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Episode Guide

  • Best of 2015

    A trip down memory lane to relive some of the best hunts and revisit the cast of characters that helped make the fall of 2014 an unforgettable one.

  • Outdoor Dreams Come True

    The Outdoor Dream Foundation grants outdoor adventures to children like 12 year-old Bailee Lewis who goes on a special whitetail hunt in South Carolina and participates in a fishing tournament.

  • Dog Days Rut Hunt

    Mike heads to the Lone Star State on a free-range Axis quest with Desert Safaris.

  • Hawkeye Hunters

    Mike meets three hunters, Paul Hein, Kyle Simmons, and Kelly Doyl who have etched their names in the annals of Iowa whitetail history.

  • Of Bullets and Big Bucks

    President of Swift Bullets on his outstanding whitetail property in Kansas.

  • Bucks of the Montana Badlands

    Mike reunites with his old friends at Burke Ranch Outfitters, this time, in the broken canyon country of north-central Montana, home to some gagger mule deer bucks. With the rut well under way, his timing should be perfect to tag a bruiser.

  • Rut Wild in the Cowboy State

    The second stop on Mike's rut road trip takes him to the Cowboy State to investigate rumors of a little-known hot spot for the western whitetail rut.

  • A Decade of Big Deer

    First stop on the Rut Road Trip is Saskatchewan. Something about this wilderness has drawn Mike here for more than 10 years. Joining him this time is Graig Hale. Can they endure the cold and shoot a giant buck?

  • Sooner or Later

    Remington unveils a new muzzleloader for 2015, and Mike and Eddie will be among the first to field-test it on a whitetail hunt in Oklahoma.

  • Quest in the Cascades

    Mike accepts an invite to join the Kortge family on their working wheat farm and wildlife paradise in Oregon's Columbia country.

  • Blood Moon Rising

    Mike joins producer Justin Karnopp.

  • Bluegrass Bucks

    Mike and Eddie head to Kentucky on an archery hunt for bluegrass bucks in the velvet; the boys take a recess from the awesome early-season action to take the bourbon tour.

  • Blacktail Wine and Dine

    Mike pits his skills against the blacktail in Central California, widely considered to be the most difficult of the three North American deer species.

  • Changes in Latitudes

    Mike heads South to hunt a Coues buck and Texas bruiser.

  • Build your Own Big Deer Adventure

    Mike shares tips for your own adventure.

  • Acts Of Valor

    To honor his home-state wounded warriors, Mike joins a group of Virginia veterans to hunt and celebrate their acts of bravery.

  • 10 Things to Know About the Whitetail Rut

    Become a better deer hunter as Mike and wildlife biologists break down the whitetail rut.

  • Husker Hat Trick

    Eddie Stevenson and Tom Munson of Trijicon join Mike for some Cornhusker camaraderie.

  • From Big Sky To The Great Plains

    Montana weather is always a coin flip and after enduring a tough hunt; Mike sets course for Nebraska.

  • Dream Buck For Krista

    Leukemia survivor Krista Dick shares her inspirational story and takes the buck of her dreams.

  • Buffalo County Freeze Out

    Wisconsin's Buffalo County is a holy grail of whitetail hunting, but this year?

  • Buck Men Of The Adirondacks

    Mike joins a group of die-hard whitetail fanatics for an Adirondack mountain hunt.

  • The Shed-Hunting Obsession

    Big Deer takes a look at the growing sport of antler shed hunting.

  • Texas' Best Kept Secret

    Mike reunites with friends at Rush Creek guide service for a hunt in Texas.

  • Sticks & Strings In The Sooner State

    Mike travels to Croton Creek Ranch in Oklahoma to join Joni Sanderford.

  • Monster Bucks Of The North

    Mike returns to Saskatchewan for a hunt with Buck Paradise Outfitters.

  • Texas Team Work, Part 2

    Mikes road trip to South Texas rolls on.

  • Texas Team Work, Part 1

    The team travels to the long star state for a group whitetail hunt.

  • Predator Problems

    Mike Hanback goes to big sky country to help do his part.

  • Road Trip To Packerland

    Mike takes a road trip to rendezvous with a bunch of packer backers.

  • Deep Winter Wyoming

    Mike bears the brunt of a winter storm.

  • Dakota Rut Wild

    Mike hits the South Dakota rut for some fast and furious action.

  • Giant Whitetails of the North

    Mike heads to northern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

  • Illinois Freak Buck

    Mike battles tough conditions and encounters a strange buck.

  • Hanback's Top Big Bucks

    Mike lays out advice and tactics to help you find and shoot your biggest buck ever.

  • Colorado Monster Mule Deer

    Eddie Stevenson of the Big Deer Hunt Team returns to the famed Three Forks Ranch for another crack at a huge mule deer. The intense, all-day stalk he puts on a huge 4x4 buck is truly epic.

  • Aaron's Texas Dream Buck

    Mike and his buddy Sarge guide young Aaron on his first hunt.

  • Giant Whitetails Of The North, Part 2

    John Fink and Mike are in Saskatchewan.

  • Giant Whitetails Of The North: Part 1

    Mike travels to Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

  • Wyoming Monster Muleys

    Mike comes face to face with a monster buck after stalking for days.

  • Best Of Big Deer TV

    Mike Hanback looks back at the top 10 moments from the premier season.

  • Tough As It Gets Texas

    Mike Hanback and his friends hunt hard in Texas for a week.

  • Big Bucks On New Ground

    Willi Schmidt and his dad hunt giant whitetail on new property.

  • High Winds And Big Whitetail

    Eddie Stevenson battles the omnipresent prairie winds in South East Montana.

  • River Bottom Monarchs

    Will Schmidt hunts on the Platte River in search of a big 10-pointer.

  • Colorado

    Bowhunting whitetails in Colorado.

  • Virginia

    Mike Hanbuck hunts his home state with a true American hero.

  • Texas

    Mike Hanback shows that the hunting in Texas is not always so easy.

  • Maine

    Mike Hanback embarks on some of Americas toughest hunting in Maine.

  • South Dakota

    Mike hanback spot and stalk action trying to fill his South Dakota tag.

  • Oklahoma

    Eddie Stevenson is facing daunting challenges as he bowhunts for white tail.

  • Saskatchewan

    Mike Hanback is in the vast wild north for a giant Saskatchewan buck hunt.

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