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  • Mega Piranha
    Mega Piranha Movie (2010)

    A school of giant mutant piranha escape from the Amazon and make their way to Florida, destroying everything in their path. Creature feature thriller, with Paul Logan

  • Mega Piranha
    Mega Piranha TV Special

    Experts investigate today's piranhas in the Amazon Basin to discover what the flesh-eating ancient mega-piranha were capable of

  • Mega Piraña
    Mega Piraña Movie (2010)

    Pez mutado del Amazonas se dirige rumbo a la Florida.

  • Phineas and Ferb
    Phineas and Ferb Episode: Bad Hair Day; Phineas and Ferb's Mega-Awesome Super-Bounce Palace (2011)

    Candace uses her brothers' hair growing machine; Phineas and Ferb build a bounce house in the backyard.

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