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Episode Guide

  • After the Sun Dies

    Looking for a second Earth in the event that the Sun dies.

  • The Science of Race

    A look at the different races and where humanity is headed.

  • Space Itself

    Scientists study what the universe is really made of.

  • Alien Minds

    By examining non-humans scientists are learning how aliens might operate.

  • Higgs Boson Miracle

    Scientist search for a particle to explain the existence of matter.

  • Alien Faces

    Exploring the types of creatures that might exist on foreign worlds across the galaxy.

  • Creationism vs. Evolution

    Exploring the answers to how life was created.

  • Life's First Moments

    Technology reveals new life forms with surprising components.

  • Aliens Exist

    Instruments powerful enough to scan for alien life are only just now being developed.

  • Riddles of the Universe

    Ensuring the survival of the human species by solving the equation of everything.

  • Our Origin Story

    Exploring the meaning behind the word life.

  • God's Existence

    Looking at the question of whether or not God created the universe.

  • Living Space

    Scientists explore the idea of space being a collection of living organisms.

  • Before the Bang

    Using new technology scientists examine the birth of the universe.

  • Alien Menace

    Questioning whether or not alien contact will be bad for the future of humanity.

  • Nothingness

    Scientists look for answers in the science of Quantum Mechanics.

  • Time Travel

    Finding ways to make it possible to travel backwards in time.

  • Resurrection

    Scientist are working on ways to digitally preserve human brains.

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