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Episode Guide

3rd & Bird: Season 2 (2010)

3rd & Bird: Season 1 (2009)

  • Season 1 Episode 25: 3rd & Bird Christmas Special - A Very Squooky Christmas

    The gang hears a strange noise coming from the tree on Christmas Eve and discovers a lost mouse, so the entire community lends a hand to return the creature home

  • Season 1 Episode 24: Baby Jordan

    Mr Beakman's 3-year-old nephew Jordan comes to visit and the town gushes over him. Muffin, however, is jealous of the attention. Despite everyone's attempts to bring them together, Muffin refuses to be friends with Jordan.

  • Season 1 Episode 23: Muffin's Plant!

    Muffin finds a strange plant which offends the community due to its bad smell, but they eventually manage to work together to find a home for the new arrival

  • Season 1 Episode 22: Cowgirl!

    Muffin decides she would like to be a cowgirl, but first she needs a hat, a pair of boots and a horse

  • Season 1 Episode 21: Playhouse!

    When Samuel and Rudy refuse to let Muffin into their playhouse, she builds her own with the help of Quinn. Mr Beakman then suggests they put their playhouses together

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Ice Skating!

    Samuel, Muffin and Rudy go ice-skating at Frozen Branch Lake

  • Season 1 Episode 18: Starry Night!

    The whole community is gathering at the top of Branch Hill to watch a meteor shower, but the hill is too steep and Mrs Billingsley can't reach the top.

  • Season 1 Episode 17: Go Camping!

    Rudy, Quinn and Mr Beakman are going camping with their Budgie troop and Muffin wants to come along. When Muffin gets homesick and wants to leave, it is up to Rudy and Samuel to show her the joys of camping.

  • Season 1 Episode 16: Dinosaur

    Samuel and Rudy build a papier-mache dinosaur for Muffin, but it scares her. Mr Beakman helps her to overcome her fear and she rides the animal round the tree

  • Season 1 Episode 15: Muffin's Shop

    Muffin is playing shops but she has nothing to sell. She hops around the community innocently taking things that don't belong to her: Samuel's marbles, Mrs. Billingsley's watering can and Mr. Beakman's chalkboard duster.

  • Season 1 Episode 14: Pie Fair

    Quinn has created a pie making machine for the pie fair and he enlists the help of Samuel, Rudy and Muffin to move the pies to the table. When Rudy pushes the machine's forbidden red button the machine goes berserk.

  • Season 1 Episode 13: Perfect Picnic

    Samuel, Muffin and Rudy are going on a picnic and Samuel insists that it be perfect. When Muffin only brings one tiny seed to eat, it looks like the picnic is ruined.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Meet Elliot

    Samuel and Rudy invite Muffin along for a picnic with their friend, Elliot. Muffin is shocked to find out that Elliot is a worm

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Costume Party

    The kids must find a new costume for Samuel so he can go to the fancy-dress party

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Super Slide!

    Samuel and Muffin ask Mrs Lovebird to fly them to the super slide, but she's too busy. The children are disappointed, but then get the idea to build a super slide of their own. They'll need to ask the neighbours for help.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Bird Theatre

    The treetop community is putting on a play. Sadly, there is no part for Muffin - until the props get blown away and she steps in to become the star of the show. Pre-school animation featuring music and songs

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Fly Muffin!

    Muffin wants to learn to fly, but it's very difficult. Mr Beakman tells her to keep trying and Samuel invents a kite-apeze. Part kite, part trapeze and perfect for Muffin to fly on.

3rd & Bird: Other Episodes

  • Beach Branch!; Jamaica
  • Mariachi Muffin!; Prince!
  • Muffins Plant!; Down to Earth!
  • Help Daddy!; Balloon Ride!
  • Muffin's Friend!; Aunt Esther!
  • The Moon!; Starry Night!

    Rudy, Muffin, and Samuel want to go to the moon.

  • Scooter!; Race!
  • Art Show!; Paint Job!
  • Baby Jordan!; Baby!
  • Go Camping!; Night Hike!
  • Perfect Picnic!; Pie Fair!
  • Rolling Along!; Playhouse!
  • Dinosaur!; Robot!
  • Muffins Shop!; Meow Kitty!
  • Costume Party!; Ahoy!
  • The Amazing Muffin!; Talent Show!
  • Superslide!; Pogo Nest!
  • Cowgirl!; Road Trip!
  • The Muffin Express!; Train!
  • Meet Elliot!; Elliot the Budgie!
  • To Play or Not to Play!; Play Nicely!
  • A Chorus for Us!; Samuel's Dance!
  • Bird Theatre!; The Rudy Show!
  • Fly Muffin!; Muffinland!
  • Robot!
  • Baby!
  • Ahoy!
  • Muffin's Friend

    Muffin introduces her new friend Ben the Pig to the community.

  • Prince

    When Peacock Prince visits the tree, everyone leaves the Prince alone.

  • Help Daddy

    When Mr. Lovebird gets his wing stuck, he needs Muffin to help him.

  • Night Hike

    Muffin and Jordan get lost.

  • Jamaica

    The Lovebirds fly to Jamaica for their holiday.

  • Talent show
  • Aunt Esther

    Elliot's Aunt Esther is very rude to Samuel and Muffin.

  • Jamaica

    The Lovebirds fly to Jamaica for their holiday.

  • Talent Show!
  • Night Hike!

    Muffin and Jordan get lost.

  • Prince!

    When Peacock Prince visits the tree, everyone leaves the Prince alone.

  • Aunt Esther!

    Elliot's Aunt Esther is very rude to Samuel and Muffin.

  • Where's Binoo?
  • The Ruby Show
  • Balloon Ride
  • Moon
  • Diaper Dream
  • Train

    Elliott gets stuck aboard a runaway Muffin express.

  • Race

    Samuel and Rudy are going to race each other.

  • Beach Branch

    Mrs Billingsley takes the kids out to Beach Branch.

  • A Very Squooky Christmas!

    Samuel, Rudy and Muffin decorate the tree.

  • Scooter

    Muffin wants to ride Samuel's new scooter but he says she is too small.

  • Storm

    The storm blows Missy's house on top of a statue with Missy inside.

  • Paint Job

    Samuel and Rudy are painting a fence.

  • Road Trip

    Rudy and Samuel set off on an adventure, but realise they are lost when they try to get home. Is someone watching over them to help them get back?

  • Down to Earth

    Muffin drops her favorite toy on the ground.

  • Art Show

    Rudy, Samuel and Muffin want to enter one of their paintings in the art show.

  • Elliot the Budgie

    Elliot wants to join the Budgies.

  • Mariachi Muffin

    The community is throwing a party and a mariachi band is supposed to play, but the band can't make it.

  • Meow Kitty

    A kitten gets stuck in the tree and the town is scared to go near her.

  • Muffin Land
  • The Amazing Muffin!

    Samuel and Muffin go to the Amazing Beakman's magic show and Muffin is blown away by his tricks. She goes around the neighbourhood trying to perform her own trick but it does not work very well.

  • Rolling Around!

    Mrs Lovebird asks Samuel and Rudy to watch Muffin as she plays in her toy nest-car, but Muffin gets literally carried away and the nest-car rolls out of control on the branches.

  • Samuel's Dance

    Everyone is practicing a dance for the big dance party but Samuel just can't find his rhythm.

  • Pogo Nest!

    Quinn builds Muffin a bouncy Pogo Nest and cautions her that it will only fit one bird at a time.

  • Meet Elliot!

    Samuel and Rudy invite Muffin to a picnic with their friend, Elliot. Muffin is shocked to find out that Elliot is a worm. Samuel has trouble convincing Muffin that having different friends can be fun.

  • The Rudy Show!

    Rudy, Samuel and Muffin invite the whole town to see the 'Rudy Show', but when they arrive at the theatre, they find a big branch has fallen on the stage. Will the kids be able to fix the stage in time for Rudy's performance?.

  • Muffin Express!

    Mr Beakman is building a train set, the Sunset Express. Muffin tries to help but she makes things worse. Luckily, it's all sorted out before Mr Beakman returns and Muffin gets to ride around in the train.

  • To Play or Not to Play!

    Samuel and Rudy are playing, but they can't agree on what game to play. Mr Beakman tells them not to give up - there must be something they both like. Muffin leads Rudy and Samuel to Missy's house where everyone agrees on dressing up.

  • A Chorus for Us!

    Mrs Billingsley invites Samuel, Muffin and Rudy to perform a song at her concert. But the three little birds can't agree on what song to sing

  • Rolling Along

    Mrs Lovebird asks Samuel and Rudy to watch Muffin as she plays in her toy nest-car, but Muffin gets literally carried away and the nest-car rolls out of control on the branches.

  • Art Show!

    Rudy, Samuel and Muffin enter a painting competition but cannot agree on what to paint

  • Beach Branch!

    Mrs Billingsley takes the kids to a hidden lake paradise, where Muffin gets stranded on a flower in the middle of the water

  • Baby!

    Muffin wants to play Mummy, so she dresses Mr Beakman in a bonnet and sits him in a buggy - much to his embarrassment

  • Balloon Ride

    Muffin and baby Jordan face danger after in one of Quinn's flying contraptions

  • Aunt Esther

    Elliott invites Samuel and Muffin to a picnic, but his Aunt Esther objects to birds and worms spending time together

  • Scooter!

    When Muffin rides Samuel's scooter without his permission and crashes it, Mr and Mrs Lovebird try to teach the youngsters the importance of forgiveness

  • Race!

    Samuel and Rudy become rivals as they compete to be named the champion of a seedbox derby race, but they fail to keep their eyes peeled for another hopeful contender

  • Jamaica!

    The Lovebirds fly to Jamaica for their holiday, where a friendly parrot called Ziggy shows them around the island

  • Ahoy!

    The kids discover that being pirates is not as easy as they thought with Mr Beakman leads them on an adventure to find some buried treasure

  • Muffin's Friend!

    A pig visits the community and surprises all the birds by being clean and helpful

  • Mariachi Muffin!

    The community holds a fiesta, but when the mariachi band fails to show up, the kids have to make their own instruments

  • Meow Kitty!

    A kitten gets stuck in a tree and everybody has to work together to bring it back to the ground

  • The Moon!

    Rudy leads Muffin and Samuel on an expedition to the moon, using a rocket ship given to them by Quinn

  • Help Daddy!

    Muffin spends the day with her tree superintendent father, but when he gets his wing stuck in a hole, she is the only one small enough to save him

  • Elliot the Budgie!

    Elliot wants to join the Budgies, but when Samuel and Rudy take him along to a meeting, Mr Beakman points out he cannot join because he is a worm and not a bird

  • Road Trip!

    Rudy and Samuel go on a road trip to see the tree's sites, but end up getting lost

  • Robot!

    A wind-up robot malfunctions and runs amok

  • Down to Earth!

    Pre-school animation about a treetop community, featuring music and songs revolving around the lives of Samuel and Muffin Lovebird and their friend Rudy

  • Prince!

    When a peacock prince visits the tree, everyone becomes so concerned about their manners that they avoid him, leaving only Muffin to realise the guest is just looking for a friend

  • Paint Job!

    Rudy gets out of painting the fence by persuading Muffin to do it, but the plan backfires

  • A Chorus for Us

    Samuel, Muffin and Rudy each make up a silly song

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