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  • Soccer
    Soccer TV Show (2013 - 2014)

    Soccer games at club and international level.

  • Dora the Explorer
    Dora the Explorer Episode: Dora Saves the Game (2003)

    Dora's cousin Daisy is playing in a soccer game that's showing on TV. But Daisy's team is short of a player. Can Dora play and save the game? Run, Dora, run! Corre, Dora, corre! (S)

  • Soccer Dog: European Cup
    Soccer Dog: European Cup Movie (2004)

    A nimble dog with unique ball skills transforms the fortunes of a struggling football team during a trip to Scotland. Children's adventure, starring Nick Moran and Jake Thomas

  • The Soccer Gods
    The Soccer Gods TV Show (2013)

    A North American perspective on global soccer.

  • Women's Soccer
    Women's Soccer TV Show (2014)

    Coverage of women's international soccer

  • UEFA Champions League Weekly
    UEFA Champions League Weekly TV Show

    Key moments from recent matches and previews of forthcoming games, featuring interviews with coaches and players

  • Soccer
    Soccer TV Show (2014)

    The best matches from around the world.

  • Dora the Explorer
    Dora the Explorer Episode: The Golden Explorers (2002)

    Go Golden Explorers! Dora and her friends have formed a soccer team and are playing the big Dinosaurs. Can Dora kick the ball into the net and score a goal? (S)

  • The Wonder Years
    The Wonder Years Episode: Soccer (1991)

    Kevin (Fred Savage) joins the school soccer team, determined to change its losing reputation. With Paul Dooley.

  • Judge Judy
    Judge Judy Episode: Soccer Fight!; Clueless Crash Into a Wall (2013)

    A man sues a fellow soccer-player for defamation of character; a woman says her neighbor crashed his car into her retaining wall.

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