Episode Guide

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 23 (2015)

  • Season 23 Episode 11: Piggin' Out

    A funky food truck serving loaded platters and Central American arepas; an Asian joint tucked away in a grocery store dishing out barbecued pork and pork belly ramen; a smokehouse featuring killer wings and a hearty porchetta sandwich.

  • Season 23 Episode 10: Bite of Britain

    Guy Fieri's livin' it up in London; a couple of British buddies smoking up true blue American 'cue; a hip hangout giving classic fish-n-chips a modern makeover; shepherd's pie, braised ox cheek, and righteous rhubarb cheesecake.

  • Season 23 Episode 9: Finger Lickin' Food

    In Atlanta, cheddarwurst corn dogs and a knockout pastrami sandwich; in Minneapolis, bahn mi and bacon onion dip; in Woods Hole, Mass., mussels and lobster-stuffed cod.

  • Season 23 Episode 8: By Hand and by Fork

    In Denver, beef empanadas and a veggie tarta specialty; in Bayport, Minn., brisket sandwiches and pulled pork; in Falmouth, Mass., Tex-Mex breakfast and a loaded chicken sandwich.

  • Season 23 Episode 7: Beef It Up

    In Minneapolis, Minn., steak and braised beef sandwiches; in Atlanta, a fish specialty and pastrami hash; in Plymouth, Mass., cheesesteak pretzels and a twist on traditional shepherd's pie.

  • Season 23 Episode 6: Name That Kitchen

    In Fort Collins, Colo., gangster green chili and mile-high burgers; in Falmouth, Mass., perfect pickle chips and a savory scone sandwich; and just outside of Falmouth, local soft shell crab and hearty kale soup.

  • Season 23 Episode 5: Homeland Favorites

    In Richfield, Minn., tacos al pastor and carnitas tamales; in Denver, lamb ribs and a unique dessert specialty; in Atlanta, shrimp and grits and biscuits and gravy.

  • Season 23 Episode 4: From Biscuits to Brisket

    In Atlanta, righteous chicken and biscuits and house-cured lox; across town, brisket burger and chicken-fried ribs; in Fort Collins, Colo., vegetarian specialties like tomatillo and chickpea pizza and a savory cauliflower steak.

  • Season 23 Episode 3: Tri-Continent Cuisine

    Killer cuisine spanning three different continents; in Denver, a creative take on Indian curry; across town, a Brazilian bistro cooking up croquettes and an abundant seafood specialty; in Atlanta, stacked mega-meat sandwiches.

  • Season 23 Episode 2: Taste of Asia

    In Las Vegas, sushi and traditional udon, and a joint serving righteous pork and putting an Asian spin on classic grilled cheese; in Denver, a meaty all-you-can eat flavorfest.

  • Season 23 Episode 1: A Bowlful of Soul

    In Charlotte, N.C., low country favorites, like collard greens and shrimp and grits; in Las Vegas, crepe specialties like savory beef and sweet caramel apples; in Culver City, Calif., turkey chili and dynamite dogs on cornbread buns.

    Today at 11:30pm EST - Food Network

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 22 (2015)

  • Season 22 Episode 13: Intercontinental Flavorfest

    In Los Angeles, short rib tacos and spicy pork chimichangas; in L.A.'s Chinatown, Big Easy po' boys and crawfish mac and cheese; in Charlotte, N.C., calzones and a stuffed cabbage specialty.

    Today at 11:00pm EST - Food Network
  • Season 22 Episode 12: Griddles and Vittles

    In Los Angeles, a food court gem grilling up homemade chorizo and a Yucatan turkey special; in Las Vegas, two funky joints firing up the grill and slinging dishes.

  • Season 22 Episode 11: Indulgent Dishes

    In Charlotte, N.C., off-the-hook gumbo and a spicy mahi specialty; across town a lamb ragout and an ice cream sandwich; in Los Angeles, drunken chicken and a killer burger.

  • Season 22 Episode 10: Racing Through Charlotte

    NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer joins Guy in Charlotte, N.C.; dynamite burgers and a unique spin on shrimp; steak with fig preserves and smokin' hot chicken; chana masala tacos and buffalo cauliflower sliders.

  • Season 22 Episode 9: To Bakersfield and Beyond

    Guy's visiting a town with a lot of flavour: Bakersfield, California. He goes to a Basque spot serving a four-course meal, a Greek place cooking up authentic specialties and a funky Asian joint

  • Season 22 Episode 8: Sweet, Savory and Saucy

    In Bakersfield, Calif., meaty Texas chili and decadent pumpkin pancakes and across town, a peanut butter burger alongside Bacon Love ice cream; in Phoenix, a gourmet taco spot mixing up a mean mole.

  • Season 22 Episode 7: Globe Tasting

    In Bakersfield, Calif., Latin-fusion favorites like Basque lamb tacos and popcorn pork; in Northfield, N.J., grandma's pizza and homemade pappardelle pasta; in Phoenix, dumplings and coconut Asian pork.

  • Season 22 Episode 6: From Atlantic to Pacific

    In Bakersfield, Calif., savory stuffed pork chops and lobster mac 'n cheese; chicken and tri-tip with a south-of-the-border spin; in Somers Point, N.J., crab melt and pork belly Reuben.

  • Season 22 Episode 5: Roadtrippin'

    In Atlantic City, N.J., crab-stuffed flounder and a legit spin on cannelloni; in Phoenix, a pizza shop fires up pies topped with everything from baked ziti to chicken Marsala; in Bakersfield, Calif., tri-tip and grilled chicken.

  • Season 22 Episode 4: Arizona All-Stars

    Guy's going on a flavour filled tour of Scottsdale, Arizona. He tries an Italian beef specialty, a banging brisket at a barbecue gas station, then gets crazy at a burger joint

  • Season 22 Episode 3: Fillin' up in Florence

    Traditional Italian spots in Florence, Italy; a 50-year-old landmark serves up a legendary spaghetti specialty; a second generation spot cranking out all kinds of fresh pasta; a pizza place shares their dough-making secrets.

  • Season 22 Episode 2: Cruisin' the Italian Countryside

    Guy embarks on a tasty tour through Tuscany, Italy; in Montecatini Alto, a squid ink specialty and a Mediterranean prawn-artichoke mashup; in Collodi, spaghetti and lamb; truffle hunting; in Lucca, fresh pasta with mussels and oxtail tortelli.

  • Season 22 Episode 1: Fish, Fries and Feet

    In Des Moines, Iowa, a fusion joint serves up burritos alongside bulgogi masa fries; a southern spot cooking up classics, from ribs and red beans and rice to catfish cakes and collards; in Atlantic City, N. J., turkey chops and pig feet.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 21 (2014)

  • Season 21 Episode 13: Oldies but Goodies

    In Des Moines, Iowa, a nearly century-old chili recipe; in Leeds Point, N.J., a scenic seaside joint serving up fresh catch since the 1930s; in Brigantine, N.J., a butcher shop cranking out righteous homemade sausage and real deal jerky.

    Friday 11th December 10:00pm EST - Food Network
  • Season 21 Episode 12: Fresh Fish & Funky Chicken

    In Des Moines, Iowa, unique smoked wings and an apple dumpling dessert; in West Des Moines, an Ecuadorian spot serving chicken with rice and pork with hominy; in Eugene, Ore., fresh caught Dungeness crab and crawfish pie.

  • Season 21 Episode 11: Chicken Chowfest

    In Baltimore, wicked wings and a killer steak wrap; in Eugene, Ore., a soul food joint smoking barbecue bird and their signature burger; in Des Moines, Iowa, fried chicken and decadent red velvet waffles.

  • Season 21 Episode 10: All Baltimore, All the Time

    Crab plates; a farm to table spot is cooking up bacon-wrapped meatloaf and Asian braised pork; a pizza joint serves up amazing pizza and savory risotto balls.

  • Season 21 Episode 9: Soup-Centric

    In Baltimore, an authentic Irish pub serves up seafood gumbo and a traditional corned beef and cabbage; in Eugene, Ore., 80 different kinds of soups are served; in Cincinnati, Vietnamese food is served.

  • Season 21 Episode 8: Meat in the Middle

    Baltimore serves up some amazing ravioli and killer clams; In Eugene, Ore., a sandwich food truck serves a meaty, cheesy, pork masterpiece; in Cable, Wis., barbecue with espresso and creme brulee French toast is on tap.

  • Season 21 Episode 7: Old School Joints

    In Duluth, an Italian market/restaurant serves up a homemade lasagna and muffaletta; In Eugene, Ore., the stop is an all-vegan spot serving up a tofu sammy and frozen peanut butter pie; In Delta, Wis., a retro diner serves up a special pancake.

  • Season 21 Episode 6: One Street Wonders

    Guy heads to Cincinnati to three righteous restaurants; a funky pub with creative hot dogs and sammies; a Belgian spot featuring waffles and beer cheese pretzels; a Southwestern spot serves up short rib street tacos and a chicken torta.

  • Season 21 Episode 5: Small Town Standouts

    In Parkland, Wis., sandwiches stuffed with brisket and pork belly; in Jackson, Wyo., Asian bison bowl and Thai curry soup; in Lancaster, Ore., a monster burger and a unique twist on pizza.

  • Season 21 Episode 4: Worldwide Flavorfest

    In Cincinnati, jerk chicken and spicy snapper; in Boston, porcini cascioni and rosettes; in Duluth, Bangkok burrito and a killer lamb curry.

  • Season 21 Episode 3: Cross-Country Classics

    In Boston, chicken and waffles and off-the-hook tots; in Carmel, Calif., biscuits and gravy and brisket chili; in Superior, Wis., a house-cured meat pizza.

  • Season 21 Episode 2: Seriously Saucy

    In Cincinnati, barbecued chicken and vegan chili; in Boston, lemongrass chicken and sloppy Joes; in Jackson, Wyo., scratch-made ramen and pork ragout.

  • Season 21 Episode 1: Roadtrippin' in Beantown

    An all-Boston smorgasbord; in Allston, two restaurants share one kitchen and cook up totally different menus; gravlax and chicken sausage; in South Boston, pierogi and an old-country fried pork favorite.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 20 (2014)

  • Season 20 Episode 5: All Day Dining

    In Long Beach, Calif., pork belly is paired with octopus; in Monterey, Calif., apple pancakes and a three-pork porchetta; in Wilson, Wyo., banana bread French toast and beef stroganoff.

  • Season 20 Episode 4: From Standards to Standouts

    Guy Fieri visits a selection of restaurants from classic Italian to modern Americana, including a Californian chef who is bringing his brand of Mexican cuisine to Jackson, Wyoming

  • Season 20 Episode 3: Old Standards, New Styles

    In Long Beach, Calif., pot roast and scones; in Jackson, Wyo., pies topped with everything from pesto to spicy sausage and marinara; in Monterey, Calif., parmesan pretzels and short rib grilled cheese.

  • Season 20 Episode 2: Stuffed and Twisted

    In Monterey, Calif., lasagna and minestrone; in Boston, panini that will satisfy both meat and veggie lovers; in Jackson, Wyo., chicken pot pie and homemade soups and pretzels.

  • Season 20 Episode 1: California Cruisin'

    In Culver City, Gene Simmons from Kiss visits a hangout serving Hawaiian dishes; in Garden Grove, tamales and beef chamorro; in Monterey, oysters and a pasta-seafood medley.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 19 (2014)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 18 (2013)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 17 (2013)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 16 (2012 - 2013)

  • Season 16 Episode 13: Real Deal Roots

    Guy Fieri travels to Los Angeles to visits a food truck infusing Singaporean flavours into their chilli crab cakes and lamb burgers

  • Season 16 Episode 12: Layers of Flavor

    In Toronto, Canada, pork belly, a mac and cheese burger and a Christmas burger; in Nags Head, N.C., Jamaican jerk chicken and Caribbean pork chops.

  • Season 16 Episode 11: Unlikely Partners

    Guy Fieri samples unique combinations in Korea Town, Los Angeles he visits a craft beer restaurant putting duck into their fries and the French dip

  • Season 16 Episode 10: Hittin' The Grill

    Sampling food straight of the grill, beginning in Los Angeles where he samples a hot pork sandwich and a Mediterranean lamb burger

  • Season 16 Episode 9: Eurocentric

    In Tacoma, a hearty hangover soup and meat dish; in Toronto, Canada, unique versions of spaghetti and meatballs; in Syracuse, potato pancakes high with a savory stew.

  • Season 16 Episode 8: Decadent Dishes

    A southern inspired spot in Brooklyn is serving fired chicken and waffles, spicy pulled pork sandwiches and a daily donut; a local spot in Washington is serving meatballs and fire grilled artichokes.

  • Season 16 Episode 7: Land to Sea

    Guy visits an underground joint in Syracuse, New York, serving up chicken caesar sandwiches and spicy, sweet sausage fajitas

  • Season 16 Episode 6: Hometown Haunts

    Fried chicken, arancini balls and the sacred swine sandwich in New Jersey; Creole oyster benedict, winter squash and a blueberry crunch roller in Washington.

  • Season 16 Episode 5: Savory Sensations

    Guy Fieri visits a 60-year-old drive-in restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, where the owners are putting a Thai twist on classic Texas barbecue

  • Season 16 Episode 4: Matches Made in Heaven

    Guy Fieri visits a barbecue joint in Brooklyn, New York, that mashes up a variety of styles for their wings and beef ribs

  • Season 16 Episode 3: Far Out

    Guy Fieri visits a basement restaurant in Syracuse, New York serving waffles with their fried chicken, and a full Thanksgiving dinner

  • Season 16 Episode 2: Fully Focused

    Pasta institution in Syracuse, N.Y. creates a tomato sauce just for dipping spicy chicken wiggies; a local joint in Nags Head, N.C. has a funky techniques.

  • Season 16 Episode 1: Authentic Eats

    N'awlins roadhouse serves rice and beans, Cajun potstickers and a pulled pork pasta; a Mediterranean cafe serves falafel and baklava.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 15 (2012)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 14 (2012)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 13 (2011 - 2012)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 12 (2011)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 11 (2011)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 10 (2010)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 9 (2010)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 8 (2009 - 2010)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 7 (2009)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 6 (2009)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 5 (2008 - 2009)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 4 (2008)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 3 (2008)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 2 (2007 - 2008)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Season 1 (2007)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Special (2008 - 2015)

  • Food Truckapalooza

    Guy pulls up to some of the tastiest food trucks out there, including burgers in Key West, Fla., chilaquiles in California, tacos in Hawaii and fresh catches in Canada.

  • Flavortown Faves

    A double-wide bus cranking out supersized hot dogs in West Virginia; ping pong mixes with pizza in D.C.; a fish extravaganza with all kinds of aloha spirit in Hawaii.

  • All Beefed Up

    Guy visits memorable spots serving all kinds of beefy favorites, including smoked ribs in Sacramento, Calif., bacon-wrapped meatloaf in Albuquerque, N.M., and signature steaks in Idaho.

  • Summer Spectacular

    It's all about summer, from burgers and dogs to smoking barbecue, beachy seafood, and ice cream and apple pie.

  • Amazing Appetizers

    The bomb tots, jalapeno poppers, unique fritters, and even Rocky Mountain oysters; grape leaves and wicked wings; atomic fried mac and cheese.

  • Best of the Beach

    Guy Fieri searches for the best eats on the beach and reels in everything from the freshest catch in Florida and Mexico, to open-air barbecue in Hawaii and a taste of Cuba in Miami.

  • Back to the Beginning

    Guy revisits the very first Triple-D episode ever and offers up the inside scoop, fun facts and personal stories about his original trip through Flavortown.

  • East Coast Cruisin'

    In New York, barbecue in the Bronx and authentic Neapolitan pizza in Manhattan; breakfast and burgers in Rhode Island; a legit Baltimore market serving up out-of-bounds Italian specialties.

  • Amazing Italian

    Tortellini and house-cured bresaola at the Italian Corner; polenta with porcini sauce at Cafe Citti; pork sandwiches at Marie's Italian Specialties; lobster ravioli at Rino's Place; beef cheek manicotti at Torinos' at Home.

  • Memorable Moms

    A celebration of all-things mom; serving up Italian, Greek, Polish and Lebanese, all filled with a mother's homemade touch.

  • Chicago's Finest

    The flavors of Chicago including the wide variety of the city's international eats; real deal hot dogs and righteous Italian beef.

  • Vegas Greats

    Vegas hot spots, like finger foods at Bachi Burger, and Italian favorites at Four Kegs Sports Pub.

  • Pork Hall of Fame

    Guy is hitting up all-things swine and dine, from pulled or baked, stuffed in a sandwich or piled high on a pie; a celebration of off-the-hook pork dishes.

  • Super Sandwiches

    Unforgettable sandwiches including po-boys at Mahoney's Po-Boy Shop, arepas at Pica Pica and the French dip at Beer Belly.

  • Real Deal Mexican

    Chicken stuffed sopapilla at Salsa Brava; pozole at La Texanita; smoked trout at Momocho.

  • Crazy for Chicken

    Garlic chicken at Opal Thai Food; stuffed Native American-style tacos at Tocabe.

  • Legends of Texas

    Texas-style Triple D; cooking chicken casserole with Matthew McConaughey; a visit with football legend Earl Campbell.

  • Best of Pizza

    The biggest pie ever at Fat Sully's; a kimchi pizza at Pizzeria Lola; the bacon and clam pizza at Joe's Squared; the funky duck pizza at Pastabilities; Pizzeria Luigi.

  • Grilling Greats

    Guy revisits barbecue masters and grilling greats; all-American burgers in Tampa Fla.; smoked deli meats in Toronto; octopus and jerk chicken in Hawaii.

  • Hometown Heroes

    Guy visits beloved neighborhoods across the country serving up classic burgers and dogs, seafood and a whole menu full of home-cooked favorites.

  • Late Night Legends

    Restaurants serving outrageous food well into the midnight hour, like polka and pierogi at Nye's Polonaise Room and the triple decker duck at Tattooed Moose.

  • Global Flavor Faves

    Traditional ethnic dishes; hand-pulled Chinese noodles at Peaceful Restaurant; quesadillas and tortas at Nopalito; shrimp fritters at PDX 671.

  • Best of Breakfast

    Killer waffles, old-school biscuits and gravy, the bomb huevos rancheros and an out-of-bounds hash extravaganza; some not-so-typical early morning bites, like veal, bacon donuts and a pancake that looks just like Guy.

  • Southern Spectacular

    In South Carolina, collards and grits; scratch-made biscuits in Oregon; in St. Louis, Mo., real deal soul food; Cajun classics in Indiana; a Michigan joint serving up gizzards is its specialty.

  • Under the Hood

    Guy Fieri visits some of America's most interesting restaurants

  • Best of New York

    The best bites in the Big Apple including Italian at John's of 12th Street, Jewish favorites at Ben's Deli, and classic New York sandwiches at Defonte's.

  • BBQ Legends

    Guy's hand-pickeds some of his all-time favorites BBQ spots; the best of BBQ from coast to coast.

  • Deep Fried All-Stars

    Deep fried dishes like the chicharrones at Highland Tavern, the Lobster Pops at Rizzo's Diner, deep fried bacon at Tupelo's, and fried peanut butter and jelly at South Philadelphia Tap Room.

  • Wildest Joints

    R&R Taqueria serves up tacos out of a gas station; Clarkston Union, a church turned brewpub serving lobster mac 'n cheese; the silver bullet food truck on the Fisherman's Wharf; The Duce, a boxing gym that serves comfort food.

  • Top 10 Burgers

    Viewers vote for the top 10 burgers of all time.

  • A North Pole Christmas

    Guy Fieri heads to North Pole, Alaska, where he tries ham with wild cranberries, reindeer hoagies, Santa burgers and numerous desserts

  • Best From the Road

    Guy Fieri recalls unusual restaurants he has visited, including an establishment that specialises in lamb burgers - as well as being a working launderette and car wash

  • The Best of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

    Guy looks back at some of his favorite places on his endless road trip across America.

  • Special

    Guy Fieri visits some of America's most interesting restaurants from coast to coast in some favourite cars from the 1960s and 1970s

  • Guy Fierier's Disney Holiday - Special

    The foodie explores Disneyland and prepares a Christmas Eve dinner and a selection of sweet treats

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Other Episodes

  • Holiday Hoopla

    Dishes perfect for the Christmas and Hanukkah season; in California, savory stuffing and lights-out latkes; in Nashville, sugar-glazed ham and holiday tamales; in Denver and Florida, Jewish delis mastering matzo ball soup and killer knishes.

    Friday 11th December 8:00pm EST - Food Network
  • Isle-Talian

    A unique plantain sandwich and wings gone bananas; arancini and real-deal veal; jerk chicken penne and a surprising curry vegetti dish.

    Friday 4th December 10:00pm EST - Food Network
  • Extra Helpings

    Guy's digging in to money mussels, crispy pork skin, and a lights-out lamb sandwich at familiar New York City hangouts; California pizza and outrageous oysters along with the bomb boa buns in Miami.

  • Ultimate Turkey Fest

    Turducken; turkey-shaped bread loaves; a complete turkey dinner fried into bite-sized balls; serious sandwiches perfect for all the Thanksgiving leftovers.

  • Unlikely Partners

    In Los Angeles's Korea Town, duck in the fries and in the French dip; in Toronto, Canada, French toast, cornflake chicken club and a pie milkshake.

  • Decadent Dishes

    A southern inspired spot in Brooklyn is serving fired chicken and waffles, spicy pulled pork sandwiches and a daily donut; a local spot in Washington is serving meatballs and fire grilled artichokes.

  • Land to Sea

    Chicken caesar sandwiches and fajitas in Syracuse; fisherman's risotto in Kitty Hawk; crab stuffed cannelloni in Olympia.

  • Hometown Haunts

    Fried chicken, arancini balls and the sacred swine sandwich in New Jersey; Creole oyster benedict, winter squash and a blueberry crunch roller in Washington.

  • Savory Sensations

    Apple waffle with pancetta; deep fried breakfast empanadas; Ruebens; cheesy baked potato soup.

  • Time Tested Treasures

    All types of tacos; polka and pierogies; fried chicken joint.

  • Long Standing Legacies

    Guinness fried oysters with homemade coleslaw; fresh sammies; country classics with fine dining.

  • From Pork To Tofu

    Guy pulls in for some pork and tofu.

  • Old Faves, New Craves

    Pastrami dogs; braised pork tacos; jerk chicken sandwich; porchetta sandwich; bacon maple ice cream sandwich.

  • Family Matters

    Hand-pulling noodles; beef rolls; barbecued fish tacos.

  • Multitaskers

    Grape leaves; lamb burger with red-pepper relish; deep-fried pork chops with sweet-and-spicy pepper jelly.

  • Global Traditions

    Fish 'n' chips joint; red sauce joint serving meat sauce with homemade pappardelle.

  • Meat Madness

    Duck club with homemade garlic mayo; ropa veija; arroz con pollo.

  • Southern Staples

    Pulled pork pancakes with Jack Daniel's syrup; tea marinated pork.

  • Kid Rock's Detroit Tour

    Kid Rock's favorite mac 'n' cheese in a renovated church; bacon and hot links sandwich.

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