The Early Show Episode Guide

Episode Guide

  • 07/14/10

    Musician Bret Michaels discusses his recent medical issues and upcoming tour; chef Katie Lee.

  • 07/13/10

    Comic Kathy Griffin and her mother Maggie Griffin ('Tip It!'); actor Jason Segel; saving money when eating at a restaurant.

  • 07/12/10

    Comic Kathy Griffin and her mother Maggie Griffin ('Tip It!'); mixing up summer drinks.

  • 07/10/10

    Author Ann Brashares ('My Name Is Memory'); singer Christina Perri; hot Hollywood stars; phone applications; summer essentials; chef Christopher Kostow.

  • 07/09/10

    Chef Todd English; musician Lenny Kravitz visits the Gulf Coast to get a look at the effects of the BP oil spill.

  • 07/08/10

    Musician Lenny Kravitz tours marsh land threatened by the oil spill; a tour of the 'Big Brother' house.

  • 07/07/10

    Actress Julianne Moore; fidelity; chef Katie Lee.

  • 07/06/10

    A Los Angeles teenager who hosts proms for kids with potentially life threatening diseases; summer myths.

  • 07/05/10

    Summer movies, music, books and television.

  • 07/03/10

    Taste buds; buying and preparing lobster; apple pie; Philly cheesesteak; selecting and preparing salmon; beer from Portland, Ore.; Phil Vassar performs.

  • 07/02/10

    Alicia Keys performs; movie reviews.

  • 07/01/10

    Camping inexpensively.

  • 06/30/10

    Throwing a Fourth of July bash on a budget.

  • 06/29/10

    Director M. Night Shyamalan ('The Last Airbender'); Miss Delaware Kayla Martell; chef Marcus Samuelsson.

  • 06/28/10

    TV personality Bret Michaels discusses his recent health problems; Dylan Lauren, daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren; Gary Brooks Faulkner, who was arrested for hunting Osama bin Laden.

  • 06/26/10

    Requesting a raise at work; calming a child's fears; creating guilt-free cocktails; 2AM Club performs; minimizing damage to the hair in the summer; chef Steven Raichlen prepares a barbecue meal on a $40 budget.

  • 06/25/10

    Remembering Michael Jackson with special tributes and performances; James Morrison performs; Chrstina Aguilera, Marc Anthony, LL Cool J, John Landis and Smokey Robinson are scheduled to appear.

  • 06/24/10

    TV show host Regis Philbin talks about the upcoming Daytime Emmy Awards; putting a Lating twist on grilling with chef Ingrid Hoffman.

  • 06/23/10

    Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal discusses summer makeup; TV personality Matthew Blashaw talks about improving outdoor kitchen and grilling areas.

  • 06/22/10

    Managing diabetes.

  • 06/21/10

    Books to take to the beach this summer; chef Katie Lee.

  • 06/19/10

    Comparing generic items with brand names; actor Kelsey Grammer ('La Cage aux Folles'); Kina Grannis performs; film critics A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips discuss summer blockbusters; a tribute to fathers; chef Mike Price.

  • 06/18/10

    Actress Marisa Tomei; actor John C. Reilly.

  • 06/17/10

    Sen. Scott Brown (R- Mass.); actress Lisa Kudrow.

  • 06/16/10

    Actress Helen Mirren; chef Todd English.

  • 06/15/10

    Actress Betty White; gifts for Father's Day.

  • 06/14/10

    Actor Jonah Hill; chef Mario Batali; author Geneen Roth ('Women Food and God').

  • 06/12/10

    Complaining effectively; small health issues that could signal a bigger problem; disciplining someone else's child; Nikki Yanofsky performs; creative Father's Day gifts; chef Michael Paley.

  • 06/05/10

    Author Candace Bushnell ('The Carrie Diaries'); the newest Spelling Bee champion; Clay Aiken performs; travel bags; baby zoo animals; chef Gail Simmons.

  • 05/29/10

    Planning an affordable holiday barbecue; co-existing with kids home from college; Diana DeGarmo performs; romantic movie lines; learning to dance; chef Kevin Roberts.

  • 05/22/10

    Actor Christopher Walken discusses his career; TV personality Cesar Millan answers questions about dogs; finding a summer job; Chely Wright performs; bathing suit fashion; chef Evan Percoco.

  • 05/15/10

    The causes and symptoms of a stroke; author Tara Parker-Pope ('For Better'); donating clothes; author Anna Quindlen ('Every Last One'); 4 Troops performs; getting in shape; chef Matthew Accarrino.

  • 05/08/10

    The hidden dangers of Facebook; supplements; Angel Taylor performs; film critics A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips preview summer movies; Chris Wragge's and Rebecca Jarvis' mothers talk about their kids; chef Donatella Arpaia.

  • 05/01/10

    Choosing a family car; hypoactive sexual desire disorder; Mary Chapin Carpenter performs; actor Stanley Tucci; adopting a dog; three women receive makeovers; preparing a Kentucky Derby inspired menu.

  • 04/24/10

    Reworking a resume; author Nick Schuyler ('Not Without Hope'); Justin Nozuka performs; brewing coffee; stocking a home bar; author Dave Lieberman ('The 10 Things You Need to Eat').

  • 04/17/10

    Nine-year-old author Malkolm Poyer discusses his next book and upcoming open-heart surgery; Dr. Deepak Chopra; Jack Ingram performs; chef Katie Lee discusses kitchen gadgets; spying on a significant other; chef Sebastian Zijp.

  • 06/11/10

    Christina Aguilera performs.

  • 06/10/10

    TV personality KIm Kardashian; a performance by the cast of 'American Idiot'; animal handler Jack Hanna; good fat and bad fat.

  • 06/09/10

    Anti-aging nutrition secrets; comic Joan Rivers.

  • 06/08/10

    Condiments; buying a used car; chef Sam Mason.

  • 06/07/10

    Chef Tim Love.

  • 06/04/10

    Animal handler Jack Hanna; outdoor summer toys.

  • 06/03/10

    Matchmaker Matt Titus and professional poker player Beth Shak discuss relationships; chef Kate Lee.

  • 06/02/10

    Looking better naked; summer safety series; author Stephanie Pierson ('What to Do When No One Has a Clue').

  • 06/01/10

    Potential dangers of protein drinks; summer safety series; actress Susie Essman.

  • 05/31/10

    Getting finances in order before a wedding; family summer fashion.

  • 05/28/10

    Actress Sarah Jessica Parker ('Sex and the City 2'); chef Katie Lee prepares a Memorial Day meal.

  • 05/27/10

    Trends started by 'Sex and the City'; actor Jake Gyllenhaal ('Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time').

  • 05/26/10

    Actress Cynthia Nixon ('Sex and the City 2'); author Batt Humphreys ('Dead Weight'); the best foods to eat at a summer barbecue.

  • 05/25/10

    Jewel performs; the appropriate age to start dating; actress Kim Cattrall ('Sex and the City 2').

  • 05/24/10

    The Backstreet Boys perform; the appropriate age to start using a cell phone; male actors from 'Sex and the City 2.'

  • 05/21/10

    TV personality Carter Oosterhouse discusses outdoor decor; looking better naked; chef Katie Lee grills.

  • 05/20/10

    Actress Rebecca Romijn talks about fashion for babies.

  • 05/19/10

    The cast of 'The Big Bang Theory.'

  • 05/18/10

    Best and worst series finales; flat-faced dogs; actress Amanda Seyfried.

  • 05/17/10

    The winner of 'Survivor; chef Terrance Brennan makes unique grilled cheese sandwiches.

  • 05/14/10

    Actor Russell Crowe; big backyard toys; chef Katie Lee.

  • 05/13/10

    Actress Cate Blanchett; boxing ring workout; saving money on home energy.

  • 05/12/10

    Summer movie preview; bright dresses for the season; chef Bobby Flay.

  • 05/11/10

    Actor Jay Mohr; sunglasses for different types of faces.

  • 05/10/10

    Mothers debate whether to post videos of children online; the winners of 'The Amazing Race 16.'

  • 05/07/10

    Author Jill Zarin ('Secrets of a Jewish Mother'); popular baby names; chef Bobby Flay.

  • 05/06/10

    Choosing flowers for Mother's Day; two mothers receive makeovers; comic Chelsea Handler.

  • 05/05/10

    Actor Tom Selleck; chef Bobby Flay; Corinne Bailey Rae performs.

  • 05/04/10

    Tony Award nominations; sunglasses for every face shape; TV show host Jeremy Wade.

  • 05/03/10

    Actor Michael Weatherly ('NCIS'); giving pets a spring cleaning; cupcake ideas.

  • 04/30/10

    Actress Jennifer Garner; outdoor toys; chef Bobby Flay.

  • 04/29/10

    Working mothers share confessions; actress Marg Helgenberger ('CSI'); suits for men.

  • 04/28/10

    Approaching a relationship like a game of poker; actress Patricia Arquette discusses her role in 'Medium.'

  • 04/27/10

    Author Travis Stork ('The Doctor Is In'); getting rid of clutter; sunglasses for every face shape.

  • 04/26/10

    Dr. Phil McGraw; picking a summer camp.

  • 04/23/10

    TV show host Jeremy Wade and animals from around the world; a sampling of beers; a preview of Cirque du Soleil's 'Ovo.'

  • 04/22/10

    Breakup etiquette; gardener William Moss; organic food labels; designing a 'green' living room.

  • 04/21/10

    Dual uses of common household items; chef Daisy Martinez cooks.

  • 04/20/10

    Comic and author Sarah Silverman; makeup trends; improving a room with one simple change.

  • 04/19/10

    Actor Neil Patrick Harris ('How I Met Your Mother'); chef Bill Telepan cooks; authors Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar ('Get Financially Naked').

  • 04/16/10

    Maternity fashions; Tom Fewins and Lara Lockwood discuss how they traveled around the world without using airplanes; chef Ed Brown.

  • 04/15/10

    Applying for an extension for filing taxes; improving a room with one change; actor Alex O'Loughlin ('The Back-up Plan'); dual uses for common household items.

  • 04/14/10

    Etiquette for breaking up with someone; getting rid of clutter; how celebrities get their bodies back after pregnancy.

  • 04/13/10

    Authors Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar ('Get Financially Naked'); home decor options.

  • 04/12/10

    Actor Dennis Quaid discusses medical mistakes; making one's job work financially; chef Marcus Samuelsson.

  • 04/09/10

    Salaries of popular celebrities; 'The 101 Dalmatians Musical'; kite flying; author Lucinda Scala Quinn ('Mad Hungry').

  • 04/08/10

    The Masters Golf Tournament opening; author Ben Stein ('The Little Book of Bulletproof Investing').

  • 04/07/10

    Dual uses of household items; home decor options; chef Katie Lee makes 15-minute dinners.

  • 04/06/10

    Tiger Woods' press conference; traveling; alternatives to milk; shoes.

  • 04/05/10

    Tiger Woods' press conference; college acceptance and rejection letters; testing multi-purpose products;chef Tim Love prepares recipes for the Final Four; bartender Charlotte Voisey makes Final Four cocktails.

  • 04/03/10

    The iPad; stretching; the Final Four; Amy Grant performs; dyeing eggs and organizing an Easter egg hunt; chef Tim Love prepares a menu for the Final Four.

  • 04/02/10

    Chef Katie Lee prepares Easter dinner.

  • 04/01/10

    Home decor options; spring umbrellas.

  • 03/31/10

    Online resumes; Gretchen Wilson performs; chef Chris Kimball.

  • 03/30/10

    What to do when a natural disaster strikes while on vacation; singer Carrie Underwood.

  • 03/29/10

    Chef Marcus Samuelsson; getting more healthy and fit.

  • 03/27/10

    Top credit cards; acupuncture; public speaking; Edwin McCain performs; writer Kristen Swensson; biological anthropologist Helen Fisher; baby animals; chef Amanda Freitag.

  • 03/26/10

    Easter fashions for kids; chef Thomas Keller.

  • 03/25/10

    The cleanliness of household appliances; Joss Stone performs.

  • 03/24/10

    Keeping food fresh; timeless fashions.

  • 03/23/10

    Lost luggage; author Ellie Slott Fisher ('It's Either Her or Me'); becoming digitally organized; braids for every hair type.

  • 03/22/10

    Actress Edie Falco; gardening; chef Katie Lee prepares vegetarian entrees.

  • 03/20/10

    Online deals; eliminating allergens in the home; using gadgets to get organized; Craig Morgan performs; spring fashion; patio makeover; chef Rocco DiSpirito.

  • 03/19/10

    Lost luggage.

  • 03/18/10

    Keeping foods fresh; body shapers for men.

  • 03/17/10

    Posting a resume online; preparing a St. Patrick's Day feast.

  • 03/16/10

    The best organic foods for men.

  • 03/15/10

    Preparing to see an accountant; a March Madness update; the International Home & Housewares Show; chef Bobby Flay.

  • 03/13/10

    The latest alarm clocks; mothers of all ages discuss the ideal time to have a baby; Celtic Thunder performs; chef Claire Robinson.

  • 03/12/10

    Author Ellen Weber Libby ('The Favorite Child'); traveling; chef Lucinda Scala Quinn shares recipes for men.

  • 03/11/10

    Facial contouring without complex surgery; affordable spring accessories; actor Matt Damon.

  • 03/10/10

    Harry Smith undergoes a colonoscopy; keeping food fresh.

  • 03/09/10

    Author Hannah Seligson ('A Little Bit Married'); actor Robert Pattinson; chef Katie Lee prepares chicken pot pie.

  • 03/08/10

    The best and worst fashions from the Academy Awards; author Frances Largeman-Roth ('Feed the Belly')

  • 03/06/10

    Taxes; treating dry, itchy skin; creating an environmentally friendly baby nursery; Jamie Cullum performs; Oscar predictions with A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips; chef Bethenny Frankel.

  • 03/05/10

    Previewing the Academy Awards; cash for appliances; style and beauty tips.

  • 03/04/10

    Haggling; preparing an Oscar party; author Kym Douglas ('The Beauty Cookbook'); products that help infants sleep safely.

  • 03/03/10

    Author Ellen Libby ('The Favorite Child'); chef Marcus Samuelsson; body shapers for men.

  • 03/02/10

    Nominees for 'The 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards' are announced; Blake Shelton performs; singer Reba McEntire.

  • 03/01/10

    Actor Chris O'Donnell ('NCIS: Los Angeles'); items that make people age unknowingly.

  • 02/27/10

    Author Cynthia Green ('Brainpower Game Plan'); navigating the job market; getting your way at work; job interview mistakes; Steel Magnolia performs.

  • 02/20/10

    Three mayors from different socio-economic communities discuss the stimulus package; choosing diet meals; personal trainer Cornell McClellan; Ingrid Michaelson performs; kitchen knives; chef Kelly Liken.

  • 02/26/10

    Working out during a pregnancy; author Kym Douglas ('The Beauty Cookbook').

  • 02/25/10

    Actor Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton.

  • 02/24/10

    Hair coloring; actress Gabby Sidibe ('Precious').

  • 02/23/10

    Recovering after heart problems; electric bikes; chef Thomas Keller.

  • 02/22/10

    First lady Michelle Obama; workplace romances; actor Ben Kingsley ('Shutter Island'); chef Ming Tsai cooks for the Chinese New Year.

  • 02/19/10

    Sgt. Matthew Flemister cooks; gadgets.

  • 02/18/10

    Author Kym Douglas ('The Beauty Cookbook'); affordable decorating ideas.

  • 02/17/10

    The winner of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show; clothes inspired by fashions seen on the runway; affordable solutions to common problems.

  • 02/16/10

    Items from the annual Toy Fair; flattering workout attire.

  • 02/15/10

    Preparing for new credit regulations; preparations for a wedding.

  • 02/13/10

    Author Jenny Sanford ('Staying True'); author Helen Fisher discusses the chemistry of love; preserving flowers; Boys Like Girls perform; Westminster Dog Show host David Frei; chef Kerry Heffernan.

  • 02/12/10

    TV personality Patti Stanger ('Millionaire Matchmaker'); last-minute Valentine's Day gifts; actress Jessica Biel; chef Tim Love.

  • 02/11/10

    Fighting colds at any age; finances; Valentine's Day lingerie.

  • 02/10/10

    Author Stephen Perrine ('The New American Diet'); Valentine's Day flowers and candy.

  • 02/09/10

    Tax preparation; a professional makeup artist shares tricks of the trade.

  • 02/08/10

    The best and worst Super Bowl ads; getting in shape.

  • 02/06/10

    Preparing for the Super Bowl; treating common football injuries; former NFL player Dan Marino provides a tour of Miami; animal handler Ron Magill; speed painter Dan Dunn; Wynonna Judd performs.

  • 02/05/10

    NFL quarterback Drew Brees; Justin Bieber performs; a Super Bowl XLIV preview; a beachside tailgate party features food from Indianapolis and New Orleans; swimsuits.

  • 02/04/10

    Gloria Estefan performs; chef Douglas Rodriguez prepares Latin food; water and sand toys.

  • 02/03/10

    Affordable Super Bowl snacks; sweatpants.

  • 02/02/10

    Oscar nominations; Super Bowl ads; successful female relationships.

  • 02/01/10

    Grammy Awards results and fashion; healthy snacks for the Super Bowl.

  • 01/30/10

    Places to put money; affordable and luxury beauty essentials; toxic relationships; environmentally friendly laundry detergents; Jim Brickman performs; appetite suppressants; chef Dante de Magistris.

  • 01/29/10

    Singer Taylor Swift.

  • 01/28/10

    Singer Beyoncé; finance.

  • 01/27/10

    Pregnancy and motherhood; tending gardens.

  • 01/26/10

    Ayla Brown performs; memory boosts; biotechnology executive John Crowley.

  • 01/25/10

    Travel scams; interpreting a cat's purr; actor Denzel Washington; faux fur fashions.

  • 01/23/10

    Apple's latest creation; winter soup recipes; new cleaning products; clothing that claims to help burn calories; cheaters; chef Walter Staib.

  • 01/22/10

    Food cravings during pregnancy; actor Harrison Ford ('Extraordinary Measures'); presenting items to Marsha Bemko from 'Antiques Roadshow.'

  • 01/21/10

    Warming foods; doing yoga at work; interpreting a cat's purr.

  • 01/20/10

    Imaging used for cosmetic surgery consultations; quick, easy and cheap recipes.

  • 01/19/10

    Actor Denzel Washington; cold-weather fashions.

  • 01/18/10

    Golden Globes fashion; Golden Globes parties; chef Lidia Bastianich prepares Italian food.

  • 01/16/10

    The earthquake in Haiti; Matt Morris performs; affordable winter sports; the Golden Globes; chef Stephen Kalt prepares a three-course meal.

  • 01/15/10

    'Miracle on the Hudson' reunion; skin care secrets from movie sets; gym classes; presenting store-bought food as homemade.

  • 01/14/10

    Signs a pet may be sick.

  • 01/13/10

    Using store credit cards; fashion; actress Keri Russell ('Extraordinary Measures'); chef Ed Brown prepares fish fillets.

  • 01/12/10

    Things to do during an airport layover; unique fireplaces; clothing for cold weather; portion control.

  • 01/11/10

    Glamour magazine's 2010 beauty trends; actor Morgan Freeman ('Invictus'); chef Tim Love prepares meatballs.

  • 01/09/10

    Where America Stands; nutrition; plastic surgery; skin care products; treating and preventing depression; Katharine McPhee performs; chef Catherine Cassidy.

  • 01/08/10

    Capitalizing on the gold market; getting organized; chef Todd Mark Miller.

  • 01/07/10

    The first PGA Tour event of 2010; personal finances; fitness.

  • 01/06/10

    A report from the Consumer Electronics Show; fitness; making inexpensive meals.

  • 01/05/10

    Popular travel destinations in 2010; fashion designs from 'Gossip Girl'; changing one's life in the new year.

  • 01/04/10

    Dieting; actress Jenna Elfman.

  • 01/02/10

    Organizing financial paperwork; setting realistic resolutions; recycling holiday items; Five Times August performs; ideas for family interaction during winter break; mentalist Sidney Friedman's predictions for 2010; chef Michael Schlow.

  • 01/01/10

    Popular stories of 2009.

  • 12/31/09

    Financial resolutions; getting fit; holiday beauty tips.

  • 12/30/09

    Top apps of 2009; New Year's Eve entertaining on a budget; food trends.

  • 12/29/09

    Actor Robert De Niro; consumer predictions for the coming year; throwing a retro New Year's Eve cocktail party.

  • 12/28/09

    Dealing with bad gifts; opera singer Grace Bumbry; champagne.

  • 12/26/09

    Favorite stories from 2009.

  • 12/25/09

    The top stories of 2009.

  • 12/24/09

    Last-minute gifts; holiday accessories; musician Dave Brubeck.

  • 12/23/09

    Gifts of food; director Mel Brooks; chef Eric Ripert.

  • 12/22/09

    Music and movie gifts; finances; singer Bruce Springsteen.

  • 12/21/09

    Gifts for pets; the winner of 'Survivor: Samoa'; actor Alec Baldwin.

  • 12/19/09

    Author John Irving discusses his writing style, favorite writers and future plans; managing children's holiday expectations; re-gifting; Bruce Hornsby performs; the Rockettes; keeping pets safe during the holidays.

  • 12/18/09

    Gifts for travelers; retail and resale accessories; actor Alec Baldwin; chef Charlie Palmer.

  • 12/17/09

    Beauty products; comparing banks and credit unions; actor Hugh Grant.

  • 12/16/09

    Hostess gifts; saving money on electronics; actress Sigourney Weaver.

  • 12/15/09

    The Golden Globe nominations; actress Anna Kendrick; Julian Lennon performs.

  • 12/14/09

    Luxury gifts; online sample sales; gift-giving etiquette; David Archuleta performs.

  • 12/12/09

    Author Alec Greven ('How to Talk to Santa'); dealing with jet lag, exhaustion, indigestion and hangovers; selecting wine; Boyz II Men perform; holiday dresses under $100; chef David Chang.

  • 12/11/09

    Shopping online; actor Matt Damon; Dave Price makes latkes with his mother.

  • 12/09/09

    Gifts of books; dressing for holiday parties; holiday shopping; enhancing travel experiences.

  • 12/08/09

    Technology gifts; entertaining on a budget; actor Matt Damon; black dresses.

  • 12/07/09

    Customized gifts; decorating on a budget; digital book readers; actor John Lithgow; the winning team from 'The Amazing Race.'

  • 12/05/09

    Behind the scenes at FAO Schwarz; managing childrens' holiday expectations; the season's hottest toys; Emily Osment performs; Legoland; creative gifts; holiday recipes.

  • 12/04/09

    Free gifts; entertaining during the holiday season.

  • 12/03/09

    Gifts under $10; five surprising facts about the travel industry.

  • 12/02/09

    Gifts under $25; retail and resale accessories; leggings.

  • 12/01/09

    Gifts under $50; holiday charity scams; Yahoo's biggest searches of 2009; a performance from the cast of 'Dreamgirls'; models from the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

  • 11/30/09

    Gifts under $100; metallic fashions; behind-the-scenes of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

  • 11/28/09

    Budgeting for the holidays; affordable and healthy food; last-minute travel deals; Chi McClean performs; author Mark Di Vincenzo ('Buy Ketchup in May and Fly at Noon'); environmentally friendly holiday decorating; chef Billy Strynkowski.

  • 11/27/09

    Thanksgiving leftovers; Susan Boyle performs; popular toys for the holiday season.

  • 11/26/09

    Thanksgiving Day parade.

  • 11/25/09

    Actor Robin Williams; the San Diego Zoo; chef Elizabeth Carmel prepares Thanksgiving side dishes; Adam Lambert performs.

  • 11/24/09

    Traveling during the holiday season; preparing stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner.

  • 11/23/09

    Actors Zac Efron and Claire Danes; flip cameras; three ways to prepare turkey.

  • 11/21/09

    The best deals on tech gifts for the holidays; father and son Gary and Matt Tomljenovich discuss being eliminated from 'The Amazing Race 15'; eating healthier at Thanksgiving; erasing holiday stains and spills; Nitty Gritty Dirt Band performs.

  • 11/20/09

    Flying a U-2 spy plane; spy equipment; searching for the perfect smile; a performance by the cast of 'Dreamgirls'; presenting a Thanksgiving feast.

  • 11/19/09

    Training to fly a U-2 spy plane; searching for perfect eye lashes; foods to eat on Thanksgiving.

  • 11/18/09

    Training to fly a U-2 spy plane; gaming software that exposes personal computer files; searching for perfect lips; Elvis Costello performs.

  • 11/17/09

    Training to fly a U-2 spy plane; surveillance cameras; searching for perfect hair; actor Harry Connick Jr.

  • 11/16/09

    Breakfast foods; author Mary Lou Quinlan ('What She's Not Telling You'); searching for perfect skin; former first lady Laura Bush; author Tony Curtis ('Some Like It Hot').

  • 11/14/09

    Maximizing current finances to keep money flowing after retirement; ancient Tibetan exercises that promote health and vitality; author Deepak Chopra; chef Gail Simmons; Jon Secada performs.

  • 11/13/09

    Spy equipment; survivors of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 who wrote the book 'Miracle on the Hudson.'

  • 11/12/09

    How a person's medical information can be sold; the largest ball made from plastic wrap; an attempt to set the record for most hula hoop spins in a minute; actor John Cusack.

  • 11/11/09

    Gaming software that exposes personal information; world records involving hair; actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus; chef Charlie Palmer.

  • 11/10/09

    Surveillance cameras; a man who can hold 12 snakes in his mouth; an attempt to set a new world record for the largest bubble blown; actor Laurence Fishburne; author Tony Curtis ('Some Like It Hot'); chef Alfred Portale.

  • 11/09/09

    An attempt to set a new world record for the most eggs tossed; actress Gabourey Sidibe; the 2009 New York Chocolate Show.

  • 11/07/09

    Feeding a family on $10; Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle talk about dropping out of 'The Amazing Race 15'; unusual health treatments; Zumba; Train performs; chef John Currence; circus tricks.

  • 11/06/09

    Popular products and commercials from 1967; the cast of 'My Three Sons' reunites; the cast of 'Hair' performs.

  • 11/05/09

    Popular products and commercials from 1954; former Miss Americas reunite; the Platters perform.

  • 11/04/09

    Popular products and commercials from 1983; the cast of 'Knots Landing' reunites; the Pointer Sisters perform.

  • 11/03/09

    Popular products and commercials from 1990; the cast of 'Murphy Brown' reunites; Vanilla Ice performs.

  • 11/02/09

    Popular products and commercials from 1979; the cast of 'Dallas' reunites; the Charlie Daniels Band performs.

  • 10/31/09

    Author Philip Roth ('The Humbling'); Mika Combs and Canaan Smith, the latest team eliminated from 'The Amazing Race'; spooky hotels; Honor Society performs; Halloween costume trends; magician Elliot Zimet; chef Mikey Price.

  • 10/03/09

    Common travel mishaps; Halloween costumes.

  • 10/29/09

    Harry Smith appears on 'A Prairie Home Companion'; artist Stephen Wiltshire; Thanksgiving travel deals.

  • 10/28/09

    Financial report; the cast of 'CSI: Miami' teaches Dave Price how to become a stuntman; artist Stephen Wiltshire; last-minute Halloween costumes.

  • 10/27/09

    Financial tips; Russ Mitchell performs a comedy routine; artist Stephen Wiltshire; tips for those who are lactose intolerant; metallic fashion.

  • 10/26/09

    Artist Stephen Wiltshire; tips for people with peanut allergies.

  • 10/24/09

    Making Halloween costumes for children; creative food and decorations for a Halloween party; stylish and affordable winter coats; David Foster and Friends perform; chef David Holben.

  • 10/23/09

    Sanitizing the workplace; preventing back pain.

  • 10/22/09

    Organizing a child's bedroom; sanitizing a kitchen; stylist Carson Kressley.

  • 10/21/09

    Organizing a home office; sanitizing a washing machine; age erasers for men.

  • 10/20/09

    Organizing a closet; the death of football player Steve McNair; chef Katie Lee; TV personality Mary Hart; five exercise mistakes.

  • 10/19/09

    Organizing a kitchen; the death of football player Steve McNair; airline travel; energy-saving appliances; chef Katie Lee.

  • 10/17/09

    Overcoming bulimia; cooking challenge with chef Bobby Flay; Oak Ridge Boys perform; a team from the 'Amazing Race' talks about their elimination; hanging pictures; chef Seamus Mullen.

  • 10/16/09

    Weight loss; leather fashion; luxury dorm rooms.

  • 10/15/09

    Weight loss; dangerous Halloween costumes; chef Katie Lee.

  • 10/14/09

    Weight loss; preventing breast cancer; prepaid debit cards; new fall shoes.

  • 10/13/09

    Weight loss; Thanksgiving Day superfoods.

  • 10/12/09

    Weight loss; understanding yogurt labels.

  • 10/10/09

    High-tech ways to keep data on cell phones secure; vaccines for the H1N1 virus; nutritious lunches to take to work; Five for Fighting performs; eliminated 'Amazing Race 15' contestants Marcy Maloy and Ron Shalita; chefs Jamie and Bobby Deen.

  • 10/09/09

    Energy-saving appliances; chef Alton Brown.

  • 10/08/09

    Chef Ming Tsai; understanding yogurt labels; author Amanda Brooks ('I Love Your Style').

  • 10/07/09

    Natural sweeteners.

  • 10/06/09

    When to take a child to the emergency room; Backstreet Boys perform.

  • 10/05/2009

    Applications for the iPhone; chef Michael Chiarello.

  • 10/30/09

    Sandy Weill, former Citigroup CEO, discusses his foundation that supports career-themed high schools; people use exercise to purge calories; the 12th annual American Wine Awards winners; Vertical Horizon performs; animals in tropical climates.

  • 10/02/09

    Three simple home improvements; leather fashions.

  • 10/01/09

    Apple recipes; actor David Duchovny.

  • 09/30/09

    Chef Kathie Lee Joel; trendy sweatpants; author Byron Pitts ('Step Out on Nothing'); increasing window efficiency.

  • 09/29/09

    Five travel mishaps to avoid; J4 performs.

  • 09/28/09

    Protecting oneself in hotels; Latin-inspired dishes.

  • 09/26/09

    Banks with low fees and high interest rates for savings accounts; gadgets for better sleep; Darius Weems, a wheelchair-bound teen, travels across the U.S. in a handicap-accessible RV; a workout for couples; Richard Marx performs; a rustic Italian meal.

  • Chefs Bobby Flay and Robin Miller.

    Chef Bobby Flay; chef Robin Miller discusses last-minute meals.

  • 09/24/09

    Thermometers; five travel mishaps.

  • Chef Bill Peet, actor Simon Baker.

    Chef Bill Peet; actor Simon Baker ('The Mentalist').

  • 09/22/09

    The set of 'NCIS'; loans scams.

  • Chef Tom Douglas.

    A report on the Emmy Awards; chef Tom Douglas prepares fish.

  • Chefs Bobby Flay and Robert Carter, artist Michael Israel, Uncle Kracker performs.

    Flu vaccines; talking to children about their day at school; chef Bobby Flay; the murder trial of Amanda Knox; Uncle Kracker performs; interviews with stars at the Toronto Film Festival; artist Michael Israel; chef Robert Carter.

  • 09/18/09

    Hosting a baby shower; prime time Emmy Awards.

  • Actress Julianna Margulies.

    On the set of 'How I Met Your Mother'; actress Julianna Margulies.

  • Katie Lee Joel cooks.

    Behind the scenes of fashion week; Katie Lee Joel cooks.

  • Chef Gail Simmons

    Saving money on prescription medications; chef Gail Simmons prepares Italian dishes.

  • 09/14/09

    Buying a mattress; cooking with bacon; weight-loss rules.

  • Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers perform

    Evaluating doctors; skin care regimens; Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers perform; behind the scenes of the Crayola factory in Easton, Pa.; finding sensitive men; chef George Mendes.

  • Chef Daisy Martinez, TV show host Phil McGraw.

    Chef Daisy Martinez; essential makeup; TV show host Phil McGraw.

  • Rachel Zoe

    Rachel Zoe discusses fashion week; decorating small spaces; tools.

  • Chef Katie Lee

    Chef Katie Lee; useful pantry items.

  • Authors Eli and Peyton Manning

    Authors Eli and Peyton Manning ('Family Huddle'); chef Ed Brown prepares salmon three different ways; essential kitchen gadgets.

  • 09/07/09

    Fall foliage trips; chef Laurence Edelman; stocking a medicine cabinet.

  • Brooke Hogan performs

    Behind the scenes at the U.S. Open; managing children's fears about going back to school; online dating; Brooke Hogan performs; Weapons of Mass Reduction; chef Robert Irvine.

  • 09/04/09

    Fall movies; clothing that burns calories; fall fashion trends.

  • Journey performs.

    New babies and pets; Journey performs.

  • 09/02/09

    Back-to-school bargains; fashion for full figures.

  • 09/01/09

    Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich; chef Tony Mantuano; fall handbags and shoes.

  • 08/31/09

    Travel bargains; pregnancy myths; jeans for every body type.

  • 08/29/09

    Remembering Sen. Edward M. Kennedy; frequent flier programs; foods that boost the libido; singer Will Hoge; chef Tim Love.

  • 08/28/09

    Low-cost home improvements; ice cream flavors; Journey performs.

  • 08/27/09

    Tennis pros Justin Gimelstob and Roger Federer; Chef Dede Wilson prepares no bake desserts.

  • 08/26/09

    Make-up tips to master before age forty; chef Katie Lee Joe prepares quick and easy dinners for the back-to-school rush.

  • 08/25/09

    Chef Tory McPhail shows how to feed a family for three days with twenty dollars; introducing a baby to the family pet.

  • 08/24/09

    The latest H1N1 scams; growing herbs and how to use them for cooking; tips on avoiding play date disasters.

  • 08/22/09

    How to stretch a dollar when back-to-school shopping; winners of the Indian reality TV show 'Million Dollar Arm'; getting rid unwanted houseguests; singer/songwriter Diane Birch performs; Chef Jon Bonnell.

  • 08/21/09

    Brown-bag lunches; teacher makeovers.

  • 08/20/09

    Finding the right student backpack.

  • 08/19/09

    Travel bargains; dorm-room makeovers.

  • 08/18/09

    School fashion for all ages; hosting an end-of-summer picnic; financial information for college-bound students.

  • 08/17/09

    Travel insurance; chef Michael Chiarello prepares a burger for four; back-to-school supplies.

  • 08/15/09

    New gadgets; fitting in exercise; celebrating Woodstock's 40th anniversary; Mindy Smith performs; animal handler Jarod Miller; author Julie Powell.

  • 08/14/09

    Chips and dip.

  • 08/13/09

    Making laminate look like granite.

  • 08/12/09

    Cooking with zucchini; wedding packages.

  • 08/11/09

    Musician Neil Diamond; raising a drug-free kid; cooking with corn.

  • 08/10/09

    Factors that contribute to a person's weight; cooking with tomatoes; texting.

  • 08/08/09

    Working as a stunt double; cellulite; Crosby Loggins performs; chef John Tesar prepares a three-course meal on a budget of $35.

  • 08/07/09

    Warm weather wines.

  • 08/06/09

    Dinners that don't require cooking; actors Sienna Miller and Channing Tatum ('G.I. Joe').

  • 02/27/06

    Allergies; Mardi Gras 2006; rebuilding efforts on the Gulf Coast.

  • 07/16/02

    Actor Neil Patrick Harris ('Proof' on Broadway); actress Sigourney Weaver ('Tadpole'); musical group Chicago performs.

  • 08/05/09

    Diving with sharks.

  • 08/04/09

    Pricing prescription drugs.

  • 08/03/09

    Volunteer vacations; author J. Randy Taraborrelli ('Michael Jackson').

  • 08/01/09

    Making healthy smoothies; Madeleine Peyroux performs; staying in shape after marriage; chef Josh Eden prepares a three-course meal.

  • 07/31/09

    The latest houseguest evicted from 'Big Brother'; Katie Lee Joel cooks.

  • 07/30/09

    Chef Bobby Flay; jeans for men.

  • 07/29/09

    Chef Rick Bayless.

  • 07/28/09

    Author Mary Jo Buttafuoco; columnist Arianna Huffington.

  • 07/27/09

    Beach safety; the latest in boot camps; five ways to get money fast.

  • 07/25/09

    Astrophysicist Neil De Grasse Tyson; natural remedies; preparing for a garage sale; The Voca People perform; five quick fixes for things around the house; chef Domenic Chiaromonte.

  • 07/24/09

    The latest Big Brother castoff; avoiding burglary.

  • 07/23/09

    Chef Katie Lee Joel; treating adult acne.

  • 07/22/09

    Light summer drinks.

  • 07/21/09

    John 'Doc' Willoughby prepares tofu.

  • 07/20/09

    Summer vacation destinations.

  • 07/18/09

    Taking a financial health day; medicines with personality side effects; fast and easy recipe for homemade jam; Oak Ridge Boys perform; Amanda Knox's mother talks about her daughter's trial; chef George Mendes prepares a meal.

  • 07/17/09

    Home playground safety; the cast of 'Big Brother 11'; chef Shaun Hergatt.

  • 07/16/09

    Chef Chris Kimball; actor Kevin Connolly ('The Ugly Truth').

  • 07/15/09

    Shopping at dollar stores; quick and beautiful table settings.

  • 07/14/09

    Actor Rupert Grint ('Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'); travel gear.

  • 07/13/09

    Actor Daniel Radcliffe ('Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'); bus travel; creating table settings with plastic and paper products.

  • 07/11/09

    Lobster fishing; comic Mark Malkoff; lowering health care bills; inexpensive summer travel; singer Jessie James; pythons; chef Elizabeth Karmel.

  • 07/10/09

    Adult acne solutions; chef John De Lucie; singer Maxwell performs.

  • 07/09/09

    Tour of the 'Big Brother' house; financial advice; condiments.

  • 07/08/09

    New soda pop flavors; author Arnold S. Goldstein; chef Michael Chiarello.

  • 07/07/09

    Michael Jackson memorial; how to look good in the rain; summer fiesta.

  • 07/06/09

    Michael Jackson memorial; super foods for women; country and city picnics.

  • 07/04/09

    Toning your body with plyometrics; lobster fishing in Maine; the best American beers; country singer Lee Greenwood performs; summer toys; chef Allen Susser prepares a clambake.

  • 07/03/09
  • 07/02/09

    Healthy frozen desserts.

  • 07/01/09

    Growing roof gardens; turning old fitness gear into stylish outfits; using the backyard grill safely.

  • Aaron and Nick Carter perform.

    Aaron and Nick Carter perform.

  • 06/30/09

    Actor Josh Duhamel ('Transformers'); a taxi driver who asks his passengers to create art; chef Bobby Flay.

  • 06/29/09

    Actress Megan Fox ('Transformers'); actor Ray Romano ('Ice Age'); workout mistakes; affordable ways to dress up a table.

  • 06/27/09

    Saving money while shopping; cheaters; PS22 Chorus performs; animal handler Jarod Miller; David Garrett performs; chef John Gray.

  • 06/26/09

    Actresses Cameron Diaz and Sofia Vassilieva ('My Sister's Keeper'); actress Selena Gomez ('The Princess Protection Program'); low-cost health care clinics; inexpensive fitness gear.

  • 06/25/09

    Actor Ryan Reynolds ('The Proposal'); having great hair in the summer heat; finance; meals using a plum-apricot hybrid.

  • 06/24/09

    Actress Mary Tyler Moore discusses juvenile diabetes; food critic Katie Lee Joel prepares pizza on the grill; books for summer; discussing money and jobs during a recession; summer styles.

  • 06/23/09

    Actress Abigail Breslin ('My Sister's Keeper'); chef Bobby Flay prepares a meal.

  • 06/22/09

    Author Reba Toney ('The Rating Game'); how the recession is affecting family pets; chef Robin Miller prepares grilled fruit desserts.

  • 06/20/09

    A 'JibJab' short about President Barack Obama; baseball player Evan Longoria tries a virtual batting machine; experts discuss children sleeping in their parents' beds; stories about fathers; taking the family pet on vacation; Laura Izibor performs.

  • 06/19/09

    The USS Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum; Earth, Wind and Fire, and Chicago perform.

  • 06/18/09

    Actress Michelle Pfeiffer; chef Mario Batali; a deserving dad gets a makeover.

  • 06/17/09

    Father's Day gifts; a deserving dad receives a makeover.

  • 06/16/09

    Will Dailey performs; low-cost health care clinics; Dani Levy, founder of; recovering from a bad sleeping position.

  • 06/15/09

    Actor Denzel Washington ('The Taking of Pelham 123'); actors Jack Black and Michael Cera ('Year One'); tech gadgets for Father's Day.

  • 06/13/09

    Food for pregnant women; newly developed varieties of roses; an 11-year-old college graduate talks about his plans for the future; beauty products for the summer; the Indigo Girls perform; a summer barbecue menu for $35.

  • Betty White.

    Actress Betty White ('The Proposal'); new gadgets for keeping cool; must-have looks for summer.

  • Stephen Moyer, Will Dailey Performs.

    Actor Stephen Moyer ('True Blood'); finance; inexpensive home improvements; Will Dailey performs.

  • Lydia Bastianich

    Health products; how men can wear khakis; keeping makeup looking fresh in hot weather; chef Lydia Bastianich.

  • Bradley Cooper, Tom Valenti, Arianne Cohen.

    Actor Bradley Cooper ('The Hangover'); chef Tom Valenti; author Arianne Cohen ('The Tall Book').

  • 02/23/09

    Highlights and fashion from the Academy Awards; Singing Family Face-Off.

  • 02/21/09

    Saving money; facts about heart disease; actor Matt Mullins ('Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight'); geek fashion show; a preview of this year's Academy Awards; Peter Cincotti performs; chef Aaron Deal.

  • 02/14/09

    Erica Hill officiates a wedding; using networking Web sites to find a job; managing finances as a couple; planning a destination wedding; how celebrities can rebuild a tarnished reputation; Brett Dennen performs; chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson.

  • 02/07/09

    Potential health risks and side effects for women who donate their eggs; cutting grocery bills; Sunday night's Grammy Awards; top contenders from Westminster's Kennel Club Dog Show; Lady Antebellum performs; chef Patrick Connolly.

  • 01/31/09

    How Tampa, Fla., is affected by the downturn in the economy; James Brown and Kerry Rhodes discuss the Super Bowl; Super Bowl party conversation; recession-proof industries; driving in winter weather; working out at home; the Scripts perform; Tim Love.

  • 01/24/09

    Photos of President Obama's first week in office; the hometown parade of captain Chelsey 'Sully' Sullenberger; the peanut butter recall; coloring hair at home; Super Bowl commercials; Neil Sedaka performs; chef Michael Kramer.

  • 02/20/09

    Singing Family Face-off; products from the Global Pet Expo; a device that can lower blood pressure.

  • 02/13/09

    Actress Isla Fisher ('Confessions of a Shopaholic'); actress Naomi Watts ('The International'); foods that are aphrodisiacs.

  • 02/06/09

    Reports from the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles; Neil Diamond performs; author Greg Behrendt ('He's Just Not That Into You'); Valentine's Day gifts for men.

  • 01/30/09

    Former evangelist Ted Haggard; a preview of Sunday's Super Bowl and the commercials that go with it; preparing a feast for game day.

  • 01/23/09

    Actor Brendan Fraser ('Inkheart'); author David Denby ('Snark').

  • 02/19/09

    The Singing Family Face-off; actor Laurence Fishburne ('CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'); questions to ask before any heart procedure.

  • 02/12/09

    Author David Sheff ('Beautiful Boy'); chef Katie Lee Joel talks about throwing a Valentine's Day party for single women.

  • 02/05/09

    Actress Jennifer Connelly ('He's Just Not That Into You'); producer Jerry Bruckheimer; Katy Perry performs; Valentine's Day gifts for women.

  • 01/29/09

    Foods people should eat throughout the decades of their lives; preparing coffee at home.

  • 01/22/09

    Academy Award nominees are discussed; actress Sigourney Weaver ('Prayers for Bobby'); Emily Post's great-great granddaughter discusses wedding etiquette; inside Air Force One.

  • 02/18/09

    The Singing Family Face-off; author Joan Rivers ('Murder at the Academy Awards'); a husband and wife who both had gastric bypass surgery.

  • 02/11/09

    Actor Clive Owen ('The International'); Jessica Simpson performs; preparing a romantic breakfast in bed.

  • 02/04/09

    A preview of Katie Couric's interview with Justin Timberlake; actress Jennifer Aniston ('He's Just Not That Into You'); actor Steve Martin ('The Pink Panther 2'); liquidation sales; grilled cheese recipes.

  • 01/28/09

    Author Noelle Nelson ('Your Man is Wonderful').

  • 01/21/09

    Highlights of Inauguration day; consoling friends who have recently lost a job; self-destructing messages.

  • 02/17/09

    The Singing Family Face-off; Madonna's personal trainer talks about working out; ordering healthy and delicious food from restaurants; author Shmuley Boteach ('The Kosher Sutra').

  • 02/10/09

    Lowering property taxes; TV show host Drew Pinsky; fondue recipes.

  • 02/03/09

    Actress Scarlett Johansson ('He's Just Not That Into You'); dressing to appear thinner; meatloaf recipes.

  • 01/27/09

    Gov. Rod Blagojevich; comic Steve Harvey; popular baby names of 2008; chef Katie Lee Joel.

  • 01/20/09

    Reports from Washington, D.C.

  • 02/16/09

    Singing Family Face-off; how new parents can rekindle their love life; treating congestive heart failure with a new device; Carter Oosterhouse discusses home improvement.

  • 02/09/09

    Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger, his family and his crew discuss the crash-landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River; Grammy Awards highlights; the winner of the My Grammy Moment contest is revealed.

  • 02/02/09

    Super Bowl commercials; actress Drew Barrymore ('He's Just Not That Into You'); preserving delivered flowers; recipes for spaghetti and meatballs.

  • 01/26/09

    Highlights of the Screen Actors Guild awards; the cast of 'Blossom' reunites; reducing property taxes; author Diana Kirschner 'Love in 90 Days').

  • 01/19/09

    Reports from Washington, D.C.

  • 01/17/09

    Predicting what President-elect Obama's priorities will be on his first day of office; finding a new job; overcoming stress; hot spots in Washington, D.C.; the Brooklyn 'Steppers' Marching Band performs; the Four Tops celebrate Mowtown's anniversary.

  • 01/10/09

    Investing money; celebrity blogger Perez Hilton; finding travel deals; managing depression; Oscar buzz; online reputations and the rights people have to them; Phil Vassar performs; chef Amanda Freitag prepares a winter menu.

  • 01/16/09

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; actress Toni Collette ('The United States of Tara'); how blogging can aid dieters; inaugural parties.

  • 01/15/09

    The favorite books, movies and music of the president-elect; dollar-store items.

  • 01/14/09

    Actor Kevin James ('Paul Blart: Mall Cop'); author Patti Stanger ('Become Your Own Matchmaker'); getting organized.

  • 01/13/09

    Author Graydon Carter ('Vanity Fair's Tales of Hollywood'); new uses for old stuff; entertaining trivia.

  • 01/12/09

    Award winners and fashions from the Golden Globe Awards; how to make people fall in love in 90 seconds; getting hot looks for less.

  • 01/14/12
  • 01/07/12

    Investment strategist Liz Ann Sonders discusses the December 2011 unemployment numbers; the 2012 New Hampshire primary; Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.); chef Geoffrey Zakarian prepares his signature dish.

  • 01/06/12
  • 01/05/12
  • 01/04/12
  • 01/03/12
  • 01/02/12
  • 12/31/11

    Preparations for New Year's Eve in New York's Times Square; security measures for New Year's Eve; making and saving money; winners and losers of 2011; 2012 predictions; technology.

  • 12/30/11
  • 12/29/11
  • 12/28/11
  • 12/27/11
  • 12/26/11
  • 12/24/11

    Holiday special.

  • 12/23/11
  • 12/22/11
  • 12/21/11
  • 12/20/11
  • 12/19/11
  • 12/17/11

    Actress Claire Danes; choosing healthier winter drinks; Michael Jackson auction; the 65th anniversary of 'It's a Wonderful Life'; kitchen gadgets; chef Andrew Carmellini; performance from 'Rent.'

  • 12/16/11
  • 12/15/11
  • 12/14/11
  • 12/13/11
  • 12/12/11
  • 12/10/11

    Alternatives for unhealthy cereals; TV host Siggy Flicker discusses a woman who used a dating site to get free meals at fine restaurants; author Dick Cavett; web trends; holiday gifts made in America; chef David Bouley; Hot Chelle Rae performs.

  • 12/09/11
  • 12/08/11
  • 12/07/11
  • 12/06/11
  • 12/05/11
  • 12/03/11
  • 12/02/11
  • 12/01/11

    Gang influence in college sports.

  • 11/30/11
  • 11/29/11
  • 11/28/11
  • 11/25/11
  • 11/24/11
  • 11/23/11
  • 11/22/11
  • 11/21/11
  • 11/26/11

    A study on the origin of kind and caring behavior; saving money on Thanksgiving dinner; people who dramatically quit their jobs; preparing for Black Friday; online trends; questions about puppies; Thanksgiving conversation; chef Hugh Acheson.

  • 11/19/11
  • 11/18/11
  • 11/17/11
  • 11/16/11
  • 11/15/11
  • 11/14/11
  • 11/12/11
  • 11/11/11
  • 11/10/11
  • 11/09/11
  • 11/08/11
  • 11/07/11
  • 11/05/11

    The upcoming college football game between Alabama and LSU; consumers who benefit from confronting issues; 'LIFE 75 Years'; Internet trends; the life of comic Redd Foxx; endangered species with Jarod Miller; chef Todd English.

  • 11/04/11
  • 11/03/11
  • 11/02/11
  • 11/01/11
  • 10/31/11
  • 10/29/11

    Owning a home versus renting; people who enjoy being scared; theories about William Shakespeare's works; horror movie recommendations; actor Barry Livingston; chef Marcus Samuelsson.

  • 10/28/11
  • 10/27/11
  • 10/26/11

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

  • 10/25/11
  • 10/24/11
  • 10/22/11

    Former Citigroup CEO Sandy Weill; connections between drug companies and medical professionals; what's next for professional baseball player Albert Pujols; author Dyan Cannon; technology trends; Halloween decor; Halloween costumes; chef Daniel Humm.

  • 10/21/11
  • 10/20/11
  • 10/19/11
  • 10/18/11
  • 10/17/11
  • 10/15/11

    Teaching young children to recognize and combat bullying; avoiding bank fees; actor John Lithgow; current online trends; frozen food; negotiating prices; chef Todd Miller.

  • 10/14/11
  • 10/13/11
  • 10/12/11
  • 10/11/11
  • 10/10/11
  • 10/08/11

    Resumes showcasing accomplishments rather than age; healthcare plans; author William Shatner ('Shatner Rules'); online trends; one-minute office exercises; fall coats under $200; chef Mike Isabella.

  • 10/07/11
  • 10/06/11
  • 10/05/11
  • 10/04/11
  • 10/03/11
  • 10/01/11

    Addressing financial concerns; detecting and treating breast cancer; the release of the newest iPhone; fall travel destinations; building and marketing new products; chef Bobby Deen.

  • 09/30/11
  • 09/28/11
  • 09/27/11
  • 09/26/11
  • 09/24/11

    Identifying cold and allergy symptoms; disciplining other people's children; marriages between people of significantly different ages; technology trends; an auction of actor John Wayne's possessions; TV-show host Jarod Miller; chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

  • 09/23/11
  • 09/22/11
  • 09/21/11
  • 09/20/11
  • 09/19/11
  • 09/17/11

    Controversial vaccines for preventing cervical cancer; saving for retirement; actress Christina Hendricks; Internet trends; the role of willpower; the impact 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' had on women; chef Werner Lehner.

  • 09/16/11
  • 09/15/11
  • 09/14/11
  • 09/13/11
  • 09/12/11
  • 09/10/11

    Remembering 9/11 with reports from ground zero; former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card discusses his experiences on 9/11; national security; photographer Joel Meyerowitz; Five for Fighting performs.

  • 09/09/11

    Reports from ground zero.

  • 09/08/11
  • 09/07/11
  • 09/06/2011
  • 09/05/11
  • 09/03/11

    Foods high in antioxidants; Labor Day sales; film critics A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips discuss fall movies; upcoming books; preparing homes for fall; chef Franklin Becker.

  • 09/02/11
  • 09/01/11
  • 08/31/11
  • 08/30/11
  • 08/29/11
  • 08/27/11

    Preparing a house for a hurricane; 'The Sacred Acre'; technology news; people prone to heroism; animals with zookeeper Ron Magill; chef Jason Santos.

  • 08/26/11
  • 08/25/11
  • 08/24/11
  • 08/23/11
  • 08/22/11
  • 08/20/11

    Prescription drug shortages; unnecessary rental car fees; keeping food fresh; popular topics online this week; Kim Kardashian's wedding; rekindling marital passion; chef Fabio Vivani.

  • 08/19/11
  • 08/18/11
  • 08/17/11
  • 08/16/11
  • 08/15/11
  • 08/13/11

    Affordable career advancement; choosing nutritious breakfast foods; hot trends and topics; upcoming fall films; popular school items; chef Floyd Cardoz prepares an Indian-inspired meal; Harry Connick Jr. and his daughter Kate Connick perform.

  • 08/12/11
  • 08/11/11
  • 08/10/11

    Erica Hill reports from Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya.

  • 08/09/11

    Erica Hill reports from Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya.

  • 08/08/11
  • 08/06/11

    Protecting retirement funds; parenting; a boy's message in a bottle is found; ethics questions; viral trends and topics; chef Brad Farmerie; Bobby Long performs.

  • 08/05/11
  • 08/04/11
  • 08/03/11
  • 08/02/11
  • 08/01/11

    Reports from Washington, D.C.

  • 07/30/11
  • 07/29/11
  • 07/28/11
  • 07/27/11
  • 07/26/11
  • 07/25/11
  • 07/23/11

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg officiates one of the city's first same-sex marriage ceremonies; the federal debt limit; online video chatting; summer skin care; thermoregulation in animals; chef Spike Gjerde.

  • 07/22/11
  • 07/21/11
  • 07/20/11
  • 07/19/11

    A former Tennessee Valley Authority employee talks about safety at its Watts Bar nuclear plant.

  • 07/18/11
  • 07/16/11

    Women and alcohol consumption; dealing with traffic; hotels that offer a 'digital detox'; Casey Anthony's release from jail; dietician Cynthia Sass; chef Lourdes Castro; performances from Broadway's 'Anything Goes.'

  • 07/15/11
  • 07/14/11
  • 07/13/11
  • 07/12/11
  • 07/11/11
  • 07/09/11

    A job summit; woman and alcohol; Prince William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, visit California; summer hats; chef Chris Leahy.

  • 07/08/11
  • 07/07/11
  • 07/06/11
  • 07/05/11
  • 07/04/11
  • 07/02/11

    Hunger triggers; restaurant owner David Gravino talks about making chowder; making crab cakes; Chicago-style hot dogs; wines from Napa Valley; Texas barbecue; key lime pie.

  • 07/01/11
  • 06/30/11
  • 06/29/11
  • 06/28/11
  • 06/27/11
  • 06/25/11

    Saving money on medical procedures; the 2nd anniversary of Michael Jackson's death; TV host Cesar Millan answers questions about dogs; author Mark Di Vincenzo; chef Chris Cipollone; James Tormé performs.

  • 06/24/11
  • 06/23/11
  • 06/22/11
  • 06/21/11
  • 06/20/11
  • 06/18/11

    President Obama's golf outing with House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio); falling food prices; Pippa Middleton is single; a Virginia woman and her father discuss what makes their relationship special; power foods; chefs Michael and Bryan Voltaggio.

  • 06/17/11
  • 06/16/11
  • 06/15/11
  • 06/14/11

    Gov. Nikki Haley (R-S.C.), Sens. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), Reps. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Allen West (R-Fla.) discuss economic issues during a town hall meeting.

  • 06/13/11
  • 04/09/11

    Putting a tax refund to good use; protecting children from sports injuries; musician Sheryl Crow; royal wedding update; questions to ask before booking a trip; sunglasses; chef Chuck White.

  • 04/02/11

    Last-minute tax advice; spring allergies; Autism Speaks founders Bob and Suzanne Wright; reports from the NCAA tournament in Houston; umbrellas; zoo animals; chef Tim Love.

  • 03/26/11

    Personal finance projects; foods said to help relieve pain; royal wedding wagers; affordable airfare; alternative uses for household items; spring gardening; chef Chris Hastings.

  • 06/11/11

    Protecting information from hackers; the Lystedt Law; the plane from 'The Miracle on the Hudson' becomes a part of the Carolinas Aviation Museum; 'sexting'; chef Josh Capon; Alex Boyd performs.

  • 06/10/11
  • 06/09/11
  • 06/08/11
  • 06/07/11
  • 06/06/11
  • 06/04/11

    Drug shortages in hospitals; air conditioners; Desiree Young discusses her son's disappearance; 'Gone With The Wind'; author Amy E. Goodman discusses summer fashion; actress Sherri Shepherd; chefs Matt and Ted Lee; Cody Simpson performs.

  • 06/03/11
  • 06/02/11
  • 06/01/11
  • 05/31/11
  • 05/30/11
  • 05/28/11

    Disaster insurance; back pain and exercise; wines for summer; sunscreen; beach gear; chef Kevin Roberts; Andy Grammer performs.

  • 05/27/11
  • 05/26/11
  • 05/25/11
  • 05/24/11
  • 05/23/11
  • 05/21/11

    Making every dollar count; the murder of real estate mogul Andrew Kissel; TV executive Dennis Swanson; outdoor decor; helping kids cope with parental infidelity; author Tosca Reno; II Volo performs.

  • 05/20/11
  • 05/19/11

    Air conditioning.

  • 05/18/11

    Actor Tom Selleck ('Blue Bloods').

  • 05/17/11

    Actress Gwyneth Paltrow cooks.

  • 05/16/11

    The winners of 'Survivor.'

  • 05/14/11

    Using medication correctly; saving money on gas; civil rights activist Hank Thomas; film critic A.O. Scott discusses summer movies; grill maintenance; women who decide to end their marriage; chef Andrea Reusing.

  • 05/13/11

    Actor Will Ferrell.

  • 05/12/11

    President Obama's town hall meeting on the economy.

  • 05/11/11

    Actor Mark Harmon ('NCIS').

  • 05/10/11

    Author Jim Axelrod discusses his book 'In the Long Run.'

  • 05/09/11

    Choosing a credit card at different stages of life; the winners of 'The Amazing Race.'

  • 05/07/11

    Revenge; controlling spending; eight snacks under 80 calories; TV moms; chef Michael Psilakis; Plan B performs.

  • 05/06/11

    Mother's Day makeovers.

  • 05/05/11

    Actor Jim Parsons; author Melanie Notkin; summer movie preview.

  • 05/04/11

    Author Candace Bushnell.

  • 05/03/11

    Tony Award nominations; actor LL Cool J.

  • 05/02/11

    TV host Phil McGraw; actress Melissa McCarthy; planning an extravagant wedding on a budget.

  • 04/30/11
  • 04/29/11

    The royal wedding.

  • 04/28/11

    Countdown to the royal wedding; throwing a royal wedding viewing party; behind the scenes at Westminster Abbey.

  • 04/27/11

    Countdown to the royal wedding; history-changing gowns; Natasha Bedingfield performs; a replica set of the crown jewels; Princess Diana.

  • 04/26/11

    Countdown to the royal wedding; medieval cuisine; Queen Elizabeth.

  • 04/25/11

    Countdown to the royal wedding; the tower of London; dress like Kate Middleton on a budget; royal collectibles.

  • 04/23/11

    The dangers and benefits of having no home phone line; dealing with aging; producer Peter Guber; easy ways to lose weight; green freebies; Kate Middleton's hair styles; writer Allison Fishman.

  • 04/22/11

    Earth Day.

  • 04/21/11

    Consolidating student loans; actress Emily VanCamp; shapewear.

  • 04/20/11

    Chef Katie Lee.

  • 04/19/11

    America's greatest landmarks.

  • 04/18/11

    Restaurant owners Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow.

  • 04/16/11

    Fixing tax mistakes; food expiration dates; Kate Middleton's home town of Buckleberry; how the Gulf of Mexico is recovering from the BP oil spill; hunger-busting snacks; closet organization; rabbits as pets; Chef On a Shoestring.

  • 04/15/11

    Last-minute tax-tips; shapewear trends.

  • 04/14/11

    Home-improvement projects.

  • 04/13/11

    People magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People issue; mistakes dog owners make.

  • 04/12/11

    Power-food pairs.

  • 04/11/11

    Kitchen tools.

  • 04/08/11

    Spring cocktails.

  • 04/07/11

    Actress AnnaSophia Robb discusses her role in 'Soul Surfer.'

  • 04/06/11

    Actress Eva Longoria cooks; Parents magazine cover contest.

  • 04/05/11

    Fashion designer Carmen Marc Valvo discusses women's wear; traveling.

  • 04/04/11

    Chef Tim Love cooks at the site of the 2011 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship game; mothers addicted to smart phones; checking battery life.

  • 04/01/11

    Preparing crostini with chef Michael Isabella; musician Miranda Lambert.

  • 03/31/11

    Mistakes pet owners make; designer Carmen Marc Valvo discusses women's attire.

  • 03/30/11

    Ten marriage rules that can be broken; cooking home-grown food with chef Rick Bayless.

  • 03/29/11

    Actress Sela Ward ('CSI: NY'); self-tanning products.

  • 03/28/11

    Reports from outside Buckingham Palace.

  • 03/25/11

    Actress Edie Falco ('Nurse Jackie'); self-tanners; turning trash into treasure.

  • 03/24/11

    Buying used tech products.

  • 03/23/11

    Vacation rental homes; the appeal of shoes to women.

  • 03/22/11

    Reasons parents give their teens alcoholic beverages; essential beauty products; chef Katie Lee.

  • 03/21/11

    Businesses for women; actress Pauley Perrette.

  • 03/19/11

    Hidden tax deductions; the Dukan diet; royal wedding memorabilia; discount websites; spring trends under $100; chef Franklin Becker prepares a healthy, flavorful meal.

  • 03/18/11
  • 03/17/11
  • 03/16/11
  • 03/15/11
  • 03/14/11
  • 03/12/11

    Adjusting to daylight savings time, and ways to make waking up easier; resolving conflict in a relationship; cookbook author Tosca Reno prepares a healthy meal for four on a budget of $40.

  • 03/11/11

    Garage sales; spring cocktails.

  • 03/10/11

    Travel guru Peter Greenberg; home safety; adjustable focus glasses.

  • 03/09/11

    Losing weight for the wedding; vegetarian recipes.

  • 03/08/11

    Mardi Gras recipes.

  • 03/07/11

    Actress Judy Greer; gadgets from the International Home and Housewares Show; Esperanza Spalding performs.

  • 03/05/11
  • 03/04/11

    Turnkey business for women; chef Rick Moonen.

  • 03/02/11

    Home safety; actress Vanessa Hudgens.

  • 03/02/11

    Preparing vitamin-rich food; actor Josh Radnor ('How I Met Your Mother').

  • 03/01/11

    Actor Thomas Gibson ('Criminal Minds'); exotic pets.

  • 02/28/11

    Oscar fashion; beating bad moods with food; walking shoes.

  • 02/26/11

    TV reporter Serene Branson; credit card deals; body and self-esteem issues; last-minute Presidents Day travel deals; author Elizabeth Gilbert; nurses becoming desensitized to alarm sounds; the long-term effects of self-silencing.

  • 02/25/11

    Travel expert Peter Greenberg.

  • 02/24/11

    Actor David Spade.

  • 02/23/11

    Chef Marcus Samuelsson.

  • 02/22/11

    Uses for lemons.

  • 02/21/11

    Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.).

  • 02/19/11
  • 02/18/11

    A couple wins an all-expenses-paid vacation to a tropical location; Amos Lee performs; TV host Phil Keoghan.

  • 02/17/11

    Couples compete to win a romantic trip.

  • 02/16/11

    Couples compete to win a romantic vacation; reality TV stars Russell Hantz and Rob Mariano.

  • 02/15/11

    Four couples compete to win a romantic getaway; actor Forest Whitaker.

  • 02/14/11

    Four couples compete to win a second honeymoon.

  • 02/12/11

    Products for battling the common cold; online tax services; Super Bowl facts; skin-improving foods; Super Bowl party foods; Greyson Chance performs.

  • 02/11/11

    Actress Jennifer Aniston; preparations for the Grammys; breakfast cook-off.

  • 02/10/11

    Lingerie fashion; breakfast cook-off.

  • 02/09/11

    Valentine's Day gift ideas for men and boys; breakfast cooking contest.

  • 02/08/11

    Valentine's Day gift ideas; breakfast cooking contest.

  • 02/07/11

    Saving money; best beauty splurges.

  • 02/05/11
  • 02/04/11

    Planning a Super Bowl party on a budget; actress Minka Kelly.

  • 02/03/11

    Actor Johnny Galecki; sugar and salt alternatives; turning trash into treasure.

  • 02/02/11

    Consumer, money and health advisers answer viewer questions.

  • 02/01/11

    Academy of Country Music award nominations.

  • 01/31/11

    Appetizers with chef Guy Fieri; comfortable stylish shoes; actor Billy Gardell.

  • 01/29/11
  • 01/28/11


  • 01/27/11

    Comfortable stylish shoes; sticky situations; actress Betty White.

  • 01/26/11

    Chef Katie Lee.

  • 01/25/11

    Oscar nominations.

  • 01/24/11

    Chef Marcus Samuelsson; traveling to London during the royal wedding celebrations; former football player Dennis Byrd.

  • 01/22/11

    Home remedies for colds; buying prescription glasses online; 23 years after being kidnapped as an infant, a woman is reunited with her family; looking younger; keeping pets well-groomed and protected during winter.

  • 01/21/11

    Actor Jason Statham; sportscaster Jim Nantz.

  • 01/20/11

    Things your mother never told you.

  • 01/19/11

    Cooking with chef Katie Lee.

  • 01/18/11

    James Blunt performs.

  • 01/17/11

    Golden Globes red carpet fashion; modeling scams; teeth whitening.

  • 01/15/11

    Author Cynthia Sass ('Cinch!') discusses food and stress; finding deals on air travel; Golden Globe predictions; shopping deals; chef Michael Lomonaco; Ingrid Michaelson performs.

  • 01/14/11

    Actor Seth Rogen; stylish comfortable shoes.

  • 01/13/11

    The anchors cook arroz con pollo.

  • 01/12/11

    The anchors make ice cream.

  • 01/11/11

    Actor Jerry O'Connell; gadgets for keeping warm in winter; grilled cheese.

  • 01/10/11

    Singer Jennifer Hudson; successfully selling used items; cooking pizza.

  • 01/08/11

    Finances; the Consumer Electrionics Show in Las Vegas; a 20-minute workout; caring for skin, eyes, lips and hair during winter; chef Patti Jackson prepares Italian dishes.

  • 01/07/11

    Actress Emmy Rossum discusses her role in 'Shameless.'

  • 01/06/11

    Actress Gwyneth Paltrow; flattering fashion.

  • 01/05/11

    Food substitutions; the People's Choice Awards preview.

  • 01/04/11

    Entertainer Paula Abdul discusses the new show 'Live to Dance'; exercise.

  • 01/03/11

    Travel deals; author Cynthia Sass ('Cinch!') talks about jump-starting a diet.

  • 01/01/11

    The year in review; New Year resolutions, budgets and predictions.

  • 12/31/10

    Hangover cures; easy-to-prepare appetizers.

  • 12/30/10

    Actor Matt Damon; snow and ice removal; Champagne.

  • 12/29/10

    Singer Justin Bieber; chef Katie Lee; author Gene Stone ('The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick').

  • 12/28/10

    Musician Paul McCartney; entertaining on a budget.

  • 12/27/10

    Composer Jerry Herman; the top trends of 2010; affordable New Year's Eve fashion.

  • 12/25/10

    Celebrating Christmas.

  • 12/24/10

    Kennedy Center Honors; reviews of family-friendly movies.

  • 12/23/10

    Kennedy Center Honors; healthy food; the wife of Clay Duke, who opened fire in a school board meeting in Florida, Rebecca Duke.

  • 12/22/10

    TV-host Oprah Winfrey; actors Jason Segel and Jack Black ('Gulliver's Travels'); chef Michael Symon.

  • 12/21/10

    Author Christopher Andersen ('William and Kate: The Love Story'); low-tech phones; pajamas.

  • 12/20/10

    Interview with the 'Survivor: Nicaragua' winner; singer Barry Manilow; last minute holiday travel.

  • 12/18/10

    Making healthy choices; last minute Christmas shipping; saving money on gasoline; taking family photos; chef George Mendes; Plain White T's performs.

  • 12/17/10

    Actor Matt Damon ('True Grit'); pampering; the animated star of 'Yes, Virginia,' Virginia O'Hanlon.

  • 12/16/10

    Homemade leather goods; actor Paul Rudd ('How Do You Know'); chef Eric Ripert.

  • 12/15/10

    Actor Mark Wahlberg ('The Fighter'); gifts for guys.

  • 12/14/10

    Golden Globe nominations; gifts for women.

  • 12/13/10

    The winners of 'The Amazing Race'; wrapping gifts; holiday travel.

  • 12/11/10

    Making healthy food and drink choices at parties; making a house more efficient and stylish; alcoholic beverages as gifts; Chef Alex Stratta makes a $40 meal; Katharine McPhee talks about her Christmas album.

  • 12/10/10

    Finding free gifts.

  • 12/09/10

    Pet care; etiquette for house guests; gifts under $10.

  • 12/08/10

    Lowering heating bills; gift-giving etiquette; chef Katie Lee; gifts under $25.

  • 12/07/10

    Actor Steve Martin; holiday party etiquette; animal handler Jack Hanna; gifts under $50.

  • 12/06/10

    Actor Ray Romano; working fitness into a daily routine; gifts under $100.

  • 12/04/10

    Sex and aging; Kate Middleton's future role as a princess; Christmas lights; author Nora Ephron ('I Remember Nothing'); chef John Mooney prepares a meal of winter comfort foods; Indigo Girls perform with Chely Wright.

  • 12/03/10

    Technological gifts; chef Katie Lee.

  • 12/02/10

    'Bridalplasty'; KT Tunstall performs.

  • 12/01/10

    Packing; creating personalized gifts at home.

  • 11/30/10

    'Victoria's Secret' models; Rachel Uchitel discusses her stint on 'Celebrity Rehab'; gifts that give back.

  • 11/29/10

    Tricks for saving money; Peter Greenberg answers travel questions.

  • 11/27/10

    The best websites to shop and the scams to avoid; driving in dangerous weather; tech toys for grownups; animals who come out in winter; Donavon Frankenreiter performs.

  • 11/26/10

    Storing and using Thanksgiving leftovers.

  • 11/25/10

    Thanksgiving etiquette; Thanksgiving Day parade preview.

  • 11/24/10

    Chef Marcus Samuelsson; actor Jake Gyllenhaal; early-bird deals for Black Friday.

  • 11/23/10

    Holiday movie preview; holiday pies.

  • 11/22/10

    Jessica Simpson performs; Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

  • 11/20/10

    Eating healthy at Thanksgiving dinner; surviving the holiday shopping season; holiday wines; popular technology items this holiday season; chef Melissa d'Arabian; Five for Fighting performs.

  • 11/19/10

    Dave Price continues his journey home with only $50 and a cell phone; OneRepublic performs; travel questions.

  • 11/18/10

    Dave Price continues his journey home with only $50 and a cell phone; keeping kids safe and entertained during car trips; Keith Urban performs.

  • 11/17/10

    Dave Price continues his journey home with only $50 and a cell phone; People magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive' edition.

  • 11/16/10

    Dave Price continues his journey home with only $50 and a cell phone; actor Billy Bob Thornton ('Faster'); affordable and stylish outerwear.

  • 11/15/10

    Dave Price travels home from the West Coast with only $50 and a cell phone; chef Tim Love.

  • 11/13/10

    Healthy food options at the mall; lowering taxes in 2011; losing weight before the holidays; author Bill Carter ('The War for Late Night'); chef Jet Tila; Suzanne Vega performs.

  • 11/12/10

    Dave Price must find his way back from the West Coast in one week with only $50 and a cell phone; actor Denzel Washington ('Unstoppable').

  • 11/11/10

    Dave Price meets a horse veterinarian also named Dave Price; pet care questions.

  • 11/10/10

    Erica Hill meets an elementary teacher in Missouri, also named Erica Hill; author Katie Nicholl ('William and Harry'); chef Katie Lee.

  • 11/09/10

    Maggie Rodriguez travels to California to meet mother and emergency room nurse also named Maggie Rodriguez; November bargains; affordable holiday decorating.

  • 11/08/10

    Harry Smith travels to Florida to meet another Harry Smith, who owns a popular karaoke business; swapping instead of shopping for gifts; the 40th anniversary of wheeled luggage.

  • 11/06/10
  • 11/05/10

    Actors Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers ('Hart to Hart').

  • 11/04/10

    A greeting-card fan gets to work at Hallmark; TV host Phil McGraw ('Dr. Phil'); actor Will Ferrell ('Megamind').

  • 11/03/10

    A woman gets to work as Jack Hanna's assistant.

  • 11/02/10

    An amateur chef gets to cook with Bobby Flay; surprising ways to look younger.

  • 11/01/10

    Body image; the health power of spices; Atomic Tom performs.

  • 10/30/10

    Five ways to lower your 2011 taxes; Halloween safety; last minute Halloween costumes; actor Michael Caine; Halloween party menu; Michael Franti performs.

  • 10/29/10

    Halloween costumes.

  • 10/28/10

    Surprising ways to look younger; actress Patricia Arquette ('Medium').

  • 10/27/10

    Preparing ghoulish cocktails.

  • 10/26/10

    TV personality Vanilla Ice; wearing the same dress in different ways.

  • 10/25/10

    Home improvement on a budget.

  • 10/23/10

    A study examining love's impact on pain reduction; lowering monthly cell phone bills; avoiding additional charges at restaurants; Ryan Star performs.

  • 10/22/10

    Actress Fran Drescher discusses her 'Cancer Schmancer' foundation; travel questions; ten ways to look younger; affordable Halloween party ideas.

  • 10/21/10

    Author Jenny Sanford ('Staying True'); boots for all budgets; the cast of the 'Jersey Shore'; chef Katie Lee discusses apples.

  • 10/20/10

    Bras for different ages; chef Marcus Samuelsson.

  • 10/19/10

    Helping overweight pets; working outside the home versus becoming a stay-at-home mom.

  • 10/18/10

    Talk-show hosts Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson, Leah Remini and Marissa Jaret Winokur ('The Talk'); gift cards; the nutritional value of spices.

  • 10/16/10
  • 10/15/10

    TV hosts Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson, Leah Remini and Marissa Jaret Winokur ('The Talk'); animal handler Jack Hanna; Halloween costumes.

  • 10/14/10

    TV host Drew Carey ('The Price Is Right'); author Anthony E Zuiker ('Dark Prophecy'); chef Bobby Flay.

  • 10/13/10

    Author Condoleezza Rice; boots for every budget; chef Bobby Flay.

  • 10/12/10

    Actor Jim Parsons ('The Big Bang Theory'); new uses for old items; chef Bobby Flay.

  • 10/11/10

    Actress Naomi Watts ('Fair Game'); chef Bobby Flay.

  • 10/09/10
  • 10/08/10

    Home improvement on a budget; actor Michael C. Hall ('Dexter').

  • 10/07/10

    Actress Diane Lane ('Secretariat'); boots for different budgets.

  • 10/06/10

    Actress Jenny McCarthy; avoiding travel fees.

  • 10/05/10

    Actors Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg ('The Social Network'); cookbook author Chris Kimball.

  • 10/04/10

    Actor Patrick Warburton ('Rules of Engagement'); inexpensive fall fashions.

  • 10/02/10

    Oxytocin's impact on men; hidden airline fees; writer Aaron Sorkin ('The Social Network'); Memphis performs; air guitarist William Ocean; designer looks for less; chef Cindy Hutson.

  • 10/01/10

    Chef Scott Peacock; actress Patricia Arquette ('Medium').

  • 09/30/10

    Actor Ryan Reynolds; insurance advice.

  • 09/29/10

    Actress Keira Knightley; parenting.

  • 09/28/10

    Actress Julianna Margulies ('The Good Wife'); houses at bargain prices.

  • 09/27/10

    Actor Daniel Dae Kim ('Hawaii Five-0'); chefs Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller.

  • 09/25/10

    Some of the most-creative YouTube videos; singer Patti LuPone discusses her recently released memoir; a computer program can show what a person will look like in the future; Brendan James performs; animal handler Ron Magill; chef Marc Murphy.

  • 09/24/10

    Actors Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan discuss their new drama 'Blue Bloods'; Tom Jones performs.

  • 09/23/10

    The set of 'The Big Bang Theory'; actor Simon Baker ('The Mentalist').

  • 09/22/10

    Actor William Shatner ('$..! My Dad Says'); jeans for every body type.

  • 09/21/10

    Actor Jim Belushi ('The Defenders'); author Danielle Steel; chef Marcus Samuelsson.

  • 09/20/10

    The set of 'Hawaii Five-0'; chef Katie Lee.

  • 09/18/10

    Sarah Palin's effect on this year's elections; a doctor says he can erase people's memories; six ways to save money on energy bills; cleansing diets; Rosanne Cash performs; sex scenes in movies; chef Daniel Mumm prepares a three-course meal.

  • 09/17/10

    Remembering 'As the World Turns'; fashion week.

  • 09/16/10

    'Big Brother'; actor Ben Affleck.

  • 09/15/10

    A visit from 'The Doctors'; actor Chris O'Donnell.

  • 09/14/10

    Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour; shark attack victims; TV-show host Nancy Grace.

  • 09/13/10

    'Survivor' contestants Jimmy Johnson and Kelly Bruno; talk-show host Jerry Springer.

  • 09/11/10

    The 9th anniversary of 9/11; Joey & Rory perform; journalist Mark McEwen discusses his recovery from a stroke; fall essentials; chef Bill Telepan.

  • 09/10/10

    Actress Abigail Breslin; fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg.

  • 09/09/10

    The latest contestant eliminated from 'Big Brother'; a groundbreaking procedure that can save a 2-year-old giraffe's life; reality TV personality Piers Morgan discusses his new job as Larry King's replacement.

  • 09/08/10

    TV host Wayne Brady; dinners that can be made ahead of time and frozen; running sneakers.

  • 09/07/10

    Dipping into a 401(k); Fashion's Night Out.

  • 09/06/10

    An 11-year-old critic reviews movies; preserving summer memories with photographs; preppy fashion.

  • 09/04/10

    What Americans are doing on Labor Day; prescription drug addiction; ten most viewed ads of all time; finding happiness at work; Megan McCormick performs; Good Deed Makeovers; Labor Day barbeque.

  • 09/03/10

    Usher performs; the latest houseguest eliminated from 'Big Brother.'

  • 09/02/10

    Dirty gyms; dipping into one's 401(k).

  • 09/01/10

    Airplane etiquette; choosing the correct punishments for children; Labor Day entertainment on a budget.

  • 08/31/10

    Training to be a ball boy at the U.S. Open tennis tournament; tracking kids' Internet use; money-saving fall projects for the home.

  • 08/30/10

    Emmy fashions; the importance of friendships.

  • 08/28/10

    Political highlights; revisiting New Orleans residents who were profiled following Hurricane Katrina; Ledisi performs; the impact of traumatic events on kids; photographer Mario Tama; chef Ti Martin.

  • 08/27/10

    People who lived through Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans; photojournalist Ted Jackson discussing filming the aftermath of Katrina; the latest contestant evicted from the 'Big Brother' house; mayoral candidate Levi Johnston.

  • 08/26/10

    Actress Christina Applegate; Sheryl Crow performs.

  • 08/25/10

    Chef Katie Lee.

  • 08/24/10

    Stress relief for the family; benefits of beer.

  • 08/23/10

    Making the most of a visit to the doctor; correcting skin damage.

  • 08/21/10

    The financial market; biological anthropologist Helen Fisher; Fyfe Dangerfield performs; the recent death of the accused 'Craigslist Killer'; U.S. National Parks; chef Michel Nischan.

  • 08/20/10

    Actress Jennifer Aniston; the latest contestant eliminated from 'Big Brother'; David Gray performs.

  • 08/19/10

    Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal; getting women up to speed financially.

  • 08/18/10

    Actress Emma Thompson; chef Kathie Lee.

  • 08/17/10

    Hair tips to know before going to the salon; pastry chef Richard Ruskell.

  • 08/16/10

    Actress Laura Linney; fashion designer Tory Burch; chef Marcus Samuelsson.

  • 08/14/10

    Virtual body scans; unique gadgets for college; Lonestar performs; back-to-school bargains; dealing with uncomfortable money situations; dressing up clothes for two different seasons; chef Sam Talbot.

  • 08/13/10

    Train performs; the latest contestant evicted from the 'Big Brother' house.

  • 08/12/10

    The cast of 'Jersey Shore'; back to school fashion.

  • 08/11/10

    Thirty dates in 30 days; chef Katie Lee.

  • 08/10/10

    Participating in the off-Broadway show 'Celebrity Autobiography.'

  • 08/09/10

    The 'Survivor: Nicaragua' cast is revealed by host Jeff Probst.

  • 08/07/10

    Saving at the grocery store; 8-year-old artist Kieron Williamson; staying healthy at the gym; roller coasters; answering questions about dogs; chef Sara Moulton.

  • 08/05/10

    Wyclef Jean discusses his plans to run for President of Haiti; the latest contestant evicted from 'Big Brother'; dressing for 'casual Friday.'

  • 08/05/10

    Actors Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg; packing for a weekend.

  • 08/04/10
  • 08/03/10

    Actor Neil Patrick Harris; TV personality Matt Blashaw visits messy kitchens.

  • 08/02/10

    President Barack Obama; TV show host Craig Ferguson; planning an affordable 'presidential' wedding; chef Marcus Samuelsson.

  • 07/31/10

    Saving for retirement; Chelsea Clinton's wedding; dieting before a wedding; wedding etiquette; buying a wedding gift; David Garrett performs; chef John Kroner.

  • 07/30/10

    Working as a train conductor; the latest contestant evicted from 'Big Brother'; Cyndi Lauper performs.

  • 07/29/10

    Working as a freight train conductor; chef Bobby Flay.

  • 07/28/10

    Driving a race car with Tony Kanaan; actor Paul Rudd; chef Katie Lee.

  • 07/27/10

    Working as a taster and chef; new airline seats.

  • 07/26/10

    Actor Steve Carell; traveling the globe without money.

  • 07/24/10

    Protecting investments regardless of market conditions; Darienne Page, President Obama's receptionist; The Wiggles perform; actress Julie Andrews; 'Mad Men' style; getting dogs to bark less; chefs Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo.

  • 07/23/10

    The latest contestant evicted from the 'Big Brother' house; Enrique Iglesias performs.

  • 07/22/10

    Actress Bianca Kajlich; summer workouts.

  • 07/21/10

    Parenting; chef Katie Lee.

  • 07/20/10

    Finding new friends online; saving money at restaurants.

  • Actress Rose McGowan.

    HealthWatch; actress Rose McGowan ('Grindhouse').

  • 08/29/03

    Accessories for the fall; Labor Day picnic on the plaza.

  • 07/19/10

    Shipping luggage instead of checking it with airlines; healthy food for men.

  • Actress Sharon Case.

    Actress Sharon Case ('The Young and the Restless'); spring fashion.

  • 07/17/10

    Author Laurence Shatkin; Tanya Young Williams, estranged wife of former NBA star Jayson Williams, discusses domestic violence; warranties; four couples discuss their relationship issues; Straight No Chaser performs; chef Cathal Armstrong.

  • Actor Shia LaBeouf, chef Chris Kimball.

    Actor Shia LaBeouf ('Disturbia'); chef Chris Kimball.

  • Actor Kevin Costner, actor LL Cool J.

    Actor Kevin Costner ('Open Range'); actor LL Cool J ('S.W.A.T.').

  • 07/16/10

    Sting performs.

  • Actor Richard Gere.

    Actor Richard Gere ('The Hoax'); the latest team eliminated from 'The Amazing Race: All-Stars.'

  • Actor David Spade.

    Actor David Spade ('Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star').

  • 11/01/99

    Anchors Bryant Gumbel and Jane Clayson present news and information; Martha Quinn and Lisa Birnbach present lifestyle reports; Mark McEwen presents weather forecasts.

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