American Horror Story Episode Guide

Episode Guide

American Horror Story: Season 5 (2015)

  • Season 5 Episode 12: Hotel: Be Our Guest

    Iris and Liz oversee the beginning of a new era at the Cortez, while John and Alex struggle to adapt to life outside the hotel

  • Season 5 Episode 11: Hotel: Battle Royale

    Ramona draws vitality from an unlikely source. Sally uses her past to negotiate her future, and Scarlett learns the truth of her family's affliction

  • Season 5 Episode 10: Hotel: She Gets Revenge

    Alex enlists John's help in containing an outbreak. Donovan learns the Countess' true intentions. Liz and Iris plan to leave the hotel for good. Psychological horror, starring Chloë Sevigny, Wes Bentley, Lady Gaga, Denis O'Hare and Kathy Bates

  • Season 5 Episode 9: Hotel: She Wants Revenge

    The Countess is reunited with her one true love, Donovan and Ramona make another attempt to get their revenge, and a careless decision placed Alex in trouble. Psychological horror, starring Matt Bomer, Angela Bassett, Lady Gaga and Chloë Sevigny

  • Season 5 Episode 8: Hotel: The Ten Commandments Killer

    Detective John Lowe closes in on the killer inspired by the Biblical ten commandments, and the details of Sally's arrangement with March are revealed. Psychological horror, starring Wes Bentley

  • Season 5 Episode 7: Hotel: Flicker

    As Will Drake's renovations threaten to uncover one of the hotel's greatest secrets, John undergoes psychiatric evaluation, and the Countess learns the fate of her first love. Psychological horror, starring Cheyenne Jackson and Lady Gaga

  • Season 5 Episode 6: Hotel: Room 33

    Ramona and Donovan enact their plan for revenge, Liz Taylor finds true love, and the identity of room 33's resident is revealed. Psychological horror, starring Angela Bassett

  • Season 5 Episode 5: Room Service

    Alex uses an unconventional treatment to save a dying patient; a Halloween-hating couple tests Iris's limits.

  • Season 5 Episode 5: Hotel: Room Service

    Alex makes use of an unconventional form of treatment as she works to save a dying patient, and a Halloween-hating couple test Iris's patience. Psychological horror, starring Chloë Sevigny and Kathy Bates

  • Season 5 Episode 4: Devil's Night

    John receives an invitation to attend an exclusive Devil's Night Soiree, and Alex tries to diagnose Holden's strange condition

  • Season 5 Episode 3: Mommy

    Alex is pushed to her breaking point after Scarlett stirs up memories of Holden, while Donovan is targeted by a dangerous rival of The Countess

  • Season 5 Episode 2: Chutes and Ladders

    Fashion mogul Will Drake brings couture to the Hotel Cortez, a model catches the Countess's eye and John learns about the hotel's sadistic first owner

  • Season 5 Episode 1: Checking In

    Ryan Murphy's psychological thriller anthology series returns. Detective and family man John Lowe investigates a chain of gruesome murders in Los Angeles, and a tip points him to the mysterious Hotel Cortez, which is owned by Countess Elizabeth, played by Lady Gaga

American Horror Story: Season 4 (2014 - 2015)

  • Season 4 Episode 13: Curtain Call

    In the finale of the psychological thriller, the freaks rebel against the new management, while Dandy prepares for his debut performance at the show. Elsewhere, Elsa arrives in Hollywood

  • Season 4 Episode 12: Show Stoppers

    Dandy has some troubling news for the twins about Chester, while Maggie vows to prove how loyal she is to Jimmy, and the performers set out to enforce their harsh code of justice

  • Season 4 Episode 11: Magical Thinking

    Elsa prepares to move to Hollywood, while the twins become taken with a travelling salesman, and Dell plots Jimmy's escape from police custody

  • Season 4 Episode 10: Orphans

    Frank's death sparks troubling behaviour in Pepper, while Desiree grows suspicious of Maggie, and Elsa reveals the freak show's history. Starring Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts and Naomi Grossman

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Tupperware Party Massacre

    Jimmy sinks into a drunken despair after suffering a terrible loss, while a reading by Maggie spurs Dandy into action, and Stanley and Elsa track down the twins. Starring Evan Peters, Finn Wittrock and Emma Roberts

  • Season 4 Episode 8: Blood Bath

    Ethel's suspicions of Elsa are raised further after a number of disappearances around the camp, and Gloria makes a last-ditch attempt to stem Dandy's blood-thirst

  • Season 4 Episode 7: Test of Strength

    The women of the freak show rally against Dell after his latest act of violence; a strange encounter with Dandy raises Jimmy's suspicion about the clown murders.

  • Season 4 Episode 6: Bullseye

    Elsa reveals a dangerous new act, and Stanley exerts pressure on Maggie to murder Jimmy. Meanwhile, Paul indulges in a secret romance. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's psychological thriller, starring Jessica Lange

  • Season 4 Episode 5: Pink Cupcakes

    Stanley and Maggie plot to murder the freaks, while Gloria hides all the evidence of Dandy's gruesome new hobby, and Desiree has a health scare - which reveals she may not be as strange as was once thought

  • Season 4 Episode 4: Edward Mordrake - Part Two

    Part two of two. Edward continues his search for a new Freak for the show, while Elsa tells a grisly story about her days in Germany, and Jimmy and Maggie have a run-in with Twisty the clown

  • Season 4 Episode 3: Edward Mordrake - Part One

    Part one of two. An old superstition sees the freaks refusing to perform on Halloween, while Jimmy becomes smitten with a women claiming to be a fortune teller. Elsewhere, Ethel receives life-changing news. Starring Evan Peters and Kathy Bates

  • Season 4 Episode 2: Massacres and Matinees

    A citywide curfew threatens the show's future, a strongman from Ethel's past arrives at the camp, and Gloria arranges a terrifying playdate for Dandy. Meanwhile, the Tattler Twins reveal that they have a talent - which could knock Elsa from the spotlight

  • Season 4 Episode 1: Monsters Among Us

    Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's psychological thriller anthology returns, focusing on 1950s Jupiter, Florida, where one of the last American 'Freak Shows' has opened its doors, and the star attractions include conjoined twin with two heads. In the first episode, the police make a terrifying discovery at a local farmhouse, and the eccentric purveyor of the show senses a potentially lucrative opportunity

American Horror Story: Season 3 (2013 - 2014)

  • Season 3 Episode 13: Coven: The Seven Wonders

    A new Supreme rises.

  • Season 3 Episode 12: Go to Hell

    Cordelia's latest vision puts the coven's future in question; the girls manifest powerful new gifts; Queenie's search for Marie Laveau leads her to hell and back.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: Protect the Coven

    While her mother allies with Marie against the Corporation, Cordelia must make the ultimate sacrifice to protect her students. Psychological thriller, starring Sarah Paulson

  • Season 3 Episode 10: The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks

    Fiona uses a surprising source to out the new supreme, while Madison tries to eliminate her competition for the Supremacy. Elsewhere, Cordelia finds out the truth about Hank and the Witch Hunters

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Head

    The identity of Cordelia's attacker is revealed, and Fiona tries to form an alliance between herself and Marie Laveau. Meanwhile, Nan learns something disturbing about Luke's past

  • Season 3 Episode 8: The Sacred Taking

    Cordelia rallies the girls in the fight to stop Fiona; a dangerous new enemy puts Misty in the cross hairs; the rivalry between Marie Laveau and Delphine comes to a head.

  • Season 3 Episode 7: The Dead

    The recently revived have to learn to adapt to their now undead status, and Fiona finds a new purpose in a dangerous love affair. Queenie questions her place in the Coven after a night out with LaLaurie, while Cordelia makes a decision about her mother

  • Season 3 Episode 6: The Axeman Cometh

    Queenie, Zoe and Nan make contact with a dark spirit which is trapped in the Academy. Meanwhile, Cordelia's new power brings about a heartbreaking revelation

  • Season 3 Episode 5: Burn, Witch. Burn!

    Zoe is forced to unleash a new power after being besieged by Marie Laveau's army. Fiona and Myrtle clash over who is going to control the coven, while Madame LaLaurie is confronted by ghosts from her past

  • Season 3 Episode 4: Fearful Pranks Ensue

    Fiona's choices rattle a decades-long truce between the Salem witches and Marie Laveau; the Council of Witchcraft pays a surprise visit to the academy with disturbing allegations.

  • Season 3 Episode 3: The Replacements

    Fiona takes on a new protege and makes a surprising choice. Zoe tries to help Kyle get back his old life, while Madison has an argument with a new neighbour

  • Season 3 Episode 2: Boy Parts

    Fiona is determined to uncover Madame LaLaurie's secrets and figure out how she has avoided death for so long. Ryan Murphy's psychological thriller anthology continues with the theme of witchcraft. Starring Jessica Lange

  • Season 3 Episode 1: Bitchcraft

    Ryan Murphy's psychological thriller anthology returns with the theme of witchcraft. Teenager Zoe Benson learns that she is a witch, descended from the coven at Salem in 1690s Massachusetts - but that the condition only manifests itself in some members of her family. She also finds out that none of the real witches were burned 300 years before, but escaped suspicion and fled to New Orleans

American Horror Story: Season 2 (2012 - 2013)

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Madness Ends

    As the past and present collide, everyone's deepest secrets are exposed. Ryan Murphy's psychological thriller anthology, starring Jessica Lange

  • Season 2 Episode 12: Continuum

    A deadly new inmate threatens Sister Jude's chance of release; Grace's obsession with the aliens turns violent.

  • Season 2 Episode 11: Spilt Milk

    Grace brings Kit devastating news about the experiments conducted on Alma. Dr Thredson receives an unexpected visitor, and the Monsignor goes to extreme lengths to silence Jude

  • Season 2 Episode 10: The Name Game

    The Monsignor confronts the Devil, and Dr Arden's experiments reach a shocking conclusion. Meanwhile, Dr Thredson arranges a surprising reunion for Kit. Psychological horror, starring Joseph Fiennes

  • Season 2 Episode 9: The Coat Hanger

    The Monsignor takes an unlikely convert under his wing, and Lana secures a new piece of evidence that may prove Kit's innocence. Meanwhile, Dr Arden witnesses a miraculous return. Psychological horror, starring Joseph Fiennes and James Cromwell

  • Season 2 Episode 8: Unholy Night

    The Briarcliff residents prepare for Christmas with a party, but among them is a killer who conceals his identity behind festive costume. Sister Jude returns to the facility to confront Sister Mary Eunice, who decides it is time for the manor's very own Santa Claus to come out of retirement. Psychological horror, starring Lily Rabe and Jessica Lange

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Dark Cousin

    One of Briarcliff's residents summons a dark angel to the manor, and the evil presence has even the possessed Sister Mary Eunice terrified. Meanwhile, Kit makes a bold move to be reunited with Grace, and Sister Jude discovers she can no longer run from her past. Psychological horror, starring Lily Rabe

  • Season 2 Episode 6: The Origins of Monstrosity

    The intrigue and mystery continue to mount at Briarcliff when a girl is seemingly abandoned at the hospital. Meanwhile, the Monsignor makes a dangerous pact with Dr Arden, and the origins of Bloody Face are revealed. Psychological horror, starring Joseph Fiennes and James Cromwell

  • Season 2 Episode 5: I Am Anne Frank - Part Two

    Part two of two. Sister Jude enlists the aid of a renowned Nazi hunter to gather evidence against Dr Arden, and Kit makes a surprising confession. Meanwhile, Bloody Face is finally unmasked. Psychological horror, starring Jessica Lange, James Cromwell and Evan Peters

  • Season 2 Episode 4: I Am Anne Frank - Part One

    Part one of two. A new patient claiming to be Holocaust victim Anne Frank turns up at Briarcliff, and her arrival exposes certain secrets about Dr Arden's past. Meanwhile, Kit discovers why Grace was admitted to the hospital. Psychological horror, starring Jessica Lange, James Cromwell and Evan Peters

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Nor'easter

    A raging storm approaches Briarcliff, and a strangely transformed Sister Mary Eunice sows discontent among the hospital's residents. Dr Arden continues his strange experiments on Kit, and the inmates plot another escape attempt. Meanwhile, Dr Thresdon makes a terrible discovery. Psychological thriller, starring James Cromwell

  • Season 2 Episode 2: Tricks and Treats

    Lana plans to get out of Briarcliff, and enlists the help of Grace in her escape. Meanwhile, Dr Thredson, Bloody Face's court-appointed psychiatrist, arrives at the hospital, only to find himself entangled in an ill-advised exorcism that goes terribly wrong. Psychological thriller, starring Jessica Lange

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Welcome to Briarcliff

    Ryan Murphy's psychological thriller returns, leaving behind the dearly departed Harmons and travelling back to the 1960s, where the focus falls on Briarcliff Manor, an East Coast psychiatric facility run by troubled nun Sister Jude. The facility is home to all manner of disturbed individuals, but rather than providing inmates with a place of healing, terrifying evils blur the boundaries between reality and insanity

American Horror Story: Season 1 (2011)

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Murder House: Afterbirth

    Ben tries to take his child out of the Murder House in the wake of a family tragedy, and Constance schemes to raise Tate's baby as her own. Meanwhile, Violet and Vivien try to adjust to their new circumstances. Psychological thriller, starring Dylan McDermott

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Murder House: Birth

    Vivien goes into labour and gives birth to twins. Meanwhile, Chad and Patrick make plans to adopt, and Violet enlists Tate's help to rid the Murder House of its spectral inhabitants for good. Psychological thriller, starring Connie Britton, Zachary Quinto and Taissa Farmiga

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Murder House: Smouldering Children

    Violet learns more about the Murder House and her role in its history, and the police interrogate Constance about Travis' death. Meanwhile, Ben pays Vivien another visit, and the truth about Larry's burns is revealed

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Murder House: Spooky Little Girl

    Constance struggles to deal with her ghostly child, and the Harmon receive yet another shock when a famous murder victim decides to pay them a visit. Psychological thriller, starring Jessica Lange

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Murder House: Rubber Man

    The enigmatic man in the rubber suit makes his presence felt as his origins are unveiled. Meanwhile, Hayden conspires to rob Vivien of her unborn children. Psychological thriller, starring Kate Mara and Connie Britton

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Murder House: Open House

    Marcy takes an enterprising potential buyer on a tour of the house, and he seems keen to snap the place up, even after Vivien discloses the property's dark past. However, Larry is less than pleased that the Harmons are planning to sell up and tries his best to foil their plans. Meanwhile, Tate shows a depressed Violet a stash of items belonging to previous residents

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Murder House: Piggy, Piggy

    Ben treats a patient obsessed with a strange urban legend, and Constance consults a medium in the hope of dealing with the dangerous spirits haunting her. Meanwhile, Vivien begins a new diet, and Violet discovers the truth about Tate

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Murder House: Halloween - Part Two

    Part two of two. Vivien is stalked through the house by Hayden, who forces her to consider how far Ben is willing to go to get his own way. Meanwhile, Tate's dark past comes back to haunt him during a date with Violet, and Chad takes his anger out on the Halloween decorations after becoming suspicious of Patrick's whereabouts. Psychological horror, starring Connie Britton

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Murder House: Halloween - Part One

    Part one of two. Halloween approaches, and the spirits of the Murder House become ever stronger. Vivien agree to receive help in decorating for the occasion from one of Marcy's gay friends, so when she spots a couple gazing at the house in the garden, she invites them in to help carve pumpkins - unaware they are actually previous residents who were killed in 2010. Guest starring Zachary Quinto (Star Trek)

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Murder House

    Vivien puts the house back on the market, and learns the story of its first residents. Constance and Moira's history is revealed, and Ben's visitors cause his state of mind to deteriorate. Psychological horror, starring Connie Britton

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Murder House: Home Invasion

    Ben is called back to Boston to a rendezvous with with Hayden, the student with whom he had an affair, but tells his wife and daughter he is returning to offer help to a disturbed patient. While he is away, Vivien and Violet are terrorised by home invaders fascinated by their home's macabre history, and determined to relive the past. Psychological horror, starring Dylan McDermott

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Murder House: Pilot

    The Harmons, a Boston family with a troubled past, relocate to a new home in LA. However, the property harbours a dark history of its own, and as they begin to settle into their new lives, the building's secrets start to unravel. Psychological thriller, written by Glee creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, and starring Dylan McDermott

American Horror Story: Other Episodes

  • Be Our Guest

    Iris y Liz supervisan una nueva era en el hotel Cortez. Por otro lado, Juan y Alex intentan adaptarse a la vida fuera.

  • Ella consigue vengarse

    Alex le pide consejo a John para poder contener un estallido. Mientras, Donovan descubre las verdaderas intenciones de la Condesa. Paralelamente, Liz e Iris planean salir del hotel para siempre.

  • Ella busca venganza

    La Condesa se reencuentra con su antiguo amor. Mientras, Donovan y Ramona intentan saciar su sed de venganza nuevamente. Alex, por su parte, toma una decisión precipitada que lo pone en apuros.

  • Battle Royale
  • El asesino de los diez mandamientos

    John está cada vez más cerca del asesino de los Diez Mandamientos. Además, se revela el acuerdo entre Sally y March.

  • Parpadeo

    Las renovaciones de Will Drake revelan uno de los grandes secretos del hotel; John se somete a evaluación psiquiátrica; La Condesa se entera del destino de su primer amor.

  • Huérfanos

    La muerte de uno de los fenómenos provoca que Pepper tenga un comportamiento problemático; Elsa revela la historia del espectáculo circense.

  • Baño de sangre

    Las recientes desapariciones que se vienen produciendo en el campamento provocan que Ethel sospeche de Elsa.

  • Curtain Call

    Los fenómenos se rebelan contra el nuevo gerente; Dandy se prepara para su primera actuación; Elsa llega a Tinseltown.

  • Show Stoppers

    Dandy les da información a las gemelas sobre Chester; Maggie prueba su lealtad hacia Jimmy; los fenómenos ejecutan su severo código de justicia.

  • Servicio a la Habitación

    Alex utiliza un tratamiento poco convencional para salvar la vida de un paciente. Por otra parte, una pareja que odia Halloween pone a prueba los límites de Iris.

  • Magical Thinking

    Elsa se prepara para su traslado a Hollywood; las gemelas crecen enamoradas con el vendedor viajero; Dell trama la fuga de Jimmy de la custodia policial.

  • Habitación 33

    Ramona y Donovan planean la mejor manera de saciar su sed de venganza. Liz Taylor está convencida de haber encontrado el amor verdadero. El huésped de la habitación 33 está a punto de ser revelado.

  • Welcome to Briarcliff

    Los terroríficos demonios empañan las fronteras entre la realidad y la locura en Briarcliff Manor.

  • Nacimiento

    Vivien da a luz; Tate y Violet intentan sacar de la casa a algunos de sus fantasmas.

  • Prueba de Fortaleza

    La mujeres del show de monstruos se unen contra Dell debido a sus últimos actos de violencia; el encuentro con un extraño personaje hace que Dandy aumente sus sospechas sobre la implicación de Jimmy en los asesinatos de payasos.

  • Madness Ends

    Johnny se prepara para completar el trabajo de su padre; Lana consigue finalmente cerrar el Briarcliff.

  • Niños que Se Consumen

    Violet aprende las reglas de la casa; la condición de Larry es explicada; Constance es interrogada por la policía.

  • Battle Royale
  • The Seven Wonders

    La nueva suprema asciende.

  • The Seven Wonders
  • En el Centro del Blanco

    Acusan a Elsa de ser responsable de la desaparición de las hermanas Bette y Dot. Dandy, quien las compró, desea casarse con ellas; Stanley presiona a Maggie para que le ayude a asesinar a Jimmy, y ésta le sugiere matar a Ma Petite en su lugar.

  • Madness Ends

    Enquanto Lana tenta fechar Briarcliff de uma vez por todas, o filho de Bloody Face está determinado a finalizar o trabalho iniciado por seu pai.

  • Continuum

    Una nueva prisionera letal amenaza la oportunidad de liberación de la Hermana Jude; la obsesión de Grace con los extraterrestres se vuelve violenta.

  • Spooky Little Girl

    Una de las víctimas de asesinato más famosas de la historia visita la casa; Constance descubre más del mal comportamiento de Tate.

  • Be Our Guest

    Iris and Liz oversee a new era at the Cortez; John and Alex struggle to adapt to life outside the hotel.

  • Go to Hell

    A última visão de Cordelia coloca o futuro do clã em questão; as meninas manifestam novos e poderosos talentos; a busca de Queenie por Marie Laveau a leva ao inferno e a traz de volta.

  • Continuum

    Jude enfrenta outra ameaça à sua vida quando uma nova pessoa vai para Briarcliff. Enquanto isso, Grace fica cada vez mais distraída ao que sua obsessão com sequestradores alienígenas aumenta.

  • Spilt Milk

    Grace le da a Kit unas noticias devastadoras acerca de unos experimentos con extraterrestres en Alma; Dr. Thredson recibe un visitante inesperado; el Monseñor llega a los extremos para silenciar a Jude.

  • Rubber Man

    Hombre en el traje de goma es revelado.

  • Afterbirth

    Constance planea criar al bebé de Tate como si fuera de ella.

  • Afterbirth

    Constance conspira para criar o bebê de Tate como se fosse dela.

  • Nascimento

    Vivien dá à luz. Tate e Violet tentam tirar alguns fantasmas da casa para sempre.

  • La noche del diablo

    Juan recibe una invitación para asistir a una exclusiva noche en Soiree del Diablo; Alex intenta diagnosticar el extraño comportamiento de Holden.

  • Protect the Coven

    Fiona e Laveau têm um confronto mortal com A Corporação; Cordelia faz um sacrifício desesperado.

  • Tupperware Party Massacre

    Jimmy se hunde en la desesperación por una trágica pérdida; a Dandy le estimula una lectura de Maggie; Stanley y Elsa localizan a los gemelos.

  • Spilt Milk

    Quando Jude ameaça acabar com Briarcliff, Howard toma medidas extremas. Enquanto isso, Grace dá um recado a Kit e Thredson recebe um visitante.

  • Casa Abierta

    Moira convence a un posible comprador para que haga una oferta mientras que Constance y Larry trabajan en contra de sus esfuerzos.

  • Piggy Piggy

    Constance recebe a ajuda de Violet com Tate; Ben ajuda um novo paciente a enfrentar seus medos.

  • She Gets Revenge

    Alex enlists John's help in containing an outbreak; Donovan learns The Countess' true intentions; Liz and Iris plan to leave the hotel for good.

  • Mami

    Alex es empujado a su punto de ruptura después de que Scarlett despierta recuerdos de Holden; Donovan está dirigido por un rival peligroso de la condesa.

  • The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks

    Fiona tenta tirar o novo supremo com a visita de Stevie Nicks; Cordelia descobre a verdade sobre Hank e os caçadores de bruxas; Madison tenta eliminar sua competição pela supremacia.

  • The Name Game
  • I Am Anne Frank

    Un nuevo paciente expone el pasado de Arden; Kit descubre por qué Grace fue admitida en Briarcliff.

  • Smoldering Children

    Violet aprende as regras da casa; a condição de Larry é explicada; Constance é interrogada pelo policial.

  • Serpientes y escaleras

    El magnate de la moda de alta costura Will Drake llega al Hotel Cortez; un modelo llama la atención de la condesa; John aprende sobre el sadismo del primer propietario del hotel.

  • She Wants Revenge

    The Countess is reunited with her one true love; Donovan and Ramona take another stab at revenge; a careless decision lands Alex in hot water.

  • Head

    Se revela quién atacó a Cordelia; Fiona quiere hacer una alianza con Marie Laveau; Nan aprende un hecho inquietante sobre el pasado de Luke.

  • Head

    Fiona quer fazer uma aliança com Marie Laveau.

  • The Coat Hanger

    El Monseñor apoya a una persona transformada; Lana asegura una nueva pieza de evidencia que puede exonerar a Kit; Dr. Arden atestigua un regreso milagroso.

  • The Coat Hanger

    Enquanto Lana tenta inocentar Kit, Dr. Arden recebe um visitante inesperado e Monsignor Howard ganha um estagiário.

  • Halloween, Part 2

    Tate se enfrenta cara a cara con su pasado; Ben y Vivien son poseídas por uno de los nuevos huéspedes de la casa.

  • Registrándose

    El detective y hombre de familia John Lowe investiga una cadena de espantosos asesinatos en Los Ángeles; misteriosos indicios unen a John con el enigmática hotel Cortez.

  • The Ten Commandments Killer

    John closes in on the ten commandments killer; Sally's arrangement with March is revealed.

  • The Sacred Taking

    Cordelia reúne a las chicas en la batalla para detener a Fiona; un enemigo peligroso enfoca en Misty; sigue la rivalidad entre Marie Laveau y Delphine.

  • The Sacred Taking

    Cordelia reúne as garotas para lutar contra Fiona.

  • Unholy Night

    Enquanto um Papai Noel assassino está à espreita no hospital, Irmã Jude luta contra o próprio Diabo e Arden entra no corredor secreto.

  • Unholy Night

    Un Santa asesino causa estragos en Briarcliff; Hermana Jude se enfrenta con el diablo; Arden tiene un encuentro impresionante con la muerte.

  • Spooky Little Girl

    Uma das vítimas da história de assassinato mais famosa visita a casa; Constance descobre mais coisas do mau comportamento de Tate.

  • Halloween, Part 1

    La línea entre los vivos y los muertos se desdibuja; los viejos residentes de la casa le dan un consejo de decoración a los Harmon.

  • Flicker

    Will Drake's renovations uncover one of the hotel's greatest secrets; John undergoes psychiatric evaluation; The Countess learns the fate of her first love.

  • Flicker

    Las renovaciones de Will Drake revelan uno de los grandes secretos del hotel; John se somete a evaluación psiquiátrica; La Condesa se entera del destino de su primer amor.

  • The Dead

    Fiona encuentra su propósito en un lío amoroso peligroso; Queenie duda de su lugar en el aquelarre; Cordella toma una decisión sobre su madre.

  • The Dead

    Fiona acha propósito em um perigoso caso de amor.

  • Dark Cousin

    La hermana Mary Eunice se aterroriza al descubrir un ángel de la oscuridad en Briarcliff; Kit hace un movimiento audaz para reunirse con Grace.

  • Dark Cousin
  • Rubber Man

    O conto do pai da criança de Vivien é revelado, enquanto o Homem de Borracha a faz sentir sua presença.

  • Room 33

    Ramona and Donovan enact their plan for revenge; Liz Taylor finds true love; the resident of Room 33 is revealed.

  • The Axeman Cometh
  • The Axeman Cometh
  • The Origins of Monstrosity

    Una niña misteriosa es abandonada en Briarcliff; el Monseñor hace un pacto faustiano con el Dr. Arden; el origen de Bloody Face es revelado.

  • The Origins of Monstrosity

    Howard faz um acordo com Arden que pode causar arrependimentos mais tarde; uma jovem garota é deixada em Briarcliff; A real identidade de Bloody Face é revelada.

  • Open House

    Moira convence um potencial comprador a fazer uma oferta; Constance e Larry tentam atrapalhar seus esforços, e Vivien e Lucas ficam mais próximos.

  • Pink Cupcakes

    Stanley y Maggie traman un plan para asesinar a las siamesas y vender sus cuerpos; Jimmy se enamora de Maggie sin saber que ella es la cómplice de Stanley; Gloria intenta ocultar el crimen que cometió su hijo, enterrando a la víctima en el jardín.

  • Burn, Witch. Burn!

    Zoe libera un nuevo poder; Fiona y Myrtle se enfrentan por el control de la asamblea de brujas; Madame LaLaurie es confrontada por viejos fantasmas.

  • Burn, Witch. Burn!

    Enquanto Marie Laveau continua a atacar a escola das garotas, Zoe descobre um novo poder; Madame LaLaurie enfrenta uma pessoa do passado; Fiona e Myrtle lutam pelo controle da escola.

  • I am Anne Frank - Parte 2

    A identidade de Bloody Mask é revelada depois de Kit fazer uma confissão. Enquanto isso, Irmã Jude descobre sobre o passado de Arden e traz um caçador de nazistas para conseguir as provas necessárias.

  • I Am Anne Frank

    La hermana Jude emplea a un famoso cazador de nazis para reunir evidencias en contra de Arden; Kit hace una confesión sorpesiva; Bloody Face es desenmascarado.

  • La Casa de la Muerte

    Vivien conoce sobre los primeros habitantes de la casa; visitante de Ben le causa aclararse más; historia de Constanza y Moira es revelada.

  • Halloween, Part 2

    Tate tem que enfrentar o seu passado; Ben e Vivien são assombrados por um dos novos hóspedes da casa.

  • Edward Mordrake

    Edward Mordrake continúa su búsqueda de un monstruo para añadir a su colección fantasmal; Elsa cuenta la espeluznante historia de sus días en Alemania; Jimmy y Maggie se topan con un payaso retorcido.

  • Fearful Pranks Ensue

    As escolhas de Fiona ameaçam décadas de trégua entre as bruxas de Salem e Mariw Laveau; o conselho de bruxaria faz uma visita surpresa à academia e faz declarações perturbadoras.

  • Fearful Pranks Ensue

    Opciones de Fiona confunden una tregua de décadas entre las brujas de Salem y Marie Laveau; el Consejo de Brujería realiza una visita sorpresa a la academia con denuncias inquietantes.

  • I Am Anne Frank

    Un nuevo paciente expone el pasado de Arden; Kit descubre por qué Grace fue admitida en Briarcliff.

  • I Am Anne Frank
  • Halloween, Part 1

    A linha entre os vivos e os mortos fica distorcida; os antigos moradores da casa dão conselhos de decoração aos Harmons.

  • Edward Mordrake

    Los monstruos se niegan a realizar el día de Halloween debido a una vieja superstición; Jimmy fue herido por una mujer que dice ser una adivina; Ethel recibe la noticia que le cambia la vida.

  • The Replacements

    Fiona escolhe uma pessoa inusitada para ser a sua nova protegida; Zoe, dilacerada pela culpa, tenta dar de volta a Kyle a vida que ele costumava ter; Madison e Joan Ramsey têm uma discussão acalorada.

  • The Replacements

    Fiona tiene un protegido poco probable; una culpable Zoe intenta devolverle a Kyle su vida antigua; Madison tiene un intercambio feroz con Joan Ramsey.

  • Nor'easter
  • Nor'easter

    Una violenta tormenta le permite a un grupo de pacientes planear una audaz fuga; hermana Jude es embrujada por su pasado.

  • Murder House

    Vivien toma conhecimento sobre primeiros moradores da casa; o visitante de Ben causa problemas, a história de Constance e Moira é revelada.

  • Casa Invadida

    Vivien y Violet se enfrentan a una situación peligrosa; Ben se regresa a Boston para corregir un error.

  • Masacres y matinés

    Toque de queda en la ciudad amenaza con cerrar el espectáculo de monstruos; el hombre fuerte del turbulento pasado de Ethel llega al campamento; Gloria arregla una cita aterradora con Dandy; los Mellizos Tattler revelan un talento contra Gloria.

  • Boy Parts

    Fiona ajuda Zoe e Madison a lidarem com uma terrível tragédia; Delphine LaLaurie luta para se ajustar à vida moderna; Cordelia enfrenta uma tenebrosa decisão sobre sua família.

  • Boy Parts

    Fiona ayuda a Zoe y Madison a enfrentar una horrible tragedia; Delphine LaLaurie sufre para adaptarse a la vida moderna; Cordelia enfrenta una decisión oscura acerca de su familia.

  • Tricks and Treats

    Un exorcista es llamado a Briarcliff para ayudar a salvar a un niño granjero en problemas; el secreto más sombrío de la hermana Jude es revelado.

  • Tricks and Treats

    Lana planeja fugir de Briarcliff e conta com a ajuda de Grace. O advogado de Bloody Face chega e se vê envolvido em um exorcismo que tem consequências macabras.

  • Home Invasion

    Quando Ben volta para Boston, Violet e Vivien são aterrorizadas por três invasores, que sabem tudo sobre a casa.

  • Checking In

    El detective y hombre de familia John Lowe investiga una cadena de espantosos asesinatos en Los Ángeles; misteriosos indicios unen a John con el enigmática hotel Cortez.

  • Monstruos Entre Nosotros

    La policía hace un descubrimiento aterrador en una granja local.

  • Bitchcraft

    Una chica descubre que sufre de una enfermedad genética que se originó en la historia oscura de Salem, Massachusetts; Fiona Goode regresa a la ciudad.

  • Bitchcraft

    Uma jovem garota descobre que possui um estranho mal genético que vem dos sombrios tempos de Salem e é levada para uma escola particular em Nova Orleans; Fiona Goode volta para a cidade.

  • Welcome to Briarcliff

    Em 1964, o famoso assassino em série Bloody Face é internado no sanatório de Briarcliff Manor. A repórter Lana Walker chega para entrevistar a freira que chefia a instituição, Irmã Jude, mas sua verdadeira intenção é chegar a Bloody Face.

  • Bienvenidos a Briarcliff

    Los terroríficos demonios empañan las fronteras entre la realidad y la locura en Briarcliff Manor.

  • Pilot

    Tentando fugir do passado, um terapeuta se muda com a esposa e a filha para o outro lado do país, mas logo descobre que a nova casa também tem seus segredos.

  • Piloto

    Un terapeuta muda a su esposa e hija al otro lado del país para escapar de su problemático pasado, pero pronto descubre que su nueva casa guarda toda clase de secretos.

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