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  • Mixeur
    Mixeur TV Show (2013 - 2015)

    Mixeur décrypte les courants et rencontre les créateurs qui font vivre la cuisine créative.

  • Mixeur, les goûts et les idées
    Mixeur, les goûts et les idées TV Show (2013 - 2015)

    Mixeur décrypte les courants et rencontre les créateurs qui font vivre la cuisine créative.

  • Le MystERe Des Centenaires
    Le MystERe Des Centenaires Movie

    Recent demographic forecasts show that the trend of people increasingly living into their hundreds is set to continue. These centenarians are the focus of much interest, as they hold the key to the questions and fears surrounding longevity. This programme interviews people in France, Japan, the US and Sardinia. Directed by: Emmanuel Roblin, 2011. Country: France

  • Les Blondes... Un MystERe
    Les Blondes... Un MystERe Movie

    A journey into the world of blondes, to find out why men find them so fascinating (and women too!). With contributions from David Lynch, Adriana Karembeu, a geneticist, a Barbie doll collector and no shortage of fake blondes. Astonishing, instructive, and humorous interviews guaranteed to challenge an enduring stereotype... Directed by: Anne-Sophie Levy-Chambon, 2010. Country: France

  • Lac Mystère
    Lac Mystère Movie (2013)

    Trahi par ses proches, un homme dans la trentaine veut fuir l'humanité en s'isolant dans un chalet sur le bord d'un lac.

  • Stardust : Le Mystère de l'Étoile
    Stardust : Le Mystère de l'Étoile Movie (2007)

    Afin de conquérir le coeur de sa belle, un jeune homme nommé Tristan s'aventure dans l'univers des fées pour retrouver une étoile tombée. D'après le roman de Neil Gaiman.

  • Mystère au Moulin Rouge
    Mystère au Moulin Rouge Movie (2011)

    Diane, une jeune provinciale, monte à Paris au Moulin Rouge en 1892 pour retrouver sa soeur disparue.

  • Le MystERe De La Disparition Des Abeilles
    Le MystERe De La Disparition Des Abeilles Movie

    An investigation into a global ecological disaster which may threaten humanity itself. A third of our food is today directly dependent on bees, the world's leading agricultural pollinators. However, for several years now millions of bees have been mysteriously dying. But why? And are we ready for the looming disaster? Directed by: Mark Daniels, 2010. Country: France / Canada

  • MystERe Au Moulin Rouge
    MystERe Au Moulin Rouge Movie

    Young and prudish Diane arrives in Paris, at the Moulin Rouge, seeking her lost sister. Determined and stubborn, she becomes a dancer in the famous cabaret. As a world she never dreamed of is revealed, Diane discovers a series of murders of which she could be the next victim. Directed by: Stephane Kappes (France, 2011) Screenplay: Elsa Marpeau, Mathieu Missoffe Cast: Émilie Dequenne (Diane), Gregory Fitoussi (Julien), Dominique Besnehard (Charles Zidler), Adrienne Pauly (Lila), Marius Colucci (Armand Meyer), Jacques Weber (Harold Meyer), Guy Lecluyse (Victor Lebreton) Genre: thriller Parental guidance: TV-PG

  • Le MystERe Atlit Yam
    Le MystERe Atlit Yam Movie

    1984, off the Israeli coast. Dr Galili discovers an archaeological site that had been submerged for millennia: Atlit Yam. It is the largest prehistoric submarine site discovered off the Mediterranean coast. After 25 years of excavations, this admirably preserved Neolithic site is unveiled. Directed by: Jean Bergeron (Canada, 2012)

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