care plan means, so Billy brings her back down to earth, while Phil plays a trick on Jack by telling him Sharon is celebrating a significant birthday

  • Season 1 Episode 4517: 19/10/2012

    Masood and Zainab are pushed to breaking point as the full extent of Syed's deceit emerges. Will they be able to salvage their relationship and business? Fat Boy can't believe his luck after spending another saucy afternoon in bed with his mystery lady - only for someone to arrive home and almost catch them in the act

  • Season 1 Episode 4516: 18/10/2012

    The Masoods' world is plunged into darkness as they learn the full extent of their financial problems. With accusations flying in all directions, Tamwar suddenly realises it's all down to Syed, but he says nothing to implicate his brother, although Christian notices his new husband has disappeared. Across the Square, Fat Boy is unable to control his feelings any longer and pays a second visit to his lover - will he be welcome?

  • Season 1 Episode 4515: 16/10/2012

    Christian finds Syed trying to sneak out of the house and demands to know what is going on, so he finally confesses to the financial mess he has got the family into. Christian tells him they are not cancelling the civil partnership ceremony over a few money problems - but then Masood mentions he saw his son kissing Danny. Fat Boy wakes up with a smile on his face, only for his mystery woman to tell him it can never happen again

  • Season 1 Episode 4514: 15/10/2012

    Friends and family gather to wish the happy couple well at Christian and Syed's stag party. But the latter cannot stop thinking about the dire situation he has got himself into - and his predicament worsens when Danny shows up and tries to persuade him not to go through with the civil partnership ceremony. Fat Boy's head is turned by a stunning lady in red, but when he sees her face he realises they are already acquainted

  • Season 1 Episode 4513: 12/10/2012

    Sharon packs her bags, worried Dennis will learn the truth about his father's death if they stay in Walford any longer. Lola's fragile mental state panics Billy, so he turns once again to Phil, who this time has a plan to bring Lexi home. Christian is pleased that Syed is making an effort with the wedding - unaware he is arranging another date with handsome businessman Danny - while Tamwar takes the stage for his stand-up gig, and finds stories about his own family go down a storm with the audience

  • Season 1 Episode 4512: 11/10/2012

    Sharon is finding it hard to cope now her secret is out, especially with Dennis asking questions about his father, and finds herself reaching for the pill bottle. Like mother, like daughter? Across the Square, Derek is furious with Max for not defending him and threatens to reveal his secret, leaving his brother worried - until Alice reveals a few home truths that leave the Walford bully-boy with his tail between his legs. Christian finds the invitations that Syed promised to post a week ago, and Lola is overjoyed to spend the afternoon with Lexi - but is heartbroken when she has to hand her daughter back

  • Season 1 Episode 4511: 09/10/2012

    Lola is distraught when the local authority members decide Lexi must stay in temporary custody until the next hearing, causing her to lash out at Billy, who in turn begs Phil to help. But he is still shocked at the news he has a granddaughter and refuses point-blank. Abi's birthday party proves eventful thanks to Jay's attendance, Alice's disappearance, Joey's flirting with Whitney and a shocking outburst from Derek, while Zainab asks Syed for some of the cash she gave him - unaware of the financial mess he has got himself into

  • Season 1 Episode 4510: 08/10/2012

    Lola feels sorry for herself after appearing at the youth court as the reality of losing Lexi hits home, until tough words from Cora persuade her to never give up fighting. But the teen mum's behaviour towards social worker Trish doesn't do her any favours, while Phil struggles to accept Ben is the baby's father. Syed continues to hide his financial worries from his family - turning to handsome stranger Danny to change his luck - and Alice grows tired of being daddy's little girl, prompting her to have a sexy makeover, which doesn't go down well with Derek

  • Season 1 Episode 4509: 05/10/2012

    Lola's joy at having her tag removed is dampened when Trish announces she will be visiting daily, and from then on her day just gets worse. The teen mum argues with Phil and is then forced to defend Abi against the cruel taunts of her old friend Alexa. The confrontation leads to a fight that could have huge consequences for the young mum's own future. Meanwhile, Michael faces a terrible decision about Scarlett, while Kat receives an envelope containing a key. Dare she visit her ex-lover again?

  • Season 1 Episode 4508: 04/10/2012

    Kat is determined to fight for the Vic, but when Phil tells her how much rent they owe, she is forced to pawn her mother's engagement ring to pay off the debt. Michael is in desperate need of help in looking after Scarlett, so he takes Roxy's advice to employ a nanny, while Jay's first day on the car lot doesn't last long. Lola defends Abi against her old gang friend Alexa, only to get deeper into trouble with social worker Trish, who is growing increasingly concerned about her lack of care for Lexi

  • Season 1 Episode 4507: 02/10/2012

    Kat feels she is to blame for everything, knowing if she and Alfie hadn't had to go away, they wouldn't have lost the Vic. But the guilt and paranoia run even deeper, as it soon becomes clear Alfie still has serious trust issues with his wife. Michael is having difficulty juggling fatherhood and work, leading to an angry confrontation with Lola, who is in danger of getting in deeper herself after meeting up again with unruly old care-home friend Alexa. Cora asks Tanya to put an end to her feud with Derek for the sake of the family - only for things to get a little complicated when Max overhears their conversation

  • Season 1 Episode 4506: 01/10/2012

    Phil is determined to put the newly refurbished Vic back on the map, although it takes a while for business to start picking up. His limelight is stolen when Kat and Alfie walk in to rapturous applause from the locals - prompting him to give them the sack. The Brannings organise a couples' night out, so Jack arranges a date for Derek - but he can't help feeling he is being looked down on. Ray has a meeting with a potential investor in his children's gym initiative, while Lola sees someone she would rather forget

  • Season 1 Episode 4505: 28/09/2012

    Roxy and Jack are taken aback by Michael's increasingly erratic behaviour - and he then makes a disturbing confession. Syed is surprised when Danny returns to the Argee Bhajee, but their conversation becomes awkward when Christian arrives, and Phil tries to keep himself busy by redecorating the Vic

  • Season 1 Episode 4504: 27/09/2012

    Syed struggles to keep his family from finding out about his debt, but receives unexpected advice from an intriguing stranger at the Argee Bhajee. Joey spots a chance to teach Derek a lesson when he offers to help out at R&R. Roxy is unnerved by gossip and Lucy feels unsure about her love life. Gary Lucy (The Bill, Footballers' Wives) joins the cast

  • Season 1 Episode 4503: 25/09/2012

    Masood becomes suspicious of Syed's business deals and decides to make sure he is not putting the family's finances at risk. Michael hires a private investigator to find Janine as he tries to cope with caring for Scarlett on his own, but gets some unexpected support from Roxy. Patrick is forced to think quickly when Lola is put in a compromising position and Sharon struggles to resist temptation as she gets to work at R&R

  • Season 1 Episode 4502: 24/09/2012

    Phil receives a fresh piece of bad news and his anger rises when he discovers someone has vandalised the Arches. As he struggles to keep control of his emotions, Sharon pays him a visit - and he spontaneously asks her to help run the Vic. Roxy and AJ get to know each other during an alcohol-fuelled afternoon, Patrick reminds Lola of her responsibilities after he catches her stealing cleaning products, and Syed sees an opportunity to cover up his mistakes

  • Season 1 Episode 4501: 21/09/2012

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4500: 20/09/2012

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4499: 18/09/2012

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4498: 17/09/2012

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4497: 14/09/2012

    Alfie is reeling from Kat's confession and is determined to hear every detail about her affair - and while she slowly tries to explain herself, she is desperate to protect the final secret. Across the Square, the other Moon couple are also at breaking point, as Janine gives Michael a life-changing ultimatum - stay with her or walk away with the money he has always wanted

  • Season 1 Episode 4496: 13/09/2012

    Janine is devastated that Michael has gone out in the middle of the night without saying a word, so she puts her plan into action, giving him an expensive suit and watch and asking him to meet her later that night - where she has a surprise waiting. A guilty Kat tries to focus on her marriage but her erratic behaviour only makes Alfie more suspicious, and Lucy is annoyed to find Ian has taken the afternoon off - until she discovers where he is going

  • Season 1 Episode 4495: 11/09/2012

    After waking up in the bedsit to find her lover gone, a panic-stricken Kat rushes home and gives a worried Alfie a quick excuse for her overnight antics. But then a bunch of flowers arrives at the Vic - how can she explain her way out of this one? Janine plots to keep an eye on Michael, ordering Billy to follow her husband's every move, and Ray is left fuming after being questioned by the police while out jogging

  • Season 1 Episode 4494: 10/09/2012

    Janine is feeling more positive when Michael suggests they make a fresh start - until she realises he is not being honest with her - and a guilty Kat hopes that throwing away the bedsit key will remove the temptation to meet her lover again, only for Jean to ruin her plan. Alice confronts Derek about his part in Anthony's departure, so he tries to prove he can be one of the good guys

  • Season 1 Episode 4493: 07/09/2012

    Carly's reappearance forces Shirley to battle her demons, both past and present - can she forgive and forget? Sharon and Jack embark on a frantic search of the Square when Dennis goes missing, leading to the beginning of an unexpected friendship, and Kat plans a fresh start for her family - but things don't seem to be going her way

  • Season 1 Episode 4492: 06/09/2012

    Phil worries about Shirley's increasingly volatile and drunken behaviour, and makes a last-ditch phone call to the one person he thinks might be able to help. Janine grows more paranoid about Michael, especially after discovering a cheque stub for £20,000, while Jack's plan to impress Sharon backfires when he oversteps the mark with Dennis

  • Season 1 Episode 4491: 04/09/2012

    Shirley is convinced Phil's concern for her is fake, and pushes him and everyone else away - leaving nobody to help when she finds herself in a dangerous situation. Kat panics after realising she has left evidence of her affair in the Vic and rushes to retrieve it before Alfie finds it. Ian receives help from an unlikely source in his attempt to show how reliable he can be

  • Season 1 Episode 4490: 03/09/2012

    The Vic has an infestation, and while Alfie is left to sort the problem, Kat has some time alone during which she struggles to resist her lover's charms. Ian begins to feel like part of the family again, especially when Lucy gives him extra responsibility - until his confidence is knocked once more. Tanya and Sharon are keen their sons make a good impression on the first day of school - only to end up fighting in the playground themselves

  • Season 1 Episode 4489: 31/08/2012

    Kat discovers someone has left her a present at the Vic, and wonders whether her lover is trying to send a message. However, any thoughts of romance are rudely interrupted when a brawl breaks out among the members of the football team. Sharon gets into a heated argument with Tanya, Zainab discovers AJ has not told her the whole truth and Phil orders Alfie to fire Shirley

  • Season 1 Episode 4488: 30/08/2012

    Joey is furious when he hears about Anthony's plans for a romantic night with Alice, and decides to destroy their relationship by luring him into a high-stakes poker game with Derek. Lucy tells Ian she is going to let out the market stall, Zainab criticises AJ's carefree attitude and Roxy gets fed up of living with Jack

  • Season 1 Episode 4487: 28/08/2012

    Sharon decides to take Dennis away from Albert Square, but both Ian and Jack try to persuade her to stay. Janine struggles with motherhood, and as her frustration grows she starts to suspect Michael is having an affair. Tanya warns Jay to leave Abi alone, Anthony arranges a special date with Alice, and Alfie promises Kat a night out

  • Season 1 Episode 4486: 27/08/2012

    Abi returns to Walford from Costa Rica and tries to find out what happened while she was away - but no one seems willing to tell her. Kat offers Shirley some advice after discovering her in a drunk and dishevelled state, Patrick encourages Jay to remember his father, and Masood and Zainab get a surprise visit from AJ. Meanwhile, Sharon struggles to keep a secret from Dennis

  • Season 1 Episode 4485: 24/08/2012

    Phil desperately searches for a way to get Ben to change his statement, and puts pressure on Ian to visit the teenager in prison. Anthony tries to steer Whitney away from Joey, but ends up damaging his relationship with Alice in the process. Andrew makes a big decision about his future, Sharon accuses Jack of being a ladies' man, and Kat is unimpressed when Alfie offers Fat Boy a job

  • Season 1 Episode 4484: 23/08/2012

    Phil searches desperately for Shirley, but finds she is in no mood for reconciliation - and an argument with Roxy leaves him more isolated than ever. An innocent party game leads to surprising revelations for Lucy, Alice and Anthony. Patrick angers Andrew by taking Jay to the Vic, Ian feels out of place at the cafe and Janine decides to return to work

  • Season 1 Episode 4483: 21/08/2012

    Patrick realises how desperate Jay's situation has become and considers offering him a place to stay - even though he risks being vilified by his neighbours. Andrew questions whether Shirley hid the truth about Heather's murder, Sharon asks Phil to help her find a job, and Alfie encourages Fat Boy to stand up for himself at work

  • Season 1 Episode 4482: 20/08/2012

    Jay is left homeless after being thrown out of the Mitchells' house, and receives a hostile reception from the rest of Albert Square as gossip spreads about his part in Heather's death. Sharon comforts a traumatised Ian, who fears he is to blame for Ben's actions, while Phil tries to make sure he can count on Shirley and Roxy's loyalty

  • Season 1 Episode 4481: 17/08/2012 (2)

    The future of the Mitchells rests with Shirley - will she choose her family over justice for her best friend? Sharon heads off to the B&B, only to receive a much better offer of accommodation from one of Walford's sexiest men, while Ian struggles to get used to the changes at home - but is taken aback to realise Lucy intends on sticking to her ultimatum

  • Season 1 Episode 4480: 17/08/2012 (1)

    Phil struggles to keep the Mitchells from falling apart - and thinks his luck is in when a past family crime works in his favour. Tanya is not impressed to arrive home to find a mystery blonde wearing her clothes. But while she and Sharon get off on the wrong foot, Jack is more taken with the newcomer - will she succumb to his charms?

  • Season 1 Episode 4479: 16/08/2012

    Shirley's nightmare continues and it becomes clear her discovery will destroy the Mitchell family for ever - forcing her to make a decision destined to have far-reaching consequences for them all. Sharon is desperate to help Ian so she tries to reason with Lucy - and although she manages to talk her round, the agreement comes at a price

  • Season 1 Episode 4478: 15/08/2012

    Shirley confronts Ben with the evidence she has gathered that points the finger of suspicion squarely at Phil. Although he pleads his father's innocence, she refuses to listen, convinced the man she loves was responsible for murdering her best friend. But Ben lets slip a crucial piece of information that only the killer would know - and Shirley's mood darkens even further. Sharon arrives back in Walford - but what will she make of the state her old friend Ian is in?

  • Season 1 Episode 4477: 14/08/2012

    Shirley is horrified by her discovery and begins to piece together the evidence, desperate to discover who killed Heather. Phil and Sharon race after her ex-fiance John, but lose sight of his car, so they find out where he is from his sister Nina - leading to an angry confrontation. Max tries to build bridges between Lucy and Ian, but only makes matters worse, and Jay and Lola ponder their new-found relationship now that Abi is returning from Costa Rica

  • Season 1 Episode 4476: 13/08/2012 (2)

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4475: 13/08/2012 (1)

    Phil is determined to keep the truth about Heather's murder from emerging, so he orders Ben and Jay to keep Ian away from everyone - but that proves easier said than done when Shirley insists the boys should attend her engagement party. When Ian starts to open up to Jean, it seems their plan may be falling apart - and matters are complicated further when Phil receives an unexpected visit from an old flame wearing a wedding dress. Meanwhile, Janine joins Kat for a mums' get-together, but when the talk turns to Michael, her paranoia goes into overdrive

  • Season 1 Episode 4474: 09/08/2012

    Shirley is overcome by fear on the day of her sponsored abseil and - to make matters worse - she discovers Carly has sent Denise a photo of her new grandchild, prompting her to run away with just a bottle of vodka for company. Phil sets off in pursuit, but is not quite prepared for the question she asks him when he finds her. Janine discovers Michael has been lying to her about going to work, while Zainab, Lucy, Ray and Fatboy line up for the cook-off competition

  • Season 1 Episode 4473: 07/08/2012

    Shirley believes Ian is responding to the mention of Lucy's name, so Ben tries to help by taking him across to the cafe - but it isn't quite the family reunion he was expecting. Janine arrives home with baby Scarlett, but Michael is annoyed that his special efforts have gone unnoticed, and as she struggles with the pressures of being a first-time mum, his wife pushes him away. One of those suspected of being Kat's mystery lover is ruled out, and Denise voices her doubts about Kim and Ray moving in together, culminating in a heated argument between the sisters

  • Season 1 Episode 4472: 06/08/2012

    Phil is shocked to see the state Ian is in and asks whether he has spoken to anyone about Heather's death. When his former stepson proves unresponsive, he takes him under his wing - but having him in the same house as Shirley may be too much for Ben and Jay. The football players start dropping out, so Kat takes charge, using her charms to persuade them to give the team another chance. Anthony treats Alice badly in an attempt to stop her liking him, while Kim thinks Ray wants to get a place with her

  • Season 1 Episode 4471: 02/08/2012

    Lauren tells Max and Tanya that she has seen Ian living rough, so the couple enlist Alfie's help to search for their missing friend - but when a homeless girl leads them on a wild goose chase, they begin to wonder if they are wasting their time. The thought of becoming a full-time father hits home for Michael as he awaits the return of Janine and Scarlett, while Lola tries to bring Jay and Ben back together as friends

  • Season 1 Episode 4470: 31/07/2012

    A broken boiler and an unpaid bill leave Lucy stuck at the cafe while her friends go out to do volunteer work at a hostel for the homeless, where there is a shock in store for Lauren when she spots a familiar face among those living rough. Max tries to persuade Cora to face up to her troubled past, and Kim grows suspicious of Ray - and lets him know exactly what she thinks of his dishonest behaviour

  • Season 1 Episode 4469: 30/07/2012

    Tanya grills her mum for information about the sister she never knew existed, but Cora refuses to give anything away, leaving her daughter devastated. Lola cannot bear being kept apart from baby Lexi when she begins her community service, while Lucy arranges to do volunteer work in exchange for gig tickets, although Lauren and Whitney try to bail out after discovering it involves feeding the homeless. Zainab discovers Masood's ambition to become a teacher, presenting him with a dilemma, and Syed is furious with Christian when he suggests entering Yasmin into a bonny baby competition

  • Season 1 Episode 4468: 25/07/2012

    Tanya feels guilty about the way she behaved the night before and tries to make amends with Cora - only to stumble across a family secret her mother has been hiding for years. Lola is struggling to bond with the new baby, worried she cannot look after her properly, while Masood is offered an interview for a teaching assistant position - only for Tamwar to throw his plans into disarray

  • Season 1 Episode 4467: 24/07/2012

    Joey learns about Lucy's financial worries and devises a way of getting the money - but it involves having a drink or two with Derek. The doctors tell Janine that Scarlett may be able to go home soon. However, with Michael refusing to support his wife and her feeling unable to look after their daughter alone, what should be good news is anything but. And when the jobless Billy comes begging Janine for his position back, he discovers she is not in a very forgiving mood. Tanya invites her mother and Patrick to dinner after finding out about their romance - but things don't run smoothly

  • Season 1 Episode 4466: 23/07/2012 (2)

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4465: 23/07/2012 (1)

    Billy's big day arrives as the Olympic torch begins to make its journey through Walford and he bores his family with endless tales of the relay route. But then Alfie persuades him to play football, which proves to be a huge mistake as the team gets delayed on the way home, leaving him in danger of missing his moment of glory. Back in the Square, Lola panics when her waters break and refuses to accept she is in labour, while Cora struggles to admit her feelings for Patrick

  • Season 1 Episode 4464: 19/07/2012

    Kat faces a dilemma when her lover leaves a key to a flat for their future get-togethers - she would rather be with Alfie, but he is ignoring her pleas for attention. So when they fall out yet again, she lets herself into the apartment, where her mystery man is waiting. An emergency with another baby sends Janine into a panic at the hospital, and she phones Michael begging to see him. However, he has just discovered she has changed the combination on the safe and is hurt by her mistrust. Shirley promises Billy she will make sure Lola stays out of trouble - only for the pair of them to get accidentally locked in the bedroom

  • Season 1 Episode 4463: 17/07/2012

    Janine is suspicious when Michael asks her to make him a signatory on the business accounts - and even more so when she finds him alone in the office with the safe door open. How far can she trust him? Lola is released after her night in the cells, only to end up hurt and confused when Jay tells her what happened between them was a mistake. Patrick attends an old friend's funeral, so Rose and Cora tag along hoping to persuade the grieving widow to donate her husband's belongings to the charity shop - but someone has got there before them

  • Season 1 Episode 4462: 16/07/2012

    Michael suffers a series of mishaps as he makes his way to the hospital for Scarlett's appointment, leaving Janine feeling lonely, abandoned and furious with her new husband. Lola is fed up of being pregnant and stuck in the house, so she leads Jay on an afternoon of mischief that could have dire consequences for the tearaway teens. Shirley's plans for a big family dinner go awry when she receives the surprising news that her daughter has given birth - but when Carly refuses to speak to her on the phone, Walford's newest grandmother finds consolation in the bottom of a glass

  • Season 1 Episode 4461: 13/07/2012

    Kat gatecrashes the football team's night in and insists on having a party - and when she starts dancing suggestively with Ray, a jealous Kim is furious. Zainab berates Denise for telling AJ she and Masood are no longer married, only to realise honesty might be the best policy

  • Season 1 Episode 4460: 12/07/2012

    Ben is horrified when Jay confronts him with the evidence, and urges him not to talk to the police. Zainab tries to prevent AJ finding out that she and Masood are not married, Janine worries about her reputation in Walford, and Jean unintentionally ruins Kat's plan to spend some time with her secret lover

  • Season 1 Episode 4459: 10/07/2012

    Jay lifts Ben's spirits by racing the stock car with him - only to discover he has been hiding a secret that could have devastating consequences for both of them. Kat tries to reinvigorate her relationship with Alfie, while AJ scrapes together the money he owes Derek - but has a new problem to deal with when Zainab discovers he is in Walford

  • Season 1 Episode 4458: 09/07/2012

    Masood receives a surprise visit from his free-spirited brother AJ, and the pair get reacquainted by making mischief in the Square - but the fun comes to an abrupt halt when they fall foul of Derek. Kat panics when her phone goes missing, leading her to worry that Alfie has found out about her secret lover. Meanwhile, Jay and Ben receive worrying news about the murder investigation, and Kim goes paintballing with Ray and Sasha

  • Season 1 Episode 4457: 06/07/2012

    Kat tries to soothe her guilty conscience by working to fix her relationship with Alfie. Janine is furious to discover Michael has given the baby a different name without her consent, Derek makes another attempt to bond with Joey, and Shirley is overwhelmed by grief - until she receives support from an unlikely source

  • Season 1 Episode 4456: 05/07/2012

    Kat tries to put the previous night's events out of her head, but her mystery lover is desperate for another romantic rendezvous. Shirley's good mood ends abruptly when she realises Phil and Ben kept Heather's birthday from her. Masood receives an anonymous phone call and Joey stands up for Lucy

  • Season 1 Episode 4455: 04/07/2012

    Kat continues to flirt with the Vic's footballers, and Derek, Max, Ray, Jack and Michael all enjoy her attention. However, things take a more serious turn later that night when she is paid a private visit by a mystery man. Lola and Jay get trapped in the Vic's barrel store, and Phil decides not to remind Shirley that today is Heather's birthday - but Ben cannot forget

  • Season 1 Episode 4454: 03/07/2012

    Derek plans a family lunch, but Joey decides to provoke him into a fight by bringing along uninvited guests and reminding Alice of how volatile their dad's temper can be. Phil takes delivery of an old burger van, and suggests to Shirley that she should run it to take her mind off Heather's death. Lola is furious when Jay tries to defend Lucy, and Kat cannot bring herself to drop Alfie from the football team - even though it is clear his sporting days are far behind him

  • Season 1 Episode 4453: 02/07/2012

    Derek schemes to keep Joey in Walford, but his efforts meet with an angry response - and Alice is once again caught in the middle. Kat takes over the running of the Queen Vic's football team and sets about using her powers of persuasion to recruit players, while Lola accuses Jay of talking to the police and Kim tries to smooth things over with Sasha

  • Season 1 Episode 4452: 29/06/2012

    Joey happily seizes on an opportunity to teach Derek a lesson by tricking him into giving Lucy the money she needs to pay off Phil. However, when Jay accidentally reveals Lola is responsible for vandalising the cars, Lucy mercilessly sets out to get revenge. Elsewhere, Denise tells a lie to ensure Zainab is on her best behaviour at the Minute Mart

  • Season 1 Episode 4451: 26/06/2012

    Unable to cope with the latest crisis in his life, Michael decides to flee the Square - but Jean refuses to let him abandon his daughter, and produces a chilling reminder of how well she knows him. Alice comforts Derek and Kim makes another misguided attempt to bond with Sasha, while Lola plays a prank on Lucy as revenge for getting fired - not realising how costly her actions will prove to be

  • Season 1 Episode 4450: 25/06/2012

    Michael waits with Janine in the hospital as their newborn baby daughter clings to life in an incubator - but panics when Jean arrives unexpectedly. Derek and Joey's old grievances re-emerge, while heartbroken Jay takes out his frustrations on one of Max's cars

  • Season 1 Episode 4449: EPISODE: 4449

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4448: 25/06/2012

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4445: 19/06/2012

    Janine collapses in pain, and decides to call off the wedding after realising the stress could be affecting her unborn child. However, a furious Michael causes a fracas at the Vic when he accuses Jean of agitating his fiancee. Jay forces Abi to reveal their engagement to Max and Tanya, Lauren discovers Derek has been intimidating Lucy, and Kat tells Alfie she knows Roxy loaned him money

  • Season 1 Episode 4444: 14/06/2012

    Abi is furious to learn Tanya has agreed to send her on the school trip to Costa Rica, prompting an emotional Jay to take drastic action to keep her in Walford. Roxy tells Kat how she feels about Alfie, but her admission has unintended consequences. Jean confronts Janine at the market, Fat Boy discovers how miserable Poppy has become, and Derek tries to apologise to Alice

  • Season 1 Episode 4443: 12/06/2012

    A heated argument puts the passion back in Tanya's relationship with Max - and she makes a spontaneous decision that leaves him stunned. Derek threatens Lucy after a confrontation with his parole officer, Kat and Jean search Janine's office for proof of Michael's scam, and Poppy visits Albert Square in an upbeat mood - though her positivity evaporates when she returns home

  • Season 1 Episode 4442: 08/06/2012

    Kat wastes no time in reasserting her authority at the Vic, forcing Roxy to move out before confronting Michael about the missing money. However, Alfie remains unconvinced of Jean's innocence. Lucy uses Alice to get revenge on Derek, Kim is stunned by how many girlfriends Ray has had, and Masood has a heartfelt conversation with Tamwar

  • Season 1 Episode 4441: 07/06/2012

    Jean furiously confronts Michael in the Square, but feels more isolated than ever when no one is willing to support her - until Kat makes an unexpected return to the Vic. Tamwar tries to save his marriage by making plans to go travelling with Afia, while Derek takes advantage of Lucy's distress

  • Season 1 Episode 4438: 05/06/2012

    Jean panics as things grow more chaotic at the Vic, and makes another attempt to get her money back. However, when Jack claims not to have heard about the charity scheme and Michael refuses to talk to her, she realises she has been conned. Zainab helps Cora arrange Jubilee celebrations, but receives a surprise from Masood. Christian urges Lucy to let him speak to Jane and Denise refuses to work with Kim any more

  • Season 1 Episode 4437: 01/06/2012

    A panic-stricken Jean tries to get her money back from Michael, who guiltily agrees to give her a refund. However, he has trouble getting the cash to her without Janine noticing. Derek tries to prove he can change by starting work at the car dealership. Kim's irresponsible behaviour annoys Denise and Ray, Tamwar worries when he and Afia disagree about a business proposal, and Andrew is furious to discover Patrick and Rose tricked him

  • Season 1 Episode 4436: 31/05/2012

    Derek is thrilled when Alice reveals she has read his letter and wants to spend some time with him. However, just as they look to have reached a new understanding, a confrontation with Billy ruins everything. Lucy and Phil head to a hotel where Ian has made a payment, and Michael's scheme comes close to unravelling when Roxy inspects the Vic's bank account. Meanwhile, Andrew has an unpleasant encounter with a reporter

  • Season 1 Episode 4435: 29/05/2012

    Phil learns Lucy knows Ian is missing, but tries to turn the situation to his advantage by offering to help find him. However, Jay and Ben worry about his motives. Cora and Lauren ask Alice to give Derek another chance, though Tanya is in no mood to help. Meanwhile, Andrew starts to lose his temper at the antiques emporium - but Patrick takes drastic action to defuse the situation

  • Season 1 Episode 4434: 28/05/2012

    Lucy believes Ian is on honeymoon, and throws a party to celebrate Mandy's departure - but as the evening gets under way, she makes a frightening discovery. Janine belittles Jean, but is hurt to find how much she knows about Michael. Derek is furious to learn Tanya scared Alice away, while Patrick tries to reassure an uneasy Andrew

  • Season 1 Episode 4433: 25/05/2012

    Ian is deeply agitated on the morning of his wedding, and matters get worse when he finds Phil has booked an expensive car for the ceremony and Janine wants her loan repaid by the end of the day. He then receives a further blow when he discovers Lucy has got rid of Mandy's ring - and as the situation spirals out of control, he is forced to choose between his daughter and his fiancee

  • Season 1 Episode 4432: 24/05/2012

    Phil becomes concerned about Ian's increasingly erratic behaviour, but then learns about his financial problems from Max - and decides to exploit the situation to keep him in Walford. Meanwhile, Mandy is furious to discover Ian still wants the wedding to take place as scheduled, Michael offers to move in with Janine, and Derek feels awkward when he joins Tyler and Whitney for dinner

  • Season 1 Episode 4431: 22/05/2012

    Lucy starts secretly cancelling Ian's reservations for the wedding, leaving him frantically trying to work out what is going on. Max takes pity on him and offers to be his best man, then learns the cancellations have been made in Mandy's name. However, when Ian confronts his bride-to-be, he discovers she has received devastating news. Michael tries to distract Jean from her interview, but discovers they have more in common than he had expected. Meanwhile, Kim is horrified when Sasha joins her dance class

  • Season 1 Episode 4430: 21/05/2012

    Lucy is furious that Ian still plans to marry Mandy and flee Walford, and reminds him he would be leaving Ben behind. However, she is worried by his response, and asks Phil to persuade him to change his mind. Roxy offers to move out of the Vic, but Alfie wants her to stay. Michael panics when Jean applies for a job with Janine, Kim discovers Sasha is a keen dancer, and Tyler learns how territorial Derek can be

  • Season 1 Episode 4429: 18/05/2012

    Phil and Ben try to convince Jay that it is safe for him to come back home. Kim discovers Sasha has an interest in forensic science, but makes a badly misguided attempt to bond with her by showing her around the flat where Heather died. Meanwhile, Shirley realises how miserable Dot has become and Michael plays a clever trick to persuade Janine to change her mind about the wedding

  • Season 1 Episode 4428: 17/05/2012

    Janine has second thoughts about the wedding when she struggles to fit into her dress, leaving Michael desperate to allay her fears. Roxy and Alfie indulge in some playful hi-jinks at the Vic, but their behaviour arouses Mo's suspicions. Meanwhile, Denise forces Kim to confront her insecurities by spending time with Sasha, and Shirley shows Dot the DVD of Heather's hen night

  • Season 1 Episode 4427: 15/05/2012

    Ian is left reeling following Ben's confession, and heads to the allotments in a bid to clear his head and decide what to do next. Derek is desperate to make a good impression at the party, but suffers a setback when the police visit him - while Alice has a conversation with Tanya that could ruin everything. Phil reconciles with Shirley after realising she does not know the truth about Heather's death, and Kim tells Ray she feels unsure about spending time with his daughter Sasha

  • Season 1 Episode 4426: 14/05/2012

    Ben is disturbed by the extent of Phil's drinking, and fears he might reveal the truth about Heather's death when he spots him arguing with Shirley. Unable to cope with the pressure, he rushes to see Ian - and confesses he was the killer. Meanwhile, Jay reacts badly to Cora's home-made medicine and has a worrying conversation with Abi, while Derek tries to impress Alice by throwing a party

  • Season 1 Episode 4425: 11/05/2012

    Unnerved by his confrontation with DCI Marsden, Phil resolves to leave Walford, and urges Jay and Ben to join him. However, Roxy is determined to intervene - prompting a shocking outburst that could have devastating consequences for the Mitchells. Meanwhile, Derek manages to track down his daughter Alice, and tries to talk to her about their family, before pleading with her to give him another chance. Elsewhere, Christian hopes to have a night out and Tyler decides to move in with Whitney and Derek

  • Season 1 Episode 4424: 10/05/2012

    Derek realises he could force Carol and the kids to stay in Walford by getting Ray to insist that Morgan cannot move to Suffolk. However, while trying to put the plan into action, he is distracted by a strange woman following him around the Square. Afia grows frustrated with Zainab's interference as the Argee Bhajee is reopened, and Phil receives a warning from a vengeful DCI Marsden

  • Season 1 Episode 4423: 08/05/2012

    Lucy panics when she cannot find Lauren, and ends up telling Max and Tanya about their night out - only for her friend to unexpectedly arrive. Lauren is furious when she realises what Lucy has done, but is shocked to discover what happened the previous night. Tamwar and Afia argue about the Argee Bhajee's future, and Ray learns about Carol's plans to move to Suffolk

  • Season 1 Episode 4422: 07/05/2012

    Lauren and Lucy embark on a night out, and grow closer together when they both share their feelings about their mothers. However, the evening takes a sinister turn when Lauren gets drunk and catches the eye of a handsome stranger. Meanwhile, Whitney is kept from joining her friends when Tyler insists on explaining his reaction to her pregnancy scare. Elsewhere, Derek tries to persuade Carol to stay in Walford, Ian is suspicious when he spots Phil talking to Mandy, and Fat Boy gets frustrated at work

  • Season 1 Episode 4421: 04/05/2012

    Derek offers to lend Carol money to visit Bianca in prison in Suffolk, but she is furious to discover he has an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Whitney fears she is pregnant - and sharing her concerns with Tyler does not help. Lauren is upset to realise her parents still do not trust her, while Ian flies into a rage when he discovers Lucy covered Mandy's shift so she could visit Lorraine

  • Season 1 Episode 4420: 03/05/2012

    Mandy secretly sneaks out of the cafe to visit Lorraine in hospital, hopeful she can start to repair her relationship with her mother. Michael's lies threaten to catch up with him as he struggles to keep Janine from discovering his cashflow problems and makes another desperate bid to swindle money from Jean. Ian panics when he realises how much the cruise will cost, Derek hopes to persuade Carol to let him move in, and Lauren makes a final bid to prove she can survive on her own

  • Season 1 Episode 4419: 01/05/2012

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4418: 30/04/2012

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4417: 27/04/2012

    Bianca's problems grow as Janine demands the rent by the end of the day. She desperately pleads with Ian for an advance on her wages, but he is in no mood to help - and decides to fire her instead. Distraught, she wanders into the market, where she is tempted to break the law to get the cash her family needs. However, her moment of madness could cost her everything

  • Season 1 Episode 4416: 26/04/2012

    Carol's patience with Bianca runs out after a meter reader discovers the illegal key - and following a furious argument, she decides to move out. Derek briefly feels a part of the family as he tries to repair the ceiling, but is once more an outcast when he is blamed for the meter key affair. Feeling lonely, he decides to contact his estranged son Joey, only to face more rejection. Whitney's insecurity prompts her to invade Tyler's privacy, and Ben's attempt to cheer Phil up is not appreciated

  • Season 1 Episode 4415: 24/04/2012

    Phil starts to believe he has lost Shirley for good, and violently lashes out when Derek smugly insinuates that he has slept with her. Tanya has a frank and emotional discussion with Max about the state of their relationship, revealing her fears that she can no longer be the woman she once was. Janine piles more pressure on Bianca when she notices the damp ceiling, and Fat Boy comes to regret taunting a cashier at McKlunky's fast-food restaurant

  • Season 1 Episode 4414: 23/04/2012

    Phil is unnerved when Shirley redoubles her efforts to find Heather's killer - so he undermines her campaign by making a call to DS Crisp. However, his actions have an unexpected consequence. Bianca is driven to despair by fresh setbacks at home, Alfie throws a St George's Day party at the Vic, and Cora fears Max and Tanya are drifting apart

  • Season 1 Episode 4413: 20/04/2012

    Roxy discovers how Alfie feels about her. Shirley interrogates Phil after learning he warned Jean not to give Andrew an alibi - and Ben decides to exploit the discord between them for his own ends. Michael's frustration grows when Janine insists on choosing his tie for the wedding, while Whitney, Bianca and Carol come up with a plan to have a cheap night out

  • Season 1 Episode 4412: 19/04/2012

    Derek forces Alfie to do another job for him, but uses his absence from the Square to trick Roxy into thinking the man she loves is in danger. Phil is horrified by Ben's psychiatric report, Morgan embarrasses Bianca when Tanya invites the Butchers to dinner, and Max discovers Abi is still seeing Jay

  • Season 1 Episode 4411: 17/04/2012

    Bianca attacks Roxy after a misunderstanding at the Vic. With the pair on the verge of coming to blows, Derek drags Roxy away - but Alfie bravely tells him not to touch her. However, as she gazes into his eyes, both Derek and Christian realise she has fallen for him. Mandy tries to regain Ian's trust by working to make the cafe a success, Phil makes an ill-judged attempt to ease Shirley's grief, and Ben returns to school

  • Season 1 Episode 4410: 16/04/2012

    Ian proudly unveils the cafe's new name, but his choice inadvertently upsets both Mandy and Lucy. Janine's hormones leave her feeling surprisingly vulnerable, Bianca's hopes of earning money are accidentally spoiled by Michael, and Shirley makes a declaration that unnerves Ben and Phil. Meanwhile, Alfie tries to pay Derek back with money Roxy borrowed from Jean - only to receive a nasty surprise

  • Season 1 Episode 4409: 13/04/2012

    The Mitchells wait for news following the arrest at the wake - not realising that one of the residents of Albert Square is withholding vital evidence. Shirley tries to make amends with Andrew after discovering Heather's train tickets, and heads to the station to clear his name. Ian pushes on with the purchase of the cafe, but keeps it a secret from Mandy, while Michael puts an idea in Jean's head

  • Season 1 Episode 4408: 12/04/2012

    Emotions run high on the day of Heather's funeral, and Ben struggles to contain his guilt as he gives a reading - but everyone is shocked when the police make an arrest at the wake. Dot is determined to give her own memorial, despite being banned from the service, and a grief-stricken Shirley tries to find some sense of peace by looking through the contents of Heather's old work locker - only to make a discovery that leaves her with an entirely new perspective on her friend's death. Meanwhile, Michael signs Janine's agreement

  • Season 1 Episode 4407: 10/04/2012

    Phil becomes nervous as Ben goes for his evaluation with the Crown Prosecution Service psychiatrist, and tries to make sure his son does not say anything that could reveal his guilt. Roxy suggests Alfie should sack Jean - not realising she can hear every word they say. Meanwhile, Michael appears to have a change of heart over Janine's insistence on a pre-nuptial agreement, Derek ingratiates himself with Bianca by showing her an underhand way to save money, and Billy is thrilled when Lola reveals the gender of her baby

  • Season 1 Episode 4406: 09/04/2012

    Shirley cannot cope with her grief for Heather and as she tries to cling to memories of her late friend, she is desperate for George to stay with her. Phil is hurt to see how much she is suffering, and tells her he would do anything to make it better - but is stunned by what she requests. Dot publicly apologises at the Vic for accusing Andrew, Jay bitterly notes that Ben seems to be coping well with his guilt, and Janine is suspicious when she sees the nursery equipment Billy has bought

  • Season 1 Episode 4405: 06/04/2012

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4404: 05/04/2012

    Alfie nervously prepares to do more dirty work for Derek, convinced this is the only way he can keep the Vic afloat. However, he then starts to wonder if he could outsmart the volatile thug instead, and begins to concoct a devious plan. A kitchen accident sends Kim and an injured Ray to the hospital, where a revelation brings them closer together. Dot finally gives in to her grief for Heather, Bianca struggles to provide for her family, and Ian thinks of a way to restore his wounded pride

  • Season 1 Episode 4403: 03/04/2012

    An offhand remark leads Cora to realise Roxy and Max have been flirting with each other, and she pulls no punches in criticising their behaviour. Ashamed, Roxy heads to the Vic to drown her sorrows - but is surprised to find comfort in Alfie's arms. Phil and Derek's simmering feud continues when they go head to head in a game of poker, while Ian suffers further embarrassment

  • Season 1 Episode 4402: 02/04/2012

    Mandy packs her bags and prepares to leave Walford with another cruel jibe from Lucy ringing in her ears. However, a horrified Ian races to the bus stop and tries to persuade her to stay - by proposing again. Phil decides to sever his professional relationship with Derek, but realises he is still a serious threat after spotting him talking to Ben. Elsewhere, Alfie discovers getting Kim and Ray to work together might not be a good idea, while Jack is annoyed when Denise poaches a builder he had been trying to hire

  • Season 1 Episode 4401: 30/03/2012

    Jean throws an 1980s-themed night at the Vic to pay tribute to Heather - but Shirley is disgusted, and accuses everyone of mocking her friend's memory. Tanya tries to cheer Lauren up by preparing a special birthday lunch, only for her daughter to ruin it by turning up drunk, and Mandy is furious when Ian finally reveals what Lorraine told him

  • Season 1 Episode 4400: 29/03/2012

    Jay summons the courage to talk to the police. Lauren realises her 18th birthday might not be a happy one, when she discovers Whitney cannot afford a big night out. Alfie considers firing Jean to save money, Rose and Dot argue about Andrew's innocence and Ian helps Bobby make a family tree - but Mandy is annoyed that she is not on it

  • Season 1 Episode 4399: 27/03/2012

    Jay struggles to cope with his guilty conscience when George comes to stay with the Mitchells. He leaves the house in an attempt to clear his head - but receives a chilling reminder of how much trouble Andrew could be in. Patrick calls the police after making a discovery at the allotments, and Dot, Cora and Rose break into R&R to search for Andrew's missing jumper. Meanwhile, Ben tells Roxy that he is sorry about what he did to Heather

  • Season 1 Episode 4398: 26/03/2012

    The Mitchells' home life becomes increasingly fractured, as a grief-stricken Shirley cannot stand to be around Ben, while Phil despairs about what kind of person his son has turned into. Andrew hopes Dot will confirm his alibi - but is unaware Patrick and Shirley have given her reason to doubt his innocence. Ian wonders if Mandy is hiding something from him, and Bianca struggles to pay her rent

  • Season 1 Episode 4397: 22/03/2012

    Police officers question Ben and Jay separately, and Phil hopes their alibis will hold up - but as the evening unfolds, DS Crisp and his officers identify their chief suspect. Meanwhile, as news of Heather's death spreads, the rest of the Square's residents struggle to come to terms with what has happened

  • Season 1 Episode 4396: 21/03/2012

    A distraught Shirley returns from Heather's flat with George in her arms - giving Phil, Ben and Jay the excuse they need to visit the crime scene. However, the police soon arrive to start their investigation, and take all of them to the station. Meanwhile, Andrew, Rose, Patrick and Roxy are horrified to discover what has happened

  • Season 1 Episode 4395: 20/03/2012

    Drama with the residents of Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4395: 20/03/2012

    Phil furiously confronts a terrified Ben, determined to make him pay for lying to the police - but is faced with a terrible dilemma when he realises his son could be in serious trouble. Meanwhile, Shirley prepares to welcome Phil back home, and a traumatised Jay struggles to deal with the things he has seen

  • Season 1 Episode 4394: 19/03/2012

    Drama with the residents of Albert Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4394: 19/03/2012

    Heather is hurt when Shirley refuses to forgive her, and decides to elope with Andrew. However, as she prepares to leave Walford, she is confronted at her flat by a dangerously unstable Ben, whose police statement about Phil has been retracted. He furiously accuses her of selling him out to the police and begins ransacking the flat - and as he becomes increasingly out of control, tragedy strikes

  • Season 1 Episode 4393: 16/03/2012

    Heather feels uneasy as she goes on her hen night, and Shirley urges her not to marry Andrew. Things get more awkward at R&R when Rose accuses the bride-to-be of stealing her son, before Dot toasts the happy couple - but only leaves Heather more unsure about whether she can go through with the wedding. Meanwhile, Ian wrestles with his conscience as he considers revealing what Ben told him, and turns to Patrick for advice

  • Season 1 Episode 4392: 15/03/2012

    The Brannings discover the results of Tanya's scan, and Lauren tries to help her think positively about the future - while Derek feels shut out by his brothers. Andrew admits his dark secret to Heather, and Ian offers to help Phil, but is frustrated when he disowns Ben as his son

  • Season 1 Episode 4391: 13/03/2012

    Tanya fears the worst as she awaits the results of her scan, while Max struggles to keep his composure - forcing Cora to intervene. Ian tries to make Ben see sense by taking him to visit Phil in prison, Dot realises Heather is unhappy with her second-hand wedding dress, and Roxy is horrified to discover she has nits

  • Season 1 Episode 4390: 12/03/2012

    Shirley discovers how much Phil is suffering in prison, and visits Ian to ask him to speak to Ben. However, he turns her away - but she reacts by smashing her way into his house, and makes it clear that she will not take no for an answer. Tanya nervously visits the hospital for her MRI scan, accompanied by Max, while Rose is suspicious when she hears Dot telephoning the bank

  • Season 1 Episode 4389: 09/03/2012

    Mandy confronts Lorraine after discovering she has started drinking again, but her mother viciously belittles her. Ian then arrives and, sensing the tension, suggests a family meal at the Argee Bhajee. However, Lorraine's cruel words finally prompt Mandy to lash out. Shirley tries to force herself into Heather and Andrew's wedding plans, Masood arranges for Afia and Tamwar to have some time to themselves, and Lauren realises she needs to find a new source of income

  • Season 1 Episode 4388: 08/03/2012

    Zainab tries to reveal what happened on the night of the fire - but Afia is in an unforgiving mood and forces her to look at Tamwar's scars. Distraught, Zainab fears she has ruined her family's lives, but comfort comes from an unlikely source. At the Moons' house, Amira confesses to Anthony that she is just pretending to be happy, while Kim and Denise get a surprise in the post

  • Season 1 Episode 4387: 06/03/2012

    Zainab accidentally offends Kim and Denise, but faces a bigger problem when Fat Boy discovers a note suggesting Tamwar is about to leave Afia - and Walford - for good. She races to the Tube station to plead with him to stay, and discovers just how badly hurt he was by his ordeal at Christmas. Mandy catches Lorraine stealing money from Ian, a Branning family argument leads Lauren to declare she wants to move out, and Christian suggests he and Syed should buy Amira out of the business

  • Season 1 Episode 4386: 05/03/2012

    An increasingly bitter and resentful Lauren drinks herself into a stupor on a night out, and ends the evening lying in a gutter. Her friends retrieve her and take her to safety - but the incident brings back horrifying memories for Whitney. Max and Tanya try to paper over the cracks in their relationship by having a meal together at the Argee Bhajee. Meanwhile, Michael contemplates his future with Janine, Tamwar angrily refuses to take Yusef's money, and Mandy becomes more unsettled by Lorraine's presence in the Square

  • Season 1 Episode 4385: 02/03/2012

    Janine fears she has driven Michael away for good, but is distracted from her worries by news of a meeting with a potential business partner. However, she discovers Michael waiting for her instead - and receives a shock when he proposes to her. Mandy feels uncomfortable as Lorraine starts making herself at home, Lucy and Whitney realise how serious Lauren's drinking problem has become, and Zainab gets some good news - but cannot bring herself to feel happy about it

  • Season 1 Episode 4384: 01/03/2012

    Michael grows frustrated with Janine's lax attitude during a pregnancy class and angrily accuses her of forcing him out of their baby's life. Lucy is shocked when she discovers who Mandy has been sending money to, Max becomes jealous of Tanya and Jack's friendship, and Zainab receives a letter summoning her to discuss Yusef's will

  • Season 1 Episode 4383: 28/02/2012

    Lucy digs deeper into Mandy's suspicious behaviour and enlists Lauren's help to find evidence that will prove she only wants Ian's money. Cora clashes with Janine about the mess left behind following R&R's latest club night, while Ray realises how much Bianca's financial problems are hurting her family. Elsewhere, Billy tries to make a deal with Lola

  • Season 1 Episode 4382: 27/02/2012

    Max struggles to fight his attraction to Roxy when he takes part in a poker game at Alfie's. He is joined at the table by his brothers - and while Derek sets about intimidating the other players, Jack remains upset at being kept apart from Amy. Michael tries to figure out where he stands with Janine, and Marsden's taunts leave Shirley more concerned than ever about Ben's statement

  • Season 1 Episode 4381: 24/02/2012

    Jack violently confronts Derek after discovering his plot to exact revenge on Roxy - but his brother refuses to apologise for his actions. Max and Tanya argue about the future of their relationship, Anthony comes up with a new plan to impress Amira, and Heather fears her wedding is set to be a disaster

  • Season 1 Episode 4380: 23/02/2012

    Derek instructs Andy, the hitman he has hired, to intimidate Roxy without hurting her - but when he discovers what happened to his alcohol shipment, his plans become far more extreme. Tyler criticises Anthony for spoiling Amira, Dot enlists Fat Boy's help to put a stop to Rose's romance, and Abi tries to avoid talking to her parents about getting the HPV vaccination

  • Season 1 Episode 4379: 21/02/2012

    Jack discovers a more vulnerable side to Derek when his elder brother reveals a sorrowful secret. Meanwhile, Roxy plans to intercept one of Derek's contraband alcohol shipments, but Alfie worries she is getting in over her head. Amira is not impressed when Anthony invites her to the Moons' family home, and Dot and Cora try to find out who is sending love letters to Rose

  • Season 1 Episode 4378: 20/02/2012

    Derek is left feeling humiliated following an argument with Roxy - and as his anger builds, he starts to plot her downfall. Whitney tries to make amends with a heartbroken Fat Boy, but her efforts only wound his pride further, while Syed is furious when Amira hires Anthony to help out on their market stall

  • Season 1 Episode 4377: 17/02/2012

    Shirley's attempt to defuse the tension between herself and Andrew backfires, leaving Heather feeling torn between her best friend and her fiance. Tamwar finally summons the courage to show Afia his scars following some words of wisdom from Fat Boy, while Janine is irritated when she receives an unwanted gift from Michael

  • Season 1 Episode 4376: 16/02/2012

    Whitney dismisses Tyler's attempts to make amends - but is left speechless when he kisses her. Andrew softens toward Heather after she makes a moving speech at the launderette, while an extravagant gesture from Rose leaves Dot feeling unwanted. Lola hopes to reconcile Jay and Ben by inviting them to her latest ultrasound scan, and a panicked Alfie tries to back out of his deal with Derek

  • Season 1 Episode 4375: 14/02/2012

    Alfie confronts Derek after discovering he has been storing stolen goods at the Vic - but is stunned when the ex-convict asks him to take part in a new scam. Whitney feels suffocated as Fat Boy showers her with affection on Valentine's Day, and things get more awkward when Tyler decides to declare his feelings for her. Heather and Shirley make a scene at R&R, a mix-up ruins Max's plans for a romantic evening with Tanya, and Dot joins Cora, Rose and Patrick for a toast to absent friends

  • Season 1 Episode 4374: 13/02/2012

    Heather tells Andrew she is planning to have a night out with Shirley, but is shocked by his angry reaction. Tanya and Max both worry about how her illness has changed their relationship. Fat Boy tries to persuade Janine to let him DJ at R&R, and Carol discovers Tiffany is upset at the prospect of Ray becoming Bianca's new boyfriend

  • Season 1 Episode 4373: 10/02/2012

    The outcome of Roxy and Jack's custody hearing is revealed - but while one family is overjoyed at the news, another is left heartbroken. Bianca is forced to ask Ray for help as her financial difficulties become increasingly serious, while the feud between the Mitchells and Brannings threatens to drive Abi and Jay apart

  • Season 1 Episode 4372: 09/02/2012

    The Mitchells and Brannings prepare for the custody hearing - but Jack is appalled when Roxy's lawyer tries to attack his character by bringing up unsavoury incidents from his past. Lucy is intrigued by an unusual text on Mandy's phone, Ian tries to make Heather and Andrew change the date of their wedding, and Cora suggests Patrick and Fat Boy swap rooms

  • Season 1 Episode 4371: 07/02/2012

    Michael spots Roxy and Jack together at the cafe, and worries they may be about to resolve their differences - until he makes a discovery at the gym that could drive them apart for good. Kim hastily arranges a date with another man in a bid to hide her attraction to Ray, Lucy is worried when Mandy tries to open up to her, and Derek asks Max to take a car off his hands

  • Season 1 Episode 4370: 06/02/2012

    Roxy criticises Jack after Amy hurts herself playing on the swings, and a bitter argument ensues between the former lovers, with each accusing the other of being an unfit parent. Mandy is furious when Lucy ruins her wedding dress, and grows increasingly convinced she is bent on destroying her relationship with Ian. Heather stands up to Rose, while Michael is pleased to discover Tanya dislikes Derek

  • Season 1 Episode 4369: 03/02/2012

    Shirley tries to persuade Ben to visit Phil in prison, but he dismisses the idea - until Derek offers him some advice. Mandy is irritated when Ian decides to spend time with Lucy, while Whitney is shocked to find herself in trouble at work after Roxy makes a complaint

  • Season 1 Episode 4368: 02/02/2012

    A furious Derek doubles the amount Tyler and Anthony owe him - but Michael refuses to let Janine pay off their debt. Shirley tries taking a gentler approach with Ben, hoping he will withdraw his statement if he feels more like a part of the family. Roxy is outraged when Whitney suggests her feud with Jack is affecting Amy's behaviour, while Heather is upstaged by Ian and Mandy

  • Season 1 Episode 4367: 31/01/2012

    Derek forces Anthony and Tyler to help him steal copper cable after they fail to meet his deadline, and a guilt-ridden Patrick reluctantly agrees to help. However, when Michael discovers what is going on, he decides to intervene. Andrew opens up to Heather about his health concerns - before shocking her by proposing. Meanwhile, Dot tries to reconcile Fat Boy and Whitney, but finds they are unwilling to forgive each other

  • Season 1 Episode 4366: 30/01/2012

    Anthony panics as he realises he and Tyler do not have the money they owe Derek. However, his plan to make up the shortfall runs into trouble once Amira gets involved. Tyler throws a party, but the night only serves to inflame the tension between him, Fat Boy and Whitney - and Lucy tries to create more conflict. Andrew surprises Kim and Heather with his dance moves, while Patrick feels humiliated by his financial worries

  • Season 1 Episode 4365: 27/01/2012

    Jane worries about the effect her departure will have on her family and friends - and begins to have second thoughts about leaving Walford. However, Tanya still refuses to make amends with her. Fat Boy gets a job at the Emporium, but struggles to contain his jealousy as he notices the chemistry between Tyler and Whitney

  • Season 1 Episode 4364: 26/01/2012

    Jane still cannot bring herself to tell Tanya she is leaving, but when Masood accidentally reveals the truth, the women's friendship turns sour. Mandy begins to worry that becoming a mother figure to Ian's children will lead to her getting stuck in a rut. Max tries to teach Lauren the value of work, and Bianca is annoyed when Kim and Morgan run into Ray and his daughter Sasha at the Vic

  • Season 1 Episode 4363: 24/01/2012

    Derek tries to take advantage of the discord among the Mitchells, and his poisonous words leave Shirley, Jay and Ben feeling increasingly distant from each other. He also sneaks into the Arches to take a look at the accounts - before heading to the prison for a showdown with Phil. Bianca angrily tells Ray that she and her family do not need him in their lives, Kat and Alfie receive worrying news about Charlie, and Tanya mistakenly believes Jane has changed her mind

  • Season 1 Episode 4362: 23/01/2012

    Ben is delighted with himself following Phil's arrest, but starts to panic when confronted by his family, and pretends he did not tell the police anything. Tanya and Max struggle to maintain a united front as they try to deal with Lauren, while Zainab makes another attempt to reconcile Afia and Tamwar at a family lunch, though Anthony's presence is an unwelcome distraction. At the cafe, Ian tests Jane's ability to work under pressure

  • Season 1 Episode 4361: 20/01/2012

    Zainab tries to save Tamwar's marriage, searching for a way to break his silence, and urging Afia to make amends with him. Whitney criticises Liam for not doing enough to help his family, Abi discovers who the mystery love letter is for, and Tanya is upset to learn Jane may have to move away

  • Season 1 Episode 4360: 19/01/2012

    Ben is filled with pride after Phil compliments his work on the demolition derby car - but his hatred soon resurfaces following a humiliating incident in the Square. Bianca angrily warns Ray to leave Morgan alone, Tamwar's friends try to cheer him up and Tanya resolves not to let Jane miss her big opportunity

  • Season 1 Episode 4359: 17/01/2012

    DCI Marsden brings back disturbing memories for Ben when she asks him about Phil's behaviour in the moments before Stella died. Jane gets an unexpected job opportunity when her former cookery teacher shows up at the Vic, Derek tries to make amends with his family and Mandy panics after her pills go missing

  • Season 1 Episode 4358: 16/01/2012

    Bianca fears she cannot trust Ricky any more, and Carol insists she needs to end their relationship for good. Max and Tanya try to tackle Lauren's self-destructive behaviour, Lucy plots to destroy Ian's faith in Mandy, and Tamwar is released from hospital - but refuses to forgive Afia

  • Season 1 Episode 4357: 13/01/2012

    Pat's relatives struggle to keep their emotions under control as the residents of Albert Square gather for her funeral. Kat and Jack pay an emotional visit to the grave where baby James is buried, and Ian tells Bianca about Mandy and Ricky's secret - leading her to question the future of her marriage. Meanwhile, Tanya and Max are forced to take action after Lauren's behaviour gets out of control

  • Season 1 Episode 4356: 12/01/2012

    David contemplates fleeing Walford again after Michael's scheme to plant stolen goods in Derek's flat goes awry - but his decision leaves Carol with a huge dilemma. Mandy tells Ricky a shocking secret about their past, Ian's problems mount when Lucy returns to the Square, and Tyler is unsure what to do when a distraught Whitney seeks his support

  • Season 1 Episode 4355: 10/01/2012

    David's attempt to persuade Derek to end their feud fails - so Michael offers to help get rid of their mutual enemy. Whitney meets Ray and discovers Bianca has been keeping a big secret from him, while Fat Boy gives Tyler a warning and Lauren feels neglected

  • Season 1 Episode 4354: 09/01/2012

    Carol rediscovers what first attracted her to David, but their renewed romance runs into trouble when she considers asking Max to help pay the bill for Pat's funeral. Whitney decides to get in touch with Ray, Morgan's biological father, after her stepbrother asks Bianca some awkward questions, while Patrick tries to cajole Zainab into working with Denise again

  • Season 1 Episode 4353: 06/01/2012

    Derek tries to rekindle an old feud by taunting David about Pat's death - before threatening to make him suffer as well. Syed pleads with Christian to give him another chance to prove his love, and asks Qadim to help persuade Amira to agree to a divorce. Patrick is distraught to learn Kim cannot get compensation because of his actions, and Heather feels let down after Andrew chooses to work rather then spend the night with her

  • Season 1 Episode 4352: 05/01/2012

    Phil discovers the dangers of having Denise as an enemy when she corners him at the garage. Alfie asks a friend to pretend to be a marriage counsellor, hoping he can persuade Kat their relationship is stable, but his plan backfires. Elsewhere, Amira tries to cling onto Syed, while David and Carol force Bianca to tell them the truth about Ricky and Mandy

  • Season 1 Episode 4351: 03/01/2012

    Denise puts up posters branding Phil a murderer, but Shirley tries to stop her vengeful campaign, insisting this is not what Kevin would have wanted. Alfie starts to panic when he struggles to answer questions from a marriage guidance counsellor, while Ricky and Janine make a worrying discovery as they begin to plan Pat's funeral

  • Season 1 Episode 4350: 02/01/2012

    Carol tries to support her family as the residents of Albert Square grieve for Pat, but the pain eventually proves too much to bear. Derek warns David he is not welcome at the Vic, while Mandy decides to leave Walford - certain that Ian will never be able to forgive her fling with Ricky. Elsewhere, Ben is unnerved when Shirley discusses the prospect of Phil going to prison, and Alfie asks Kat about the conversation he overheard between her and Jean

  • Season 1 Episode 4755/4756: 02/12/2013

    It's chaos in the Butcher-Spraggan household. Bianca is furious with Terry Jr when he ruins her stock for the stall - and even more angry when his dad comes home smelling of alcohol when he should have been running errands. She begins to worry about her relationship and after seeing suitcases in the hall, her worst fears are confirmed. However, the biggest shock is yet to come with the arrival of an unexpected visitor. Alfie asks Kat to move back into the Vic, but she feels it's too soon - and later she gets a shock to find Joey in a compromising position with Janine. Ava has trouble telling Dexter why his father is no longer around, while Sadie takes it upon herself to find Jake a new job

  • Season 1 Episode 4769/4750: 25/12/2013

    Christmas Day dawns in Walford, but there's little festive cheer for the residents of Albert Square. Janine arrives at the Butchers' under the pretence of spending time with the family, while actually searching for the recording that implicates her in Michael's murder, and Bianca is put out when Nikki arrives and proceeds to wind her up about her relationship with ex-husband Terry. Things seem to be going better for Carol and David, when she makes a confession to her ex - but their new-found closeness looks likely to end when he answers a mysterious text. Over at Phil's house, it's clear neither the Beales nor the Mitchells want to play happy families - so when Lola announces that she and Peter are now a couple, it doesn't go down too well. Alfie is also taken aback when a stranger helps himself to a pint in the Vic but it's explained to him as a misunderstanding. Danny Dyer joins the cast as new Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter

  • Season 1 Episode 4807/4808: 20/02/2014

    Kat is unable to give up on Stacey so Alfie takes her to visit Luke, who has some worrying information about her cousin. As police and news crews turn up for the market traders' protest, Denise, Peter and Lucy are frustrated that Ian is failing to show his support - but he is more worried about what Jane will do following their argument. Aleks gets Tamwar to do his dirty work, while Masood provides moral support to Shabnam by escorting her to a job interview

  • Season 1 Episode 4877 / 4878: EPISODE: 4877 / 4878

    Hour-long episode. Ronnie is having relationship problems with Charlie, so she agrees to meet him for a drink, only to get caught up in Phil and Shirley's dispute. After a heart-to-heart with her cousin, she realises just how messed up her life really is - prompting her to reconsider her priorities. Tina is late when she and Tosh attend their first appointment at the fertility clinic, so she has to convince her girlfriend she is serious about starting a family, while Kat panics when she thinks she has gone into labour. Nancy discovers Johnny is hiding a secret from the rest of the family, and Billy needs people to sign up to Janet's sponsored swim, so Mick reluctantly agrees to take part, despite being petrified of water

  • Season 1 Episode 4902/4903: EPISODE: 4902/4903

    Hour-long episode. Mick finds himself in a tricky position after being arrested and charged with kerb crawling - especially after confronting Ian and finding out the real reason he was talking to Rainie. Should the landlord drop his friend in it to clear himself? Either way he avoids telling Linda what has happened - but his secret is short-lived when she receives a phone call. Stacey dismisses the idea of appealing against her conviction, so Jean tells Kat her fears about being a good grandmother to Lily - only for things to take an unexpected turn. Alfie calls in sick by leaving a message on the office voicemail - but scheming Aleks pretends to have never received it

  • Season 1 Episode 4983/4984: Christmas Special

    Hour-long episode. Christmas Day gets off to a great start for the Carters, with Mick getting a special present from Linda and Stan transforming the barrel store into a winter wonderland for Cora. But the festive season rarely goes without a hiccup or two in Albert Square, and so it is this year when Mick pops out to fetch a surprise dinner guest - none other than Sylvie - and Aunt Babe and Shirley are horrified. As if that weren't bad enough, Dean turns up, drunk and threatening to drop a bombshell. Could the day get any worse? Meanwhile, Cindy spots a suspicious present for Beth under the Beales' tree, and is alarmed by what she finds inside, and Charlie and Ronnie finally have the tickets and money ready to get rid of Nick

  • Season 1 Episode 4988/4989: New Year Special

    Hour-long episode. After the drama of Christmas, the good folk of Walford turn their attention to the new year - but it seems that this won't be the end of their woes just yet as things get off to an explosive start, bringing a whole new load of problems

  • Season 1 Episode 5017/5018: EPISODE: 5017/5018

    Hour-long episode. Thirty years to the day since the first episode, Nick Cotton's body is found and the truth comes to light for a few residents. Dot is determined to do the right thing and takes matters into her own hands, despite her nearest and dearest trying to find a way to help. Dean sets his revenge plan into motion over at the Vic, Kim goes into premature labour and secrets are revealed about the Mitchells. Shocking truths about Lucy come to light, 10 months after her murder - with many suspects still in the frame, will the culprit ever be found?

  • Season 1 Episode 5031/5032: EPISODE: 5031/5032

    Hour-long episode. Kat is struggling to make ends meet, so Stacey and Mo go behind her back in an attempt to help. Shabnam is in reflective mood on the day of the Minute Mart closure, revealing her fears for the future to her family, while Tamwar's concerns are a little more immediate as he prepares for his lunch date with Nancy - and it seems his fears are well-founded when she breaks down over her family problems. Billy forces Les to reveal his secret to Pam, and Sonia continues to worry about Carol's odd behaviour

EastEnders: Special

  • Backstage Live

    The highs and lows of life with the residents of Albert Square, Walford

  • Backstage Live

    Zoe Ball goes backstage to meet the cast and crew as the live episode comes off air, getting instant reactions from the actors about their live performance. Joined by co-presenters Ore Oduba and former EastEnders star Joe Swash, Zoe also finds out how this week's anniversary episodes were put together, from the meticulous planning right through to the credits rolling - a task made doubly difficult by the umbrella of secrecy under which they have had to work. Plus, classic EastEnders moments from the past three decades, special guest appearances and other surprises

  • Back to Ours

    The highs and lows of life with the residents of Albert Square, Walford

  • EastEnders: Back to Ours

    The highs and lows of life with the residents of Albert Square, Walford

EastEnders: Other Episodes

  • 06/12/2011

    Afia warns Yusef to leave London - but instead he breaks down and tells Zainab he started the fire that nearly killed her in Pakistan. The police raid Phil's properties, leaving Derek and Anthony worried their illicit goods may be discovered, while Alfie refuses to discuss Kat's night out and Janine argues with Michael about money

  • 05/12/2011

    Kat heads off for a girls' night out at R&R after growing increasingly disillusioned with her relationship - but is unsure what to do when she finds herself in a stranger's flat. Afia considers confronting Yusef, Max tells Jane about Tanya's illness, and Alfie switches on the Vic's Christmas lights

  • 02/12/2011

    Yusef celebrates his birthday, but the day turns sour when his cousin Tariq confronts him about his engagement - so the doctor tries to buy his silence by offering him control of the Argee Bhajee. Derek brags to Janine about how he used to bully Michael, Alfie enlists Tyler and Anthony's help to sell the fridges, and Syed is in a foul mood following a meeting at the bank

  • 01/12/2011

    Zainab feels humiliated after news spreads about Masood's night with Jane, and tells Yusef she will go to Pakistan with him - but receives a shock when he proposes to her. However, she begins to have second thoughts when Tamwar expresses his disgust. Phil becomes certain Jack is his tormentor and ransacks his flat in search of the missing file, while Derek offers Alfie some work selling fridges

  • 04/11/2011

    Jack and Roxy face some sobering truths about their parenting skills following Amy's accident, while Ben fears he might be sent back to prison. Tanya receives heartbreaking news on a visit to the oncology ward, Whitney nervously prepares for an important interview, and Rose upsets Dot by taking over the church social

  • 03/11/2011

    Ben offers to babysit Amy so Roxy and her friends can go to the Vic - but when he leaves her alone to explore Jack's flat with Jay, she has a life-threatening accident. Yusef begs for Zainab's forgiveness after the Masoods turn on him, while Anthony unexpectedly gets a moment alone with Jodie - and decides to kiss her

  • 01/11/2011

    Yusef tries to suggest Christian may have tampered with the test, leading to a bitter argument that leaves Amira outraged. However, Masood is convinced the doctor is hiding the truth, and searches for evidence to prove his guilt. Shirley lends Roxy a hand when Janine tries to evict her, and Anthony asks Poppy out - despite actually being attracted to Jodie

  • 06/10/2011

    Eddie makes plans to ruin Michael and flee to Spain with his family, and asks Vanessa to steal his son's money from the gym's safe. However, the scheme is jeopardised when Tyler and Anthony refuse to leave Walford. Christian realises what has been troubling Ben and urges him to come out to Phil - but the youngster struggles to tell his father the whole truth

  • 04/10/2011

    Eddie confronts Vanessa about the money he found in her bag, but his mood changes when she reveals Michael's plan to break his heart. Armed with this new information, he decides to teach his son a lesson. Janine offers to buy the Vic from Phil, Ian defends Mandy's honour when a sleazy official tries to take advantage of her, and Ben lashes out at Lola after she makes a cutting remark

  • 03/10/2011

    Craig visits Albert Square for the first time, but the happy day turns sour when Eddie and Michael clash over Vanessa. Phil gets into another argument with Patrick and his family at the Vic, and a shocking outburst leaves everyone afraid of what he might do next - and forces Kat and Alfie onto the streets. Tyler's behaviour confuses Whitney, Mandy forces Ian to take her to an important event, and Christian agrees to teach Lola and Abi self-defence

  • 06/09/2011

    Alfie's joy turns to despair when Kat falls ill - and refuses to let him accompany her to the hospital. Yusef discovers Syed is trying to get in touch with Amira, and decides to impress Zainab by ruining her son's plan. Cora does a deal with Anthony, and Eddie persuades Carol to go on a date with him

  • 05/09/2011

    Alfie discovers he may not be infertile and decides to go for tests - but Kat has still not forgiven him for his reaction to her pregnancy, and takes out her anger on Norman and Pat. Syed tries to track down Amira to discuss the divorce, and Fat Boy is far from happy when Cora asks to move in with Dot

  • 02/09/2011

    Kat is cajoled into telling Alfie her news - but his reaction leaves her stunned. Tanya receives an update on her condition, though she still cannot find the strength to confide in her family. Michael tries to tempt Tyler into taking part in a risky boxing match, Eddie receives a reminder of his younger days, and Phil and Janine continue to vie for control of R&R

  • 01/09/2011

    Kat receives upsetting news, but seems unwilling to talk to anyone about it. Janine makes trouble for Phil at R&R - and unexpectedly finds herself bonding with Michael. Jodie chooses her bridesmaids, Darren finds an underhand way to help pay for the wedding, and Vanessa tries to continue her seduction of Eddie

  • 05/08/2011

    Billy is distraught to discover what really happened at the Arches - but though he desperately tries to keep his family together, it soon becomes clear he must choose between Julie and Lola. Greg buys a present for Tanya, but his good intentions only lead to a painful argument, and Mo realises what Ian is up to

  • 04/08/2011

    Lola is furious when Phil takes her phone and refuses to rehire her - but when she storms round to the Arches in search of revenge, her violent actions result in Jay getting hurt instead. Tanya returns to her childhood home, Janine tries to make amends with her family, and Alfie is horrified by Ian's bragging

  • 02/08/2011

    Ian's attempt to impress Cheryl places him in a difficult position, and he takes a desperate step to reinforce his lies. Greg tells Tanya he wants Cora and Rainie to move out. Lola's thieving catches up with her at the cafe, Phil tries to force Janine out of their new partnership, and Tyler makes a big impression on the staff at the salon

  • 01/08/2011

    Phil tries to bully a demoralised Roxy into selling him her share of R&R - but his plan backfires spectacularly. Jack becomes increasingly concerned about Michael's scheming and urges Carol to steer clear of the Moons, Kat and Alfie return from holiday to find most of their furniture has gone missing, and Syed makes an announcement that leaves Zainab reeling

  • 05/07/2011

    Ronnie confronts Michael at the gym and orders him to tell Roxy the truth - but her tough talking does not have the desired effect. Grieving Janine is enraged when Lydia's son Norman arrives in Albert Square for his mother's funeral, and Kat loses her cool with Alfie

  • 04/07/2011

    Ronnie nervously prepares for her impending trial, but has trouble coping with Jack and Roxy's attentiveness. She finally finds a sympathetic ear when she talks to Michael - only to receive a horrifying surprise when he leans in for a kiss. Billy continues to search for his son and reluctantly gets in touch with a face from Julie's past. Jay tries to prove his macho credentials to Abi

  • 01/07/2011

    Jack gathers his relatives together and asks them to write character references for Ronnie, but Carol angrily refuses - while at the Vic, an emotional Kat shares her anguish with Alfie and Mo. Max and Tanya continue their affair at the car lot - but their steamy rendezvous is brought to a sudden halt when Greg knocks on the office door. Luckless Janine searches for a new place to live, and Lauren becomes increasingly besotted with Ryan

  • 06/06/2011

    Eddie Moon arrives in Albert Square - but while Alfie is delighted to see him, Kat and Michael are far less welcoming. Afia tells Masood she does not want to see him at the wedding, Phil feels awkward after Rainie talks about their shared past at the support group, and Ricky tries to make up his mind about the job in Dubai

  • 03/06/2011

    Roxy challenges Michael to decide whether they have a future together. Phil tries to prove he can change after Shirley threatens to leave him, but hits a stumbling block when he crosses paths with Rainie. Ricky struggles to come up with a reference for his job application, and a mysterious man takes an interest in Kat and Alfie's story. David Essex joins the cast

  • 02/06/2011

    Masood and Phil try to exact revenge on Yusef - but the postman becomes unsure of himself as the situation takes a vicious turn. Mercy sees her relationship with Fat Boy in a new light, and angrily resolves to prove Ashley wrong. Carol is furious when she discovers Ricky is thinking of taking a job in Dubai

  • 06/05/2011

    Miserable Jack continues to spurn his family's efforts to help him - but finds an unlikely companion in Rainie, whose search for a job in Albert Square has only made her feel like more of an outcast. Max is stunned when Abi tells him to get over Tanya, and Ian and Jane continue their war at home

  • 05/05/2011

    Jane learns the true nature of Ian's relationship with Jeanette - a discovery that leads to a bitter row at the Beale house, where her disintegrating marriage reaches a new low. Heather struggles to keep her cool at the Minute Mart, and takes out her anguish on Denise. Jack accuses Michael of trying to avoid him, Dot uses the internet to help Edward, and Lydia tells Janine a touching story

  • 03/05/2011

    Ian feels humiliated after the previous night - and decides to play Jane at her own game by arranging a date of his own. Heather's heart races as she searches for her online lover, hoping to finally meet him in the real world. Dot is furious when Carol suggests she should hire a carer, Vanessa fears Max is losing interest and a fed-up Jay finds a novel way to get Ben and Abi to resolve their differences

  • 02/05/2011

    Jane tries to mark her 40th birthday by putting her relationship with Ian behind her - but while she lets her hair down at the pub, there is a surprise waiting at home. Roxy visits Ronnie in prison after receiving shocking news from her sister's lawyer. Masood makes a last-ditch attempt to prove his love to Zainab, Whitney jumps to conclusions when she spots Ryan talking to Lauren, and Grace expresses her reservations about Mercy and Fat Boy's plan

  • 05/04/2011

    Masood struggles to get the Argee Bhajee ready, and ignores Greg's warning about the building's ceiling - but his decision has tragic consequences. Yusef spots an opportunity to sow discord when he learns Tamwar wants Syed to come to the engagement party. Elsewhere, Pat returns from New Zealand and gives Janine a piece of her mind, while Ricky's search for Whitney lands him in serious trouble

  • 04/04/2011

    Jack worries that his marriage is on the verge of collapse, and urges Ronnie to open up to him about her emotional problems. Tamwar is infuriated when he hears about Masood's latest attempt to interfere in his relationship with Afia - and decides to take his future out of his father's hands. Meanwhile, Michael suggests to Roxy that she should consider selling the salon, and Jean is charmed by Ian - much to Kat and Kim's disgust

  • 01/04/2011

    Roxy angrily clashes with Jack over his attitude to Ronnie's disappearance. Carol tries to help Dot around the house, but her efforts are not entirely appreciated. Meanwhile, Tanya sets up a makeshift salon in her living room, while Masood hears an intriguing rumour about Afia at the optician's

  • 04/03/2011

    Glenda's revelation leaves the Mitchells reeling, and causes Ian to panic about what else she might disclose. Tamwar and Afia are pleased when it seems their parents are getting along, but Masood struggles to forgive and forget. Elsewhere, Alfie is buoyed when Kat asks him to stay the night

  • 03/03/2011

    Shirley is excited by Phil's return to the Square, but the couple soon get into an argument about Heather living with them. Masood reaps the rewards when he helps foil Glenda's plot to retrieve Roxy's stolen money, while Tamwar and Afia hatch a plan to reunite their warring families

  • 01/03/2011

    Denise files for divorce and celebrates her new beginning with a party at the B&B, but the rift between Masood and Yusef threatens to overshadow the event. Meanwhile, Jay gains a new admirer and Glenda tries to get to the bottom of Ronnie's secretive behaviour

  • 07/02/2011

    Janine and Whitney's night out turns ugly after a few drinks in the club with male company. Masood agrees to have dinner with Afia and Zainab, but cannot bring himself to accept Tamwar's girlfriend into the family. Meanwhile, Michael has a run-in with Max, and Darren is reinstated at the car lot

  • 03/02/2011

    Phil takes drastic action when Glenda threatens to expose their affair in front of everyone at his engagement party, Alfie struggles to deal with what he witnessed the previous night, and Michael makes an impression on the Vic regulars by setting them a challenge. Janine and Whitney attempt to get jobs in the club, and Vanessa tries to talk Jodie out of marrying Darren

  • 02/02/2011

    Ronnie finds herself in a difficult situation when Jack invites Michael to stay indefinitely, while Kat seeks romance with the wrong person in a moment of desperation. Abi confesses her love to Darren, thinking his relationship with Jodie is over, and Whitney finds out about Janine's past as a prostitute

  • 01/02/2011

    Alfie has to tell Michael the tragic news about Tommy, while Kat seeks comfort from Ronnie and reveals the identity of her baby's father. Darren's night out ends in misery when Jodie catches him kissing another girl, and Janine spots a money-making opportunity after Whitney attracts a man's attention in the club

  • 07/01/2011

    After the police arrive at the Mitchells' wanting to speak to Ben about an accusation of GBH, Jay tells Shirley and Phil the truth about Glenda's 'accident'. However, quick-thinking Phil figures out a way to use Ian to get his son off the hook. Meanwhile, Tiffany tells Liam she saw Carol kissing Connor, and the pair agree to keep it a secret from Bianca

  • 06/01/2011

    Glenda continues to play games with Ian and Phil, trying to manipulate them both, but her behaviour soon attracts attention from an angry Ben - leading to a confrontation between the pair. Meanwhile, Kat faces further heartache when she tries to find out more about the baby's death and the events prior to it

  • 04/01/2011

    Ronnie fears she is on the verge of getting caught when the midwife calls round and notices physical differences in the baby. Later, Max worries when she fails to show up at a party, and decides to visit her, but she keeps the child behind closed doors. Elsewhere, Syed confides in Jane about Christian's indiscretion

  • 03/01/2011

    As the shocking news sinks in for Kat and Alfie, they find the strength to return to the hospital and say goodbye to their baby. Meanwhile, Jack grows concerned for Ronnie's emotional state and calls a midwife for help, and Christian struggles with his guilt over kissing another man - but Roxy discourages him from telling Syed

  • 01/01/2011

    Desperate to see her new baby, Kat talks a nurse into letting her go home, but a heartbreaking sight awaits at the Vic. Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Ronnie heads back to her flat, having told nobody her dark secret, and prepares to introduce Jack to his 'son'. Elsewhere on the Square, Connor continues his pursuit of Carol, and Jodie persuades Darren to propose to her

  • 06/12/2010

    Stacey and Ryan pretend to be a couple to impress a social worker dealing with Lily's case, while Janine grows suspicious of her husband's whereabouts and heads to the Slaters' with a set of door keys. Connor makes things difficult for Jay during their money-making scheme with Phil, and Billy prepares to meet his son for the first time

  • 03/12/2010

    Zainab invites the Beales to have lunch with her and Masood, but tensions rise at the table as Ian threatens to reveal Jane's secret. Meanwhile, Syed is upset to learn that Christian also knows what has been going on. Elsewhere, Billy starts to think Julie has been leading him on, and Ryan struggles to remain faithful to Janine

  • 02/12/2010

    After drowning his sorrows, Ian pays Masood a visit and the confrontation quickly turns physical. Syed encourages Tamwar and Afia's relationship, despite opposition from the family, and Stacey forces Ryan to make a choice between Janine and her. Meanwhile, Glenda is up to her usual tricks when she finds herself in financial trouble

  • 05/11/2010

    Vanessa makes amends with Jodie, while hoping she has seen the back of Harry, and Ronnie learns her wedding reception is going to clash with Kat and Alfie's vow renewal ceremony. Ian confronts Jane about the letter from the bank, forcing her to invent a cover story to keep her secret plot on track

  • 04/11/2010

    Jane confides in Christian about her plan to take revenge against Ian, while her husband continues to celebrate the family's news. Meanwhile, Alfie makes a romantic gesture to Kat after she ends up in hospital, and a heartbroken Jodie rejects Vanessa as the revelation about Harry sinks in

  • 02/11/2010

    Kat and Alfie unveil the new-look Vic to the locals, but a misunderstanding at the opening leads to a fight between the couple. Darren inadvertently reveals what he knows about Jodie, leaving her upset and confused, while Ian plans to surprise Jane with an announcement about their adoption plans

  • 01/11/2010

    With their car stalled on the level crossing, a train fast approaching and baby Lily in the backseat, Ryan and Janine start to panic and desperately try to escape. Back on the Square, a vengeful Harry gets back at Max and Vanessa, before telling a shocked Darren the truth about Jodie

  • 05/10/2010

    Billy incurs Stacey's wrath when she overhears him saying that his night with Jean was a mistake. Alfie is devastated when he discovers Kat and Michael's secret, while Zainab reaches the end of her tether over the Moons' living arrangements. Elsewhere, Glenda lets Carol know the truth about Lewis

  • 04/10/2010

    An overjoyed Alfie welcomes Michael into his home, but Kat is not so happy about his arrival on the Square. Carol rejects Whitney's offer to help plan Billie's birthday party, while Billy receives a troubling letter from the police, but takes comfort in Jean's company

  • 01/10/2010

    Max tries to pretend he has forgotten Vanessa's birthday - but Jodie and Darren realise the couple are still pining for each other. Tanya's new boyfriend Greg visits the Square for the first time, while another new arrival in Walford leads to dismay for Kat

  • 01/01/2010 (2)

    Zainab refuses to believe a word of what Christian says, but when she arrives at the wedding and confronts Syed, he confesses the truth about his sexuality and pleads with her to help him. However, Zainab coldly insists he marry Amira anyway - as Christian makes his way to the ceremony before it is too late

  • 04/09/2009

    Lucas flees the scene of his tragic encounter with Trina and tries desperately to cover his tracks. Bianca sets off for a reunion with Ricky in the Vic, where she finds a shock awaiting her. Orlenda leaves the Square - but not before confirming Mo's suspicions that she was only trying to get her hands on Charlie's money

  • 04/09/2008

    Bradley prepares to celebrate his 21st birthday in lavish style, while Stacey hopes she'll be able to keep Callum at arm's length. Bianca asks Christian for advice concerning Whitney, and Max goes on a search for the cash box that fits the key. Danielle is disappointed by the outcome of the evening

  • 05/04/2010

    The tension continues to increase at the hospital as the Brannings make Billie feel unwelcome, while Janine sets her sights on the club in Jack's absence. Ben grows more jealous of Louise as the Mitchells throw her a party, and Billy realises Minty wants him to leave, so he moves in with Heather

  • 05/04/2009

    Omnibus. Archie considers taking drastic action to stop Danielle confessing her secret as the Mitchells prepare for Peggy's hen night. Janine offers to loan the bride-to-be her sports car as a peace offering, Roxy is anxious about upsetting Ronnie ahead of the wedding and Bradley tries to give Jean's new venture a boost

  • 04/09/2011

    Omnibus. Whitney's friends try to help her recover from her ordeal, but receive a nasty surprise when Lee makes an unwelcome return. Lauren is upset to find Ryan has left Walford, Shenice asks Alfie if she can stay in Albert Square and Tyler decides to help Anthony celebrate his birthday by taking him to a strip club - where a despondent Ian unexpectedly bumps into a face from the past. Nicola Stapleton rejoins the cast as Mandy Salter

  • 07/02/2010

    Omnibus. Roxy turns down Peggy's offer of help at the Vic as she begins recruiting for new bar staff, with Billy and Stacey among those in the running. Amira feels rejected by Syed, which sends her into the arms of Danny, and Bianca worries about money and her father's lack of contact as her wedding day approaches

  • 04/08/2009

    Owen assures Denise he has changed, but she makes it clear she is only visiting him for Libby's sake. Dawn decides who she wants to be with as Minty finally gets through to her, while Roxy and Archie prepare for their housewarming party. Tanya shocks Jane with the news that Max is moving back in

  • 04/07/2010

    Omnibus. Leon and Zsa Zsa help Fatboy and Mercy do a good deed by setting out to replace Trina's tree when it gets damaged. As the friends start digging at the plot - moments away from a shocking discovery - Lucas panics and fears his dark secret will finally be revealed. Elsewhere, Stacey decides on a name for her baby, and Peggy's feud with Glenda leaves her feeling unwanted at the Vic

  • 04/07/2008

    Ronnie's search for Roxy leads her to Jack, where she discovers the truth about him and Tanya. Stacey tries to get Sean away from the Square to keep him from causing more trouble. Peggy doesn't want anyone to know Phil has left, but has other matters to contend with when she takes a mysterious phone call

  • 04/08/2008

    Peggy's plans for a happy family life hit some obstacles in the shape of Phil and Ronnie, and lead her to make a dramatic decision. Shirley is increasingly irritated by Suzy's presence, but Minty is smitten. Ben fails to impress his dad, and Peter has a proposition for Tamwar. Clare confides in Garry

  • 05/05/2009

    The guests arrive late to Amy's christening and a drunken Ronnie spoils the occasion. Roxy finds comfort in Jack - but her sister spots her leaning in to kiss him. Tanya is exasperated that Max refuses to take no for an answer and decides to ask Dr Jenkins for a date, while Zainab secretly invites Syed's girlfriend to dinner

  • 05/05/2008

    Steven continues to wield power over his captive, but Pat makes a discovery that threatens to expose him. Roxy and Peggy hatch a risky scheme to get Ben to his exam without Phil finding out. Mickey and Darren plead with a reluctant Jase to help them deal with Sean, and Bianca looks for a job

  • 05/03/2010

    Emotions run high as the locals gather for Bradley's funeral, and Max's day goes from bad to worse when Jack announces the court's decision on Archie's murder. Billie assures Whitney he has turned his back on his old ways, while Liz's fears for Owen grow when she receives an unexpected gift

  • 05/03/2009

    Stacey reaches a turning point with her mother, but Callum fears the relationship will be short-lived and confronts Jean about why she has returned. Archie is unimpressed by Peggy's choice of wedding dress, Roxy insists she and Amy can do without Jack's money and Minty finds comfort in the lonely hearts pages

  • 07/01/2010

    Peggy faces her accuser at the police station, while Ronnie and Roxy are shocked when their mother Glenda (Glynis Barber) arrives unannounced in Walford. Whitney tries to break up a fight between Lauren and Zsa Zsa as the party descends into chaos, and Lucy ends up sleeping with Leon when they are left alone. Stacey and Bradley agree to keep their news a secret from Jean

  • 04/10/2009 (2)

    Omnibus. Lucas allays Jordan's fears about Trina's bracelet after visiting the funeral home, only for Chelsea to stumble across it and demand an explanation. Syed manages to juggle his love life, and a surprise customer (London Mayor Boris Johnson) turns up at the Vic. A disturbed Stacey confides in Jean about being scared of Ryan

  • 04/12/2011

    Omnibus. Rainie cannot contain her hatred following Tanya's revelation about their father, and tells her sister she wants her to die. Pat talks to Roxy about Derek's violent past, while Lola is nowhere to be found when the social worker calls - so Billy risks everything by asking Abi to take her place

  • 04/11/2008

    The police talk to Abi about what she saw on the night her dad was run over and Dot worries about how Bradley will deal with their questions. Jack assures Tanya that he was forced to involve Ronnie in his alibi. Jane prepares for the stand-up show, but Zainab is disappointed that Tamwar will be joining her. Sean is frustrated by Archie interfering in his relationship with Roxy

  • 04/12/2008

    Roxy breaks down in tears after learning Amy has taken a turn for the worse, and Jack pays Jim a long overdue visit in the nursing home, before turning up at the hospital to demand a paternity test. Jane visits Tanya in prison, while Peter is busy writing his speech for the debate. Shirley struggles with news of Suzy's pregnancy and fears she has lost her chance with Phil

  • 05/01/2009

    The Brannings are in shock after the admission, but while Tanya is adamant she will serve time for her daughter, Lauren cannot bear the guilt and ends up talking to the police. Bianca is devastated when Whitney sets off to find her biological mum, and looks to Pat for comfort. Jean struggles to forgive Stacey for taking Amy away from Sean

  • 05/01/2010

    Lucy throws a party to get closer to new friend Leon, and soon ends up with a houseful, including a boy nicknamed Fat Boy, and blue-haired beauty Zsa Zsa, who takes an interest in Peter. Meanwhile, DCI Marsden confronts Phil about his false alibi, before arriving at the Mitchells' to arrest one of them, and Stacey and Bradley decide to start a new life away from Walford

  • 05/02/2012

    Omnibus. Anthony panics as he realises he and Tyler do not have the money they owe Derek. However, his plan to make up the shortfall runs into trouble once Amira gets involved. Tyler throws a party, but the night only serves to inflame the tension between him, Fat Boy and Whitney - and Lucy tries to create more conflict. Andrew surprises Kim and Heather with his dance moves, while Patrick feels humiliated by his financial worries

  • 05/02/2010

    Billie catches up with his family on the Square as Bianca wonders whether her mother arranged for his visit, while Jack begins to suspect Bradley was involved in Archie's murder. Meanwhile, Danny is given his marching orders from the Vic, and Amira and Syed finally consummate their marriage

  • 04/10/2009 (1)

    Omnibus. A thoughtless comment by Ian leaves Jane feeling humiliated and her hopes of starting a family in tatters. After a disastrous date with Dr Jenkins, Roxy is shocked to discover a pregnancy test kit in Ronnie's handbag, and Christian steals a kiss from Syed down an alleyway in the Square - unaware someone is watching

  • 05/02/2009

    Darren is forced to reconsider Janine's job offer and the police tell Whitney that Tony is pleading not guilty. Linda and her husband have a heart to heart, while Stacey tries to persuade Danielle to keep the baby - before learning her friend's connection to Ronnie. Ricky is determined to throw Tiffany a birthday party

  • 04/12/2009

    Masood's car accident makes Syed re-evaluate his relationship with Christian as Bradley's mother Rachel remains critical in hospital. Archie tries to persuade Ian to sell Phil's debt to him, knowing it will get him closer to the Vic, while Ryan's betrayal forces Whitney to confront her feelings for Tony

  • 05/07/2009

    Omnibus. Libby and Pat try to reunite Denise and Lucas, but Trina threatens to ruin their chances of a reconciliation. Minty and Garry find out about a mystery woman in Phil's life, Bradley sees his opportunity to move in with Syd when her flatmate moves out, while Janine realises she has met her match in Amira

  • 06/04/2010

    Carol tries to talk Billie out of joining the Army, but is undermined when Peggy throws a party at the Vic to show her support for him. Zainab is shocked when Amira suggests that she and Syed move out of the family home after receiving a cheque from her father, and Leon shows Zsa Zsa his romantic side

  • 06/09/2010

    Peggy finally signs the papers to take ownership of the pub and agrees to host Janine's wedding reception. Meanwhile, the bride-to-be's hen night fails to go as expected, especially when she gets talking to a stranger. Minty and Billy barricade Phil into the Vic's living room for his own good, and Ryan bares his soul to Ricky - the only guest on his stag do

  • 06/04/2012 (Omnibus)

    Omnibus. Mandy packs her bags and prepares to leave Walford with another cruel jibe from Lucy ringing in her ears. However, a horrified Ian races to the bus stop and tries to persuade her to stay - by proposing again. Phil decides to sever his professional relationship with Derek, but realises he is still a serious threat after spotting him talking to Ben. Elsewhere, Alfie discovers getting Kim and Ray to work together might not be a good idea, while Jack is annoyed when Denise poaches a builder he had been trying to hire

  • 06/05/2008

    While Roxy continues to berate herself for the accident, a desperate Steven takes drastic action to prevent Pat revealing his secret. A troubled Ricky can't bring himself to visit the hospital and is touched by the support Bianca offers. Clare's dubious past catches up with her

  • 06/04/2009

    Stacey refuses to appear at Lauren's court case and spends the day getting drunk, while Chelsea talks to Patrick about her feelings for Theo and arranges a date with him - which proves a disaster when Stacey throws herself at him. The two women then get into a fight in the Vic and Phil has to break it up

  • 06/03/2011

    Omnibus. Masood tries to raise the money for the perfect engagement ring, but Zainab realises the only way to get rid of Yusef is by preventing Tamwar and Afia's wedding from going ahead. Meanwhile, Glenda catches Ronnie skipping her counselling session, Denise is tormented by painful memories at Lucas's hearing and Kat deals with two surprise visitors

  • 06/02/2011

    Omnibus. Shirley seeks advice from Jane and Tanya as she mulls over Phil's marriage proposal, while Ian visits the mechanic in hospital and tries to make amends. Darren's plan to sabotage the relaunch of the car lot backfires and ends up costing him more than just his job, while Kat and Alfie deal with an unwelcome visitor

  • 06/02/2011

    Omnibus. Shirley seeks advice from Jane and Tanya as she mulls over Phil's marriage proposal, while Ian visits the mechanic in hospital and tries to make amends. Darren's plan to sabotage the relaunch of the car lot backfires and ends up costing him more than just his job, while Kat and Alfie deal with an unwelcome visitor

  • 06/03/09

    Stacey reacts angrily to the news that Callum confronted Jean, but starts to sympathise after learning a revelation about his childhood. Billy recruits Darren to help search for ghosts in his flat, while Roxy sets up camp outside Ronnie's home in a bid to make amends. Minty meets a woman from the past, but she seems more interested in Phil

  • 06/09/2009

    Omnibus. Charlie returns and introduces the Slaters to his new Russian girlfriend Orlenda (guest star Mary Tamm). Zainab and Masood argue about their unborn baby, and Trina causes an embarrassing scene at Jordan's birthday party, while Whitney is disappointed to receive poor GCSE results and begs Bianca not to tell Ricky about them

  • 06/05/2010

    Masood holds a family meeting and decides to forgive Syed, but it is clear his son cannot abandon Christian. Billy cracks under the pressure of having to be a full-time father to his children, Ronnie enlists the help of Fatboy to DJ a night at R&R, while Lucy is determined to punish Leon

  • 06/07/2012 (Omnibus)

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • 06/06/2012

    Hour-long episode. Jean pleads with Roxy to believe her version of events, and persuades her to search for the evidence that will clear her name. However, she does not realise how far Michael is willing to go to discredit her. Kim struggles to cope at the B&B without Denise's help, Zainab suggests a baby could be the solution to Tamwar and Afia's marriage woes, and Fat Boy skips work to watch the Jubilee celebrations

  • 06/07/2008

    Omnibus. A distraught Max makes a shock announcement in the Vic, putting Tanya under pressure. Bradley is thrilled to be back with Stacey, but she feels uncomfortable about the attention their reunion is receiving. A mysterious benefactor is lavishing gifts on Bianca and her family, and Mo has pawned Brenda's horn - much to Charlie's embarrassment

  • 06/08/2009

    Ronnie throws a last-minute party at the Vic to keep people away from Archie's housewarming - but Janine has a nasty surprise in store for her. Libby tells Liz she does not want to see her any more, Lauren suspects Max is having an affair, and Roxy realises her father is up to his old tricks

  • 06/06/2010

    Omnibus. Carol organises a rehearsal for Liam's forthcoming school interview, leading to a family argument. Lucy refuses to be left out of a trip to Fatboy's uncle's cottage, and manages to gain an invite, but events spiral out of control when the gang goes camping in the woods. Meanwhile, Peggy shares worrying news with Pat as Harvey continues his efforts to date them both

  • 04/06/2010

    Jordan is discharged from hospital and returns home, but tensions rise at the Johnsons' when Lucas clashes with Denise's half-sister Kim (3 Non Blondes star Tameka Empson, reprising her role). Meanwhile, Lucy feels left out by her group of friends, Ian and Shirley fall out over Ben, and a new arrival on the Square (Footballers' Wives' Zoe Lucker) catches Max's eye

  • 06/08/2010

    A devastated Phil realises he may have lost Louise for good after failing to track down Lisa - and when he later crosses paths with Rainie, they take desperate action to escape their problems. Meanwhile, Carol calls on Bianca for a favour when Max kicks her out of his house

  • 06/06/2008

    Dawn is suspicious of Jase's behaviour, but is shocked by what she discovers. A concerned Patrick goes looking for Chelsea, whose behaviour is spiralling out of control. Bradley realises Piers has brought drugs to the club and fears his reputation may be in jeopardy. Keith outstays his welcome at Zainab's

  • 06/02/2009

    Danielle is determined to tell Ronnie the truth and dreams of them bringing up the baby together, but Ronnie comes to a decision that changes everything. Christian pleads with Linda to stay in Walford, while Tiffany's birthday wish prompts Bianca to make a confession. Bradley meets a new woman when his missing dog is returned

  • 06/01/2009

    Nick shows his true colours and gives Dot an ultimatum, offering to let her keep Dotty - for a price. Max visits Tanya in prison, and Zainab realises Denise is missing Lucas. Meanwhile, Janine moves into a new flat with Billy, and celebrates with a takeaway - paid for by an unsuspecting Peggy

  • 06/11/2011

    Omnibus. Amira continues to feud with Christian on the day of Yasmin's party, and the situation becomes more tense when Yusef makes a phone call that brings Qadim back to Walford - before giving Christian the DNA test results. Liam tries to steal alcohol from Kim's Halloween party and Rose continues to flirt with the Rev Stephens - much to Dot's annoyance

  • 05/08/2008

    Archie suggests one last family meal in the hope of healing the rifts, but neither Ronnie nor Ben is in the mood to cooperate. Ian finds out about Peter has been helping Tamwar, and Minty tells Shirley and Heather they must leave the flat. Suzy finds somewhere to hide her mysterious handbag contents

  • 05/08/2010

    Peggy makes a decision that could break up Phil's family for ever when she takes Louise to see her mother (Lucy Benjamin reprising her role as Lisa Fowler). Meanwhile, Max tries to deal with Rainie in Tanya's absence, and two locals decide to leave the Square to make a fresh start

  • 06/11/2009

    Archie is forced to change his plan at the last minute when he realises Peggy is still in the Vic. He thinks he has covered his tracks, but her suspicions are aroused when she finds Billy's wallet. Meanwhile, Lucas stands up to Owen, and Jane tries to patch things up with Ian, but it could be too late

  • 05/07/2010

    Chelsea and Libby start to question their mother's involvement in Owen's murder as Denise faces questions at the police station. Meanwhile, Ryan feels guilty about moving out of Janine's flat when he sees how it has affected her, and Glenda finds a way to upset Peggy - by flirting with her own nephew Phil

  • 06/07/2009

    Minty struggles with his conscience after uncovering Dawn and Phil's secret - and Garry nearly catches them together in the Vic. Syd gains a new flatmate, but not who she expected, while Shirley follows Heather to the hospital and discovers her friend is pregnant. Roxy uses Amy to get close to Jack

  • 05/06/2009

    Bianca discovers Whitney has been lying to her about her exams, but their argument is overshadowed by the arrival of an uninvited guest at the family home. Bradley is given a welcome-home party, while Phil throws Shirley out of the Vic when she becomes jealous of the attention he is showing Dawn

  • 05/06/2011

    Omnibus. Masood moves into the B&B after Zainab throws him out - and Yusef takes great pleasure in piling on the misery for his despondent rival. Mercy is uncomfortable about marrying Fatboy now she knows how he really feels, leaving him struggling to talk her round. Syed and Christian argue about their future, a morose Dot contemplates joining Jim at the retirement home and Shirley is nervous when she learns Phil has applied for a job in Dubai

  • 06/12/2009

    Omnibus. Ronnie returns to the Square with good news for her family as Roxy prepares to tell her about Sam's disappearance. Phil recruits Max in a plan to con Ian out of thousands, but their scheme soon goes awry, while Whitney is told about Tony's attempted suicide ahead of his trial

  • 06/11/2008

    Whitney is upset by the thought that Tony is spending his birthday with Bianca. Bradley considers leaving the Square, but he finally visits his dad in hospital. Stacey and Callum call a truce after a short-lived dinner date and Sean rejects Archie's help while flat-hunting with Roxy. Ian confronts Jane, upset that she is using him in her comedy act, but a talent scout has good news for her career

  • 05/09/2008

    Stacey is confused following her encounter with Callum, but makes a decision that secures her future. A distraught Billy is convinced his family are better off without him, but finds unexpected support from Archie. Garry finds the strength to turn down a tempting offer from Dawn

  • 05/12/2008

    Roxy is adamant that Jack will never be part of Amy's life, even if he is the father. Suzy discovers Ahmet has taken her dog and is demanding the return of the gold bar, while Whitney's gaze is fixed on Tony during her show-stopping turn in the school play. Miserly Ian declares Christmas is cancelled after Jane treats Peter to a mobile phone

  • 05/12/2010

    Omnibus. Ryan realises he has one last chance to persuade Stacey to stay, and tries to track her down before her plane leaves. Jane and Masood head to a hotel to escape their marriage problems, while Ian and Zainab find out who has won the bidding war for the Argee Bhajee. Elsewhere, Dot and Julie's friendship blossoms, despite Mo's interference

  • 06/10/2008

    Dr Merritt tells Bianca that Whitney needs to see a psychiatrist, as Tony sends the youngster deeper into misery. Pat unveils a plaque dedicated to Frank, but Peggy is urged not to mark the occasion, leading to yet another argument. Dot thinks Bradley should stop spending his winnings on her, and a nervous Christian meets Lee. Danielle catches Archie and Suzy flirting in the Vic

  • 05/11/2009

    As the Square's bonfire celebrations begin, Janine has second thoughts about burning down the Vic, so Archie takes matters into his own hands. Elsewhere, Ian's hostility toward Jane sends her into the arms of Masood, Syed confronts Lucy about the blackmail, and Denise warns a persistent Owen to stay away from her

  • 05/10/2009

    Syed is given the opportunity to come clean as Zainab puzzles over the graffiti on the Masoods' front door. Stacey ends up losing the job Ryan offered her when she becomes distracted and confused at work, Sam squanders a handout from Peggy, and Max confronts Tanya about a holiday she wants to book

  • 05/09/2010

    Omnibus. Ricky agonises over his future, knowing that if he stays with Bianca, Sam's baby will grow up without a father. Becca persuades Stacey to come off her medication and sets out to drive a wedge between her and Jean, Carol applies for a job at the bookie's and Jane tells Denise about her plan to run off with Ian's money

  • 06/10/2009

    Stacey's day goes from bad to worse after an encounter with Archie, Zainab accuses Masood and Jane of having an affair and Bradley goes in search of a new owner for Sugar. Ronnie tells Peggy she thinks she might be pregnant, while Ricky warns Sam to cut down on her spending and get a job

  • 05/10/2008

    Omnibus. Danielle discovers Archie has been hiding letters to Ronnie, prompting his daughter to demand an explanation. Bianca pushes Tony into making a big decision about their future. Max warns Stacey to be careful around Callum, and Jack surprises Tanya with good news about their move to France

  • 05/06/2008

    Patrick resorts to desperate measures to save Chelsea from a path of self-destruction, but may have left it too late. Dawn spruces herself up in readiness for the surprise Jase has for her, while Keith calls in a favour from the Masoods. Ricky and Bianca try to cajole Liam into taking a test

  • 03/02/2009

    Ian is suspicious of Linda's condition and intends to catch her out, while Archie worries that Peggy will change her mind about the wedding. As Danielle and Ronnie prepare to visit the abortion clinic, Stacey discovers her friend's secret. Darren rejects Janine's job offer and enlists Ricky's help to take back the car lot

  • 01/12/2009

    With time running out for Phil, he and Max put the finishing touches to their scam, unaware that Ian and Masood have rumbled them. Roxy realises that Owen is the father of Ronnie's unborn child as Liz wonders about her son's whereabouts, while Whitney secretly writes Tony a letter

  • 02/01/2009

    The hearing gets off to a bad start when an emotional Tanya sees her children in the courtroom and screams out a guilty plea. Whitney is preoccupied with the idea of finding her biological mother and gets one step closer when Janine hands her the address she took from Bianca's handbag. Tamwar and Libby fool their parents by pretending they have been rejected from Oxford, while Stacey is wary of telling Jean the truth about Sean

  • 02/01/2011

    Omnibus. Kat is shocked by Jean's downward spiral as she struggles to cope without Stacey, while Carol comes to Connor's rescue when Phil tries to teach him a lesson, Mitchell-style. Pat turns her back on Janine for good and Dot shows her guests the true spirit of Christmas

  • 02/01/2012 (Omnibus)

    Omnibus. Pat is furious to spot Derek asking Liam to steal scrap metal for him, and sends the youngster home. Michael realises they have a common enemy, and offers to help her get Derek out of Walford for good - but when the ex-convict realises what they are up to, he visits Pat to remind her how ruthless he can be. Meanwhile, Shirley is unsure whether to tell Phil that she knows who has been tormenting him

  • 01/12/2008

    Max is convinced Tanya is covering for Jack and is hopeful for a reconciliation, but she is not interested in either of the brothers any more. Tony throws away Whitney's passport to scupper her plans for their holiday in Spain. Vinnie and Shirley prepare to leave, and Ronnie tries to console Jack during an emotional heart-to-heart

  • 01/11/2009

    Omnibus. Denise extends an olive branch to Owen after Libby explains he is trying to quit drinking and change for the better. Syed puzzles over the anonymous texts being sent to him, while Ricky tries to cook Sam a romantic meal. Jane tells Ian she is determined to go ahead with her plans to adopt

  • 01/09/2008

    Dawn struggles to pick up the pieces following her bereavement and worries that Jay may arrange the funeral without her knowing. Max behaves impeccably to convince Tanya he is a changed man and Honey and Billy make a decision about Jase's money. Stacey is horrified when Bradley and Callum strike up a friendship

  • 01/09/2009

    Trina manages to engineer a steamy encounter with Lucas, despite his attempt to keep her out of his life. Tiffany suggests holding a party to celebrate Ricky's return, and Zainab walks out on Masood, while Mo accuses Charlie's Russian girlfriend Orlenda of being in the country illegally

  • 01/10/2009

    Lucas allays Jordan's fears about Trina's bracelet after visiting the funeral home, only for Chelsea to stumble across it and demand an explanation. Syed manages to juggle his love life, and a surprise customer (London Mayor Boris Johnson) turns up at the Vic. A disturbed Stacey confides in Jean about being scared of Ryan

  • 02/02/2009

    Darren has his eye on a new business opportunity, only for Janine to scupper his plans. Archie is unimpressed when Peggy reveals the reason for her secretive behaviour, while Ronnie pledges support for Danielle. A food fight breaks out between Zainab and Jane in the kitchen, and the Beales later find Linda collapsed on the floor

  • 02/02/2010

    Jack admits to Ronnie he followed her to Archie's grave and warns her not to arouse suspicion with her behaviour. Bianca is disappointed by news from her father, Billy is shocked by Roxy's plan to charge him rent and Amira struggles with her guilt after the kiss with Danny

  • 02/05/2010

    Omnibus. A devastated Amira finally learns the truth about Syed and Christian, and prepares to leave Walford. Chelsea is hurt by Denise's reaction to the news that she is pregnant, but gains support from Libby, while Zsa Zsa takes pity on Ben and persuades Leon to make friends with him

  • 02/06/2008

    Chelsea's habit makes her feel invincible, but leads her into danger. A resourceful Tiffany decides to solve a problem by helping herself to someone else's plant pot, and the Millers can't believe their good fortune, but have trouble keeping the news to themselves

  • 02/06/2009

    Dotty confesses everything to Dot as Nick realises his own daughter has betrayed him and takes revenge - leading to explosive consequences for Bradley. Dawn persuades Phil to employ her at the Vic, Max continues to pursue Tanya and Christian struggles to run the business while Ian is away

  • 02/07/2009

    Minty catches Phil and Manda together and suspects they are having an affair, while the reopening of the cafe fails to run smoothly for Ian. Al encourages Heather to seek advice before making her final decision about the baby, Amira tries to prove herself to Zainab, and Trina finds a way to get back at Denise

  • 02/05/2008

    Ian is reluctant to face the truth when Steven opens up to him. A despairing Ricky and an adamant Bianca are at loggerheads over her children's behaviour and her refusal to comply with Zainab's demands. Ben is disappointed when Phil suggests a paint-balling session that clashes with his secret dance exam

  • 02/04/2010

    Janine continues to struggle with her feelings for Ryan, who decides that he needs to put her and Albert Square behind him. Chelsea tries to win Carol's approval, and Ronnie warns Roxy that Danny cannot be trusted. Ben resolves to co-operate with Phil, while Whitney publicly humiliates Connor

  • 02/03/2009

    Danielle's evening ends badly when Paul finds out about the abortion - thanks to Stacey - who then makes the situation worse by kissing him. Charlie confides in Patrick about his future with Brenda, while Tanya urges Jane to stand up for herself and refuse to let Ian control her. Janine sets out to show Billy what Peggy is really like

  • 02/03/2010

    Billie returns to his old estate to confront his former friends about attacking Whitney, Masood resolves to discover who is responsible for the undelivered post, and Lucas has to think fast to stop Liz going to the police. Meanwhile, Billy's love life takes a turn for the better when Carol agrees to go on a date with him

  • 02/04/2009

    Hour-long episode. Peggy and Archie's wedding unfolds in typically dramatic fashion when Roxy slaps Ronnie in front of the guests and the bride refuses to wear the dress chosen by the groom. Meanwhile, Danielle hides in the Vic and waits for everyone to return from the church, before telling Ronnie the truth - which leads to tragedy. Elsewhere, Max asks Stacey to change her testimony to help Lauren, and Jack reveals to an enraged Janine that she no longer owns the car lot

  • 01/08/2010

    Omnibus. Lucas struggles with his guilt when he attends bible class, while Chelsea and Libby clash over what to do with Denise's belongings. Darren looks to Max for reassurance after his embarrassing incident with Jodie, and Pat decides to move in with Peggy after an argument with Bianca

  • 01/08/2008

    Ronnie arrives at the register office determined to stop her sister marrying Sean. Billy gets the money to buy the stall but Ian's not sure he wants to sell. Phil watches Ben dancing and later opens up to Shirley about his feelings for his son. Jordan gives Denise a candid account of his dad's past

  • 01/02/2009

    Omnibus. Janine is determined not to settle for less than the top job at R&R and reveals her cunning plan to Billy, but he warns Ronnie about trusting her. Jay asks Marissa to run away with him, and Lucas argues with Denise when her comments cost him his job with Ian. Elsewhere, Max and a reluctant Bradley move into Phil's house

  • 01/02/2010

    Roxy turns down Peggy's offer of help at the Vic as she begins recruiting for new bar staff, with Billy and Stacey among those in the running. Amira's attempt to seduce Syed is met with rejection, sending her into the arms of Danny, and Bianca worries about money and her father's lack of contact as her wedding day approaches

  • 01/03/2009

    Omnibus. Lucas is stunned when his wife Trina turns up in the hope of saving their marriage. Zainab is confused when her debit card is rejected in the Minute Mart, little realising that Tamwar has emptied the account. Ricky and Bianca try to return Whitney's stolen goods to the market and Danielle breaks down after confiding in Stacey

  • 01/03/2010

    Whitney goes looking for Billie on his old council estate, leading to a terrifying encounter with two of his acquaintances. Meanwhile, Liz makes a worrying discovery about Owen, Lucy reveals her secret to Jane after storming out of Ian's birthday dinner, and Zainab continues to doubt Masood's honesty

  • 01/01/2013

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • 01/01/2012

    Extended episode. Pat's friends and family gather as her condition deteriorates rapidly. She reflects on life in Albert Square with Dot, Ian and her children - but the person she wants to see most of all, her son David, is not there, and Janine still refuses to believe her stepmother is as ill as she claims. Derek is also unmoved by Pat's plight and continues to taunt her, while Bianca notices a peculiar tension between Ricky and Mandy

  • 01/01/2009 (1)

    Stacey gets a shock when Sean calls and arranges to meet her in a park. After a heartfelt conversation he entrusts her with looking after Amy for a short while, but she betrays him by returning to the Square with the baby. Tensions rise at R&R when a bitter Ronnie demands that Jack sell his share of the club to her, while Peggy offers a free drink to everyone in the Vic. Whitney becomes increasingly isolated as Bianca and Ricky try to include her in family activities

  • 01/01/2009 (2)

    Spirits are high in the Vic as the locals celebrate the safe return of Amy, little knowing that a determined Sean has convinced Roxy to leave Walford with him immediately. However, as the pair drive out to a frozen lake with the baby, Roxy realises he has a terrifying plan to ensure they will remain together. Jack and Ronnie race to track them down before it is too late. Elsewhere, Whitney is made to feel at ease with all her family round her

  • 01/01/2010 (1)

    The day of Amira and Syed's wedding arrives and Zainab questions Christian about his behaviour toward her son - leading to a shocking revelation. Masood is furious to learn Inzamam made a pass at his wife and hands his brother his money back, but luckily Qadim changes his mind and decides to pay for his daughter's big day after all

  • 01/04/2010

    Hour-long edition. Billie's final attempt to turn his back on his past backfires with horrific consequences when an uninvited guest shows up at Lauren's birthday party with a gun. Meanwhile, Janine's plan seems to be coming to fruition when Roxy takes a shine to Ryan, Shirley gets to the bottom of Ben's problem with Louise, and Darren continues to feel threatened by Adam

  • 01/04/2012

    Omnibus. The Mitchells' home life becomes increasingly fractured, as a grief-stricken Shirley cannot stand to be around Ben, while Phil despairs about what kind of person his son has turned into. Andrew hopes Dot will confirm his alibi - but is unaware Patrick and Shirley have given her reason to doubt his innocence. Ian wonders if Mandy is hiding something from him, and Bianca struggles to pay her rent

  • 01/06/2010

    Panic spreads at the cottage when Whitney and the gang fail to get in touch with Leon, and they head into the woods to track him down. Meanwhile, Pat and Peggy arrive at the theatre and realise Harvey has been two-timing them again, and Bianca has to break disappointing news to Liam

  • 01/06/2012 (Omnibus)

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • 01/07/2008

    Mickey announces he's taking the job offered to Keith, hoping to make him reconsider. Shirley comes up with a money-making quiz night at the Vic, but things don't go as planned, and Bianca is surprised when a TV is delivered to Pat's house. The drinkers at the pub are shocked when a blood-covered Sean stumbles in

  • 01/07/2010

    As a forensics team sets up a tent around the gardens, Lucas knows he has run out of options and decides to confess everything to Denise - and the couple prepare for a visit from the police. Meanwhile, a humiliated Peggy gets her own back on Glenda, and Ryan is surprised by what he finds when he calls on Janine

  • 01/06/2009

    Nick's plan to poison Dot comes to fruition as he grinds down a pile of pills, but Dotty struggles with her pangs of guilt. Garry surprises Dawn with his plans for their future, while Whitney is so worried about returning to school that she decides to skip an exam - leaving Pat unimpressed

  • 01/06/2008

    Omnibus. Sean goes to great lengths to convince a reluctant Roxy he'd be a good father. An encounter with Lucas drives Chelsea to drink, leading Libby astray in the process. Bradley suffers some setbacks as he attempts to impress his boss, and Darren reaches the end of his tether with Jay

  • 01/05/2008

    Roxy seeks support from Christian, who has his own sob story to relate. Bianca becomes very vocal when Zainab is irritated by Tiffany's behaviour, leaving Ricky to question why she makes a fight out of everything. A relieved Gus decides to leave the Square after Keisha makes him an attractive offer

  • 01/05/2009

    Shirley apologises to Heather for her and Phil's behaviour, but the reconciliation proves short-lived. Billy is distracted at his 50th birthday party as the forthcoming murder trial leaves him worrying that Jay will discover his cowardice. Meanwhile, Janine drops a bombshell on Zainab

  • 01/05/2011

    Omnibus. Zainab is disgusted to find out about Masood's dealings with Phil - and an encounter with Yusef leaves her unsure what to do next. Ryan struggles to cope when he hears about Whitney's recent ordeals, Fat Boy receives a horrifying phone call from his father, and Jay tells Ben to stop messing Heather around - but the youngster discovers his online ruse could serve another purpose

  • 04/06/2009

    As the Square deals with the aftermath of the incident, Max and Tanya visit Bradley in hospital, but when Dot arrives she is overwhelmed with guilt. Dawn receives an offer too good to refuse, while Lucy sees an opportunity to blackmail Christian, and Whitney encounters her mystery acquaintance

  • 02/08/2009

    Omnibus. Libby is unnerved to receive a birthday card from her estranged father and a message saying he wants to meet. Syed tells Christian he is not welcome at his engagement party, Ronnie feels betrayed when she finds out Roxy has taken in Archie, and Ryan moves in with Janine - much to Whitney's displeasure

  • 03/10/2010 (1)

    Omnibus. Janine's honeymoon is well and truly over after she learns Ryan is the father of Stacey's baby. Max is startled when Lauren returns from America, with Tanya in tow. Meanwhile, Kat and Alfie have conflicting ideas about what to do with the Vic, Leon brags to Fatboy about a recent conquest, and Grace is furious when one of her valuable plates is broken

  • 03/10/2010 (2)

    Omnibus. Stacey is furious to learn Janine falsely accused her of neglecting Lily, and assaults the newlywed at her house. However, when Janine decides to take the matter to the police, Ryan gives her a stark warning. Max struggles to discover what is bothering Lauren, and asks Tanya for help. Meanwhile, Kat finds that Alfie is leasing the Vic rather than buying it, and Zsa Zsa tries to get Leon to admit his infidelity

  • 03/11/2008

    As Max lies in intensive care, Jack faces difficult new questions from DI Keeble after Tanya confesses she was not with him on the night of the incident. However, Ronnie agrees to give him an alibi. Stacey tells Callum she no longer wants to see him, and Ian has a change of heart about Jane's comedy routine. Sean decides not to support Roxy at her antenatal class

  • 03/11/2009

    Archie and Janine plot to set fire to the Vic and pin the blame on Billy. Jane tries to persuade Ian to adopt, but he is more concerned with Lucy following her mugging, while Christian discovers the teenager is Syed's blackmailer. Denise is shocked when Owen reveals Lucas physically attacked him

  • 03/10/2008

    As Bianca pleads with Whitney to come out of her bedroom, Tony grows anxious about the possibility she will speak out. Christian meets a man from Ronnie's reunion and a despondent Bradley tells Dot that he and Stacey are finished. Meanwhile, Yolande's leaving speech comes with a twist - she is leaving without Patrick

  • 03/09/2010

    Peggy is horrified by what she discovers when Billy takes her to see Phil, while Sam listens to her mother's advice and makes a decision about her baby's future. Elsewhere, Becca reveals her true colours to Stacey, and Ryan has a romantic surprise for Janine ahead of their wedding

  • 03/08/2010

    Phil panics when Louise goes missing and fears her mother may have taken her. Whitney assumes Billie is cheating on her when she finds out he lied about his leave from the Army, Max receives a visit from Tanya's sister and Mo gets behind Peggy and Pat's campaign to stop the sale of the Vic

  • 03/08/2012

    Omnibus. Tanya grills her mum for information about the sister she never knew existed, but Cora refuses to give anything away, leaving her daughter devastated. Lola cannot bear being kept apart from baby Lexi when she begins her community service, while Lucy arranges to do volunteer work in exchange for gig tickets, although Lauren and Whitney try to bail out after discovering it involves feeding the homeless. Zainab discovers Masood's ambition to become a teacher, leaving him with a dilemma, and Syed is furious with Christian when he suggests entering Yasmin into a bonny baby competition

  • 03/09/2009

    Mo begins following Orlenda, and even resorts to going through her belongings in search of proof that she is not to be trusted. Zainab apologises to Masood and reveals that she has decided to have the baby after all, while Lucas tries to resolve his emotional turmoil by arranging a secret meeting with Trina - which ends in tragedy

  • 03/12/2009

    An exhausted Masood heads for disaster when he gets behind the wheel of his taxi, while Phil swallows his pride to ensure his family's safety and goes to Ian for a loan. Max tries to con Bradley's mother as he faces more unpaid bills, and Whitney's advice lands Tiffany in trouble

  • 04/01/2009

    Omnibus. Dot is suspicious about why Nick has suddenly reappeared and finds it difficult to believe he has genuinely changed. The return of Dot's son is all too much for Bradley, who packs his bags after finding Nick has been sleeping in his room. A distraught Roxy calls the police after Phil and Archie fail to find Amy, while Ronnie rejects Jack when he declares his love for her - but she later tries to kiss Max. Meanwhile, Whitney struggles to cope as Janine entertains the children at Pat's

  • 04/05/2008

    Omnibus. Roxy shares the burden of guilt with Jack as they struggle with their betrayal of Ronnie. Christian can't bear to see Steven in turmoil and takes action, while Stacey escapes the confusion - only to make a shocking discovery at Gus's flat that confirms Sean is out of control

  • 04/05/2009

    Heather writes a letter to her unborn child's father enclosing the picture of her scan, but decides against sending it. Ronnie is devastated when Roxy breaks her locket, while Tanya attracts the attention of a new doctor on the Square. Zainab plots to find out more about Syed's girlfriend and Nick sends Billy hate mail

  • 04/05/2010

    Billy's money worries become more desperate as Heather puts pressure on him to pay his rent, while Ronnie has her own financial problems as she considers private care for Jack. Tamwar tells Syed that Christian was beaten up, and Lucy plans to reveal the truth about Leon to spoil his chances with Zsa Zsa

  • 04/05/2012 (Omnibus)

    Drama charting the highs and lows of life in Albert Square

  • 04/04/2010

    Omnibus. Billie's loyalties are tested as his old friends plan to rob the Vic, Ian persuades Lucy to keep her abortion a secret from Jane, and the Slaters welcome Stacey back into the family home. Meanwhile, Shirley offers a surprise solution to Phil's problem with his daughter Louise

  • 04/03/2012

    Omnibus. Max struggles to fight his attraction to Roxy when he takes part in a poker game at Alfie's. He is joined at the table by his brothers - and while Derek sets about intimidating the other players, Jack remains upset at being kept apart from Amy. Michael tries to figure out where he stands with Janine, and Marsden's taunts leave Shirley more concerned than ever about Ben's statement

  • 04/01/2010

    Ronnie resolves to catch Archie's killer and soon points the finger at Janine, while Heather learns Phil lied to the police about his whereabouts at the time of the murder. Darren pleads with Libby to give him another chance and Peter finds out that Tamwar has been dishonest with Afia

  • 04/02/2010

    Bianca's troubles continue as she realises she threw away the cheque from her father. Chelsea tries to get to the bottom of Amira's problem, Zainab warns Syed about bringing shame on the family, and Ronnie digs deeper into Jack's relationship with DCI Marsden. Meanwhile, as Dr Al Jenkins bids farewell to the Square, a familiar face returns

  • 04/03/2010

    Lucy makes Jane a surprising offer to help the Beales' adoption plans, Max struggles to find the right words for his funeral speech, and Carol is furious when Billie drops out of college. Meanwhile, Lucas thinks of a way to keep Liz from investigating Owen's disappearance and Zsa Zsa pleads with Shirley to let her stay in Walford

  • 02/08/2010

    Peggy, Pat and Louise plot to stop the sale of the Vic after it becomes clear that Roxy will not change her mind about the pub's future. Bianca confides in Whitney about her relationship with Ricky, Max tells Darren that Jodie is expecting too much from him, and Jordan feels unwanted by his family

  • 03/08/2009

    Denise makes her decision about whether to visit the prison as her friends and family try to convince her to give Owen a chance. Minty puts pressure on Dawn to choose between Phil and Garry, Ryan and Whitney steal Max's car, while Archie warns Janine that their arrangement will be off if she causes more trouble around the Square

  • 02/11/2008

    Omnibus. Tanya looks set for the move to France, but Max is determined to thwart her plans and plots to have Jack arrested. Denise is unhappy to find Libby is having second thoughts about university and discovers her daughter walked out of her Oxford entrance exam. Callum and Stacey spend the afternoon in the summerhouse at the allotment

  • 02/11/2009

    Archie tries to get Sam and Billy on his side as his scheme continues. Lucy comes into money as Syed gives in to her demands - but Jay sees a chance to steal her new phone. Meanwhile, Jane confides in Tanya about her desire for a baby, and Lucas proposes to Denise, assuring her Owen has gone

  • 02/12/2008

    Shirley is shocked to discover Suzy has taken a pregnancy test, while Sean and Roxy turn to each other as they watch over Amy in the hospital. Jack starts packing Lauren's belongings and tells her she has to move out. Liam, Tiffany and Morgan try to raise money for Whitney's birthday present

  • 03/01/2010

    Omnibus. The police begin asking questions around the Square and Ronnie is released after being interviewed at the station. Meanwhile, Janine is terrified when quizzed about her relationship with Archie as Ryan looks on, unconvinced by her display of grief. Elsewhere, Todd tries to persuade Whitney to go out with him and Lucy tells Syed that Christian is staying in Barcelona for good

  • 02/10/2011

    Omnibus. Masood visits Zainab after learning about her overdose, and the distraught couple open up to each other about their regrets - before Masood decides there is only one thing he can do to help his wife. Ben is alarmed when Patrick sees him kiss Duncan, Tyler discovers Anthony bet against him, and Syed tries to find out what happened to his mother

  • 02/10/2009

    Lucas tries to cover his tracks as the family lays Trina to rest, and there are dramatic scenes at the graveside when an emotional Stacey gatecrashes the funeral. Libby spends the day with Darren before setting off for Oxford, Christian struggles with his place in Syed's affections, and the Masoods have a shock in store

  • 02/09/2008

    Honey makes a disappointing discovery that leaves Billy fighting to save his marriage. Shirley worries about Phil as Suzy increases the pressure on him to recover the gold bar, and Max finds evidence that incriminates Jack. Stacey grows uneasy as Callum makes a play for Danielle

  • 02/09/2010

    Billy and Jay set out to track down Phil using a clue from his address book, Pat learns she has not been invited to Janine's wedding, and Minty's relationship with Heather takes a turn for the better. Meanwhile, Sam has no shortage of visitors when Ricky, Bianca, Peggy, Ronnie and Jack all show up at the hospital

  • 02/10/2008

    One-hour episode. Stacey agrees when Bradley suggests renewing their wedding vows, but the excitement fades when he discovers contraceptive pills in her bag - and he later knocks Max to the floor in a fight. Christian insists he and Ronnie go to her reunion after finding out why she has been reluctant to attend, and Dot urges Patrick to be honest with Yolande about the big move

  • 03/08/2008

    Omnibus. Dawn demands the truth from Jase, saying she wants a normal family life. But he has other plans, and they don't involve her. Stacey discovers what Sean and Roxy are up to, while Jean is left heartbroken by Ted's decision. Denise packs up Kevin's things and Honey tells Ian she will buy the stall

  • 03/03/2009

    Janine poses as a benefactor on the phone as part of a plan to humiliate Peggy in front of local reporters. Archie promises to take care of it and visits Janine - but she is shocked by his ulterior motive. Mo and Charlie are concerned by Stacey's approach to men, while Ian is angry after uncovering Masood's secret deal for Peggy's wedding

  • 03/07/2008

    Shirley and Vinnie are caught out by Peggy's unexpected return, and Ben finds himself stuck in the middle of an argument. Stacey is shocked by what she discovers when she cleans the blood off Sean, and sets out with Bradley to investigate. Max starts to use underhand tactics to take control, leaving Abi torn between her mum and dad

  • 03/07/2009

    Minty makes an alarming discovery about Phil's love life when he arrives unannounced at the Arches. Roxy tells Jack a few home truths about Ronnie after being rejected by him, Al helps Heather keep her secret from Shirley, while Amira and Janine go head to head for a job at Booty

  • 03/07/2011

    Omnibus. Eddie makes another attempt to reach out to Michael, and thinks he might have made a breakthrough when his son reluctantly agrees to meet him at the cafe - but an unexpected arrival ruins their reconciliation. Tamwar and Afia decide to head to the register office without their families, Shirley plots to lead Rainie astray, and Liam is horrified when he realises Eddie and Carol have feelings for each other

  • 03/06/2010

    Lucy gets a taste of her own medicine when her friends are reunited with Leon and start to uncover her web of lies. Pat and Peggy resolve to get back at Harvey and agree not to let him come between them again, while Bianca sets out to prove to Carol that she can home-school Liam

  • 03/06/2008

    Chelsea takes advantage when Patrick offers his support against Yolande's advice. The Millers insist Keith makes up for his carelessness and send him off to the job centre. A nervous Bradley sets off on his lunch date with Maggie not knowing what to expect, and Tanya warns Jack not to play games

  • 03/04/2009

    When Max tells Tanya he wants to spend more time with the family, she broaches the subject of their kiss from the night before. Abi asks what will happen if Lauren never comes home, but her mother reassures her. Masood stands up for Jane when Phil becomes angry about the state of things in the Vic, and Ian makes an effort to be more generous

  • 03/04/2011

    Omnibus. Michael becomes aware of his role in damaging Kat and Alfie's relationship and tries to reunite the feuding couple. An innocent remark from Carol accidentally spoils Dot's friendship with Edward, and Christian is stunned when he discovers Syed and Tanya's plan. Meanwhile, Ronnie's mysterious behaviour leaves Jack and Michael bewildered

  • 03/05/2009

    Omnibus. Tamwar urges Syed to leave Walford until the time is right to ask for Masood's forgiveness, but feels betrayed when his brother befriends Janine. Phil confronts Heather after she tells Ben about his night with Shirley, Ricky persuades Whitney to go out with Todd, while Billy receives a birthday card from Honey and Janet

  • 03/05/2010

    Zainab fights to save her marriage, but a confession from Tamwar adds to the Masoods' problems. Billy resorts to desperate measures to make ends meet, while Peggy and Pat continue to compete for Harvey's attention. Leon and Fatboy go on a mission to discover the identity of Zsa Zsa's secret admirer

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