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  • Cold Case
    Cold Case Episode: Metamorphosis (2010)

    The team re-investigates the 1971 death of a young circus performer when new evidence reveals the accident that killed her was the result of deliberate sabotage

  • Metamorphosis
    Metamorphosis Movie (1990)

    A genetic scientist experiments on himself and eventually turns into a Tyrannosaurus rex.

  • The Incredible Hulk
    The Incredible Hulk Episode: Metamorphosis (1979)

    Banner is hired as a roadie for a rock band, when one of the fan's is seriously injured, the guilt-ridden star attempts suicide on stage. Starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno

  • Supernatural
    Supernatural Episode: Metamorphosis (2008)

    Sam and Dean disagree over how to tackle a man who is in the process of becoming a flesh-eating demon which attacks humans. Fantasy drama, guest starring Dameon Clarke

  • Star Trek
    Star Trek Episode: Metamorphosis (1967)

    The crew discovers a famous scientist on an unknown planetoid - but it remains a mystery how he has managed to achieve eternal youth. William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy star

  • Criss Angel Mindfreak
    Criss Angel Mindfreak Episode: Metamorphosis (2006)

    El ilusionista hace maniobras que alteran la mente.

  • Smallville
    Smallville Episode: Metamorphosis (2001)

    Clark tries to save a classmate who has been attacked by mysterious bugs, while Lex Luthor considers what to do with a mysterious meteor fragment. Tom Welling stars

  • Criss Angel Mindfreak
    Criss Angel Mindfreak Episode: Metamorphosis (2006)

    Extreme entertainer Criss Angel, who specialises in unusual illusions and levitation, performs a metamorphosis trick on a Los Angeles street

  • The OC
    The OC Episode: The Metamorphosis (2006)

    Summer comes to realise the effect university has had on her. Ryan helps Taylor out of a tight spot, while mischievous duo Julie and Kaitlin try to keep out of trouble

  • Stargate SG-1
    Stargate SG-1 Episode: Metamorphosis (2003)

    A Russian brings news that one of the Goa'uld is conducting experiments on the unwitting inhabitants of a planet, prompting the team members to intervene

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