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  • Solas
    Solas Movie (1999)

    A single woman living alone in the city has her life turned around when her mother is forced to come and stay. Poignant Spanish drama, starring Ana Fernández and María Galiana

  • Solas
    Solas Actor

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  • A Solas en la Selva
    A Solas en la Selva TV Show (2010 - 2012)

    Un grupo de celebridades intentarán sobrevivir solos en la selva sin ningún tipo de ayuda.

  • A solas
    A solas TV Show (2011)

    Programa original y con sentido del humor en el que se entrevistarán a reconocidos personajes.

  • Las Águilas Andan Solas
    Las Águilas Andan Solas Movie

    Dos jóvenes narcotraficantes son atacados por sorpresa por los federales, ambos logran huir y matan a varios de sus agresores.

  • A Solas Contigo
    A Solas Contigo Movie (1990)

    Una locutora de radio es 'testigo' de un crimen ocurrido frente a su ventana, el asesino ignora que es ciega.

  • Solas na Maighdine
    Solas na Maighdine TV Special

    Documentary following a pilgrimage group to Medjugorje, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with personal stories highlighting the magic and allure that has attracted thousands of Irish visitors over the past 30 years

  • Sea of Souls
    Sea of Souls TV Show (2004 - 2006)

    Supernatural drama, starring Bill Paterson as the leader of a team of parapsychologists who specialise in investigating strange phenomena

  • Solaris
    Solaris Movie (2002)

    A psychiatrist investigates an officer's death on a space station and begins to have visions of his late wife. Sci-fi drama remake, starring George Clooney and Natascha McElhone

  • Ciamar A Tha E A'Dol
    Ciamar A Tha E A'Dol Episode: Solas

    Olive comes up with the idea for a primitive telescope, and the inventor explains the usefulness of lenses. Last in series

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