Coronation Street Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Coronation Street: Season 1 (2013)

  • Season 1 Episode 8599: EPISODE: 8599

    Long-running drama with the residents of England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 8598: EPISODE: 8598

    Long-running drama with the residents of England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 8597: EPISODE: 8597

    Long-running drama with the residents of England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 8596: EPISODE: 8596

    A downcast Michael emerges from the consultant's room and breaks the news to Gail, Andy and Steph that his operation was unsuccessful and his only hope now is a transplant. Emily is shocked when Sean calls her a homophobe and a bigot, Eileen gets cold feet as she waits for Adrian and phones him up to postpone their date, and David receives a letter from his solicitor suggesting mediation with Callum

  • Season 1 Episode 8595: EPISODE: 8595

    Gail accompanies Michael to hospital for his appointment with the consultant, while Andy receives shocking news about Gavin. As Anna and Izzy prepare for Faye's surprise birthday party, Katy wonders how she's going to tell Chesney she's moving abroad, while Sean does his best to drum up interest in Billy's comedy night. Todd helps Eileen choose an outfit for her first internet date and Leanne tells Zeedan not to take his dislike of her out on Simon

  • Season 1 Episode 8594: EPISODE: 8594

    Gavin lays down the law to Steph and Andy, telling them he wants £2,500 by the next day or he reveals all to Michael. Gail agrees to pay him as long as she never sees him again. Linda asks Izzy and Katy if they would like to move to Portugal with her, while Leanne discovers the flat needs to be completely rewired and she won't be able to move back in for at least a week. Eileen pores over the responses to her dating profile and David berates Callum for keeping Max out longer than promised

  • Season 1 Episode 8593: EPISODE: 8593

    At the register office, Michael and Andy become increasingly nervous as they wait for Gail, with the groom convinced she's changed her mind. Anna and Owen are left reeling when Linda comes into the Rovers to make another shocking announcement, while Kal insists Leanne and Simon must stay at No 6 with him after the trouble at their flat, but Zeedan makes it clear they're not welcome

  • Season 1 Episode 8592: EPISODE: 8592

    A guilty Andy escorts Michael to the register office, where Nick does his best to calm him, but as Gail prepares to leave for her wedding, Gavin knocks on her door. Linda suggests to Owen that he should give their relationship another try, Leanne tries to fix the deep-fat fryer in the kebab shop and Eileen refuses to step foot in the Rovers until she's had an apology from Steve and Michelle. Emily makes it plain she's not keen on helping Billy with the comedy night

  • Season 1 Episode 8591: EPISODE: 8591

    Andy and Steph are horrified when Gavin turns up at Michael's stag do, but arrange to meet him back at the flat. Steve and Michelle assume Liz has sacked a self-pitying Eileen and offer sympathy, while Anna is annoyed when Linda, Katy and Callum hijack her date with Owen. Sharif and Roy are interviewed for the one remaining allotment plot and Nick is delighted to see Erica has returned

  • Season 1 Episode 8590: EPISODE: 8590

    Needing to find £5,000 to pay off Gavin, Steph is outraged when Andy suggests staging a mugging after Nick hands him the bistro takings to put in the bank. Eileen continuously snipes at bride-to-be Gail during her hen party at the Rovers, Owen argues with Anna over her hostility toward Linda, Callum collects an excited Max from No 8, and Erica turns up at the pub to surprise Liz

  • Season 1 Episode 8589: EPISODE: 8589

    Steph urges Andy to come clean to Michael before Gavin can give the game away, while Anna and Owen are worried by Faye's behaviour at a school parents' evening. Michelle and Liz agree that Eileen is ill-suited to bar work, but are wary of firing her, Roy and Sharif compete for an allotment plot, and Callum is surprised when David arranges for him to see Max

  • Season 1 Episode 8588: EPISODE: 8588

    Steph informs a stunned Andy that Gavin has returned and he should face up to him, while Katy is annoyed when Anna and Owen turn up in the Rovers after she arranged to meet Linda there. Sophie finds a tearful Rita in the Kabin after her confrontation with Jenny, David loses his temper when Michael suggests it might be worth letting Max see Callum, and Faye is furious when Tim jokingly refers to Craig as her boyfriend

  • Season 1 Episode 8587: EPISODE: 8587

    Steph gets a shock when she lets herself into Andy's flat and is confronted by the real Gavin Rodwell, while an ill Faye fears her pregnancy is about to be discovered when Anna insists on taking her to see a doctor. Rita admits to Sophie that she's concerned Jenny might be after Kevin's money, and Tracy takes great pleasure in barring Liz from Barlow's Buys. How will Tony deal with the two women in his life?

  • Season 1 Episode 8586: EPISODE: 8586

    Tony attempts a charm offensive on Liz, who tells Tracy that she is no longer welcome in the back room and must stay on the public side of the bar. Jenny promises Kevin she never ripped Rita off, Anna gets dressed up to the nines for a drink with Owen, but is left crushed by jealousy when he pays Linda a compliment, while Luke is in for a shock when Maria returns to her house early

  • Season 1 Episode 8585: EPISODE: 8585

    Tracy turns on the charm while a police officer checks Tony's driving licence, while Liz waits impatiently at the Rovers. Rita calls at No 13 to confront Jenny, demanding to know why she has returned after all these years, and Faye is terrified when she and Craig watch a DVD about giving birth. Luke persuades Owen to tile Maria's kitchen and makes him promise it'll remain their secret, and Eileen struggles behind the bar

  • Season 1 Episode 8584: EPISODE: 8584

    Tony and Tracy buy stolen electrical goods, but just as they are about to leave with their haul, a police car pulls up beside them. Rita returns home early and insists Norris, Emily and Mary join her in the Rovers for a birthday drink, where she comes face to face with Jenny, who has accompanied Kevin to the pub. Lloyd tells Steve he doesn't want any bad blood between them and Eileen offers her services to Liz when she is short-staffed

  • Season 1 Episode 8583: EPISODE: 8583

    Eva admits how much she loves Jason so Leanne persuades her to call him, but Todd picks up Jason's phone and hangs up without answering. Tony is furious when Tracy drops hints to Liz about the new man in her life, and he quietly lays down some ground rules, while Lloyd confronts Steve about the minibus crash. Luke offers his DIY services to Maria, and Kevin has Jenny round for dinner

  • Season 1 Episode 8582: EPISODE: 8582

    In a last-ditch attempt to save his relationship, Jason shows Eva the surprise tickets for New York that he booked and implores her to forgive him, while Tony and Tracy's tryst at No 1 is interrupted. Lloyd arrives back from Spain to discover that Steve crashed the minibus and Sinead might never walk again, and Maria is pleased to see Luke and Liam getting on so well

  • Season 1 Episode 8581: EPISODE: 8581

    Todd is thrilled as he sits back and watches what his scheming has done to Jason and Eva's relationship, while David is devastated to find out Callum has applied for a residency order for Max. Sally is taken aback when she sees Kevin in the Rovers with Jenny, who Norris berates for the way she treated Rita, and Linda persuades Owen that they should forgive and forget for the sake of the girls

  • Season 1 Episode 8580: EPISODE: 8580

    Todd's plan to make Jason jealous goes into overdrive when Eva confides in him that she's secretly meeting Tony for a house auction at a hotel in town. Gail prepares for Michael's welcome-home party, but Callum forces his way in, while Jenny approaches Kevin at the garage and suggests they go for a drink. Linda invites Izzy and Katy to join her for dinner in the bistro and Chesney and Kirk watch nervously as the physio helps Sinead to sit up for the first time since the accident

  • Season 1 Episode 8579: EPISODE: 8579

    David enlists the help of Nick and Gavin to confront Callum, but Gail stops them as they are about to set off and declares that she and Audrey will sort him out. Kevin gets a shock when he meets his internet date, while Eva secretly arranges to attend a property auction with Tony, but tells a deeply suspicious Jason she's going shopping with an old friend. Julie is horrified when Mary comes in the shop and helps herself to groceries without paying and Faye confides in Craig that she plans to give birth in secret and leave the baby outside the hospital

  • Season 1 Episode 8578: EPISODE: 8578

    David tears the house apart looking for the package after Callum tells him he's got an hour to find it or he's taking Max, while Linda tells Izzy and Katy the reason why she left. With Craig's help, Faye works out that she must be seven months pregnant and promises to tell Anna, and Jason confides in Todd that he thinks Tony is having an affair. Julie summons Mary and Sophie for tea in a bid to clear the air

  • Season 1 Episode 8577: EPISODE: 8577

    David reluctantly agrees to look after a package for Callum but later panics when he cannot find it - unaware a suspicious Gail and Sally have taken the item to the police station. Linda snaps after Izzy lets rip at her and tells Owen it's time the girls found out the truth, while Todd spies a chance to stir trouble when Jason confides in him that he's planning a surprise trip to New York for Eva. Kevin tells Tyrone and Luke he's met someone, and Julie and Mary battle for supremacy as they try to assert their authority over the children

  • Season 1 Episode 8576: EPISODE: 8576

    As Dev prepares to leave, he nervously shares out duties, suggesting Mary should be in charge of the children, with Sophie looking after the shop and Julie helping out where necessary. Faye feels sick with anxiety when she attends the school art exhibition with Owen and Anna, and Steve's romantic dinner with Michelle does not go quite as planned. Meanwhile, Callum meets Katy in the Rovers, warning David he's not heard the last of him, and Sean and Billy kiss

  • Season 1 Episode 8575: EPISODE: 8575

    Owen warns Linda to stay away from him and the girls, but she insists she has a right to get to know her own daughters. Meanwhile, Faye takes a pregnancy test after confiding in Craig that she's still gaining weight despite putting herself on a diet. Dev tries to smooth things over with Sophie and Mary when they both complain about Julie, and Steve reveals to Liz that he's planning to cook a meal for Michelle. Elsewhere, David continues to search the missing persons websites in a desperate attempt to find Kylie

  • Season 1 Episode 8574: EPISODE: 8574

    Steve is upbeat ahead of his shift at Street Cars, but the pressure of the job and Andrea's incessant wittering soon take their toll, and he leaves early. Although Izzy refuses to meet Linda, Katy is intrigued to hear what her mother has to say and secretly invites her over to the flat. Elsewhere, Dev asks Mary if she'll look after the children while he's away, and Sharif is thrilled to find more eggs in the hen coop

  • Season 1 Episode 8573: EPISODE: 8573

    Katy is stunned when she realises who the unexpected visitor at No 6 is, while a worried Owen tries to conceal his guilt. Michelle and Tracy are pleased to see a reminder of the old Steve at Amy's birthday meal, and as Dev enthuses about his trip to Mumbai, Julie begs him not to go. Elsewhere, Sharif is thrilled to find his hens have laid their first egg

  • Season 1 Episode 8572: EPISODE: 8572

    Anna and Owen are worried about Faye, so they quiz Craig, who reveals she's being bullied at school. Meanwhile, a familiar face turns up unannounced at the Windasses'. Ken and Liz make plans for Amy's birthday party, agreeing that a family get-together will be good for Steve, while Gail tells Michael she can't imagine life without him and suggests they get married as soon as they can

  • Season 1 Episode 8571: EPISODE: 8571

    With the police on his trail, Callum threatens to tell Max who his real father is if David doesn't provide him with an alibi. Roy bids an emotional farewell to Hayley and announces to Tyrone and Chesney that he'd like to resume his driving lessons. Tony acts as peacemaker between Liz and Michelle, and Eileen tries to convince Steve that he's not alone. Elsewhere, Anna confronts Faye about playing truant, and Gail returns from the hospital with news of Michael's operation

  • Season 1 Episode 8570: EPISODE: 8570

    Callum lets himself into No 8, where a shocked David demands he get out. Steve overhears Liz and Michelle having an angry exchange about Hamish, and Roy heads to the boating lake to scatter Hayley's ashes. A jittery Michael is taken into the operating theatre while Gail waits for news, and Maddie continues to wreak revenge on Norris, who starts to worry about his own sanity. Meanwhile, Audrey spots Faye skiving in town

  • Season 1 Episode 8569: EPISODE: 8569

    Roy instructs Tyrone to sell his Morris Minor Traveller, while Sinead summons him to her hospital bedside for a chat. Steve attends his second session with the therapist and tells him how his family are making matters worse. Elsewhere, Callum assures Katy he is no longer a drug dealer, so she agrees to meet him for a drink, and Craig tries to support Faye when she plays truant again, insisting he'll spend the day with her. Norris is furious to receive a bulk delivery of the Chicken Fancier magazine, and Michael gives Gail and Andy a copy of his will in case he doesn't pull through his operation

  • Season 1 Episode 8568: EPISODE: 8568

    David tells Katy that Callum was Kylie's drug dealer when she demands to know why he dislikes the man so much. Meanwhile, Maddie takes revenge on Norris by tapping away on his tablet computer after he disappears into the back of the shop. Faye confides in Craig that she played truant because some of the girls had been picking on her, so he offers to be her bodyguard

  • Season 1 Episode 8567: EPISODE: 8567

    David heads to an appointment with a solicitor to establish his legal rights regarding Max, while Callum tracks down Katy and his son in the cafe and insists on buying them milkshakes. Chesney leaves Joseph in Roy's care when he visits Sinead in hospital, but lies to her about who is looking after the child, and Sophie reveals she's splashed out on a weekend at a posh country hotel for Maddie's 18th birthday. Faye forges her own absence letter to the school, and Andy gets a shock when his ex-girlfriend delivers plants to the bistro. Will she give his true identity away?

  • Season 1 Episode 8566: EPISODE: 8566

    Sinead is convinced she'll never walk again and will end up being a burden to Chesney. A nervous Steve attends his first therapy session, and Todd stirs things up when Jason confides in him about finding Eva in the flat with Tony. Sophie distracts Norris while Maddie plays a prank on him, and Anna argues with Owen over his constant digs at Gary. Elsewhere, David is uneasy when Katy tells him about Max's visit from Callum

  • Season 1 Episode 8565: EPISODE: 8565

    Katy takes Max to the cafe to give David a break, but the lad sneaks outside and she finds him chatting to Callum. Todd embarks on his plan to sow doubt in Jason's mind about Tony and Eva's relationship, while Norris refuses to hand over the money when Maddie accuses him of shortchanging her. Chesney blames Steve for Sinead's injuries and demands some answers. Awash with guilt and self-loathing, will he be able to defend himself?

  • Season 1 Episode 8564: EPISODE: 8564

    Jason is furious when Eva reveals Tony offered to lend them the deposit for a flat, insisting they're not a charity case. David worries that with Kylie gone he has no parental rights over Max, leaving Callum free to take him at a moment's notice, and Tim heads to No 4 after being tipped off about Sally and Kevin acting strangely. Meanwhile, Zeedan refuses to let Gary serve him in the cafe, and Steph puts pressure on Andy to track down the real Gavin when Michael reveals his operation is in two weeks

  • Season 1 Episode 8563: EPISODE: 8563

    Steve attempts to visit Sinead, but Chesney makes it clear he's not welcome and sends him packing. David hopes a letter found in Kylie's handbag will hold a clue to her whereabouts, and a jealous Todd lets slip to Eva that Jason can't afford to buy a property at the moment. Sean and Billy's date in the pub is cut short when the vicar is called away on business, and Craig helps Tim with his window-cleaning round

  • Season 1 Episode 8562: EPISODE: 8562

    David receives a call telling him Kylie has been caught shoplifting in Rochdale, so he sets off with Eva to find her, while Michelle leaps to Steve's defence in the Rovers when Norris blames him for the crash. Gary starts work at Roy's Rolls, Eva hatches a plan after Eileen complains about the overcrowding in No 11, and the neurosurgeon tests Sinead's legs to see if she has been left paralysed. Elsewhere, Sean prepares for his date with Billy, and Leanne is pleased to hear that Nick is changing the restaurant's name back to Nick's Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 8561: EPISODE: 8561

    Chesney, Beth and Kirk wait anxiously for word of Sinead's operation, Gary apologises to Alya for not being there for her, and Michelle defends Steve as gossip about his role in the crash continues to circulate. Roy tells Mary he hopes they can still be friends, while David, Eva and Max all leave messages on Kylie's phone begging her to come home

  • Season 1 Episode 8560: EPISODE: 8560

    News of Tracy and Carla's fates spreads through the Street, while Sinead is told she has a bone pressing on her spine and needs an urgent operation. Eileen phones Billy to tell him Sean was involved in an accident and Gary arrives at the hospital desperate to find out about Alya. Elsewhere, Yasmeen lets Roy devise some cookery classes at the community centre, while David checks his bank account and notices that Kylie has been shopping in Freshco, so he sets off to look for her

  • Season 1 Episode 8559: EPISODE: 8559

    The emergency services arrive at the crash site and tend the injured as Kirk pleads with Sinead to wake up, and Tracy looks on as her arch-enemy Carla remains trapped inside the minibus. Will everyone make it out alive? The police approach a shocked Steve to question him about the accident. As Michelle helps him to his feet, he finally breaks down and tells her there's something seriously wrong with him and that his doctor has diagnosed depression

  • Season 1 Episode 8558: EPISODE: 8558

    The minibus hangs perilously on the edge of a precipice, and when a shocked Steve regains consciousness, he realises it's in danger of slipping down but is unable to deal with the situation and walks away. As some of the passengers regain consciousness and drag the injured to safety, the vehicle suddenly lurches with Carla still trapped inside. Meanwhile, a concerned Yasmeen sends Roy home after pointing out that he finished his community service session some time ago

  • Season 1 Episode 8557: EPISODE: 8557

    Steve volunteers to drive the high-spirited factory workers to the awards ceremony, but just as Sinead unfastens her seatbelt to reach for someone's mobile phone, the minibus is forced off the road by boy racers and crashes. Anna and Izzy accompany Gary to his court hearing, Roy starts his community service under Yasmeen's supervision, while Luke overhears Michael commenting on Steph eating for two and is horrified to think that his sister is pregnant

  • Season 1 Episode 8556: EPISODE: 8556

    Michael realises Steph and Gavin are hiding something from him and demands answers, while Steve returns from Spain as depressed as before and Liz confides in Tony that she's secretly booked him a doctor's appointment. Roy tells Carla that his community service isn't adequate punishment, and Luke presents Liam with a new football in an attempt to buy his approval

  • Season 1 Episode 8555: EPISODE: 8555

    Michael wakes up in hospital after his collapse and Gail explains they are waiting for his test results, while Gavin gives Steph a shock when she finally gets him to talk to her. Tony admits to Michelle he's gone into business with Tracy and has yet to tell Liz, Yasmeen informs Roy she will be supervising his community service, and Luke is nervous as he prepares for his outing with Maria and Liam

  • Season 1 Episode 8554: EPISODE: 8554

    Gail tells Audrey she was too shocked to give Michael an answer when he proposed, so her mother urges her to grab happiness while she can. Todd goes to open the shop but discovers there has been a break-in and the stock has been trashed, prompting Tony to make Tracy an offer in a bid to save the business. Mary refuses to join Dev and Julie when they take the twins out for a birthday treat, and as Carla returns from LA, Alya takes a call confirming that her boss has won Greater Manchester Businesswoman of the Year. Elsewhere, Maria suggests to Luke it's time he met Liam

  • Season 1 Episode 8553: EPISODE: 8553

    Tony warns Tracy she is playing a dangerous game, but she remains undeterred, while Michael decides it's time he expressed his true feelings for Gail. Mary urges Dev to talk to Julie as she's ruining the twins' routine, Luke is disappointed when Maria cancels their date because of babysitting problems, and Todd grows suspicious after Eva tells Jason she has arranged to meet an old friend for the evening

  • Season 1 Episode 8552: EPISODE: 8552

    Ken offers to run the shop for a stressed-out Tracy and suggests she take some time off, while Tony spots her unwittingly buying a load of stolen gear and warns her the police are on the lookout for it. Gavin's ex-girlfriend Lisa calls at the bistro looking for him, Mary is annoyed when Julie suggests the twins leave their homework and play a board game with her instead, and Maria invites Luke to stay the night while Liam is at a sleepover

  • Season 1 Episode 8551: EPISODE: 8551

    Maria apologises to Luke for her behaviour at the reception and invites him back to her flat, while Liz decides to take action over Steve and tells him he's going with her to Spain so she can keep an eye on him. Sinead is embarrassed when Arlene flirts outrageously with Dev, prompting a jealous Julie to lose her temper, and Billy turns up and explains to Sean that he had a crisis at work

  • Season 1 Episode 8550: EPISODE: 8550

    Kirk is a nervous wreck as he and Chesney prepare for the wedding and while the best man's back is turned, the groom slips out unnoticed. In Liz and Tony's absence, Steve is left to look after the reception with Michelle, but he has to try to cope alone when she gets a better offer from Hamish and leaves, while Mary muscles in on Julie's plans and takes over with her icing bag to decorate the cake. Sean is upset when Billy fails to turn up at the wedding

  • Season 1 Episode 8549: EPISODE: 8549

    Liz tells Michelle she's worried about Steve, while Eileen and Andrea plough through the taxi firm's accounts and are horrified to discover how much money he has blown on his kit car. Kirk overhears Agnes, Nancy and Arlene talking about him and is deeply hurt by their harsh words. Meanwhile, the police call David to say they've searched Callum's flat, and Sean asks Billy to accompany him to the wedding

  • Season 1 Episode 8548: EPISODE: 8548

    Callum lures Max to the Red Rec, where the youngster asks about his mum's whereabouts, while David is frantic when he discovers his stepson is missing and calls the police. Steve is unapologetic about leaving Andrea and Eileen to sort out his mess at Street Cars, so Michelle sets up a date with new client Hamish in an attempt to make him jealous. Beth's relatives arrive in preparation for her wedding and are underwhelmed when they are introduced to Kirk, while Maria tells Luke she won't be inviting him to the ceremony as she wants to take things slowly

  • Season 1 Episode 8547: EPISODE: 8547

    David ignores his family's warnings and calls the police about Callum's drug-dealing and Kylie's disappearance, while one of Michelle's new clients asks her out for a drink, but she declines. Kirk and Chesney both struggle with their speeches for the wedding, Alya suggests to Izzy that they try to get on as they have to work together, and Anna returns to the cafe, making it clear to a saddened Roy that she's only doing it for the money

  • Season 1 Episode 8546: EPISODE: 8546

    David offers Macca money to take him to find Kylie, while Roy returns from court feeling wretched and calls on Mary, but she makes it clear she's disappointed he resorted to violence. Luke's plans for the evening are derailed when Tyrone arrives home early, while Erica is relieved when she learns that Nick only wanted a fling too, but goes on to mischievously declare deep feelings for him. Will he realise it's an act?

  • Season 1 Episode 8545: EPISODE: 8545

    Eva and David are worried for Kylie's safety and go to the Dog & Gun in search of her, where they confront Callum over her whereabouts. As the teenage thugs approach the cafe, Yasmeen wades in and sends them packing, while Chesney wishes Roy luck as Tyrone drives him to his court hearing. Will he pay the price for his unreasonable force? Alya admires the basque Sinead has made for Beth and slips it into her bag to take to a wedding fair that afternoon, Luke invites Maria round for dinner, but she plays hard to get, and Alya and Gary tell Yasmeen and Kal they're seeing each other again

  • Season 1 Episode 8544: EPISODE: 8544

    Roy feels guiltier than ever when Gary calls into the cafe and tells him how sorry he is for breaking in, while David allows Michael to move into No 8 after he is evicted from his flat. Liz tells Steve he can borrow from the Rovers' account to pay his staff, while Erica confides in her friend that she only ever wanted a holiday fling with Nick and is worried that he expects more. Steph texts Katy about how she's hoping for a New Year's Eve kiss with Gavin, but is horrified to realise she's sent the message to him by mistake and grabs his phone to delete it

  • Season 1 Episode 8543: EPISODE: 8543

    Liz finds Steve hiding in his bedroom and demands to know what's going on with the Street Cars finances, and he tells Eileen and Andrea it's just a mistake at the bank and he'll sort it out. Roy admits to Anna that he repeatedly hit Gary with the cricket bat, while Kal breaks the news to Alya that Gary is in hospital after trying to break into the cafe and warns her to stay away from him. Erica explains to Nick that she'll no longer be returning to Spain as she has to stay and look after her mother. How will he react to the news?

  • Season 1 Episode 8542: EPISODE: 8542

    Eileen and Michael are concerned to discover they've not been paid but can't get hold of Steve, so Andrea investigates and is horrified to find out the Street Cars account is £10,000 overdrawn. Roy tells the police he thought Gary was one of the teenagers who's been hounding him and admits hitting him repeatedly, while Gary himself lies and says he was struck only once. Gavin panics when Leanne asks for a reference and his national insurance number, and Nick treats Erica to a Spanish lunch in the bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 8541: EPISODE: 8541

    Long-running drama with the residents of England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 8540: EPISODE: 8540

    Long-running drama with the residents of England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 8539: EPISODE: 8539

    Hour-long episode. Kylie stays at home to prepare Christmas dinner while Gail, Michael and David call in at the bistro to see Nick, but she is horrified when Callum lets himself in, presents Max with a new bike and refuses to leave. Amy and Tony are taken aback by how much Steve has spent on presents and food, while Michelle misreads his signals and tries to kiss him, and Tracy grabs Tony under the mistletoe. Gary loses his temper when Owen and Katy make digs at him for wasting Faye's money on booze, and Yasmeen and Roy run the soup kitchen. Gavin is uneasy when his dad presents him with an engraved family tankard, and Jason is upset when he realises he's bought Eva the wrong perfume

  • Season 1 Episode 8538: EPISODE: 8538

    Gary is gutted to discover he's bought Jake the same present as Anna, Callum tries to tempt Kylie with cocaine, and Lloyd gets a call from the British Embassy to tell him Jenna's been arrested in Spain. Roy suggests to Yasmeen they organise the soup kitchen at his cafe rather than the community centre, and Sally offers them Sophie and Maddie's services

  • Season 1 Episode 8537: EPISODE: 8537

    Gary takes his son out for the afternoon, but when Jake suffers a slight injury Izzy immediately blames him for his lack of care, prompting Owen to issue a few home truths of his own. Kylie is unnerved when Callum drops his car off at the garage for a service and tells her she'll be seeing more of him, while Steve attempts to put on a happier front by suggesting holding a massive Christmas party at the Rovers, and Tim shows Sally a picture of a second-hand sofa he's found

  • Season 1 Episode 8536: EPISODE: 8536

    Tony and Tracy both regret their moment of madness and agree to keep quiet about it, but Todd has his suspicions about the pair, while Lloyd and Andrea are perturbed to learn that Steve is wasting even more money on restoring his car. Steph flirts with Gavin as they work together at the bistro and tells Nick she's employing him as barman to help out over Christmas. Meanwhile, Rob's sentencing is the talk of the Rovers and Carla walks out when Norris makes an insensitive remark, leaving Roy to console her

  • Season 1 Episode 8535: EPISODE: 8535

    Tracy is on edge as she waits for news of Rob's sentencing, while Leanne persuades Peter to extend the deadline on the rent for the shop. Tyrone and Kevin are amazed when Steve agrees to pay extortionate prices for more parts for his kit car's refurbishment, Steph recruits Gavin to help out at the bistro when Nick skives off work to spend the day with Erica, and Alya and Gary both feel wretched

  • Season 1 Episode 8534: EPISODE: 8534

    David is furious when Tyrone buys the corner shop's best Christmas tree from under his nose and the pair end up tussling in the street. Who will be victorious? Alya tearfully tells her family she's going to finish with Gary as their relationship is causing too much heartache, Tony offers to clear Tracy's rent arrears in exchange for 50 per cent of her business, Erica flirts with Nick in the bistro and Gavin tells Michael he hasn't been to see a doctor yet

  • Season 1 Episode 8533: EPISODE: 8533

    Alya attempts to calm a furious Gary after Zeedan gleefully tells him that Owen has taken over the job at the gym, while Tracy continues her charm offensive on Carla, but snaps at Leanne when she reminds her about the overdue shop rent. In the bistro, Gail catches an impatient Erica helping herself to a drink and leaving the money on the bar and orders Nick to throw her out, while Billy enjoys the Grimshaws' company despite Todd's snide comments

  • Season 1 Episode 8532: EPISODE: 8532

    Kylie angrily tells Callum she has quit drugs and wants to be left alone after he persists in phoning her, while Amy is jealous when Carla gives Simon an expensive keyring for the school auction. Gary is stunned when Kal sacks him from the building job at the gym, while Yasmeen urges Alya to take her relationship slowly, rather than rebel against her father. Liz is thrilled when her old friend Erica (ex-Emmerdale and Bad Girls star Claire King) turns up at the Rovers, Luke helps out at the salon hoping for an invite to the staff Christmas meal and Sean is on edge as he prepares for Billy to meet the Grimshaws over tea

  • Season 1 Episode 8531: EPISODE: 8531

    Kylie lies when David demands to know the name of her dealer, terrified about what Callum might do next, and her fears are exacerbated when Max reveals he'd like David to become his legal dad. Maria and Luke enjoy their first date at the bistro, while Julie is swept away by Dev's chivalrous manner over dinner. Will she accept his invitation to go back to his place for a nightcap?

  • Season 1 Episode 8530: EPISODE: 8530

    Izzy secretly hopes she and Gary might get back together, but he only has eyes for Alya and the pair meet in secret at No 6. David finds it hard to trust Kylie as she says how sorry she is for hurting him, while Maria admits to Audrey she's worried about the age difference between her and Luke. Beth discusses her wedding dress with Sinead, and Kirk asks Chesney to be his best man. Elsewhere, Julie prepares for her date with Dev

  • Season 1 Episode 8529: EPISODE: 8529

    Eva pleads with Kylie to tell David the full extent of her past drug addiction so he can help her, while Zeedan berates Kal for threatening Tony, pointing out he could have lost him his job. Can father and son reach a truce? Leanne suggests it's time Alya and Gary came clean about their relationship, Audrey advises Maria not to let Luke slip through her fingers, and Sean is nervous as he and Billy have their first date at the bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 8528: EPISODE: 8528

    Hour-long episode. A desperate Kylie sets off to find Callum after running out of drugs, while Eva agrees to take a worried David to his wife's old haunt the Dog & Gun. Kal is furious that Tony is exploiting Zeedan when he should be with his family, Luke comes to the rescue after Maria accidentally stabs herself in the eye with a mascara wand, and Tim worries he's going to have to pull out of the school auction as his reading just isn't up to it. Katy confides in Alya that she reckons Gary and Izzy are getting back together, and Owen unwittingly lets slip to Diane that Kevin gave her sofa to Sally

  • Season 1 Episode 8527: EPISODE: 8527

    Kevin takes Diane out for a meal where they bump into Tim and Sally, who suggest they come back for a nightcap, while Sean is about to head home when he meets Billy Mayhew, the new vicar at St Mary's, and the pair swap phone numbers. Ken tells Tracy she should be grateful that Carla has paid off her wedding debts and Yasmeen points out to Sharif that No 6 is convenient for both the gym and the community centre

  • Season 1 Episode 8526: EPISODE: 8526

    Kevin panics when a woman named Diane calls in to the garage and explains she'd like the sofa he bought back as her husband only sold it out of spite as they're getting divorced. Sean is excited at the thought of a night out with his friends, Yasmeen suggests to Sharif they should look at buying No 6 as it is going up for auction, while Carla hands Michelle a cheque to cover Tracy's debts and pay off the wedding suppliers

  • Season 1 Episode 8525: EPISODE: 8525

    Hour-long episode. Tracy uses Rob's keys to let herself into Underworld and in a rage trashes the office, but Carla turns up and threatens to call the police. Kevin buys a posh second-hand sofa, but fails to get it through the door of No 13, while Alya invites Gary to the factory for some time alone, and the police inform Todd they've caught the man who assaulted him

  • Season 1 Episode 8524: EPISODE: 8524

    Tracy worries that she is going to go out of business and is tempted when Tony calls in to the shop and once again offers her dodgy stock, while Alya asks Leanne if she and Gary can use her flat so they can meet up in secret. Sally gives Tim a reading lesson and Lloyd warns Steve that he's throwing good money after bad and he should get rid of the sports car

  • Season 1 Episode 8523: EPISODE: 8523

    Michael is worried that he has scared his son away, but Gavin reconsiders after he talks things over with Steph in the Rovers. Beth buys a birthday present for Craig in Barlow's Buys and Tracy gives her Rob's cufflinks for free in an attempt to hurt Carla, while Dev plans an evening out with Julie and asks Mary to come round, but she gets the wrong idea about why she has been invited

  • Season 1 Episode 8522: EPISODE: 8522

    Nick complains he's short-staffed at the bistro, so Michael offers Gavin's services, while Carla storms into the shop and demands to buy all Rob's possessions, appalled that Tracy could be so callous as to sell them. Julie and Dominic go out for lunch and realise that Dev has been telling each of them scurrilous stories about the other, while Tracy tries to get Todd to leave the house and get back to work

  • Season 1 Episode 8521: EPISODE: 8521

    Tyrone is stunned when Steve tells him to go ahead with repairs on his sports car that will cost more than it is worth, while Liz tricks her son and Michelle into working the same shift, hoping it'll give them a chance to talk. Gavin suggests it might be better if he and Michael didn't see each other again, Dev does his best to sabotage Dominic's date with Julie, and Craig gives Norris his first lesson on his tablet computer

  • Season 1 Episode 8520: EPISODE: 8520

    Liz and Michelle lay into Steve, demanding to know where he's been and what he's playing at. Will he tell them about his visit to the doctor? Audrey quizzes Gavin about his mother, while Michael admits to Gail he still hasn't told his son about his heart condition. Tracy sorts through Rob's things to find out if there is anything worth selling, and Dev calls on Julie with the intention of admitting he has feelings for her

  • Season 1 Episode 8519: EPISODE: 8519

    Liz is frustrated by her son's attitude and worried about the impact it's having on Amy, so Steve plucks up the courage to see the doctor. Michael heads out on a fishing trip with Gavin and explains how he burgled Gail's house, but she forgave him, while Tony calls in to Barlow's Buys and offers to supply Tracy with more dodgy gear. Julie makes a point of telling Dev about her forthcoming date with Dominic, and Norris finally tracks down his elusive parcel

  • Season 1 Episode 8518: EPISODE: 8518

    Michelle gives Steve an ultimatum, either he tells her what's wrong or she's leaving him, while Michael apologises to Gavin for being an absent father and hopes they can get to know each other. Dev is quietly jealous when he introduces Julie to his golfing friend Dominic and they hit it off immediately, while Kylie receives a text from Callum, but quickly deletes it without reading it

  • Season 1 Episode 8517: EPISODE: 8517

    Michelle books a weekend in the Lakes, but Steve shows no interest in going, while Michael braces himself to meet his long-lost son Gavin. Julie agrees to accompany Dev to the party when Mary suffers an allergic reaction to her false eyelash glue, and Owen, Anna, Gary, Katy and Faye move into the bookmaker's flat, determined to make the best of it. Pretending she's got a nail appointment, Kylie leaves David at the salon and heads off to meet Callum

  • Season 1 Episode 8516: EPISODE: 8516

    Steve apologises to Michelle and offers to help at the hoedown, but makes a rash decision to buy a sports car and insists Steph join him for a spin. Gail and Michael put a note through Gavin's door when no one answers, and Callum texts Kylie to suggest they meet up. Meanwhile, Carla makes a decision about Alya, and Tim is touched when Faye offers to teach him to read

  • Season 1 Episode 8515: EPISODE: 8515

    A furious Sally starts throwing Tim's possessions out of the bedroom window and shouting abuse at Anna. Will he tell her the real reason he was spending time with her? Steve insists on helping out behind the bar when Steph finds herself short-staffed, while Alya thinks she has blown her job interview and is horrified when Kal begs Carla to give her a chance. Elsewhere, Faye confides in Craig that she's dreading moving to the flat above the bookmakers

  • Season 1 Episode 8514: EPISODE: 8514

    Sally bursts into No 6 while Anna is giving Tim his reading lesson and demands to know what is going on, while Steve sneaks back to the bistro in a bid to avoid Michelle. Alya prepares for an interview for a manager's job with Carla, Owen is delighted when Tony offers him work on a warehouse conversion, and Michael and Gail return to the bar in town to get Gavin's contact details

  • Season 1 Episode 8513: EPISODE: 8513

    Carla promises Simon she'll arrange for him to visit his dad in Portsmouth whenever he wants to, while Leanne confronts Gary and Alya, demanding to know what is going on between them. Sally becomes convinced Tim is having an affair with Anna, Michelle despairs when Steve arrives at the Rovers drunk and late for his shift, and Fiz accompanies Cilla back to Wolverhampton. Will Chesney finally forgive his mum?

  • Season 1 Episode 8512: EPISODE: 8512

    Peter breaks the news to Simon that he's moving to Portsmouth, while Sally notices Tim and Anna having a hushed conversation and is immediately suspicious. Alya and Gary kiss passionately in the builder's yard until they realise Leanne is watching, Kal confronts Tony about Zeedan's wages, and Cilla admits to Fiz and Tyrone what a dreadful mother she's been. Meanwhile, Michelle arranges the rotas so that she and Steve spend more time together working in the Rovers

  • Season 1 Episode 8511: EPISODE: 8511

    Michelle calls at No 1 and hands Peter an envelope containing Carla's wedding ring, while Ken is horrified to find a bottle of vodka hidden in his son's jacket. Cilla babysits Joseph, but has to leave him in the care of Craig and Faye when she slips and hurts her back, and Eileen, Jason and Eva fuss round Todd when he returns home from hospital. Tim tells Sally he's heading out on his window-cleaning round when he embarks on his first reading lesson with Anna, and Kal is furious to discover Tony isn't paying Zeedan the minimum wage

  • Season 1 Episode 8510: EPISODE: 8510

    Peter pleads with Carla to give him five minutes to hear what he's got to say, and thanks her for handing him a lifeline. Eileen confides in Jason, Julie and Sean that she blames herself for Todd's attack, while a jealous Chesney explains to Rita that he wishes his mother had made the same effort for him as she does for Craig. Sally surprises Tim with a romantic meal, but she is suspicious when he is evasive, and Kal tells Zeedan he could do much better than labouring for Tony

  • Season 1 Episode 8509: EPISODE: 8509

    Peter arrives back on the Street and comes face to face with Carla in the Rovers, while Steve offers an awkward apology as he shakes his hand. In hospital, Todd is horrified to see the extent of his injuries and the doctor confirms it's likely he will be scarred for life. Tim tries to back out of his reading lesson with Anna, but she refuses to let him, and Gary and Alya make plans to meet in town. Elsewhere, Katy announces she wants to train as a paramedic

  • Season 1 Episode 8508: EPISODE: 8508

    Chesney thaws toward Cilla when she cooks a meal for her extended family, and he ends up inviting her to stay with them at No 5. Tim confesses to Anna he's illiterate and has to find a way of getting out of the school auction, prompting her to offer to help him learn to read. Meanwhile, Mark regales an enthralled Katy with heroic tales of his time as a paramedic

  • Season 1 Episode 8507: EPISODE: 8507

    Tracy faces the consequences of her actions, and Todd offers to take Eileen, Jason and Eva out for dinner in an attempt to build bridges, but the evening doesn't go to plan. Tim agrees to run the Christmas auction at Faye's school, despite knowing he'll be required to read from a script, while Izzy, Katy, Alya, Beth and Kirk attend Yasmeen's first-aid course and the girls are instantly smitten by instructor Mark

  • Season 1 Episode 8506: EPISODE: 8506

    Tracy packs some things into a holdall ready for her getaway with Rob. She decides to spend her last few hours with Amy, but Ken arrives home announcing the police have found the murder weapon. Roy offers Todd some advice and suggests it's time he ended the rift with family and friends, while Maria moans about Luke, but it's clear to Audrey that she fancies him. Yasmeen tries to drum up interest in the first-aid course she's running at the community centre, and when Izzy agrees to go, Katy finds herself press-ganged into it

  • Season 1 Episode 8505: EPISODE: 8505

    Ken is alarmed to discover Tracy is missing and sets off to search for her. Maria drives Luke to a country cottage where she's made an appointment to view a car, but the pair bicker over her driving skills, while Tony turns on the charm for birthday girl Liz. Eva does her best to encourage Todd and Eileen to talk to each other, only for Jason to wade in, and Michael arrives home drunk after trawling the pubs of Manchester for Gavin

  • Season 1 Episode 8504: EPISODE: 8504

    As the net closes in on Rob, he phones Tracy, begging her to meet up with him and bring some cash. Will she agree? Tony tries to win Liz round with a surprise romantic meal in the back room of the Rovers, while Maria asks Luke if he'll go with her to look at a car she's thinking of buying. Michelle is at her wit's end as she tries to juggle her work commitments, and Michael's cousin provides him with a possible address for his son Gavin

  • Season 1 Episode 8503: EPISODE: 8503

    The time has come for Rob to make an honest woman out of Tracy - which given both of their backgrounds is ironic to say the least. Will the couple get their happily ever after, or will Carla play her trump card? Meanwhile, Michael realises it's now more important than ever that he should find his son, and Maria asks Luke for his help

  • Season 1 Episode 8502: EPISODE: 8502

    The wedding day continues, and as the happy couple pose for pictures ahead of the ceremony, Rob tries to read what's going on behind Carla's expression. Is she about to stand by and watch her brother tie the knot or is Tracy's perfect day about to be blown apart? David accuses Michael of having an affair with Eileen after seeing them in a taxi and getting the wrong end of the stick. It's more than Gail can take - until Michael silences her with an announcement. Fiz and Chesney celebrate their mother's departure, so Sinead decides it's time to tell them about their mother's illness

  • Season 1 Episode 8501: EPISODE: 8501

    The morning of the wedding arrives and Tracy is brimming with happiness as she, Amy and Ken leave for the venue in a horse-drawn carriage. However, that's more than can be said for Rob, who is a bag of nerves, knowing that Carla could use the information she has against him at any moment. Back in the Street, Michael is unable to confide in Gail, so Eileen accompanies him to his hospital appointment, and Fiz and Chesney are glad to see the back of Cilla when she packs her bags and leaves. Michelle admits to Liz how bad things are between her and Steve

  • Season 1 Episode 8500: EPISODE: 8500

    The nightmare begins for Rob as Carla confronts him with what she now believes is the truth - Peter didn't kill Tina but Tracy did, and he is covering up for his bride-to-be. Desperate to save his fiancee and throw his sister off the scent, he tells her more about Tracy's whereabouts on the night Tina was murdered - leaving Carla to put two and two together

  • Season 1 Episode 8499: EPISODE: 8499

    It's been months in the planning, and the time has finally arrived for Tracy to walk down the aisle with Rob - her soulmate, as she tells the women at her hen party in the Rovers. But weddings rarely go smoothly in soapland, and a lot can happen before the couple make it to the venue. While Tracy is partying, Rob is having a much quieter stag do with sister Carla, who is quizzing him about the night of Tina's murder. He tells her exactly where he and his fiancee were - but when Carla nips to the pub to ask Tracy the same question, the answer proves enlightening. Meanwhile, Gemma's close call convinces Kylie to give up drugs, Michael is worried when he receives a letter from the hospital, and Sinead begs Cilla to tell her family about her illness

  • Season 1 Episode 8498: EPISODE: 8498

    Kylie is furious with Callum, so she tracks him to the pub and warns him to stay away from Max and the rest of her family. But as she goes to leave, her old school friend Gemma collapses from an overdose. Elsewhere, Michelle does her best to talk to Steve but can't seem to get him to open up, while Gary begs Alya to give him a chance. Cilla plays the doting granny to Joseph, although Chesney remains unmoved, convinced his mother still has an ulterior motive for her return. But then Sinead notices her racked with pain - will Cilla admit the real reason she is back in Weatherfield?

  • Season 1 Episode 8497: EPISODE: 8497

    Kylie is irritable as she tries to cover the fact she's on another comedown, but when Callum phones demanding to see her, she makes her excuses and leaves. Although she is happy enough to take more drugs from him, she is horrified with what he asks in return. Liz and Tony are like a couple of excited teenagers as he moves his belongings into the Rovers, while Michelle hits on a plan to cheer Steve up and put the spark back into their relationship. Prodigal mum Cilla insists on buying lunch for Fiz and Tyrone - convincing her suspicious daughter that she must be after something - and Yasmeen proudly opens the community centre

  • Season 1 Episode 8496: EPISODE: 8496

    Steve visits Jim in prison but this is far from a social visit as the angry son tells his dad everything he knows about his scheming, and then reports him to the wardens for the illegal use of a mobile to harass Liz. Kylie's drug habit puts young Liam in danger, and Tyrone and Fiz invite Roy round for dinner so he doesn't have to worry about being alone, only for their meal to be interrupted by none other than the long-absent Cilla. Tony and Liz finally kiss and make up, prompting them to make a sudden decision, while Yasmeen and her family put the finishing touches to the new community centre

  • Season 1 Episode 8495: EPISODE: 8495

    Peter is stunned as the verdict is announced, while Rob does his best to hide his feelings. Is the accused going down for a murder he didn't commit or will the search for the real killer now begin? A furious Steve discovers Jim never really wanted to see him again - it was all just part of his bigger plan to win Liz back. Anna and Owen are forced to accept they have to move, which will mean a change of school for Faye, Sinead realises Roy is still nervous after the burglary and avoiding going home alone, and as Kylie reaches for more speed, Gail and Michael almost catch her in the act

  • Season 1 Episode 8494: EPISODE: 8494

    It's judgement day for Peter as he waits nervously for the jury to reach a verdict - and Jim doesn't exactly help, taunting him with the idea that he'll be spending the rest of his life behind bars. Roy is struggling to cope after the break-in, and when he spots a couple of teenagers hanging around, he locks himself inside the cafe. As Liz continues her hostilities with Tony, she pays a visit to Jim - who makes a surprise announcement - and Owen tells Anna they have to be out of the house in 28 days. Kylie promises David she'll do some spring cleaning - then secretly takes more drugs

  • Season 1 Episode 8493: EPISODE: 8493

    The Weatherfield residents gather in the courtroom and listen intently as the judge sums up Peter's case - how will the trial end for the innocent Barlow? Elsewhere, Roy is distraught by the devastation in his home, and although Anna and Jason do their best to help him get things back to normal, he is left feeling terrified and completely alone

  • Season 1 Episode 8492: EPISODE: 8492

    An increasingly anxious Roy tries to gather the strength to say goodbye to Hayley for good as he prepares to scatter her ashes in Blackpool, while Maddie and Sophie discover a break-in at his flat. Peter struggles to keep his cool as he fights for his freedom in the witness box, and Liz confides in Eileen about how Jim is pestering her from prison. Audrey is overcome by fear when she collects her car from Luke

  • Season 1 Episode 8491: EPISODE: 8491

    Carla takes the stand as Peter's trial continues and is forced to describe her husband's affair with Tina - but will her words help or hinder his case? Meanwhile, Anna encourages Roy to try to find closure after he reveals how much he still misses Hayley, and a worried Eileen notices that Steve seems to be shutting himself off from the world. Todd finds the going tough as he looks after Rob and Tracy's shop

  • Season 1 Episode 8490: EPISODE: 8490

    Peter's hopes of being found innocent dwindle as the evidence stacks up against him, while Ken is furious with Rob for raising Simon's hopes that his father will regain his freedom. Steve struggles in court, leading to a panicked outburst in the witness box, and he tells Liz and Michelle he might have made things worse for Peter. Roy is overcome with loneliness when he receives a letter addressed to Hayley and him, while David notices Kylie behaving oddly when she arrives home

  • Season 1 Episode 8489: EPISODE: 8489

    Rob hopes to avoid attending Peter's trial by agreeing to help Carla move into her new flat, but finds himself visiting Tina's grave with a troubled Simon - who asks for reassurance that his dad had nothing to do with her murder. Steve's nerves threaten to get the better of him as he waits to be called as a witness in court, while Kylie goes to see Callum in a bid to get more drugs

  • Season 1 Episode 8489: EPISODE: 8489

    Omnibus. Rob hopes to avoid attending Peter's trial by agreeing to help Carla move into her new flat, but finds himself visiting Tina's grave with a troubled Simon - who asks for reassurance that his dad had nothing to do with her murder. Steve's nerves threaten to get the better of him as he waits to be called as a witness in court, while Kylie goes to see Callum in a bid to get more drugs

  • Season 1 Episode 8488: EPISODE: 8488

    Callum taunts Kylie about her past before giving her a wrap of speed, while David tells Audrey he is worried about his wife and didn't believe her story about going to do a friend's nails. Liz is concerned by Steve's mood after he gets back from the doctor's, Sinead and Chesney explain to Beth and Kirk how they could cut costs by having a 'shabby chic' wedding, and Peter phones Carla from a borrowed mobile to tell her that he still loves her

  • Season 1 Episode 8487: EPISODE: 8487

    The doctor thinks there is something else troubling Steve when he goes to see him about his mole, while Kylie is disappointed that David knocks back her suggestion of a trip to the seaside, so she heads off to see Callum. Rob finds himself railroaded by the Barlows into agreeing to attend Peter's trial, and Sinead comes up with a plan to help Kirk and Beth, who are struggling with all the extra hours they are working to pay for the wedding

  • Season 1 Episode 8486: EPISODE: 8486

    Peter phones the Barlows' house and asks to speak to Carla, but Tracy is furious when she hangs up on him and Deirdre loses her cool as the row escalates. An irate Kylie discovers David is keeping the cupboard containing Max's pills locked and storms off to the Rovers, while Alya tells Gary their kiss was a mistake. Liz tries to put Tony out of her mind, and Steve worries about a mole on his arm

  • Season 1 Episode 8485: EPISODE: 8485

    Liz ignores Tony's demands and visits Jim, who then infuriates her by saying he will only lay off Peter if she keeps coming to see him. Gary continues to flirt with Alya while working on the community centre, and Zeedan invites him to join the family for the Eid celebrations. Later at the bus stop, she steps in for a kiss - does she want to move their relationship on?

  • Season 1 Episode 8484: EPISODE: 8484

    Tony arrives home early from his trip and Liz tells him she is going to see a friend, but Sean lets slip that she has actually gone to visit Jim. Tension mounts between Kal and Zeedan over Leanne, Gary and Alya find it hard to hide their feelings for each other, and Kylie convinces Eva that David and the kids are the only ones who matter to her

  • Season 1 Episode 8483: EPISODE: 8483

    Eva is shocked to see Kylie laughing and joking with Callum rather than speaking to him about Max, while Sally is furious with Tim after receiving a call from someone wanting his 'services'. Eileen thinks Liz should defy Jim and tell Ken and Deirdre that he is blackmailing her, and Dev finds himself making the situation between Mary and Julie worse with his attempts at being kind to both women

  • Season 1 Episode 8482: EPISODE: 8482

    Kylie tells David she is poorly and can't go to work, before heading off to meet Max's dad Callum, while Maddie tries to gather up all the flyers for Tim's window-cleaning business when she spots an unfortunate spelling error. Mary is furious to find Norris and Rita gossiping about a possible romance between Julie and Dev, and Liz confides in Eileen that Jim is using his hold over Peter to blackmail her into visiting him in prison

  • Season 1 Episode 8481: EPISODE: 8481

    Kylie decides to do some digging to get to the bottom of Max's problems and heads back to her old neighbourhood to try to find his dad. Julie offers her services to Dev when Mary is unable to babysit the twins, Maddie finally uncovers what Tim is hiding when she insists he read out her horoscope, and Yasmeen is determined to get her idea for a community centre off the ground

  • Season 1 Episode 8480: EPISODE: 8480

    Kylie breaks down and pours her heart out to Eva, while Maddie is suspicious when Tim ducks out of playing a board game with the family and heads off to the pub with Kevin. Neil reveals he has managed to get his old job back overseas, so Lloyd offers to drive him to the airport, and Mary and Julie continue to battle it out for Dev's attention

  • Season 1 Episode 8479: EPISODE: 8479

    A stressed Kylie takes Max's last remaining pills, believing David is picking up a new prescription - unaware he has been delayed. Tim's patience is tested to the limit as he looks after a poorly Sally, while Neil calls in to see Andrea and Lloyd with news that he is leaving the country for good. Mary invites herself along when Julie casually arranges to see Dev at the gym

  • Season 1 Episode 8478: EPISODE: 8478

    The onlookers gasp as a tired Andrea loses her hold on the roof, while Kylie bumps into a short-staffed Nick outside the bistro and offers her services. Jason is livid to find Eva has invited Todd to stay and storms out of the flat, and Michael is referred to a clinic for tests to determine whether he has a heart condition. Elsewhere, Sophie asks Kevin if he still has feelings for Sally

  • Season 1 Episode 8477: EPISODE: 8477

    A misunderstanding leads Neil to believe that Lloyd and Andrea are getting married, so he climbs onto the roof of the Rovers, insisting he'll only speak to his ex-wife. Eva takes pity on Todd and invites him to stay at her flat, a nervous Michael heads off to see the doctor and Maddie is taken aback when Carla pays her some wages and offers her a permanent job at the factory

  • Season 1 Episode 8476: EPISODE: 8476

    Eileen decides to give Todd one last chance, only to reach the end of her tether when she finds him drunk and arguing with Michael and Sophie. Liz asks her ex-husband to leave Peter alone for Ken and Deirdre's sake, but Jim has already warned his fellow inmate that they have unfinished business. Andrea and Lloyd change tack and try chatting politely to Neil when they bump into him, while Tim agrees to go for a pint with Kevin

  • Season 1 Episode 8475: EPISODE: 8475

    Todd is devastated when he overhears a drunken Eileen complaining to Sean about him, while Deirdre begs Liz to visit Jim and ask him to lay off Peter. Will she agree? Audrey and Nick urge Gail to ditch Michael before she ends up being his carer, and Tim is not happy that Sally didn't warn him about Kevin's return

  • Season 1 Episode 8474: EPISODE: 8474

    Ken and Deirdre wait for Peter in the prison visiting room, but two inmates turn up in his cell and march him off to see Jim. Gail offers to accompany Michael to the doctor's when he tries to back out of his appointment, while Todd's presence at No 11 causes ructions within the family. Sophie announces that Kevin is due home the next day, Maddie continues to impress her new colleagues and Andrea spends the day tidying Lloyd's flat as she tries to avoid Neil

  • Season 1 Episode 8473: EPISODE: 8473

    After he finds out what Jim has done, Steve decides he has no choice but to confront his father about his alcohol racket. On the defensive, Jim says he had no idea how serious Peter's situation was. Will the pub landlord believe what he hears or turn his back once and for all? Elsewhere, a concerned Michael admits to Gail he has been suffering from heart palpitations and moments of dizziness, while Mary finally meets her match in the form of Julie. Ken spots Maddie and Sophie when they take Eccles out for a walk, but will he be able to appeal to Amy to reveal the truth about the dog biting her?

  • Season 1 Episode 8472: EPISODE: 8472

    Peter is forced to reveal the truth about Jim's blackmail when Tracy tells him that Amy will be coming to visit her grandad in prison, and urges her to let Steve know what really happened. Elsewhere, Michael is distraught to learn that his father died in his fifties, and is concerned when he discovers his death was the result of a hereditary heart condition. Tim's allergic reaction to Eccles looks set to blow Sophie and Maddie's cover, while the tearaway finally manages to impress Carla with her packing skills at Underworld. Mary is less than impressed at being left to babysit again when Dev and Julie head out for a cosy drink

  • Season 1 Episode 8471: EPISODE: 8471

    Peter realises he is being manipulated when his cell is trashed, and Jim makes it clear that Steve must not find out who supplied the alcohol that almost killed him. Tony makes a final bid to end the situation with Tyrone and Fiz, and offers the couple £5,000 to settle the case out of court, while Eileen and Eva try to show them the impact it could have on Jason's future if they take it any further. Eccles remains hidden at No 4 as Ken and Deirdre's concerns increase, Neil steps up his campaign against Andrea and Lloyd, and Gail helps Michael to track down his real father

  • Season 1 Episode 8470: EPISODE: 8470

    Tyrone is baffled to find the garage unlocked, lights flashing and music blaring out from a car - until a scheming Todd appears and suggests the prank break-in may be Tony's attempt to threaten him. What will happen when Tyrone confronts the electrician? Lloyd gets in deep after realising Neil was purely trying to lure Andrea to the house to seduce her, while Liz is unimpressed to hear Steve has agreed to take Amy on a visit to see Jim. Maddie and Sophie successfully manage to steal Eccles away and hide her at No 4 - much to Simon's relief

  • Season 1 Episode 8469: EPISODE: 8469

    Jason is desperate to settle the situation with Tyrone and Fiz without involving lawyers, but just as the builder comes close to making a deal it seems Todd is going to ruin everything yet again. Neil sets out to cause trouble after Andrea informs him that she has started divorce proceedings. When he threatens to take his own life, Lloyd decides to let himself into his love rival's home before Neil does something drastic. But will he be surprised by what he finds? Peter returns to prison and is warned to watch his back after Jim is forced to stop supplying alcohol, and an unexpected visitor turns up. Elsewhere, Maddie comes to Simon's rescue and Kylie lies to the doctor about Max's medication

  • Season 1 Episode 8468: EPISODE: 8468

    Eva tells Kylie she'll have to confess to David before he realises some of Max's pills are missing - can she bring herself to tell her husband the awful truth? Neil continues to taunt Lloyd and Andrea during their meal, bringing the couple to the end of their tether, while Eileen urges Jason to bury the hatchet with Tony. Mary is jealous as Dev and Julie enjoy a drink together, Tracy gives Deirdre an ultimatum and Michael opens up to Gail about his broken family

  • Season 1 Episode 8467: EPISODE: 8467

    Kylie can't concentrate after poring over the salon accounts all night, so she heads out to buy some painkillers - but back home, she picks up Max's pills instead. Lloyd is annoyed when Neil places an announcement in the local paper to mark his wedding anniversary with Andrea - but typically, his obsessive behaviour doesn't end there. Tony pleads his case with Eileen, hoping she will apologise to Jason on his behalf, while Alya tries a spot of matchmaking between Julie and Dev

  • Season 1 Episode 8466: EPISODE: 8466

    The stress is beginning to tell on Kylie, who blames herself for Max's condition and is struggling to look after baby Lily. With Tyrone refusing to accept Jason's apologies, Eva urges Tony to sort out the mess. However, when he approaches Fiz, he only makes things worse. Andrea is furious to discover Neil lied to her, causing her to worry unnecessarily, while Ken discovers that Tracy and Rob are still planning on getting married, in spite of Peter's predicament

  • Season 1 Episode 8465: EPISODE: 8465

    Long-running drama with the residents of England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 8464: EPISODE: 8464

    An incensed Tyrone confronts Jason and threatens to report him to the building inspector, while Rob desperately tries to persuade Carla not to tell the police what Peter said about Tina's murder. David and Kylie are apprehensive as they give Max his first dose of medication, Beth and Kirk enlist Michelle to be their wedding planner and Alya is appointed captain of Steve's cricket team

  • Season 1 Episode 8463: EPISODE: 8463

    Owen spots the old chipboard in a skip outside the house and tells Fiz and Tyrone it was far too thin to be used for flooring and well below building regulations. Rob is horrified when Carla confides in him that Peter couldn't possibly be the murderer, while Kylie is subdued when Max is diagnosed as having ADHD and prescribed pills. Steve is relieved when Kal's son Zeedan arrives at cricket practise and proves to be a brilliant player

  • Season 1 Episode 8462: EPISODE: 8462

    Carla visits Peter in hospital and is stunned when he assures her that he knows she killed Tina, but will take her secret to the grave and accept the blame himself. Kylie and David are summoned to Max's school after he goes totally out of control, while Fiz tells Tyrone they should push Tony for more money. Ken accuses Tracy of being insensitive and says she should cancel the wedding, while Steve decides to visit Jim in prison and hear his father out

  • Season 1 Episode 8461: EPISODE: 8461

    Carla prepares to set off on holiday as the Barlows nervously wait for news of Peter's condition, while Tony ups his offer of compensation to £2,000 - but Tyrone and Fiz are at odds over accepting it. The psychiatrist suggests she observe Max in school before making her final assessment, while David confides in Gail that he's worried Kylie will want to contact the boy's dad because of his condition. Luke and Katy insist Steph join them for a romantic meal, while Steve frets over the lack of players for his cricket team

  • Season 1 Episode 8460: EPISODE: 8460

    Carla is taken aback when she hears that Peter is critically ill in hospital and feels torn when Ken calls in to the factory and begs her to visit him. Kylie is desperate to make a good impression at Max's psychiatric assessment, while Fiz confronts Tony, Jason and Todd and asks them to increase their offer as £1,000 compensation isn't enough to tide her and Tyrone over. Steph admits she finds the idea of her brother and her best friend together too weird. Will Luke and Katy call time on their fling?

  • Season 1 Episode 8459: EPISODE: 8459

    A desperate Peter tracks down Jim's stash of booze and drinks the lot, while Tony calls at No 11 offering to fix the damage and give Tyrone £1,000 to tide him over. Will he be appeased by the offer? Dev tries to win Julie round after she takes offence at his backhanded compliment, Katy calls at the garage to tell Luke they can only be friends, and Steve makes some signings for his pub cricket team

  • Season 1 Episode 8458: EPISODE: 8458

    A nervous Liz visits Jim in prison, where he reveals how much he misses his family and tries to convince her that deep down she still loves him. Jason frets as he blames Tony and Todd for the fact that Tyrone is in hospital and they can't claim on the insurance, while Tracy runs through her diva-like wedding demands with Michelle. Katy and Luke keep quiet about their kiss, and Julie and Mary compete to impress Dev at the gym

  • Season 1 Episode 8457: EPISODE: 8457

    A devastated Jason promises to help Tyrone out financially by claiming on his insurance. Will Todd be forced to tell the builder the truth about the accident or will Tony make him keep quiet? Steve heads to the prison to visit Peter, who reveals that Jim wants to see him and Liz to put things right, while Luke and Katy arrange a date in the Rovers. Elsewhere, Rita looks to the future and Mary persuades Julie to join her at the gym

  • Season 1 Episode 8456: EPISODE: 8456

    Luke and Katy's night out is put on hold when they race to help Jason lift Tyrone to safety, while Gary blames Todd for the accident because of the substandard boards that were used. Kylie is upset when she misses Lily's first steps while trying to get Max under control, and Steve sets about hastily putting a cricket team together after he challenges the Flying Horse's landlord Dean (comedian Justin Moorhouse) to a match

  • Season 1 Episode 8455: EPISODE: 8455

    Tyrone is impressed with Jason's work on his new loft conversion, but while admiring it he falls through the floor into the bedroom below - where he lies unconscious. Kylie is devastated when Max causes chaos at Lily's birthday party, Luke invites Katy for a night on the town when Steph changes her plans, and Steve is less than happy about visiting Peter in prison

  • Season 1 Episode 8454: EPISODE: 8454

    Nick and Leanne have a heart-to-heart. Will he accept that her future is with Kal and agree to a fair divorce settlement or will hostilities continue? Carla is furious to discover Maddie has taken Eccles on a mercy dash to the vet's in her car, while Peter phones Steve and begs him to come and see him in prison. Lloyd and Steve stake out Neil's house from their car and are highly amused when a children's clown they booked knocks on his door

  • Season 1 Episode 8453: EPISODE: 8453

    Nick mocks Leanne as she sweeps up outside the kebab shop and when she lays into him, he feigns a dizzy spell. Fed up of Maddie giving Simon all the attention, Amy deliberately unties Eccles outside the shop and Deirdre is distraught to discover the dog is missing, while Jim agrees to supply more alcohol to Peter if he can persuade Steve to visit him

  • Season 1 Episode 8452: EPISODE: 8452

    Peter promises to do whatever Jim wants as long as he gets him more booze, while Ken fears his son will drink himself to death and debates reporting him to the prison authorities so he can get help. Neil sends Andrea a barrage of texts and orders a stack of pizzas to be delivered to the cab office - so Steve advises Lloyd it's time to play him at his own game. Leanne accuses Nick of faking his seizures, while Sophie suggests Maddie needs another job and asks Carla about a packing post at the factory

  • Season 1 Episode 8451: EPISODE: 8451

    Neil becomes nostalgic as he and Andrea share a drink, while Lloyd decides enough is enough and orders him to leave. After a disastrous walk in the countryside, Ken and Deirdre attempt to clear the air. Will they finally admit they actually missed each other? Leanne is furious with Peter for drinking before Simon's visit and David warns Nick that he has to stop faking seizures

  • Season 1 Episode 8450: EPISODE: 8450

    Leanne does her best to prepare Simon as they head off to visit his father in prison, while Peter begs Jim for some alcohol to settle his nerves. Andrea is horrified when Neil reveals he's passed up the job in order to try to win her back, Deirdre and Ken attempt to conjure up a bit of romance on their holiday, and Dev offers Leanne a job in the kebab shop

  • Season 1 Episode 8449: EPISODE: 8449

    Gail announces to her family that she and Michael are now an item, while Ken tries to persuade a reluctant Deirdre to set off on their caravan holiday. Kirk hides the engagement ring in Beth's kebab, but he panics when she throws it in the bin claiming she needs to lose weight. As he desperately tries to retrieve the precious item of jewellery, will he finally pop the question?

  • Season 1 Episode 8448: EPISODE: 8448

    Nick admits to Audrey he's at his wits end with the pressure of the divorce after he takes his frustrations out on Sophie at the bistro. Michael offers to be Gail's servant for the day and tells her how much she means to him, Beth is disconcerted by Kirk's strange behaviour, and Deirdre is less than impressed when Ken reveals he's booked them a caravan holiday

  • Season 1 Episode 8447: EPISODE: 8447

    Michael's romantic picnic with Gail is ruined when he inadvertently runs over her foot, and his day goes from bad to worse when he then misses his curfew after taking her to A&E. Jim promises that he'll find Peter some alcohol in return for some biscuits, Jenna announces to Lloyd that she's leaving to do voluntary work overseas and Kirk prepares a romantic meal at home for Beth as he again psychs himself up to propose

  • Season 1 Episode 8446: EPISODE: 8446

    Jim promises to supply Peter with alcohol in return for his help, while Neil tells Andrea he has a year's contract working abroad and wants her to go with him. Kylie is unimpressed when Gail says she can't babysit Max as it clashes with her lunch date with Michael, Michelle talks Rob into hiring her to organise his wedding, and Kirk takes Beth to the cafe with the intention of proposing. Will everything go to plan?

  • Season 1 Episode 8445: EPISODE: 8445

    A depressed Peter reckons he may as well plead guilty at his hearing, but Jim insists that if he loves his son he needs to stand up and fight to prove his innocence. Andrea tries to make peace with Jenna, while Neil approaches his estranged wife in in the street and begs her to give him another chance. Gail and Michael try to help Kylie as she struggles to cope with Max's behaviour, Kirk contemplates how best to propose to Beth, and Gary expresses concern about the cheap building materials being used on Tyrone's loft conversion

  • Season 1 Episode 8444: EPISODE: 8444

    Peter pays a visit to an inmate who sells alcohol to the prisoners and is shocked to discover it is Jim McDonald, who is still serving his sentence for the armed robbery he committed to raise funds to buy the Rovers. Rob is unnerved when Ken tells him he's hired a new solicitor for Peter and is determined to find the real killer, while Kirk rushes Beth to the doctors after she suffers an allergic reaction to the bath bomb

  • Season 1 Episode 8443: EPISODE: 8443

    Rob invites Simon along to the zoo with Tracy and Amy to stop Ken from taking him to visit Peter in prison, while Lloyd is worried when Neil turns up at the cab office and tells him Andrea has disappeared without a trace. Chesney and Sinead attempt to make a range of bath bombs, which Beth and Kirk put to the test, and Tony and Todd buy cheap building materials for Tyrone's loft conversion

  • Season 1 Episode 8442: EPISODE: 8442

    Ken visits Peter in prison and assures him he is convinced of his innocence and then turns to Deirdre to help him find Tina's killer, and Jason discovers Todd tried to dupe Norris into thinking he needs a new roof. Steve and Jenna are worried when Lloyd admits he still misses Andrea, while Chesney and Sinead struggle to find a new business venture and Tracy and Rob set a date for their wedding

  • Season 1 Episode 8441: EPISODE: 8441

    Ken is furious with Deirdre for not telling him about Peter's plight weeks ago and vows to visit his son as soon as he can, while the doctor tells Kylie and David that Max needs referring to a psychiatrist for assessment. Tony and Todd are unimpressed when Jason offers to do a cut-price loft conversion for Tyrone and Audrey despairs as it becomes clear that Gail and Michael still hold a torch for each other

  • Season 1 Episode 8440: EPISODE: 8440

    Deirdre dreads having to break the news about Peter's imprisonment to Ken, but he gets an earlier flight back to surprise her and then bumps into Carla on the street. Will she tell him before his wife gets the chance? Max's doctor gives Kylie and David a shock, Tony puts pressure on Todd to drum up some business and Michael informs Gail he's had the van fixed

  • Season 1 Episode 8439: EPISODE: 8439

    David is at his wit's end as he struggles with Max's behaviour and tries to voice his concerns to Kylie, but she is immediately defensive and denies there is a problem. Yasmeen and Roy's joy at winning the right to appeal over the library closure is shattered when a fire breaks out. Meanwhile, Amy tells Tracy that Maddie threatened to slap her, and the collector demands £500 for Uncle Albert's medal

  • Season 1 Episode 8438: EPISODE: 8438

    David arrives home with Kylie and the children, telling Gail that a hyperactive Max was a nightmare on holiday and he's worried there may be something wrong with him. Roy and Yasmeen fall out while spending the night protesting in the library, while Maddie deals with Amy when she teases Simon about his dad being in prison. At Rob's insistence, Tracy arranges a meeting with the collector who bought Uncle Albert's medal

  • Season 1 Episode 8437: EPISODE: 8437

    Audrey summons Nick to a family meeting so they can all iron out their differences. Will he accept Michael or will Gail have to make her own choice? Rita witnesses a nasty altercation between Dennis and Norris, while Yasmeen, Roy, Emily, Mary and Craig arrive at the library to stage their protest at its closure. But who will stay after hours and find themselves locked in for the night? Maddie and Simon get on well when she and Sophie look after him

  • Season 1 Episode 8436: EPISODE: 8436

    Nick threatens to sack Steph if she doesn't cancel her night off and then is incensed when he arrives at No 8 to find Gail and Michael kissing in the garden. Anna is shocked to learn the reason why Faye has not been herself, and Roy is tearful after he finds a reminder of Hayley in an old library book. Meanwhile, Rita confronts Dennis in the Rovers. Will he be able to talk her round?

  • Season 1 Episode 8435: EPISODE: 8435

    Nick meets Leanne at the mediator's, but they're soon trading insults, and his day goes from bad to worse when he has a row with Gail, leading Michael to square up to him. Rita agrees to give Dennis another chance, but Julie lets slip to Norris that he insisted she make him homeless, while Anna's fears about Faye being withdrawn only increase when she overhears her snapping at Craig

  • Season 1 Episode 8434: EPISODE: 8434

    After Owen's friends and family rally round, Anna promises him they can put all their mistakes behind them and move on. Leanne apologises to Kal for blurting out that she loves him, while Nick is incensed when his solicitor reveals his estranged wife is entitled to a substantial payout. Norris accuses Dennis of stealing £20 from the till, and Andrea promises that her marriage is over as she begs Lloyd to forgive her

  • Season 1 Episode 8433: EPISODE: 8433

    Tim and Sally offer to take Faye in until the Windasses are out of the financial mire, but Anna is offended and tells them where they can stick their charity. Yasmeen warns Kal that if he ever intends to marry Leanne he'd best draw up a pre-nuptial agreement. She then approaches Nick and tries to persuade him to take his estranged wife back. Andrea calls into the cab office, insisting Lloyd talk things through with her, while Norris moans to Mary about Dennis manipulating Rita

  • Season 1 Episode 8432: EPISODE: 8432

    Neil confronts Steve in the Rovers and accuses him of having an affair with Andrea, prompting Lloyd to step forward and explain the real situation. Bailiffs call at No 6 and Faye unwittingly lets them in, Roy and Yasmeen plan a sit-in at the library, and Gail makes a point of hugging Michael in front of her disapproving family at the bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 8431: EPISODE: 8431

    Neil quizzes Steve about his private life as he takes a taxi to the airport, and Andrea begs Lloyd to give her another chance. Will he be able to forgive her? Amy asks if she can borrow Uncle Albert's medal for her First World War project, but Rob can't find it, while Owen and Anna break the news to Gary, Izzy and Katy about their dire situation. Roy and Emily discuss the closure of the library with Yasmeen, who insists they need to take direct action

  • Season 1 Episode 8430: EPISODE: 8430

    Neil catches Steve comforting Andrea and wrongly assumes he is the 'other man' she is leaving him for, while Deirdre admits to Tracy she hasn't told Ken about Peter's arrest. Owen receives a summons for a bankruptcy hearing, but Anna promises him they'll get through it together, and Roy learns that Yasmeen is the chief librarian as he sets up a petition to protest against the library's closure. Meanwhile, Deirdre unearths a valuable military medal belonging to Uncle Albert

  • Season 1 Episode 8429: EPISODE: 8429

    Steve is shocked when Michelle reveals that Andrea is married and decides to break the news to Lloyd, while Deirdre assures Peter he has her support no matter what - but he is hurt that his own family thinks he is guilty. Julie throws Dennis out during a staged row and Rita agrees to let him stay the night at hers, while Maddie strikes up a rapport with Simon when she and Sophie babysit him

  • Season 1 Episode 8428: EPISODE: 8428

    Andrea breaks the news to Neil that their marriage is over, but insists no one else is involved. Will he accept her story? Deirdre and Tracy visit Peter in prison and ask why he sacked his solicitor, Dennis tells Norris he is determined to win Rita back and won't be beaten, while Roy discovers the library is closing down when he returns an overdue book that Hayley borrowed

  • Season 1 Episode 8427: EPISODE: 8427

    Peter sacks his solicitor after the lawyer suggests he plead guilty, while Norris warns Rita that Dennis is using Tina's death to worm his way back into her affections. Andrea's double life threatens to unravel when Neil turns up in the Rovers, Maddie tells Sophie why she is going to cease all contact with Ben and Carla hires Sally as her PA in the factory

  • Season 1 Episode 8426: EPISODE: 8426

    The police ask Peter how his fingerprints came to be on the charm bracelet and reveal they've found traces of Tina's blood in the outhouse at No 1. Will he be charged with murder? Maddie confides in Tim that it might be better for Ben if she breaks off contact, Andrea tells Lloyd she'll have to talk to her daughter before moving in with him, while Dennis and Rita grow closer as he helps her sort through Tina's things

  • Season 1 Episode 8425: EPISODE: 8425

    Rob starts arguing with Peter in the street as he desperately tries to point the finger of suspicion at him, while Maria and Marcus agree to part as friends as he leaves Weatherfield. Sophie is concerned when Maddie returns from Devon clearly upset about something, Todd starts working for Tony and Jason, and Lloyd suggests to Andrea it's time she moved in with him

  • Season 1 Episode 8424: EPISODE: 8424

    Rob feels the heat as he is quizzed by the police about Tina's bracelet. Is the net finally closing in on the killer or will suspicion fall on someone else? A humiliated Marcus finally sees Todd for what he really is and confides in a sympathetic Maria that perhaps the time has come for him to leave Weatherfield. Gail and Michael enjoy a drink and agree to put recent events behind them - until Eileen makes snide digs about her track record with men

  • Season 1 Episode 8423: EPISODE: 8423

    While having lunch, Rob spots Tracy's new charm bracelet and realises with horror it's the one he stole from Tina's flat. Todd appears sympathetic when Marcus is suspended from work, urging him to spend more time with Liam - but what is he really up to? Izzy and Gary agree not to tell Owen and Anna about Alya as they have enough on their plates, and Luke invites Tyrone to the stock-car racing at Belle Vue

  • Season 1 Episode 8422: EPISODE: 8422

    Gail's doubts about Michael grow as Kylie and David continue to feed her suspicions, but she is forced to apologise when he turns up with the receipt for the TV he gave her. Sean discovers Todd has had another man staying over, and blurts the information out to Marcus. Meanwhile, Alya is concerned that her one-night stand with Gary is behind the break-up of his relationship, so she goes to talk to an oblivious Izzy, and Faye admits to Gary she has a crush on a lad in the year above at school

  • Season 1 Episode 8421: EPISODE: 8421

    Michael thanks Gail for everything she has done by presenting her with a new TV - but David points out how much it cost, making her wonder how he could have afforded it. Izzy and Gary realise their relationship has no future and tell Owen and Anna they are splitting up, Carla decides to sort her life out after her drunken antics with Luke become the talk of the street, and Marcus begs Todd to forgive him for lying about seeing Liam

  • Season 1 Episode 8420: EPISODE: 8420

    Luke makes his excuses and leaves after a drunken Carla tries to kiss him - but Peter spots him making his exit. Izzy does her best to be pleased for Gary when he tells her that he's got a new job, while Kal and Leanne face increasing problems, with Nick still making life difficult for the pair and the Nazir family being unsupportive. Gail's sons despair over their mother's obsession with helping Michael, while Todd makes Marcus feel guilty about visiting Liam

  • Season 1 Episode 8419: EPISODE: 8419

    Carla tells Peter she intends to move out of the flat and buy his half of the business, so he signs over his share of Underworld but refuses to take any money. Later she heads to the Rovers and wastes no time inviting Luke back to her place. Nick tells Leanne she won't see a penny from the Bistro - which he renames Nick's - while she tries to convince Yasmeen that she is not the woman she once was. Gail forces David to explain to Steve how he and Nick threatened Michael, and Marcus goes behind Todd's back so he can spend time with Liam

  • Season 1 Episode 8418: EPISODE: 8418

    Leanne is nervous when Kal invites his family round to her place, but she manages to make a good impression on his mother Yasmeen - until Nick appears and tells them his ex used to be a prostitute. Gail calls at Michael's bedsit and demands to know why he didn't turn up for work, while Luke flirts with an oblivious Carla when she drops her car off at the garage. Max continues to play up, leaving Kylie at the end of her tether, and Steve shows Michelle the retro camper van he's bought for their new business venture. Elsewhere, Andrea's husband Neil postpones his return to Nigeria

  • Season 1 Episode 8417: EPISODE: 8417

    Nick and David go round to Michael's bedsit and warn him not to turn up at Street Cars, while the factory workers are relieved to hear Carla announce that she's secured a large order. Audrey is shocked when Nick humiliates Leanne in front of her, and the Bistro's customers are forced to leave as the tension between the duo reaches boiling point. Steve convinces himself he's going to fail his exam, while Lloyd grows concerned when Andrea remains evasive about seeing him off on holiday

  • Season 1 Episode 8416: EPISODE: 8416

    Gail is determined to help Michael and persuades Steve to take him on at Street Cars, but Nick and David have other ideas, and Leanne's birthday plans are scuppered after she is called into work. A hung-over Marcus gets into Maria's bad books when he fails to show up for Liam, while Todd holds him back by pretending he's upset about losing his job. Elsewhere, Jenna tells Lloyd she's booking them a holiday in Tenerife

  • Season 1 Episode 8415: EPISODE: 8415

    Hour-long episode. David returns home to find Michael there, and after ordering him to get out, he and Kylie visit the jailbird at work and tell his boss that he burgled their house. Maria returns to the Street and agrees to let Marcus continue seeing Liam, before bracing herself to apologise to Fiz, but will she ever be forgiven? Leanne explains to Simon that she and Kal are now an item, while Izzy makes excuses to worm her way out of spending the evening with Gary. Elsewhere, Todd is sacked from Street Cars after Steve finds out he skived

  • Season 1 Episode 8414: EPISODE: 8414

    Gary begs Alya not to tell Izzy about their one-night stand, while Michelle tries to persuade Steve to stop wallowing in self-pity and attend his birthday party. Gail is horrified when an embarrassed Michael shows her the love letter she supposedly wrote to him, and Tracy takes a shine to the charm bracelet at Deirdre's, so she claims it as her own. Carla tells a peeved Sally she can apply for the new PA role - a job she assumed was already hers

  • Season 1 Episode 8413: EPISODE: 8413

    Consumed with guilt over spending the night with Alya, Gary gets a shock when she turns up at the gym. Lloyd tells a depressed Steve about the surprise party, but fails to persuade him not to accept an airport run, so Michelle decides to lure him back by posing as a customer. Deirdre finds Steph's charm bracelet and takes it home, unaware of whom it belonged to, but Peter moves it - leaving his fingerprints all over. Gail is stunned when Michael calls at No 8, and Leanne and Nick argue over their divorce

  • Season 1 Episode 8412: EPISODE: 8412

    Carla reveals her intention to get the factory back on track and apologises to the workers for the awful things she said, while Tracy is unnerved by something in Rob's voice when he talks about Tina's funeral. Izzy fears she and Gary are drifting apart, and during a drinking session with Jason, he chats up another woman - who suggests they go home together. Nick takes drastic measures after Leanne tells him she spent the night with Kal, while Liz and Eileen plan a surprise 40th birthday party for Steve

  • Season 1 Episode 8411: EPISODE: 8411

    Hour-long episode. David reads his eulogy at Tina's funeral, and spotting Peter, he points an accusing finger and tells the mourners she would still be here if it weren't for him. As they gather round the graveside, Peter drunkenly stumbles toward Carla, but Rob steps in and a fight breaks out. Elsewhere, Kylie is scathing of Michael's correspondence, so she poses as Gail to send a reply, and Luke and Katy are about to kiss when Steph walks in on the embarrassed couple. Realising life is too short, Leanne decides to follow her heart and approaches Kal outside the gym

  • Season 1 Episode 8410: EPISODE: 8410

    After telling a disbelieving Tracy he thinks Peter killed Tina, Rob advises the former bookie to move away as his wife and son don't want anything to do with him. Andrea finds herself juggling two lives after her husband returns from Nigeria, and she is panic-stricken when Lloyd asks her to move in with him. Anna and Owen are touched to see Faye earning some extra cash to pay for a family tea. Can they both put the past behind them for her sake?  Elsewhere, Gail sends a letter to Michael, and Rita struggles to write her eulogy for Tina

  • Season 1 Episode 8407: EPISODE: 8407

    When Gary returns home with a drunken Faye after a night out, Owen releases his pent-up anger and punches him, while Sophie urges Sally to tell Tim she doesn't want to get married. Tina's mother Ann arrives on the Street and talks at length about her daughter to Rita and Dennis, while Rob introduces himself and offers to help in any way he can. Marcus tells Todd he's embarrassed about his admission the previous night, and Lloyd enjoys being fussed over by Jenna and Andrea

  • Season 1 Episode 8406: EPISODE: 8406

    Owen and Anna put on a brave face as they head to the Bistro, but the atmosphere is tense when Gary announces he's landed an interview for a 12-month contract. Michelle reluctantly agrees to go back to the Rovers with Steve and talk things through, while Sophie asks Sally if she really wants to marry Tim. Carla is angry when Peter lets himself into the factory and settles down at his desk, and a tipsy Marcus tells Todd that he loves him

  • Season 1 Episode 8405: EPISODE: 8405

    Owen returns from Aberdeen to find Katy packing her things at No 6, and is horrified to discover that she and Izzy know Anna slept with Phelan. Steve calls at the factory and pleads with Michelle to take him back, while Sally is caught off guard when Tim presents her with an engagement ring bought from Barlow's Buys. Gary fixes a leak in the Bistro and in return asks Nick if he can bring his family over for dinner

  • Season 1 Episode 8404: EPISODE: 8404

    Michelle and Rob agree to run the factory for Carla while she recovers. However, Peter turns up announcing that he owns half of the business, and an exasperated Steve tells him that the police reckon he's the murderer. Gail meets Michael (guest star Les Dennis), the man who burgled her house, and Tracy tells Tony that with Rob out of the way they can use the opportunity to move the stolen goods to the shop

  • Season 1 Episode 8403: EPISODE: 8403

    Michelle demands to know what's going on after Tracy lets slip that Steve was at the police station again, while Peter calls out to Carla as Rob helps her into her flat. Filled with dread at the thought of Tim proposing, Sally says she no longer fancies a weekend away, so he suggests a meal at the Bistro instead. Audrey accompanies a nervous Gail on her prison visit and Maddie excitedly tells Sophie she's arranged for them to go to see Ben

  • Season 1 Episode 8402: EPISODE: 8402

    Rob and Michelle rush Carla to hospital as Peter looks on helplessly, while Steve tells the police that the former bookie intended to end his relationship with Tina. Maddie tells Sally she saw Tim at a jeweller's in the town and believes he is going to propose at the weekend, Gail confides in Sharif that she's thinking of meeting her burglar, and Steve misses Amy's school talent show

  • Season 1 Episode 8401: EPISODE: 8401

    The pressure finally takes its toll on Carla when Peter punches Rob, and she doubles up with stomach pains. Steve confesses to Lloyd that he knew about Peter and Tina, and is dreading Michelle finding out, while Sally is thrilled when Tim suggests a romantic weekend away. Gail resolves to go down the route of restorative justice and meet her burglar face to face

  • Season 1 Episode 8400: EPISODE: 8400

    Carla blames Peter for Tina's fate and, handing him a bottle of vodka, suggests he drink himself to death. As he goes off into the night a broken man, will he take her advice? A guilty Steve tells Liz he already knew about the barmaid's relationship, while Tim realises how much effort Sally put into the meal and agrees to try harder to make things work

  • Season 1 Episode 8399: EPISODE: 8399

    The consultant tells Rita that Tina's operation went well, but she remains in a critical condition. Michelle persuades Rob to go to the hospital to get the lowdown as Carla isn't allowed, and the police are intrigued when Steve reveals he'd known for a while about Peter and Tina's fling. Nick demands Leanne's key to the Bistro after informing her that he intends to start divorce proceedings, and Rob tells Tony he doesn't want anything more to do with his stolen goods

  • Season 1 Episode 8398: EPISODE: 8398

    Tina's condition deteriorates and the pressure mounts for one resident as the police tighten the screws on their suspect. Nick puts two and two together and confronts Leanne after Kal lets slip he was with her when they found Tina, while Izzy and Katy are shocked by Anna's revelation that she slept with Phelan. Rita's attitude to Dennis thaws when he calls at the hospital to see Tina

  • Season 1 Episode 8397: EPISODE: 8397

    As Rita and David keep a vigil at Tina's bedside, one resident's life is about to fall apart. But who do the police suspect is behind the attack? Izzy and Katy demand to know what's going on when Owen tells Anna he needs to get away, while Kal is disappointed to hear that Leanne wants to keep their relationship under wraps for now

  • Season 1 Episode 8396: EPISODE: 8396

    The residents are rocked by the news of Tina and Peter's affair, and more horror awaits with the discovery of the barmaid's motionless body. But who is behind this terrible act? Tracy tries to sneak into No 1 through the back yard, but she bumps into Rob doing the same thing, and neither is keen to discuss where they've been. Owen is stunned when Anna finally admits to sleeping with Phelan

  • Season 1 Episode 8395: 27/05/2014

    Tina pays the ultimate price for her illicit love as she is attacked and left for dead. Meanwhile, Owen demands to know from Anna why they never sleep together any more, but she refuses to answer and asks to be taken home. Gail confronts Leanne and Kal about their affair, insisting they tell Nick the truth, and Tracy collects the van full of stolen goods before driving it to Tony's lock-up

  • Season 1 Episode 8394: 26/05/2014

    A reluctant Peter is dragged along to Tracy's engagement party, but just as Carla reveals she is pregnant, Tina walks in. How will she react to this bombshell? Owen surprises Anna with a birthday treat of a night in an upmarket hotel, but it only serves to remind her of the deal she made with Phelan, while Eva unwittingly lets slip to a shocked Gail that Leanne has been seeing Kal behind Nick's back

  • Season 1 Episode 8393: 23/05/2014 (2)

    Rob goes to Carla's flat to tell her of his suspicions about her husband, but finds her doubled over in pain and takes her to the hospital, while Tina rings Peter and insists they leave the next day. Will he agree? Kirk urges Maria to leave her troubles behind and visit their parents in Cyprus, Tony agrees to let Tracy drive the stolen goods alone without Rob's knowledge, and Kal and Leanne decide to break the news to Nick about their relationship

  • Season 1 Episode 8392: 23/05/2014 (1)

    In the Rovers, Rob notices Tina's pen is from the hotel where he bumped into Peter, and realises they are having an affair, while Kirk worries when he cannot get hold of Maria and calls on Audrey, Kylie and Jason to help break into the flat. Sharif tells Kal to follow his heart regarding Leanne, Carla experiences severe stomach pains, and Tracy tells Tony to count her in on the dodgy deal

  • Season 1 Episode 8391: 21/05/2014

    Tina tips Peter off that Carla is looking at houses behind his back and demands that he make a choice. Will he agree to run away with her? A fight breaks out in the cafe when Kirk blames Todd for Maria's behaviour, while Gail's suspicions are aroused by a tense and intimate conversation between Kal and Leanne at the gym. Tony puts pressure on Rob to drive a van load of stolen electrical goods for him

  • Season 1 Episode 8390: 19/05/2014 (2)

    Tyrone confronts Maria about the texts, while Audrey is furious when she realises David knew what was going on. Tina informs a shocked Steph that she intends to leave Weatherfield and take Peter with her, and Sinead is relieved when the truth behind Beth's operation comes to light. Elsewhere, Owen tells Anna he's been offered a couple of weeks' work in Aberdeen

  • Season 1 Episode 8389: 19/05/2014 (1)

    Fiz is shocked when the police call round and tell her the texts to Tyrone are not from Kirsty, and decides to phone the offending number. Will Maria's malicious plan be foiled? Rob grows ever more suspicious of Peter and Tina, Jason is delighted when Owen hands over the keys to the builder's yard, and Beth storms out of the factory after being teased about her breast surgery

  • Season 1 Episode 8388: 16/05/2014 (2)

    Maria tells Tyrone that she's fallen for him, but pretends she is just teasing after his horrified reaction. However, when she spots Fiz approaching, she purposefully hugs Tyrone. Peter breaks down in tears when Carla refuses to let him out of the house, while Eileen throws everyone out when Todd announces that Marcus is moving in, saying she's fed up of being taken for granted. Tony calls at No 11 and reveals he's buying the builder's yard and flat for Jason and Owen informs Anna they may be forced to sell the house

  • Season 1 Episode 8387: 16/05/2014 (1)

    Maria confesses she's in love with Tyrone to Audrey, who decides to have a word with Fiz, while Peter is hungover again and a desperate Carla calls Tracy and asks her to babysit him. Eileen and Todd clash over Marcus staying, Katy and Gail attend their interviews at the gym and Owen is disappointed when he fails to get a job in a factory

  • Season 1 Episode 8386: 14/05/2014

    Rob becomes increasingly suspicious when he finds Tina and Peter deep in conversation in the Rovers backyard and demands to know what's going on. Maria is upset when Tyrone tells her about his plan for a holiday with Fiz and sends him another text apparently from Kirsty, while Todd persuades Marcus to give their relationship a chance. Gail and Katy eavesdrop when Dev and Sharif discuss the need for a receptionist in the gym

  • Season 1 Episode 8385: 12/05/2014 (2)

    Peter has to fight against his craving for alcohol to fulfil his promise to be at Carla's first scan, while Tyrone sees red and punches Todd after he insults Maria, leaving Fiz furious. Owen tells Anna he feels he's let his family down and is going to look for a job, and Luke persuades Maria to let him buy her a drink

  • Season 1 Episode 8384: 12/05/2014 (1)

    Desperate for a drink, Peter heads out to a hotel bar, but Tina insists on accompanying him and he is shocked when Rob enters the establishment. Will they been found out? Izzy faces the music when she returns to work, and Beth tells Sean and Eva she's going to Latvia tomorrow for her breast enhancement. Maria walks in the cafe just as Todd reaches for Marcus's hand, while Owen sees no alternative but to accept Tony's paltry offer for the business

  • Season 1 Episode 8383: 09/05/2014 (2)

    Anna steels herself to confess her infidelity after Owen tells her about Tony's paltry offer for the business, while Peter is upset when Simon is hostile toward him. Jenna agrees to stop being nasty to Andrea for Lloyd's sake, and the factory workers are appalled to discover Izzy took the charity money. Rob and Tracy decide to hold their wedding reception in the Rovers, and Sally calls round with T-shirts as a peace offering for Maddie and Sophie

  • Season 1 Episode 8382: 09/05/2014 (1)

    Izzy is beside herself when Gary tells her they won't receive his wage until next week, and hands the charity money envelope to Julie having borrowed more than £300 from it. Will she confess? Peter arrives back from rehab and asks to see Simon, while Lloyd is touched when Steve offers to give up cigarettes and alcohol to help him quit too. Elsewhere, Maddie and Sophie set off to say goodbye to Ben

  • Season 1 Episode 8381: 07/05/2014

    Tony overhears Owen informing Jason he's selling up, while Anna breaks down in the cafe and confesses to Roy that she's done something terrible. Andrea promises Lloyd she will never leave his side, although Jenna remains unconvinced, and Tina is shaken when Carla tells her that Peter will die if he doesn't stop drinking. Izzy worries about being able to pay the gas bill, and Dennis tugs at Julie's heartstrings by revealing he may have to live on the streets again

  • Season 1 Episode 8380: 05/05/2014 (2)

    Steve blames himself for Lloyd ending up in hospital, while Andrea arrives and spins a story about being waylaid by a friend. Owen thinks money worries are behind Anna's outbursts and decides to make a sacrifice to help her, while Jason urges Tim to fight to win Sally back. Dennis is devastated when Rita tells him to find somewhere else to live, and Julie hands Izzy the charity money raised from the race

  • Season 1 Episode 8379: 05/05/2014 (1)

    Lloyd collapses after confronting Steve about tripping him up during the 5km run, while Kal graciously lets Nick beat him, and Mary is proud to see Dev cross the finish line. Sophie worries about Sally when she hears from Sean that Tim has walked out on her, and Owen resolves to find out what is bothering Anna. Meanwhile, Dennis tries to get back into Rita's good books by looking for a job

  • Season 1 Episode 8378: 02/05/2014 (2)

    Not wanting to hurt Nick's feelings, Kal and Leanne make a huge sacrifice, and Sophie tries to talk some sense into Maddie after she catches her trying to do a runner in Mary's motor home. Sinead arrives for dinner in the Bistro and is horrified to find she's wearing the same dress as Katy, while Tim says he's moving out as he and Sally are not suited. Steve and Lloyd bicker over their fitness prowess, and Tyrone tells Fiz that Maria is too upset to come round for tea

  • Season 1 Episode 8377: 02/05/2014 (1)

    Sophie arrives home to find Ben with Maddie, who tells her she has permission from her brother's foster parents to take him for the day. Having spent the night together, Kal and Leanne hide in the bedroom when Nick calls round, and Tyrone has to drag a screaming Maria away after she sees Marcus in the street. Meanwhile, Sinead dreads the thought of wearing her new dress to please Chesney

  • Season 1 Episode 8376: 30/04/2014

    Kal decides he doesn't want to lose Leanne so he pushes his way into her flat, and Maddie is devastated to learn that her brother Ben is moving to Devon with his foster parents. Maria tries to reassure Fiz that she and Tyrone are just friends, while Sinead tells Julie about the inappropriate dress that Chesney bought her. Elsewhere, Tim gets fed up with Sally harping on about Maddie and storms out of the pub

  • Season 1 Episode 8375: 28/04/2014 (2)

    Fiz enters the pub just as Tyrone is giving Maria a goodbye hug, and Kal takes his frustrations out on Nick, who then knocks Steve to the ground in the gym. Sally is shocked to learn that Kevin has dashed off to Germany as Bill has broken his leg, leaving the girls alone at No 13, and Steph persuades Chesney to buy Sinead a figure-hugging dress with the money Beth gave him. Will she be impressed by the gift?

  • Season 1 Episode 8374: 28/04/2014 (1)

    Fiz discovers the latest message from Kirsty on Tyrone's phone, but is furious to learn that he has already confided in Maria about it. Kal is confused when Nick reveals that Leanne has decided to give him another chance, while Sophie gives Maddie a dressing down for losing her temper in Dev's shop. Beth tells a worried Sinead and Chesney about her forthcoming operation in Latvia, and Steve talks Dev into doing the charity run with him

  • Season 1 Episode 8373: 25/04/2014 (2)

    Nick is still hopeful that Leanne will take him back. Will she tell him how she feels about Kal or lead him to believe he has a chance? Owen voices his concerns to Anna about their relationship, and Maria is relieved when Tyrone tells her the texts will be hard to trace - and decides to send him another one. Meanwhile, Andrea makes up an excuse when Lloyd suggests he stay the night at hers

  • Season 1 Episode 8372: 25/04/2014 (1)

    Kal and Leanne decide to tell Nick about their feelings for each other, but they reckon without his hopes of a reconciliation. Owen leaps to Anna's defence when Liz criticises her cleaning skills on her first day at the Rovers, while Tyrone informs a panicked Maria that Fiz intends to report Kirsty to the police. Will David persuade her to confess before it's too late? Kal shames Steve and Lloyd into agreeing to take part in a 5km run for a good cause, and Izzy uses some of the charity money to pay for her shopping

  • Season 1 Episode 8371: 23/04/2014

    Leanne struggles to resist temptation when she is left alone with Kal, after he steps in for a stripper who fails to turn up for a hen night at the Bistro. Tracy thinks she has found Mr Right so she proposes to Rob, while Tina is relieved when Steve tells her he doesn't intend to breathe a word about her affair with Peter. Anna takes a cleaning job at the Rovers, Maria watches jealously as Tyrone and Fiz kiss, and Gail is furious to learn the burglar at No 8 only received a 12-month sentence

  • Season 1 Episode 8370: 21/04/2014 (2)

    Steve confronts Tina in the Rovers' backyard over her affair with Peter, and David wants to know why Maria has been passing herself off as Kirsty. Sharif notices the chemistry between Kal and Leanne, but is dismayed to learn of her chequered past from Eva. Meanwhile, Michelle is touched when Steve presents her with a burnt birthday cake, and Deirdre starts to warm to Tony's charms

  • Season 1 Episode 8369: 21/04/2014 (1)

    Steve overhears Carla tell Michelle she'll have an abortion if Peter continues drinking, while Simon is upset when he tries to ring his dad and is told he is not allowed any contact. Still masquerading as Kirsty, Maria sends another text to Tyrone, but Fiz dials the number after grabbing the phone - and David answers the call. Rob and Tracy take delivery of a load of stolen electrical goods from Tony, and Steve sets about making Michelle a birthday cake

  • Season 1 Episode 8368: 18/04/2014 (2)

    An apologetic text from Maria appears on Tyrone's mobile as being from an unknown number and he assumes it's from Kirsty. He and Fiz barricade themselves in, but when Maria turns up will she confess the message was from her? At Carla's request, Tina chaperones Peter, but he insists she's better off without him when she declares her love, while Rita allows Dennis to sleep on her sofa, but makes it clear it's only a temporary arrangement. Tracy and Rob agree to sell Tony's stolen goods in their shop, and Mary informs Gail she has also signed up for the self-defence course

  • Season 1 Episode 8367: 18/04/2014 (1)

    Tyrone gives Maria a shoulder to cry on after she has a day to forget. She pours her heart out, telling him he was her first love, then leans in for a kiss. How will he react? Carla asks Steve to chaperone Peter and make sure he doesn't have a drink, Rita visits Dennis in hospital after he is beaten up, and a worried Fiz asks Kevin to keep an eye on Tyrone. Meanwhile, Gail starts self-defence classes at the gym

  • Season 1 Episode 8366: 16/04/2014

    A furious Carla issues Peter with an ultimatum about his drinking, while Maria follows Todd out of the pub and launches a tirade of abuse at him. Anna struggles with her guilt about Phelan, fighting back the tears when Izzy thanks her for sorting out their problems, and flinching when Owen reaches out to touch her. Steve is pleased to see a radiant Lloyd and Andrea arrive in the Rovers, and Kevin lays down the law to Maddie

  • Season 1 Episode 8365: 14/04/2014 (2)

    A tormented Peter drowns his sorrows in the factory, while Anna is relieved when Phelan tells Owen and Gary that she had a word with Valerie, and hands over the incriminating CCTV footage. Maria reminisces with Tyrone over a drink, and Sally is furious when Kevin agrees to let Maddie and Sophie move in with him. Elsewhere, Lloyd and Andrea settle their differences and declare their love for each other

  • Season 1 Episode 8364: 14/04/2014 (1)

    Tina turns up at the Rovers in a bid to win Peter back and tells him she has the flat to herself. Will he be able to resist temptation? Anna is horrified when Phelan calls round at No 6 with an announcement for the Windasses, while Lloyd is relieved to hear Steve say that his relationship with Andrea is purely platonic - but Jenna is not so sure. Tyrone's concerns about Ruby's safety cause Maria to worry Marcus might snatch Liam, so she barricades herself into the salon flat with her son, and Kevin is shocked to find a desperate Sophie and Maddie raiding the fridge at No 13

  • Season 1 Episode 8363: 11/04/2014 (2)

    Anna is full of self-loathing as she leaves Phelan's hotel room, but was she able to go through with it? Michelle and Lloyd remain deeply suspicious even after Steve and Andrea explain nothing is going on between them, while Tina vows to win Peter back and sends him a text after having a heart-to-heart with Emily. Tyrone tell Fiz about Kirsty's release, and Maddie and Sophie sleep rough in a shop doorway

  • Season 1 Episode 8362: 11/04/2014 (1)

    Anna takes the afternoon off work to meet Phelan in his hotel room. Will she really sacrifice her body to save her family? A sleepy Andrea mistakes Steve for Lloyd and pulls him in for a hug, while Sophie is hurt when Maddie tells her to go back to her middle-class semi. Tyrone is horrified to get a call from the police informing him that Kirsty has been released from prison, and Jenna hides her feelings when her dad reveals he's thinking of taking Andrea away for a romantic weekend

  • Season 1 Episode 8361: 09/04/2014

    A desperate Anna pleads with Phelan to leave her family alone, but he tells her the torment will only stop if she sleeps with him. Maddie and Sophie are horrified when two thugs force their way into their hostel room demanding money, and Andrea calls at the Rovers to work on a history project with Steve, but leaves in a huff after he accuses her of still carrying a torch for him. Elsewhere, Julie is unimpressed when Todd makes it clear he blames Maria for Marcus's departure

  • Season 1 Episode 8360: 07/04/2014 (2)

    Anna arrives at the site just as Owen is about to light the bonfire, while Marcus tells Maria he's going to London for a while in a bid to come to terms with everything. Sally warns Maddie she is no longer welcome in her house, Sinead and Kirk try to talk Beth out of having cosmetic surgery, and Faye is disappointed when she realises Anna, Owen and Gary missed her play

  • Season 1 Episode 8359: 07/04/2014 (1)

    Owen is pushed to breaking point by Phelan's new foreman, Clive, and prepares to build a bonfire at the site. Steph tells Tina she needs to forget about her affair with Peter, but it's clear she wants revenge, while Marcus risks Maria's wrath after arranging to pick up Liam from the childminder. Kirk is concerned when Beth books an appointment for a breast enlargement, and Sophie and Tim are shocked to find a social worker on their doorstep asking about Maddie

  • Season 1 Episode 8358: 04/04/2014 (2)

    Peter makes it clear to Tina he doesn't want any more children. Will she accept what he's saying? Anna tells Valerie about her husband's blackmail, hoping she will do something to help, and Nick continues to suspect something is going on between Kal and Leanne - prompting his estranged wife to suggest he should mind his own business. Tony offers Rob some cheap gear to sell, but he senses the items are dodgy, while Mary looks on admiringly as the local men - and one in particular - pump iron in the gym

  • Season 1 Episode 8357: 04/04/2014 (1)

    A hung-over Peter wakes up next to Steve - and is horrified to realise he has told him about his affair. However, things only get worse when he returns home and Tina storms round with a pregnancy test. Owen and Gary are exhausted as they continue to work all hours for Phelan, so Anna decides to take matters into her own hands. The gym opens for business, although Dev and Kal's first customer isn't exactly the young professional they were hoping for, while Nick gets suspicious when he spots his trainer flirting with Leanne

  • Season 1 Episode 8356: 02/04/2014

    After Tina's confession, Peter seeks the answer to his problems at the bottom of a whisky glass and when Steve answers his call for a taxi, he is horrified to find the former bookie drunk. He knows he has to cover for his friend but what can he do? Eva still refuses to give her blessing as mum Stella prepares to leave for a new adventure in the USA, Owen feels ashamed that he cannot afford to pay for Faye's school trip and Sally is annoyed with Tim for lying about the burglar he came face to face with at No 4

  • Season 1 Episode 8355: 31/03/2014 (2)

    Peter is consumed with guilt when he realises just how much he loves Carla and vows to stand by her. However, he is in for another shock after Tina catches up with him. Discovering your wife is pregnant is one thing. But to hear your lover say the same thing just a short while later - that's when it gets awkward. Meanwhile, Stella reveals she is packing her bags for New York, leaving Eva less than happy, and Owen is furious to discover Phelan has turned the council against him. Sophie and Maddie come clean about their relationship, while Gail is shaken by the pictures of her intruder

  • Season 1 Episode 8354: 31/03/2014 (1)

    Carla is desperate to tell Peter about her pregnancy but is constantly thwarted in her attempts to get him alone, making her more grumpy than usual with the Underworld staff. Owen and Gary deny all knowledge of the break-in at Phelan's house but it's clear the builders' boss doesn't believe them, while Sally thinks Maddie has outstayed her welcome, so Kevin offers to have a word with Sophie. The police call at No 8, hoping Gail and Kylie can identify the intruder from a few photos

  • Season 1 Episode 8353: 28/03/2014 (2)

    Owen goes after Gary, hoping to stop him, and decides it's time he laid down the law, while Michelle tries to persuade Carla not to go through with the abortion. Beth is touched when Craig attempts to counter the negative online comments by posting ones praising her looks and bravery, and Stella reveals to Leanne she is thinking of leaving Weatherfield. David arrives home to find Gail cowering on the sofa, clearly shaken by the recent break-in

  • Season 1 Episode 8352: 28/03/2014 (1)

    Gary has a row with Owen and decides to break into Phelan's house and steal the DVD with the incriminating footage, while Carla asks Michelle to accompany her to the abortion clinic. Norris takes delight in telling Beth about the derogatory online comments he's read that poke fun at her figure, David and Kylie plan a romantic evening out and Gail agrees to babysit, even though she dreads being alone in the house

  • Season 1 Episode 8351: 26/03/2014

    Owen has to lie about Gary's whereabouts when Phelan arrives just after they've loaded up the van with tiles, while Carla books an appointment at the abortion clinic and tells Michelle that Peter must never find out. Kevin apologises to Tyrone for leaving him in the lurch, and Chesney and Sinead wonder if Beth would lend them money to invest in the kebab shop when she receives a £5,000 reward for bravery

  • Season 1 Episode 8350: 24/03/2014 (2)

    Peter and Tina attempt to make a dash for it while David is engrossed in the hotel menu. Gail realises the intruder has made off with her favourite necklace, and Fiz hopes Sally can persuade Kevin to go easy on Tyrone. Carla tells Michelle she's going to have an abortion, while Stella is reminded she needs to find somewhere else to live, and Gary worries when Owen tells him he intends to steal tiles from the mill for another job

  • Season 1 Episode 8349: 24/03/2014 (1)

    Peter takes Tina away to a hotel for an afternoon, but they're horrified when they spot David approaching the bar. Will they be caught out? Gail arrives home to babysit Max and Lily, and finds a man (guest star Les Dennis) in the living room claiming to be inspecting a gas leak, while Kevin is furious when Tyrone shows him the mound of unpaid garage invoices and tax documents. Luke starts work at the garage, Phelan continues to crack the whip at the mill, and Kal tells Leanne he understands why she can't be with him

  • Season 1 Episode 8348: 21/03/2014 (2)

    Kevin leaves in a huff when Tim urges him not to give Maddie's name to the police. Is he jealous of Sally's new partner? Kal admits to Leanne he is attracted to her, while Tina apologises to Peter for not being understanding and agrees to wait as long as it takes. Maria and Marcus come face to face in the pub and she launches a stinging attack on him and Todd

  • Season 1 Episode 8347: 21/03/2014 (1)

    Kevin arrives back on the Street and leaves his bags unattended while he pops into the Kabin, only for Maddie to walk off with one of them. Leanne is jealous when Kal enters the Bistro and her mother makes her way over to him. Will Stella bite the bullet and ask him out after Nick eggs her on? Todd persuades Julie to invite Marcus to stay with her at No 12, Roy returns to work at the cafe, and Michelle covers for Carla when Tina asks why she is being tetchy

  • Season 1 Episode 8346: 19/03/2014

    Eileen asks Marcus to find somewhere else to stay, and Maria is furious when Fiz makes a hurtful admission, so she orders her to leave the flat. Stella is stressed to learn that Kevin is returning and expects to take over No 13 again, but she calls him and he agrees not to turf her out straight away. Maddie and Sophie give in to their repressed desires and Eva decides to set up home with Jason

  • Season 1 Episode 8345: 17/03/2014 (2)

    A worried Fiz, Tyrone and Chesney call round at Roy's and demand to know what he's hiding, pushing past him when he refuses to let them in. What will they find? Tim plucks up the courage to tell Sally he loves her and that he's scared she will reunite with Kevin, while Leanne makes Stella admit she fancies Kal. An excited Maria heads to the showhouse with Audrey

  • Season 1 Episode 8344: 17/03/2014 (1)

    Todd hatches a devious plan after Maria tells him she's going to surprise Marcus by meeting him at the showhouse, and Roy collects Hayley's ashes from the undertaker. Tim is worried to learn that Sally's ex-husband Kevin is returning to the Street and Tyrone panics as the paperwork at the garage has been mounting up. Carla still can't decide what to do about her pregnancy and snaps at Peter

  • Season 1 Episode 8343: 14/03/2014 (2)

    Tina waits nervously in the Rovers for Peter to return from telling Carla about their affair, while Fiz's suspicions are aroused when Todd makes quiet digs at Marcus. Tony takes Steve to one side and asks him if he has a problem with him seeing Liz, and Maddie kisses Sophie and suggests they go to bed. Fiz tells Roy that Hayley's ashes are ready for collection and offers to accompany him to the crematorium

  • Season 1 Episode 8342: 14/03/2014 (1)

    Carla tells Michelle she doesn't want children as she awaits the results of her pregnancy test, while Steve pretends not to have heard when Tony invites him for a birthday drink. Sophie questions Maddie about a bottle of vodka that has been stolen from the corner shop, and Fiz is intrigued to hear that Todd has a secret boyfriend, and is later bemused by a strange cabinet Roy puts in the cafe

  • Season 1 Episode 8341: 12/03/2014

    Peter is horrified when Tina suggests they should tell his wife the truth about their affair, while Carla is shocked to find out her stepfather has died and can't face taking a pregnancy test. Steve warns Tony not to mess Liz around, Phelan forces Gary to dig a grave for a dead pigeon and makes Owen wash his car, and Roy dismisses Fiz's suggestions of fundraising ideas in memory of Hayley

  • Season 1 Episode 8340: 10/03/2014 (2)

    Tina assures a worried Peter she hasn't told Steph anything about their affair, while Sally remains mistrustful of Maddie and guards her handbag. Phelan informs Gary and Owen that he's bringing the deadline forward, Eva pressures Jason into thanking Tony for his help on the gym conversion, and Roy arrives home with a large parcel

  • Season 1 Episode 8339: 10/03/2014 (1)

    Phelan pushes Gary to breaking point when he tells him and Owen to take the newly fitted mill windows out, while Carla admits to Michelle she's worried she might be pregnant. Sophie begs Sally to let Maddie stay with them for a few nights, and Jason reluctantly calls Tony and asks for his help with the building work at the gym

  • Season 1 Episode 8338: 07/03/2014 (2)

    Tina sets off to meet Peter with the intention of ending their affair. The builder at the gym tells Dev and Kal they need to find someone else when he discovers all his tools have been stolen, and a despondent Sophie returns home after apparently being stood up by Maddie. Eileen apologises to Liz for her outburst, and Anna realises she can't afford to pay for Faye's birthday party, leaving Gary full of remorse

  • Season 1 Episode 8337: 07/03/2014 (1)

    Tina is distraught when Carla boasts about her amazing night away, and Liz warns the barmaid that Peter is using her. Gary feels sorry for Owen after they agree to finish the mill project for a basic wage in exchange for Phelan not going to the police, and while the gym's new builder is being shown around the place, Tony breaks into his van. Elsewhere, Steph persuades Sophie to wear a sexy dress for her date with Maddie

  • Season 1 Episode 8336: 05/03/2014

    Owen and Gary decide to pull their money out of the mill project, but when they tell Phelan, he laughs and shows them the CCTV footage of Gary beating him up. Peter and Tina's plans for a night together in a hotel are scuppered, while Deirdre arranges lunch at the Bistro with Liz and Eileen, but her two guests end up arguing about Tony. Maddie calls in at the corner shop to see Sophie and surprises her with a kiss

  • Season 1 Episode 8335: 03/03/2014 (2)

    As Gary and Owen head home, they find a bruised Phelan lurking in the shadows. Will he be set on revenge? Peter easily switches his attention between wife and mistress, but Tina feels hurt at constantly playing second fiddle. Dev apologises to Stella for misreading the signals, while Sophie tells a devastated Maddie she's quitting her voluntary job, and Andrea is unimpressed to learn that Lloyd once tried to kiss Stella

  • Season 1 Episode 8334: 03/03/2014 (1)

    Valerie arrives at the mill demanding to know where her husband is, while Carla's return from Paris leaves a jealous Tina struggling to cope. Dev is thrilled when Stella suggests they go back to No 13 for a birthday drink - unaware the Street's residents are holding a surprise party for him there. Jason is unimpressed to see Tony passionately kissing Liz, and Steph gets a helping hand from her brother Luke as she moves into Tina's flat

  • Season 1 Episode 8333: 28/02/2014 (2)

    Owen and Gary desperately try to make contact with Phelan, but there's no reply from his phone and his house is sitting in darkness. Beth regales Chesney and Kirk with the tale of how she fought off the bag-snatcher single-handed, while Eileen is put out to find Liz and Tony enjoying a drink together. Andrea is impressed when Kal tells Steve and Lloyd he used to buy his wife a present every week

  • Season 1 Episode 8332: 28/02/2014 (1)

    Gary confesses to Owen that he struck Phelan with a length of copper piping, but when they return to the building site he is nowhere to be seen. Beth comes to the rescue of a fellow bingo player when a youth makes for her bag, Tony flirts with Liz in the Rovers and Jake is rushed into hospital with suspected meningitis. Mary, Stella and Kal plan a surprise party for Dev's 50th birthday

  • Season 1 Episode 8331: 26/02/2014

    Gary confronts Phelan on the building site after Izzy discloses details of his behaviour towards Anna, while Kal's father reveals he is hiring his own builder to do the work on the gym as he thinks Jason's prices are too high. Elsewhere, Beth and Sinead persuade Kirk and Chesney to go out for an evening of bingo and Todd tells Marcus he is living a lie

  • Season 1 Episode 8330: 24/02/2014 (2)

    Anna feigns illness and tells the rest of the family to go to dinner without her, but Izzy notices she is edgy and asks if Phelan tried it on with her. Eileen tricks Marcus into admitting he slept with Todd, Rita thanks Norris for being such a good friend in her time of need, Kal introduces his father to Stella and Dev, and Roy refuses to donate Hayley's belongings to charity

  • Season 1 Episode 8329: 24/02/2014 (1)

    Anna tells Phelan she wants him to stop flirting with her, but he has other ideas and moves in for a kiss. Rita tries to put on a brave face as her friends rally round for her birthday, while Eileen puts two and two together when Sean reveals that Todd is in love with someone else. Mary and Chesney are pleased to see that Roy seems to be getting back on track, and Kal informs Dev he's had to borrow money from his father for the gym

  • Season 1 Episode 8328: 21/02/2014 (2)

    Eileen becomes suspicious of Todd's reaction when she tells him she encountered a stressed-out Marcus, and Gloria shows off her new sports car as she prepares for her road trip around Europe. Will Dennis be able to resist the temptation to go with her? Fiz worries as Roy cuts himself off from the outside world, while Phelan's wife Valerie invites Anna and her family to the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 8327: 21/02/2014 (1)

    Marcus tries to resist temptation when he returns Todd's mobile phone, while Gloria decides to leave Weatherfield and urges Dennis to go with her. Roy insists on opening the cafe as usual, but Fiz is worried it will be too much for him, and Tina is hurt when Peter offers to help out with her rent

  • Season 1 Episode 8326: 19/02/2014

    Steve, Tracy and Amy are admiring steam engines at the museum when they suddenly find Roy by their side, but he vanishes into the crowd and later turns up unannounced at the cafe. Todd tricks Marcus into going for a drink on the pretext he needs to talk about his real father, while Izzy tells Owen he can trust Anna, no matter what Phelan's game is. A dispirited Gloria tries to put on a brave face, but Stella can see she's hurt

  • Season 1 Episode 8325: 17/02/2014 (2)

    Tina has to think on her feet when Lloyd and Steve catch her in a state of undress as Peter takes a shower. Fiz opens a parcel delivered for Roy in the hope it might hold some clues to his whereabouts, while Ritchie announces he's been poached by an international management outfit and is off to pastures new. Gloria is left fuming when Dennis tells Rita he loves her, and Todd spins a sob story about his father in a bid to get Marcus on his side

  • Season 1 Episode 8324: 17/02/2014 (1)

    Peter and Tina enjoy a passionate evening in the flat above the bookie's while Carla is away, but Steve notices the lights are on and decides to investigate. A police officer turns up at the cafe wanting to talk to Fiz about Roy's disappearance, while Dennis tries to make amends with Rita, and Todd apologises for ruining Marcus and Maria's night out. Amy tricks Tracy and Steve into agreeing to take her to a museum

  • Season 1 Episode 8323: 14/02/2014 (2)

    After a passionate evening on the sofa, Peter promises Tina they'll sneak as much time together as they can, and hands her a set of keys to his flat. Phelan continues to flirt with Anna over dinner - will she tell Owen about the unwanted attention from his business partner? Maria rushes home when Todd interrupts her meal with Marcus on the pretext of Liam having a bad dream, leaving the two men alone. Meanwhile, Tony and Eva are adamant Jason should negotiate a better rate of pay for the work on the gym, and Gloria lets slip to Rita that Dennis spent the night with her

  • Season 1 Episode 8322: 14/02/2014 (1)

    Tina secretly arranges to spend the evening with Peter, only to overhear Carla talking about whisking her husband away to Paris as a romantic surprise. Anna receives a Valentine's card and suspects it is from Phelan, while Todd offers to babysit for Marcus and Maria - but Eileen is wary of her son's true motives. Gloria fumes when Rita forgives Dennis, and Kal and Dev shake hands on the gym conversion deal with Jason

  • Season 1 Episode 8321: 12/02/2014

    Simon is upset to learn that Tina is moving away, and when Peter bumps into her, he begs her not to leave. Fiz and Anna decide to set up a search party to find Roy, while Dennis tries to apologise to Rita for the awful things he said, but she's too hurt to listen. Todd lies to Marcus about having spoken to his estate agent friend, and Lloyd is in seventh heaven when he receives a text from Andrea ending with four kisses

  • Season 1 Episode 8320: 10/02/2014 (2)

    Anna reluctantly agrees when Fiz insists they phone the police to inform them Roy is missing, and Tracy invites Rob to join her and Amy for tea - much to Deirdre's dismay. Tina is hopeful Peter will turn up at her leaving do in the Rovers, while Dennis, Ritchie and Gloria hold a business meeting, leaving Rita out on a limb. Elsewhere, Jason resents his dad presenting Eva with a designer scarf for her birthday, Marcus gives Todd his mobile number, and Steve and Andrea agree to be friends again

  • Season 1 Episode 8319: 10/02/2014 (1)

    Anna and Fiz get a shock when they try to contact Roy at his Auntie Jean's to tell him about a leak in the cafe. Rob and Tracy argue over Tina, who announces she is leaving the Street, while a jealous Dennis hatches a scheme after Eva suggests Gloria fancies Ritchie. Michelle and Steve make up, and Marcus is disconcerted to find Todd flirting with him

  • Season 1 Episode 8318: 07/02/2014 (2)

    After Michelle forces Steve to sleep on the sofa, he makes his feelings clear to Andrea - but will she reveal her own? Anna is on edge when the Phelans join her and Owen in the Rovers, while Tracy fears she may have pushed Rob too far after he berates her for selling his possessions. Sophie tells Tim she thinks about Maddie all the time, and Dennis is furious to discover Ritchie has invited Gloria for a night on the town

  • Season 1 Episode 8317: 07/02/2014 (1)

    Michelle is upset to hear an envious Steve moaning about Lloyd and Andrea's relationship, while Anna rounds on Phelan when he turns up at the yard and brands him a lying conman - putting the whole deal in jeopardy. Rob admits to Carla that he wants Tracy back, and Stella orders Gloria to stop leading Dennis on. Meanwhile, Sophie tells Tim she knows it was Maddie who broke into No 4 and hit him

  • Season 1 Episode 8316: 05/02/2014

    Anna's fears about the mill project appear to be confirmed when it turns out the funds have not yet been transferred into the business account and Phelan is nowhere to be seen. Carla plays Cupid for Tina and Rob, but Peter is disturbed by the prospect of them having dinner together and decides to tag along. An excited Lloyd prepares for his date with Andrea, while Gloria makes digs at Rita during a meeting with Dennis and Ritchie

  • Season 1 Episode 8315: 03/02/2014 (2)

    Tracy is devastated when Norris tells her about Rob's betrayal, and Tina later confirms that they kissed. Maddie tries to calm her mum, who mistakes Sally and Sophie for social workers trying to take away her son, while Lloyd is hugely embarrassed when Andrea discovers he was pestering Steve for her number. Owen, Anna and the Phelans toast the imminent start of the mill project, and Dev and Kal ask Jason to estimate the cost of fitting out their gym

  • Season 1 Episode 8314: 03/02/2014 (1)

    Tina returns from London to clear the flat, and tells Carla that her kiss with Rob was the reason behind her sudden departure - unaware that Norris is eavesdropping. Sophie and Sally get more than they bargained for when they follow Maddie to a flat, while Michelle demands answers when Steve refuses to give Andrea's phone number to Lloyd. Dev and Kal view a unit for their new gym, but have problems working together

  • Season 1 Episode 8313: 31/01/2014 (2)

    Roy feels besieged by well-wishers at the wake and escapes the barrage of sympathy. Spotting his absence, Anna and Fiz call at the cafe and find he has left them a note. Sophie tells Steph that Maddie kissed her, and Tracy is taken aback when Rob asks to join her cosy night in with Amy

  • Season 1 Episode 8312: 31/01/2014 (1)

    Roy tells Carla he is boycotting the funeral, but she orders him to get dressed and they join the other mourners at the ceremony. However, after Fiz speaks to the congregation about her memories of Hayley, he feels he can't remain silent anymore. Steve improvises a spread at the Rovers when the caterers fail to deliver the food for the wake, and Andrea drops by to lend a hand. Leanne suggests Nick move back into Victoria Court while she and Simon stay with Stella, and during a visit to the shelter, Sophie is alarmed to see that Maddie's face is bruised. Rob is annoyed when Tracy shuns his offer of a night out to spend time with Amy

  • Season 1 Episode 8311: 29/01/2014

    Roy remains inscrutable as the celebrant visits to discuss the funeral, but Fiz is worried when he finally erupts and bemoans how everything has to be how Hayley wanted. Stella is impressed as Dev and Kal work on their business plan for the gym, while Maddie admits to Sophie she needs money to help her little brother. Kylie tells Nick to stop feeling sorry for himself, and Beth gets her job back

  • Season 1 Episode 8310: 27/01/2014 (2)

    Nick coldly points out that Kal's wife died whereas Leanne is still alive when the personal trainer tries to give him some advice about moving on from his marriage. Sophie reveals to Steph that Maddie broke into No 4 and they tease Tim by picking holes in his story in front of Sally. Meanwhile, Beth resolves to get her job back, and Stella feels a twinge of attraction as she serves Kal in the Bistro - but someone else has caught his eye

  • Season 1 Episode 8309: 27/01/2014 (1)

    Fiz begins to suspect Hayley's death wasn't all it seemed and confronts Roy about the circumstances surrounding her final hours. Kal offers to keep an eye on Nick after his depressed state gives Gail cause for concern, and Sophie is not convinced by Tim's account of the burglary, so she quizzes Maddie. Elsewhere, Dev and Kal discuss opening a gym together, and Tracy is put out when Amy says she'd rather stay with Michelle at the Rovers

  • Season 1 Episode 8308: 24/01/2014 (2)

    Nick forces Leanne to admit that they can't go on as they are, while Roy is angry with Hayley for ending her life the way she did and blames himself for not stopping her. Maddie breaks into No 4 looking for the watch, but she disturbs Tim and punches him while making her escape. He then informs the police that the intruder was a burly man in a bid to save face. Rita tells Dennis she feels left out, while Chesney gives Beth and Kirk the go-ahead to move into No 5

  • Season 1 Episode 8307: 24/01/2014 (1)

    Roy opens the cafe as normal as he struggles to work through his grief. Nick loses his temper with Leanne when she fusses round him after he gets injured while training, and Sophie refuses to give a furious Maddie £50 for the return of Sally's watch. Dennis and Gloria tell Rita and Norris about their plans to run a music management company, while Beth asks Sinead if she and Kirk can move into No 5

  • Season 1 Episode 8306: 22/01/2014

    Roy is numb as he squeezes his wife's lifeless hand, and Carla puts two and two together when Anna removes the empty glass by Hayley's bed - leaving them both on edge when the doctor calls round - while the Street's residents are devastated by news of her death. Nick goes to great lengths to spoil Leanne, Maddie tells Sophie she'll return Sally's watch in exchange for £50, and Gloria causes ructions between Rita and Dennis

  • Season 1 Episode 8305: 20/01/2014 (2)

    Hayley irons Roy's best shirt and asks him to wear it at her funeral, prompting him to plead with his wife to reconsider her decision - but her mind is made up. As she prepares to take the cocktail of drugs, Hayley tells him he must not touch the glass or have any part in it, while downstairs Anna shuts the cafe and sits alone in the dark, sensing something is amiss. Elsewhere, Chesney and Sinead are excited as she moves into No 5, and Dennis and Gloria discuss their plans for another concert

  • Season 1 Episode 8304: 20/01/2014 (1)

    Hayley decides that today is to be her last, and tells Roy she wants to see Fiz, Tyrone and the rest of the family - who happily reminisce, oblivious of her intention to end her own life. Nick encourages Leanne to make up with Stella, while Tim asks Sophie to tackle Maddie about Sally's gold watch, which was in the handbag she stole from the soup kitchen, and Chesney invites Sinead to move in with him

  • Season 1 Episode 8303: 17/01/2014 (2)

    Roy wheels Hayley round the Street to say her goodbyes - bumping into old friends and even finding the strength to have a go at Tracy, much to her husband's amusement. Back at home, is she really prepared to end her own life? A wary Anna finally agrees that Owen should go ahead with the Phelan project, while Nick and Leanne make plans for a holiday. Tracy is furious when Steve agrees to drive Dev and Stella to the retailers' ball, leaving her and Rob waiting in the rain, and decides to seek revenge

  • Season 1 Episode 8302: 17/01/2014 (1)

    Hayley knows her time is almost up and decides to have a word with Roy. Is this the conversation he's been dreading? Leanne is still angry with Stella for interfering in her marriage and the pair end up arguing in the Bistro. Anna worries when Owen announces he's taken out a loan with another company, while Marcus and Maria place an offer on a house - much to Todd's annoyance

  • Season 1 Episode 8301: 15/01/2014

    Nick pours his heart out to Stella, telling her that it might be best if he and Leanne split up, given how unhappy he's making her. Roy is worried about Hayley when she reveals the nurse has agreed to increase her morphine dosage, and Todd apologises to Marcus for flirting with him. Anna is secretly relieved to hear the bank has refused Owen's loan application for the mill conversion, and Dev asks Stella to accompany him to the Weatherfield retailers' ball

  • Season 1 Episode 8300: 13/01/2014 (2)

    Eileen is furious with Todd and accuses him of trying to wreck Marcus and Maria's relationship, while the Street's residents help Mary turn the strawberries into jam for Hayley. Dev tells Kal he'd like to resume his training sessions after Stella compliments him on how trim he's looking, while a reluctant Anna and Izzy are swayed into thinking that Owen and Gary should get involved with Phelan's project

  • Season 1 Episode 8299: 13/01/2014 (1)

    Eileen is annoyed when Tony makes a late appearance at Todd's celebratory meal, while the birthday boy corners Marcus and makes it clear he is attracted to him. Hayley is touched when she learns Tyrone and Kirk travelled to Suffolk to get her favourite strawberries, but is less than impressed to see the district nurse delivering a wheelchair. Kal spots Dev eyeing up Stella and urges him to ask her out, while Owen admits he's interested in Phelan's plans for the mill conversion

  • Season 1 Episode 8298: 10/01/2014 (2)

    Stressed-out Roy suffers a virtual meltdown at the supermarket when he is not allowed to buy out-of-date strawberries and tries to make a run for it with a punnet - with a security guard close behind. Will Hayley see the funny side? Carla demands to know what Peter was arguing about with Liz, and Jason is forced to tell Eileen he has inadvertently invited Tony to their family meal

  • Season 1 Episode 8297: 10/01/2014 (1)

    Roy is terrified when the doctor prescribes more morphine for Hayley, knowing she will be planning her final curtain. So when he visits the supermarket to buy her favourite strawberries and finds they are sold out, it all proves too much for the distraught cafe owner. Peter is rattled to hear the factory girls discussing Tina's departure. He asks Liz to tell him what's going on - only for Carla to grow suspicious when their conversation becomes heated. Jason decides to give Tony a chance after encouragement from Eva, and arranges to meet him at the Bistro - forgetting that Eileen has booked Todd's birthday meal at the same venue - and Audrey is upset by Maria's house-hunting plans

  • Season 1 Episode 8296: 08/01/2014

    Liz is shocked to hear Tina has given Peter an ultimatum and urges her to make a clean break - and when the smitten barmaid finally gets another chance to speak to him, she realises her boss is right. Has the time come to pack her bags and leave Weatherfield for good? David mischievously leaves a list of Gail's good and bad points lying around, knowing full well she will find it, Roy's strawberries prove a big hit with Hayley, and Maria and Marcus decide to start house-hunting

  • Season 1 Episode 8295: 06/01/2014 (2)

    Tina is sickened by how easily Peter lied to Carla and turfs him out of her flat. On his return to the factory, he realises his alibi has been blown when his wife demands to know why he missed the meeting. Gail's constant presence is hampering David and Kylie's reunion, Michelle asks Liz not to mention the baby to Steve, and Roy worries about Hayley's deterioration when she admits she has lost her appetite - so Fiz and Tyrone try to tickle her taste buds with a selection of different foods

  • Season 1 Episode 8294: 06/01/2014 (1)

    Peter is on his way to a business meeting when he bumps into Tina and urges her to stay in Weatherfield. Before long they are in her flat so they can speak in private, while the client Peter was supposed to meet arrives at the factory and asks Carla where her husband has got to. Kylie and David feel awkward as he moves his belongings back into No 8 and Lloyd is delighted when Andrea drops by to see Steve at the Rovers. Michelle is in a bad mood, claiming she has put on weight, so the last thing she needs is Maria joking she might be pregnant. Could her friend be right?

  • Season 1 Episode 8293: 03/01/2014 (2)

    David arrives at the house and kicks down the door when he sees Kylie out for the count and Max trying to cook pasta on the stove. Incensed that her actions put the children in danger, he tells her he's had enough. Unable to be around Peter, Tina makes her mind up - she's moving to London - and Tony claims he wants to start being a proper father to Jason

  • Season 1 Episode 8292: 03/01/2014 (1)

    As Gail and David worry about Kylie's behaviour, she cracks open a bottle of wine and starts knocking it back while supposedly looking after Max and Lily. Passed out on the sofa, she has no idea of the danger her children are about to get into. Tina is furious when Liz admits she told Peter to back off, while Eileen and Jason are shocked by the arrival of a familiar face

  • Season 1 Episode 8291: 01/01/2014

    Tina arrives for work in a foul mood and she's disturbed when Peter turns up with Carla and acts like nothing has happened. Seeing her distress, Liz follows her into the back room. Will Tina reveal her secret? Hayley is disappointed to find she slept through the New Year celebrations and tells Roy she wants to visit the Rovers while she's still able to. Leanne puts her foot down with Nick over their living arrangements, and Tracy hatches a plan to get back at Deirdre when her mother decides Rob can't move in

  • Season 1 Episode 8288: 27/12/2013 (2)

    Hayley tries to take her mind off the consultant's verdict and suggests going to a pantomime, but she ends up breaking down in the queue and lashes out at Roy. Leanne tells Kylie her temper and pride are preventing her from moving on in life, and David is concerned when his despondent wife returns to No 8, while a conscience-stricken Nick makes a decision that has repercussions for his own partner

  • Season 1 Episode 8287: 27/12/2013 (1)

    Hayley waits nervously for the results of her scan, but tries her best to remain upbeat and suggests to a reluctant Roy that they book a spring holiday. Leanne informs Norris that her black eye was the result of walking into a door, but Nick steps in and confesses his part in the true version of events. Homeless Maddie owns up to the theft of Sally's handbag, and Andrea tells Steve she fancies Lloyd

  • Season 1 Episode 8286: 25/12/2013

    Hour-long episode. All seems calm at the Platts until Leanne playfully teases Nick over a cracker joke. He flies into a rage and slaps her hard across the face and it's not long before David is arguing with Kylie, who storms out and sets off on a mission to get drunk. Roy's hopes for a quiet Christmas with Hayley are dashed by a stream of visitors, while Carla surprises Peter by giving him a legal document making them equal partners at Underworld - much to the annoyance of Rob and Tracy. Sophie and a reluctant Sally head off to the soup kitchen, leaving Tim to prepare dinner, and Michelle is furious with Steve's present

  • Season 1 Episode 8285: 23/12/2013 (2)

    Leanne tries to reason with Kylie by telling her how bad Nick's mood swings are, and that this added stress might make him even worse. Peter tells Tina they should keep their distance, but they are unable to resist each other, while Hayley is determined to remain upbeat and enjoy the festive period despite her fears that the chemotherapy isn't working. Michelle is jealous when Andrea turns up at the Rovers, and Sophie announces she'll be spending Christmas helping out in a soup kitchen

  • Season 1 Episode 8284: 23/12/2013 (1)

    Kylie turns up for work hung-over and in a state, but later flirts outrageously with Kal and decides to make an announcement. Peter asks Tina to meet him in the flat, supposedly to discuss child-minding arrangements, while Roy is concerned when he discovers Hayley has had to increase her dose of painkillers. Elsewhere, Steve slips out to meet Andrea, and Sally is put out to learn Rosie won't be coming home for Christmas

  • Season 1 Episode 8283: 22/12/2013

    The Platts are disgusted as Kylie drags Max through the school hall, but when he breaks free and runs to David, she's left devastated and her behaviour spirals ever more out of control. Hayley tries to cheer Roy up by suggesting a Christmas shopping trip with Fiz, Tyrone and the kids, while Pat Phelan asks Owen to go into business with him. Ritchie's band is a huge hit at the Bistro and Peter berates Tina for kissing Rob

  • Season 1 Episode 8282: 20/12/2013

    Kylie gets drunk before going to Max's nativity play and is asked to leave because of her behaviour. Roy nervously waits to take his driving test, and Peter tells Tina he knows about her kiss with Rob. Elsewhere, there's clearly a spark between Dennis and Gloria as they help the band to set up, and Owen is intrigued to receive an invitation to a drinks party from Pat Phelan

  • Season 1 Episode 8281: 18/12/2013

    Carla heads out to the Rovers' backyard to have a word with Tina, but is astounded to find her and Rob kissing passionately. How will Peter take the news? Kylie vents her anger at David when he lets Max open a present she bought for him, Julie is heartbroken as she watches Brian drive off, and Hayley receives a Christmas gift from Becky

  • Season 1 Episode 8280: 16/12/2013 (2)

    Tina flirts with Rob in the Rovers to make Peter jealous and then follows the newly-wed outside. Will he reveal how he really feels about the lovestruck barmaid? Brian tells Julie he's accepted the job in Wales and wants her to go with him, while Gail calls the family together and insists that David should be allowed to see Max and Lily - much to Kylie's disgust. Gloria sets her sights on Dennis, and Roy realises that Hayley's condition is worsening

  • Season 1 Episode 8279: 16/12/2013 (1)

    Peter and Carla return from their honeymoon, but the couple's plans for a sneaky afternoon in bed are ruined when Tina decides to confront him. Gail reaches the end of her tether when a hung-over and angry Kylie unleashes a torrent of abuse at her, while Brian tells Julie he misses her and asks to meet up later. Nick and Leanne are unimpressed to learn that Gloria and Dennis are planning to hold a gig at the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 8278: 13/12/2013 (2)

    Hell-bent on self-destruction, Kylie works herself into an angry and drunken state at the Rovers, while Nick begs David to reconsider his plans. Julie is heartbroken when Brian tells her about the job in Wales and suggests he accept it, and Kal loses patience with Nick while helping with his rehabilitation. Ritchie asks Rita for her input, and it's clear there is a spark between Todd and Marcus

  • Season 1 Episode 8277: 13/12/2013 (1)

    David tells Kylie he's going for good, making her worried that he's contemplating suicide, but Nick is not so sure. Meanwhile, Brian tries to explain to Julie why he doesn't want to foster, and Dev struggles to keep up with Kal's fitness programme. Dennis and Gloria plan their night with Ritchie, and Marcus confronts Todd

  • Season 1 Episode 8276: 11/12/2013

    Gail is forced to make a heartbreaking decision when Nick tells her she has to choose between him and David. Marcus urges Brian to be honest with Julie, but she finds out about his views on fostering from a vindictive Todd. Michelle wonders if she should hire Kal to train Steve, and Dennis plans to put on a showcase night at the Bistro with his old friend Ritchie (Confessions Of star Robin Askwith)

  • Season 1 Episode 8273: 06/12/2013 (2)

    Hayley is heartbroken as she watches Roy play with her grandchildren and imagines the life she might have had, while Peter tells Tina the kiss was a mistake and won't happen again, prompting her to storm off to speak to Carla. Kylie pours her heart out to Audrey at the salon, unaware David can hear every word, while Tim is unfazed as Sally shows off her keys to the factory

  • Season 1 Episode 8272: 06/12/2013 (1)

    Christian tells Hayley he wants to introduce her to his wife and children, but his real motive for the visit becomes apparent when he then asks for £5,000. Peter tries to talk to Tina in the backyard of the Rovers, but Carla turns up asking for the factory keys. Audrey agrees to let David work at the salon as long as he keeps a low profile, while Tim moves in with Sally

  • Season 1 Episode 8271: 04/12/2013

    Hour-long episode. The day of the wedding arrives, and as Carla walks down the aisle to join Peter, a jealous Tina looks on. Will the groom give in to temptation? Sally is horrified when Tim turns up for the ceremony in a beaten-up old horsebox, while Hayley returns home to find Christian on her doorstep. David proves his worth at the salon and Mary shames Dev into sticking to his new fitness regimen

  • Season 1 Episode 8270: 03/12/2013

    With Carla out of the flat, Tina and Peter flirt outrageously, but the bride-to-be decides she wants to spend the night before her wedding with her fiance and returns unexpectedly. Fiz agonises over whether to tell Hayley about Christian's visit, Tim and Jason realise they want different things from the business so decide to part company, and Dev sets off on his first run

  • Season 1 Episode 8269: 02/12/2013

    A stressed Carla reaches breaking point when Simon has last-minute nerves and tells Peter he doesn't want to be his best man, while Christian calls in at the cafe looking for Hayley. Will Fiz let slip about the Croppers' situation? Tim blames himself for Faye's recent behaviour, so Sally suggests he show a bit of ambition and look for a better job, while Dev vows to change to a healthier lifestyle

  • Season 1 Episode 8268: 29/11/2013 (2)

    Peter and Tina's passionate encounter is interrupted by Liz, who isn't taken in by their protestations of innocence, and Hayley realises Roy still feels uncomfortable discussing her funeral. Anna is upset to learn Faye fears the family will abandon her and the pair have a heart-to-heart, while Steve is aghast when he finds his phone was used by Lloyd to send Andrea a suggestive text

  • Season 1 Episode 8267: 29/11/2013 (1)

    Peter finds himself alone with Tina in the Rovers backyard after he nearly has a fight with Rob at his stag do. Will he confess his feelings to her? Anna tries to get the charges against Faye dropped, Michelle is annoyed when Steve arrives home late from his history class, and Hayley takes Roy on an unusual shopping trip

  • Season 1 Episode 8266: 27/11/2013

    Carla is impressed by Tina's relationship with Simon, but Sally's suspicions seem to be confirmed when Peter and the barmaid flirt with each other at the Rovers. Anna and Owen take a frightened Faye to the police station to be questioned, Hayley tells Roy she needs to start making arrangements for her funeral and Steve happily chats to Andrea in the cab office - until Michelle calls in

  • Season 1 Episode 8265: 25/11/2013 (2)

    Anna is shocked that Grace's mother fails to take the bullying incident seriously. However, the situation hits Faye hard after Brian calls to discuss her actions. Peter is distraught about the video and snaps at Carla, but when he bumps into Tina in the corner shop he thanks her for all her help. Roy confides in Mary that he resents the time Hayley is spending making Carla's wedding dress

  • Season 1 Episode 8264: 25/11/2013 (1)

    Anna receives a call from the school after Faye gets into a fight and smashes up Grace's phone, while Mary is shown a video that has gone viral among the pupils. Carla struggles to run the factory and organise her wedding single-handedly and Hayley sets off to the hospital for her first chemotherapy session. Steve tells Michelle about his new friend Andrea (Hayley Tamaddon), who's helping him with his coursework

  • Season 1 Episode 8263: 22/11/2013 (2)

    After a shaken Simon reveals what the girls did to him, Leanne goes round to Anna's and confronts Faye. A furious Liz finds out the four children were left to their own devices, and tells Tracy she is taking Amy to live with her. Meanwhile, Michelle tries to persuade Steve not to quit his course, and Sinead is offered a job

  • Season 1 Episode 8262: 22/11/2013 (1)

    Grace and Faye run wild after they are given the keys to No 1 to take Eccles for a walk, and gang up on Simon to prevent him from leaving. Nick tells Gail he's worried his condition is taking a heavy toll on Leanne, Steve heads off for his first day at college and Kirk finds a pair of knickers in Beth's handbag, forcing her to admit the truth

  • Season 1 Episode 8261: 20/11/2013

    Simon is nowhere to be seen when Tina goes to pick him up from school, leaving her worried that Nick could be to blame. Brian feels under pressure and pretends he's had a call from the foster agent, while Faye's feelings are hurt after Grace mocks her for being too soft. Beth is ecstatic to find out she has taken the lead in the knicker productivity table

  • Season 1 Episode 8260: 18/11/2013 (2)

    Nick is clearly unaware of his own mood swings and Tina confides in Peter about his outbursts, while Julie's dreams of fostering hang in the balance. Anna believes Grace's lies when she quizzes her and Faye about the incident with Mary, but Izzy remains unconvinced, and Beth is confident that Sinead will help her outshine Fiz at Underworld

  • Season 1 Episode 8259: 18/11/2013 (1)

    Leanne worries about Nick after he forgets an engagement with a supplier and snaps at Simon, while Julie is unaware Brian has a job interview an hour before their meeting with the foster agent. Will he make it back in time? A furious Mary sets off to find Anna when Faye and Grace again throw stones at her motorhome, and Beth sneaks the knickers Sinead made into her batch

  • Season 1 Episode 8256: 13/11/2013

    Already angry with David for withdrawing money from their joint account, Kylie is livid to find he has taken Max to Tina's and goes round to confront him. Will the constant aggravation lead to him being kicked out? Carla asks Hayley to make the dress for her wedding, Tina receives a call from Tommy, and Lloyd covers for Todd by pretending he's the perfect employee

  • Season 1 Episode 8255: 11/11/2013 (2)

    Roy opens his heart to Anna about his decision over Hayley's proposed suicide, while Leanne accuses Peter of not paying enough attention to Simon after he gets into trouble. Tina is furious when David blows her money on booze at the Rovers, and gets Sean to take him back to the flat, while Owen becomes increasingly uncertain of Grace's intentions

  • Season 1 Episode 8254: 11/11/2013 (1)

    Roy is left struggling with his conscience in his effort to support Hayley, but is touched when Jeff reveals he lied to Jane about his religious beliefs to keep her happy in her final days. Tina finds David's presence in the flat increasingly irritating and tells him he has no chance of winning Kylie back unless he finds employment. Eileen urges Steve to give a disheartened Todd a job, while Peter encourages Simon to hang out with Grace and Faye

  • Season 1 Episode 8253: 08/11/2013 (2)

    Hayley takes her frustrations out on Roy, but later insists it's time they had a serious talk, while Faye protests her innocence to Anna after Norris spots her and Grace throwing stones at Mary's motorhome. Steve enrols at night school, and Todd is ordered to leave the Bistro by an unforgiving Nick, but manages to borrow £20 from Julie after realising she is a soft touch

  • Season 1 Episode 8252: 08/11/2013 (1)

    Hayley gets a shock when she visits the hospice to see Jane, while Grace dares Simon and Faye to break one of the windows in Mary's motorhome. Todd goes out job-hunting and heads to the Bistro, where he persuades Gloria to let him demonstrate his cocktail-making skills, while Steve is disappointed to discover he wasn't as much help with Amy's project as he thought

  • Season 1 Episode 8251: 06/11/2013

    Roy tries to pluck up the courage to speak to Hayley about her proposed suicide, while Sean pleads Todd's case with Eileen after hearing a different version of events. Owen puts his foot down when Faye is offered a concert ticket by Grace, who then attempts to sweet-talk Anna into overruling his decision, while Steve throws himself into helping Amy with her schoolwork, determined to prove he's a better parent than Tracy

  • Season 1 Episode 8250: 04/11/2013 (2)

    Roy regrets telling Anna about Hayley's plan to end her own life, and Todd lies to Eileen as he describes what he's been up to in London - but is horrified to find out she has already spoken to Alex. Faye and Grace set Sally up by sending Tim a text saying she has left them alone and they are worried a burglar is at large, while an overworked Leanne considers letting Kylie have her job back

  • Season 1 Episode 8249: 04/11/2013 (1)

    Eileen is excited about Todd's impending arrival, but his boyfriend Alex turns up at her door first and angrily demands to know where she's hiding her son. Roy lashes out at Jenna for invading his privacy and Anna steps in to comfort him. Grace sets about causing trouble for Sally when she is invited to tea with Faye, and Leanne and Nick move back to Victoria Court

  • Season 1 Episode 8248: 01/11/2013 (2)

    Nick gives up all hope of a reconciliation with Leanne. Will she be able to see a way to forgive him for the hurt he's caused? Faye is mortified when Anna calls the party to a premature end, while Sally gives Grace a ticking off for the cruel way she taunted Nick. Eileen receives a text from Todd revealing he's coming over for a visit, and Roy makes preparations for Hayley's return

  • Season 1 Episode 8247: 01/11/2013 (1)

    Nick gets the chance to spend time with Simon at Faye's party, but he's a bundle of nerves as the kids race around him. Owen warns Anna about Grace after picking up on the youngster's mean streak, and Liz decides a girls' night out is just what Eileen needs. Roy is reminded of his own dilemma when he witnesses Anna telling a white lie to protect her daughter from the truth

  • Season 1 Episode 8246: 30/10/2013

    Leanne returns and Nick begs her to give their relationship another chance. Liz urges Tina to pay for the broken window, and Rita is concerned to see a homeless and jobless David looking at the Kabin's situations vacant board. Grace announces she can't make it to the Halloween party, so Faye pleads with Anna to change it to the next night, while Beth asks Sinead to help her win employee of the month

  • Season 1 Episode 8245: 28/10/2013 (2)

    Tina learns from Rita that Rob tricked her into doing a deal with him, and passes the information on to Tracy, who is left questioning her relationship with him. Nick has a panic attack, but David happens to be passing and rushes to his aid, while Faye uses emotional blackmail to persuade Anna to let her throw a Halloween party. Meanwhile, Beth is very impressed with Sinead's sewing

  • Season 1 Episode 8244: 28/10/2013 (1)

    Rob says he will pay for the smashed window if Tina publicly apologises to Tracy, while Nick pushes himself too far with his physio exercises. Grace offers to show Faye how to make Sally's life a misery after Tim moves his belongings into her house, and Peter goes against Carla's wishes by introducing a bonus scheme at the factory for the most productive worker

  • Season 1 Episode 8243: 25/10/2013 (2)

    Tina is unrepentant as Tracy and Rob inspect the damage she has done to their shop, and even make it appear worse to increase their insurance claim. But as Tina faces another threat from her enemy, has she bitten off more than she can chew? Tim decides it's time to end it with Sally, only to have second thoughts when she apologises for being too clingy. A chat with Dev gives Chesney hope for the future, a new job catches Brian's eye, and after talking to Stella, Nick is confident that Leanne will return

  • Season 1 Episode 8242: 25/10/2013 (1)

    Tina spots a chance to get back at Tracy, stuffing a pair of lacy knickers down the passenger seat of Rob's unattended car. Having always gloated about her romantic boyfriend, how will she react when she thinks he has been fooling around? As a hung-over Tim tries to apologise to Sally for not turning up yesterday, she makes it clear she has had enough of his behaviour. Chesney gets bad news about the theft of his market stock, while Brian is having cold feet about fostering

  • Season 1 Episode 8241: 23/10/2013

    Roy is relieved that the antibiotics are fighting Hayley's infection, while she is grateful he hasn't told anyone else about her intentions. It seems the couple are reconciled - until he vows to change her mind. Can they ever find a way forward? Tina confronts Rob about Tracy's actions, then risks upsetting Tommy by offering homeless David somewhere to stay for a few nights. Faye isn't keen when Sally suggests she and Tim take her to the cinema, and Chesney has his market stock stolen

  • Season 1 Episode 8240: 21/10/2013 (2)

    Roy keeps a vigil by Hayley's hospital bed, her decision weighing heavily on his mind - and when she apologises for leaving him, he hopes they have turned a corner. Tina buys back Rita's ring, although Rob asks for a lot more than Dennis sold it for - and when Tracy becomes involved, the barmaid vows revenge. Steve is finding it a struggle working at both the Rovers and Street Cars and begins to wonder what he's let himself in for, a fact that doesn't go unnoticed by Liz, who makes it clear he needs to pull his weight at the pub. David bumps into Kylie outside the house, but will she allow him to see Lily?

  • Season 1 Episode 8239: 21/10/2013 (1)

    Hayley is staying with Fiz and Tyrone after her disagreement with Roy, who is overwhelmed with worry at the cafe but still insists his wife isn't considering his feelings. However, when she is suddenly taken ill, an ambulance is called and he rushes to be by her side. Tina can't believe it when Dennis confesses he has sold Rita's engagement ring, while Liz tells Steve it's time he supported Michelle as she decides to take her dad home. Gail turns her back on David - but will she let him in the house when he begs to see the kids?

  • Season 1 Episode 8238: 18/10/2013 (2)

    Roy listens in utter disbelief as Hayley reveals what she plans to do when her condition worsens, and tries to make him understand why she has made this decision - but he's lost in a world of turmoil, hurt and confusion. Will Hayley be able to convince him of her logic or will it prove too much for them to deal with?

  • Season 1 Episode 8237: 18/10/2013 (1)

    Hayley is upset to discover her friend Jane has been admitted to a hospice and comes to an important decision. Eva delivers a message to Nick from Leanne, while David pleads his case with Audrey, begging her to speak to Kylie and Gail on his behalf. Michelle is horrified when Barry finally tells her the truth about why his marriage is in trouble, and a desperate Dennis sells Rita's engagement ring in Rob and Tracy's shop

  • Season 1 Episode 8236: 16/10/2013

    Hour-long episode. Kylie realises that Tina and David both know that she slept with Nick. As family and friends gather at the church, will Lily's christening go ahead with the Platts in emotional turmoil? Roy's plan to take Hayley dancing at Blackpool Tower Ballroom hits a snag, but she is determined to enjoy the trip and insists on visiting a clairvoyant. Michelle's dad Barry makes a drunken pass at Liz, while Dennis is rocked by an unpaid tax bill

  • Season 1 Episode 8235: 14/10/2013 (2)

    Kylie discovers Lily's DNA results and goes to see Nick for answers. Will he reveal the truth about David? Liz turns up and makes herself at home in the Rovers as a fuming Michelle demands an explanation. Hayley is overwhelmed when Roy reveals he has planned a surprise trip to Blackpool, while Dennis shows little interest in Rita's idea of taking a cruise together

  • Season 1 Episode 8234: 14/10/2013 (1)

    David tries to convince Kylie there's nothing going on between him and Tina, but she later storms into the Rovers to confront the barmaid. Steve attempts to find the right time to tell Michelle about Liz's involvement in the pub, while Roy enlists an unlikely partner to help him brush up on his ballroom dancing skills. Nick is finally discharged from hospital, but struggles to come to terms with his weakened state and uncertain future

  • Season 1 Episode 8232: 13/10/2013

    Hour-long episode. David receives the results of Lily's DNA test and tries to summon up the courage to open the envelope, while Leanne questions the rehab nurse over Nick's foul moods. Fellow cancer patient Jane and her husband Jeff call round to visit Hayley, but it's clear Roy finds their conversations uncomfortable, Michelle is stunned when Steve reveals he's bought the Rovers for her, and Julie sets up a meeting with the fostering agency

  • Season 1 Episode 8231: 09/10/2013

    Hayley asks Roy to help plan her final days, explaining she wants to die at home with him by her side. Kylie recruits Eva to keep an eye on Tina in the pub as her suspicions mount, and Steve assures a despairing Michelle that things will soon improve. Carla struggles to relinquish control when Peter starts to get more involved at Underworld, and Stella, Eva and Gloria toast the sale of the Rovers as they prepare to move into No 13

  • Season 1 Episode 8230: 07/10/2013 (2)

    David orders a DNA test to find out if Lily is his daughter and lies to Kylie when she asks him where he keeps disappearing to, fuelling her suspicions further. Hayley is desperate to know what Roy is hiding, Steve asks Stella to keep quiet about the sale of the pub for a few more days, and Carla is not happy that Peter didn't consult her before deciding who should be offered the PA position

  • Season 1 Episode 8229: 07/10/2013 (1)

    Nick summons David to his hospital bedside and gives him an ultimatum, while Kylie's suspicions are raised by the amount of time her husband is spending with Tina. Roy's analytical approach to driving leaves Hayley at her wits' end, Michelle is devastated to learn her parents are divorcing, and Steve continues with his secret efforts to buy the pub. Peter tells Carla they need to recruit someone to deal with the paperwork at the factory, and Sally is convinced it will be her

  • Season 1 Episode 8228: 04/10/2013 (2)

    At the hospital, a desperate David begs a semi-conscious Nick to believe he never meant to cause the crash, while Owen calls Phelan's bluff when he threatens to call the police. Michelle is convinced she isn't getting the whole truth from her dad about his surprise visit and decides to call her mum, and Brian is taken aback when Julie suggests they should think about fostering

  • Season 1 Episode 8227: 04/10/2013 (1)

    Kylie decides to tell David the truth about her night with Nick. Can Gail persuade her to keep quiet? Owen breaks into Phelan's house to see what valuables he can take, while Michelle is stunned when her dad Barry turns up and asks if he can stay for a few nights. Rita encourages Julie to look into fostering and Faye is relieved when Grace appears to want to be friends with her again

  • Season 1 Episode 8226: 02/10/2013

    David confides in Tina, who urges him to tell Kylie the truth while he still can, and Owen is horrified to learn a customer has declared himself bankrupt to avoid settling his debts and goes to his house to confront him. Michelle is emotional as Ryan says his goodbyes, Steve secretly discusses the sale of the pub, and Julie starts to think about adoption

  • Season 1 Episode 8225: 30/09/2013 (2)

    Gail calls David to ask him to come to the hospital as Nick repeatedly says his brother's name, while Michelle is left reeling after Ryan's shock announcement and is furious with Steve. Owen realises a different approach may be called for as tries to chase up a big debt from a slippery customer, while Hayley sets about making a list of all the things she wants to do before she dies

  • Season 1 Episode 8224: 30/09/2013 (1)

    David tells Kylie how much he loves her and suggests they move away for a fresh start, while an agitated Nick struggles to speak at the hospital. Is he about to reveal all? Ryan is spurred into action after Steve gives him a pep talk, Carla apologises to Michelle, Owen promises to pursue his debtors, and Hayley goes for her CT scan

  • Season 1 Episode 8223: 27/09/2013 (2)

    Steve ropes in Stella as part of a plan to help cheer up Michelle, while Carla warns Peter he'd better not let her down now she and Michelle are estranged. David tries to convince Leanne he was trying to plant happy memories in Nick's subconscious, but Kylie is furious he missed their appointment with the vicar and lets rip at him. How will her husband respond?

  • Season 1 Episode 8222: 27/09/2013 (1)

    Carla's heart sinks when she returns to hear about Michelle's dispute with Peter. Will she be able to talk her sister-in-law round? Hayley arrives back at the cafe from a day out to find Christian waiting for her, while David implores a semi-conscious Nick to believe the crash was an accident. Tim takes refuge from Sally in his flat, and Katy asks Owen if she can take over Tina's old job at the yard

  • Season 1 Episode 8221: 25/09/2013

    Peter and Michelle's refusal to help each other ends up with them arguing in front of a potential client, while Hayley nervously waits to meet Christian. Gail calls to say the results of Nick's tests were good, leaving David feeling more under pressure than ever, and Eva and Gloria reluctantly support Stella's decision to sell the pub

  • Season 1 Episode 8220: 23/09/2013 (2)

    Stella is determined to find a way to move on with her life and stuns her family with a shock announcement, while Hayley realises she needs to see Christian before she dies. Leanne heads to the hospital where Nick has been taken for tests and Tina urges David to tell Kylie the truth now while he can. Michelle feels let down by Carla when Peter gently puts her in her place at the factory

  • Season 1 Episode 8219: 23/09/2013 (1)

    Jason tries to persuade Eva that they can have a relationship, while a phone call from Christian puts a damper on Hayley's high spirits. Kylie tells Gail that Lily's uncertain paternity is casting a shadow over everything and her mood worsens when she hears Nick has regained consciousness. Michelle feels undermined when Carla goes on a business trip and leaves Peter in charge at the factory

  • Season 1 Episode 8218: 20/09/2013 (2)

    As Roy's party gets into full swing, Hayley refuses to be defined by her illness and reveals there is still so much she wants to do. But her positive outlook is clearly masking her disappointment over Christian's lack of contact. Eva and Jason escape the party for somewhere quieter, where they soon find comfort in each other's arms, Chesney and Sinead look to the future as they spend their first night alone at No 5, and Tim deceives Sally in a bid to avoid her plans for a romantic trip to Paris

  • Season 1 Episode 8217: 20/09/2013 (1)

    It's Roy's birthday and the locals gather in the Rovers to celebrate, but the festivities are tinged with sadness as Hayley realises this will be the last time she marks the special day with her husband. Eva thanks Jason for all his help, prompting Sean to suggest she fancies him, and Fiz moves her belongings into Tyrone's house - but what should be a joyous moment for the couple is dampened by heartache over Hayley

  • Season 1 Episode 8216: 18/09/2013

    A nightmare prompts Hayley to talk about her one regret in life - not making amends with her son Christian. But how will Roy react when she reveals her plan to contact him again, especially after the violent way their last encounter ended? Stella decides to get back behind the bar and face the world, Fiz tells Chesney she is moving out to live with Tyrone, and Tim is enjoying the new easy-going Sally - but it doesn't last long when he suggests a weekend away

  • Season 1 Episode 8215: 16/09/2013 (2)

    Stella is in self-destruct mode and turns to the bottle for comfort, despite Jason and Dev's attempts to convince her she is in no way to blame for what has happened. Roy is filled with worry when Fiz takes an exhausted Hayley back to the cafe, while Sally plays it cool with Tim after spotting him in the Rovers. Tyrone cares for the injured racing pigeon, bringing back fond memories of Jack and prompting Fiz to make a decision

  • Season 1 Episode 8214: 16/09/2013 (1)

    Stella's family rallies round as the landlady struggles to cope with recent events, and when the police arrive to question her, the local gossips have much to talk about. Hayley sends Roy for his first driving lesson, then slips away to the factory to catch up with her pals - is she doing too much, too soon? Tim sends Sally flowers, hoping the romantic gesture will help him get back into her good books, while Tyrone is disappointed that Fiz won't move in with him, but soon finds a new companion of the feathered variety

  • Season 1 Episode 8213: 13/09/2013 (2)

    Karl hurriedly prepares to leave for Spain with Stella, but will the police come calling as the net closes in on him? Sally is hurt when she receives a dismissive text from Tim, who clearly doesn't feel any guilt about standing her up, while Owen expresses an interest in buying Audrey's flat, and Grace shows another side to her personality

  • Season 1 Episode 8212: 13/09/2013 (1)

    Dev arrives at the register office, while Craig prepares to make a statement to the police about what he saw before the Rovers was gutted by flames. Jenna urges Sally not to give Tim the benefit of the doubt by calling him, and Audrey breaks down, admitting life is getting on top of her. Meanwhile, Anna is impressed with Faye's friend Grace

  • Season 1 Episode 8211: 11/09/2013

    Dev learns from Craig what happened the night the pub went up in smoke and rushes to the register office to stop Stella marrying Karl. Sally waits for Tim to escort her to the wedding, Maria is worried by Audrey's unusually uptight behaviour, and Anna frets about making a good impression on Faye's new best friend Grace

  • Season 1 Episode 8210: 09/09/2013 (2)

    Stella is unnerved by Karl's behaviour, which he blames on pre-wedding nerves. But how will he respond when all eyes are on him in the Rovers and Jason accuses him of setting fire to the pub? Hayley urges Roy to help her savour every moment, while Tyrone warns Tim not to mess Sally around, and Audrey's presence in the flat irritates Marcus

  • Season 1 Episode 8209: 09/09/2013 (1)

    Jason confronts Karl after he and Dev make more discoveries about the night of the Rovers fire, leaving the groom a nervous wreck on the eve of his big day. Hayley returns home in positive spirits, and Sally asks Tim to accompany her to the wedding. Meanwhile, Marcus is put out when Maria offers Audrey a place to stay until the work on her house is complete

  • Season 1 Episode 8206: 04/09/2013

    Hayley tries to hold back her emotions and enjoy the time she has left with Roy, while Craig cracks under the weight of his guilt and decides to run away, leaving a note at home asking his mum to apologise to Dev. Max grows increasingly jealous of the attention his baby sister Lily is getting and throws one of her toys in the bin. Will Kylie and David find out?

  • Season 1 Episode 8205: 02/09/2013 (2)

    Hayley struggles to take in the news when the consultant explains her tumour proved inoperable and she only has six to 12 months to live. Karl is aware suspicions about him have been raised and goes to talk to a terrified Craig, while Carla is unimpressed when Steve lets slip about Michelle feeling overworked. Sinead agrees to give Chesney one last chance, but warns him not to mess her around again

  • Season 1 Episode 8204: 02/09/2013 (1)

    Roy tries to remain strong for Hayley as she waits to go into the operating theatre, while Beth storms into the Rovers to ask Karl why he gave Craig money. Michelle is annoyed that Peter is popular with the factory staff, Chesney pleads for forgiveness from Sinead, and Leanne offers to throw a surprise wedding reception for Stella at the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 8201: 28/08/2013

    Gail urges Kylie to have the baby's DNA tested so she can be sure who the father is, while David tries to worm his way out of revealing his part in the crash. Katy asks Chesney to come home early as she's planning a romantic meal, but he's unable to face being alone with her and invites Tyrone and Fiz along. Karl is annoyed that Stella wants to postpone their wedding, and Sally is embarrassed when she bumps into Tim after showing herself up at the barbecue

  • Season 1 Episode 8200: 26/08/2013 (2)

    A flustered David rushes home from the Bistro and phones the hospital, but Gail has to step in and deliver the baby. Sally and Anna's barbecue rivalry ends in a fight, with the two women knocking down the garden fence in the process, leaving Tim and Faye mortified. Chesney is nervous about having Katy back at No 5, Eileen tries to take her mind off Paul, while Roy brands Sylvia a coward

  • Season 1 Episode 8199: 26/08/2013 (1)

    Leanne thinks her phone call to Nick was the reason for the crash, so Tina urges David to tell her what really happened. As Sally and Anna try to outdo each other in a battle of the barbecues, Kylie collapses at No 8 and goes into labour. Roy and Hayley return and are shocked to discover that Sylvia has gone to stay with her sister, while Eileen wishes everyone would leave her alone

  • Season 1 Episode 8198: 23/08/2013 (2)

    Tina makes it clear she's not prepared to lie for David after he confesses his part in the accident, and Sinead tells Chesney she would understand if he chose to get back with Katy. Sally asks Sophie and Jenna for advice on her relationship with Tim, while Eileen rebukes Julie for fussing over her

  • Season 1 Episode 8197: 23/08/2013 (1)

    Leanne sits at Nick's bedside willing him to wake up, while Tina finally corners David in the salon and demands to know if he tried to kill his brother. Katy tricks Chesney into spending some time with her, Eileen is fed up with people gossiping about her love life, and Anna finds a note from Sylvia saying she's gone to stay with her sister - but decides not to tell Roy and Hayley until they get back from their holiday

  • Season 1 Episode 8196: 21/08/2013

    Tina grows suspicious of David after Leanne confides in her about the hate campaign she and Nick have endured. Paul apologises to Eileen for all the grief he's caused, and suggests they should get married as soon as they can. Stella considers putting her own wedding on hold, and Katy is hopeful that she and Chesney can get back together

  • Season 1 Episode 8195: 19/08/2013 (2)

    Paul returns to the bar and comes to Lloyd's aid, while the hospital consultant informs Gail and Leanne that Nick should regain consciousness soon. How will David react? Karl tries to persuade Craig not to talk to Beth about the fire, Sally makes a bid to win Faye round by inviting her to a barbecue, and Stella tells an unimpressed Tina she'd like her to do a few shifts at the Bistro to help Leanne out

  • Season 1 Episode 8194: 19/08/2013 (1)

    Paul, Steve and Brian head home after a disappointing night out, but Lloyd stays on and is approached by a gang of lads making racist comments. Karl rushes to stop a drunken Craig from confessing all to Stella, while Leanne lashes out when she catches Gail, Kylie and David discussing how she's coping. Sally and Anna clash over Tim, and Michelle is convinced Peter is trying to edge her out of a job

  • Season 1 Episode 8193: 16/08/2013 (2)

    Fearing Craig could implicate him in the Rovers fire, Karl drags the terrified boy into his car and warns him to keep quiet unless he wants to end up in prison. Meanwhile, Tina is hopeful she can still play a role in Jake's life, and as Tim says goodbye to an angry Faye, she sees it as proof he never cared - but will Sally be able to persuade him to stay?

  • Season 1 Episode 8192: 16/08/2013 (1)

    Karl finds Craig in tears and asks him what's wrong, but he's floored by the response - the youngster claims to have started the Rovers fire by throwing away a lit cigarette after seeing Karl coming out of the pub. Tina is determined to move on with her life and insists the first step is to see Jake. Leanne and David reopen the Bistro and Sally faces her feelings for Tim when he reveals he is leaving for Newcastle

  • Season 1 Episode 8191: 15/08/2013

    Surrounded by a gang of youths, Rita speaks to Dennis on her mobile, making a garbled plea for him to come and get her. As he races to the Red Rec with Tina and Tommy, will they make it in time? David offers to work all hours to keep Nick's business running, Craig tries to throw Beth off the scent by claiming his father is the cause of his turmoil, and Sally's internet date proves a disaster

  • Season 1 Episode 8190: 12/08/2013 (2)

    Alone on the Red Rec, Tina drinks in a bid to block out the pain and Rita heads there to bring her home, but ends up in a dangerous situation. David is sick with remorse and vows to confess as he begs Nick not to die, while Beth wonders if Craig could be struggling with his sexuality. Elsewhere, as Sally leaves for a date with a man she met online, Tim is taken aback by how good she looks

  • Season 1 Episode 8189: 12/08/2013 (1)

    Tina puts on a brave face as the Windasses host Jake's party at the Rovers, but when Owen makes a speech thanking her for being the surrogate mother, the emotions come flooding back, and an argument with Tracy leaves her intent on drowning her sorrows. Meanwhile, David struggles to hold it together as the Platts keep a vigil at Nick's bedside, Beth suspects Craig is taking drugs, and Sophie and Jenna notice Sally is keen on Tim

  • Season 1 Episode 8188: 09/08/2013 (2)

    The doctor reveals that Nick has swelling on the brain, and the police arrive at the hospital to question David. Will he be able to keep up his act? Mandy and Lloyd are exhausted by fighting to keep their relationship alive, and Tina is dreading Jake's party, but insists on working her shift despite Tommy and Rita's concerns. Norris sacks Craig after he dumps the papers he was meant to deliver, and Tracy sets her sights on the bookmaker's flat

  • Season 1 Episode 8187: 09/08/2013 (1)

    Nick is put into an induced coma after brain surgery, while David claims he can't remember anything about the crash. Mandy and Lloyd bicker over their parenting skills, Tina insists she's fine with Izzy celebrating Jake's homecoming at the Rovers, and Tracy manipulates Steve in a bid to get more time with Rob. Elsewhere, Norris regrets employing Craig as his paper boy

  • Season 1 Episode 8186: 07/08/2013

    The fire brigade work to cut Nick free from the wreckage, and David is horrified that his thirst for revenge may have cost his brother's life. Rob accuses Peter of stirring things up between him and Tracy, while Lloyd is annoyed when he overhears Mandy saying he lacks ambition. Tina arranges to visit Jake, but the situation is taking its toll on her

  • Season 1 Episode 8185: 05/08/2013 (2)

    After an explosive argument, David unfastens Nick's seat belt and grabs the wheel of his van, which swerves into the path of an oncoming lorry. Will the brothers survive the impact? Rob tries to mislead Tracy about moving in, prompting her to ask if he's only after her money, while Beth forces Craig to admit that he did poach Norris's paper boy. Relations are tense between Lloyd, Mandy and Jenna, and Tina tries to put the turmoil over Jake behind her

  • Season 1 Episode 8184: 05/08/2013 (1)

    Nick fears the worst when Tina reveals that David has discovered Kylie cheated on him and is out for revenge. Peter tells Rob he should ask Tracy to move in, and Izzy tries to persuade Owen to let Gary work part-time. Meanwhile, Tina returns from her holiday, Jenna starts her job at the cafe, and Norris suspects Craig is playing tricks on him

  • Season 1 Episode 8183: 02/08/2013 (2)

    Leanne jumps to the wrong conclusion when she spots Nick talking to Eva and accuses her of having an affair with him. Tracy takes the computers to No 1 while Rob tries to stall his probation officer, and Lloyd and Mandy head out for a romantic night at the Bistro, but are soon arguing over Jenna's decision to take a job in the cafe. Izzy suggests a solution to Gary's attempt to balance home and work, while Roy and Hayley set off on holiday

  • Season 1 Episode 8182: 02/08/2013 (1)

    Leanne receives an anonymous letter asking if she knows who Nick was with on Christmas night, while Tracy takes a risk when she buys a batch of cheap tablet computers from an old friend of Rob's. Mandy hopes that Jenna and Sophie's row will cause them to split up, but a few words of wisdom from Lloyd brings the couple back together. Izzy frets about Gary's bond with Jake as he returns to work and Hayley agrees to a holiday

  • Season 1 Episode 8181: 31/07/2013

    The family meal at Gail's does not get off to a good start, much to David's delight, while Paul worries that his career could be over, but Eileen is more concerned about the cracks in their relationship. Izzy misreads Gary's fears over his lack of bonding time with Jake as him doubting her ability to cope, Fiz suggests Roy and Hayley go on holiday, and Eva argues with Leanne over her refusal to be Stella's bridesmaid

  • Season 1 Episode 8180: 29/07/2013 (2)

    Paul punches Lloyd after accusing him of making the complaint to his boss, while Gary worries that he hasn't bonded with baby Jake. David suggests a family meal as he tries to stoke more tension between Leanne and Nick, Roy feels the pressure as he attempts to support Hayley, and Carla wishes Rob luck with his new shop

  • Season 1 Episode 8179: 29/07/2013 (1)

    Paul is called in to work for a chat after his boss receives a complaint about his use of racist language, while Gary is nervous when he and Izzy bring the baby home. Nick calls a staff meeting to try to find out who has a grudge against him, Hayley appreciates Carla's support as she returns to work, Rob and Tracy set up their shop and Peter starts at Underworld

  • Season 1 Episode 8178: 26/07/2013 (2)

    Hayley tells Roy she feels suffocated by his fussing, while an angry Lloyd confronts Paul and accuses him of bullying Jenna into backing his story about not being a racist. Rob tries to wind Peter up about taking money from Carla, and Tommy suggests he and Tina go on holiday after Gary and Izzy reveal that Jake will be coming home next week

  • Season 1 Episode 8177: 26/07/2013 (1)

    After harassing the consultant for answers, Roy demands Hayley rests and loses his temper when she insists on going out. Carla is impressed as Peter starts work at Underworld and reveals he wants to learn everything about the business, Paul asks Jenna to talk to Lloyd for him, and Audrey thanks her friends for a surprise birthday get-together

  • Season 1 Episode 8176: 24/07/2013

    Hayley breaks down at the hospital as Roy rushes to be by her side. Peter receives two propositions from Carla, and Paul heads to work to give a statement about his run-in with the hoax caller, but takes his frustrations out on Sophie when she taunts him in the street. Tracy and Rob make plans for their money-lending business, and Tim tells Faye that he's leaving town

  • Season 1 Episode 8175: 22/07/2013 (2)

    Hayley is devastated by the consultant's diagnosis, while Peter admits to Deirdre that Carla being the sole breadwinner makes him feel emasculated. A trading standards inspector tests the Bistro's bottled spirits, Maria tries to cheer Audrey up, and Tim confides in Sally about his troubled relationship with Faye

  • Season 1 Episode 8174: 22/07/2013 (1)

    Carla offers to take Hayley to the hospital for her CT scan, while Rob and Tracy tell Peter they want the bookmaker's shop rent-free for six months or they'll sue. David continues his plan of revenge against Nick and calls trading standards, Owen informs Audrey the crack in her living-room wall may be a symptom of a much larger structural problem, and Tim flirts with Sally as he does a few odd jobs at No 13

  • Season 1 Episode 8173: 19/07/2013 (2)

    Deirdre catches Tracy having an argument with Rob about his gambling with their joint money. Will she discover where her daughter got her half of the cash? Hayley learns more about her condition as the doctor discusses the test results, while Paul and Lloyd call a tentative truce after pressure from Eileen and Mandy

  • Season 1 Episode 8172: 19/07/2013 (1)

    Rob places £500 on an accumulator and Peter accepts the bet - even though he's aware it could bankrupt him. Hayley confides in Sylvia about her health worries, before setting off for her ultrasound scan. Mandy suggests to Eileen that they try to get Paul and Lloyd talking again, and Audrey worries when she discovers a crack in her living-room wall

  • Season 1 Episode 8171: 17/07/2013

    Peter apologises to Carla and assures her that he intends to get his bookmaking business back on track, while Rob is impressed when Tracy reveals she has raised the £8,000 as promised - but curious as to how she got it. Hayley tries to hide her health worries from Roy, Emily bursts Norris's bubble when she hands him a pile of household bills, and Paul and Eileen feel like social outcasts on the Street

  • Season 1 Episode 8170: 15/07/2013 (2)

    Peter asks Deirdre if he can stay the night at No 1 after clashing with Carla over the way he is running the bookmaker's, while Hayley's doctor asks her to have more tests. Eileen reaches breaking point as Paul and Lloyd's feud rumbles on, while Tracy tries to raise enough money to start a small-loans business with Rob

  • Season 1 Episode 8169: 15/07/2013 (1)

    Michelle warns Carla about the deals Peter is offering at the bookmaker's, while Paul realises Lloyd has been telling people he's a racist and confronts him. Hayley is puzzled when she is asked to call in at the medical centre for her results after a routine health check. Emily tells Norris he just needs to sign the paperwork and No 3 will be his, while Tracy is thrilled when Rob announces he's acquired a sports car

  • Season 1 Episode 8168: 12/07/2013 (1)

    Lloyd confides in Steve about the racial abuse he's suffered over the years and ends up arguing with Eileen when she tries to defend Paul. Katy apologises to Chesney for hurting him and begs for another chance, while David steps up his plan for revenge when he helps Kylie look after the Bistro. Tracy has a business proposition for Rob, and Peter stands to lose a fortune if an accumulator bet comes off

  • Season 1 Episode 8167: 12/07/2013 (1)

    Lloyd accuses Paul of being a racist after the fireman makes an ill-chosen comment during a game of darts, while Peter tells Carla he's going to turn his business around by offering the most competitive odds in town. Sinead decides to call things off with Chesney, David is frustrated when Nick and Leanne reconcile, and Rob hates life as a debt collector until Tracy offers to help spice things up

  • Season 1 Episode 8166: 10/07/2013

    Katy accuses Ryan of cheating on her, Sinead tests Chesney's true feelings by asking to stay the night, while Nick and Leanne make up, but tempers soon fray again when there is a report in the local paper about the raid at the Bistro. One of the parents of the hoax callers lodges a formal complaint against Paul, Carla looks at the accounts for the bookmaker's, and Tim takes a shine to Sally

  • Season 1 Episode 8165: 08/07/2013 (2)

    Nick is horrified as the police search the Bistro, and tells Leanne she can't take risks with his business again, while Katy confronts Ryan after reading his texts. Paul has a bad day dealing with hoax calls from a group of kids and forgets to ask Eileen whether her counselling helped, and Peter struggles to come to terms with Carla being the main breadwinner

  • Season 1 Episode 8164: 08/07/2013 (1)

    The student night at the Bistro goes well, until David phones the police. Chesney wonders whether to tell Katy that Ryan has been seen out with another woman, while Jason urges Tim not to give up on Faye after learning that Owen warned him to leave town. Eileen prepares for her first counselling session, and Carla and Michelle head out to celebrate the boom in business at Underworld

  • Season 1 Episode 8163: 05/07/2013 (2)

    Anna berates Tim for neglecting Faye, who asks him if he really wants her to live with him, while Katy has a heart-to-heart with Sinead about Chesney. Beth and Kirk are shocked to see Ryan out with another girl, while David encourages Nick to agree to Leanne's suggestion of a student night at the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 8162: 05/07/2013 (1)

    Anna comforts Faye and is appalled to learn from Jason that Tim stayed on in Newcastle with a woman. How will she react when he returns? Kylie tackles David about his behaviour when he takes his anger out on Gail by blaming her for his unhappy childhood, while Roy has last-minute doubts as he sits in the doctor's waiting room and Sinead begins to realise Chesney only takes her out to score points in front of Katy

  • Season 1 Episode 8161: 03/07/2013

    Mary worries about Faye after catching her stealing food from the shop and uses Dev's spare key to get into Tim's flat. Will they find her home alone? Roy sleepwalks again and nearly burns down the cafe, while David vandalises Peter's car as his plans for revenge on Nick take another twist. Rita offers Tina money for a holiday and Emily has a proposition for Norris

  • Season 1 Episode 8160: 01/07/2013 (2)

    David tells a stunned Tina that Kylie had one-night stand and the baby might not be his. But she's even more shocked by what he plans to do about it. A lonely and hungry Faye sees Anna welcoming Gary and Izzy round and wishes she was still part of the family, Hayley resolves to take action about Roy's problems, and Norris apologises to Emily for his recent behaviour

  • Season 1 Episode 8159: 01/07/2013 (1)

    Nick threatens Peter after David plants more doubts in his mind about Leanne's faithfulness, while Roy retreats into his shell and refuses to discuss his sleepwalking. Faye feels abandoned by Tim when Jason tells her he had to stay on to work in Newcastle, Tommy worries that Tina is struggling to cope without Jake, and Emily is convinced Norris has only been looking after her so he can get his hands on her will

  • Season 1 Episode 8158: 28/06/2013 (2)

    Faye lies to Dev when he calls for the rent, telling him that Tim has just popped out. Will he believe her? Nick returns home and quizzes Leanne after David drops further hints about her having an affair with Peter. Elsewhere, Hayley panics when she discovers Roy has gone missing, and Norris admits to Emily he's worried about being made homeless when she dies

  • Season 1 Episode 8157: 28/06/2013 (1)

    Gary, Izzy and Tina make plans to move on with their lives, and Faye decides to go back to Tim's empty flat after overhearing Anna complaining to Owen about stroppy teenagers. Gail tells Nick of her suspicions about Leanne and Peter, while Hayley worries that Roy might be having a nervous breakdown as his erratic behaviour continues

  • Season 1 Episode 8156: 26/06/2013

    Tina, Izzy and Gary reach an agreement as they decide what's best for the baby's future, and Faye lies to Tim about asking to stay at Anna's while he is away on a job. David is delighted when Gail suspects something is going on between Peter and Leanne, Roy apologises for losing his temper with Craig, and Emily receives a gift from Freda - but Norris tells her it's from him

  • Season 1 Episode 8155: 24/06/2013 (2)

    Izzy goes to the hospital to tell Tina she won't fight her for the baby any more. David lets himself into Nick's flat and puts Peter's lighter on the sofa, then sets about spreading the idea that the bookmaker is still interested in Leanne. Tim struggles to mask his irritation as Faye complains about her tea, while Roy's short temper worries Hayley and Sylvia

  • Season 1 Episode 8154: 24/06/2013 (1)

    Tina and Izzy are notified of their first court appearance, and it's clear the fight for the baby is taking its toll on both women. David pockets Peter's lighter as he formulates the next stage of his plan, while Faye is quick to defend her dad, claiming she prefers the relaxed regime at his house, and Anna has a dig at Tim's parenting skills

  • Season 1 Episode 8153: 21/06/2013 (2)

    Nick and Leanne are horrified to arrive home and find their flat has been trashed, an enraged Anna slaps Tina after Izzy breaks down, while Sinead is confused by Chesney's mixed signals as he and Katy continue to bicker. Elsewhere, Roy keeps an all-night vigil in the cafe to get to the bottom of the ghostly goings-on, and Emily is thrilled to receive flowers from her relatives Freda and Spider

  • Season 1 Episode 8152: 21/06/2013 (1)

    A brooding David attempts to keep his anger in check, but finally snaps and heads to Nick's flat. Tina wonders if she's made the right decision in keeping baby Joe as she struggles to breastfeed him, while Chesney arranges another date with Sinead to make Katy jealous. Elsewhere, Norris nurses Emily after she sprains her ankle, and Roy makes plans to find out who's been playing tricks on him

  • Season 1 Episode 8151: 19/06/2013

    During his surprise night away at the cottage, a distraught David heads out for a walk and contemplates his woes at the edge of a cliff. Michelle takes Katy to the pub and suggests she should try to make a go of things with Chesney, Dev wishes Stella and Karl good luck for the future, and Dennis is unhappy that Rita plans to use her life savings to pay Tina's legal fees

  • Season 1 Episode 8150: 17/06/2013 (2)

    Shattered by what he heard, David decides he has to confront Kylie, while Stella makes a shock announcement that leaves a guilty Karl with a smile on his face. Ryan fails to disguise his relief when Owen refuses to give Katy the builder's yard flat, and Roy is perturbed by some strange goings-on in the cafe

  • Season 1 Episode 8149: 17/06/2013 (1)

    Kylie has a heart-to-heart with Gail, recalling the circumstances that led to the one-night stand with Nick and pinning her hopes on the baby being David's - unaware he can hear every word. Stella is worried about Karl's behaviour and urges him to open up to her, Ryan tries to manipulate Katy into moving back home, and Owen demands that Tina return his surrogacy money

  • Season 1 Episode 8148: 14/06/2013 (2)

    Karl's murderous streak returns as he stands on the brink of silencing Dev once and for all, while Tina is desperate to offer Izzy and Gary an olive branch and insists they can see the baby when he comes out of hospital. David becomes suspicious when he catches Kylie stuffing some paperwork in her bag and she denies seeing Nick earlier, while Eileen seeks professional help as she vows to keep her promises to Paul

  • Season 1 Episode 8147: 14/06/2013 (1)

    Karl reaches breaking point when Dev reveals he has asked to look at the CCTV footage from the hospital to see if anyone had access to Sunita's room. Rita and Dennis give Tina a place to stay, while Izzy invites Gary to move back in to prove they can offer Jake the most stable home. Nick saves the day for Kylie as she plans David's surprise, and Eileen vows to sort herself out so she can be proud of Paul's job

  • Season 1 Episode 8146: 12/06/2013

    Gary and Izzy vow to fight Tina through the courts as she stands firm over her decision to keep Jake. Dev wonders if someone planted the Rovers keys among Sunita's belongings after the hospital gave him an inventory of her possessions, while Eileen is surprised when a reporter turns up on her doorstep with the boy Paul saved. Elsewhere, Kylie resolves to give David a treat to thank him for his support during her pregnancy, and Rob gets a new job

  • Season 1 Episode 8145: 10/06/2013 (2)

    Paul saves a child's life at work, but lies about his heroics for Eileen's sake, only to discover she is taking sleeping pills to deal with her fears. Karl urges Dev to give up his fight to prove Sunita's innocence as people are already questioning his mental health, while Marcus and Maria have a heart-to-heart about their relationship. Tracy sets out to prove herself to Carla and Peter as she starts her new job

  • Season 1 Episode 8144: 10/06/2013 (1)

    Gary and Izzy arrive at the hospital to find Tina cradling the baby. Can she bring herself to give Jake up? After nodding off at work, Eileen is forced to admit she can't sleep for worrying about Paul's job, and turns to the doctor for advice, while Karl becomes increasingly agitated as Dev's quest to clear Sunita's name gathers momentum. Elsewhere, Maria tells Marcus that his revelation about still being gay is preying on her mind

  • Season 1 Episode 8141: 05/06/2013

    When baby Jake is diagnosed with a bowel infection, Tina rushes to the hospital to hear he has deteriorated further and needs surgery - and there's a 50-50 chance of survival. Dev questions Paul about the fire, but Karl begs him to stop, claiming his investigation is upsetting Stella, while Rob's chances of finding work hinge on Carla providing him with a reference. Maria learns about Ben's wedding and asks Marcus why he didn't mention the invitation, and Eileen throws herself into cleaning in a bid to banish her insomnia

  • Season 1 Episode 8140: 03/06/2013 (2)

    Dev goes to the police station and insists he has questions that need answering and evidence for them to consider. As Karl reels, will they agree to reopen the case? Carla is rocked when Rob says his share is worth £50,000, while Tommy's concern for Tina grows when she asks to go back to see the baby in hospital. An exhausted Eileen sets about distracting herself as Paul gets ready to start another night shift, while Marcus keeps Maria in the dark about the wedding invitation

  • Season 1 Episode 8139: 03/06/2013 (1)

    Dev admits he's struggling to accept that Sunita was capable of murder and vows to speak to the police, leaving Karl panic-stricken. Carla seeks recompense from Rob by demanding he give up his Underworld shares, while Tommy senses Tina is reluctant to part with the baby - who Izzy and Gary decide to name Jake. Sean and Marcus are invited to an old friend's wedding reception and Eileen struggles to sleep as she waits for Paul to return from the night shift

  • Season 1 Episode 8138: 31/05/2013

    Izzy allows Gary access to the baby but is reluctant to completely forgive him, while Tommy declares his love for Tina. Elsewhere, Carla demands to know why Rob betrayed her after catching him red-handed with the stolen silk, Dev begins to question Sunita's guilt over dinner with Stella and a nervous Karl, and Chesney backs down over his refusal to babysit Joseph for Katy - whose relationship with Ryan is questioned by Michelle

  • Season 1 Episode 8137: 30/05/2013

    Tommy tries to prevent Tina becoming too emotionally attached to the baby, who Gary finally gets to see - without Izzy's permission. Meanwhile, Carla gives Rob one final chance to confess his role in the silk theft by quizzing him about his business contacts, Chesney refuses to babysit Joseph for Katy, and Sally is asked out for a drink by a man from the dating website - but does she have the courage to meet him?

  • Season 1 Episode 8136: 28/05/2013

    Tensions continue to run high in hospital, where Gary begs to be given a second chance after Izzy refuses to let him see his son, and Tommy's feelings for Tina begin to re-emerge as he comforts her in the special care unit. Elsewhere, Rob and Tracy's game looks to be up when Carla finds a silk supplier who claims to have been offered the stolen material, and Katy moves in with Ryan following an argument with Owen and Izzy. Karl is less than happy to hear Stella arranging for them to have dinner with Dev, and Sally is encouraged to join a dating website

  • Season 1 Episode 8135: 27/05/2013

    Panic ensues when Tina goes into labour two months prematurely and is rushed to hospital, while a furious Izzy turns on Gary, blaming him for causing all the stress in the first place. However, things are put into perspective when Tina, with Tommy by her side, gives birth to a baby boy - who is so small he requires special care to help with his breathing. Elsewhere, Karl is forced to call at the Alahans' to check on Dev, and Rob makes Tracy responsible for getting rid of the silk

  • Season 1 Episode 8134: 26/05/2013

    Stella and Karl are desperate for everything to go to plan as they reopen the Rovers. Sophie and Jenna use the occasion to let their hair down, but it proves to be an emotional evening for a stressed-out Tina, who collapses in pain after an argument involving Izzy, Gary and Katy. Meanwhile, Rob and Tracy sense Carla's suspicions about their involvement in the silk theft

  • Season 1 Episode 8133: 24/05/2013 (2)

    Tracy puts on her best act as she talks to the police about the silk theft. Will they buy it or will Carla uncover her brother's betrayal? Rita senses Tina is on edge and asks what's troubling her, while a guilty Karl tries to convince himself that Dev will cope with things in time. Chesney's mood changes when Ryan and Katy enter the Bistro, leaving Sinead worried that he's just trying to make his ex jealous

  • Season 1 Episode 8132: 24/05/2013 (1)

    Rob plans to get his own back on Carla and arranges for an order of silk to be 'stolen' from Tracy's van. Tina tells Tommy she's had enough of being suffocated by the Windasses and is going to reclaim her life, starting by giving up her job at the builder's yard. Sinead is clearly smitten with Chesney on their date, but is puzzled by his nonchalant behaviour, and Peter advises Dev to get the twins to talk about their feelings rather than bottle them up after Aadi gets into trouble at school

  • Season 1 Episode 8131: 22/05/2013

    Rob tries to throw his weight around at the factory and barges in on an important client meeting, but Michelle orders him to leave. Will Carla back her brother? Tina begs Katy not to ruin Izzy's happiness due to a moment of madness on Gary's part, while Roy still refuses to acknowledge his grief and throws himself into work. Stella feels sorry for a struggling Dev as she plans a low-key reopening of the Rovers, and Sinead plucks up the courage to ask Chesney out on a date

  • Season 1 Episode 8130: 20/05/2013 (2)

    Gary urges Ryan to forget the conversation he walked in on - but he confesses to Katy that he heard something about a kiss. Peter tells Carla he can't work with Rob any longer, leaving her with little choice but to send her brother back to the factory, much to his displeasure. Karl snaps at Gloria for interfering with the pub's renovation, while Chesney starts lifting weights as he makes plans to find another woman

  • Season 1 Episode 8129: 20/05/2013 (1)

    Tina lambasts Gary for tackling Tommy and arousing Rita's suspicions, but the pair are horrified when Ryan witnesses their argument. Tired of Peter and Carla's demands, Tracy and Rob sneak off into the back of the bookmaker's, only for the coffee machine to overflow. Roy ignores Hayley's efforts to get him to acknowledge his grief, but Sylvia insists they visit St John's grave together. Will he agree? Stella plans a bank holiday Monday relaunch for the pub, and Chesney decides it's time to shed his Mr Nice Guy image

  • Season 1 Episode 8128: 17/05/2013 (2)

    Gary struggles with a guilty conscience when Izzy tells him what a wonderful dad he'll make, while a suspicious Owen quizzes Anna about where Tim got the money for Faye's school trip. Roy and Hayley arrive at the address in Blackburn, only to receive bad news, while Katy announces she is taking Joseph and going to stay at Ryan's. Will he agree to her moving in with him?

  • Season 1 Episode 8127: 17/05/2013 (1)

    A worried Gary tells Tina about Tommy's threats, but she assures him he won't say anything, while Sylvia tracks down St John's old friend Mark and presents Roy with his father's address in Blackburn. Faye is upset when her dad reveals he can't afford to pay for her school trip, so she asks Anna to lend him the money, but Owen is insistent that Tim must learn what it means to be a parent. Elsewhere, Karl urges Gloria to help Stella in her hour of need and Chesney accuses Katy of taking little interest in their son any more

  • Season 1 Episode 8126: 15/05/2013

    Tina is desperate to tell someone about the kiss and confides in Tommy, who is furious and threatens Gary. Eva arrives back from her holiday and is horrified to find Stella cleaning at the Bistro, while Gloria can't live with the guilt any longer and makes a confession to her family. Roy starts doing some research in a bid to find his father, Anna hands Tim a letter from school requesting money for Faye's adventure weekend, and Brian talks to Paul about the dangers of his job as a fireman. Will Eileen be able to cope with the conversation?

  • Season 1 Episode 8125: 13/05/2013 (2)

    Gary begs Tina not to tell Izzy about the kiss, and David asks Nick and Leanne if they will be guardians of his child should anything happen to him and Kylie. Stella receives a letter from Owen's solicitor suing her for the money he is owed, but Karl assures her they're in it together and he'll do everything he can to help. Elsewhere, Katy is upset when Owen makes it clear he disapproves of her going on a date with Ryan

  • Season 1 Episode 8124: 13/05/2013 (1)

    Gary loses his temper when his old army mates accuse him of fancying Tina and calls at her flat on the way home. In an emotional state, he makes a pass at her. Will she respond? David thinks the unborn baby should be tested to find out if it has inherited his epilepsy, leaving a worried Kylie and Nick trying to talk him out of it. Anna grows concerned about Faye's welfare after discovering Tim is short of money, Leanne is upset to see Stella start her cleaning job at the Bistro, and Roy finally reaches a decision about his father's letter

  • Season 1 Episode 8123: 10/05/2013 (2)

    Max fails to rouse David, but finds his mobile phone and calls Nick - who arrives just as his brother regains consciousness. Gary insists the only reason he spent £200 on Tina was to show his gratitude. Will a jealous Izzy be convinced? Stella puts her name forward for the position of cleaner at the Bistro, while Owen is unimpressed when Anna gives Faye her tea and does her washing. He angrily points out Tim's shortcomings and tells him he's not fit to be a full-time dad

  • Season 1 Episode 8122: 10/05/2013 (1)

    David goes to the park with Max and Joseph after Audrey urges him to take things easy, but as they feed the ducks he starts to convulse and suffers an epileptic seizure. Owen refuses to listen to Stella and tells her she'll be hearing from his solicitor, forcing her to make a big decision, while Izzy is perturbed when she discovers £200 missing from her and Gary's bank account. Elsewhere, Faye is upset to find that Tim has forgotten to wash her PE kit and confides in Anna, who invites her to tea, and Hayley retrieves the letter from the bin, encouraging Roy to read it

  • Season 1 Episode 8121: 08/05/2013

    Gloria throws a party to celebrate Karl and Stella's engagement, but when Owen arrives in the Bistro and sees the landlady having a good time, he issues her with an ultimatum. David is too tired to concentrate at work and accidentally snips Dennis's ear. However, after Audrey sends him home, he insists on covering Kylie's shift at the restaurant. Gary assures Izzy he'll look for another job so she can stay at home when the baby arrives, Anna is concerned that Tim is not looking after Faye properly, and Hayley hands Roy the letter from his father

  • Season 1 Episode 8120: 06/05/2013 (2)

    Stella offers Owen a half-share of the Rovers if he finishes the job without payment, and Karl asks the landlady once again if she'll marry him. Gary calls at Tina's flat and reassures her about the surrogacy money, and Izzy starts to feel second best when she finds out, while Gail advises an exhausted David to stop working so hard. Elsewhere, Sylvia reads the letter but refuses to discuss it further, and Peter and Rob continue to bicker about the bookmaker's while out for a meal with Carla and Tracy

  • Season 1 Episode 8119: 06/05/2013 (1)

    Stella tells Leanne to keep her money as she refuses to be blackmailed, but Owen is furious when he learns he won't be paid for the Rovers job and starts dismantling the pub fittings. David feels Kylie's baby kick and suggests to Nick, much to his discomfort, that he share the experience, while Gary worries about where the cash will come from for Tina's surrogacy fee. Elsewhere, Sylvia's friend Dottie gives her a letter that arrived some time ago - and the handwriting looks very familiar

  • Season 1 Episode 8118: 03/05/2013 (2)

    Stella asks Leanne to invest in the pub using the money she got from the bookmaker's. After hearing her out, she agrees, but has one binding condition for the landlady. Rob struggles with the maths when Steve places some complicated bets and is left fuming as Peter enjoys belittling him, but Carla senses a set-up and demands to know what's going on. Elsewhere, David returns home exhausted after a day at the salon and an evening working at the Bistro, leaving Kylie feeling guilty

  • Season 1 Episode 8117: 03/05/2013 (1)

    After her run-in with Karl, Leanne vows to tell Stella what kind of man she is going to marry, but the landlady reveals some shocking news of her own. Peter agrees with Ken that Rob is a bad influence on Tracy, and Julie asks Carla for some time off work to look after her mum. Kylie is touched when David suggests he should take over her evening shifts at the Bistro so she can rest, and Eva heads off on holiday

  • Season 1 Episode 8116: 01/05/2013

    Karl threatens Leanne in the street after she warns Stella that marrying him would be a terrible mistake. Peter refuses to rise to the bait when Rob gloats over the fact takings at the bookmaker's are considerably higher, but gets his own back by drawing up a rota and telling Rob he's working the evening shift, scuppering his date with Tracy. Elsewhere, David and Kylie return from their scan and announce that they're expecting a girl

  • Season 1 Episode 8115: 29/04/2013 (2)

    Karl is unnerved as he looks round the pub and is set further on edge after a run-in with Jason. In desperation he stuns Stella by proposing to her. At the Barlows', Ken can see straight through Rob's bravado, but Peter tells him not to worry - he has a plan. Elsewhere, Anna witnesses the bond between Gary and Tina as they discuss what happened at the antenatal class and is relieved when Izzy offers to go with them next time

  • Season 1 Episode 8114: 29/04/2013 (1)

    Eileen drowns her sorrows as Paul sets off for his new job in North Yorkshire, but suddenly realises he was the one for her and races to the station in a bid to stop him. Stella returns home to find a worrying letter from her insurance company and heads to the pub with Karl to check out the rebuilding work. Will he crumble as he faces the scene of his crime? Despite being riled, Peter decides to hold his tongue after Rob installs new betting machines and technology at the bookmaker's, and Anna is concerned when Izzy insists only Gary should attend Tina's next antenatal class

  • Season 1 Episode 8113: 26/04/2013 (2)

    Rob takes great relish in winding Peter up and lectures Carla on how to turn the bookies around and increase profits, but she realises his potential and makes a business proposal. Anna discovers the pawn shop receipt for the wedding ring belonging to Tina's dad and is horrified to learn Gary lied about how much he spent. Chesney is heartbroken when he hears about Katy and Ryan, and Anna visits Faye at Tim's flat

  • Season 1 Episode 8112: 26/04/2013 (1)

    Carla tries to help Peter out and offers to buy Leanne's share of the betting shop, while Gary tracks down the missing family wedding ring and presents it to Tina, leading an angry Tommy to accuse him of having feelings for her. Fiz forces a moping Chesney to help provide for Joseph by going back to work. But how will she react when she hears Katy and Ryan are together? Elsewhere, Dev tells Mary that he needs to cope by himself for a while and Faye is downcast when Tim leaves her at home alone with a DVD so he can go for a pint with Jason

  • Season 1 Episode 8111: 24/04/2013

    Chesney is devastated when he spots Katy leaving Ryan's flat, having clearly stayed the night, but she assures him nothing happened. Will he believe her? Leanne arrives at the bookies and tells a horrified Peter she's come to save the business before he runs it into the ground, while the police inform Tina that they have caught the man who burgled her flat - although her dad's wedding ring has not been recovered. Elsewhere, Anna is less than impressed with Tim's parenting skills and Mary calls at No 7 to insist on cooking a meal for Dev and the kids

  • Season 1 Episode 8110: 22/04/2013 (2)

    Katy has had enough of Chesney's jealousy and goes clubbing with Ryan, who insists she stay the night at his place after she gets drunk. Gary reassures Izzy that he loves her, but says he needs to be involved with the baby every step of the way. Leanne tells Peter she wants him to buy her share of the bookmaker's, while Anna disapproves when Tim takes Faye to the cinema on a school night

  • Season 1 Episode 8109: 22/04/2013 (1)

    Chesney is overcome with jealousy and takes Katy's phone from her bag after seeing her with Ryan. When a text message comes through, how will he react? Tina and Gary perform exercises together at the antenatal class, but Izzy feels sidelined and leaves, while Leanne calls at the bookies and demands to know why she hasn't received her share of the takings. Elsewhere, Tim assures Anna that Faye is happy, and Dev is impressed with Mary when she looks after Asha and Aadi for the afternoon

  • Season 1 Episode 8108: 19/04/2013 (2)

    Anna proposes that Faye move in with Tim on a temporary basis if he can rise to the challenge, while Ryan tries to cheer Katy up after she sees Chesney and Sinead getting on well in the Bistro. Dev tells Mary she's unsuitable to be a nanny because of her lack of experience, Eileen donates her holiday to a delighted Julie and Brian, and Tina lets Gary feel the baby kicking

  • Season 1 Episode 8107: 19/04/2013 (1)

    Faye confesses she was lying when she is formally interviewed by social services, making Anna wonder if it is time to admit defeat and let the youngster live with Tim. Beth tries to set Chesney up with her niece Sinead (Waterloo Road star Katie McGlynn), while Mary puts her name forward after seeing Dev's advert for a nanny. Elsewhere, Eileen's dreams of a relaxing holiday are shattered when Julie insists they book every excursion available

  • Season 1 Episode 8106: 17/04/2013

    Brian talks to Faye at school and calls in social services after she claims Anna has been hitting her, while Katy apologises to Chesney and insists she still loves him. Will he be able to forgive her? When the tickets arrive for a holiday Paul and Eileen booked months ago, he suggests she take Julie instead. Dev scatters Sunita's ashes before making plans to recruit a nanny so he can return to work, while Nick tells Mary there will be no more theme nights at the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 8105: 15/04/2013 (2)

    Anna tells Tim that Faye's behaviour has deteriorated since he arrived on the scene, and he offers to move away from the Street. But the youngster loses her temper when she overhears this and refuses to go home. Paul turns up at the Grimshaws' with some news for Eileen, and Sophie reproaches Dev after he questions Stella over her decision to take Karl back. Katy tells Ryan she is quitting her job to focus on her family and can't see him any more, while Mary's Australian-themed night gets out of hand at the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 8104: 15/04/2013 (1)

    Faye makes a shock announcement to Tim and Anna, while an emotional Paul decides it's time he went house-hunting after he and Eileen reach a stalemate over his job. Leanne is stunned to discover Karl and Stella are together again and brands him a cheat and a liar - how will Dev react to the news? Elsewhere, Fiz offers to help Katy win Chesney back and Mary plans an Australian night at the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 8103: 12/04/2013 (2)

    Karl unburdens himself and tells Stella he loves her. Meanwhile, at the wake, Gloria and Eva sing Karl's praises for rescuing the landlady from the fire - but Leanne fails to see him in the same light. Eileen confesses to Paul she can't live in constant fear and he'll have to leave his job, and Anna refuses when Faye asks if she can stay the night at Tim's flat. Katy tries her best to be friendly when Chesney calls round to see Joseph, but he remains cold toward her

  • Season 1 Episode 8102: 12/04/2013 (1)

    As Dev delivers the eulogy at Sunita's funeral he breaks down, prompting a guilt-ridden Karl to run out of the crematorium. Will he tell Stella the truth? Paul returns to work, but Eileen admits to Jason she can't deal with the stress after hearing a news report about a local fire that has claimed two lives. Faye persuades Tim to invite Anna and Owen round for supper, while Fiz worries that Chesney is not really coping without Katy

  • Season 1 Episode 8101: 10/04/2013

    Simon suggests to Aadi and Asha that their mum won't go to heaven as she burnt down the pub. Karl is furious and gives him a shake - just as Leanne arrives. In the Bistro, Rob tries to wind Peter up over the fact he's drinking orange juice, while Paul convinces the station manager he's fit for work. Will Eileen be able to bury her fears? Fiz goes back to her job at the factory and Anna is angry when Faye gives Tim some chocolates she bought with her dinner money

  • Season 1 Episode 8100: 08/04/2013 (2)

    Paul is furious with Eileen for interfering and explains that firefighting is his life and he can't give it up. Will she accept it or is their relationship over? Stella finds Karl making his escape, while Dev talks to the twins about their mum's funeral. Rob flirts with Deirdre at her anniversary party, Faye is thrilled when Tim reveals he's moving into the flat above the shop, and Hayley, Izzy and Beth apologise to Fiz for the way they treated her

  • Season 1 Episode 8099: 08/04/2013 (1)

    When Paul reveals that he's returning to work the next day, Eileen is deeply concerned and goes to speak to his boss. Karl makes plans to leave Weatherfield, convinced the net is slowly closing in on him, while the police give Dev the results of Sunita's post-mortem. Ken hastily organises a dinner party for Deirdre after forgetting their wedding anniversary, Carla and Rob are apologetic as they offer Fiz her old job back, while Tim tells Sophie he's interested in renting the flat above the shop

  • Season 1 Episode 8098: 05/04/2013 (2)

    Jason takes Eileen's advice and fights to win back Stella, reminding her what a low-life Karl is - but is she prepared to listen? After new locks are fitted at the flat, Izzy insists Gary spend the night at Tina's to keep an eye on her, while Rita threatens to call the police when she discovers Sylvia's been making cakes laced with cannabis and sharing them with Dennis

  • Season 1 Episode 8097: 05/04/2013 (1)

    Jason apologises to Stella for his moodiness the other day and suggests they meet for a drink. Will she agree to kiss and make up? Tina learns the sex of her baby at the scan, but on returning home she is alarmed to find someone has forced the door to her flat. Fiz continues to put Chesney's needs before her own in the wake of his break-up with Katy, while Eileen is taken aback by Paul's erratic behaviour and is concerned when he announces he's returning to work

  • Season 1 Episode 8096: 03/04/2013

    Dev keeps a vigil at Sunita's bedside as she shows signs of progress, while in the prison visiting room Tyrone and Kirsty face each other for the first time since the trial - but which one of them will remain behind bars? When Dennis puts his back out he begs Sylvia to let him have some of her brownies to help with the pain, and Gary urges Tina to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl at her next scan

  • Season 1 Episode 8095: 01/04/2013 (2)

    Jason tells Stella he's not happy that she's spending so much time with Karl, while Dev is ecstatic when he gets a call from the hospital saying Sunita's showing signs of regaining consciousness. Eileen and Julie apologise to Fiz for siding with Kirsty and hope they can still be friends, but is she prepared to forgive and forget? Sylvia races to stop Rita, Norris and Mary tucking into her brownies, and Dr Carter calls to see Paul after Eileen expresses her concerns about his state of mind. Tina thanks Gary when Owen offers her more hours at the builder's yard

  • Season 1 Episode 8094: 01/04/2013 (1)

    Stella is discharged from hospital, but Jason is put out when she insists Karl is welcome to stay with her at No 13. As she apologises for misjudging him, will he make a move on the landlady? The doctor warns Dev that he should prepare for the possibility they might have to switch off Sunita's life-support machine, while Julie realises she has some serious bridge-building to do with her old friend Fiz. Sylvia is horrified when Anna unwittingly sells two of her brownies to Rita, Eileen wishes she could do more to help Paul, and Gary puts pressure on Owen to give Tina more hours at the builder's yard

  • Season 1 Episode 8093: 29/03/2013 (2)

    There is pandemonium in the court when the truth about Kirsty is revealed, but Tyrone is returned to the cells while the judge decides how to proceed. Gloria tells a horrified Eileen and Paul that Sunita started the fire. As word spreads how will Dev deal with the news? Elsewhere, Chesney gets drunk and tries to chat Eva up and Sylvia phones Stan and places an order for more flapjack

  • Season 1 Episode 8092: 29/03/2013 (1)

    Julie and Sean rush round to No 9 when they hear glass smashing, but the house is empty and there is no sign of Kirsty or Ruby. Julie then races to court to reveal she has evidence proving Tyrone's innocence, while Dev is shocked when the police search through Sunita's belongings and find the spare set of keys for the Rovers. Elsewhere, Chesney tells Ryan to stay away from his son, and Sylvia accepts another of Stan's flapjacks when he insists it will relieve the pain in her wrist

  • Season 1 Episode 8091: 27/03/2013

    Tyrone takes the stand and tells the jury he was abused by Kirsty for months and that he fears she'll attack Ruby one day, while Kirsty loses her temper with Julie and slaps her. The police question Stella about the pub keys and suggest the arsonist may have used a spare set to gain entry. Elsewhere, Sylvia finds her new friend Stan's flapjack delicious, but what is his secret ingredient? Beth is annoyed when Kirk cancels their date because he promised to meet Chesney

  • Season 1 Episode 8090: 25/03/2013 (2)

    Kirsty is angry when she arrives home and finds Sally babysitting Ruby as Julie was called away. A furious Dev suggests that Stella started the fire herself, not Sunita, while Jason tells the police he suspects Karl is the culprit. Having spent the afternoon drowning his sorrows, Chesney demands to see Joseph, while Sylvia brings her new friends from the One O'Clock Club back to the cafe

  • Season 1 Episode 8089: 25/03/2013 (1)

    Tyrone's trial begins and Kirsty appears in the witness box, telling the jury how she suffered months of violent abuse. Outside court, Alison and Fiz beg her to tell the truth and not send an innocent man to prison. Will she take any notice? The police inform Stella that further evidence suggests the fire was started deliberately, and Gloria wonders if it was Sunita as she had a grudge against the landlady. Katy bumps into Chesney and tries to make conversation, but he remains cold and points out she's no longer part of his family

  • Season 1 Episode 8086: 20/03/2013

    As the Rovers burns, onlookers are shocked to see Karl's face at the window with Stella. Jason grabs ladders from the builder's yard but Paul and Toni are the ones who enter - just before a massive explosion rocks the street. As all the drama unfolds, Tina spots Kirsty - who is supposed to be away visiting her mother - watching the fire from the window of No 9. Meanwhile, Kylie asks Gail to move back in with her and David

  • Season 1 Episode 8085: 18/03/2013 (2)

    Fire quickly engulfs the Rovers, leaving Sunita unconscious on the cellar floor and a terrified Stella banging on the upstairs window. At the Bistro, local firefighter Paul is about to strip naked for an over-excitable audience. However, once the alarm is raised, he and several others spring into action to tackle the blaze. Will they be in time to save the landlady and the woman she hates? Away from the drama, Katy begs Chesney's forgiveness, while Julie can't stop Ruby crying - but a phone call to Kirsty gets her nowhere

  • Season 1 Episode 8084: 18/03/2013 (1)

    Dev tells Sunita it's all over between them, leaving his ex-wife inconsolable and raging at Stella, whom she blames for bad-mouthing her. As the Full Monty night gets under way at the Bistro, the Rovers landlady decides to have an early night and heads home - but as she relaxes in the bath, a fire takes hold in the cellar. Down the street, Kirsty struggles to cope with a crying Ruby and asks Julie to babysit, lying about having to visit her mother, while Fiz tries to convince Chesney that it's not worth splitting up just because of Katy's mistake

  • Season 1 Episode 8083: 15/03/2013 (2)

    Katy assures Chesney she loves him and didn't sleep with Ryan, while Karl watches jealously as Jason helps to run the Rovers by candlelight. Dev and Sunita announce they are back together, but Stella tells him he's making a terrible mistake. Elsewhere, Eileen persuades Peter, Karl, Rob, Tommy, Jason and Dr Carter to sign up for the Full Monty

  • Season 1 Episode 8082: 15/03/2013 (1)

    Izzy is stunned when Gary confides his suspicions that Katy is having an affair and orders him to hang fire until she speaks to her. But he can't contain himself and picks a fight with Ryan in the street. Will Chesney realise what's been going on? Stella reveals that Jason is giving up the building trade to work behind the bar with her, while Dev suggests to Sunita they sell the house and businesses and make a fresh start somewhere else. Sally is surprised to find Gail has packed her bags, and Eileen sets about recruiting some local replacements when Toni reveals the Full Monty performance is off, as all the firemen have food poisoning

  • Season 1 Episode 8081: 13/03/2013

    Ryan borrows Chesney's van to transport his DJ gear and invites Katy out for the afternoon, but when it breaks down Gary spots her in the vehicle. After Sophie sets up a meeting between the Alahans at the Bistro, Sunita tells Dev she regrets cheating on him and he admits he still loves her. Can they find a way forward? Tim bodges a job in the pub cellar and sends water spraying everywhere, so Karl steps in to help - but decides to cause more trouble for Jason and Stella instead. Elsewhere, Sally complains to Sophie when Gail reorganises her food cupboards, unaware her house guest has overheard every word

  • Season 1 Episode 8080: 11/03/2013 (2)

    Katy lies about going out with the girls then joins Ryan at a club, while Chesney tells Fiz his plans for a shock proposal. Karl is furious to find his car's wing mirror has been smashed and accuses Jason of being the culprit, while Dev is suspicious when Sophie suggests he and Sunita spend time together. Gail announces she is going flat-hunting next week, much to Sally's relief, and Eileen apologises to Toni for her behaviour when Paul brings his colleague to the Rovers

  • Season 1 Episode 8079: 11/03/2013 (1)

    Ryan confronts Katy after she scuppers his date with Steph and accuses her of being jealous. Jason moves into the Rovers, but Karl taunts him about his bad luck when he is turned down for the council job owing to his lack of transport. Sunita thanks Dev for the necklace the twins gave her for Mother's Day and later admits to Sophie she was a fool to lose him. Elsewhere, Gail continues to disrupt Sally's household routines

  • Season 1 Episode 8078: 08/03/2013 (2)

    The police question Jason, having been told he matches the description of a man fleeing from a burning van. He is sure Karl is behind the incident but Stella thinks he is being ridiculous, leading to an argument between the couple. The solicitor tells Fiz she could have jeopardised Tyrone's case by visiting Kirsty's mother, Owen rumbles Faye's ploy to get Anna and Tim together, and Eileen confronts Paul for lying about his whereabouts - but soon regrets finding out the truth

  • Season 1 Episode 8077: 08/03/2013 (1)

    Jason is excited to discover he is in the running for a building job for the council, but his good mood soon changes when his van goes missing. Who could be responsible - an opportunistic thief or the bitter ex-partner of the toyboy builder's girlfriend? Eileen tells Paul she is worried he will leave her for someone else, while Anna realises Faye has lied to stop Owen going to the school play

  • Season 1 Episode 8076: 06/03/2013

    Karl turns up at the pub but he doesn't exactly receive a warm welcome from Stella, and when she reveals how he kidnapped her last night, Jason, Gloria and Steve angrily jump to her defence, while Sunita enjoys watching her ex-lover's downfall. Kirsty prepares to confess her lies to the police, Eileen and Julie stake out the fire station to get a look at the woman Paul has been working with, and Faye tells Brian she only needs two tickets for the school play

  • Season 1 Episode 8075: 04/03/2013 (2)

    Jason waits in the pub for Stella, unaware Karl has driven her to a secluded spot, where he apologises for coming on strong the other night. But when she orders him to take her home, he refuses - what has he got planned? Alison visits Kirsty and quizzes her about Tyrone's abusiveness. Katy is jealous of Steph's friendship with Ryan, while Dev and Sunita enjoy spending time together with the children

  • Season 1 Episode 8074: 04/03/2013 (1)

    Stella warns Karl to keep away from her but he has other ideas, and when Eva and Gloria head off to Eric's funeral he seizes his chance - first by picking her up in his cab, and then by refusing to let her out when she realises it's him. Fiz and Tina visit Kirsty's mum, who is shocked to hear Tyrone is in prison. But will she believe her daughter is capable of domestic violence? Tim tells Faye he's too busy to attend her school play, so Owen has a quiet word with the girl's father, and Eileen is not happy when Paul lets slip that the Full Monty organiser Toni is a woman

  • Season 1 Episode 8073: 01/03/2013 (2)

    Karl makes an unwelcome move on Stella after hanging back at closing time and pleading for another chance. Fiz gives Chesney a dressing down for urging Katy to quit her job, while Lloyd tries to curry favour with Mandy after the tortoise fiasco. Eva brands her grandmother a gold-digger when she refuses to fork out for the funeral, but Gloria later admits she is lost without Eric. Paul is mortified to discover that Sean has invited the factory girls to watch him do his Full Monty charity strip

  • Season 1 Episode 8072: 01/03/2013 (1)

    Gloria and Eva learn the truth about Eric after his solicitor arrives at the pub with a woman called Doris in tow. Katy and Ryan give in to temptation at work just as Chesney storms round to find out why Joseph has been dumped on Anna, and Mandy enjoys watching Lloyd squirm when she scatters Flash's 'ashes' - but how long will she keep up the charade? Eileen and Sean are puzzled to see Paul take up running, while Fiz worries about the gossip surrounding Tyrone's forthcoming trial

  • Season 1 Episode 8071: 27/02/2013

    Eva is disgusted that Gloria intends to use Eric's money for a lavish funeral. Ryan flirts with Katy in the kebab shop and suggests they have a drink after work, while Kylie soon regrets encouraging David to make amends with Gail. Will the truth finally come out? After agreeing to a meeting in prison, Tyrone tells Fiz to forget about him and move on with her life, and Mandy discovers more than she bargained for at the rubbish tip

  • Season 1 Episode 8070: 25/02/2013 (2)

    Eva prepares to let Eric down gently, but is horrified to find he has died in the Rovers' bar, and Gail confides in Sally after David orders her out of the house. Katy gets a job in the kebab shop following an invitation from Ryan, but how will Chesney react to the news? Elsewhere, Anna is less than happy to find Faye having a video conversation with Tim on her laptop, and Lloyd lies to Mandy about her tortoise

  • Season 1 Episode 8069: 25/02/2013 (1)

    Eva struggles to decide whether to accept Eric's offer to travel the world with her. Kylie returns home from hospital, only to be tormented by Gail, while Katy finds solace with Ryan after admitting to an angry Chesney that she spent £50 on her night out. Faye is disappointed when Jason and Tim set off for Leeds on a week-long job, and Jenna warns Lloyd that Mandy is preparing to take her tortoise out of hibernation

  • Season 1 Episode 8068: 22/02/2013 (2)

    Gail is horrified when she realises that Nick could be the father of Kylie's baby and he begs her not to tell David the truth, while Eric presents Eva with a necklace, saying he wants to travel the world with her instead of marrying Gloria. Izzy berates Anna for failing to support Owen and letting Faye treat him like dirt, and Ryan only has eyes for Katy at Steph's party

  • Season 1 Episode 8067: 22/02/2013 (1)

    David arrives at Kylie's bedside in hospital, distraught that she could lose the baby. Will Gail tell him the child might not be his? Eva pours her heart out to Eric about her bad luck with men, but he assures her she'll meet Mr Right very soon, while Owen is furious when Tim gives Faye a new laptop. Elsewhere, Steph's DJ lets her down and Katy suggests Ryan fill in, and Jenna catches Lloyd showing Steve the replacement tortoise he's bought

  • Season 1 Episode 8066: 20/02/2013

    Worried about what Gail is going to tell David, Kylie loses her temper with a customer then tells Nick she is quitting and heads to the pub, where she proceeds to get drunk. Eric overhears Stella saying that Gloria is clearly playing him for a fool, while Katy is thrilled when Chesney encourages her to go to Steph's 18th birthday party. Anna and Owen find it hard to cope with Tim being around all the time and Steve comes up with a plan to replace Mandy's missing tortoise

  • Season 1 Episode 8065: 18/02/2013 (2)

    Kylie is forced to confess to Gail that Lewis was blackmailing her, but will she come clean about her one-night stand? Gloria admits she's only known Eric for six weeks and a horrified Stella is convinced her mother is just after his money. Faye can't hide her excitement when Jason offers Tim a job as a labourer, while Owen tries to talk him out of it. Steve and Lloyd realise they have unwittingly disposed of Mandy's tortoise, and Katy enjoys spending time with her friends as they plan Steph's 18th birthday at the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 8064: 18/02/2013 (1)

    Gail finds a piece of paper in Lewis's blazer pocket with her bank details scribbled on, but realises it isn't in his handwriting. Will she discover who it belongs to? Gloria returns from the Algarve unannounced with new fiance Eric (Timothy West), and Faye comes up with a plan when Tim reveals he's been laid off at work and will have to take a job in Kent. Elsewhere, Mandy moves the rest of her belongings into Lloyd's flat and Katy's friends swoon over Ryan

  • Season 1 Episode 8063: 15/02/2013 (2)

    Owen is stunned when Anna tells him to leave, but she soon regrets her decision when Tim makes a shock announcement. In the casino, Sylvia, Ken and Dennis watch in awe as Roy takes the blackjack dealer to the cleaners. Will he get out with his winnings before he's rumbled? Elsewhere, Tina is concerned at the depth of Tyrone's depression and passes on his message to Fiz, David asks Gail for help with the boiler repair bill, and Mandy isn't happy when Jenna accepts Lloyd's offer of the spare room

  • Season 1 Episode 8062: 15/02/2013 (1)

    Anna makes a bold move and invites Tim to tea after Faye's social worker tells her she knows about their recent family rows. But how will Owen react? Sylvia suggests that Roy could devise a formula to beat the casino at its own game, and Fiz wants to see Tyrone but is left reeling when he requests a visiting order for Tina instead. Kylie and Max are freezing at No 8 while Gail heads to Sally's for a hot shower, and Jenna wonders how she's going to pay her rent

  • Season 1 Episode 8061: 13/02/2013

    Tyrone is questioned by the police, but insists Fiz had nothing to do with the abduction and she is released with a caution. Owen is adamant Anna must not give in to Faye's tantrums and Roy confronts Sylvia, hoping to discover exactly what's been going on. Will she confess all? When the boiler packs up at No 8, Gail smugly points out to David and Kylie that it's their problem, not hers, while Mandy makes snide digs at Sophie and Jenna as they try to enjoy a drink in the pub

  • Season 1 Episode 8060: 11/02/2013 (2)

    Despite Katy's threats, Chesney meets Fiz to give her the passports and money, but tries to make his sister see that the police will eventually catch up with her and Tyrone. Tim tells Anna he thought she knew about his meetings with Faye and reveals that he wants visiting rights to see his daughter. Roy follows Sylvia into town and is horrified to witness her being manhandled out of a casino, while Gail continues to play the lodger

  • Season 1 Episode 8059: 11/02/2013 (1)

    Tyrone is desperate to get out of the country and begs Fiz to phone Chesney and ask for some cash, while Kirsty agrees to make a public appeal for Ruby. Izzy and Gary take Faye to the cinema to cheer her up, but when she gives them the slip Anna starts to panic. Roy worries that Sylvia is ill, Beth and Kirk are excited about moving into the flat above the butcher's and Gail decides to play Kylie and David at their own game

  • Season 1 Episode 8058: 08/02/2013 (2)

    Kirsty is fraught as the search for Ruby continues, with the police questioning Kevin about the missing baby. Will Tyrone make his getaway? Faye panics when Tim takes her home and says he'd like to thank Anna for allowing them to meet, while Marcus bumps into Sean at the gay bar and realises it is no longer his scene. Gail hopes Nick will let her move in with him and Leanne

  • Season 1 Episode 8057: 08/02/2013 (1)

    Kirsty is horrified to find Ruby has gone from the Websters' and sets off in search of her daughter, barging into Tina's flat demanding to know where she is. After Sylvia dozes off, Faye slips out of the house and goes looking for Tim, while Maria has to deal with a reminder of Marcus's old life when Beth and Kirk take the couple to a gay bar. Elsewhere, Gail begs Nick to give her another chance

  • Season 1 Episode 8056: 06/02/2013

    Tyrone asks Kevin to help him snatch Ruby when he finds out that Sophie is babysitting her, while Gail is horrified to realise the extent of Audrey's plans for Kylie and David. Anna takes steps to keep Faye in check, Beth fusses over Marcus and Maria as she tries to win them round and Roy quizzes Sylvia about her missing bank cards

  • Season 1 Episode 8055: 04/02/2013 (2)

    Tyrone visits Kirsty and begs her to let him have access to Ruby, but he is shocked when she suggests they move back in together and wipe the slate clean. As David and Kylie bemoan their housing situation, Audrey has a surprise proposition for them - but the plan could see Gail pushed out of her own home. Maria's romantic evening with Marcus is interrupted when Beth, Craig and Kirk blunder in, so she tells them it's time they found somewhere else to live. Tracy enjoys winding Michelle up at the factory, while Hayley is suspicious as to why Sylvia has no money

  • Season 1 Episode 8054: 04/02/2013 (1)

    Tyrone is outraged when his solicitor encourages him to plead guilty to the charges Kirsty made against him, but wonders if he is fighting a lost cause when even old friends like Sally appear to suspect he is a wife-beater. Gail tells Kylie and David she's going to have to increase their rent, while Maria decides it's time Beth and Craig found somewhere else to live. Elsewhere, Tracy starts at the factory and is appalled to find herself working for Kirk in packing

  • Season 1 Episode 8053: 01/02/2013 (2)

    Gail is devastated as she learns the truth about Lewis and, with her Italian dream crushed, she calls the bank. Has she lost everything? Tyrone accosts Kirsty in the street and tries to take Ruby from her pram, while Sylvia is worried her relationship with Milton is over when he sends her a trunk packed with her belongings. Elsewhere, Sophie and Jenna enjoy a dinner date at the Bistro, despite Mandy's disapproving glare, and Carla reluctantly interviews Tracy

  • Season 1 Episode 8052: 01/02/2013 (1)

    Lewis promises to keep Kylie's sordid secret safe if she gets him Gail's bank account log-in and password. Tyrone and Fiz wait nervously in the children's centre for the social worker to arrive with Ruby, while Sylvia returns from America unannounced. Elsewhere, Tracy prepares to start work in the factory, but Carla is quick to overrule Rob's decision and turns her away, while Sophie and Jenna head out for a meal

  • Season 1 Episode 8051: 30/01/2013

    Lewis discovers Nick might be the father of Kylie's baby after overhearing a conversation in the Bistro while secretly printing off Gail's bank details. Sophie and Jenna have a heart-to-heart and Tyrone is thrilled when he gets a call to confirm Kirsty has agreed to let him see Ruby. Tracy tells Rob she'll accept his offer of a date, and over lunch she dares him to give her a job, while Owen and Anna forbid Faye from seeing Tim

  • Season 1 Episode 8050: 28/01/2013 (2)

    Audrey is devastated as Lewis explains that he is in love with Gail, who resolves to borrow some money against her house and live the dream in Italy. Has she fallen hook, line and sinker for his scam? Jenna awaits the result of her tribunal, while Tyrone is slightly cheered when his solicitor informs him he can arrange a supervised visit to see Ruby. Elsewhere, Tracy hands Steve the divorce papers in the Rovers, leading to Rob asking her out on a date, and Anna reaches the end of her tether with Faye

  • Season 1 Episode 8049: 28/01/2013 (1)

    Audrey asks her daughter to meet her in the pub along with David and Nick so they can sort out their differences, but when Gail fails to show up they set off to find her and discover her in a compromising position with Lewis. Jenna prepares for her employment tribunal, while gossip is rife on the Street as Tyrone and Kirsty stick to their stories. Tracy is furious when she receives a divorce petition in the post and Anna bans Faye from accessing the internet, worried she'll use it to contact Tim

  • Season 1 Episode 8048: 25/01/2013 (2)

    Tyrone continues to protest his innocence and lists all the injuries Kirsty has inflicted on him over the months, while Tina and Tommy visit the station to make a statement. Faye is furious when Anna tells Tim he is not welcome in the youngster's life, while Jenna pours her heart out to Lloyd and admits she has feelings for Sophie. Lewis lies to Gail about the Italian hotel job still being available - providing they can find some money for accommodation. How will she react to this?

  • Season 1 Episode 8047: 25/01/2013 (1)

    As Tyrone languishes in a cell, Kirsty makes a statement accusing him of being a dangerous and violent bully, while the police talk to the couple's friends on the Street. Anna tries to stop Faye from seeing Tim, Sophie makes a sacrifice for Jenna in a bid to save her friend's job, while Lewis steps up his campaign to drive a wedge between Gail and Nick and repeats his offer of a new life in Italy

  • Season 1 Episode 8046: 23/01/2013

    When an argument erupts at No 9, Kirsty lashes out and loses her balance before falling down the stairs. At the hospital she devises a callous plan to use the accident to her advantage - leaving Tyrone horrified as the police come calling for him

  • Season 1 Episode 8045: 21/01/2013 (2)

    Kirsty and Tyrone return home to discuss their future, while Gail is stunned when Lewis reveals that he loves her and would like to move to Naples with her so they can run a boutique hotel. Anna logs on to Faye's computer after discovering she is missing - and is horrified to realise she's gone to meet a mystery man. Mandy is fuming when Sally tells her to keep Jenna away from Sophie

  • Season 1 Episode 8044: 21/01/2013 (1)

    It's the morning of the wedding and Tyrone starts to panic as he waits at the church, fearing Kirsty has discovered all. However, when she finally arrives it looks as if his plan has worked. Gail helps Nick out at the Bistro, but Lewis tampers with the order, and Faye feigns illness so she doesn't have to go to school. Elsewhere, Sally assures Sophie she believes her story not Jenna's, while Rob and Tracy clash over a taxi

  • Season 1 Episode 8043: 18/01/2013 (2)

    Tyrone tries to get away from his stag night to retrieve his phone, while Fiz is wrong-footed when Kirsty calls at No 5, insisting they bury the hatchet and inviting her to the wedding. Carla realises she is better off keeping Rob on her side and offers him a deal, but he drives a hard bargain, and Gail is crushed when Kylie announces she plans to move out. Anna worries after Brian reveals that Faye failed to hand in her school project

  • Season 1 Episode 8042: 18/01/2013 (1)

    Tyrone hides his secret phone down the side of the sofa and leaves the house without it as the girls arrive for the hen party. Will Kirsty find it and discover her fiance's betrayal? Sally's loyalty is put to the test when Carla lets slip that she has a crucial meeting and urges her not to breathe a word to Rob, while Kylie reaches a decision about her future as a devious Lewis hints that Gail would like to have No 8 to herself. Tina has to deal with her emotions when she goes for a scan, while Anna and Owen fail to pay attention to what Faye is up to on her laptop

  • Season 1 Episode 8041: 16/01/2013

    In a heart-to-heart with David, Kylie desperately insists she's not capable of raising another child, but he says she underestimates herself. Will she decide the only way to save her marriage is to be honest? Tyrone makes Kevin an interesting proposition after secretly meeting Fiz, who vows to stand by him through any legal proceedings over Ruby. Rob arrives at the Bistro for his business meeting, only to be met by Carla and Michelle, while Karl asks Steve to re-employ him as a driver at Street Cars

  • Season 1 Episode 8040: 14/01/2013 (2)

    David forces his way into the abortion clinic and begs Kylie to come home and discuss it before going through with the termination. As Aadi and Asha's party is brought to a premature end by Karl's drunken antics, Dev urges Sunita to find someone worthy of her and she decides enough is enough. Roy's criticism offends Mary as she stands in at the cafe, while Carla is furious to discover Rob has been accessing the Underworld diary and decides to play him at his own game

  • Season 1 Episode 8039: 14/01/2013 (1)

    An excited David discovers a positive pregnancy test in the bin, leaving Eva with a dilemma over whether to tell him about Kylie's plan to have an abortion. Karl returns after the previous night's argument and gets drunk during the twins' birthday party, embarrassing Sunita with his behaviour, while Fiz struggles to cope on her own in the cafe after Roy pulls a muscle in his back. Carla informs Michelle that Rob intercepted her client and stole Underworld's contract

  • Season 1 Episode 8038: 11/01/2013 (2)

    Kylie feels sick with worry as her one-night stand begs her to have an abortion. She confides in Eva, but what will she decide? Karl finds himself out in the cold after confronting Sunita about the text from Stella she deleted months ago, while Hayley hopes Mary and Roy will be able to put their differences behind them at the Bistro. Elsewhere, Rob steps up his campaign against Carla, and Leanne and Nick's relationship takes another twist

  • Season 1 Episode 8037: 11/01/2013 (1)

    Kylie feigns illness and insists David leave her at home to rest, but when her one-night stand calls at No 8 he's stunned to find out she's pregnant. Karl is confused after Stella mentions a text she sent him, Hayley comes to Mary's aid at the Bistro, while Lloyd asks Sophie for her version of events regarding Jenna. Gail's interference in her sons' lives causes friction once more - much to Lewis's pleasure

  • Season 1 Episode 8036: 09/01/2013

    Leanne makes plans for her future and tells Nick of her intentions. Will the couple find a way to save their relationship? Sophie is furious to learn Kevin has reported Jenna to her boss, and Jason agrees to clear the gutters at No 7 for Sunita, but while he's on the roof, Karl sees an opportunity to play a prank. Elsewhere, Lewis persuades Gail to take things slowly and Roy is thrilled when Hayley returns to the Street

  • Season 1 Episode 8035: 07/01/2013 (2)

    Following his fight with Peter, Nick pours his heart out to Leanne, which makes her come to a shock decision. Sophie tries to explain she instigated the kiss, but Kevin refuses to listen and confronts Jenna, believing she's abused his daughter's trust. Lewis pays Patrick for his part in the Italian hotel scam and reveals his plans to ruin Gail, while Sunita is furious to discover Karl hasn't lifted a finger all day

  • Season 1 Episode 8034: 07/01/2013 (1)

    Nick is in turmoil over his future with Leanne, and Peter makes things worse by telling him he will always be second best, causing him to fly into a rage. Meanwhile, Lewis encourages Gail to get involved with the feuding couple, hoping to cause more conflict. Sunita starts to regret letting Karl move in, and Sophie decides to be honest about her feelings for Jenna, leading to a kiss

  • Season 1 Episode 8033: 04/01/2013 (2)

    Gail pulls away from Lewis's kiss, explaining they can never be together as it would hurt Audrey. He plays along, but when he moves to the next stage of his plan, will she fall for it? Tyrone faces the music as the health and safety inspector asks tricky questions, Leanne leaves Nick more conflicted than ever when she drops a bombshell, while Sophie's feelings for Jenna continue to grow

  • Season 1 Episode 8032: 04/01/2013 (1)

    Lewis introduces Gail to old friend Patrick, who offers him a dream job running a hotel in Italy - but he turns it down, telling her he can't go because he's infatuated with her. Tyrone feels the pressure as a health and safety inspector arrives on the Street to investigate the boiler, Leanne reveals to Stella she's determined to make her relationship with Nick work, while Kevin asks Jenna not to punish Sophie for his mistakes

  • Season 1 Episode 8031: 02/01/2013

    Chesney returns from holiday to find Fiz in hospital and confronts Tyrone, wanting to know if he tried to fix the boiler. Will he be forced to lie in front of Kirsty? Lewis moves in for a kiss as he and Gail enjoy a glass of wine, then makes a phone call to reveal his plan is working. Mary holds a Mexican night at the Bistro, Carla takes Michelle to task over her part in Rob's scam and Kevin apologises to Sophie for his behaviour toward Jenna

  • Season 1 Episode 8030: 31/12/2012 (2)

    A doctor tells Tina that Fiz has carbon monoxide poisoning and suggests a dodgy boiler may be to blame, making Tyrone realise it could be his fault. Carla interrogates Michelle and Rob over the doctored accounts, Lewis watches Audrey wistfully as she enjoys an evening with her date, while Nick opens Leanne's present, but will it be the birthday he was hoping for?

  • Season 1 Episode 8029: 31/12/2012 (1)

    Tyrone makes arrangements to meet Fiz for lunch, but grows concerned when she fails to turn up, unaware she's lying unconscious and alone at No 5. Will anyone reach her before it's too late? Carla starts to suspect Rob is trying to rip her off as she meets her business broker. The residents celebrate New Year's Eve in the Rovers, and Leanne gives Nick a birthday present

  • Season 1 Episode 8028: 28/12/2012

    Guilt-ridden Kylie plans a new life for herself and Max, but will David be part of it or has he lost his wife for good? Jenna insists on a few ground rules as she agrees to continue treating Sophie, while Tyrone takes a risk by lying to Kirsty and arranging a secret date with Fiz. Maria suggests to Marcus that it would be nice for Liam to have a brother or sister

  • Season 1 Episode 8027: 26/12/2012

    Kylie wakes up with another man and begs him to pretend their night together never happened. As David reveals how much he loves her, will she return home? Meanwhile, Jenna tells Sally and Sophie that Kevin made a pass at her, Tyrone helps Fiz celebrate her birthday, and Nick and Leanne face the future - but is it as man and wife?

  • Season 1 Episode 8026: 25/12/2012

    Hour-long episode. Leanne tries to ignore any doubts as she prepares to walk down the aisle with Nick. Forced to confront her true emotions, she pays Peter a visit in her wedding dress, while a jealous Eva does her best to scupper the occasion. David begs Kylie to give him another chance but, convinced he still has feelings for Tina, she falls into the arms of another man. Tyrone struggles to hide his disappointment when he's forced to spend Christmas Day without Fiz, Kevin decides to make his feelings known to Jenna, and Marcus's parents arrive for a festive reunion

  • Season 1 Episode 8024: 24/12/2012

    Hour-long episode. Leanne looks forward to her Christmas Day wedding, but something is amiss as her hen party gets under way. Are her feelings for Peter leaving her with cold feet? Meanwhile, with David's marriage on the rocks, he does himself no favours by humiliating Kylie in front of the stags, and she later assumes the worst when she finds him with Tina. Tyrone lies to Kirsty as he plans to celebrate the festive season with Fiz, and Sean makes it clear Marcus has no right to see Dylan. Elsewhere, Carla returns to the Street and Sophie is unable to ignore her affection for Jenna

  • Season 1 Episode 8023: 21/12/2012

    Tyrone and Fiz fear their secret is out when Tina spots them kissing, while Peter and Leanne watch proudly as Simon takes part in the nativity play, but Nick arrives and causes a scene by accusing the bookie of making a hoax reservation at the Bistro. Elsewhere, Kevin takes a shine to Jenna, and Rob announces to the factory girls he's hoping to buy Underworld

  • Season 1 Episode 8022: 20/12/2012

    After assuring Kirsty he still loves her, Tyrone lies to the doctor about his injuries, but admits to Fiz he doesn't know how he's going to make it through to the wedding. Meanwhile, Eva makes sure Nick misses Simon's nativity play, Sophie pushes herself too hard, and Michelle is torn when she realises Rob intends to rip Carla off

  • Season 1 Episode 8021: 19/12/2012

    Kirsty confronts Tyrone about the birthday card from Fiz and he does his best to convince her it means nothing. He then secretly pays a visit to the cafe, but leaves one of Ruby's toys behind - which Kirsty later finds, and it becomes clear to her he's been lying. Returning home, she soon sees red and her violence reaches new heights

  • Season 1 Episode 8020: 17/12/2012 (2)

    With the preparations for the surprise party complete, Kirsty persuades Tyrone to go for a drink in the Rovers, while Fiz emerges from her hiding place after babysitter Emily falls asleep - but unwittingly drops her birthday card as she sneaks out. Peter, Leanne and Simon go ice-skating, and Karl suggests to Stella it's time they got back together, while Kirk and Chesney set out to get rid of the incriminating turkeys

  • Season 1 Episode 8019: 17/12/2012 (1)

    Tyrone is keen to avoid a fuss on his 30th birthday and is relieved when Kirsty goes out for the evening, little realising she's planning a party for him in the Rovers. Meanwhile, Fiz calls round with a card and cake, and as the pair get cosy, they end up kissing passionately - unaware Kirsty is making her way home with Emily. Elsewhere, Leanne and Peter call a truce, Karl mocks Stella's fling with Jason, and Chesney breaks the news to Kirk that his frozen turkeys are stolen goods

  • Season 1 Episode 8018: 14/12/2012 (2)

    Peter is stunned when Simon turns up at the airport to say goodbye, but as they have a heart-to-heart, Carla feels uneasy, worrying they will miss the plane. Eileen criticises Stella for seducing Jason, Fiz admits to Chesney there is something going on with Tyrone, but denies it's an affair, while Lloyd and Steve are dumbfounded when their cabs are blocked in by a troop of lollipop men and women

  • Season 1 Episode 8017: 14/12/2012 (1)

    Carla shocks Peter by revealing she's booked them a flight to LA that afternoon. As they prepare to depart for the airport, will he be able to face leaving Simon again? Having spent the night with Jason, Stella bundles him out of the back door to avoid being seen by Eva, Chesney accuses Tyrone of sleeping with Fiz, and Lloyd reports to Steve that all their drivers are being delayed by lollipop men across town

  • Season 1 Episode 8016: 13/12/2012

    Carla opens up to Peter, explaining she can't face living in Weatherfield with all its bad memories. Will he agree to return to Los Angeles permanently and break Simon's heart? Jason kisses Stella while she's getting ready to meet a hopeful Karl, Tyrone helps Fiz find work at the cafe, and Dennis decides to fight for his job

  • Season 1 Episode 8015: 12/12/2012

    Leanne tackles Carla outside the factory after discovering she was drunk when she tried to drive Simon home from school, and their argument turns into a violent catfight. Stella goes on a disappointing date, Gail sides with Kylie as her feud with David continues, and Steve complains to Brian that Dennis is mean to the children on his crossing

  • Season 1 Episode 8014: 10/12/2012 (2)

    Leanne explains to Nick they will have to reschedule the wedding due to Peter's return, while Carla is less than thrilled to be back as she catches up on work. David tracks Kylie down at the Bistro, but when she sees him arrive she uses Tommy to exact her revenge. Mandy sets Stella up with a blind date, Tyrone feels uneasy when Kirsty suggests an early night, and Steve refuses to let Rita book a cab for Dennis

  • Season 1 Episode 8013: 10/12/2012 (1)

    Peter and Carla arrive back on the Street just as Nick, Leanne and Simon are about to depart for Las Vegas. David wakes on Tina's sofa with a hangover and Tommy gets the wrong idea when he sees him emerging from the shower - and goes straight to Kylie with the news. Mandy tells Eileen she intends to make it her mission to find Stella a man, and Tyrone conceals his dread when Kirsty arranges a romantic night out together

  • Season 1 Episode 8012: 07/12/2012 (2)

    David takes it as a personal insult that Kylie isn't ready to have a child with him and pours his heart out to Tina. Gary is furious with Tommy and needs to be calmed by an anxious Izzy, Leanne comes to a decision about marrying Nick in Vegas after talking it through with Stella, while Dennis finds himself in an awkward situation in the Rovers when he's asked to identify Steve to a police officer

  • Season 1 Episode 8011: 07/12/2012 (1)

    Gail stumbles across Kylie's contraceptive pills and, though sympathetic to her story, advises her to tell David the truth straight away. Meanwhile, having made a decision about the surrogacy, Tina faces the reactions from all concerned and as emotions boil over, Tommy and Gary cause a stir by arguing in the street. Elsewhere, Nick shocks Leanne by suggesting they get married in Las Vegas, and Steve agrees to keep Dennis's job a secret

  • Season 1 Episode 8010: 05/12/2012

    Tina confesses to Izzy that Tommy wants her to back out of the surrogacy deal or face losing him. With her relationship at stake, what will she decide? David infuriates Kylie by getting Max's hopes up about having a baby brother or sister, while Dennis secretly starts training to be a lollipop man. Leanne and Ken receive grovelling letters from Peter, which lead them to assume he will not be returning

  • Season 1 Episode 8009: EPISODE: 8009

    David suggests to Kylie they spend the night at a hotel, but when Nick takes the evening off, it falls to her to take charge at the Bistro. How will David react when she cancels their liaison? Meanwhile at work, her efforts impress Nick, leading to a promotion to assistant manager

  • Season 1 Episode 8008: EPISODE: 8008

    A reluctant Tommy arrives at the clinic to support Tina during her scan, but cannot muster the same enthusiasm as Gary and Izzy. Fiz asks Michelle to give her another chance at the factory, but risks Kirsty spoiling her chances

  • Season 1 Episode 8007: 30/11/2012 (2)

    Fiz ends up losing her job as her fighting with Kirsty continues, and Tyrone announces he wants to get married as soon as possible. Tommy struggles to hide his annoyance when Tina's morning sickness and tiredness put a damper on his evening, while Rita confronts Dennis about his spending habits after he returns from the shops laden with bags

  • Season 1 Episode 8006: 30/11/2012 (1)

    It's Fiz's first day back at work following the sewing machine incident and Kirsty wastes no time picking a fight, getting them both into trouble with Rob and Michelle. Tina is delighted when Owen agrees to employ Tommy as a labourer, while Rita confides in Emily that Dennis is frittering money away - and then her card is declined at the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 8005: 28/11/2012

    Hour-long episode. Tyrone begs Tommy to drive him to the coach station so he and Ruby can flee before Kirsty returns from work, but Fiz has found a better solution to his relationship problems - if he gets married, he will be able to fight for custody of his daughter. Will she be able to persuade him to stay? Meanwhile, Jason accuses Owen of stealing his tools, and Lewis cons his way into an invitation to live at Gail's as David struggles to cope with Max, Joseph and Hope

  • Season 1 Episode 8004: 26/11/2012

    Kirsty catches Tyrone searching through her bag for his missing phone and they get into an argument, leading to her most serious attack on him yet - and to make matters worse, this time she shows no remorse. Stella finds a leak at home and calls in Jason, but Owen ruffles his feathers by taking over. Kylie and David struggle to find time alone, while Lewis continues to feed compliments to gullible Gail

  • Season 1 Episode 8003: 23/11/2012 (2)

    Tyrone calls at No 5 to confront Fiz about her allegation, but when Kirsty knocks at the door he panics and hides in the kitchen - where he overhears just what she has to say. Meanwhile, David and Kylie try to settle their differences, and Nick and Leanne host their engagement party at the Bistro - but will Eva be able to mask her bitterness toward the future Mrs Tilsley?

  • Season 1 Episode 8002: 23/11/2012 (1)

    After voicing her suspicions to Rob and Michelle about the sewing machine incident, Fiz decides to take matters into her own hands, and before long the police turn up at the factory to question Kirsty. David and Kylie fall out following his suggestion they have a baby, and Leanne invites Stella and a less-than-enthusiastic Eva to her engagement party

  • Season 1 Episode 8001: 21/11/2012

    Hour-long episode. Kirsty takes revenge on Fiz after a defiant Tyrone heads to the children's party with Ruby. Eva is only too happy to provide Nick with a shoulder to cry on following Leanne's reaction to his marriage proposal, but have her efforts to break up the couple really paid off? Sophie leaves hospital and makes a point of reassuring Ryan everything is fine, while David mulls over an idea that leaves Kylie stunned. Elsewhere, Beth is unimpressed by her birthday gift from the factory workers

  • Season 1 Episode 8000: 19/11/2012 (2)

    Eva and Kylie try to cause problems for Leanne, deciding the best way to expose her doubts about Nick is to get him to propose to her - certain that she will decline. Fiz encourages Tyrone to stand up to Kirsty after another row between the couple, David devotes his evening to being a dad and Rob makes his peace with Michelle and Steve

  • Season 1 Episode 7999: 19/11/2012 (1)

    Still devastated by Rob's betrayal, Eva sets her sights on getting back with Nick - but wants to make him split up with Leanne first. Kirsty grows suspicious of Tyrone after reading a text from one of the mums at baby group, and jealousy starts to take over, while David is disappointed when his planned night out with Kylie fails to materialise

  • Season 1 Episode 7998: 16/11/2012 (2)

    Rob and Michelle receive a couple of unexpected visitors when Steve and Eva turn up at their hotel. Nick fears Leanne is still allowing Peter to get to her as she tells him the news about the divorce. Tyrone is given hope for the future when he notices how relaxed and happy Kirsty is, and Maria tackles Marcus about his behaviour at the dinner. Is he ready to go public with their relationship?

  • Season 1 Episode 7997: 16/11/2012 (1)

    Steve convinces Eva there's something going on between Rob and Michelle, and the jealous pair follow them to Sheffield. Leanne receives upsetting news from Peter, while Kirsty is left in charge of the office and immediately clashes with Sally. Maria feels put out when Marcus introduces her to his boss as his 'best friend'

  • Season 1 Episode 7996: 15/11/2012

    Maria and Marcus face questions from a well-meaning Kirk, making the pair realise just how tough it's going to be for them. Steve's spirits are lifted when Michelle returns from Ireland, until Rob tells her she is needed at the factory right away. Will his jealousy get the better of him? Meanwhile, Tina takes a second pregnancy test and Fiz suggests to Tyrone that he and Ruby should join a baby group

  • Season 1 Episode 7995: 12/11/2012 (2)

    Sean is speechless at the sight of Marcus and Maria kissing, but there's worse to come for the couple when Jason works out what has been going on. Steve struggles to keep up with the pace in the five-a-side match, there is a mixed response to Tina's pregnancy test result, and Tyrone enjoys an evening out with Dev, but Kirsty looks set to put a damper on things

  • Season 1 Episode 7994: 12/11/2012 (1)

    Maria breaks up with a bewildered Jason when he returns to the Street, while Sean is left feeling humiliated and confused after Marcus insists he's got the wrong end of the stick about his love life - and there's a bigger shock in store when he turns up at his ex's flat. Meanwhile, all eyes turn to Steve to fill an urgent vacancy in the football team, and Gary and Izzy are on tenterhooks as they gather the family for Tina's pregnancy test result

  • Season 1 Episode 7993: 09/11/2012 (2)

    Marcus realises he cannot continue his relationship with Aiden and breaks up with him, but avoids confessing what happened with Maria, preferring to let him believe he's still in love with Sean. Gail is more certain than ever that she has misjudged Lewis - oblivious to his plotting - while Mandy sympathises with a downhearted Steve, and Fiz worries that Kirsty is keeping Tyrone from his friends

  • Season 1 Episode 7992: 09/11/2012 (1)

    Maria and Marcus have spent the night together, but in the cold light of day the enormity of what he's done hits him, and Sean offers him advice about moving to London. Gail feels guilty when Lewis tells her he has pawned his father's watch to pay Audrey back, while Stella is determined to win a five-a-side football match against the Weatherfield Arms staff and orders Lloyd to put together the best possible team - but his efforts leave her bemused

  • Season 1 Episode 7991: 07/11/2012

    Maria feels guilty after lying to Aiden that Marcus isn't keen on moving to London, and confides in Audrey that she's fallen in love. Marcus later realises Maria has been meddling in his business and demands to know why she doesn't want him to leave Weatherfield. Gail fears she has ruined her relationship with her mum, Ken and Deirdre agree to put the Wendy episode behind them and Mandy offers her services as a chef at the Rovers

  • Season 1 Episode 7990: 05/11/2012 (2)

    Gloria's cheating has been exposed and, with the bonfire party in full swing, Stella is forced to work hard to appease her customers. As the relationship between mother and daughter worsens, Lewis is secretly thrilled to witness the chaos he has caused. Ken makes it clear to Wendy he's not interested in her romantically, while Maria sounds Marcus out about moving to London and Mandy works her first shift behind the Rovers bar

  • Season 1 Episode 7989: 05/11/2012 (1)

    Gloria celebrates when the Rovers wins the Lancashire Leisure magazine's Pub of the Year competition and prepares for a visit from the editor, but when Lewis hears how she cheated by writing her own customer-comment cards he sneakily calls the Gazette. Brian tells Ken there is going to be a full investigation following the allegation made by Wendy, so Deirdre decides to confront her. Meanwhile, Maria learns Aiden is moving to London and fears Marcus may leave with him, and Sally thinks Jenna is working Sophie too hard

  • Season 1 Episode 7988: 02/11/2012 (2)

    Lewis has worked out that Audrey has been in on Gail and Gloria's scheme, and is disappointed she couldn't trust him. He decides to leave the Street, but Nick begs him to change his mind. Following Ken's rejection, a humiliated Wendy turns up at No 1 to tell Deirdre he has been making inappropriate advances, Kevin is impressed with Jenna after Sophie's first physiotherapy session, and Kirsty tries to keep her temper under control

  • Season 1 Episode 7987: 02/11/2012 (1)

    With Audrey now on board, Gloria plots to reveal Lewis's true colours, asking him to move to Spain with her and promising to leave him everything in her will in return. Ken tries to prove to Deirdre that he has been faithful, but when Wendy invites him in for a cup of tea he gets more than he bargained for. Sophie faces up to a difficult future as Jenna discusses the physiotherapy she will need, Tina agrees that she and Tommy will meet Izzy and Gary to discuss her possible pregnancy, while Kirsty seethes when Tyrone makes her late for work

  • Season 1 Episode 7986: 31/10/2012

    Tommy is pleased the surrogacy isn't going ahead and assures Tina he will find another way to pay Owen back - but she secretly heads to No 6 and announces the deal is back on. Audrey discovers a dog track programme in Lewis's jacket and hears from Emily that he was with Gloria last Friday, while Sally and Kevin wait anxiously to hear the prognosis for Sophie. Elsewhere, Ken wakes up at Wendy's and owes Deirdre an explanation for his whereabouts the night before

  • Season 1 Episode 7985: 29/10/2012 (2)

    On the way to the clinic, Tommy explains to Tina how he can't cope with the idea of the surrogacy and gives her an ultimatum - if she goes ahead with it he will leave her. Ryan visits Sophie in hospital and she reveals she's lied to the police to protect him, while Ken makes his excuses to Deirdre when Wendy invites him to supper following the governors' meeting. Elsewhere, Nick steps in to mend Mary's friendship with Roy

  • Season 1 Episode 7984: 29/10/2012 (1)

    The day of the embryo transfer arrives, and Tommy pours his heart out to Rita, telling her how unhappy he is at the idea of Tina becoming a surrogate to pay off his debts. As Izzy and Gary wait nervously at the fertility clinic, Tommy knows that the likelihood of changing his girlfriend's mind decreases with each passing minute. Sophie regains consciousness after her surgery and is frightened when she can't experience any feeling in her legs. Has the procedure been a success? Meanwhile, Mary and Roy head to their interview with the licensing enforcement officer, and Gloria wins big on the horses

  • Season 1 Episode 7983: 26/10/2012 (2)

    After Sophie tells him she was run over trying to stop Ryan acting recklessly, Kevin goes back to the Street and punches him as he reveals just how serious the situation is. Back at the hospital, Sophie is wheeled off to the operating theatre. Roy throws Mary out, even though she insists that no alcohol was sold in the cafe, while Tina assures Tommy she wants to spend the rest of her life with him - but it's clear he is still deeply uncomfortable about the situation he has put her in. Elsewhere, Maria and Marcus are still avoiding any mention of their kiss and Lewis feels guilty after his night out with Gloria

  • Season 1 Episode 7982: 26/10/2012 (1)

    As Sophie lies unconscious after the crash, an ambulance is called and Ryan panics and runs off. Kevin races to the hospital where he keeps a vigil at his daughter's bedside, learning she has suffered a spinal injury and may never walk again. Arriving back from America early, Roy is horrified to walk in on the drunk diners at Mary's Greek night - and then a licensing officer shows up claiming he has reason to believe they've been selling alcohol illegally. Tommy joins Gary and Owen for a game of darts, but can't bear to hear any more about the surrogacy. Will he snap or succeed in keeping quiet? Elsewhere, Emily sees Gloria heading off to the dogs with Lewis, and Maria organises an awkward night in with Jason, Marcus and Aiden

  • Season 1 Episode 7981: 24/10/2012

    Ryan is convinced that Michelle was in on Steve's plan to set him up and storms out after she tries to comfort him. He goes to a bar and proceeds to binge on drink and drugs, before placing himself in danger when he plays chicken with the traffic on a dual carriageway, resulting in tragedy when Sophie tries to stop him. Gloria needs a friend to talk to and Lewis agrees to go out for dinner with her that evening - leaving him wondering how to hide what he's doing from Audrey. Mary tries to remain in control when Beth starts dishing out shots of ouzo at her Greek night, and Izzy goes to the clinic to have her eggs harvested

  • Season 1 Episode 7980: 22/10/2012 (2)

    Steve persuades Ryan that he should make an honest woman of Tracy and propose to her in the Rovers. As bedlam breaks out, Steve is pleased with the results - but how will Michelle react when he tells her what he's really been up to? Gloria confides the real reason she returned to the bosom of her family after Lewis finds her in floods of tears. After putting up with Mary bragging about the success of her pop-up restaurant, Kylie devises a sneaky idea to take the wind out of her sails

  • Season 1 Episode 7979: 22/10/2012 (1)

    Steve confides in Lloyd that dumping Michelle is just a ruse to split up Ryan and Tracy, but when he discovers Rob has taken his girlfriend to the Bistro to comfort her he worries that his plan has gone sadly awry. Nick refuses to give Lewis his old job back and Gail voices her suspicion that he and Penny are in cahoots. How will Audrey react? Anna finally snaps when Mary decides to transform Roy and Hayley's flat into an upstairs dining area for her French night, while Mandy and Lloyd's relationship develops

  • Season 1 Episode 7978: 19/10/2012 (2)

    Gail is horrified to discover her mother has decided to run away with Lewis, but as a row blows up Penny arrives and threatens to call the police - leading Audrey to make a rash decision. Steve thinks he has cottoned on to Tracy's latest plot, but the only way he can prove it is to break up with Michelle. How will his ex react? Jenna makes her peace with Mandy and Lloyd, and Rita's hackles rise when Gloria plies Dennis with free drinks, convinced he is the mystery judge of the Pub of the Year competition

  • Season 1 Episode 7977: 19/10/2012 (1)

    Lewis reappears at the salon, telling Audrey he had to flee because on their journey home he bumped into a woman from his past and he owes her money. But when Audrey reveals she already knows, the conman decides he has to run away again - and asks her to go with him. Tracy is relishing her new living arrangements, taking every opportunity to wind Michelle up and drive a wedge between her and Steve. Mary is furious when Kylie makes disparaging remarks about Roy's Rolls and becomes more determined than ever to outdo the Bistro with her next theme night

  • Season 1 Episode 7976: 15/10/2012 (2)

    Mysterious visitor Penny tells Audrey a familiar old story about Lewis, how she once thought he was her lover, only for him to run off having conned her out of thousands of pounds. Audrey is adamant he has changed - but finally has to admit she has been taken for a fool once more. Steve finds out about Ryan and Tracy's plans to move away, so he comes up with a counter-suggestion - but will Michelle agree to the expectant couple moving into the flat with them? Lloyd's hopes of a romantic night with Mandy are ruined when she gets upset, realising Jenna isn't going to turn up for dinner after all, and Gloria persuades Stella to go on holiday, leaving her in charge of the Rovers

  • Season 1 Episode 7975: 15/10/2012 (1)

    With Lewis still missing, Audrey is persuaded to appear on TV and appeal for information - and as the Street's gossips slip into overdrive, a stranger comes forward claiming she can shed light on his whereabouts. Michelle is at her wits' end at the thought of Ryan Junior being mothered by Tracy, but a further surprise is in store when the couple announce their living plans. Lloyd and Mandy are finally reunited with Jenna, David is annoyed when Nick offers Kylie a job at the Bistro and Mary plans a Russian-themed night for Emily's birthday

  • Season 1 Episode 7974: 14/10/2012

    Hour-long episode. Tracy's announcement rocks the Connors and Barlows, with a shell-shocked Ryan vowing to help bring up the baby - despite admitting he is scared to death at the thought of fatherhood - and Michelle appalled at the thought of being grandmother to her rival's child, while Steve is amazed at the depths she will sink to get back at him. Deirdre is determined to stand by her daughter - but she has problems of her own when she sees Ken and Wendy together at the Bessie Street Autumn Fayre. Gloria's first B&B guest settles in at the Rovers, only to be given their marching orders when Stella returns earlier than expected, and Audrey arrives home from her cruise - without Lewis

  • Season 1 Episode 7973: 10/10/2012

    Sally realises how much Michelle misses Ryan, and decides to make peace between them - but Tracy is determined to ruin any possibility of a happy ending for the pair. Deirdre orders Ken to resign from the school's board of governors, Nick's attempt to end the feud with the cafe staff backfires, and Kylie feels incapable of giving Max a good start in life

  • Season 1 Episode 7972: 08/10/2012 (2)

    Deirdre confronts Ken about his friendship with Wendy, and refuses to believe him when he claims nothing untoward is going on. Sally leads a walk-out at the factory after a clash with Michelle, Maria and Marcus try to handle the consequences of their kiss, and Gloria's plans become increasingly ambitious

  • Season 1 Episode 7971: 08/10/2012 (1)

    Deirdre's suspicions grow when Ken heads out for another 'meeting', so she decides to track his movements and find out where he is really going - but the truth proves more painful than she had anticipated. Michelle feels jealous of Ryan's bond with Sally, Maria worries when no-one seems to know where Marcus is, and Kylie tells David she wants to train as a hairdresser

  • Season 1 Episode 7970: 05/10/2012 (2)

    Marcus and Maria feel awkward as they try to rationalise what happened between them, while Nick decides to find out what all the fuss is about at the cafe and is impressed with Mary's efforts. Ken gets sentimental over a drink with Wendy, but Brian stirs things up when Deirdre enquires after her husband's whereabouts

  • Season 1 Episode 7969: 05/10/2012 (1)

    Maria looks to Marcus for support as she prepares for her test results, and on returning home she confesses how much he means to her, before moving in for a kiss. Mary steals business from Nick with a Spanish night at the cafe, and Brian overhears Wendy making Ken an offer he finds hard to refuse

  • Season 1 Episode 7968: 03/10/2012

    Maria confides in Jason about her fears, but refuses his offer of help and turns to Marcus instead. Lloyd engineers a meeting between Jenna and Mandy, but his hope of a reconciliation between the pair backfires. Fiz struggles to keep her thoughts to herself when Kirsty returns to work, while Roy and Hayley head off for the sun, leaving Anna and Mary in charge of the cafe

  • Season 1 Episode 7967: 01/10/2012 (2)

    Tyrone realises he may have to make sacrifices so that he can maintain parental rights, but Fiz has misgivings about the situation. Marcus insists on accompanying Maria to an appointment at the hospital, while Mandy demands to know why Lloyd kept his meetings with Jenna secret. David feels inadequate when Nick spoils Max with new football boots, and Norris fumes after Mary offers the Croppers her first-class flight tickets

  • Season 1 Episode 7966: 01/10/2012 (1)

    Kirsty has a shock in store for Tyrone after he insists she leave No 9 and tells her baby Ruby is staying with him. Maria snaps at Jason when he suggests moving his belongings in, and Marcus confronts her about her erratic behaviour - but is unprepared for what he hears. Lloyd is torn between Mandy and Jenna, while Mary wins a lavish holiday for two

  • Season 1 Episode 7965: 28/09/2012 (2)

    Drama from England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 7964: 28/09/2012 (1)

    Drama from England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 7963: 26/09/2012

    Drama from England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 7962: 24/09/2012 (2)

    Drama from England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 7961: 24/09/2012 (1)

    Drama from England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 7960: 21/09/2012 (2)

    Lloyd leaves Mandy's house, feeling guilty for destroying her family. When Jenna appears at the pub he suggests they go somewhere to talk in private, but she insists on saying her piece in front of everyone. Tina is delighted when Owen gives her £5,000 and plans to pay Tyrone off in one go, but Tommy says they must get rid of the pizza-parlour debt. Stella becomes increasingly infuriated with Gloria, who installs a comment box in the Rovers and pesters the customers to leave complimentary notes

  • Season 1 Episode 7959: 21/09/2012 (1)

    Lloyd confronts Mandy, claiming he knows he is the father of her daughter, but Jenna overhears their conversation. As Tina prepares to move into Owen's flat with Tommy, she visits the clinic for the first time and chats to a counsellor about the surrogacy, but is still concerned she will not see any money until the process has started. Meanwhile, Stella returns home to discover Gloria has turned the Rovers into a B&B, and news spreads of Beth and Kirk's budding romance

  • Season 1 Episode 7958: 19/09/2012

    Lloyd turns up at Mandy's house, but is shocked when someone claiming to be her daughter answers the door. Tommy still feels awkward about Tina's surrogacy plans after returning home, while Owen offers the couple a solution to their mounting financial worries. Elsewhere, Fiz encourages Beth to follow her heart and get together with Kirk, and Gloria persuades Stella to take part in the Pub of the Year competition

  • Season 1 Episode 7957: 17/09/2012 (2)

    Tommy packs his bags ready to leave Weatherfield, but Owen catches him at the bus stop and tells him he is a fool for abandoning Tina. Meanwhile, Beth sees Kirk in a new light, and Lloyd persists in his attempt to rekindle his friendship with Mandy, but receives a disappointing setback. Dev keeps Sunita working late in a bid to ruin a romantic gesture by Karl, and Gloria hatches a plan after reading about a Pub of the Year competition

  • Season 1 Episode 7956: 17/09/2012 (1)

    Tommy begs Owen to put a stop to the surrogacy plans, while Tina pours her heart out to Rita about the state of her relationship. Karl encourages Sunita to accept Dev's offer of a job at the shop, and Kirk gives Beth a lift to meet Dave, her internet date

  • Season 1 Episode 7955: 14/09/2012 (2)

    Tommy is incensed that he had to hear about Tina's surrogacy plans from Faye, and accuses Gary and Izzy of taking advantage of a vulnerable woman. Gail discovers more about Gloria's mystery acquaintance and uses the information to get even, while Lloyd catches up with his former lover after 30 years apart

  • Season 1 Episode 7954: 14/09/2012 (1)

    Tina discusses the surrogacy with Owen and goes on to tell Gary and Izzy about her proposition, but asks them to keep it a secret. What she has failed to realise is that Faye has heard everything, and is keen to ask Tommy a few questions. Meanwhile, lonely Lloyd bumps into an old flame, and a man asks for Gloria at the Bistro, but she dismisses him as a nuisance customer - which intrigues Gail

  • Season 1 Episode 7953: 12/09/2012

    Tommy opens his mail and discovers he is being sued by the pizza parlour, but Tina has an idea that could solve their money worries for good when Owen tells them Gary and Izzy are exploring new surrogacy options. Meanwhile, Lloyd's luck changes, Tyrone and Kirsty introduce baby Ruby to their neighbours, and Leanne takes in Gloria - but soon regrets her decision

  • Season 1 Episode 7952: 10/09/2012 (2)

    Izzy announces it would be wrong to let Katy be her surrogate, but Gary is disappointed that she didn't consult him about the decision, and the revelation ruins the birthday party. Jason puts pressure on Tina and Tommy to move out of the flat, while Stella is unimpressed to find Karl working behind the bar, thanks to Gloria

  • Season 1 Episode 7951: 10/09/2012 (1)

    Chesney and Katy join Izzy and Gary for their first appointment at the fertility clinic, but the counsellor points out that the role of a surrogate may be too much to handle for someone who has only turned 18 today. Tina tries to make amends with Kirsty by showing up at No 9 bearing gifts for the baby, while Deirdre is shocked to learn Tracy and Ryan are a couple, and an argument breaks out at Katy's birthday party

  • Season 1 Episode 7948: 09/09/2012

    Hour-long episode. Tommy is surprised when Tyrone turns up eager to make friends, but Tina is not so forgiving and angrily confronts Kirsty in the Rovers - causing her waters to break. With no time to wait for an ambulance, it falls to Marcus to help deliver the baby. Elsewhere, Michelle's patience is tested when Tracy and Ryan thwart her plans for a romantic meal with Steve at the flat, Chesney receives a surprise offer from Cilla, and Jason thinks moving in with Maria would be a good idea

  • Season 1 Episode 7947: 05/09/2012

    Stella's mother Gloria (Sue Johnston joining the cast) arrives in Weatherfield from Spain. She is upset to learn of Karl's affair, and engineers an encounter between him and her daughter. Tina falls to pieces when the police inform her of the crash, and she arrives at the hospital to find Tommy has a broken leg which will take up to three months to heal. Things only get worse when the pizza parlour boss delivers devastating news about the van that was written off in the accident. Elsewhere, Michelle and Steve are stunned when Tracy emerges from Ryan's room, but Ken suggests a tactic for dealing with the situation, while Eileen and Paul clash over colour schemes

  • Season 1 Episode 7946: 03/09/2012 (2)

    Kirsty orders a pizza, but when Tommy arrives at the door she kicks up a fuss and claims it is the wrong type. After resolving the situation he misses the bus for his security job, so takes the delivery van instead, but his exhaustion places him in peril. Tracy shocks Steve and Michelle by revealing she has a job at Dev's kebab shop, and as she cranks up her seduction tactics with Ryan, he feels himself slowly succumbing to her charms. Meanwhile, Paul admits he always hated the vase and regrets making Eileen feel uncomfortable in her own home, prompting the pair to plan an overhaul, and Karl begs Stella to take him back

  • Season 1 Episode 7945: 03/09/2012 (1)

    Tommy pushes for extra shifts with the security firm, despite being exhausted, so that he can clear his debt as soon as possible. Kirsty reminds him that his payment is due and Tina takes the money to her, but their words become heated. Meanwhile, Tracy hatches a plan when she sees Ryan working in Dev's kebab shop and Eileen finds a replacement for Paul's vase, not realising the original had a distinctive crack

  • Season 1 Episode 7944: 02/09/2012

    Hour-long episode. Ryan announces he is thinking of leaving Weatherfield, and later packs his bags and takes the keys to the factory with the intention of stealing money for a fix. When Rob discovers him breaking in, he assumes it is a burglar and goes on the attack. Steve helps Michelle locate her son and accompanies them to hospital, which leaves Tracy in the lurch as he had promised to look after Amy so she could attend a job interview. Elsewhere, Owen employs Tina to do the books and Tommy gets a night job at a warehouse in Salford, while Sean drunkenly stumbles into a vase that holds sentimental value for Paul

  • Season 1 Episode 7943: 30/08/2012

    Tyrone refuses to give Tommy his job back. However, when the disgruntled former employee makes an announcement about Kirsty's behaviour to everyone in the pub, he retaliates with a revelation about the drug scam at the garage that leaves Kevin demanding answers. Meanwhile, Michelle is enraged to discover Ryan did not attend the gig, and Rob tells Eva they should give their relationship another go - humiliating Stella in the process

  • Season 1 Episode 7942: 27/08/2012 (2)

    Tyrone is reeling from Tina's betrayal, and promises Kirsty that no one else will find out about their abusive relationship, but she gives him an ultimatum. Steve tells Michelle that he is jealous of Rob, while Ryan is desperate for a fix and sells the gig tickets to Sophie before heading off purposefully into the night. Sunita informs Karl she will pay for his smoke detectors by taking money from the bank account she shares with Dev, and Maria begins to enjoy her DVD night when Jason and Aiden fall asleep, leaving her alone with Marcus

  • Season 1 Episode 7941: 27/08/2012 (1)

    Tyrone arrives at the garage with a bandaged hand after scalding himself on a kettle. However, Tommy jumps to the wrong conclusion and gives Kirsty a piece of his mind that leaves her mortified. Steve tells Ryan he will take him to a gig, but retracts the offer when he learns that Rob and Michelle are going out for dinner, and instead gatecrashes their meal. Sunita pressures Karl to find work, and is unimpressed by his plan to buy a job lot of reduced smoke detectors from a friend, while Jason is less than happy when Maria arranges a DVD night with Marcus and Aiden

  • Season 1 Episode 7940: 24/08/2012 (2)

    Tyrone chases after Kirsty and begs her to stay. Tommy later sees them together and proudly tells Tina how pleased he is that his meddling paid off, but she is horrified and reveals the truth about the pair's abusive relationship. Meanwhile, Sunita clashes with Stella, and Chesney stays silent as Gary, Izzy and Katy tell Owen and Anna about the clinic appointment

  • Season 1 Episode 7939: 24/08/2012 (1)

    Sunita persuades Karl to take her to the Rovers so they can show Stella how happy they are. In the pub, Tyrone agrees to keep the friend of Dev's date occupied, unaware that an unexpected visitor is watching him from the door. Izzy, Gary, Katy and Chesney visit the clinic for their first surrogacy interview, but find the experience overwhelming, while Sally and Kevin reminisce about their early years at No 13

  • Season 1 Episode 7938: 23/08/2012

    Tommy traces Kirsty to the maternity ward of the hospital, and informs her how upset Tyrone has been since she left. Rob tells Stella that his offer from the previous night still stands, but she rejects him and he later breaks off his relationship with Eva. Elsewhere, Owen apologises to Anna and announces he is going to support Katy and Izzy in their surrogacy plan

  • Season 1 Episode 7937: 20/08/2012 (2)

    Chesney makes his reservations about the surrogacy known after speaking to Owen. However, Katy manages to allay his worries, and later assures Gary and Izzy that she still wants to carry their baby. Rob calls a truce with Eva, but later grows closer to Stella when she talks about her split with Karl, and Tyrone throws himself into work to avoid being home alone

  • Season 1 Episode 7936: 20/08/2012 (1)

    Anna calls a family meeting at No 6 to discuss the issue of Katy's surrogacy. Chesney feels he should support his girlfriend, but is later encouraged by Owen to share his concerns regarding the situation. Meanwhile, Sunita confronts Eva after discovering she was responsible for Karl being fired, and Tracy bans Michelle from having any contact with Amy. Tommy tries to help Tyrone get over Kirsty, and Kevin's DIY spree begins to grate on Paul and Eileen

  • Season 1 Episode 7935: 17/08/2012 (2)

    Anna has to prevent an angry Owen from attacking Gary, and the christening party is promptly cancelled. Izzy announces she wants to go ahead with the surrogacy, much to Katy's delight, but Chesney is clearly concerned. Michelle tells Steve that he must forget about Tracy, and Eva is ecstatic when she succeeds in her mission to get Karl sacked

  • Season 1 Episode 7934: 17/08/2012 (1)

    Izzy accepts that Katy's offer to be a surrogate mother is a genuine one, but a visit to Dr Carter leaves her feeling nervous about the pitfalls and cost of IVF. When Owen learns of the plan during Joseph's christening, his reaction threatens to ruin the event. Meanwhile, Tracy is discharged from hospital and later confronts Michelle in the street, and Eva tries to get Karl sacked

  • Season 1 Episode 7933: 16/08/2012

    Gary and Izzy's plans to adopt a child fall at the first hurdle when she reveals he has a criminal record, but Katy announces she will be a surrogate for them instead. Deirdre tackles Steve about having an affair behind Tracy's back, and Michelle realises he failed to tell his wife the truth. Meanwhile, Hayley makes amends with Mary, and Rob gives Karl a job in packing and delivery - much to Eva's dismay

  • Season 1 Episode 7932: 13/08/2012 (2)

    Michelle tells Steve that Tracy needs to know the truth about their burgeoning relationship. Mary informs Norris that it is time for her to move on, while Gary and Izzy are delighted at being asked to be Joseph's godparents by Chesney and Katy - but their joy is tinged with heartache

  • Season 1 Episode 7931: 13/08/2012 (1)

    Tracy responds well to treatment and wakes up in hospital convinced she is destined to be with Steve. However, he grows closer to Michelle after giving Ryan some fatherly advice, and only later realises the impact his words the previous evening have had on the former jailbird. Hayley confronts Mary about her crush on Roy, and Chesney tells Katy the van is a write-off

  • Season 1 Episode 7930: 10/08/2012 (2)

    Drama from England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 7929: 10/08/2012 (1)

    Drama from England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 7928: 09/08/2012

    Tyrone struggles to hide the fact that Kirsty has left him, and snaps at Rob when he asks about her absence from work, but later confesses everything to Tina. Tracy gets thrown out of No 3 after destroying a pair of Emily's late husband's shoes, and Ken refuses to take her in. Ryan turns down a second gig, while Hayley learns the recital in Malvern clashes with a dance competition, leaving Mary delighted. Chesney finds an antidote to his business frustrations

  • Season 1 Episode 7927: 06/08/2012 (2)

    Tyrone is livid when he finds out that Deirdre thinks he has been beating Kirsty. He later cools down and returns to the house to salvage his relationship, unaware that shocking news awaits him. Meanwhile, Michelle feels proud of Ryan after the gig and discovers Steve was responsible for setting it up, but fails to notice a large amount of cash missing from her purse. Norris takes revenge on Tracy for ruining his dancing shoes

  • Season 1 Episode 7926: 06/08/2012 (1)

    Tyrone persuades Kirsty to seek help for her anger issues from Dr Carter, but when Deirdre reveals that she missed the appointment, a heated argument erupts between the couple. Ryan agrees to play a gig arranged by Lloyd and Steve in a local pub, and Tracy outstays her welcome at No 3. Mary's infatuation with Roy gathers pace when she gets him to agree to a musical excursion

  • Season 1 Episode 7925: 03/08/2012 (2)

    Tyrone confides in Tina about his abusive relationship, but insists it is his fault for provoking Kirsty, while Tracy locks Norris in his bedroom. Elsewhere, Michelle apologises to Steve for rejecting his invitation, and Roy surprises Sylvia with a flight to visit Milton

  • Season 1 Episode 7924: 03/08/2012 (1)

    Tina visits the garage to confront Tyrone after learning he is no longer willing to let Tommy have a repayment break, but is shocked to find him tending the injuries inflicted by Kirsty. Steve comforts Michelle after breaking up an altercation between Ryan and David, and takes advantage of the situation by inviting her out for dinner, while Tracy offers to clean the house after Norris complains about her lack of contribution to the rent

  • Season 1 Episode 7923: 02/08/2012

    Ryan is released from the police station after receiving a caution, and convinces Michelle that he was given the drugs by Kylie, who she angrily confronts in the street. However, Michelle is later forced to apologise on learning her son was lying. Meanwhile, Sunita tells Stella that Karl will not sign over the pub, and Kirsty loses her temper after discovering Tyrone has given Tommy a break from his loan repayments

  • Season 1 Episode 7922: 30/07/2012 (2)

    A furious David reveals Ryan's drug addiction to Michelle, but when she storms into the Rovers to confront her son, she finds him under the influence of cocaine and resorts to desperate measures to get his attention. Elsewhere, Stella informs Karl that she wants him to sign over the pub and mortgage, and Izzy tells Gary she understands if he wants to leave her for someone who will give him children

  • Season 1 Episode 7921: 30/07/2012 (1)

    Ryan offers Kylie drugs during a drunken night out, and Izzy informs Gary that she does not want to try for another baby. Meanwhile, Sunita assures Dev she is in favour of joint custody, Karl sneaks off to the pub to meet Stella, and Sophie helps Kevin move into No 13

  • Season 1 Episode 7918: 26/07/2012

    Sunita urges Karl not to give up on their relationship, and she defiantly informs Leanne that they are in love. However, when a distraught Dev sees the couple enjoying a cosy meal at the Bistro, he goes berserk and returns to the shop to drown his sorrows. Meanwhile, Gary makes an enemy of Rob, and Julie confronts Marcus about lying to Sean

  • Season 1 Episode 7917: 25/07/2012

    Dev tries to persuade Sunita to give their relationship another chance, and Karl begs Stella to take him back. When Maria spends the day with Jason and Liam, Marcus feels excluded and suggests he move back to London, while Gary apologises to Izzy for being overprotective, and David is annoyed when Kylie invites Ryan to join them for a drink

  • Season 1 Episode 7916: 23/07/2012 (2)

    Stella confronts Sunita in the street after returning to find her in a compromising position with Karl, but when Dev overhears the commotion and learns of his fiancee's infidelity, he begs her not to leave him. Meanwhile, Maria spends the evening with Jason, and Michelle discovers Ryan has a job at Street Cars

  • Season 1 Episode 7915: 28/07/2012

    Drama from England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 7915: 23/07/2012 (1)

    Stella arranges a girls' night out with Leanne and Eva in the hope the pair will put their differences behind them, while a fed-up Sunita closes the shop and heads to the pub, where she tries to seduce Karl. Steve offers Ryan a job as a favour to Michelle, Mary asks Roy to accompany her to a concert, and Jason invites Maria for a drink

  • Season 1 Episode 7914: 20/07/2012 (2)

    Ryan gets drunk in the Rovers and picks a fight with Rob after having a row with Michelle, while Dev apologises to Sunita for putting her under pressure and says he just wants her to have the perfect wedding. Gary asks Izzy to consider giving up work when she admits how tired she is, and Tyrone assures Kirsty he is just friends with Fiz

  • Season 1 Episode 7913: 20/07/2012 (1)

    Rob enlists Eva's help to prove Ryan is lying about his injury, while Dev is delighted to hear Sunita has given up her job at the Rovers and is coming back to work in the shop. Fiz, Tyrone and Izzy prepare No 9 for Kirsty's baby shower, while Rita and Dennis return from their honeymoon

  • Season 1 Episode 7912: 19/07/2012

    Michelle tells Ryan he must start working at the factory, and she will dock his wages to pay for the fire damage at No 13. However, when Kirk's back is turned he stages a fall and later insists he is going to sue Underworld for the supposed injury he suffers. Leanne and Stella clash over Nick, while Sunita quits her job following an argument with Eva

  • Season 1 Episode 7911: 18/07/2012

    Ryan (Sol Heras taking over the role previously played by Ben Thompson) returns home from university to find Sophie cleaning No 13. After having a few drinks in the backyard he tries to kiss her, unaware that a smouldering match he carelessly tossed on to a pile of paper has caught light inside the house. Meanwhile, Leanne reconsiders her plan to move Simon away from his family, and Roy offers to play Mary some of his steam-train records

  • Season 1 Episode 7910: 16/07/2012 (2)

    Leanne begs Carla not to let Peter take Simon away and threatens to call the police, but after finally locating her missing stepson, she gives him the chance to decide who he wants to stay with. Maria is left alone with Jason in her flat after Tommy, Tina and Marcus make their excuses and leave, while Mary develops feelings for Roy

  • Season 1 Episode 7909: 16/07/2012 (1)

    Carla agrees to run away with Peter, but his plot to abduct Simon begins to unravel when the youngster phones Leanne to tell her he is scared about being taken away on a boat. Tommy, Tina and Marcus hatch a plan to get Jason and Maria back together, while Tyrone apologises to Kirsty for not being there when she thought she was going into labour

  • Season 1 Episode 7908: 15/07/2012

    Peter arranges to meet Carla and urges her to give him another chance, but his failure to return Simon home prompts a worried Ken and Leanne to contact the police and report the youngster missing. Meanwhile, Tommy questions Tyrone about his argument with Kirsty, and Kirk tells Marcus that he is not attracted to him

  • Season 1 Episode 7907: 13/07/2012 (2)

    The body in the police morgue is identified, and Leanne's ordeal continues when she arrives at school to discover Simon was taken away earlier by Peter. Kirsty loses her temper with Tyrone and a vicious argument ensues, while Brian finally decides to put an end to the bullying campaign against Faye. Marcus bonds with flatmate Kirk by cooking a favourite dish, and Rob proves popular with the factory workers

  • Season 1 Episode 7906: 13/07/2012 (1)

    Carla informs Leanne and Ken of a desperate voicemail message Peter left on her phone, and after contacting the police to report him missing, they are informed that a body has been pulled from the canal. Kirsty falls ill at the cafe while Tyrone is busy doing a favour for Fiz, and Brian tells Julie the reason behind his reluctance to take action against Lindsay. Meanwhile, Rob flirts with Eva in the Rovers

  • Season 1 Episode 7905: 12/07/2012

    Peter tells Carla to pack her bags and leave, but his hopes of a reconciliation with Leanne are soon shattered. Anna takes decisive action when Brian suspends Faye from school for fighting with Lindsay, while Kirsty's quick temper embarrasses Tyrone during an evening with Tina and Tommy. Michelle brings Rob up to date on Carla's troubles

  • Season 1 Episode 7904: 11/07/2012

    Peter turns to drink after Leanne and Nick refuse his request to spend time with Simon. Carla regrets offering Rob a job at the factory and Anna discovers Faye's secret when headmaster Brian reports her recent absences from school. Emily wonders if Norris was right all along about letting Tracy stay, while Tyrone and Kirsty return from the Lake District

  • Season 1 Episode 7903: 09/07/2012 (2)

    Peter takes his anger out on Ken, vowing he will never abandon Simon, while Carla tries to get rid of her brother Rob by offering him money. Gary jumps to Izzy's defence when Owen expresses his concerns about her ability to be a parent, while Tracy moves into Emily's and proceeds to wind up Norris after hearing he is worried about having a murderer in the house. Meanwhile, Roy's blossoming friendship with Mary upsets Hayley

  • Season 1 Episode 7902: 09/07/2012 (1)

    Peter is stunned to hear Leanne plans to move away from Weatherfield with Nick and Simon, and a further shock is in store when a face from Carla's past turns up at the factory. News of Izzy's pregnancy puts Owen in a foul mood, leaving Anna with no one to confide in about Faye's troubled behaviour. Emily offers Tracy a place to stay after Ken turns her away, and Roy skips Hayley's dance-class presentation in favour of playing chess with Mary

  • Season 1 Episode 7901: 08/07/2012

    Peter punches Nick and accuses him of one-upmanship during a lavish birthday party for Simon at the Bistro, and Steve resorts to bribery in a bid to get Tracy and Beth out of No 13. The bullies step up their campaign against Faye with a series of hurtful texts and internet messages, while Izzy and Gary tell Anna and Owen their news

  • Season 1 Episode 7900: 06/07/2012 (2)

    The schoolchildren look on in horror as Lloyd and Steve get into a brawl at sports day. Peter tries to win over Simon with a birthday tea, while Faye stomps off after being scolded by Anna, only to get bullied by a classmate. Izzy confesses she is worried about how Owen will react to her pregnancy

  • Season 1 Episode 7899: 06/07/2012 (1)

    Tracy sabotages the cars at Fare Ladies, and Eileen voices her suspicions that there could be a traitor in their ranks. Simon watches Peter and Nick battle it out on the field at sports day, while Faye is nowhere to be seen when Anna turns up for the event. Izzy seeks advice from Dr Carter about how her condition will affect her pregnancy

  • Season 1 Episode 7898: 05/07/2012

    Tracy goes undercover at the Fare Ladies cab firm and reports back to Steve with all the details, but Eileen grows suspicious when she spots them together. Fiz urges Izzy to tell Gary her news, while Marcus puts the record straight after Sean confronts him about his love life. Faye is disappointed to learn Anna cannot afford to buy her the branded trainers she wants for sports day

  • Season 1 Episode 7897: 04/07/2012

    Steve's clients suddenly start cancelling their Street Cars accounts, and he discovers a thriving new cab firm is snapping up all his business. After another stint of babysitting, Gary realises he is not ready for children yet, while Izzy confides in Fiz that she is pregnant. Sean is heartbroken to see Marcus in the pub with Aiden

  • Season 1 Episode 7896: 02/07/2012 (2)

    Tracy and Beth do their best to ruin Kevin's viewing of No 13, and Steve loses his temper when Lloyd assumes he can pick up where he left off at Street Cars. Izzy quizzes Gary about parenthood as they take over Anna's babysitting duties, while Marcus tells Sean he has decided to stay around and is living at Maria's. Roy and Mary settle down for a game of chess as Hayley drags Norris off to the dance exam

  • Season 1 Episode 7895: 02/07/2012 (1)

    Steve runs into a cash-strapped Lloyd and persuades him to return to the Street, causing friction with Karl. Maria is upset at Marcus's plans to start afresh in London, while Sean reminisces as he faces up to life without him. Fiz, Katy and Chesney are struck down by a virus, so Anna offers to care for Hope and Joseph, and Hayley asks Norris to step into the breach after her partner falls ill on the day of her salsa exam

  • Season 1 Episode 7894: 29/06/2012 (2)

    Marcus is given a lecture for being unprofessional at work, and Sean's outburst leaves him wondering whether they have a future together. Carla urges Peter to forget his grudge against Nick and accept that Leanne is moving on, while Roy helps lift Mary's spirts when Hayley goes dancing with Norris

  • Season 1 Episode 7893: 29/06/2012 (1)

    Convinced Marcus has been unfaithful, Sean follows him to work and launches an outspoken attack on Aiden. Carla wonders what Peter is really jealous of when he seethes at the sight of Nick taking Simon for breakfast, and Sunita does battle with Eva in a bid to save her job. Norris struggles to find a way of making amends with Mary

  • Season 1 Episode 7892: 27/06/2012

    Eva gives Stella an ultimatum - either Leanne packs her bags or she will. Peter storms over to the Bistro and confronts Nick after hearing about his love life, while Aiden tries to get closer to Marcus during a night on the town. Norris does his best to back out of the dance classes, explaining to Emily what an awful dancer Mary is, and Eva puts Sunita under pressure to quit her job at the Rovers

  • Season 1 Episode 7891: 25/06/2012 (2)

    Eva lashes out at Leanne, convinced she and Nick have been seeing each other behind her back. Sean shows his displeasure when Aiden tags along for what was supposed to be a romantic meal with Marcus, while Karl tries to keep the peace at the Rovers as Sunita's life is made hell. Hayley takes Norris and Mary to one of her salsa classes

  • Season 1 Episode 7890: 25/06/2012 (1)

    Nick opens up to Leanne and makes a confession, while Eva is devastated when her hopes of a reconciliation with him are shattered. Sunita finds her every move being scrutinised at the pub, and Sean grows suspicious of Marcus's friendship with new workmate Aiden. Mary cajoles Norris into taking her ballroom dancing

  • Season 1 Episode 7889: 20/06/2012

    Stella assumes Karl is gambling again and throws his bags out on the street after she finds his stash of £7,000. Dev is taken aback when Sunita returns home and makes a clumsy proposal, while Eva insists on going to the Bistro for her date with Jason. Peter and Carla try to pick up the pieces, and Tracy and Beth concoct a plan to put a potential viewer off No 13

  • Season 1 Episode 7888: 18/06/2012

    Eva spots a wad of bank notes sticking out of Karl's pocket and overhears Sunita telling him she is not going to keep his grubby little secrets any more. Peter and Leanne discuss a few ground rules regarding Simon, while Jason eagerly prepares for his date. Tracy and Beth are horrified to see No 13 on the market, but get little change from Steve, who remains adamant he is selling it

  • Season 1 Episode 7887: 13/06/2012

    Simon makes a good recovery and is allowed to leave the hospital, but it is Leanne he wants to see, not his father. Peter invites her to the flat and prepares for disappointment as he asks his son to choose who he wants to live with. Meanwhile, Karl urges Sunita to think of her kids and return to Dev, Audrey notices Maria's growing attraction to Marcus, and Eva's attempt to make Nick jealous backfires

  • Season 1 Episode 7886: 11/06/2012

    Hour-long episode. Simon leaves school without permission and shuts himself in a cupboard at home as a frantic search is launched. While hiding, he finds some wine stashed away by Carla, and Peter later discovers him unconscious on the sofa with the open bottle. Elsewhere, Dev begs Sunita to give their relationship another chance, but she has already assured Karl that he is the man she wants, and Nick leaves Eva in the lurch at the overstretched Bistro to help Leanne

  • Season 1 Episode 7885: 07/06/2012

    Dev quizzes Sunita about the money and demands to know who her secret boyfriend is. As Karl waits for her at the hotel, will she come clean? Peter confronts Simon about his behaviour and punishes him by confiscating his toys, Tina considers giving Tommy a second chance and Marcus shows Maria a good time at the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 7884: 06/06/2012

    Tommy is convinced he's blown it with Tina and decides to get out of her life for good. Dev finds a hidden stash of money and a bag packed with overnight clothes, and confronts Sunita, demanding an explanation. Meanwhile, Carla and Peter suspect Simon has been stealing when Aadi's missing games console is found in his bag

  • Season 1 Episode 7883: 04/06/2012 (2)

    As a nervous Dennis waits for his bride at the register office, Rick heads to the Red Rec - with Rita in his car. Thinking he has gained the upper hand, he tells Tina to return the drugs or Rita will end up in the canal - but he has underestimated his enemy. Elsewhere, Roy encourages Sylvia to follow her heart, and Faye gives her approval for Anna and Owen to get back together

  • Season 1 Episode 7882: 04/06/2012 (1)

    Tina takes matters into her own hands, determined not to let Tommy go through with the job. She grabs the bag of drugs and a petrol can and drives to the Red Rec, where she calls Rick and reveals that she has his stash - and is willing to destroy it. Meanwhile, Karl and Sunita sneak off as the locals get ready for the Jubilee fancy-dress party, but will Dev catch them in the act?

  • Season 1 Episode 7881: 03/06/2012

    A desperate Tina and Tommy confess everything to Kirsty, hoping she can help, but they end up causing trouble for Tyrone, who refuses to back down and gives an impassioned speech to her about family. Later, Tommy receives a phone call from Rick offering a way out - one last job that will clear the debt. But he wants it done tomorrow - Rita's wedding day - and if Tommy gets caught he could face a hefty jail term. Meanwhile, Norris and Mary spot Dennis with old flame Norma on the eve of his wedding to Rita, and take a photo to use as evidence. Sean and Marcus are upset when Violet cancels their trip to see Dylan, while Karl suggests to Sunita that they sneak off during tomorrow's street party so he can make it up to her

  • Season 1 Episode 7880: 01/06/2012 (2)

    Rick and his thugs turn up at the garage to bully Tommy into sticking to their deal, and Sunita finds Karl at the casino with the money she has raised for the street party. Meanwhile, Peter is forced to mediate when Kirsty leads the Underworld staff in a rebellion against Carla, and Leanne opens up to Nick about her failed relationships

  • Season 1 Episode 7879: 01/06/2012 (1)

    Tina discovers the truth about Tommy's dealings with Rick, prompting him to confide in her about his father's debts. Kirsty rallies the troops at Underworld after learning Carla has sacked Eileen. A furious Norris threatens to report Gail to the authorities, convinced she used sabotage on her way to success in the Weatherfield in Bloom contest

  • Season 1 Episode 7878: 31/05/2012

    Eileen faces losing her job when Carla hauls her into the office to discuss her disappearance the previous day, and Faye ends up ruining the Weatherfield in Bloom contest with an ill-advised money-making scheme. Meanwhile, Tyrone borrows a car he believes Tommy is valeting at the garage, sending the Duckworth lad into panic when he returns from lunch to find the vehicle missing, and prompting Tina to become suspicious

  • Season 1 Episode 7877: 28/05/2012 (2)

    Karl artfully spins a web of lies to validate his relationship with Sunita to Sophie, and Tommy is forced to think on his feet when Tyrone catches him working after hours at the garage. Meanwhile, Eileen holds her own when she and Paul are confronted by Lesley's sister Yvonne at the funeral, and the court officer is forced to step in when Leanne's row with Peter and Carla escalates

  • Season 1 Episode 7876: 28/05/2012 (1)

    A downcast Eileen anxiously waits for Paul to get in touch as the day of Lesley's funeral arrives, and Sunita suspects Sophie has discovered the truth about her affair with Karl. Leanne picks an inconvenient moment to confront Peter over Carla's offer, and Faye is disappointed when Anna leaves her at home with Mary for another night shift at the shop

  • Season 1 Episode 7875: 25/05/2012 (2)

    Karl hides in the flat as Dev shows Kevin round, but when Sophie finds the landlord's wallet on the sofa, she calls at the pub with it. Carla tries to bribe Leanne into divorcing Peter and moving away, while Kirsty and Tyrone open up to each other about their childhood experiences. Eva spots an opportunity to make Nick jealous, and Marcus introduces Maria to her date - but all is not what it seems with him

  • Season 1 Episode 7874: 25/05/2012 (1)

    Sunita arranges to meet Karl at the corner-shop flat, only for Dev to turn up with Kevin. The custody officer visits Simon at school, leaving Peter on tenterhooks, and Kirsty breaks down as she begs for Tyrone's forgiveness. Eva and Nick struggle to work together at the Bistro, and Marcus tries to set Maria up with one of his work colleagues

  • Season 1 Episode 7873: 24/05/2012

    Tyrone arranges for the factory girls to lay in wait at No 9 to surprise Kirsty on her birthday, but she is horrified to see her parents there and cannot contain her anger. Karl shares a romantic meal with Stella to celebrate their anniversary, and Nick decides to finish with Eva after the mix-up over Kylie. Peter gives Carla cause for concern when he reveals he is attending extra AA meetings

  • Season 1 Episode 7872: 21/05/2012 (2)

    Nick struggles to calm an incensed David down after Eva's revelation, and as the situation escalates, Kylie is forced to reveal everything about her weeks away. Karl and Sunita endure an awkward evening with Stella and Dev, while Peter begins to alienate Carla over his custody battle with Leanne. Tyrone decides to throw a birthday party for Kirsty, and after going through her address book, he invites her parents

  • Season 1 Episode 7871: 21/05/2012 (1)

    Eva decides to publicly shame Nick for his 'affair' with Kylie, and makes an announcement at the Bistro during a civic dinner attended by the mayor, which leaves David fuming. Karl tries to persuade Stella to turn down Dev's dinner invitation, while Peter and Leanne battle it out in court for custody of Simon. Tyrone discovers Kirsty will soon be celebrating her 30th birthday, and Marcus promises to find the perfect date for Maria

  • Season 1 Episode 7870: 18/05/2012 (2)

    Eva is horrified when she checks Nick's phone and finds a text from Kylie thanking him for 'last night'. Tina turns up at the garage just as Tommy is packing the car with drugs, and Dev decides to take more of an interest in Sunita's life - by inviting her friends Stella and Karl over for dinner. Maria sets off on her date, while Julie urges Eileen not to leave the Street

  • Season 1 Episode 7869: 18/05/2012 (1)

    Nick finally persuades Kylie to return home, but promises to keep his involvement a secret. Eva fears she is being cheated on, and her discovery of the previous night's hotel bill only reinforces her suspicions, while Rick tries to get Tommy to stash drugs in a car for him. Sean takes out his frustrations on Stella after Eileen reveals her plans to leave Weatherfield, and Sunita heads out for a secret rendezvous with Karl

  • Season 1 Episode 7868: 17/05/2012

    Nick spots a scantily clad Kylie working in a lap-dancing club when he spends a night on the town with David. Paul turns up at Eileen's to collect his belongings, and Marcus tries to persuade him to talk things through. Maria is asked out on a date by a client at the salon, Tommy is forced to lie to Tina after Rick makes contact, while Norris tries his best to get into Audrey's good books

  • Season 1 Episode 7867: 14/05/2012 (2)

    Eileen is an emotional wreck and suggests Paul leave as gossip spreads about how Lesley died. A customer's constant complaints push the Bistro's new recruit David over the edge, and Eva puts Nick under pressure to step up their relationship. Tommy begs Tyrone and Kevin for his job back, while Sunita bails out Karl when he admits he has gambled away his taxi takings. Norris is aghast to discover Audrey has been chosen to sit on the judging panel of the Weatherfield in Bloom competition

  • Season 1 Episode 7866: 14/05/2012 (1)

    Eileen is terrified as the police arrive on the Street to investigate Lesley's death. Tommy's relief at getting rid of Rick is short-lived when the loan shark tells him Terry's debt is now his, while Nick and Gail argue over what to do with a despondent David. Karl faces temptation after he drops off a passenger at the casino, and Sally enlists a professional to help with her blooms for the gardening competition, much to Norris's annoyance

  • Season 1 Episode 7865: 11/05/2012 (2)

    Paul races back to the Street to be told the bad news, while an emotional Eileen is overcome with guilt as she watches him break down. Tommy demands answers from his dad after returning from the hospital to find him just about to leave, while David reaches rock bottom and pours his heart out to Nick. Stella walks in on Sunita and Karl smooching in the back room of the Rovers

  • Season 1 Episode 7864: 11/05/2012 (1)

    Eileen flees the house when Lesley becomes aggressive and repeatedly lashes out, but is distraught by what she finds on her return. Terry grows increasingly anxious about Tina regaining consciousness and packs his bags as he waits for Tommy to get the cash from Tyrone. Stella unwittingly thwarts Sunita's secret meeting with Karl, and David continues to drown his sorrows

  • Season 1 Episode 7863: 10/05/2012

    Terry puts the blame on Rick after he leaves Tina lying motionless in a pool of blood at the club, leading a desperate Tommy to ask Tyrone for a favour in a bid to get the loan shark out of their lives. Paul comes to a shock decision, and Kirsty makes an effort with the factory workers, while Sunita and Karl return sheepishly to the pub after sharing another tryst

  • Season 1 Episode 7862: 09/05/2012

    Tina catches Tommy about to set fire to the club and begs him not to go through with Terry's hare-brained scheme. A police officer arrives on the Street to question Eileen and Paul about Lesley's injury, while Kirsty opens up to Fiz at the factory after alienating the rest of the staff. Sunita tries to quash Dev's idea of selling the corner-shop flat, and pins her hopes on using it as a love nest for her and Karl

  • Season 1 Episode 7861: 08/05/2012

    Tommy and Tina are horrified by Terry's plans to get rid of Rick, and Paul falls out with the care-home manager as Lesley nurses an injured wrist, putting paid to his holiday with Eileen. Sunita is unable to resist temptation when Karl calls round, while a drunken David tries to chat up Eva, and Kirsty makes enemies with the factory workers before she even starts her new job

  • Season 1 Episode 7860: 07/05/2012

    Tina arranges to talk to Terry about his cash-flow problems, but finds herself face to face with Rick, the loan shark who hounded her dad Joe. Lesley scuppers Paul and Eileen's holiday plans when she turns up at her old house, and Stella catches Karl with his fingers in the Rovers' till. Having still heard nothing from Kylie, a dispirited David resolves to make peace with Audrey, and Kirsty decides to take the job at Underworld

  • Season 1 Episode 7859: 04/05/2012 (2)

    Tina is appalled to hear where Tommy's money has gone and accuses Terry of conning his son out of his inheritance. Tyrone struggles to forgive Kirsty for her rash actions, while adversity brings Brian and Julie closer together. Norris takes the Weatherfield in Bloom competition too seriously and accuses Gail of stealing one of his hanging baskets, while Kylie's continued absence pushes David to breaking point

  • Season 1 Episode 7858: 04/05/2012 (1)

    Tina's plans to buy Jason's flat are shattered by Tommy, who finds his dad being confronted by a loan shark and hands over his cash. Julie tries to put on a brave face as she waits to go into theatre at the hospital, and Faye takes advantage of Mary when Anna works another evening shift in Dev's shop. Audrey returns to the salon, leaving David fearful he will be out of a job

  • Season 1 Episode 7857: 03/05/2012

    Kirsty turns on Tyrone after being suspended for her illegal search of the town hall, spelling the end of her police career, and Tommy offers to bail Terry out when the loan sharks come calling. A tearful Julie visits Dr Carter to hear his prognosis, and Kevin prepares to hand over his son to Pam. The residents work on their entries for the Weatherfield in Bloom contest, with Norris keen to outdo his neighbours

  • Season 1 Episode 7856: 30/04/2012 (2)

    Kirsty arrests Councillor Peake on suspicion of taking a bribe, and Tommy is in for a shock as he and Terry discuss the opening of the club over a drink. Kevin considers asking Pam and Bill to have Jack on a semi-permanent basis, while Julie fears the worst during her scan. Sunita is quick to suggest Karl keep her company when Dev plans an overnight stay away with Aadi

  • Season 1 Episode 7855: 30/04/2012 (1)

    Tyrone and Kirsty get caught out after wangling their way into the town hall to search for evidence of Terry's illicit dealings over the club. Pam minds baby Jack as Kevin tries to save his relationship with Sally, and Brian takes Julie to the hospital for her 12-week baby scan. Karl lies to Stella about where his new car radio came from, and Mary lends Anna a helping hand with Faye

  • Season 1 Episode 7854: 27/04/2012 (2)

    Sally tells Kevin their relationship will never work after Pam accuses them of unsettling Jack. The police arrive at Terry's club threatening to arrest the protesters, and the DCI gives Kirsty a dressing down, leaving her convinced there is something underhand going on. Kylie collects Max and a few belongings from home before announcing she is leaving, and Sunita brightens up Karl's birthday with a special gift

  • Season 1 Episode 7853: 27/04/2012 (1)

    Sally is in two minds about reconciling with Kevin after she is left looking after baby Jack for the day. Nick calls David to the Bistro to deal with a drunken Kylie, who has been out all night and is now demanding service at the bar, while Karl confides in Sunita that Stella has forgotten his birthday. Terry contacts a friend at the council in a bid to get the protesters removed from his club

  • Season 1 Episode 7852: 26/04/2012

    David blames Kylie for Audrey's collapse after his gran refuses to accept his apology. Gossip spreads about Kevin spending the night with Sally, and Terry calls the police in a bid to put an end to the sit-in protest at his club. Sean struggles to get the hotpot right without the recipe, but delivers a batch to the Rovers in the hope of keeping Betty's legacy intact

  • Season 1 Episode 7851: 23/04/2012 (2)

    An emotional David blames himself after Audrey is rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack, and Gail and Lewis are united when the doctor tells them the next 48 hours are crucial. Kirsty leads the residents' fight against Terry's lap-dancing club and a sit-in protest begins, while Sally shares a kiss with Kevin as she thanks him for his support. Betty's hotpot recipe may be lost forever, and Peter discovers Carla knew about Leanne seeing Simon

  • Season 1 Episode 7850: 23/04/2012 (1)

    Audrey serves David with an injunction relating to the salon, but as a war of words erupts, she suddenly feels ill and collapses. Tommy starts giving out flyers for his father's new business, but is shocked when a lap dancer turns up at the Rovers to audition for Terry. Carla learns who Frank left his share of the factory to, and Peter is furious to see Leanne leaving the Barlows with Simon. Sean sets to work re-creating Betty's hotpot

  • Season 1 Episode 7849: 20/04/2012 (2)

    Terry offers Tommy a job at his new firm in Weatherfield after turning him against Tyrone. As the mourners return to the Rovers for the wake, Gordon tells Stella he has come to a decision about Annie Walker's letter, and Sean is stunned by a bequest from Betty. Sunita and Karl are drawn together once more, while Audrey enlists a solicitor to help get her salon back. Peter worries when he receives a date for the custody hearing

  • Season 1 Episode 7848: 20/04/2012 (1)

    Silence descends on the Street as Betty's funeral cortege departs, and Emily decides it is her duty to tell Gordon about Annie Walker's letter. Terry witnesses the tension between Tina and Kirsty and uses it to stir up a fight between Tommy and Tyrone, while Sunita tells Karl they must put an end to their affair. Sally barges in on Carla's meeting with a potential client

  • Season 1 Episode 7847: 19/04/2012

    Terry hears about Tommy's inheritance and his planned round-the-world trip with Tina, and suddenly plays the remorseful father making a peace offering. Karl steps in to help a struggling Sunita behind the bar, while Stella, Emily and Rita make a discovery while helping Gordon sort through Betty's belongings. Carla has a hard time meeting Sally's expectations at the factory

  • Season 1 Episode 7846: 16/04/2012 (2)

    Tommy refuses to accept that his dad is trouble, forcing Tyrone to tell him the truth. Gordon is touched by everyone's reaction to Betty's death and decides to hold her funeral in Weatherfield instead of London, while David reports Audrey to the police for harassment. Carla tries to take advantage of Leanne and Simon's secret meetings, and Karl feels demoralised when Stella refuses to let him behind the bar

  • Season 1 Episode 7845: 16/04/2012 (1)

    Tommy sees his van being lifted by a tow truck and gets into a fight with a stranger, unaware it is his father Terry Duckworth, and the Rovers regulars are saddened when Betty's son Gordon Clegg (Bill Kenwright) reveals his mother has died. Audrey receives a caution from the police, and David is pushed to breaking point when all the salon clients flock to her motor-home business. Carla realises Ken is letting Leanne see Simon behind Peter's back

  • Season 1 Episode 7844: 13/04/2012 (2)

    Kylie calls the police and reports Audrey for criminal damage after she defaces David's new salon sign with a nail file. Ken asks Simon to lie to Peter when he takes him home, and Tina urges Tommy not to fritter his inheritance away, leading him to consider a long-term investment. Sunita decides to give up her job at the pub in a bid to avoid Karl

  • Season 1 Episode 7843: 13/04/2012 (1)

    Audrey turns Mary's camper van into a makeshift salon and succeeds in drawing in her regular clients after David refuses to let his gran use her old business premises. Ken betrays Peter by bringing Simon home to see Leanne, and Tyrone makes fun of Tommy's old banger when he breaks down on the way to a romantic country lunch with Tina. Stella starts asking questions after sensing the tension between Karl and Sunita

  • Season 1 Episode 7842: 12/04/2012

    Kylie arrives at the new salon to visit David, but when she sees he is being treated as nothing more than a floor sweeper, she hatches a plan to show off his skills. Karl tries to make a go of his relationship with Stella, while a guilty Sunita returns home to Dev and the children. Sally tries her hand at working in the Underworld office as she considers buying into the business, and Tommy presents Tina with a surprise

  • Season 1 Episode 7841: 09/04/2012 (2)

    A devastated Karl finds comfort in Sunita's arms after being forced to pack his bags, only for Stella to have second thoughts and call round. Peter confronts Leanne about her slur on Carla then bans her from seeing Simon, and Tommy makes plans to take Tina on a round-the-world trip. David is treated like a dogsbody at the new salon, but lies about it back on the Street

  • Season 1 Episode 7840: 09/04/2012 (1)

    Stella meets her accountant in a bid to save the pub, but is furious when she discovers Karl has been in the bookie's again. Peter's efforts to make amends with Leanne backfire after Simon overhears her branding Carla a black widow, and Tommy takes advantage of an inheritance from Jeff to woo Tina. David brags to Audrey that he has got a new job at a posh salon in town

  • Season 1 Episode 7839: 06/04/2012 (2)

    When Stella discovers the extent of Karl's debts and kicks him out, Sunita insists he stay the night on her sofa. Tina and Tommy decide to tell each other how they really feel. Peter and Leanne clash over custody of Simon, and when he erupts after she calls him an alcoholic, the troubled bookie confides in Carla that he fears he might lose his son

  • Season 1 Episode 7838: 06/04/2012 (1)

    Sunita is stunned when she discovers Karl has not come clean, but when bailiffs arrive at the pub and Nick is forced to pay off Karl's debts, Stella is horrified. Tina volunteers to go with Tommy to Geoff's funeral, and Anna suspects Owen is trying to buy her affection. Sally offers to buy Frank's share of the factory from Carla with her lottery winnings and Kirsty apologises to Tyrone

  • Season 1 Episode 7837: 05/04/2012

    A desperate Karl stages a break-in at the pub but after telling him she no longer loves Dev, Sunita finds out the truth and urges him to confess to Stella. Paul agrees for Lesley to start a month-long trial at the home, but struggles to say goodbye. Kirsty lashes out when Tyrone is late for a meal after consoling Tommy over Geoff's death, and Peter is furious when he receives a letter from Leanne's solicitor

  • Season 1 Episode 7836: 02/04/2012 (2)

    Paul faces the truth about Lesley's decline and is even more troubled when he and Eileen take her to a care home. Temptation proves too much for Karl when he gets his hands on the night's takings. Dev and Sunita fall out when he books a surprise holiday for them, and Kevin and Fiz rally round Sally as she returns to an immaculate home. Marcus's enthusiasm for looking after children causes Sean to feel guilty about refusing to adopt

  • Season 1 Episode 7835: 02/04/2012 (1)

    Eileen's concerns for Lesley grow when she finds her crouched alone on the floor with Paul nowhere to be seen. Steve demands answers from Karl, who is struggling to conceal his rising debts, and Kirsty surprises everyone by apologising for her recent behaviour and adopting the role of peacemaker between Tommy and Tyrone. Marcus enjoys looking after Dylan so much he offers to babysit Maria and Fiz's children

  • Season 1 Episode 7834: 30/03/2012 (2)

    Jason loses his temper with Paul as Lesley's disappearance leaves Eileen at breaking point, and Sean calls Violet to arrange for Dylan to come over after seeing the effect Liam is having on Marcus. Audrey finds out about the solicitor's letter and sacks David for being selfish, but struggles to cope with the family being at war and takes up Lewis's offer of a few days away. Steve realises he is not going to get rid of Ken easily

  • Season 1 Episode 7833: 30/03/2012 (1)

    Eileen returns from the shops to find Lesley has wandered off with Amy, leaving a panic-stricken Tracy demanding to know what is going on. David visits a solicitor with Kylie after Audrey locks him out of the salon, while Ken continues to make a nuisance of himself at Steve's flat. Marcus stands up for Maria when Liam's performance is cut short at the Easter fair

  • Season 1 Episode 7832: 29/03/2012

    David threatens to consult a solicitor when Audrey tears up the paperwork he originally signed for the salon. Eileen urges Paul to be realistic about Lesley's condition after Steve and Amy's visit causes problems, while Ken makes himself at home in his new surroundings, much to Tracy's amusement. Sean feels left out as Marcus and Maria bond over Liam's Easter pageant preparations

  • Season 1 Episode 7831: 26/03/2012 (2)

    The Platts are horrified when Audrey tries to get David to sign the salon back over to her, to fund a round-the-world cruise with Lewis. Ken is furious with Deirdre for giving Tracy more money and decides to take up Steve's offer of a place to stay, while Dev and Sunita discuss the state of their relationship. Eileen confides in Julie about Paul, and Marcus offers to help Maria with preparations for Liam's Easter fair at nursery

  • Season 1 Episode 7830: 26/03/2012 (1)

    Nick acts as mediator during an argument in the Bistro after Audrey flaunts her romance with Lewis, leaving Gail furious. Sunita tries to break the tension at the pub by apologising to Karl for making a move on him, and Ken loses patience with Tracy, who complains to Deirdre about her finances. Marcus wonders whether Sean is having second thoughts about adoption

  • Season 1 Episode 7829: 23/03/2012 (2)

    Karl goes to the police station to take Sunita home after she drowns her sorrows and gets arrested for being drunk and disorderly. Gail and David are furious to realise Audrey has been playing them for fools and confront her about Lewis, while Leanne confides in Stella that she feels confident about winning the residence order for Simon. Elsewhere, Ken tells Tracy it is time she found a job

  • Season 1 Episode 7828: 23/03/2012 (1)

    The cracks begin to show in Dev's relationship with Sunita as she refuses to apologise for her outburst and Amber packs her bags. A worried Gail calls in to check on Audrey just as Lewis is nipping out, and the police are given a statement regarding Frank's killer. Steve confides in Ken about Tracy scrounging more money from him

  • Season 1 Episode 7827: 22/03/2012

    Word spreads about the identity of Frank's killer, sending shockwaves through the Street. Dev treats Sunita to dinner at the Bistro, but things get out of hand at No 7 after Amber decides to throw a party. Tommy finds Tina's list of pros and cons about him as he prepares for their date and Kylie loses her temper when Brian refuses to reinstate Max at school

  • Season 1 Episode 7826: 19/03/2012 (2)

    Sally is left fighting for her life, while Frank's killer makes a dramatic and emotional attempt to leave the Street as the net closes in. Peter and Leanne argue over custody of Simon, and Karl refuses to discuss his gambling when Sunita begs him to stop. Gail flusters Kylie by handing her a stack of school curriculum material to teach Max, and Sean urges Tina to reconsider dating Tommy

  • Season 1 Episode 7825: 19/03/2012 (1)

    Carla attends Frank's funeral, despite Peter's concerns, and as the mourners file out of the crematorium Anne approaches her and apologises for her son's actions. Meanwhile, pressure mounts on the killer when Sally stumbles across more evidence. Sunita catches Karl taking money from the Rovers' till and follows him to the casino, while Kylie sets about home-schooling Max, and Sean tries to play matchmaker between Tina and Tommy

  • Season 1 Episode 7824: 16/03/2012 (2)

    Leanne tells the police about Peter's alibi, and Sally realises Frank's watch is missing from his personal effects as she consoles Anne. Brian threatens to take Max out of school if Kylie keeps up her unruly behaviour, leaving David trying to keep the peace, and Sunita has second thoughts about turning down Karl's invitation to the casino after returning home to find Dev asleep on the sofa

  • Season 1 Episode 7823: 16/03/2012 (1)

    Peter is remanded in custody after appearing in court charged with murder, but during a prison visit, Carla is shocked by what he says. Meanwhile, Leanne bumps into AA chairman Howard and realises her husband has an alibi, leaving her furious that he would lie to save his lover at the expense of his son. A tussle breaks out between Kylie and Brian at the school gates, and Lewis asks for his old job back at the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 7822: EPISODE: 7822

    Drama from England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 7822: 15/03/2012

    Carla is stunned when Peter confesses to killing Frank, and as the police question him about his story, Leanne dreads telling Simon the news. Kylie flouts Brian's rules and hands junk food to Max and Amy, leaving a puzzled Tracy facing a telling off, while Paul's new care arrangements put pressure on Eileen. Lewis wakes up at Audrey's, and the pair agree to keep their relationship a secret

  • Season 1 Episode 7821: 12/03/2012 (2)

    Carla breaks down after Peter catches her setting fire to the missing paperwork, and the police arrive to question Kevin about shoddy workmanship on the brakes of Frank's car. Dennis surprises Rita with an engagement party at the Bistro, while Audrey chases after Lewis as he prepares to leave Weatherfield. Simon continues to play up, insisting he wants to spend more time with Leanne, and Paul tells Eileen he is switching to night shifts to care for Lesley

  • Season 1 Episode 7820: EPISODE: 7820

    Drama from England's most famous cobbled street

  • Season 1 Episode 7819: 09/03/2012 (2)

    After relentless questioning, Peter is released, but new evidence from the factory sees the police heading to the Street to make an arrest, convinced they have got their murderer. Audrey confronts Lewis when he is accused of stealing £50 from the Bistro and resigns without a fight, while Rita and Dennis have an announcement to make in the Rovers. Karl and Sunita agree to keep their night out a secret, while Paul and Eileen get some respite from Lesley

  • Season 1 Episode 7818: 09/03/2012 (1)

    Peter is taken in for questioning by the police, and the pressure mounts when Jason finds a broken whisky bottle covered in blood in the builders' skip. Rita is heartbroken that Dennis is leaving, and Karl offers to take Sunita to the casino after Dev lets her down. Dr Carter advises Eileen and Paul to seek help when Lesley scalds herself at home

  • Season 1 Episode 7817: 12/03/2012 (1)

    The police fail to find the Underworld contract and are forced to release Carla on bail, while Michelle infuriates Anne by insisting on business as usual at the factory. Paul is given a glimmer of hope when Lesley responds to old photos of their wedding, and Karl ruins Rita's plans for her engagement party. Kylie is less than happy to discover Brian has confiscated the unhealthy items from Max's school lunchbox

  • Season 1 Episode 7817: 08/03/2012

    The police investigate the scene of Frank's death, and when a missing Peter eventually returns home claiming not to remember anything of the night before, Carla is shocked to see blood on his clothes. Stella gets her own back on Karl after he climbs onto the Rovers' roof to sort out the satellite dish, while Audrey urges Gail to go easy on Lewis at the Bistro. Dennis tells Rita he has been offered a job in Birmingham

  • Season 1 Episode 7816: 05/03/2012 (2)

    Carla is terrified when she meets Frank alone and he threatens to rape her again. Peter heads out on a drunken rampage as news of the scam is revealed, and the factory workers are stunned to hear they no longer have jobs. Spotting the lights on in Underworld, Sean and Julie decide to confront the new owner, but are horrified to find Sally kneeling over Frank's body with blood on her hands

  • Season 1 Episode 7815: 05/03/2012 (1)

    Michelle tries to stop Carla signing over the factory to Frank after a bitter Sally reveals that Jenny is in fact his lover. The old regulars in the pub are disgruntled when Karl installs a huge flat-screen TV to transmit football matches, and Dennis tells Rita it is time he moved on. Peter turns up drunk on the Barlows' doorstep, asking to take Simon back home, and Lesley causes problems for Sean and Marcus on their return from holiday

  • Season 1 Episode 7814: 02/03/2012 (2)

    Sally confronts Frank and threatens to reveal his plans for the factory, but is left humiliated and feeling terrified. Carla plans a new start after Ken advises her to put her relationships before work, and Gail is riled when Nick offers Lewis a job at the Bistro. Dennis resolves to look for a job and Eileen cares for Lesley

  • Season 1 Episode 7813: 02/03/2012 (1)

    Anne warns Sally she has no future with Frank, while Gail fumes at the leniency of Lewis's punishment as he begins his community service picking up litter. Peter's demons return to haunt him, and Ken urges him to consider the effect of his actions on Simon. Sally offers Eileen time off to care for Lesley

  • Season 1 Episode 7812: 01/03/2012

    Carla's contact Jenny offers her a deal that seems too good to be true, while Anne grows suspicious about Frank's behaviour, telling him she is not as gullible as Sally. Peter tries to resist the temptation to drink, Lewis apologises to Audrey before heading to court, and Tracy is appalled when Ken and Deirdre warm to Beth

  • Season 1 Episode 7811: 27/02/2012 (2)

    Simon's lie leads to a showdown between Leanne and Carla, after which Leanne reconsiders her future, and Frank comes clean to Sally about his plans to outsource work at the factory. Beth sets her sights on Steve, but her attempted seduction ends on a sour note. Owen and Faye bond, and Gail keeps an eye on Lewis as he enjoys an expensive meal at the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 7810: 27/02/2012 (1)

    Omnibus. Simon's lie spins out of control when he tells Leanne that Carla is hitting him. Sally smells a rat when Frank gets a mystery call, and decides to sneak a look at his laptop when he is out of the way - only for him to walk in. Tracy has an idea to get back at Steve, and Gail is less than impressed with Lewis

  • Season 1 Episode 7809: 24/02/2012 (2)

    Stella welcomes Leanne back to the Street as Peter grills Carla over the incident at Simon's school. Tracy tries to contact Steve about her lodger from hell, and Katy tells Chesney her reasons for leaving Joseph at home alone. Tommy is alarmed by the speed at which Jodie is moving, and makes a bid to cool things off

  • Season 1 Episode 7808: 24/02/2012 (1)

    Tracy is relieved when the partition wall comes down at No 13, believing Steve is moving out, but is incensed to see Beth and her son Craig walk through the door. Owen takes out his frustrations on his workers, while Chesney feels lost without Katy, and Carla hits rock bottom as gossip spreads about her run-in with Simon. Tina revels in Tommy's discomfort as he struggles to cope with Jodie's attentions

  • Season 1 Episode 7807: 23/02/2012

    Owen and Chesney clash over what is best for Joseph, while Izzy hears from a frightened Katy and tries to persuade her to return home. Steve hits on an idea for getting Tracy out of No 13, and Carla starts drinking again before losing her temper with Simon at the school gates. Tina walks in just as Tommy starts bragging to Jason about spending the night with Jodie

  • Season 1 Episode 7806: 20/02/2012 (2)

    Katy disappears after letting slip to Owen and Anna that she has left Joseph alone before. Tommy chats up a girl in the Bistro as Tina confides in Stella about her reason for rejecting him, and Audrey sees Lewis in a new light when she tracks him down. Frank, Anne and Sally celebrate landing a big order, leaving Carla seething, while Peter gets distracted in the bookie's

  • Season 1 Episode 7805: 20/02/2012 (1)

    Katy struggles to cope and leaves baby Joseph in the hands of Faye, who gets locked out of the house as smoke from the grill fills the kitchen. Lewis tries to win over Audrey after she throws him out of the salon, and Tommy reveals his feelings to Tina. Carla is furious when Frank's interference leads her to lose a new contract with potential buyer Jenny

  • Season 1 Episode 7804: 19/02/2012

    Lewis returns to the Street and causes an uproar when he walks into the Rovers after the police release him on bail. Paying back the £4,000 he stole from Peter, he tries to convince Audrey he has mended his ways. Dr Carter has stunning news for Brian, and Stella tells Tina how much Tommy likes her. Roy conceals his feelings as he sadly waves off Sylvia and Milton

  • Season 1 Episode 7803: 17/02/2012 (2)

    Audrey and Gail take up power-walking, only to bump into Lewis at a country pub. Jason tries to act as mediator between Tyrone, Tommy, Tina and Kirsty as tensions run high, while Julie assures Brian she has never cheated on him. Sylvia prepares to leave for the airport with Milton, and Katy slips out to the shops, leaving Joseph alone again

  • Season 1 Episode 7802: 17/02/2012 (1)

    Tyrone calls at the police station and begs Kirsty for another chance, but when his pleas fail he gets down on one knee and proposes to her. Audrey and Gail argue in the Rovers over their alcohol intake, while Brian confides in Ken that he thinks Julie has been unfaithful. Milton asks Sylvia to move to America with him, and Tommy tells Stella he is planning a surprise for Tina's 21st birthday

  • Season 1 Episode 7801: 13/02/2012 (2)

    Convinced Kirsty is having an affair, Tommy voices his suspicions to Tyrone, who confronts her and questions whether the baby is really his. Julie makes a surprising announcement just as Brian considers owning up to his lie, and Eileen sets a few house rules for Paul. A visit to the doctor's reveals that Gail and Audrey have high blood pressure and should give up alcohol, while Simon continues to make life difficult for Peter and Carla

  • Season 1 Episode 7800: 13/02/2012 (1)

    Tommy follows Kirsty after overhearing her arrange a lunch date with a man called Nathan, and is shocked to see them behaving affectionately. Brian makes a confession during a chat with Ken, and Lesley's move into No 11 creates problems when she catches Paul hugging Eileen. A homeless Jason is forced to move into the flat with Tina

  • Season 1 Episode 7799: 10/02/2012 (2)

    A devastated Jason returns to No 11 and reveals that Rosie has dumped him, only to find Eileen has given his room to Paul and Lesley. Kirsty puts a damper on Tommy's suggestion that Tyrone patch things up with Tina, and Katy tries to get home before Chesney sees Joseph has been left alone. Carla feels guilty about destroying Simon's family life and asks Peter if he regrets his decision to be with her

  • Season 1 Episode 7798: 10/02/2012 (1)

    Rosie plans to let her relationship with Jason fizzle out, but panics when he announces he is moving to London with her. Joseph's constant crying leaves Katy stressed out, and Tommy comforts Tina as she relives painful memories. Tyrone and Kirsty show off their baby-scan picture, while Eva splits up with Nick after a practical joke backfires

  • Season 1 Episode 7797: 09/02/2012

    Carla heads to Peter's looking for comfort after a difficult day at work, but Simon catches them together. A domestic disaster strikes Paul ahead of Lesley's return, and Rosie is delighted to be offered 12 weeks' filming in London for the reality TV show. Chesney confides in Anna about Katy struggling to cope, while Jason agrees to rent Tina his flat to make ends meet

  • Season 1 Episode 7796: 06/02/2012 (2)

    A confrontation at Underworld leaves Carla unnerved, so Peter suggests they sell up and move away. Rosie's spirits are lifted by an invite to a screen-test for a new reality TV show, and Chesney offers to make Katy a meal, but falls asleep while it is cooking. Tracy's game of one-upmanship leaves Steve without any heating, and Milton considers returning to America following his blunder with Roy

  • Season 1 Episode 7795: 06/02/2012 (1)

    Carla insists on business as usual, but is shaken by a visitor at the factory, while Simon gives Peter grief after getting into trouble at school. Steve is forced to use the bathroom at the Rovers when Tracy refuses to move out of No 13, and the saucy story in the Gazette leaves both Jason and Rosie without jobs. An exhausted Katy turns on Chesney as she struggles to care for Joseph

  • Season 1 Episode 7794: 03/02/2012 (2)

    Carla's ordeal continues back on the Street as Stella confronts her about the car crash. Tracy threatens to report Steve to the council for overhauling the house without planning permission, and a passionate clinch with Rosie in the van lands Jason in trouble. Milton misinterprets Roy's lack of enthusiasm for his business idea, while Brian hopes to introduce a healthy eating initiative at school

  • Season 1 Episode 7793: 03/02/2012 (1)

    Carla heads back to court to endure the rest of Frank's trial, and emotions run high as the verdict is delivered. Tracy is horrified when she returns from a shopping trip to find Steve has converted the house into two self-contained flats, and Jason sneaks Rosie into his van to rush her to a meeting. Brian has bad news for Julie, and Roy is less than happy with Milton's ideas for the cafe

  • Season 1 Episode 7792: 02/02/2012

    Anne, Sally and Frank head off for a celebratory drink, convinced the jury is on their side now they have exposed the affair. Peter tracks down Leanne as she pours her heart out to Stella, who is shocked to learn that on the night she was run over it was actually a drunken Carla, not Frank, in the driving seat

  • Season 1 Episode 7791: 30/01/2012 (2)

    Anne passes Leanne a photo of Peter kissing Carla as they watch him being cross-examined about his affair in the witness stand. Deirdre offers Steve a word of advice after he tells Tracy that he never loved her, while Milton spots potential for expansion in Roy's Rolls. Brian's job comes under threat, and Paul has a man-to-man talk with Jason

  • Season 1 Episode 7790: 30/01/2012 (1)

    Carla takes to the witness box as Frank's trial begins, and faces uncomfortable questions from the defence barrister about her relationship with Peter. Tracy tries to make a fresh start with Steve at No 13, and Sylvia lies to Milton after he asks to see Roy's famous restaurant. Jason is furious when Paul appears for breakfast again with Eileen

  • Season 1 Episode 7789: 27/01/2012 (2)

    Frank's private investigator reveals her findings, while Stella is immediately suspicious when she discovers Peter and Carla are away for the night. Deirdre gets caught in the middle as Tracy and Ken continue to argue, and Norris is unnerved when Sylvia introduces Milton to the audience at the music contest. Elsewhere, Paul apologises to Eileen for not giving her enough support

  • Season 1 Episode 7788: 27/01/2012 (1)

    Peter lies to Leanne and arranges to spend a night in Chester with Carla, but Frank's private investigator finds out and is instructed to follow them. Ken refuses to forgive Tracy and orders her out of the house, while Eileen's friends show their disapproval when they discover she and Paul are seeing each other. Kylie makes an effort to overhaul Max's diet, and Sylvia's friend Milton (Robert Vaughn) arrives just as the music contest gets under way

  • Season 1 Episode 7787: 26/01/2012

    Peter and Carla head to a restaurant, only to find Frank has arranged to meet a client there. Tracy wallows in self-pity, while Ken drowns his sorrows with Steve after learning of Deirdre's role in the cover-up. Kylie takes offence when Brian lectures her during a parents' evening, and Jason discovers Paul stayed the night with Eileen

  • Season 1 Episode 7786: 23/01/2012 (2)

    Becky bids farewell to her friends on the Street and heads to the airport, but a remorseful Steve races after her and begs for another chance after admitting he has made the biggest mistake of his life. Paul confides in Eileen that he is dreading going home to an empty house, and Mary suggests Norris resort to cheating in his music contest with Sylvia

  • Season 1 Episode 7785: 23/01/2012 (1)

    Becky gatecrashes Steve and Tracy's wedding and waits for the right moment to get her revenge. Peter abandons his best-man duties and rushes to Carla's side when she hears the trial has been brought forward, while Frank panics at the news and sacks his private investigator. Eileen supports Paul when he takes Lesley to a care home

  • Season 1 Episode 7784: 20/01/2012 (2)

    Becky hacks into Dr Carter's computer while Kylie feigns a panic attack, and is later stunned by a proposition from Danny that could change her life. Owen asks Anna for forgiveness after Izzy makes him think twice about his actions, and when Paul arrives at No 11 to collect Lesley, he is shocked to see the damage she has caused

  • Season 1 Episode 7783: 20/01/2012 (1)

    Steve shows Tracy around their new home at No 13, while Becky begs Gail to help her gain access to the medical records she needs. A confused Lesley becomes violent as Eileen struggles to care for her, and Anna talks to Owen after Faye reveals why she killed the fish. Kevin is less than happy to hear Frank is giving Sophie driving lessons

  • Season 1 Episode 7782: 19/01/2012

    Becky breaks into the medical centre, hoping to find Tracy's records and get confirmation that she miscarried the day before she fell down the stairs. Anna throws Owen out, and Eileen offers to care for Lesley while Paul attends a meeting, but struggles to cope. Kirsty is delighted to discover Tina has changed her statement, and suggests they could start afresh

  • Season 1 Episode 7781: 16/01/2012 (2)

    Becky is devastated when Danny reveals he is moving to Barbados, but as they share a goodbye kiss, he recalls information about the night Tracy miscarried. Owen hits Faye after she admits responsibility for the dead fish, while Rita and Gail try in vain to warn Sally off Frank. Dev is unimpressed to see Sunita behind the Rovers bar, and Paul has upsetting news for Eileen

  • Season 1 Episode 7780: 16/01/2012 (1)

    Becky confronts Deirdre about Tracy's miscarriage after growing suspicious of Steve's motives for giving her a cheque for her half of the cab business. Kevin and Tyrone bond over their relationship woes, and Rita intervenes when Tina's complaint leads to Kirsty being suspended from work. Anna hears her brother has had an accident, so Owen volunteers to look after Faye for the night

  • Season 1 Episode 7779: 13/01/2012 (2)

    Tyrone goes back to the hospital and is faced with a life-changing decision as Kirsty promises to mend her ways. Becky turns up at Danny's unannounced to find another woman there with a little boy, while Owen bursts into the Platts', accusing David of killing his fish and threatening to call the police. Frank's private investigator tracks Peter and Carla

  • Season 1 Episode 7778: 13/01/2012 (1)

    Tyrone is torn over his feelings for Kirsty and decides to visit her in hospital, but is unprepared for the news that awaits him. Owen suspects David and Kylie of poisoning his fish, and after cancelling her date with Danny, Becky stands her ground in the cab dispute with Steve. Anne is less than happy to see that Sally stayed the night with Frank

  • Season 1 Episode 7777: 12/01/2012

    Kirsty sees Tina and Tyrone going out together and pursues them in her police car, but as she sets the blue lights flashing, disaster strikes. Frank hires a private investigator to follow Peter and Carla, and Becky learns that her deal with Lloyd for Street Cars is worthless. Sunita quits her job with Dev, only to receive a tempting offer from Stella

  • Season 1 Episode 7776: 09/01/2012 (2)

    Anne heads to the factory to give Carla a piece of her mind, only for Sally to follow her in and overhear a conversation that gives Peter's secret away. Tyrone discovers the truth about Kirsty, and Becky is stunned when Danny asks her out on a date. Fed up with being taken for granted, Sunita tells Dev she is having the night off, and Faye's DVD evening with Anna is ruined by unwelcome visitors

  • Season 1 Episode 7775: 09/01/2012 (1)

    Peter struggles to hold his nerve when Stella demands to know what is going on between him and Carla. Tina tells Tyrone her theories about Kirsty, and Becky is too wound up over Steve's meddling in the cab business to notice she has an admirer. Sally comforts Frank as he grieves for his father, and Dev gives Amber her 21st birthday present

  • Season 1 Episode 7774: 06/01/2012 (2)

    Kevin storms round to Frank's, determined to put a stop to his office romance, but Sally makes a stunning revelation. Rita turns up at the police station to find she faces a possible driving ban, and Kirsty scuppers Tyrone's night out. Stella recognises Carla's necklace as the one Peter bought, and Paul shares a meal with Eileen at the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 7773: 06/01/2012 (1)

    Beth catches Frank stealing a kiss in the office with Sally, and wastes no time telling Kevin. Tina sets up a lads' night out to get Tyrone away from Kirsty, but Rita finds herself on the wrong side of the law as the girls' feud escalates. Stella grows suspicious of Peter when he sneaks off to meet Carla, and Paul thanks Eileen for her honesty

  • Season 1 Episode 7772: 05/01/2012

    Frank insists Anne stay away from the office for a few weeks, and invites Sally to take her place. Paul is stunned when Eileen makes her feelings clear, while Tyrone informs Kirsty he needs to start seeing Fiz more often. Rosie's road-safety campaign photos appear in the Gazette, and Peter deceives Leanne by telling her that he will be having regular meetings with a new AA sponsor

  • Season 1 Episode 7771: 02/01/2012 (2)

    Frank is stunned when Carla gatecrashes the party, and as his business associates leave one by one, he turns to Sally for support. Tina accuses Kirsty of setting her up, and Sunita bears the brunt of Dev's anger after Amber's secret comes out. Paul arrives at Eileen's speed-dating evening when her suitor accidentally sets off a fire alarm, and Rosie starts her photoshoot with Jason

  • Season 1 Episode 7770: 02/01/2012 (1)

    Frank hosts a soiree at his house for business contacts, just as Carla plans to confront him about Anne's attempt to bribe her. Tina is accosted by a store detective while out shopping alone, and Jason joins Rosie on her latest modelling assignment. Dev is shocked to hear that Amber kissed Sophie, and Julie drags Eileen to a speed-dating night at the Bistro

  • Season 1 Episode 7442: 08/10/2010 (2)

    Molly and Tyrone are shocked by Jack's confession and, on Ciaran's last night in Weatherfield, he and Michelle finally admit their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Chesney and Katy's plans are put in jeopardy, and Carla looks on with a twinge of jealousy as Peter and Leanne celebrate their impending nuptials along with Ken's birthday

  • Season 1 Episode 193: EPISODE: 193

    Carla unexpectedly provides support to Hayley; Rob and Tracy drive a hard bargain; Nick has a nasty visit in store.

  • Season 1 Episode 8088/8089: 24/03/2013

    Hour-long episode. As Stella, Karl and Sunita are rushed to hospital and one of them is left fighting for life. Talk on the Street turns to who may have started the fire, with Jason worrying it may have been faulty electrics in the cellar and Paul blaming himself. Tina tells Julie that Kirsty was lying about having to attend to a family crisis as she saw her at No 9 while the Rovers was burning. Elsewhere, a depressed Chesney refuses to go to work, but he cheers up when Katy brings Joseph round for the night

  • Season 1 Episode 8142/8143: 07/06/2013

    Hour-long episode. After Jake's surgery, Tina hangs back and lets Gary and Izzy see him first, but confesses to Tommy she isn't sure she can give the baby up. Karl feigns concern for Dev's mental state as he tries to call a halt to the police investigation, while Marcus feels uncomfortable at Ben and Andy's wedding. Will he admit that Maria is his partner? Deirdre is concerned to find Eileen frantically cleaning after working all night and having had no sleep, and Sally waits nervously for her date in the Rovers

  • Season 1 Episode 8202/8203: 01/09/2013

    Hour-long episode. Fed up with Jason's goading on his stag night, Karl grabs hold of him and makes a shock admission in a bid to scare him off. Roy surprises Hayley with a special meal in the cafe to celebrate their wedding anniversary, while Fiz tells Sinead that Chesney only went back to Katy to be with his son and deeply regrets splitting up with her. Under pressure from Gail, Kylie contemplates a DNA test to confirm the identity of the baby's father

  • Season 1 Episode 8207/8208: 08/09/2013

    Hour-long episode. Karl tries to remain cool when the police call to investigate Craig's disappearance, while Dev and Jason speculate about the connection between the two. The factory workers visit Hayley in hospital, but Roy is still struggling with the situation and can't bring himself to open the cafe. David has an idea to cheer up a jealous Max, and Audrey looks forward to getting her house back to normal

  • Season 1 Episode 8257/8258: 17/11/2013

    Hour-long episode. Peter steps in after David forces his way behind the Rovers bar and demands a drink from Tina, and Todd sneakily does on an airport run when there are no drivers available. Hayley throws herself into making Carla's wedding dress, but worries she's taken on too much, while Nick prepares for his first full day back at work, and Brian gets the chance of a new job

  • Season 1 Episode 8289/8290: 30/12/2013

    Hour-long episode. Peter and Tina agree to leave their kiss behind them, but when his brother-in-law Rob makes an innocent comment about the ex-bookie fancying the babysitter, he punches him. Peter's actions infuriate Tina and she storms around to confront him - but when they are alone together, temptation gains the upper hand. Hayley is devastated at the news she only has a few weeks left to live and leaves Roy to inform everyone, Nick is determined to return to his former self and Maddie scoffs when Sophie announces she will be writing for their new magazine

  • Season 1 Episode 8408/8409: EPISODE: 8408/8409

    Hour-long episode. Sporting a shiner, a bitter Gary puts his failure at the job interview down to his black eye, but is shocked when Owen finally snaps and reveals that Anna slept with Phelan to keep him out of prison. Carla returns to the factory after further questioning from the police and throws a client out, before drunkenly ranting about Tina in front of Ann. Sally and Tim's friends gather in the Rovers to witness the proposal, while Jenna is disappointed when Lloyd says he wants to take Andrea on holiday. Elsewhere, Todd admits to Tony that he's only interested in Marcus's money

  • Season 1 Episode 8540/8541: EPISODE: 8540/8541

    Hour-long episode. A desperate Gary forms a plan to get the money he needs to replace Faye's headphones and pockets Anna's keys to the cafe, but he has an unexpected encounter after letting himself in and finding the till empty. A drunk David makes an announcement in the Rovers that leaves his friends reeling, while Steph complains when Nick leaves her holding the fort again while he spends time with Erica, so he offers Leanne her job back. Sally is outraged to discover the sofa has gone again, prompting Tim, Sophie and Maddie to decorate the living room to give it a romantic flavour

Coronation Street: Special (2004 - 2014)

  • Farewell Tina

    The story of Michelle Keegan, the Salford-born girl who rose to stardom playing the feisty and fallible Tina McIntyre, as she bids farewell to Coronation Street after six eventful years. With contributions by fellow cast members including Jack P Shepherd (David Platt) and Helen Worth (Gail McIntyre), the programme reveals the off-screen tales behind her dramatic plotlines. It includes home-video footage of Michelle growing up and, for the first time, the actress watches her original Corrie audition tape from 2007. Cameras also accompany Michelle as she films her final dramatic scenes, all watched by her fiance, presenter and reality TV star Mark Wright. Narrated by Sally Dynevor (Sally Webster)

  • Gail & Me

    A look back at Helen Worth's 40 drama-filled years on the cobbles of Coronation Street as the long-suffering Gail. Since the summer of 1974, she has been involved in some of the soap's most talked-about storylines, including her marriage to killer Richard Hillman and her 13-year-old daughter Sarah-Louise's pregnancy. The programme reveals how Gail was brought in as a glamorous young character to freshen up life in Weatherfield, and features contributions by cast members past and present, including Amanda Barrie (Alma Halliwell), Cheryl Murray (Suzie Birchall), Sue Nicholls (Audrey Roberts) and Ben Price (Nick Tilsley). Narrated by Thelma Barlow, who played Mavis Wilton until 1997

  • Villains

    Focusing on Weatherfield's bad boys, including Alan Bradley, John Lindsay, Jez Quigley and the Street's greatest villain, murderer Richard Hillman. Actors Mark Eden, Owen Arronovitch, Lee Boardman and Brian Capron give their side of the story

  • Hunks

    A look back at some of the Street's male pin-ups and calendar boys through the ages, from Mike Baldwin to Nick Tilsley, featuring archive footage of some of their finest moments and interviews with the actors themselves

  • Barmaids

    Behind the scenes at the Rovers to find out what it's like serving the locals and meeting some of the Street's brassiest barmaids

  • Bad Girls

    A look at some of the fiercest vixens to have stalked the Street over the years, including Leanne Battersby, Maya, Tracy Barlow, Cilla Brown, Suzie Birchall, Tanya Pooley and Sharon Gaskell

  • Corrie Controversies

    Controversial storylines that have featured on the soap over the years, including transsexuals, bigamists, arranged marriages, rape, teenage pregnancies and homosexuality. With contributions from Tina O'Brien, Bruno Langley, Shobna Gulati, Helen Worth, David Neilson, Julie Hesmondhalgh and Georgia Taylor

  • When Karen Met Steve

    The ups and downs of the rocky relationship between Karen and Steve McDonald as their dream wedding is brought crashing down by scheming little minx Tracy Barlow. Actresses Beverley Callard and Sue Cleaver are among those dishing the dirt on what really goes on behind the scenes

  • Tracy Barlow Exposed

    As new mum Tracy Barlow prepares to drop a bombshell at Karen and Steve's wedding, this profile of the Street's bad girl follows her transformation from whingeing teenager to deceitful, man-eating minx

  • Love Cheats

    Cheating men and women who have lied and sweet-talked their way into the hearts of the good folk of Weatherfield. Featuring contributions from William Roache, Sally Whittaker, Chris Gascoyne, Suranne Jones and Kate Ford

  • The Street Undressed

    A look back at the handbags and glad rags that have graced the Weatherfield cobbles.

  • In-laws and Outlaws

    From teenage pregnancy and bickering with the in-laws to extra-marital affairs and psychos on the loose, the Street has proved just how trying it can be living with your nearest and dearest. In this special on Weatherfield's dysfunctional families, Kate Ford reveals why she thinks the Barlows are like the Osbournes, while Helen Worth ponders whether Gail is turning into a new version of battleaxe Ivy Tilsley, and Beverley Callard gives an insight into how Liz is coping with becoming a grandmother

  • Hillman Exposed

    Follows Richard Hillman from his first appearance on the street to his watery demise.

  • Farewell Karen

    Tribute to actress Suranne Jones, who is due to leave the long-running soap after four years in the role of factory worker Karen McDonald. The programme recalls some of Karen's most memorable storylines and features contributions from cast members, writers and producers

  • Peter Barlow Exposed

    The inside story of the Street's bigamous love cheat Peter Barlow, including interviews with actor Chris Gascoyne

  • Weddings

    Behind-the-scenes of some of the Street's most extraordinary weddings, including interviews with the brides and the lowdown on the dresses from the man who designed Princess Diana's wedding gown

  • Families

    A look at a few of the families which have lived in the famous street - some of which have grown into full-blown dynasties. From the Barlow family, in which a gawky youth named Ken graced the first episode back in 1960, to the many husbands of Gail Potter-Tilsley-Platt-Hillman and her numerous progeny, and even the notorious Battersby clan, the Street has seen more conflict, tension and marital strife than any other soap

  • A Moving Story

    Filmed over two years, this documentary follows the Manchester soap's transfer from its 53-year-old base at Granada Studios to its new home in Trafford Park. Featuring behind-the-scenes access as stars of the show pack up their dressing rooms and film their final scenes at the old site. The programme also includes previously unseen footage of Coronation Street being shot in the 1960s, and tells the story of the evolution of filming the long-running series. Featuring contributions by Beverley Callard, Sally Dynevor, Simon Gregson and Brooke Vincent

  • Tracy's Baby

    A look at the double-dealing of Coronation Street's very own scheming minx, Tracy Barlow, focusing on the confusion surrounding the parentage of her newborn daughter. Tracy's feckless ways led to her getting pregnant by Steve McDonald - but she allowed Roy Cropper to believe he was responsible, and set about wringing as much cash as possible from the cafe-owner

  • Tricia's Farewell
  • Deaths

    A look back at the Street's most dramatic deaths and tear-jerking departures. Including the watery demise of Richard Hillman, Judy Mallet's blood clot, Alan Bradley's collision with a tram, Alma's battle with cancer, and the murders of Brian Tilsley, Jez Quigley and Maxine Peacock

  • Double Acts

    Some of the Street's most popular characters and their side-kicks, featuring Stan and Hilda, Rita and Mavis, Bet and Alec, Jack and Vera, Roy and Hayley and Emily and Norris

  • Coronation Street-Deirdre & Me

    As Anne Kirkbride celebrates 40 years on the cobbles, she takes the cameras backstage and to her private hideaway in Spain to reveal the personal turmoil she has endured while playing one of the country's best loved characters. Detailing everything from her battle with cancer to her close relationships with her fellow cast members and the meeting of her future husband on set

  • Greatest Exits

Coronation Street: Other Episodes

  • 02/12/2011 (2)

    Sophie defies her mother's wishes and urges Sian to elope to Scotland with her. Stella comforts Lloyd as she helps sort out the cab office accounts and Tina confronts Matt about the interview, only to realise he is uncomfortable dating a barmaid. David is horrified by Owen's plans for a garden pond

  • 02/12/2011 (1)

    Sophie breaks down in front of Sunita and admits she has a crush on Amber. Stella finds Lloyd agitated about an on-the-spot audit at the cab office, and Nick's harsh words about Gail do not go unheard. Tina muddles through her interview at the Bistro after discovering Matt has overstated her qualifications

  • 01/12/2011

    Sally accompanies Frank to a meeting with a potential client, and Sophie seeks comfort from Amber after an argument with Sian. Max's nativity rehearsals bring Becky closer to Kylie, while Gail is less than happy to learn about Nick's love life. Stella invites Lloyd to dinner in a bid to cheer him up, and Matt puts Tina's name forward for a waitressing job at the Bistro

  • 03/11/2011

    Michelle and Ciaran arrive back on the Street with good news, only to find Carla in a mess after firing her unco-operative staff and insisting she needs to be free of Frank. Rosie's interview about John infuriates Chesney, and as Faye rushes to talk to Anna, she sees her canoodling with Owen. Sophie and Sian show Amber their engagement rings

  • 03/10/2011 (2)

    Kevin takes Bill's advice as he tries to make amends with Sally, while Jeff waits for her at the bar. Tracy fights Steve's corner after Becky takes offence at the pittance offered in their divorce settlement, and Maria attempts a reconciliation with Chris. Elsewhere, Peter cannot help checking up on Carla

  • 03/10/2011 (1)

    Kevin assumes he and Sally are back together and hastily gives notice on his flat, but Jeff later asks to meet her in the Bistro to discuss their future. Becky is furious when she finds Tracy looking after the pub while Steve attends his father's court hearing, and Carla express her gratitude as she moves in with Maria

  • 02/09/2011 (2)

    Tyrone and his pals struggle to keep Leon quiet inside the fridge at the butcher's as an estate agent shows a client around the premises - and Norris comes snooping too. Peter's sentiments about the future leave Carla devastated and Kylie gets Audrey's permission to set up a mobile nail service. Becky asks for a reference from Roy to secure a bar manager's job

  • 02/09/2011 (1)

    Tyrone, Tommy and Kirk realise they are out of their depth after kidnapping Leon and turn to Gary for help. Kylie visits Max on his birthday, and Carla finds herself making an offer for a dream home to share with Frank. Steve is desperate to hear from Tracy as Amy's school term resumes

  • 01/09/2011

    In a bid to ease Fiz's problems, Tyrone recruits Tommy and Kirk to get proof that Ruth's husband Leon is dealing drugs. Carla and Leanne open up to each other about Peter, while David and Kylie have a meeting with the social worker about Max living with them. Owen tries to reschedule his date with Anna

  • 04/08/2011

    Becky is furious when David and Kylie arrive at the bistro with news about Max, but Nick is only too happy to comfort her as they share a nightcap. Tina accepts a room at Tyrone's after Dev throws her out of the shop flat to make way for Amber, and Chris causes a scene at Cheryl and Lloyd's housewarming party

  • 01/08/2011 (2)

    Kylie opens up to Gail and reveals her fears about caring for Max. Dev imposes a curfew on Amber, who reacts by breaking news of her own, and Nick offers a flirtatious but professional Becky a waitressing job at the bistro. Chris feels awkward as Maria and Cheryl forge a friendship

  • 01/08/2011 (1)

    David makes a disturbing discovery after Gail informs him Kylie has been talking to social services. Amber spends all night clubbing with Tommy then urges Sunita not to tell Dev, and Audrey invites Marc to move in temporarily when his house gets flooded. Nick offers Becky an interview for a job at the bistro and Steve tries to track down Tracy

  • 04/07/2011 (2)

    Fiz struggles to take in how quickly everything is happening as she is led into court to give her plea and then remanded in custody. Sophie asks Kevin to lend her money as the house auction looms, Stella promises to be a better mother to Leanne, and Kylie suggests she and David move out

  • 04/07/2011 (1)

    Fiz is devastated when the police arrive at the factory and arrest her on suspicion of murdering Colin. Stella senses the damage she is doing to Leanne's family and her own, and prepares to leave, while James delivers news to Sophie and Sian following the success of the auction

  • 01/07/2011 (2)

    Leanne's world is turned upside down by Stella's news, while an unforgiving Eva disowns her mother. Becky and Steve contemplate a life apart, and Fiz despairs as the police ask more questions about the night of Colin's death. Sian and James host the charity auction at the bistro, and Owen has a proposition for Anna

  • 01/07/2011 (1)

    Leanne is delighted by her surprise party, but as the night wears on, Stella becomes emotional and is pressured into telling Eva the truth. Becky agrees to give Steve a divorce, and the police question the Croppers about Fiz's movements the night Colin died. Owen tries to comfort Anna when the bank refuses her a mortgage

  • 03/06/2011

    A major drama unfolds on a hospital rooftop as the Stapes' crisis reaches its climax. Meanwhile, a crazed Becky heads to the Barlows' armed with a sledgehammer to take revenge on Tracy for her suspected tip-off to social services, and as she smashes her way through the door into the house, her target cowers in terror

  • 02/06/2011

    Fiz finds John's hiding place, but is horrified to see him holding Hope in his arms begging his wife to run away with him, and a dramatic accident leaves one of them unconscious. Becky discovers social services were tipped off, and Chesney stands up to Owen over Katy's pregnancy

  • 01/06/2011

    Becky fears the worst when Kylie reveals the truth about Max to social services. John goes into hiding as the police investigate his crimes, and Xin urges Graeme to talk about his feelings for her. Fiz locks up the house and prepares for a night alone with Hope, while her husband remains at large

  • 02/05/2011 (2)

    Lloyd covers for Steve when Becky finds a petrol receipt from the Blackpool trip, but the truth comes out when she opens Amy's overnight bag. Tina's frustrations grow as Graeme promises to look after an ailing Xin, and Nick hosts a wine-tasting evening at the bistro. Claudia notices how close Marc and Audrey are becoming, and Mary's motorhome goes missing again

  • 02/05/2011 (1)

    Steve is on edge as he tries to string Becky along and deal with the police, who find his burnt-out cab near Blackpool. The McDonalds are baffled when Tracy does a U-turn over Amy, while Tina discovers Xin and Graeme sleeping together on the sofa. Mary tries to extend her stay at Norris's, and Gail is disappointed when Nick gives Cheryl the bar manager's job

  • 01/05/2011

    Steve lies to Becky and heads to Blackpool for the day with Tracy and Amy, but the youngster wanders off when an argument breaks out, leading to a frantic search of the pier. The pair then discover Steve's cab has been stolen and are forced to stay in a B&B overnight. Back on the Street, James moves into the Barlows'

  • 04/04/2011 (2)

    Audrey refuses to listen to Gail, who joins forces with Nick to stop David's wedding. Fiz withdraws £500 of Joy's money to pay off debts and Jim puts on a brave face as he joins Liz behind the bar. Leanne gets the opportunity to boast to Cheryl, and Graeme faces a dressing down from Rita while Tina hides behind the sofa

  • 04/04/2011 (1)

    Gail urges Audrey not to sign over the salon to David, confiding her misgivings about Kylie, and John offers to help Chesney out with furniture for the flat. Jim faces a setback in his bid to raise enough money for the pub, while he and Liz reveal they are giving their relationship another go, and Xin arranges a rendezvous for Graeme and Tina

  • 01/04/2011 (2)

    Liz demands to know what Steve is hiding, and is horrified when he reveals his plan to abscond. Kylie shows her true colours to Gail when she treats David to an expensive meal with money earmarked for her wedding dress. Audrey takes Marc back to hers and tries to find out more about his bruises, and Graeme accuses Tina of sleeping with Tommy

  • 01/04/2011 (1)

    Steve tells Jim the deal is on and heads to the Barlows' in search of Amy's passport. Kevin is riled by Tommy's presence at the garage, and Kylie finds an ally in Gail after a run-in with Becky. Audrey goes to the police station after receiving a call from Marc - but is unprepared for the sight that greets her

  • 04/03/2011 (2)

    Frank admits he was drunk and apologises for his actions, but Carla faces a dilemma when he suggests calling off the deal. David introduces his fiancee in the pub, provoking Becky and Steve's fury, while Anna and Eddie see a glimmer of hope during Faye's second visit. Xin receives advice on avoiding deportation

  • 04/03/2011 (1)

    Carla confronts Maria about her frosty attitude toward Frank after he turns up at the factory to sign the contract. Gail and Audrey are stunned by the true identity of David's fiancee, while Tracy puts Steve and Becky's marriage under further strain. Anna worries about Gary's state of mind, and Graeme offers to help Xin

  • 03/03/2011

    Maria spends the day getting ready for her evening with Frank, but discovers to her horror that he has more than business on his mind. Xin confides in Tina that she will be deported when her visa expires in two months, and David reveals his wedding plans to Gail. Elsewhere, Izzy urges Owen to apologise to Eileen

  • 04/02/2011 (2)

    Peter breaks down and reveals everything about his drinking to Leanne, who grows suspicious of Nick's involvement, and Tracy receives the verdict in court. The Websters hit rock bottom as a furious Kevin heads back to the studio before venting his anger on Rosie, while Sally referees an argument between Sophie and Sian

  • 04/02/2011 (1)

    Peter is racked with guilt after spending the night at Carla's, while Leanne tries to track him down. Rosie and Jason take Jack to the audition, but a lapse in concentration has disastrous consequences, and a terrified Fiz attends Joy's funeral. Tracy heads back to court and Audrey agrees to a date with Marc

  • 03/02/2011

    Peter hits the bottle as his relations with Leanne sour further, and finds himself turning to Carla for support. A nervous Fiz poses as Mrs Fishwick and heads to the solicitor's, while Rosie sinks to new lows to secure a mother-and-baby photoshoot. On the eve of her appeal, Tracy admits she is scared of going back to prison

  • 03/01/2011 (2)

    An exhausted Sally turns to Tyrone for support after taking her frustrations out on Sophie and Sian. Detectives question Gail, David and Nick about the attack as Steve protests his innocence, and Owen begins to regret offering Gary a job. Meanwhile, John and Fiz bump into Joy Fishwick at the hospital

  • 03/01/2011 (1)

    The police question Steve about the assault on Tracy, wanting to know why he handed custody of Amy to her without a fight. Sally finds herself struggling to cope with the girls in Kevin's absence and Gary apologises to Anna and Izzy for his recent behaviour. Elsewhere, Audrey is horrified to discover Claudia's business plans

  • 03/12/2010

    A distressed Tyrone pours his heart out to the Websters, but when Kevin slips out to see Molly, she announces she is leaving her husband and taking the baby. John tells Charlotte his double life is not working, and Nick begs Leanne to marry him when she breaks down at the Joinery. Meanwhile, Carla feigns indifference toward Peter, and Tina is offered a job at the Rovers

  • 02/12/2010

    The strain takes its toll on Leanne as Nick begs her to run away with him and Peter gathers his family in the Rovers to toast his forthcoming marriage. Tyrone confronts Molly after making a heartbreaking discovery and Charlotte keeps a watch on proceedings at No 9. Meanwhile, Jim confides in Steve as he leaves the hospital

  • 01/12/2010 (2)

    Ken relates his shocking discovery to Deirdre, and the couple confront a desperate Leanne, who tells Carla about her fling with Nick. John is forced to play the loving fiance as he finds himself dining with Charlotte's parents, and Molly is taken aback when Sally invites the Dobbses to Christmas dinner. Elsewhere, Steve hears that Jim is in hospital after being attacked by thugs

  • 01/12/2010 (1)

    Carla seeks solace at the Joinery as gossip runs rife about her drink problem, and Ken is shocked by what he finds when he heads to the bar. Tyrone tells a guilt-ridden Molly he wants Christmas to be special for baby Jack, and Steve is on edge as Jim McDonald makes a reappearance. Elsewhere, John informs Joy Fishwick that Colin has returned to Canada and does not want to be contacted

  • 01/11/2010 (2)

    John reels when he reads a letter sent to his house and desperately tries to reach Charlotte. Becky and Steve hand over the cash to Kylie, and Kevin tells Molly he wants a DNA test to find out if he is baby Jack's father. Elsewhere, Michelle calls it a day at the Rovers and Rosie resolves to give Sophie a 16th birthday party to remember

  • 01/11/2010 (1)

    While Fiz is at the hospital for her 20-week scan, a pent-up John tracks down Charlotte and accuses her of sending the flowers to Underworld. Steve considers borrowing against the Rovers to raise the £20,000 for Kylie, and Ashley decides to back down over the move to France, only for Claire to suggest it is too late

  • 01/10/2010 (2)

    Peter rushes after Carla and quizzes her about seeing her at the meeting, but she brushes aside his questions and tells him to leave her alone. Kevin begins to bond with Jack when he and Sally babysit for the Dobbs, and Graeme is oblivious to the tension between David and Tina. Elsewhere, Gary spends time with Izzy before leaving for Afghanistan

  • 01/10/2010 (1)

    The situation at the factory prompts a disillusioned Carla to sack Trevor and tell him to get out of her life, before Peter sees her in the doorway of one of his AA meetings. Anna and Eddie try to remain upbeat as Gary packs his final things for Afghanistan, Tina confides in Rita about David, and Michelle is devastated to learn Ciaran got the job in Glasgow

  • 02/09/2010

    An awkward Sophie opens up to Kevin about her relationship with Sian, but his struggle to deal with the stunning news leaves the girls planning to run away. After discovering Susan had a son, Ken wonders if he could be the father, and Fiz demands answers when she catches Natasha with her scan. Elsewhere, Liz accuses Kylie of stealing Steve's motorbike

  • 02/08/2010 (2)

    Charlotte struggles with her guilt, telling John she wants to give Colin a proper burial - but she is not the only woman on his mind. Chris follows Cheryl back to the flat after she sees him in the Rovers with Lloyd, and Kevin lies to his wife about the garage. Elsewhere, Hayley wonders how she can undo Mary's dedication to organising the wedding, and Sophie and Sian mislead Sally about their plans

  • 02/08/2010 (1)

    John fears his secret will be uncovered after Owen tells him that work is due to start on the floor of Underworld, and Cheryl's hopes of a fresh start at the kebab shop are dashed when she learns of Chris's return. Sean is told he can visit Dylan soon, and while Molly and Tyrone make plans to move, Sally demands to know why Kevin offered his business partner an excessive amount for the garage

  • 04/07/2010

    Steve and Becky get encouraging news about the adoption, while Lloyd leaps to Cheryl's defence at the strip club, only to end up in a violent confrontation with the resident bouncers. Sean dwells on a failed attempt to make contact with his son Dylan, and Nick is pleasantly surprised to find that the factory girls have the order finished before deadline, while Graeme treats Tina to a romantic surprise - a rickshaw ride beside the canal

  • 01/07/2010

    Steve delivers a carefully rehearsed speech at the adoption meeting, but Becky and Eddie outshine him by speaking from the heart. David sets about trying to undermine Tina's relationship with Graeme, and Fiz pays a deposit on a holiday. Meanwhile, Lloyd suspects Cheryl's marriage is not entirely happy - but Chris's close bond with son Russ provides him with a stark reminder of her commitments

  • 01/06/2010

    Robbie follows his instructions from Tony and takes Carla and Hayley hostage at gunpoint after making sure Roy is out of the way. Gail breaks down while giving evidence as her false eyewitness flees and her lies come back to haunt her, leaving her family certain she is going to be convicted of Joe's murder

  • 03/05/2010 (2)

    Ken and Deirdre learn the details of Blanche's death before setting off for Portugal to collect her body, leaving Peter to break the tragic news to Simon. Norris manages to reach a phone to call the police to rescue him from Mary, while Graeme struggles to keep Tina's secret when Jason tries to get into the flat

  • 03/05/2010 (1)

    Ken and Deirdre receive devastating news amid preparations for Blanche's return from Portugal. Norris is terrified when Mary starts talking to her dead mother, but finds himself unable to escape after she 'accidentally' breaks his glasses. Jason learns of interest in the flat, while Becky and Steve worry ahead of a visit by social services

  • 02/05/2010

    Norris is injured while trying to escape Mary's clutches as she pursues him in the camper van that is mysteriously working again. Tina reluctantly agrees to Graeme secretly bringing her food every day, Gary prepares to face his fears and return to the Army, while David has had enough of Natasha's presence at No 8

  • 04/04/2010

    Rita and Audrey fall out when the hairdresser realises her friend has booked Lewis for another date. Hayley helps Becky grow more positive about the prospect of adopting, Graeme worries about Tina after discovering she has locked herself in the flat and is refusing to see anyone, and Sophie offers to mend Sian's relationship with Ryan

  • 02/04/2010 (2)

    Jason awakes after his accident with no memory of his split from Tina and refuses to believe even Eileen's account. Becky storms out of the hospital after receiving devastating news, Rita invites Lewis on another date, and Sunita recruits the Peacocks in her scheme to persuade Dev to place an offer on No 7

  • 02/04/2010 (1)

    A drunken Jason realises the error of his ways and decides to apologise to Bill, but his boss is in no mood to listen. Steve rushes Becky to hospital, where they learn she may be pregnant, Sunita stuns Dev by arranging to view a house on the street, and it becomes clear how much Gail is struggling to cope with prison life

  • 01/04/2010

    Jason takes his foul mood out on Bill and makes the hasty decision to quit his job. Gail is displeased to hear David's confession of what he has been up to on her behalf, Steve plans a romantic break with Becky, but she disappears as he prepares to leave, and Rita books Lewis to accompany her to the theatre

  • 04/03/2010

    Gail receives an apology from Tina, but the police learn she stands to inherit a fortune because of Joe's death. Steve is unable to reassure Becky, who believes her one chance to be a mother has gone. Leanne is unnerved by Peter's behaviour as he prepares for Simon's return from Spain, while Dev celebrates his birthday with Sunita and the twins

  • 01/03/2010 (2)

    Steve finds Becky drunk and desolate after her miscarriage and tries his best to comfort her. Lloyd encourages Dev not to give up on Sunita, while Leanne and Peter's reunion is tense as she doubts his sobriety and he fumes because Simon is with George, and Tina is devastated when she learns Gail confessed to sending her birthday text

  • 01/03/2010 (1)

    Becky realises her illness is more than just morning sickness, while Dev's hopes of reuniting with Sunita take another blow when he finds her chatting to former lover Ciaran. Peter unexpectedly discharges himself from rehab, Jason struggle to comfort Tina, and the police plan to question Rick

  • 04/02/2010

    Peter is determined to prove he can control himself around alcohol, but his drinking is already starting to have an effect. Betty faces competition for the title of the region's oldest barmaid, Janice enjoys Trevor's company as they settle into their new living arrangement, and Becky remains terrified by the prospect of motherhood

  • 01/02/2010 (2)

    Steve tries to boost Becky's confidence about motherhood in the hope she will agree to keep the baby. Ciaran's return to the street reawakens Peter's yearning for alcohol, Kevin finds he is still caught between Tyrone and Molly and angrily confronts his former lover, while Janice is thrilled by who responds to her ad for a lodger

  • 01/02/2010 (1)

    Peter and Leanne run into old friend Ciaran (Boyzone's Keith Duffy reprising the role), who might be able to solve their problem with the new bar, but their difficulties over Simon's schooling continue to drive a wedge between them and Ken. Becky confides in Claire about her pregnancy, while Betty is interviewed by the Gazette after being named as the oldest barmaid in the north-west

  • 04/01/2010 (2)

    Sally and Kevin agree to remain positive, but will keep her illness secret from their daughters until they have a prognosis. The loan shark uses Tina as a means of squeezing money out of Joe, Matt feels threatened by Dev's declaration to Sunita that he is single again, and Liz tries to persuade Becky to return home

  • 04/01/2010 (1)

    Joe faces more threats from the loan shark when the sale of No 8 falls through, putting a damper on preparations for his and Gail's wedding. Sally agrees to whatever treatment is recommended by the specialist, and Becky pours her heart out to Roy and Hayley as her arguments with Steve begin to affect Amy

  • 01/01/2010 (2)

    Unable to agree with Steve about babies, Becky announces she is going to sleep on the sofa. Audrey has such a nice time at the party with Lewis that on her return she makes Gail and Joe a surprising offer. Dev vows to win back Sunita's love, and Molly tells Tyrone he should stand up to Kevin at the garage

  • 01/01/2010 (1)

    Steve and Becky wonder if their marriage was a mistake after realising they want different things from life. Sophie is devastated that Sian has broken her vow of chastity, while Michelle worries that Ryan could make her a young grandmother. Sunita starts to thaw toward Dev and offers him a day with his children, Audrey books Lewis as her escort for a social event, and Rosie is in a fix because of Graeme

  • 03/12/2009

    Leanne is furious with Peter after he refuses an offer of financial help from George. Becky vows to show Steve who is boss when she learns he is still playing golf with Dev, Deirdre confronts Ken with her suspicion that he is cheating on her again, and Eileen embroils Jason and Jesse in her plot to get revenge on Eddie

  • 02/12/2009

    John is released after police questioning and gets the chance to face Rosie's allegations head-on in the Rovers. George is disturbed to learn more about the effects of Peter's alcoholism, Lloyd begins to panic as Teresa acts as if they really are engaged, and Steve ignores Becky's ban on his game of golf with Dev

  • 01/12/2009

    Rosie's lies spin out of control as Sally calls the police to arrest John. Kevin races home to comfort his daughter, while Fiz is distraught as her innocent husband is taken away. Teresa agrees to apologise to Liz, on one condition, and Bernie tells Dev she has been giving Steve golf lessons

  • 02/11/2009 (2)

    Roy endures an uncomfortable meeting with Tony at the hospital after Maria thanks him for all he has done, while Sally bosses the factory workers around as she relishes her new role as PA. George asks Peter for the chance to be part of Simon's life, and new girlfriend Zoe accompanies David to the Rovers - much to Tina's surprise

  • 02/11/2009 (1)

    Hayley tries to allay Roy's fears after he tells her about Tony's confession, and a distressed Maria arrives back from Cyprus desperate to see her fiance. Ryan discovers Michelle spent the night with Jake, while Peter and Leanne are surprised when a stranger called George introduces himself as Simon's granddad

  • 02/10/2009 (2)

    Chesney's fury at her suggestion that they move leaves Fiz even more depressed and she breaks down on a visit to John in prison. Molly and Kevin face up to the extent of their feelings for one another, while Julie refuses to be sacked by Jesse and instead persuades him to lie to Eileen, who she recognises is behind the move

  • 02/10/2009 (1)

    Fiz suggests to Chesney they leave Weatherfield to escape the sniping and gossip about John. Dev and Darryl each try to make amends after losing Amber's trust, and Eileen insists Jesse sack Julie after realising he fancies her, while Kevin returns from holiday and immediately arranges another tryst with Molly

  • 01/10/2009

    An emotional Fiz tries to persuade Chesney to give his blessing to her marriage. After Luke fires Rosie from the factory, she threatens to take him to an industrial tribunal. Teresa informs Amber of Dev's part in Darryl's planned departure, while Tyrone and Molly disagree about how to use their spare room

  • 04/09/2009 (2)

    The Websters' dinner party descends into acrimony as Claire's drunken snipes at Ashley and Sally's jokes about Kevin lead Molly to snap. Steve is frantic when he realises Becky has gone, but Roy is able to point him in the right direction, Peter finds he may not be ready to move on, and Jack celebrates Vera's birthday

  • 04/09/2009 (1)

    Becky decides to flee after overhearing Liz and Deirdre discussing the effects of her going to prison. Emily is upset to learn Ramsay's cremation will take place in Australia, Sally plans a surprise dinner party for Kevin's birthday, while Claire and Ashley's arguments over the vasectomy intensify

  • 03/09/2009

    Jack is made uncomfortable by Molly and Tyrone's bickering and considers leaving. Joshua's recovery inspires Ashley to confess to Claire he did not have the vasectomy, Becky starts to lose hope that the cab drivers will find Slug, and Norris storms out when Rita forces him to consider his treatment of Ramsay

  • 03/08/2009 (2)

    At his wits' end and convinced it is the only way to get more pills, Joe begs Tina to give David another chance. A search of the factory quickly reveals who stole the ring from Sally and lands Chesney in hot water, Steve delights Becky by getting her the perfect wedding dress, and Jesse makes a deal with Bill

  • 03/08/2009 (1)

    After again resorting to stealing from Gail, Joe begs the doctor for more painkillers. Rosie unwittingly gives Sally Fiz's engagement ring after finding it in her car, and her mother wastes no time in showing it off, while Becky takes offence at the attitude of a shop assistant when she goes looking for a wedding dress

  • 03/07/2009 (2)

    The birth of Maria's baby and her choice of name reawaken Tony's guilt over Liam's murder. Molly and Kevin risk discovery when Tyrone returns early, Tina has a surprising proposition for Jason which she assures him is purely business, Norris is distressed by Emily's evident feelings for Ramsay, and Eddie has a proposal for Anna

  • 03/07/2009 (1)

    Maria and Tony panic as she goes into labour on an isolated beach and it is clear the baby is in a hurry to be born. Molly comes up with a plan to spend the evening with Kevin, Steve's jealousy of Slug prompts him to speed up his and Becky's wedding plans, Sean takes a fancy to a man at the gym, and Tina fumes at David

  • 01/07/2009

    Maria and Tony's plan to speed up the baby's arrival with a long walk is a success, but the factory boss is distracted by Ozzie. Kevin and Molly take more risks to spend time together in the shop, Rosie informs the stunned factory girls of her investment, while both Eileen and Jason are smitten with their new partners

  • 03/06/2009

    As Audrey and Gail leave for Italy, David puts his plans into motion and informs Gary that 'the job' will take place the next day. A dejected Peter hits rock bottom and confides in Ken about his struggle to stay off the booze. Kevin's suspicions about Molly and Jason grow, and Julie tries to sort out Sean's fitness

  • 01/06/2009 (2)

    Peter's battle with the booze resumes as Michelle refuses to be coaxed into staying and bids an emotional farewell. A guilty Eddie tries to make amends with Roy and Hayley when his latest scam is exposed, while Kevin grows suspicious of Jason spending time with Molly, and Julie offers to become Sean's life coach

  • 01/06/2009 (1)

    Luke is stunned to learn about Michelle's night with Peter but decides to give her one last chance. David works on a plan of his own while Audrey and Gail arrange to visit Sarah, and Jason tries his luck with Tina as she begins to have misgivings about Gary. Meanwhile, Fiz's letter to John is returned to her

  • 04/05/2009 (2)

    Despite Peter's condemnation, Ken joins Martha on the barge to start his new life. Eddie goes on a shopping spree with Roy's bank card stolen from an unwitting Anna, Julie cannot help feeling compassion toward Colin, while Tara convinces Dev that nude photos of her are to go on display in the flats

  • 04/05/2009 (1)

    Eileen refuses to visit Colin in the hospital even when news comes through that he has had a stroke. Ken sees the perfect opportunity to make his getaway from Deirdre, Roy decides to trust Anna with his bank details so she can visit the cash and carry, and Tyrone is uncomfortable with Connie at No 9

  • 01/05/2009 (2)

    Ken is torn between duty to his family and dreams of Martha after she gives him an ultimatum about their relationship. Paula refuses to take the blame for the situation, Colin's attempts to reconcile with Eileen lead to his collapse and an emergency call, and Becky steps in to save Amy from the bullying

  • 01/05/2009 (1)

    Norris offers his support to Rita as she, Julie and Eileen reassess their feelings for Colin and come to terms with the lies of the past. After taking his frustrations out on Blanche, Ken tells Ted he has decided to do anything it takes to win back Martha's affections

  • 03/04/09 (2)

    Fiz makes a sudden decision when she sees why Chesney has been avoiding school, and steps in to help. Kirk realises Julie no longer loves him and ends their relationship, while Graeme believes Joshua to be a talented footballer. Ted supports Ken as his friendship with Martha crumbles, and Mary admits she is relieved when her mother dies

  • 03/04/09 (1)

    Sitting by Simon's hospital bedside as he fights for his life, Peter pledges never to drink again and Ken realises he must be honest with Martha. Dev is guilt-ridden when Tara returns to apologise for overreacting, and Fiz arranges a meeting with Chesney's head teacher to discuss her brother's truancy

  • 04/03/2009

    The fallout from the trial continues as the Platts and Windasses arrive home, and a stunned Gail discovers David asked Tina to lie for him. Peter's impending return affects Leanne's decision about the job offer, Dev learns his uncle Umed is coming over from India and Mary puts a proposition to Norris

  • 02/03/2009 (2)

    David is relieved to see Tina, who wrestles with her conscience as she faces the jury. Leanne considers a job offer in Leeds, while Rosie grows resentful of Julie's easy relationship with Luke at the factory. Elsewhere, Norris is forced to wear a brace after his accident and Liz discovers Lloyd has deceived her

  • 02/03/2009 (1)

    Gary finally stands trial for assault, but David is left on tenterhooks waiting for Tina to arrive. Pre-wedding nerves set in as Becky arranges a date for her big day, Ken turns to Ted for advice and Graeme uses his gardening skills to impress the neighbours - with disastrous consequences for Norris

  • 04/02/2009

    Carla turns to Jimmy for answers regarding Liam's death, but Tony gets a tip-off about the meeting as his wife heads back to the factory. The Windasses try to win over the Platts by baking a batch of cakes, and Ken shows little faith in Janice during her first tutorial with him

  • 02/02/2009 (2)

    Tony concocts a story about Jed to allay Carla's fears, then calls Jimmy and tells him to teach the old man a lesson. Tina feels the pressure when Anna seeks the truth, and Ken opens up to Ted about his growing friendship with Martha. Meanwhile, Eddie gets recognised during the darts tournament

  • 02/02/2009 (1)

    Maria restates her claim that a hit-man was hired to kill Liam, adding fuel to Carla's suspicions about Tony, who returns to discover his wife has been quizzing Jed. Tina feels uneasy about lying to the police, Rosie mocks Sophie's love life and Janice announces she would like to train as a nurse

  • 02/01/2009 (2)

    Jackie's return finally reunites Molly and Tyrone, but the mechanic still agrees to let his mother stay. Leanne discovers Peter has fallen off the wagon, but he continues to deny it. Joe snaps when Gary pushes his luck with Tina, and Steve is desperate to uncover the identity of Lloyd's mystery woman

  • 02/01/2009 (1)

    Tyrone tries to convince Molly he knew nothing of Pam's scam, and Ken is right to be suspicious of Peter's reasons for oversleeping, but gives his son the benefit of the doubt. Liz and Lloyd tire of meeting in secret but cannot face informing Steve of their relationship, while Amber's plan to make Tara stay backfires

  • 03/12/2008

    The day of Tony and Carla's wedding dawns, and Steve uses the occasion as an excuse to antagonise Michelle, hoping to provoke her into leaving him. Sally loses her temper at the reception and tells Maria about Liam's infidelity - then shows her Rosie's mobile phone footage to prove it. Elsewhere, Ken criticises Peter over his lack of parenting skills

  • 01/12/2008

    Tony's wedding preparations are complicated by the arrival of his brother Pat, and Jed Stone threatens to ruin the ceremony unless he gives him more money as compensation for being evicted. Michelle puts a damper on Steve's plan to spend time with Becky, and Peter invites Leanne out for a drink

  • 03/11/2008 (2)

    John confesses to Fiz that he kidnapped Rosie, and Maria decides to find out more about Carla's involvement in Lad Rags. Norris takes his enthusiasm for competitions a little too far for Rita's liking, and Steve urges Becky to start flirting with other men, hoping to allay Dan's suspicions

  • 03/11/2008 (1)

    Fiz tries to help John by rushing off to his gran's house on what she thinks is a mission of mercy, unaware she is placing herself in danger. Maria continues to fret over the number of calls to Carla on Liam's phone, and Pam tries to persuade Molly to attend a wedding fayre, while Norris's obsession with entering competitions drives Rita and Emily to distraction

  • 03/10/2008 (2)

    The cave trip leaves Liam terrified about Tony's intentions, and as he is lured to the top of a cliff, memories of the Lake District come flooding back. Sally and Kevin draft in John to track down Rosie, while Janice hides the bank card to put a stop to Leanne's spending. Mel packs her bags after Darryl assists a drunken Teresa

  • 03/10/2008 (1)

    As the police investigate the lottery win, Sally and Kevin's own questions send Janice into a panic. However, Leanne still has her heart set on using the money to buy the bookies. Tony arrives at the hotel and alarms Liam with his plan to take him to the caves without Maria and Carla. Jason is in turmoil over Sarah's possible return

  • 01/10/2008

    Liam and Carla worry about Tony's motives when he invites Maria and them for a weekend away. Sally and Kevin discover Rosie's lottery win after Darryl finds a letter addressed to her. Leanne tempts Dan with a share of her ill-gotten gains and Audrey wastes no time telling Jason that Sarah may return

  • 03/09/2008

    As Jerry reels from the shock of Teresa's revelation, Gail pays him a visit and an oblivious Mel heads off for a night out with Abi - which has disastrous consequences. Sean drowns his sorrows after ignoring Marcus's calls and decides to test the waters with Tom, while Liam finds himself short of cash

  • 01/09/2008 (2)

    Back at the hospital, Teresa resolves to come clean to Jerry, but he has a confession of his own to make. Dev decides to end his affair with Nina following an awkward evening with Prem, and Tom offers Sean a shoulder to cry on. Gail gets cold feet about dating Joe after Tina almost blows their cover

  • 01/09/2008 (1)

    Fearful that her secret is about to be discovered, a panic-stricken Teresa flees the hospital and prepares to leave the Street while Jerry fights for his life. Dev grows frustrated as Nina begins to call all the shots, and Marcus tells a dejected Sean that he is spending a few days away with Noel

  • 04/08/2008 (2)

    Audrey suffers badly after the accident, but her relationship with Bill is uppermost in her mind. David is thrilled to read Tina's comments about him, and resolves to become the perfect boyfriend. Dev proudly introduces Nina to an unimpressed Amber, and Harry takes the wind out of Clarissa's sails

  • 04/08/2008 (1)

    Disaster strikes when Audrey is the only member of the group sober enough to drive the booze cruisers home. Dev is feeling on top of the world after spending a night with Nina, and David resolves to hack into Tina's e-mail account when he suspects she is up to no good. Clarissa continues to goad Liz

  • 01/08/2008 (2)

    Dev can't believe his luck when Nina makes a play for him, but he embarks on a date with Prem's financial assistant in a bid to clear his mind. Kevin is furious when he discovers Tony's scheme to undercut his prices by a rival garage and a smug Liz turns the tables on Clarissa in the bookies

  • 01/08/2008 (1)

    Clarissa is urged by Harry to swallow her pride and apologise, but Liz vows to settle the score with her. An elated Dev receives a tempting offer during his dinner date with Prem and Nina, and Becky decides to get Steve and Michelle back together. Elsewhere, the booze cruisers finally set sail

  • 04/07/2008 (2)

    Jason offers Becky a bed at his place after her war of words with Roy leaves her homeless. Vernon drowns his sorrows with Lloyd, while Tony and Carla weigh up how to handle Kevin. A reluctant Ken gets a pep talk from Roger about attending the university reunion, and Sean and Marcus find themselves a flat

  • 04/07/2008 (1)

    Lloyd provides Vernon with a roof over his head when he sees him moving out of the Rovers and, as tempers flare in the cafe, Becky and Roy tell each other a few home truths. Rita makes a decision about the tender for the Kabin, while Tony has his work cut out trying to persuade Kevin to sell up

  • 02/07/2008

    Tony's offer prompts Rita to explore retirement options, and the Peacocks pack their bags when they realise they've outstayed their welcome at the Websters'. Racked with guilt about letting her husband down, Liz plans a holiday, making it clear to Harry where he stands, and Jason has a heart-to-heart with Becky

  • 04/06/2008

    A brooding Jason confides in Eileen that things with Becky are moving too fast for him, and trouble brews between Steve and Dan in their game of one-upmanship. Gail prepares for Ted's visit and David's return, while Jerry tells the kids there'll be some changes when he gets home

  • 02/06/2008 (2)

    Teresa leads Lloyd on a guilt trip, prompting him to contemplate shelling out his cash to support Finlay. Becky piles the pressure on Jason, and there's relief all round when Jerry's operation is hailed a success. The rivalry between Dan and Steve intensifies, while Liz's attentiveness leaves Vernon feeling anxious

  • 02/06/2008 (1)

    Teresa takes advantage of Lloyd after she discovers he owns a successful taxi firm and dupes him into believing Finlay is his son. Jason realises he's in too deep with a besotted Becky and Kirk worries he's ruined Chesney's chances with Kayleigh. Meanwhile, Vernon returns home to an over-enthusiastic Liz

  • 04/05/2008

    Claire discovers the extent of the family's financial difficulties when Ashley admits to using their own money to prop up the business. Maria finally relents and tells Liam where she is, while Audrey makes a disturbing discovery. A relaxed Liz relishes her time without Vernon, but Harry is keen to offer his services

  • 02/05/2008

    Maria continues to keep Liam in the dark as she heads back to the Street and breaks down in front of Audrey. The police let Leanne and Dan off the hook, but their relief proves to be short-lived, and Bill lets slip to a perplexed Gail about Audrey meeting Ted. Elsewhere, Liz refuses to go on Vernon's cruise trip

  • 04/04/2008 (2)

    A scared and angry David storms off to meet Tina, but her decision to end their relationship pushes him to the verge of a breakdown. Returning home, he finds Audrey helping Gail to move out. Elsewhere, Steve tries to reconcile Alex with Michelle, and Vernon gets a six-month gig on a cruise ship

  • 04/04/2008 (1)

    Tina finally cracks under the strain, and as she packs her bags and flees in terror her actions jog Gail's memory. A worried David rushes home to find his mother knows everything. Leanne is stunned to discover the depth of Paul's feelings for her and Michelle begrudgingly lets Ryan go out to dinner with Nick

  • 04/06/2009

    Kevin confronts Tony; Pam tries to find Molly's ring; Steve and Michelle are at loggerheads again.

  • 03/06/2009

    Financial pressure mounts on Kevin; Liz thinks Michelle is taking advantage of Steve; Molly's engagement ring is missing.

  • 01/05/2009

    Michelle tells Steve the engagement is off; Jack gives Tyrone Vera's ring for Molly; Tony worries he is losing his spy at the Websters.

  • 04/06/2011

    Omnibus. Fiz is horrified to discover John in the factory with Colin Fishwick's body, and as she begs to know what he has done, he confesses all. Steve accuses Becky of sacrificing Amy for Max before he empties the Rovers' till and heads to the casino - where Dev finds him gambling recklessly. Elsewhere, Graeme breaks Xin's heart

  • 04/07/2010

    Omnibus. Steve worries Becky is not taking the adoption process seriously, and Chesney outlines his business plan to Fiz, who cannot help being impressed. Mary offers Hayley her wedding dress, and Lloyd struggles with his feelings for Cheryl, wishing they could be more than just friends. Elsewhere, Jason takes revenge on Tina, while Liz and Michelle argue as the barmaid competition looms

  • 04/08/2012

    Omnibus. Ryan offers Kylie drugs during a drunken night out, and Izzy informs Gary that she does not want to try for another baby. Meanwhile, Sunita assures Dev she is in favour of joint custody, Karl sneaks off to the pub to meet Stella, and Sophie helps Kevin move into No 13

  • 01/11/2009

    Omnibus. Pam becomes suspicious of Molly's lies, but is not prepared to witness her kissing Kevin. Tony panics when Maria tells him she is planning to inform Carla of their engagement, Michelle complains to Dev about a damp patch in the ceiling of her flat, and Norris's new employee lacks conversational skills

  • 03/12/2011

    Omnibus. Max disappears from the Platts' garden when David gets distracted by an argument with Owen. Becky refuses to leave Weatherfield, but is unsettled to see Steve and Tracy heading off on holiday, and Nick and Eva break into Ian's warehouse to claim their stock of wine. Sophie's attraction to Amber grows, while Sally's business skills impress Frank

  • 01/11/2008

    Omnibus. Heartbroken Maria wonders how she will get through the day as she leaves for Liam's funeral, and Carla breaks down and has to leave the church. Sally is forced to miss the service altogether because the police have new information about Rosie. Dev confesses his infidelity to Prem, and Blanche eagerly looks forward to her French trip, while Becky is elated to realise DC Hooch is unable to charge her

  • 04/02/2012

    Omnibus. Carla takes to the witness box as Frank's trial begins, and faces uncomfortable questions from the defence barrister about her relationship with Peter. Tracy tries to make a fresh start with Steve at No 13, and Sylvia lies to Milton after he asks to see Roy's famous restaurant. Jason is furious when Paul appears for breakfast again with Eileen

  • 04/01/2009

    Omnibus. Liz and Lloyd misread each other's signals as the cabbie instead goes on a date with an attractive woman from the exercise class. Peter is determined to stay sober and win his bet with Blanche, Tyrone convinces himself Molly is ready for a reconciliation, while Norris agrees to help Emily search for Jed

  • 01/10/2011

    Omnibus. Frank makes a desperate plea to Carla when he appears in court, and Leanne visits him in prison as she seeks the truth about Peter's alleged affair. Anna regrets sleeping with Owen, and Kevin's plans for a cheap holiday abroad are jeopardised by baby Jack's passport. Sunita is less than happy to discover how much Dev has spent on golf clubs for Aadi

  • 04/04/2010

    Omnibus. Tina realises she has to end her relationship with Jason as he plans a romantic evening and another proposal for her. Dev struggles to cope with the twins' presence at the flat and a visit to the zoo only postpones the inevitable crisis, and Becky's worries about Steve's libido give Eileen ammunition for teasing her boss

  • 03/09/2011

    Omnibus. Gail refuses to forgive Kylie, who responds by using Nick's keys to lock her out of the house. A jealous Faye steals Owen's phone and texts Anna to cancel a date, and Fiz has no one to turn to when her cell is vandalised. Frank reveals he has arranged an engagement party so Carla can meet his parents

  • 02/08/2009

    Omnibus. David uses Joe's addiction to his own devious advantage while pretending to help him clear out his lock-up. Becky again meets with Slug but fails to understand his warning to watch her back, Natasha shares gossip about Tony with Helen, and Fiz's preoccupation with John threatens to spoil Chesney's birthday

  • 03/05/2008

    Omnibus. Feeling hung-over and guilty, Liam makes his way home to Maria, but her fury turns to anguish when she receives devastating news at the hospital. Dan and Leanne are taken away for questioning by the police, while Jack's health gives Molly and Tyrone cause for concern in the wake of Paul's confession

  • 03/05/2009

    Omnibus. Paula reacts badly to hearing gossip about Julie and Jason's relationship during the preparations for Colin's party, where the guest of honour has a surprise of his own for Rita. Becky's revelations about her childhood help heal the rift with Steve, while Fiz visits John in prison again

  • 01/04/2012

    Drama from England's most famous cobbled street

  • 01/03/2009

    Omnibus. Len makes a final attempt to prevent Tina testifying against Gary. Tony is increasingly unnerved by Luke's presence in the factory, especially when he learns that Carla has also handed him control of her shares in Lad Rags. Rosie tells Ryan that Sian is attracted to him, while Deirdre expects romance

  • 02/01/2010

    Omnibus. Kevin is shocked at how close he came to ending his marriage, while Molly takes out her frustrations on Tyrone. Sophie and Graeme learn that Rosie's new career plan involves posing semi-naked. Though Ken tries to rebuild relations with Peter, he secretly reveals to Deirdre that his opposition to the proposed bar remains as strong as ever, and Gail receives good news about the house

  • 01/02/2009

    Omnibus. Maria finally snaps after another police interview and sets her sights on Tony. After eventually realising the impact the past few months have had on Sophie, Kevin and Sally try to make amends. Ken returns from Portsmouth without Peter, while Eddie's scheming is undone by an unwitting Kirk

  • 01/06/2009 (2)

    Drama from the cobbles of England's most famous street

  • 01/01/2011

    Omnibus. Tracy struggles to win Amy's affection as she tries to start a new life with her, but eventually has to alert Steve when the girl goes missing. Sworn enemies work together in the aftermath of the crash and one mother comes home from the hospital in despair after her worst fears come true

  • 02/07/2011

    Omnibus. Becky organises a birthday party for Jason in the Rovers, complete with cheap beer, a stripper and a new jukebox, but struggles to quell the commotion when a brawl breaks out. Izzy discovers Gary failed to tell her Will called at the flat, and gossip about Carla and Frank leaves Maria horrified. Elsewhere, Peter and Leanne invite Stella and Karl to dinner

  • 03/08/2008

    Omnibus. Harry celebrates his imminent divorce by spending the day with Liz, but finds Clarissa still has designs on him. A pent-up Fiz tries to steer clear of John but jumps to his defence in the Kabin. Ken's friendship with Ted gives Blanche cause for concern, while Dev is delighted by Prem's invitation

  • 03/10/2010

    Omnibus. Sian is invited to stay with the Websters, but Sally struggles to accept Sophie's sexuality. Carla is driven to despair at the factory by Trevor's lack of business skills, and Rita becomes a victim of identity fraud, while Ciaran heads to Scotland for his job interview

  • 01/06/2009 (1)

    Drama from the cobbles of England's most famous street

  • 02/05/2010

    Omnibus. Audrey vows to end her friendship with Lewis after reading his diary. Tyrone is shocked by Molly's proposal that they move away, but when Kevin does little to persuade him to stay, he starts to think she may have the right idea, and Mary has romance on her mind as she arrives at the holiday cottage with Norris

  • 01/06/2008

    Omnibus. Jack discovers Paul's plans to flee Weatherfield and tries to convince him to stay while, still seething about the criticism of her house, Sally lets rip in a confrontation with Claire. Leanne and Dan make the most of the show flat's facilities and Liz decides to make a public display of affection for Vernon

  • 02/04/2011

    Omnibus. Jim begs Steve to reconsider throwing Liz out of the Rovers, but he refuses to change his mind. Kevin is furious to learn Sally could be entitled to half his winnings, Carla leaves Maria in charge at the factory, while Jack Duckworth's grandson Tommy (former Hollyoaks star Chris Fountain) arrives looking for Tyrone

  • 02/06/2012

    Drama from England's most famous cobbled street

  • 01/08/2010

    Omnibus. Furious with Audrey for announcing their plans, Lewis stalls over finances - until she reveals that money would not have been an issue. Molly urges a reluctant Tyrone to hand in his notice, and John uses Chesney's birthday party to cover up his lies to Fiz. Meanwhile, Nick and Carla continue to clash

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