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A Baby Story: Season 5 (2001 - 2007)

A Baby Story: Season 3 (2004)

A Baby Story: Season 2 (1999 - 2005)

A Baby Story: Season 1 (2003)

A Baby Story: Other Episodes

  • Baby Gonzalez

    Childbirth is a mysterious and frightening event for an expectant mother, so she hopes her husband and doula can guide her toward a drama-free delivery.

  • Baby Moran

    A couple needs to get to the hospital quickly.

  • Baby Souza

    A Caesarean section turns out to be a complex process.

  • Baby Romash

    A woman plans to have a drug-free delivery, but the baby's heartbeat plummets.

  • Baby Sefchick

    Expectant parents feared they might never have children.

  • Baby Imbeault

    Nine years after the birth of her son, Nicole is unready to relive the pain of childbirth.

  • Baby Wiener

    Leslie's induction goes slowly, which is a concern and a surprise.

  • Baby Weber

    Childbirth is quick for Jessica.

  • Baby Mulligan

    The mother enlists the help of a midwife.

  • Baby O'Connor

    Expectant parents are nervous about the birth of their second child.

  • Baby Rosenbaum

    The big day comes.

  • Baby Frasca

    A couple with three boys thinks a fourth child will complete their family.

  • Baby Zakim

    Judy is pregnant with her second child after having two miscarriages.

  • Baby Drake

    After surgery and in-vitro fertilization, the Drakes await their baby.

  • Baby Saffian

    An expectant mother hopes to have a natural birth.

    Thursday 25th February 7:00am EST - Discovery Life Channel
  • Baby Brod

    A couple draw on their faith to get through complications.

  • Baby Outwater

    A woman's first experience of childbirth is so traumatic that she is left unable to care for her baby on her own

  • Baby Ryan

    Following a trio of tragic miscarriages in the space of five months, frustrated couple Kathleen and Jeff visit a specialist, who diagnoses her with anticardiolipin disease

  • Baby Jun

    A woman pregnant with her second child who also manages to find time and energy to study at law school, work a regular job and take care of her two-year-old

  • Baby Szymanowicz

    Fly-on-the-wall documentary following the experiences of couples preparing for parenthood

  • Baby Hill

    Following the birth of twin boys after in vitro fertilisation, Tracey and Ryan now await the arrival of their third son

  • Baby Spar

    When she larns that she is expecting her fifth child, a woman is nervous about running a household with five little ones

  • Baby Garbrecht

    Despite a difficult birth, new parents Tyson and Michele remain confident they can cope with the challenges of raising their first child

  • Baby Masters

    Corinne and Lou anxiously await the arrival of their second baby, and hope its birth will be less stressful than that of their first son

  • Baby Luongo

    A couple who turned to in-vitro fertilization now expect their second child.

  • Baby Cartagena

    A couple have good news when they find out they are pregnant again, despite the mother having Lupus

  • Baby D'Angelo

    Still emotionally recovering from previous pregnancies, a couple hopes things finally go their way in the delivery room.

  • Baby Koval

    Although they have previously had two children delivered healthy and on time, a couple's third child decides to buck the trend

  • Baby La Pierre

    A couple expecting their fifth child hope for an easy delivery after the mother-to-be experienced a difficult pregnancy, making her family more anxious than usual

  • Baby Woodley

    A couple who have been together for six years prepare for the birth of their son shortly after their wedding

  • Baby Fazzolari

    A couple finally receive the good news that they are expecting a healthy baby after numerous miscarriages and medical procedures

  • Baby Seaman

    Newlyweds Cristina and Michael try to deal with the birth of their first child and the expectations of their anxious families while remodelling their home

  • Baby Vicente

    A pair of hopeful parents are delighted by the prospect of another pregnancy following a devastating miscarriage

  • Baby Kalet

    A couple who have endured many health problems but delivered two healthy boys nervously wait for the arrival of their third baby

  • Baby Mitchell-Klapa

    With the memory of a stillbirth still lingering, the Mitchell-Klapa family prepare for the arrival of their baby son

  • Baby Nazario-Hilbert

    A Sept. 11 widow is remarried and expecting a baby.

  • Baby Price

    After a long road and a few scares, a woman goes into labour

  • Baby Ntansah

    Fly-on-the-wall documentary following the experiences of couples preparing for parenthood

  • Baby Leoncavallo

    First-time parents experience delivery.

  • Baby Gomez

    A family rallies round in the face of disaster, as a couple's pregnancy takes a turn for the worse

  • Baby Gupta

    After trying to start a family for two years, a pair of doctors discover they are expecting triplets

  • Baby Vallarosi

    A woman preparing for the birth of her fourth child refuses to become complacent, due to her previous experience of complications

  • Baby Sutton

    Fly-on-the-wall documentary following the experiences of couples preparing for parenthood

  • Baby Horvath

    A family with five boys expects twin girls.

  • Baby Sipple Golcher

    A lesbian couple who already have a young daughter, look forward to bringing a new baby boy into their household

  • Baby Barrera

    At 26 weeks pregnant, a woman is put under house arrest, giving her lots of time to mentally prepare herself for the birth

  • Baby Rivera

    A couple who met while working in a famous New York restaurant expect their first child together

    Tuesday 23rd February 7:00am EST - Discovery Life Channel
  • Baby Wasserman

    A couple is looking forward to the arrival of their second child.

  • Baby Bandstra

    A couple who first met on a blind date look forward to welcoming their fourth child to their household.

  • Baby Zenie

    Parents of a child with leukemia have their third baby.

  • Baby Post/Leland

    A woman agrees to be a surrogate mother for an infertile couple.

  • Baby Castimore

    A police officer and a fourth-grade teacher expect their first child.

  • Baby Downs

    Nivia and Manny, who met on a long-distance blind date, are expecting a baby.

  • Baby Carballo

    A little girl cannot wait to become a big sister.

  • Baby Kenna

    Marnie and John, who are expecting their first child, grew up in the same neighborhood but it took them 15 years to meet.

  • Baby Dykenga

    Parents have suffered three miscarriages.

  • Baby Davis

    Parents hope to avoid the operating room for the birth of their second son.

  • Baby Maher

    A couple who live on the beach give their first child a water birth.

  • Baby Lyngstad-Hughes

    A couple plans a water birth for their second child.

  • Baby Spitzer

    Getting pregnant did not come as easily to the couple as they had hoped.

  • Baby Bramblet

    A pastor and his wife have a baby daughter.

  • Baby Bristol

    Parents have known each other all of their lives.

  • Baby Papach

    After 10 years of marriage and two children, parents decide they want one more child.

  • Baby Thomas

    Erin and Lamar Thomas feel they have their hands full with three daughters, and wonder how they will manage with the addition of a son

  • Baby Tompkins

    A football coach and a cheerleading coach have a baby.

  • Baby Stitzer

    A little boy is excited to be a big brother.

  • Baby Gelman

    After being told she may never have children, Effie is surprised to learn she is pregnant soon after marrying Oren.

  • Baby Flohs

    Both parents want children but do not find it easy to conceive.

  • Baby Charletta

    High school sweethearts are expecting twins.

  • Baby Godfrey

    A pair who met in a neighborhood bar expect their first child.

  • Baby Cangley

    Parents take their older child to see sharks in an aquarium.

  • Baby Linfoot

    A grandmother and great-grandmother admire their new descendant.

  • Baby LaSalle

    An American couple adopts a baby girl from Korea.

  • Baby Fatuova

    After having two boys, Megan and Rocky are hoping for a girl the third time around.

  • Baby Capurso

    Parents enjoyed years together before starting a family.

  • Baby Estevez

    After an Internet romance and a storybook wedding, a couple have their first child on their anniversary.

  • Baby Beckman

    A couple with pugs expects a second child.

  • Baby Delaney

    A specialist helps a couple to conceive.

  • Baby Hlavaty

    Featuring a couple who, after much tragedy, turned to surrogacy and are now awaiting the arrival of a baby of their own

  • Baby Serrano

    The story of Will and Maria, who discovered they were going to have a baby a month after they were married

  • Baby Pratt

    Fly-on-the-wall documentary following the experiences of couples preparing for parenthood

  • Baby Roy

    A couple who married after a whirlwind romance look forward to the birth of their third child

  • Baby Lehr

    A couple who met at work and are now expecting their third child

  • Baby Lord

    Featuring a couple who have been married for five years and are now expecting their first baby

  • Baby Moench

    Nina and Lou, a couple who got married after a nine-month courtship, look forward to their first baby

  • Baby Stade

    Nicky and Jason prepare for the birth of their second child

  • Baby Delgadillo

    A couple look forward to the birth of their third child

  • Baby Richey

    After their first son dies from a heart defect, a couple give birth to another boy.

  • Baby DeVrieze

    A couple expect the birth of their child on the day of their first wedding anniversary

  • Baby Wipf

    Peter and Jennifer met as neighbors, married and are now expecting their first child.

  • Baby Keys

    After the death of their first child soon after birth, Stephanie and Stephen await the arrival of a son.

  • Baby Lennon

    After giving birth to Liam, a post-delivery slipped disk puts Andrea in physical therapy.

  • Baby Frew

    Janice and her husband, Leroy, move into a new home before the arrival of their second child.

  • Baby Knapp

    A foster couple prepare for the birth of their first child

  • Baby Hapgood

    A couple who found love at first sight prepare for the birth of their twin daughters

  • Baby Hunt

    A couple who are celebrities in the teddy-bear-making world prepare for their third child

  • Baby Diaz de Tuesta

    A happily married couple, who have known each other literally all their lives, prepare for the birth of their second child

  • Baby Navarro

    Javier and his wife prepare for their first child together, but fret about how the new arrival will affect his son from a previous marriage

  • Baby Wood

    A couple, who waited 11 years to start a family, welcome a baby boy.

  • Baby Chen

    A health-conscious couple await the birth of their first child as they prepare for parenthood

  • Baby Atkinson

    A woman prepares to give birth without the aid of painkillers

  • Baby Stuart

    The story of a couple awaiting the birth of their first child, who are learning how to balance the responsibilities of having a family and a career

  • Baby O'Callaghan

    A couple deals with an unexpected hospital stay when their second child is in a breech presentation.

  • Baby Viloria

    A Hawaiian-themed baby shower and a hula performance are the prelude to the birth of a baby girl.

  • Baby Loo

    Following the story of Julie and Wyatt, who are expecting their first child after three previous miscarriages

  • Baby Higgins

    A couple awaits the birth of their second child, but health issues necessitate a labor inducement.

  • Baby Manipon

    A couple and their 2-year-old son choose a pumpkin for the new baby.

  • Baby Della Ripa

    The story of Carrie and Jid, who are expecting an addition to their rapidly growing family

  • Baby Oseguera

    A woman who previously gave birth to twins excitedly awaits the birth of her next child

  • Baby Beno

    A couple prepares the nursery for the arrival of their first child.

  • Baby Huff

    A couple who were best friends for almost 20 years are thrilled to be expecting their third child

  • Baby Bonaduce

    Following the story of Danny and Gretchen, who married the day they met and are now expecting their second child

  • Baby Hodgkinson

    A family of four goes camping while awaiting the arrival of a baby.

  • Baby Andrews

    Following the story of Tammie and David, who are building their family and balancing their careers at the same time

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